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The Atlin Claim 1900-05-12

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 zs' •   '
VOL.   3.
ATLIN, 13. C„ SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1900.
F. E. MicFcely and Co*
, ' UUAUSKS   I.V ,       ,
Paints,  Oils,   Varnishes,:
Builders' Hardware,
Sash anil Doors,   '     V?*'' .- .\"f-*
Tinware,. Grani tew are, Crockery
All kinds of Tinsmith work'done.      ■       ' ,..,,     ■ ,
Corner of First and Pearl Street.
J. St. Clair Blackett and Co.
Plave the Most Complete Stock in? Atlin;
OF GOODS.   * •'   '       M'J    ' ■
Mr. Herbert P. Pearse, one of
the pioneers of the North Coolgar-
die gold fields,- wiio.-ibSs^beeii on a
long vis:t. to British Columbia, has
just beetJ interviewed'; by- a-' repre-
se-uaiive oftheBrihsh Australasian,
as to his opinion of- the-mines in
that country. -Mr. Pearse was
-greatly impressed by the enormous
mineral wealth of, the Province, and
as he Jias al:-o visited South Africa,
]Se\v Zealand, New Guinea, and
the Straits" ..fceltlemerits, hisT-\-ieivs
are  of much    value.- -In  fact,  he
ing-7 only just parting to the smelter.'
The}', have every, reason lobe satisfied with the management put there.
In Mr. Hinde I'owker they have
au, excellent .representative, who
understands his work, andjt is acknowledged on all. hands that the
properties *■ of the Corporation are
being- systematically'w.rked.''
THow  -does    British   Columbia
compare wnh Western Australia?"
"At the   time   I   was   through
Western. Australia,"if you-are going
■ to jfeige "fry the -prospects''that" were
got at the  same l stage 'of develop-
world 1 where there are so many
acilities grouped' together. There
is plenty of -water- and--' plenty 01
timber,-'and transport and labour is
as cheap as can be expected under
.resent conditions/'"    '    '
"Do you--propose to return , to
British Columbia?"
"Oh, 'yes. I am off -again in
about a 'fortnight's time.'1 I want
10 get "back in tim's to go up to
Atlin before the ice breaks up,
which 'will lake place about tlie
middle of May. I ' should ' very
much like to go to Cape Nome,.
whore will take'place this year the
rush of the century."
thinks British' Columbia   will, turn 1 ment, British  Columbia   will   com
out  to  be/ a richer_ gold-mining! pare very 'favourably;  in   fact,   it
country .than   any    in   the  world.
Western Australia not excepted.
Asked what he thought of British Columbia as a-, mining district,
he said:—"The work that  has  al-
ing themselves - very
shows far better prospects than
Western Australia did at' the time.
You must recollect that this district
has orily been prospected for two
years. "Ifyou want to pick up a
ready been done shows some really ' good property you have- to pay a
marvellous prospects, not in ,one j ^g prjce for ^ ag tbe Americans
place, but throughout the country lare there in numbers and are tnak-
generally. Practically the whole of
British Columbia is one huge mineral belt, which extends, from" the
North-West and Alaska down to
California "
,   TAl1^ what has been done up  to
the. present?"
" The bcst-kuowu mines are situated in Ros^land, and I may say,
that the British America Corporation owns some of the best mines
ou the Pacific- coast—to wit, the
Le Roi, the Josie, and the Colum-
bia-Kootenay. I have not been over
them personally, but their praises
were sung everywhere I went The
British' America Corporation are
practically the pioneers of the northern part of British Columbia. They
ha\e laige stoies in Atlin City, in;
Pine City, Bennett Lake, and U hite
Horse Rapids. Beyond these shows,;
they, in conjunction with the Rothschilds, have a contiolling interest;
in the laige, i.ew copper district at
White Horse. I was talking to a
man on the spot there, and he told
me that the British America Corporation's t,ropeities were worth
from tiirfie to four millions. There
&3fc thousands of tons of copj^er ore
c» the surface that  need. 00 niitt-
busy. It - is
true that for the'past year there has
be^n a big slump in British Columbian mines, theTpeYalty for misrepresentation in tbe-past/ ■' On '"the
strength of some splendid'.properties
introduced here they-foisted a number of 'duffers' on the investing
public; but there are some splendid
shows there which will turn out
quite as good as the Le Roi, though
at present there is no market here
forthein."  -   -    •
Cone rning the labour question
Mr. Pearse said:—'. I believe in
labour being protected, but I do
not believe in any labour union
coming forward in a new country
and dictating to the mine-owners
the number of hours their men
shall work- A mine that has been
fully developed and works full time
would naturally need three shifts
of eight hours each, but when a
country is only in a chrysalis state
you catinot have labour unions dictating the unmber of hours the men
shall work."
"And as regards the ujtial facilities for working?','
"Well, there is in country in the
. „'     O/JFEN'S BIRTHDAY. '
. The officers appointed for carrying out the ' arrangements for the
celebration of the 24th are as follows—-J'.D. Graham, Gold Commissioner,' 'f"resident, Dr. Hi B. Cameron? Treasurer, W. R. Dockrill, Secretary".     .
- "Sports Committee, Messrs-Shiels,
Grant, Bingham, McFeely, Harris
and Dockrill. ' '   %
■Judges,'Messrs  Stephenson  and
1* iATull programme of the" sports,
with a list of the prizes, will appear
in;our next issue.
eminent buildings. The .str.uctu<-i
will b; erected by tender, and wor ;
commenced -by is! June. Wl.:i
completed, the ho use will be hngo,
handsome and commodious. We
will give a full description when,
the plans and specification? are
fully prepared.
