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 Kit*>  ^p^ff**"'***'***,.,  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  14  'i  'fTW  1  d  ?<;  A -PtTBLICATION DEVOTED TO GENERAL NEWS, BUILDING.  CONTRACTING, ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAL,  CITY  AND EABBOB IMPROVEMENTS  -    <-;. - J'  VOL. XVIII. No. 20  Published  Monday  Wednesday and Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 1920.  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—Per Year In Advance  Per Month    -    -    -    -  WE CARRY COMPLETE STOCKS OF:  PLATE GLASS CHIPPED GLASS  WINDOW GLASS FIGURED ROLLED GLASS  POLISHED WIRED GLASS ROLLED CATHEDRAL GLASS, ETC.  CAST WIRED GLASS PORT LIGHT GLASS  PRISMATIC WINDOW GLASS  ■Manufacturers'of. Mirrors, Leaded Glass, Embossed "Work, Bevelling, Etc.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAL WINDOWS  FIRE DOORS  SKYLIGHTS  JOBBING  BLOW PIPING  SMOKE STACKS  113 Ladysmith Street,  Victoria, B. C.  548 Seymour Street  ^/ancouver,  B. C.  Granville Is.  Seymeur 2172  THE CEMENT GUN  Applies cement mortar by compressed air, making a dense  and waterproof mortar. New and used guns in stock,  also compressors needed for operating the gun.  We are quoting the lowest prices  Write or phone for data.  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  ■•   '• .',»X.  -. ,. ..DISTRIBUTORS .    Credit Foncier Building    , Telephone Seymour 3<8«  BUILDING   PEBMITS   AMOUNTING   TO  9500  OB  OVEB II8DED  AT  1EI  YABTCOBrVM CITY Kill YESTEKDAY  Number  •Description  Coat  11122—Dwelling   54850  11123—Dwelling....'.  $s6o  ] L124—Dwelling' ......;   $2500  11 125—Int. Alterations $1500  II126—Alterations  $500  11128—Parking Shed -$700  Street  Address  Lot  and Block  1725'16th  Ave.  W.......,.........:.........l 3-468  Ft. Alma Rd. ........3-1  36SC Eaton St ....'. ..B—782  301 Powell St. :   382 Powell St. .:.... ...  1155 Pender W.  /.... .....IC, 17—15  Subdivision  Architect  526..:..  540 ....  II. T.  Edwardes ^Sproat    Owner    Contractor   .' -.  Contr.  185 ^Engineer, S. C. R.  Contractor  M. Anderson ...1816 8th Ave.'W.  Owner ....<:.   A. R. Appsf ..:Vancr. Heights P. O.  J. B. Arthur......:..... ..2602 Ontario St.  Mr. Sawda   S. C. R. .....:...........Z...:....:....   Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Ft.ofColumbia av  Phone 2988  HZ  City of Varicr. and W. Roedde..  H. W. Harper  H. Palmer ......  J. Nakuhara  R. Yanagimura  Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment..  Clayburn Firebrick,  Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hvdrated  Lime, etc.  '*#  'v H * A  ,   ^ r  <*tei,^  ' i"**V  •> V">  hardwoods  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  Large stock of Fir .Panels on hand  now, and regular supply assured  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  320 Richards St. Vancouver, B. C.  Ls  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  ELECTRICAL  INSTALLATIONS  OF ALL   KINDS  923^ Georgia St.. W. Seymour 8696  | _   BUILDING PERMITS       |;  -'11127—J.    McDevitt,    garage,    1445  13th Ave. W., $100.  it*  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES  Sole Asr«*nlii Jn^Canada For  Chicaso IPheurnatic' Tool Co.  Boyer   Riveting   A. Chipping    Hammer*;    Little   Giant    Drills*  Electri;  Tools;   Rock   Drills;   Air  Compre««or«;  Fuel  Oil  and  Gas Engines.  Ountley  NEV/  STORE   FRONT   FOR  SAXON   MOTOR  AGENCY  The E. J. Ryan Contracting Company, 5 Fairfield Block, will start work  today on a new store front and alterations to the Saxon Automobile Agency  quarters on Granville Street.  -The"contractors have just completed  can Edition to the Peerless Steam  Laundry, at-'-109S 3rd Avenue AVest,  costing about $5,000.  Mntreil, TtrMli  WinJ|ME  81 PMdir SL W., K-ntwnr B. C,  Pbui Sty. 10SS  ■/  '-tM  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at all L«re« MsnufactuHns: Centres     ^___  Atlas Steel Products Ltd.  MILD STEEL BARS  Buyers of All Kinds of Scrap  Phone Say. 3066  Granville Island  u *  r*  """     4 f  e    I  ^4  ft >-,  (■j  <■<   .v-  !*"''%•>«'..  Hi'  mm  -■'.r-'.pV'jT  '^'te'p-s;'  Seymour 7200  Estimate-* Given  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WE  CABBY A  COMPLETE LINE  0»  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaioid Roofing  PENTICTON  MAY HAVE  ; 'TWO   NEW   CHUCHES  PBNTICT02ST—At their annual meeting to-be held in. the near future the  Anglican  church    will    consider    the  question of building anew church located considerably farther north than  the present building- on Fairview Road,  leaving the latter for mission purposes.  The   Baptist   church   is   purchasing  two lots on Martin, south of Fairview,  for the purpose of constructing a parsonage.  WOOD. VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  Wholeunle Heavy and Shell Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUW1BJA  ASK TENDERS FOR COTTAGES  AT BOYS' TRAINING SCHOOL)  i  Tenders   are   being   invited   by   the i  Hon. the Minister of Public Works up j  •:o February 17th, 1920 for the erection'  of three^cottages at the Boys' Training  school, Coquitlam.  Plans, specifications, contract, ana  forms of tender may be seen on and  after the 31st day of January, 1920, at  *:he offices of J. Mahoriy, Esq., Government Agent. Court-house, Vancouver,  B.C.; T. C. Campbell, Esq., Government  .Agent  which Grundy, Rowland & Company  landed was for an elevator at Port  Arthur. This was followed by the  award of the electrical equipment for  an even larger elevator at Montreal,  both of which the firm recently completed. The firm also recently completed a contract for the installation  of the electrical equipment in the new  Allen Theatre at Winnipeg.  PENTICTON   FRUIT   MEN ]  PLAN BIG WAREHOUSE  PENTICTON—Application has been  made by^J.h9 ...Penticton Co-operative  Fruit Growers' Association to the Kettle Valley Railway company to double  the capacity of the present, fruit warehouse on* the lakeshore and adjacent!  to Penticton creek.  Largely'   increased   fruit    shipmen  necessitating  more  storage  and   ship-|  ping space is deemed urgently neces-j  sary.     The Association is  asking the  Kettle  Valley company to double the  capacity   of   the   existing   warehouse  and   have   it  ready  in   time   for  next  fall's crop.   As the present large warehouse was   built, only two years ago,  the  ■''present application    gives  some  idea  of  how  rapid  has  been  the  ex-|  pansion   of   the   Penticton  fruit   business.  FRANK DARLING & CO*  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills- Close Quarter Piston Air Drills-Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel--Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock  of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 4100  JJ  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  SHAMS,' CKAKHE-LS. AHOLEB, PIiATES, TEES, COI.U  CO10PZ.ETEX.T EQUIPPED rABaUCATZaTO SHOPS  CANADIAN NORWEST STEEL COX Ltd.  I  I  Palrmont 3396 and 3397  ▼aaeoarar.  WANTS LOCAL MEN EMPLOYED  A complaint was received by the civic finance 'committee on Wednesday,  from Mr. S. J. Gothard, president of  the Comrades of the Great War, that  Mr. A. McDonald, contractor for the  Allen theatre at the corner of, Georgia and Seymour streets, was bringing  in expert workmen from Winnipeg and  other outside points and not giving  preference   in   the   construction   work  BUILD WITH BRICK  and when doing so use the best made in B. C.  DOMINION BRICK  ' For Sale by  Champion & White;  Evans, Colenfan & Evans, Ltd.;   Thos.  G. McBride  & Co., and the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravel  Co., Ebuine, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North "Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head   Office  102   Moody   Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  Court-lioiuie, New Westminster, | to local men.   In reply, it was pointed  H.  C.;  J.  S. ..Macgowan,  Esq.,  Bursar,   out that the city council had no direct  .Vental ..Hospital, Essondale,  n. C;  or  the Department of Public Works, Victoria, B. C.  Vancouver Lumber Co.T Limited  MANUPACTUBEES OE*  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and see its, or phone.  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C  16  THE JAMES BROi  fVIillwork Contracts  WOODWORM C0.,LT0.  1916  Union   Depot      Can.   Northern  Bly.  Depot 1917  Calgary Armory    Bosslan*  Hlsrh  School   TranqnlUe   Sanltorium   —  Phone Westminster 473   1918   1918   1918  Our steam hen ted plant enables us  to manufacture, Veuee. Work at any  season of the year.  We are now manufacturing Interior  fittings l'or the new li. C. Telephone  Building's head office in Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th 8t„ East Burnaby  GETS  THIRD   EASTERN  ELEVATOR CONTRACT  .Vundy. Rowland &. Company, ;")22  St;u:d;*rd Hank bunding, the well  known electrical contractors with of-  licos here and in Winnipeg, has just  huidcd its third big eastern elevator  contract for tho installation of tlie  comnlofe electrical equipment for a  'arye grain elevator at St. John's,  New Rriiriswick. Tho contract is a  | big one and will keep the firm's eastern force busy for some time.  'This firm has the distinction of being about the first electrical firm in  tho west who were able to outbid and  secure a big electrical contract in tlie  east in competition with all the leading eastern firms who had the advantage of eastern prices in their  favor.      This    first,    eastern    contract  jurisdiction or any specific agreement  with the theatre owners regarding  whom should be employed there. It  was decided, however, that the city  clerk should write to Mr. McDonald,  asking- if the statements were correct.   . 0  MAY   USE   CONCRETE   FOR  JOHNSON ST. BRIDGE  VI CTO III A—Considerable difference  of opinion exists in. administrative  circles as to whether steel or concrete  shall be used in tlie construction of  the Johnson street bridge. Labor  unions have appealed to the city council  to  have  concrete iised  exclusively  instead  of steel,  as  it  would  tend  to  i  favor home products. j  City Engineer Preston points out;  that as definite plans for the bridge j  have not been made yet. it could very,  easily be designed to be constructed {  of concrete. It would cost about one  fifth more, though he points out, based  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL:—  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to loatth.  Cold Twist and Bend Bars. •  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts. Tie Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish large  orders of Special  Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IRON "WASHERS, ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND    CEMENT   —   LIME   —   HYDRATED    LIME   —   FIRE  SCOTCH FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH  COAL — COKE  SEA  COAL  — FIG IRON — MANILA ROPE,  ETC.  CLAY  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone 5037  WE   CAN  MAKE  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY   OF  ICK  Just Received 1GO.OOO, and (VSore Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and  Other  Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561   Granville Street  (Continued   to  pag-e  6)  Seymour 4680  Reliable Electric,  Company  J. SMITH, Martag-cr  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Years' Experience is all Branches  of Electrical Work. Inspection—Expert  Advice — Trouble Work—Installing- — Rewinding—AI'   Work   Guaranteed.  sane  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0. Phone 5S  ■■••■•w  .-WI #  :A  BRITISH G0LU3XIBIA JfOOBB  British Columbia Record  (Established 1911)  -Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing: Company  VM-cial,  City  and  Harbor Improvements  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and  Plant  «29 Pender St.W., Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  ■nbccrlptloB SatM  Far  Year in   Advance.'.......: $10,00  Fw   Month        1.00  AH subscriptions are payable strictly in adrsnee  ornozAx. okoan.  The British' Columbia Record Is the  •Metal organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  "The Royal Architectural Institute of  C%nada. and The Engineering & Technical Institute of British Columbia, and  a» »uch la used by them as the medium  Un-ough which to.make their official an-  -Bsuncemenl.^  to  the  general  public.  By such Election the British Colum  bis Record is no vrise pledged to editorial support of any policy advanced  by these societies, but maintains an absolutely independent position on all matters subject to editorial opinion.  