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$l)t txpvm
Volume 1
• North Vancouver, ll.C, June 7, 1910
Number 11
Mayor May, al last evening's
Heeling ol the city council vet-
st-il tlie Council's resolution   re-
jecting the commission ol engineers' report and opened the
matter again Ior lurtlier con-
sideralioii. His written state-
nieiits were as (ollows : "In
ease there should have lieen any
uiicliti* or premature Judgment
relumed in coiinci lion with the
resoliitiain passed on Thursdav
lhe .'nil inst , proposed liy Alderman McNeiab antl seconded
by Aid. McKae, to the elicit
that lhe report ol lhe coiiiinis-
sion of snginesrs regarding
grades in- adopted in its cntir-
ity whiih was defeated liy a .)
to : vote ; therefore, 1 will give
every liiemher of this council an
opportunity to form a matured
judgment by vstoing ithe reso-
lulion. My reason (or doiu-,' si.
is because 1 consider progress
toward the lull settlement of
sanitary conditions and the cs-
tahlisliiiieiit of perinaiieni grades (or those who are anxious to
liuild   good    structures    on    a
commercial basis, being great!*
retarded and I would suggest
thai vnn icier the CSSS to a
higbcf tribunal ltamelv, a pleb-
iscile ol llie ratepavers of
North Vancouver on the t|Ucs-
tion, "Shall the report ol the
engineers he accepted, ves or
no ?"
The hall was packed last
evening   and   the disiussion   of
grate whii It was the drawing
card, was opened hv lite   ilerk
reading a petition signed by s-
lioul   2\2   liti-eiis, as lollows :
"We   lhe   undersigned ralc|a\
ers   of lhe   city ol North  Van
couver deploring the breach ol
faith displayed hv a majority
of the  members of the   council
in refusing lo accept tin- ragin
etis'    reporl   on grades    aller
pledging themselves to adopt
it hereby call lor the iiiniic-
diate resign,ilmn of lhe culm*
board ul aldermen."
The clerk then read a hun
from ITnglmsr Clements 111 .111-
swer to a rei|iiest from Alderman Sihult/ aahisg liim hou
far he adhered to the 1907 re
port in his recent recOHHBCttda
lions.   IK- explained that   hc
was now in favor of beuchin*
all east and west streets hut
in Vancoiiver on such streets as
Westminster Ave. and Granville
street   where   they   were   main
thoroughlares ami their gradea
iiiiisidtTcil permanent iron long
Usage antl   thai he had adopted
.1 straight grads and hnd inu ri
Bead the iross streets to .1 ills
(ance ol about 150 leet oll both
sides of the main artery. Aid
Irwin moved thnl tbe letter lit
received and hwrrihtd on ilu
minutes Aldermen MiNcish
and MAM and also the
mavor objected to ibis for Unreason that it was imt just to
■jive any privilege to the communication in hand until the
other engineers were heard fruit,
mi similar lines.
It was contended by Abler
men Irwin and SchulU that lln
lettter contained much valualili
information from an engine)
of Ugh standing and cleared
up some vagus points of diller-
t in is in regard to Granville Sl
and Westminster Ave. The Motion was put and passed hv ,*
I to : vote, Aid. McNeish ami
McRae dissenting.
Alter the reading of the p t
lion Aid Fowler took exception to tin* clause charging liim
with ,1 breach of faith, lie
claimed the commissioners had
nol followed instructions
Aid Schult/ Moved that the
petition be referred to the clerk
In have all the signatures vt-ri
lied. The motion was seconded
In Aid Smith and passed with
Aid McNeish and McKae sa\
illg nav.
Aid MiKac s.ii.l lie had taken it upon himself to have his
resignation readv whn it was
askeil for fay such a large number of ratepavers.
Aid McNeish said he was
quite willing to abide hv thc
reporl Irom the men which thc
countil had authorised I" H'
porl on the grades ami this in
preference to submitting it ti
the people.   He considered tii.1
the majority of the council who
had favored a plebiscite a short
while ago wollld have a   better
chance with the ratepayers on
this account, vet he had his resignation in his hand ready to
be turned in if the olher aldermen would do likewise and h
lhe people settle the matter.
"II any of you gentlemen are
alraid of nomination," he |g.
claimed, "I will nominate anv
one of vou."
Altl. Irwin said he was in favor of giving the council another opportunity of dealing
with the difficult question, He
considered  than  an  alderman
.should not shirk his duty when
there were so manv difficulties
to be contended with and it
was his opinion that the council sliould exhaust al) thei.- re
sources before going to Unpeople. It was a question of
duty he averred,
Altl. McKae contended that lu
was taking a manly course in
tillering to follow out the wishes of lhe people in this respect
Aid. Schult/. referred to a former statement of the mayoi
in regard lo sewerage to which
His Worship promptly rcpliul
in ,1 similar strain.
At   this  point   the adherents
were becoming so Interested n
the debate than an adjournment nl 5 minutea was suggest
etl to allow the disturbance to
quid down
Mr. C, I''. Jachsoa said then
must he a gnat tension o( (u-l
ing when such a resolution as
had been passed at the recent
public meeting had been made
liv the ratepayers, lie inferred
that lhe aldermen who had
Inin elected to represent the
people were not doing their
lie    believed    that    on    this
grade qusalloa rested the foundation ol lhe young cilv and
uniil ilns was satisfactorily settled tm permanent improvement
louiil be accomplished,   He did
not see why '.he louncil were
maintaining their present atli
Hide anil he declared that when
the majority ol the ratepayer!
were in lavor ol lhe adoption
ol the engineers' report thai n
atone would be led unturned
until that was done. He claimed lhat every ratepayer sanc-
tiaiiitil tin* ai tiun of the ii'iin
cil when thev agreed upon taking tin- engineers' advice ami
had given their words lhat
thev w 1 mill abide bv  the   deei
sion This they hnd not done.
Alderman Irwin, he continued
ilaims he did not give his word
ami his statements have been
supported by Aid. Fowler. Mr
.lackson contended that the actions of the coUSCi] were throwing the cily back M vears antl
(or this reason thev were enemies ol Uu- ciiy. Strenuous objections were laken to this
Statement by some of the aldermen. Concluding the speaker
appealed to the aldermen as
gentlemen whom the city fans
had confidence in, to step 011
allll let the people vote on llien.
J. F. 0. C, Wood wanled li
know when lhe members o( the
council who were in favor of
the 1407 report knew thev were
in the majority whv thev pu
lhe citv to the needless expense
of the 14m loiiiinis.sion. He
also Inquired why thev went
hack on llieir pledged word t
accept the report when submitted and onlv pinning their
reasons on the statement that
il had not heen given according
to   instructions.
Aid. Fowler : "I am convinced does not conform to the Instructions." He gave one reason that the report of mo; If
recommended a bench of t pet
cent, at car line Intersections,
while the latter report cave I
to 2 per cent, benches.
Aid. Schult/. submitted  lit
tan from electrical engineers
in Tacoma, I,os Angeles, St.
I.ouis, Portland and Oakland
lo show that it was unsafe lo
operate slreet cars on steep
grades.    Two of the let tits Ma
led emphatically that it ••..-•
nnsafa to run care on a gr.nlr
of over 6 per cent.   Some  ol
the others stated that cars
were being operated in their respective cities oil grades as
high as 11 and 12 per cent.
Engineer Hanes claimed that
he had adhered to the 140; report and referred to that report
where it recommended bench
grades on streets having intersecting car lines and where it
was contemplated there might
be street car lines.
Engineer Thomson had given
as his opinion that if the city
became a commercial centre
ami not a suburban village that
there wollld be a succession of
car lines on east and west
streets from the waterfront up.
Engineer Hanes thought that
il was possible that a line
wuuld be put on the Ksplanade
some dny, There was one on
First streei. It wa.s possible
that when Third street was
opened through the Indian Mission lhat it would have a car
line. Fourth street llow had a
line on it lor a short distance
and that might be continued
through at some lulure time.
He also priiphesi/ed that a line
would be operating on Keith
Koad sonic dav. This left very-
few streets without car lines
on and in compliance with the
1907 reporl he had based his recent recommendations.
He lurther contended that it
was easier on trallic lo lake a
sleeper gratle for a short distance with a relief at the cross
Streets. Altl. Smith and Fowler declared thai that would
lead lo a congestion of trallic
but the engineei claimed thai
the horses would obtain a temporary rest while crossing this
benched portion.
Aid. Smith wanled lo know
what per cent, would be made
on I.onsdale provided Engineer
Thomson's report was adopted,
Would it not be over 11 p. c. ?
Engineer : "It would not  ex
iced 10.5."
Aid Smith : "I do not think
In regard to resigning Alderman Smith said he had never
been a quitter and was not go
ing to be one in the present instance.
Aid. Schult/. was asked the
question that if the present in-
adequntC    cars   could    operate
with comparative safety mi an
X per cent, grade whv couldn't
cars properlv equipped operate
"ii a steeper grade.
Aid. Schult/ : "1 was refer-
ring to the slvle ol car, not to
tin* brakes.
The Mavor closed the discussion in the meantime wilh an
appeal (or an Immediate settlement of the vexed question.
Later on in lhe evening llu-
„Tadea arose again and Mr.
Henderson said there was alii
tie word called "compromise'
which would be useful in the
present case.
Mr. Percy King also addressed the council under that heading emphasizing that the wish
es ol lhe ratepavers were that
the aldermen hand in their resignation and let the people
take a plebiscite on lhe engin
eers' recommendations  as  Uu
As a closing feature tn one of
the most intereating  meetings
on gradea thai lias vel been
held Aid. McNeish addressed
Aid. Irwin with the .statement
"Vou are an advocate ol one
side, 1 am an advocate ol the
other I will hand in my resignation if you will hand in
voiirs .nnl we will go to Unpeople on tin- question at is
Aid. Irwin replied that he
was imt afraid to earrv oul
what lie thought was his duty
"The matter is surrounded
with dillicullv and 1 am not a
(raid to give the council another Opportunity of dealing
with it."
The meeting did not dispers
till hall-past one when the en
gineer was instructed to pre
pare plans and specifications I' r
sewerage and take theni down
to Vii toria for approval.
Cates' Cup Race
Mr. I). Fletcher is erecting a
four-roomed nous on 18th
street east of St. George's Ave
Mrs. E. A. Morden will re
1 i-i vt- 011 Thursday, oth inst., al
In-r residence, 6th streei east,
south side between!   I<onsdali
and St. George's Ave.
The lirst long distance race
of the Nortli Vancouver Yacht
Cluh for the Cates' Cup was
held last Saturday under the
must favorable weather conditions, and resulted in a victory
(or W. S. Butter's boat, the
"Ysnlru." The race was open
to motor boat cruisers and
there were eight boats answer
ed to the starting gun. The
course was about bo miles in
length and included two runs
up the North Arm and return.
The race was practically free
from accident, and only twn
incidents were recorded where
the engines gave trouble. The
"Bachelor'' when about hall
of the course was overed retired owing to engine trouble,
hut all the others linished in
good style and the race will
go down in North Vancouver's
boating history a.s a most
Worthy exhibition ol lnotot
boat racing.
The entries were "Limit," A.
W. I'age, al scratch ; "Blent-
or," .1. .1. Woods, b inin. 10
sec ; "Bachelor," F. 1). Hues-
ton, 1 hr. 10 sec. ; "Klola," B,
B, Diane, l hr. 40 sec. ; "Vsid-
ro," W. S. S. Huttar, 1 hr. h
mill. |o sec. ; "Vina," 1'. An
dersoii, 1 hr. 7 min. A" sec
"Gadabout," ,1. R. I'aine, 1 '.iv.
2b liiitl. 10 sec. ; "Kathlicn,"
.1. S. Hollar, 1 hr. 2b min. |o
The "Eleanor" was at a disadvantage in having been only
launched on the tlay previous.
She and the winner "Ysidro"
have the famous Gardner engines, antl it is interesting lo
note thai there was less Uian a
minute and a half dillerence in
actual time taken over the bo-
tnile course. The times ol the
boats as they crosM-d tins' "-tin-; line were : Kathleen N
10-11-7; Gadabout 1019*40 ,
Hina, 10-14-40; Ysidro, 10-20-
\n ; Klola, 10-26-11 ; Hachelor,
10-27-20 ; Klealior, ll-2o-|o ;
Limit,  11 - 21S-57.
