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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 24, 1905

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 }.^LAriV]3  *SSBXpLy.  \  m  LADYSniTH  Ledger  VOL. 2,  FRIDAY, MARCH 24,  1905.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT  THE FUTURE OF LADYSMITH  With Mines That are  Practically Inexhaustible  and Can be  Worked Economically  There is   No  Coal  Camp in  British  Columbia  . ' '        * i, c v  That Has as Good! Prospects as Has  Ladysmith  flflltl m  I I the JAPANESE LOAN IS  PRICE FIVE CENTS  jggr���������i���������-y���������sc=  TRANCE  YOUNG WOMAN DIES  AFTER UNUfeUAL  EXPERIENCE  THE HI RANGE CASE  PDZZLESTHE  DOCTORS  RAISED IN LONDON  m-n  $150,000,000 Will Suffice   for Japan's Requirements for a Year^Germans are Not Allowed to  Participate in Raising Moi  iney  It has been well said by some   latter     day publisher that "the main  thing  is not to worry"  and- thc advice is good.   When one.sees, as.is in  the' Vancouver World under date of  March 22nd, a ''special "fiom Nanaimo about the Ladysmith .mines,, it  recalls     the proverb forcibly.     The  "Special" says:  Nanaimo, H. C, March 22.���������[Special)���������With every car full of coal and  .the big bunkers loaded to the top,  the mines of the Wellington Colliery  .Company have closed down becauss  there is nowhere to put the coal .hat  is coming out or them. Oyster Harbor is empty t!,id no X���������s.  nel is expected there for some little  time. -Under the circumstances,-the  miners will have an enforced holiday  for the present.  n.ii'cs frr months at> a time would on- Lady/  ly v/cr~. irom six to sixteen shifts per its /  month.   When the coal .trade revived clo&._,  or     other  conditions  improved full tity." s  ,   )   .  mines  can  nine and sell  tfhen otheis   i.i_rii i a. c   to  Jausc of its quality and <r\ian-  sten yesterday at his home in the cls> familiar with conditions, state  city, and. asked to give The Ledger, j emphatically - that tlu re JS co_,l eu-  so far as he'could, anything pertain- ; ?"������& in     sight  tributary ��������� to Lady-  i_-__i>     *_������.     4k������ t - . I c_>m_4-l_    4-_     i x. * -    "  In order to work the Exter.sion  min?s to tnc best advantage tihe single shift system which was introduc  ed here by the Western Fuel Company is to be'employed. This will necessitate the discharging of several  hundred men.  One to read such a despatch would,  if not acquainted     with Ladysmith  time     was  worked and slow  times  J    Mr. Brydcn's remarl.s <n the lines  speedily forgotten.    ��������� .     . _. above indicated' certainly ,o..iid most ' b'ecn    in     a 1r,n,.    ,      ctt  Superintendent  Andrew- Biyden, of .encouraging, and make the future tor J ���������,.-     /   ,      \ teen days  the Wellington Collk5ry Company was-Lad.ysmitn apptar l,o_<1.-   Other _nii_-' ������    el" deatl1'  Moi'P     ^an  two  weeks  ago both  women were found unconscious in the  home     of    Henry W.  Heifer, a well  known lawyer -of this city,  who was  acting as their council,' and on whom  they  had     called   for   legal   advice.  They  were supposed "to~ have     been"  asphyxiated     by gas.    Neither  had  "ince  recovered  consciousness,      and  physicians  and hypnotists  were  puz  /.led   by   .their    unaccountable  condition.  Miss    Heustis   was  an  attractive  Linevitch is Preparing to Withdraw Main Port,  of Russian Army Beyond Harbin=Japs  Moving to Vladivostock  ion  are  (Associated Press Despatches.)  New York, March 24 .-One of the  most remarkable cases in the experience of the doctors of thc Presbyterian hospital in this city ended today in the death of Miss Luella llue-  stis, of Mount Vernon   who   wilii i...i-i. -    _._~  London, March 24 -Koretivo  tAi-        ��������� ���������       miIllaiT experts are of the  ..._,.,    .'..   acn **���������   "oretiyo Tak-1 opinion that  th(j  JapaneSe  FLEET AT.PORT.SAID  Said, March 2'L���������Admira. _  bogatoff's division of the Russian see?; I floor,  but when the Germans  P0������ ___,. ������������������_, ,,_A(il���������-i-1 ������������������ ,������������   _������* I--J, ������e     O . ^  "���������    ������---���������*���������     ...- **        "i-iem     still partial to the plair-of  ing to the coal mines "tributary to  the city of Ladysmith, which he verv  kindly did  The  smith to last a hundred years. Ti.ose  familiar with  the  prospecting   wor.������  done near McKay La"-c and, uowit on  ports,  arrived here today.   The vessels  are not coaling,  and  are only  short-line," said Mr. Brydeii, ' H:as,am flats say the uo_u ,0,,,,! _nci>  "from Extension is being pus ed ,s el������ht '������* thick and with scarcely  along, as rapidly as possible. It will j anv dil'*_.  take about-thrce months to finish and      The  WellingHon   Colliery   Company  put in good condition the bridge and  are Putting in a large  an.oLirt     of  approaches     to     the Naniimo River  ""icy in the construction of the new  liiidgc.    It is the expectation of U13   railway from the mines to .he water-  company to have the grading, track-  laying, etc. finishad all along the  line by the time the bridge es in operation. The Company intend to open up the McKay Lake mines, on this  side of Nanaimo River, and in these  mines  there .is  a=,. _���������> .������t  coal   already  prospected.",,  ''In  fact,"   continued;.M>. .-Bryjkn,;,   _....   jashahi,  vice-governor of the Bank of   lievc the pressure upon General Line-  taking  moderate   supplies  on   board. J Japan,  and special commissioner, in-  vitch and thus induce him to concen-  The     transports   are  heavily  laden   formed  the Associated Press  today,   J--'  with stores.    The division,  which is. that  the  $150,000,000  would    suffice  said     to  be bound for  Jibulil and  I for  Japan's requirements  for a year  Vladivostock,  will  probably proceed jora year and a half,  at the expira  _ _ _ > ...  tion of which    time,  in his  opinion,  the war would be over  trate rn  thp region between  Sari!,\#-:-  pu and  Tie Pass for another battL*.<  Bui throughout the campaign all the  prognostications  of  experts   regarding the plan af  the Japanese    have  front, they ha\e already wharves and  a washer which cost many _ho_sauus F0ll������K woman, 22 years old. Lack of  of dollars,  and  the company intend nourishment was   the principal, cause  extensive alterations     *nd impiove- of her (,eat,1������ as i4 ,,afl been impossi  today  FLEET  SIGHTED ,  Port Paid, March 24.���������Admiral Ne-  bogatofl's  fleet  (which  forms       the Jment th'at     <..������= uemiau uanhs    naa I victories     achieved.     The rank and  third division of Admiral Rojestvens  been given  no share in the loan.  He   file of the Russian army show ue  ley's Russian squadron and which left   said he was of thp ni>im'/>n   ih~4 /i������~    ������������������  M.  Takashahi confirmed  the state llf^'  ^^ aspirations of the Japan-   ���������     the Germans    had I    ������     .constan^    fatteniuS ������P������n  ^  meiits in  bunkers  etc.   ioi   i.^ndling  large amounts of^coal.    The C P.R.  of {have announced  their   ntcntion     of  b)iilding bunkers in Victoria, so that  and-its/resources, suppose-that 'the I "the coal at ' Extension Js'not a  mines were worked out and the tow 11 f patch upon the McKay fe'ds." The  dead, but let us look on the otl.er quality of coal is the best on'the Is-  side for a moment.     - _       . land, and it will be mined by slopes  The mines are working "today, and  so. far as is now knpwn, wil} work  as is usual during the season.    It is  true   that some     two hundred men  were laid off, "and a single shilt system is at present installed. This,' by  cheaply and easily. Of the coal fields  between Extension and Ladysmith,"  Mr. Bryelen added, "it is safe to say  110 part of the Island can compare  with them, and the best coal on the  Pacific Coast  is  on   Vancou\er     Is  the way, instead of being a Nanaimo ' land. I have no hesitation in saying  innovation, has been, until of late that the C'ity of Ladysmith will be a  years, the regular practice, or at ��������� prosperous and thriving town for at  least at times, of the Wellington Col- least a great many years to come,  lieries. It is equally true that there as coal is always in iemand, greater  have been times, years ago, when the  at one time than another.  Bmt the  VOTE OF CONFIDENCE  Rome, March 24.���������The'Italian Cabinet, headed by acting Premier and  Mjnister of Foreign Affairs Titfoni,  - eecejved a vote of confidence in the  Chaniber of Deputies today.' Thp Judge  government's majority being 120. '        . .  o '._'.'  CODY LOSES  DIVORCE surf  large quantities  of coal ,wid  te. ic- |minstered, -but she died "with     verv  quired ;to_supply_Victoiia,!.as it  will-! slight-change in.her appearance    -  be sold,     Mr.  Marpole .states,      to!    A singular fact is that the. young  steamers, many-of which now ioal in   woman's mother,  who lay in an ad-  ll&shingtoji. {joining  rppm,   began  to show signs  It must be remembe.td   n t nr.e.-  of the approach of death sopn after  tion  with slack  times  i.i  Ladysmith , the death of her daughter.    Like her  that a few months agp lew men were 'daughter, the mother is also greatly  working in Nanaimo,  and  not    half  emaciated, and the physicians at the  time is being put 111 ly rr.fn in  ihe    hospital say that her low vitality is  Puget Sound    collicrhs.   it is mfli-  due practically' to starvation.  cient to add that if r.nv ..coal mines      Until yesterday it had been expect-  on the Pacific Coast: can  worn,    the  ed  both  women would eventually be  Ladysmith mines can, for coal of the 'aroused  fiom therr   coma      Supeiin-  best grade and in the greatest c,uan-  tendent Fisher,  of  the Piesbytcnan  tities is found heie and it can be put   hospital, said today  that it was the  in  the  bunkers  for  less  1- one*   ���������! an  most  lemaikable case  he  had  evei  can any other coal on \ancornei  Is-!treated  lvxd- , I    "we     aic at a loss to account foi  Any   business  man   who  considers jit," he said. "The cases have attract  the above stated conditions will have  ed the attention of men of scrence all  little occasion to worry about tine,   ovci the country, but no tbeoiy that  can  be advanced  has  been  any   sei  Suda     Bay,  Island of Crete, March  pite  the  hitch  ^Bth)  has  been sighted.  