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and   Retail '  W. MOLT,  426-^-436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  EVERYTHING POINTS-TO GREAT  BUILDING BOOM  • Real estate operators,' architects  and builders, even ultra-conservative  bankers, all predict that the spring  and summer of 1920 probably will see  the greatest building boom that Canada has ever known, "well started.  With labor and material <:osts as high  as theyare at present, itmay he well  into 1921 or even the following year  before the crest of the building movement is reached, but all experts agree  that at least a half a decade-of un-  •usual building activity is assured,  Rents .are now at' levels previously  ■never dreamed of. and  tliey are still  soaring.   ' Manufacturing  > and  indus:  trial space'has followed suit..   Apartment rents.• are also high and as' tar  as 'this?'';c!(ty':''is!y..c^hcerried,;' there ; are  practically no  vacancies.    There   are  bound to be  some big, developments  in apartment house construction here  before long,  for Vancouver is  so   advantageously situated in regard to  an  all-tho-year-round   demand   for   apartment house accommodation.   The evei  increasing host of winter tourists coming here from the snow-bound prairie  provinces    assures  capacity    tenancy  during the. winter months  while  the  city is equally fortunate in regard  to  a regular flood of tourist travel  during the summer months.    In fact, the  two    movements just    barely escape,  overlapping.  Private houses, for several years a  drug on the market, have been  brought well within the scope of de  nxand and are now being sought assiduously ' by home-seekers. Every  Teal estate agent in the city has a  waiting list bf most generous propor  capital for investment in mortgages.  There has been' suggested another  federal loan along the line of the  Soldier Housing Act, or some form of  long term loans, with amortization  features, as among the most feasible  means of raising funds. -It is almost  a certainity that after the available  resources and funds of the Soldier  Housing Act have been exhausted,  something1 along similar lines will  have to be created.  NOTES OF  INTEREST  THROUGHOUT PROVINCE  DED>VNEY—The King-Beach Manufacturing Co. are purchasing lumber  for the large buildings they propose  erecting on their ranch here.  LADNER—The mill of the Ladner  Lumber company which,has been shut  down for some time, will, it is expected, commence operating again  about the first of next month. A considerable amount of new machinery  has been installed and also a general  overhauling carried out.  The local plant qf the Pacific Milk  company will be enlarged, the work  on this condensery being carried out  at once.  SUMMERLAND—Mr. C. F. Bickford  of New Westminster has been in town  for the past few days, looking into the  possibility of establishing-a cannery  there, and he will likely ask for a  meeting of growers at an early date:  PORT KELLS—Another saw mill is  to be erected here in the spring, according to plans being perfected by  Booth and  Robers.  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the busl-  nisfs! men and women of  the city arcs certain ot tne  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  N*. 1  -UO  CORDOVA ST. WEST  H: 2 • 612   PENDER    ST.   WEST  "The Good Food Restaurants"  MININa  A quantity, of mining machinery, is  on order for the Premier Mine, near  Stewart, and is expected to arrive  'peon. This includes compressors, milling machinery and the necessary apparatus for installing a small vyater  power for" use in the compressors.  The machinery will -be taken up on  sleighs over the road from Stewart.  FIGURES  BEING TAKEN  FOR   REGAL  THEATRE  Mr. J. R. Muir, local representative  of the Regal Films, Limited, with offices in the Dominion Theatre Building, Granville street, announced to  the Record yesterday that four con-,  tracting firms of Vancouver had been  invited to tender on the proposed  $500,000 theatre to be erected on Seymour street between. Robson and  Smythe streets for the Regal Films,  Limited. ' v,  Mr. Muir stated that as soon1 as the  tenders were in the figures would be  sent to Toronto for final approval and  it was hoped that actual construction  work would be started by the middle  of March. Work has already ■ commenced on the demolition of ! four  dwellings which now occupy the Seymour street site of the**theatre.  PREPAIiRING   PLANS  FOR KNITTING PLANT  Fred LI Townley and ; Robt. M.  Matheson, Associate" architects, 325  Homer Street are prepairing plans for  a one storey brick addition 50x80 feet,  to the Vancouver Knitting Company's  plant on Dufferin street. '.'■_ Selected  tenders will be asked fortpy the architects as soon as the.plans are completed.  TRADE  NOTES FROM THE ORIENT  The North. China Herald states that  the Japanese Home Office is to furnish  capital  for  the  construction  of dwel-  l-LAN   ALTERATI0Wsi;Tb,  BANK   OF-HAMILTON  .Architec'   A.   E.   Henderson,   Davis  Chambers   Building   is   receiving   ten-  ling houses in Tokio, Osaka, Kyoto, ders from selected contractors ror ex-  Yokohama, Kobe and Nagoya. Osaka tensive structural alterations to the  plans  to  construct 10,000 houses at a   Bank   of   Hamilton   Building   on   the  as the plans are ready. The estimated cost of the new warehouse is  $30,000 and will be completed early  in the fail.  PREPARING   PLANS   FOR  POINT   GREY   HOME  Architects Maclure ,.-.& Lort, -105  Credit Foncier Building are preparing  plans and will be inviting tenders  about February 1st for an eight-room  Colonial residence to be erected in  Point Grey for a prominent Vancouver business man. The new home will  have every convenience including hot  water heating, concrete basement,  hardwood floors, fireplace, etc.  PT.   GREY   BUNGALOW  f. '   ■ •  -  Architects Sharp & Thompson, 904  London Building have prepared plans  for a 6 roomed stucco bungalow to be  erected for Mr. H. C. Chiene in Point  Grey, rear the end of the 4th Avenue car line. The home will cost about  $5,000 and will be built by. day labor.  MORTGAGES  Funds Invested In  Mortgages on Improved  Property  pJTCttFQRP'KAPtE^  iENGRAVING CO.r  2  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  bE-SMONINO COLORWORK  PHONE SHY. 7.501. 4-45 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER.B.C  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of "Worth-  weit Lime" manufactured In Victoria  and which wc are prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers  at  lowest   prevailing prices.  Rebati Allowed in Barrels Returned.  1688  0*orffl& Btreit  Wtit  Frank Jordlson Roofing  Company  THE   GUARANTEED   ROOFEli  All  Clasaea of Roofing-  Worn.  -Leaking- roofs patched and  guaranteed.  Seymour 3370 1347 Howe St.  STEWART & COLTART  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS    AND    ALTERATIONS  Pair. 2386 1. "Fraser 205 I.  3241 St. George St.     355 50th Ave. E.  DOKVIBNION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  cost of ?10,000.000.   The houses are to  be under municipal management.  BRICK   STORE  BUILDING  PLANNED FOR ROBSON ST.  Mr. D. M. Hourigan, has had plans  prepared for, a two storey store building, 27x52 feet in size to be erected  the 1100 block on Robson street.  corner of Hastings aifd Hamilton  streets. The improvements will enlarge the present quarters considerably and enable it to greatly increase  its banking facilities.      ;.,.  NEW  HOME PLANNED      ..  FOR  POINT GREY  A   seven   roomed   stucco   bungalow  , As shown on the plans the building | and  garage  is  being  planned ^in  the  will be of brick and tile construction,  *he   ground   floor  being  divided, into  L.wo storeys while the upstairs will be  made into seven one room flats..  The  building will cost about $7,000 and will j ™a" ^./^if ^  b«uu6 ■■•"-■ .r.»   = t-.-,-. .    -        be erected by the owner.    Gillingham'  tions ., and:' would-be   tenants   who   iri.j «'. Korner prepared the plans.  some   cases   have   been   waiting   for  offices of Mr. Fred L. Townley and  Robt. M. Matheson, Associate Architects, 325 Homer street.ifor Mr. P. A.  Woodward to be erected at 37th and  J 618 GRANVILLE ST.  SEV. 2968  Ceperley, Rounsefell (Co.  ESTABI.X8HEI> IN  1886  Ground Floor  Winch Blag".  739 Hasting* St. W.  ▼anconver  D.MacDONALD  Electrical Engineer  Armatnre Winding' and Motor Bopalra  Seymour 9536 439 Pender Lane  W.BR ADS HAW  ORATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING  ATTENDED TO   .  Phono Fraaor 178 X   446 46th Ave. E.  SHINGLERS  AI.I. WORK  OUABAHTEED  KIRK   BROS.  Hlffhand 3013  1510 Charles St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  OBirxBAz. ma-pAiss — akhatuke  WZV9XNO — SWITCHBOARDS  IN ST AX.X. ATIONS  247 Hastings St., L  Sey. 3856  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL^ IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing- too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794'  M  m  piling-poles!  AHT   LE-fOTH   *rVBWX8HED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  773  Oeorsia   St,   B.  Hlffh..l48  VUSSm*~*.  3FLOOR LAYERSf  and  Manufacturers  BG. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited   ■  2635 Granvllto St.  Specialist   In   Cement   Work  ED.  HUGGINS  ri.AZN    AND    ORNAMENTAX.  "   PLASTERER *c  Bay. "2535-R.  3528   Talrd  Ave.   W,  F.-W. White    W. PEngeluy    H.  Roberts  R. A. F. KGTGR TRANSFER  HEAVY   HAULING   FOR   CONTRACTORS  FURNITURE.   BAGGAGE"'a*ND   EXPRESS  Seymour 3934 Fraser 173 L 1  4ii   Howe St. soao. FRAsr.R St.  Bhcae Seymorir 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  ''"''■■■ Makers of |  'Switch Boards, Panel Dottrels, Steel  '  Cabinets; etr. i  SwiLch^s closlgncfl  and-built for any;  ;. special,'-work.     .   ,  ■--*    ,i'<i': ••■ ■' -::-•■'■" ?.v>s-:? "--.■'  Itadustirlil  Island ' ' Vffncbuver,  B.  C.  iwzi  "w-eeKs, almost light over any house  that becomes vacant. The mere fact  that the civic census taken by the assessment commissioner's staff during  the last two months o£ 1919 shows an  increase in the population of over fifteen thousand since the close of 1918,  is in itself an indication that the re-  sultatit housing demand must necessarily ;T»e keen. For while there has  "been approximately a 15 per cent, increase in the population during the  year, there has been hardly a two per  cent, increase in the number of dwellings.  At this time when the housing shortage is so acute and need for buildings  of every class most urgent,, people  identified with the real estate market  are casting around to find ways and  .means  of  obtaining  new   sources   of  TENDERS  BEING  INVITED  FOR SUMAS DYKING SCHEME  Tenders are being received by the  commissioners of The Sumas Dyking  District for the: various classes of  work for the dyking and drainage of  land in the vicinity of Sumas Lake.  Notice of tender appears on page 4 of  this paper.  AYRES  PAINT  Robertson.Power & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections Deuism  "Reports Construction  Industrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  "Wharves   and   1'ier.s,       Power   Plants  IndiiHtrial  Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  S02   Yorkuhfr*   Bulletin s  , Seymour  9217  MOLSONS BANK TO  UNDERGO  ALTERATIONS  Architects Sharp & Thompson, 904  London Building, are preparing pian3  Tor extensive alterations to the Mol-  •>ons Bank Building on Hastings street.  Plans will be ready and tenders asked for about the 28th of this month.  THE   REAL  SALESMAN.  *    *    *  One who understands men and  who can make himself understood by men.  ***********  The new home will be finished  throughout in white enamel and will  ihi&ve hardwood floors, hot water heat,  built in fixtures, concrete basement,  fireplace,  etc.  "^he estimated cost is. $6,000, tenders to be asked for from~selected contractors.  LARGE   FRUIT  WAREHOUSE  PLANNED FOR KELOWNA  Plans are in course of preparation  in the offices of Architects Twizell,  Birds & Twizell, Metropolitan Building for a large frost proof fruit storage warehouse to be erected in Kelowna for the Kelowna Storage Limited. ^The building will be a three  story structure, 85x1 HO feet in size  and will he built of cither Dennison  Hollow Tile or hollow brick wall.  Ready roofing will bemused for the  roof, and large platforms will be built  at either end of the building for loading and  unloading the fruit.  The work of erecting the new plant  will be done by Okanagan contractors  who will be asked to tender as soon  YOUR BUSINESS  STANDING  is   frequently   judged   by   your'  ■tttionery.  W« do not merely take  your  business, but help to make it.  Phone Sey. 316  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  '518 Pender West    .  >. i , ,     ,  Classified Advertising  B«cord B«ad«rs are, as a rule, business  and professional men who have the  money to buy something good if they  desire It. If you have something good  to sell -let the Record readers know  about It. The average purchasing  power of the Record reader Is greater than that of any other publication  in  Brttah Columoia.  