Ysidro and Limit both passed
Vina before they had gonevc.\
far and tin- Limit overcame ami
passed Kleanor. The times as
they rounded the mark al
Crocker   Is. were : Kathleen N
•19-38 ; Gadabout,  12-21-25;
ysidro, 12 2|-o5 ; Klola I2-.11-
40 ; Vi'ia, 12-42-50 ; Nacbelor,
12-44-15 ; Limit, 1-05-10, and
Eleanor 1-12-55-
From Deep Cove nn the lirst
run up to lhe linish of the race
Klola had trouble with an over
heated bearing and her liming
showed ihal she was not run
rin-; al her usual Standard,
Bachelor was also having trouble with her engine and was
not doing herself justice Before the lirst round finished Blob hail taken third place antl
Limit had disposed of Vina
and Hachelor as well as Klcan
or. Ysidro, however, was iu-
irtasiii" her lead (mm all the
boats  excepl   the Limit and il
was evident that if she maintained the same speed on lhi
sciiiiiil round that Limit could
mil hope to win. As the boats
rounded llu- North Vancouver
mark lhe times were Ysidro,
2-jo-to Kathleen, 2-14-0 ; Kl-
nl.i, J-|l-oH , Gadabout, :-||*
lo ; Limit, j-50-05 ; Vina, 2-.51-
30 ; Hachelor, J.o-10 ; Kleanor,
I 19-10,
Slu irt Iy aller rounding the
mark Hac'.iclor retired from the
race owing to further trouble
with the engine. Ysidro COU
tinned to increase her had
[roa all but the Limit, lhc Iai
ler taking second place at turn-
llag at Racoon Is. The limes
there were : Y'sidro, -23-1-5;
Limit, V44-.V) ; Kathleen Nf.,
limit, .l-57-n; Vina, 4-1-35; El-
1 iv 15; Buna. 3-47-30 ; Gadabout, ,1-57-0 j Vina, 1-1-15 ; Eleanor, i /s-.V>. On tin- run
down to the linish Klola went
ml" third plan*, which she held
to the linish of a veiv interest
ing nnd enjoyable race
The finish was ns follows
Ysidro-  4-10-05.
Klola   1-56-58,
Gadabout 5-11-15.
Immediately  after the ra i
Mr* F. A. Nit hol. oa behall ol
ths Vatht   Club, present id   tin
cup to W. S. Huttar, owner of
tin- Ysidro. congratulating him
on llie performance of his yacht
ami wishing him success in defending it in vears to come.
An interested participant in
the laic was Mr. F. M. Foulser,
secretary of the l'acilic Interna
tiunal Motor Boat Association
who cants up from Seattle to
see the race. Mr. Foulser was
llic guest of Mr. .1. .1. Woods
on board the Kleanor throughout the ran*.
The Nortli Vancouver Yacht
Club appreciates the honor conferred upon them by Mr. Foulser recognising their lirst effort
in promoting motor boat racing here. The visitor was
keenly interested in tin* mw
racing dinghy class ot sailing
boats which he had an opportunity of seeing alter the finish of the MOtOC race He intimated that he intended making   an   effort of  introducing
thelll to the Seattle J aihtsliiill
and then it might be   possible
to arrange some international
dinghy racing.   The  officers   in
charge "( Saturday's race were
Executive     Officer    Gilmour,
starter ; Commodore F. W.
gobertSOU, time-keeper ; A.
Smith, sr. judge ; A. .1. C.
Robertson, measurer aiiil h.indi-
lapper, ami .1. W. Donaldson,
T. McMillan and R. Smith,
time-keepers at Crocker and
Kacoon Islands.
The hope was expressed thai
next vear when the Cates Cup
is being raced (or there would
be a much larger tin limit of
motor launches.
All the yachts which entered
lhe race on Saturday belonged
io Members of Uu- Norih Vancouver Yacht Club.
District Council
Keeve Mi-Naught and all   the
councillors were prcsitit  at the
tegular  seiiii-inoiithly meeting
ol tlu- tlislrict council held last
Thursdny evening.
A letter Iroin .lohn Mclnnes
was nail eating (or lhe extCU
sion of lhe Seymour road whan
oul to deep water and advising
that the mi tiers wire willing to
uar hall of the tost. Laid over
for further consideration,
A large delegation was  prea
ilil  Iroin North Lonsdale Kale
pavers' Association,   Mr. Nye,
on ilnn behalf, suid that lhi
UBodation wished further el-
fort lo be made d.r the extension of the tram line ami better
provision for house ami   streei
lighting,   They also nqnestsd
additional sidewalks laid before
the wet weather sit in and call
ni attention to tin- Importaaci
ol a road from North Lonsdah
to Capilano along the loot <>l
the hills. Capt. Ferris and Mr
Cornish both spoke in regard to
lluse matters. The reeve st.itcil
the position in regard lo Uu
tramway extension and llial 1
delegation   from   the  council
would wait upon lhe lonipam
as si 11 .ti as possible alld thev
would Im* pleased to have rcprc
st-ntatives from lhe association
accompany ilu- council lit 11
pected that the extension of tin*
lighting svstem would folloi
the tram line construction and
expressed lhe opinion lhat dis
trict anas should Ik- fanned ti
ni.iki* provision (or sidewalks
and street lighting and that
natter would receive tin it
ttiiiioti o( lhe louncil.
In  regard   to  the   1111111111)1,1!
hall site claimed hv the   asst,
iation as imi having l>etii i' 11
tralli located in the Municipal
it\ the Kccve stated that it had
heen   selected   with great   csn
antl as convenient as possible
(or tlie largest number. lit* 1 \
pected thai there would soon bs
a direct mad from North I."its
dale i" make it more COnvCUJ
ent ("i 1 hat section.
1 iu resolved that as soon
as ,1 neeting with the tramwai
compsm   was   arranged that
tin association would be notified.
Mr 1-' C, .Saunders and Mi
Allman were present rugtrdinj
1 Idyle Wyld" subdivision ami
1 matter was fullv discus*, il
tut as thc owners had no ,
■ ni'lnl plan to submit it   w.is
!   10  lake  il   up a|   ,,   (ll
■'■'■a  provided thai  inch
i"i plan was forthcoming
A let ler was nail Iroin Mrs
srs. Richards, Akrovd and Gall
regarding claim of Mr, Caul-
lieltl (or clearing rock on part
on  Keith road  west of S.S2.50.
Tin- circumstances were   fully
explained   and   authority    was
given to pay tin* snout  and
charge same to Keith road local improvement.
A  letter was received from
Messrs. Hope and F,inner asking for the opening ol I'hilip
Ave, northwards and oilcring
on behalf of the owners interested to pa) two-thirds of the
cost. Referred to the engineer
I" report and resolved lhat tllc
n nmi il entertain the proposition.
Mrs. Gibson wrote asking to
have a retaining wall built to
protect lur property mi Nnrth
Lonsdale    where   embankment
had been made. The engineer
reported on the matter and it
was resolved thai the engineer
bare a wall 1111 ti-ii tii give
sun.ible protection to her properly.
A letter was read from .1. P.
Fell asking Ior the opening up
of a mad Irom Havwood l'ark
west to Keilh road. Referred to
ihe engineer to have the work
carried out.
A. I). Nve wrote asking for a
road along St. C.eorge's Ave.
Referred to llu- engineer to report.
Bond Superintendent Davison
was granted a live weeks' leave
of absence.
Tenders were opineil lor tin
Norlli  Lonsdale water   sistem,
ditching ami laying pipes. The
lender of Messrs. Hunker and
Prince ("• S772 was accepted.
The tenders (or the clearing
and grading were laid over,
Tenders for the iLarinj; and
grading of a road serosa I.vnn
Creek lo 1). I,. S51 and Hy-, win
opened and lhe tender of Mes
sis    Hurtlioliiie   and    Williams
totalling Si. 139 ems acceptsd.
A BUmber ol financial reports
were submitted and payment
The memorial to the t'niver-
sit\ Site Ciiitimission was submitted and approved of and
Ihe reeve was authorized to
sign it.s
The Besting llien adjourned
lo Wednesday evening, June
At a meeting nf the representatives of the teams comprising
tin iitv intermediate lacrosse
league held in Vancouver last
Tharsdaj evening, the following siln ilule ol gnmes was
draws up, the teams whiih will
contest for hoiiois being North
V. mi., uver, Gtindview, Fair-
Mi w Heaver A C. and Mt.
I'll as.int Presbyterian !
•lune 7- Fair-lew  v. Reaver
.lune S   Cianilvicw  at Mi   P.
.lune 11   Mt, I', v   Fairview
lime 15   N   Van  v. Crandvicw
.hnu- 22   Heaver v. Mt. I'
lune 25   Fairview v. N. Van.
.lime 2~ Beaver \  Grnndview
lum ."i   N. Van. v   Mt. I'.
lulv =, Grand r. Fairview
July 6 Beaver e, N  Van
July 12—Beaver v. Fairview
luh 11  Mt  i'. at Grnadvitu
Iiih  :n   Fairview v. M. I'.
July n—Grnndview i   M Van.
Iiih  IJ   Mt   1'   v   Reaver
An-;  1  Grnndview \  Heaver
Aug. 2-N   Van  v   Fairview
Aug. IJ-M, IV v. N. Van.
Aug. 17  Fairvi, w v Grand,
Aug. m n Van v, Beaver
The games lo bc plaved on
the grounds of the last n.itncd
club. An oIIh jal board of referees was also appointed.
Messrs   \\    Hraim,  lit     Mot
riaoa, T Prime, C  B, Voung,
\\   MiF.irlatnl and C   B    Dent
will eompoce a lishing  pari
who intend leaving next Fiid.i'
f"i a iishin>: trip to Powell river The fishermen will be absent  alaaain  [onr 'lavs and   will
mass tin- i"iinit\ in Mr.
Braim'1 launch,
Bquamisfa Indians .mil Grand-
inu i.itinssi* teams played a
mat ih on Wednesday evening
lasl 11 siilnti;' m .1 draw, nnther
.idi   Hiring.
Mi*. f,i" 11 Horden will not
receivt snail during the summer months THF. EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
City Engineer Hanes' ''s
llaj  loth, 1910.
To His Worship tin Mayor am
C, I-
Council of ih
Yam' unci, I ^^^^^^^^
Gentlemen, On Hay md the
Council passed a resolution ap
pointing K II Thompson, citj
engineei aai Seattle, \\ A. Cle
nu nt, iitv engineer ol Vancou
ver, ami mvsell lo rep<>i I on
streei grades within .1 certain
ana in accordance «ith the en
i.m,. is' reporl oi 1 <■*">7.
in considering this question I
bave i.iielnlh considered tbc
I.11.1 i.a the council Irom K
II Sperling, general manager
"i ih, It C Klet-trii Ry. Co .
and also the hnu ol Mr, Mol
i.,i 1 ci>nsullin)j engineer ol saul
compam Tin i|iiesii"ii ile \
niii ia. 1*. the steepening ol
Lonsdale Avi 1 car '.na [rom H 7
|n I  ..111    I" III pel 11 nl     As till
,la , |N -I l.l'le     "II      l,**ll**il.lli
Vvi    alter 11 is hem I" d would
In   ,i|i|'l"\llnati*l\   lu , pel   it'll!
1**1   three  blocks,   and less  lol
lln   bal,line.    1 am "I the "pill
i"ii that this inu* ase ul grad
i.ui   is ni ii,, niii' 11 il importance, In ordir that 111 v ii< "ii
may be clearlv   understcn d,   I
wish tn submit some "I tbe evi
llenn  w liu h I had lhe pleasure
nl  hearing  on  Saturda)   Uaj
jsih. in tin uu hall, Seattle
■.ilnn the  Seattle Klectrii   Co
Men nuhiiiitting evidence t" thi
Seattle Board ol Works In sup
porl "i iln 11 applicalion i" op
irate h,aw   ii,,tn.   cars   on
Madison Am   from 1 th itreet
wnh ai  maximum gi.nU* i*(   1
per unt.   Mr  Potter,  general
manager ol the Seattle Kl ctrii
Co    slated   thai    tb.   "■mpaila
wish ia, change Uadi *'*n Labli
nx-xtem on this portion to an
clcittii system, .tinl thai elei
tn, cars "ii 14 per cenl srert
sail 1 than ..il.i. ,ars on sum
grade The 1 In 1 ril cum would
have ilnn chances ol pn int
ing a run ..wai [or one "ii lhi
1.ibh i.u llr. Poller recom
11,iiiiiiiI ihat tin coinpanv 11
ranted permission and stated
thai he considered It safe and
pi.itinal, and that cable -n-
were i.tiii' eliminated where
Mt    Campbell,   master   me
ih.uu.   "i tin   Seattle  I
taa,  slated that  hi   was   ,,|   ih,
opinion   Ihal  electrii  cars "ti
lllist   glades are 111"!'    -.tlll.tl.lt
than cable 1 n-
Mr   James, chii I livi
.ti. gave . i uh nu*. copies "I lus
affidavits being attached to Ml
Thomson's report    li    st.,i,s
that  1.us   mn    operated   in
Sl illii   foi   wars as li.llows
Deal lml ll   street.   I J.J   pi
Kast   liiiiiii sin, I   IJ.J p.l
Taylor Ave., 11.7 p.i
lioston St . i" - y i
Kasl I'uii* si , 11.h p.i
1.nksi.it Ave , 11 and is p .