DETAILS OF NEW LOAN.  London,   March   24.���������(Noon.)��������� The  final details  of the Japanese     loan  were concluded today, with the    exception     of the exact date of issue.   B.. -tuUe.  vvnen Jjn\^S ���������\T ^J������dfied' but "I   New York, March 24.-   A  formal  she began  to show signs of failing,| ^ ^ ������, "tTint^ ^T fa   f,teton"* ������*"-"* the oLT������  P^oTSif90^dr'U,e "eW JaPa" * PCr CCnt- loan Wi������  ble to give her food  except in  liquid  form, and this" through a tube. When  she began  to show signs of failing. I������.������������ rtnn nnn    ":"/,"'    *" "������"������'" ������s������  vital stimulents and oxygen were atll^   T^������������'  Wlth Interest at ^ Per  was of the opinion that des  in the negotiations,  1 Russia would very shortly obtain  another loan in France. The Japanese loan is expected to be issued  next week. On the stock exchange J  the loan  is  already  quoted  at   one |  per cent.  the security will be at net receipts'  of the tobacco monopoly of Japan,  amounting to $16,000,000 according  to tlie Budget for the next fiscal  year. Tlie loan will be issued simultaneously in New York and London, each of these cities taking $75,-  000,000.    The American issuing banks  shortly appear here. The price of  issue will be the same as alrroad and  though nominally a 20 year bond,  Japan has the privilege of redemption at par in five years.  AFTER VLADIVOSTOCK.  Gunshu Pass, March 24.���������(18 miles  north of Tie Pass.)���������The women and  are     Kuhn Looh *  i-���������        , " ,u" -|^lildren  are  reported   to  be  leaving  t     Kuhn Loeb & Co. and others | Harbin, and the business houses are  participating jn the previous loan  while thc British half of the lorCn i-'-  handled by the group of banks which  was responsible for the earlier flotations.  closiug.       The stationary hospitals  are being moved back and the entire  railroad east and south of Tsitsihar  -lis being prepared for the next stage  getting worse.  I*  READY FOR SyMMER.  Winnipeg,   Man.,  March  24.���������  The  Wnmipeg exhibition ppeps  J uie 20,  No manager will be appointed,   the  duties of the office falling to     the  chairmen of the various committees.  Some farmers have started seeding  in Rostpon and fiirt districts. Manitoba and territories are free of snow  and springlike conditions prevail.  Said     "Buffalo's"  Wife W������s Too Good  For Him  ICE HOUSE BUNRS  EMPEROR AT SEA.  Dover, March 24.���������The Hamburg-  American line steamer Hamburg,  ficjin Cuxhaypii, ypsterda^. wjt'h Em-  ppipF William on board",' bound for  the Mediterranean, called here today  for despatches and proceeded. Salutes were exchanged between the escorting armored cruiser Priz Fried-  rich Marl.  0 ���������.  KILLED IN  PRIZE FIGHT  Philadelphia, -March 24.���������John Hill,  a negro pugilist, is in a dying condition at St. Agnes Hospital as the  result of a six-round bout last night  with Kid Dorsey, also colored, at  the Broadway Athletic Club. At the  sixth round of the bout,, .which had  been hotly contested, Hill was knocked unconscious.'  GENERAL  TRACEY  DEAD.  AJbariy,  N.Y.,  March 24.���������Former  Pongi'epslnan' (better' knoWn'as Gen-  Sheridan, Wyo., March 23,���������Colonel  Wm. F. Cody,  (Buffalo. Bill)     today  lost his suit for divorce from Louisa  Cody.     Judge Scott, of the district  court decided  that  the charges     of  attempts on  the part of Mrs.  Cody  to     poison her husband and allcga--  tions had    not been proven.    Judge  Scott  asserted   that   the -testimony  showed that Mrs.  Cody had always  been a good mother and a fond and  indulgent wife.      Judge  Scptt  said'  "The first cause of action In  this  suit is  the charge of poisoning     on  December 111.     The evidence  wholly  fails to support this issue, but shows J  the defendant  was  trying to   rescue  the  plaintiff  from  a state of  intoxication and administered, not poison,  but remedies which she deemed bene-  iicial to' hini.  'His inability, to speak  on this.occasion did not conic   icpni  these  remedies,   but came from   his  extensive use of intoxicants,"  Judge Scott also found that ther<;  was  iro  evidence  that she  had even  threatened     her  husband's   life  and  that when attending the funeral     of  her daughter  Aria at Rochester,    ..  Y.,  in  February,  1904, she offered a  permanent     reconciliation     and    no  answer ever came to this.  ."She  was an  over  indulgent   wife  who always took pride in his success  and always looked  forward  to     his  homecoming and made great preparations" t/b reee|ve him,'!  said     Jung's  Sciott.   "She entertained  his  guests  "   She did not use  Chicago,  Il|s,.  March  24��������� Stoiage  ipe houses, containing almost 150,OOp  tons of ice, belonging to Swift    and  Company, have been bumed     Befoie  the first fire company arrived     ,..".  buildings, valued at'$86������Cpv\. werp  stroyed and    -most of the contents,  valued at $60,000, had slid back into     the     lake from    which  it was  taken during the   vinter. :..-.'  The loan is redeemable after of    the war. , The conviction exists  live years.   Some subscribing- is   ex- that General Kurok-i is now directed  pec ted in Holland and Switzerland, towards  the northeast   :or   the   in  It is said here that although 'Gsrpia.i vestment of   Vladivostock, changing  banks  exhausted every effprt   ������������������   re- his base for that purpose to Gensen.  cure participation in the loan,     hey While the Manchurian railway is em-  have1 been rigorously  excluded,     ss ployed to supply the main army   in  vice to us "  - One specialist in Hypnotism and  Psycholigic, who investigated the  case lias made public his conclusion  J that the two women had unconsciously hypnotized each other, and  that the asphyxiation tbeoiy is en-  tuely wiomr  PROTESTS.  Brussels, March 24.���������The protests  of the- Belgian Government and pf  the French irnd Belgian bondholders  of Santfi Domingo are said to be  due to ..Sg-ntp DpmingP's riojirpbse'r-Y=  ance of the agreement concluded  with these bondholders June 3, 1901,  to pay towards  LICENSES WILL  BE REFUSED  Government Will Not Permit Americans to Fish  for. Bait  Japan has found no. difficulty >'n- se-  currng the amount required in London and. New York-.  ^UNABLE TO AGREE. -  Berlin, -March 24. ��������� Tho German  banks'did not; participate in. the Jap.  arreso loan because they were unable  to agree with the Hong Kong and  Shanghai Banking Corporations over  tho share.of the underwriters' profits,     The  Deutsch  Dccsdener,     and  St.   John,   Nfid.,   March   24.���������  The  Newfoundland government has order-  k.,    ^ u.    #nr    ���������������"'service or ������ie   cd     the customs  collectors   through-  public debts  $25,000  monthly  out of , 0llt  lhe     Islaml  to rcfuse  AmericSa���������  the customs  receipts-of Santo  mingb.  ��������� :���������0   REFUSE TO  .)o-  fishing vessels licenses to procure  j bait in Colonial waters, because'the  United States backed tlie Bcjnci-Hay  treaty.. The advocates of retaliation  against Americans say they can  ! make the crusade as effective against  ARBITRATE Glyucester    as     tl,ev h������vc already  made it against St, Pierre,  MINERS .CONVENTION.  Nelson, B.C., March 24.���������The annual district convention of the Western Federation of Miners, in progress . here for the past three days,  closed this evening. The following  officers were elected: President, Mr.  Frank Phillip, Nelson; vice-President  W. R. Mclsaac, Ymir; see..treasurer,  Ar Shjllaiul, Sandon. The place of  meeting next year will be Phoenix.  In his annual address, retiring President Ernest Mills, of Greenwood,  predicted an eight-hour law for."  smelters at an early date, and strong'  ly attacked the ��������� methods of coroners  in investigating deaths caused by  mine and other accidents.  TOMORROWS  MATCH  Game With Garrison Promises to be Interesting  CASTRO'S REPLY.  eral     Charles Iracey ) died'at his    wjft     cordialitv.     _ ��������� _ u_  home hero early today. He had been  profane  language.    The  poisoning  of  hL 1  T������ mri   r      ?\ P*r ,Ca"  his  "������SS was P"������������y aecidental.  She  bled to General Trucey last Monday  ,ieVcr spo���������e disrespectfully of him to  the papal benediction,   General Trap-   his .friends or  guests.    In her home  ey  was   born  |n   Albany fWyears ago,   she llas a]yKe statue of liim in her  While studying in Europe lip enlisted   hall  and  in her bedroom  she has his  in  the     Papal  Zouaves, and  served    protraif 'done  by  a famous  painter,  two terms.   On  June 14,  1883,  Gen-   Tll  return  for  this  wifely  devotion  eral  Tracey  married  Miss  Hermine    the plaintiff has  been cruel  to her,  Duchessnay,  of Montreal,   who,  with   alld heaued indignities upon her."  four children and his brother, James      Col.  Cody's  attorneys moved for a  Tracey of tins city, survive, ' new trial.  Washington,      March   24.���������Minister    Bowen cabled the State Department Berlin, March 24.���������The foreign of-  from Caracas that President Castro jiCc, replying'to an inquiry of the  had flatly refused to arbitrate the Associated Press as to whether the  pending issues between Venezuela iep0rt that Great Britain andGer-  and the  United States. inauv werc pressing San Domingo for  The Administration      will take no   a settlement of the claims of      the  action in regard ��������� to the reply which   British and  German subjects     was  President Castro, of Venezuela, mad'.'   