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH.    MANAGER  HlfKMT      MKTAI.      OO.TTHAOTORH     A.WD      XASUFAC  TCrtHMH.     KTH.T     A/«I1    ffltAVWl,    HOOrHRH.  "Fi-lr.  1267         L_523_7th Av«. Wost  -.  .1.   D.   McDanlel '      J.   P.   Scott  Coll.  118-I.,:* ;    Se>\.*6-I80-L.  McDaniel & Scott  -E-CBCTRJOAX.   OONTB ACTOM  -    Armature  and Motor Winding  0«n*ral  Electrical B«palrB  -Cvtimatea  Tr—  Seymour 1890 522 Smythe St.  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  • •       *"        •■• -  Carpenters and Contractor*  Store; and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  103 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  »«  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Fa«tories,      Houses     and  Garage*   Repaired.     General  Carpentw   and   Construction    Work.  JOHN   P.   MORRIS  Say. 3418  •Jay. 931 Evening*        1758 Robson St.  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLOKBiNG and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SETMOTTR  8614  137 Powell  St. Vancouver. R (J.  MACHINERY  TELEPHONE D/\T/\  TSCEW HTSTAZ.ZiA-rzO.irt  JANTJARY 15TH, 1920:  Affents   For  Xyllta   Oreaaa   and   Perfection   Oil«  Skookum   -Coff-prlng  Block  4-72   In.   by   IS    ft.   boilera   ISO   lbs.  2   Coal  dryer-a  »ultable  for  I1»*h.  All   slzea  of  cable   In   wtock.  T.  A. WALSH  &  CO.  860   Gambia   Street Sey.   4738  For re-lnilld aaw-mill machinery in  Al condition. »&e tho Vancouver Metal  Co. We carry tho largest and mont complete stock in olty. Our prices are right.  and It will be worth your while to sec  us before purehaalng el.-k:where.  VANCOrr-TER METAI, CO  415 Railway  St.  High. 278  West...  "i'-ibri,   B00   Beany.  St.  Water  ISii.st .  St.  Hon Sing Co., Grocers,   Retail.  519  Broadway  Beck, Win., Brokers. It. 4 22, 7.",9 Hast. W.   Chowne Chemical  Co.,  btd.,  The  Chemicals,   It.  Jersey Bakery, The,  Makers. 10.''7  Granville St.  World.  The.  It.  1 225.  r.10  Ha.st. XV   Walsh, T. A. & Co,  Machinery.  800 Cntnbie  Hughes. C. W.. Plumber, 310 Carrall St   Electrical   Distributors,   I'Olec. Sup.,  Wliol.,  ?,?,t  Overseas Merchants Club,  Blubs,  04   Hast. St  JAN"UAE.Y 15TH, 1920.  Szameitat, V. & Co. from R. 40, 103 Hast. VV. to It. CM, 207 Hast.  M. & M. Garage, Auto., from Hear K30 Howe £o Rear 733 Pender  Travelers  Insurance Co. of Hartford  H. 00S Gran. St   )     riuwi.:    L'J     . .^r. „  from  COfi, 020 Seymourt  VV...  VV....  St. to  .Pair.  ...Sey.  ...Sey.  ...Sey.  ...Soy,  ...Sey,  ...Sey.  ...Sey,  ...Sey,  ..Sey.  ..Sey.  4 on 3  0720  7008  0427  0010  4 73!'  374 4  1077  004  3 SO   Sey.'7fi!• 0  Holatlng  engines',   locomotives,   lathen.  wlro  rope,  rallst,  cars,   machinery  of  all  kinds.    "BTATIONAI.   MACHINERY   CO.  925 Main St. Sey. 60S  Ufa-ed   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO., "CTO.  Bank of Ottawa Elder. Sey. 9040  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   In  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING ■ DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  Telephone*,  Seymour 8585-8588  Sulta S, Palrfiald Bid,-?.. 445 Ornn. St.  See   Ua  For A'll Kinds of Machinery  WEIR   M-ACHIXSrERY   CO.   I.TB.  1398  RlcJia-rdB  St. Sey.  7442-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    MulUgraphlng,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CENTRA!, PT/B-LIO STENOGRABCPERS  Seyv 5078 414  Dominion  BldfiT*  GAS   HEATING  In Vancouver  H   you   aro   planning   a   new -  house  or   building,   or   remodelling   your   old   building   or   its  heating plant, It will pay you to  invostiffato gas heating.  No furnace to tend; automatic  regulation; unit radiators; apec-  ial low rato for gas.  A Phone call to New BtiHiness  department  brings  particulars.  Vancouver  Gas  Co.  Carrall and  Hastlngrn  Phono Soy.  5000  H.O.Rees  W.A.Kruse  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and   REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  J. C. Thorn  President  J.  U Millnr  Algr.-Direetor  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO.,LTD.  Contracts taken for all classes  of    construction,    repairs    and  alterations.  PHONE SEYMOUR 8930  448 S«ymour St. - - Vancouver, B. C.  J. Hanbury & Co.  "CIMITED  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  p-nMWMMDMHMHMM-Mi        tMmmmmmmmam*mm**miiamm*mm  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave, an<i Granville St.  Bay view 1076 ImZ-S  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  .uW  >« ■  LANG  ELECTRIC FIXTURE  Company  W* have the most exclusive  fixturo* artistically designed,  mad* in our own factory and  displayed in our dark show  room which will give you the  right idea how they will appear in your home.  Yiv are respectfully invited to  Inspect Our Selection  " Our Fixtures Civs the Rifiht Finishing Toich to Your Home."  Industrial Island  Sey.; 8793  MOW TO LOWER  Delivery Costs  THEf  C0ST  1   / m  INLY  1 \mL  1  AS  "Bffln  MUCH  AS  1 I «■ t  ORDINARY  r             l.\T|  TIRES  ^fc  T#  GATES ^ TIRES  %. *4t c^»  AuthorizSd Servica Station  Davie Vulcanizing Co.  1304 Ormn-rUU St.  Seymour 1184  1919 IS BIG BUILDING  YEAR   IN   PENTICTON  PENTICTON—Building permits in  Penticton for 3919 showed a considerable increase over previous years, according--to the figures laid before the  council lust week.  The total for the year was, almost  $ 110,000, or more than double the total  for .1.918.  The lH 1SJ figures were: Dwelling  houses, $r>8,14rj; stores and business  premises, $47,,0r>5; outhouses and small  addition,  '$4,1.50;  total, $109,350.  I't is confidently expected that the  Hi20 total run will run in excess of  $200,000.  COLD   SNAP   WAS   COSTLY  The cold snap during December cost  the city waterworks department nearly  $7,000   in   repairs   and   thawing   put  freeze-*.* ps during the two weeks of low  temperature last month, according to  a   report  prepared /. by   City -Engineer  ! Fellowes.    He also'stated that owing  to 'the abnormal consumption of water  due  to  so  many people allowing  the  taps to run in order to prevent freezing, the water in the Little Mountain  reservoir  dropped  lower  than   it   has  ever been   even  in   the  sifmmei:   dry  spells.    There  was   only   ten   feet  of  water in the reservoir at one time, instead of the usual head of 25 feet, and  the 25,000,000 gallons which it usually  contains.     More   rigid   inspection   of  future water services has been ordered   to   see   that   they   are   put   deep  enough to protect them from freezing.  POINT GRE^ PERMITS "  2510—H, C. Chiene, Belmont and  Blanca St., dwelling, $4550; C. A. J-Iet-  chey, contr.  2511—J. Darling, 41st Ave & Maple,  bungalow, $2500; II. G, O. Bellamy,  co'hti*.  2512—Flora E. Cook, 45th Ave and  Maple, alterations, $400; XX7. A: Campbell, coiitr.  -2513—.Mrs. Mary Ritchie, Halsam &  49th Ave., bungalow, V$5000'; ' M. C.  Griffiths, contr.  2514—Mrs. I. J. Hankinson, 2lst Av.  and McKenzie, bungalow, $1800; owner, contr.  2515—Mrs. White, TGlh Ave. and  Maple, bungalow, $14,000, Wise and  Watson.  251G— R.■ P; S. Twizell, 37th Ave. &  Maple, bungalow, $3800; J. E. Wright,  contr.  2517—Mrs. Geo. Snell, 11th Ave. &  Sasamat, addi, $1000; owner, con'tr.  251S—Barrett Co., Ltd., River Front  and Oak St., wharehouse, $12,000;  Dom. Const. Co., contr.  2519—Emma E. Jordan, 41st & Carnarvon, garage, $175; W. H. Hatton,  contr.  2520—\Valter Lloyd, 200G 48th Aye.  VV., $150; owner, con'tr.  2521—D. H. Christie, 29th Ave. &  Alexander, garage, $300; Coffin & McLennan, contr.  2522—W. H. Malkin, Marine Dr. and  Balaclava, cottage, $2100; Coffin & -McLennan, contr.  2523—Archbishop Casey, 26th and  Alexandra, garage, $250; Air. Chis-  holm, contr. -  2524-—A. R. Murray, 50th Ave; and  Maple, garage, $550; Cromie & Vroom,  contr.  ONE CENT.  An ingenious professor of mathematics has figured out that ■ l" cent,  invested at the beginning of the Christian era- (191.9 years ago) at a rate  of interest equal-to the government  Liberty Bonds, that is 4*4 per cent.,  with interest compounded to aate,  would make 100,000 globes of solid  gold, each the weight of the earth.  The earth weighs 6 and 21 ciphers  tons. But the 1 cent'with its accumulations, reduced to a minimum weight  in gold at the rate of $20 to the ounce,  would, he says, make 100,000 planets  of the earth's weight!  The .-moral" is:" save the coppers.  GARFORD h\g\ TRUCKS  V^9.'^~  -&■  KNOW  ••  Damaged Automobile Bodies  FENDERS, ETC., REPAIRED AND PAINTED BY EXPERT  WORKMEN.    WE SPECIALIZE IN THIS KIND OF WORK.  i <  We do everything- but engine work.''  BLACK   BROS. LTD.  1111-1115 HOMER STREET  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  Following is a Compfete List of New  Automobile   Licenses  Recorded for  Vancouver  and   District.  225C1—C.     Taylor.  Hastings     E.—Essex  ,-    Tour. .  -J'i.iGS—I.   .It'ro-'SOii.   114   Water   St.—Mc-  J.fii';;;!j|in- Tour.  225&C—.-Cv.rr-d -in Fairbanks Morse Co.—  lUo Truck.  •i-'oGT—Of',   f'-ranser,  761   Cardero  St.—  l-*0!'d Tour.. ■  -.'2o5S—1','K.    Morris.    Lulu    Islan<i~AT.>-  IJott  Tour.  22'..G9—M,   I'ottistein.   5S13  Carlton  St.—  Kcriru>s-Booth   Tour.  22r,70—Mott & Flemming, 842 Penfler XV.  —Ford Truck.  22571 —F. H. Arnolds. 2050 Williams St:  —Reo  Tour.  22572—W. C. Rowan. 1168 Haro St.—  Chevrolet  Tour.  2257?,—McLennan & McFeely. 99 Cordova  E.—Traffic  Truck.  22.->75—TJominion Canners, Ltd., 315  Front   St.—Dodge  Tour..  22r,7C—Dr. R. C. Boyle. «Sea Island-  Franklin   Tour.  22577—M.--G.    Stark.    3523    22nd   Ave.—-  Chevrolet Tour. .  2257$—H. Conlin, G21 7th Ave. E.—Traf-  * fie  Truck;  22CS0—S. If. Chadwick, 255 17th Ave. XVf I  - c.... —Wil ty.s-O.   Tour.       ,■   : ,,  ■      :    } |  225S2—J.   Goodwin.   Sluiuffhnessy  Hgths.V  —•Olds   Tour. -  225S3—A.   R.   Maddux,   -I65S   Sophia  St.—  Ford Road- -  '••'5Sl_Hniith.     Davidson     &     Wright��  Ford   Tour.  •>»{,$$—Mr*:   S.   Swan.   2152   Pandora   St.  —Chevrolet Sedan.  "25,i'7—E.    Bolton. • 2582    Sth   XV.—Chevrolet Tour.  1105  FOR LOW COST TON - MILE  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY—ONE   TO  TEN-TON  CAPACITIES.  Motor  Service   Limited  George   A. Sabourin,   Manager  B. C. DISTRIBUTORS  ■  GRANVILLE  ST. PHONE SEY. 4192 VANCOUVER, B. C.  I  Ask the Man Behind the Wheel  \\\\\\%\\\\\\\m\  TRUCKS  .Willi  SB  *4**iW.*l^.«W«^*L^^^^ Mil       I       '""0 H  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented  THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  Fire Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting  Little Mortar  Strength where it is  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  Sizes  5^"x8"xll.M"    ,     5i;V'xS"x5:;-r  5^"x-t"x 11 VZ 5W'x4"x5:;4"  2,/>"x8"xr)1/." Corner ami -Jambs  4"xS"x:^"    (Pilaster   Tile)  .  COOL IN SUMMER  LES3 INSURANCE  Artistic  Cheap to Lay  Interlocking  Strong Piers and Jambs.  Load Bearing  Proportioned  Can be Reinforced  SAVES FUEL  NO PAINTING  THEY  BURN  LOW GRADE  FUELS  A GIANT  For Every  Task  A BRICK BUILDING FOR T*-TE PRICE OF WOOD  Fireproof Tile can only be made from Fire Clay.    We are the only producers of Fire Clay in  British Columbia.  Consult us about these Elocks in your construction.  CLAYBURN COMPANY, LIMITED  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. C.  EVANS, COLEIVBAN & EVANS, Limited,  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C,  Apply f°r quotations to  THERE IS A GIANT TRUCK designed and built for   every   task, f  They are equipped to operate on low grade fuel mixtures at a sav- |  | ing in fuel cost of fully fifty per cent,   Because of their wonderful |  1      Continental Motor—their rugged endurance and brutal   strength—they |  |      are always- "on the job." These things combine to make low operating \  |      costs.   That is what you buy a Truck for.   But, ddn't take our word for |  1      it.   Ask "the Men who sit behind the wheel."   The Men who are oper- |  |      ating GIANT TRUCKS in British Columbia.   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"WINDING  , .„...isyu   Fair ir>(i9   Sey.  5000   Sey.  7955   .....S<0  . 354   Sey,  4GU0   Sey.  S0H6   Sey.  •2S4   _....3cy  175  Dawson.   F   ASBESTOS PAPEE  Taylor  EiiKlnoorlnc  Co.,   I,t<l Sey. 36S0  ASPHALT  TEXT  E»ans.  Coleman  & Evans, Ltd  .: Sey.   2988  1'aelHc   Koolltiit   Co..   Ltd ~  Sey.  1186  - Wood,   Vallance  & Irfititat. - - Soy.   7200  ASPHALT   FITCH  Pacific   Roofing   Co..   Ltd .- Sey. 1186  AUTOMOBILE   IKSUBANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co.     - "■!Jey* ??*■  Cepcrley,  Bounaefell & Co.... .......Sey.   7820  AUTOMOBILE   TIKES  Davie   Vulcanizing   Co - ■• Sey. 1134  BABBITT AND  SOLDER  Atlas   Steel   IToducts. Ltd..,.