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The Prospector Oct 29, 1910

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Array Y*>   : bio
ijyrier's Two
Comparisons from Speeches
at D ,e ent Places
On UitrnM Isi. I,ist Sir Wilfrid Imii-
rior. spiiil-im- nt Rogltia mi thi) navy
Bakl; "ftui if Hi.< timo over rtinics ilmt
ihc ni.I liiml is in stress, in ilunffW. |l"
mnitnr from ivhiit source, wa will ro*
member your I'lcil^1 anil count on you
for  Fliifj  nml   Kins n"«i  KnuilrVf"
Spi.-iUiiL' ni I'rincc All.cn on .lllly
arth. Sir Wilfrid l.niiricr. uccorrtlU(t io
th.- roporl of tlie Chili,', sniil: "Iii thc
fvci.i of ueciwslty die Motherlnnd woultl
Hnd Cumuli. .1 louder uiiioiir hor iluUtfh-
tsri in coinliiR whole-no ulodly to hor
aid. It was i. truo Cumullan plan,
tun), lieiiiK n l nic Call all 1 tin plan it. was
a   truo   Ilritish  plan."
C,mimsi ihc fornjtolng uUoruiii'OH ol
tho I'rimc Minister in the west with
whut he Hahl in Unci.cc at the meeting
in \lonlrenl on October loth. He said
■I innc simply to rail your attention
i„ two ilniiL's prnviilcd fur this naval
law,       It    simply   .l-scrvcs   this.   Ilml   tho
another   imvn.      service,   nod   ihnl     this
service  sl PI   reninin  entirely  under con-
11-1*1 of the Government of Panada.
Oiitsldii of this there is not a Rdijrle1
word which would alva to Groat Britain thai which , she domaiKloil in 11108—
the nritanizntion of a war service to Iw
put nl Ilie disp.isitiim of the war oftVe.
x.»t  one word."
And ti'.uin. "Ilm is it true today
that aOPOWllliK to thin nnval law our
Oeei mice orffnnlxnd would Iw oblltfwl to
tnkc pint iii all wins of the Umpire?
Acer.Mm* to law the control of the Canadian marine would n1 nil times i.e-
],iiil' lo the iroveriinicnt of Canada,
Clnuse -'t provides. "In critical times
thu Oov_rnor-lii-(-oimcil may pui the
marine or nny part of it nl the dlBpoHfll
of  Ilis.Mnjesty   for genera]  service In the
Jloynl   Murine.*■
'Phe  Govornment,  tho  Pnrllirment, the
people   of   Canada  and   anyone   who  says
i,.  io  the  contrary   to   lho  wxpntHs  pro-
1 visions  of  this     Inw  simply  rocks    the
And oncv again,   "Does  ii   follow  tlmt
because  wo are exposed  La attack  we are
, gOillK   to   take   part   in   nil   the   wars     of
the  Empire?    No.     Wo  shall   take   part
U  we think  proper."
Thus we 900 that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
uses rflinarkaWy different liin_rtin(p3 un
the prairies nnd  in Quebec,
Tuesday   Is    the last   day  to ae\  your
name on  the    voters' list.     'Jet husy.
.Inmcs   Rynn    returned   from   ihe   roust
n Thursday.
l..  ll.   Vmi  linear, of  Vancouver,    W«H
flu* city Thursday,
(i    t;.   Jewell,  of .liitTniy.   wns   in   thc
It.   Thursday  mi   business.
X.   llanson,   ol   Wasa.   w»fl   in   the city
>\c|ncs<lti>    on   ImMimss.
.1.   .1    U irll,.   nt   Kiuilicrley.   was   in   the
ity   Tuesday   on   business,
•>,   Sinclair,  uf pdlnburtfh,  ^notlnnil,
slliiiK  friends  in   tllO city
V.   .1.   UickciiMiii.   ol   .Cifii'iiv.   wns     in
in- r t.i  Prlrtn)  on business.
II.     Mm i,.n    ul   llyaii.    was  ,n     ihe
u.i  I'rMnyf
Rei    d.  I'. Wesl mnn,  ol  Siilwin, iwn
i-l   Ihc   ptilpll    ,,|   the   Melhuillst   t'hurch
1 In,,   Insl.       Ills   mu nil 11(1   subject   Will
The  Nettc.it    |'| lug) "  and his eumbiir
illijecl   was   "IMlttlitK   every    nitm   In  Ills
Ince," nn    Motidny evonliiK he lectured
i I it r|ft) and inlerestcd audience on
'Irolnml and tlie Irish iu soiiu nnd
lory."     Mr.   Woslmmi   Is     well nnd fnv-
llj km.wn in thii* city, ns he was a
irtuei   pastor   -I   the     Mm h.-dint   Ohuroh
Given  awny, nbHolutoly f , B30 acres
f ffoud fruit bind, within three miles of
\rniibrook.    Apply      to   F.     A.    Russell,
iistronir   Avenue,   on  or  before  Thiiuloj.
iik   I>n.v.
TPMikhs wil he received by llio un
ot'iilffnod  up   to and  Including  the  nuh
iy of November, for Ihe ercelion of
|ml.er i resile nt MllenRfi fill," Crow's
"est HiiiKllviaion. Muxlmum holiihl lis
[et. Length   7fifl   feel.        Plans     ami
[irm nf lender nil tltn nl Ihc folluwlng
iHisLunt   Chlel   Kuwineer,   Winnipeg*
livlHbm    I'.neinecrs-f'nlpir.v   and       Moono
In w
(uMili'iii    IHngi 11001',    Ccniibrooli.
II    11    WAI.KFM.
Acting  Division  Kn«lneeP.
Cnlgnry,  Alta.
Finances in
Good Shape
Anniversary Banquet of
0 I. A. and B. of L. t.
Large Provincial Surplus,;
Hi-   111,ui,I   I -mn I.,mil   Anvill,,,.)- „ii,|
llrothorli I   ...     t ilm  i-:,,,., -,
r.-li.|.riit.sl   tholr  iiiiiilv,.is.ii)   ii,   Hi..   (-,,,.
s Imi!   „n      M.hiiIiiv   dvuiiIiiq     Th.-.;
 I .
t- r
MM   ii/, >--. .un a*, urn
Mcllridc  |n     (he  authority   for   bnlHiliot.
ii-o.   and     the
H   Of   1,.    13.,   ten   y„ara   „,-,,.       ,\    mu-|flirj
pemltirod   followotl   l.v     n
*$.*»•■•■*■* * * * ,  *  * *  *  *  *  .  *  * * , i,
Do   mil   tni'Kol   the   Uulqtiotodc   llnll   In
the statement thut     tho I'roviuna, aur-
pllia      for  tlie  year  ending;      Hist  Mnrch
last   wil.      exceed   $2,750,000,   which      is
not only  ly  fur  the liirgt-td   uii  record,
bm   is  nearly   half  tho amount   of   the
liniiilitH.il   surplus,       This   Indeed   regis-   i"1'1   RHn     JfeOoltlr
tecs  uturvallous  ui-ogress  In  a  Province [Herlbu tiill and ,1. pr
TIIF      I'ltlKlltAM.MM,
'>l inn   inklrcss-Mrs.   T.   S.   Cil|.
l'lniio  recital--Miss 1).   .Murphy.
Dialofftio— Misses      10.   IJnsluko,     Mnhle
lassie  Foiiuussy,
H,  S.   Aikii
d  ..r in-  i.n
.(.if tho I'nlm. has dlspos- !
n.-ss   to   I».   H,    UoKay mul !
Mint is si ill in ita infancy ami in which
half the white population resides (none
elty.       It     was   f IIU Vi tl||j|0      that   Ilritish
Columbia should share in the wonderful
development which In taking place in
Die Iloiniiiii.ii. hut no tine anticipated
that it would have oul-lri|>|Mn| every
othor   1'iovinre.       and   that   within       the
short  period of eight years the McBride
A dm in isl rn tinn would huve been able
to establish its business upon such a
sure aod successful basis. No ono who
studies the policy of the Government
run fail lo see lhat it has been conceived by u muster mind. There Is no
haphazard work, but everything proceeds upon a carefully considered plan.
The needs of each section of the Province ni'e l iikcn into account, Kxtou-
■jva road-bttlldlng is iiromidiiiy where
jl, will in'_t promote settlement and de-
volopiiumt, Public bul Id I ors for oducn-
ijoioil '(tn(J ittuu.} purjioscK are being es-
inl.lishfd   wherever   circumstaiicea   Justify:
nnd, Anally, the most enfierprlfllng mil-
way policy which a ('iinniiliaii Province
has known i_ )n>i|)g rapidly eonsuinated.
The detractors of Mr. Mcltridu havo recently exliihltod turn,' little iinpntienoe,
Mil ihey nm-l tm blind not to see thnt
ihe dejay is due solely to tim fact thnt
lho Premier's plane urn fiKpuuding continually, nml tha) yvhflij they are rounded olT they will embrace a fur biu-gei
scheme thnn wus dretu.il, o| eVen aytnir
ngo, It should not 1* forgotten that
th- Mcllridc Administi-iition is handling
ihe business of a country larger thmii
some controlled by many of the great
Powers, with a diversity of resource
that requires the most eur'iul study.
This is hut the beginning of a plan of
campaign the end whereof no umn can
see, hut ihe progress ol which already
assures British Columbia of tranaportn-
tlon. inler-conimunication. settilemont,
uud industrial development that must
in a tew years bring It into the mntt
prominent pbiro amongst the Provinces
of th<* Dominion. The marvellous thing
is that In the early _lagos of this development It should l>e possible to
achieve such financial success. Thero
has never Ih-oii anything like H. in the
history ol Cmiadiaii governments. In
deed, it i> doubtful if any Province in
the Fmpiee uun shew such u record. No
wonder   thut    the   brilliant       young   Pre-
Solo-Miss    Murtrncet    Roberts,
Piano   recital—Miss    Fdith   t'uslnke.
Hecitntion—Miss   t'ranris   Ih-mnmond.
Piano  recital—Mr.   ,1.   Rourgoino,
Solo—Miss  MaAuv   Ito ort.ton.