I in     traVl I  'aii    lluse     glades
being  heavy    .iti>l   ihi   1*1 it
1     Mi     I ami       1 * i ivits
alsi,      statis      'In        following
dl - mi 1   whuh i lei i'ii  1 ars
ni    operated   lucccaslulh    In
otlur  wiu.s without  counter
Cinimain   1 j.i\ .1*. ,\    p,
iit-.ii'ei. 14 p.i
Portland.  I] p .    mii 11 ■
.ind 11 u isr curves
1\H"\mI1i*.  13 p.i
Ithaca, 13 p.i
S. Imu Lidi.  13 p.i
Ml      1 .all;. .  I, a "tllllli tlllnl  that
Madison  cabli    line   as abovi
mentioned Is 1 hanged in at 11
"in,   i-rvin
Mi    1 ranklin,    uu ral supei
illlellilellt    *a|   iln    pain    Op
1 rating  1 sn In Pot tland
evidenci   anal  stated lhi   mas
iiinni,    grade    "it     Portland
heights  road wai  •   pel 11 nl
and si mai  iiimks  .ai   11   pei
cent    Thai thej havi heen  us
mg Un   Wi  tinghiitisi*   ma, in th
hi.iki  a nh 1 1 tisulis |or   .1
limit *-i\ Mats and ili.u hi
would hImsi iln operation "i
Un* Madison street railwa; 01
11 per unt b\ clu irii ii\. In
lui'iha- ihal   'In
ol  IJ.jH p.C, ;  |I2 il. of 13,.
p , , ami iu It. "I 13.8, and
|6 p.i. "ll 14th sluil, making a
slreel  as long as l.uiisilale Ave
Irom'the waterfront to  Eighth
treei,   and   that   the intewec
turns between thi-sie blocks were
North level,     He  recommended   lhat
the  Seattle   Klectrii    Co,    be South
granted permission to  opt rate
electric  cars on Madison   Ave,
with  .1 maximum  grade oi 11
per it nt.
This will sh.'W lhat Mr,
James, chiel civil engineei ol
the Seattle Klectrii Co., Mr.
Potter,    general    manager    ol
same company, Mi Franklin,
rcneral superintendent ol the
Portland Klectrii Co., and Mi
Bishop, assistant engineer oi
the Sin Francisco 1 lei irii lines,
representing the electric rail
waj companies "I lhe three lar
gtsi iiiies i.n the Pacilii
have recommended 1h.1t elictri
A Literarv Column
111 n n n m 1111111""' f.'"""""""" " 11111111111111111)
Somewhat About Backs & Writers
Sir   Km est Siiaii klclon,   who
lectured in   Vancouver on   his
I,* expedition, impress.
ed  his  large audience  bv   the
modest casual manner in which
Ihe   related   the   story   of    tin
hardships   and    the   mishaps
through which he and his three
companions  [ought   iheir  « ,j
it, within "in hundred and two
,f the smiili geographical
It  u.is a  thrilling  ren ml
nl iiuiiii,mat and pluck which
w.is highli appreciated by those
present,  iln   onlj tiling  which
grades, am
In   iinin   with
commission [or
1)11 1 hi. 1 a A run
111.11 ml  llie lei lure was lhe in-
, ii 1 ruption i.iiisttl in late com
coasl        ,'.       , ,  .
ers being shown to their seats
Cars   be   operated   "„    I I    ,,.i,   ;;1'>»»>',.,1,H   is the soul of po*
that the same ma*; ^""1  , n,,ls _ "' "f .•*■*•
wIinli is honored largely 111 Uu
grcatl-  in excess ol the m.", per I"""1'' '"" >l»' "I'serval.ee. (lu,
.,      ,.   ,        1 i, ,1,,, has "Ilui w'oiiileretl al the num
nnl. gratle in"iiiiiiiii'lul l.\ 1 he
,,,,,,1,1,.  \v. bei   ol people   who stroll   mtt
Iill west cars ""r,l"«s lilm' ■"", a"ain lmm
are operated   wiih   electricitl  "ulh l,lU' ,  ,
with a counterweight ol  lK.jp,     Saa„„* weeks ago lliomas .lei
,...1 all the cross k"" *11
streets, about foe in iniinlii-r,, ,,un,v
are benched ... the intersection, l,,lm"" " '?'«"■"[•' nfn ol
In reference to the report ol recent cc.pyriRht books10I out
the engineer, mad, in 191*7, I ?^din« !mTlt', ''"'''jf11'1,1 b,x
heart.lv concur with their vieu ™»" » Co obtainable local
that wlnn .I,,* ,.,s. ..u.l west lv. rhe following books are a-
cross rtreets arc either provid- ""'"f ''i'"' %\_mf?*„ *?"
,,l with or might hereafter  be mhk* Am,m8 lhc -Ml"   ; Su
I,id- in a Southern
was noticed   in    lliis
1   wiih   sin-el   railway
lniii'-ii lions
l>i"\ idB
tiaiks,   that   lh   ^^^^^^
should In benched,
I am "I the opinion lhat tin
report, as prepared bj Mr. K.
Il Thomson, is correct in even
di i.ui, and 1 would slrouglj recommend thai said report he
adopted bj the council and
stri.i\\ adhered to, Then North
Vancouvei   will   forevei    have
a.l,ul. H Which will he a i Iciill 1"
the   city,   and  in conformity
with  the best  ellgilleering  pr.u
All  "I   whiih  is  reaped(ull\
Sg,l i    t'.KO s  HANKS,
llll    l-'.llgill  el
A,  Conan  Di
We are instructed by Mr. P. Larson to sell without reserve,
at Hotel
North Vancouver, B. C.
'The I'.rcai
r.aaei War'' ; Ilcthcll \Y. Paul
"Life "1 I'.lailslnin■" ; Augustine
Ciinlls, "Selected Kssays" ; G
\V. Russell, "Collections aad
Recollections." Of the hitter it
is asserted with justice lhat tn
stub miscellany ol good sinrie*
and will-, savings exist in
modern literature Here an
sunn* random selections i I,ord
[Kllon, the famous lawyer,
speaking t.i  the study ol  ian
saiil    "that    tii   achieve siliuss
one should live like an hei mil
and work like a horse."
lli Sir William HarcoUTl .is a
I conversationalist,   Mr,   Ruaar
has miiih to say.  He tells   lln
Story "I *i di
hue  Lord  K
expatiating  on
..,,.,.,,.,       ,     ,              ..      glories of his f
M1IIU-. is hereby given lllal  „, * ,   ,,
, , ,    /    ,    ,,      i umler wluili lh
1 intend lo apply to the Board
ol License Commissioners   for
June 9,1910, at 2 P.M.
Contracting Outfit
iht tiunicipalilj "I North Van
.mi-el al thi next itatutorj
uini mg oi Un  aid Board to bi
lnhl in .lum , tut a license
to sell liquor lay retail on lhat
certain premises in the Alu,n.i
palit- oi N.aiih Vancouver and
known and described as l.ois
tliu- 11) and Two (2) in Block
numbered Fifty-one t.si) in sul*
division ol district lot nmnbei
el Two Thousand and Bight]
Seven ' jov a group one in Neu
Wistmnisiii Diatrict, common
h known as l.ynn ValKy Ho
Dated llus  |lll day oi March,
ii Applicant,
Consisting in part as (ollows: I Bay Span, mare
S?£Si|i and horse, 6 years old, 2,400 lbs.; I Brown Span
(nightly had   luen *
'intiis'piiTgn!'':: 0f geldings, 8 years old, about 2,800 lbs.; I Span,
te coinpanv   was'.. ©            O
jj mare and horse, aged, about 3,000 lbs.; I Brown
II Gelding, 8 years, about ! ,200 lbs.; 1 Bay Geld-
i: ings, 7 years, about 1,300 lbs; I Grey Gelding,
"i''V',l'o'r'w'o,,ia'n:: aged, about 1,150 lbs.
Ii.nl  been   seven I. i "
}os.t.ve Cure
For Indigestion
hau indigestion, yunr
I I   in Hunts  iu   iln* stomach
.nnl bowels It does more ; it
ileiai**., ami tin nutritious mat
iii   whiih should go i"   make
in a id I dn ays wnh u.  and
this bads tn an imp"-'rished
condition nl the blood, lo tier
voiisni'ss, biliousness conalipa
lion. Mik In,id.n In, had breath
which dis'Oisis min iiuii.|s,
and "ilni ■   ui'l  nn
plea .mi condition
Ami all this trouble is i.iiisnl
b\ tin i""il thai doesn't digest,
lan I, nm ms .nnl ninnies nils
in tin stomalh
And fermentation is caused
bj Un stomal b n.it being
strong i mn*. h and energetii
enough i" tli"i"ii;liK mix ilull md  Willi  till   all   a  .lilt    lUIUS
n-    " l-O-S-A  i' responsible  for
l,.,,si tens "l iln 'i ni'i    i .uns.   in
Bccldenl ■ happen on lhi   steep  '•"'■ " ''   " h ' P" Itlve cun
..it      ih    Pranklin  was foi fodiRi lion and nil stomach
connected   wnh    tin eable  car'troubles
SlstllU       III       T.laa.Ill,I |,,|
Mr    Hi shop,  ^________—_____^^^^^^^
" nts, ..nil thev  art
promptly  relieve  th*
         worst * nun   or
Kithout    counterweights,    and 'gastritis   Tn thnn
without in.i; in ti. la.ikes. that
ii"   accidents   havi    occurred
Till \    Use    a    Itllik    '.li'ie    as    a
■   snd operate it bj   hand
\ll   Hisli* | li,  follow
ing lhat
..ii  I nion nni in San hau
iln i "|" rati ■ *ii   "ii thi
ft'lh" ;i.- it
I1 i
gelling ,i little restl.ss, when
Sir William was heard t" MJ
in an appreciative aside. "Tins
reminds mc ol Addison's hymn
"And   ktn-litli io the listen
ni- i .itili
Repeals   lhe   stun    oi    Ins
Inrili "
Tbe house surgeon ol a  I
doll hospital
the  injuries
whose   al'ltf	
bitten   As he was dressing thc
wound, In* said, "I cannot make
■ut what soli "I an animal
ai mu, lliis is tno small for a
tone's bite and too small (or a
log'l "(I, sir,'' replied the
('.iiiiiii, it wasn't an animal, it
was another lydv."
Ami "I the eminent Iiti rateui
wlm is in the habit of wiili
I" struggling authors who sul
his .iiiiiism "Thanking -mi
lui sending me vour book whiih
I shall losk xo TIME in
reading," with which amhlgu
oils phrase they have lo real
King .nul commoner, peer
and p.nipii ."iiiiibiitt* tn ihese
mii listing "collections and recollections "
The  Board ol Works ul  the
Citj    (.'"Ulliil    will  make   snme
needed   improvements  In   Vic
loria   l'ark   west   in  order   I
thai  it  i     iiar.intceil
-*J|j h>. tin   I   •   lali I'harmacy   ti
^^^^^^B The priu
i   i.,tanl engin  "' « j»rK« ,""1 "' Mi--M ,t,,,
5 Sets Double Heavy Working Harness; 1 Set Double
Driving Harness; 2 Sets Single Driving Harness; 4 Bain
Wagons, 4 I -2 inch tyres; 1 Bain Wagon, 2 1 -2 inch tyres;
1 Express Wagon, 3 seats, in good condition; I Phaeton;
1 McLaugh'in Buggy; 1 English Dog Cart, in good shape;
I Democrat, 3 seats, in good repair; 4 Sand Wagon Boxes.
itlu-r events at the approach
mg l)"iiinii"ii Daj celebration,
eer lor the San Francisco rail   •''    ''
wai I thai thej,s,in'  '"
n in jnr cent
Cures Dyspepsia.
Youf montyback il it don'l. Givfi 1m-
ttitiiitt r-!l-( from hurtburn, wuf aom-
«ch, ilomich dUli-i-j ind tick hu-Uclw.
SO ccnU i U'gc boi tt
The  I.iiIImI.iii   I'll   iiu.iiv
Applications «ill be received
I    the   lliul' I signed   Up till    12
o'clock noun mt Saturday, .lune
i]tli, mi", for the |iiisition  of
Assessor ol the City "I North
Vancouvei lot lhi yeai nm,
The liiiie within which the
Assessor shall begin to make
,in,l at which he shall complete
the Assessment  K"ll in .1   ■ >r<l
anu arith the statutes shall be
,lui period between md ul\,
i,iio, and mth November, 1910.
S,l|,II I     "lllll'll   S Va"
11 Citj Ilerk.
One Portable Sawing Machine
j: (gasoline) on trucks, complete, coft $450; I Set
Platform Scales, 1,200 lbs.; 2 Slush Scrapers;  1
i"ii.i   rare   wem   in   orner   io i j
SSI ;,:::";„,!;,',!;;ior!:: Merry-Go-Round, and a lot of other articles too
.lU    ...*...,..     „,    Ila.   onnraaaaah. I V J
numerous to mention.
COOK if nobs
Phone 2055
40 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
fiuiniiiiitiiMHiiiiiii 11 iiiiiii iiiitf"""""' "'	
We have Call*
evory day for property in the improved portions of
North Vancouver. We are spending our time, energy
and money, to make it profitable for you to do your
busness with us. Give us your property for sale It
the right prices and we will give you results.
Pierce & llall
14 Second Street Hast.
Engineer Clement's
Vancouver, H. C,
Mav :Kth,iuio.
To Uis Worship lhe Mayor and
Members of lhe City Council
ol North Vancouver
Oentlsnen,—Pursuant   to  a
letter dated May 4U1, Nli',
Iroiii your City Clerk, Mr.
Tims. Shepherd, advising me
lhat vour Council had the previous evening passed ths fol-
lowing resolution 1
"Resolved that Citv Engineer Clement ol Vancouver, and
City KngillfTf Thomson ol
Seattle, be invited ii> acl t-lottfl
with   ihe   City   Engineer   ot
Norlh Vancouver, lo tix the
permanent grades ol all nortii
and   south streets Ironi l'tubcs
to St.  David's, in accordance
with the recommendation ol the
engineers' report ol 1907."
I communicated with Mr.
Thomson, with a view to fixing
a date for a meeting, On Sat
urday, .May l.|th, 1410, Mr.
