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Threatened With, the Rail.
Victoria, July 3.—Tiie SkagAvay Atlin
budget of June 28 received today says :
A report reached Skagway yesterday to
tlie effect that Atlin's iicav judge uar-
roAvly escaped a ride on a rail out of that
toAvn a feAV nights ago. Judge Irving
Avas addressing a large croAvd ol' miners
at an open air meeting on one of the
streets, the crowd being made up of all
nationalities with Canadians largely predominating. The story goes that the
judge iu formed the croAvd that he had
come among them for the purpose of
.straightening out all entanglements and
controversy regarding the ownership of
claims, which announcement the crowd
cheered lustily. Further along in liis remarks justice Irving announced that in
cases where the ownership of a claim avus
being contested, such claimant, no matter
whether there be tAvo or tAventy, will be
recpiircd to pay into the court the sum
of $25 before his case Avill be considered.
Then it Avas that bedlam is said to have
broken loose in fierce form. Some one
yelled "ride him out on a rail" and only
tlie interference of cool headed men pre-
A-ented the carrying out of the suggestion.
Getting After the Attorney-General.
Victoria, July 3.—The benchers of the
laAV society today discussed the charge of
champerty made against attorney-general Martin by the defendant in the Can-
essa \\s. Nicholl litigation. The allegation is that Martin agreed with Canessa
to take charge of liis suit on condition of
receiving a share in the land involved
should he be successful, This acceptance
of a contingent fee is permissible in Manitoba and many of the states but i.s
against law here. The legislature discussed the matter fully some time ago
and rejected the proposition to make it
■'lawful.' The benchers today decided to
iiiA'Cstigato the charge provided Nicholl
files an affidaA'it in -support of his statements.
Vancouver Policeman's Stake.
Victoria,'July 3.—The steamer Tees,
Avhieh completed another successful trip
' from the north arrived here today Avifcli
120 returning Klondikers, Avhose treasure
is estimated at $S00,000. They left.r
Dawson on Juno 17th and following clays'
and came up the Yukon on steamers. Ex-
police sergeant Haywood of.'Vancouver,.
Avho left the steamer there, brought doAvn
'180 pounds avoirdupois of gold in au, old
•Provincial Lib" *'
:i^e#^iBwnph^dr^*^ersI ^rejiteTi,^
McCallum, the governor, being present.
Another will be held tomorrow. The result of the deliberation Avill not likely be
made known hero until it is communicated for approval to Mr. .Joseph Chamberlain, the British secretary of state for
the colonies. The Newfoundland special
service vessel Columbine i.s expected to
arrive here this eA'euing.
Opposition to the Cable Project.
London, July 3.—The secretary of
state for the colonies, Mr. Chamberlain,
and the chancellor of the exchequer, sir
Michael Hicks-Beach, recei\red a deputation for the Eastern Telegraph Company this afternoon. The marquis of
Tweedale and others expressed objection
to state competition with private enterprise, referring to the proposed Pacific
cable, and sir Michael - Hicks-Beach
promised to furnish a written reply. In
the meantime, lie reminded the deputation, the Pacific cable project Avas not
new and was one the government had a
perfect rigl.it to undertake. Mr. Chamberlain said that AA'hile customers justly
complained of tiie existing high rates, it
was mainly for the sake of an all-British
cable connecting all portions of the
empire that the government entertained
the present project.
The marquis of Tweeddale declared
that the proposed cable Avould speedily
lead to the ruin of tho cable companies
the delegation represented, and advanced
the alternath'e plan bf,providing for the
formation of a British imperial telegraph
company to take 'over the securities of
the present companies, tlie stock of the
neAV company being guaranteed by tiie
government at 2i per cent interest, the
present large reserve fund of the companies being used to lay the Pacific and
other cables* and the surplus revenue
from the reduction of interest to be de-
A'oted to reducing rates aud relieving the
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach said the best
ansAver to the marquis of TAveeddale's
alternative proposal AA'as that neither
India nor Australia.was prepared to sup-
iihiitt^ffiouS'»'(5ijes'ci;ib^d<l^e:-:. :°fh ^.-H^tte ;
f %.^'T|i;u^Va^ Vj.6,
"1frqri|&...^^^ Forbad-)
>%y|o?.iotir $> J& -Stewart, :3_aiiilo6psf T
""©''i^fjGU^Viiltoi'ia:'- '    ." ■
°    „ .Another .-Ohampiqri. $oe> !JJndefi -
■    B.UEfeAfiQi,. j.T\dy :B,j^The expfiicted lias
- hiiip^eiied,   Another- pugilistic clnsmpioii
ha§:gpti"e under tliid again aybiragei* mail
"Siipplaiit*? tits older" Ohe:   ifirahk Erne of ]
this city met George LaVighe of 'Saginaw,
Michigan, ill the open arena of the Baw-
tiiorrre Athletic Club at CheektoAVaga, a
suburb of this city, tonight, who, after
Jiglitfng_ tvreUty fierce and clever founds,
Avrested the ],IglP6ATOigirt^luiinpionslIixrof
the Avorld from the Western man.