co'rrcct', said the German government  to Minister Bowen, : The maitcr was   was satisfied . to leave San Domingo  Cully discussed' at 't,he cabinet  nree-t-   aI1(i  nei.  obligations to foreigners' en-  ing'today, and it was determined to   tir'ely in     the hands ' of the'' United  allow thp matter  to, await devclopr  States,  and  that'consequently    Ger-  nient.     The situation     is considered   many was not pressing Sari Dpmingo  s,uch as npt     nepessary to interfere   for     the paymcn(.s  pf debts due tp  With  the departure  of  the President   Qcrnian subjects.  on his  sputliwestern  trip. m It is announced from Caracas, Vena  ���������'   ������������������-.-������������������0���������=t^*-t^ zueln,   today,   that   President   Castro  MEXICAN   AMBASSADOR   ILL     replied   to Minister   Bovven's  formal    proposition  for arbitration,  denying  Washington,  Mar.  24.���������The     condi-   that -Venezuela has questions pending  tion  of Senior  Aspirz,   the   Mexican   with  thc United  States,  and saying  Ambassador,    who     is seriously ill,   the case of the New York and  Ber-  continues  very grave.     He  is     said   nrudez  Asphalt  Company must     re-  to-be iosing.ground steadily. 'main in the courts.  PROSPECTS OF  MORE WAR  - The men selected to play, for Ladysmith irt'"the7 match with the Garrison football team of Victoria tomorrow ..are as  follows:        .-.  Goal, E. Leahy'; fullbacks, J. Mc-  Cletchie, J. Nimmo; half-backs, J.  Eno; P. Gilmour, A. Hailstones; forwards, J. Blundell, A. Morrison, J.  Adam (centre;, A. Farmer, J. Sanderson.  Reserves,  T.   O'Connell,  R. McMillan;  referee,   Sergeant French,  of H  M.S.  Egeria.  The  above  team   ^s   without  e!oubt  the strongest that has fallen to the  .- ~ClI-  liar adaptability to conform with he  new conditions and accommodate  themselves to the wishes and intentions of thc commander-in-chief .ai  the government!  PLOT DISCOVERED.  j   New York, March   24.���������A St.   Pet-  crsfburg despatch to the Herald dated  Thursday says a member  of the nobility and two more pages have been  dismissed   from  court  service.    This   ,  decision   causes  a sensation, .coming _.  so soon after the dismissal of anoth-  -  er page a.few days ago.   The dismissal of the first page followed the discovery of a plot to facilitate the for-,  warding  of  threatening letters  into  the Imperial palace.  CAMPAIGN OF PEACE.  Si. Petersburg, March 2-1.���������The papers are supporting the campaign for  peace     and  are beginning  to  print  quite openly the history of the     intrigues  rn  the  Far  East for thc protection of private interests, devoting  special attention to M.  Bczobrazoff's  in-j connection",with the Yalrr timber-concessions. .   The publications  include a  secret memorandum of General    Ku-  ropatkin  pointing out that the   war  would     be inevitable if Russian.interests     were extended  into  Koiea.  The necessity for increased  taxation  to meet the expenses Pf  the war   is -  recognised and the minister of finance  has  submitted  projects  to  the' council of the empire, including taxes on  beer,     matches,  etc.  and  graduated  tax on the salaries of government officials beginning with one per cent on  salary of over $300, which, altogether,      will   realize  about  $11,000,000.  There is also a proposition   for  a general income tax, which, undoubtedly,  would  prove the most popular form  of raising money  as it would  bear     ,   ,  heaviest, on othosc able to pay,.  .    PREPARING TO WITHDRAW.-.--   -  St.   Petersburg,  March  24.���������(4.52 p.-"  m.)���������The news   from   the   front  continues  to   indicate   preparations    for-  a withdrawal of the main portion of  the Russian army beyond   Harbin as  to  place  it out of danger  of having  its  communications  with  Russia  severed  if it is found  impracticable, to  attempt to hold the line at the Sun-  g-ari  River.     Tsilhiar.  300 miles    to  the west of Harbin,  is mentioned by  several correspondents  in a   fashion,  that it will be thc new point of con-  Mexico   City,   March   24.���������A   coasting vessel arriving recently at a lower    California   port,   reports   having  seen  many empty  Mauser rifle >'a;-;.>  floating on the waters.    It is believed  that  the rides  taken  from  th.^e  cases have -   been  furnished to       ha  forces which are said  to be plana: lg  an invasion of Guatemala.    It is us-:  serted that another war 1j.n_Guate1.11.i7  la is probably.   The Guatemalan   . b-  els,  in  the guise  of- laborers,  it   is  saiel,    arc     congregating at vario H  points along  thc  Guatemalan     fi'0.1-  tier.     Tho  government  of   Salvador  also is mported  in readiness to     d  the   rebels   as   soon  as   a revolution  shall  have  been  launched,  lot  of Ladysmith  for  a great length   central ion,     although  others     speak  of   time,   and   the players  are  in the'of  the Amur river.     A  light     flying  finest possible shape for the    coining   column  of  the  Japanese  cavalry     is  match.    Word received from Victoria ' reported to    be moving hastily across  states  that  the soldiers are also  in 'the     country     towards      Tsitsihar,,  first-class form, so a very hard stru^-   while a   heavier     column is going;  gle can  be relied upon.   The kick-off 'northeast in the direction of    Vlael-  will take, place at 4-30 sharp. Rcgu-'ivostock.  lation goal nets wil} be used torn or-j    One correspondent  intimated     that  row, this being tb^ frst occasion on 'the  Japanese may adopt  thc  tactic.--.  which these nets have been used here,   of  relieving  the  direct pressure     on  Thc Ledger  is  requested  tea state    Gen.   Linevitch,  in  the  hope  of     in-  that spectators  will npt be allowed    ducing him  to concentrate as     fast  over the line.    The players hope that   as   possible      below  Harbin,     which  this  warning  wili  he  sufficient,  ay������d    would give Field Marshal Oyama the  that those who. watch the game will   advantage of preparing his next blow  not cause annoyance by failing to ob-   without  greatly  lengthening  his  line  serve this rule. of communications. ���������_,  The Garrison colors will he red and      Liuevitch's decision to be prepared  blue, and the     Ladvsmrth m.n w'll    to  !'Iace his main army beyond     the  plav  in     their   usual red and  white   reach  of     a  decisive     stroke while  stripe shirts awaiting    reinforcements,   may   have  .       ,.    ,. .,, ,     ��������� , ,        been taken in order to avoid such   a.  A collection  will be taken up dur-  trap  RUSSIAN  FRENCH  LOAN.  ing the course of the play.  The men who are picked to play  If the girls who arc old enough fojm the football match tomorrow are Paris, March 24���������Tho negotiations  know better and whose names are requested to be on the field not later for a new Russian loan have been're-  well known at this office take more than 4.15. sumpd r,mi aro pi,oCoe(img satisfactor-  I.edgcrs away  from the  uox at    the L                  ������                   ; ilv.  switch where they are put every day  for trainmen, their names will be  published. Their mothers  would     do  well to look after rJiem.  JULES VERNE  DRAD,  Amiens, France, March 24. ���������Jules  Verne died at 3.10 p.m., today.  I  Frederick Ge or^e, travelling passenger agent fur the Great Northern Railroad,, is in the city today.  a. .y_i_.j_tt.r- tf^^i-^l___i_1_r.*&_>t_,t 1 f  r_������f  __!____���������  eg.���������t  THE LADYSMITH  lEOGER  Published   every  day except Sunday.  BY  THE  LADYSMITH  DAILY  LEDGER COMPANY. .  and French Street.  Office corner of First Avenue  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  50 cents  a month;    $5  per year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication.  FRIDAY,  MARCH  21,  1905.  DOMINION  PARLIAMENT  Ottawa,      March      22���������There  were  crowded     galleries in     the IIouso ol  Commons     today     when Sir Wilfrid  Lannei    proposed the second reading  of (he     autonomy bill.   He said that  on all occasions  lie had  adhered     to  (he principle    of     provincial  rights.  In (his     case as'in   the first he was  moving the following amendment:  tion.   In     1S75 be was a  member of  the     Mackenzie    government and refused to     interfere with New Brunswick legislation     because that province had no system of public schools.  Tn 1889    he supported Sir ,loim Mac-  doiuld when the latter refused to intend e with     the Jesuit estates acl.  In     189J he     bad stood    up for the  rights of Manitoba when Sir Mackenzie wanted to force separate schools,  mid now,  m 1005 he wanted lo sLairl  on lhe s_mc platlorm in-e.\ten.ling to  the minority in All.eita   and Saskatchewan,   under   lhe constitution,  tha'  light   to enjoy separate .schools which  was     given to     them     in 1875.   He  stood on     the letter  of the constitution.   IL      was said that because the  tciiitoiies were not provinces at the  time of    the -union they were not en-  _itlcd to    separate schools.     lit cited a recent   judgment  of the supren.c  com I    which held  that Canadian Pacific    lauds in      the Terntoues were  iice     liom taxation    lor all  tune to  ������01111..  i-\Ir. P.ordcn, leader of the opposition, rep King to Sir Willi id Launei  sau! Uut he would not make the question a party one. Any one on his  side vvas not hound in any way b>  ���������what he was to sav. He closed bj  .liovingthe lollowing amendment'  "Thai? all the words after the wok!  'that' to the end of the question bo  lelt out and the lollowing substituted  thciefoi-'Upon the establishment of a  province in thc Nortliw.st Territories, of Canada, as proposed- by bill  Mo. iVJ, the legislature of such province, subiect to and in accoidance  with the provisions of the Bntrsb  North America acts, 1S07 to 18G3,  is entitled to and should _njoy, full-  powers of provincial self government,  including the power to cxclusively  makc laws in iclation to education,"  Hon. W. S. Kidding, in reply to  iMr Borden on the autonomy bill  school clause amendment, said he was  not in favor ol separate schools, but  -__ per cent of the people believed in  ihem, and it was in .he interests c.l  .good government that they should .