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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack] Johns, Ethel 1950-10-16

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 4519 Fifteenth Ave. lest
fane ouver * Canada
""' ., October 16* 1950
Dear firs Brack :
First of all* I should like to tell you how ssmk ,,;onr letter of October
9 helped and' encouraged oe. Ton have the happy faculty of being able (ia your miad'g eye)
to see the history aq a whole and therefore to realise the necessity of Biaiataining a
balance between its various parts* Six sections of the Matting MSS are now ia the typist's
hands and I aa striving to complete the regaining two or three as rapidly as possible*
fhese are difficult since It is necessary to gather up the threads and to weave them
together i%aeat little finale* I am beginning to see that there will be some material
that ^belongs1* to Use Pfefferkora as well as to me and that olgfet be better handled
If INI were to work on it together. I have even gone bo  far as to su^,.;ost to her that she
Sijz  id r.tura eastward via Vancouver * AS yet* she hag made no reply and may possibly be
reserving her decision until she has Seen the Saaptea 1SS*  lliere need be no delay la
sending the Hutting USS oa to you .0 aeon as ever I have finished it*
It my clarify my prege:    Itioa if 1 define ap general approach to the points
tioned ia your letter — so here goes $
1* Pros the outset*-- my prhmry objective has been and remains |a)to agsemble* classifyt
and carefully to e»nine the chaotic mass of source material th t wag smde available to l
at Johag Hopkinsf (b) to weave this Material into a well documented* coherent $m& reag**
ona'bly complete account of the cri-ji .-. development and progress of the School during the
period 1867 ~*» 1907* I understand from Mig0 Pfefferkora {aa endneatly competent judge)
that the fir;        ie objective hag already been satisfactorily completed by ©e*
Ihe Hampton arid       anuceriptg together constitute the second part of the objective
and will both be available      long for the coaeideratioa of the Committee. Ia thli
connection* I si2;e that those isaauecriptg are only draft a. and
 to be thorouglily revised* It will not be possible* at this stage., to indicate titleg*
topical headings* footaetee. etc. 3Sdg ftmmm wmt  be i0i&vm^ until the umanar ia
which these are to be handled baa been agreed upon by the authorg so that the #ane methoda
nay be aged throughout the satire volume*
2* Ton gpeak of the desirability of "addition 1 gideligbts on Isabel Bwnptea** Ser influence over the devolornoat of the School did not tm& with her marriage and you will
find many refereaoeg to it in the Hatting !S8* Sveary acrap of biographical data related
to her pergonal life before .her mar iage hag been used but* aa you are doubtless amre* her
boub  are still living* and It would hardly be wise (or in good tagte) to mt^w to her
married life*  She did not die until 1910 and it seems likely that Bl»» Pfefferkora will
wish to lake 00110 ai.ueioa to it.
3. In a letter addressed to m?B Ucficar* Mas Buabar made thie gtatemeats mt agguse that
the book will Include b:       information oa the contemporary picture ia the education
of woisaa and related medical and social service developments .** I gather that thig gaeg«
tion hag already been jointly discuaaed hy Miaa Dunbar* Mag fay lor and Mas Diaeg and
will be fur .her explored at a forthcoming raeetiag of the History Committee. I ghonlA
therefore prefer to reserve comment until after gpecifie recor^endationg have been made
and I have had an opportunity of diseasing these with Jligg Pfefferkora*
4* I should* as you suggest* Hire to write finlc at the earliest possible date go far ag
my  direct contribution to the higto^y lg conce.ned but pleage toiler* that 1 want to do
all 1 can to help at any stage until the preaaeg start to roll and we all have to take
50 off the hook*
sapleg arc flaming against a dark    round of Doug|ag fire and with a glimp&e of
gea betw-ea jaa...e you glad yon live ia Britigh Col    1 rink \ aehiag oachiaeg* indeed*
well* i&ell*,     fh&ik you for everything*


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