. 'May 9th—W. J." Smith, v. T, F.
Sinclair.*""' Dis j lite over  ownership
ol  ho'rse sleiglis.    Judgment suspended.
. Our correspondent reports activity all along the line on Boulder.
Snow on the creek going fast.
Trail from Pine drying up well, but
rendered exiremelv rough by the
number of teams which have been
passing lately.
Martin and party, discovery claim,
ditch line completed. ' Getting boxes up.    Will be sluicing in a week.
One and j2 below. ' The Frenchmen's claim. Got lumber in and
are building boxes. Will sluice in
10 days.
Three ^.nd 4 below. Siegfried
and Haynes. Shovelling snow and
Four,. 5 and 6 benches below.
Black's group. Worked all winter
with results not as good as anticipated. Will start ground sluicing
about middle of month.
Nine kbelow, bench. Ground
sluicing.    No clean up yet.
Ten below, creek. Will sluice in
a week.
From 10 below, quite a nuniher
of claims are being got ready, also
a few above discovery. ■ Many of
the creek claims below will be
worked out with two months sluicing-
Large quantities of lumber art
being piJed up  at corner of Pearl
and Third  to   dry out  and  be  in
i readiness for use on the new 'gov-
*   MAT'ibicS PCHTiCAT,.'
■ The following i^ the Cassiar poli- ,
tical  situation ' as dc-cribed   by  J.
H. Browulee, in the1" Victoria Times,
April 23.
"What i> the political position, iii •
Atlin?" was asked by a Times re*-,
porter of Mr. J. H. Brownlee, the
well-known surveyor vT:o is dowm
on a flying visit from his h< m_s liit ,
the northern Eldorado. "Will tb*.
present representative.-, for Cassiaj-
be'returned. . -,
Mr.   Brownlee replied:    '"Atlim.
will be represented in the next Provincial   Legislature   by  wta  wiio.ie
interests are identical with those £>.f
the ' territory  - of    which      it     it'
the  centre.    In  other   words,   we
want .local men   and 'are  going  t*
have them. '  We want our share, off\
what is going, our-fair, proportion,
of government  money   for  the development   of '   one. of   the   richest    districts, of   British    Columbia,    for  the    building   of    roads
and bridges and the opening   up;'of .
the comitr;   generally.    We _..want-
no more and will be satisfied   with ^
no less; and we are going  to send
men down here to Victoria who will
get it for us.
"It is not a question of mere politics: it is the question of our interests. Mr. Clifford,cast in his lot
among us for ' a while, theu he
moved away, and now he announce*
that he is going to run as a straight
Conservative." - It is not a question
of party politics at all. ' When the
last election took place Atlin was
only a name 011 the' map. The
members for Cassiar were elected
by the cannery men of the Coast,
who controlled thevote of-a region
big and rich enough for an empire.
Now everything, is changed, The
scales are'tipped. The Coast and
the fishermen are in the light end
of the balance. However, the
Coast interests, which arc important, must not be overlooked, nor
will they be; only now that At He
has a preponderance of vote-s. \v»
are going to be legislated for up
there, not by men whose interests-
are wholly fishing interests, but br
men who are identified 111 some way
with the mining interests as well.
"So you can write it down tint
Cassiar will be represented in the
next House by new blood," remarked Mr. Brownlee emphatically
in conclusion.
We are in a position t« authoritatively announce tltat during the
coming week: a candidate will be
publicly announced, .viie- will, it >*
h<v>ped, snit all shades of paliticaJ
OTJnions. He is a j>rci»inent business man of Atlin, well J iked an I
respected by evary!.>odj';; irnd wlv..
whilst a Conservative;, .;>y£3 xriVcsig
to subordinate all -p""Stical fwr.titf
to the advancement of our dj<Ur«V.
j which uill  be the  rionv'rs-r ;-.rj»-
jcipie to guide bito.
ifti&i&fflirggggsS^ .:.���'.t^, .:.:...',_  J  SATURDAY, MAY   12, toco-.  'I  .{1  -I  VlIK    ATI.1N    Cl.AEM  in''  l'ul'.lishr.l   evpvy    Snlunlny   it-ori.i..��   1��'  Taw ATMS  CI>A1M   PlMIUUIIINfi <-'U.  nilloeorpnl.licution: , ,,      ,<,,.,���.��  A.lvi.rtWii.ir >���<>.��"- ......I.. Unown iii. upplu-ii-  *,T"i'psii1.M-i-i|iil����n i.i'lci- is SI a your   i��iv-  ������!�� i.. .��.lv��..��T.      No ���..,.��..��� will   .0. .���I.VB.V.l  ,ii.i��.ss ti..-.- -"���"<'"���'���' "'���'' ������""���'"' vv!!.!!i_  The   annulment   of   lh�� " l^ritisli  Columbia Alien Act by veto of  the  Federal Government is an incident  against   which   very   few   Atlinites  will raise a-protest.    The Alien Act  seemed at the first blush;  to   many  people, to be an 'altogether  praiseworthy way of meting'  out   to   our  cousins us they have  meted   lo   us,  but in 'actual practice the old   thing  didn't work for shucks, and  so   far  as our district is concerned   it   goes  to an early   and  dishonored   grave  without a solitary mourner.    American capital and  American   energy  are good things in opening  up   and  developing' a   new   'country,    and  much   of; both   have  already   been  diverted away from here into  other  channels by the deterrent effects   ol  that  same   .act.    