>(���������-  main. They were n0t really separate  schools     in the     west, but national  schools. ' . ���������    ���������   ���������     '   .  A deputation has waited upon Finance .Minister, W. S. i. ielding and  asked an increase of the duty on corroded lead, or AvhUelead; to thirty  per cent. Thc present duty is uv.i  per cent. Mr. Fielding was called upon by Mr. Cornish, the representative of a firm which has contracts let  to thc extent of $200,000 for the erec  tion of corroding works in Montreal,  and which expects to" expend a'���������hundred thousand and obtain a plant  with a,n output of 7,0-t0 tons by November next. Thc company is a  branch of a Wisconsin firm and is to  he incorporated in thc Dominion as  the Carter Lead Corroding-Works < f  Canada.  Mr. Cornish, accompanied by J. L.  I.ctallick, representative of the silver lead miners' association of I'.rjt-  jxh Columbia, and Mr. W. A. Caliber M. P.., repr.senled to the finance-  ���������minister that Canada imports all its  corroded or paint lead, and that B.  C. producers are deprived of a domestic market for about eight or  nine thousand tons oT I heir leu. I by  flic absence of corroding works in  the Dominion.  The present duly on pig-lead is ;.."������  per cent., on corroded lead, five per  cent. If the increase- should be given  there will have to be some increase  in the rat_ of duty on mixed paints,  as corroded lead is a raw material  of the pain I, manufacturer.  Air. Fielding promised consi'lera.  tion   to  lhe representation.  -Vhcre  vvas a meeting of the special  committee    appointed  to enquire in to  the      telephone   situation   today.   Sir  Win.  Muloek    quol_d. a  report   which  bad  been   prepared   for him  two years  ago by  Frances     Dagger, a telephone  engineer,  of Toronlo.-  The report referred to the situation  in  (licit   l.tiLiin    and    Kuiojo   and  showed that    the price in  towns and  cities was now     too h.^h in Canada  In  Furoj-can counlrie. and  in the Lulled    States     the lales u ?re lovvei.  Plie      over-capital'/ation   of   the   Hell  company  vvas  the main  reason  of the  hii_.li i ales.   The company  has also to  renew  its     plant    Mi.     Daggci also  showed that    better son ice could be  yiven  Canada      for   1- s      i.-i ney     He  dealt    v,ith     the succes of municipal  conliol in     Glasgow, and said    that  government     ownership and    confiol  should be extended to     long .distance  lines, and    government contiol to lo-  <al    lines.   To     acqune the existing  telegraph   and   telephone   lines   would  rosf      $.3,-100,0(10       b v   .ri.li',   hovv-  'evcr, be   duplicated for much less. If  the government      too'*  o ci   lb'- telephone lines   they would lime 1o -tal.e  ovei the telegraph lines as well.  *._>  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ' Trade Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights &c  Anyono -icnrtlni; u slcclch nnd clpicriptlon mil*  niilfcUIr usocrtnlii our oiiiino.i fieo wlio.li-ran  mrcntioii 18 prohnlily |inteii(nl)lo. Coimminlra-  tioiisB.rielly confidential. Ilundb _oli on I'ntcii__  ',oiil ffoo. Oiliest iiicbiK-y for hcoiii ntjr puteiits.  I'items taken llnmiuli Wiinii <te Co. receive  rp^i ial notUs, vi ltliou. eliartrc, in fio  Scientific American*  V lmridnoinulv iilnifinlpd weekly.   T.nr_eat cir-  r.;;r^^r_"^.tu1'^^.,!:!i n^^_^1  PN..&OO.3G,B���������te3J-.1e.vY01E  ' hiiini hOllica. 6_.*i 'P f-'t- W.i'Illusion  r>.������'  TICKET   OFFICE  i" or    Government  \ icIoi la, B. C-  and   Yates  St..,  Trains  Transcontinental  Trains   Leiiy  3  One of which is the famous "North  Co.-.s-t Limited," Ride on it always.  I p-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepeis on all trains. Thiough tick-  (ts lS'-i.ed to all |)aints East and  .So th, also ,12.111 man tickets issued  , nd  bei ths ic.erved.  ( nly direct loute to Yellowstone  Dark. Cheap rates from all points  l.aiti fio.il March 1st to Mta'y 15th.  f'teaniship tickets on sale to all  European points. Very low rates  i ovv in elVect, Cabin accommodation  reserved Jby wire.  For  further  nnrliculars call  at the  o'li or i hone No.   15G.  A.  IV CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.OPA.,  N P., General  Alien.  Portland, Oie. Victoria, B.C  Are You  Qoing East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  MTH  The  only   line  now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST   TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME-  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITYj*  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  151   Yesler Way.  Seattle.  HENKV'S NURS.RI.S  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown 8ft Importe4  GARDEN,     FIELD     and FLOWEfl  ,    SEEDS  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  -     PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or lass.     Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster Road. Vancouver.'  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be presecuted.  RUMMING  BROS.  Pienecr Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith.  B.C.  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J._ Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets   Telephone, 1-4.  F. McB.   YOUNG  BARRISTER and  SOLICITOR. . ...  Nanaimo     -    -     -    Ladysmitn  m������s  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Hailwsy  Time Table No. 53,  For those who travel via  The City Market  R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,      Ladysmith  Tfre Ladysmith  Opera House  Can be secuied for Theatrical purposes, Dancing Paities, or Entertainments genci ally.  I>  NICHOLSON, Prop  TAKING   EFPrOCT   WEDNESDAY,   OCT  Northbound Southbound Northbound  Leave Daily Arrive    Leave  A.M.    P. M.  Victeria  -      9.0012:06   Victaria  ���������  ,  3TH.  Sat. Sun. Soulhb'd  and  Wed. Arrive  P. M.     P. M.     3:00    7:W  V  4.20  5.00  5:52  6.42  5:40  5:00  4.00  6:55 de 3:0i  Shawni^-aa Lake      10.2010:46 Shawnigan Lake  Duncans      11:0010:02 Duncan   Ladysmith       11:57  9:M  Ladysmith  ..".   ...  Nanaimo     12:40  5:20 Nanaimo  Ar. Wellington       12:S3Lv 3:00 Ar Wellington  THROUGH TICKETS   TO  CROFTON.  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Flyer leaving at  ������ev^*i*^.������_ro.<_N������.*-^������^������^^^  Entile new equipment on each train ,  Through    Palace     Sleepers,   ��������� Diners   f,  (meals a la carte), Tourist and First-   |t:  Class Day Coaches. jgi  For sleeper (    reservations, folders,    9.  rates and all  information call on er   Jj.  address j ^  S. G/YERKES K. J. BURNS   4  G.W.P.A., 79 Govcrument st ; J  Seattle, Wash. Victoria, B.C.   ������  I  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      |  Charlie Dunn  any  MERCHANT TAILOR*1  of the above firm, v isils Ladrsmilli every Sunday for thp  ESQUIHALT & NANAIHO  RAILWAY CO.  StoanieiJoMii  Q Daily-, except' Sunday, 'between Nanaimo and Vancouver, leaving Nanaimo at 7- a.m., and Vancouver after  arrival of C.P.R. .train-No. 1 or.l  p.m.  For information  regarding  ireight  and ��������� passenger rates apply to purser  on board. ' '  GEORGE L.  COURTNEY,  Traffic Manager, Victoria, B. C.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, dOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  '      Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or tlie Sea  .  CLERMONT UVINQSTON, TKOS. KIDDIE.  | ".   \    General Manager, Smelter Manager. *  ���������Chailcs Dvnn, u.  _..-   ,���������. ..  purpose of  taking measurements and     seeing cu,.tomeis    personally,  he seen at the Hotels.    We guarantee all  dlock and apeifect fit at  lowest possible rates.     Hand made    suit;, Horn U5J9������ up.  10 Stoie Street,  Coiner Gormor ant sliect, VICTORIA, B.  _..  May  the  Ladysmith Temple No   5  Rathhone  Sisters  meets in thc Oddfellow's hall  2nd  and 4th Tuesday at 7.30  p.  m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate,  secretary.  WARDS  MfAT   MARKFT  ON ROBERTS  STREET.  Only  First  Class   Meats  are    supplied our  Customers.  We will treat you right.  WANTED���������House to rent. One situated near Ledger office preferred.  Apply  "K", Ledger office. 2t  BARBER SHOP AND BATH ROOMS  The  ESPLANADE    between  the  Grand arid Abbotts ford,  William Powkrs, Prop.  PAINTING,    PAPER    HANG1N  t_TC.  Work done properly and at right-  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of  Ladysmith   Hotel.  J.   E.  SMITH.  Prop.  M. i.  3*fB_i   %  Solicitor,  Etc.  (_������..i3y   to   Loan  ..  1st Avenue  O      M-  LADYSMITh  Taser  HAY, 0AT5,  MILL FEEDS  SHIPMENTS DIRECT FROM VICTORIA,      VANCOUVER    OR     THE  FRASER  RIVER. WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd  >*������������������*���������*���������*������  9  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  BXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  * PHONE 66 _____,. (-^.PySM-iTH -  ��������� ""-���������'���������_?  K'K^akmXm&mXmzfrm*  A7. Mux. ib, Secretary. Jons .W. 0.bj.i������.  .In  ���������Telepnoneiffi..  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND. LADY SMITH���������Shingles a Specialty.  ���������M_,nrifacturer_     of���������  Rou^h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Latha,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber  In   Stock.  1HE  OF  E  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  The Bank of British Columbia  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Merchant   Tailor,  (1st Avenue j  Fall'.'Slock Just Arrived. Call early  ami get your pjcl. of lhe largest and best  stock in town.  Capital Paid up  ,,    Rest  .........   ....'.   Aggregate  resources   exceeding  Hon. Geo.  