The Dutchmen are Speedy,
Hrnlbv, July S.—^T'Jie favorite Plain-
inonift Crew of Hamburg, aa'Iio aviII row
.against tlio Canadian four, did the full
course today in 7 iiiiliuteg and45 seconds,
a wonderful perfariliaiice. In a race
with the Trinity Hall Ci-cav during the
day the Canadian crew eoA'Ored the full
course in 8 minutes and 18 'seconds., beating; their competitors by a qhartor of a
length.  _____________
To Foster Jamaica's Trade;
Iv tNG'STON, Jamaica, July 3.—A eable-
grani has been received here from the
British secretary of state for the colonies,
confirming the London dispatch received
at NeAV York, that a contract has been
concluded for establishing a sAvift steamer
service in order to develop Jamaica's
fruit trade Avith Great Britain, commencing May next;	
Fixing Up the Succession.
Comma, July 3.—The diet today
adopted a bill Avhereby t'ie the duke of
Albany becomes heir tr' the duchessy of
Saxe-Coburg and Gotlui. In the event of
the extinction of the Albany lineage,
priuce Arthur of Connaught succeeds, or
on priuce Arthur of Counaught's extinction, the heir of the prince of Wales succeeds.	
Quarreling Over Bait Now.,
St. John's, NeAvfouudland, July 3.—
Noav that the bait act is being strictly
enforced by , the colonial authorities
against;the French, the latter, are retaliating by-driving Newfoundland, fishing
vessels out of harbors, along the treaty
coast. The, colonial, authorities had their
first conference this morning with the
British and French commodores, sir Hugh
F*"'Wr*Y*|>2"_.° ITllTYAlln     1     A   -™03 °n       n.p,_r.ng,B    %n°       Sp      °   ,D"n P *^ ■** ft n       &"'    _   jf„[
defies). 'ot^hrf-tr-iak "iixidsytd-'r^"'^'''^"
ryhcli(t, ^rfelf. -^nfdi^yjtff'. tp.a.jy
sJ3.1.e'cti.' 'ay
i .  VI_
'ilatibiiiU^cliMlgirge;. _jt_j' ■ fop - slh'aH ' y'a^iifi§.
" AVas"ffjafle"cl: today- oil1 "lion g „ tsiai)d SMind"
"off Siivegter ,%vy:   ;"Thiv6e ^aclitlj-'li-ivowte:
: a.s\o°i%p.rater&" eanje tQMtlie. Ijffe., ji^i)"eJy'"AAfere"
Companies Will Be Inspected.
Captain Hodgins, who is in command
of the Nelson rifle company, lias receiA'ed
notice from lieutenant-colonel Peters, district officer commanding.military district
eleven, that arrangements '*' have been
made for the appointment of a drill instructor for the officers and men of the
British Columbia rifle companies, avIio
Avill visit each company, and also that
permission has been granted for tlie inspection of the seA'eral companies. The
first letter reads:
To the officer commanding tlie Nelson
Rifle Company: I have to inform you
tliat instructors are about to be piwided
for the B. C. rifle companies in order to
prepare the officers Avishiug to take the
special course A'ide 11. O., part S, paragraphs S9 and 102. The idea is that the
instructor Avill attend at the headquarters of each company in turn for one
month, and that all shall receive the
benefit of this appropriation. . Tliose
officers avIio desire to qualify will attend
for examination in Victoria during the
autumn for a period of seven days.
Transportation Avill be provided and subsistence Avhile in Victoria at the rate of
$2.50 per day is recommended. Although
this course i.s for the benefit of officers,
any member of the company may join
the class, and it is hoped at least that all
non-commissioned officers Avill take advantage of it. The sergeant instructor
will report to the officer commanding
each company on the foIloAving dates:
ReA'elstoke and Nelson betAveen the 15th
of July and the 15th of August; Rossland
and Kaslo betAveen the 18th of August
and the 18th of September.       •
The  second   letter  reads:   Permission
having  beeu  obtivined  from  the  G.O.C.
alloAving an inspection of the  B.  C.  rifle
companies after the end of the  financial
year of 1S9S, the D.O.C. military district
No.   11  is  prepared  to carry it out any
time during the months of July, August
or September.    As soon therefore as you
are assured of the'arrival of the  officers'
;unifQi-m^aridsidts. be""lgopd.."..e_irough |to" iu^
y.,: w- \. -h'-if, ™'bs^iii-".su»_fe.,-_V^_^H--:i-._"''"   S"1 ■.'.".a"..:
ioKm/mje"so tbar.this ■,mav».be^ai'i?an'ged. yy
qpxxi; d^sigiied J.jBy Cro-jvirlsjiield "^aiid
owned by T. "H. Ilacdoiia'ld, "W."" H_ Jeu-
kiiiSj, ©eye^r H.jWariier. (3. iVi./Gilmali. alid
geiierld T. 'h-.. W^tspp;, tTO ^of Bjtifl'gifepoTti;
and ilip Paliu, defe.fgiireci-'_6y° "Huiltibigdpn
.and OA«ied:by O. A. Millo Of NfeAf ">2"oi'Ik.
