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Creston Review Feb 7, 1913

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Frank Allison Kills Frank Cameron
At Once Surrenders To
.w***.. wi^nes*?**
TV   -
Sunday night about six o'clock, at the corner of the
English hotel building, Frank Allison shot aud killed Frank
Cameron. ?3g one saw the shooting, , and Allison's own
story is all that is known of the case. Allison says he arrived here Saturday, being just discharged from a hospital,
and did not know Cauieron before. He says he loaned Cameron one dollar, and they had several drinks together, Cam-
cross, he says* asked him for another loan Sunday afternoon,
but he refused. That night, Allison says, while he was in
the office of the hotel Cameron put his head in the door and
called him to come outside.    As they got around the corner
On Friday, January Slat a very mid*
oesfnl dance -web <iven under the auspice's of tha Oreston Beaver club. ?
There was a large attendance,, isohsd*
ing people from Canyon City, Erickson,
Wynndel and Dnok Creek.
Danoing w is kept np till a late hour,
music being furnished hy Mr. and airs.
Crompton, Mrs. Downs, Mr. Hamilton
and Mrs. Fowler. Everyone present
seeming to enjoy themselves thorogbly.
The refreshments which were furnished
by several of the ladies of Creston and
vioinity were unexcelled.
���-TOTE:���Iu some manner Duck
Greek., news was carried by this week
and did not receive them until to late to
be able to publish them nil.
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JL   jujiyc gut V
ou h->
the neck nowj" and used an insult
ing epithet. Allison says he then drew a gun and fired.
Immediately after the shooting he returned to the hotel
office and surrendered, upon arrival of local officials. The
bullet went through both temples. Deputy Sheriff Fletcher
took Allison to Sand Point Monday. The sheriff says Cam-
���Sfed was recently discharged from the Sand Point jail after
Serving time as a vagrant. Cameron was 25 years old ^and
Allison is 60.
? y: -*;Y?;ptffe^ ^[-T^jztim:^
FEB; 4.���When the chamberrhaifi was making up^ t!_S
bed in the room of the hotel which had been occupied by
Frank Allison, she discovered a bullet hole running through
the pillow and mattress and into the plaster of the wall at
the head of the bed.
An inquiry then begun, developed the fact that severaj
who were down stairs had heard the shot about half an hour
beforerthe killing of Cameron, but did hot kn^w where it was
and paid little attention to it.
There was an investigation by the   coroner  Tuesday,
*.i��/\iinr1i rttx iiirtr waft rnlleirl-    wVlic'1    siriowprl    **|iat   the    hullo.*-
y.*M\0**fLxm    mm.f   J���"*,/        "" "~���     ���* ~���* "  ~m.m...   mm. -��_~��,t       mmm^.^ mmxmmmm.m
entered the back of Cameron's head near the  left   side and
lodged on the inside of the skull, and death was instantane
ous.   Cameron was well dressed, had $6 in his- pocket   aiid
was apparently unarmed, but there'was nothing found in his
pockets to give any clue as to relatives or friends.
A general meeting of the ratepayers of
the Wynndel school district will be held
in Mr. Grady _ house, Tuesday Feb 18th
at S p. rn, for the purpose of eleoting
two new school trustees, one to UU W*
J. Coopers place and one to fill Col.
Ashley Cooper's place.
v/m   Be   Given   Hearing
Before Government
j    Off_iciaIs
i -
Alfred X^uiife, formerly & resident of
Gwstou' is being held in custody at
Sandpoiht, Idaho by   Shejrriff Reemer
v . } ' '������:,..
until snob;- time aa he oan bo given a
hearing tsefere officials of the Depart-
ment of Commerce and Lttootur oa h_v-
ing enteied the territory of the United
States inf^olations of the law and othor 8erio_i charges. Qaaife was given a
hearing before Immigration officer B.
35. Gowsb of Sastport, in Sacdooint last
Wednesday evening.
Methodist Church
Supper aad Concert
Q'J. Wigen has called a meeting o
the Dnok creek? and Wynndel frnit
gso&ers for -unday aftersoon F*b 9 at
8 p. m. in the Social Club house.. The
object is principally uzt &_&��*; to .iai*��a��4
the spirit ot cooporaiion .before any of
the present growers arrive at the stage
of esteasive production
���LADIES, call at our store aad
look over our supply of McCalls patterns just reeieved.   S. A. Bpeera.
Mrs. H, White of Canyon City was a
Oreston called Wednesday.
^Latest styles in   photos,
next to Oarage.
Walter Jackson, who has been spending about three monthB in the Old Conn-
try visiting his old friends and relatives
returned to Creston yesterday.
John Huscroft went to Neltwn on
business yesterday.
T. M. Edmondson irade a bosinefia
trip to Nelson yesterday.
?___���_ ���*��!���� far n_ __tn. al&ho_s_ 16
"^ haa been known to loot around a
year or two vlor a woman.
The people who frequently &ave to
resort to expedients are those mlxo
ean-t afford to. but,do.
' As a rale a lie costs ail fan get oat
ttt It.
Marriage brings out all there la tn a
man, lucludlng the loose change lnhla
pocket, .'���].-,
An optimist Is a person who believes
in hlmsett when nobody Is looking;
Always believe In yonr friends. It
���will help tbem to help themselves to
your possesslooB more easily.
9 ����� ' ..   ,-
All a woman asks Is to be allowed
to go her own way and take her has*
baud with ber.
ReHserober that* ihongte ea^fc !s ths
arvhlteet ot his own life, yet he baa
not the ordering ot the material.
The pernon who beftn* burden** cheer*
fatly may be stupid, bnt he Is a social treasure.
JLilO sesn Oiipp&t nuu v/OuOSTo  WStCu
is to be held In the Mercantile Hall on
Febrasry , ia, promises to far snrpass ] new. Rayasond snake.
all   heretofore    given.      The    price foash.   Enquire at this office
Isi-aaoneble, being SO cents for ad nits
and 25 cents' for chiidrea ���    The; sapper
will bo givto*fjroza 6 to 8 with   the foi
lowing Menu.;
Hot Boston* {raked beans and -Town
brerdYooid��� sliced hmm and ?_6^, Vnfid
salads^ Reifies, pickles, pie^cake. tea and
cQ_r-e;t   ,    "- -    .-'--Y-. y\i
Tha^on^fe which imsaradiateiy.iiM
���-������'' '- - '.   -    '^mi'.'^ti^-t^.-^ti^tii
iows^iesappe? conskts of the. f��dlow
ing **)rograuar v
I-strnmental and roeaS ssnsio, Aii
Mr. end Mrs Dr. Primrose Wells re*
turned on Saturday last from a trip to
���ti     .   .���- -
*_��_.-__,   r+M.~ mtm ,
JCWb  OV��-Q|Q9
- ''        .'-���*..
EUjb liscaara of Oranbrook asrivsd tn,
Creston on irnday last' ��� m\ attend the
dance of the Beaver Club.
father John of Cranbrob- -artived in
Cresson today.
���-���?'--" ���    ���
r> ^s*s*a��^a^
The Great Northern railway has fonnd
it neeeasarp, owing to the unprecedented snow this winter,: to ran a train Over
the S- V. traok from Bonasrs ?S,erjr "~
Port Hijl about every other day in or
der to keep it clear for their hi* trsins
Mrs. Maud; Smith S^ been e_sagsa ts
teacn the Port Hill school for the rest et
the school  year?    Port HSI Jssr h&&
��� great uiSlcuicy in secur-ig teachers this
-For Sale���iSewing-nachlne, almost|ve!M.^ fcM;^^Wl^��i>..'''
A bargaia f c��
. The Annual meeting of the Creston
GonssT-ative Association will be held in.
the Beaver Hall on February 12 at 8 p
... -...,*        *  ��� -.*���''
to* ���
^-r-Five percont^dlaconht^at' the Cash
Store.-'K '-.:.���_������  'ti ;'^--   &iy> ���
��aC^U:   JS.,-1-   Anil- .    to
""���i1i_r"^*V VJ-V-- v ���"-'���-. ti.tiJ     ���.*-..-.������:���;  -'.-: ���-." ��� --ti*
tiy T&f_��;-^'?tt^_��ffi^^rr^-^e
Presby terian church in oonneotion with
t_e W. O. T. V. oa ThttrsSay -fterncon
A-   _   �����^4��������t-       AM   ������-,   mmm.
-=* :#s��S. **
t-J    -A
little girls, dairy maids drill, M yonng
ladies, dialogue by the boy? aad girls,      Geo. Powell of Oranbropk wps a G?S5-
_ aioe.   "The  Matrimonial Advertise-1 ton caller on Satt-_ay last.
ment" in two acts and a musical farce, j ., .-���
two mcnthjs.
A-8oaard Mawson, who owfit thirty
-ores of land at Canyon City is having
ten acres slashed and bnrned.
The senior grades in the public school
wm open pa JSoaday wit K.W.Hitch*
ell of Vanoonvor ih charge.
God Save the King.
IpIBY LUmotK uii h.j
Most Destructful Fire in History of
District Occurs Early Wednesday Morning
M, > 'V  V*
Dta Canyon Oity' Jittmbor Company, f company au ovorythiug was in rhadiuoss
T/ho a short while ago purchased a 04 for a largo haul,
horse power   caterpillar eugiue from     The Oanyon City Lumber company ls
Calgary with whioh tbey were to d<   aud entorptlnlug oouoem and is adopt-
their winter and immiiw logging, wiih
the viotlui of a 16,000 Are on Wi duoa-
dey morning. The ongliui had just ��m��u
pnt in tho shed after being used all
night and thn en��inocr was preparing
im all tho lutoNt inothods with which to
do tbelr hij/ging as woll aa sawhirr.
They have roci��n*ly Inotalled njlargo
Ijlanorto take the pliws-of the two old
ones that havo heretofore been nsrd,
Effeot of the dsasen,     ^
Do not ulame the humble po-ct    *
If lie must ax-jlode or aln*.
Though In mcaBiiru lame and haltlns,.
At the coming ot the spring,
-hough he may not burnt a hamatri-S*
.. In a grand poetic swell.
Ho a. least can trip a ditty
To the Illy in the dell.
Who would not when spring ts eomltur
4pegaaus serenely climb
And express hin pent emotions
In n bit ot vagrant ritti*. '-. \
Or. It he Is not a rider
Or for cowboy methods' keen.
In hlu dingy, umolto titulnwl offlco
Peck It out on his machinal
8o uplifting Is the coming
Of tit* season young and atronff
*Thut the dullest feels the thrabUlns   ,
Of hla rml&es to a song.
And ha grabs up all the luinguanw
That ho learned In days gone by
And pmreeds to talc* a filer
Though hit- meter may ba ahy.     \,
Bud�� and blottttomtt, little blrdle��t
"   '  he	
_ MC---) lUCUATf-UCE
Well Known in  Creston
���Late o_ Port Hilt
���Have your picture token while* in
Oreston.^Studio behind the bank? "~~
Mr. Cooper of Oranbrook, meqhanioal
���Anperintontlcnt for ths Kootenay Os*
���m�� AAMnaiiv mnit tX   1W���*>. nf r,.��nwH��v>o1r
'"Ov   mmmm.rmm^0    ..^m. ���.   ��� m.m   m.    ___���--..���
came to Oreston last Thursday to over-
���     *,'.
haul the oars in the local branch of the
Kootenay Garage company.   They left
on Tuesday for Oranbrook.
The Ansae! -speting of the Ors$t(_s-
'LL^'timJti&titiiy'yti*.^^^ A,    *>       t       -     ^
Sfiekedtt Civilian Bifi9 Aesociatte-'wlll
be held in:-the Blercantile Hell oa W-ed-
nssday, Feb. 10; at ��^0 pj sa. fbr the
_��_; ~��  -_4��   tit--..-'-..   ' mm     . '.':'��� ..
uiu-uumi ui.i?K5i���ftiasr omuB���a ror rn�� ��n
sning.year.   AJli persons inteiested in
the welfare of ;*b$ esgeciatien are eerdU
ally Invited to nttond.
The Oreston Hotel renovated the
walls of the interior with a coat of varnish this week?    -
Mrs. Malcolm Boyd, who went to the
Oranbrook hospital abont a week ago ia
.expected to return; on Monday.
Miss Kane? Smith has gone to Blio-
to visit her sister; Mrs. Taylor.
Guy H. Pisk, a late *esldent of Port
Hiiinna.aii one time haviufi- Hveii in
-', .      --      v
Oreston, was killed ^in an accident
while braking on an onstbound freight
on the Groat Northern road, Wednesday
morning near Wonntobee, Wanh, Th,
Hugino hbd been dotatched to run np tithe water tank. Fisk was riding on the
rruoks of tho tondor and whon about tc
make the oonpliog was oanght the bumpers complotoly ornnhod his polvln.
The young man was 91 years of ago
and f etided at Hillyard with his parents.
Mr.' and Mrs. Archie Derthlok, of
ftort Hill, left Oreston today for Hill-
yard iio ntieuu tho fnnoral.
���-Rogistored Yorkohito White Boar,
Oak Lodge Duke of Aganflie���86278, bred
by the director of the experimental farm
AgasBis, B. O., Ib for service at Valley
Vlaw ranoh, on Alice Mine Trail, rate |8.
Mr. Willey of the Massoy-Harrls Oo,,
- A,
nriived in Oreston, Monday from Loth*
bridge While here, the Kootenay Garage company placed with him their
Spring ordor of farming implements.
He left on Wednesday for Piuoher
Creek, Alta.
O. O.ftodgers left yesterday'for Nel
son, to. attend the Lnmbermen'^ Convention.
I    If yon wish to rise wifh the sun, do
not sit np to late with the daughter.
it tor tho day whon tho firo broke ont.  thus elHmitiatlng a lot of.tho nnooessary
xh�� buimiki**  ,wii�� ����l' otwv ooMiph^Hlv I V/ftr��.
*n  'I'-p'-d ' ��>'��� ��*     ���������������   ���"'������    .���������'.    Thet��i" tl'iMiontttordnimiig' d<ne was
the ��n$U% < to tun    ou about $5,u00 Ahioh w,���� partly covered
Tim Ion** mourn u, gtuMt doiU iu tha b�� kiuurauou.
And the balmy, friendly hrcene
Group tbemeelves ui>on the pages
And are very muoh at ease.
0<> the man becomes a poet
Blnslng, light of heart and gay.
But u�� very soon recovers
When tha blmsara cornea next dan
, ��� wttmHrtMmmmmmmm
a Vwv  mia   am   S *)fiMa
"Why did Ethel break her en.are-
fi��i<fi|ft m\*ft, .?i��"'l,*;>"
"She got tired ot him, ond now Jack
Is engaged to ttally."
���**i wonder why aba ��<*����pt��d hlmV1
**Bhe got tired too."
*pi wbatr ..���;��� Bm*
m, |||ii Lgi<j_||l^U|    b|lu   ^^^^u^^b^^^u   ^x^^^^^j      ^^^^^*^ t
JL       am* ^Bmmpi^^^mL m^B^a  ^^m^^mBaBfmaB^iB^ my^^a^^m , ^^^^^^^^B   .._. I
tiwi���iwu.'iw���Kiiawiiin ii,in,��,M�����.���. '    ���   -   ���  ������
���German eookn, wool sr��*ks nndoaps,
onpoolally for tho lumber jack at A.
. ���LADIIiH, call ut our store and
look over ouv supply of McCalls piit-
erns just rocelved.    8YA. Speers,
Dreadful. ��.. -^ �����
"It was quite a tragedy."" ' , /*���
��m��' baby born in that family, and
ii ia tongue tieu."
Had to Be Coin*}.
They.are not ovarlmyeu to li>ee-��
yoii notice bow tttey haw ana hem���
Bu**/!* their act theMaaenuaelMisea
xmm mrtjc vwuiMa m*** ��* *""*���*��� ***��� '������������*��*���*   i
Tho -'baok to the farm cry" ls no longer a joko, It is the wall or. tho port of
tltoso who havo seen tbe error of their
ways and wonld be glad to get baok and
And that the farm has not gene away
ahead of them.
Try nn uniru  -jOU pleas**".,  yci cad
never get the knocker to  believe his
homo town is anything bnt a modern
Nazareth.     Nothing good  oan   come
from it.   Bven when somo bit of one *
cosofnl hustling or unusual igenbroslty
sets tho outside world to talking, he
finds some flaw* some manner in whioh
the deed wonld. havo been bettered had
it happenod elsewhero.. Personally, hia
brains, if changed, to waf^r, wonld not
be snflloient to rdampon the'-^dust on a
gnat's whlskers/^tihe considers him*
self oapable of giving adtioe to old man
Mr. and Mrs. Crompten entertained
a few frlenas at a Shrove Tuesday party, Tuesday evening. Unslo, danoing
and games were indulged in and a general good time waa enjoyed by all.
-We pay the freight, and If y *m are
not satlstted with the valnea reoeived
from ns, we will pay the freight baok
and refund full amount of your ptu>
chase.   O. Cfl.