Duet—Mr.   and   Mrs.   .J.   T.   Sarvis.
Piuno   recitul—Miss  D.   Murphy.
Holo-Mrs,   W,   H,   lialdwln,
Recltfttion— Miss   Jessie   Murgatroyd
Duet—Mr.    V.   Harris und  U.   W.  .Inlui-
Tho musical prograiiimo closed with an
interest inH address by Mr. I).   R.  Murphy
Alter rcfreshinenlH were Borvoil, tlie
hull wns eloaiwl for dancing. Steven's
Orchestra furnished the music for those
who wished in dance. Until of these
orders are strong ntul when they combine tu Imve mi evening of pleiisure, It.
Is safe to say that a good time is
daj   mr  her    ht.n
II.   S,   Mather
Steele,    were.      u,
A largo nun
Fernlo this week
ami   IVIii   juries.
Mr.   and      Mrs,
id     A.   Doyle.
Ci',iii'!v'>oi..  Friday   OctoJb-
tinil  Mrs.   \'    A.   It.illins,
Milk   River,   Allu.,
wiih   friends  in  the
of   the !
in  the !
Goo, F. Henderson and Herm
SchuLtz returned last Thursday Irom
business   Hip ,lo   Vnnco
■iiy Thtirsiiuy.
Kill;   SALIA—"Alediuni
'$111.      10.   Itootl,   I',   y^iiux   ..'_<
[Prospector   Olllco.
...   Ill
Mr. ami Mrs.   II.   II.
... .1
at   Ki!|s..ury.    Put.,
|    Ml,
.   1
The gnme of checkers has its erase
hern at proent. While the champion
ship is rather nmlecldod, Hurry Henderson, Roy nml Geo. Andrews nil ebclm
the position, the writer, who is u com-
[s'lent jinlne, is of the opinion Unit Ceo
makes t I'ttther hot for the other follows.
Hill     .v   Co.
gents     im
Hill   of   M
.1.    \M
Mr. and Mrs. G. Krickson and daughter, and sister of Mrs. Hriekson. nunc
over from ('rnnbrook. The ladies visited Ihe fair n<-\ of the camp, while Mr.
Erlckuon went up the river to look niter his  .illhinl   duties. Uie   j
department, t.. I_, \. ;
.Mr. Hill takes posses- j
r   I.".Mi.
iditor  of   He-   Saturdaj
uiver,   uccompanled     by
as   in   the     citj   Thurs-
Rice Straw
the loss l.y
nl.-tl   ,tl   -SI.,'
As tlie broom corn market
is exceptionally strong*
and the price of brooms
away beyond practical
value, we have imported
a quantity of
"Rice Straw
which we can sell at a
purse pleasing-    price.
These brooms are on display in our Pure Food
Grocery Window
Price 35c. each
ree for $I.OO
A. 0. (Yit.ehlleld received an injury
while working on the school house by
having   ii   11 ik j I   pierce   his  hnnd.
upending   a  co
wns  in   Alberto
tiniutijer  ,n   the  Cran-
mpany   has   sold     his
I.:   of        Week.-,    Visiting
John  Jlogfltrom  has nomploiod  n  i
i lions   cabin, which lie will   occupy.
The car horse that draws In
track over Ihe top of the Ilu
inlcr of Urltish Columbia Is the cyno- his footing Hml foil in ihe ilu
sure ol all eyes, nnd that far beyond is the second tl
tim con lines of the llomluion he 1ms iperience.
noon marked us one of Lho rom inn uuta
of the Umpire. Wa li\e In a prartlual
age, and the world loda> admires men
who do things! 1'remlor Meltrldo is u 11„ „ Hliort time will oqulfi It with Hi
man who -Joes things, ami one whose latest Improvod mnehlnery for * sho.
| iii'itctii'iil   aduiinjstrutiou   of   affairs    ban   ,UI,|   hitrneHS rejiuir silop,
alreudj   brought   about       woudoiful   m»   I	
tcriul   success   for   the   Trounce.       llui It
Iwoiild Ih>     a greut misiuke to   suppose]   A now ruliiiH    bus boon made   by   tin
that  Mr.  Mo Ilr I do it merely a material    l,»M' l,l,n  "I1"'-   IlllU  ""    "' '>or shul
ist,  oi   that  lie  ilnds  his chief gratiilen-   t,,|,v 'mch  u> ,'1" umpire,  under u  penal
lion   in    reporlinn     handsome    sarplusea,    ,v    "'  NOltlng       up  ll ysters     lo     lh.
There   is   i tllur   side   ol   Mr.   Mrllride'h   umpire. ^
rliiitrtilcr   ilmt   is   known   only   to   ihm*e i
who have enjoyed the privilege   ■>(    bir.     Hnrry  Henderson  hud   the  inlsforiuni
personal   uocjiialntaticu,  and  to such   ho  of (Iropplng  his watch in the river wlill.
has   rovcnled   hiiuscll   ah  a   man   of   Ideals    ut   work   on   the    colfitr    dam,   and   it    1
one who at times chafun at the re- there yet.
mr,illil of run line uiiniliiistrallve work,
ami wiin ilmls his highest enjoyment In
poilllerlllH gigantic seliMiues, and tiuip
plug out a great future for his uutilvi
I'rin'lllC-t.      Mr.   Mcllrl'do's   favorite   com
punlims  are  books,   ami   the    lime he  is   l,|,1'l"1,'",,",y    ' ""*-  * '■
able  to  snulcli  from     u   busy   public   life I —	
Lu commune  with  the   bout minds ol  the J    |>„ialoes arc of a   verj   line utlnlity   ii
World   is   all   too  shorn.      The   Week   lies   t,,jH   H„ct.\m,       ||    rnqUirus    ..   real   1	
a   keen   a 'Delation    of   this  side  of   Mr.   -y(1   M^   ,_    „,,„     l|)(,((|   ||(    js])     ((.
Mellride*s  character  which   Is developing   „„,,,„,,.  nine,  t he,v   inste  like  s I
ui such a rate     that he will never   Im  jIIH,  tl„.  „„	
louml inadtt|iiute io tlie demands ol the l 	
l'W«wt Ihw'h   that   be may  lie nailed     ,m ^ )||m  |(| nn|pJ|
«  t(> ""*    T,,,,t BUUh H|,l,"m"'1 n,,,"r   which „ is    flnu   lo
nl   gifts,   nnd   such   pri.Vetl   edmbilHUntuo   ^   ^   ^  ^^   ^^
ability,    will    carry him to     the very   w MUnK  ^    ||mi(|m|
highest    position   cannot   l.»-   doubled.     It.
Is only a i|UfiSllon of time; uml rnoau-
whiln, Urlllsh I'oluiiibln run well afford
to Ih> proud ot a inuu and of an Aitmlu-
Istrntiou which Is daily bringing In-
cronHwl honor as well as added prosperity to the Province,—Victoria ffealt,
1   Tl uirrlugo of   M.   A,   Miiwlo
""   this p|ty to .Miss Una   Uuii'd of   \
laBod   County,   \.   II .   took place      at   A
This   N-   II.        Miss     llairil is n   niece
ho hns   had   this ox-   ,l1"1   M,s   *'    IL   Ki"f'
uie Co,
-is,.„/..'*. - j__s.-n_w_,.,'u:..
TIIK   II.I.IIN   I'U. |:lis
ull       III
' .III
sl   ...
ri... r p, it. sii|,|,i) m,.,
.,, ...titltlmmt is.™ (...' .1."
Is.,   ii   nm.    lln.isi.   h.l   ,1...
ii.'..  I....l.i.i.
•  lli.rl. li.iini'
r vi.«ii..l.l...
I' 1.1....I,    llll
'"I ' II, llll,I.' I,■[.III.[II,
III       U.-sl.-M,      (',1,1,1,1,,      i,„       ,1,,,     ,,
ill   ll.nl.'   |iru.tu,.|	
II.   All™.      ...,,...,..'.   nl  ii
mil Hi.'
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious       H
lor Dinner
ni.- Imii n lu.i.1 duy,
inn his li.'.'il uniiv u.i.I
ftitDfarl    l.mln   Mill   I....
.'I I'll  li.   HlH -! - I, I   llllll   lUStO
of ii   ni ii   nf   i fsteuk,
.1"...- I., a  . u.i uml s,., vm\ |||,
Ullll slim,. |,| IIiukh 11,-s.ll
iii.Ii.lis Ur I RON ||,,. ,.„[
which   uii!   -nil   lum uxutllly.
.illllll  Ui- si'ii I   ,1   '
P.   BURNS   6c  CO,
I'. (I. llui 3
', -li
ill   Hi.,   lln
sullil roi-s fni'i. ..Iilrli pr
hn.   Is   niii.li     ii'iivi'IIIiik
AdvMtiM la Uu Froipwtor.
I.itlli'     Rllllly,   lliiilolll...    ..I     Ml'       in
Mrs.   .Ini'.   Hinfllii,      |,.iiii'liiii.il   tl.i.   .....
til  III.)'  tiiusl  Hi.1 ollii-r duy   wllh   n   |.n
nl shi>iii-s. mul a.  this writing is iiit'-n
qiio.1 with blood poisoning,
.:    ,    l ...i.i.
.I..SB..    I'l
tin, tollowlnH i.xi'i.lli.iit roporlolro, /.uyu.  on cltalns soutli,  tl.si.ca 80 ct.al.iB .■.,'.'.    Localod Uiiii uh ility ul OcLobfr I'Jlu Frank Dezall
Rul.bor Tiros Appllo.1
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing .1 Sped tltv.
Phone v>     •   •   •     p.0   Boi ~i
CARPEN l'i:R    \\l>
iu 11.1 > 1 •: k
nm si s
Fur   S»l« or  Rent it   Reasi o» l«
OfficeA Workshop-   Lewis Si
"•fboue No   VS.
;   Undei
THAT is the iiuiiii', nml
below is the trademark,
, you are t>. lookfomext
time  you buy underwent
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
tit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary   underwear,   will
imi shrink. Yet >oil paj
nothing extra [or tins
extra value ;and yougel our
Guarantee of " tnonej back
if you can fairlj claim it."