Fortunately    the  damage done is not irreparable, but  it has meant considerable  delay   111  the burgeoning out of Atlin  to  the  position    her ' undoubted - mineral  riches fairly entitles her  to.    It  is  to be hoped, but we fear it is a hope  only, that the Americans, will   reciprocate in kind by some modifications'in their mining  laws   towards  those    who - are'   aliens   Lo  them.  Time will prove.    They   have  not  shown much magnanimousness that  way, so far.    We suppose this must  be placed to the account of the proverbial ungratefulness of republics.  At all events vvt will have the .satisfaction ol knowing that by the repeal of the Alien Law,  Canada ��� has  done Jhe right aud   generous   thing  by   her  neigh hour:     Virtue   is   its  own,'and only, reward, iu the most  of sublunary'nutters,  .but it  is   a  comfort to  kiiow   that  you are   in  possession   of   a   virtue,-   anyhow.  Get up brother-Jonathan;   and   bow  your acknowledgements.    Don't be  outdone in generosity or   anything  else.    You are .big and  rich,   and  can well afford  lo   do   the  graceful  matter in hand who will assure excursionist's that there is no discomfort to be experienced on the trip,  but in place of that, luxurious travelling on well-appointed steamers  and railways for the entire distance;  clean, comfortable" accomodations,  with moderate charges whilst-in  Allin; and we are sure the outcome  would be most gratifying to the  promoters and productive of the  happiest results for the district.  <  C. CHRISTOPHER, ;      ;        ���    A- S���^S, I.  President.  A-HId Abstract Company,  LIMITED.        HEAD OFFICE,    Atlin,  B.  C  Searches Made and Abstracts of Title" to Mineral, Hydraulic      --  '��� and Placer Claims Furnished.    Correspondence solicited. $  We hope Hie Government officials  who administer the laws   here   will  see to it this season, that' no cheap  saloons arc allowed within a certain  distance  of any   pjacer    diggings.  Reputable dealers iu Atlin and Pine  have to comply with certain   building regulations before they   can   do  business,  and  in justice  to  them,,  saloons'started in any other part  of  the district should be  subjected   to  the same restrictions.    It is also an  unwise thing to allow liquor  to  be  sold right under the noses.as it were,  of. ben    who   are  working   their  claims.    'Many   parties   whom  we  could   name,    last .season   worked  their1 claims in all reason and sobriety until the temptation was placed  in immediate propinquity to  them,  when   the  result   was  deplorable.  With some it was a continual orgie  THE  GRAND  HOTEL.  FINFST KQUIPPED HOTEL' IN THE NORTH.    FVERYTH1NO  .CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS 'MANNER. _  ThefrenoHRost^rant in Croatian  mtt <*����' *��*<*.  r,ck & HA*���. Provkietors;    Davm, Hasti.v Manacikk.  Corner of First and   Discovery Slicels.  and correct thing.  broken  only  by  the    necessity   ot  having lo wash.out  another  ounce  or two in order to  be  able  to continue'the spree.    These men   most-^  lv   left camp  in  the  fall    cursing"  themselves aud their folly, and  dependant ou   their  more sober  and  tlirilty companions for the means of  getting .->ut."    When a   poor  fellow,  who cannot resist   temptation,   gets  awav from it and goes to hard work  on tire  creeks,   it is  a  sin   and  a  shame to follow him up-to debauch  him. for the miserable profit there.is  iu it.    Respectable hotels are good  aud necessary institutions,   but  we  hope  the   official:,    will   put  down  both feet solidly   on   cheap   saloons  following men   to  their  claims   lor  the purpose of selling   them   Kquor  and nothing else.  Such shanties are/ from their  positions, exempt from police supervision aud are not wauled by the  miners themselves.   '  a few specimens of horse   anatomy  uriiicipally legs, lying ou our streets.  The dogs have done  something  to  abate this form of nuisance by gnawing the flesh off, but the bones and  articulations remain,   and . are calculated to give a new-comer curious  impressions.    And so ou with many  other nuisances, which are so patent  to us all,  that it is   needless to enumerate them.   -Cleanliness is next  to godliness, but it is  a condition  Joedent to it.   It therefore follows  that no community can be a god)  one-'which 'is -not    ^o   cleanly-  Therefore get your lots cleared  out  without waiting to be"ordered to do  so bv the government  or  any  one  ASSAY OFFICE  else.'and verily you shall have your I ���.^T^  reward in many ways.  4 '  Canadian Bank...  ...of Commerce  Corner Second and Pearl Streets,  Gold Assayed,  Purchased or Taken ok  Consignment: (  -  Exchange sold on all the "principal points in  Europe,   the  United.  States, and Canada.  Julian Ralph cables to the .'.'Loudon Daily Mail" a first impression  contributed  by   Conan    Doyle "to  -The Friend," published at Ploem-  fouteiu.    