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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1878

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 41 Vic.
Nanaimo Petition.
To the Honourable the Speaker and Honourable Members of the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia, now in Parliament assembled.
The Humble Petition of the undersigned Voters of the Electoral District of Nanaimo:
Sheweth :
That by the " Constitution Act, 1871," of this Province, the tract of land
included in a circle with a radius of 17 miles from the Bastion in the City of Nanaimo, is
constituted the Electoral District of Nanaimo, and is allotted One Member of Parliament for its
That since the passing of the said Constitution Act, the coal industry and shipping of Nanaimo
and neighbourhood have increased upwards of four-fold, and a considerable number of settlers
have taken up land. The then town of Nanaimo has become incorporated, and the city has been
built up and has risen in importance so as to be second only in this Province to the Capital City
of Victoria.
That at the last revision of the Electoral Eoll there were452 voters for the Electoral District
of Nanaimo, of whom 282 belong to the city.
That your Petitioners view with great satisfaction the proposition before your honourable
House to grant two additional members for the City and neighbourhood of Nanaimo; but with
reference to a like proposition to divide and enlarge the said District, your Petitioners respectfully
submit to your honourable House that no inconvenience whatever has arisen from the present
constitution of the boundaries of the Electoral District of Nanaimo, and your Petitioners also
submit that as the interests of all the voters of the District are closely interwoven, no division
or enlargement of such District is necessary or called for, but on the contrary that the public
interests would be best served by retaining the District, i. e. " The Electoral District of Nanaimo,"
as it now stands intact.
Your Petitioners submit that upon a basis of representation according to population, and
having regard to the proportion of representatives proposed to be allowed to other districts, under
the " Constitution Amendment Act," the said Electoral District of Nanaimo is entitled to be
allowed four Representatives to the Provincial Assembly, and that in case a division of the said
District into City and District should be determined upon by your honourable* House, at least
two of such Representatives should be granted to the City of Nanaimo.
Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your honourable House will be pleased
to permit the present boundaries of the Electoral District of Nanaimo to remain unaltered,
and to grant in respect of the said District such an additional number of Representatives to
tho Provincial Assembly, being not less than four, as to your honourable House shall seem
just and meet.
And that if your honourable House should, in your wisdom, determine to divide the
said District into City and District, that at least two Representatives may be accorded to the
City of Nanaimo.
And your Petitioners will every pray, etc.
Charles Machin
Frederick Wenborn
J L Michael
William McGregor
Alex. jVlorrison
. Samuel Gough
Wm. Morris Hilbert
John Clayton
Thomas Millar
Henry Adams
Alexander Galloway
Peter Merrifield
James Gibson
Joseph Fos'er
James Gillespie
David Hopkins
Peter Papley
George Crawford
James Harold
Thomas Cornish
James Gordon
Charles York
Emanuel Wiles
Henry Bolton
James Stewart
Thomas McGuffle
H E Heath
James Condon
John Dick
Wm. Old
Jesse Sage
Edward Walker
John Morrison
E Thomas
James Brown
George Old
John Morgan
C Carpenter
David Hoggan
John Hirst 596
.Nanaimo Petition.
Jas. Abrams
Jas. Philips
Wm. 0 Lockhart
Geo. Mead
T D Jones
A Mayer
Ch. Karst
D Davis
J E Jenkins
C R Johnston
W F Herre
P Sabiston
Caleb Woodward
J Webb
A Wood
J Hill
J Robson
William Wilks
Thomas Akenhead
Thomas Wilks
T Hirst
Thomas Wall
James Beck
George Hilton
Jas. Mills
D S H Saul
Richard Ball
Henry Rosewall
Randolph Whitfield
John Whitfield
James Akenhead
Michael Wilkinson
Thomas Perry
W E Webb
Alfred Raper
Benjamin Raper
Archibald C Muir
John Wren
Fred. Rowbottom
John Jackson
T B Shaw
Timothy Morgan
William Reynolds
L R Mclnnes
Thomas Morgan
W Raybould
John Dickson
William Randle
Fred. Meakin
Archibald Muir
John Hamilton
Andrew McKinlay
John Smith
Joseph Sewell
George Fisher
Joseph Randle, jr.
Walter Akenhead
Edward Wall
James Allan
C A Smith
John Allan
Samuel Harris
William M Flewett
Zach. Palmer
John Sullivan
Donald Smith
Richard Brinn
Andrew Hunter
John Hunter
John Morgan
William John Goepel
W M Hosie
John Meakin
James Lewis
Joseph Randle
Jim Knight
Peter Taylor
Richard Drew
Richard Nightingale
William Hodson
H L Jenner
William Hirst
John Curry
Griffith Reis
II Pleace
W7alter Wilson
John McNeil
Isaac Brown
James Clandening
Timothy O'Sullivan
James Leask Work
Richard Richardson
William Brown
George Baker
Joseph Ganner
Thomas Jones
Samuel Drake
Richard Gibson
J W Sterton
John Wren
Samuel Price
William Hoggan
Joseph P Planta
James Fisher
Robert Brown
David Scott
George Campbell
John Fraser
John Sabiston
William Reid
Thomas McGuffie
William Hunter
William fsbester
Patrick Carney
John Thomas
Thomas W Glaholm
Frederick Wild
S E Davis
Edward F Pierce
John Tibbet
Thomas Price
John Williams
John Peace
John Maipass
John Wilson
John Eastham
Robert Aitken
Roderick McDonald
Daniel Baker
John Mundell
Alexander Papley
Jonathan Blundell
Joseph Curry
Robert Freethy
William Lewis
James Wilks
Henrich Krochan
John Liggins
Joseph Bevilockway
Charles Rennie
Samuel Moraran
Joseph Fletcher
Henry Thames
Jonathan Martin
Phillip Parsons
William  Driver
John C'uifield
Benjamin H Davies
S B Hamilton
William  Martin
T Blackburn
S Brightman
William Matheson
J W Penberthy
Jeremiah Harris
H Peterson
Z Guest
William Keegan
James Maipass
Wm. Jeffery
Thomas Akenhead
James Patterson
John Scales, jr.
William Sampson
Thomas Jamieson
William Brinn
Joshua Martell
Louis Stark
Michael Halloran
Michael Manson
Peter High
Thomas Wakelain
John Liggins
George B Lockway
John Scales, sr.
John Williams
James Pargeter
L R Mclnnes
H Cooper
James McLay
Thomas McLay
Samuel H Myers
James Rollo
John Young
Wm. Jeffery
Alfred Throup
Thomas .Miles
David Thomas
William Patterson
John Smith
James Wilcox
Michael Spooey
Donald Ferguson
Morgan Harris
Wm. McFarland
Joseph Sage
G Tranfield
Isaac Sage
James O'Brien
Adam Stepny
William Gullion
Alfred Summerhayes
George Shillito


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