Thomson and 1 met vour engineer, Mr. Hanes, in Nortli Van
couver, ami viewed the silu.i
tion. Alter the interview the
same day, at the citv hall with
vour Mavor and several mem
hers o[ your Council, I interpreted the resolution to mean
lhat Mr. Thomson, Mr. Hants
and myself were comii.issi"iicil
to report, as to thc svstem ol
street grading we considered
best for vour city to adopt.
Since the above date I have
given the grade problem in
Nortii Vancouver very carelul
consideration, and have also, in
compliance with your request
carelullv considered the lei ter
of the .loth of April from the
general manager of the H. C.
Electric Railway Co., and have
discussed the grade question
with the Company's engineer. 1
have also obtained information
from the engineers of the street
railwav companies in Tacoma,
Washington, Portland, Oregon,
Oakland, San l-'rancisco and
I.os Angeles ill Caliroinia, as
to lhe grades on which tliex art-
operating, electric street cars,
the brakes used, the satisfaction the brakes are giving and
the (rci|ucncv of accidents.
The lollowing statement
shows the rates of grades oil
whnh ears are operated ill lllc
above mentioned cities willi
the exception of Tacoma, and
the engineers of the dilli-rcnt
Companies staled that the
brakes employed worked salis-
faitorilv, and lhat they hace
been pi.nti.ally free from aeei-
deiits :
I.os Angeles,  11 per cent.
Oakland, 11 per cenl.
Poll land, 11 per cent.
San Kr.uiiisco, il.i per u-lil.
The manager of the sin.it
railw.n company '11 Tacouu
does not approve of grades exceeding h per cent., although
thev do operate ovc steeper
grades in that city.
When Messrs. Ilermon, Dawson, Cleveland and 1 reported
to vour council in 1907 on   the
subject ol street grades, we
pointed out the advantages and
disadvantages which would acne   through   the   diL-ptii-ii   oi
either ths benching or straight
grade system, and recommended the benching of the north
antl south streets where they
intersect seat and west sl reels,
with tile exception of those 011
which streei railway tracts existed or on which it was proponed to lav tracks in the future. The lollowing are the
clauses in the report of 11)117 :
"As the grades of the north
anil south streets are verv
sleep, the rate being over eight
|ier cenl, antl as it vvill be iiei
essary to keep the rale of grade
on the streets on which it is
your intention ' lo operate an
electric railway service, as low-
as possible, we recommend
that the grades of the north
and souih streets on which
slleet railway tracks now exist and also of those on which
il is proposed to lav tracks in
the future, be made as straight
as possible, except where lliev
Intersect cast and wesl  streets,
provided with street railway
tracks or on whuh it is vour
intention to construct railwav
tracks. Al these intersections
wc would recommend that the
norlh    and   south   streets    bc
benched Ior the full width   ol
lhe Intersecting street and that
the rate ol grade of lhe benched portion be not greater than
three per cent.
With regards to the north
and south streets on which
there are no slreet railwai
ti.nks and those on which Unlaying of track is not COUtem*
ph.ted, we would recommend
that thev be benched wheie
tbey intellect east and west
streets, and thai lhe rale of
glade of the benched portion be
about two per cent., or not
over two and one quarter per
cent. While WC are of opinion
that benching should he avoid
ed as much as possible on the
main thoroughlares, or those
travelled by the ears of the
Electric Railway Co., we feel
that ii would be unduly sacrificing the east alld wesl slreets
if all lhe norlh and south
streets were cut through   them
without benching."
Since the report of the   Commission, ol which I was a niein-
ber in 1407, advancement has
been made in slreet railway
engineering and it is now possible by the use of improved
brakes (magnetic traction, etc. I
to   operate   electric   cars   with
comparative salety on Redes
which were formerly considered
in January, 1909, I reported
to the council of the City ol
Vancouver, pointing out the advisability of adopting the
■inching svstem, and after the
•object had heen thoroughly
debated in council, mv recom
iiu-ndatioti was adopted and is
now being earried out, except in
the case of two or three main
thoroughfares where tin grades
had previously, been established.
The rale of grade I have adopted in Vancouver (or the flattened or benched portion of the
streets   at intersections is  one
and one-half 1[',) per cent.
After carefully considering
the grades of your streets, the
undoubted luture development
of your city and the probable
trend of travel to lhe east and
west streets as soon as the
Second Narrows llridge has
been erected, 1 am ol opinion,
that adopting the benching svslein of grading streets would lain the best interests ol your
cilv, at the same time I must
point out, that it is not by anv
means impossible to grade fair-
v steep slreets without benching, but I woultl only recommend such a course where necessarv to insure public saletv,
or where a grade had been   so
ng established thai the compensation of the owners ol
abutting properly wuuld billion- than the liniiiicipalih
would care to undertake.
Trusting that lliis report will
meet with your approval, 1 remain, yours truly,
iSgd.)    w. A. CLEMENT.
11 is expected that some arrangement will be effected in
the near luture between the
Great Northern Railway Company and the provincial government wherebv the new passenger depot of the latter coinpanv will be erected in New
Westminster during the present
The North Vancouver Cily
Perries Ltd. established a record nionth iii May of this
year. The total receipts a
BtOUntad to {8,513.60 as against
the previous record reached in
April, 1410 of S<\75o.
It i.s believed lhat the new
record has never been touched
in the history oi lhe concern
since its initial inauguration
and during the time of ownership by the North Vancouver
Kerrv and J'ower Co.
Other than the ordinary summer trallic there was apparent
Iv nothing to warrant this
large advance and the only
conclusions which can in justice
Ik- arrived at are that the influx of settlers and summer residents is becoming more marked and thnt the city in consequence is increasing its population at a rapid pace.
The ligures obtained at the ollice of the ferrv coinpanv arias follows : Returns, $J,too ■
computation, (3,950 ; vehicles,
(7SB.50 1 Monthly tickets, >'h4l;
freight, $:i)h..|,s ; miscellaneous,
1197.65 ; total, S8513.60,
In    comparison    with
months  of Mav since mm
lollowing statement given
(rom   the   ollice   of   the N
Vancouver Citv Ferries shows
conclusively the increase in the
lerrv teccipls since lhe lirsl
mentioned date. The statement is : iuoi, $688.25 ; im
Sl,22S.:,s ; 14m, $1,4117.70
f2,6l3.60 ; 1405, ll.903.3j
(3,069.35 ; 1407, (5,325.54
(5,146.90 j I'lii'l, (5,556.20
have just opened on First Street,  East, an up-to-dale
Where the public will be sure to find a good and fresh
assortment of Groceries and Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables in season.
Mr. Arcand was with F. Filion of Vancouver for the
last eight years.
The following is thc estimated wheat production for twenty
if the leading countries of the
world for the year 1909 :
Russia, 786,472,363 bushels.
United    Slates,    713,286,923
-France, 361,1150,500 bushels.
British India 253.S92.377 bushels.
Canada, 16(1,74.1,000 bushels.
Italy, 155,711,230 bushels.
Spain, 144,511,5X1 bushels.
Germany, 138,399,177 bushels.
Argentina, 133,581,000 bushels
Ilungarv, 125,31-1,1,287 husluls.
Australia, 82,328,514 bushels.
Great Britain and Ireland,
64,525,212 bushels.
Roumania, 54,043,045 bushels
Austria, 58,636,737 bushels.
Asiatic Turkey, 511,25(1,411
European  Turkey,  37,51*5,378
Algeria, 32,l|5,Sl5 bushels.
1'ersia, 26,119,302 bushels.
Japan, 23,^42,327 bushels.
Chili, 23,584,000 buskels.
The IKHiple liavi"
laatiii,!  il  mil   at
Under New MaBSBSSNM.
Thr iiie.i|'t'-i ami ln-nt plaee in town
i (ri-ah ami aninkisl li-li.
'lidahlri. anil Iruit
(or all kiml.
jaoultry, i'ihip,
Tin- 0 irs are now miming pasl our new stib-iiivision,
located Mnn Um llfttl from the Lynn Vallev store.
A few lots still soiling at the original price.
We have also a remarkable line subdivision, facing on the extension of the
which wo are offering now at  reasonable prices.
9 I oi.sJalr Avenue.
Musical circles in North Y.m
couver   have   received   an    ex
tiiinilv  valuable acquisition in
Mrs. \V. S. liurinester, who arrived   a    few    days   ago  from
Mrs. liurinester is an associate ol the koyal Aeaileiuv ol
Music ol London, Kngland, and
holds the highest diplomas   loi
the pi.iihiIih le awarded by   tin
Academy, including the Sir
Sterndale Hennett prim, thl
silver medal ior the pianoiorti
ami    ihe Potter   scholarship
which was awarded Ior nun
position and sight reading as
well as for lhe pianoforte. Besides oilier numerous achieve
ments, Mrs. Huriiicsier enjoys
the high distinction oi navinf
placed before Royalty.      Also
when a student at the Acaih-in-
Mrs.   Hurim-stcr   was spciiallv
selected   lo   play for the   lirsl
time in Kngland Hrahm's  will
known   pianoforte concerto   in
I) Minor, which she performed
al the Crystal I'alaee before   S
critical   and enthusiastic   audience loinposed ol several thou
sand persons.    Mrs. Burmestet)
has   also performed   in   public
before   large audiences   at   the
Albert  Hall,   the St.    James'
Hall, I.anghain Hall and men*
other nl the best known   l.on
don concert   halls.    Mrs. Uur
meeter will bc Identified with
the  stall ol   the Nortii Vam "liver School ol Music.
Mrs. Grate Harding Pi 1"
the well known leather ol thl
violintello, has likewise accept
ed the appointment as tutoi
lor the cello lor llif North V.ili
louver School oi Music.
Violin Cello
Mrs. \Y. S. Buriiu'ster A.K.A.M.
Mr. T. W. Ward
Mr. L. Davies, I, YUM.
Mr. l'aul 1-,'dinonds
Mrs. Grace Harding Pratt
Mr. I,. Davies, L.V H AI
Mr. I. Davies, 1..V.H.M.
We arc here lo establish a lirst class School of Music
and have, regardless of expense, obtained the service ol
musicians who have the highest diplomas for teaching on
the Pacific Coast.
Call at our establishment at 443 Lonsdale Ave., interview tiuf teachers and judge Ior yourself.
North Vancouver Piano Co.
l'hone 114. IW IiOiwrltle Avenue,
Leave Van.      Leave N. Van.
Leave N. Van.      Leave Van.
•6.45 a.m. *6.2o a.m. '6.45 a.m.
7.50   " *7.2o " *8.oo "
8.50  " *8.2o " *8.5o "
9.45   " 9.20 9.45 "
10.45   " 10.15 " »o-45 "
11.45   " 1W " "-45 "
12.45 p.m. 12.15 p.m. 12.45 p.m.
1.45 " '-'5 " »*45 "
2.45 " t.15 " 2.45 "
3.45 " 3-»5 " 3-45 "
4.45 " 4-15 " 4-45 "
5-45 " 5»5 5-45 "
6.45 " 6.15 " 6.45 "
7-45 " 7-25 " .-45 "
8.45 " 8.15 " 8.45 "
9.45 ' 9-15 " "M5 '
10.45 " ,0-'5 " 10-45 "
  *ll.45   " ll. 15 " »*,0°
^m 1.00
• Not on Sunday.
Time Table subject to chan  ge without notice.
*6.2o a.m.
7-Jo "
8.jo "
9.15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m.
1.1] "
2.15 "
3-15 "
4-15 "
Ml "
6.15 "
7-35 "
S.15 "
915 "
10.15 "
•11.15 "
Builders and
1'. LARSON is  prepared to
lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
Ami all kinds of Building
Material iiit|iiantiliesto suit
nml at reasonulile prices.
View Hotel
Extensive Ground* lligh-cliss service at inodente rates.
Family Rooms en suite with special rites.    House Great!) BalefRed.
Easy trsil to summit ol   Grouse Mountain,    altit i<i<   \< *■" l"i
Scenic Delights     Fishing    ' Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
North Yvs> ouvi k
U. C.
tine year, ♦l.nu
Published I uesdavs snd Pridayi b)
North Shosi  Press, Limitip
HATH 01   -   MCMPTIOl
Six moatlil, ''Hi'. Tlirci' iiiiintln, Hs,
United Slawi and Foreign, H.M per year
Advirtliinn liaiir- will be quoted no application*
Double Corner 4th and S\» Georqe Tht w«f»/fi////«i m»h cm- thi Earth
, iim.
Tht Expreu li devoted lolin Intei-wli "i il orth Shuro ol Burrard Inlet
Bxclimively.     IteonatiluM an advert ili.u  lium ol exreptloual value (nr
reaching In a thorough aud aftVctlra mai r the populati Sorth Vancouvei
Termi: 1-3 ouh, bal. 8 and 12 month?
Third  Street
Lot ii, Block 137, D.L 274.   Prioe$2100.   Terms:
1-3 cash, btihince 6 and 12 months,
T/icse trittl ',''' li"' Icloit' the market mnl mily for n rex short time.