^There ■Wag' a liglit breeze froin the
southwest during the first aiid seeo,ud
races. The Goiist*niieei \\*iii_h haB a dag=
ger centre-board, weighted at the botr
torn, 'outsailed the others in the light
breeze, but Was herself beaten by the
_ Algonquin^aiid Pidiu,_:AAdieu33ie_,st.i_Qiigei-:_|
breeze came. In the AAdildAvard work the
Algonquin, although eartyiug less AVeight
than the others, stood Up better and took
less water On board. She Avill Undoubtedly prove a good heavy weather boat.
The race Avas sailed in three heats, the
course beiug two. miles to tlie leeAVard
and return. In the first heat' tlie Con-
Stance avou by 17 seconds. In the second
heat the Constance, won by 2A seeoiids,
aiid in the third heat the AlgOiiqiiin won
by 34 seconds.
The Trial May Be Merely Formal.
RMSXNisSj July 3.-—Madame Dreyfus
visited her husband tins afternoon. This
evening Maitres Doiiiage and Lahore had
another conference with the pi'isoiier.
M. Lahore said that Avhen it was over
the time Avas devoted to continuing the
revieAv of the case. The coulisel Avere
surprised at captain Dreyfus' strength
ancl memory in trifling matters, and at
the lucidity of mind he displayed. Late
this evening it AA'as ascertained that unless the authorities should direct a preliminary inquiry or the examination of
captain Dreyfus, major Carrerie, tlie
goA'eriinieiit commissioner charged AA'ith
tlie preparation ofthe case against the
prisoner, Avill merely draAv up a report
Avhieh aviII be presented to the court
Fresh Troops for the Philippines.
Harrishuhg, July 3.—The Nineteenth
infantry regiment statiomed at Camp
Mead received -Avord today that the
transport to take the command to the
Philippines will leave San Francisco on
or about July 24th. The regiment will
leave camp Meade inside of fifteen days
for San Erancisco. Everything avi'11 be
in readiness . for tlie departure as the
troops aro able to leave on two hours
■■ obs.&iVelijf|e_i^ 'dflfipg'.f^r :tl\e"
jSTortb, Atjaiitie/sqiiadiWr^^^
the iiaxaili"stations: .aiMs"the vessels; .i.ii;tl.i<3
liarb.or'M "^eiferal. 'f/T^^giel^"lJrt\m5i3nn h"e-
ygan -at'"eight". O'elQC.k'.ayhgtf" ."tlie* %Varsh!ps ■■
: -ri% iip" ^ags.;';|iaid' iBiiiiliifgf b^niany/'eolors-.
Dj)he.r sh'igif and "the,'ya'chts-iiii •the'-harb^v1
■ Were- -g]ai^l^eh^dl-.laiM' tligi:^t^i;S',raiid"'
/stripes AA'i'ue"" clisplayed";,at iliaiiy placiesy
At fioQU ia sailnte* of - tAA*cJiity-noi"ie' g;uhs ■
■Was fired firoiti till.shlps :dt tlie s*j[uadro.ii,
and each creAV Jiad   a   special   dinner: :
Sports Aijcl races by the several, creAVSj
miiistrels and A%tsious entei'taiiiiiients oti
the Several ship,1 were fetltures: of the anniversary,"     _^^^^
Bishop NeAVinaiii Dying.
SAtlAToc^A, Jiily 3.—Bisholi NeAvmaii's
friends have  given up  all  liOiJes of his
recovery.     The  bishop   appears, to be ,;
sinking ra/pidly.    Bishop NeAVinau is one |
Episcopal chureh in the United States,
He Avas a Avai'in friend of president Grant
during the later poi'tiou of his life, and
his pastor during his incumbency of tile
presidential office at Washington. He
was also a personal friend of tiie late
Leland Stamford aiid assisted in the
formation of the plans for the Leland
Stamford Junior university in California,
Avhieh the miHioniai/e philanthropist and
: his no.less generous Avido.w have so .amply,
endowed, aild at Avliich several British
CohiiVibians have been educated,
Eival Eailways at Outs.