A. Cox, President  B.      $8,700,000        3,500,008   ���������  ........     91,000,000  E.   Walker,   General  Manager.  \T   SH-ER.     >  GENiXAL ET    .SSAND  BELLM^BJ  WORK PROMPTLY  D������ ��������� ��������� -  Leave orders.at the Abbotsford.  __c  GEORGE YUEN  Merchant  Tailor  All kinds  of clothing cleaned and  .���������epaired.  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  -������      _  Repairing  and  making to order   a  speciality. -'  Td3 HAS MCEVVAN    -  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  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E.     :-:        :_:        ;-_..���������        ;_j      ,  Meets in   the Opera House  1st and  3rd  Tuesday at  7.30  p.m.    Worthy  President,  B    Forcimmer;      Worthy  "Secretary,  C. H.  Rummings. J LAD^puyTH BRANCH  .London Office. 60 Lomdard St- E C-  Tlie  bapk  has  113  branches      well distributed  throughout the Dominion  and elsewhere,  including t)ic folio vin g in British Columbia and the Yukon  Territory- ".���������*���������  ATLIN GREENWOOD       NANAIMQ VANCPUVER  FERNIE, .'-'���������'   East End  CRAN BROOK KAMLOOPS NELSON VICTORIA  DAWSON LADYSMITH N. WESTMINSTER  WHITE HORSE.  Every  description oi" banking b usiness transacted.   Letters of credit  issued  on  any  part pf the  world. __���������������** I  Sayings Ba.nk Depa^mpnt '  Deposits of one dol'iir ''1.0/1) and upwards received and interest allowed al ,  current rates. Depositors are subjected to no delay in depositing or [  withdrawing funds. ' j  W.  A.  CORNWALL.  Manager.  .-MaKe  Your  In TlieWorli!  Don't be satisfied to work  along in the same old way  for low wages. We can  help you carve out a sue-.  cessful career. Thousands  have increased their salaries  by following our plan. We  can train you in spare time,  and ! at small cost, for any  of the following positions:  lilSQlisiil.-V Electrical, -team, Civil, or  Mining Engineer; Electrician; Survey.r;  Architect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Stenographer; Teacher; Show-card Writer;  Window Dresser; or Ad Writer.  Write TODAY, stntlnc which po.l-  tion intorosta yon, to   '  INTERNATIpJf4ff  Correspondence    Schools  Box 799, SCRANT0N, PA.  on cam. os ocn iacix BEFr_-__ii-_M/������i  DAY SCHOOL  U^ual   subjects  taught;   also      languages,  drawing  in  ppncil  and crayons,  paint ng   in  oils  and  water  col-,  ors,  pianoforte and vocal lessons given  in classes  or  individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,  ladysmith, B.  C. 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",.*.'       ~    '  There is every promise that th<J  meet will be a lively one. .There is  still a row on between thc Westmin  ster end and the Vancouver team over a two-year-old championship, and  that old-time troul Ic is expeeted'to  be ' aired at length. At . th3 same  . time there may be some slight opposition to the admittance of Seattle  contingent, but the locals will go pr>  pared to meet every requirement oi  thc leagus.  Each team in   the league is required to deposit $100   as un appearance-  forfeit,     and to    keep     the amomi'  posted  during  thc season.   The West  minster     people    have already questioned     whether or not   the Seattl.  team was able to meet that particu  lar point.   In    reply to the question,  the club already has thc   hundred on  deposit, and     has,in its membership  enough     more hundreds     to pay for  missing eusry    game on the season's  schedule,   should the whim strike- it.  One more question that caused worry in the British   mind was whether  or not the   Americans could lose the'  habit tihcy have    ot playing.on Sunday.   The     local club     has already  agreed    to make Saturday afternoon  its playing     day, and will shape al  - arrangements accordingly.''  There has been some talk of tin  "eluding .Tacoma in the league, but  there now seems little liklibood that  _ that town will maUa it. Taeoma's  team last year was a weak one at  best,- and seems no more promising  this scaspn. As the league requires  that clubs admitted to its membership shall lie capable of putting up a  worthy scrimmage there secms^ little chance unless -the Tacomans go  into the "importing" business pn a  large scaje.  Mm. Kennedy has news from Portland that there will be a rattling  good team in that town during ,thc  season, but that Portland will not  seek to go into thc British Columbia league, the distance being too  great and, the expense correspondingly heaw. rTowe-er, there is nothing  in the league rules which prevents _.  league member from playing exhibition matches with non-member organizations, and the Seattle club is/  looking forward to a series of off-  day matches with the boys from-the  sister state.  _o���������  - THE ' RING.  San Francisco, March 23���������Billy Nolan, Nelson's manager ' today  ntfaeje a sta'tcment .which wil). set tne  pugilistic'world afiiie, as it casts a  blOiid upon tl������_ squareness ������������nd fighting ability of Jimmy Britt, the featherweight- Jight-wpight rnampion.  Nojan says, ^\\ni it ! i\������\ because  j.ritt wished' tp fight for the international championship that he is side  stepping Nolan, but simply because  the latter refuses to lay down to  him.  Nolan does not beat about the bush  but conies right out with the statement that Britt attempted to frame  -the match up so that Jimmy couldn't  lose. In other wprds Nelson was to  jjujt- and lBritt was.rto be _laile$ as  the- ~ unquestionable champion', and  when Nelson 'absolutely" refused to be1  a party ito 'any such crooked 'Work  Britj, (l_clined to post' any forfeit or  *     i *   _       _���������      ' '_!_.___. -v  [Ladysmith north to Union,  75'miles  or niore^ "Sufficient of them are developed and  improved to  insure     a-  long lease of life to the mires     and  their extensions are now being operated.       For  instance,  the Extension  Mines,     11 miles     from Ladysmith,  from  which  the highest grade coal  for domestic purposes on the Pacific  coast is shipped, is Inown by borings  and     general   prospecting  to extend  near to the city of Lad) smith.     As  representing  this   industry  it might  he mentioned that- the coal shipped  from the Island, to date, amounts to  19,940,587 tons, with a vaU:e of $60,-  203,285,      and  149,550  ton" of Yo:c,  with a value of $947,780, a total cf  .SCI,151,065  sjgn articles for la -nia^ch.  .   lilt is not the bonus'that ig stand;  jn the way of the Nelson-Britt matcty  jnrt it Lis for     no othef reagfui.tj.aji  that;   t"e     batt}iRg Dans decjincg |p,  jay     down tp,     B'jrit^l'sajd Nolajj,  "Before the forfeits were ported,-ami  prior   to thc terms ot the agreement  being     talked over Willie.��������� Britt came  to me   and said:   'You kn.w,, Billy,  this match    will have to be fixed up  ��������� * ��������� *-.- ��������� ^-y.-.U'^_-- - *-^-^>^_j^-^_____^.  fpqntinuj}-) cm ftnge 4.)    .  RESOURCE OK V4^  COUVER ISLAND  Vancouver     "Island  offers  as  good  chances to the farmer, prospector or  investor as does any part of British  Columbia.    It is not easy to find a  section     of country that is exactly  right in all respects. It' is," perhaps,  itiipOssjble to Vrnd'such a country', bjjt  for     a fair chance to makp a home  wifih  comfortable  surroundings     the  section of country ajjong the line of  thp Esqnimalt and Nanaimp Railway  js well worth considering.   A few of  tlie   most  prominent   of  the  island's  prgduptiops.  and     natural   respr-roes  oujy are mentioned ip this article.  ���������o���������  Coal Deposits  (a.)   First among the natural    resources are thc great coal measures  Timber,  (b.) The value of the immense timber resources     of Vancouver Island;  with its high1- class Douglass fir, ce-  -lar etc., has already been realized by  the great lumber companies.' The Victoria Lumber Company, of Chcmain-  .-���������s,  has among its' members shrewd.  Wisconsin and Michigan lumber kings  who.have"     secured, .and  now'hold,  hundreds of millions of feet of splendid  timber and ate continually     increasing  th_ir  holdings. , TKeir  . export trade now running from 30,000,-  000 to 50,000,000     of feet per year  will no doubt be. largely increase. 1 by  11 he beginning of work on thc Panama |  '    :-...',  for the demand, which will lie1  ^-.pplicd largely, from this section for  limber to uas on the great'work, will  amount to hundreds of millions -   of  feet.     Other    companies, Shawnigan  Lake," Haslam  and  other companies  are turning out large quantities'  of  lumber and- shingles.  Harbors and Waterways,  (c.)    Harbors  and  waterwaysv. in  conn action  with  Vancouver Island is  n subject-understood much tetter by  men who- "go-down to sea"     than  landsmen.   But opposite to the mainland and*,direct~across from Vancouver,      Oyster  Harbor  or Ladysmith  Bay, has long been krlown as a safe  and commodious harbor.   It is    one  where large  wharves are already, established in connection with the coal  export trade     and with the freight  business, as the point of transfer by  the C.P.R. for the Island freight. In  connection  with  this matter it     is  worthy of remark that for : the last ���������  three years the transfer barge     has  made its daily trip and has rarely, is  ever, been delayed on account of bad  weather  or x unfavorable conditions,  and has never met with an accident.  Nanaimo     Harbor",     Departure" Bay,  Chamainus and other safe harbors are  found along     the coast.   Near     the  north end of-the island safe harbors  are found that may yet he r.sed    as  last ports of call for steamers leaving Victoria *' for the Orient,     fast  trains,    connecting   from  Ladysmith  landing,  or conveying .to,  passengers  and mails. '.I'-.  Fisheries. ," .  The waters" of Vancouver Island  teeni with -fish. H.rring in vast quantities visit t>ur shores. A profitable  trade in fisheries which includes, of?  our more northern shores, halitat and  other deep sea fish, is being built up  and is capable of much greater development.  