I'll.,no fl Sorth Vmu. "it.i-i ph,,,,,. MM V.llfi'itvt'l*
Offlos Houm 'i ii.iu. tn a'i.30 p.m.   open Bvanlnn by appointment
After nlliee liourn. phone 1,112
dty inui Dirtrlet,
later llmo 10a
following irtuf
l ian .iiti i-in.i'li'in uin- advertisers tlm mom utiifactory
nir.ia-i advertiaH'iuviita ilmuli
Montlnv nud *". p.m. Wi-ilin
ia.* in tha pnm,*r-' hands sol
■ i;o tn fti-ura* Iniertlon ill lile
_•'   *-v .
North V isi ot vi a,   B. C
Till*; I'lvMH'.i.i.il OF RRADK.S
Tin niiiiiii;', "1 ratepayers
hrlil laat 11 Ida) evening lo dis
cu.sa ilu situation with refer
iim t" street grades, n.is a ie
markahle meeting in mam
ways Notwithstanding tin
[act that the notice given was
verv slmri, tin* number present
was probahlv l irger lhan that
uiniii .utv similar occaaii u in
Um hUtnn oi iln iit\ The
meeting was  likewise '.piimu
lative 111 tin   hr,'.lilts:   sense, ill
eluding  .ill degrees 11 propi it
owners and ii  .ill so lions ol
iln iitv    Tin proceedings thr
unghoul  weie marked l*v   ,h
iituiosi iin.iiiiiiinv and tin '• i
ui "i iln meeting w.is  i li ai K
evidenced   it"in   the  [act   Ihal
the bolder and more outspoken
tin Mtuumms iipresaed ;.\ thc
teveral    speakers,   the   inure
heart) w.is iln* applauai t lictl
Tin .mii phrase th.it appears
ia,   adequate!)   designate   ili
real nattm ol the gather!
lhe   worn    Urui    "indigu      *n
meeting " The thou htsi >i .1
In tin apeakera, the aenliiuent
lll.illllestid    iu    llie   t*\|il,SM,'ll'*
■ i approval and ul diaappmi i
l.v iln audience and the diasin
,iiiinli embodied In lhc re*olu
iioti wluaii im.illv prevailed, ill
combined lo ihon thai ihe
ratepayer* wlm aren presenl
Iniil decided opiniona upon iln
question under diacuiwion  and
wished      lo    givi      i \|Ht-s|. n
thereto   in the tnnat   lorcibh
in.nnui |»'ssiiili iln meeting
w.is marked bj aa utUi ab
M nu "i a bat mav properly l»
termed, debate The elloiis o|
iln apeakera were confined t" a
si.iiim,nt ir,,iu tin partkulai
viitvp,,int oi i.nh and in iln
most unmiataki abb manm i it
command "i the ground upon
win.Ii w.is baaed the "pinion
ili.it it w.is , \ nl.miK n
ul w.is In dl l,\ ,i|| .\
iiivit.ntoii (rom tin  chairman
| a Ml   7,   i <ji o
ol ihose who weie present
.ii that particular meeting ol
i.inp.iviis, inn it is altogether
powerless tii eikit ,i fulfilment
oi in iiiui,mils, iipecting .is iln*
aldermen maj yield .1 volun
tan compliance, Should thej
deem it wise to acquiesce 111 ilu
resolution, its edectiveness becomes undcniabl , but should
the) on tne other hnnd deiIde
to adopt .1 iliiuniit course,
tlnn the vvliole matter remains
wlnn- 11 was before the resolu
tion w.is adopted, wiih the Oil
terence   that   the aittiation   is
 re str,niiid thnl it  was pre.
Ml tin probabilities ol thc
rase, when dulv considered appeal io lead i" the conclusion
that ilu- meeting would have
dealt with the matter at issue
i" lu net 1 iln 1 had 11 addressi d
itself to the iiimt to lay before
tin- council some definite scheme
acceptable t" the ratepayers
presenl i"i submitting tin
question "I grades dun 1 to lln
people |o|   llieir ilnlslull  liv  li.ll
loi.   It is miv generally  con
ceded   .11   the pit-sent stage   ol
tin ci ntrovers) lhat the mat
b 1   musl      i" ihe ratepayei
in some lorm in order to extri
.,in 11 Irom iln dillicult silu.i
lion  which h.is developed  and
ivluli .111 appeal lo llu- elcctoi
.itt   Upon  tills Issue liv the   .1!
dermen   b) means ol iheir   n
signing would doubtleaa eflci-t
1 solution "i ihe problem lhi n
Ims ii"i appeal io In- any le.i
sott.ilile probabilit) thai smli .1
Hi.niiliiii   is al  .1111.lidi.   Ale.in
nine tin whnh 111,nter is yet
iiiiiiiii ilil.iv,ai, tht progress
il ih, utv is miiutisiv retarded
.md it is undi niabl) to ihe Inli lists   *a|    ,|1|    p.tltllS   tll.lt   SOllll
.1 rei imnl in arrived .11  with
111   tlil.iv    111 ..iilil    lh.it    lln
i.iiipayers m.iv be given an op
|I"|I|III||V     tta   l"tt    nil    till'     l|llis
ll"ll .illd  lll.it   lln   w.l\  I e ilt.11
til i.i .nine operation upon
|iiil>lii works whiih ate greetl)
needed .is well as upon   bnild
one ami two inch culls
$8.00 |>er
1000 ft.
in our yard.
I'hnne* 10
17th Slreet, North Vdnrouver
Lonsdale Avenue,
nt Perry Landing
FBI IfitCUIffl
Wi* ninn handle the Inllowlnj m
H.A K.Chick V I.
ll. t K. Chicken Chop.
Sn ills' Besl Scraps.
Mut'b Poultry B**han
l.i'i's' I.lis' Killer.
Wheal in two irra.ii-*.
Sold in uny quantities,
The r.'-i siiMatiii'r Spray
an thf market,
ALL KiNds of
TIME  to Paint.
Make your buildings bright and dean
this Spring. We have
the best and most economical paint for you
to use.
J*   Shirwim Williams
the paint that
spreads  farthest,
fi wears longest,
ta\ looks best.   Made
'- ^%tf °f purest materials.
'TT^T" **■—  A record of forty
*"* " years ot good paint
making oehind it.
Sole Agents for
North Vancouver
Paine  Q McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
Thi    iherwin-Williamt   Paintt   Coter   thi   Earth
Ke..h Block     Isl Slreel W.
I. (). O  F
North Vaniouver Lodge, Nu.
55, meets every Thuisday even
inj!, corner Lonsdale avenue and
Pint street, at 8 O'clock, Yisil-
inj; brethren cordiall] in- itad to
attend. J. Kelly, M.O.; A. T.
Kennedy, '.. ise.; J, II. Pilling, l-'in.-sec.
North Vancouver
NOW   Is   1UK   HMI'.   Ii)  BUY  HERB,
Block h. I L  ', |;   1-IVK 50 11.  Lois.  HIGH AND
DRY nt >i..mii each,    i.n-   '   caih, balance (>, u and
A FINE TRIPLE CORNBl   daarad sad graded, 150 It.
by 147 ft, hi I ■ a ration aad does lo BOI LEVARD, Trice
ii, ii. 1 1 and is monthi
A-i',.  i'H on FIFTH STREET, first block east from
11 leal.ih. ;it .<.-. .-.i     Terms f^cssh, balance 6, is sad 18
1."'uh-    nils .-   \ SNAP.
Chas. E. Lawson 6 Co.
I,   S. -llllll, Kl*
Real Ki;,it'* Spei ialists
ij Lontdals Kn
t uveas
I'ligne "o
that anyone hi.ldinj: new-   di   inn  iipcrations  liv intv.iti   tn
i.i; in-;    [mm   tl  'M    pru.illni;*.
among   lh<  speakers,   addrrsa
the meeting,   elicited   no   t'
\|i.ttiM     Tin career ••( ihi   ri
a.'lllll l"ll      Willi      llllllll     llll        |'l"
iiiiIiii,   'i'imd aai "in "i ui
illi;|ih.il |'i •.lis-. Il"in the in"
imnl  lli.il   it  w.ts ht-l   it.id   In
tin iiii'iiit-iit when H vv.is ..it
iiiii amid ' nihil i • in applau i
It    lllll.Iltl*   lU   l«       'HI.     ll"W
ever, arhat ilu net rvault will
in [rom tliV utandpiitnt nl real
aaaiatanrc in the snlntinn "I lhi
vexed question "i grades At
ihe presenl liim then appear*
good reason to [eu that the
verv Intensity ul [eating <a*hkh
,n ni.iii'd thi r.iit|t ivrrs and
vi huh iiildnl tlu in mi" "in
seas "I mind, >i thi ami liim
arroUght lium up t" a piiili "i
fervor, nii'l. i iln Influence I'l
iililili llii v  welt  ',until InV'lit'
iln- polnl "i * n 'I .unl deliberate
discussion to a iiiiitliis' i
ninth in.iv tit \\ lie declared In
Ik- Imp! "i'ii . Iiiii whiih l"i
thai  veiv   ii tvii in.ii  |irnve in
Tin   demand that lhi   entin
board a,| ,,|,|, ,,,„ „ *,,, *.,p* *h< li
it iii'.ii'.,  which i In   ti   'in
lion adopted i nnveya, i spri   ■
w ilh"iil   anv    d"iil't l In    vvi'.lii-.
iii|iriM. luii which .ne .ii prta
mi In Id in .iin v.miu . hecanse "i
tile     llli|ii'ssililllll       i'l      lllllll.
■I .la|.   .
llu   iiiiiii   ti'iniiiiiii'iv   haa
Ih■ ii ilii'.vvn mt" .i ferment '•
ni i "I lliis v, m*,| qm
and ii is siiiiinlv in le hope I
thnt tin lust iii.,iis .iini tin
musl deliberate judgment "I all
partii■■ will in brought to bear
i" tt isi.ilihsli tin equilibrium
a.i tiling*, and in terminate i
•ain.ni"ii  whnh  is deplural 1
h.lllllllll    I"   tin    illv   Iii'iii    ill
hi mu .tnd abi I
n. f. KRLGER
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Bi ickwork
All Work ('.uariinle.-d.
C"..rn.T I'Hlit'iilli Bt,   mnl  Muhi'ii Avi'
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealeis in Coal, llrirk,
Sand,   Gravel,    Linn-.
(cmeiil    nnl   General
Btnlden' Supplies.
All   Unlit-*    P ipllv
Filled .nnl Siliilsi lioi
Guaranli I    Prk .
Applii iiiui
Office: LaOSnie, near Cily Wharf
Warehouse:       I "iinan's Wharf
H tmiiM, -i i.i    snw  i*.  Till*: TIMK T"  Ili'V  BEFORE
I'HICM \tt\ INCH Aii.tiv
M '■••in.,  a,   * ,,N| ui nu*; i i\K-T i.i*>ii'i:\ri\i.
iinr I■ i .ni It ■ *■'•*  '. li.'ii i.' (,'i't. Int UW; tl «in-r nin-i
iiiaa,,.. i*,. „,!,,,iniiitr I.'I li'le'lm WOfl
Om i"' **ii i *      ■■ ,'. luOiiB i.-t si linn
We ' * r.'ii.l. hull« l.l'»-l> lrolni'»r, lur |l Kl
at.**I. I'l*"** fr"'" 1-nr.iil
11 \ ■ ,,   ii.*ni. ell >ini• -kI>■.
i, vv tee ' I  <
G. W. VANCE 6t CO.
(nr. Mh A Imisilrtle   I'hone 17b        Brumh (lll.ie-l»nn \.ille\
K. Iliniii-I,      <) I loiivliilr
ih ii m in
all kln.l* n   Ma.ai.ti .it     ,iii *,ai,*   l.iriaiiiii,
llort "ni"  Sunk .ii'l I  a FliMni   u.*i'.ii*
111*1  It)   .11    ll.   Ll Mil. I . a
l'i. inr.* Ir.iiiiitiK.      Kiirniltiri' Nenf
mil. ih:i*ki:- Kti.it i.iiin>i>t nunil' ii
Some SeasonaMe Suggestions
i'h, growing popnlaritj ol om 191a Boi I'nini
l-,lt*-.,ti lion li.i- Imll iinin.iislraled during lhe
/ist weil,. mir large .imk being sold ont entirely,
Another 1 ir-;e ihipmcnt arrived loda) aid ws lie
,.ti ., to idl all orders In rotation, Hi-mnuim
10 days im trial   I own loi .iskin-;.
Those Klectric Toasters we spoke nbont  last
link seem 10 appeal to the bn ikiast uhis spienri
'ii tin iiiiieii.iin iv.iv, ,is mn s,' v nl that handv
little article testify,
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
50 I on.-dsle Avenue.
j $6000
Lot on First v it)
ofl Lonidlle, onlt -
aal,nice li ntnl i'.   itiiil!
"   <t9finnn Tripl«oorntr,Eipt»n-
;•    vpZUUUU   idl and Bl    17. -
ivenue; $7000 nab.   btlai 1 tot
,,     two   Vl'lll-.
41 ^nnn '■"' "n •',,,,sd*'i,>''"■
■4)1 J\t\J\)   iwiiti   .'ml ami  3rd
Streets,   j nub; •', 1- and IH nODtbl,
Lot on 4th Stn-ot in
lll.ii-i. IM, D I, 271.
\\'i- vvill Kutrnple-t this invutiMni
I'rici; $2800; 1-J c. -ti. 6and 12 mtlis.