The Kootenay Valleys road is iioav
graded from Kuskonook to the Boundary
line and is practically ready for laying
the steel, but the deadlock with the
Cio'.v's Nest road still continues. The
C. P. It. officials refuse to allow the contractors of the Kootenay Valleys road
to come on to the C. P. R. right-of-way,
so it is impossible for the former road to
make a connection. If the C. P. R. continue to refuse to allow their, rivals to
run over their line or to build a parallel
track on their. right-of-Avay, the Kootenay Valleys road Avill be compelled to
construct eight miles of very expensive
track to join the tAvo ends of the road.
People on the spot haAre . no idea Avhat
will be the solution of the difficulty.
• The many visitors to the Nelson celebration haA'e returned thoroughly satisfied with the treatment accorded them
and the entertainment provided.
NeAV DeiiA'er has returned to the kerosene stage, the electric light works closing down Friday 'night for an indefinite
The neAA'steam yacht Alert is giving
much satisfaction to its OAvners. It is
Avell patronized by local pleasure seekers.
Dominion day passed off very quietly.
Several fishing and picnic parties crossed
the lake for the day, AA'hile in the eA'cning a football match was played betAveen
the veterans and the regular team. The
latter Avon by tAvo goals to one.
ReA'. Mr. Roberts, the neAV Methodist
minister, preached his initial sermon last
evening to a fair congregation. Mrs.
Roberts and family will join him here in
a month. °
H. J. Robie has removed his tailoring
establishment to Rossland.
High Avater ..mark lias been readied by
the;lake for this season, though tliere is
still considerable suoav ih the hills.      .
C. E. Strickland has resigned . his  position as public school teacher here.    He is
'to bi?wthe poatinas.tei^.yice^xvaptaiji .Est.ei>
their right-of-Avay cleared betAveen Lardo
and Duncan City, a distance of tweh'e
miles, and haA'e a small amount of gnul-
ing done through the Duncan City
townsite. The Canadian Pacific Raihvay
Company have 250 men at Avork and
about four miles of grading done. Tlie
hull of the steainer Idaho, Avhieh sank in
the Duncan river four miles aboA'e Lardo,
is aboA'e water and the owners are going
to enter suit for damages against the
Kaslo .and Lardo-Duncan Railway Company for placing obstructions in a
navigable riA'cjr.
Tlie contract for supplying the xties to
the street raihvay company will be let
on Thursday, Avlien C. Halifax Hall, the
company's engineer, is expected to return
to Nelson.
Men Avho ■ have been through many
celebrations of natal days, in „both Canada and the United States, agree that at
the celebration of Dominion Day at Nelson this year one thing A\'as noticeable,
that is, the absence of men under the influence of I ici nor.
Many "jollying" telegrams passed betAveen Rossland and Nelson yesterday as
to the whereabouts of Lee Coombs of
Rossland. Ere this Mr. Coombs is in
Rossland telling'mayor Goodeve and the
city council what thoy missed by staying
at home ou Dominion Day.
Vancouver Avas not in it Avith Nelson
in celebrating Dominion Day, not even
with music. Nelson had five brass bands
in attendance, Avhile Vancouver had but
The stone masons started Avork yesterday on the foundation for David Mc-
Beath's new brick residence at the corner
of Baker and Falls streets. Hillyer &
Co. have the contract.
The second prize for the best illuminated boat at the .water carnival oii Saturday AA'as avou by George S. Beer, and
not alderman Beer as preA'iously an-,
There,Avas no quorum at the special
lireeti ng oi th e Sou th Kootenay Board -. of.
Trade, called for last night, to discuss the
questions decided upon by the council of
the board for discussion at tlie joint
Baseball Games Yesterday.
Syracuse S, Montreal 5.
Rochester 12, Toronto S.
Providence 4, Worcester- 0.
Pittsburg 7, Cleveland 1.
Washington 15, Boston 2.
Springfield 10, Hartford 3.
Buffalo 5, Detroit 3.
Increasing the Uitlanders' Voice.
Pretoria, July 3.—The volksraad, by
14 to 13 votes, has decided to give an
additional member for Pretoria and also
for each district having only one member
iioav. Herr Fisher, the eiiA-oy of the
Orange Free State, had a long interview
with' president Kruger on tlie question of
the franchise today.
No Post for Bismarck,
Bi-KMNT,   July  3.—Tlie  officials of the
foreign office emphatically deny that em
peror William has offered prince Herbert
Bismarck  tlie   post   of   ambassador    at
Washington, orany otherdiplo)naticpost.
. Will Begin Work Today. . .
Work on the excavation for the Burns
block Will be commenced today. A
traiiiAvay Avill lie built along Baker street
and the earth dumped through the Haker
street bridge into the Ward creek ravine.
