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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1919-10-15

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Wednesday, October 15th, 1919.
540 ^ha first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for the Session 1919-20 was held on Wednesday,
October 15th, 1919, at 8 p.m., at the University offices.
341 Present: The President, in the Chair; the Chancellor,
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dr. D. Mcintosh, Dr. W. L. Clay,
Mr. L. F. Robertson, Mr. T. A. Brough, Mr. Wm. Burns, Judge
F. W. Howay, Dr. W. D. Brydone-Jack, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Dr. J. F.
Clark, Dr. H. Wolverton, Mr. B. B. Paul, Mr. W. P. Argne, Magistrate
E. C. Shaw, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Principal W. H. Vance, Miss S. P.
Clement and Mr. J. M. Turnbull.
342 The President informad Senate that Mr. G. E. Robinson,
hitherto Secretary of Senate, had resigned as Dean of the Faculty
of Arts and Science, and had, by so doing, vacated his seat in
Senate and created a vacancy in the Secretaryship and was, therefore,
no. longer a member of Senate.
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   ) That Mr. Lemuel Robertson be
Secretary of Senate pro tern.
343 Judge Howay   )
Principal Vance) That the minutes of the meetings of May 14th
and September 2nd, 1919 be taken as
read and approved; that the minutes
of the meeting of August 2nd, 1919
be taken as read and amended to read-
"A special meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia was
called for" and with this amendment be
approved; and that the resolutions of
that meeting as recorded in the minutes
be ratified.
Oarried. (Ill)
A letter was read from Professor J. A. McLean, expressing
regret that it was impossible for him to be present at the Senate
Dr. Clark)
Mr. Argue) That the letter be filed.
345 The President reported that Bishop de Pencier had
telephoned that he would be unable to attend the meeting, as had
also Dr. Boggs.
346 Mr. James Brebner, Registrar, the University of Toronto,
wrote stating that many applications were being received at that
University from students of law in British Columbia for the
privilege of taking their examination leading to the Degree of LL.B.
at home. He asked whether, under these circumstances, the
University of British Columbia would approve of the University of
Toronto entering the province for that purpose, and if so, whether
the Officers of the University of British Columbia would take charge of
these examinations.
Principal Vance)
Magistrate Shaw) That the Senate of the University of
British Columbia, while it will not
raise any objection to examinations for
the Degree of LL.B. being conducted in
the Province by the University of
Toronto, does not see its way clear to
becoming responsible for their conduct.
A resolution,passed by the Vancouver Board of Trade,
requesting that the University of British Columbia furnish
opportunities for the study and investigation of Oriental languages
and conditions was presented. (112)
Judge Howay)
Mr. Argue ) That the communication be received and
referred to a Committee to investigate and
Mr. Argue )
Judge Howay) That the Committee which investigated this
question before have referred to it the
matter brought up by the Board of Trade.
. Carried.
348 A letter from Mr. J. S. Gordon, Secretary of Convocation,
transmitting the following resolutions from Convocation, was
1. "That Convocation be asked to endorse the general idea
of having a Board of Examiners in Music appointed
by the University and to urge the proper authorities
to take the necessary steps toward that end as soon
as practicable".
Argue ) That a Committe be appointed to look into the
matter and report to Senate.
The President named as a committee the following:-
Judge F. W. Howay, Chairman,
Mr. T. A. Brough,
Mr. P. A. Boving.
2. "That Convocation grant a sum, not to exceed Fifty
Dollars, out of the interest on its investments to
be awarded annually to the student obtaining the
highest general average in the Fourth Year of
Applied Science?
Dr. McKechnie  )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That Senate approve of this action of
Convocation and that the Secretary in
acknowledging express its appreciation.
3. "That the attention of the Governing Authorities of the
University be directed to the urgent importance of
furnishing, at the earliest possible date, opportunities
for the study and investigation of the philosophies,
histories, languages and civilization of the Orient". (113)
This was ordered referred to the Committee appointed to
consider the matter of providing opportunities for the
study and investigation of Oriental languages, conditions,
philosophies, histories, etc. at the University of British
349 A letter was read from Dr. E. E. Harper regarding the
establishment of a Faculty of Music at the University.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Burns ) That the letter be referred to the Committee
already appointed to deal with the question of
350 A letter was read from the Board of Governors, stating that
the Board was in sympathy with the proposition to establish a
Faculty of Home Economics and would take the matter up for practical
consideration as soon as it was in a financial position to undertake
the work.
