History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Jessie B. McVicar] Johns, Ethel 1949-04-04

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 ■" J£B£2aJLP ®*^ W '&p*X\ 4* 1949
«Wi?l£ mm m mm ^gui #ie4* to sees twea* mx ia
lew erf fi%te o# betses&m has noitas^^vnoo ai # tired* •**«>. <**r * if
Dear lira IlcYioar* f
immjmil i-a *0i   ....   : --   Taen ..      <--.;; . [     ,arl. r-;> s^J d#iw «laf s SVa*i L'  .^n; *ol &j-
I yon had had such a ale* spring holiday -and that Mr
He Vicar had got 00 imtdh good out of it* ■ % now* you will havlS&aCa^%lk with Mrs
have heard that all the archif#s^fles7x.tc#
re laftVln good order*
'dentists elralr*
hold out Ion.
'Brack i
1 do e able to hang o^-J^ the famous b^ll cupboard although some-*
tiling seems to tell ne that our little friend\iii the libajiry . .-r aye on it*    I aci
more than ever convinced that* ItiCway eveiMu thVhi^r^rieal material it contains ought
to I od from a n.tioa4l and international joint of view*    If all else fails* a
good la /iUifc would store! most of it*
pent o^st of 'iay ti. m  reelia ng gracefully in a
t lenxd yelps at intervals* However* 1 am glad I>was able to
et'Tmck to ay ovn mm in whom I have great faith though lie
ecoids me uirs^rci fully * ]Xp6 : in the little apartment* too* lfm 00 glad I
was extravagant iafTSpt it on vAiile 1 ms ai^sy. If all gees well, I $m plana tag to
ctay in IJont eal until about Ifey 1& arid then to sake qysay ^f out to Vancouver by easy
stages* 1 hope to spend Saeter wlHbh my  cousins la cpebee* He haa just got' back from
a stay of some tenths in lugland where he attended the I*ambeth Conference and 1  aa
looking forward to heart n§ w.at they think of the state of*m$£tm& affairs in general*
His wife aa§ the leader of a delegation of Church wo*    0 made a tour of certain
parts of Germany*
lira rsrack will probal    *e told you that i ms invited to have luncheon with
 Br and Mrs Cullen just before 1 left Hopkins* Both of then (;-,*$ particularly i-Irs
Cullen) reiterated their conviction that the ti. •■  . not ripe to gabiish the history of ^the middle period1* and that if this were done* it might create a most unfortunate situation bet\    .e School of Hurting and the Board of trustees*' A history
cannot be v/rltten,unless reference is made to the original documents and* m$$W8%xx&
as yon know* some of these imply severe criticism of persons still living* I told
Mrs Brack about this conversation and suggested to her that.it might be well for her
and for you to have a talk with HH Cullen* I have a great respect ''for her judgment
and*       i is quite fearless*    :oes not want ste the Aluianae Assoleatlon to do
aathir-      .igrit* at this critical juncture in tiu> affairs of the School* lead to
,. any cleavage with the J^ard of trustees* Shore is eaou r .. - fchout adding
any further somees-of irritation* On '    -or haad* :. j*  .uid most of .the other mem*»
fche lUstiifc-gefffi *ittee a*-pear to-.think t*eat *$h$ Ltoiy of the "heroic age11 could
do no harm and Bight m . :.a  good* ; tm& hBtmir^^n  «*** nmttt
As you will see by the one letter from ABW* T    tot see «her before
to think ' #saa L-
leaving* 1 Ml inclined that now that 1 am out of t"    , it xmy  1    ;:iDle to enlist
her support of fei|e point      adopted by ars Cullen. At guiy rate* after a cooling «•
off period* he may  be willing to,#ivc it n*  Eerofs homing;>anyway*
II all go s as well mu I  hope with the las? - ISO? riatfasuiipt* you an    Jr&ck.may be
able to win her over* I aa* of course*    $ xar gra-t^d tiiat this manuscript will
-.tain a section on tL<e er^anintion, and early aetivitios of the. Alutnae Asseiatlon and
shall 1 ok forward to hearing how,you are getting along with /our subject material Aft
the little tnmk» • S&^re ip &®m grand stuff there*
■*■    '••"-   ;-'   :"-i.  :  - -  Ji.   S
a elMM


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