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The Ymir Herald 1904-09-24

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  1 i     —■nr"'"
Vou !    No I'd.
VMIIJ   I!. C, SATl.IiUAY. ..-.KITKM I'.KK L'l. 11)04,
'itii ii l-'i\ r. Ci.Ni-
LOCAL ITEMS ;    v ,
Registration or Voters.
in this rilling, who are    nol
ilrea.lv. on the Vnti rs list, are remii, '
Dr. Dixon was dow„ a. t Sal mo  th* 11.,| t|,.a the list will close on   the   last       Moss,s' R"W,P>'  "»l Anderson   are
installing a    j ump   on    the    1 ankee
week after ||ii|,il,g propel t}'-
Monday in September,   th
it    is    tlie
Harry AY right M,    !'    I'.   was  iu   20 th, inst., until after  tliu   court   of
town yc-terday   vi-itin:;    his    coiisti- ' Be* isiotl which ,s held   on    lho    Oth,
jucnts. September.    As it  is    very   probable
i that l|,e Dominjon Flection wj|| pqiilfi
about the first week in November,    it
I is jmprobtl'lllc that those who    neileel
  lo get their iiaincs on before the '_','.th,
Next Sunday aftortioqn there wjll *nKfc _ win hlVi, .,„„]„.,. 0ppi)1.iunit)
|>e another base ball match here he« ' ,,, ,]„ 80 Everybody who can qualify
I .vecu Yniir and Salmo A cksply | S|I0U](J get oil afe once.
contested game is expected.
On Tuesday  last    j\f.    W,   Grand
Mr.   Pougald   Cameron   ipturnetl
Iron, Portland   pn   Wednesday   Inst!
;ilid went througl) to IJelson.
t Git I.
Tom Livingston   has   one   .-I the
ric||est patches of placer   ground on
the Sal in,,n  river, situated    near the
influx of f|nil creek.
The Peterson Urns, have now pp>
moved their sluice boxes to the north
end of their ground, about a mile
and a half below Hall.
Mr. Feilows, of Portland, accom-
pailicd by a placer expert, spent, seven. I day**, this week examining the
Hall creek placer leases, held by Falls
Dewar apd   McLeR(|.
William Waldie has secured an extended lease on the Yellowstone    mill
Fatal Accident at Ymir
Ronald   Brown
hud   Down the Slnit'i
Master, W. J. Bowser K. C,   M.    P.
I'. ],aid I yisit uf   inspeclion    |o   the.
Ymir Lodge A. ¥■ * A M, A good On Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas
attendance was present aud the .•>;-: Botherhnm, of the Ymir Cyanide
lilted visitor dolwere.l .i in. nt inters plant, was joined in wedlock to Miss
esting lecture .„, masonry. M,-. Nellie Keefe. The ceremony was I und will be able to work his property
Dowser is making an extended tour performed in tlie parlor of ihe Kossj to better advantage. Owing to tlie
throughout the jurisdiction of ihe I House, at 8 a. mM the ltev. Farther
firand Lodge of British Columbia, Althoff, of the Nolsan and Ymir
and recounted s,,,„e of his experiences; Catholic churches, officiating. Tho
during ihe trip.      After   tho   Lodge  h.ide, who was attired   in   a   pretty
meeting, an   excclloot   bantjuat   wash travelling gown,   was   supported
served in the Lodge room, which   was  by  her  sisters,   while  Mr.    William diaso of tho Queen  tups  until   next
much enjoyed by all present,   J.   G.  Bremner stood Up   with   tlie   groom. July, be is in a fair way tq mage  the
Dewar W. M., of the Nelson   Lodgo, | After the ceremony the   happy   pair
accompanied the Grand Mastor,   and
■ave iii in the underground workings,
the last mill run was not as large
as former ones, but ho brought in a
§1,600 gold I,rick lie has 26 men
at work, and as his   option   of   pur
se,- is before ll, ibl ■ broke.
! the pr.-- ioos n'jgbi ho hi. I-..;
pul on it much heai iet load   of i
.-ills    ".."nl     and ,leer,iit,g il toi ho ivy    III I        .:
1 get out of tip, bucket,    Was   of
opinion that tie- culilu br.Ko   bc-.uis
At five o'clock on   Friday   morning I!t w,w overloaded,      li    was   underlie of the most distressing-   accidents Islc,ud'» tlie   '"''"'   llml    ll"'   "'IT"
sl,ou]c| ,iil' the bucket with the steel.
iu the history of this c.ii.ip, occured
at the Ymir mine. Tlie victjnp u|
tho fatality was Ronald K   Brown,   a
hut he had   been   cautioned   not    . •
ride when the load    was    fqn    heavy.
yotutfl nv-.li of al out 22, who ..as em- | "'"' pxamined. the cable on   Tuesday
land considered it safe, although  > i
plpypt] qs "nipper" in  the   mine,   his
duties in that, capa, ity being to carry | wi,'es wel'° bl'okc"
•I        .---I,. .,.1,
steel to and from the drillers, On
this occasion he .start.',) ,jp in the
bucket, carrying a load of steel.    The
William S. llu,1-,,n, foreman of ,1,..
mine, stated  that    I,,'   had    made
passing ex a mi nation of the cable   l\v.|
bucket had hardly started   when   i|,e | days before, and a c|oser.    ono   three,
lavs before that     lie considered   il
cable broke a short distance abovi
the bucket, which at the moment wat
near the No. .", or 50p foot level
Brown   was   precipitated   down   ,
in a safe condition although then,
were broken wires through it. Had
ri.i.lep several times   Qn    the   bucket
left with the'bucket and steel as ,-,r | lli,MS"lt •'"' ll11)' 1|"1'""'   ,h"   accident
If nipper chose to  climb   the   laddc
as the Till, fool  level, » nich is  as   fill
as the hllci.et skids extend.     The TOO
steel     of     saving     tin
time   bv  riding
l here wero several other visitors from
different lodges present
The anniversary of the Presbyterian church takes place next week,
nnd in order ,,, celebrate the occasion
:, Scotch concert will be given under
the auspices of the Ladies' Aid Society, Those who reniiiiiber the Scotch
concert given on the   same   occasion
departed on the morning train to
Spokane for their honeymoon, and
will probably return to lake up their
residence at the Cyanide plant about
the first of next month. I'hey wore
accompanied to the railway depot by
a large escort of friends who plentifully bestowed the.n with rice and good
wishes for future  happiness
Both Mr, lto iheiluini and his bride
ire amongst'the   earliest,   cilia ns   of
lis, year, may look forward to   a    re-!'"'  ' *•	
, ,, , ,,.        ,, ,■    | Yniir.     Mr   Ltothorham having   been
petition of the good thing,  then   dis-1
covered and    discussed,    On    M lav   l,ere 8,'"C0   l890'      Miss   Kecfe   a,"°
the 26th   inst.      Everything   about   -mim to Ymir about the   same   time,
., -ni"  a „.(„i    , „    growing up with the town.   The way
tbo entertainment will be Mcotcli,   ev- ™       ,      '
, ,.     i ,        ,i    ,    : .■   il. which she    has    looked    after    the
i ii to the   refreshments—that   >-,   ot
.,        ,,, , ■  , ,. ,,,   comfort of the many In in ii I ers catered
course, the eatables, winch   aro   oven •
, ,. •      ,,      u    , i   i-    ■ i   .,     to bv Mrs. Keefe, has   endeared   her
more delicious than Scotch Inpud    r. - ; "' '
, in. -ii i, ,     i   ,„,i  memory, and her geniality and oblig-
tieshinents.     Lfiete will be vocal   and •    •' * J "
 •       ,,„,  ing nature, has made her one of   the
,s| i iiinentiil solos, duets,    tuns,    and
••MllllM      ^MH    I most   popular    young    ladies    of    the
er    well-wishers   are nianv,
,    , ,-,i   i    ,,,- i      .     ,i'   «„ ,„i, , amongst others the IIkuai.ii stall, nml
lecture entitled   "iviioes   ot   iscotcn
, u    .,•,     , i  ,,   :  „  |u   in fact include the whole town,
nuigs and stones.      llto admission ,s,
...i cents including the   refreshments,
\> hic'i will  consist    of    all    kinds    if
property pay for itself
One of the most important indications of the steady growth of the
mining   industry   in   the    southern
Britisil Columbia, is tho increased
amount of smelter products shipped
every month The following table
shows the shipments for the month of
August. |904 as compared with those
of the same month ill 1903, Tbe
figures refer to the output of smelters
in ibis part of the Province only.