$1 s\()C\   '"' l""t lo1 '" santi 70,
I J\.'\i   n.|„ 271, mi mii itnat;
1 ieohea| 1 ■; Itf In this vicinity. Prior
|1500; |&   **"-ii,(i i'ii'1 12 month*
:   14 Lonsdalo Avenue. R. L. Thompson, Local Manager  11
Head Office 632 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C
4444-H-H -I \+H-t-t+W+H *I4^H-I-H4*H-H--I-H 11 'l-I-l-m-'H-l-l-l-l-H-H-l THE   HAfKiiDS,   NUAin    \ AINUJU V *ii\,   u.   —
i S
A Few Snaps for Profitable Investment
Safety       Income       Prolit
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
North Vancouver
Recently subdivided and placed on the market for the first time—Cleared Lots, size 50 x 140 feet each, in the easterly
portion of Block 61, District Lot 549, situated between Lonsdale Avenue and St. George's Avenue, fronting on
13th and 14th Streets.
Lots fronting on 13th Street, $1,000 each      Lots fronting on 14th Street, $900 each
Lot 54 x 140 feet, corner 13th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $1,600
Lot 54 x 140 feet, corner Mth Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $1,500
Terms, one-fourth cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months.
PLEASE NOTE the central situation of the above lots, close proximity to center of population, walking distance
of ferry landing, one-half block from principal cariine of the city.   Electric light, telephones, and city water available.
Compare these prices with the higher prices of property which is much less favorably located,
and you can only arrive at one conclusion.      Make Yoar Selection Without Delay.
(Incorporated A.D. lyob, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chiel plaee ol business in North Vaneouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th .Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
la. •
Editor BxprtM
Date Sir,—Whereas ihere arc
sn in.ini enquiries being mail
and such erroneous slateinenls
in circulation, without any desire to rush into prist, I an
rom pa Had io ask iln conrteaj
ol space in Vour columns lo
make a lew explanations.
In llie lirst place allow me to
set al rest the minds of those
wlm are enquiring, liy savin-;
"No, 1 was nol deputed by the
Kxpress lu receive lhe Voles oil
the closing il.iv of lhe colilesl.
nor hud I any inlentiuii ul do
in-; su lill, smug Un- difficalt).
I ollered to relieve lhe silua
lion liv acting on bcliall ol llie
Kxpress, sealing the votes, etc .
.is i aplaitted b\ you in vour re
lilies to the i|ilestions a (ew
davs ago. Furthermore, it hav
inj; been commonly stated tkat
1 liad mv ^ralt out of it, let tm
s.iv tin* word "graft" is Used
as a vulvar term lm hard work
il that is the Mianllll inteiiihd
by our critics, it i.s lertainlv
."lint one i though to uie llic
haul work was lost sight ol in
the thrills of pleasure e\pe I
em eii lml H one is led lo suppose lh.it ill this toiiiuiy llic
tam means ill -Milieu uioiielai v
beiulils, while giving an am-
phatn denial lo such a-i idea,
whiih one would not desteild to
disiiiss, lml would inerelv le-
inind our Iriends "thai llic
mind is the measure "1 the
The old time May Dav was a
time of general jubilation not
only for the children, -lie v'tn ;
men and maidens, mil -.he old
lolks, too, kept holiday M the
village green and met with glad
and happy hearts and faces to
Crown their Queen, join in the
Mavpolc dames a.unl other
dailies too) lo the music of the
liddlers The (Jut-en being
choice ol tin- villagers old
VOIlIlg, reallv the vi
belle, i In'sen liv her own Village lolk, ol itiurse.
"Shall we hold our Mav Dav
ptft) "' The answer rests
with the parents and children
now. II nil are willing lu do
lln it part I an at their serviie
t" carry it mil, say on S.it
unl.iv, nth inst , under the following toltditions, vi/., We
know Nortli Vam Oliver's choice
wiiht.ui .mv further voting, the
Miss Martha .lohanson ; the
two girls she chooaaa shall be
her maids.   We will try and fix
the   naaqwradi    for   Friday
lune 17. This last dance of the
season should be a greal success. There will be no charge
for admission to lhe aflernooti
performance of the children as
we trust the inast|uerade will
dear expenses easily. The treasurer's statclucnl stands still
al present with Kxpress newspaper donation of Sm ; a few-
lags sold previous lo lag day,
So cents ; expenses for May pole
strings, Mowers and advertising
has left us in debt so far, bill
there is no reason why our
Mav Dav should not be a most
enjoyable day and leave us free
of debt and happy, Thanking
vou, sir, 1 an vmirs faithfully,
Lynn Valley Institute Hall:—
Services every Suuday morning at 11, and evening at 7 p.m.
The Express i.s in receipt* of a
etter from a valued subscriber
in which he highlv commends
the enterprise and the public
spirit of the property owners
who are conferring upon the
dtj lhe valuable gilt of the
Hoiilevartl extensions no.v under construction. The writer
dei laics that the commuiiitv
is, therebv placed under an obligation which we can liev.r
hope to repay. He slates ihal
after following 251I1 street ,,*
long the Boulevard he was v..>n
vinced tliat "it is North Vancouver that has the cinch, ratlin than lhe other place." Tie
letter concludes with this important observation. "Hut it
struck me sir, at the lime, that
to make this great attraction
complete, the city should .11
quire,    if   possible,    the     area
bounded  by  Queanabury
Ridgway Avenues and 231
24th slreets. This I i'.u it
hill sloping steeply on all sides
not so suitable for building
purposes as lending itself per-
fectlv to ihe laying out ol I
beautiful and picturesque plat
ground." The editor himsell
has inspected the trad to
Which referentc is made and
the suggestion of "iir correspondent (who inodestlv
wishes to wiihold his name 1 is
trit.tinlv worthy favorable con
il ,unl
is   a
Mav  Dav  loinniittex's nominee, sideratitm.
St. John the Evangelist, 8th
and 13th streets:—
Holy communion, 8 a.m.;
morning prayer 11 a.m.; evening prayer, 7.30 p.m. On the
lirsl Sunday in the uiuutli there
will be a second celebration ol
lhe holy communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper
Services at St. Clement's hall
Lynn Valley: Morning prayer
II a.m.; evening prayer 7 p.m.
I'nest-in-charge: Rev. H. II.
North Vancouver Calholic Indian Mission:—
Sunday Services—Mass at 9
a.m. Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Benediction at 3 p.m. I'astor:
Rev. E. Peytavin, O.M.I.V.G.
Baptist Church, cor. 5th and
St. George:—
Sabbath school at 2 p.m. Services at 3 p.m. and at 7.30 p.m.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church, 6lh street:—
Services at II a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday,
at 8 o'clock. Pastor: Rev. J.
D. Gillam, M.A.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian
Church- Services in Exhibition
Ball tnty Sabbath, forenoon
at 11 o'clock, evening at 7. in
o'eloik. Sabbath School and
Bible Class, afternoon at 2 JO
o'clock. Rev. J. W. Mills, mis
NOTICE is hereby givcu lb. I
thirty days after the lirst pub
lication of this no'.'.iv, 1 iir.rn'l
to apply 10 the BnptriAtcadtni
of Provincial Police for a n
newal of the Hotel Licence lor
the Moodyville Hotel, simat
ed at Moodyville, B. C, on lot
173, jjroup 1, New Westminin
District, for the term of lil
months commencing July ist.
iSgd.j    TOM BOOTH
Dated at North Vancouver,
May nth, 1910. 11
Cleared Lots
50 foot in width and over
This is exceptionally fine residen-
tal property, as all lots have a
beautiful view of the harbor and
English bay, and are in the
blocks adjoining the Queensbury
avenue cariine.
For Pnccs and Particulars, Apply to
l.iu. Lrv.
Mahon, McFarland & Procter
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets Official Agent; Till', EXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER, B. C.
Thii is. .in11 his bia it iiiii wati invi.1.1 since tin
foundation ni ihe inm u.is laid, .1 third "i ai 1 intury
■gO, .nil is line ail a \. I **   lun* nl stm la IV '   uin
Ann* present time om simk ol laihiouabli
and high grade LADIES' HANDBAGS 1* moal
coniph ti
In tin lii «. have nevei anj ild and hop
worn gooda tu let rid ol liven h»K in new and "I
igjo ityh . inauiilai lun il I"   proficient wi rkinen,
Iiinn tli< nn'  1    1 i'l miu. u,1.ms, teal .nnl
goat, in' olori i" in.ii' h *inv sin 111 .siiiint*.
\\*    h.lllalll    liu    I.lll IH*I    qil. lllln »,    V. t   OUI    pi ll I
.in*  uith**i  the 1, *H ll nl *lH
_    I*!. Tlaal.   .
la M.iii.i.'in*; I'lni'li'i
J. ». lia
Can. I Listings oc(jranvilli-     •*;
5 -
Alexander smith & CO.
WD |i   I
We have exclusive jaleol  lheln-st propertiet 111 the
1 inin
11 l..iii,-il:il'' Avenue
LMionea—Office 2*1      Home 22       P.O. Boi 60
fresh and
Salt fish
P. BURNS k CO. has installed a Fish
department, seperate from their Meat department, and are prepared to fill all #clers
for Fresh and Salt Fish promptly.
Phone 11
■fl,,* city council at iheir ipe
.ul meeting last Thuraday
evening granted .1 donation Lo
the ii|in Dominion Dav eclebra
Iimi co iii'i ol $400. Mr. A.
0, l'erry, treasurer, addressed the council on In-half of th,*
committee and stated that 1.
waa the Intention oi the com*
initiee in put mi a celebration
lliis vear on ,1 much more exit iisive line than heretofore,
\li*. (-,. C, Walker, represent-
in;; tin- spi uis committee oi tin-
celebration   committee,   asked
a aHUHll's      |H I lllissioll       tll      llolli
home racing on Third street.
The mi ess.uv privilege was
granted mi motion of Aldermen
Irwin and Silnili/* Mr. Walker
assured the council that everv
a,tans nl precaution would In
employed t" protect the publii
lioin accident,
Tin niiniiil considered a
lengthi agreement Innn the
district council in connection
with the change "f location oi
the iitv'1 waler main along the
I,vnn     Vallev   in.id.     It     was
considered  thai  a  number oi
clauses whiih the t ilv did not
require, wen- inscribed in the
agreement and it was accordingly referred to the committee
"I the whole fo deal wilh.
Aid. Smith reported thai the
council had made an inspection
"i the park area, approximate
lv   i'i ,nn*s in D.I.. 54", ollered
hv tin* North Vancouver Land
Compam to the cit\ at the
rale .al Ss,,., ,in acre.  Thev had
found it a very desirable loca
tion and siiit.iltle for anv 11 1
line a,I public uses.
Oii motion ol Aid. Smith and
Irwin, it was resolved to plai
a hv law before the ratepayers
for the purchase of this area for
publii purposes. Alderman Ur*
win thought thai about three-
quarters "f lhe land was suit
able for building pnrpoaca,
A letter was received from A,
Philip, CMC, adviaing thai
the diatrict council would consider purchasing the old water
pipe alniij; the I.vnn Vallev
toad when the dty was finished
wilh it il the city would oiler
11 as a reasonable priu-. This,
too, u.is laid over lor further
There   is   every   indication of
an abundant [nail crop thii sea
son.  Every line is well set  to
Iruit, vi/., aptfcotS, apples,
peaches, cherries, pears, plums
and prunes Wild strawberries
iire ripe and plentiful. No   .til
ttv.itt'l mies ripe vel. There
has lm n ii" injury from frost
either to the trees iii lhe winter
or the I'l.'sst'iiis this spring
Everyone is bnay and help is
We Sell Anything, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurance.
Howard & Matbei&on
16 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 220
The Iruil in this distriit h.is
not suffered by boat, Trees thai
are old enough to hear are
overloaded with young apples
Look Here!
a  just received
I h< pi iv low.
Lace  Curtains
in Swiss ,<n, 1 Notti I
j" r I* lii
( o\ ERS   lv* client Valuea
Catarrh Cured
No  Cure,   No  Pay,   ll I Most
(.ellelialls Illlel
To get an antiseptic strong
enough to kill catarrh germi
iind not destroy the tissues of
the membrane at the Nunc tint
has been a problem whiih was
never solved until lln disiovcry
of Hyomel  (pronounced Ili^h-
Ilvoiiiei is prepared Irom i-u-
i,ilv puis, the moal powi nnl yet
healing antiseptic known
Breathe it through the  inhalei
over the iiill.mini .mil ;'t tm ridden   im mi'i.ni.    four   <i    Ave
times a dav. and in a it w days
the et tins vv ill disappeai
The Inflamed condition  will
Ko, too, ,iiiii the snuffing,
h.nvlvine,   ami   oflensivt   breath,
and the discharge of mucous
and trusts in the nose will
Then whv should anv mtarrh
sufferer hesitate when the I.ousdale Pharmac* Ins smh faith in
llvomci thai it often io return
vour money il .11 ter .1 I.iir trial
Hvoiiici does nut cun catarrh.
A complete Hyomci outfit, Including the illll,ihi, 1 iasi . 51.00,
,iml e\tr,i bottles, i( .tii, rvvards
needed, coat bul ,n nuts   iiv-
otllei also cures ,isthn,a, a tulip,
sore tliroat, COttgha, I'dds or
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   OFFICE:—264  Hastings St.  E.,  near Impress  Iheatre
Car Line
first street West
Entire Change of Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Friday
We t Itei tii I.niie** .iii'l t Inllie!], .nul .isstiit iiiii patrons
that nothing offensive or objectionable will lie shown.
l'erliiiiii.intrs ,u 7. jn ,int| S.45 P■■"•
S.iliutla-      Matinee    at     j.30    p.m.