'iKjii%"£Hj^sytghiM lu^i^^^^mnidOdy
'". fifoiii'ftiW'8Friday .;gi';bi,ii5,."'vA*?h"eiIe"*-lie, ""feis ■■
, 'b"e^uj;gho.iiig;' a^esgrjigrit' ^vdrkfyxdppiipi u|ji'
■sitiii-i* "-io--" -b'tj 'cojfijiletedjs-a:.^ alsd-iii.-'iBhe ;
::J^ftilj'. '■'^%ife'asi'eep,'.<|i|e^ri^h'"fe^ '
"lifatihates were. visite;chb3^a"'b,eanf [alid tyvO^
, eixhsfp b'ut iiOt; h'aViiig a".,g\iii:idio^vSd>tli|)ni
t.of-.d^p'art'hi |>e<aci£'- . "°    "^    ■   '} :":"< °y t*• '
• "" IfiithC.Ntevlikia- tfti iu:<$•' "filiey duWeiStr'ulSk.
:iduf fi§0ifdf §oli'"d .ga:'igu4;orne';"itii.cl "'saliijltes"
liaVe^Tlceii ^n$,j$i:'^$$.,'^'''y    "" r y"
0.u "fille iVilcoxPhi.l" Wliii.e:: is Avoifkbig:
in two places, and' afeo on tlie- iFonrtli of
^i'l1y.;eli,i'iiii, tii_k'ii.ig oilt ore all- the 'tixn?e
xfyiiph'assstyk $4;Q_. An assay- froin ythx),
A\4ste diimp AVeut $:5:, This latter would
pajk to fxlu through a stamp mill.
Atiothci' pack train left Monday foi'
the: Big Hbril group Avith fiirstliei: supplies*. Toiii Woods, the manage!;', reports
that lie has got eA'eryfehilig in Worivjng
order With il large force of ]iieu_ getting
the ore out ready for shipment to the t
N_ortlip_orb_siiielt_ei-.   A. F. Scott of Anics-
bury, Mass., is exxieetcd Jiei'o this Aveek
on a visit of inspection to the propei'ty.
He is one of the largest shareholders in
the company operating it.
On the Rio Grande Charlie Davis and
his men are very busy drifting on the
ledge. This propei'ty adjoins the .Nevada
and is oW.io.ed' by a Rosslanid company.
On Sunday it fire occurred at tlie shack
of A. Ohriest, Avliich Avas completely
gutted and all 'contents destroyed.
Nothing was insured. An alarm of fire
Was, given Monday morning at the Betel-
block, biit it tiirneil out to he a cliiiiiiioy
smoking. YiiTii' hft». no protection whatever in ease of fire.
Tile R. D. Association is giiailmrlly falling off, us marriage is making sad havoc
Avitli its members. There is a lot of talk
about establishing a chamber of coni-
merco ill Ymir, an institution whieli i;?
greatly needed, provided the right men,
be appointed to the executh'o.
Mrs. McArthur left on Sunday to go
and be married. Mrs. Campbell and Miss
McCorquodale have gone to Rossland for
the celebration of the Fourth of July.
Twelve automatic ore dump cars I'or
use on the Trail-Rosslaud branch arrived
yesterday on a barge at the Canadian
Pacific Avharf and Avere sent out last
night to Rossland. Tliey were manufactured at the company's car shops in
Montreal and Avere shipped in over the
CroAv's Nest Pass railway.
G. L. Lennox returned on Sunday
morning from a two months' visit to
Ontario. He was accompanied. on his.
return by his sister, Miss Libbie■■■Lennox".
. E. Ferguson, traveling representative;:
of If. J. Evans it Company,, returned ..on
Saturday from a business trip to,l)nni'iiii
City, lie reports tiiat the Kaslo and
Lardo-Duncan    Hailway   ('ompany   have
-.fell ^iiieiiibe;i:-'S"n"-to''^e^ffpti%ui^
- Afhf vAyalMiig. iih|if-"Mnfe^d'yq^vSUpn|o;'
"„^rne^iit,*'1.-eft, Kdr -homey - T:heys,ef&f2el$axf-
' ;ita$cd" tlrat lie haid .sprftp^ht^e^glitjdW
'.aOticgS'to iliehlij^t^cif'Jtlle-.iiibe'iJiri,^.^
of "the' Wblf-yl -®ihs&n SjSaing, 'CoiMp*l[iy
held: a lijeefcibg at,NeJs_lu today and. ap- ,
pointed Bruce White rjuinager. Ar'
raiigymeiits Avei'C made to construct a
wagoii road and .aerial tram fi'oiu fche
ialce, to the niiiie and to** coiiinien.ee actiArc
niiniftg operatiti^s as Soon as t'liC' labol-
troubjes live adjifstcd..