Aug., 1904. Aug., 1903
Tons. Tons.
Pig 1.3,1.1 ,'hi0 none
Lead Bullion 1536 TU'
lllister Cnppei        707 676
Copper Matte 995 252
foot h'vcl   is   the   point    where   theI bucket, wou|d not call him  down  ,„,
shaft is connected   wiih   the   upraise tlmt account.     Had   instructed   nip
from No. 10., and from ties point the  Pel ' ake two loa-'s when he though!
ure is dumped down   the   oiler   .",'H,j ">'" won!, i he t,,., heavy.
feet, and subsequently   trammed  out       Nicholas  Oates, hoisting   engineer
on the No.   l'l    or    1000    foot    level. | stated that  In. was ,,n duly ft hen   the
incident happened,    lie received  Bit-
Tim bucket consequently hung up al
this point, bill the body of tho unfortunate man who was doubtless already dead from striking against    th
mil to hoist from No ■"., and immediately after starting, tho engine began
to sp I     He immediately closed the
face being broken, as wei
and arm
i|,unlets,    readings    and     recitations. I" .   >
The' Lev. J. T. Ferguson will   give    a ! '''*"'     '
Scotch condiments and   oolifoctionar-
Miss Jessie Sherloy and her company will he the attraction at the
Nelson Opera House during the
ihe line of tho Spokane Falls A   Nor-   j    Contemporary   re is   pronounce
f September   19th this one of the bosl   theatrical   cotn-
First Annual Anniver-
  sary of Ymir Lodge
People living in   the   towns ..long [\|0< ^2, K. of P.
The Theatrical Attrac=
At tlif Nelson Opera House
I lut'hiK tlif Fair week.
side, ,,f the shaft, was precipitated throttle and applied the brake, From
down Ihe last 300 feel falling on a ''"' action of the engine, and tin
pile of ore. in the bottom of the chute quantity of air usetl, should judgi
The total  fall   was   thus   550   feet.  ll'" '";"' "' '■" f''Q"l '""' '" '""' :l1"'  "
When the body was ri vered il   was  half tons:    Ascribed the  accidcnl   tu
entirely unrecognir.ablu, the skull and overloading; Hud warned nippei
ivere Loth leas ''l;l1 evening not to put on too heav-,
a load- Had previously noticed
L'he cable, the breaking of which several wires broken in the lowei
caused the fatality, is a live-eighth l1'"* "'' ,l'" euble, but no whole strand
inch steel covered cable, and is ic*. and considered it quite safe. The
ported to ha\e only been ill use custom was for the men to lido th.
since June last. Constable Fraser buckets whenever they got a chance,
secured the portions of cable from Had iu;ked foreman if prohibitive
both sides of lho break for   tho   pur* rulo was to 1 nforced, and   ho   had
poses of the   imp.est, -aid t hat t hose who   wished     to     lid,.
The Coroner's   Inquo-st   was   held could do so, but at their own risk.
yesterday c .n 'ncing   at I p. m,   at      Alrich   Liters    mucker,    staled
Coronet Doherty's oflico.      The jury that he lodo on tho bucket five   milt
empanelled consisted of Messrs,  But■- | u,|,Ji l"'1'""' ,1"' accident, and   noticed
gess, Newitt. tirobe, Archibald,   M,- I nothing wrong.
Intiis and 1'. S T   floss, who   select. Bd. Kirko, mucker, stated that   he
cl Mr.   Burgess   as   their   foreman helped nipper to load sieel on bucket,
After being sworn ill, tlio Coroner add and had frequently seen heavier loads
jury adjourned   to   the   undertaker's put on.
parlors to view llio body, After tlie conclusion   of   the   evi*.
Tic lirsi witness called was Mr.  ('.   deuce,    (' iet'rjohcrty iharged the
A. Brown, hrother of   tho   decossad, jury, pointing out the limitations   of
who s.aied thai his brother hid been I'heir duty in returning a verdict.
|,aiii.-s    that   has   ever    visited    the ,* ,   , ,, -n,,, ;,,,.,. ii,..,, ,.,.■;,.,,I  i,,,I    ,,-.,
I engaged in  and ahoiil   mines    in    the        IIIOJUIJ  ttu n n >..". ail',   ihiu,
■^H i       I „,ll  l„,   il,le  I,,    <<o    to        On Ihe evening ot Sei
hern railroad will oe auii   to   ... .,..,,,,.  mnni
■ • Tuesday, ,Mol„i'fo„r,h,   on    Y H H  ■  l^l^H^  	
d trip ti.kM   .hid   aostjed   the.,'   first    ,1  ^^ \    ,,„,,,,;,,,  Uml   .,„   be  , I"^"^ J.'speak, A. "na«er  the foil K verdict:
s,„„her„ stales for.he las, liu- years,   discussion lasting 20 minutes
( j„»t what a one-way ticket costs   any  The   uttendaf    vi'as   lug
p,si what ii one-wi^ ttcM'i .os,s   „„., ■• ., hv Miss S her ey am   her   company
,     ,. Thai i- on that   day   u forty uu'inbcrR being pvesfiit,   and   n  ") »" >
'.'.lier tiino.    Lhat w, on mat   oaj . during t ngagement, are all -
|« an buy a ticket for half  fare,  .en oyable   ime   wa      pent ' «       Uy , ,   m
U-oMtore thelOihor   any   day  ndall     llefoe   pa       . ; -     y   P ^
,   reto,    Tin-   Spokane   I r; evening wiu taken up by l     *           	
,     ,- ;,.   ,„,„s    October   3rd    a.nl business „t    ihe    Lodge,    llu-.-    l.ow       i... '....-
male  Fuir   opens   ucu-oci ,,-,,,- Fair w    do we   to roson io flight
,   -  ,, . ,,„. nth ...en.Ii.-ts taking the lust   degree   ni..l ,
''Zraiul, -..I   I ' H,«nl*« ,   after   this    a at least for tlieatre^
 for hug" crowds   October  4th  n ..amptuoa. repast was served   ll.
 | .here is cv.i'V    reason   to   hcl.cve ' . he  I g0 r 1.0    supper             UtSUr.^.^
llwattatidkniMwlll   be  greater  from supplied by Bro. Finloy   Mel I,   to|
ll.ispwtof thecoi •>'than   it   has  wl great ehcdtl is duo as t, caterer
,.,',,, ;„ „„v of the previous fairs,    for   to the wants of the inner man.,     Bra.