Dr. McKechnie)
Mr. Argue   ) That the letter be received and filed.
351 A letter from the Board of Governors was submitted, announcing
that the recommendation of Senate that two additional matriculation
scholarships of $100.00 each, be awarded, one to Miss Annie Anderson,
of Vancouver and the other to Miss Jessie Ligertwood, of Victoria,
on account of their high standing and the closeness with which they
approached the winners, was adopted.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Paul ) That the letter be filed and that the thanks of
Senate be extended to the Board of Governors
for their action.
352 in the same letter it was stated that the question of the (114)
abolition of fees for the June Matriculation examinations would be
considered at a later meeting.
The President reported that the Board had appointed a
Committee to take up the matter of matriculation fees with the
Department of Education at Victoria.
The letter was ordered filed.
352 A letter from the Acting President was read, stating that
the recommendation of Senate re the establishment of a Department of
Nursing, was approved by the Board of Governors, on the understanding
that the establishment of this Department would not involve any
additional expense to the University.
Dr. Wolverton )
Principal Vance) That the letter be filed.
354 A communication from Dr. Alexander Robinson, Superintendent
of Education, was presented, in which he directed the attention of
Senate to the high marks made by Miss Mary C, Binnie, of Rossland,
and Miss Gertrude M. Smith, of New Denver, each having made 74|$
in the Junior Matriculation Examination, and to the fact that the
University scholarship for one of the Kootenays was not awarded
because no candidate for that particular district made 75$.
Judge Howay   )
Principal Vance) That the letter be acknowledged and that
the Superintendent be informed that Senate
is unable to take action owing to the
fact that these two candidates did not
obtain the required percentage.
355 Dr. Clark )
Mr. Gordon) That the application of Dr. M. T. MacEachern,
Superintendent of the yancouver General F*~
Hospital, applying for affiliation of the Training School
for Nurses of the Vancouver General Hospital with the University through the Department of Nursing be laid on the table
until other matters dealing with the Department of Nursing
are under consideration.
Dr. Clark     )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That the resolution, passed by the B. C.
Hospital Association, requesting that provision
be made to enable registered nurses to
attend courses on the principles of public
health nursing in all branches, be laid
on the table until other matters dealing
with the Department of Nursing be taken
Mr. Burns presented the report of the Committee on
Conditions Governing Affiliation of Victoria High School with the
University of British Columbia as follows:-
Your Committee appointed to prepare a report setting forth
the conditions, under which it is proposed that Victoria High School
be accepted as a College in affiliation with the University of
British Columbia in the work of the first two years in Arts, beg
leave to report as follows:
1. The affiliated college shall offer courses in the subjects
obligatory in the first two years in Arts, such other optional subjects
as are necessary to allow students to take complete courses in those
years, and any further optional subjects that from time to time may
be found desirable; and that the approval of the President of the
University shall be necessary before any such optional course is offered.
2. Appointments to the staff of the affiliated college shall
be made by the governing body of the affiliated college subject to the
approval of the Board of Governors of the University of British
Columbia on the recommendation of the President.
3. There shall be two examinations each year, one at Christmas
and one at the end of the spring term. The examination papers in both
shall be set by the Faculty of the University. The Christmas examination
shall be conducted by the staff of the affiliated college; the final
>. examination by the Faculty of the University.
4. The governing body of the affiliated college shall provide
such equipment as shall be satisfactory to the President of the
University of British Columbia.
\      ^^ 5.  Upon the report and discharge of this Committee, it shall be
^^       the rightof the President, subject to the approval of Senate, to make
-^ such other regulations as shall from time to time be found necessary.
V (116)
It was agreed that this report be taken up clause by clause.
Mr. Paul )
Mr. Gordon) That Clause 1 be adopted.
Carri ed.
Mr. Paul )
Mr. Clark ) That Clause 2 be adopted.
Dr. Clay    )
Dr. Wolverton) Moved in amendment that it be adopted with
the words "on the recommendation of the
President" stricken out.
Principal Vance )
Mr. Argue
) Moved an amendment to the amendment that
the Clause read "appointments to the staff
of the affiliated college shall be made
by the governing body of the college,
subject to the recommendation of the
President and the approval of the Board
of Governors of the University of British
Carried. 14 to 5.
Mr. Paul
Mr. Burns
Mr. Paul
Mr. Burns
Mr. Paul
Mr. Burns
Mr. Paul
Mr. Burns
That Clause 3 be adopted.