Of   the    Canadians,    Dr.  Dovlesays:    -Here and  there are  other   men  again,   taller,, sturdier  than the infantry of the line;   grim,  solid men, straight as poplars:   _  ^  There   is a  maple  leaf,   I  thm-,  upon their shoulder straps, ana the  British   Brigade are glad  to  have  these maple leaves beside thenn   for  the Canadians are the men ot 1-aar-  deberg."  IN CONNECTION  FOR GOLD DUST ONLY.  T. R.  BHXETT.A.'aiinger.  Par $<m$ Produce  COMPANY,  GROGERIES and  Now. that the summer.season  is  coming on, wouicl it not   be   advisable for our Hoard of Trade!   merchants aiU others', to take into consideration   the. question of a. popular, well-advertised, arrd cheap excursion from  the  coast  cities  into  our northern paradise?    We submit  that there arc-few   belter  ways  of  advertising    our   advantages^ .and  ceiiainly   the   excursion   in   itself,  from   scenic   considerations   alone,  should    be   well   patronized.    The  name and fame of" Atlin,. both   for  its mineral  riches  and   Us   natural  Whilst  the   fresh   breezes   Atlin  enjovs reduces the danger to a great  extent,  vet  we think  it .very well  to   call  attention   to  the    amount  of risk we, are running  by the   unsanitary condition of our streets and  vacant lots.    We believe  the  Government officials are taking-steps to  have  sanitary 'measures  enforced,  lint the average prudent man should  not require to  be reminded  of  his  obligations   towards    his own  and  the   community's   physical    well-  u^b** ***����. �����.��� �������-, o,rf * v^^tz  " ��� A Yorkshire clergyman not long-  ago, visiting a poor man who  had just lost his ��� little -boy, .endeavoured to console' him. The  po,r man burst into tears, and in  the midst of-his sobs exclaimed, ,lt  -twarnaagin f law a should ha  liked to have f little beggar stoofed.  and far, and there can be no doubt  that such an excursion, properly  advertised and given at cheap rates,  would bring  in 'a host -of people,  immense number' of apparently  harmless empty'cans, which litter  everv unoccupied lot and line our  thoroughfares.     These  cans   have  wou'd bring  m 'a host -or   people,   "����iu"a"         .. v.,      ' in  Xt  U,dr  taurn.lK.nK  w0u.d ldr=adnu P��-�� �� ^ ��  largely adv^e u.4 again   ����!<. . *���=">.    ��l��'c  bl'1 h*>  "&*���  *  the slay-al-homes..  'less   remains ot  veget:  animal  or  .The  excursion   which  came 'off j able substances, and thes* Ware  ta,     car was more or less of a "fail- lying around in the  warm  . ,  owing to a want of  proper  ad-, thousands  and   affoid    a  syndic!  ur  for disease   germs.  They  It may be taken as an   indication  of the' near approach of the  millennium   when  any  of the. following  events happen.-When Roberts corrals old Oom Paul; when politicians  iack'in'gall;  when   Captain  Job.,  schemes not lor self: when lawyers'  palms itch'not for pelf; when   Russell  stops   his   Atlin  boom;   when  David Hastie's a bridegroom; when  the officers   of our   gay Lib,-Cons:,  are brought down on their marrow  bones;'when    joe  Marina'?,  again  premier; when Atlin brew eiy turns  out'beer'.  When any or each of such  things do'come, be sure  we've  eu:  GENERAL  OUTFITTERS,  Head Office: WINNIPEG, Man.  Branches:      Vancouver.      Athu.  Dawson.  BROWlrlTlOWKY  J. II. Brownlee, P. I- S., ��. I- S.  &.C. Lovsry, A. M. I. C. T.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  Peari Street, Atlin, B. C.  Rant & Jones,  - NOTARIES,  MINING BROKERS  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENTS  Agents   for the Imperial Life Assurance Co.  Atlin Lake taker Co.  vertising and organization, and lur- '^..    ;,f^,^.,,*bur-red,  j.ishcs no reason why 6ue;lhis pres- j should 1*, a.l co ^  e���l season should not be a success,   or else dumped into t-���� * *  lei a   proper  committee   take   the {the water is ��leep.     ihuciiccii  (LlMUKU.)  ROUGH   and  DRESSED  LUMBER  tcred the mill-e����-Vlin1-.  ALL  the formal opening of the   Paris j  expositio- took place April 14th.  KINDS.  Capt. Westcolt, X  \*  ;cr.  i .>!  ^;i3sasiiaiMSiii|Sw'5IS!5^ rt," ,  '     ��� '���*   I  Ml  ^���w*'*���a5ll^lilJrtM:!UU"sra^^  '4ua^UK-SKn:us^aTC&.'rii.fff-Eir?t^��.f;a7affiflaaft^.j.ili/iwr,i.ifl^^  ,UC*W��li;kKt'MI3��2:S>r;/jffi!��BS  ATLIN,   H.  C,   ��A,nii.ti)A\\,-''N,iAV '.  K*  ���.. -��� ~��� ���  ,-- ���  ^  BILLS, DISALLOWED.  Ottawa,. April 25.~-Tke 'Dominion  . Government has disallowed itihe .folio wing'.b.jlls,  passed by -the (British  Cohnnbia'iLegislature in 1899:    .An  Act Relating  to  Liquor  Licenses;  . An Act Relating to the Midway aud  Penticton Railway,   and Jin act amending'the Coal  Mining Regulat-,  ���������jons Act.    These have   been   djsal-  .---.--.- lowed    because    of    anti-Japanese  . clauses in the bills.  ,(  '.  The Placer, Mining   (Alien), Act,  ,,which it is claimed   was   aimed   di-  ; rectly at -U nited States 'citizens, .has  '.been vetoed, because it is ultra vires.  