.,,   rat0 given  by   lho   railroads   is W  M  CofTey   was   ap, tod   toast
,„„,,.,. .|mn any excursion rate to the master, ..,,.1 the following toasts  wero
Hpoltane fairs which 1ms   been   given  res idol to:
,1,1*    • i    Our Order, by Bro, A. J.   Hughes.
of the Ymir mine, was the nexl    wit
W,., ihe uiele tig I |u...    "II    lb.
il    , cos   were deceased (H   K: B.ow.t) I I.  id.-l
posted at every   level   i    mine,   tl ' ised c,,u,o to    Ia.il.
!,„,_,   i„  by the breaking ol the cable atUched
orolul.iiing ciuplovcs from    rul...0^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ihe bin-kc.s.    He exhibited apian of  to the bucket  hie » "•■»'«
l„. mi,,,-showing the   ar.-a   ih"ougli  causing him to fall a distance ot
loath,    We   find   in   riding
w|,i,.l, ,|„. deceased f..i| which was   in  feet, ... shaft ill Ymir mine
lobbing Co  vs. the Active Cold Min (     M(, Q   A   |,.i|. irdt>a  ,„,„„„„„
,„,   H-veral years.      Besides
 ,-ate the road also idlers a rate of      Our Lodge, I.y   l„„.   L-inley   M
i. fare and a llitb, good on any   other I I. |ty"court sittings   In   which   pluntiffs
-W o! the fair and g I to return the - Country, by Bra J. 0. Dewar. | :	
,,,,, „,',,.,■ close. ,,,-   l,ef       Thi-:     Our Neighbors IJ.S.hy   Bro.    D
will ace ed..*" tltosc   who,    for    liny ' Campbell.
the iieighl-oihood of o.'it,    feel.       The, instant 	
cable was installed in June last,   and bucket   deceased   disobeyed     posted
Co. I was a   lie- eighth,   six   strand   rope notices,    We further   find   the Com-
with 19 wires to the strand, supposed pany  has  been   very    nogligoul     iu
^^^^^     At   l.nsl. I to siand a stiaiii ,,f  II   t,,   I.',   tons enforcing the said rule as posted
,„       ,       " , .      ,, and guurantoed to carry safely „ load
On       hursilay    last,    His      Honor;    ,    .   '      ,   ',     , 	
       ,  ,  ,       , •    -   ,       of    5000 H.s.    Tho g, nciiil   I I   on
Judge l-olin handed down Ins   pidge* ,.      , . .,,,.,., .   .     ,
,,,.,,,       tho cable as used in tl me   would      Mr.w.-J   Corkory, of Spokane,
iu, nt ,n die case    of    the    lloslSllsav , ,   . .   ,
1 "ot lie more Hem I i.l .n lbs. in town examining mining property.
ing Co,, a case tried at the last conn
ty court sittings ill which pl.ihtifr
sited for 8'250 for groceries and sup
plies sold (In-   defend....K       The    de-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      aipi.e... ....h     ,.*    |, 1 fense was that the goo Is   wore  pu>
„:,,„„, can not g I the fourth. (,„r V,-iling Bros,, hv I,,,,.  U.    L>. I   ^^ ^   ( ^   ^^ ■„„,,„,„„,
Drittah Columbia, day  al   the fail   Mclsaae, without" tho   eoulpany'a     authority.
ivill bo October   5th      The   British      Tim Ladies,  by   Ul'o, Miles   Mc| ,,,,, _ In
,i ,,,;   will  lly   high  ..ml   everything| titnis
l'ailisl,  will    he .■•.'!'•         '!ii* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	
,.,,.. will cine oil' thai day, Including evening was spcnl in sofig and »]>eceh. t^ ^ *,u|*  ttm0U1I|   llt-   their   clam
the fl3,000 purae for  the Interstate Cont,|U(Jj||g „,-,|, „   enjoya. I ^ ^^    w   A    Mucdonuld,   K
>«ir stake for 2:17   paeem.     Matty       ^ evening's   by   Ihe   singing   of
intrics al dv  .."' i»    t'.r    'l"s   "l"'', ^^
,',.. || ,|.„- D. C, 0  A to be I,.---
or) testimony was   cl.ietU iiIiiuii-
■ . to-day to examine ' ,■■ . illo . anj ■    ,u i
toiy to thatottl.e prevunn   witness,
ii c .,    ,  ,, ,,        e ■ look   over    the    oicani/1. ion    of    ,1
Ho was of opinion that the portion of
the broken cable,   exhibited,   should   Ylnir Civilian Little Brigade.
carry;, load Of at least  .'I    ti s   the       This i* the lasl week foi    iieeeptina
gi iieral load   put    on.      Il,<   further
.      , Ihe .j,and   oil r    mad.)    by    the    I , i
stated that il  was ihe lineman „   ■ 11 ■ I v
gie.it family join tin
Is nf the IC i.il   in :
         ■ ■ ■ B| M M S"l"'n"~ ! |„ exainine the eahle.    	
"'/       ...   „„,„.„.-   ..Jtendent hod   authority   to purchase      w,„|lim M|l0|ld|   \Mtt ,   „-„s|W.«l   rwpec Iv           Mo,,,,.,
After which th. """""" ^  | ,, | and the plantiffs are given judgement | ^ next witmi(W , ^„.(i   ,,,„   ,„.   ,,„„„, Rerald and Veokly Htat    - I
saw the   deceased   load   the   bucket   tho Ynitv Herald, cm bo Imd foi   I
Willi steel  to ll weigh:  of aholll      1000    I cilia bid. -r . if I!..' V. ;..,   f or    tl."    -..nl
„„.| the sport will be great
"Auld Bang Svlie,
C, for plaint ill's, John Billot, for  (le
pounds and gel on the bucket, it   few   sum of 135 emits. THE YMIR HERALD   u — w^mfw ■-'
lo a good sea-,n this fall.     The llu,I-
|i r V, and Wilcox mine may   at   unv
I',,1,111.!,,',I • ..•;■!   S»|,ir,liiy ',,,,I limit.*,, ,
!.,.*.   ■ i ■:.....-.■; I,) ...,,:■., r,,, -...ii,. inouM-i,. Inrgely increase their   forces.
-.    .I,',.,   .'.-,.•■, ,r .iiiiaiii:. imyui    in-nt   and ihere are two   ipinps   ii...,'    idle,
ivhi.ii may star: qp agajn ui any time '
Ll iluu rut,***   $. "„,  |n-r  llli-li   |„ r in
i ni:  llu,.,  .„• I,., I   trull,   ill 1.