-..:..™ -^^lJJI-  BANK,   OTTlCr.   «fc   STOBE   FITTINGS  Jaioca Brookes Woodwkg.  Co., Ltd West.  473  BEAVEB BOARD  McGlbbon-Hodgson    Lumber    Co :.. -Fair. 1659  BLUB PRINTS  Citr  Map   &   White  Print'Co....: - Soy.  6693  Dominion Blue Print  Co —Sey.  249T-4670  BONOS—SURETY  BRASS  RAILINGS  Farr,   Robinson   &  Bird,   Ltd Sey. 3312  Canadian   Surety   Co. :..—......- .....Sey,_ 559  Ci-porlcy,  ltounsofoll  &  Co.- .......bey.   7820 j  BBXCX—ALL KINDS  ELECTRICAL  II.   C.   Electric   ......   Kleetric    Contr.    & , Kepairlng   Co...  .Muiicly,   Howland   &  Co   I 'tellable   Electric   Co   1 Richardson  Electric  Co.   ......—   | The   Electric   Shop   I The  Jarvis  Electric  Co..   Ltd   ELECTRIC  -FIXTURES  Farr.   Robinson  &   Bird,   Ltd Sey.  3312  ELECTRICAL  MrOBS.  Electrical   Mfg.   Co.   ..: Stj. 1878  ELECTRICAL   BEriNINO  Reliable   Electric   Co   • Sey. 4660  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  II.   C.   Electric   ...- Sey. 5800  Cope & Son „; _.-. - —— Sey.  860.1*  Darling,  Krai*  Be Co -Sey.  4100-4101  Mimdy.   Rowland   tc  Co... ....Sey. 354  Rankin    &    Cherrill '. Sey. 7600-01  Richardson   Electric  Co. - Sey- 8696  Ritchie   &   Macdougall *-ey. 9167  The   Electric- Shop : .Sey. 1224  Tho  .Tarvis  Electric Co..   Ltd _...Sey. 175  ELECTBIC SUPPLIES—WHOLESALE  RttHkin    &    Cherrill...-. : -Sey. 7800-91  ELEVATOB8  Darling.  Frank  & Co ...Sey.   4100-410]  ELEVATOB  CABS AND ENCLOSURES  S.  SI.  Morris * Co., Ltd...—  ..—.Bay.   104.1  O'Neil.' Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd....  • Sey.  4T»I  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup. Co". Ltd . Sey. •!«  HEATINGS—HOT     AIB,    STEAM    AND  VENTILATING  Halley.   E.   A.   .... Sey.    13S  Barr   k  Anderson.:  Sey.   «18*  Campbell & Grill , Soy. 2981  C.   A.  Dunham  Co..   Ltd......  Sey. 8057  Metallc Heating & Veil.  Co.....Cor.  Cambie A 7th Ave.  Murray   "*ro».   Ltd Sey. 8614  Pacific   Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd   Sey.  2172  Bltchie   H   Macdougall    Sey. 9167  Vancouver   Shoot   Motal   Co.,   Ltd Sey.  7347  HOISTING   ENGINES  Hllehle'Contr.  A, Sup.  Co..  Ltd.. -  Sey.  9162   Sey.  36S0  Say. 790-791  .....Hey.   T820   Sey.   298S  West. 15-16  .....Sey. 4795  ,...Sey. 9162   Sey. S167  Dixon  Frctn,  Murray   A.   .  Bain   Bros.  Balfour, Guthrie  Evans.  Coleman  & Evans. Ltd   ('Illey Itros.,  Ltd '. -   O'Neil,  Win.  N'.'Co.,  Ltd   Ritchie Contr.   4 Sup.   Cu.. Ltd   Ritchie   &   Macdouical!   BRICK MFGBS.  Galirinla  Shaln   Products,   Ltd ■"Se^5.";7  BUILDING   FELTS   AND   PAPERS  Evans.  Coleman  &' Evana. Ltd _...Sey.  29S8  Mc'ilbbon-Hoduson    Lumber    Co -Fair. 1U*  O'Noll.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd—  Sey.   4T95  Ritchie   &   Macdougall _...Sey. 9167  Wood,   Vallance  & Leggat - Sey.   7200  BUBGLABY  INSt BANCS rrn  Canadian   Surety   Co - Sey. 5j9  CARPENTERS    &   JOZNEBS  E.  Ch.ystal  fc  Co ■■• •£**; SMI   _ Sev.   8765-8766    „  Sey.S108  CEICENT   Sev.  74 64  "Co Sey. 9197-6575  Evans.  Coleman & Evana, Ltd - _..Sey.  29SS  Gilley Bros..  Ltd    West.  15-16  O'Neil, Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd.— Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.   & Sud.  Co.. Ltd  —Sci\ 9162  CEMENT   TESTING   AND   ASSAYING  Hunt. Robert \V. & Co  —Sey. 2199  CONTBACTOBS—GENERAL  Armstrong, Morrison Sc Co., Ltd _ Sey. 1836  Ramage.  A.   L Fair.   28311  Walsh   *  Co.   T.  A...._   - Sey. 4738  CONTBA CTOBS—TILE—TEBB AEZO  Klaus.  Coleman & Evans,  Ltd.— _...Sey.   29SS  O'Neil. Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd....- - Sey.  4795  CBANES   AND    HOISTS    (ELECTBIC)  Bltchie   &   Macdougall ^y- "Jj'  The  Holden  Co..   Ltd - _...*30y. lots  DECOBATZNG  C.  3.  Cummins  & Co - -Sey- I33'  DRAFTING IE SUPPLIES  Dtrainlon Blue  Print Co   Sei\   219i-4n<c  DRILLS—POBTABLE   ELECTBIC  Darling. Frank  & Co.. ~~ Sey.  4100-4101  Tftch1"   fi   Macdomrall        ;?e"' ?'?i  The Holden Co.., Ltd.    •*=<**•  1065  DRILL STEEL  Taylor Engineering Co.,   Ltd....... _......_._ -Sey.  ENCLOSUBES  Artistic   Wire   A  Iron   Works _^~ *T»lr..'*"■■'«  Pearson  Wire & Iron Wks ' -Fair.  2TM  E NGINES—SEMI-DEISEL   ; Sey. 36S0   Sey. 316   Sey. 352«  .._ -Bay. 19f  279 4  36S0  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd.  ENGINEERS  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd Sey. 3680  Walsh   &.  Co..   T.   A _ Sey. .4738  ENGRAVERS  A.    Hazel-line    Prtg.    Co —..  Westerrr^Specialty   Ltd i   EXCAVATING  J.  Banbury & Co.  WNC**!?   AND   GATES  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks — - Fair.  FIBS  CLAY  Ralfour. Guthrie & Co J.—Sey. 81ST-6575  Evans.  Coleman  ,t  Evans.  Ltd .'  Sey.   2988  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd _ — ....:.....West  15-16  O'Neil. Win.  N.  Co..  Ltd -...: _ Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  &  Sup.  Co..  Ltd  Sey. 9162  FIRE   ESCAPES  S. M.  Morris & Co.. Ltd....- .'.Bay.   104S  FIBS   EXTZNGTTXSHEBS  Ritchie   &   MacdoiiKall - —Sey. <Me7  FIBS   DOORS  fe   METAL  WINDOWS  B. C. Celling & Roofing Co.. Ltd >"air. 12«T  FIRS   EXTINGUISHER  SYSTEMS  Barr ' tc  Anderson....- _ -   8ey.   4*180  FLOORING — HARDWOOD  B.   C.   Hardwood   Floor  Co.,. Ltd Bay. 1287  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd.- - - -Sey.  4795  J. Fyfe Smith & Co., Ltd —~. Sey. lll«  FOROINGS  Westminster Iron Works  West. 53  GALVANIZING  T.  Watt Iron  A Galv.   Works—   GAS   APPLIANCES  Ritchie   &   Macdougall    — -   Vancouver Ga.H Appliance Co _   Vancouver  Gas  Co - —•'   GLASS—ALL KINDS  *.V.   Holt,   Gla*t   Dealer      — Fair.  1238  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd  Sey.   4795  HARDWARE  Brown,  Fraser A Co., Ltd .'.——-——-.Say.  Flett.  J.  A.—.„.—...—. - — Sey.   2327-2328  Wood.  Vallance  &  Leggat— .- — Sey.   7200  HARDWOOD LUMBER  I. Fyft. Smith & Co.. Ltd. .— —.•-■  Taylor  Engineering   Co.,   Ltd....   INSURANCE  B.   C.   Permanent  Agencies  Ltd   Ceparley. Rounsefell  A Co. -  ZNTEBIOR   FZNXSR  Kvans.  Coleman A  Evans. Ltd..... -Sey.  2938  O'Neil, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.- Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd Sey.  9162  IRON  AND   STEEL—STBUCTUBAL  Atlas   Steel   Products   Ltd Sey. 3066  Can.  N.  W.  Steel Co..  Ltd - —Fair.  2396-7  Cou»hlan,  J.   A . Sons : - Sey.  7940  Evans.  Coleman & Evans. Ltd Sey.  2988  8. M. Morris A Co.. Ltd _....._  -Bay.   1043  O'Nail,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd.  - - Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr. "A Sup.  Co., Ltd   Sey. 9162  T. Watt Iron * Galv.  Works....; .-.„ .Fair.  »71  Westminster Iron Works- _.:  —West.  58  Wood.   Vallance  A  Leggat....   Sey.   7200  IRON   AND   8TEBL—ORNAMENTAL  Artistic Wire & Iron Works.-  — Fair.  2648  Evans.  Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd...: —... Sey.   2988  8. M. Morris A,Co.. Ltd.- ....... .—..Bay.  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd .-.— ,..——...—Sey.  Pearson Wlrs A Iron Wks —.—-..—...Fair.  Ritchie <*ontr. A Sup. Co., Ltd..-—.^_-„.._'r..8«y.  T. Watt Iron A GalT.  Works...: : '....—.Fair.  Wittrainsur Iron Works...- ——.—...Wert. 53  Wood.  Valiants  A Leggat..'.............-——.—..Sey.   7200  INSULATION  Taylor Engineering  Co.,   Ltd.. _   KALSOMZNING  C.  J.  Cummins A Co - _  DUon A Murray..:— —.  LATH—METAL  Evans,   Coleman   A   Kvans,. Ltd   O-Nell.  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Ltd.-   Ritchie -Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..   Ltd   Ritchie   A   Macdougall    — _.  s  MILL WORK  James Brookes Woadwkg. Co., Ltd.... —West. 47>  MXMEOGBAFKING  Central    Public    Stenographers - Sey. 307S  MINING   ENGINEEBS  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A „._  MOTORS  B. C. Electric  ::..'.   Mundy,   Rowland   A   Co   Reliable   Electric   Co     Richardson   Electric   Co,   .,'   The  Jarvis   Electric  Co..   Ltd   MOTOR   TRUCKS  Gsrford    Trucks   „ ....  Little Olant Motor Truck Co   Motor  Service,   Ltd. f -   MULTIGRAPHING  Public   Stenographers „   —Sey. 473*  ......St *'.   Sey.   fti:/.   Soy.   Soy  5000  U4  4t>«0  S6D«  175  PLASTERING   CONTBACTOBS  Baia   Bros - ..Sey. '7464  ttush   &   Read    ; Bay:  3370  PLASTER  PARTITION  BLOCKS  Kvahs,   Coloman  &  Evans,   Ltd Hey. 29S8  O'Noll.   Wm.' N.   Co..   Ltd : :...Suy. -1795  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL   Soy.'4192  ..Sey.   2844-4!   Sey. 4192  Central  OFPICE AND  STOBE  John  Aruot  &.  Sons   ; _   E.   Chrystal   &   Co   Dlson A Murray.:.: _..  .....Sey. SOTS  FITTINGS   High.    371  .Soy. ."Sol  8785-878e  1043  4795  2794  9162  971  . ;__..Sey. 3680  .....—...Sey. 1337  ...Soy.   8765-8706  ._. Sey. 2»ll   Sey. 4795  ..——.Sey. 9162  ............Sey. »1«T   ...Sey.  OFFICE SUPPLIES  A.    Hazeldine    Prig.    Co......  : Sny. 31 fi  Western   Specialty   Ltd. „ '.. Sey. 3526  FAINTING   AND   FAPEB   HANGING  C.  J.  Cummins  &  Co .'.. Sey. 1337  Dixon   A   Murray Sey. 8765-8766  FAINTS—FIRS-FROOF  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd...— „„..'...._ Soy,  479!  FAINTS—DAMP  PROOF  Campbell  & GrilL...  ._ _...Sey.  Ofiin  Evans.  O'Xell.  Ritchie-  Bailey,  Itarr   &  Krnu'ii,  Murray  Darling,  The  Bros -. Sey.  7464  Coloman  &   Evans. .Ltd - -....Sey.   29S6  Wm.   N.   Co.,   lJ-,1 Sey.   4795  Contr.   &  Sup.   op).,   Ltd „ -Sey. 016?  PLUMBING  K.    A Sey.     136  AndorNDii    _..'. _ S«y. 61M  W.    A..    Limited tfuy.    770  P.nvi.    Ltd ;.... Sey, 861 I  PLUMBING  SUPPLIES {<,  Ritchie   &   Macdouijall Sey. 9187  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  Frank  &  Co „ Sey.  Holden  Co.,   Ltd   POWER PLANT  O. A. Dunham Co., Ltd.—  Ritchie    Sc   Macdotigall'  ...—  4100-410)   Sej.   1065  SPECIALTIES   ...„-..,..Sey, 805'  .-.."«•*. 9167  ..Sey. 3680  ..Fair.  971  ..Sev. SI 67  '...Sey. 8U1  ..Sey. 5000  7155  ..Sey.  ll»i  Balfour.  Guthrie A Co  Sey. 9197-85T5   ._i..Sey.   2988  —West.' 15-16  :_.; ....Sey.  4T95    Sey. 9167   Sey. 9167   .....Sey.  »162  Evans.  Coleman A Evans, Ltd....  Gilley Bros..  Ltd.. _...-_„_  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co., Ltd. —  Rusebsmk   Lime   Co   Ritchie,    J.   T.    A   Bltehi* Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd.  LUMBEB  Federal Lumber Co .—..——-:_;.Ser.  S998-3999  McGlbbon-Hodgson    Lumber    Co.—..——..Fair.  1659  Vancouver   Lumber   Co., Ltd _ 1'air, 918-9  MACHINERY  Fraser   A   Co.,   Ltd.— .„".-._ Sey. T1S5   ..;..;  Sey.   4100-41Q1  Ltd.— -Sey.  4793  Co..   Ltd.- —Sey. 9162  ...„_ .-....„ Sey.'MOT  Ltd.  :.:  Soy. 3680  .—..;-—-.. • -.Soy.   1065  . —...„.... Sey. 4738  Brown,  Darling,  O'Neil.  Ritchie  Ritchie  Frank   A   Co.  Wm.    N.    Co.,  Contr.   A   Sup.  A    Macdougall  Taylor Engineering   Co.,  The   Holden  Co..  Ltd   A"al«h   A  Co..   T.   A   2981  29S>  479*  1)167  36S0  10  5  8  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ltd. . Sey.  O'Neli.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd.:  —Sey.  Ritchie   &   Macdougall.... ^.....r....Sey.  Taylor  Engineering  Co..  Ltd .-..- Sey.  FAINT MFGBS.  Ayres  Varnish   A   Paint   Co. :..   .<■>.■ PAPER  Smith, Davidson A Wright, Ltd   PARTITION—FIBEPBOOP  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,  Ltd '. Sey,  Ritchie Contr. & Sup.  Co.. Ltd.—.—..... Key.  Ritchie   &   Macdougall   ......... .._..... .— .".Sey.  PARTITION   WIRE  Artistic   Wire   A   Irou   Works _ Fair.  Pearson Wire A  lion  Wlu j fi I Fair.  PATTERNS  Dawson,   F. ....  Westminster Iron Work* .....  PIG IRON AND TIN  Atlas   Steel   Products   Ltd. —.;_... Sey. 3n«f>  Balfcour.   Guthrie   A   Co  —...Sey.   9/97-6575  Evans.  Coli man A Evans.  Ltd  Bey.  298  PILING   AND   POLES  Federal  Luniher  Co.   ......— —......C.Sey.  399S-3999  Joe   Lepore -...:.———~.:...... - HiBh. lis  FILE DRIVING  Coleman & Evan's, Ltd..—  ..Sey.  River   Pile  Dr.   Co....-—:—.——_.Sey.  FIFE   COVERING  Taylor  Engineering   Co!.   Mil.-. .'.—._ -..Sey.  PIPE—SEWER *  Evans.   Coleman   &  Evans.   Ltd -._ Sey.  2S'iS  Gilley Bros..  Ltd  _  ...— West.   15-16  Ritchie Contr.  A  Sup.  Co.. Ltd.—_.—•; ...Sey.  916S  ....Jligh. 192S   Sey.  05M  2tU  9162  9167  •2<i4»  2794   Fair 1569   West.     5S  Evana,  Fraser  298'  4404  36S0  ...Soy.  470i  ....Pey.  llSf  ....Sey.  9163  ...sey.  Bin'  ...Sey.  298*  ....Sey.  3S*:0  -.Sey.  7200  Taylor   Englueeriiig'Co.,   Ltd ,   FBINTEBS  A. "H.tzoldiiip    PrtK.    Cof............. - — Sey.  S1H  Western   .Specialty  Ltd.    -   ...Sey. 3520  PUBLIC  STENOGBAPHER  Central    Public   ^'.rnocrnphers : , Sey. 507.H  Miss    X.    K.    McAllister...  Sey.  32S1  PUMPS  Taylor   Engineering   Co .   Ltd ...Sey.  3680  ROOFERS  Wright   Bros ; Sev. 3315  ROOFING   MATERIAL  C'ampb.d!   &  Grill.—;  Sey.  2931  O'Neil,   Win.   N.   Co.,  Ltd _ ......  Pacillc   Rooting    Co.. ' Ltd:............ ....  Rltrhie' Contr.   A:  Sup.   Co..  Ltd.. .';.  Ultehie    ,<c   Macdoujrall   Evans.   Coleman  p&  Evans.  Ltd   Taylor   Engineering. Co.,--Ltd '.   Wood,   Vallance   &   Leggat...' Z   BOOTOJCr   CONTBACTOBS  R.. ('.  CfclUng A  Roofing Co.,-Ltd -Fair. 126T  '*aw!>i'.-il  A Grill.. - ,._ Sey.  *SS1  Pacillc. Roofing    Co..    Lid  Mey. lln*i  Pacific   Sheet   Metal   WR3.   Ltd.—:..'.'..: .......Sey. 2172  Kltrhlc   A   Macdougall - 1 Sey. Oil"  Vai.cuuver   Sheet   Metal   Co..   Ltd Sey. 73 !7  HOPE—MANILLA  Balfour.,  Guthrie  & Co.._ ,   Sey.  9197-057."  Walsh  &   Co.,   T.   A.   — "..._'.. .....Sey. 473S  WtKid.  .Vallance   A .Legf-at — ':  Se>.   72(i0  SAFES—VAULT   DOORS  '•iVdl?   A 'McCulloch.   C.   L.   Furd.   Agt.. Sey. 39U7  O'Neil.   Wm.  N.  Co!, Ltri ���..... ......Sey;  4705  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED BOCK  Evans.   Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd....; '. Sey.   29S*  Fairview  Sand   A  Gravol  Co..  Ltd -... Fair. 5521 o'Nell.  (illley  Bros..  I>td. ........... West.  15-lP    Pacillc  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup   Co..  Ltd......  ,._.Sey. 9162  SASH   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  tohn   Arnot   &  Sons......'—.,.;—- -..  High.    37'  rielmor.    R.    D —....—_: —. ..Bay; 37.SI  O'Neil;  *.Vm.  N.  Co.. Ltd......   Sey.  4795  SHEET   METAL  B. f.   Collins  A   Roofing Co.,   Ltd...... Fair. 1267   _....S«y.  298.  A  7th A>..  STEEL—REINFORCING  Atlas  Steel   Products   Ltd _... J_...Sey. 30R6  B'lfour,  Guthrlo A Co .— .8cy.  9197-6571  Evana,   Coleman  A Evans.  Ltd  Soy.   23SH  O'Neli.   Wm:  N.   Co.,  Ltd....  Say  J?»5  Ritchie   A   Macdougall .'^...Bey. 9167  Taylor   Engineering  Co.,   Ltd   Hoy. 36*0  Wood.   Vallance   A  Leggat.... ..Soy.   T4*9  - STENOGRAPHERS—PUBLIC  Central    Public    Stenographers  Soy. 5078  MUa   N     K . McAllister  - Sey. 8261  STORAGE  BATTERIES  B. C,   Electric _..;  _...Sey. 50MO ■  The  Jarvis  Electric, Co.,   Ltd  Hey.  175  Richardson   Electric   Co.    Sey. «*■»«  STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURES AND  1 STORE   FRONT8  Dlion  A Murray...-:   8«y.   8763-I7M  Evans.  Coleman  A Evans.  Ltd  - Soy.  2»8»  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd Hiur.  47"»S  Ritchie   A   Macdougall .—  _...Sey. VIST  TAR   AND   FITCH.  Campbell  A ;Orlll.- —.,__ Sey.  »»l  Evans.  Coleman  A Evans.  Ltd ..S«y.  »«»  Pacific   Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd......;.—-. Sey.  21T2  TEMPERATURE   REGULATORS  C. A.  Dunham  Co.,   Ltd — „,_  Sey. 8057  Ritchie   A   Macdougall..—.., „-.„..; — Sey, it87  TILE—DRAINING  Brans.  Coleman  A Evans, Ltd Boy.  1989  Gilley Bros.;  Lid..—_.....   Wert.  15-U  Ritchie  Contr.  A Sup.  Co..  Ltd ; i_ Sey. Bits'  TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Evans.  Coleman A Evans. Ltd S«y.  !»»•  O'Nell.Win. N. Co., Ltd..— ._. .. Sey.  4T19  '*. ■  ': -TIN   PLATES '  0-L';'.;  Balfour.  Outhrle A-Co Sey.  tl9T-65"  Evans.   Coleman   A   Evans,   Ltd ; : Sey. 20S8  ''."""' TOOL   STEEL'  Atlas   Steel   Products- Ltd   ; '._ -Sey. 3M» '  Darling.  Prank   A  Co . — .fley.   41«0-41«l  Rlttale   A   Macdougall. ._.._ „..._._. ..__Scy. JUT  Taylor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd.; .,..„.._.. ^.S<?y.  "tSUii  TRANSFERS  A.    F.   Motor   Transfer . ._ Sey. S984  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS  A ".Anderson..-,-—:—.—„._..-.. c 8«y.   *!»•  VAULT DOORS  ISoldle   A  McCulloch.   C.   L,   Ford.'-Act 8t>y. W»»  Barr  VULCANIZING  Vnlcanizlng   Co. ....._   1181  I Campbell   &  Grill ;   j Mo.'nlic Heating  A Von.  Co Cor. .Cambii  Evans,  O'Neil.  Ritchie  Taylor  Ritchie  Taylor.  _8«y.  »I8  4T»5  9167  30.10  2988  WORK  ..—..-..West.  51  MACHINE  Westminster Iron Works -™i  MANTELS—BRICK; TILE  AND WOOD  Evans,  Coleman  A  Evans,   1  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd..—.———   Ritchie Contr. A Sup.  Co., Lid.—._   Ritchie   A   Macdougall    ., .—......  MARBLE   AND  ONYX  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans. Ltd ;   O'Neil,  Wm. >'.  Co., Ltd  ■    _.Sey.  -Sey.  ..Sey.  .,..Soy.  ...Sey.  ....Sey.  PLASTER  Balfour,  Guthrie & Co .  : Sey.  9197-6575  Eviins.   Coleman A Evans.  Ltd  .........Soy.   29S*  diiley Bros..  Ltd. —;..:.-.^-.:..———.—...West;  15-16  O'Xell.   Wm.   N.    Co..   Ltd :. Sey. 4795  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  go... Ltd  Sey.'916*  PLASTEB  BOA3D  , Evans.  Coleman A  Evans.  Ltd.. -. Soy 29S*  2988  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co., Lm — S«)'- 4f»*  4795Rltchlo  Contr.  A  Sup.   Co..  Ltd ,. Sey. 9162  2988  4795  9182  9167  P.icliU;   Shet-t   .Metal  Wks.;   Ltd.  Ritchie    A    .Mftertpiu-nil     '.:::..'   Vancouver- Sheet   Motal   Co..    Ltd   SHTIfGLES  McOlhlMin'-Hodsson     LumW'r    Co   SHOW   CASES  Dixon   A   Murray —..—...—.-.._..,-..  SLATE  Uvuns.   Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd   O'Neil.  Wm.   X.  Co.,  Ltd   Ritchie  C"iur.   A  SiO).   Co..  Ltd. _..  STATIOITERY  Western   Specialty   Ltd.   ...-    ..Hey.   317::   .---V.   II HIT   _Soy. 7347  ...Fair.  IB."*  _:Scy.   S705-876f   Sev.   Key.   iiey.  29 W  4795  9162  Davie   Vnlcanizlhg   Co. ....._ ; ...5««y  WALL  BOARDS  Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd   ■ Wm.,. N.   Co.,   Ltd _. — _.— .H«y.  A   Macdougall ........:.—„.._...—#l„..Rey.  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd  _... Bey.  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND  Evana.  Coloman A. Evans, Ltd.—...;.;: Hey.  Wm.   N.,   A  Co.,  Ltd. _J___Soy. 4795  Ruoflng   Co., .Ltd .  —Say. lllfl  A   Mactlougall..:.... ;, .—.......*;._..„'?«y. 91p?f  Engineering  Co..   Ltd..:  _..::...._8«iy. J9S0  WINDOW   SCREENS  Artistic Wire A Iron Worlcs—.LL.—^.___^_Falr. M4I  S. M.  Morris A Co.. Ltd ___-—^__ijlay. "104*  O'Neil.   Wm.   N..   A Co..   Ltd.. Sey. 470J  Pearson; Wire  A Iron  Wks _..,— .___Fak.   2794  WIRE   WORKERS  Artistic Wire A Iron Works.—~^__-~——Fair.  W4«  Pearson   Wire  A Iron   Wks.—.—: i—Fair.   «»»  '•■'•':  WISS  llairour,  Guthrie A  Co.: . _  Evmn,   Coleman  A  Evuus.  Ltd   Walsh   A   Co..   T.   A .    Ritchie  Contr.  A Sup.  Co..  Ltd....  Taylor --Engineering   Co.,.  Lid .._  Wood.   Vallance   A   Jy'ggal   .OPE'   ___: Bsy.  tl»T-«ST»  ... Swy.   »»•  .„_„ S«y.  478«  ....__. __J4*y.  »H3  ..-.. '....Say.  36*0   _.<'«y.   72uO  ..-.Sey.^3520  WHOLESALE  Pacific   Roollng   Co..   Ltd..   Ritchie   A   Macdougall.. .....  Taylor   EiiKhieertitg   Co..   Ltd...  Wood,   Vallance  A  I*Kgat,.„..._  ROOFING   .. S*y    II AC  .:..._.—S^y.'K 167  „;„,.-,._.. „.Sey. 36»»    .Hey.   r»rO  Present  These quotations are based on  Date of Quotations. Saturday Jan. 24thf 1920 ±  of Building Materials  reliable information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  All Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Tova-  .%  amount of contract.  lioaver Board-  Quantities   up   to  1,000  ft,  '  Quantities   over   and  ?5S.OO  per  1,000  f.t.  Quantities  over  2,500  1.000  feet.  $60.00  500   ft.,  under   2,500  feet,   $56.00  per  ft..  per  Brickwork—  ■comnion,   $23.00   per  1,000   (At Warehouse).  Common.   $26.00   per  1,000   (Delivered,  Business Section).  Pressed,   $60.00   per   1,000   (At   Ware-  ' house).  Fire,  $80.00 per 1,000  (At Warehouse)  Terra Cotta Tile Partitions—  12x12x2 in., 13c per square foot.  In., 13c per square foot.  In., He per square foot,  in., 1 Sc per square foot,  in., 2 2c per square foot.  Interlocking tile,  fl'.^c  each.  12x12x3  12x12x4  12xl2xfi  12x12xS  Dennison  "VVairP-  Horl  Bricklayers.   $-S.O0  per  day  C-iri'iers. ?5-00 to $6.00 per day.  Building'   Paper—(Local   Manufacture).  Pure Sulphlt'-—Plain  $1.15  per 400  ft.  roll.  Asphalted.   SI.30   per  400  ft.   roll.  XVrku—Hoofers  $7.20 per day.  MpXHmm3aMMHiMa^M.nyMPMiw,MMiNv.MiHMB  Concrett  "Work—Material at War^liouKe.  Ilock,   Course, $'i.00 per yd.  Kock,   Medium     2.50 per yd  Gravel,    Fine      3.00 per yd.  Gravel, Mt-dlum    2.75 per yfl.  Pea   Hand      2.75 per yd.  Wash    Sand   ....   3.00 per yd.  Cement—(Delivered)  20   Sack   lots-,   per  1>'>1 $3.70  i'Sacks   Extra'  Over 20 Sack Lots, per bbl  3.45  (Sacks   Kxtra.i  Rebate on   Sacks,   each 20  WaKe—Cement finishes, $$.00  per day  Laborers,   $4.00  per day.  Apartment Houses and Office Bldgs.—  "(Conduit) .,„„„  Ceiling outlets with drops, $10.00 ea.  Wall outlets  (no fittings $8.50 each.  Wall  Switches,  $10.00  each.  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $15.00  each.;   ,-.  Meter Loops.  $10.00 each._  Store  Buildings—(Conduit)*;  Ceiling Outlets, drop $15.00 to $25.00  each.  Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.  Windows  (On transom bar)  $4.00 ea  Wall  Switches,   $10.00  each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00 each.  Watre—Electricians,  $8.00 per day.  Helpers $5.00 per day.   .  Mill Yard)  Common, Kough  Excavation— v  Residence,   $1.25   per yard.  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.75 per yd.  Team,   $12.00  per  day.  Truck, $30.00 per day.  Above figu**es are an average without  water. Steam shovel work, in large  riuantlties, Hss, hard materia! such  as rock,  will run considerably more.  Dampproofln-j—  Concrete  Water  Proofing.  Concrete Dampproofing,  $2  Concrete Oil   Proofing.  ?,r,c  .25  per  per  -   lb.  lb.  gal  Electrical   Wiring—  ft p.side rices—(Knob arid Tube)  Ceiling Outlets with drop $.",.00 each.  Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3.50 each  Wall Switches, Complete, $5.00 each  Heater Plugs, $10.00 each.  Vacuum Cleaner Plugs. $7.50 each.  Bell Pushes a,nd Annunciator (per  point)   $5.00.  Glass—  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  not  up  to  1  foot,  each..  Per Sci. Ft.   $  .80  from  from  from  from  from  from  from  from  from  from  frorp  from  from  from  from  10  12  15  25  50  75  90  100  ft.  ft.,  ft.,  ft..  ft.  each   each   each....  eacn.  each  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ft., each...  * ft., each.  15  25  50  ft., each   ft., each   ft., each   ia ft., each   90 ft., each   100 ft., each   120 ft., each....  120 to 14 0 ft., each....  101 to 110 wide containing  over 100 feet each....  »e  .95  l.lf.  1.35  1.50  1.70  1.75  l.sr  1.05  2.15  2.20  2 25  2!:i0  2.60  2.00  3.00  Plates,  larger sizes  will  run   more.  Polished Wired, Cut and up    1.50  Cast  or   Ribbed Wired,  Cut 45  Ca.st or Ribbed Wired, Glazed 50  Figured   Rolled,   Cut   35  Figured   Rolled,   Glazed    46  Chipped,   21   ounce,   Cut 30  Chipped.   21   ounce,   Glazed 35  Art,  $1.00 and up per sq. ft.  Casing charged at 20c per ft. for greatest length and  width.  Wage—Glaziers, $5.00 to $6.00 per day.  Lumbar-— (All prices ai  Fir Dimension, No. 1  or SIS and E.—  2x4, 2x6 and 2x8, 16 ft.. $31.o0.  2x10, 16 ft., $32.00.  2x12,  16 ft., $33.00.  3  and  4x6.  16  ft.,  $33.00.  No. 2 Dimension,  $25.50 per M.  Cedar Dimension,-"same price as Fir.  Selected Common, $5.00 per M. extra  Timbers up to 8x8, 32 ft., $32.00 per  '      M-   ' •  Shiplap—(S to 16 ft./Random  Fir No. 1—6  Fir No. 1—8  Fir No. 2—6  Fir No. 2—8  Cedar No. 1—  Cedar No.  2-  Fir.  Spruce   Shiplap  than Fir.  Hemlock Shiplap. $1-00  than Fir.  Common  Boards,   Rough  or bib  16  ft..  Random  Lengths) —  Fir No.  1—3  and  4  in   )—6   In   1—12   in.  2—3 and  2—6   in.  2—12   in.  Lgths.)  in $30.50  in. and  101n  33.00  in :  24.50  in.  and  10  in  26,00  -Same price as Fir.  -$1.00 per M. less than  $1.00  per   M.  per M.  more  more  -S   to  Fir  Fir  Fir  Fir  Fir  4 in i....  .f$26.50  .. 30.50  .. 33.50  .. 23.50  .. 25.50  ...  27.50  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  Resawn   Boards—  In  8,  10 and 12 In. widths, about  %  In.   thick. «  (Surface   Measure)  Fir  $21^00  Cedar,  $1.00  per M. more  than  Fir.  Lath—  % in. x 1% In. x 4 ft., bundled in 50 s  Fir $15.00 to  $20,000 per M.  Fir  Stepping—  S4S and Nosed. 6 to IS  ft.    Odd and  even  lengths at random..  Nos.   1   and   2—1'4    in   and   l'/£    In.  x 8 to 12 in., E. G $77.00  Nos.   1   and  2—1 V»   in.  arid   1%  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  In.  x  8  to   12  in.,   F.  G   62.00  Fir Finish,  S4S—  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  and   2—1x4   in   and  2—1x6 and  8  in...  and 2—1*4 and l'^xl In.  and   2—1 V*.   A   1M.X6  &  $62.00  62.00  62.00.  Nos. 1  Nos. 1  Nos. 1  Nos.   1      ..    -        ..  8   in   62.00  Nos.  1  and  2—2x5, 10 & 12 in.  62.00  Fir  Door and  Window  Jamb—  In   7,   10,   14,   16.   16,   17   and   18   ft.  lengths.  