i. i',
'jm mf ��� nfif **>*" a��#ii��*a*u. fw* wfn
lil-iiliHiii- __������  ..*'  THE    CBESTON    REVIEW.    CRESTON,    B. C.  ^^mKmmmB'Si^mmmWm swiss and French now want  ^_-r3yV*iV37_9_'l.'_^ *, PwS?P    "_*���������__ _kT_P  START NOW  Susceptibility to colds, sore  throats, tonsilitis and such, indi-  I. cate impoverished vitality���������lack  of reserve strength' to weather  changing seasons.  A spoonful of SCOTT'S EMULSION after .(each meal starts  healthy body-action like a small  match kindles a great fire���������and  more: it makes rich, healthy,  active biood���������fortifies the tissues  and stimulates the appetite���������it  makes sound body?strength.  SCOTT'S EMULSION is the  purest cod liver oil; made creamlike and palatable without alcohol or drug���������the quintessence  of purity.  Reject imitation* they are  postor* for profit.  Scott _ Bowne, Toronto. 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I Switzerland is ready to meet France  -t half way in -th.i.s important matter.,  which will rid both countries from ���������  the keeping up at every important j  , railway station and rout a staff .o.";  j custom house oflicials. while it is cer- \  ��������� tain that the. trade, even local, on ;  ' the frontier will he greatly increased ���������  ! and certainly  facilitated. ;  is Clogged up  Thnt _ Why  You're Tired���������Out ������f  Sorts���������Have no Appetite. :. t  . .  CARTER'S LIT  LIVER PILLS  ���������will put ynu right  ia a few days.  ���������KUTTL ���������  "*=^-g 8   a vmrnx  IVER  PILLS.  The*/ do  tlicir duty.  Cure  Constipation,  Biliousness, Indigestion, end SiJt Headache.  Small Pill, Small Doss, Sn.aU Psics  Genuine mua bear Signature  GOLD COIN SCARCE IN FRANCE  varaaa%f<amrmmvhtmSi'mmmr*v *&&**&  PARIS LAWYER'S PLEA FOR LADY  MacBETH  She Didn't Care  Our club fnr entertaining, literary  lions is Puaily ready. 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When he    re- |  . turned for a brief spell he spent his i  .   days  hunting  and  his  nights   in  the !  great hall  of the  castle   in  drunken j  revelry, until he and his  friends fell \  ������������������''-Sleep  in  their armor.       Was  it  not '  .natural tha������'6he yearned for something [  she Knew uot what, that would put ait  ' 'end, to  her life of loneliness,  monot- [  "ony and weariness? j  Another    point,    said    M.     Robert. I  -aahich I would argue in defense of my ;  ient���������a point on which Shakespeare .  ia silent���������-Isf'the long and deadly feud :  h_tween Lady  Macbeth and  the fam- j  ily of the old King Duncan.   Her first j  husband, her father-in-law. her broth-;  er and her grandfather had  all been j  Jellied   by ���������'"Duncan's   grandfather,  and i  She only  saved her own  life  by  flee- j  ipg to  Ross, where she  met General i yVHY  . Macbeth,   whom..., she   afterward   married.       A   vendetta   existed   between  fier family and that.of Duncan.  ? That,  said  M.   Robert, is    the    defense I put forward for Lady Macbeth.  '. should say so  I Mlnart-n*.  Lii-umiirit   ourea  Cow*������  *!*5������t  Up-to-Date \  Father���������P'-v*..   does  this  young  la-iv ���������  you ar-? going to marry know how to ;  bak^. mend and clean? .;  c,-.^.���������-C".?r^nintv not.       1'in prcvucl of  Millred.  she only  knows how to run  a   sever,   passenger  bignix.   put   on   a  ON  Wash Day  S|-"ii!5_i-3  Banks and  individuals  Hoard Yellow  Metal Since War in Balkans.  Paris. ��������� Some Americans who  have visited Paris recenilyrhave been  surprised at the scarcity of gold. Gold  Is virtually unobtainable,-, but- silver  five-frail- pieces (about $1) are almost too abundant.  A   porter  from  a  Paris   warehouse  told a reporter for a morning paper  that he  had  set out  In  the  morning  with   $G0.  all  in  silver.       Ordinarily,  that sum would have been represented   by  fifteen  louis iu   his  waistcoat  pocket,   but   now  his   pockets   bulged  with    sixty    cumbersome      fire-franc  i pieces, weighing three pounds.  I     The Baal;  of France  has a larger .  reserve than any  other bank  in  the}  world, and at the present moment th-3  gold  in  its cellars amounts to  more  than "$63r>.000.000.      Yet at'the hank  or the-'shop If you change, a 100-franc  note you will get Uttlo gold In return.  Even at the Bank of France It Is tho  same.      That Institution has the right  to pay its notes in gold or silver, and  five-franc  pieces are le.gal tender for  nny amount.      Financial houses whr>  draw on the  national  bank for thoir  supplies have to be content w'th $20')  In gold  to every $2000 In  notes and  silver.  This gold stringency first became noticeable ton the outbreak of hostilities  in the Balkans and slnco thou the  Bank of France has shown Itself very  reluctant to part with gold. Private  citizens and peasants in the provinces  are also hoarding gold. In this connection, one of the newspapers mentions tho ease of one nmn in Paris,  a.floor polisher, earning about $10 a  week, who has scraped together nearly  $1450 in gold, against the evil day.  Makes the Clothes as  White as Snow  Try It !  Manufactur*:*.! by  "Che Johnson* Richardson Co  Limited, Montreal, Can.  ?par-? tire, tix a carburetor ~n&  taxime^r.  ead a  CMRE FROM  THE SAME CAUSE  "[������������������' When   a   mother   detects   from   the  . writhings and fretting of a child :hat  ���������worms are troubling It. she can procure no  better  remedy   than  Miller's  Worm Powders, which are guaranteed  to totally expel worms from the system.      They may cause vomiting/but  this need cause no anxiety, because it  , fs but manifestation of their thorough  ���������jafOTh.      No worms    cun    long   exist  ���������Where these Powders are used.  1^  DODDS       KIDNEY       PILLS  CURED MME.   DUFAULTS ILLS  ?/ London.���������At one ot Its meetings re-  .���������Asently, Fnddington borough council  Will be advised by Its general pur-  poser. es.tr.inittee.to,,refuse to administer the shop house act, as proposed  Yhy tho home secretary.  mm mm   '  m OPEBftTlOM  How Mrs. Reed of Peoria, I3L,  Escaped The Surgeon's Knife.  She Had Diabetes. Sciatica, Backsche  gnf* Headache but Found Speedy  Relief in the Great Canadian Kidney  Remedy. i  St. Boniface. (Special).���������After suf-i  fering for three years from a ecmpllca- i  tlon of diseases, JIadame Oct. Dufault,  of 84 Victoria-street, this city, is once  more in perfect health and Dodd's  Kidney Pills are credited with another  spleudid cure. Speaking of her cure,  Madame Dufault says:  'Yes, I am again a well woman, and  I thank Dodd's Kidney pills for it.     I  suffered for three years and I may say  I had pains all over my body.    I bad  Hciatlci, neuralgia a'nd diabetes.    My  ���������back ached,  and  I had  pains in my  head.       I   was  nervous and tired *'vll  the time; theie    were   dark   circles,  around my eyes which wero aliso puff-'  ed and  swollen, and heart fluttering  added to my troubles.  . "But when I started to use Dodd's  Kidney Pilis I soon began to get better.     I took thirteen boxes in all, and  I think they are a grand medicine."  Every one of Madame Dufault's ailments is a direct result of diseased  kidneys. That's why Dodd's Kidney  Pills so quickly' cured them all.  ������*._rtrr  ���������"How do 1 know thai Windsor Table Solt  1   iapnre?   I'll *how you.  i "I.oo?������ at *���������"; Fait itself���������-see now cleat- ptwl  i   -transparent and perfect the crystals   aiv���������  V  sfcarlilinjyUkelittle'dia'.nonds.  ,  i '"Now taste them���������notice that they'dissolve  I   instantly.  Ma'aai���������it's the only salt we recommend  1    Sor table use aad lor ccKitiu-j", r.  54  Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dlstemp**r.  Just Gladness  Oh, gladness is a splendid thing  For bards  to write about  When they are very sorely pressed  And subjects have run out!.  Their souls may not be soaked in joy-  To match the gentle strain.  And they may have a grouch so large  That it would block a train.  But still they write of cheerfulness  aVs though it were a part  Of their existence and it gushed  In  torrents  from  their heart.  They put aside their aching tooth.  The bill they cannot pay,  The  rent  that's  always   overdue,  And then they work away.  Great gobs of gladness is their theme.  The  first  that comes to  hand.  They tell the people they should use  This one and only brand.  But do they use a'bit themselves���������  I  mean  outside their rime���������  With which to make a brighter world?  I fear they haven't time.  O jrladsouie gladness, you're the goods  For use in daily life,  Far better than the grim old grouch  Which leads  to  care and. strife!  And if the poet.does not feel  The imnulse of his song  You'll find that, the advice is good  Enough to take along.  TURKS  THREATEN       TO  POSTUM- CO.  SUE  SALT  Pecri-i, 111*.���������''1 wish to lot every ono  fcnowwliatLydia.E.Pinkham,'eVegetablo  Compound has done  forme. Fortwoyears  I BuiTcred. The doctor said I had a tumor  and tho only remedy J stenographer*^  waa tho Burgoon'a  krtif<*. My mother  bought, me Ijydia E.  PinUham'a Vepfeta-  ftl ble������������������ Compound, and  The witness on the stand was being  subjected to cross-examination. In  answering tho question ho nodded.  Whereupon Lhe court -tenographor  who could not see the witness, demanded: Answer that question.  Tho witness replied:  I did answer it; I nodded my head.  Well. I heard it rattle, but could  not tell whether it was up and down  or' from   sklf  to  side,  answered  the  You ouglitVto ;*Vear  SWRD'S 8i3������16li  BRAHD CLOTHES  reliable merchants have them  I in stock  Appropriate  So you found your last prospective,  customer a hard one to deal with?  Yes, he Insisted that our company  was oyer-cu pi taliped, explained the  mining-stock Balosman.  What did you do?  1 mado him take water.  They Cleanse While They Cure.���������  The vegetable compounds of which  Parmclee's Vegetable Pills aro composed, irminly dandelion aud mandrake, clear the stomach and Intost-  Inns or dolotprions matter and restore  the deranged oj^ansi to healihltil action, llenco th'oy nro the best r'nn*  from inflammation, and your Sanative ' n,iy for indig'-slion available lo dav.  Waah relieved me. I nm j-rj-vl to tell ; A 'trial of thom will oatabllsh thn  SUiyooC'.what. your medicini'fl li'iV'- dor.o : iniih nf 'his nssorUou and do more to  forme.    Y?ou"can use rny Usum-miar in '��������� convinc.' iho ailing Uiuu iu:yllili'i_ that  I today 1 nm a well and !  ������ healthy woman.  _'cr  '"months 1 suffered  Do you bollove that, women should  havo anything to do with politics*.'  I certainly do. ���������      ���������  You do?  *' Sho certainly Hhould have both voice  and voto.  Woll, maybe the vote's all right,  but I hope you don't want her to havo  nny moro volco than Hho hua now, do  you?   : ...  The Turkish consulate in this city is  indignant. Whether it is because the  Turkish people have been called the  "most nervous people in the world,"  or because the statement has been  made that:they are "also the greatest'  coffee drinkers in the world." is not  clear, because the Turkish consul will  say nothing further than the Turkish  people have be.en libelled, or nearly  so.  The whole trouble came about because of an advertisement of tip  Postum people In which the statements already mdiiiioneu were printed,  and It was added:  "See the point?" "We are not quite  sure we could help them, but Instant  Postum holps lots of people. "There's  a reason."  The Turkish consul's office called  several newspaper ofllces on the  'phone, and said the advertisement  was "Silly." ridiculous, and threatened to bring suit in the courts.  At tbe office of the consul. 55 Tjlber-  ty street, a man connected with the  office, and who acted for the consul,  said:  "We did telephone about the ad. and  have the matter under consideration,  but no action has been decided upon  as yet. A statement may be iBsued  in a few days."   .  "Will thero be nny court action?"  he was asked?  "Thoro mny be. We haven't, quito  decided. We can glv.* you no further  Information- just now."���������New York  Qlobo and Commercial Advertiser.  my  any way yAu wi������*,h, arid 1 will bi- t'lr.d  to answer  h'ttern."��������� Mm.  C:uu:rii.'.*A,  ItEED, 100 Mound St., r^-onvv' 111.  JYirs. Lly-ncli A Iho Avoi__<_  , opj'iation.  JfeflHup, Pa.��������� "'After th** birth of my  four tli child, I had nevere organic ir.flnni-  tnaUon. 1 would have .nuch ti-rriHi' pains  that it did not neem ������fl U"'.ii(*h I could  iUiTid IL This kept up for 'hr*-'*" Ion***  jrjjnth^, unt^l i*������n ������-ln<-',ir-t ili'iiih-ri thnt  an Operation was nei:-<-/l.  ������������������an .bu writt'-M' of these pills.  *������Then one ������if mv fr.oi.d:. rrfcirnrtv-rn.i-t  E.   Pir.kharn'H   Vt-w-uAiU  Com-  thf  A.  Lydia  rynnd nml nft'-r ���������-.i������i,- it f..r lv/o iv.on  _._._ w<:ll woman." -Mr.'.. .!i).,':vn  Sjtncit, .T'-'uup, Pa.  Women who uui'Y-r  from fi-mftit- ills  ���������- r,*   n:. i-i .,,,,<��������� v,.,4,.i,i.  rnih of thi' miif.*. Hiifri-nn-  iv.������krijiK.-ii... tue v/or!d Ikvi .-vi r Idmwn,  ihm-fnrm (uibinittinir to a Kurj-iiud operu-  >3.1m fnmnrmorifl  U  W.   N.   U.  0.T3  $80,000''Por John  B.  r.l.-ir'f'   hy   *he  hundred  tiro told  nf  *li(> kindness  of the late .1.   11.   Car-  Ji-ile of Toronto. I In* fonm r iusiirunco  in.ignate*    who     died     receiiMy,     his  plijek and I'lidiiraiif!!!, and ills humor,  boih in Uii* days of Wis good and ovll  fnrtuii".       While h<v wiih yet rt power  in Mil* hind. H wns he who carried $fiO,-  00')  of raiupaii'.n   I'uiKiH I ruin  Turuiilo  in  iiitawa in  a  '.liiU'lifl.       Willi   llilhj  In- waki'iM'ri lhe greiil  Hlr John In the'  ..i,.i,i ii������m,,.i   nml wlii'ii iliat i:ji'.ii.t. man  nud  come  il<>wiin,'iln.   In   hlu  nightie, |  l    \:   n|ii'in-il up tin; iiatchrl an 1 iilmw-1  i-'.\   il.i-    1'iiiid",   wllh    which   Un-   piiriyi  ��������� w.i.i  in wa;*,'-  war wiili  tin- '.rll.s,  whuj  , i.iiiii'h*.   on   I I.;il   u'-'-'tliloii  t(i  iin"i-;il   Ihoj  i:   \i riiMii'rii  with lhi������ hi'iivy wlri^vgiim', I  111    fl    tJ-lll|>i't'illH'li   I'll HI |l.iH-, II,    WIIICIl    Wllrt I  l.llllll-   .111.11-1 I,   ... .1    .1.   '.',.. ,.      ..... '.. .,'  -Imoi*.       .1.   it.   ii.v'-d  In drill-lit  to tell j  ih.iw L.n.y M;ifdn:i.*t!(! triitue ���������" llio 'ii������'h(  ' . i?   fd'-   ."t.'ilr'i   I"   H'pnive   tin-   PrruiiiT |  : for viiiturlm; downntjilru ehwl only  In I  [li\y,  ;'������������������ hiii*nil'  of  tin-  nli;lit. )  Cramming down-lll-r.hosen  food, and ru-'ihlnj; back to  v/oik, leadsstralfjht to dys-  [)<*.[cla, with all it meanr. In  mUcry.  Pi..i^.i- 1-..-.1.1:.-. c( p.u'.lnf:,  with a Na-Dru-Co Dys-  ivr.p'-.ia TaUftt alter each  meul, n*.:aorr. ^ood dlge:;-  lien, hrahh and hapulnci--.!.  A box ol Ma-Dru-Co l)yi-  p"p,-.U TjMels ctir.W hut  .rA;. at vour Dru'*f;l.'it's.  Nallonal DruK and Cliein-  ������������������; The Tent Clays  Tho Geological Survey of the Dominion havo secured accommodation In  ttjo, lahoratorlns of the mining building at the llnlvorslly of Toronto, foi'  trio purpose of carrying    on    export-  j menial work on clayti and ahalefi.  ''.ToHoph   Kneuo,  geologist lr., clmrgo  j of  the clay., Investigation  nf  fhinnda,  I will do this work,.', Hh. brings with  him .about two tpi.H of suJn'plos ,cpl*  ilectc'd during ln;it* suuinVer In' ihe'Province of Qnohci',, New tlruiiHwlcIc aiid  AlhpVtn.       ,;    ''.*��������� '?'  'Mr. Keeli'i, has bom? woVklng nxelu-  i.lvely on clay '-and r.hal'e ..dop'os-sltf* dyr-  iii;; Un- Vir,l four yrrirn, hlr1. p'ublti.hed'  reports e.oiiBlltulo. prnctl'eiilly the, only,?  Informnllon avalliihlo on '.bene muter-  IuIh ln this country. ��������� , ,,,���������,  Tho faculty of applbxl Hcieiie.i hnvo  long been aware m the growing liri-  poriaueo <i the clay working Indualry  '. > ('iitiiwlti, uml lhe need for wider I {'.li-  rilenl knowledge of tho raw materialu  and proe.iHHi'.'' Involved ln It.  it'i"  Ma','lr*3 n nr<nl' Ch^rlc T.-������i|/'  Making checkii ol*  bank  union  Unit  aii; ���������.-.ip-ilile r>! cpeaklri.f; !*������������������ line ef iho  lalr-st pi'������if'iiil.louti auahud forgery  that hnu beOn Invented., Tin; nol.,. Iti  given  Ihn power of intern nee  by ap-  .;,;,,     ;.    ;;.-    ������������������������������������-..   ������   ..ii-tix-i-.i   r^i-nni  or iw-rfornllouii representing Komo pre-|  iiiTiiiigfil phiiimi.       Vviiou Um |iii|������iii-  ed note Im placed In a phonograph the  phrnno ln r'prodiieed iiu  the  |iri'i,"in'i'  ot   llll.'   iM'I'HO.i   who   iu������tl   vj t H *.: t t' 111 <" <-1   llll'  gcnulneiicuu of  Oo   toU������.  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Thu  biir',lnrH took noMiIng save Jam con-  iiiining powerful poisons, Including  ai-Honic, strychnine and morphia, and  Ignored tho till, which contained a  sum ot monoy.  v.ur,i.t/iti...  only   havi'  to  piunciJ.  (lroer,r    Not   thrH������������   prunoa;  uiu ouly ucven yearo old.  pay   u  dlmo  for  tliono  tflioHe  Al>'.;iUi  111 i.uu.i ia ..A,.j....^'. jC.*.'..,'' '...^.rt.  Indeed ho in. Why, bo actually  wanted lo UIhh mu when ho met ma oa  Yoni**'* atroot yeHtorduy.  *���������__  ������������������MM*.  ������!���������������. ���������^���������^.���������^���������miw" i '.���������' j"^s**g*f5������ ��������������������������� **?-*t. \*^v*777r7^F^^^'^^iiw>'-fr-: *-��������� >��������� ^ '��������� *4t&������<Wri5$&M  TEE   GRESTON    t_EVIEW,    CRESTON.    B. C.  :/'S';r;  ASQUilH ON FOOD U%  BEMARKABLE        LETTER      FROM  MANITOBA GRAIN GROWERS  Manitoba Farmers are Asking for no  Favors, and are Willing to Enter Info .Competition   With     the    World  In selling their Wheat on the British  Market���������Would Protect Consumers.  '.London.���������Premier Asquith, who received the freedom of the city of Dundee, addressed a meeting of the constituents of East Fife and dealt with  the recent.speeches of Bonar Law and  Austen Chamberlain on food taxation  I have failed, he said, to understand  why the buiden of responsibility was  to be thrown upon the colonies. I  do not. believe the Dominions would'  consent for a moment to *>nter into  such a position.  Continuing, he said: I have received a remarkable document from tho  Manitoba Grain Growers' Association.  signed by the president, who tells mo  that It Is an association representing  10.000 farmers in the province. These  are the people who if food taxes were  ���������imposed, are believe** to benefit by  them.  This is the voice of Manitoba, ftear  RUSH STARTS EARLY FROM OLD  COUNTRY  Four  Large  Parties  , Have    Reached  Winnipeg Since First of Year  Winnipeg.���������The 1913 immigrant  rush is starting off very strongly and  no less than four large parties of new  settlers have already found their way  into the Canadian west since the beginning of the year. .  Two hundred and fifty persons were  brought into Winnipeg by the Canad  ian   Pacific  a  few  days ago  /*?SJ-  ih  PROPOSED    CIVIL    SERVICE     REFORM  FAVORED BY SENATE  Sir Geo. Ross Favors the Adoption of  the British System of Under Secretaries, With Special Privileges and  Special Duties���������Difficulties in Revising the Present System.  Ottawa.:���������In the upper house Sena-  Eighty [tor Moran asked if Hon. Geo E. Fos-  per  cent,   of the  new  arrivals  were-ter, minister of trade and commerce.  England, is,arranging to send out to  the Canadian' west a party of 15 boys,  ranging from 15 to 20 years of age.  The idea is to place the lads on farms  where they will be paid the highest  wages possible, according to their  ages and physique. They will sail  on the Virginian leaving March 14.  J. Bruce Walker, commissioner of  Immigration, says that if this first  party proves successful lt will be the  forerunner of many others, consisting  of boys from the midland of England.  He states that arrangements have  what tbey say: Newspaper despatches j been made by the immigration audi-  Indicate that a movement is afoot in *e ities to find places for Captain Hind _  Great Britain to tax foreign wheat in boys, prior to their arrival.  order to give preference to wheat' The boys, he says, will not be seat  from the overseas Dominions. It is to farmers .#vho .will, use them u������itil  atated the Intention is to refer the about the, end,of-November and then  question to the overseas Dominions turn them loose-to-find for themselves  This Is a vital matter to tue farmers  young men who have come out from  the British Isles. They were some  of the passengers from the Hesperian  and  Montrose  had made a public declaration in  which he appears to repudiate the Nationalists, of Quebec and in-which be  openly ������suited over the defeat and re-  Captain Oliver Wind, of Nottingham,   jection  of  the  Nationalist policy  on  tne naval question in the cabinet  Hon.    Mr.    Lougheed    raised    the  iMm&aam&/sa*e&?^  C.P.R.  WILL     ESTABLISH     ELEVATORS  Unofficial Statement Made at Calgary  is Considered Authentic  F  of these may not arrive in Europe un- ��������� ^  til March, but every day now the quantities  set afloat from southern  parts  increase the amount on ocean passage  and every week the quantities shipped  Calgary: v-    Oge ..nnouncemenx.  