Further,    al    the   prcseijl
•he, e are lour deals in pro
,,  ...-, iilur< Iii llni ill-.lriijt.or u.    - Irtn " '
l'l, oniilc-onic, gia.inl.iuii, will, sir,,,,;; probijity of be-
r„„„,„.r,-i,,l  |.rl„tne-  ,'   ,.■,•-.    il.Mirji.iiui. '"g vepy shortly cpnsilllimatcfl,   which
■:., a-,, ii tl,< i.r-'iiii-. ... -,■,,. l„,"',::  ■ _ v, iii nieaii a large  ail, ill i;,n to I he   pn
1 '"'" ''■ roll , f ;!,c can,p.
III.ll.U...   ,'. III.ISIIIN.i   I (iMp ' N ■
II.   .\l-.-,u''s.   || .-, llijslj.
SATUIip.VY. SjilP, :',, lilllj.
|t js gc|)cral|y    iii,(|erstoo<|   a ng
| Liljeral politician.;, that    |\o,,',-iiav   is
; not, to have a voice iii (jeci.linjj the re-
j -jillt, (;f   the   jencj-al    plpctipn.       By
~~ I postponing lb. date of the lonal   poll-
likeral-r Cpnseryative Car\diA-mi, a :_•.„• I'm j t, P.-,.•<■.i..it,   it, is
dniQS for P(\rtian\ent,        | taken I'm' granted t|],it it ivil| result in
j aepordani.i. 1,itli ll, ■    results   declared |
lip tlie geupral plpctipn preeppding   it.
Mr. C.allilier  in  respon«ible  for   this!
; iiupo.siii.iij, an,I fair minded n;cu   will
for   Yal.-Caiibeo   pistripf-, ' n„,  l.e slow to resent jl.
MARTIN Bi!l!ltll.!.,  ^
Of  Grand   Forks. .    ., , j
li, the ."Nelson I nl.unc of the   30th
\-,-w- Westminster Itisti-icl, I ■■*«», Mr. Houston has an editorial on
J.   I).   TAYI.Dli, thei|Uestio|i of tjip   inporppratjon   pf
Of New Westminster. \ Vllli,     ,,,, sta|.ts „„*. ,,ull lhl, ,.,ll(J
For |vootenay District,
CHARLES   11.   M.V-'|--INTliSll,
Of   l'osvl;pid.
; niiiit that one reason why it   would
All those who ai'o properly qualified         ,   „    ..,   .       . .   ,
1    .    •  . | not do tor i up, t>, incorporate, ,u lie-.*
but are not yet    on   the   voters   list  , .
can-'.: its people arc not   of the   1,111.1
must register before npx.t Monday,   if   ,                  ,,   ,       . „.
'           °                                       •          that   run   pull   together. We   are
thev wish tp vote  at   the   Dominion   .       ,        ,..,,.,.
torcuU lo attiiut that  Inn;  accusalnm,
election- i i   i -. i i i .i
i had it liecn made sninn twelve nipptlllj
"" " or so back, would admit of   uonsidr"
Chici    Issues     of     t'1?
Approaching  Cam?
Ale.   Borden  J)('lk'ycs   Party
IjiH'.s Up WpJI for Cuiii-
ing Fight:
I'il'sJ   rill;.-,   Djning  Ko.llll.
Ht'sf    III till. Is   pf   Willi'-;,
|.ji|ilt,|'s an,| rigitr-j.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen anc|
YMIK,    Ij.    C.
jfiiti)liiig hpayy frpigl|| ;i
Second Avi
j    Cpi'resppnflepue promptly
Vi>PWl intruded rt,
Mining Agent      ■      Stocks an4 Shares
-----AUjSNT   FOR——
Mutual Lift, lusprancp Ofitnpapy (if>io\v Yiiik.
Maryland Casualty Oqippany.
(Lpiiflpn AItit)i;t| Fji'p Itiaiii'.'iiit'i,' Company.
(Itftiwji Firp |ii.-;tirai)(ii Company.
Speaking of the cppiipg light,   4I'\
The vital statistics of Ymii' for thpLblc pitiuf,    As it  is,   however,   „■,.'H'.. den, leader of the  federal  opposi-
,■    ,    -,,„ ,i    , ,',!,,. ,„.,„,,,,,i    ,„.,,.' ,     ,        ,      • ,       . , ' tin,), e>;|.ressed his oiipini,,,,  that   the
|„st nine montlis o| tlie piesont ,\..u , ,.,„,u,n,i, tlmi the tune when its truth "
list ,f marriages will bo considerably
increased before the end of thp
areas   follows:      There   have   bfen   mjyliD be admitted i« post,   and   that
three deaths,   eight   mania;,'..-.,   and L, f.|,e present moment the citizens of
ivcn births.    It is rumored that  tho j Ymir havo sutHcient  esprMe-eorps,
to In: able to work   in    harmony,    for
whatsoever is proved to   he   for   the
good of tho community     Thoro   may
be some who do hot unite see the  <i<K
The first shots from the   opposition  vantages   which   might   he   derived
pit.ks for the   approaching campaign from the incorporation of   the   town,
were fired by Mr, Borden at   Aihncr  but we believe thut if the   act   were
;i| d St. Tin,nuts. he. week,    lie   t  once passed, there nre none so   lack-
m .th a most enthusiastic reception at in-, in common sense as to he porpot-
both places and bis ntldresses were ually buckiiiR and hindering the
startling in their forcible comic,una- s,noot|i working of the pity govern*,
lion of the policy of the prerent Bilo ,„,-i,i. We fear Mr Houston bases
t: i!'ho,-mill.mt. a good deal of his opinion,   upon   his
- ——-       - own experience in Nelson,
According to the latest   iiuthnritu-      The sumo   editorial   comments   on
live advices tho JJoniinioti election   is  the conditions realized in   Trail,   but
C'oiiuervntiy.. party was in better
lighting fettle, than ever since ]X%.
Jn his Ontario tour he proposes to
discuss the issues of the day as they
appeal to the Conservative party. As
to the (j. T P. project he said: "We
.shall discuss the govern,net's trans
pollution policy, and take the siuifle
issue before Ihe people of this coun.
try, that if the people furnish nines
tenths of the capital necessary tn
build a mil way fron I'"1. Atlantic
to tbe Pacific, then the people should
own nine tenths of the railway, Or
they should go one step further, pay
for the whole, and own the whole."
Adequate protection for Canadian
industries and mutual trade preference
within the empire will be the fiscal
theme. The extravagance of the
government, their strange appointments to ..flice and the   injection   of
off in   the   second    week    in   is incorre.
tin  iu   summary   of   the P°1'Mc*« into the militia   will   be   en
November. Liberal member* of the expenditure. It says that, with the
pi, .en: House have already been .... exception of $|fi for the lire depart
tilled to select their men for returning  mettt,   ..ml   f*".V.'. |'.i   spent   mi   the
olli, -ers, •„,,! in many    ca.es    lie    "I" ' s|,(,.|s, ||,e  'icvemie    was   spent    on
I'oiiitiuent- have already hen   made       .. ,    , , ,.
1 " policemen, schools,   and   expenditures
Iu this riding  ihe   appointment   has
,     .,     which would be made bv the province
fallen li. u well known BosslaiuJ   l.tli
, if the town   were   not   incorporated,
.id. '
The chief issues lo bo contested   ol   As n Inatlor of fact over   12400   was
I he approaching campaign   ure   more  -pen, in one year  on   improvements
i r less familiar t'. everybody     The   which tho Province would not   make,
principal i«sue of all, is of course,   the   uli!(int*   (|||,   *jlm   gpbnt   im   ,1|(,
large.l upon.