Made at Paris i 1 Canada,
bv  PENM \\S Limited.
II,\K\ EY,    McCAR ITU,     ********fi<!*t*t<**,t*** **********************
.wn   MACDONALD,       * /1 un       1 1        ,      / -       X
,,   ,     ,„..,..      I George   K.   Leask  & Co.;
o «-t d •
Contrsictors     0
Itm-i-isti'i', Solictor, uud
Ni.ia.y   I'ulilic
nili.,'   lli-lil 11.   .iii
I'l.ins. Sri:. ii'irAiniNs
wi.    IvsTIM \ fl-.S
I'll,INK  III I'  ... HI > N s.i.'.   ♦
VleVt'l III'. iS  I'ARKER
IV I, S, „  I' I-:.
fl. \Mti;....K. it. 1
m* *
A. B. GRACE,        -        Edito
#2.00 For Year ;
Advertising r.tt«i   LuaJe   known   on
-. i__ rg
■ . *■ 01 *_. _.
■  A   roporl      trom   Vic I
week,   was   to   the   eflect   that
tlon  had   reached   the   v       ,
office,   that   In   rn.-    cities  ■ I   Pera -
Cranbruok,   thut   the      provia     .
*♦<*•■*»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ «.♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦*♦♦♦<»
H     W.    DKKW,    Propnotur.
Miiiinjir ICtiguiGoi' nml
li I'.   I.and  Sui'veyoi',
X         I'M   Box '-':!...         Plume 22tl. ;
* CRANBROOK,                  B. 0. j t
* . I ♦
J  ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *
! ♦ Di\ L. \V. Connolly ♦ X
* * 'III
* ♦      Physician ash Sukueon      i 1 •
»   ♦                                                    X' *
* *
!    HOTEL.  gra«brook,
»   ♦ Olrli'e: Anustr.
i   * ___
$   $ It.Mil
J* u 10 .1 n in   j I,. . |,.
♦ ♦ Phone utli™   105
♦ ♦
Is .a large and attractive hotel of superior
rl.-;;an.'i- iii all its appointments, .villi a
cuisine ol superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go to
V********************** * xhe   Wentworth  !
I  ♦
♦    J. H. McDONAL_D Proprietor    ♦
MM V..    V.S..
Qratluate ol Ontario Veterinary - ▼
,.„,., . . , „       . . ,„, ___™____ college, Toronto In 1-98.   llrad- :   ***<>***** >***>******Q<******4,***0 >4.**«<>*******
■_'iIr_!^.*inc^~»»t~rTrr'2TE!"ffi?s-SM;_Td«ri»'_« iitn   n.ul   medalist   ot McKUltp " '  —        —    ~   ---       --     -
I       Veterinary college,  Chicago,  111. ********i><i**********,********************-****
tf      in 1900.   Registered   member   ol j   ♦ w
j      Hritish  Oolumhia association. ;   *
i '   *
,        ALL CALLS
tempi hi |iruve tholr atatoinents, 1.
for |>tir[>o-e- ..1 Uiolr own, strike in t
■lurk, ,t...I cnal reflection- 1 u the n
mlnlairntivo  aut-horlUos,   and   many   Lt
Tim   i*emliiia of   the   Bttuute is sun
whal   iut8loiullntfl o_|iociull3     In   tho U
lowing      wi co,  -Musi   he  closed   u<
11 o'clock Siiiuniay night, inuu _ a. j
Mondny uarnlng," Thla |_ rather till
-'"it to dollno. All dovoenmont oilici
• ml courts, o|>ou nn.l close on Con
tlmo, which is ..it.- hour Intor tlmtt loc
run.', Iionco 11 o'clock cousl 1 Imu «ou
hu li; o'clock local time. Tho he
Itirnl iidvuv ohtiUnablo, is thai Com
time governs tho oiwrat-iou of tho oct.
'I'l i'i.ir  donlors,     ivholoflalo  nml  r
toil, of UrntHiruok havo willingly coi
plied with every rttiuiratneat o( Lite uc
nml havo closed tholr placos nl buslno
at tho proper time, nn.l kopt tho
closed  until  the hour ol  opening.
11   ta I'lnin  to bo s 1  by overy cltlzi
of f'rnnhronk Hint il is the doslro .■!
those ongagod in the liquor businoas to
iiiiidt' by. imii obsorva every provision
of the now liquor act, ami furthormon*,
thoy do obsorvo those provisions to the
very lottor.
Would it not be botter, as an evidence
«f good faith, in Bomling oui auch ui-
truthful Btatemonts, to firsi ask the
governmoiT. for an analysis ,-[ tho law.
awl thon. if thoy find .1 uon-obsorvuncL-
of the fmnif. report il t.. the local 111
thorlties, then if nothing la done, call
for thu Province to trai   the   irti
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
J.   D.   McBride    (
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.        |
^p j-t*K »1 net s>: is. tim *m Rn*___KUC,w_i-i-t-t ■ u.._. *..*, t.; .s am si 1'
IPTLY ATTE.NDEC IO '       T 11 \ .J A
nz^^i l S^ound I
F. E. C°rrison x
''• l'   ♦ smsm■ ®.%msim!ii.Bmm!9m'
Phone 353.        CRANBROOK, B. C.     ♦
I Bnntt    Mnstor    Oity Bnnil.
I Teacher ol' String :ind Stnucl-
|[, aril     Instruments. Choir
fi: trainer.
ft;  Cico.   D.  laigrtiir.
| L, It.'.M..   It.A.M.
lt ; a .i-iainis. &C;holi'iiiiistoi- Knox Chui-ch ♦
I'l'K.M'i.iai  iii-' |   X
CULTURE. ;     *
1     I'upils t'l't'iuiri'il fur l'',xiiiiiiiiniiiins *
On Bilker street, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town tlrat. ran make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan  Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Mana.ger.
Kuii term now uuinmuimiiitj
I aimu;i;ss:—ui'i'ii:
Reports from    the  "dry"  portions    "f
Ontario', conl   bell     aro   ver) dlscourai
lng  in ii m nls ol  I..".. upturn i r
SooW   Acl   rule,     remarks   ■- Me ril l
II.t.iI.i j   ediloriall) i !■■   ■
work n prohlWthe ln«   in  i hi nmtti r  i (
im../.'   seems    to bo u iosli
Inr    tho««    U hi      .. i-    !-.'.-. ||
lOfflSlfttloi     .i        L
evils ..I   it.--.-ii!     -i       ■   :
,-f the     wli il      ti  HI        i .■
rtn'i  a as i 1 i|
■ >t.    H tit,--'. ,-     i -■.
WUtl ■ ■ .       , ■       ,
bum hei ■■'(...
t he   r i L - - ■ ■ --     if  the  (I
was thai
Unn|mi u. ■   hotd       ifuotn ,.(    »iud
ware   found     Im l
"soft  .trink      i.ht   i n,.'
riecootions   of    all nhol - ■
ph int tho :..--■. ■   .,i i-i      11 ■■
ploi ■■   nl  ... u ■'■■>• lun        .  -. ■
tod.     bul   It   is      said   thai
ur.'  making   mtml    I .  •   ,,i   til.   i
stills   .,.       the   .,- .' --.I     .
Owing tn ti
Bawl Mnstoi
Mornu   •:•■
Not Skips
N"W an-l j,- .i vt u ---■ two women past-
i. r dow t.... ■ w o iook like tislers.
Ynu ur u . ..' i H'liiii that tliey ure
muthei an.  Ji u   Hi i, i nu you realize ilmt
0 v   im.ii, H   . n* i   "I*-  Ii\*t OUgltl to lie
at lier     i."   -■ i- i    Why Isn't it so?
Ihc i T.rm   i; >(i li nl woman is so Intimately b-jo in ftl •»  b ii*e  local health
of  He  ui -    femi ine  Drrfam   that
tl. ic enn b< i-i re ' icelt- and rouoil
form where tnero   s foinalo wet)kneBs<
Women who  hnve  lutTered  from
iiii-   troubli   h. e   found   prompt
relief nod oi re  la tlie use «f Dr*
Plereo'i  Fovorito  Prosvrlptlon*    It ftivet Tt^or Mid vitality to the
o»tilJI    t'l    'omon' ooil.    It  clours  the complexion, brightens the
eyes .un   Ltiddutu tbo ohoeks.
No alcohol, in 1 .il.iilorminji drniJs is contuined in "Favorite Prescript ion."
Any lick woniaj   m > consult  Dr. Pierce hy letter, free.   Kvery letter ie
held uh .acred ]      ui   entinl, und answered  in ■ plain envelope.    Addresst
World1!. Dispenjii     M dieul Aiioolatlon, Ur. It.V. Pierce. Pros., Bull '
 -; sr tt u m &» r^     i
BBlX«.«.A.K.A.M   |    56 ,TV    C^ORE        |
    -■- ■■ ■ •.»     l
,. / ;•. v, <? ,„• ,-.■,,', ,„I,.    ' t     «i«fffa,»,_B_5_sH_K -
)\/\    a^S ""t,l""e" | Gold Standard |
W. F. ATTIUDGB, W. M. ! J TCSB  »__d  CoffCC  |
B. W. CONNOLLY, Sccrct.lry j ♦ ♦
a;<cieni order Foresters ♦ r   0nr,wll^tin;e is devofd ^ >""' ^11ts in the |
court oranbrook, 8948        *  ' " "" '"' '' "': ,"'1'"'""' wc 'll«'i""'l>   guarantee  1'viry *
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4tb'
Thlifsday of cacti month nt 8 p.ro
A.  McCowan, Chlel   Rnngei'    J   tin
O. A. Abbott. Secretary.        i >
article that leaves oui :• lore.   "" J
.f. We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
ret eived that are nol Nu. i quality.
viHititiL* Rrothroo mude welt!nrae
•> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦
♦ CrailbrOOk ♦ ♦       Staplo and Fancy Qtocera      I
|    Livery    * *--         *
n**********l*,;    **&*******a,4 t.r • ■, a.,
• .«.-**,*« .