facilities, , but not until these are  provided can they ship out ore for  treatment. Another, mineral sec-,  tion is at- the Campbell river upon  what is known aa the reserve of tlie  E. & N. grant. The total value of  the mineral product to date for Vancouver Island and vicinity is given  by( the Provincial Mineralogist, Mr.  W.' F. Robertson, as 275,322 tons of  a value of $4,378,370.  Pottery Clay.  The clay found in the Extension  Mines is-regularly shipped to Victoria to the pottery works for the  manufacture of sewer pipes and pottery of-'various kinds.  Stone and Lime.  Magnificent building stone is found  at .various points.   The- quarry     at  Duncan, lying contiguous to the    E.  &  N...railroad, furnishes  high   class '  building , stone that should be in de- J  mand- where heavy stone work is re- ���������  quired, While lime quarries also   exist on the line of the railroad.  Good  brick clay is found in Nanoose harbor above Nanaimo,  and    limestone  on the line of the railroad, near    or  at Esquiaialt Harbor.  Water: Power.  Of, water, power, some .very large  and permanent streams are found  with natural' falls, some again can  without great expense be developed.  It seems safe to assume that great  water power can be secured, comparatively cheap, at various points  on Vancouver Island. Particularly is  this the case in the northern part  of the Island.  . .     Agricultural Wealth.  Agricultural' development on   Vancouver . Island' must be very    great  in the immediate future.'   Tracts of  land  will each year  be cleared0   and  J put into    crops if railway  facilities  are given to certain  sections    .that  now find valuable, farm lands too far  from markets.    Included in   farming  stock raising is becoming a marked  feature in Island development.  High  grades of     cattle are being    raised  from inported stock,  and the butter  and cheese of  Vancouver Island     is  now well known -for its high ,grade.  ��������� Hunting and Fishing.  The big gaine of Vancouver Island  has not beep hunted extensively and  is abundant in certain sections. Deer  and other four-footed game is found  in all parts of the Island.    .  Ducks,  geese,     pheasants, "grouse and quail  are to be found in season in    numbers that gladden the heart of    the  hunter.   . With the development   that  will  result  from  the  extension     ol  tlie lines of the E.; & N.     Railway,  North Vancouver Island will increase  its wealth many fold.   Mines will be  opened'and other natural souiccs   of  wealth     now valueless, '    will,  with  transportation,  soon  prove  to      the  world  that as a whole  there is    no  other part. of the rich Province     of  British  Columbia     that ��������� can    equal  Vancouver Island.  ���������o���������  Minfng.  In connection with the mjneraj developments of the Island, it must be  understood that-only during -thfs past  five years has any attempt at metal  mining been made on a large scale.  On the west coast of-the-Island,'beginning at East Sook, mineral has  been found and small shipments  made from San Juan, Port Renfrew,  Alberni, Uchueklesit, Clayoquoit,  Kennedy Lake, Taferno Inlet, - (Deer  Greek)," Bedwcel Sound, (Bear River), Trout River, Clayoquoit Sound,  Sidney Inlet, Ahousett-,:-Alktlasei.;  Nootk'a, "'' Kyuquo't and Quatsino,  while in the middle of the Island1 at  Central lake a large deposit of mineral has recently been discovered,  . The schist beds lying tp the south  of tlie coal measures' and commonly  known as the Mt. Sicker schist belt,  extends from 'tyit. Sickcf up tiq ^he  Nanainip L{ikp������ wjiiph has peen opened aitcj worked at seven ppjnts, a.  distance of 40 miles.; Namely, Mt,  Sicker, Mt. Brpiiton, Chemainus-, Ma^  juba, Rhinchardt; Nanaimo Lakes,  and Englishmans. River, Owing to  the fact that the Iapd/ \s heavily  t|mbere<|, prp^pectipg is necessarily  stow'1 A'lld ''cxpensiye, 'great inipor-  'tatrce must be attached tp* the cut;  ting of trajls intern! from. \\\o vaJU  r-o,aj|. j\s tlict result of suph a trail,  three years ago, from Ladysmith G.  miles out, several mineral locations  have been.made In that vicinity, including the Majuba, and extending  west to tho Rhinchardt and Nanai-  Lakes property. It would appear  to be of the first importance to cut  trails in order to open up tho .country to the prospector,;' The'opening  up p| this"niuicvai belt' and the'development of the mineral claims wil|  follow the construction of a branch  road, and thp v'Putc frpni Mt. S|cker  and Mt. Brenton up the Chcniainus.  valley appears the most feasible as  it would follow along the line of the  claims mentioned to the Nanaimo  Lakes,  on to and  including  Alberni.  It is stated that the Nanaimo  Lakes properties have large showings of ore and would undoubtedly  make producing mines  with railroad  ON OOMIjflON LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre, for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can b������ acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten "cents per ton o1! 2J000 poun'ds  shall-be' collected on the gross o'ut-  ptit.      ���������"-"    ! "  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding, free miners' certificates may  dbiairi. e^tVy for a mining location.  A fref- nii_.������f'i_ certificate is. graced,  fgr Qge flr m^rf years, '^.t exceeding  flv? Jf*1?. HpPn, Payment i^-advenes  $7.5fl ppr'ftnpum fpr anr individual,  an4 fFom $50 to U00 per annum tor  a oompaoy.aeeording to capital.  [  SYNOPSIS^   QF  FOR DISPpS.^L  REPVLATIONS  OF MINERALS.  tory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square, entry fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  flhewan River claims are either bar  or bench, the former being 100 feet  long and extending between high ajnd  low water mark. The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back'to the  base of the hill or bank, but not exceeding 1,000 feet. Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide' may  be obtained.  Dredging in tlie rivers ol Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  e.nly two leases of five miles each for I  ���������a'term .'.of(twenty'years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low  water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or  beirh claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on each alternate .leasehold.  The  lessee  shall  have a dredge  in  opeiation' within one season from the  date of the lease for each five -miles,  but where  a person  or company    has  obtained more than one lease        one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction  is sufficient.   Reatal,  $10 . per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2J per   cent,  collected on the output after it   exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The lessec-s right is coBfined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below, low water mark, that boundary to b������ fixed by its position on the  lstday of August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six .years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year arid $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in thc Yuko* Territory���������Creek,     gulch,   river and hill  claims shall npt exceed D50 feet     in  length, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by, two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing no-*  tices. Entry'must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or.fraction.  The person or company staking a ���������  claim must hald a free miner's osrti- I  ficate. :  The discoverer of. a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  twoj 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty���������at ljie ratp  of two and one-half per cent, oil the  value of the gpld shipped from     the '  Vukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  1 No free miner shall receive a grant  of more tljian one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free, miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00     A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the v_Jue of at least $20.iL  A certificate that work has'.'.. been  done, roust be oihii'ned each year; if  ilot,' the claim .1*11 be deemed to   be i  may   be  a survey  in   the  abandoned, and     open to occupation  and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim  defined absolutely by having  made and publishing notices  Yukon official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated  Dp-  minion, lands1 in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory,  are open to prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or com-,  pany having machinery on the  land'  to be. prospected, -. an area' of 1920 ac-  jres,for such period as he may decide,  thc lengih of width shall not exceec  thrae] times'the breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per-acre and  the remainder of the tract reserve*,  ���������namely, 1,280 - acres -will'be-'sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  cil.     ' ���������  J AS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of  the  Interior.  Department of the Interior,  EITHER & LEISER  Importers and wholesale dealers In WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS,  ETC.     Large stock always���������All    the leading brands.   We aupply the  principal   hotels and Saloons in Ladysmith. -    ORDERS SOLICITED.  PITHER& LEISER.VICTORIA, B. C  ^#4������*������������������#4������^>������4f.������#������4t>*������������������*������������������������**������������!>*������������>*4_>������.*^##_##  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,  B. C.  flanufacturer* of'the.  