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Measuring and modeling sediment dispersion in small streams de Aragão Nogare, Marianni


Turbidity-based events in multiple-use watersheds can potentially lead to negative impacts on water quality. This is of particular concern in small streams that serve as drinking water sources in the Province of British Columbia. The one-dimensional advection-dispersion equation (1D ADE) is the most common approach to modeling the transport of substances in flowing water. However, relatively little is known about its applicability to suspended sediment, especially regarding the sink term that accounts for sediment settling. The aim of this study was to assess the degree to which the 1D ADE accurately predicts suspended sediment dispersion in small channels. In addition, an evaluation of the applicability of predictive formulas for the longitudinal dispersion coefficient to small channels was undertaken. Tracer experiments were conducted in three different channels: (1) a concrete channel; (2) a semi-natural channel; and (3) a natural channel. Sodium chloride and suspended sediment were injected simultaneously in the channels. The sediment particle sizes ranged from

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