Wt. hsI. ynu l.n .-.ill nml try
our now CotiBlgntnent ot new
,...il Up tn dato r.tts lor
Winter   and   Smiiim..-.    Just
received Topplr nn.l Reliable
llni'Ki'H ut your disposal
(live   them   a   trial .mil bo
**Q***«*-******t,*a.***** ********* ty ****<>*****>*
| If It's Paint and Painting
We ore here with the Goods
/latin'ss:        _            .      . a\ *
...to, N.Y.        X cm"Xmti' X *
"      * I'll..ns 17 (liiiiilirii.ik. B.O.         X ' ♦
;* ♦ ♦
♦ to
 i   Its  -l
N'..vp,„|,.'.'   1011
WATER   ACT,    I   '<
TAKK NOTIOH that I Alios Get
..rude Mrirn* ol Cranhroos married
woman, will ai>|)ly to tba ffntri
1'nmmispir.ner ni Cranbrook on the
tub iinv ol October, 1910, al
♦term, o'clock in   Hie lorenoon fnr n
lleena* to divert two rulnr f,»-t ,,[
watsr pivr ewnntl from .Toflap1] I rn.-
ria r'reek, at a     point •..iiat.i a>,nii,
1000     teei     s..iuli   ..I tba     northern i     CIIANKIH.i.K LAND niSTrtlCT I ♦  " *      11    S        T»  (111 J,  tl DC F tlilU
,      o, Group i Kooto- Diatrict  of   But K nny ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ * 2
.iiiv l.i'.iii'i TAKE  NOTIOE   that     Ohcator ... ! ♦ ,,   .-   '. ,,,,,,.,. ,,,.,.,,! ♦ -•>, jrw . X
ni. .I!,, ,,.,, w„. , , ,,„„„„   «ap.oa, of Wycllflo,    l.rltlob Oo  \\ »'• C. U\ IM\   FLED | \  V'dpQV   lllU\i>U\Q> |
conducted by a dam, ditch ..n-1 Hums   Ida. occupation    accoiinti.nt, Intends   * &     w \ 1 i:     KTAItll'Xi i ' 1
.oi, i,'..'.en    ;„, .■„..!   .,.,■■  Lot   to apply  „„• p.-rnnss ,,1,'chaso   t w     r"kl1       niAHI.IJ * <_.,,„»> he- «>,-»f *
mi i. P. rt, ot w. is. wordon,    ]77M^K 'Uw7':'! 77. .7"!". \ t    Boili.Rii.ffir u, i.i,.    *\ t »t tim the beat
»«»,»_- mm*aaa*maatmammiimeMmmam*a**l meaamammamaiemammaam
Ml ie proporty of W. 18. Wordon,      ""' ' wing uoaennc.  n ,.,■     a, Rotll SIllL'lr niul  Dolilo ♦
Tl.,. s.mi wm,.,  will |,„ iiseil forth.,   moiiolng.afn    post plantod 4 chains \* rj,.|v„,.B    r.ir nil   iinvis 2
inwi i I...I 5441 m group.        ""«'  of tho south oast , ,or ol l,ot   ♦ ' '   ' * *,
10126, thonco      went   11 el.i.ln.s I.i   ll.e    X '.     ' ''',l""-    '"'" *
Hnutli Weat   cornor   pi   Lot     10125,   f ™'   "''   lll"'s';s'    ,"""1 * \
thenco south 60 chaina, th to onot M | f J,!";n"",R'     U|»-lo-date _;
No Crown Lnnds w.M lie nffectad by
. I., worka.
No rtparlftn  proprietors ..r holders
chains, in II... North Wesl corner nl   *
..I   Wnlt-r  l.irenMS  will   Im alTei-ted  liv   ,„     ,  '      „        .    , , I
iii.    work, .icopt   tl, i    ,v   "   ,,,?^ ♦. fj
'.""" ","""""1'.   °»»w»w fooeast f-.iDcacon, Proprietors |j i Ptiillter and      DeCOratOI' X\
*      J.F.Deacon,Manager      X| X Xl
Th« notice was poal
.In-, ol Hep .■i.il.nr, Itlli
tinn aeres more or less.
Al.trjt oaaVMOE MOJIUIB,   'jjated Ai.g.iat Uth, 1910.
.17 11,     ****************** ***,* I    ******* *******<*********,-******.***i>***l*******,] sy^/
Frovintidi biscilons flct
Ci'iiitSfir..!. tlrxuiral District
I'AKM NUTIUfi ilml I Imvo received objection, in writing tu
tin- t.i.-nt.,.11 t.i tn.' folluwlng nnnioa uu thu Heylnter ol Voiem
f.» lh,. Oranbrook Mlectom] Dlntrlot on lira groumll aa -tutod
.wn take notice that nt a Court ol Rovlilon tu i>_ held uu
Un- 7iii dii) ni Kuvouibor LU1U at thu Uourt House in Craubrook
ni i.n i, ci,i.k in iii..- fui'enuuu, l   -hull    hear and duteriulue    ihe
-uni  objection-,   mul   Utllosil     UUOll   uniui.il   perSou-,   ur  MOUUI    oilier
Provincial voter uu tholr behalf HiiUUos mu thut inch objection*
an-    imi well    founded,   l shall strike   H--h    names oil tha *..d
J.    I*.    AUilSTllUM*,
Registrar ul  Voters.
HuteU Uut*  Lotli ilny of October,  LU10
'lliu full owing persons tire reported aim-nt from thu Mstrtet.