There aje some ten other bills affect-  ling prh'ate companies in them   pre-  ,veuting"thc employment  of Japanese, whjeh the Government has  allowed to pass because they did  not  wish to interfere with   the  organization of the companies affected.  I,t will be remembered. that Hie  Imperial authorities ' protested  against anti-Japanese legislation  shortly after the adoption of the  measures by the British Columbia  [Legislature, ' restricting Japanese  labor in 1899. The Dominion authorities appealed to the British  Columbia Legislature, but up to the  present time" no action has been  taken by them, hence the^ decision  .of the Government 'to disallow the  .bills. V.  The   following statutes -of  1899  have been disallowed:"'"'..  Election Petitions. J.   ', T- A- -  'number nines,need tackle the job.  ,lee: for application to the throbbing  ,brain will be^supplied" ftee.  .PARSONS (PRODUCE CO.  \We regreuyery much to auno'uuce  that.this well known trading, company'has been foreclosed upon by  ;the' Impelial Bank of Canada. The  company's headquarter* is in' Winnipeg,, .with, branches i& Exeter,  Out; Victorh'i, Vancouver, Nelson,  Rowjland, -Atlin", B, C, and.Dawson.  Y, T. Tftmy have lost heavily of  late, ���principally.on the Yukon., by  reason-of delays in transportation  and damage to perishable goods. An  official of ifihe'bauk it, mow iucharge  of the Atlin branch'. - \\V* understand that th'e prospects for the rehabilitation of the company are not  of the brightest.  PICKED UP HERE A^D THERE.  9JjP^&P^MMJ*&M^'*3i~~-^Jr^2w^^^rr^jm'*^ ~^'~ J* J~^~���"* J* J^^ J"s*.^J^ J~ 1- J~ J~ -^ ��� -"  1 Brimfc Jimcrica Corporation, Ed  * ATLIN,   B.   G.  LARGEST &ND >BEST STOCK' OF -GENERAL  MERdiANDIS��-NORTH-OF VANCOUVER.  vSee our greatly deduced prices on all our winter-stock.  See our prices on groceries.. -Ladies' goods-a specialty  Pine City-branch'now opeiij  A. H. STRACKY ' ''       ARCHIE W.  SHIELS.  4-     '. Atlin Manager. .   t    ,       Agent Atlin City.   ^    ���         ���  .9  .-?  ATJUIIN MEAT MARKET  *    CORNER OF FIRST AND iDISCOVlvRV..  Dpn!t Eat Frozen .Meat wh'en'You Can:Buy  !   ' 'FRESH at the Atlin Meat.Market.  Placer Alining 'Act:  Prisons  Regulations  dealer* ��* HAY, OATS, FEED and COUNTRY PRODUCE.  Goods delivered free to any part of town.  Brciden and Hastfiicfs  '*   V  Police   and  .Amendments.  Grand Jurors' Act Amendments.  Jiamloops and Atlin Railway.  Kortb. Star andt Arrow Lake Railway. , ;  Registration    of   Real' Property  Amendments. -      ',.,,���_���-%  Small Debts Act Amendments.  Interpretation Act> Amendments.  ��� Coal-Alines Regulations'Act .Amendments.      ; ,<..,..   '���"';���"  Pepart^eu.L.of AUof nev- General.  Counties Definition Act Amendments.  Trusted? and Executors Act Amendments.  "   Births,    Deaths   .and    Marriages  Registration- Act Amendments.  Settlement Of.Disputes As To  Mining' Claims - In The Bennett  Lake Aud Atlin Mining Districts.  BOOK NOTICE.  We received by last mail a book,  written, illustrated and commented  upon by three ladies of Vancouver,  with a request for an opinion ou its  merits. The book is ycleped "A  Bad Book, by Rex and two other  Egos." We would have noticed it  sooner, but we are just recovering  from an attack of brain fever  brought on by our strenuous efforts  to master the stupendous thoughts  which we feel sure are buried within its covers. We have not succeeded so far in unearthing any of these  precious nuggets, although to us  Browning is as easy as rolling off a  log. Evidently the book is so  clever that 0111 intellect cannot rise  to it. We are not prepared at present to say but that some other hypothesis may he true. The volume  meanwhile lies at the Claim office,  ���aud we vyil| be pleased, to show it  to at^y Qflc With a  bigger  cqcoanut  .The Bank of Commerce 'has.  opened two Miew branches on the  Pacific Coast. One in Seattle with;  H. H. Morris, manager, and Th:  Buchan assistant 'do. ' The '.other  branch is in the promising town of.  White Horse, H.M. Lay "officiating as manager with A. E. May-  uard for accountant.  W. R. Dockrill and Co., the popular chemists,' have moved into  their elegant new store adjoining  Hotel Northern. -  At a school examination a boy  made the statement thai- Solomon  was very fond of animals. Being  asked to explain, he said--that Solomon had three hundred porcupines.  Our genial friend, Capt: A. Nick-  ersou, has moved across the "street  iirto his new'and- handsome store.  He expects his good lady in- when  navigation opens, and declares At:  lin is good enough anchorage for  him. Right you are, Captain. Keep  your best .bower-down and vou will  weather all storms.  We learn fnona ��� Mr. Hinchcliffe,  of .the Dawson Hotel at Taku, that  the John Irving Navigation Company are proceeding to build a good  wagon road across Taku portage  under the superintendency of Mr.  Sinclair. . The contemplated.' tramway will remain in abeyance- until  Parliament'grants'a charter. Mr.  Hinchcliffe'savs the rates of wages  offered oil the wagon road are 40  and 45 cents per h'nir.  