gj ^������L?l^g^^*  that the Canadian Pacific Has- decided j La ^ Tone ol* the lead-c ?ac ors  to establish .throughout the grain | tntnnxxeL'Z^ic^ Ibou^th? ou?  growing provinces a system of Intern j tMn liable ^ strengthen prices ������n a  al  terminal    elevators    ot,   1,000,000 ( p8r,nmnent degIW> u*der ^.G������.ent cc...  r%  t  \\K  K  \  bushels capacity each  Construction is to commence this  year and the first three are .to be located at-Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon.  The plan, it is stated; is to establish a line of such elevators at points  about 200 miles apart on the main  C.p.R. lines.      Under the plan, a car  ,  j.    .      .     ...        , a - ��������� - loaded with wheat will only have to  point of oroer tnat the request reierr- , travel 200 mile8 on a round trip be-  ed  to a speech in parliament during | *,.,-*���������  the  shlnnino-  noint and  a ter-  the present session and thus did not   SiSll e'eSator whereas it m"st travel  spring upward, a 10c. advance would  require- an answer. -.-     \^^SS^^V^^^V������ .**?. easily accomplished... _Thus, sup-  ditions and prospects, will be damage  reports on the winter wheat crops  which may come on 'the .markets in  the course of a' few weeks. The almost certainty that there will be damage reports in due time, restrains  those traders who may have bearish  views from selling t_e future deliveries aggressively, because if really important damage was to develop in the  winter   wheat,   prices    would    easily  LESSON    V4.  FOR  -���������FIRST    QUARTER  FEB? 9,   1913  of Canada, and as president of the  Manitoba Grain Growers' Association.  I wisJi to call your attention to a resolution unanimously a,dopted on January 8: That this convention oppose  any prefential tariff scheme that will  give Western grain growers a higher  price for their grain at the expense  of tbe British workingman.  The letter to Premier Asquith proceeds as follows:  Manitoba farmers believe that the  British trade policy is a British queK-  ton entirely and resent any attempt.  oa the part of Canadian interests to  Interfere with' matters which affecr  the British people alone. When it  Ss suggested that the question be referred to the overseas Dominions we  consider we should give expression Lo  our views, particularly the grain gro-w-  GS& of Western Canada, who are the  largest exporters in the British BJm-  joire, and that Great Britain is oftv  chief market at the present time  W������ wish the people of 'Great Britain  to distinctly understand that, we have  so desire to place any additional burden on the British consumer for our  benefit. We believe that any preference given to wheat from the over  sees Dominions will simply result in  an increased cost to the British consumer.    We are quite willing to face  4-V*0x    ������r/���������'liVo    /������/\Tr������!\r*t*.'tlri*-.    In    tViix    "Rt-lt.  mm. w       ���������' ������������������ -*��������� ������*      mm^.}.........!..     ...      ������������������.*.      ... ��������� =  ish market and are anxious only thai  British manufacturers should be given  Sree access to the Canadian markets.  Concluding, Premier Asquith said"  The relations between the Mother  Country and her great Dominions have  sever been more intimate and a_ee-  tiosate. In the creation of the  South African Union and upon the  grant of responsible government to  the Transvaal we see a triumph of  Liberal principles and the Liberal policy and throughout the Empire ther.-*  is" everywhere a growing resolve for  closer co-operation iii the great and  common task of Imperial defence.  hut they will be placed where they  will .be.-_pfe;for'������l-SL������ear.'' ' In every  case the authorities will insist upon  a guarantee ta tlJeVfiect that the boys  will be treated treasonably and kept  for the whole "twelve months.  Senator Powers moved the rei'er-  i ence of the report of Sir George Murray on the organization of public service of Canada to the senate committee on civil service administration.  In doing so he stated civil service reform was likely to be more popular  with the party out of power than  with the party in power. This report  was valuable as an outside opinionny  an expert who had no party affiliations In Canada. He quoted with  approval Sir .George's recommenda^  tlon that the service should be made  attractive enough to attract  men and capacity in It, recognized in  such a way as to induce the civil servants to give their be3t efforts to their  duties.  Sir George Ross favored the adop-  tweea any Alberta point and the terminal at Fort William, under present  conditions. A given amount of rolling equipment will, therefore, under  the proposed plan, do about twelve  times the amount of service.  The proposal is designed to cure the  car shortage evil and freight congestions which occur annually in the  grain seWon. The proposal is also  said to be a part of tbe plans of the  C.P.R. to compete with the Panama  Canal by the build-og of a railroad to  Hudson Bay which would be facilitat-  capable ed by having the grain of the west  stored in elevators contiguous to the  Hudson Bay line.  tion of the British system ot undersecretaries   who   would   have   special  Many Favor the"Wireless for;Yukon   privileges and special duties.      Rose-  PjjeA.-j^j."'' berry, Salisbury, Churchill and many  Distriot  Edmon. Alta,���������Traders,   freighters,  other British statesmen were trained  as under secretaries    for   the    great  feSWSE" ^^e^L?einft������S   Places  they  afterwards  filled   in   the  ministry.  Hon. Mr. Lougheed was glad that  gentlemen on the other side of -the  house had approved of its action in  employing Sir George Murray to report upon the civil seryice. The  government was aware of the difficulties of revising a system which had  been rooted by the custom and practice of years. However, the government believed there was a feeling in  the country that the tline had coma,  when something should be done with  this question. The views of an outside expert sihould be of more value  than opinions of one with a bias. That  ministers should be relieved of de-tailed routine he heartily agreed. The  motion was adopted.  A bili amending the Royal North  West Mounted Police act and a bVs!  amending the Canada shipping act  were read a third time.  North West Mounted Police in Ed  mon ton and northern Alberta are unanimously in favdr of the proposal to  establish a series of wireless stations  from Athabasca down the Mackenzie  river and from there to Rampart  House, in the. Yukon. This plan was  discussed at Ottawa recently at a conference between Dr. Thompson, RI.  P., for the Yukon, Bishop Stringer, of  the Yukon diocese and Dr. King, director ef-the astronomical department.  It Is-"said here that the establishment  of a chain of stations will be the  means of securing much scientific data  of value and assist in opening the far  north country. The stations would  also be of value to the meteorological  department, giving the observers a  wider field from which -to make fore-  easts and placing them in touch with  a now almost upknown te-*. itory north  of the 58th parallel.  MARTIN.  MAKES  INQUIRIES  POSTAL  Regina Member Submits Several Questions in House of Commons  :  Ottawa.���������W. ]WDv Martin, Regina.  Ib inquiring of the government as to  two * matters of Importance. He Is  asking for an eight hour day for  letter carriers, for the limitation of  the weight of mail matter to be carried by such, employees and for increased wages for them, and aB to  whether or not the government is taking action to deal with the matters  Jn question.  He is also asking as to whether or  sot the government has been request-  ad to amend the civil service act by  abolishing the present classification of  clerks In the city post office and substituting two classes, clerks and supervisors, and to increase the salaries  paid city post office clerks; further,  the Re���������lh_ member is inquiring as to  .whether or not the government will  in traduce legislation at the present  sesflion In regard to these post office  natters.  CONSOLIDATED SCHOOLS  Alberta  to   Try   Out the   Experiment  This Year  Edmonton.���������Amendments will h���������  made to the Education Act of Alberta  at the coming session to make provision for'the establishment of consolidated schools in the province, announced Hon. John H. Boyle, Minister of Education. Other^ minor  charges will also be mads to insure.  smoother working of the act. The  minister recently visited consolidated  schools in operation in Manitoba, On-  .tario and in some American states,  and -is of the opinioii that where the  extra expense' can be borne decided  advantages are offered by bringing  children from several school districts  to one central school. Manual training and domestic science and advanced continuation work will he  taught In connection with these central schools.  GOLD CONSIGNMENT STOLEN  100,000 Marks Disappear From Ger  man Steamer at Vigo  Madrid.���������A case of gold to  amount of 100,000 marks was stolen  from the strong,box of the German  steamer Capablanco on the voyage  froim Rio Janerio. according to despatches from -Spain. The "door of  the strong room was opened by a duplicate key. Nine- other similar  cases? forming a consignment of gold  from Rio Janeiro to Berlin were found  intact. A thorough search in the  ship proved without avail and the  missing gold was not recovered, roiice  and customs launches surrounded tha  plies in sight are plentiful, and that  deters an upward mow.ment which tho  bullish sentiment would feign bring  about and the fear of a sharp crop  damage advance deters' the bearish  opposition from asserting their feelings in a practical way. Between  the two the markets are very much  in a rut. All the same the wheat  trade is not nearly so dead as we have  often seen it. The big demands for  wheat and flour which were . experienced during the fall months ��������� are  over, and to our mind they have resulted in a large building up of invisible supplies, but there is a nice  healthy trade in wheat "going on all  the time up to this date. We thinu  the United States movement for export will now decrease but Europe  will not take much noti&e of it with  increasing shipments from the Argentine and Australia, and the possibili-  the 1 ties are that within, a few weeks Rus*  sia will increase her shipments largely. A good deal is written about the  poor quality of the western European  wheat of the 1912 crop and that good  foreign wheat is needed to go -long  with it. We do not give much, heed  to this, because the miller can mow?  Text of the Lesson; 'Gien.-.:fx?;.'8-l''l~  Memory Verses,15t 16���������Golden Text  Gen. ix, 13.���������Commentary Prepared by ReV.D? M. Stearns. ;Y:  As to the record of the deluge and  the whole story of Noah, these few  words from the Lord Jesus Christ,  "As it was in-the days of Noah" (L-uke  xvii, 26), establish us and cause ua  to say to any who question the record.  "Yo������ are standing against Jesus  Christ, for He indorsed the record of  Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah  and Lot, Elijah and Elisha, Daniel  Jonah and all else, and to doubt His  word is to doubt the living -ind true  God, for He only said what the Father  told Him to say (John xii. 48, 49).  and He Himself was true God." Away  with all unbelief,'whatever'it may he  called, scholarship, new theology, theo-  sophy or aught else, for it is all from  the evil one, the god of this world.  Let ub be "most sureiy believers,  knowing the certainty of all thinge  written in the Scriptures. He who  sent the waters on the earth alsa  caused them to abate, and just five  months after the waters began to increase the ark rested (chapter viii, 3,  4; compare vii, 11).  It was over two months longer before the tops cf the mountains wera  seen and forty Cays more before Noah  sent forth a raven and a dove. Tiao  raven, being an unclean bird, could  rest on any dead carcass- and there  were no doubt plenty floating about.  The dove, being a clean bird, found  no resting place and returned to the  ark. These birds are suggestive of  two classes of people���������those who can  rest on and enjoy ail dead thinga  and those who find rest only ln  Christ,'the true iark. The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove found Hia  firsi perfect r-esfcihg place in Christ.  Yet -He/ comes to such as we are, sin-  ne_e*whO:.fi������d refuge in our ark. Jesu������  adays do won^rsjvith poor wheat. ������r  ^^ ���������d. H    e(iti6fiacmiibt to' AweU  goodness knows- what   this-   country  would do with a lot of its low grade  wheat in some of the unfortunate seasons .      We fancy ail the poor wheat  will be worked into the grist somehow  liner as^soon as she arrived at Vigo,   more especially when we consider that  there is this year plenty of cheap oats,  barley,  corn ' and  other  products  of  Seized Contraband Furs  Toronto.���������Another seizure of alleged contraband furs has been reported  from Sioux liookout. A shipment  valued at $22,000, consigned to the  Hudson Bay Company was intercepted. It consists of silver fox, bear,  skunk, mink and muskrat.  Inspector Greer has been sent to  investigate.  TO CANCEL "STOP-OVERS'  G.TAC. Report  Winnipeg.���������II. A. Woods, assistant.  chief engineer of |tho Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, has now issued his tp-  l-ort with tho catlmates for ronstTw-  tion on the custom division 'of th.'  ���������line. Up to the present time the  tctal amount of money representeeti;  lioarly 2,000 miles of lino Is $05,9S1.-  0**G.  Included ln this mum Is $685,240 ior  buildings m addition to $2,077,784 fur  ml-cellancqu'a contract..*! representing  works of various kinds dono at or  Hear lhe city of Wlnnlpog. Tho Grand  Trunk Pacific Hallway In still the con-  &i-uU>i- for Honm Lliruo iltiuidreil iiiUuh  of constructed Uno ln this division.  Volunteer Builders Burled Under Tabernacle  Eldorado. KaB.���������Ono hundred men  who had volunteered their nervlcon to  build a tabornacle for a rovival, woro  buried In piles of broken timbers,  when fhb roof collapsed. FHtf>oii  ���������were Injured, threw probably fatally.  Expert carpontors had warned tho volunteers that thny wero overloading  ������io roof. Half an hour boforo tho  Hccldent 25 women wero at work, but  thoy wont to a noarhy church to pro-  pore dinner for tho workmen.  Beautifying Parliament Hill  *   Ottawa.���������Tho government, is having  w������r*M*,iiT������*ri ii com|iri'hi>iiHlvI-mill ciiiviful-  jy planned wcheino for the lmprov.--  mont, from n. himuiIo Htamlpolnt. of Parliament Hill. Mr. Nnul'in Cnuehon,  a well-known Ottawa cnglncor, has  boon aiiked to prc-par_ ami on:lino a.i  j,^naiip   I'eiipHin.   which   will   omhrn-'o  Must Answer Murder Charge  Edmonton.���������Alice Butler, who shot  and instantly killed her Tiusband on  January third, and who claims it was  accidental, will have tb answer to the  charge of murder, and James Veal,  who was a witness to the shooting, is  charged, with being an aceeSory, and  a charge of perjury has also been laid  againsit liimY' ���������Th-'lhforhianoh on the  three charges wg!**3 ,made:-xuit by .captain I). W. Sims," of the detective  force, and signed* aa -tho *-*iugl-tTate  The magistrate has remanded .all  cabos untM ��������� noxfnA*k".:������ * r"'  ~  The charge of ynRrancv<aaalu*j't i\Irs.  Butler and tfrat'bf carrying a concealed weapon s^aincj, sVe*!* have* been  withdrawn "  Want Western.Ffedl^g^S.'s-Hjulu ������������������  Lethbridgo.���������W. D. Flnley,k secretory of the Associated Boards of  Trade of Southern Alberta, has a let  ter from W. P. Stevens, live stock  commissioner of Alberta) assuring him  of government support in brlh���������lng  pressure to boar on the C.P.R. for the  establishing, of a feeding station at  some point west of Calgary.  Calgary iB now the farthest feeding  BtaMon wost and il Is Impotislbloi to  ship cattlo to Vancouver that way and  to comply with tho laws of feeding  every thlrty-Rlx hours.  Mr. Flnley haa boon assured hy tho  company oillelals that Kovelntoko  would ho oatabllBliod as a feeding station.  Manitoba's New Railroad  Winnipeg.���������Tho now railroad expansion policy to ho fathered hy tho  Manitoba government at, the proacnt  session, according to reports, will bo  uh folloivn:  1���������Two Hopnralo lines into Ln Pna  each In larger Manitoba, the ono being built on the cast nlilo of tlio Lukes  Manitoba and Wlnnlpcgosts, and the  other on the went.  2���������One line direct from Winnipeg to  Port, Nelson truvernliig north-easterly  from tho city, tlio uu.nl tihoro of Lako  Wlnulpi-p; or. to Port. Nclnon, panning  Clod's Lake on the went.  :,���������A railroad lo Fort. Churchill  which will be entirely lu new Manitoba.  Tariff Changes of C.P.R. and G.T.P.  Meet With Opposition  Ottawa.���������An order concerning a lumber matter of international interest  has been raised by the railway commission. It cancels proposed tariff  changes by the C.P.R. and G.T.R.  abolishing stop-over privileges on international lumber shipments, e���������cept  those destined exclusively to points  in the United States.  Consignees to whom lumber is shipped, whether to the United f'-ates  from Canada, or vice versa-often prefer to receive the timber in a partly  manufactured state planed, or otherwise treated. Hitherto the railways  have accorded the privileges to both  United States and Canadian shippers  of forwarding raw lumber from the  shipping point to some intermediate  point where it is manufactured at the  true rate, and then shipping it on  again to its destination for a.slight  advance over the regular tariff, which  would be charged for unbroken forwarding. Now, however, the railways propose to abolish this etop-over  privilege on all shipments except those  designed for United States points. On  complaint having been made the board  has Issued an order suspending the operation of the changes and the case  will bs heard in Toronto, Feb. 7.  THE MARKET REPORT  Weekly Grain Letter Supplied by  Thompson, Sons & Co., Grain Merchants, Wlnnrpe���������.  Winnipeg, Jan.   28.���������^There continues tp be an.undertone of bullis-hnes-  in the speculative wheat markets, but  Lt  is  not  strong  enough  to. advance  r,T'--.~       T-Mr v-*'ni������,-���������ness seems mor.2  a matter of sentiment, as if it were  .....  ...o.i h-iruf. ia������ier to the thought.  We of course do not know every detail and circumstance connected with  the- supply of and demand for wheat,  or the actual " consiuii'j'tive' reouire-  menit's for all purposes but from  What information we have regarding  these things, we fail to see any good  grounds for higher prices at the present time. During the past week all  markets have been dull and quiet, and  in spite of the bullish feeling referred  to above, the tendency has been for  slightly lower prices, and closing quotations to-day run around %c. to %c.  under what they closed at a week ago;  this refers to the American markets  but the European markets exhibit  ihe same tendency to ease off without  making any decided break. The international situation is naturally on  an easier basis, now that the Argentine and Australia have begun to ship  freely of their now crops.      The flrat  ]  *v$V^p<^  London, Rngland.��������� At a Nalloilal  KiiruH-rii' Union nuvtliif' al Huyward'M  UiMitH    It   wild   iilntfd   thnt   1*111   nnrl  www*-* *w>  ���������wf  X .  >   4  A���������4  ���������HlMW������  ���������vv'v���������f  V  at,p.* *  M;''tiUu<i:' r-'^  r  -������������������.^  OTS'*  AN   1P.IHH   PlOnnTANTK���������LADY  NOllAH   MA8T1NOH  Thu ai'cotiU daughter of Lord and Ludy IluuUiigdoii, wlnui' debut will Lo  one of tho most Interesting uvenfa of tho coming nc-auon. Lord HiintliiK'  don married .Whin Maud WMkoii, Uiu ilaimhtor of I he late tslr Hiuniit-l WHhuii  I TVila,   hnvn   nnn   oi\r\     I .rtrd   Unntlni'a     mil   thrift.   An ii.'M^ri'    llir>   f ,- II,.11   Umiil  not only tho beauttllcatlon of the hill, |T.I12 wero tho two worm yearn furmorn | Noruli and Mailiin HaHl.iiigH. Lady Norah In vory ueroinplluhed and a gre.nl  ���������������..,. nmn iui|ii..������.) uuui u h-uiiac viow-inu:* expuru'in.-.'-- ior nouny lutil u con- I lover or opeiiinr t-poru*. lo'iowiug iiimuiiIh with u /.ei'l Miui i"������ mien a tea-  ���������point Uio banks of the rlvor., [tury. J ture of the rlHlng geu������ruUou at the pronont tlmo.  high quality, which will make more ae  ceptable feed than poor wheat. There  is little doubt we think of plenty of  wheat -' to go around this season and  the chance of considerable left over  to go into the new season with, and,  instead of persisting in the hope for  and effort to intake higher prices, traders of bullish tendencies day better  turn their thoughts to what will follow  later  on  in  the   season,  should  this  year's crops come along favorably and  result in   another   abundant   world-  yield.     In the meantime present supplies  are plentiful,    last    week    the  world's shipments from exporting to  importing countries amounted to 11.-  840.000 busflels. compared with    only  7,376,000 bushels same week last year.  and .the quantity  on  ocean  passage  increased 3.536.000    bushels,   making  the  aggregate   on  passage   32,832,000  bushels against  27.952.000  bushels a  year agw.      The -msveaseat of wheat  in the United States as recorded by  the   primary receipts  figures  is  stili  unusually large for the time of year,  but last week- the United States visible supply decreased 1,805,000 bushels, which was an unexpectedly large  decrease considering the large movement.      Last year in corresponding  week there was a decrease of 1.602.-  000 bushels and the total visible was  63,270,000 bushels but this year the total visible is 65,019,000.      