The Avater iri the lake fell three inches
in the tliiuty-six" hours 'piidlng at six
o'elock last eA'eniiig. The highest point
reached tlilis year Avas oiie foot and' a half j
lower tlian thitt of last year and a* the
"iJul ini'" ^tlJe^woTir'iS'^f f^tlily^iril Is^tlSsnl
prospects ate that the As*ater has reached
its highest for the season.
The annual .church iiaradoof the mem-
bei's of NfelS0n Royal Oratige Lodge Will
be held on Sunday forenoon to the
Methodist church, 'whor-e a special ser-
inoii, Avill be preacfied by Re v. .)'.. Uobsofi,
Cliaplaiii of the lodge.
II. 11. Bellaniy leaA'es this morning for
Kiniiloops, where ho avH'1 inspect at high
water tlie placci'claiin.iou the Thompson
river in wlilcli a number of Nelson eitl-
i/.ehs are interested, a half interest in
which AN-as recently sold lor B4.S.OO0. A
meetiiig of the Nelson shareholders Avas
held, last nighf; in Mv. Bellamy's ollii-c at
whieli it was decided to organize a coui-
pa'ny aiifl apply for articles of iiicoCpor-
A social tea AVill.bc given at the Methodist parsonage on Wednesday evoning
from 5 to 9 o'clock by the ladies.' aid
society of the church, A prograinnie of
music is being prepared.
Captain John Irving, of the John Ir-*
ving Navigation Conqiany, arrived at
Bennett froin Atlin on July 2-1 th, bringing witli him the assayers' report on the
ore sent to tho Hank of Hritish North
America. This ore Avas from the recently
discovered ledges ten miles from Bennett
on the lake shore. Several sacks of the
same ore have been sent south for a further test. That taken to Atlin yielded
$1.'. in gold, $r>3.!)0 i>> silver and -.11 per
cent lead. Tlie great width of the ledges
from which this ore AVa.s taken and the
advantageous location of the properties
insures a very lively boom iu the Bennett
mining section.   .. ..■'"'-
.;,."■.I<\".W. Ayliner, oue.:of the _;bi.s'tv;known'
iiiei'i- iii l^ast Kobtehti'jv was married i.u
Golden ilist Wednesday, to Miss Lang.
A. II ihrcli'aiia'n arrived at. "tlte Phair
yesterday 'evening Avith his bride.
Enterprise to Eesume Shipping.
Neav Dbnvek, July 3.—The London &
British Columbia Goldfields Co. have had
tlie Avagon road to the Enterprise mine
put into fair shape for the handling of
ore and general supplies. The men employed on the Avork Avere Finns, a.s apparently Anglo-Saxons are not to be had in
the camp at any price. A tramway is
iioav being built from the No. 2 tunnel to
tlie Avagon road, so us to ship out the ore
in the chutes. Murdock McLean is superintending the Avork, under orders from
VV. C. E. Koch, avIio has the contract0for
handling the ore. There are about 300
tons to come down from the mine, AA'hich,
added to the GOO tons recently shipped
from the landing Avill sAvell the total to
900 tons exjrortcd under the ueAV management. . The returns from the ore are
fully up to expectations, netting the company a good round sum. Mr. Koch is
sending cIoavu from here part of his
freighting outfit to haul the ore, and he
"will ha\'e steady employment for1 some
time. It is believed from present iudiea--
tions that 0the Enterprise Avill resume
operations under the contract system, the
main object being to maintain a regular
and steady shipment. Operations generally on the creek depend greatly on the
Avorking of the Enterprise.
E. Pairis & Co. of Slocan City are pre-
paring to open up their store at Ayhvin,
on.Ten-Mile, much to the general; satisfaction of claim OAvners.
A small force of men is Avorking on the
Dalhousie group, on Ten-Mile.    It is ex- ;
pectcd that a permanent ore body ,will
be encountered shortly. i ;
AV. Moffatt, avIio is representing Toronto capital, made an inspection of the
NeepaAva, Ten-Mile, last rtAveek. This
same outfit made several unsuccessful
efforts to bond the property in the J
Development on  the  recent strike on    '
the Mabou has been greatly, retarded of
late by the Aveather, suoav falling almost
daily.    Several additional open cuts IiitVis. ■■■'■".
