History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack] Johns, Ethel 1950-02-27

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 4519 Fifteenth Ave* West
Vancouver. British Col-ambla
February 27* 1950
Bear Mrs Brack :
first lot Hi try te aafjli&r your questions categorically* Unfortunately*
your letter of ?&brmry  17 hag only just reached me. Appar ;ntly there viae fo&c delay
on ytjvx  side of 49th parallel duo to "insufficient postage."
.,lnn fldQ„„wc .ffo.t oar    cript?
If all c;oqb  Willi a preliminary draft of the i    ript for which I as to be responsible will roach you short!...    PC the annual meeting which I am talcing' for granted
will be held in May. It will thus be possible for you to fulfil your dreBM  of holding
it high in your'hands at that time aa proof that sock? work has I    oonplished* It
rly understood. Mov/cver* that this manuscript is only a preliminary draft
and that corrections* deletions and additions aw .       * utill poosiblo*
I eho    tec to suggest that .sub0.e<mefit to the, amxos.l  . ;v l-.ui^ the draft be submitted
to the 81 tee for detailed analysis and criticism the results of which
Should In itiag for ny benefit* Aa soon as tide process is complete*
the draft can be returned to me for final revision* Concurrently. I would proceed
with the re-witing of the Manuscript with a view to improving the style* sequence
and general arrangement* Any revision which may be indicated can bo incorporated as
soon ag 1 hear the outcome of the review by the History Committee*
Kelatiq^::u. r:;:i:I jzl  //feffefeoras
Subject to the approval of the History Cora.ittee* a copy of ^y draft could be forwarded to liiss Pfefferkora aa soon as the Coar/dttee has notified rae that it considers
m$ manuscript to be reasonably accurate and generally aceeptabl©*
I ghc Id be glad to confer personally with Miss Pfferkora as soon as «p manuscript
has been approved hj the History Cor&nittec* If it were possible for hor to return last
via Vancouver* we might be able to work out a plan for a smooth transfer for one era
to another*
Beading of the [panac,cyrlpt by IlJ^g Bean %
I mogt confess that 1 am strongly opposed to submitting detached fragments of ny
manuscript to anyone. I realise, however, that Mise Bean is entitled to special consideration and I will try to pick out sooe of the Hampton material for her to look over.
Incidentally, I had dinner the other night at the hose of distinguished Canadian surgeon, now in hie eightieth year, who wag a pupil of Isabel Hampton when he wag eleven
and she was about eighteen* I eedlesa to say* I have set him to ?#ork digging up his
Source materia! is
lad it «n» as I discovered whan the
poiif if ential;
ak you
mark - to shoot
soil.    A we dy I:
" c:::r   try .'.   .   .     r/;;
I like :/t
ly uo am sending
I can*t* help
3 a
all fall far short of it. But not for want of
thrill of to >  cwtt bulbs sending up Oroun shoots out of tiy own
rtlepgflN^ it is and the snow lay heavy on it last winter. Bat I
*m and thd.y-ipes >,?vo not fro sen — i t*
1 Jc
be sure of
i office,   fra    ;   t
►rtaaity of watci
tgt&l scae correot-
l of modem youth


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