The condition of the growing crops   of   winter  wheat in the United States is reported  fine  from  practically   every  district,  but the testing time comes in about  two months.      The crops   iu Europe  are   in  fair  average  condition,  very  few complaints being heard, but in-a  general way they are not nearly so  robust as the United States crop and  they will need favorable weather conditions to  bring them  along.  Trade In our Winnipeg market has  been rather quiet during the week,  the demand for cash wheat ls fair, but.  holders nre not. ready sellers, hoping  for some advanco In prices. The  movement from the country has been  retarded lawt week by severely cold  weather, but is expected to Increase  with the milder weather of the last  few days. The C.N.R. notified the  trade on the 24th inst. that they  would stop accepting shipments from  country points to Port Arthur, as the  grain now in store and In transit  would fill the Port Arthur elevators  to their capacity. Instead they will  take cars for Duluth at Port Arthur  rate of freight, until they can resume  shipping to Port Arthur. A large  amountfof now storage being built at  Pnvt Arthur Is expected to be-ready  to rocolvo grain by Mar. 1st. Today's  cash prices nre: 1 Northern, 82V&C; 2  Nor., 79Uo; .1 Nor., 701/4c; No. 4  wheat, 71%-c; No. G, 6C%c; No. 0.  02c; Feed, 52c; No. 1 AlberUi Red  Winter, 88U<*; No. 2 A.R,, SO'/ic;  No. 3 A.R., 77*/ie. Tou���������h wheat hns  buyers at Go. to 8c. under tho  straight, grade prices. Note that Alberta Rod Wlntor fotches at present  lc. ovor spring gradoa. Futures  cloRorl Jan., 82Mic;- May, 86%-%o;  July, 83 %c  Oate���������  The trade In oats is quiet, supplies  are liberal and doniaud Is slow. To-  d.-i.'!', ci'li jirlrc** ariv. 2 Can. We-.t...  3li&o; 3 C.W., 28-ic; Ex. 1 Food.  ���������lO'/ic; 1 Feed. 2K������{.e; 2 Feed, 20c:  Futures closed May, 351,4c; July,  80%o.  Barley���������  Thoro in less demand for barley and  priofl uro ���������/i.e. to lViic. lowor.      Today's prices arc  No.   3,  4Cc;   No.   4,  ���������i:ic: Rejected, .>!������������������������_<���������; .<v< _, i.KViii;.  Flax���������  r..l. ......    I..     .%     f.r,...,l    A,.,������.,--,,������    *���������,-. ..    IT,., ..    .,|  4   ..A.,1..     , .,      ������������������������     r>ut'^     'A'   J...*,114      li.,       ......     Ul  the moment and prlceo are 2%,i,c. to  3c. up on 'he uvelc. To-day's e.*i;;h  pi hn'ji are No. 1 Nor. WVut. Canadian,  109Vie; No. 2, Cun. Western, 107V4e.  Futures clofied January, iot>'/<.������.���������; May,  11 .������ 1 ' r.  in us and abide with us and* reveal  Christ to us and through us. In  Noah and the story of the ark we see  perfect obedience, for he did according to all that God commanded him  (chapters vi, 22; vii, 5).'  The Lord called him in and shut  him In, and although the waters were  dried up from off the earth in a little  less than eleven months .from the  time that Noah entered the arlc, ha did  not leave the ark until fully twelve  months and seventeen days had  passed (chapters vii, 10, ' . and viii  13, 14), ana then not until God spaks  unto him, saying: Go forth from the  ai^c (viii, 15,16). A life of obedience  to the word of God and rest in the  will of God is possible to every true  child of God. Notice Noah's altar  unto the Lord? and his burnt offering  and the Lord's acceptance of it. He  was the Lord's own, of the line of  Abel, truly redeemed, seeing his own  sinfulness and trusting in redemption  and acceptance only by the blood of  the sacrifice. He was an heir of the  righteottsmess which is by faith and  by his faith and obedience condemned  the world (Hebj xi, 7). The world  does not like- to be condemned.  In chapter ix, 1, 7, we see, as everywhere, that the blessing of the Lord  meant fruitfulness, multiplication and  abundance. I am often reminded of  Prov. x, 22, R.V., "The ,blessing o*  the Lord maketb rich, and toil addeth  nothing thereto." As in salvation,  so in service, all must be of the Lord,  and apart from Him all is vain, useless, nothing. This is'the first time  that we find an altar mentioned in  the Bible, but the first sacrifice Is seen  in Gen. it, 21. Both altar and . sacrifice' point on to Golgotha, where by  the sacrifice of Himself He purged  out sins (Heb. 1, 3; ix, 11-14).  In this record of ithe deluge and in  connection with the arlc we have the  flrst mention of a covenant (vi. 17).  and in our lesson chapter the covenant ie mentioned just seven times. A  covenant generally required two parties and iT -ilher failed the covenant  fell through. TfiiR, however, ls an  unconditional covenant In which God  assumes all the responsibility and  says what Ho will do or will not do  for His own sake, because Ho In God.  He calls it "My covenant" and "the  everlasting covenant" (15. 16), In  which Ho assures Noah that TTo will  never again destroy the earth with a-  flood of water.  Then He graciously calls Noah'B attention to the bow in tho cloud, cay-  ing: "I do set My bow In the cloud,  and in condescension to our weakness  He says: "1 will look upon It that 1  may remember" (versos 13, 16). On  the same Une of thought He say3 to  Israel: "Put me. In remembrance; let  ub plead together" (lea. xill, 26). Tho  rainbow Is mentioned In tho Bible on <  just four different o'ecasions, here and  in Ezeli. I, Rev. Iv and x, and four  is* the great world number.  In Rov. iv, it is a green rainbow,  which lu very suggestive for several  reasons, tone being that green lo  earth'B prominent color, ond Ho ia  there no-en taking posrobrIou of tho  earth in connection with a purification  by Judgment. Peter tolls us that as  water tho world that now is, la roaorv-  ed into fire, but wo look for now hoav.  ona and a now earth wherein dwolloth  rlghteouRiioR- (11 Pet. Ill, 5-13). Ho  nlRo tells uh in tho same chuptor that  many will scolY at thoao things, as  no doubt, thoy Hcoffed aL Noah's pro  riletinn of n deluge, hut the day of tho  Lord will come aa a thief in the nignt.  Blames It on Railwaye  Washington.���������In a speech to i.ua  house, Hep. Mann, lhe minority leader, dofenilod the Panama Canal tolls  hill, declaring thnt practically all op-  poHltlon to tho policy of th:> United  Htaten regarding tolla, originated with  the  TraiiHcont-lnenLil  rnllwayH whoso  l.lli'h   .no   lii������������l>    Hi   in-   ,'i fi'm-tui'l   )iy    iim  nduc!Imi of the cost of cavrliiRe by  \v;.!������'r.  Mr. iVIaiin inttitdoil that Un- bill bud  been jr.lven full roiiHldoratlon hy con-  great- ami produced the voIoh In var-  I All prlee-i quoted above are biiHod ( nre tn refute the eh.irrre that few  I mi delivery In ntoro Fort William and I uuuulieiH of tho houso were prcueat  I Pint Arthur. S when the bill waa puiiuod.  ���������i������m���������ili_i illinium-HiiiiiiiiiiMiiiMiiiiiii-l���������^ ,4 <_-���������.fr"-?.'.? ^ ft ,'���������'  SH^tej-jr:-  mmm  TUK    CH 1.-ST0N    REVIEW,    GRESTON,    B. C.  -���������-*������������������'������������������������������������*������"---������������������ ������������������ ������������������  *"v.  7%������ Creston V^eviefa  Published every   Friday  at Crnston, British * 6<nmbi*, by ������h������ Cr*ri������U'** Pr.nt- i   ^  ag and Pub n-taing OW-puny, Lui. ,     |   ^f    i   W  Creston  Mote.  ' IT!  ���������au. j--���������v_��������� ii������������������������_..������_-juwi*������i iu;  i'jp.; ^te'-aej-s  S  Tfca Review is the ecVnowiedKed -tid\< ni.-h-tr mwUntii of tilt? C*s*Stw������ "������*lll*������y,  eu   (  dilating iu nearly one thousand   hnun-s  throughout. the ������������������Creston di**rrtct   nm*      Va  r;>achiug out iu a broad miiinn-r into m her eoi-imnnili**-.    Our ������dv*-rti������iug ruta**  ere bused on the scale of thu R cwiv ������  <��������� i'lmudary Pri-tfrrw' Board t'f 'iriidt*.      ^>.  Land purchHhe aud biud leiitfe notiei s. $7 for stntn8*������y Mme. IHh-pln? udvei* ' <������^  tisements, $1 wiv inch uer nmetb : o-.li-r i-'ilveresteig I������ eST***** e������r li*"- firn w������w-"  and 5 cents per line in -uceeediiip wn'-lis. Suteo������**ipfei"*>' iuie?������ %%.& ������������ yesr n-  advauce. Our columns are "pHi to eoutt*.l>uT*U'-i������4ejjS-n������''1������i m������*.'���������*���������������������������- et !���������>'*������������������ i ������������������-  terest and the welfare of tht couii*jur.i\\. O mtritntMiib nmM bu l������������i't *���������������������������������������������  signed.  ���������M  Mi-i". B. Lamberton  Editor Hl:(l >.hi������:-">:������-> ��������� s  vou  1   -*l  While the fruit gro.vers of Washington, Idaho. Oregon  and'Montana are seeking closer cooperative marketing methods, growers of British Columbia are urging the'govern ine nt  to establish a distributing agency for. the marketing of the  province. James Johnstone of Kelson, representing, tlu-  central Farmers' Institutes, appeared at Victoria and was given a conference bv the Premier,   the  Attorney   General   and j  *l i !  the Minister of Agriculture.    He reports thnt his   plan   was,  accorded a niost sympathetic hearing. ;  Mr. Johnstone pointed out to the officials that   the  'ex-|  -Stance pf a marke: commissioner furnished already   put of;  machinery for tlie proposed governmental sales agency,  'i lie!  commissioner's reports, however, were  u e'.e-s   without   iu -  ther machiuer\-, for the}*    led   to   glutting  the   n arkcts   ihe  week after they were received, as they   induced   ;:;em!-c; s   to  ship to one point 'without reference to   what   their   j.eighbors  were doing.    In the past, said the speaker, fanners had   never taken up cooperation until thev had been  brought first to  baukruntcv, and ;t was from   this   that   he   wUhed   to  save  a -    ~  the province.    His scheme  would   allow any   individual  to  Tjt$ Lending  Hotel bf tU  Frwt     Bdt  Ou?   Crif$sf$  Call   c&gain  OU   will   make   no   mistake ^  'hen yon get off the train ������g  if yon sign the register at ������&:  the  Creston   Hotel.      Travelling <&���������  men   will  substantiate  ibis.    We a������  study   the  comfort of our guests. 1|  The  rocuia are well  furnished in .<&'  -a manner up-to-date. ||  IM II HI I LP  <imx- 2.1k SB   j-A \i Si. Immi&i  KIM  iii  ***.������������������������!������ wnn.iBn'wi.Bwa  ^ Syrup of White   Pine   and Tar   is  very  effective1.  Packaged in as and to cent bottles.  _-  _  k___f_1  UT.V.-***-**  Headquarters lot -lining Men,  Lumbermen, Ranchers, Tourists  and Commcrci-ils..   ^^������W^-g*Ajlfip~  L B, Moran  Prop*  ���������������������������������)������-S������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������������������^  *mQm#m*tam*m  f^-YALS Laxacold, break up a cold in 24 hours-  Does not coniaiu Qu-uine.  Sells at 25 cents a packtge.  Creston Drug&Book Co.  5  SL     Al.V*7AJrl*W  a  B  JL  I of KooUnuy, where Boundary Cre*ak  ! erossivs    suii'l   boundary   line:  Wesl.t'l'lv -iloni*; said Creek a  erossivs    suii'l   boundary   line;    thence   te    ������_  ml T  NOTICE TO CONTUACTOUS  - -���������- ��������� 11 ransisr, Livery an  j of i-ii"*ht, uules to a poiut on said boun     '*% ���������_:'��������� *. ��������� *  ������  . .t-  m-> (Best equipped Livery in Town)  d Siables  i dusy Hue where it is crossed  by  Blue! ;'���������'  maUe use of the <jo  men  .1.  Phoctor Senooi.  $������A1.R|> T^AN'tiKRis, Biipursoribed  "Tenders for Proctor -ihool?' will be  recvivad by the Hon. tho Miuister ol'  Public Work's up to noon of Wednesday, the 15th day of January, 1913, for  vernmeut organization without   an  agree- ibe erection and eomplebinn of a small  t r     ^i 1      .-       c -. ] . 5  ^A  Y ,.������, J���������-i one-room     sclu>olln)Use    on     concrete  t.     Hethouglntiicfar.il-!.-;   would  tnist   a   i;o_y unoei ;  I ii>uiidu.lion* at  l'l'i'ctrir, iu   the   "jTmir  close governiner.t supet'vlsioa and auditing and th.e expense; j;.!e..t()1..a -Qist.v;ct.  of a government organi;;ation would he   a trifle  compared   to!    Phms. spocifkatiou-s, eo:>.tract; and  the magnitude of the benefits resulting. | forms of tendt-r nuiy he seen  on   and  v j ui't'i* ihoalat day of  Decomlier,  1012,  With reference to a growing   movement   au-.ong   B.  C.;al  tju. '.offices of Mr. w. F. Teetzei,  i  frui: growers for the   organization   of   a   central   marketing; Government Agent, Nelson,B. C; Mr.  .       ������.,  . ,,-r x      x->       / ii      ���������       IA.   G.   (Jailup,   Secretary of   School  agency a writer m the Kelson   Kevvs   sounds   tne  following  Board, ^Toctor B. C.s and the Depart-  warning a*> applicable to the orchard interests of the   district ment of PabUc WotkBi PArH������raeut  "A central selling  agency will court  dlsapppintment it l BuiUiingo,-Vi������*ort������, B. e.  each locality, prior thereto, does not   provide  lor  itself  ade-    ������^h Prr^.rf ^u.6be aceoinpanied  quatc quarters aud facilities to take cay, of   _��������������������� products  locally prior to shipment���������whether this is required for sto~age  cooling, packing, repacking or converting the    unmarketable  produce into marketable byproducts.    Without  these   facilities no individual in any locality can economically aud effectively take care of the growers' products at time of shipment  Unless they are provided , the past experince  will  repeat if  self.  j Jiks Creok, t,ri!.*t'ther with such power  i for the une, operation, ownership and  uiaititenaiito- of ���������iiu*H  Railway as are  ' usually Ri-antod  in that behalf.  DAT El) al Victoria. British  Oi'ihiiiili*n, this 5th      ������ v  Dooouibci", A. P., 1912.  F. A. McOiarmid,  solicitor for the applicant  On  iii  ^;    All class of TURK OUTS supplied at short  notice     The latest styles of    |j  ^   CUTTEHS'and BU(JGIF.S for sale and hire     Saddle and pack  horses a  Speciality.  V| ��������� Speciality. ,   ^  ii   F'������ed for b������1o        A������ent for the McLaughlin Manfg. O-o.      Horses for sale    W  'l!'  r?>  ���������������������������**  ii  i  ,v<  Q  receive prmni)t attention  ri   I am prepared to fill altvirders. both by wire ;\Hd mail, and meer all trains W  7*   nt, anv hnui* ��������� f ih". dav or mRhi-..    Com nercrd men nud laimeet-kers,  -will 59  ti<) ' J." ^     ��������� A AA,.        A.    . ���������   -*"  *    ..X.r...X  ^  o   ^J5   fiV-V^X^/l ^O LI \3   1     I KJ\J |  '5 Phone 5G Smltu* Avemn* - Hex 14 p  \    -  .s \^J I  W m*A Lies  H3a3rii*.*ttf4'j**:. umu rj-w-n  1.tE-ing   jEDwatO's Scbooli  1  1  ���������i  j Principal  Jfor  3������"0*_3 auo <3u"ls  Mi-.-*. C-errington ij  hy an jpcesp^sd banb. eheque or certi-  iicate Q* deposit QS 2 'pfcfti*?^4* ^a"11*  ��������� >f Canada, made payable to the Hon.  CANCELLATION OF RESERVE  SYNOPSiS OF COAL MlMG  REGIT-  ������; Head Mistress,     Miss Cherxington ]  T,                                ;| (H.neairs    lertiticnH-,    (Vi nil-rid*!''  I Hifjhi'.r L-������C;il. ������5 riuiiiRh-in Unniviw-  Ooal reining rieiiis uf the  Dom nion,   'ij sirv Ediir.Hiio-.i Dn,.l>>in >.)  in Manitoba. Suskat, l-.e������*aunnd Ai eria  j  :cm   Territory,   ihe  North west j ,,:U,t,    Diploma yif    he _ College    ol  reserve existing by reason of the no- jTprricories a,ul Ul ���������  potion uf tbe Pro-'! Teaeh.is f..r ihe'n. iv )'"  ice published in the British Columbia.   -  ���������     .- r������^,^un..u,������,-������-  ������.,*-k_*f____i  1     Ti-rm������ for h-jn-ders on  an  It is with pleasure that we note the announcement of  the Minister of Agriculture at the anpual convention of the  Farmers Institutes held in Victoria. The Minister stated  that the Aerriculttiral Act would be so amended as to allow  of loans being given to farmers, who however would have to  co-operate and subscribe from 20 to 25 percent of the loans.  This is a start in the right direction aud the Government  is commended for taking this matter in hand. The details of  of the plan are not as yet to hand but it is to be hoped that  the amendments to the act will be both workable and of  assistance to the industry. Little has been accomplished in  the past by co-operation of the -farmers and it is to be hoped  that at no distant date the Government vrill be able to come  forward with a bold scheme whereby the fundamental industry of all industries will receive that recognition an4 assistance to which it is entitled.  the Minister of Public   Works,  for a  ���������'^..        '       '    '  sum equal to 10 per cent, of the.tender,  which shall be forfeited if the party  tendering decline to enter into contract when called upon to do so? or ii  he fail to eorapletc fcbe work contract-  ������d for. The cheques or certificates oi  deposit of unftiicceANful tenderers -will  bo returned to them upon the execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,  ���������signed   with  tho actual  signature ol  the tenderer, and enclosed in Iho en  velopes fui'iiisheil.  The lowest or any tender nob neceh  iiirily neeopti'd.  J. E. OriiTith,  Public Works Engineer.  Department, of Public Works,  Victoria, 11. C, December 17, 11)1.  NOTICE is hereby given that tho#the  Yuk(  [Territork-  : viuce of Bihi:sh Cjltimbw, lufty fcalSfiSft-jj  f  -���������wette of December 27th, 1A07, is can-;fop  &   ^rm  of tv8eWraue    j^   ^jl,  ceiled in so far as the smsic relates to  ���������-.ho following described lands, eo as to  -termU of the ������ale of the timber standing thereon:���������  5 Assistant ������ Hiss fiedgsen  (���������'���������:��������� totiriiiue    Hi.yln-r   Luenl   cermfi.  i  ������piicntn.-ii  iTisue ���������   Ohi.'I iviis* i'-'t'S.  au'nn-imil rental i������f tl a_ ,aJ*>r^. Not  more Uuui 2,560 ncrea -will he l*M**d to  one upplleant.  Apjiliofitio:* for t������ leufle x_������ftU>e mt^t.  Consisting of an island in Goat River j ^ th(j nppltonDt ln ^.^ to th9 AftW|  lying immediately to the south of Lot, or Snb.AR0U, ,lf iha tU,tlii,t ln ^hlcJl  No. 481.   Group 1,  Kootenay District; > ^ ^^ ^^ f ^ . ^   .^^^  contu'iiiing by ad measurement a toliu  area of 38 acres, more or less.  ROBERT A. HENWICK,  Deputy Minister of Lands.  Department of Lands  Victoria, B.C., ueweuiberllth, 1012  FRE;  to tho e vvh<i fill   out nnd  11 nil thincmition AT ON< E  J34iflnj,.|n 11) nur   expert   p"iuimnph'p   niid  teettlttti".'-; lfS---,in in short hand  ���������Tho C. 0. S. ot Oranbrook in ������olli:i(.  fvou Koda with;mattruafj and uitilng foi  $1L  mmftm mm*0i������������ -**���������������������������������  ���������������*ewww*������ wmmmammavmaa  NOTICE  In surveyed trrritory tho Jatid  n*u=;t  lie dsKcrilic-d by k> ctious,   or legal Ptib  d visions uf s.eiienK, and in uuKUvveyid  ten-it ry ihe tM-.ei  uji.i'.i-.id   I'or  t-ViiYll   le  Pl.ikul out b.v the f-piiUe.-mi liimsilf.  Erich n.|n.lu!Mli'.w ir.net bo r,.<;i������f)i-piu������li'cl 1 N l"r*"   AVddi*������������\*s ....  tf u i'oo ol -K> vrhluh will be it,tuud*i<l If  the right-fl applied tot at1* hot availfti.ie  but not otherwise.   A r*������yalty  t-huh be  ������  piud on tha m������n*l)*a>������hJe (*n<put ������M' rue 1  THE   BLAIR   BUSINESS  COL&.EC-  ;       Spokane, Wash  I imi iut������'i>t-.U'd iu BnMini. Eilncntinn  Pien-se send me full iitfornuitiou ubi.r.r  yoni: Oolle-j-p nnd e peeiully about the  Bnt-jnots cheelted hi* low :  ... .Ro kkeHtiiiiK     S hor lb-Mid "���������"Y   l .yP"���������������������������> ritina    P^nncapshtp,,.^!'   Qniek Pi^nritiK ....l>IUf WrtKHA  I e ni in <ji". t (marae abonr   * m,i"-i*--.m*-ji*i,.h������4 1#^ w������-i* mrmttmrnvvaem  mt-i  .-">   J".    C  a   I*',,   ������       l,-H A-.TI  The Coming  Fashion.  "Is yotir (i������u_b-       . t ..  ter ffiiln-r to uiur- .������" *n" ������ thl������ *������te <* fl-������e.._e_W ������vn- to-.      _. ^ y ^ ^ -  ry t\  duke.  Aliv. \    rhe pei-eonoperAlliifi thr tuS-ni- hlmll:[  UlobiyV" 1 if  "Dear   me,   not turuiwh Ibn Agent with ���������  0111  ixiu.mis  p  She    would    not ;1 u,,0onnUb8 for the fall ������nMitiit ���������������!' u.������n*. J    think  of  NUeh   n ���������*���������*���������*��������� * u  thins*!" ioh ���������.utuhlwetud mliif-nud puv the mj - 11 J������.iRj&ti  "It  doPHW'r  up- ,;) v r.henvjii*    If h ��������� <o?J ������iuiir.u '**ti'i������M \    wj.'/T-rti***^  peal to tierV" ; , , 18_ t\Sb\sii ���������������  "Not IU llll     i'*M������ Hr0 VOt   "''I'lK    ���������(������������������ ������*������0<1,   .-ll. Ir.   1 ei ion*.  couuiiuii   i>y , inr, |h)ir������uhl la' iariii-ii-od ia irhpi, .'.nee n    e'ei'  ���������*5  E  'i'llO ICftHl'   Will tiiC-lrii.t   I tin   e.mt!    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The coming  of tbe  cold   weather  makes heavier fires nccessu.y, w'th the result that if the flue ��������� opemi.o a, ���������iV.iilway  oi' .'-laudiini  01  becomes ovcrhc.itcfl tht   fire   quickly   spreads   and   there is! "uin.w   (v.,.-.-,  to be   opeiated   by  r, . , 1 . , *      . lHteani,    eleei.j'irily    <n-    oilier   power  liM-iv/v loss.  Kxtrn nrccautiou niui-.t be taken to irnard against ,.     .  ' * J I'l-i.lii    .1    point    *>r*.    fch*    inlerinil natal  this.     A blazimj house   on   a   hitler    cold   morning   doesn't, limmi|,.y \Uw. about nine inlle-i u 1. ol  make a strong appeal to anyone,  turo t-bows '  Malbtr ol  PrSncipU.  "lii-iw niUeb duet* ho weigh1:"  "l.l-etlUM    'i'l'llltWUd   llU9   Ill'Vel'   Dftl'l,  rJt'U'lell.'  "*-1������pei'--*-tltlnil** V  ���������'.No; too Htili**y lo Up 1be phiIm*."  