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PIANOS, ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD   FURNITURE   MOVED  PROMPTLY AND SAFELY  | Delivered in Any Part of th City  EveryAfternoon  A  free  mi������*r.  having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marti^g put tlie  ifame w^th two le^l pogts, bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the jine of the lpdo oj vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen day> if located withia ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, ona  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  ;AI.. least-. $100 must be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $500 has beefl expended qr pai^  the' lflcatqr mar, uppn having a survey made, aid upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister  of     the Interior to  locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of ah  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The     patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment   of   a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Terri-  $  The Daily Ledger!  Cents per   Month  LARD  H. W.  SAUSAGE  I ONLY   KIND)  BLACK PUDDING  H.&W.  FIRST AVENUE. BUTCHERS  Stables im re������i of Ladysmith Hotel.   Leave orders at the Abbottsford.  WILLIAMS   AND  WASKETT  ��������������������������������������������� ���������>������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������;������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������i  High Grade  The satisfaction of dealing with a  high grade firm of established reputation, whose name stands for something .definite and substantial is a  most important consideration when  purchasing FURNITURE, CARP-  PETS, CURTAINS, ART GOODS,  SILVERWARE, CHINA, CUTLER-  RY, GLASSWA, etc.  Large illustrated catalog ue and price list free for asking.  VICTORIA,B.C. -: -._... -v_;-'  I / I ". . y: 1 P    DAILY    LEDGER  LOCAL  A SNAP���������__ good English Piano by  a first-class  maker  in  p rf.   .   order  For  $100.00.   A  Mason  and  Hamlin  Organ for $125.00. Apply  A. F.  OWEN,  Piano  Tuner Abbotsford  Hote.  STRAYED OR STOLEN���������From Oyster Hay a light gray mare, well  shod, in good condition, has a long  tail, rn colt, name Bessie.Sucb informal ion as will lead to her rrcovcry  will be thankfully received by Mrs  Code.   Address Ladysmith,  B.  C.  (Continued from page three.)  Mrs. Thos. Kiddie, accompanied by  Air. Ceo. Kiddie, went down to Yield ia  this   nioi ning.  AT THE  AI5BOTSFOKD.  .1. Kenton, Winnipeg.  A. I.. iMacnaufrhton, Vanco-iver.  Airs.  Maeiianghloh,  Vancouver,  Jos. Youngheart, Montreal.  J. .Wenciy I\l out-real.  WRECK OF  THE GEORGIAN  ror ub oc-Iore wo sign atucies. Jim-  r.i> can i aiioiu ic. inne any uraru.b  tt.jid Norton vvrll have to agree toyuit  oi oiso UiCiC vvrlr arot ire any light as  iar.as tjic Lulls arc uoiicemecl.'-  llns line ol tal.v stagt-eicci me, and  t loIu \Mllie that uici. would Lie no  s.ji.-iiauanj,ei������iL.nto cutcicd .nto r-.rf  roiiti u,s 1 managed .Nc-ison, and ii  i.nlt wanted to ligni .Nelson he  \\ould nave lo go m and win or lose  on Jus. men is., n Jimiuy liirlt  wants Lo -liovv the public that ho is  u'ie squaic. Vic dorr t want any the  1(esi ol it, all wo ask lor is arr cvt-n  urea.., as both .Nelson aiidi.iysell.e_l  positive thai. Jjrrii woman t lab.  twenty rounds in the next i-gnt provided the reierce allowed thc men lo  nght strictly accoiding to rmes."  Advices  received      here  this   after  noon from Union Point state that a1  though' the baigo Gcoigian which wa<  wrecked     on      the southeast e tl ol  Iloinby   Island   on Wednesday night,  i.s a total loss, it is possible to sa,vr  the  machinery  with  which she     wa-  laden.    Some of it may, of comse, n  broken,  but if   is  thought  that      th  damage to it is not gieat  rl here arc still ten trucks left o  ilie barge, but some of the'cars vvei<  thrown on the beach fifty feet from  the scene of the drsast.i by the he������i  vy seas. 'Ihc cook -tovc, winch is o  considerable si/c, was found on thi  t-IilT 25 feet above   ugh water line.  The thiec men employed on tin  barge jumped ashore as soon as th,  vessel struck gLou-id, and cscapei  unhurt.  v When the sliong gale bioke tin  hawser, the tug steamed back to tin  barge and again connected with it  but the seas wore too stiong am  tho lino quickly bioke again. Tin  was repeated twice with the sarin  result, arid it was clear, to those o,  board the. tug that it was uscles  to attempt to save the barge wine!  was quickly borne by the might,  seas     to     the     shoie     and    dashe.  BASEBALL.  Thc Victoiia Times says:  "On     April     13th.,     the    annual  iiieet-ing ot the Victoria -Amateur Association' will,: be held  and local, clubs  in Lending senior, 'intermediate, or junior .teams  already  have ���������'.commenced  organizing.    It  is  expected   that  the  luu.ivvood   and   Hillside    clubs,    will  vJome  forward  as   seniors   and  intermediates   both,   while,   according   to  indications,   the ' Y.M.C.A. will  have  i first    class    ' train   for   the junior  -unipcutioii.  Recently    one      of   those in close  .ouch with baseball mat lets expioss-  .1   the opinion  that only   two teams  vould entei  the senioi seiies   Undei  iich      uiuiiiisiances   rt   was diaidly  nobablc that a tegular   schedule will  e  dialled    lie lefencd   lo the  Feirr-  .ood and Hillside nines,   In all pio-  lability they would give exhibitions,  nd tlie one provmg the most sneccs-  it  aw aided   tlie  championship     The  11cimediate      league,"     he   thought,  onld be competed bj  the" same tluce  .-ams as last     year,  namely,     tlie  'einwoods,      Hillsides   and   Indepen-  ents. As fc   the uiiuoi competition,  i.ie-uas   no  doubt  that   a sulhcient  dinibci     oi  clubs would cntei       to  ia'c an .ntc-resling competition    Al-  ogrlhci the piospecfs of a most suc-  ssfnl season  wc-ie piomispio  and died -for us that wc might go  with Ilim and enjoy Him lorever,  and I humbly ask those who gather  to play aird to witness these games  orr Surrday afternoon if they ask thc  Lord Jesus to be with them, lie is  our best friend and we ought not to  go anywhere that has not -His approval and blessing.  The     question is, then, what is -to  be done?   Let us be honest with God  and with     ouisclves and go to Him  and tell     Him     that   we have been  wicked and sinful that we have   set  too much value on  pleasure,   let us  ioisake our evil ways  and  return to  the Lord who  will have mercy upon  us and  who is ever ready to forgive.  There's joy in the presence of the an-  gclsof God over one sinner that    re-  pentelh.    Let  us   weigh  the  matter  seriously and come to  a decision    on  this all.important question.   We have  everything  to gain and  nothing     to  Jose by being bumble followers of tho  Lord  Jesus Christ,    lie knows' what  is     best for     ns and  will make all  things work.together for our good..:  In     conclusion  I would say let'us'  give our whole lives to the service of  God.   Alay it not be said of the people of Ladysmith that they are  lovers of pleasure more  than lovers   of  God.   Let us assemble on the Lord's  day to  worship Him and thank Hjiui  for. His  kindness  arid  tenderness    to  us in making provision for cur never  dving     souls     through the  life and  death of oui  Sa\ loin     It is a grand  thing, to be on the winning side     in  any game.   So if we want to be .in  the winning side let us go in the nai-  iow way ihat leads to eveilastlng,  life  A   LOVER  OF MEN,   . O-' '        -  12  Corduroy    Suits,  2  Regular     price $3.75.  price    piece.  Sale  $1.50  NANAIMO.  Two   Well   Known   Residents   United  In Mauiage      Athletic Club's  Concci t.  30 Suits in Tweed, Serge aird  Fancy Worsted.   Regular $3.50  to $..00. Size 22 to 28. 2-  piece. Sale price  $2.25  21 Youths''Suits, 27 to 33, 3  piece, worth from     $4.75     to  $(i,50.        Our price for     this  -week   $3.50  Dr. R. B. Dier may be found at  bis office, at any time through the  day or evening. Bridge or crown  work as good as the best and at reasonable prices. It is not a practice  for a few days ct 'weeks only that  Dr. Dier is establishing, but ane  that will cause him t'61 be aperman-  ent resident of Ladysmith. Oflice on  High Street, next Weinrobe's.  Lowest Prio  NOTICE..  , (Dissolution  of Partnership.)  The partnership heretofore subsisting between Chut Ming and Chu Lung  Ho. of Extension, B.C., trading under the firm name of Wing Sang &  Co., has been dissolved.  Thc business will in future be conducted under the sole management ol  Chu Lung Ho. who assumes all lia-  bilities of the late firm, and to whom  all outstanding debts must be paid.  CnU  LUNG  HO.-  Dated Extension, B.C., Feb. 29th,  1905.  Store closes  at six o'clook ev-"  ery evening except  Saturday.  DRYSDALE - STEV������r.SGN  Gd_     Ltiiysiiiirh  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  HAY. GRAIN AW)  FARM PRODUl-  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's^ on the  Esplanade.  jas. "warnock:  On Dry Goods, Furnishing: Goods,  Hats, Boots and Shoes.  Our new lines of Boots and Shoes  are arriving daily. We can suit you  in quality and price,  Your attention  is  invited  to a fine  ? i '_ ���������  lot of Dress Goods just received.  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  CORRESPONDENCE  aground.  -o~  lien   Forcimmci   has  purchased    r!>  liankrup'fc slock of goods belonging U  lhe W. H. Lively csLiie, and  is   uov  engaged;-in getting the same in or.t l  for a quick sale at light piiccs.     As  he  has   bought  the  stock   cheap   lu->  customers   will   scenic  raie  bargain  in   the jewelry line. m  _ o-   AI _HINE.  S.S. Titan.a has left San Francis  co, bound'foi this poit for a full ca:  go of coal. She is expected to arrive here Sundaj   night  S.S.   Iroquois  was  in  at  Russell's  wharf  yesterday   and  disohaigcd  cargo  of farm  produce.  ���������: 1���������o ; -.  ILLEGALLY IMPRISONED.  Thc .Hague-; "March"''24.���������The .government of tlie Netherlands intends  to take vigorous measures to secure  the release of the five Dutch sailors  illegally imprisoned for seven months  in  Venezuela.    ..