That Clause 4 be adopted.
That Clause 5 be adopted,
That the Report of the Committee as amended be
adopted. Carried.
357 A request of two high school principals for an alternative
paper on the Latin Authors for Junior Matriculation came direct from
the Faculty Conmittee on Curriculum and Calendar, with the recommendation that an alternative Matriculation paper be set on the
Intermediate requirements. (117)
Gordon  ) That the recommendation be referred to Faculty
with power to act.
Faculty Recommendations.
1. 2hat Eberte Mills McKechnie, Third Year Arts, who through
illness was unable to take the final sessional examinations,
be granted "aegrotat" standing.
Paul    ) That the recommendation be adopted.
2. That Miss Beatrice Johnson and Miss Margaret Healy,
applicants for admission to the Course in Nursing, be
granted second year standing.
Burns   ) That this recommendation be laid on the table
until other matters dealing with the Department
of Nursing are under consideration.
_ 3.  That Beginners' Greek and Beginners' German be added to the
w list of optional subjects in paragraphs 4, 5, in First Year
Arts Curriculum, page 62, Calendar 1919-20, the course In each
* to be four hours, with a credit of three units, the subject
to be taken also in the Second Year; that students electing
l. a Beginners' Language with a view to proceeding to Second
Year Arts should be required to take one other language
(not beginners'). ■*
\ Paul    ) That this recommendation be adopted.
Representation of Senate on special occasions, such as the
visit of the Duke of Devonshire to the University, when the usual
length of notice was not possible, was discussed and it was agreed that
it was not necessary to take any action.
The President reported that 873 students had registered for
the 1919-20 session and briefly related some of the difficulties
encountered in the efforts to provide classroom and laboratory accommodation.
L i
361 After some discussion with regard to various matters in
connection with the Department of Nursing it was moved
Magistrate Shaw)
Principal Vance) That when this meeting adjourns, we adjourn
for two weeks; in the meantime that the
President appoint a Committee to interview
the different Faculties and to prepare a
report to be presented to Senate two weeks
hence. Carried.
The President named the following Committee:-
Dr. W. D. Brydone-Jack, Chairman,
Judge F. W. Howay,
Dr. T. H. Boggs,
Dean R. W. Brock,
Dr. Ashton.
362 Dr. Wolverton gave notice that at the next meeting of
Senate he would move, seconded by Dr. Clark, the following resolution:-
"WHEREAS: It is generally understood that, where a University
is managed by a Board of Governors and a Senate, the Board of
Governors is charged with the responsibility of the material interests
of the institution, that is, the care of the lands,the erection and
care of all buildings and equipment, of the endowments, their
investment and conservation, methods of securing needed monies from
governments or otherwise, and the control of all expenditures; while
the Senate is charged with the academic interests of the institution,
that is the curriculum of studies, the scholastic standards required
for the various grades and for graduation, the conduct of all
examinations, and the general direction of the work of the staff -
subject to the financial control of the Board of Governors; therefore
it seems fitting that the special qualifications for a seat on the
Board should be business ability and experience while the qualifications
for a seat on the Senate should be educational attainments and
experience, and
WHEREAS: it seems to the members of this Senate difficult,
if not impossible, -to secure and maintain that high scholastic standard
for the various grades and for graduation which will give to this
institution the high place among the universities of the Empire which
we desire unless we have the privilege and duty of making the most
careful investigation of the qualifications and educational experiences,
as well as the character and personality of all applicants for
appointment to the staff and
WHEREAS: the members of the Board of Governors are
appointed by the Government of the day, which, of necessity, reflects (120)
the sentiments and follows the policy of the ever changing majority
in the House, and whereas it is natural to suppose that a Board will,
to a greater or less degree, reflect the sentiments and follow the
policy of the appointing body, giving less stability and continuity
to the policy of the University, and
WHEREAS: the members of the Senate are elected, largely,
by Convocation, composed of graduates of recognized universities of
the Empire, a stable and thoughtful body,- which should give to the
Senate a stability and continuity as to policy, and
WHEREAS: the staff of a university will, to a greater of
less degree, reflect the sentiment and policy of the body making
the appointments, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that a request be submitted to the Board of
Governors that they unite with us in an application to the Provincial
Legislature asking for an amendment of the University Act such that
all appointments to the University staff shall be made by joint
action of Senate and Governors."
Principal Vance)
Mr. Argue     ) That we adjourn.
Chairman. Secretary.


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