Admission  10c
Children 5c
TAKE NOTICE that a large j,,,,,  ,,tt   ,,,,1  ,,,,.
...    /   ii .1 . i    i   ■ Special ratM in lam-
majority ol all lhat land situate in „£ "__  |o „^|f
District Lot 552, bounded by; 1,"ar,l,'rs
Insula, Twenty-second Avenues and South to Kobson
t _-S)ta
Will Be Offered
For Sale Very
For lurther information apply lo [
Real Estate Department,
Sn.iM. Sihifi.   .   •   •   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. d
Successors to
Bronchitis. Croup. Coughs tnd Colds, or
money Mb   Sold and ctunntectl ky
The Lonsdale Pharmacy,
nasi i i is*, kh mr ni is
Phone 170 P.O. Box 166
North Vancoaver
We „i|,,,ly SI0VIW00D any
length rei|inred $2.75. per load-
Prompt delivery.
Phone 190 P.O. Box 136
A Modern Range at a  Modest Price
It is iiiatl,  iiii llit* nmsl il|i-tt>
date plans with s|inial lea-
inn* points,  ' i>l »Inch is
wiin h maki s liakine,  a ri-al
pli asiiri-
Tills lialnie |ir, Mills tin*
possibility nl tin- luck ol
iht "tin Ihiiii; hotter
than   in ani   lln-   ilnor,
whith i*. iln- eaat with
must lancrs
l.i I  us shuw  1,1111 this lillle
wiinkli.   It .hm i eaat V"
am   iiinn-   in   ihsIi,  lml   is
vmmtl) iiiiii h iii results
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
i.a.t is. Block 2. i> I. mM, i'n" >i;.s* tnnttiinsk,
lulaniT 5i.S quarterly,
I.m .'(.. Block i|. I'  1    ."-l* I'ii"  $375, $50 cash, lialame
<i*a pel mouth
Lots s md ,,, Block 1.'.   IM.. Mf    I'liii- $700;   trims $375
1 sah, li.ilaiit, 6 .nul 11 iiiiiiiths
Lot |. Him V it',, III.   174.     Price $5.1-110.   $1,000 cash,
li.iUm e 6,  12 ami 1^ inontli-.
Krai Estate ami I* main ial Agents
♦I 111H111 It 1111!♦
^H-H-H-^H-WH-l^l-H-^H-l^H-H-l-I-H-l-I l-l-l-t-l-l-I'1-1-1-
Capilano Gardens
I Situated at the terminus of the Capilano Extension of the British ::
Columbia Electric Ry.; being subdivision of portion of
District Lots 601 and 607 into 50ft. lots
For Plans, Price Lists and Particulars, apply
| Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd., Cor. ivmi.-r ud Bqrmoarftto, \
or BONTHRONE LENNARD A COMPANY, Winoh Bldg., Vmmmvm 1 ZlHi      -LW*--*** ivkfWWi
i V/\_/ \j    t   *—■•
Resolution Paaaed COlinj I
Resignation of Alderuien,
A llow nl protests wete presented at the large meetini oi
ratepayers held on the grounds
in front oi Larson's hotel lust
Friday evening fur the purpoae
of expreaaing its Indignation ai
tin- action of tlu- city council
neatly in refusing to accept
Uu- recommendations   nf   the
commission    uf   engineers   on
gradea uver a specified portion
of tha dty,   As proclaimed by
suine ul Ihe speakers the   enst
oi thane recommendations from
expert   engineers,   was about
Shoo and lhe attention w.is asked
whv   the city was   pnl lu   lllis
expense antl have the reporl
turned down
The reaolution moved i>\ Hr,
Percy Kin-; and seconded bjrG.
and   minniiiioiisly |inuiis support
the   result   after   al    Mr. \Y. Know
inissiuii however they had held
hack iheir views. "We expected that they woultl have heen
bound liv their pledged word,"
he slated, hut at a recent meeting thev went back disgracefully on Iheir promise because il
did not lit in with their views.
Continuing, Mr. Jackaon wanted to know if the people were
going to allow the progress ol
the city to he molded by expert
engineers or were thn going to
he gnlded by the opinions or interests of a few men.
Mr. Percy Kin}; declared that
everv nne was surprised aiul
disgusted at the actions of the
members ol the city council ex
eept those who had supported the engineers'   leeominenda*
getting to he a serlOUS   matter
ami particularly su in reference
to sewerage whieh was Bowing
dnwn   the   sides uf the   stru-ts
in a number of eases. The council have heen so busy un
grades thnt they have neglected
their uilier eivic [unctions," lie
commented, lie considered that
it was unfair and was   sapping
the energy of an official to
tlra-; him into a controversy
He wondered if thr preaent civic government was a failure.
A voice: "It is in Nortli Vancouver."
Mr. Henderson thought under
present conditions he would favor a board uf control so thai
public matters woultl receive
immediate attention.
He thought that  the reaolu-
K.  Hugh
paaaed was
lions.     "We   wanl   something
lhat   is   definite   and    tor    all lion to refer the mailer lo   a
time in the laying ol the loun- commission   of   engineers    was
dalioiis "I   the   eilv's future," Ifair   until   the rider was added
he averred, lie then moved   tbe|to hnse their repnrt on the te
resolution   whieh   luund unani- port of   llie engineers  of 1407.
It seemed absurd and ludicrous
 lea said that the I he thought to aak three engin*
Dumber ol local speakers in-! ratepavers had great hopes ufeers to say "ditto." He said
eluding Ihe Maynr, Alderman this council, statesmen whu he was pleased to hear llie
McNeish, McKae, P, Kin-;, W, would plan out the dty not for motion lo refer the grades
Knowles, A, J, Henderson, J, today or fur tomorrow, but for I question to the people until
K. 0. C, Wood and M. B, Mar- the vears tu come, "hut   whal there was added tu it the pro-
tinaon Jr., had elucidated   tin- have we.' We have a branch uf
abject   in every wav possible. | the II. C. Klectric Kv. Co.," he
The reaolution was as lollows ; commented
Resolved,  that  this  meeting    Mr.  Knowles saiil ihat  the
council   with all their   wisdom
were   wasting   tlieir   substance
and advised "thai
and   let the   wnrlt
lie inquired
nl  ratepavers    ul   the   iitv   of
Nurth Vancouver express its Indignation al the eourse adopted hv the council ill regard In
the  matter nl grades and   the knowledg
eummissiiiii nf engineers whieh
actions    are     regarded    as    a
breach ol (ait 1, hereby eail upon the entire hoard n( alder
men tn hand 111 their resigna
Mr. C. K. Jackson was elms- urate. He thought the
en chairman after t.ic mayor!tion should
had opened lhe meeting stating
that it had heen called pursuant to a petition requesting
a meeting and signed hv um r
furty ratepayers.
Mr. .laeksnn enumerated the
ueeiirrenecs which had led up
tu the presenl situation of thc
gratles question.   He said    tha
visu that there should he a   re
port from another cotnmiaaion
nf engineers. Mr. Henderson declared Ihal if he Owned every
[nnl uf property nn l.onsdale
Ave., he wuuld, as an engineer,
thev get mit gn in favor of a bench all the
know   their, time. He thought it was an ini
il ItIpossibility to deal with lhe eon-
was advisable lhat thev should \ figuration of the eity other-
be tnated with the drafting ol wise. How is it possible to inllie forms for lhe plebiscite intersect east and west streets
mu-  was taken, so as to insure with  north  and south   streets
without benching,   If   it was
done "lie side ol lhe east   and
west streets must drop a   (lis
it- definite, "l-'or or j tance of six feet beluw the nth-
engineers' report." er   antl   this   would be viewed
ot North Vancou-1 with greal  disfavor,  he contended,
Mr   .1.   1-'. 0.   C.   Wood   em
phasi/ed the   faet  lhat  il   was
distinctly understood that   the
council would abide by the   engineers' report.   Mr. Wood had
looked   uver   the   telegram   tn
Mr.   Thomson   in Seattle,
nothing referring lo the
tioiis under whieh he was
its  not   being   presented   in a
clouded condition in the  elect-
be definite, "F
Against tlu
"The eitv
Vtt  has been disgraced   in   the
eves nf mir ni-i-jhbnrs," declared Mr. A   .1   Henderson.    "We
have   lust   nur   civic dignity."
Mr. Henderson said that he did
nut want In be in any wav antagonistic   but   the statements
he   felt   in   regard   to ill
ilineil's  refusal lo accept
ll was expected that the report 'Jielore mentioned was llu-   wav
ol those engineers wollld bc accepted so ihat public Improvements toiilil  he gone on   with
Bach alderman had stated deli
nitely thai he woultl   abide by
and would accept the engineers'
report   as  lin.il,   since its   sub-'been   all   prepared antl it   was eouiiiit-ndaliiiiis an contained
to re-
eligineers' report on the grades port   was   mentioned    and    he
in this cily. thought anv wav that the   al
lie statetl that the   material iltrim-n   could   lot    have   ilniie
(nr   rond  Improvements   bad better than to accept ihe rein
il H 11111II llllll M I»i i IH III I-1 11 HM HIM lllll IIIIIII lllllll ill-
Pioneer Dry Goods  and
Gents' Furnishing Store
Comer l^omdalr Avenue and Second Street
Phone 53
Uiniii-; purchasod the Inuiness liitlu-rtucarried on by Mr. II. A* Sltuiv,
wi- desire to statu thit it is odr intention to carry n oonplete >t'>ck of
-general dry goods and gent's furnishings.
Wu have had 17 years' experience in all hranchea of tlie dry toodl
business in Vancouver and in other eastern and western cities ami are
then-fore in position |Q understand and to supply the wants of the public
in these lines.
(htr aim will be, by strict attention to business, to give the purchasing
public of the North Shore, the very best facilities for good buying and to
carry a full selection of dry goods at prices as low as Vancouver. In order
to accomplish this, it is our intention to conduct the Imsiness on a cash
Dressmaking a Specialty
the reporl and he did not see]
the reason whv the public;
money should be wasted by its|
He noticed tha change of attitude o| Engineer Clements
since giving his report in 1907
wring in later developments in
street car engineering when 1!
was now pussible to operate
cars  on   grades   where it   was
previously thought Impracticable, Air. Wood gave Mr. Clements credit fur being man
enough to alter his opinion but
lie (Mr. Wood) hadn't much tat
for a man who "had an opinion JO years ago and could not
change his mind."
Mr. Martinson said he did
not own any property on Lonsdale Ave., tlicrclure lie must In-
biased in (avur of benchwrades,
He called attention to the nut
thai Air. Clements had changed
his opinion as to the best system of grades lo he adopted in
lllis city and he Inferred that
iiic council wonld neither take
their own engineer's advice
neither wuuld thev adhere to
the recommendations of the
commission oi engineers. He
thought that the council should
be consulting engineers in
some locality where they could
have more scope.
Alt    Martinson   enumerated
lhe number of buildings whiih
were contemplated for Lonsdale Ave., but averred thai
[uur limes as much building
would be stopped un the cast
and west streets in the city il
straight grades were adopted,
The speaker noted Alderman
Irwin as saying "llial if M.*.
Hanes could not come to thc
decision ol the council thev
could Iind one whu cniild." Ho
said Aid. Schult/. was in lavor
of bench grades or al least had
agreed to accept the engineers'
report, "but vnn have just to
look up his past ni onl tu see
how   changeable   he   is,"    Mr.
Uartinaon commented.
lie concluded by saying that
"Air Ala* knew whal he wanted and he stayed bv it."
Air .lackson said he would
like to hear Irom the other side.
A voice : "Then is no other
side." Nu response was made
to the retpiest ol lhe chairman
and he commented that it was
strange thai al all thc public
meetings there had been a no-
tuc.tlilc absence of anv ob|ec
lions in lhat connection He
said he was sorry lhat Alder
man   Irwin  had  not   attended
am ul tin* meetings.
Aid. McNeish said he was nnl
afraid to step down if he was
nnt wanled and assured them
thai his answer would he lead]
when the petitions were presented next Monday evening
Aid McKae remarked lh.il
he hail heen characterized .is   a
scrapper."   He saul anything
suited him, hut Iiii- most pleasant thing tii know was thai
khl opinion had suited the public w hnse trust he held. The
speaker contended that there
was tno iniiih talk in the council meetings ami thnl it was
disappointing to him lhat six
months hail gone hy and M
thing dviie*
Mavor May was gret ted with
applause as he Stepped to lllc
Imnl. "In thc lirst place I
would have taken oUf own   m
inn is opinion,'' he said.