Mr Borden denied that he had
attacked Hon. A. 'i, Blair in his St,
John spceck.
VAUii, n. i
All work entrusted to u.s is neatly and
promptly   executed,
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
Tlio only rt'Hnblo and up-to-date Men's Ontttttei's
in Yniir. Our goods ape the ln-st quality, and wc
tit, not propOHC to be undersold.    :::::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
YMIlt Kl.K.C'lOHAI. DlSl'ltltJI'.
Notion ,s lu-rcliv   yiven   Unit    I   llinll
on Monday the ?th, May of  November
1,,-ciil   "ovi-innieiit's   li,-iiis|,orlalion , .|A.l)   BM,I. al t!„-1„,.„-of'.'o'clock   in
....      Md Is, the t-rciiter part    is   rcturncl   t|)e ntlurnoon, Bt lho pni'l'MtOll Hall ill
I'oliev, and tho ctunpaiiiii i» practical' l„   .        ,                             . .
1                          ,,                   .„, bv the ooveriiinent  iii   a   pev capita imlr, hold  n  Court   «.l   Revltlon ol
|.   , plebisce on th.s ipiesitoii.     Ihe Rcgiilii' of VotoiB to bo pirpnml   by
i  do plank in the Conwi'vativo plal -,M"1-                                                nic under Ihe provisions of the  "Pro-
i i is that, if the people of   Canada      The article  winds   up,   of coursp, vlnolal HUoilon* Act." 100*1,
:>at..l iii Ymir— Sept. 1st, 11)01,
This is the lime of the year to gel your pick of the many select phi
l-'urnilure.     Iron licU. Linoleum-., It tigs, Carpels ami  llamnioek-
,<(H.|'.    AGENTS    I'oi:    TIM'.    MASON-HISCH    PIANO,
i i -u-h hine-teiiths of tlto capital nee   with a slap at tho   .McBride   govern
e- ,i\ in build a   railway   f    the   ment, and theiein is to bo found pro
Atlantic to the Pacific, llten the peo.   ,  ,, , ,   ,.   ,
1        banly us solo aim and object.
I     should own nine-tents of the rail- '■
\. iiy.     Or they   should    p.    one    step
Registrar of Volcn
f„, ther, pay for lho whole,   and   own
m iM'ti, 'liiti.i. m
ti„ whole. [Hotel . . *   .
Othor planks aro adeiimitn   protoc« '''ll1'-  lil'-s'1'  UliANIi OF U1 iMF.s'l'lc     (Utidui tlrely new mdnngemant.)
li,,n for Canadian industries nnd  mU> OIG-.A.3rlS.                          |)iniiio'   Hoohl   nnd    Bill'I
f'.iiia.ic preference Mind,, the  em*. -|'hc  Kootcnpy   Standard         supplied  wi'li   tlio   best|
hire lho extravaganco of the   present „ lvl ,,,,..,., „,,, ,,K                           111 tllG lllfll'kol
I,  .,•run,cut, its strange nppoilitllieiits —
i   Important olllces, and its   injection ^
.,:  polities into   the   lllilitil. Nl'ls.,1),   I*..   ('.                                        .IO||N   fJRBAU,   Prop.                  ■•   "*   SErtNEY
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
S H. —We arc sole agents for the Marshall  Sanitary Mattress ami  Un, (il,
Si'.'liiuial Book Case am! Kills,
Fresh   Goods  for   the   Spring Trade
C.   Thelih  &  Co, lliglil   opposite  depot,   Yinu
Ask for Swift's Bacqii und Hams (tinware the besl i
luinilti' Miii'itifiliitlf, Blue I'oini Oysters* Crosse i>i
l.lm'UwcH's IMcltles, Junls, and Chow Chow; well
selcotcd Teas, CoJiecs and Cocoa, ({dverninenl
Creamery nnd Hazelwood ButttSC,
I       Fishing Tackle, Staiioi,el v.  Pire Works, Sporting Goods, M.u.i.in,-.      .,
.   J t'ectionerv,    Pipes   mid   S Iters' supplies,     All yoods sold at \,i y ,-- ,i-,,i  ■•!,
i prices.
*        i        YMIR, B-e,
% First    Earthquake     |n
Nelson Fair
Clark's   Furniture   Store!        YMIR §AKERY.
wii.i.iam ci.abl \tm]. BroatlliveT'N   Morn
j Undertaker   and   |7qrniture     I»e,i
Mail - .-d.-i's pj-oi|ipt!y'attended ti
S§cpnd Annual Exhibition Of   Thei    .     .
Nelson Aui'iciiifiir.il iind |ii(|n>s|pi;ij
September 28 and 29
New P)ui|<ljno*s, j?ine Grounds,
j>iu Premium |,jst.
I'lte hist genuine Canac)iiii|   carih
UUIlko to In- recorilcil 011    tin:     ;,els||,o-
grnph at the Mptenrolpgjeiil 0(llce
»..s registered early Wednesday ."..--
King The shock occured, nt Stfili p.
in. sharp, and lasted between -lo an.|
•10 seconds. This cartlumuke to all
appearance!, was u,o-t severe along
the Qttliwa \ alley and lower St.
Lawrence.    It is thought to havo ex*
leil(|ed across the continent,
pile     ntelcnrologii-iil        iii|lhoritics
L-hiitn ibis is    |he   j|rs|    loptvl    .(irth- j
niiako to be r.ooqro)e,| .,t,  tie    oelsitio
graph since  jl   wi|*,   ingtallet|    seven '
years ago,   for   i-l.jln   other   records
w.-rc made by thu   ip«trump»t.   they   *».}$£  jSJ0Vel   Opdl  Mr  AttraCtJOJlS.
u.-i-i' inaije by   Hip   s||opks    i|,    pther '
parts of dip world,   a(   distances   of, Write 'or Pr|ze  List,
ffom n.QQQ   to,   lQ,a<.|0  miles.     I,.. ,
the.,, cups |.he i-ecm-d^ nu-iely showed 1       ..j.        \\.       A|lll{|I>!(',       N'C,        Ncls(lU,        |).       Q
1111 nud-.iluting vibniiion, but iij Wed-
:u-sih;v'<i shopk tho disturbance was
tjuito sharp, and the horizontal pendulum of the (eltp:pgriip|i was moved
violently, The areu ovef w||jph the
tjuake .".tended cann.it be ascertained
... present, as reports of such disturbances are only make tq t':e «■„
ti.-il oilice monthly. (July the weather reports are made daily
M lis.   ..'1:1...,:, I si. Am;-
('wo rooms to rent   for   ligli
• ■* *
a!>i..i .vi;ri-'its    1-...I;   MiNiSi;   .\i|:n    .\\]\   Ti
TL'Ail'I.I.INi;  ri'l'.I.IC.
Newly lu.nijhc.i throughout.    Htiroplp |'oo|ps In connection.
t      Bates |i|.5Q to $3.5lJ per day.
] HM-AY   McLEOD, Proprieton
M. TA|T.
.). itri-nv
All ordinary writing inks owe
their properties to tlie presence of
gal Into or tan,into of iron, held in
suspension by means ot gum.
