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Upstream Medicine : Doctors for a Healthier Society [Book Supplement] Bresnahan, Andrew; Brindamour, Mahli; Charles, Christopher Vaughn; Meili, Ryan, 1975-


Original French-language contributions, by Claudel Pétrin-Desrosiers, “Chapter 10: Interview with Simon-Pierre Landry” and “Chapter 12: Interview with Joanne Liu,” and by Nina Nguyen, “Chapter 21: Interview with Alain Vadeboncoeur.” Versions françaises des chapitres par Claudel l Pétrin-Desrosiers, “Chapitre 10 : Entretien avec Simon-Pierre Landry” et “Chapitre 10 : Entretien avec Joanne Liu” et par Nina Nguyen, "Chapitre 21 : Entretien avec Alain Vadeboncoeur.” Book description: Alleviating suffering and treating patients, whether in a physician’s office or an emergency room, can be a matter of prescribing medication or staunching a bleeding wound. But every clinical story has a social story, and patients who present with acute medical problems or a chronic disease often describe the everyday life conditions that made them sick in the first place. These stories are often about where they work, live, and play, and about their income, food security, and housing. Doctors are now listening. More than this, they are working with their patients and communities to address the root causes of illness at their sources. Upstream Medicine features interviews by medical students and residents with leading Canadian physicians whose practices bring evidence-based, upstream ideas to life. Their personal stories and patient encounters illuminate the social determinants of health – the conditions that lead to good health and long lives or to more complex, painful, and expensive downstream medical problems later on. By transforming how we imagine the practice of medicine, this book will help us build a healthier society. Original French-language chapters in the book.

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