Nos. 1 and 2—Rah. Door Jamb..$62.00  Nos.    1   and    2—Uab.   Window  Jamb      62.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Casing—  8 to IS ft. Odd and even lengths at  random.,  Moulded to stock pattern.  Nos.  1 and 2—l, 5 or 6 in :$l*.7.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Base—  6 to 18 ft. Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded   to   stock   pattern.  Nos. 1 and 2—*",  10 or  12  in $07.0o  Specified lengths, $1.00 per M. extra.  Fir Flooring—  8 to 18 feet. Odd and even lengths  random  0.00  70.00  57.00  00.00  60.00  51.00  57.00  5 7.00  I   in.,  and  at    Nos.  1 and"2—1x3   In..  K.  G $70.00  Nos. 1 and 2—lx.4 in., E. G.....  Nos. 1 and 2—1x6 in., K. G......  Nos. 1 and 2—1x3  In.,  I<\ G   Nos.l and 2—lxl in., F. G   Nos.  1 and 2—1x6 in.,  F. G   No.  3—1x3   in   No.  3—1x4   in .*.   No.   3—1x6   in   No.   3—Edge    Grain.     1x3  or  $5.00   per   M.   less   than   Nos.  2 E. G.  No. 3—Edge Grain, 1x6 in., $5.00 per  M. less than No.".   1  and  2  K. G.  js'0.  314—1x4   in.,   unbundled $34.00  "No.   ?.¥z—1x6   in.,   unbundled.... 38.00  No. 3 "4 — If bundli.d. $3.00 per M.  extra.  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  H/ in., 1 Vi- in., and 2 in. Flooring.  $3.00 ner M. extra, and must include any No. 3 rrade accumulated  in working same at  No.  3  price  Cull Flooring—1x3, 4 or 6  Fir Ceiling—  S  to 18 ft.    Odd and even  random.  Nos. 1 & 2—%  In. x 3 &  1  Nos.  1   & 2—1x3   in.,  V-.Toint  Nos.   1  &  2—1x4   in..   V-Joint.,..  Nos.  3—1x3  In.,  V-Joint    Nos.   3—lxl   in.,   V-.Ioint   Siding—  8   to   18   ft,  Nos.   1   &   2—1x4   ii>   No.   3—1x4   in   Nos.  1   &  2—1x6   in   No. ZVz — InC in.,  unbundled  & 2-  /.-NO.  -M.X4 in. Bev. Sid...$57.00  -*,;..•>:'' in., Bev. Sid. 57.00  ~??i x 1   in.,   Angle  -1x4   in., T. & G. or  5.00  S5.00  4 7.00  extra.  tt  in $24.00  lengths at  .$1  in...  .00  .00  (10.00  51.00  57.00  Nos. I  Nos. 1  Nos.   1  Rustic  Nos. 1   &  No.   3—".•£• :c *">    in   Specified lengths, $1.00 per M.  Ctdar  Ceiling—  b  to  1«  ft.    Odd and even lengths  random.  Nos.   1   &  2—-"'"iXS  in..   V-Joint..$o9.00  Nos. 1  & 2—!.\3 in.,  V-Joint..;... 80.00  Nos   X  & 2—1x4  in.,  V-Joint   86.00  Ceiling    "V"    2    sides,    $3.00 ' per M.  extra.     Specified  lengths,  $5.00 per  M.  extra.  Cedar Casing—  .8  to  i«  ft.    Odd'and even lengths at  random. „ „,  No.   I—5   In.   and   6   In $95.00  Specified lengths, $5.00 pec M. extra.  Fir and  Cedar Mouldings—  Per 100  lln. ft. Ne   $10.00      16.00      25.00  Glitters—No.  Cutter:-—No.  Clutters—No.  Shingles—  XXX    6-2       Royals        Machine   Sanded  extra.  2^5  2 0C  207  Lumber,  ,...$6.50 per SI  ..$15.00 per M.  $5.00   per  M.  Hod Carriers.  $5.00  to $6.00 per diy.  *frlimib:ui«*— ,     .   .  l-rom $S5.00 up. per fixture—Including roughing -.11. according to grade  fiuantity and  runs.  Wage—Plumber*.  $7.20 per day.  mawamwawaars*ma*wawamaawn\maanw*uMMmw*ant^Ba*wawa\%amaata\^aaaawamammmamwaaanmam  Ktliiforclnir Steel— .,'■„,.  Base price lor less than car lots $5.25  per  100 lbs.  Car-load  lots,  $4.75  per  100  lbs.,  f.o.b.  Vancouver   (Warehouse).  Uooflntr—(Asphalted) Local Manufacture  1 ply,  $2.75  per  10S  ft.  roll.  2 plv,  $3.25  per  108  ft,  roll.  3 ply.   $3.75   per   108   ft.   roll. _    ■  Ashphalt Saturated  felt,  $3.25 per  432  ft-   ro11- ,     »n r*  Five ply  tar and  gravel.  $7.50 and up  per   square. ,  Asphalt   Pitch,    bbls.   about    500   lbs.,  $35.00 per ton.  Wage—Roofers. $7.20 per day.  Sheet Motal Worlc—  Wage—Sheet     Metal  rx-r day.  Workers.     $7.20  Ivlttal  Latli—  Key and   Diamond  Mesh Lath:  Lfl   ga..   30 Vic.   per   »<i.   yd.  2 4 gfi...   '6c. per st|. yd.  Copper Alloy,   VjC per s<j. yd.  extra  Herringbone  Lath, C.A.,  1c per sq.  extra.  Galvanizing,   <c per sq. yd. ext  For   Corrugation   of   key   lath  wise.   1c per sq. yd. extra.  Corrugated     Key     Lath     sold  measurement    of    the    sheet  .corrugation.  yd.  a.  length-  ti ruler  bel'ori  60.00  57.00  60. Of)  38.00  -If   bundbd,   $3.00   per  Fir  Fir  Fir  Fir  Fir   No.   3%  M.  extra.  Cedar  Finish,  S1S  to  SIS—  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1x3   in   Nos.  1   and  2—lxt  in   Nos.   1   and  2—1x5,   10  &   1  Cedar  Siding—  3 to 18 ft.    Odd and even length  random.  in.  •:r. 00  8 5.00  1)5.00  a I.  Painting"—  '  Two-coat work,   10 tc» 00c per yd.  'r-',rf.f.-coat work, 75 to 00c per yd.  Whitewashing,   10c per  yard.  Wage—f'ainters,   $6.00   p<'r day.  ^^^^_(HWlOTaiK«COp-»^B«a->a^p-p-p-YMWM>'p'p'«>'<^^  Plastering—(Material   Delivered)  Lime,  $2.60 per bbl.  i-'ibi"!  Plaster. $23.00 per ton.  Plaster   Pari.'!,  $30.00 per ton.  KXf'.'imled   Metal    Lath,   36'/2C.   Per   sq.  '       vd.  Rf-inforuing Fabric, Expanded Metal,  2c to 1 Ot: Pr,r sq. ft., depending upon  weight. .\  W.-u"—Plasterers,  $8.00   per day.  Lathers.   $S.()0   prr   day.  Structural Steol—$150 per ton.  Thin quotation la an average for com-  puratlvelv   small   quantities.  Light truss work higher, plain bear*  and column work in large quantities,  less.  rilo—(Material   Delivered)  Drain  Tile.   3-inch,   5>/,c   per   ft.  Drain   Tile.   4-inch,   6>/jC  per   It.  Sewer Pipe, 3-Inch.  18c per ft.  Sewer Pipe,  4-Inch,  20c per ft.   Xllo—(Not Laid)  White Glazed.   90c  pet* ft.  Colored  Enamels.   95c per ft  ■• Colored  Matt   Enamels,   $1.10  per  ft.  Faience.  $2.25 and  up per ft.  Lusters   $2.50 and  up per ft.  Rusts Veterotis, $1.50 and up per ft.  White  M'-'-'ilc   Floor.  90c.  per  ft.  Colored   Mosaic   Floor.   $1.10   per   ft.  Promenade Quarry  Tile.  $1.10  per  ft.  Vaneer "Panola—  3  Ply Fir, 14-Inch thick  l''c  per  s<l-   ft.  3  Ply Fir, M:-lnch thick, good on*  24c per a<l.   ft.  3  Ply    Fir     Vt-inch  sides, 26c  per sq-  thick,  ft.  good one side,  side.  good    two  Wall  Board-  Empire   Plaster  Ruberold  wall  board,   40c per   fc\. yd.  Board,  40c per nq,  yd.  This well know brand of lime is  again on the market and will be  supplied through alS dealers  Be sure and ask for  ROSEBANK LIME  Rosebank Lime  414-415   Pemberfcon   Block,  Victoria, B.C.  Vancouver Office  412 -   13    Vancouver    Block  J. T. A. Ritchie Rep.  Sey. 9167  -.j**  t\  &  J4*S^  life  Mi  mi  if  If  m  mi*  WW  I™  WJ \ 1  M  fefi  y  «  I'  kz BRITI3H COLUMBIA  hi  V  I...  .in  IP?  !K&*"*'  ~^  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  325 Howl St. Sey. 3768--Bay.H28R  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all kinds el Wire Work.  112-10   DufTerin  St.  Fair.   264S  NEW WORK .- CONTRACTS LET  THE    POI.LOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILJJINOS   COSTING    95,000    OB    OVER,    OK    WHICH    CONSTRUCTION    IS  UNDER WAY, OR ON WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT TEX STARTED.  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 7464 HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Howe St. Seymour 1389  J  Charaotor Coat  AJd   to   School   ..'. 527.500  Kesldence  $ 10,000  Three-story   Bank   . ....?"SQO,OQ0  Hemou'elling    'i..:    SSO.000  Residence    » ;. $10,800  Bight-Room   School   Residence ...... ....$13,100  Bungalow ;...  $5,000  Garage Bldg $22,000  Residence :.    $8,500  School   Bldg.    .„...: „$80,000.  Residence $10,500  Residence    '.. ..$10,£00  Briclc   Bldg. $15,000  Residence     '.  $7.2.r.0  Residence    .;.......   $12,000  Residence ..............$7,200  Residence ............;,...'...$5.000  Residence    :.: $6,000  Two Kealdences $8,400  Garage $10,000  Shingle   Mill ;..$«,009  Residenco '.....'. ....$20,000  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractors  Credit-Fonder Bide.   Vancouver, B.C.  .inga  3«l  EDWARD COX  General Contractor  CabinetMaking Fixtures  Sey. 1163  Rear 530 Howe St.  .j  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  General Contractors  509 Richards St.    -    Sey. 8320  .J  W.GREENLEES  CONTRACTOR  "Pile   Drlvinp,   Wharves,   Bridfres,  roundatlouB, etc.  407 Cordova St. XV. Seymour 10S:*  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Seymour 3535  501 Pacific Bldg  Garage ....  Theatre  '... .:.  Brick  Bldg.   Store   alterations      Residence   VVar .Memorial    .......  Machine   Shop   Bungalow   Alterations ....  G  Homes i..................... ...  Alterations   Repa Irs      Store   Bldg.   , ....  Carbonate   Plant   Garage .' •-  Pile  Protection   Works  Residence   ...  Residence   -.  Alterations   Mill -   Cold Storage 1'laiu   Bungalow   ..:    Wire    Rope    Factory'   .  Addition   to   Plant ...  VANCOUVER  Location     Owner  Magee Pt.  Grey School'Board  King Edward & Selkirk..Mrs. G. Forsyth  Seymour & Hast...Union Bank of Canada  Dominion  Bldg.   ,...., Dorn. , Bank  Shaughnessy Heights....;...D: H. Christie  Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt.°Grey School Board  Shaughnessy  Heights II.   .7.   F.   Turney  Strathcona   Heights    Walter   TeeUel  Sth Av'& Kingsway..Standard Motors Ltd  Pine Crescent & 27th Ave. J. W. Browne  King Edward  Ave...Pt.  Gr^iy  Sch.  Boar  26 th  Ave.,   Pt.   Grey    ..........E.  Davis  a6th  and  Alexander,  .....B.  C.  Stark  2121   Granville   St ..—....T.   Edwards  27th   &   Angus  Ave John   McNeely  Laurier Ave. Pt. Grey .J. I.  Stoddart  49th-and  Angus  .....Wm., Walker  14th  Ave.   XV - ...E.   Strattoa.  Carnavon & Marine Dr '.A. Davidson  Pt. Grey  Fauld's Financial Agency  1148 Georgia St. VV It. J. Snolgrove  Gran.  St.,  Pt.  Grey.;..Hunting & Merrltt  Marine Dr. & Shannon St B. D. Rogers'  4th   Ave.   near   Blanco..... J.   Blair  Main 8t. & Vict. Dr City of V & S. Van  Seymour & Drake....Chapman Motor Co.  Alma ltd. KItailano..Vet. Eng. & Con. Ca.  Shaughnessy   Heights. J.  D.   McNeill  35th and  Vine Mrs. C.  Biahop  Hudson & 27th Mrs. E. B. Bliss  Shaughnessy    F.   Vanalle  1725 14th Ave. W Capt. VT. J. Conway  Building    $22,t00' Powall & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. Miss.  Point  Grey   Braemar  School  Corp.  Shaughneasy   Heights John   Brown  Shaughneasy Hghts....Kenneth  Stevenson  306  11th Ave. W '.' F. T.  Vernon  660  Howe  St Veteran's   Garag*  Kerrisdale  W.  J. Burroughs  4039  Main  St. A.  Winraru  1728.2nd Ave. E..:... ..Mrs. F.  Chapman  25th and Angus Ave Wm. Page Powell  Marine Dr. & Stewart Rd...W. R. Stewart,  Seymour  &  Smythe. C.   M.   Chlslett  Bey. &  Georgia Sts...Allen  Theatre,  Tor.  1301-3 Granville St ....Howard & Davis  656 Granville St. David Steele Ltd.  Harwood St F. C. Saunders  Stanley Park   Can.   Jap.  Mission  Industrial  Island  Schaake Co., Ltd:  3rd. Ave.'W. Pt. Grey J..U. Buchanan  Cordova St .......David Spencer Ltd.  Magee ...Yorkshire Can. Trust, Ltd.  2532 Scott St. -.;.". -. :•......  171 Cordova St.  .....,..:...W. E. Drake  Gran.; St.  So.  of Drake Wm.  Braid  11th and Yew Sts Can. Carbonate Co.  Georgia St 7.Richard Marpole  1st Narrows Lt. House....Dept. of Marine  K-lh( Ave.' near Pine Mrs. T. H. White  filth & Oak St.  Pt.  Grey G.  B. Astell j  1505 Powell St. ....Martin Se.nour Put. Co.  '6th'and Larch. B.C. Fir & Cedar Lbr. Co.  Ft. Kelson St., Mainland Cold Storage Co.  Pt.  Grey ...?............. ...H  C.  Chiene  Industrial  Isld. ..Britannia W.  R. Co. Ltd  Archt.   Contr.  Twizell & Twizell.... Adkinaoty & Dill  Jam'-s A. Benzie.....  .S. J. Newitt  ItoSO   Work       $20,000  Garuge _ $26,000  Five   Residences $20,000  Residence    .....$S;S00  Resldenoe : $5,000  Residence $£,00«  Residence :.....  $«000  Residence $S,000  Gymnasium  Repairs '     $20,000  Residenco   ..; .-.    $8,500  Remodelling  Residence    $10,000  Dwelling $5,000  Garage Bldg. .< '..!....; $24,000  Residence - -   $9,000  Store   Bldg. ■.. $5,500  Bungalow    $5,000  Additions -    $6,000-  Dwelling .    $5,000  .„...   $20,000      $:*00.000  .........$10,000  ."...;.'.„:..$5.000.      $5,000      $15,000   $5000       $5,000   ...$25,600      $5,000       $7,000  .....    $20,000  .........,$70,000    ^30.000  ,  ..' $15,000    ?'j,goo   $10,000  .......   '7.000  .;..... $11,500      ?5,000       5 40,000   .$12,000  Marpole  ...The  Barrett Co., Ltd.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506  Sum'ville & Putman..Hodgson. K. & Mar.  Sharp & Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.  Bernard C. Palmer-Wallace & MeGougan  Twizell &  Twizell..... Baynt'-j & Horie  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & MeGougan  Fred. L. Townley Day Labor  Honeyman & Curtis... ,..W. J. Prout  Gillingham  &  Korner S.  J.  Newitt  Twizell & Twizell....Hodgson, King & M  J. C. McKenzie .:.. W. McNee  J.  C. ' McKenzie ..XV...   McNee  J,   Elligott Owner  Owner  :'l. —-—  Owner  ......„„.. .Crornie   &  Vroom   ". Verhbn   Conatr.   Co.   .......*Vernon   Constr.   Co.   ...;....: ;...........Vrernou   Constr.   