l   Abbott,  Uhurlos Ai'thui*    Oranbrook
ii   Abbott, Ueorgo Uaker  it<  (Jranbrook
7   Aduma,  Uobert llrown  ..'.'    Wardner
16   Allen,   August     Mar.vavilla
iiu   Allison,   Charles   Henry       (Jranbrook
aa   Andrews,   Archibald   Mmi-uyun     Uranbrook
:ti   Angluy,    i'lurre     Orauurook
UT     AUgUS,    TllUiniLH         t' inn ,,1'uiik
■iii   Archer,  Frederick   Craubrook
Wi   Ann.id,  Harry   Trow bridge     llayook
ti.".   AiLMu.nl,   Jainos    iluyie
7U   Avlso(i,   l-kliviird   JohuSuu       Cranbrook
lis   Uurraiid, Ferdinand   Cranbrook
I lit   liaxlor, Andrew    Fori  slu-ele
Iii I   Deuuuiohd,    Cerille   Cranbrook
l_tH   Uoelitel.  Churiea   LeUoy     Crau..rook
Lilt!   Uoluiiger,   Jamea       C runbrook
li';.   Ueluuger,   Theophile     Uruuhrook
l»a   Hem,    Levi  Craubrook
lflB   Hiru-ii.  William     John    Nurth   .Star
lu.S   Ultiino, Albert  C'nrnot     Oranbrook
IM   Uoaa,   Morloy   Thornton      Murynvillo
177   Bourgou,     I'hillippu       Oranbrook
lWi   brault,   Alfred       Oranbrook
in*.   Brault,    Minify      Craubrook
10fl   Uroadon,   Reginald  Ueber     Cranbrook
BOH   Hrldgoa,  Atlee    D   Oranbrook
i!u5   Urlgunt,   Jean   Maria       Cranbrook
•_l)l)   Brotfan,   Walter   John       Crunbrook
aid   Broussomi,    Oleaphas      Cranbrook
389   Uroiialee,    James     Craubrook
U85   Bryutis,    Froderiol   Craubrook
_!■!.■>   Burns,  James  Taylor     Cranbrook
1150   Burns,    John     Crauhrook
i_.".;(   Burns,   Uobert     Crnnbrook
20J    Burton,   WllllUm   Henry       Crunbrouk
292   Campholl,  James  ll   Kingsgate
UU6   Campbell    Kenneth    Wardner
!_U|)   Cunflcld,   Duncan      Cranbrook
;ti;:   Uurruiliers,     I'oter     Cranbrook
HXi   Chanipagno,   David      Craubrook
841   Cn upturn i,    Percy  Crunbrook
:Mn   Uhurpontlor,    Napoloon       Orantirook
;1J7   Cholilor,  Louis   Wardner
848   Ohovalllur,   Lnclon       Oranbrook
800   Clayton,   Britten       Cranlirook
8HH   Colehrooke,   Kent  Muryavillo
887   Colpman,    William       Cranbrook
8S'.r   Congdon,    Edward      Oranbrook
8117   Cook,    Ann     Wardner
40U   Corp, David    Wattsburg
41k   Couture,    John   Kyan
411'   Couture,   Joseph    Crnnhrook
4-U0   Covoll,   lOdwiti'd       Ki>u;sgata
4'27   Craig, Wllllaiu  Eldrltlgo   Oranbrook
400   Cumin,   Sell    McLeod       North    Slur
•Hiii   Davles,  Prank    Thomas    Cranbrook
4i7'2   Dedourey, Patrick   CraubrooK
478    Doener,   John       Cranlirook
48H   Uezull,     Archibald       Cranbrook
408   Dickson,   John   Edmund       Cranbrook
fiOB   Donkln,   Hobfli't   Udwaril    Crnnbrnok
610   Dotiglus,  Charles    Aberuotby     Marysvilla
519   Douglas, Julius    Herbert     Marysville
(520   Douijlas,   Robert     Marysville
58.   Duchoanoa,   Josoph       Cranbrook
585   Dulmogo,   Archibald   F    Cranbrook
640   Duntoil,    Willium       Marysville
648 Dwycr,   Hobert.     IHIaier       i'vtin rook
649 EStorbrooku, Jamea M   North     Star
558   Eagnn,   Thomas       Cranbrook
594 Porrls,   Ernest   Ualnos      Crunbrook
595 Fluid,  Frederick   Vernon   Oranbrook
590   Field.    Samuel     Marysville
hum  Galloway,  Archie  Whit more     (rnnbrook
(177   Clarrott,   Horlwrt   Oasgolguo       Cranbrook
t\H>>    Clatldy,     Atlolphn      Crunbrook
nm   (tautiller, Joaeph   Cranbrook
080   Quneflt,    Prank   Oranbrook
7(»l   Qillla,  Daniel   r.  Oranbrook
7011   GIIHs,  Malcolm  Oranbrook
74U  Gray, Roberl    Wardner
757   Qrlgnoii,  Dorllas    Oranbrook
759  Orubbo, William  Rouf   Crattbrook
70n   Cluorln,    \ illu   Wardner
707   Mull.  Albert Arthur  ...   Marysville
7«7   llnrria, Charles   Oranbrook
780   Harris, Hydnoy N  Cranbrook
790 Harris,  William Malcolm     Oranbrook
791 Hurt,    Prank   Oranbrook
Hiu   llnynoi, Wilfrid   Dladetone   Oranbrook
835   (luudarson,  .J anion    Brown   Crnnbrook
8H7   Hlgfffns,  Itnrthoh »   W.  Syd   Oranbrook
H58   Hooper,    Thomas    North    Htar
919  Johnson, Pruncls Willinm   Oranhrook
040   .loyro,   Hal 1    Crnnbrook
951   Kousl.    (Im rgfl   Ornnlirook
9iiM   Kelly,    Michael    Port Steele
008   Kolar.ll,   Prodorlck   William   Wattsburg
008   Kennedy,    Alfinuil.'i'      Craubrook
076*    Koimody,   John   Eghn    .    Crunbrouk
9M7   KIIIIiih,   Alfroil    Onmiisall      Crnnbrook
991    King.   Malcolm   Urlggs      Crnnhrook
J002   Labollo   Josoph     Cyrus    Moyle
101)8   Lacay,   Ollbort       Oranbrook
101)4    Lnr.'y,   'Minium.    j    Cranbrook
10(15   Laoomho, Joseph   Oranbrook
KI07   Lnfont, Phillip   Port Steele Junction
inns  Dnfontaliio, Wilfrid    Oranbrook
1010   Laing, Walter Byron   Cranbrook
1012 Lnjulr,    Modloy   Oranbrook
1013 Lalondo, I'iorm   Oranbrook
10U1    Lniitfin,   KlHiiernr   Larkin       Cranbrook
li»2:t   Large, Henry Percy   Moyle
ln2(i   Lnrrlgan, James Rdward   Oranbrook *
1U29   Latliam,   William    Purl   Steele
in;i5   Lendbottor,   George     Crnnbrook
1045   Lobr,stare,   Joan   Louis  Wattsburg
Kilo   Lobastarc, Jean    Marin   Wattsburg
10.1-1   Lomolgno,  Jean    Marie    Oranbrook
1HM2   Lloyd,     Gettrge     Crnnbrook
KiSB   London,  Edward    Mnrysvllls
11 Ti?   Mnnlnn, llichorrt .TamCs   Muryavlllo
1L|(>   Mntthew-i, William Thomaa   Oranbrook
1M8   Mnynf,   Sidney   -Iain«a    Wusa
II (fi   Mayne,    Thomaa   W.ma
1150   Mfiir, Charles Edward   Pranbrook
1174   Miller, Malcolm   McDonald   Crnnbrook
1170  Miib-r,    Walter   Oranbrook
11H2   Mil t, John Marie P  Crnnhrook
Uie   MlchoJtree, Warren  Halting!   Crunbrouk
Moiliit, Mute  Cranbrook
Molonder,  -Nils    Peter    Uranbrook
Moore,  Herbert    William   Crauhrook
Morris,   Putrid  Mary*vnte
Mulletti      Ualiy      Alal'ju.ulo
l_!4u   Murray.   William  TliomuS     Orauurook
l_i-iy   AicAiiii.ii, .Norman    Jamea   Ur.uibrook
I2u9  McCowan,  Andrew     Cranbrook
li!7l   McCrodiu,    Shaw   MurysvlUo
1U78   McDairiuld,  Malcolm    Marysville
1288  Mcliouald,  Donald    Alex   Craubrook
laui   McDouuld,  Jomi Angus  Cranbrook
1818   Muudonald,   Wm.   While      Craubrook
1314   MoBuuuel,    Jumes   Port   Steele
1880   Mol-ucliorn, John Archibald ..._   Marysville
1827   McEachern,    John  i.'hurlea    CrunurooK
18411   McUitlivrny,    Koimld Dun   Marysvilla
1844   McXHnuis,   l_arl    Uur.ys'tUla
18511   Mcintosh,   Daitlel     Mar-isviiio
1808   MtKi-n/ic, Joliu  Oastlur   Oranbrook
1878  Molveutle,  William   Uranbrooli
187-1   WcKlllop, Donald Alex  i raubrook
lun;   McLean, Samuel   Port   Stuele
1-121  McNeil, JaUios Alexander   Oraabrook
1440   MoVittlu,    IL.ny     lli.ui.lluu   Oraubrook
1458   Nollor,  David     Oranbrook
1403  Norton,    Churles   Marysville
1407  Oliver, Noble    Wellington   Oranbrook
1471   Omlcrklrk,  William Henry    Oraubrook
1-172  OrndroniK'ttU,  1-iiille    Joseph   Oranbrook
1476  0\eson,  Odin    Oranbrook
1470  Ovorsoii,    (Jslen   ltyan
1488   O'Neft, Churles  Allan    tuoyie
1480  O'llogtan, Thomas Alexander    Oranbrook
1507   Patmore,    ltli'hurd  Willium    Cranlirook
1514   Patton, John    Phillip   Crunbrooh
1518   Peachoy,  Arthur    Moylo
15(itl   Puffb,    lli-njumiu     Oraubrook
1608   Quiu'iistrom,   Charles      Murysville
lii2."i   Uoblnson,  Gi-or^e    Kred    .Moyie
1027   Robinson,  James Wendover   Cranbrook
1U88   Hobson,     Robert     Oruubruok
lti2'J   Roeheleau,    Onesime     Cranbruuk
lti4i   Rosendahl,  Peter    Kun. ."■:.■>
1870   Salmon,  llifgh    Cameron   0   Crunbrook
1082   Schmok.   Willium    Cnuibn.uk
inuu  Shnnnon, GuorKO    Port  Strain
lti»9   Sliearon,   Mluhael  John      Cranbrook
1702   Slieppard,    George  Cranbrook
1704   Sherwood, Clifford Harris   Craubrook
1711   Simpson, Frederick E   Cran'irook
17110   Slater,     Albert       Crnnbrook
1755  Snaith,  John     Marysvlihj
178Q   Sowerby,    Leroy      Craubrook
1778   HpniKu^,   John       Crunbrouk
17HI   Staples, James Randolph  Crnnbrook
1785   Staplflton,   Edwin   Wulu-r      Marysville
1787   Stoolo,    James   Aruhlbtild      Craubrook
1794   Stevenson,   George       L'rnubrouk
1887   Swain,  Predorlrk  William     Oranbrook
1806  Thomas,  John  Morris    Oranbrook
187H   Tibbotij),  Georgo  Henry     Marysville
1M88   Toole,  Edward  Thomas      Oranbrook
1H97   Trueax,  John   Vtinly       Crnnbrook
1900  Turii-y,    Thomas   Oranbrook
1088   Welch,     Walter       Crunbrouk
1944   Washburn,   Bnyurd     Iloudloy   Moyie
HU52   Webster,  Richard Albert   Rlmheriey
1979   White,   Francis  Gllmotfr       Cr.uibn.uk
2iiii;i   Willson,   Gordon   Douglas       Cranbrook
3004   Willson,  Irving  Howard  0   Crunbrouk
2H12   Wilson, George Arthur    Marysville
2025   Wishai't, James   Alfred     Oranbrook
2o2i»   Wlshart,    Robert      Oranbrook
2029   Woodland,   Bertram       Cranbruuk