Kerosene is tlje main product of
ihe distillation of petroleum, tlie crude
domestic oil yielding up to 70 pe,
cent, of its weight in kerosene. The
flashing point „f a sale kerosene
should not be less than 3-1 degrees
and the igniting point l.'i degrees.
Nitro-glycerine, or glyceryl nitrate,
i- a lightyellow, oily liquid, which,
tinder the action of .. fulminating
cap, explodes with grc. violence, ft
was found so dangerous that its use
by it-clr' was give,, up and the mixture of mtro»glycei*ine and infusorial
earth (dynamite), has been used for
sometime past,
Crystals range in size from o.-er a
yard in diameter lo mere specks requiring a high power . f the roicro-
scopo to reveal their existence. Beryls
have been obtained in America more
that, four feet it, length by two and
i ne half feet in thickness, weighing
t,. o and one.half tons. Equally large
crystals of apatite have been found in
A School of Success, v,  ,,.
Wr     nttry    tlie    [pading    liraiuls     imported      L-itiunr.H
TAUOHT    BY m\  Cigars,  Stqnt,   Ale,    Brandy   aipl   Win,,
The Mo-st Successful Business Men of America.
I'JKI'   ">»^i ■ J
Sir William Van iloii.c, ex president of the   C.    1'.    I!.:   Sir   T|lo|l)OS
Shau^hnpssy, president of the C. P. I!.; C. M.   Hayes,   general   manager  of    $
the 0. T. 1!.; Sir Qcot'gu L'rtimninnd, vice president of the Bank of   Montreal     *y.
Dr. William peterson, principal of McQill [fniveraityj Charles   li.   ftosmer,    jj|
president of the C ¥ Iv Telegraph Company; V  W. Morse;-George R.   (-'..r-    #
telyou, formerly secretary to President McKinley and   President   Koosevelt,
and a host of othprs of the most successful men of  Canada   and   the   l'nitcd
States, hacp agreed tn tell the boys and girls, the young men and tho   young,
women of Canada
The Family Jloruld and Weekly Star, of Montreal, at great expense,
has arranged for a series of articles on Success l.v Allan West, based oil the
experience of fifty or more of the most successful business men of Canada,
some of whose l,u|ncs are mentioned above.
Shirts and Overalls
When tliry  come from
LEN2;   &   LEISER.
Factory at Victoria.
1'. 0, Box oi;,     s     Nelson, B, 0.
Union   Label   op   every   Garment,
The articles will shortly appear in the Family Herald and Weekly Star
lift) no boy or girl, no young nun, or t'outlg Women, no father or mother iu
Canada should fail to read them. *&
The YMIR HERALD has c plcted with   tho   Family   Herald   and
Weekly Star a clubbing arrangement, by which every   reader   of   this   paper  _
md every resident   of   this   district    can    enjoy    the   advantages   of   these
"Success" articles.     Here are the terms;
Present subscribers to this paper who arc not readers of the 1 -'.unity He
aid and Weekly Star may have that paper until December .'list,
1004, for only    20c
I'o new subscribers we offer ihe YMII! IIBU.VU) and the Family Herald and Weekly Star until lleceu.'.K-r ,'Hst, I'.IOI, for only     35o
These prices practically mean giving boll, papers away, hut tbe publish*.
is of the Family Herald and Weekly Star do so on this occasion to give
young Canadians Lite benefit of this school of success, and to   let  tho public Qj*,   <' 1'»t 11i11Li',   I' iirnisliinu's,   Hoots,   SllOCS, lints   and   Cap.4.
know the many good features of thai greatest of all family papers.
FOI;   TIIK   NEXT   30    DAYS   WE   WILE    GIVE
20 per cent, discount
for cash	
this offer is good only until October   1st,   1904,    Tho  Family  Herald,
positively refuses to accept anv subscriptions after that date.
Send vour order now to the YMIK  HERALD.
wed  October 5TH!DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Will   Be
A dike in geology is :i wall of i^ne-
, us r ick that travertes other rocks
in.d appears to have l.ncn produced
by the Mowing of incite 1 matter into
a deep rent or fissure. Dikes are
.iistiiigiiisluil from veins by tin
greater uniformity of their contents.
by lho parallelism of their sides, In
their not ramifying into smaller veins
and bv their usually   greater   dimen
i.,ns, They took their name from
in, ,r frequently projecting above   the
in-face like a wall, owing i<> Ihe degradation of tltB softer ...ck mound
them. Dikes run from a tew inches
I,, more than a mile in thickness. In
volcanic eruptions they have been
observed in process of for.nation as
the rents open and lava streams in.
In the Knglish coal mines trap   dikes I
,„•,• met with in underground  opera. I . Railroad Tickets Can   Be Purchased At
tiotlS,     They form a wall    neross    the        -Qfl,-,      FAIR      F©R      THE      ROUND        TRIP
line of the coal beds, culling lliein oil '
and causing the vein ui times to be On Tuesday, October 4th, Uooil Returning Until Oct.,   10th.
thrown out of place,    'l'l 10}'   also   oe- -
t-ur in North Carolina gold niinos and  BAND CONCERT BY   FIFTH    REGIMENT   ROYAL
In  Groceries   we   DEFY   competition.
We will not   be   undersold.
British Columbia Day
At The
" t.
Please forward Tin: Ymih Hkiui.ii for
Jl and acknowledge receipt of enclosed S.
elsewhere in mctnl and    coal    milling
districts of i his   country.      A   dike
differs from a vein in that   the   vein
has been slowly   filled   by   agencies'
either identical with or allied in chin- !
inter to these known as niotainorphic,
while dikes ... most oases   have   been
tepidly filled and contain   the   -am,
Inatei'iul through from   ono   side   to
Ihe other and at nil depths,     A  mill
i r,i! In.],    ir vein ina\ differ greatly ill
1       Its contents In various parts, In width
US rtell as in  depth,
$2,500 in purses.   Send lor Race Program.
IVobt, 11. ('s.-iw.   H ii v and Manager.
Tiik UrraI.H is published   every Saturday morning and
<>  contains   all   the  news   of the camp,
Hatks- -»- j : 11  Yi;\ii, ii; II11.r  Yi:\u, i\.
The Mutual Life [lisuraiu.o Company of'N. Y.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy iii il is the huI'uhI iiivcMUiciil known to man.
Casli iiivi'.-ttil in I.il't' Iiisiiriin.i' in mull invested thai wilr
return compound iutofoflt.
All HllucOHHl'tll litisitlcSh 111.'ti . -nn v large urn,,mis of life
insurant'.'. It provides for the family, protect* 11 1rtn.11 in liij
old age, and protects li is other in vestiiientK. I'or rales pit
jinv fonn .»f life insurance applj to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Hgent. SEE
Aboul your eyes when in Nelson, il will help yon   to   enjoy
the fair.     \Ye guarantee iirsl  class  satisfaction,
V.'e have ,.n lian.I a very large stock offline R.  li.   Watches
all constructed for tin's particular pari ofthe country.
See theni al  till
•fc.„-'    O
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
A   Briton's   Voyage. most southerly point of New Zealand.