-������������������'"  It is thought probable that in tlu  event of there being material change  in the situation-'-, in the Far East,  some of the Nelherland war ships  maintaining neutrality in the Dutch  East Indies can be-.transferred  Venezuelan  waters in .May.  to  CHEMAINUS.  At present there are ten patients  in the Chemainus hospital. Two of  these were sent in yesterday from a  Chilian ship that had just; arrived in  Chemainus. One patient, Phillipine  Johnny had his ribs crushed in the  logging camp back of Ladysmith m  Tuesday. Another, a Chinaman 'was  sent in yesterday from thc mill, minus an ear and other injuries received   from  a saw fight.  II. is the present intention' of the  hospital board to enlarge. and improve it quite extensively.  The ship Anf iofngasta was brought  in  to   the dock   (bis  morning. She  will load 1,0(111,0011 u-et of lumber  for Chili. Other ships are- coming  in soon.  Tlie mill will start on Tuesday  night, running one side on regular  time, thus increasing very largclv  thc output. The planers and oilier  machinery are kepi busy day and  night dressing lumber for the Northwest,  trade.'  S UN DAY   AM US EM EN T.  io the    Editor of the Ledger  i icio is a vciy impoitaiit matter  li-ch 1 would hkj to uiing befoie  k cni/ins of Lad)smith, especially  -use interested rn spoil-, I sun-  aj vvc all agiee that a ceitain  mount of iecication is ncces.aiy.  ut vvh.n iccication oi. anything else  > ii.ado the aim of life/and comes m  nd keeps us ftoni taking oui piopcr  osition befou Cod it sho, Id at once  e cut oli  Now,   Mr    Ediloi,   the  amusements  ml  .porls that arc earned on in this  lace    on     the Lord's     day must  be  U pj'C'd if vvc    arc to -ic worthy citi-  i.s,    if vvc     want thc tine pleas-.uc  nd   eii|ovincnl,      ii we lie going to  ,1: 1 mc highest  end of oui cication  i!_hteo_sncss   e.alU-th  a nation but  . n is a     disgiace to any people.  ��������� 1  lo not     think     _\on have given tins  .uestion the thought that it demand..,  =r you would     not advertisr. or give  ..counts   of     them in your valuable |  >aper.     The  .Lord ' Jesus has plainly-  old us if we arc not for 'Him" we are !  Nanaimo,   Maich   23 ���������The   Wallace  Stieet Methodist paisonage  was the  scene yesierday afternoon of  ari   interesting    event,  when Mr.  Richard  Atkiss and Mis.   John  Lawson  weie  united  in  marriage by   Rev.   A.     M.  Sanfoid.    Air    Thos.   dimming  supported the gioom and Mis. Boggiano  a I tended  the  bude.    Aftei   the  wedding ceremony the party dcpaitcd to  the pailois of the Globe hotel, wheie  all sat down to a fine spicad prepar-  ed   by     Alls.     lioggiano,   and  aftei  (ousting thc health of the bude   and  gioom, all   piesent enjoyed themselves  with  a pleasant,  "sociable dance   -  Some good Residences Jfcor Sale  Call and get particulars.  f the Esquimau  Age  A1  GATACRE ST.  ~\  LADYSMITH  *m  Nanaimo Ry. Co's  City Property  The boajd of inanagcment of     the  Athletic Club held a meeting last evening     when business of importance  was   ti,ansaete.l      Thc afiaiis  of  thc  club  ate  m a more piospeious     condition  than  foimeily, and  show     almost  one  bundled   membcis  in  good  standing    If  was decided to hold another   smoker   orr   Tbinsday  evening  next,  foi which a fust-class piogiamine is  being piepaied.    It will   consist   ot uistii'riipntal  and   vocal   spcci-  alti.-s,  and     a boxing and  wrestling  tournament  .iOMNST* WART Pi O. Box 268  ' KIRE,  LIFE  AND  ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  CONVEYANCING ���������    NOTARY   PU.BLIC.  againet Him and that if we arc not  :ath3ring'���������'���������' vvifh Him we arc scattering   The eves of (Jic Lord are in-cv-  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH STREET,   v  :���������:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������j  SUCHARD.  [SU-SHAR]  is theword to'use when  asking  for cocoa or. Milk Chocolat e. -  ;    . -  W.T.HEDDLE:   CO.  Wniiams' Block  L. idysmith  Particular Grocers.  Telephone 1  -ly place teholding the evil and the j Actuary Richardson, of Vancouver,  r;ood,and' He i.s grie-.cd ��������� for the hard- 'came over to Ladysmith yesterday,  less of our hearts now, as He wa,s ruKj wj||, i,1HUl:anCc agents Stewart  vlien He lived on the earth, and how , am| p|a���������ta met the holders of pol-  t must wound His tender and lov-j icit.s 0I1 Uie "Central Hotel, t-hat was  ing hear I 10 look on our city  on  Sun- ; burned down last Tuesday night. The  loss on the building was  quickly ad-  c-ity on  day. afternoon when vvc choose worldly pleasure and enjoyment ahead of  the everlasting pleasure and happiness thnt He has rrovicle-d. Cur soul  is  precious   in   His  sight,   who    lived  Plans, Specifications and Details furnishekl for all kinds  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  C. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ave, Ladysmith,  B.   C.  *���������  ���������*  **  ������*  ������������������  *���������  ���������������  ���������  ���������gffffs^^fEs?ffgit3gsaaa^^  justed, and the holders, Messrs. Bev-  cridgc and Reifel will soon get their  money. There is some delay in adjusting the loss on stock, and the  parties are now in Nanaimo arranging about it. It will very likely be  settled and paid "in full by the companies  soon.   o   A   LIBERAL    OFFER.  1 assure   you, Madam," the  ��������� EiViPlRKand P^OVl -tCn  arc the     best you can    get- In   11 in  MADE IN  LADYSMITH  BOOKS FOR  Sale &  Exchange  -At-  HOY'S BAKERY  lOc, and 15c.  1st   1 venue,   --i Lad/smith   Healers ia'   Fianos and  Organs ...  Ladysmith, B. C.  J. PIEBCY m CO.  Jam! Jelly! Syrup!  - AND ALL KINFS OF TABLE PRESERVES. ^  In Tins and Glass. -  EDWARDSBURY SYRUP IN   5 and 10 pound  tins.  .  ENGLISH MARMALADE IN    1 lb Jars, '\ and 7 lb Tins.  v , ' ',   "   ���������  HUCKLEBERRIES,   BLUEBERRIES,   BLACKBERRIES,   LAW-  *'������������������-'.    .   '   -  TON   BERRIES,   STRAWBE RIES  and   RASPBERRIES   IN nice  '.    , . Table Delicacies.  <-*-. / . ' 'PHONE. 2-4.  BL-K1R & MDKM  CARLISLE"   BLOCK  I  ������!������������;-sri&S!^fS5.--^������:������i^a������E;'^^������-  HEADACHES.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  t l  Victoiia,  B. C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,    '   '  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC.  ���������the     result of eye     straining   cured  ili    -  ik'i   Examinations    and sight  ttsts free  ||^of ch.jgc.  #B.FORCIMflEtt'������  AT  AVE.  JJJFIRST  '^������&&&l  ���������i rfi-w&VS-y.;:'-"'  to  to  m  WATCHMAKER. JEWELER, OPTICIAN  -XXX- LADYSiYUTH^  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  .FIELD IN  Escnatlots,  Cabbage and Tomato plants.  Orders  taken for  Roses, Ornamental   and  Fruit trees. <  At Morrison's^ Ladysmith, B. C.  *WZ3S!������3SS3^^  Fletcher Hros., of Victoria,- have  ;'ust re-'-cived direct from the factory  :}, large consignment of the latest  "Washburn mandplins, guitars and  banj< s, which they are offering tp  the aiusically inclined at most reasonable price.-. ' ..- iuent to  tliosc  who would   like     to Irani the  manipulation     of either of thc������e fine  instruments  Fletcher  Bros,  ma' c the j  liberal    oli'er     of ten lessons free to  each and every .purchaser of either of j  the above      instruments.        Fletcher  Bros.,  it  will not be forgotten, have  a eood stock of    musical instruments i  on sale in Ladysmith.  Leave orders with  HLAIR &  ADAM,   >;K*'n  All work first-class at THE CI-IRY  STAL,   VICTORIA.  The News-Advertiser says:  Pending  a settlement   of possible  difficulty   in  the taking over of llie E. & N. railway  by  the  C.P.R.,  the Board     of  TraileCommitleo of Vancouver which  | interviewed C.P.R. officials regarding  ���������a. direct stean>2r sarvice , e-1-..itn Vancouver and Ladysmith, were told that  nothing could be done in the matter.  The committee of '..he board of trade  which had the matter of the Ladysmith service in ,haiul,  was composed  of  Messrs.  R.  P,   McLennan,  W.   I-I,  Alalkin, II. A. Stone, ('. F. Jackson,  and William   Stone.     'i ho < on-.-mitleo.  at     ten   o'clock   yesterday   morning   .  v/aited  on  Mr.  R.   Marpole,  general : I  superintendent; Mr.  F. W.  I'eters, as-  sistant   freight   traffic   manager       of  western lines,  and   Mr.  B.  W.  Greer,������  general freight agent of the C.P.E.  Stock Takintf  Sate  at Rolston's  PUTTiNO ON  NEW PAPER  is  the mes't-effective and most econ:  ornical method of -improving and  j brightening   up  tire  interior  appear-^,  anco of your dwelling. '     1-"  From  the many   beautiful  patterns  ���������rrrany of them exclusive���������in our new  jlihc, we are certain you can select  ! exactly the ritht paper to suit .^tp;ir  | taste and purse.    Let us show you  our handsome array of styles, a1.  HARRY-KAY..  H.O. MILES .v  Contractor  and Builder  REPAIRING  of  all  kinds  promptly  attended to.     Shop on Gatacre    st.  Dinner and Tea Sets  $10.00 Dinner  Sets,- 97  pieces,  now   $13.00 Dinner Sets, 97 pieces, now  '. ,,  $15.00 Dinner Sets, 97 pieces,  now   ���������:   ....;....  ........  $20.00 Pinner Sets, 97  pieces,  rfqw  .........   $25.10 Dinner  Sets,  115   pieces,   now    '.  ....  $35.00 Dinner  Sets,  98  pieces,  now '.   $7.00  ,. 9.00  ..' 10.00  ... 15.00  ...18.00  . 25.00  Watch our Window for I. O. C. Line?  HILBERT  |%   FARMERS'    MEAT   HARKET  5*! I  HOTFL  LADYSMITH  RATMS-Jl.OO     per    day.      Finest  Wines,  Liquors and  figars.  First Avenue, L*dy������nitb, B. 0.  D. CI WHITE.  Oh ist Avcame  fteo. Roberts  Proprietor  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������JUtco ?1 aii aiai $1.50���������  rt������ l-ua to all ������tc������Kil*ost  Jft������dii������gt r.nc  r������i'w-V depots,    fikt-cris rare svory llvti  misuts-i!   ro all perls ������������f   Iho ui y.    lJar|  ������od tablt tnti-xcell-rd.  F. *ATiVbi������, Pi������prifti<-r,  ABBOIT  ST.,    VANCOUVER, B.C.


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