The Provincial Election comes  off iu one short month from now,  and A.tlin District; which ought to  swing this tail, is, to judge from its  apparent apathy, quite, willing to  beswinigby the tail. This is not  as it should be. Wake up, messieurs the electors!  Mr. Burke has made the trip to  Skagway something like twenty  times the winter and spring, but is  quite content ��� now to wait until  navigation opens.  A party of 35 men arrived in on j  Sunday to work on the Willow j  Creek hydraulic claims, of which-:  Mr- Brackett is manager. From j  conversation with the new arrivals ;  we learn that three dollars per' day j  and board is the rate of wages offer- J  -his trip here. 1   He runs as an   Independent."     ���        .       ' K"  Dixon   Bros.,  .Run the only stage to  DISCOVERY and SURPRISE LAKE  A four-horse Saratoga will, ,  ' convey, passengers to Dis-  '    . covery, and from there connection   is made with Surprise Lake:  They Have a Number of Buggies  of the Latest Pattern for Hire.  Saddle Horses and Freighting are a  Specialty with them.  Leave  orders   at   the    B. - A.   C.  Store, corner 1st and Rant.,  Certificate of Improvements  War Eagle Mineral Glaim.  Situate In tlio Atlin Lahe Mining lirvwon-cC  Cassiar District.. Whi'iv kjntlrd: .Pnw  Creek.  TAKE NOTTCK ��� thtit f, 0. 'Clu itfaplW,  Free Minor-,' Orrillrnte. No. Usi'l*. inti-n I KJ  days from'dato her. of, to ,t|>i>l,v ttfi it he Minim; Rworder lor a ri'i-liliciitu .4U .linonnn-  nunts tortile |iijr|io-i' ol olJt.un.lntr a Grown  Grunt of tlio above ulaim.  And further ituke notii-o .'tliiit ai'Tiwi "*���-  dor t-ooiiciri -37 imiMt he coimnoncod Infut*  the issiianeii iifMiirli oortlMrjto oi imjiwwV-  IllOIltB.  Dutoil tltin 2Srd diiy.ol ���Jiiii.uitos V.1CC     '    _  >C. CIIRLSXOIV.LX.  NOTICE.  Sixty days from date I intend to sell to  Fred. Coolt my lotr house, 18x30, situate at  Spruoe Junction. Any parties having claims  axain.it aald building will submit same to J.  H. Rojo, Atlin. within that time, else they  will not be recognized. ^ MAXJKAT-  Atlin, B.C., Awil SOth.'    '��� '-jllS?_  NICELY FURNISHED  ������-���������      ������   '   ROOMS  ' At the HOTEL NORTHERN'.  By day or week.  Quiet place.    No bar.  Mrs. E. L. Pillman.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B'. C    :"  When you come to Discovers- take  shelter under the tree.  Finest of liquors.    Good  stabling.*  J  ULES   EGGERT  Swiss Watchmaker.  lias charge'of government instrument's.    First street. Atlin.  ''������ :'    In A. S. Cross' Store. ���    .     ���  GOLD  HOUSE  DISCOVERY, B.C.  LETHERDALE & BURTON,  , PROPRIETORS". '  Our lar^o and oounnodiotii! diniufi: rooro in  now open. We have lota uf frush vistfetableu  iu our cellar, which m��ki<�� it eauy to jfive (��'  Hrst-olui-s meal. Oar bedroom* arc all neatly turnUhi'd. AW neod no elevator with our  cood li<niorn and ' eisai'H. Stabhujj: for Ill-  horses. Telephone and Telegraph mesnajfej)  promptly attended'to. Raton, niii^lo mealbi,  7r.e. Rooms, ."in mid 75e. Moard by the *cek  SlO. ��� ' ;    . - - ,  PIONEER  TRAL HOTEL,  First Street, Atlin.  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  /^EN'.  Highest  Cash  Raw-  Price Raid eok  Furs.  I. RIPSTEiN.  Direct    to    Vancouver  Three   Days  m  5TH.  A.   H.  t6TH    AND    26TH  ICACH   MONTH.  OF  BAKER,   Agent,  C. P. R. Office, Skagway.  E. L. PILLMAN  Funeral   Director   and  Emrai-mer  ed. ���      ��� ' -       The Province savs that, "Captain jThirt and Discovery,    Atlin, B  C. [  ,.', r        rs       ��� '    Tlo��li��n Embalmed forSliipmeiit 11 Specialty  |  Laiifrlev is a.candidate tor  Cassiar^ ,  order*<��n shori ��c:tjcp,  r,. ��� <s   --T-.r-r-j-    ,-oc,-,     ;.      -     --|   t      &    - .        ,    A n j^j,,, |< ���f  Fu ubpiU Su w��! "8 ii t  reafioti ��� ,  than  C>Hrs   is.    Nothing'  less   tjir^n I and \yill qaq^ssf tl��s  coast  duriq^ :��W*M������.'. i  PINE CITY,  B.C.  Carries a full   line  of Groceries,  '  Hardware,  Gcnt'a Furnishings and  Boots aud Shoes.  C. D. NEWTON & CO.  Proprietors.  When in Atlin stop  lOLYMPIC "HOTEL  First Street.  Headquarters   i-'Ou   Lemt's Sr-  Louis Lager Beek.  First class Restaurant in connection.  A.  BURKE,   Manager.   .  TT^TrKI,~A.NI) HOTEL,  KIR ST  STREET,    ATLIN.  J.  KIRKLAXD, - Manager.  J First-class dining room  [And Elegant Sleeping Room*.       ^  J1 "~-jviiNcn~AiT "iLvriI   Ho'l.'SE  AND   LAUNDRY.  Best Equipped EstaMishme-il i'-i  Atlin. Refurnished and rcftpen-  ed under the old nnnagfiti'inl.-,. '  11 a t hs soc.     I .a k e ? I. N en r *���' :i \vir. ill -  g��j&S*^BZfjasam  teSMWHBM  'IMi  %l'Sm^:^sM^ I'VV  - i��i_3��.:uK^.-e/  SATURDAY, WAY   rs, 1900.  ..1  riCKED UP HERE AND THERE.  (.'Ininili ol Ktigluml services will be hold  p; corniii- Trnlnor und Third struct. on Smi-  <V.n' at II it. m. and ":1!0 p. in.  Until fnther i.nth-e there will be-no regii-  l.-.r uini'iilng service at/ the I'resliyt- rip.i:  Ci.urcli. The 'Sunday School will meet i'��<  J 'it, in. (Instead ol NislJH, as announced, from  t!.i- pulpit), liibhi i-l.iss , taught liy Rev.  (;coryc I'ringli'. livening service at -7 :1H), as  i Mini.  Gel your cold cured at Medical Mall.  One ofthe best artleles for good health is  n u liolc-iomft lonf-of bread at'l2 cents, and a  li ist-elms meal for Till ceutH at  the.  Pioneer  l!i\U��rj.  i  Send your washing to the Atlin  ���Laundry, corner Lake aud Rant.  Hazel Walters will appear- before  his honor Judge-Woods on Monday  morning on a charge of attempted  f.uicide. .  A miner named Taylor, who was  working on Jackson and Lambert's  claim on Pine, had his leg broken  below the knee, this week, by the  'all of a boulder. He will be removed to the hospital here in a few  days.  Our early rising duck pot hunters  had better "look oudt some". , We  can give them the straight tip that  larger game than ducks will be  bagged soon, and that without the  expense of powder and shot.  Have you tried the Atlin Bath  House and Laundry for a bath?  Comer Lake and Rant.  Our popular young townsman, N.  YV. F. -Rant, was taken down last  Monday by an attack of appendicitis. He was removed to the hospital on Tuesday, aud at latest reports was progressing favorably. It  is now thought that -any operation  "will be mi necessary. Everybody will  be pleased to see Norman out and  around again.  Constable H. -W. Heal returned  from the coast yesterday .-morning..  I-Ie reports.great difficulty in crossing tlte lakes, having been soused  nearlv a dozen -.tinies>>at various  places in consequence of the rottenness'of, the' ice'. He _ warns every  one to keep off the lakes from, .now  on.     \  ' "  . *   "      ' �����-���".  We understand that the claims'  ofthe Imperial Bank against the  Parsons ��� Produce Company,' on  which it has foreclosed, amount to  #zoi,ooo. ' "       -  The new Post Office will be ready  for occupancy next week.  W. G. Paxto':, Notary Public,  h',:a moved into his spick, and span  pew office, corner of Third ��� aud  Pearl.    He reports business good.  A well-known deiui-mondaiue attempted to shuffle off thk mortal  coil on Wednesday evening by the  laudanum route, Dr. Lewis ;i".d a  stomach pump prevented a fatal  result, and. the patient is. now convalescent.  The Smoking Concert of the A,  B. at the Grand on Wednesday  evening was only moderately attended, but quite an enjoyable time  was nevertheless had.  The bank of B. N. A. Is having  an assay office erected adjoining  their ptenjises on. First Street,  Messrs A. Burke and'E. L. Pill-  nian arrived in on Sunday after a  most dangerous and exhausting  trip front Bennett. Tlie-y found th e  Ice-goltan and unsafe to. a degree,  thfcir horses breaking thro'.ig'i <vo  less titan  sevcni   tiT.1^3.      C!o ;e ":s -  capes were numerous, but the party  finally pulled through all safe,' and  thankful to have solid ground under  their feet once more.  It'js with exceeding, regret that  we chronicle the death, at Bennett,  on the /th Lust., of Miss Francis,  ;rged 22 years. Feme days previously,w hilst lighting a stove with  gasoline, her dress caught fire   and  she was so severely burned that re-  i . '  j cover}- was impossible. Deceased  was well known.in Atlin and Dis-  coA-ery. having been engaged iu the  restaurant business in both places  last summer. The news of her un-  timely aud painful end comes as a  shock to her many friends in this  district.    ' <  Messrs Sandstrom and Churchill  are steadily sluicing their winter  dump ou . Willow Creek. Returns  range from 12 to 18 oz. a day.  Godfrey hardware -Co;  v    ' ' SUCCESSORS   TO  ���   ,  THOS. DUNN ���& CO.-  DEALERS  IN , .' '  Miners' Supplies,  ���  c Builders' Hardware, ��  .  Stoves, Tinware, Etc.  tinsiiop in connection. .' ' . FIRST STREET, ATLIN,  The Province ofthe 28th says:���  " On Tuesday last two parties came  out from Atlin and report several  close shaves amid the honey-combed  ice.. One of these was Mr. M. J.  Ke!lar, a San Francisco mining engineer, who made a flying > visit to  examine some properties. Mr.  Kellar leaves this morning .for the  south to return Atlinwards. about  the ist of June. M. Jaime' de La-  mare, ot Paris, who essayed to get  iu 'with tAvo automobile carriages,  also returned from Atlin and arrived  down today. The automobile  journey was marked by numerous  breakdowns and the experiment is  not ..considered as satisfactory.  "The Cutch made the round trip  fr;m Vancouver to Skagway in the  remarkably short time of eight days,  less four hours."  BO ARD OF TRADE.  .Amongst other work done by the  Council of the Board of Trade' during the past few weeks, may be enumerated the following:���  '���.Approached contestants re1 Yellow  Jacket dispute,; with a view to  friendly arbitration, so that the development of the property should  not be retarded.  Received assurances from Mr.  Hawkins, Manager W.P. & Yukon  Railroad, that .he .will give, if possible, still further reductions on  mining.machinery freights.  Appointed a Health .committee  to act in conjunction with the Gold  Commissioner., .  