  . While coasting here the Captain   was
10,000 Miles ill a   CailOC. a" but deprived of his new mate, who
  was    washed    overboard,     but      was
(Seventeen    Days    Among   picked U|1
Cannibals. 1L  muat  not |„. sll|M„,M,d  that
I hitherto tho Tilikllin had  experienced
Captain -John C. Voss, a native   of, Unl\lUV/, |,llt sn |, Beils,      sin-   |„„|
British Columbia, and for many , ,,neountered at times very rough
yews master of Nova Seotian ahips. wentlier, and when tha ennue put in
has just accomplished a remarkable llt Chrislchureh her skipper was able
and unprecedented voyage in a two ,,, „n,, bof-ma an assemblage of seven
and a. half ton canoe, Uy covering t|10UH„|„l people a demonstration of
10,000 miles  in   three   years   thfje j t|,e value of liw patent sea ancliur, by
..I   lived
months and twelve days he has  brok-| ,|„. ,,.,, ,,,• „|,j,.|, L|l0   |„Jilt
en the American record,
through heavy sea.,.
Captain Voss   began    his   journey       Ho had put the anchor lo a practi«
I'loni Victoria, British Col ia,   on L,. tPi.* „-, [Ul. Australia! ,-.t, for il
May 21, 1001. II.-had a- bia sole MafI Cntibiecl him to weather a four
companion Mr. Luxon, a son of ihe dllJ>s fiiv]0i [l0 Kave u second .-\hi-
fu'' r proprietor of  the   "Winnipeg | .)ili(m ut \v0bin«ton.
l-'ice Press."
Those    who    witness
I'n,iu Auckland he wenl    an   eigh-
M '''"    st'11'1'  leen davs' trip to the New    Hebrides,
naturally   expressed   fears   fur   'h" ; ,,„d |„; |,,,d,,li havin.-failed .„,„,.wl,-,i
Biifoty of a craft   which   draws   but
K. \V. Widilowson.
li IM-.I
Mrs  Crowe,
I'eiej .J. Gleazer.
in i, in . .
.li l,n I'ltilbert.
I.l;.    ,,,,,,l>-    am,    (;E> ! ■   M It.NISMNOS I
I), t!nnt|)hel .
Lk'sHiisny Jobbing I
Ne« in iff Co.
i. uNrrriiK   ... 'i.ru.
\\ illhin, Clark.
<;Ui,i 1.1:11 s
l>   Campl.ell.
UcsBiisiii Jobhiiig ('•
S  II. Seaney.
(Josiliopnliliin—.loin, Breau.
MeLeod H. its Malay MeLeod.
.Miller House—S  Miller.
Palace—Tait & Ilu.l.ly.
Vanoouvcr—Owen ltoycr.
Will.loil —(icon;..' Col man.
Ymir—J. W. Maslt'i'son,
J.A1HKS     t-fltXlSlllX.,     ANI.     MII.I.INkllV
Airs. John MeLeod.
Percy J.  (ileaz.-r.
I'llISi INO.
Ileinlil Publishing Co.
I). Campbell.
S. 11.  Seaney .
llarshaw & Wilson.
Jackson .v.- Lculiy,
All-.X.  (),l,'ie.
UNDlilt .Alt. li-
William Clark.
CkkT'I'IC. TI....-' iMI'llOVUMBNTS.
Hum,in,a. Oxford  Maryland, Deleware
( oln.nl,ur  Ohio, Kentucky, New  J.r-
y    Virginia   and   Illinois      Mineral
llhe adventurous    v,,\a:-or    ninile    l',,r
•.wentysfour inches  of   Water,      Uer|Thui.8(U),   Kh„„|,   itl     the    Tonw|riiimi',ritnHTtHl   hi   ihe   Goal   River
skipper did his best lo make her   "•»•-■ | Strattn. Imping to obtain   s   &•,-„,. I .MiniiiK Division of   West   Kootenay
To Fill Your Wants In  The   Following
Stationery,   Confectioneries,    Pipes   and   Tobaccos,
Groceries, Provisions. Gents Furnishings,
Boots and   Shoes.
We will cliflorfully refund you your   money   if  goods   purchased here aro not as represented.
Prices are as low as any    in    Kootenay,    and   we
want your trade.
Ymir Transfer Co. i     WALDORF
JACKSON & I.I-..\ItY, Props. HOTEL  .   .   .
Headquarters for Hiding
Teaming and
Express ....
and Commercial Men
,M.,st comfortable hold iu the .lis-
All   orders   promptly  nl tended to
.       i   . j
nnd the greatest cue exercised in  thp .'''"••'•    Everything Brat-class,
handling of goods i YMIR,   I!. C,
Cold, Silver, or  I.c-i.1   -   81.00
Cupper,    -----    $1.50
Gold-Silver,     -    -     -        $1.50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer A113,   V.'illlt, B.C.
-H Hi )********** ****+++*-**
{ Hotel Ymir t
The Best Meftls
And Accommodation
In Town.
A fine selection of Wines, X
Lifjuors and Cigars.      j
.rtliy by adding a leaden keel of   ^.a |P0,t of medical  aid.     The  island
cwt. and constructing a   cabin   .-is   al , «  ,   , ,   , - ,   ■-,   I Where located,   On   North   link   ol
was, however, found lo lie   uiiiii.i.iiiit-: *-iiumiit cicek.
protection from adverse winds, | ,(- j     iA|tK noTiciS ilmt J    Krerierick   s.
(.'leiui'iils noting us agent for Frank <!.
M"^;UA"" l;"ls"' !i;,-,lo,,  Krce  M ,s OeriiUcate   No.
A run of two thousand miles across  H,   bl.6',18     nml    (ieoigu     Harrison
| tho Indian Ocean brought    the   Tili- | •*rtu Miner's (Jcrllllcut.'No B. 81,270,
iiteud, sixty dais from iiu (late hereof,
I 11 ain.lv   lo   tlie   Minnie   It, copier for
ruble siaiion, and bete tho i anoe   was
provisioned    Subsequently Captain
Voss lauded lit Durban, South Africa
the Tilikurn (or "Friend") is fore
and aft rigged, possessing three masts
nnd il canvas area of thirty-eight
Muds. She was built by a North
American Indian, long deceased, and
the skull of    the   dead    builder    was
tarried aboard throughout    the   voy-1     , .     ,    i ,- i
n land went on to   l,.i,|vsiuilli,   (. olenso.
age,    Whether regarded as   a   talis | ,,   . , ,-.   . ,     ,
I'reloi ia, and l-.ast  London
mail or not, it c.ild Hot.    have   acted ,      ,,        ., ,       ^^n i ,
I'roil (ape town he voyaged to H
..- a chain,   ngaiAsl   disaster,    sc.-ii
I'Vo-n C,l|
Helena, and reached PertlunibUco oil
■J I si May exactly three years from
lho dale of Ilia lirst sailing.