The Follow iug Persona are Reported Deceased
819   Carter,  Giturj.©   Edward       Oranbrook
87i>  Hudyeon, Thomas V,  Moyie
1192   -Junroe,  George    Synelar   Oranbrook
The following persons uie reported as nut ijuuliilod whei
plui'0il on the list.     ■
71B Buehand,  Pierre    Oranbrook
IIUU Ueuuchanip,   Thomna     Oraubrook
122B Beckott,    (jeurge Albert  Oranbrook
2-14 Burch,  Isuae  Lewis   Wyclltle
auoli Oanning,  Hurvey    Craubrook
atioli Ciiabol,    Churiea     Cranbrook
3-UB Clnii'etle, Alexander   Oranbrook
4ii4B Davis,   Hurley   J  Cnuihruuk
4788 Uelaiiey,   i'atrick     Oraabrook
48111 Dery,    Juhu     Cnmbruuk
4h;ia Desjurdins,    Oyprlen    Craubrook
488B Desjunliu.s,     Muthias     Craubrook
4848 Dearusi.trs,   Aime     Oranbrook
5U0B Dickson,   David  Cranbrook
502li Duurka,   Hurry   Albert     Ornnlirook
6*.4B Duckerlug,   William   Robert     Oruubruok
580 B Duncan,     Avery   J  C run I.ruuk
54olt Dupuis,   "Prod  Orunhrook
080B Possurd,     Pierre    „ Oranbrook
001B Fife. Jumes    Crunbn.uk
0M4B Cemlreau,   Maximo  Crunbrook
"U'JIt Gliiet,    Pierre    Cranbrook
7loll Clroux,  Jeai  Crunbrook
787D Orasslng,  August    Cranbrook
76811 Grlerson,  John  Alex  ..._   Oranbrook
872B Howe,     Jollll    ".'  Crunbrook
888H Huotto,  Joseph     Oranbrook
951 Kuast,     li«!orma     Crunbrook
90511 Kemp, Harry  E. J  Oraubrook
97711 Keogh,   Oatuiur  Crunbrook
Ioii4B Lnchauco,    George    Cranbrook
1004U LiiCliaiiCO,     (Uivi.-r     Cruubn.uk
100(18 Lull a ii i,   Prod  Oranbrook
tui'88 i.iifreui.-iv,    DavKI     Oranbrook
111128 LnlHterle, Louis   Cranbrook
lulUB Luiiiftuin, George   Crunbruok
IU2MB Latondroasti, Arseuo  Cmnbn.uk
llllllll Laval luu, Jumes  Leoimnl    Or»nbrook
100HBL iy,  (isenr    Oranbrook
LOUOI! Uvo*|iio,    (iriilu    Oranbrook
1UH5II Lung, Fnuieiri Granville   Moylo
U79B Mills.   Joseph   Ed Word     Cruiilin.uk
1205A Muivtun,   Chnrles   Hubert     Oranbrook
1295B Morolon,   Loalle     Ciuiiliiook
1814B McDnunell,  Alex.  It  Oranbrook
1II10 Nodelea,    Prank    Oranbrook
152HB Pen-out,  H lido vert    Cranbrook
1540B Pllun,    Raottl    Oranbrook
1555A Potvin,    cioiis  :  Oranbrooli
15550 Poullotte,   Arthur  Joseph    Crunbrouk
15H8B Proctor,     Chnrles    Crunbrook
15080 Pronlx,    Anlolno   Cranbrook
1508B Quesnoi,    |h>i|ihis   Oranbrook
1577B Buy,    William     Crunbrouk
1597B Richards,   Alcxnnder     Cranbruuk
1598B Riehurda,   Joseph   Duncan     Cnnibn.uk
104411 Rousseau,   Joseph   ChsrlOS     Crunbrouk
104HB Rowland,   l-'rnnria  (leorna  Crnnbiook
1098n shi'an,    Mich ool   Cranlirook
H1000 Sheohan,    MfU   Crnnbrook
I728B Hhivn,  Jnck     Cranbrook
KJtnfl Smith.  David    Crnnbrnok
lOOOn Turnbiill,    John   James    Crnnhrook
1902It Vit-hon,    Claire   Cranbrouli
liuiOA Ni'i'oy.    Jonn    Cranbrook
IDiinil Verreniitt,    PrnncolM   Cranbrook
191 IB Vincent,    Leo   Oranbrook
Tim following persoi
184   Bradley,   Thoinna
me reported na not qualified to
Objection  is made to the Insertion  uf tbe following num.-a .u
tb.'   RegiBtor uf   Votors un the ground thm they are  nol   qui
8259 Antolne,     Jules     Cranbrook
8358 Cyr,   Muthias     Crauuruuk.
■i'j'tii Gaguon,   t'lieodld    Craubrook
U2a_ Route,   Anselme     Cranbrook
;i_;i'i .l.-l,iin.-,   Richard  Cran nno-.
:t_iu Lafund,   Philippe  Crauhrook
8241 Lundry,   Eli&e    I'r.o. irook
8222 MurfU,   PruUk      Crnn .rook
8245 McCormlek,  Richard  Cr ,n rook
82 It*. Patterson,   Willium  Cranbrook
8248 Prudhomme,     Raoul  Cranbrook
8260 Siguln,   il-mi     -.- Crunbrook
i' :n9MA>sr^i.Will -—I —B—— llll — ****************\**m
f§\   Each grate bar has
isi   three sides-long v/ear
When only one side .if a rrratc bar is
continually next t.. tin- tin- all the wear is
concentrated .... that one si.l... Tlie life of
tiic grate bar is thus naturally just one-
third as long as when the wear is dis-
fj tributcd on three sides.
That explains why Sunshine grates have three lives. Knrh
o( the four grate bars has three sides. Each time the ashes
are "rucked down" (no shaking with Sunshine) the side
next to the lire can be changed. Thus thc lite of ihe grates
is greatly pi'ulong'cd,
When desired, the heavy
bull dog teeth on the grates
will seize hold of clinkers,
grind them up, and drop the
panicles into thc ash-pan.
Buy the Sunshine—the
durable, convenient, economical  furnace, guaranteed by
largest  furnace  makers   in  	
British Empire. a
District   uf   EHst Kuotcu'ty
Take notice that Austin W. Sultuiil
of Urunoi'ook, occupation Tinner,   in-
oiniia tu upply fur pumu.s.siun tu pm
uhuhd tbu luiiuwiug Uiiticnotja luiiiia.
l. uIIUiKllt .11)',   ut    U    pudL      piuiucil   -1-1
feet north tub I of the mum Iftlw oi
DitJwiiry ciuuiv, tlieiieo nortU uti Lbuinn,
tlience west 'lb chaina, thence uoitth
_u chuiutj, thenco east 4u ciiumts lu
thc puint uf cou-inencotueuL coutaln-
iug 2i)t) acres, inoro or leaa.
AusLiu W. Sailoni.
Dated August *__. l'JIO. ;>ti-14
his  i
and   ii.- lull  par-
r i fat,   un.l    u
ml   un.l  lliu iiuturu
IT    III,'
1   t-l.ll.l
ill bis! i
Will   |il*.
i.' omul
nii t.i ,
mm11 .i date Mm
.......i with tb.> ills-
a  huviiia  ii'ganl to
I'hlcli in- ahull in.-.
.or,   l
1, Y. A
ibis   su.   day   of
WA'i'l-JH   ACT,    I'Jijy.
TAKK NUTKl. lhat I, George A.
Martin uf UranhrooK, occupation
gardener, will apply lu tho Wulci
(Jummint.ion.:i ut t runurook on tn,;
25th duy uf Uctouer, 1910, ut
eleven u clock in the luienoun lur a
license tu liivert one quarter ul a
euUic luut uf water per decoud irom
Hospital creek, at a point situate
ahuut MO feat west of the western
liue uf Lut i'i Giuup 1 Koutenay.
The said water will he diverLed und
conducted by u dam, liume and piped
to be constructed on and aloug the
King -trcut gu\eiuiin.U'„ road.
'Ihe said water will be Ubi*d lor the
irrigation of _.ub division 137 uf -uul
Lut 29,
No (Jiuwn Lund* will be alfeete.l by
the wurks except the suid King
_Ucct ruad.
No ripaiiau proprietors or holders
of Water Licenses will bo aiiected by
the works,
Ihis notice wus posted on ihc	
day of SepLember, 1910.
LKJI OH   Ai  r.    l'-'lo.
[Heclloli   IU.)
Notice is Iwri'bj   givon      ihnl   un    Uw
Nisi   ilny   ..i   Ih-co i    mul     np| Uou
nd!   ba   inailo  to   tin'   Suparinlcn   ■	
Provlnrlal   I'olh-i'   fm   n   rwM'Bal   -i     'till I   llrnumi   i..     wll   Ibjuoi   by   n-tnll   m
i,\   ini;   maiiki:   ur    HKCTION -'.".i*
ul-*   iiii:     tlLNKIiAL    ACT.
IN    I UK   MA I I l.l.   UK   I'IU-   ' OWEN
SOI SM     not     KltALTIONAL"   MJ\-
i;ii \l,   CLAIM     SPI I ATE   ON *   SI I,-
l.l\ \ S      Mll.l.    I\       I Mill     FOUT
H'i'EELlii     MINIS'-     imislHN       OF
l-:,\s |    Km11 I3NA1 ■
To  u.   I.   .-hiiiu.    to,   Ulundoniilng   or
■inv    [iiu't.   nf   p.irtU'*     clulndlig   Ltiroiinh
lb, III   of  .'III..'I'   .fn. -m.
I WvK N0*1 ICE Hi,.i. I havo oxpondod
in work nml labor us itJiplirod by Soc-
ti..n -J l ..f llf Mineral Aft in (.'oiu.mu-
iii.n   wtilt     your  In torus t      in  lliu ubovo
hi-on      *<i i   Ilay   I'Yactional      Minora I
i t.titn  prior in Lho flrst ui November A.
nnlt'ss   ,\."'   ""■■"•      puyiiieul   ..f   thu   said
.Ilii t
bis nolle
ii or
liflore .lanuury
A.   Ii.
1   sl
'■'11 i ly under
Seel i
.in  -.11 i
.1'   S.H
.1   Mn.
ll'ul   Art   t.i ha-.d
claim vested iu
Un tn
ii. .,« nui
1 ,<i   Van
i,   It.
0. Oeto er  10th
.1.   A,
4-J ol
AC l\
i.   ■    IH    It-
that     "it   th.*
text,   appllcalion
Hip hom
II..I.-I   Klllintn
Crook   li.
\     111 KM.
D,.Ifil  Oclo ■   I'.llb,   C'lo. I Li | i
nl'Tli'iAi, AhMINi .| I! \ I'OKH  ACT
N'i'l li'|.;   j.,  Iir-robj   .-i-.-n   Lbul   on     ll.
7ib dtij   ..i  Oc r,   IUJ0   H   wim    nloi
.nl   bv   1'.    K  Wil ,   Km'Uirn,    .lud .•  .
thnl  Jn
<>l     ib<
Rlrctorn]   Ulstrlrtn      uf   Crnnbrouh    and
r.'i'iiir.  t.. I,.- mlmlnl ilmtoi   nl ,.1:    	
iMlngulnr   thn   i>*ti I   Clurenro   IValsnn
'il. iihpiI   Inttwti i.'
( *'''!   fori
trlbutl .r  il ',.!.■  ..f   Mir  '.t.i.i    da
untli  iln.v  or  Novombor   next,  bj   renl-
tt'tiKi um11 udiirunsini to fhe uutlorilgnorl,
n,,,,,! -h.. promises known ..* lho King
Edward llotel, situoU' <a H'arUuer, it.
i   ,  mill  upon    _ndn (luscrihod  uml ownoU
In   I*.   II,.i "
Andrew ll Orace,
Dated tbis 22ml day <.i Sept. 1910.
DlHtrk't   id   Kant Koutenay
TAKK NOTIOH that David 0.
Shanahan of .Sprugtie, Wiish., occupation studotit, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
descrlhod Ian Ik Commencing ut a
post plnntcd at tho S. W, corner of
Lot 6117, thonce west 40 clnunu,
tlmnee north ■io chains, thence eaut
-in chains, thenco soutli Pi chains to
point of commcMcctnont,
David  0,  Hhnmtfmn.
Datod  .inly, 27th, run 35 44
DlHtriel id IDngt Knotonnv.
