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The perceived benefits of using English as an additional language learning materials created according to a principled framework Scott, Ronan


This qualitative study explores the perceived benefits of using English as an additional language learning materials created according to a set of principles grounded in a general education theory, second language acquisition (SLA) theory, and materials development principles. Additional language learning instructors often need to either create their own language learning materials from scratch, choose language learning materials, or edit pre-existing language learning materials when teaching. Despite this regular practice, questions remain over the effectiveness of choosing, creating, or editing language learning materials. The overarching research question for this study was related to how English for academic purposes students perceive the benefits of using English language learning materials developed according to a set of predetermined principles related to effective EAL teaching and learning. Qualitative methods contributed to the data collection of this study, including an online questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. Data collected suggested that language learning materials created according to the adopted principled framework for this study are beneficial for students as they can improve listening skills, foster autonomy, increase interactions, improve speaking skills, increase motivation, take advantage of video-learning, activate cognitive skills, and increase relevance of the entire materials. The results of this study can aid language learning materials writers by providing them with a set of principles for the creation of language learning materials. Furthermore, the results of this study can inform policy makers regarding materials development time for teacher and professional development opportunities. Additionally, the results can also inform teacher education to include more courses related to of additional language learning materials.

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