Th,- in-rival al the A.'..,res was   de.
la.ed owing to  the   indisposition   of
Captain Voss, who naturally Mas suf.
litii places, und Captain Voss engaged |..   ■     ,.       , ,,. , ,
1 ' "      [cring trom long contlnanient to so re
Unfortunately   the    .    .   , , .   ,i,     i   i      e   ,,
| s,i leled iln area as  tllD    dCcll    ol    Ins
that n gruesome experience befell
Captain Voss while his romantic voy-
ago was yet uncompleted,
Air. I.uxon had been taken oil'   the
canoe nt one of tint- intermediate call-
another  mate.
latter    fel
icerboar.l    when      1,200
canoe, and from waul, of exercise,
miles   from  Sydney,     und     carried!     *,, ,       i • ,-,      -,,,    i
Making his course, after   -I"   day
with him tho only compass of   ivhiol,   ■ i ,   ,,    .-    ,■ , .,
1 sickness, to thu Isngltsli   eoust,   Cap"
the canoe    eoithl    boas,.        Thus    de-l ..        , ,      '        .,  ... , .
tain \ oss bespoke two lit dish  vessel*
|,riwd, Ciipiniii \ oss had to   discover' /    i , ,. i     i,    ,i   i    ii
' '       ' one of which lie  li.iu ll,d.     I In- :-i ,-,,nd
|;""'' _ of    these    wis    The    Cololiiid     Ihipile,
According in the Captain h   nana- ] ,   ,       ,   ,     -.•       n-
1 outward   Ii.mim.I   to   Nm    eranciseoi
live, utter   leaving   llritish   Columbia  ,, ,     ,       ,.,  ,  •      ...
■ Her comniander,   Lilptain   hilnpsoiii
he rounded th" emit   of   Vancouver,    , •   r      ,
|asked U.iptaui voss to reporc him   n-
llil', ing been  spoken.
,i,,,„l weather pfevalletl in the
North Atlantic, and the _'J days' run
ended on 'Jud S,-| Uillbel' at Margate,
where Captain Voss was welcomed by
| n largO en,com •'.
eerUliciites of Iniprovi'inenls, for the
I'iirpuM' of ol ti.iniiie i ,'iiwii grants of
tlie nbovu olaims.
And further   lake n, lire that action
under m el ion .17,  iim-i he  eoininenced
!, fore the issuance ,,!   suoll  certificates
u| Improvenieiil
Dated this oth day     Ol    Uieiist,    lilll
K. 8. CLEMEN I'S   Nelson, 11. i;.
If .)   W. MASTKKSON,     P
4**4 * * **+*+**+4*4 * *£f * ♦ »-♦",
M E A T   MARK i:T|Spokane Falls <&
Northern Ry.
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive  prompt attention
JOHN  l'HIU'.KItT,  Prop.
thence   entering   tho   North   I'.u-ili
nnd bv stee ring II    southerly    course,
Crossed the  K'|Uiitni  lib,,,,I    I ■>!    west
longitude,      lie    established     most
friendly relations with tin' natives   of
the Pcnrh.vn Islands,   and    evtil   Un'
cannibals of this   and    the   adjacent ]     ,i   ,,     ,   ,      i      ■ ,     ,    ,     ,   ,,
■' lie .'ihook luui.I* Willi al     h list   hv
({roupj iu thd   S niih   Pacific   niiui-
fesic.l no hostile   feeling  during   his
s'ay of scventliti days
l.i.s'T Ills MATH
hiindred peopll1, Who had watched the
Tilik.lill chlcr Ihe 1 in tl H nt c, and had
pressed forwaid to congfatuhito linn,
11, is understood Capulin \ oss iu
tends I,, pUolish thi' story of his voy
age in ho.lk form. He is 111, and a
typlc.ll -tpeeiineit ot tile lll'itisll sea
l-'roiu the capital of I'ijl to Sydney
was a run of If'OO inilcxj nn<\ it wits
.■ii this part of the trip that the fatal'
ity to the entitles IlilllQ occured,    Th',
voyago round the Australian const
v.lis iiiictnlod by all tihnltpeeled inci'
lli'iil al Melbourne. Horn the trail
. i.it'i was damaged by the nhgllgcul
li .,■ of a ,i uie. and t liiptfttn S'oss
lu'otlghl un action for damages, which
lie won.
From Mellioillne ha went Up !o
hilllnrat, where he took part iu a l'l-•
eat ia, I'tlnvoyitig  the cililoe  foi'  thi I
I'ui'i '" '"' "llil"1" "'' fi'ti»:tcori|Hlgh » Grade * Coltecs
hiindred feel itbove sea  level,     lioin j
I',ist  OIHce  Store,   -   Ym»
Ymir Citizens
LAST Tl l.sh.w l\ i: vi ll MnN'Tll,
.1  W. Boss, President,
D   ('\Miii,;i,i,, Secietiiry.
l''iM.Av MuTjBoii, Treusurcl,
Meets train everj morning
t'X(i'|)t Sunday, for freight
nnd passengers for Yniir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. (ir for Vmir mine.
NELSON A FT. SlIF.I'l'Altli KV. ('()
WASIIINtll'oN & 0, N. ItY
V.  V. & E   KV. & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and Oi II. .V N. t'..., for points e.iKt,
west und south ; eonnccls at ltoss
la,id and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Hallway,
Connects al Nelson with the P. It.
.1: M. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S.
I'onuecti nl Curlew with Stage for
UrBOnwood und  Midway, ll. 0.
Itullii   curs run ou trains lielwecti
Spoltinic and   Id-public
Genera) Puiiongor Agt,
Spbkaho, Wpsit.
44*4******** + ***+ ******** !
Kootenay Coffee Co,
Wholesall! and rblaii tleillel's
iu Fresh ILoHstbtl
Melbotiine the bourse was   lo   Adel-j
liltlt'i thence to Hol.an,   and   to   till '
Delivered any
place in town.
Stov& Lengths
Per Carl Load.
y.Mill LODOM, No 32|   IC,   P,
Meets lirst   and   third    Moti
| ays of ntonth,
Visit inc,     brothers    welcollie,
Wm. Ci,|.i;v, C, C,
Ciiiii.'-ik W IslllB, K. li. C
I        Porto  Hico
1   Ltitnboi Co. Ltd
J \H*******l*****+4****4-
'j1 he only all rail route between
points east, west and south to Lloss"
land. Nelson, Grand Forks and Hi-
public. I'.ull'et cars run between Spo
kane and Northport
Ellcclive June 1 I'd-. 1908,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8/16 n.Hi Spokane 0.15 p.m
It, -in a.m Rossland 4-86 p.tn
9.82 n „, Vmir ,'i .'lo p in
7.20 a.n) Nelson 7.20 p-in
11 ::l."i a in (iiiinil l-'oiks -I 00 pin
k till a.in Kepubllo O.lfi p in
J^XjXj    TUB     T.tdVCB
Seattle,    Tacomct
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New'
York, aHd
IIKAI-8 A    llA    I^UTR.
licst   Meals   on   Wheels,
SAM   Mll.l.lili, Pl'Up
Special     K-.e,llshi!i     Hales
To Worlds Palh St. Louis
iiclUlqtmrtci'fl for \tiiliilg Mori Your Choice oJ Roulo.
  I or ralel, folders and full liiforaintiolf
I, ,     ,,     i* ii      oi    i , o   ,.,   ..,     it   reifHI'tlllllf It'lul, cull   on  or a,'dress nil
wii.i's, lit|dora itnd clffali il. A. .lAClttuft      ll. nUANDr.
0, I1', ft I'. A.. 0, p .* T. A,
.S|>.iUnn--.       710 W. Uiv.rside Act
l'llisI' All-'V. .': • Vwill| 13. Gl1 S|.ol,:,..e


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