! Talro notlco Ilmt f, Josoph Walsh,
Constnhlo, nf Fort Btoolo, intend to
i iv or pormlssion tn purcbaffe tim
fot lowing dOFtcrlbod IiuoIh commono-
Ing nt n pnsi plant(td at Mm north
line nf Carlln's tlmbnr leaso running
20 chains nortb, t.hmm 4ft chnlnn
runt,   thence  2(1  chains  South,   tSctico
■in chalnfl went to the placo of commencement, containing so .'wtcb more
or loss,
Dated September llth. L910.        2H-41 The
Iroti Range
PATMORE BRO _. _ __,
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers   »ask-A,ta
"THE RANGE STORE" and Koote-
Additional locals
c   PklgQoi
i*    now
Cosmopolitan   tloUl,
Th-    new
land     office
pi eiii-i   (Ijj
_ii-h   s   r
iyl.it      retu
from  h   viiit
wnii  friend
Monday  Is
rho ikBgivh
nx-urwl   youi
|.'....,.,iil Director,
\\.- I leal in I'.n\ tiling It,.in
,i Needle t.. a I.... oniotiv.
■II llll     IC I       11)111
Kill I.'i     n>b)   gcio
"   il.,)   ...    cl ,.
II   I ,i,l,'
'In..    ....   ....
,,. ,„,     "
| |     . .      »«      ■ »'"   ' ■'■'   I"   "•"   Nut"* Imii    ...    I
Joseph M. McLean ' »'i*  ■    :
■ hot, :   I     I.     ,,|l   I,.,.,,,.    ,„ ,
All li....1- nl' Sl.l-Oltll llill.il (looilH  I''
Furniture tl  M'K.ri VL'l"!
BU*. IK'   OF   I I K'S
...  I.rlll.l. i
lobar   sth
« lull ..   I I
I.       .' .  ...  (hi, ,.
s    \i \ I III l; ♦
I'H...                 II III ♦
f t Sages Ol.i  stiiini, Hanson
I Ri n \\\ Mountain Chapter i
F,  to'   R«_vea   '■:■ rurwhiy lo
•Iniflr    whei m .■!,.■   ■'■  b.
A   I.
b.   C    UcKlnstr.       ift    >i   M       ■
builneaa  trip   through   .   i
Nn    126,   K.   A   M
gul&i" meetlnpi;   2nd Turn*
In   each   month   hi eight
Is,.lint  \..It'll   sl,)   tu  ....I-  story
It's   simple   luii   l.isii-ii.-iiv,..    , t
littsldea ull  Uun  is rufreihliig.
Soda and other Soft       .,
Drinks ''
tlmt   »..
health)   s
tim .... lliu
best unit
.lor   to.     They  ai
.tup.   nntl   Invigorat*
■ l.oi .1...-.   Tliuj ure*
ureal  fi  uur  hot-
Thu bust ....
Sujo rnlug   Companions   ac   5
H     H. BHORT, Scribe K.J
^        Bus  '.'.'.'       . ti \ Ni,ti, OK, ... C     1
Singer Sewing
Machines  do
the Best Work
hey last a lifetime and c.
i nn iiii   ii i    um.
>. -  .'.' .
I'l'lL'l    I    tion-b)   .:.,     ,„,   ii
.'.-   ol   l.'.'1 Imi'   mutt,   applicant
i tl,'  i■•  the  s rl .i .....Mil    .
■"..-...I i'.'l.. ■ ..   ,- ., I ■ t   tl
I   1 '.'."  to soil  ti.,    I,,,   muili
hotel   tv.......   ,.s   it,,.       |,n|i..n.,1   h,,t,.
ito  ,.t      Purl   Steele,   it   c.  hi    tt
111.-..    ..[    Ilt'ttlsll      I',.llllll.1.1.
It.   V.    WEHDEX. ",
I,  ui   ************,<********** j
\\ A.  WALLER 11
\*              MABONa-s ♦ ''"-" "lll'r ''"t0 ' lnu'1"1 '" aPP'y tu
, the   X                 MA&uftM,*. X the Honourable   Oblel   0, lUsstoner
,,,,,,.   ♦ 4 , ol Lands for a   license  to   proapect
.,  . |        ,, • fur coal .....I petroleuni   >vor ,,ho tut-
nt.ii.i,    .. in linen,    A lowing lands, situnie In the district
•|ii..' Iiinii wt.ill      J ol Southeast Koutenay, In Lot 4693:
»l '"'A>
lutnl   October
' I H!l .
NOTICE   is   k
U'T,    tutu
not   111.)
•|   notice   is    heroby glvon that oo
tin-    Ci
rget   Lln,   Ms-.,,« ad.    H ■.
- ber  +th
♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   .ery linlr mure than tliruwii province
the   Doom   I1..US.
Do  not  forget   -.h.-   )lft»|u.*rs.l«  Bel]  it,
th.   Opera    UOUM    N.iV,-tlll,.'l     ,'!.
Wr   „,..I      Mrs    K    Cameron   ...     Ve*
York.   „,'■.   tii."   gnosis      ..I   Ml     st,.|    Mrs
VV   Canteron, tins   week.
W. Cline
i    Mar;
ol   lln
Chicken ilit.'iss ar.
Pago,      '.n   M.onlay
20 chickens.
tho   ran.
lutly   lost
or thu ..1.1   Main-..).,.  turner
st.,,p sen -.os be ..runl in toe
Plrsl < "ium Work  in
al1   branched  nl  the
| Tonsorial   Art
ogether, catchpenny, t-heatii
f I machines. Sold un small;
* monthly payments l.v
♦    Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Aniistiu'jy; Avenue.
Phi.ne ir,7. Cranbrook. B.I'
Itsl.   .'..Intnl.t.i.
sth.    I'.H...
I'..>! it ml at
I'm n.-ii. tl t
1.1,..i.' t
Inl  Piilii
Imu.I   s
FOK SALE   CHEAP AND TO        I ""l"'1
ll   r.
11.  «.   IIHEW.
♦ j   Commencing at a   pust   plnntcd ut
J  or near ll miles   due est of    the 20
i K   estlliilllns    •   nll« post on 0, P,   R.   sur.ey  hue,
itl)li|i(.-,il(,li      T   -l,ich Is the Woslirn boundary t.l Lut
11 ♦   ti'.'Jii nntl ben.; the Southwest corner
X  l'nnt ul George Wyki's' claim
... !«, Cr. rook     ♦     thenco North entity   |s0)   chains;
* thence Eaat   eighty    I8t')   chains;
*********■***>*»*******•*    theuce Suuth eighty   IM)   cpa.ui;
tlience   West   eighty   not   .hu.na;
to tho jH.iiit of commencement,  m.tlt-
ng ..to acres mure or less.
Located this lst Duy uf August, l'JIO.
Bathon W. Butts, Agent
William E. Units,  Witness,        3V.45.
District   ol   Must Kootonay
TAKE NOTICE tliul  I,  Elmore  L.
! Staples, of Wyclttie, H. 0. occupation
ti. t:. Lumberman, tuccn.ls to apply Im p.'.
NOTICE  is  I......
District   ol   East Koutenay
■  tit'i
..I i.
Tax Sale Notice
will I... in,i.i.' I., lh.. S
Provlmtful P.illco lor n .-ii.j-.val uf lliu
llmtol llconso t.. soil liquor l.v tsiliill in
Hi.- hotel  known ns the M'cisn   llotol, sli
...il.. ni  Was...  ll.  .'..  in  tin.  Profit t
Urltish   Cn.,in.i,iu.
N.    I IAN si, IN.
Datod  October sth, into. ll l:t
L1UC0H   ACT,   ll.l.i"
NOTICE   is   h,.|..|.)
I first   ilny   of   Hot tl,.-.
twill   b n.l,.   t..   111.-
Il'r-oviiirinl Pnllt-o tor
hotel licenst- ... Boll I
otel   kmiwii
...v.,I .,
Ihtloil   Octobe
It. L.   SAW, EH.
8th,   llilo. II-.:.
Sale of Mineral  Claims for Unpaid Taxes in ":::,;;.,. £«■, 1!
the Fort Steele Assesment District Province of British Columbia
Hussion to purchase hit, mutts
llttnd bounded as follows - Commencing ut a pusi plantod 1 J mllea onst j TAKE NOTIOH that Stephen U.
ut the nu milo post on oust line of Olark.uf Wyclifle, British Columbia,
I British Columbia Southern Railway, j occupation Tune Keeper, intends tu
Lot 1692, Group I, Kootenay Dis- apply for permission to purchuse the
trict, and lu-ius- at the nurth cist , following described land: Coi.tt.it... -
cornor of Lot 10137; thonce north 80 ing at a Pust planted at the South
iliuiiis, thenco west 80 chains, thonce 'West, coiner ,,! Lut 10180; thenco
suuth 80 elm,ns, Uience eusl 80 chains west 78 chains more or less to the
tu place ol commencement. least boundury of   Lot 1592;     thence
Dated August i'Mh,  1410. 38-10      north   III ehuins     folluwlng the   east
ELMORE L. STAPLES,      boundary ut Lot 4592; Uunce east 78
O, Bayard Staples. Agent,   chains more or less to the northwest
 (corner ol t.ut 1013u, thenco south 40
WATER     ACT,    11)119. chains to the place ol commencement
  [containing 312 acres, more or less.
TAKE NOTICH that I Alfred Doyle- I STEPHEN   U.   CLARK,
of Fort Steele, occupation rancher, i"atcd AuK"st 2;)ra. lm- 37-40.
will apply tu the- water Commission
er at Oranbrook on tho lltti day of
October, 1 -J 1 o. at eleven o'cluck In
thc forenoon for a license, to divert
one   cubic foot of    water per second
NOTICH is hereby given     thnt   30
lays alter date 1 intend tu apply tu
uato about ;;oo feet at.t
ihe month.