Received assurance from Prov:  Supt. of Education, that a public  school at Pine will be favorably  considered, should theie be pupils  enough,  vSteps taken to pc\ide for Atlin  ami Pine regular lates of Fire Insurance premiiurs.  Recommended to Postmaster  General that the salary of Postmaster a't Pine be raised during the  busy season  Instituted measures for protection against fire, by the enforcement  of building conditions re city lots,  Sent to printer order for 55,000,  eqpies, of folder, and, .rrutp j)6.x ,'4,'  to advertise Atlhr district-. Fun,ds  for this purpose raised, by special:  subscription, W, P. & Yukon  Railroad    takes   2,000.    copies   for  The membership of the Board of  Trade to date is 37,  P. BURNS ��> CO.,  Wholesale   -  Corner  sttd  ~   Retail   -   Eufcters,  Fikst. and    Peael   Streets.  HARMONY.  O, there is grout rejoicing iu Pine,  And pledging of amity o\er the w ine;  Sool'ty lines are nit, barrier* burned away,  O, ev'ry one Is happy, ev'ry one is gay.  Lord Mayor made a potIatu.li to which, any  one could come. '"  And now all hard feelings al-e strlctly.on the  bum.  Lissome forms attractive flouted  into night,  Flashing   graceful   ankles   iu  the ��� ambient  '  ������'*������       , ,    ,       . '  Loudly crashed th'music o' the skillful hand,  To v, hieh kept'time tlio best dancers' in  th1  land; .  O, ev'ry one was Kay  and  danced  av> aj   the  'night, '     '���  Aii lightly as a feather Heating- out o' sight.  Joyous hearts were bounding with ecstatic  thrill,  Run and mirth liowed bubbling like a purlin}; rill.  Bounteous lips were arching with inviting  joys, - j [  Lovely eyes were beamiug on the. graceful  boys.  Cheeks of velvet blushing like theJ red, red  rose - ���  While somebody was tramping on the'lily-  white toes;  -Auollos in junipers went through the mazy  dauoe',  Transfixing their vis-u-vi' with tin amorous  glance,  Then we fed our faces to our heart's content,  And bless'd th'   Lord  Mayor  that th' night  was well spent,  And now the goose hangs high iu th' City  of  '       Pino, ' " *'  And  it's all   off for  good  with  the society  '.-   line,,  t  .''."'' "POET  LAUREATE.,  ' Pine, B.C.: May 7,1900. -"   ' >  OUR   PAT.  [After Kipling���a league or two.]  There's a little red-faced man,  Which is Pat,  Weurs a 'at of Astrachan  Our Pat, -  'E's from Ireland by descint  Where they never pay the rint  And 'e don't uppoar in print,  Do yer Pat?  n  'E's a clever sort o' bloke  Is little Pat?  'And 'e dearly loves a joke  Don't yer Pat?  'E dances an''e sings  '�� can'do all kind o' things.  But 'e don't wear angel's wings,  Do yer Fat?  If yer want a little rhyme '    ,  , Call ou Pat.  If yer wont to 'ave a tima '  'Ook on Pat,,  for 'e knows the time o' day  Tho' 'is 'air N turiiin' gray  An' 'e'smoultin' so they say.  Poor little Pat.  'Ere's to yer, little Pat,  Pat, Pat, Put,  J'pi glad you've doffed that 'at,  'at, 'at, 'at,.  It'll keep till winter maybe  'Ow hecomin' will the gray be  Say: you did'nt kiss that baby  Did yer Pat?  So 'ere's one ou you  Pappa Pat,  Not good us yours 'tis true  "Pendragon" Pat,  Type-writing I must try  So's to prove un alibi,  If yer catch me ] shall cry,  Forgive ine, Pat,  -The Cabby,  GRAND FE4FEMM.  Mr: and  Mrs.   W illiani - I lubble-  fiekl,   assisted   by  C.  I). .Newton,  cordially   'invite     all- friends 'and.  patrons to the re-opening of .the..'/  "B.C.DININC ROOM, Discovery,  On Tuesday Kvening, 15th inst.  Refreshments will he served in  Mr.' ' Newton's ' store adjoining.  Dancing in " the dining" room.  Good time promised.   'L  Lewis. MQna, on hi? bench clainii  14 beloAv ou Pine, turned up a nugget weighing 1.4 oz. 7 dAVt. on Wednesday, The. welcome stranger is  solid gold-, without a particle of  tjuattz to mar its \ujue aud beauty.  \ 819-1900.  QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY1,  24TH OF.MAY.     "   ^  Grand Celebration of  the Day in Atlin.  A EOYAI BILL CI C-rCIlf.  Numerous    and    Tali.able   Tiizcs.  NO   ENTRY MONEY.  Grand Ball in the Evening.  Full    programme   printed   next  week in The Claim  W. B. DOCKRILL, Sec.  $5 REWARD.  Lost on First or Pearl streets a  gold bracelet with small silver  heart and two keys. Return to this  office.  A POPULAR 1-iOTJSK.  It will be seen from our advertising columns that Mr. & Mrs. Stub-  blefield, of Discovery, are opening  the B. C. Dining rooms there ou  the 15th inst. They invite all their  friends and patrons, whose names  are legion, to be present and have a  good social time.  We wish the B. C. Dining  room  a   most    prosperous   season.    We  migbt add that under Mrs. Frubble-  field's management it cannot fail t  be a success.  t  1  " I  m  Deck rill and Co.,  the druggists,  haA-e opened a branch at Fine under  the management of C. R. Bourne,  i  $���  \&w^^��i^J^k:J^ gjl  j^  J~y~"*yjfc>���tw  "SEwl&'w w **��*'  ���   ��!w   nu<ria< NKJOl  vSBS,'*  ��*^oWrt   'X*^^'x?^r^^^v^r'u!Sr^(-'*At,Y/^s> rtt/aa^T"  ATj-JaT ir~i>t*.%*ti  A>~*- *��**    "-rr^ia^MiU   4j   ^n


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