Co.   S. H. Shave  Owner  :..:  Owner  J.  Brown '. :.., Ownef  Bernard  Q.  Palmer Dom.  Const.  Co.  Fred' L.  Townley. T.  Glorw A  Son  r...... Harrison & Lamond  B. Davidson .....;......B. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners  ....Veteran Eng. & Contr. Co.,  Robt. M. Matheson..E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Contractor - M.  C.  Griffith  James A.  Benzio...... E. Chrystal & Co   „.. Vernon Const. Co  W.  C. Gillam Cook &. Hawkins  H. S. Grimth.-Robertson. Power & Devey  Maclure A Lort............E.  Chrystal A  Co.  Townley & Matheson..... S. ;N. McLeod.  Wru.v' Fredk.   Gardiner ..: ...  Owner -.:. —- J-  B; Arthur  W.^. Dodd.s ...., - ...-C H. Lfoitch  Gardiner &  Mercer ..Vane. Const. Co.   ..'.'. „.'„ J.  B. -Arthur   J.  B.   Beveridge  Gillingham & Korner..............S. J.- Newitt  ........j.c... ....'. ........Cromie   A   Vroom  Joseph  H.   Bowman........ ...Snider  Bros.  C. H.  Crane.'-....'. Alexander   McDonald  Contr .:....Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner  &  Mercer.....„;Doni;  Constr^  Co.  Gardiner & Mercer........Vane.  Constr.  Co.  James   A.   Benzie........—^Turhbull' &   Curr  Gardiner & Mercer....Harrispn & Lamond,  H.  H.  Simmohds .....Vancr.  Constr.   Co.  Gardiner & Mercer....Dominion Const. Co.  Joseph H.  Bowman. ..:.........A. L.  Ramage  3. *Cerles .............:..:.......-  H.  A.  Wiles  Dalton &  Eveleieh. ^H. A. Wiles  Honeyman & Curtis............R. P. Forshaw  Owners Baynes  & Horie  .'~....'....'....-. .—........Foundation   Company-   .Robertson.   Power  & Devey  Mackenzie & Bow..............Wise & Watson   .....McLeod & McArthur   Hodgson, King & Marble  Owners  .„....;......'. ..-..- — Owners  Owners ........................'Snider  Bros.  Sharp   &   Thompson .........Day  Labor 1  Owners    .............Dominion   Constr.   Co. j  ' ;.; Dominion   Constr.   Co. I  BUSINESS  MEN  will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an Ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity .250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas.  Dwyer,  Proprietor and  Chef  FRANK M. SLOWIN  TAILOR  Business  Men's  Suits  My  Specialty  $50 to  $65  Seymour 2692  404-5 Dominion Bldg.  In DUNHAM HEATING SERVICE  CAN BE FOUND RELIEF FROM  HEATING TROUBLES  Dunham System of Heating does away  with the source of trouble by using the  Dunham   Radiator   Trap.  Dunham   Heating   la   used   on   its   merits  and record of satisfactory service.  Specify it whenever possible.  C.A.DUNHAM COMPANY.Ud.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  O.   O.  BBXSOM,  Man«ffet  Phone Sey.  8057    425  Standard" Bank Bldg.  IYiSTEMiS  «v>|  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  929 Main St. Sey. 4878  r  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Work* Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     522 Metropolitan Bldg.  NEW IDEA  SHEET .METAL j  WORKS  COS1HICS,  SKYX.ItfllT,  SMOKE-  STAOS3.      AXSTO   WORK.  \nvthlng in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  8. T. Scarlett, Jtgr.  Sey.   7^46  757   Beatty   St.  .J  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  sash a«a  xjcoas—orrici*  Band iawing- and  Turning,  etc  T  1780   Semlin   Drive  Highland   3-74  "v_  GRAND VIE W SHEET  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  PUBS-ACES,    COB-BTICES.    SET-  LiaETS  and  GENEBAX  JOBBIITO  I6S5  Venabtet St.  Hlflhla-Hj  642  r~  H. A. WILES  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350-8th Ave. W. Bayview 227  NEW WORK « CONTRACTS LET  Character  Cost  ..".-ulroad 1.000.000  Bank  • *17'60<>  irrigation    S60'000  Paving Pacific  Highway $Sh.000  -hurch  - ^0.000  Dredging   , *1"»2.o00  Highway   Rridire       .....$30,000  Paving No.' 3   Road *"< 0.000  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Fair,192 Y Hi^h. 1264L  r  McLetd Sheet Metal Works  Furnace.,    Booflner,    Cornice*,    Sky-  liffUt*   and   General   Sheet   Metal  Work  Seymour  7177 1012   Richards  St. ,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   GENERAL.  Location    . .— Owner  Princeton to Copper  Mt... .B. C. Copper Co.  Trail  ......Bank of Montreal  Okanagan   Valley :...Prov.   Government  Westminster-Blaine....Prov. , Government  Victoria.... 1st Church of Christ, Scientist  Fraser  River Dom.  Government  South  Thompson'.River Prov.  Govmnt.  l.ulu   Island    ..' .Prov.   Govmnt.   $10,731   $65,000   $16,000  .   $:*30.000   $75,000  ...  $76,000  E. B. LACELLE  Faintinj - Paperhaming - Kalsomining  Estimates Free  Highland   2791     -     1»26   10th   Ave.  E.  Vancouver, B.  C.  RUSH & READ  PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay.  3370  2306  Stophenu  St.  Bay.  1602 B.  Resld'e'nee - --  r^W  Hound House, Tower, etc $40,000  Sub-Station *-0.000  School   Annex      School      Railroad     —   Storo   Building      Bridge     Rubber  Factory      Cordage Plant    School      Warehouse      Plant   Extensions   ...  Oakland   School      Extending   Berths   etc   Bridge   Reconstruction      Highway   Bridgo      Bungalow    •• -  Round  House.  Meh  Shoi>s etc ?.><).ouo  Public Garage    Stores      Bank &  Apts.  ,   Ferttlis'.lnff Plant    Hotel  v   15 Cottages   Ferry   Landings       _ H.   P.  Dunham  :...   Public   Wks.   En j  Public Wks.  Uak Bay. Victoria .._ .....R. XV. Gibson  Sirdar C. P: R.  Copper Mountaln....W. Koot'y Dt. & P. Co.  Victoria  Sir James Douglas School [ j. c.  Alberni   Prov.   Govmt.  Alborni to Great Central. Lake C.P.R.  Nanaimo   A.   C.   Van   Houton  Deep  Creek,  P.G.E Prov.   Govmt.  Port Coquitlam....Gregory Tire & Rub. Co  Sapperton   Can.   West'n   Cordage  Co.  $l2.000i Kimberley    Prov.   Govmt.  ""•"" $1G.OOO I Nanaimo    Malkin-Pearaon   Co.   ....$-*r)!oO0! ^"1 Creek ....VThalen  Pulp & Paper Mills   $10,.''7r)  &   Lort...  Maclure  Owners    Owners      M.  Keith  ..$00,000  ..$21,000  $10,400  ..    ? tt o 01»  ..$11,000  $ IS,000  .$10,700  .$•10,000  $; I 2.000  $10,000  .$12,000  Victoria    Victoria   School   Bvard  North   Vancouver Wallace   Shipyards  Wealru luster   F'rwv.   Govmt.  Endorby     Prov.    Govmt.  Burnaby  Mrs.  A.  S.  McUao  Victoria    Can.    Nat'l    Ulwys.  Srictorta.   B.   Ci%  H.   A.   Davie  Victoria,  B.  C I.   Boacowith  Victoria.  B.  0 Royal  Bank  Barnot,  B. C Pacific Guano Co., Ltd.  Powoll  River Powell  River Hotel  Powell River  Powell River Co.  Agassiz-Rosedale  Prov.  Govnnt.  Axch. :  Contr.   .'■ W.   P.   Tiemey   Medby & Vestaunet   A. E. Grifrin & Co.  Peterson   Constr.   Co.   Peter McKechnie  ..Pacific  Dredging  Co.   Wm.   Greenless  Dept Harrison  & Lomond   &  M.   P.   Cotton   !..Robt.   Monerieft*  ....Davies Constr. Co.   R.   D.McDonald   Thomas Ashe    Parfltt Bros.   Foundation    Co.  A.   B.   Henderson Baynes  &  Horie  Prov.   Govmt Canadian   Bridge   Co.  Gardiner . &    Mercer Owners  Sharp & Thompson..10. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Dept.  of Wks Davies   Constr.   Co.  Honeyman   &   Curtis Snider   Bros.  Owneru    :...Hodgson,   King   A   Marble   Halkor   A    Hnritew   HodK«ior«,  Klnc &  Marble   Nlckson  Conatr. Co. A Oox A Verge  Pub.   Wks.   Dept Robt.   Monorieff  Townley &  Matheson J.  C.  Allow  Owners   Robertson  A  Partners      Pnrtltt  Bros.   J.   O.   MoCrlmmou    P. Burnett   Harrison & Lomond   Geo. Churchill & Son  Owners  Owners  Prov.   Govermt Wm.   Greonloes  foi^ IvvF.i-^y rBu,srNEvSS  "OU will be interestedinlcnow-  ing that in our modernly  equipped Loose Leaf Department we carry a complete  stock of high grade binders and systems  which   cover every possible :  requirement of business and professional accounting and record keeping.  Call and inspect our line before you place  your order. From the smallest pocket  memo to the complete loose leaf ledger  outfit you will find the  DeTuxelme,  Loose Leaf Binders  and Systems  supreme in quality, convenience  and efficiency  The DeLuxe, a Ready-to-Use Systems for  Banks, Department Stores, General Merchants, PubJic Offices, Manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Real Estate Men,  Hotels, Hospi.taJs, Traveling Salesmen, Insurance Men and many others—are practical and efficent time savers.  In our Manuracturinff Department we make  special sheet form* and indexes, to suit the  special requirements of your business.  We make do charge for our special service in designing and planning these forms.  You should have our complete L«oee I^af  Catalog. Itialree{orU>easido»  Western Specialty  LIMITED  572 Cranville St.  Vancouver, B.C.  *  ♦  t  •b  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENT1U-VTING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Keyrnour  3G17  11 GO  Seymour St.  =EHB|  & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  *  V  *  !  -b  f  •b  •!"'  *  I  i  i  AGENTS FOR  «5»  •i*  •e*  McCLARY'S RANGES  and the  IN U WAY  Kerosene Gas  Generator and Burner  For use in  Regular Cook Stoves and Ranges  C. Bain,  Manager  <s*  "S*  •b  'Z>  -b  *6»  «S*  t  t  t  X  *  •i-  *5>  •s*  767 ROBSON ST.  SEYMOUR 801 I         «5»  - ".■'.' ■. *:-  .   -'•';—•• ■- f  '• ��■... ■ ♦  .& .'.'<Z>*b<i»b&Jb<t>fr4' <>»t**^-^^'iW*'S**!«!^*-^-»V*>:-'*:^'^£>^*^8>^^.^>^^ Ms^**'.''  Ji.v^..r.»*N(»,r.4l|P  .HHUI       .l-Jl'-U....'.'^'.  BRITISH  COLOMBIA  RECORD  ""■**"  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  ,1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  Farr. Robinson & Bird  Limited  ' ~     * ■'   "    ■   i   •    ■ •  Designers and  Manufacturers or  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  " RADIANT LIGHTS V  ■For Commercial Lighting  546  Howe Street  Phone Sey.  3312  PROPOSED NEW WORK  Campbell  &  Grill  Established  1905  Roofing Contractors  METt^J^I^0^7-rlBE   Z-OORS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIB  EXJ-BNACE—VENTllATIWrO    PANS—BLOW    PIEINO—  SKYLIGHTS—GENERAL  JOBBING  1238 Seymour St. Vancoavor, B. C. Seymour 2981  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  F. A. Jonas, JUT*.  WHARF   BUILDING,   BBIOOES.  PIZ.E  FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Owners   of   Tag   »C11ts»  0*n$ral Towlntr  324 Front St. New Westminster  Telephone   1015  Character ..'.   Pier   •••■  School Bldy   Hotel    •—•   Jewish Synagogue   Theatre    .;   Apartment  House    '..  Theatre   Three-Storey Concrete ..  Offlce   Bldg -   ..Estimated Cost  '.".".'.'.".".'.'.'".".'...$10,000   ...$500,000   ..........$40,000       $500,000   fTOO.OOO    $300,000  .-. $50,000  ' .$30,000  VANCOUVER  Location ...:. ........... Owner  Vancouver   ...'. C.  P.  K.  Keet'er. St. East •   English Bay Local Syndicate  Kobso'n"& Seymour .Regal Films Ltd.  Bute  and   Barclay..... :...Stock  Co.  Kobson nr. C'rt Hse C. E. Royal & Assoc'ts  139-141 Pender St. W .1.  Storey  Hast. St. W.....Ceperley Rounsefell & Co.  Architect ..'.**... ...  Owners    v .....:.....  Gardiner & fiercer......!  Twizell,   Birds   &■ Twizell  Thomas  W.   Lamb.. ......  Twizell.  Birds & Twizell.  Gillingham  &  Korner........  W.   T.   Whiteway      Sharp & Thompson  ...  ....Flans Ready   .Soon  Tenders Closed   .Soon   ..:..Soon  About April i"  ..: Now   ..Soon  "NEVERLEAK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  (Guaranteed)  (Shed  Water  Like  a  Duck)  "NEVER   LEAK"  Ready Roofing, •■NEVER* LEAK" Roof Paint.  "NEVERLEAK" Roof Gum.  ,  ,      , . For Building New  or  Repairing  Old Roofs  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS   AND  GENERAL   ROOF1N&   CONTRACTORS  Seymour   1186 Industrial Island Vancouver. B.C.  ..Estimated  Cost  Character   Candy   Factory    — ••  Residence     -   Drydock - "«:;";'"n"n'n  Municipal   Hall $25,000  Location ....  Russell  St.  Oak  Bay ...  Esquimalt  EsC'uimalt  VICTORIA  ..'.    Owner   Ormonds  Ltd.   .A.  Denison   ; Dom.   Govmt  Architect .'... Plans Ready  H.   S.   Griffith .....Tenders Closed  Maclure & Lort  ....Tenders Closed  Dom.  Govmt  Soon   , ........To   Submit   By-Law  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS '  Character ' Estimated Cost  Memorial Hall """'"*•"""i"i"'n"nn  School   Bldg. -vJO.OOO  School Add f50,000  Memorial Hall  '. -• -'•-: •  University   Bldgs. v*;-.-'"*",:""  Refrigerator    ...~: • !|2'nSn  Eight-Room    School    -.•*.„•??„  High  school ,..: ....:..$ 1.50,000  Fruit   Storage   Whse.    ...$30,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location .  Owner  South   Vancouver     Creston.  B.   C .....Dist.  School   Board  Penticton    School   Board  Point  Grey   Point Grey University of B. C.  Kelowna ........C.P.R.  Lynn   Valley School   Board  Prince   Rupert    School   Board  Kelowna  Kelowna  Storage  Ltd.  Architect ....Plans Rs£iy  l!!i;!]lll"l]]"!!ll"ll!:Z^"!"!"l"!l!wVir"BuiTa''soo'n'  Sharp  &   Thompson   Sharp  &  Thompson :   Owners .„............' 1......'.„...... ..  H.   Blackadder   .'