been made on the A'ein, showing it to■'■be..  ;
in place and of uniform Avidth.     A shaft -
is being  sunk  on  one  of the  showings,-
though surface  Avater  greatly, interfers
Avith  the  Avork.     In   the  foot  are  tAA'o
stringers of ore, lying close to tlie hang-"^
ing A\*all,  and   these   gi\'e  in di cations., of; ;;
amalgahiating,   making  a  paystreak   of  J
eiglitjuches.    Such developnieut as hast;;
been    done ■-.shows'   the -strike . on;;;the ;;:
Empress Fraction and Mabou to be even:2y
^^^;J-c%t^bf*p*u^p^^ """"
_ ffflF WmMhotig roM^^^^^%^:}:ity^
' Qnc'. ii igltf .Uvsfr "feSc: ay iSg" .-bli^^^^^l
■ftttei'iTpkd" r to 'Ibf\.p ■ its' ^^S-T-^Wc^^lje^/l^'
Maibou. 'calii'U'j, :'moii"?;jl" to^he. ^fcif^ie^tj'^^lvl^
Ond a'PJxroh'!ill;s'iio5i';of, \ih&pcp\\p^^f-p^J.:iC^i'A
The'ioxeeyonT'lie 'Bosifn AV'as-Mljijfea^ecI^^^.^.,
"tod#,;fon'i-;moi:d him gding:d\iiX0di^^:^3'y^\
conto:iiet system: 'Tiie-inailr'WMk^^
■confined' to- the Nu.'.ijiVffewIjaidii.^^
run  to- .catch tlie  -ypxn.   -Many' ^tftsi.fe'f:*:^
imiprOAUgMiRniV'llKl'V^'ie'eil elleefed^-oiC.^hi-^"".'"^
proper|>yrecently.      " '"'  : n.  „"""_..T-™.:^
Two oi- tlit'ceou'tsi.d.e"partis haX"b 'bSSiii*.^^
niOilntain, <luring the last few da^TS.-  >'. •"( -'
No return!* ha\re been  teceiyed  as'-'.f(.ety   ,
from tlie test shipment made  froifl°jfilie'     '"
Tui'iis claliii, on Goat  mouiitain,  to tlie =
trad smelter., - .'".„". .rf
On, the Sarah Jane, to tlie south of* thpyj'"""',
town, a, foiii'-foot vein has l.)eCH vinc^c-iifel.i;'::^';;
similar in civeryway to ;tb.i.t> so 'gh-Cess^"^ °
fujly opened up on the Neglected.,
Steamers NaiCTW Escape.
Nijjw York, July■{{,—-The. Frencf.i li'ieH-
La    Chitiiitiague.,    Avli.ich    arrived    IVoei,
Havre, just missed a cotlfeioil  Witli '-they
British ffeightei' loiia, boiuid ft'Oiii Mont^
I'eal,   for   London,   on   June  2Sth While "
a loon t   200   miles  SoutliAVest  of  Queens-
(.own.    Thete    was    a   heavy    fog and
rail mud' the liner Was going at abot it half
speed sounding her fog whistle.    Captain
I'oirotand  chief  officer Domonvel   Averp
on tlie bridge.    The  freighter came.  out.
of the gloom  thirty  feet off" the  liuer-'s
port bow without warning.    The officer.*-
of both. vessels  held   their  courses  and
passed   within   twenty-five feet  of each
other. -
A Celebration for a Celebration.
Kl.v'Wi'o.v, Jamaica, July •!.■—Kingston
and Port Antoitia are preparing for an
informal but enthusiastic observaaco of
the fourth of July, as a compliment to
Florida's generous exhibition of Anglo-
American sentiment on tho queen's bit-tin
Canadian Soldiers Celebrate the Fourth.'•''': ■■»''■■*'
Koi'iiicsTKK.    July     3.—The    steamev-^
North King, which arrived at ChaVlott§    >
this morning, brought  257   soldiers W_w3;:'-.g. "
makeup  tlie  Fifteeth battalion  of ttie;     *
Argyle light  inlivutvy  of  the  CsCi*iacliati a > :
service, from Belleville.   They  will pd$-    '*■
tk-ipatc- in the _tli of Jtily eelelnrvtiori itt
Rochester tomorrow. 1$,
fi**i«_a^%iSfe_5_ 2  THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, JULY <_, 1890.  t Nelson  Red, wljite aqd blue bunting  A large assortment of boy's  Ladies' white an,d blacl\ rrjusli  and flags for decoration purposes.  ir-en, and ducl^ suits.  n blouses.   Just the thing for hot weather.  A. FERLAND <$��� CO.  Klliot, H.'ock, Puker Street, Nelson  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  Oi' PYTHIAS��� Nelson   Lodge,  No,  2;">,         j ol Pythias, meets in 1. O. 0. F. Hull, corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  a   __.t_-i-._i_.       -tr:_,;*.;_,_   r.*~��:_,__.��-��   _-_-.-_.l :_-i11*r ,'i_ir.*f_iH   fnnl   rnwl  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. fe S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethron invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  ' & CAKK1H���Architei  erdcen block, llaker street, Ncl-on.  EAVAHT & CAKK1H���Architects.   Iloom�� 7 nnd 8 Aberdeen block, llaker street, Nel-  PB. HAttPIOH. musical director, loader Xol-on Or-  ���   chestra.   Musicians furnished for all occasions on  short notice.   Telephone 02.  MISCELLANEOUS.  