On*> View,  "Do the wntiMt- ol pnpnliu* Roiuys  wi-jki nny inonfry our 01 lJii;������������Y''  ������������������t'liev ougur to he tslad U tluw ea-  rnpi wlthuiii having iu pny a une*"  ll ���������I'-t'K.tlit fy i'������*l' ill*' \% oil;i *���������)���������,   ul    il.u   in : 11 ���������  ni*. the rali* of 'i',10 "tt a erf-.  Fin" I'n 1 iiiWinnn'ii>n '.pplif.n. i'W. *.be\ilil   )  ha in.-u.lft t*> Ilii Hunt" Cury ol' the Oi pan-   !  munt of the Ili'^rler, Omjiwh, of to nny    ,  i\������-*,������*it. or ���������**ab-i\j'i'el <i|' nuiniit i"i T.iuhIh   'l  \V   W. (l.'MiY,  V)ep������u> Mir.ihiev ������ t 11������ I��������� ���������������-*���������# 1  11.   B,���������t'i I'Utlu.vized   5 til.ln, ti, t  thlti odvertlHi'iU' r.t v\ill noi  b   ;   '; ' 1    ,  CaU or send for oar  New rsuiiphlcl v������h������eh i������  full ol' iivcfnl inform uion  for ! 'ruit Grower:, etc.  I'  ���������h .���������  11? iWm'^j  Wi VI-  ti}ti  LImaI*"   *1  Her Employment.  "I -..ni r.e WW "  "Deinn  WilliIV"  "luiiliiK tblii^ 08 till I feel Hue do-  the KuuUi**,jr HlfOj!,.  in *l������u JJimUiut inu tnoin.'4        ,tv  III  ���������ljAPIl-'f, call nt our t,'o<" -ml V h  0''-v onrji upply <H Mei ,.\'n u- < 1 m- j ���������  reoeived.    H. A. fcipeer''.  Head  Ofiice  <' '��������� T/   A !; V:   "    f <  mmi-nnn-tarnsum  maotmmmmtimmm ������.i.>>....^,--.i.iA.....-4.t...rT^.r,1ti1l,f(rrill.|ll,|llll<l)lMMMI)Mll||ll|   mBBmmm -V*Y  Copyright. 1909, by Doubleday, Pago  & Co  Margaret threaded her needle and  began tostew. Mrs. ComstocU return-  e-d to her book, while vVe.sie.v fidgeted  and raped inwardly, lie eon id see  tlmt Margaret was nervous ami almost  In tears, but the lines iu Mrs Coui-  Stock's impassive faee were set and  ������*Oi(-- So they sat and the elock tieked  off tbe time���������on.* hour. two. dusk, aud  lio Elnora. Mil'���������{"..���������tret ion;*, siru-e had  taken the Inst stitch she could. Occasionally sbe and Wesley exchanged a  few words. Mrs t'om^toek tei-uUt.ly  turned a leaf and once Arose and moved uearer a window. .lust when Margaret and ".Vc-siey were diseussitipr  wnetber he bad not best so to town  to meet Elnora. they heard her t*iuuiu_  up the walk. Wesley dropped his tilted chair and squared biniseie, -Mur������ja-  ret gripped her sewins and turned  ���������pleading eyes to tbe door. Mrs. (Jom-  ������tock closed ner book aud grimly smiled.  "Mother, please open the door!" called Elnora.  Mrs. Comstock arose and swims open  the screen. Elnorn stepped in beside  her. bent?half: double*, ihe whole front  of her dress gathered into a sort ot bap;  filled with n tjejivv load and one arm  stacked hijfh wirh hooks in the dim  tigSl she did uot see the Hintons.  "i'lease hand me the empty bucket ln  t^a kitchen, mother." she said. "1 just  had to brin^ these arrow points home,  but I'm seared for fear I've soiled tny  dress and'Will have to wash it. I'm to  clean them and take tbem to the banker in the morning, and oh. mother. I've  sold enough stuff to pay for my books,  my tuition aud maybe a dress and  some liRUter shoes besides Oh. mother. I'm so happy: Take tbe books and  bring tbe bucket!"  Then she saw Margaret and Wesley.  "Oh. glory!" she exulted, "i wsis just  wondering how I'd ever wait, to tell  you. and here you are*. It's, too perfectly splendid to be true:"  "Tell us. i'.luora,' isai-i Sinton.  "Weil, i-fir." said Minora, douhlinc  dowa on the duoi am) s-isc-nhiiu tail  L:-t skirt, "set me ir.n-uei iiere.--cin.it her  Tbesi' pi:i:H^ are hns'le a tut *���������..���������'ve to  Le |*'*.t lit o::e at a iiuic. ' ir nu'.v are  ������-.-ijipril 1 '���������!',;! ! se!i *,t--,'-.i'' Aiiil . >iie  lOIll   .-ill   t!"rl<   l);������d   ll.-l't'ief-i'tl  ;'!'i'ti:i lam r'.e i;i--t ;i:iit'.v pi>::i* in  t !ir- t): i i.' ami tiMi.-e   sri:'; t:! nt:  :-e:iVe>. atnl  I  r"-.??-  Hi     "~~*-s.    il   .  ','��������� I   I  I '><, ti A  ?">,'- I  . -,\   -��������� ..'        ������������������...-*��������� ---'-.I  I ,  "������������������ r.  ti.r.titi'-h--' ���������<��������� s y>x  J; i \:.. :.->..���������_ .-.-1 ,   '���������' \y9  i   I;    .-;"-,������������������'? ^i'   ')    .(������������������'.;���������  a   .  .v i.    \ ; ���������  8   v  ' "tititii  I  r  I.    i:  -.-.--ii  ���������<;���������"-'  ;'/������yv*-'i '/'A     \ti'--tiz '-'-ti  IlsftA-  \}titi::tititr^ti.ti     \  \WMtWtiti:ti -h    ti^ti-^jtii  mMm'tii'^tim  n   i 'iy     ' "iv 'it'���������'���������"���������''i iti*/  <kL*.PtiA  _������*��������� *JS5fc5t'.'ji\l'v     /���������/J  in  (tii>  *-^,i.r.iir.n.ti_P,.  ���������"Plonno h.-'hcl  rim tho omr-ty  bucket  in  tho kitchen,  mo tho*-,'' olio  emu.  tillh of baked eariti I ruin Iter itre-'s  Bhe reached into net puilo't mm pin  diiceil her money and waved il bid ore  tbelr  Wi    ^ei'lliu e,\e:t.  "And lii.'ii'a ihe j:i; part!" she *' \ til I -  ed "Put It up In I lie clitt'U ilu inorii  jMik, tiiollii'i* That pay** tm the Hani*--  liml luiilon nml" I'.inoni 11���������������������������-��������� r,t.t:���������������������������-**.  for she miw the nervoiiN wrasp with  Whli'h liei uiolliers ..iijr.ei's ������������������iien u on  the bills.    'I'hi'll She Welti  tin. Inn   untie  Slowly und iliinkiii'* iteinre sac s|n kc  "What  I fii't tnii'.ii'i'nw |>:iy-��������� l.-.i   ner"  ���������boo!"*'   and   HMIi'-ti   '���������ti','.'.   if.-,'. ������������������   a   i,   \  ���������JllHl   ii   few,   thtii*'-   to   wear.      | in"-o  (-times are no ibcadiuii:   i.������ a v >  tti.ii.m   ,  niii-i   ihey   inal'c  simii   a   inn-e  on   tr. ���������  flooi      There eat'l  ainitlii'** cntn'o i:���������������������������>���������. \  111 the  Wltoie IiiiiUIiii!.'    mil  iiimm"������.  i,i"i  deeds ot iih     Wh,\   what i^tliai'.-   .-Mi'ti  IM.-ti^jii'et, wiiai an  >on inii.ii'.! in juiir  lap:'  She utinfeliiHl I be wru-'l nnd shnoU  u  A^,l ���������       ^ ..fl     I,,..      |......     .......  ,11    ..  ''���������^titititititi:  jBmmimKKM- tiOmVl^W,    QBMS&G������,    B< 0=  you taken to waisrs all fancy and buttoned in the back'/ 1 bet you this ls  mine!"  "1 bet you ao. too," said Margaret  Sinton. "Yo.u'uiidress right away and  try it on. and it" it"fir's it will he done  C?ji nioruiijg. There are some low snoes  too!"  Elnora began to dance. "Oh. you  deai people!" tsbe cried. "1 can pay  lor them .tomorrow night: isn't, il too  splendid: i was just liiinkiug on the  way home that I certainly would be  compelled lo nave cooler shoes until  later, .mid-' l Was wonderhig what I'd  Uo when Hie !_ii rains beg-n"  ���������'I meant to get yon some heavy  .dress skirts nud a coat tben." said Mrs.  t'or-'stbi-k.  ���������'?'*'.  "l.-UuiiW vt'ti, .satd-^o!*"cried Klnora.'  **i'*f^ y>j*11 ���������iis.i.*-*r.i-n*i no'-tv. 1 can get every  si't.vle si;.-e!i' 1 need myself. I'll be.  .helping wiih jtie rax nesr. mother."  ti.iora wavei! the wnlst and started  lo: !.'!-.' hedrooiu When she ojx������nedi  the door Kiie gave a Utile cry.  '���������Wh::i iiavi- you people beon doing?"  -!te <j.">!JMidei'l. "l sieve.- saw i;o louuy  imeresring iiiindlea in ail my life. I'm  .ski'i-'i-ed to ui'itth iot fear J can't pay  Tor an of uiem nnd will have to givt'  Uji soitiei lijng  *\N onidn't yon take them If you  coiiai ttoi pay'for them. l=5!riora?" asked  i:et- Utoiber instanlly.,-  ���������'VX'hy. uot unless ytm did." answered  l-'nora. "People nave uo right to wear  !!iiiigs.t*>.e'v;/"���������������.'t uii'ord, have ihey?"  "Iliir trom bucIi old friends as M������g-  v.ie ttiid Wesley!" Mrs Comstock's  voice was oily wi-ib'-tri-uinph.-.-  ������������������Prom  Uiem   least oi 'iii);'"������������������;cried   Rl-:  unfit  stotltly.     "J'ro,"!*. H  SiTaUgCI* SOOUer  than fr-im. ilicru, to wtimii I owe so  jiiin-h more ilinn I ever can tftay how"'  . "Well, vou don't; have, to" said Mrs.  i'<*--������������������>-������������������ n<-k . "'Mnygt'e jus>"t.Heiectod these,  limit's because sh'������ is frfoi-'Yh' "toueb  ivnli the world aud bas got sue,, good  taste. Von can pav is !ouk as your  money holds out. find If tb'bre'g- more  necessary maybe I eim *eell tbe butcher  a eair. or i; there's" things too costly  tor us. of course. "-'Jey can take them  back. Anything thnt ain't uswl -ean he  1 returned. Tbey wwe ouly brought, here  on trial."  The gir-iiiet'Jiii opening the packages.  Tbe hat came lirst  "Mother!'* cried Klnorn. "Mother, of  course, von pave seen this, nut you  haven't seen it on une. l must try it  ou "  "Don't   vou   dare   cut   that   on   vour  hor.d until your hair is washed and  properly combfd." said Margaret.  "vVjL-'e it dries yc-u can eat your supper, and this dress will be Onishcd.  'i'bea you ciiu.put.ou yoiir new ribbon  aud ycur hat. That little' ro'ui:d".bi:udI_  on the top of tbe basket is your stockings."  ���������Margaret sat down and began sewing  swiftly und ii little- later opened- the  machine and ran several iong seams.  Elnora  was back iii a 3'ew  minutes.     *-G aa-.-c  holding   up   her   skirts   aud   stepping  daintily in the beautiful hew shoes.  Wesley and Margaret scarcely  breathed for a long time.    Then Wes-  l...     ���������-...*    ...     -,..     .....     n^.,11.... r-i ��������� .���������  ��������� i'S M*-u'. to ciO me. n-t-iiuifA- tr.im.li a  set the ttible. When the water was  hot Mar"'*ret '"anncd -a big tcwcl  around Klnora's shoulders and washed  and dried xlik lovely lullr according to  the instructions she.bad been given the  previous night. As the bair began to  dry It blllo'-A-ViT-oiu in'q, sparkling sheen  that, caught the light and gleamed and  flashed.  "''Now.' -ih'e idea'���������'Is" tb let It stand nat-  ura'liy..'.jnsuas the curl will toake it  Don't yoVd'o liny of tbat nasty, untidy  snarling? H'norji,"' cnntioniKl MarRaret  "Wash it this way every two weeks  while yon are iu tviiooi. shake it out  and dry it. Then part ii in the middle  and turn a from quwrler on each side  -.from your face You tie the buck at  your iick with a string���������so. and the  ribbon yoes in ������ big. loose bow I'll  show you" ���������fine nl'ter'imorher Margaret sinton tied tho ribbons, creasing  e:ic:h ot them ���������*'.' they could not he relumed, as she expniined iluu she was  tryitig to sec which '.van most bocom-  lug. Then fthw produced the raincoat,  wlilt'b carried -luora liitd'tn'na'porta  To Wesley and to MnrgtirH the  briniit young face of Klnora. w'.th its  pink, lints. Its heavy ciiif-k browns. It*  bri;*..'u bine gray cy.,\' unci ,its .fr**inje  of curling ri'ddleh brown iiulr was the  sweetest sisbi on oarth. 'and'et thnt  inatnnt minora was rmllnnt.  Whe .set the hat oo ner heud. It wn������  jnst .-!��������� wide tnn fitv������tv With threo ex-  (jui-lte peiieock. quills Ht oue nldo. .Alar.  ���������.mirei Simon erh'd out, Wesley siapfied  his knee and filgiii'it like u blast unci  Mrs. i.'omsuick f.lood HpeeahlesB lor a  M'Cllllll.   "'  "I wis!) yiin hnd .'thkei*! the price be-  fore yon pui liml. oil.'' idie Htild Unpn-  lleiiUy.    "We never v.ati ulTowl it."  "H'm not so mnch ni������ yon tnink." said  .Mari'iirei. "Don't yon see whin 1 did '���������*  ��������� I liml ihem inUe of' tin1 quills Mini I put  on r.niiie ol ilm-ie Phoebe Vilnius gave  me irom hei peacocks. The hat will  only i-osi you a dollar and a Pair."  S.ie iivniili'il Wesley's e.vea and looked -tf!:i;'!ii nt >!'������������������! Contsttick. l-'.:i:oi'.'i  i'i'ii.ii\-.'il i no n.it in examine ir.  '",'���������,.')>, they ale ilioi-o I'et.ilili ton  <i, Z , i,i ,i i,.,.������������������.-. . ,..��������� ilu il ".\lu be;*,  lni'V bc.ii.'l 11 iliiy I bey !!!���������(' --'el on '  nic ibey tii'ii hue I'd uii|,-h nitliei'  i beni I lam lie, e Irom lit ��������� store."  **v" would I.' sold Mrs ('omsioi-k,  "IC ,\|ai;.'jiri'i w o nl: io s|utl*o I heiu, that  will ntaiie yon it beailtll'tii hal. dirt  cheap, itio' Von niilsl ko pnsl Mrs.  t-'jaimn and hIuiw her. .**,lit' would la^  pleased  lo sec I belli "  I'.innra sanii into a ch"'.',' i.ww������hiim/> uim  couldn't stand any longer and conteni-  piaied her toe. "Landy, ain't I a  ���������liUeonV" she murmured. "What else  have 1 got?*'  ".ii'ist a belt, some,handkerchiefs and  :i pair of top siioes for rainy-days aud  coaler weather.*' (said _largaret,.'handing oviw parcels.  "About those high shpes< that was  my idea.'' said Wesley. "Soon us It  rains low shoes won't do. and oy taking two pahw at once I could get them  some cheaper.' The low ones are two  and the high ones two-iifty. together  three seventy-five.    Ain't, that cheap'*"*",  "That's a real hjirgafn," said Mrs.  Comsiiot'k. "ir ihey are good shoes,  and ihey look it."  "This." sriid Wesley, producing the  last package, "is your. GbriS-lmad pr������a?  ent from your Aunt Maggie. -J. got  mme. too. but it's at the bouse. I'll  Tiring it up In the niorulng."  lie handed Margaret the umbrella.  aud she passed It over to Elnora, who  opened it und sat laughing under its  shelter. Then she kissed both of them  She got a pencil aud a slip of paper  nnd set down the prices they gave her  of everything they bad brought except  tbe umbrella, added th������ sure and said  laughingly: "Will you please wait tin  tomorrow for the uioueyV 1 will have  It then, sure.'7  "Elnora.' said Wesley Sinton.  ���������'w'onldn't you"���������  "Elnora. bustle hare a minute!" called Mrs. Comstock irom the kitchen  "1 need >oui"  "One second, mother,"'" aoawereiS Ettr  nora. throwing oft 'the coat and tout  smd eio.���������0g the umbrella as she raja.  There' were several errands to do in a  hurry, and then supper. Elnora chat-  teivd incessantly, Wesley and Mar-  garer t>tibed al! they could, while Mrs  fomstock said a word now and then,  which was all sbe ever did. But Wesley Simon was watcbing her, and time  and agaiu he saw a peculiar little  twist around ber month. He knew  that tor the Orst time tn sixteen years  site really was laughing over some  thing*. She bad all she could do to  preserve her usually sober face. Wes  ley knew what she was thinking.  After supper the dress was tmisbed.  tbe  !.;!.".::?  for the next out* discussed,  and then the Sintons went home.    El  ttora gathered ber treasures.  As she funned for the stairs she stopped "May I ki<s you good night.  mother'.-" she asked lightly."  "Never mind auy' slobbering." said  :,irs Comstock. "1 should thiuk you'd  lived with tne long euough to know  libit I don't care for it."  "Weil. I'd love to show you In some  way now happy i amYiiid how i .thank  yoii " ������������������'���������'.'..,  *i wonder wb-tt for?" . said Mrs  '���������omsioi-k.     "Mai:   Sinton   nicked   tha*  stuff and brought it here, and you pay  for it."  "Yes. but you seemed willing for me  */\   h  ..w     A.  me if I couldn't pay all," insisted El  noi'n.  ������������������Maybe I did." said Mrs. Comstock  "Maybe I did. I meant to get you  soiri-o heavy, dress ski1*1s about Thanksgiving, and i still can get them. Go to  bed and for me-roy's ������aLe dou't begin  mooning before a mirror and make a  dunce of yourself."  ���������AsSISSSSSSSr-  _ra.7ia.i77  5__���������  If  iV*^-*���������������������������<���������*_  ���������''.l-.^i  mmmfm&fam^wtnwlf^ - ''.fe-.-^^g  Get your Wines, Liquors,  roha.ccof   cigars.   Pouches*  *. tip-is,- etc, at the  Creston     Wine    &  Spint Co.  .  ..-:-,,-.    .,i..e;-.     '.'ti'      -"'���������'��������� '  ��������� "   .,���������������������������, if' ',"���������������������������-,. ".'mK'imsitifamxmmmmmmuMm.  ���������  >.: "pi  ���������;���������'-..;.--.^_ tiL;.,-'���������,,"  ���������������iil.1.������,������n:i.,l-i,,,|Wff]_  til  S, Pooled Trope  TO FUR SHIPPERS |  The most aci.-iirp.tc, rellublo and ouly Market Keport  and I'rleo t!st of it* kliia published. * "   '  Matlod  fUIiK   to tliuHo interested lu   Bow Furs  S������������D US YOUB NAME ON A POSTAI--TCDAY ;  It's uul ii Tmpiiur'B Cuiae, but a publlunUon lssuod  >:v,:iy two VMkn. wb'.ch gives ymi ri'porU of what is  ttniril'lrialltbeMarietiofn��������� World in American  Rnw Vara. Wilsinfonnittiori'Ja worth hundreds of  dollnra to you.  Write for It���������NOtV���������IT'S FttBS  A. B. SHUBERT  '^(ib Laresst House In the lVorlddsallng exclusively In  ���������j Aoierican Kavr Furs..   .  -.-,   -  3  25-27 W. Mlehtean St.. Best. 41 CiiSCSSB, ILL., U.S.A.  THE   HOME  OF   THE  TRANSIENT.  f������\  COMMODIOUS  SAMPLE  ROOMS  THE BEST AND MOST  POPULAR HOTSim INi  THE KOOTENAY& .  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Didn't the  EJird Woman see her trouble and just  give ber the money?"  "I don't thiDk so," said Margaret  "Seems to me I've beard of her paying or offering to pay tbem that would  take the money for bugs and butter  files, and I've kaowu people who sole*  that, banker Indian stuff. Once I  heard that his pipe collection beat that  of tbe government at the Philadelphia  centennial. Those things'have come  to nave a value."  ."Weil, there's about a'bushei of that  kind of valuables piled up in tbe woodshed that belongs to Elnora. At least  i picked tiieni up because she said sbe  wanted them. 3'Iaggie, how the nation  did Kate Comstock do that?"  ������������������You will keep ou barplug. Wesley.  I told you she didn't do it. Elnora  did it:   Sbe walked in and took thing.-:  TIMBER SALS No. S10  SEALED TENDERS will be reoeived  by the Minister of Lands not later thon  toon on tbe 3rd day of Maroh, 1918, for  he purchase of Licence No. XlQ to out  12,130,000 feet, B. M., 93,COO railway  r.ies. _6,000 cedar poles on Lot No. 274,  ; "J roup 1, Kootenay Distriot, near Ores-  Part-caters of Gbi  B.C.  _ 4  fi   -4i'*_���������*_������*_Ai-'"*rr;-^.--'i''  no2S.  TIMBER SALE No. XI  SEALED TENDERS will he received  by the Minister of Lando uot later than  noon on the 3rd day of March, 1913, for  the purchase of Licence No. Xll to out  2,520,0C0 feet B, -M., .45,000 railway-tfcs  < < t   c 11: j   j������i������ i   cu Lots No. 3877,  lo I  1 r  l.:io-  CMAPTiER VI.  Wherein tho  Heart of  Pcto Corson  Is  Touchad by a Girl.  COMSTOCK picked up Severn i  papers and  blew out the  itcben light.   She stood,in the  ..--   middle oi the -sitting room hoot  for  a   time and  then  went Into  her  room iitiii closed tbo door.    Kitting oo  the edge ot the bed. she thought foi  a few minutes und then suddenly bur  led her face iu the pillow and again  heaved with laughter.  Down the road plodded Murgtiret and  Wesley Sinton. Neither of the at ban  words to niter their united thought.  "Dune'" hissed Wesley nt last.   "Done  brown!  Did you ever,feel like a bloom  in*, eonroinided doakey?   How did thf'  WOiT.il'p do it?"  ������������������She O.i'lu'** do it:" f'.iii'-pd iMargorei  ihrongn ber lears.  -"f.lH' didn't do nuy  thing.    Kbt*- .lui'ji truftted  to  niubra>  grei:r big s'jv.i to bring her out rlghi.  iu.nl iv.il.'y she was right, aud so tt had  l.i> bniiv.* her.    I-Uje'i* a daMluft. Wesley  -tuf she's gyi- a Time boiore her.    Diu  ymi nee Kate Comstock grab that mon  ey?    Before fllx luomhw she'll be out  combing the Limberlost for bug::* an J  arrow iioiucs to help pay the tux.    I  know her."  "Well. I dtvj't!" 'oxolnlairil Rlnton  "Rite's loo anui.v for me. Hut there !���������������  n 111111,'li loft In bor .vet. I iiidi?l s'pose  there was. Bet you n dollar If,we  con Id see liei this r.i in lite she'll bi������  cliiiekiliig ovei Ihe wn.v we got left."  Iinni ol tneni stopped lu the I'oud ������titi  lool'ed  bark.  ���������"J,"here's Clnnra's llglil in hor room,"  said MrirwnU'l "'I'he pool chilli will  feel ih(i'',e elnihcM and poro over her  books -III inontiii':. but she'll look de������  cent to i.u ii> ���������-������������������ bun',, .ui.vwny. Nuihlng  Ih too It];' :t pri,-e to pay lov liiaU"  "Yen. it h'nie ieis i.er v-vour Uiem.  Ten lo one she in.'-'.-ns her llnlidl I lie  week   with  I bri  old slttl'l."  ���������'.No, sbe won't," saitl Murjrnrf't. ''Kh������  doit'l tlni'e Kate iiniile some coneefl-  sions iill ciglit. hlg ones for ber���������If sliO  did get. b'.'i way In I lie main, ^be bent  i-,oitii>. aiiil il Kin-.,tit proves ibut. she  can wall: otii iiiiri.ijanded in the morning and (ttti.e li.ii-!; witli lliat much  iiiiii',!'.1, Iii ber po, l;el. nn nijul'ril of  bonks and buy a turnout like tbat she  pro*. i"i   Illitt    K111>   i"   nr   fililiii   'Titl'ddei'M-  tlon. aud Kate's ismurt euouch.   She'll  right out of our hands.    S'pose we'd i 4,  got Elnora when she was a baby, and ' .,01-0  ~ -,    -rr    x ^- . ,  we'd  heaped  on   her all  the love  we )68'8' G*������*������Pl, Kooteuny District,   near  can't -on our own, and  we'd coddled. [ Creston.        ���������    ���������  petted   ajid   shielded 'her.' wouii-   she       _     . /  have   made... the 'vropiun   that, lining.      -P^Uculars of Chief* crested Viotoria  a:one.   learning, to   think   for. herself   -g. o. ?   '.;���������[' ti'   " t-1-*:'; *:'^'gg  and taking air the knocks E-ite Com- f  stock could give bave naadeof jag*'������*'...���������  "Vou bet your lifel" cried Wesley  warmly, "T.oviRS' ahy-Ouy don't hurt  them. We wonidu.'t,have done.any-  tb-ig but love her. Vou can't hurt a  child loving it.Y-SheM have learned to  work, be sensible, study, and grown  into a-, woman with us, Without suffer  ing like a poor homeless dogr."  ���������But you don't get the point. Wesley- She would have grown into a fine  woman witb us; Ju.t seems as if Elnora was born to be fifte, but a9 we  wouid have raised ber, would her  heart ever bave known the world as it  docs now? Where's the anguish, Wesley, that child can't comprehend? Seeing what she's seen .of her mother  hasn't burdened, her. I guess we'd  bettor keep out." Maybe Kate Cora-  sioek knows what she's doing.' Sure  us you live. Elnorn has grown bigger  on knocks than she would on love."  "1 don't s'pose there ever was a very  fine point to anything but 1 missed it,"  said Wesley, "because ! am blunt,  rough and Have no ooolc learning to  speak of. Since yoii put it into words  I (tee what you mean, but it's dinged  bard ou Elnora. just tbe some. And I  dnu't keep out \ keep watching closer  th ii n over. 1 got ray slap in tho face*.  but W I don't mlns my guess, Kate  Cbfiistock learned ber lesson, same as  I did.   Bhe learned that I was In ear*  nest, tbat 1 would haul ber to court if  she didn't loosen up a bit, and sho'H  loosen.   You seo if alio don't"  Up iu the utile Gluoru lighted two  candles, set them on Lor little table,  stacked tho books and put away tbo  precious clothes lovlugly. Then sho  slipped Into bur Uttlo white ulghtdrcau,  t-luiok down her1 hair that lt might he-  come thoroughly dry, sot a chair bel'oro  the table and reverently opened ouo of  the bookb. A id. Ill1 draft hi wept tho attic, lor it stretched tlio length of tho  cabin nud bad a window iu each end.  iJluoro arose nud, going to tho ea������t  window, closed it. Sho stood for. n  uiliiute looking at the titan*, tho nicy  und tbo dark outllno of tho nti'iif-wling  trees of the rapidly dismantling Llm-  Ueriost in the region of bor caae o  tiny point of light (lur.lieil and dhiap-  pt'ured. Klnom straightened and won*  dci-ci'l. Wat, it wine to leavo her precious money there? Thp light fliiHhod  once more, wavered a few seconds nud  died our. The girl waited. She did not  sec It iigaiu, nud ho hIio wont buck to  ber lioiiks.  lu the Umbcrlot-t the hulking figure  of a mnn slouched down the trull.  "The IMrU \Vi4ii..'ii via.-i .*l ru-cMua*  room    this    evening,"   ho   muttered. *  * -Vanckt wMt lor.i"     ^.-^  ?IMBER,SALBNo.-,3:i3.. ���������-.  SEALED TENDERS will be reoeived  oy the M-uister of Lauds not later than  uoon on the 3rd day of March, 1913, for  the purchase of Lioence No X12 tb but  6,440,000 feat B. M., 10,-800 railwny-ties^  3,500 cedar .poles, ou Lat 491, Group 1,  Kooteuny Distriot, near Oreston.  Particulars of Cbie/ Forester, Victoria  B C. no 28   ��������� __.  TIMBER SALBN0XI8.  SEALED TENDERS will be reoeived  oy the Minister of Lauds not later than  noon ou the 3rd d������y of March, 1918, for  tho purchase of Licenos No. _LI8 to ont  4,100,000 feet B. Bf., and 050 oedar poles  ou Lot 2S1, Group 1, Kooteuny Diotriot  near Creston,  Particulars of Chief Forester, Vbtotf-  B P. ������oa8  Sssit  PROFESSIONALS  R. STB WART  Real Estate* Loans and Gea*  era! Brokerage  mms*^****mmm*m*  SpecM������>  represeneftftive, Th������  Ratios*'  neaity Company  Creston  B* C*������  ju?f&F4 x iOji^-s  Office   over ?Fwmk Parte  f *?*  ���������^tore���������Baker Stree^.e  CRANBROOK,  B. C.  GUY   LOWENBEMG  :reston '":���������:'-  B.C������  MR. &.'MR&-CROMPTON  *' * - " X  Y Teacbere of  I^iano, ViMiii, Singing  Music Supplied for Concert? & Tisaisea  OKEXX* VOtJNG ik ������������j������a  Heal SSsiat'e mid ittga*mnee.  HOUSE- TO BKNT  ^RKSTON       -  B.O.  JAS. H. SCHOFIELD  Fire, Life and Accident frmmutee  '   REAL K8TATB, Eto.  CRAIL       -       .       .   Ba���������.  H31 WM*������m  CRANBROOK - O. C.  Th*  Funeral Director  Me arc comfit-}  Bean   Supper  Big program  Before ������M-$  Zte conir-jct.  P6. 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T -.'.-  %  ,'i\'-i  ,-J]  ���������l.:l  \i  v-<���������'������������������>$  ���������jv.-a.;  ::--  '; '-V  ���������*i  ii -.'���������  *���������'  - --  ^;*'  i;l  ''���������I-  ���������<r.---.\.  '������������������i  i:"ti  i-  ���������    ���������     ,'Xl  ���������*.  Tf.*-&  'ml*  *  '������.  'tiy->  :';.  ." *:*m  m.  "vkfje-i..  :-Z.'*i%  .-!���������*������,<������������������  .r>.SI&i:*m  ''"'P'tim  l.-'X.-- ��������� ,1  ;'f*%:: \  ���������mtiti*  ' .^|.:vl  '^tim  Y'������^*!  **?l<^'.il  ."���������feia  ti tim  -.;*!.* ���������"'i;!  ���������  *,'*4*T.  V  v?:^l  A ..*'. <~m  .���������'-!������.'��������� ?|  *M  - ri  .;,*'' I  >,  ' ;.-:*-*A--  ���������<.y'\.>,:  ytf.  ti-f  ������������������ivi. .'ij  i, ���������   ���������,  '���������-feix-J  ^'J  :;l  1   iiiiiniiMiiiinininiiiiiiiifiiiiffiiT'f'vif1" r��������� -������������������  lll.,llllll���������������.lll������l .111 ,.i iimiiiihi.,,,1  mmmmuun^mtm aaam  THE    CRESTON    REVIEW,    GRESTON,    B C.  ..m.'K.  ������������r  Ware, Lock &. Co., Limited  London, Melbourne & Toronto.  {Continued)  gar smoke as it floated on the breese  into the dressing-room.     Very quietly  she opened the door.      Her husband's  back was towards her, she could just  see the  profile of his face,  with  the  cigar protruding from his lips and a  pale wreath of smoke quivering above ���������  his  head.       Treading  on   tiptoe   she I  entered the room unperceived, paused j  for an instant at the table behind his i  chair.      In her hands a knife glittered, :  her fingers fastened around tbe handle. '  One way out of tbe impasse, one sure j  certain   nit-'hod  of  solving  the  prob-;  lem���������for him or for her. ,     |  She raised the knife,  then a voice !  whispered that she loved him.      She f  laid   it.   down   aud   opened   wide   her j  i arms,   vainly   hoping   for   an   instant  ..v.'^iVery deliberately Ella folded up he | th . he would ��������� turn aml see her, and1 ?.r  -? li������?Tx?ni] repl^ed J* bem-eath thp| taki her ^ Ws hea..t lell her that , ������-������������������  **i.iP*5ket-book on   the    dressing   table. *u wa* aU a m,slal,e< that k was silt. U������  "Sample fret, if ycu write Natlona,  Qrua and Chemical Co., of Canada.  Limited. Toronto.  Y:TCfcseJ>eside it lay glittering her pre-1   j        he 1      d"  ,-.* sent to Jimmy Francks, a ht:le sur-  r'VP Sise-she had planned for hlni; soine-  But hope died ere it was.fully born.  i Ytlfing she had purchased with her own  ,.;?-..���������; hardly earned savings from the mis-  ' v.'aerkble pittance her father had paid her  ? .for the. work she did for him.      Tlmt  ?YvJHJesent had heen meant to represent.  : ���������  :_-* great  deal,   not  oniy   hoardea   six-  : iji^Gces and shillings, but dreams de-  ���������'.-' : "jkjgited in the secret bank of Memory.  ? Y ;With one slim, white    finger    she  .titi traced the outline of the initials en-  :   graved deep in the gold, then the date  :.-^���������the date'of the happiest day of her  ,? li^e!  .-'���������'��������� 2-hd  then  she  laughed,   softly  but  ���������??persi������tently. as she had never laughed  .before.      Her thoughts    carried   her  back to the dawn of this same day  ^when  she   had  awoke  to  realisat.vii  vjsjat it was her wedding moro.    With  > Safeguarded  j Inks���������Why do you carry that watch,  of iris, dreaming of her. losing7ot I II d0*1'' **eP time,.and it ain't worth  ber.      At that moment, their wedding ia ^arter- ... .���������    ,  uiaht. while he believed that she, his !     Blinks���������That s   why   I   carry   it���������I  wife,   was   waiting   for  him   in   their !can *��������� QooK **������������������  room, his thoughts were with another  woman,   his  desires  and  his   praye.s  werd for her.  Again moving swiftly forward she  reached her bedroom and entered it-  She dared not close the door lest he  heard it. j (  quietly opening   tho    window,    she t  The temperance reformer was jus-t-  ; ly proud of having converted tho big-  ! gest drunkard in a little Scotch town.  i and induced liim���������he was the local  . grave-digger���������to get on the platform  land spout his experiences.  My  friends,    he    said. I    never  leaned out and loo-ed down into the : th??h* to stand��������� uP������n this platform  noisv street. The clock slowly toll-��������� with the provost on one side of me  ed the    hour���������midnight. Laughter!���������* the  *<*>*��������� clerk on th   ither aide  and music'rose from-the gaily-lighted if' ���������������* l ni^r thocht to tell ye  cafes; crowds of merry-makers still ! ^at tor a whole month 1 haven t  Plied the pavements: life and love and j touched a drap of anytnmg. 1 ve saved  ������aietv were everywhere except iu her | etiouga to uuy m- a uraw oa.������ co_in  ���������-    brass  handles  and  brass   nails���������  ?-:what a mad, glad song in her heart  -she had washed and dressed, arraying '.own heart.      For her love twice slain j wi  h-irselfv with,mod est pride in her hrid- } it could never live    again.        l>cath , ������"d   If   I ma   teetotaler   for  auither  a!, clothes."    Breakfasted for.the last   were better than    the    future    which ; month l will be wantm it.  ,',time in the dull gloomy dining-room;   awaited her. ~~  ' -admonition, prayers, kisses from her ;     And again the temptation came, this !     Perhaps  one   reason   why   the  fool  "-.. m-fhe**.and father;' then the drive to i time to throw herself into the street ; killer is out of a job is because  he  . t&e church where he was waiting, the 1 below. i soldiers ou it.  ,?:htfei_tiful service, the music and the j     she leaned further out, a little fur-!  .   ? -swers. And then the miracle that"! ther���������it would be so easy to over-bal-;  Y stt? Va^Sno longer plain, despised, lit- i ance. perhaps the man she loved would  . ."tie Ella Saintsbury, but Mrs. James j never know that she had discovered  "{'���������', Frafickis..' The rejeeption, the wedding j his secret, and perhaps he would be  C-vfereakfast se^ih-i_ -like a curious night-: free to go back and marry the woman  iJjSare, from w_ich she awoke to find, ihe wanted.      She drew back quickly.  ,jr?(,-#rself-. driving away  with her lover, I and sat bolt upright, -a white qir.ver- i  ' ���������; hdr husfcandi -   - | ering tittle figure" silhouoitted  against j  ,; A?wi now every little incident of the I the night. No. the bargain had been ���������  Y;-;* Journey rose, vividly before her eyes, j ma-le.~s_e would make him keep it. j  ''-,[ If aH*-__ pened a few hours ago, but \ She his wife, be her husband, so they ]  [���������'���������f > Jjf was like looking back ov������ a nutn- s should go through life together, uuit- i  Y Sssr of years. . ~ i^. yet as far apart as the poles. She;  ,.;,, Blind fool that she had been;   she! had "been cheated.      Well, he should!  '���������:.;''/.laughed.      Every word, every action * be eheated. too. i  ,  /'should-have shown her that it was not \    Once again she laughed. i  ;?;\$g_e he loved, but another.      He had ���������     Ella! . ���������     I  i^werely  married her  to save himself !     She heard him rise from his chair ;  '���������-..,'.;. .aad ber father had sold her for solas  he   called  her.  she   watche_   hhn j  ; .,������| txiany pounds, shillings and pence.       j through the half open door.     He took j  ...titi   [The foolish laughter ceased abrupt- j the cigar from his lips, looked at it, 1  titil��������� jy, and she covered her face with her j threw "it away. \  '���������'[ c.&ands trembling with shame and hor       pVe   finished   my   smoke,  he   sa'd. j  .^jja-r.     A bargain and sale.     Her fath-   w_v didn't you wait for me? *  '%$***' had sold her for cash, and her hus-;     He put his hands into the pocket of i  v . ;,i>hnd had bought her in exchange for j bis smoking jacket and was moving |  ,,:,i liberty. t I towards her room, when suddenly he*  ??;?' -The  sitting-room door opened,  she j stopped.    .  S������he  saw   a   look  of  con  Y heard his footsteps, then his voice call- isternation cross   his   face.  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About the year of the  flrst seige of -ouisbur-g, a French  gun boat left France with $7,^00,11000  of gold coiu to pay tho troop- and  all other expenses which were standing for some time ln Loulshurg. On  Hearing the Cape Breton coast a fierce  storm urose and drove the little ship  oil' her course towards Point Micheau (which name is a corruption of  Poln Micheau. after this ship, which  was name_ St. Michael). The ship  stranded on a reef at Point Micheau  known as Gros Boa (big rock). All  the crew were lost. The gold was in  oak kegs bound with coppv ��������� or brass  hoops.  That the story of the loss of this  treasure ship was true was shown in  the year 1900, when a big storm swept  over this shore and a piece of oak  keel 40 feet long, with copper bolts,  came ashore. Further proof was  given by the finding of many gold  coins on the western beach, one man  finding six coins. This created much  interest in the Point Micheau gold, so  that hundreds went there. . Thav  beach was plowed and dragged, but-no  more gold was got at the time.  The piece owned by Mr. Almon was  found last June and and owned by  Mr. Taylor. It was obtained Uirougii  Wm. M. Murphy of Point Micheau.  The coins were all of gold, dated 1725  to 1780. Mr. Almon states that in  his French histories mention has been  made of ships leaving France witb  gold for Louisburg, . and he thinks  that through further study the story  of this ship could be secured in full  detail in some of the histories or  from the French navy records.  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Germany for French A*������my  Paris, France.���������Five    French    sub-  Turning j jects have, been arrested at Metz, Lor  then.  * JU_de a great effort for self-control  Yi'j���������_d her lips formed a silent prayer of  ,-'.?'.'���������������������������'jfi'atitude that sihe had discovered the  V.;' truth just in time.  '������������������':.���������.";' '.': Francks crossed the sitting    room  : V.iand knocked a* the bed-room door. Re-  '? fe^iving no answer he waited a moment  ,??,������hd then drew forward an armchair.  .? a^id throwing himself into  it he  sat  .    './before tihe window. closely.      Then as he saw 1  %<&.-; r And far down below the traffic of   ^^ -j-ie date* he understood  /^Viftpe street- still roared, and away aB  .v'-Yfar as the eyes   could    reach    Paris  ,,/iwatched with her million restless eyes.  ;, Presently Ella smelt the aroma ot ci-  ':���������   ���������l, ,.    ,.,,..  ��������� ,      .    ������������������ ,.. ,, ������������������ ,,  ite  Exhausted l_������rves  '. -������B___htaH������-<_���������_  ���������waSSp-^SS?*-  -<������������������  ���������������������"*-<  Continually Crow Woreo Until Or.  .; Cha80'a Nerve Food Restored  ;        VI|_or and Strength.  -���������i-i  with a sigh of relief pick up  his pocket book. He examined it,  and opening one of the drawers placed  it there with Reuben's letter and turn  ed the key. He was about tc take  off his coat, when he caught sight of  Ella's present shining beneath the  ek-ctrtc light. He picked it up with  a puzzled frown, and examined it  Then as he saw the initials  and holding it in his hand he crossed the sit  ting-room, and Ella heard him give a  half regretful sigh.  He knocked at the door. She did  not reply, her lips were dry, dumb.  Pushing it open, he entered boldly and  waa about to take her in his arms  when, stretching out her hand, she  stopped liim. Then he saw her face  and he stepped back with a startled  cry.  "My dear, what's the matter, what s  happened ?"  She found her voico then, though  she hardly recognized it herself. I  know everything���������that you don't love  me, and only married me to save  yourself. My father sold me for  cash. The woman you really loved  was Iris de Fontaigne. but you've ruined her. too.      I hope you're satisfied.  He tried tc interrupt, but shp silenced him. Today we were united  bv bonds the priest said no man could  never. I am your wife in name. We  must eo through life together in the  eyes of the world, hut in reality aa  fur apart as the poles. That's all.  there"a nothing to be said, ao pleaso  leave my room.  You don't know what you're saying.  he stammered. I refuse to go until  vou'vr   hoard   me.  Sihe .pointed to the door. There's,  nothing t-nore to be sa|,_. Leave my  room_Ko! I havo nothing to give  you. ," Now, nothing���������unless, having  murdered Love, you arc prepared for  ���������death ���������  (To be Continued)  ;rUr''>> ^' ������ I     The lttle Patrick Collins of Doslon  What   mlfl'trS^to .Uo -.'awake   niRhtfl i wns 0'Pctetl  president, of    tho    Lund  and think of laJ^^tB-o^thlnRfl w.ith-', T .���������.Kne nna visited Ireland fioon aftor-  *       *-���������    --*   *hc   r������***T   nnd i ,  rame, on a charge of clandestinely  recruiting Germans for the foreign  legion of the French army. 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A cutting roniark.  thing  ubu  v  iu'i'vo you?  By  paying a deposit, on  Ihla Uttlo  lltllo  book,  "Tbo  llond   to 'hill vou havo owed for moro than throe  11if.r<* were other Hytmntoni'-i    of    <���������*<  hnn������������t''d   ni'rvt'M,   but   non������-   rruiwil   ho  -much    tnlMity.   ������i.d    r   rourul   my������<-ir (  contlnunliv f*-''tt1ni? wornc,  ������T hiAi-nn ttnlni'' Or. f'hn,"f''i >7frv������-  -pood, and It win not: Ionic ln'mr.- 1  notU'.rd irr<Mtt Imprnvi'mcnt In mv  li.^.ltth,, It Winlt ui. llv ii.-rvir." I'V"-  ��������� tem wondi'rfnllv, fitr<*nKili<-ii<-il *lf  tiM^'i*M ttnil ''n.ril>l������*d rm* to r������*Hl utt'l  hU".*> wi'tl "  a fnr $'!.;.n. ail ih'ibrii, nr IMnuiniHiii,  F*)*i.l'*rt  K:  I'll..   1.iinii"'i.    in.,.!.,>..  I'oriH'iibub'ry won't  l< t uu.  W.   N     U.   930  \V'<- (tuiilil tfiiiul for '>iir f.jiititiiii'it  ������:iid  I"'*'--  if l<  wur ��������� not  ho iiiouotoiia,  *,',',    ��������� [,:;-��������� P nt imi'i lly  linl"  nuiii'il titiV ,  Scfi iiirtiK sir" d'llli'iill tn I'l'tiil'i'ii' ������������������  I,nt il���������l!iii\ 1 -':i ' 'ni'ti ('ure \% ill di-;ivv  (hi'iu   '"ii   .minl'-i-nly.  n*flriM/l   Arinllt  t i-iv bi v.'ni nrili :t a tifiii n|ti>nil  .'in mi ;i iiliiiii'iiiil run': 'nr 11 r.n'l wiio,'  *..���������   trb"'   lo   Ic'i'u   warm   lu   laa'   iiiiiii-  lll'.'f.i   IfiW I 111   iilllll'll.  VllvUlo,"     111   Itlcgu. "Thffo'H    11  ' roiifon."  j I'i'i'iiin now com"*"? In oori'"o'itrnti-*ii  , ti'twdi'f I'tirni. ralli'd liiHTaut. P;'t*l'i'io.  iii ii������ |iri!|i',in'il b> iitlvrl*"!'*: it lcvrl rnn  , i-',pooiit'iil in a cup of lint wptor, iidlln,'"  ' "ii' nr lu ttiu|i>. and ^iiit'inh I'l'f'.aiu to  j I,H'ttr   !t" rotor Id golden brown.  Inv'unt     ('(v.'.tnm     Is      c'invftii-'ui;  t'li"'-, no \v!i!'t(",  nitfl I lu* llavnr ir. al-  Y'"iy;-' nii'foriM,      H'tbl    liy    croiti-rii ���������������������������  , ���������*,.",   lu  ,Mii-ii|i  tin  I'.llclit..  MO  tn   liKl-f'ttii  1 'In  r.fW'tm  A  r.-cit't trial tin iuiiiIimI  mr I'hi'-i'i ������,  yonni.  My dour nophew, wrote n wealthy  old uncle, allow uio to congratulati"-  vi.ii  011  vour    nppronchlng    itiiirrliiiAc.  Wo do womo thliiRH hecaiiBO wt?  want to do them, other thlngn he Miao  othor pooplo try to porauade ua not  to do thom.  Not Sufficient Preparation*  My dnughlor Ih to be married iwiooi-  Indeed?  Yoa. And I am uu glad tTisst vr&*  gavo hor a course In domestic ttef������*wc������r,;  for I feel that, alio Ib now pfw*pariu_i'  for  the dul.loH of honiomaklnt;'.  To whom Ib aho to ho uwri*ii������_'?  ,To tho young  Mr.  Spender.  Ah! Don't yon think you oiirtlit n'Jar.  have proparod  for hoi*^thcr dut(������i*> 0%  money i-aklng too?  It Uiltoa a good man to ho a cowboy now, mild Onn Eyed .Tako cutting  of������ a chunk or plug lohr.cco nr. Inr^o  na a paving brick and ramming lt, Into ono corner of bis mouth, reserving  tho othor corner U* conversation.  Huvo to konw all about how to ride  a pony, I suppose, aa'd Mio uubo-  phlptlcut.'M nowconicr, who wish'.d to  lonvn tbf! impres,Hi,-im that ho know all  nbout It.  I.lo doi'un'i  " Prices at Monte Carlo*  A   well-known    Londoner    necftiUy\  took a suite at. a Monto Cuiio luotV.  without, aaking tho prlco of atiytWw*?-  ���������und  In tho rostuurivilH of Much hi>-  tolu. It. Is a common fchlng to find W  prieoH even on the monim.    Whuii xhuu  niuu camo to pay hla hill, sayn Tjondou  Opinion,   It   was   onormotm.    Buc  1*^'  paid  It..       Thon  ho  wild:   Hnvo- y������r������"  any  twoiity-fivp rcullmo HtiunP*''  V���������>*.  and iilonsp lU'copt from 1110 Ilm nrcoin- 1     hj,(|0 IV ,,nny, noUilng.      Ho ���������docun't,   any Uvovity-flvp mil mo Htivmpv'    y���������>  paiiyhiK wedding girt.      You will llutl   miv��������� to know how  to curry 0110.   If I mrmn!our. imid the clork.    I ow Wrti.j*  !t   pj:tri,m*'*iy   ii|>pi'o|j. lalu   lu   Uu.-   civ  ciiinatnncns-  Willi ui'u-.h i-.Nia'f iri'l >n th* pro:*;t('ct  |vt������ bi'ldpgruoui opniii'il '��������� ltn p.i.rc-p.l aad  f'nttid  litiild" 11    ion'o    book    ni.'.rkod  limisi'holil HxpiiiiK' Ibiok.  Jm  na.u'l   il.v  .iiiytliltv*:  about   (Ml  unto-I do   vou     Wll'.h?  mobll-p wllh bin haro 'jnndH he might I blandly.       THI .  n w.U )tA-.U i'-r.-r :niof!t"r job. | said. what, you churgo for tlioni Hen..  Tho    iruos'l;    srfrif������*d  nn'   Im'mi.,   iilii.it-.>--,   -a'1--'  mi 'in1   11 an    '.-! ��������� -iii  ('itii'i'l'iin   real imd  j Wind.'.n:', (nit.  Coi'onl  ('o.  Llil.,  . '>���������,,.-That Hoiiiifin iiiu- n pun.! Middleman's t^tojtt $$n*  .-mound Crow   -You   mua'.u't. '"ili'^'1 ������������������,/ <,'/���������*,, V,,,.* tiii  cry rcpoil y������������u hear.  Why Not Save ihe  Middleman.s f  and Ship Youf  ''mm**'  U* V4HA.  to wltrcr rlifvv bring.  innHi ? No tttarli;i'l It*.**  Ni'W York.      L'li'uif J'������*  .���������..���������!.,..    !'   ���������!    IC ,ll   niiin   11*  ������Vt? ""^T-fl M.   F-   riaolitor <_ en.  " N_v.' Vim-U cuy  n  ^.i.M.i.tf.iA.iiiiff-iiiiiiiii.iiiriiiMii _3SS5
ip**Mtlli','l T, ;. I
���V*. ,*fe.