...:.Vote  By-law  Twize'llT Birds   & "'T'wizeii".'.".'.".'."..'"."'.""Soon  MALTHOID ROOFING  The B«st that's made  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wrfeht, Limited  Vancouver, B.C.  (Continued  from pairs  1>  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  E. A. BAILEY  , Ptumbing  and  Steam fitting  ! J033 Granville St.  Vancouver. 8. C.  on existing costs of gravel and -cement and also by reason of the fact  that the concrete spans would have to  be shortened. Then, if. concrete, were  used, about one half of the total cost  would have to go for reinforcing  steel.  Engineer Motley, the C. P, R. bridge  expert, .favors an all steel structure.'  In view of the diversity of opinion  Mr. Preston is recommending that the'  council order plans prepared for both  concrete and steel approaches.  PLANS   BIG   WI.RE   ROPE  PLANT  IN   POINT  GREY  Negotiations are under way by  which Mesrs. George Craddock & Co.  of Scotland, are seeking, to purchase  a tract of land in Point Grey. Just  outside the city limits' for the erection  of a big wire rope and cable plant.  The site in view for the new factory  comprises ten- acres in the vicinity of  Sixteenth Avenue and Trafalgar  street.  The   project   will   come   before   the  Point   Grey  council   soon   when   some  concessions   in   the   way   of   taxation i  will   be asked.    -Tt  is  seated  that  the,'  factory  will   employ-  S00  hands   when  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS-CARPENTERS  — ROOFERS-  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315    '      511  Dunsmuir St.  CHAS. LUNDEGREN  Plumbin-r   and   Repair   Work  All kinds of Sewer Work  A Specialty  -37   IGth  Ave.  XV.  Fairmont  S84 L  E. D. COOK   &  CO.|  GENERAX.   CONTRA CTOBS  Specialize    in    Heinforeed   Concrete  Modeiui    Apartments.  Tiemodel liner   Buildings.   Giving  Increased  Earning  Powers  6?5  "Dirks "Blder.  Seymour 3922  u  S. J. Trickey  E. E. EUlott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING  HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambsa St.,        Sey. 620  in    operation  electricity.  and   will ,be   run    by  S*31  •£*"•  I  g-aarvi&w ^ancf \  & Gravei Co., j  a «b  INVITING  TENDERS   FOR  PENDER   STREET   BLOCK  Renders are. being invited by Architect W. T. Whiteway, 1406 DonrnJon  Bldg. for a three-storey and basement  reinforced concrete building, 50x120  feet, to. be erected at 130-141 Ponde-  '.treet-west for Mr. J."Storey bf.Storej  &  Campbell.  CI li. FREE MAIN  Painting • Decorating - Paperhanging  TWENTY YEARS  WITH  ONE OF  THE LEADING DECORATING.  FIRMS  IN LONDON.  ENG.  32S3  Main  St Phone  Fair.   1622  Eveninsrs Fair. SloS-R  %Jl  F  \n  VF  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527 hUl SI  Fair. 552 j  J. C. Restora  ELECT2ICAI.    SWGINESS  &.7STD  CONTBACTOR  314 Ban."*: of Nova Scotia Bldg',  CO'!   Hasting West  Sey.  2889-7579  1 Offlce, Sey  . 7075  Res., Fair.  213IL1  1              J. H.  Healey  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses  fitted  feu*  the  relief  of  ill  kinds' of  eye  strain    and    nervous  headache.  825 Birlrs  Bldg1.  Vancouver  B  C.  ASKING  TENDERS   FOR  REPAIRS TO  COAL  WHARF  Tenders are being invite'd to February 9th, 1920, by the Department of  Public Works, Canada for repairs to  the coal wharf at the Quarantine Sta-  *j-!i," Winiam TIead, B. C.  Plans and forms of contract can be  "nn  ai-.d   specifications' and   forms  of  'erd^r  oMaii-c'l   at   th's   Pep**-.rt.rnent i  t the nfiice of the District Rn'iinp'?:-;  -it Victoria,' B. C. and at the Post j  Ofr-ce, Vancouver, B. C. . ■ j  RECEIVING   TENDERS   FOR !  OVERHAUL TO   DREDGE   No.  301 J  Tenders are being" received by F.■',  If. Shepherd. SuiiHi*inten'.:enr. ot:  Dredges, Department of Public Works. ;  Canada, until 4 p.m. on Monday. Jonu !  ! 'try 2'Uh, 1920, for'repairs nnd gener |  il overhaul of th<?' Departmental!  Dredfre   Xo.  301   ("Ajax"). j  Each tender must be sent in a Heal-1  ■"•d envelope endorsed "Tender for PlC-|  ■airs  to  r;r'.:dge  No.  Ml   ("Ajax").      j  Specifications can- he seen at the  office of A. F. Mitchell. Esq., Acting)  District Engineer. Victoria, B. C, and  at the office of C. C. Worsfold, Esq.,  District Engineer, New Westminster,  B. C, and at the office of the F. H.  Shepherd, 710-713 - Birks Building,  Vancouver, B.  C.'  SAMUEL B.RED8URN  KALSOMINING   AND   TXNTXKCt  A SPECIALTY ....''..'  ESTIMATES OIVEW  Phone  Fairmont  484 B  314 7th Ave. E. Vancouver, B. C.  Percy F. Letts  ELECTRICAI.   E>rdrNEEB  and   CONTBAJTUK  Hlgrh-Cluss   Electrical   Work  and   Fixtures  3014   Granville   St.  Bay.   4-11  Kes.  Phone:  Fair.   1428 R  Offif:e Phone: Sey. 7355 •  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  ■ THOS.  L..   M.ITCHI3LL  Electric "WirinEf. Fixt'ires and Repairs  of All Kinds  525 Burrard St.  Vancouver. 3.  C  pANTAGES THEATRE  Unequalled Vaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  Seymour 3403  IEWAMS   ELECTR8CAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  lii.tU'TKIO U       INSTALLATION^       fJJ*       KVHICV*  IM^f HII'TIO.N, Kr.K'  TKU'AI*     hlT'lM.IHH  Sey. 9512 539 Main Street  ■ .Wiw ■ n r--J7"—■"—--•--'"■ J--"*fir'**'* *-*"**" ■    ■"-"-■•   ' »"■ *'*~**.~ >■!■». ■■  SUMAS   DYKXNiG-   DISTBICT  * Advertisement and Instructions to .  .   'Bidders. ;--'. ''■■■.,■'•.  1. Tenders will be received till 5 p:m.  on the 25th day of February. 1320, by trie  COMMISSIONERS OF THE SUMAS  Dl'KING DISTRICT at the office'■of. the'  Band Settlement Board, 'Victoria, B. C,  for the various classes of work lor the  dyking and drainage (earthwork"■' and  bridge contract) of land in the vicinity  of Sumas bake, and in the municipalities  of Sumas and Chilliwack, in the Province  of British Columbia.' ■'•■■.  I ',2.     PLANS,   SPECIFICATIONS,  ETC.,  I may   be   obtained   at   the   office   of   the  Chief Engineer, F. N. Sinclair, old courthouse, New Westminster. B. C.  3. A charge of fifty dollars ($50.00)  will be made "for each set, of plans and  specifications, which amount will be re-'  landed upon the return of said plans in  K'ood condition any time before the opening  date.  4. TendHr"* mw-t l.o enclosed In a  sealed envi''op<-. i.iarkcd '"J'Fi.N'DERS  FOR DVK1N'.: XIj .i'R.MNlXCr LAND  IN   THIS   VlCiNiTi"   Ob'   HL'.M.'S   LAKF  i  i EA K'j KWUKK      and    BR11)C,E     CON-  • TRACT)",  and   addret-ssed   in  a  covering  i envelope to  the  ' Couimis.sioner.s for the Sumas UyKimr  District, Band Stttlement Board, Victoria,   B.  C.  5. DEPOSIT CHEQUES — Each hid  j must be accompanied by a certilied  t che'iiie for 5 per cent. ('•</,") of tnVi i-ro-  j posal,  made payable to  the clerk of the  commission tuva.  ,/All cheiTiies will be returned upon  the  execution   of   the   contract   by   the   successful    bidder   and   nrcentaitc*   of   the  ' bond or the rejection of all  tenders.  |      Any   bidder   who   refuse.-*   or   tails    to  enter   into  a  contract  after   It   has  been  awarded   to   him   or   fails   to   turnisn   a,  bond   within   a   time   deemed   reasonable \  by   the   commissioners,   will   be   declared !  i irresponsible   and   his   cheque   forleitf-d   j  I arid   the  contract   may   then   bc^uwurded |  I to another bidder. j  6. -WITHDRAWAV   OF   BIDS   —   No I  bid can be withdrawn after having been  opened by the commissioners.  7. Tenders may be '''accompanied by  the specifications and drawings relative  thereto, all of which shall form part of  the contract to be entered into by the  successful bidders.  S. The tenderers must submit a  statement covering- the types of machinery and ■■equipment he proposes u.sins  in the construction, of the various clashes ol'.wo-k and the availability of same  for the .'.undertaking of the work.  9. The siKnatur.es .of all parties tendering shall be in their respective: hand-,  writings. ' '    '- ::  "  10.—Tho commissioners reserve the  riKht to reject any or all tenders and  the lowest will not necessarily be accepted.  , 11. Bidders will submit bids on the  %vhole of the work to be under taken  either on a straight unit or on a commission basis based on unit prices with  any bonus or other troverninfc clauses.  LAND   SETTLEMENT  BOARD.  (Commissioners   for   the   Sumas  Dyking  District, M.  H. Nelems. chairman.  —FOB   SALE—  7 "4 Korsc-owcr IM0, R. P. M. Can-  rul.an Westinghoi'.r.e .Motor arid Starter,  ne Single Dri-ui llo.:-!. (Geared'-. 1'/  feet Bala la Belting. 200 feet % tilack  Wire Rope. Drop Hummer and Wooden  Tower, ."10 ft. high. Fence 50 ' ft. by 120  ft. by r,0 ft., 10 ft. high. 1-Jn. by G-in.  Fence Slats, throe 2 by 4-in. i'tails.  Posts,   fi-in.   by  G-in.  BALFOUR aUTEEIE & CO.  103 Winch Bldg-.       -    -   Phone Sey. 9197  ROOFING  PAVING  MATERIALS  The BARRETT Co., Ltd.  Send   for   color    card    of   BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  GOAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  Cor. lOth Ave. A Arbutus St.  Telephones Bay. 63 and 64  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty  Estimates given • Distance no obstacle  ADAM  JACK  Highland   728  2020 Dund.i St.  PI LING and POL ES  FIR, CEDAR or  HEMLOCK  any length ~ any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570   BlchardB   St.  'Phone   Seymour   175  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS l(N  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  AH Kinds of Building Material  Phone 15 and 16  902  Columbia Street West  New Westminster, B.C  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.    HUTCHINSON.    PROPRIETOR  CABINET   MAKERS  AND  CARPENTERS  BAND   SAWING  AND  WOOD  TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Helmcken St.  *  STRAIGHT   LOANS   OR-  MONTHLY LOANS   OZT-  DWELLINGS  B. C.  LOAN CO.  St. '  330 reader St. "W.  P-J-JONE BEY-MO-OrB 790-791  VETERAN  DSCER&C®  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATUF8E AND   MOTOR  WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN  DAY AND  NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and Wight)  1256 Ponder St. XV. Say.   5493-1.  Bius Prints Whilst You Wait  •oaAPTiira- ax.i. r.iirES  Tnrw.f.    I iiNU'ii-ip/tits   ;iii«1   .-».,j,lilies  MOST  MODESBT   ECUIPMEHT  AUD  dji3E*J'X Js»'l:M-\iXt~usi.*iJj J.ss  B. CI.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  (I-*!  Oninville St. Seymour 2709  •f ARCHITECTS |  'b *s>  j»^-<ai-,»>'»^t3>-;-''i^*'s»«*-<5>--'»<i''i-''S>-**'*'«-*<?>-i»«s»4p<"p^*.  Members ot The Architectural  Institute  ot  British   Columbia.  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY.  "The Battery for your car"  Expert battery and Ignition repair*  The Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  570 Richards Street  TANCOICJVEII  t'.c'r/.ii'.   Jaa.    }.'.   51(1   UmiImi*   \V   Sey. 3300  Jllrtl.    A.    J.,   City   I'.Ulx   IiiHJitor Soy. 3270  liryan   &   Oillftiii.   Silil   Kli'hnnls Hey. 1001  I>alton   &   Eviileiich.   615   ilasllnus   W Spy.    0(12  <;ardiiittr.   V.  G.. A Mercer,  718  OraiiTlIlc Hey. 3072  Garclinur.   William   Vrutlk..   '.'0   Orari Hey. fpfl'ift  r-.rftr.<ii.   IC.   a..   l!07  UnstliiKS W Si.y. 3110  Hi'-ntlerson.  A.   K..   015  HastinKi  V\   Hey.    721  Ifoncyiiiaii.   A-   Curtis,   8.1(1   Ha«lliiK«   VV .t«y. 1021  Joncn.    Wm.    F.,    V2»    Klflmrd.pi    St Ucy.  Mac,  MutlicHuii,   Udl.t.   M.,   *t2.">   IIdiiiit   St ....Sey.  snl.'i  I'aliiiLT.    I'.i-nmrd   ('..    8.10    lia-tt.    \V Sey. 7170  farr.   •>.   '•'.,   H'*"   Ua.-UlM««   W Soy. 7811  Sharp  &   TJimiiiHuri,  020   I'uMiliir  VV :Si-y. loot  fSjirtiat.   KtlwardfH,   llil   fender   \V Sey. 2:t'i.*>  Tfiwnley.   Fred   h.,   32.1   linirnT   St Sev, 8'I13  Twizell.   lUrds  & Twizell.   837  Ha:it.   W Sey. 7925  ,r«aa  ra&er&Co., Ltd,  SUCCESSORS' TO  DOMINaO^ EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  'Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Vancouver Forge Co.  Iiim.it ed  FORGIINGS    .  OP  ALL  DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria   Drive HlRhJnnd   701-  VICTOBIA  ISorry. " IHTiiidt    If 17 M    St.    Anne   Htreet  Henriel.   A.   It.,   1080 St.  Ixjuls  Ht. . 1171 II 1  Keith.   .1.   C.   M..   Hayward   lfldK....1  UW  Mnolure.   Sain,   Union   Hank   ni<I« 2848  ItldKway Wilson.   I.lout.-Col ;_ BMinont   llouao  Moure.  CBESTQlsr  Clmrlea Creaton,  II.   C.  "PENTIOTON'  Swan,   IC.   I..,   I'mi. 202 , I'entlcton,   II.   (J.   I  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUT5  IRON and GTEEL CASTINGS - FSRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  "WE  GALVANIZE  EVEB"2"THI-3rG BY" HOT PROCESS  TlAJf fa TTTT BRON and GALVANIZING  « WA 1   1 WORKS  Farmont 971 Office and Works, 225 - 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.


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