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[Local 1 Newsletters and minutes of membership meetings] Association of University and College Employees


File contains meeting minutes, newsletters, and other records dated January 22, 1981 to November 1981. Topics discussed include non-profit housing on university endowment lands, correspondence, financial statements, nominations, technological changes, charges against Local 5 (Caledonia College), negotiations, proposed wage rates, and health effects of VDTs and CRTs. File contains the following newsletters: On Campus February 1981 includes information on an increased per capita tax, bylaw amendments, conflict between Locals and provincial organization, a reprinted article on health and video display terminals, an appeal for participation from the job evaluation committee, the wage gap in Canada, an unofficial job description, letters and responses, the effects of federal budgets cuts to higher education, reprinted articles on working mothers, exploitation of women workers, and domestic abuse of women and referrals to shelters, meeting minutes from December 17, 1980, and January 22, 1981, Capilano College Labour Studies Program courses, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for February 19, 1981. On Campus March 1981 includes reprinted articles on International Women's Day and women and unions, information on working conditions, video display terminals (VDTs), a reprinted article on pensions, background on the provincial committees for education, the newsletter, Discovery Parks, and superannuation, letters from members, employee bus passes, reprinted articles on education funding cuts and the UBC Faculty Club, meeting minutes from February 19, 1981, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for March 19, 1981. On Campus April 1981 includes information on constitutional amendments, notices, reprinted articles on equal pay, BCGEU bargaining, a letter from the Employers' Council of British Columbia on the topic of equal pay for work of equal value, a table of clerical and labourer settlements in Lower Fraser Valley towns, reprinted articles on unions in the public sector, women's wages in Canada compared to other countries, women's activities in unions, and pregnant women and VDT use, meeting minutes from March 19, 1981, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for April 28, 1981. On Campus May 1981 includes information on negotiation, pay grades, and wages, letters from members, objectives and methods of job evaluation, notice of motions, grievances, a report from the benefits committee, speakers and films available for meetings, opposition to parking fee increases, reprinted articles on health and safety and use of VDTs, stress levels among women office workers, sweatshops, salary negotiation, and labour trends, meeting minutes from April 28, 1981, a list of correspondence, reprinted articles on a HEU strike at the Windermere Central Park Lodge, women bank workers, automation, a secretary's bill of rights, a short profile on E. Cora Hind, and occupational health and safety, a copy of Bourinot's Rules of Order, and an agenda for May 21, 1981. On Campus June 1981 includes a communications committee editorial, a report from the union office and the grievance committee, an appeal for participation in the safety sub-committee, a reprinted article on VDT use, information on job evaluation, letters from members and responses, bylaw changes, a notice about a strategy committee meeting, meeting minutes from May 21, 1981, reprinted articles on technology in the workplace, legal secretaries, job hazards, VDTs, and policies supporting working women, a Local 1 annual report, reprinted articles on office automation, employee protection from sexual harrassment, VDTs, reproductive health problems of workers in Silicon Valley, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for June 18, 1981. On Campus July 1981 includes information on maternity and parental leave, a report on the 1981 AUCE convention discussing discipline, charges against Local 5 (Caledonia College), Local 1 and the per capita tax, constitutional amendments, affiliation and merger, resolutions of support and opposition for several social and political issues, nominations, job evaluations, the safety sub-committee, reprinted articles on stressful occupations and tampon regulations, letters from members and responses, correspondence on the UBC retirement policy, a WCB hazard notice, financial information including an auditors' report, balance sheet, and statements of revenue and expenditure as at December 31, 1980, reprinted articles on burn out and inflation, an article on contracts and technological change, and an agenda for July 16, 1981. On Campus August 1981 includes information on grievances, reprinted articles on IUDs and a clerical workers' contract, an update from the contract committee, motions from the grievance committee and on technological changes, reprinted articles on strike pay for the International Woodworkers of America, union organization by black workers in South Africa, strike action in Johannesburg and police responses, and equal pay for work of equal value, a warning against Liquid Paper correction fluid, air quality in the union office, lists of executive and committee members, a reprinted article on unemployment insurance benefits for retiring workers, notices, family planning and abortion services in Surrey and Delta, UBC mail services handling mail during a CUPW strike, reprinted articles on student employees in hospitals, women's literacy, the possibility of male pregnancy, women's pensions, and opposition to mandatory retirement, an obituary, issues with the tuition waiver, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for August 20, 1981. On Campus September 1981 includes meeting minutes from August 20, 1981, a reprinted article on burn out, a contract committee report, wages and job security negotiation issues, a grievance committee report on the pension plan, tuition waivers, and the difference between orientation and probationary periods, notice of motions, a reprinted article on the economic value of a housewife, information on newsletter publication and term deposits, wage proposals, letters from members, a notice about an AMS cabin in Whistler, correspondence with UBC management on topics such as involuntary transfers, a hiring freeze, adn insurance coverage, a table of pension and health plan contributions, opposition to rejecting a wage increase for computer operators, a car dealership offer to union members, a reprinted article on wage controls, a satirical play on the rejection of the computer operators pay upgrade, a list of stewards, a list of correspondence, motions on grievances, data from a housing study by the Douglas House Building Society for non-academic staff at UBC, a reprinted article on secretaries not having to serve coffee, and an agenda for September 17, 1981. On Campus October 1981 includes information on processing grievances, representation, and forms and powers of arbitration, a reprinted article on workplace health hazards for women, a report from the parking fee committee, motions, a grievance report, Labour Studies course fee assistance, Capilano College Labour Studies courses, an appeal to support a union in Poland, letters to members, a report from the contract committee, meeting minutes from September 17, 1981, a list of stewards, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for October 22, 1981. On Campus November 1981 includes information on affiliation, reprinted article on VDTs and a CUPE contract ratification at the Vancouver Public Library, committee reports on contracts and grievances, a provincial report and reports from Locals, health and safety committee news, meeting minutes from October 7, 1981, a notice on workplace hazards, a health and safety fact sheet, BC Teachers Credit Union services, dues deductions, a ""Working Women Resource Guide"" on organizing university office staff, a reprinted article on equal pay for work of equal value, information on how a to run a meeting, meeting minutes from October 22, 1981, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for November 26, 1981.

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