���*,- c.
jRssby Hose Cold Cream?
Ji* A toilet deli_ht. with the exquisite jj
jjra fra-jr-ance of fresh roses. Makes ;
i e*-i*pj>i*'i hands smooth and soft and ;
i S���nsps them-so. Preserves the most $
i ���-_&:�����- complexion against exposure
[to -.he severest weather. Try it���B
I ���/���"-"IM c_rtairjly appreciate it.
I.'.:2Cs! cpal jars, at your dru^jjict's.
Medicinal Stride
8 remember you cured me of the
I'-sme trouble a dozen years ago. Why
.5o��*t you use the same treatment
����_iW? _.���
A dozen y_3rs ago? echoed he doctor. My dear sir, the medical pro-
���jfesssSon ha3 made wonderful str'des
jjiiase then, and I couldn't think of
drntch. x t&inn,.
-.GLiS CO., Lifflite-
O'Jf mf* 1*��i   M���*l
l-itglnears and  Boilermaker?
Boiler-   �����!     all     kI..Js��� Ent*;!n<_.
Pumps and Heavy. Plate VVor_
Write ttb for Prices
14 _*-"���chan Ave. Toronto. Canada
Beautifying Fredcricton
Fredericton,' N.B., is the possessor
of an association formed under a'New
Brunswick 'act which provides that
ten or more persons may be incorporated for the purpose cf improving
arid ornamenting the streets and public squares of a city or town by planting and cultivating ornamental trees.
This act also provides that any city
or town may hand over to such an
association the care of the parks aud
the ornamentation of its streets and
may make the association a grant that
can be levied and collected as part of
the regular assessment. A fine up
to $20 is the penalty fixed for anyone
injuring or interfering with the work
of such an association by driving animals or vehicles across its property,
playing bail thereon, and so forth, tne
line being payable to the association.
The results have already justified the
_>3N'T  TAKE ������ A   CHANCE-���GET   A
i -._-_
' L-a
V                                                     EXECUTIVE I
A; Crerar. E. 3. Fream. John Kennedy. William Moffat. I
..      .                                                                               DIBcCTORATE                                                                           .-������-���-' f
Manltooa���-T.   A.   Crerar    John   Kennedy.   Wm.   Moffat,   R.   MeKenzle.    8a��k*tchewan--0_o. f
4,ans!ey.   J.   A. . Maharg.   F.   TV.   Green,  J.   Morrison.    Alberta���E.   J.   Fream. ��
If you consign your grain to us It will be locked after ln tha beat possible manner. I
To net'��r ii�� condition of the farmer and cut out tha spread b_tw-����� tb* producer an. tSta. *
consumer.                                                                                                        _  'i
��� ���1�� a. r-tr _ an. ��-j m m
WliAl a k_al
r&irx'&y'a *r*
Book Free.     A ai-gple
Home   ireaim-nt removed
lamp irom this i-dy's breast
Old sores, ulcers  and
growths cured.     Describe
r _rwsdKe; ve Will send booh ad testimonials.
fi-l-B- rV
Ideal Gift
Insist oa
co all your
��m~m m.\\     X-\.m        tm.mmxWr.
�� VHX   42.41     LUC       ACA1JUIJ'
I   fer  all   the year
dm '-i
1    SSTOUnd iS 3 Traderoar*
1      Columbia GrafonoU
ii_sfc your   nearest   Columbia
_ks_le_ to play you the special
! Xmas Columbia Records    (Fiji sssy machine.)
I Cef^-abk Phonograph Company
McJCinnon   Building.   Toronto,  O*:.
Territory Open to Dealers
titrate7i&x&&to^*&& J
i%mj[  &^&4*-mmfaUkf\
>c__r jaum&m ir y  i   *a .   .^..n- _"  B
_   _ _      Artf&asc&TU-'fCgiiiifis
Strikes at the Root of Disease and
Gives IJjfew  Health.
?.- If you look in your dictionary you
Will, find tbft word "tonic" defined as
'a medicine that increases the strength
and visor of tho system?" That tells
why Dr. Williams'Pink Pills are a
real tonic. Thousands of men and
women are ailing to-day, not sick in
bed, but without strength and ambition, utterly tired out after a day-
work. No one organ1 seems to be at
fault, yet the whole system is lacking in health. They do not sleep
well and are always tired and nervous,
many have headaches, backaches and
stomach trouble. All these peonle
need the tonic help of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. The beneficial influenc-
rif this medicine reaches the whole
system. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
do more than relieve the symptoms,
they actually remove the cause of tlie
trouble. The case of Mrs. J. H
Shur&e London '"���nt . i�� *^.n& *�����. ..*��� r.r.0
,of the above statements. -Mrs
Sharpe says:���"I was so run down
and weak that life' was a burden. The
least exertion would exhaust me so
greatly tbat I.could hardly breathe.
If going up stairs, I would have to
rest several minutes when I* reached
the top. My heart would palpitate
until I felt as if it would choice me.
I was extremely nervous, in fact a
complete wreck, and would sometimes
have to remain in bed for a couple of
days or more at a time. T found no
help from medicine until I began using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and my
experience with thom was that they
made a complete cure. I gained in
weight and my friends tell me I look
younger than I did ten years ago���I
know I certainly feel younger. I feel
sure that what Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have done for me they will do
to other women if given a fair chance."
If you are at all-unwell do not fail
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
you will find new health and strength.
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 50 cents, a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from The Dr.  Williams'  Medi-
Kidney Stones and Gravel are qul__>
ly expelled from the system by _*-
___ sit I
SANOL        I
which has been a algnat ���iee.s_ j
throughout Canada aa a f comple*.- |
cure of Kidney Trouble and ail Uric j
Acid Diseases. W. will Betid letter. 8
te!iin_ of many cure* to ��ll wi��e win 1
write us. ������'��� *
Price $1.50 Per Bottle at aU Lead-as
DiUf-rgista. ������'������-'���
THE   SANOL   M'FG.   CQ,,   LTD.
��^_3_/-f..   41" Vf/
Father Time���"Black Knight assures a bright New Year io all users9''.
It's a paste ���
gives a brilliant,
black polish, that is
not affected by the
Ask your dealer for
"Black Knight"
and see for yourself how easy it is
for stoves, grates
and ironwork.
We will sell for a short while a few
jOlS   1611   in   oOuiijWO-iJi   x~��LFtC   \*0   CiOS���
out a syndicate) at prices below what
adjoining:  lots  are  selling-  at  today.
Asphalt pavement, treed lots, close
to car. between Winnipeg and new
agricultural college fl.nd University
site, absolutely safe and a good profit assured.
Write,us at once. -���*:-.-.-
303  Keewayden   Bldg.,
Poctage Ave., ,EasJ
Mas. Wx-S-oWs Soothing Syrup haa beca
ased for over SIXTY VBARSby MILLIONS o*
ie the best remedy for X>IARRH<E-.r'-"-& is ab��
solutely harmless. Be sure and auk for "_iw.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take so other.
kiod.   Twenty-five cents a bottle.
J joint.'.'mmm exo buy���Why you -on't ��voa have to
[ tanrnii- KIND of Cloth yourGessIs sa-o asda
\mt0mXm MlMake- ��r�� Irapoulble.
C���5 far ttmm Color Card, Story Booklet, and
[ VmmttmelMa* raiulls of Dyaln��� out other colon.
fSbma_HN_---RICHARDSON CO., Uialtcd,
'���' Montreal. Canada.
�����JA\."Jrc   _/��urjrv�� a'
mm. . . . ..   mm    mmm.. , y^.^m.%0
*��-e Oentral Business College, To-
jToato. with four Oity branch schools,
���Vtu* Central Telegraph and Railroad
tjacbool and The Shaw Correspondence
���fteHwoi. are. now. commonly known as
���*8t**w"�� Cchools." In these schools
m ereat work is being done in training
^roan** people. for business pursuits
t��ttd for earning good salaries. The
.^lUBOftl curriculum is interesting and
y�� KAaiftsa free on sending request to
W. H   13haw  TroRldent. Toronto, Ont.
*1-K��4*000  STATUp   P<?R   $6,000
... ,i,i. n. ���
tfteitfetr* "Race In iMbtorcara for Plowman's Find
tVo-ie.-���While plowing recently In
4ft Held. near Dassano <li Sutrl, some
Hatty ��wilea from Uomo, a peasant un-
^arttsefl _*-!aBnincent hronsc ntatuo re:
g/rv-K-ntliiK tho youthful Apollo,
Kewa reached Rome, and aevoral
4��ealerw in antiquities started hurried-
jtjr *��<motor cars tor tho Httlo town.
ja��e they wore foreetadllcd by a rov-
&tnm��itt. offlchil, who had Bccurod tho
tfrtAlue f.or $0,000. Its vftiH0 is *j��v
0tove4i by' ��'*��uaolaBoui'B to bo $100.-
'iBW..    '���   :	
T*h#�� mnn who can alwnyn ti��11 you
ixarTrnt Ik ���Ro.lng to happon can also tell
fax* ifter.wftrdi" why It didn't. ,
Parisian Prench at w Discount
Prefl. McKenzie, tjhe editor of The
Lrondon Times weekly edition, a Canadian by birth, and-one who knows
this country as do few English newspapermen, was in Canada for a London paper a few .years since. He
spent a week-end with a friend in a
district where the French ��� tongue is
spoken almost entirely. McKenzif
speaks French���as he alleges���with a
Parisian accent. Having been introduced to the oldest man in the district���a habitant of over ninety years
of age���the English journalist made
several remarks all in French���his
French���and waited for fcl*- reply.
The old man looked at. him steadily
for a few seconds and then, shaking
his head, slowly said: No spak Hen-
glish, me!
,The cheerful agent stepped into the
business man's private office and set
his grip on the floor.
I have here, said he, a patent glas3
cutter-for 25 cents. It is known as
cutter for 25 cents.
Don't need any glass cutter, snapped the business man.
Ah, you don't need a glass cutter.
Well, then, I have here a vacuum
cleaner that sells for $4_. it is now
in use in thousands of homes. ' li is���
I don't need a vacuum cleaner.
Well, perhaps not, but then I have
something else that will certainly in-
t<jt*4>st vou. It Is s. r"honoD'ra''5h that
relailsfor the small sum of $11.
There isn't another phonograph ln the
world that���
I wouldn't buy a phonograph on a
bet, growled the business man, getting
red lUi the face.
Well, I am surprised. But then T
have here a camera which sells for
$27.      It will take the widest scope���
No camera today, yelled the business man.
Woll, then, l have a $423 automobile
which combines all the necessary
points of the higher priced machine
For the love of Mike, screamed tlu*
buslnobfi man, I'll take a glass cutter.
Here'n your quarter.    Now get out.
Thank you, said tho agent. That's
all l.had to sell ln the flrst place.
i   mr
���o tiZti
���T?>..; -, .
Yen, sir, I've been a. noidler, and
onco came mighty near being mixed In
a battle, and if It hadn't boon for
obeying the orders of our old colonel
who waa a regular brick, I might ho
sleeping with my martial cloak around
mo now.
Why, how was that? askod a listener,
Well, the enemy wore In sight, and
we were cotting ready to go for 'em.
I wasn't fooling tho leant hit co: -"ort-
nblo, whon nil of a midden up Jumpa
tlio old colonel on.a stump and shouts:
"Now,  thon,  hoys,  up and  at  em!
Strlko for homo and country!
,.. Somo of thom���a good many, In fact
���struck for    their    country,    hut.    T
..struck for home, and precious glnd I
liim I did It!
A telegram has been received at
Grand Trunk.Pacific head-quarters in
Montreal from Head of Steel, British
Columbia, whioh reads as follows:
"Grand Trunk track-laying gangs commenced laying steel*here today. Twenty eight more miles of grade are now
ready and the steel will be placed on
it during January. Following this
bridge gangs will throw temporary
structures across streams and further
track-laying will then be possible.
The head of steel is now at mile 54,
1098 miles west of Winnipeg. One
mile of track per day will be laid.
A gentleman was strolling across a
large estate, when he came upon a
man fishing.
What sort of n_h do you catch here?
he asked.
Mostly trout, replied the man.
How many have you caught?
About ten or twelve, sir.
What Is about the heaviest you have
caupht, continued the gentleman.
Weil, T don't know the weight, but
the water sunk two or three feet when
I pulled it out
ready to use at first sign of trouble
the best corrective for any disorder
of the organs of digestion. The
earlier you seek relief the easier
it will be to get it���and the more
certain it will be that the trouble
will not lead to somethingrwbrse.
It   is   universally   admitted   that
are the safest preventive as well
as the most reliable corrective of
stomach, bowel, or liver troubles.
They bring about regular, natural,
healthful action. All through the
body���in every organ, every, nerve
���in actions, vigor and spirits���you
will feel the benefit of Beecham's
Pills���and quickly, too. You
will save yourself suffering if you
bave this matchless aid to health
Ready On Hand
Sold _v_rywhere.    ��� -       -      In homtm. 2Sc
There's a dead horse on Kosciusko
street, announced a Brooklyn patrolman, coining into the station after his
day on duty.
Well, make out a report, ordered the
Why, you make out the report, don't
you, sergeant?
I don't. Make out your own.report. You've passed your civil service examinations.
Mike equipped himself with a pen,
and    began    scratching    laboriously.
Presently the scratching stopped. Sergeant, he asked, how d'you spell Kosciusko?
G'wan.     You're writing that report.
An interval of silence. . Then: Sergeant, how do you speil Kosciusko
street? "
Stop bothering me, the sergeant or-
r��*��'l*iO''l "��� fTVt-       -"my--      ii*.frt*nr-r�� -t-ist-v*      KitnnAii
w* f*-"-��� *���   ***���      A-V      *_*_i_--_ ***<*I,��<_*__      UU1COU.
Pretty soon the patrolman got up,
clapped on his helmet and started for
the door.
Where you going? de.ma_.ded the
I'm a-gois.',. said the policeman, to
drag that dead horse around, into
Myrtle avenue.
Minard'a Liniment Guree Diphtheria.
Marlon���Did her husband leave her
.Tosh'.p���Quite often���before he quit
for good.
Makes Breathing Easy.���The constriction of the air passages and the
struggle for breath, too familiar evidence of asthmatic trouble, cannot
daunt Dr. J. D. Kollogg'r, Asthma
Remedy. This Is the famous remedy
which la known far and wide for Its
complete effectiveness *ovon under
vory sovoro conditions. It ls no untried, oxporlniontal preparation, but
ono with many years of strong sorvlco
behind It. Buy it from your noarost
Kings n_ Corripocera
Trur.r.rh". A vory cnrlriii'- entertainment will ho glvon for tho poor
of UriiawclH on January ^7. It will
connlttt of tho performance of poems,
pluyn nnd mimic composed by mon-
uroliH. The program will Include the
JMorhilHon hulk'l, by Louis XIII; a play
by Frederick tho Great, and compositions by Napoleon. Chariots IX, and
Henry IV, ot I'Tnuco, ' ���
a box ar alx boxes ratr 92.50,
4A4��   _���!���   4l--l_rv.     0,m   Tl>.    I-V-J-4-   m.ji
1 alma Camp any.   Limited.    Toronto, I
��� cawifjw. i      ��� ���- I
vv. tt. u. oia
O r. *^> <\       .*>/-,��> ���-- ,���-��� ' ,' ��� ',
,_,.-,.....       AAA A. 44       ...L.       ll/.l,tlll,-|       !.Ill OUl.il       .11111
through, \
fnwortbj   of llic n.irno'.,
Bui. whon wo hoo the HlyloH wo (mow
That milliners- nro gumo.
TTo    H,,!.^*    1.r,r.     r..\l      A......    41. .1      ...I    1,1.
ought, not. to have dono hart inlnnoil a
lot ot  fun.
Couldn't Stand It
Did you hoar why Mrs, Mason recalled tho Jnvltatlons to her party?
UccaiujCi.- her husband's second
That's,,tho reason alio gaVe, but
don't yoii  hollovo  lt.