His   Worship loniinued   that
the city  Imam is weft in 1 vel
leiil shape and lhe money   was
ill   it.nl\   lm  llu  work ol   the
city tii Ik- proceeded with, alsu
the  engineer   has   his    profiles
lilpleteil    lur   slreel   ltllpruve
incuts anil sewetage and "il we
i.ui taken ins advice m ihe hrst
iiist.niie this work would hau
been mulct Wnj now Tin ma
ur then nail Ins litter ol re
"lium nd.ilum to thc iiuiiii il
iibiiiuteil prtvioush to the re
solution, lo iall in tilt ellglll
nrs, Uilig passed. Il was that
llii    lolliHll   pass   I   icsoluliHi
{ranting the cilv engineer an
llmrilv In go ahead and hx llli
permanent inin in Ihs dtj
that thev inighl Ih- giien t"
the  number ol applicants  who
wanted permanent grades I"
enable    thelll    to  pr"iinl    wltll
the construction n large build
ings or ill the event "f a dis
agreement on tliis plan thai ll
he submitted to 1 phUarile ol
the  people  and  Ihal   the  illglll
ni  in-   Instructed in   pn|
three alternate plans, nnniilj
straight grades, modified bench
unl l-cnili gradei and lhat   thi-
be    displa-iil in   a   pioniitnti'
I1"'     so   thai |he   ratepavi'
could get «n intelligent Ideal
Whal  line were voting on   Th
In statetl   ti,,. ,,,ullf1i refaard It
accept   ll.* tonsidiiiil thai  all
thai   W.is  wanted  uow   was  •'
119 First Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign  $1.50
Fine Printing
Kill 111IIIII11 ll 11111 III l It 111 UH I UH HI III llllllll till 1111111 HE       t   nt mu. d „n next pace
119 Firsl Slreel, E Phone 80
tin us the wanl
nl i mii nt li» i
\M   ini I MNS 	
ami iln* offerings or no on the
i im
Illd llllllll
* W,,*k
',* |„*r Iini'
'     m_^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__JLd
|'i*   llUMTliOll
Accomptiihci Much
I, tM., a, III Oil )i lI'lC. . lol lol
.,., liltlf MMM a, laall 11 laanilil If*
Mt il,a„i*j",l, a,I tu,, mnl tump,
aai' Iimi, t,, ir.jlf a on*
taillll kll."all I" i> nuny |" fll a
a ljc, tnuttmcni in "in < l.i'licl
Wjul   1*1*
The Misses Dawson, proprietors ni the Nnrth Vancouver
hospital, mi' making arraage-
.aulliirllierili.il in,nts  ior  the  conatruction ol
iiiiii i" cull  In another hospital building   on
ie had aaked nil I their property  on  l-'th street
easl ol l.niisiLile A\e. The new
Structure uill be two stories iu
height 'iii'l will contain six bad-
rooms mnl .ni operating room.
The present quarters near Un*
cornet oi 15th street and Sl
Andrew's Aw. have been lound
through the rapid growth oi tin*
cilv     dm ill;:     the    past      lew
months, i" lie entirely inade
quate lor ihe patronage which
Is now being accepted at a
^reat Inconvenience in the pn
sent building,
FOUND   A lt 11 I',   briar pipe,
silver   mounted    Owner   mat
have same In    ipplvlng  I"  l'"'\
I7.v II
WANTED Vim;: '.i'l to as
sist 'villi light ha,nst wil*. Ap
ply   \|is    I-   I   SaiMiim,    151
Mil   slleet   1.1st I I
ummisaion of en
gineers' report,
Ills Worship
when it was il
expert opinion
the aldermen 11 they would
abide by the report, nud ihn
li.nl agreed, but when tin* vote
uas laken on 11 llu- result was
I to j against accepting it. lie
did nol know w li.it had caused
tluiii to go back "it their word
lie hoped 11 w.is iia'l a personal
greed lor ihe dollar.
Tin* resolution u.is ihen pm
io tin* meeting nnd passed, .11
tei which Mr, Percy King mov
ti! "that tins meeting ol rate
payers express their utniosl
naiiiiileine  in   City    Knglneet
llalles."    The  motion  was set
**inled hi \\. U W.si,an and
passed unanimous!).
A J, Henderson movedI The official lacrosse schedule
"thai we express our sense ol for the season mm between
appreciation in the attitude Vancouver and New Weatmin-
taken lav tin chiel magistrateUter is given aa follows:
Mayor fiat In the vexed qttea June 1 Vanc'r at Westminster
iion ul gradea." It w.is set ,i*m,* 11 Westm'r at Vanc'r
"inled i.\ r. King and passed .1 „,,, ,s Vanc'r nt Westm'r—
unanimously. , Exhibition)
A   vote   ol  thank*- to   the , 1 uiv 1   Westminster at Vanc'r
,h.iimi.ui closed   thc  proceed- July30  Vanc'r at Westminster
"';"- Aug, i' Westminster at Vanc'r
An;;. IJ—Westminster at Vanc'i
LICENSE   COMMISSIONERS Aug, 20 Vanc'r at Weatmin.
I GENIINE SNAP Near Capilano Car Extension {
( tone tn this mtr line, all the best of land, lying high anil dry
splendid for subdividing
Only  $1000;   Cash $500
Martinson & Co.
T/iotic /,-?. TO. EtS Ti
ii iiiii i ihiiih i iiuiiii i iHimiiMiiii
in-:i.r « \nti-:i)
Wanted, a won an nr girl I< i
general housework, (lood pUin
took. Wages, J.tJ pel month
Applv Mrs. II II. Bridgman.
Sutherland Av* and Kignth
streei   Phone I2| i:
WANTED     Japanese  bouse
bov. one small iliilil  ill  lauillv
('. I
11.11.   sih
vv.t  ' s paid.
ill; K
.llll  Ior    sell in
id and I,lll""i t
I  Cowan,
Tin- i Iub Committee ol  St
Andrew's and i aledonian So
tltlv    have  all.ill.ed   loi   a    so
rial evening "i --"iic., recitation
and al.mn in tin Horticultural
Hall on Tuesda). .Mine i |th, at
*< P m All Scotch folk and
Iriends an cordlallj    invited
Central adlllissit'li .-s cillts.    I I
sii,vi-:k CRBSK
Apphs   and   plums   are   un
touched bv Irosi  ami   record
i n.ps are assured      The   \ i'llll*'
orchards ol Salmon Kiver v.il
hv, grown without Initiation
have made line pio.M.ss
A meeting of the Hoard ol
License Commissioners Ior the
district "i North Vancouver
will In* held in the iiiunicip.il
ball on the Kaplanade next
\\eilinstl.iv alternoon at i o'clock.
A,   ll. Sli Vinson ll.is ul    the
contract lo Smith Pi is, Ii r the
construction oi a hlock on
Lonsdale   \\i   north al s mst
nl ss,   Tin* building will be
constructed lor the accomnioda
lion   "I    sloies   oil  lhe groUttd
Boor and  suites of rooms  a
.lohn Pay, nuiil recenth ton
sorial .misi at the l'.ilaiii
hotel,   vvill   In  luture be   lolltid
al the simp of Campbell and
ih h ill. *ii the Ierry wharf,
when hi   »ill  be pleated  to
unit all his friends nnil customers.
Nelson Manf'g Co.
I Sll IK IDI     I i-i  "i
V \ 11 nmu  I'n V M n.i
N NELSON. Proprietor
Au-;. ty—Vanc'r at Weatmin,
Sepl 5—Weatmin at Vanc'r.
Sept. to—Vanc'r at Weatmin.
Nolice is hereby given thai
all persons Indebted to the estate of the late W. P. Peacey,
who died on the thirteenth da)
of March, [Qio, at lhe ciiy ol
North Vancouvei, 1!. C, are re
ipiired to pav the amounts
owed by lluni respectively, to
the undersigned on or before
Wednesday, June i.stli. 1910,
Dated at Norlh Vancouvei
ihis   thirty Inst   day   of    Mav
mio. B. A. PEACEY,
Pioneer Dry Goods
Corner Set ond and lonsdale.     Phone 53
Choice Selection of Summer Wash
Goods in Chambrays Ginghams,
Ducks, etc.
Slri|H- Muslin in lawn, niie and |
regular 35c, lor  -
wo pinCM only in pale yellow and fra-gii-m.
wliile ap'tl. leiiulat 1 )t. lot
Under Bylaw yo. 7, everj pn
son in the City nl North V.ut
lotivei who is the owner, poa
stssiit "i li.uliorer of a dog M
bitch, is required to procure a
license, lhe lee for which is S2
for a ilo;;, and Si for ii bitch,
All persons are hereby noli
Bed thai ihis bylaw will be
sti it ilv enforced and anv violation of said bylaw lenders the
person v tolat iiig the same lialdi*   to  penalty   ol (ioo   and
Hv order of the Board of Police Commissioners.
if Chief of Police
Civil     KNt.l.MCKH
i-iuntitv siirieviir AD'I Architect
Another $25.00 Set ol Dishes
i.lll \ AWO IRII.
The beautilul m t "I dishes,
given free to the users of
Royal Stand,ml Floor, bas
beiii won by Mis. John
Turner, Capilano.
We have snothei set waiting
lm somebody; lt mav be you.
111)1 K   llllll.
Special this week
White Potatoes,    $.00 sack
Grocer and Butcher
l'hont- 40
111 Lonsdah* Avenue
must be mixed according to
the aiiiiosphctii conditions it
musl meet. Only an experienced painter is able to strike
tin- just proportions required
for '
Observe some of lhe houses
yon pass and see thc paint
peeling oil. This should not
be. lt conld not happen with
mtr paints. Ise our celebrated paints   if   \"ti   wish    the
most  lasting 1 flei i.   It pays
best in the end.
Stoney Cl Co.
117 Lonsdsle,       Phone 149
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Korth ViiticniivT* ninl Viiiii-nuvt-r
City mnl Stiliiirliiin Property.
/terssfs, Siiii-|iiv;HiiniK.
I:.lallt*' 'iiaiia.ifi .1. Ki'lils riilliTtrd
BnslBesa, Ohansss
A|TM III.   til    Sllll'.   lliu'lllintl'll
Foot of Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
TAKE   NOTICE   Ihnt   the
Council ol the Corporation of
the City   ol  Norih   Vancouv ei
intends to construct as a work
of Local Improvement the grad
mg 1 to permanent grade) ol
Lonsdale Ave. from the souih
line of Thirteenth Street to the
Korth line of Eighteenth streei
and   to   construct   a niaiad.ini
roadway  with  suitable   curb,
wurk is Twenty-Four Thousand
Three Hundred and Ninety
(124,390) dollars, of which J,S,-
063 23 is lo be provided out of
the general lunds of the Muni-
t ipality.
City Clerk.
North Vamouver, B. C.
M.iv 18th, 1910.
llllll MUM HII IHIIII lllllllll llll II HI MM
Fred. Bouquet,   Pro|).
j    1:; Lon 'I.il'- Aw        P.O, Boi 13      Phone 13    f
Ur Ml wl,* at*;, nt. IliTt*
ila Iv    iiiiunifm'liiii'r
thut i'ln. ■ iat i-*i>|. j>iiaraiii,*i'
if llii-y il" not ini'i't sap ' -
Try h pair
Anil be Cnnviiici-d
Pssbody'l Riiilruitil   King
For Ma* br
Seat's Clothing,       [-"nrnishiitfs,       Men's,  Ladles', aad
Childrenls Hunts a"'1 Sim's.
ami a ii loot cowuie sUawals
iiii each sitic oi said evens bo
tween lln- points above men
tioiu-il; Under suli section (si)
Section  i«6 ol  tlu- Mnakipal
Clauses Ai ' ami intctiils to   as
seaa the tin I coat thereol upon
iln- real propertj Ironting oi
abetting thereon ud io be
benefitted thereby, and that a
statement showing the lands
liable tu pai iln- saiil assessment anil tin nanus ol the owners thereof, so i.n as i.m be as-
ni tained Irum the la-*t Reviaed
Assessment Koll is now "n iii
in tin- oflice of the Clerk ol the
Until, ipalit- ami is 0| eii for in-
spection during office hours.
The   estimated   mst   of   the
Then* is sit lorth in the lol
low in-*; loot ttoit- the names  of
the  owiu-rs  or   oivupiers   who
have not signed tin  requisition
preaented i" the Coaaci] calling
upon thein to i"listinet the
•\"ik ol Local Improvement a-
bovs    mentioned    and    upon
whom a notice similar lo   the
above advertiaed totke has
Inin served bj mailing the
saint Iii prepaid registend
mail to the last known place of
abode ol such owners or ociii-
puis, wilh lhe estimated cost
of the work ami the proportion
thereol proposed to he assessed
against each of smh owners or
occupiers erhoae property af-
li-i teil is as niuli-rnoled :
llHIIIT nl II|VII|'1,'|-'h
Vm*.,* mnl Aililrt'im
Mr-. OaBnalaaa.
1"7I BHTflalv Strea-I,
Ce... Taylor,
903 Camus Rtrsst,
laa, t, K.ut
catrt'uf Oatatsbaigsr,
t, .1. Iiunl.
taren( iiniiv Praviace,
Mi-- Minnii* LagSB,
12111 litiirKiaStri-et,
l'ni|aiTly  Afln-liil
I  a'l
4 fi
19      5 3
Front a|*f
I  ■•'->
MM .00
I -tl IK)
I-.1I ill)
L'I .1X1
21. on
II you want to se
in blank space and
your Property,
Mail to
U) I HLOCK  I). I.
Our business is now practically on a cash basis. This enables us to give our customers tin-
same high class goods we have alwavs handled
at very much better prices than tan be obtained
from stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and priee.
j. a. & ri. McMillan
W-W^.|-HH-*I-IH-I-l-*H-H-l-H •H-4-M-H-H-1-1-1-1-1-I-W4-H-I'


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