XOTICE  is  lioreb)   jlvon  thnt    o:
first   (i.iy   of   Pi ittss'   nest,   apnlli'
will be  tun.le to  th.-  Suporlntun.lo
Provincial  Polleo    t..r a   renewul *t    ...
h.it-1 tieet.se t.. sell it,.uor i.v retail   it. nuI1|c to be constructed on and over
the hotel  knout.  „s tho     Wycliffe  llotol, 'ljut 1->,i'. Qroup 1  Kooteuay  District ,
1 hereby give notice thai on Mondny the 7tli tiny of November, A. D.,  1010.  at the hour of f'2 situ,,t,. „t wycinro, ti. c. tn tho provinco the property ,,( myself.
ol Ilritish Columbia. |   The said water will be used lor the.
from six mil,-    creek, nt „"point sit   .1,1l"„,!1"!1".1""": l'l,i'" Oomniisslotwrol
..  .... .,„,. ,   _ ..' ILanlls for a license     to prospect   for
o'elock in the forenoon, at tii.- Provincial Governineht Oftices Cranbrook, I shall offer for snlo nt
Public Auction the Mineral Cluinis in tho list hereinafter set out of which Crown Grunts have
issued for taxes remaining unpaid and delinquent by said persons, on the 30l.li day of June, A. U.
lUlu and for costs and expenses of siilc. if the total amount due is not sooner paid,
■*« *<»,.■<..»«.      HE? LotV'0De ,""«"lre" —oi
\.Ul\ nu
i Iwuers
Name of Claims
International Placer t'
D.  I'   Munn
li.   I)   Maun
L)   11.  Maun
D. U  Mann
John Porter Bailey
N. McL. Curran.   ..
Thomas T. McVittia, .
John Ldiislt. ot al
Walter VanArsdalen .
Charles Klingensmith
S.  K.  Wallace 	
S.  S.  Maiinhuii	
I ..it  No
i 'u riboo t'..
i Ironiariy .
full   III,ust,
Noli'.. Dame
Uig Three..
I'UIIOIItlfl .
5(1 V.
I. nc.
r.t'.: 11
'.HI I
Tuxes ! Costs ! Tot ti I
MOTICE  Is  here:
I'ttsl    .In.V    oi    He..'I
'utli   he   made  to
Provlnrlal  Police
i hotel   llcons  se
too hotel known t
isiiut,,,. nt. Warilno
ince  of   Ilritish    Ct
Dated  Octo
It.   II.   Ill,II HIT.
Nil.,  ll.lo. it III
lit OH
III im
20. OD
2 0.1
I 2.00
! 2.00
¥ .i _.t
I "..Oil
II 25
NOTICM   is   herehy   „h,.„
tiller   tint,,   I   intond   to   ip|.l
Chief I'l.iiitnissi r ,,(     I,,
licoiiso   to  |,r„S| t   for .
lent.I   ovor   III.'       (.ill,mil.,
in   the    Dlstrlcl    ol    South
Urltish Cul.in.ttln,  in  Lot
<'...,. tn.nit    nl   u   post
coal anil potroloum    over the lollow-
llie saut wator wlll bo diverted and    lng lands, situate in   the district   of
bia, in Lot 4698:
Commencing at a post plunted at
or near eleven miles due eaat ol the
ill mile pust on O, P. It. syrvey tins',
which is the western boundary of Lot
4593, anil being the uoitlieaat cornor
ost of Kathen W. Dutts' claim,
hence south eighty ltd!) chains,
thence west eighty (50) chnins, tlience
oi lb eighty (8H| chains, thence east
Ighty (80) chains to thc puint uf
oinmonccnient, making tilti acres,
nine or less.
HATH8N W.    BUTTS, Locator,
William bl. Uutts, Agent.
Kaiph I.   Hurl,ngham, Witness.     ;I7
.ocated this llth day ol June, lit lo.
No Crown Lands will be allocted
by tin: works.
No riparian proprietors or holders,
ol water Licenses wlll bo affected by
the works,
This notice was posted on tlie 	
duy uf September,   1910.
NOTIOH Is   horoby given     thut GO
dnys alter .late I  Intond I., apply to
..,,  |  ,    Ll'u II urahlo   Ohlol   Oommlssionor
•      "■>'  of Lands tor a   llconso   to   proBpect
'        tor cal tui.l potr n over tin: fol
* '„, i ','. ,7 ;'"wil"-' landB, situate lu tho dinti-let
,„s   ,,'!  i    "' Suuth»aet Kootonny, in Lot  4698:
s      ,.   , ComnitmcliiK at ..   post   planted at
,,;,,., s'   or near :t   mllos due ensl.     ol the :!i)
riilo post on O, P.   It.    ,i,no-   |;„c.
15 00
2 .no
te-.o-.-> t.ith.s .In.. ,v,st   ut   tho IIS milo post
i.n   lhe   i    r   It. survey   line  which   is   th.
WOStortl    l,onnilni.v    o[    I...I    I.'.'..'I     .....1    he
ihtf    tin,     sonlheiisl   e.,ri,e|-     pufll    u(    Met,
k     Wilson's   i hull,     tl      n.,tt.lt   oightj
(sit)   chains:      then.-.,     uest      otgtttj    ISO.
etinliis;   them ill. olghty   (80)  chains
lltelteu   ensl   oighty    ISO)   chnlns     lo     the
polnl      ol    e t.iei.tnenl,      mulling   Oil)
M.Mtv  !■:.  WILSON,  Locator.
I'ltillten   W.   Units.   Agent,
Willinm   13.   Units,   Wilness,
Located  this 1st Uny oi Soot ber into
glvon   lh.it   .'III  ,!n
to npi-lj to the Ho
NOTICE is h.
nller .hit.'   I   it.l
Olllef   Cot Issioner   ol       I......I-
license   t.t,   prospeel   for  con!   n
le.l US'    the lolloiVltlg   I...i.
Iii II... Mstrii'l ol Soi.Ih...ist
British Columhln, in lot .iswi
CnnunoncbiB nl t. poll |il,,n
nenr .'. miles ,bio msl of it... :tr.
,„i the 0, P. It survoy line will
western  I itlnry ... I.nl   IfttlJI
-.1    .0
nil.' p.
tliul     l.r
..(   Sn...
Dated  at  Cranbrook,   I',.   ('.
This 5th <!..> ..I Oi t. A.   I).,   ioi
Deputy Assessor and Collector
Fort Steele Assessment Distiict
ttsl I'. Wilson',
eighty ih.'i cits,I
(hoi  chnins;  the
ehulns:    til.    ,
..hich Is the Western boundary of Lot
1.V.I3, nntl being tho Boutheast cornet
posl     nl     Mary     Denner's    claim
thence North eighty   (sO)   chnlns;
then...   Wesl   eighty   .sn     ,1,-t ns;
t'.en.c South olghty   180)   cbaina;
tlience Hunt   eighty    .«r)   chains;
to the pu.nl of commencement,   miking CIO ncres more or lt..,„.
Looatod this 1st dny of  August, 1 Mil.
K.t'hen W. ttutts, Agent
William   M.   Hutts,  Witness. 37-45
District   of   Blast Kootenay
Tako notice that William W. Richmond, of Traverse Olty, Mich., uccu-
pacion Luml.rru.uu, Intends to upply
.'.,; permission to purchase the fol-
low.j.g described lands: Commencing
at tt post planted twenty chains west
and eighty chuins south of Mile post
.No. i un tin, 50th parallel, said poat
being the southwest corner ol Timber
Licence No. lt',«43, thenco wost 40
chains, thence south 80 chains, tnence
west 20 chains, tlience n.illll 111, eliuins
thence cast 00 chains, thence south
40 cbuiiiH to the plnce ul cuiiuueuco-
lnent, containing 2so acres, more or
Ilntod  July 2fith,  1910. 35-13
NOTICK,   is  herehy  given   Ilmt.  no <lnys
•h.i   given   thnl  HO days, jl-flnr .Into I  Intend  lo upply to the Hon.
..I In npply ie ll..,,     Chlel Cotmnlsslonor of     Lands     for   a
... ..r Lands for n [licenso io prospect for e.,,,1 ami ptrtrn-
Ct for ''nut nii.l pelru leil.il ..let the following hinds, situate
tollowing  luinls,   ill   lln lhe   District   nl   Southenst   Kootenuy.
'I    S I."..sl     Hoot y,    .Ilritish   .'..httutilit,    bl    Lol   4fl0S.
it.   '"I    l.'.t'it 'I    .'..inini-ticiiig    at   n   pus,   planted   nt   or
..  pnsi   pl.....",   ni   ,,r i..'nr  .'.   utiles duo oust of the H8 mile  post
oust iif tlie f!H mile   pusi to"   the   ('. I'. It, survey   line  which   Is  thfl
iirvnj   lit,,,  which   is  Hi... western  huunilnry   of Lot 41108, nntl belli  Lol   ..-.'..:.   I    he- ' lng Hi.-  N.  el. corner  post  of nmilol  11.
ner   pnst   of  Kathen  IV I lieu.sis clnlm.  Ihenee smith eighty .SO)
eiico   '...'ill,   elghl.,    .so, ehulns:   lhot.ro   west   eighty   (MD)   chains:
"I    ei.'1.!.'.    ts.ii   chuiiis;      tt <•   north   eighty   (HO)   chains;   thenee
|.    .-'o.   chnlns     thenee ensl   olghty   'M.'i   rhslns  ...   lhe   point  of
.'hn...     to   the   polnl   ..I     coll t ment.   making   .'..t.   ncres.   more
to  tho  poll.i   ..I .'..in iii'.'ine.ii.   tnnlil
U4n  ncres.   more or   less.
SAMUEL P.  WILSON,   locntor. or   less, DANIEL  E,   HTOOKNS, Locator
ISlittien   W.   Holts,   Agent, PIATIIEN   IV,   rilf'ITS,   Locntor.     i1 Eathen W. nulls.  A|rent
William   VS.   Hulls,   Witness. Willinm   ['..   Hutts,   Witness. ' Willium   B.   llut.s,   Wilness.
Locate,!  this lst  Day  of  Septeuibor 1U1I) Locsteu  this lst  Oaf   tl  StpMinlier mix    Located this lit Oay  of  September 1010


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