Ifllucldato. ,
Ifccauao tho laat Indian SwamI that
Mm. Wllf.on r.oourcd for lior party
made Mrs. Mason's poor Httlo Jap-
tinoHo juggler look llko the half of
HO couta.       '
You used to want to hold my hand
before we were married, she complained.
I'd like to, now, said he easily, but
it would keep you from your housework, my dear.
Agriculture In Nova Scotia
The development of agriculture In
Nova Scotia is receiving more attention than ever before and the various
agencies p+ work should produce combined res #3 of great benefit.
The Agricultural College is extend-
ing Its work in all directions. The
now i'jxporimentnl Horticultural Farm
ln tho heart of tho fruit-growing district ls In full oporatlon. The Commission of Conservation has solocted
four oxporlniontal farms which are receiving enthusiastic support. Cooperation among farmers is rapidly
Cautious  -
Mamie  has   a   friend   from  out  pf
town visiting her.
I know.      Shall you give a lunch
eon in her honor?
I haven't made up my mind yet.
Why not?
I shall wait until I see her clothes.
The Nova Scotia "Lumber King"
the BEST liniment in use.
I got my foot, badly jammed lately.
I bathed it well with MINARD'S LINIMENT and it was as well as ever nest
Yours very truly,
t. a. Mcmullen.
If yuu leel -,ut of'soris"���**ni_' down'*���
or "got the oluee." suffer from ���idaey,
bladder, nervous diseases, chronic wea!��=
nesses. ulcers, akin eruptions, piles, &c.
write for my FREE book, it is sIsa?
most instructive, medical book ever written. It tells all. about these diseases
and ���ie remarkable cures effected by
���the new French Remedy "THERAPIONT
No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and you can decide
for yourself If it Is the remedy for your.
ailment. Don't send a cent. It's absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" circulars. I>r. LftClere Med. Co, Haver,
���stock Rd.. Haranstoad.  London;  Engr.
Agents   and make BIG MQNEY in
your Spare Hours'?
.We have the Goods !
Send   Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get into Business."
��� M. O. DepL P. O. Box 1256, Montreal, Can.
"stock broklne business! I want a Ure
ambitious representative In every oity
and town to handle-, t-stocltB, bond. a&4
mortgages; applicant irlust furnish refer-
i**.**���**���     -.�����.-��     _������_�����-�����.     _t.--._-.     _,_��./_    _. _.     *mt.fm    ���.���U��� ���-_���
��4**w^ae   uiau    **���>�����<-    tlt/Ai*   yAUt/    \\w   fUVV   1K7�� ��->�����*���
a capital. - Write or call M. B. EldffM
��s Co., *. Victoria' Street. Toronto.
i Wanted���-Agents for Hail and Windstorm Insurance. Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Domlce
ion License),* Winnipeg, Man;
The Friend of All Sufferers.���Like
to "tho shadow of a rock ln a weary
land" Is Dr. Thomas' Woolr!*". OH to
all thoso who suffer pain. It holds
out hope to evoryono and realizes it
by stilling suffering overywhoro.' It
Ih a liniment that has the blessings of
half a.contlnont. It I'b on salo ovory-
where and can '00 found wherovor enquired for.
Is he a successful physician?
Successful? ��� ���
I sihould say so. Why, he can take
any ordinary case of overeating and
get moro advertising for curing a dangerous case of peritonitis than any
doctor you ever saw.
When a hum gols tho bottor of us
we are inclined to  believe    all    tho
A contrary man Is ono who won't
Union to Uio uood lulvlco wu pour out
for his bonoflt.
Because a girl In afraid of a mouse
la no ulgn that she oan hoar a rat.
Did you ever know a man who wan
stubborn as a mule to bo 0 red I led with
llrtrHA     *t/-.Tir< A**
Many a good dinner has boon ��pr��l|-
���jiI by u i>oor -I'iuiiUon.
He���A penny for youi* LhoughUi.
Sho���Thoy will cost, you moro than
that. I wan thinking that I nood u
ik'W fur coat very badly.
Chapped kfaads
Won't Bother
Voo '���������"���
If .instead of
soap you une
SNAP, the
orlgini- hand
SNAP contains no lye or
'uauw, but glycerine ami iiculrul
nils which keen the wkiit -iiioolh
.iuJ iu ��>j>'cmli_ ou'lition.
Try SNAP for a week uml notice
I In* tfilTerenrr. 47
*_*     _M       >_       0 *
fc_J i^m mt^mmm 1""
OiUai /,uu> jmtr itMlr< U> ilny.   Hx*�� r��ii|ioni.
Mr. F. J. Chamberlin, president of
the Grand Trunk Railway system, la
ln receipt of tho following congratulatory telegram from Mr. O. T. Som-
cra, president of tho Toronto JJouid
of Trade The congratulatlohs of
Wio Toronto Board of Trado nro heart
lly extended to you on tho movement
of your flrst train of wheat and Its
product from Western Canada to tho
Atlantic soa-hoard. It is especially
noteworthy that such a train should
proceed entirely through Canadian
torrltorlty, and that It consists of a
mod pro'lnot d^.tlnod to a oountrv
(South Africa) within tho British
Free Library for 61 Ind
A glance at the following brief summary of work done by the Canadian
Free Library for tihe Blind, weft convince any reader that a real and necessary task is being fulfilled.
The library was incorporated undo*
the Ontario Public Libraries Act toward the close of 1006, on Nov. 9, pf
which year 81' volumes word In Its
ponnoRnlnn! On Nov. 1 of t!*e pi*e-
oont year the nufnber of volumes owned had lncroaBodto 2,858, while, in ad--
dition, 959 pieces of music have been
purchased. For the year 1907- tho
circulation was 996 volumes, whllo for
the flrst three-quarters "of 1912 the
circulation was* -.643 books and
plecos of music. *
In tho Cycle
Ho ls so far hohlnd t.ho tlmos thnt
ho will nover catch up.
Thoro !�� somo advantage to that.
Whnt is It?
Ills jokon aro so old that thoy sound
llko  now.
>ra  W
107 Yeara Old
London.'���A       very     old     I Huh man
named   Kelly,   who  hail  Just  died   ��,_
Gowran,  sit tho  ago  of  107, could,  il
Is   mild   distinctly   romomhor   a   law
I ci'tit)  which "ii'iDii  111  iuh uivoi   when
I  1.   ..     ..... ~     m *
Why did none of the candidal oh
think of wo-rUIn1' tho en V.'"j:: chilli
iiystem to got votoa?
A horiu; In th��* field 1�� woHh two
in tlie barn.   You can't ptmtmn*
Spavin, Rln'tbone,  Splint, or Curb frdtn
puttiita: your horiw* in tlie barn but you
can ��r��venl the-��� trouble- from keeping*
boiitc- lu tlie but 11 very king-.   Vou aui get
Ai^JUdA ^ *i ^fli Hr itnj-.it *>**
and rur* all mill ailmcntu, l'or ,15 yearn,
KciuUU'ri Spavlti Cure lias been tlie IionMj.
iii-n* tklnncttiy.
Avt.TMVll.l.X, Ci-tlT. V.AT.Ctt 34th, |i>IJ.
"llmve iineil Urn.UiU'* Spavin Cure for
oirmrii yenr* enrlnx 'w<v "^tf Hf�����**��l-��. o"*
Curb, ouc Ikiue ti)���viii ���ml a Mlui'lioin'�����ll
���ill' r��HJ.��       *t*._.r ���.x*\.-l... t. I\..t,..l  I..  11.x
(   ^ .   ..^^     4,.      im.,      MW.. ������'A.     ^_A,.A|M     ^,,y*      *xm m.
1 m dniKK'**!   !��'   t,cr   lwM,k   '* I'l-roliiK: wit   Uim
j I llorme" or write dlrvct \o ��s 75
I I Dr. B. J. K.<���ulall C<MurifNknv
I i KmmsXmrw r-����U, V����iwMrt. tl. 8. A.
,1 wiiii.m'jii imnMinnmi���1 iMmwiwwwiiwiliii'
i,4,,��..a4���M.-.toirtiu-j. 1111. Iiii.ii,iiil1i,iii,.,ililliii| '..}.  appears,  am       a*.  I and fruit have the  A trial order wil  package the mark  i. canned vegetables  ere. ��������� a  convince you,  it vi-n-i mummwxmas.  Genera!  ^    MERCHANT  By for Cash and receive your FIVE percent discount at our Store  ^y-^Wft.i'-'ui^fewi-i-^^  mnmmm  )l_I.Wlwt,'*lli  Church Notices  BILJLlAKLtS ArvjU ruvL,.siui -uk ���������^-���������i_*_������  BATHS, CIGARS, CIGARETTES ANL>  CONFECTIONS. RAZORS     GROUND,  AND SET.  A  K/l  U A I  LIU I    11   FrftH  ivs riMi r il^i^l/jI iup-  METHODIST OIlUliGH  i  ! Services will he held every Sunday n  follows:  j     Morning   r     - -          11:00 a. m  j     Evening   -         - -      7:3C> p. m.  !    Sttlibath School 2:20 p. m.  I  j You  are  welcome  to   tarry  with us  Fred L. Carpenter  Pastor  During the past year, the property of  he Oreston Power, Light and Tele-  idone Co., has been subjected to much  nhton/destruction by the boys,  and  :?   :..^T  'her person? of the district.  The guy wires on several of the poles  bout town ate used as climbing ropes  ind swings, to the detriment of overhead wires and the   telephone service  'Huerally.    Hundreds of insulators have  teen broken by stone throwing, and in  m**lyi.ig ditstrio'p,  the telephone wire  ias been out down, and stolen.  T^ie damage generally to onr property  he paat twelve months, is estimated at  ?700, to say nothing of the interruption  >f service, aud the coiiHcqumit los* to  abscribers.    We take this opportunity  ���������f warning ull persons concerned  thai  he law will he taken every advantage  if, to protect ourselves and onr subscribers from the dumage and trouble, tbtit  ma boen experienced in the past,  The Oreston Powei', Light &  iwiepuuoe \jO., xjiu.  per R Sinclair Smi th  "HEWS A&WE&YiSgR.''  ��������� Send for onr prices on furniture, we  <iy tho freight.    O O. S.  ������|^iij^^*Tjwii^'rAiti'gigr  -MBn  SOT NO NAMES USED WITKOUT WRITTEN CONSENT.  Confined to His Home for Weeks*  "Heavy work, severe stra_tic** ss_ evil habits ia youtlx brought oa  Varicose V_ii-s. Veen l woti:w huixi U������e ac-^g vrouW. become  severe und 1 \fcs oi.eu hild tip i^r a week at- a time. My family  -physician. tol.1 _ns au OTera-d��������� v.-us ciy -cxCy hon>o���������lut 1 dreaded ic  1 tried several STecia_ Y --. but soon found o\x i^i ibe:," vrasied *>3s my  money;* Ic^maicnci; ' " **'        ������---..��������� -i���������  rogues. One i'  Itoldhimiaj  PRESBYTERIAN   CHURCH  Service every Sunday   at   11 a. tn  itnd 7:30 ������-*. ix\.  Sabbath School at 2:30 p. in.  Adult  Bible  Class at close of even  ing service.  W. G. Bl.AJCK  Minister  >fficia"i  Administrators  Act  Everyone wnnts a picture of the members of the  Government of  Canada.   The "News-Advertiser" has bad prepared for the exclt-ive  use of its readers iu this provinca a large engraved plate ot Rt.   Hon -  R. L, Borden nud his Ministers.  The group is redrawn from the latest photographs of' the eighteen  ���������MiiiifltPTs. who compose the advisers of His Royal Highness, the Governor-General. I is printed iu sepia on heavy board ready for framing  and will be of the greatest educational value in the home, the eohoo  aud the library,  * ' ��������� '  The Prime Minister, HON, R.L BORDEN, qoeupios & central pcsi=  tion, nnd is shown standing at the head of the Council Table. Seated  about him are his colleagues -  Dimly in the background the features of Sir John Macdonald look  down ou his successors.  How to Obtain the Picture  This line engraving, of whioh a limited number have been prepare, d, will be cent  ____���������__   _?     ���������**__    a*-*-1 J_  ������_���������__- 4  rub- %j>r -^^ri-t<---'_aa-  to new subsoribern. or to old subscribers, who renew their subscriptions  for one year (f8 00. >  i ' -    - '  For out of town subscribers the picture will be tubed and portage  prepaid.  Non-subscribers may obtain copies on payment of  60 cents? If  mailad, ten cents extra for tubing and postage.  Applications and remittances (cash most accompany. order), aansfe  he made to  The Circulation Manager  4 Ne ws-Ad vertiser,'' Vancou������8r,B_e_,  1  the Cr_ month's treasin������_si. ������������������:::���������^a. -.^.j^o^^.   ���������_ ...  I continued treatment for three montba\ Vm-er aad v.-os retrarded  ���������with a consplets cure.   Icou'd only earn Sl-i a Tn>;������ ia a, machina.  ehop before treatment, now I cm earning f "?1 iwid never loose a. day.  I wish aii suSe-srs _asw o������ your valuable tre3t-m������_t.  BLOOD -O-S0���������S are the most prevalent and most serious diseases. They sap ins  very"!ta blood of thevictimand���������flies:jet���������ir_lyer__-at���������d trom tie system ^vill causa  BerjWuSTOsiplications. Beware ot Mercury. It uisy suppress the symptoms���������our NEW  H_'i'������tOi* cures all bloou uiiifi&imn.  YO OTTO OB MIDP__ AGED IT  down your system.   You feel the  vitally you are not the man you *���������*  CHURCH OP ENGLAND  Chritst Church  Jau. 2Gth    (Qainquagesima Sunday )  Matins Holy Ootnaiuoion ll a. nt.  Erickson School House 3 p. ni  Sunday School 3 a ni. ������  i-vensjn,?, Sermon 7p. *    *  Philip C Hayman ("Vicar)  I  B-   ..'.ii euro you.    ������iaual aa. aaaa-va_.._-������. ~.������  j���������   ���������-_---   _r__.   No matter who has treated you, -write for an hor_t cr'-ion Fr������e cf Charee.  B^jja Frc���������������"Boyhood, Msuihood, Fatherhood.'"   (Illustrated} on tisea^a oi _Ie_.  NO NAMES USED ���������WltTHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. PRIVATE. No name, on  bo-** or onT-topea. Evorythins CesfidestisU Qu������������tiou _i_t and Cost of Treatment  FREE POR HOME TREATMENT,  S aaaTmtx a  hes-^0* -w m~* ������������������  itim* Ifll_-  Dhs.KEH-IE-^T  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.  BmgMnQtoU AT B _* IS"       A^ letters from Ca*.iac!.i tr.ust be addressed  ���������mH9H*^B-1���������P llUb       to our Canadian Correspondence Depart-  -W    -Wfc*J.        ^*m+mmmm���������������_���������.������        ������������������ _ _ _    _ . _  ment in Windsor, Or.t. If you desire to  Bee us personally can at our medical Institute in Detroit as we see and treat  ao -paueir-s in our Windsor offices which are for Correspondence and  X-oboratory for Canadian business only.   Address all letters ao follows:  _*K_. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, V/u-J^r, Cat.  JMtefarorarpriimteailJrftaB.  l������l>'\|-Si'i������%p.''.*:4/_VV^._������r^t>'>teW.^>Wi4^ffi**  Th& RSw@m%^sSmtS& KUmf^s&B^sGS  Comprising 125 Acres GRAND FORKS, B. C.  O.C. S., SIGNAFIES ORANBROOb  CO-OPHRATIVE -sTORES.  PERT PARAGRAPHS.  A man feels cheap when he Is sold,  no mutter what tlie price.  Notice is hereby given that on the 88th  ay ot January 1913, It was ordered bj  lis Hon3r George H. Thompson, Et-q.,  tidge of the County Court of East  .ootenay, that James A Arnold, Offi-  irtl Administrator for that portion of  he County of Kootenay included in tht*  electoral District of Cranbriok be Ad-  n'uistrator of all and singular the es-  ate of Thomas Myddleton Jones, de  e������sed intestate.  Every person indebted to the said de  ���������'���������nsed is   required to   make paymei t  '*rihwith to the unuersigned.  Every person having in possession ef-  ....**..\.f\%..m.f.lm.m.      X^.       .U.        J3l������.s<. 3       J _        M������.  -CIS uoAi'ii^iug    uu   tiAio    uotoancj   in    &r*  .paired forthwith to notify the under-  ���������iiivned.  Every creditor or other person having  .my claim upon or interest in the distri  nation of the estate of the said deceased  h requited to send before the 13th, day  'if March, 1918, ue_t by registered mail  addressed to the undersigned, his name  &#### # ���������������������������.��������������������������� V_F  | AND ORNAriENTALS  WH  *_������  QPiQe    ���������  5-ir  VER.NON* B. ���������=  All our trees are Home Grown and guaranteed true  to name.    We carry  all *lie  leading varieties  most     suited to this district.    Our specialty is budded stock  ^   on t_.ree-year-old whole/roots,  4������A. ��������� ,.      '      ' ��������� .,., ,1.,-    ...Mm  ������������������-,..  ,     ���������      ���������������������������     i     '  ���������  I  ' ^      For further particulars apply to our local Ageut.  ��������� J. Blinco, Box 29, Creston, B.C. %  ���������  . ������������������'^.^^mfr^s^^^mim^^ffm  !t tietps a lot to he able to recognize |������"d address and the fnll particulars of  good tortune when you see it.  After all, It Is wisei to meet nndei  1 the rose than undei suspicious circuin-  i Btunceti.  ij    ���������We have a fnll line of dancing anr1  Romeo slippers at tbe Cash Store.  A&&m������-Em TJ?__nric  mmWtm B B _BS_i_fi_S__' Cm       CS    mm*. fe-SSf tt'PSf ^BQtfy  \pi8sgg8s  ^WB^SS^*"^  s _TB___i_������i^?    QheHes  CUA-RANTEED HCSVIE GROWS.  Cellared���������Roots iu earth, uo danger of winter killing  "We can hold ^your trade."  I  mPe&fm-ttmm-& I j    Tho Frazer Valley   Nurseries Com  Established lOOObytho HON. MARTIN BURRELL  Minister of Agriculture  ALL STOCK DELIVERED TO YOUR RANCH AT CATALOGUE PRICES  I For Catalogue and Price list, write to���������  WALTER V. JACKSON, Agent. Creston, B. C.  pany have recently published -*a bool  en'itled, "Landscape Gardening, and  What to Plant", which contains a loot valunblc information for the frui������  grower aud ranoher. Seo ad on ba* 1'  pngo forparticulars.  ins claim or interest, and a stateuieui  if his account and the nature of the se>  oarity (if any) held by him.  After the t-aid last mentioned date the  Administrator will proceed with distribution of tho estate having regard to  those claims only of which.ho shall have  Uiid notice.  Duted at Oraubrook this 28th, day of  .rauuury 1018.  J.  A. Arnold  OfTiciul Administrator  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  SHU EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., LL.D., U.C.L., 1'rcnldcnt  ALCXANDER LAIRD JOHN AIRD  C-narul Manauer  A-mIuIuul G������-ue,-Ml Maunscr  CAPtrAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000  BANKING BY MAIL  Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian  Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the  same caretui attention a.*������ i& ������������������ivc.i lo aii other dcpai"trncntc of lhe  rtanl-'s business. Money may be deposited or vvillulrawn In this  way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank. BmA  Tw-wy S# r^v.Icr, yimir.!tz"r r^������*"������ Branch  NOTICE is horobv givon that all  tax  *b for tho year 1913 for proportion situati  in tlio Ni-H'ui  AbHONHoniot Dihtiict ar>  now duo and payable nt my oRioo in th<  Jourt MoiiHr, Oity of Nelson,  And moreover take notico  the publi-  i  'til ion of this notice li dee mod cquivn-  tont to n poraonal demand by   the Col-  U'oioj of all taxos duo and payable   by  tcrsoiiH liublo to p.iv tho saine,  Stcphin II. IIoskiiiH,  Kclaou AflBomment Dlstilot  Diitnd nt No.'hoii, 1_. O.,  thin -ud day of January, 1013  FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL  It mnkoft no dlffcr<nc_ whttt^Jdn fljxuto on  plnntltm ttiU ���������Acmoit���������w������ e������n 'tupply you,  uml with the ftinjat 0.u-llty Of ���������OW"-. ttook  over drown.  All  trcm,  plitiits,  vluof, tierrlta,  ttirubs, ���������  cvi>r_rooui,, rounn, etc., told by ua aro (uur*  lopil  ���������TOUM TO NAMID  T* ''���������111  piy yftn  tn K0t  In   Imirh  with  nn.  ���������   KVICIU I'l.ANTliK WlittUS OU������ U00U-���������  LANDSCAPE GARDENING  Ot   WHAT TO PLANT" N  32 PAGES, 10+&TAMPS)  fflmri/    r^4ir_-J' a**i r_.  Mm.    BT mm    rt       mg      mmmm -mm _r*  lyALLEY  llURSERIESIre  A NS BOX. A. ALDERGROVn.B.C.  Milled from Selected Hard Wheat  IS-****-! uyp Ib^m^__P  9jUBmWx H   B^^B ^^^^ ^*^^CT BB^^���������_ ^3 D  VmmmW    .      S3-P5P1 _-__5iC_^_r^_F  mmmmmammaaoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam  This flour will  make good bread|  13      I" fir*f___TltriW  1 UiOdlUii  #mmm*mm,mmm#>mmmMmm.*  MMMf. -\  oi'nnntiln  iwiutuuniiiuy  m  rtx _���������  fn 1  UUl  I James ComptoUf Agent    - ������������������ 'A4t>4^Miagi'S������sj^M������Trr^}^x,mi,faitn^i  :*  maammaam  IMI


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