WANTED���To rent a small furnished house or col-  tagc.   Apply to A. F., Tribune o/lico.  WANTED���Two  -waitresses  at   (he  Queen's Hotel.  Nonn but waitresses   need  apply.    Mis.   !<_.   C.  Clarke.  WANTED���A servant girl to do general housework.  Apply to Mrs. A\'. J. Wilson, A'ernon street oa-it.  WA NTED���House to buy or ren t now.   Six roon  conveniences.   Apply, J. J. M., 'Tribune ofli  Six rooms and  ce.  LOST���A black silk bolt, with diamond paste buckle  set in silver.   Kinder will be suitably rewarded by  returning same to The Tribune ollice, A'ernon street.  LOST���A IC. of P. jewel.   ��2.j will bo paid for its return and no questions asked, Lo The Tribune ofiice,  Vernon street. Nelson.  LOST���In Nelson on Monday, .liinc 2.ith. a duplicate  delivery check book with name of P. Burns & Company at top of each poge. Kinder will be rcwaided by  returning same to the ollice of the company, Bakor  street, Nelson; _ *  LOST���Ladies Gold Hunting' Case AVatch  on  Tues-  "day,  between  Stanley 'and Latimer   streets.. and  foolish people in proportion to its population as has Sandon, but* no more. Sandon lias one in tlie editor of  the Review.  the smelter.   Ten dollars"rcwiil'd.  incr street, west of Stanley.  Arthur Painter, Lati-  FOK   ItKNT���One cotlage  on   Latimer   street,  half  block west of Stanley street.   AU conveniences- ��17.50  a month.   Apply at Tribune ofiice, Vernon street, Nelson.  Daily Edition   W_eki_t Edition.  ..... Fikst Ykak, No* 151  ...gBVKNTH Year, No. 32  : Week before last every Conservative  ' newspaper in the province - AA'as  hurling  - abuse atattorney-generalMartin,because  of xvoi ds he used at a banquet in  Iloss-  ,    laud.    Last week every Liberal  organ in  Canada was equally abusive when  referring to a speech made by sir Charles Hib-  '- ber't Tupper on the  Yukon scandals in  -the house of commons.    Neither should  .   be abused.   The Hosslaud incident Avas  ��� hardly worth a passing paragraph. ' The  Yukon scandals avi 11 live a.s long in Canadian politics as did  the Pacific raihvay  scandals.    Party organ.*;, as a rule, areas  -���lacking��� in-deconey���as���tliey-arc-in*-in--  iluence.  ROSSI-jAND and Nelson are yopiXg a-ud  vigorous toAvns, peopled by young and  vigorous men and women* Tbgethei" they  liii/vo pr-obablj'* ten thousand people., Be-  -tweeir, them tliey have a sufficient iinni-  Ijer- of athletic young men to win s'lipre-  iriacy in all athletic sports from tho fbnr  '...fcpiiSi't towns of .Yiclyriii,,. Vauewwvw, Nevv  Westminster add N{Uia)iiio. This is not  a lnei��6 assertion. Wifrdoilfc other basis than  brag. It is a stateinent bused on a careful compilation of statistic*-?, and we are  willing to Avager one tliolisnnd dollars, to  be dbiiiited to chai'ity, on our canton lion.  The athletic Sports that Rossland and  Nelson combined are-supreme atai-eba.se-  : ball, lacrosse, football, hose-cart races  (dry and wet), foot races and four-oar-  boat races. Rut one condition need be  stipulated, that is that each and every  athlete taking part luis been a bona fide  resident of tlieir respective towns for six  months.  Jf premier Semlin continues to carry  on the business of the province as he has  since he assumed office, the Victoria Colonist aud other opposition organs will  surely poison themselves with their own  venom.  The Mining Review of Sandon goes out  of its Avay to comment editorially on  mere idle gossip. It says .some of the  people of Nelson tried to persuade the  press excursion' from paying- Sandon �����  visit.      Nelson   probably   has  as   many  Threats Will Not Pay.  Toronto Telegram.  It Avill be like the C. P. R. to threaten  Lo take Canadian trade away from St.  John to Roston if Hon. A. G. Blab' declines to operate the Intercolonial railway at the public expense for the bench l,  of the Canadian Pacilic. It Avill pay  president Shaughnessy to go slow, and to  realize in the lirst place that his name  has been associated Avith the bulldozing  brow-beating methods which haA'e made  the C. P. ft. gratuitously unpopular in  the districts where it reigned supreme.  If there Avas enough manhood in sir Wilfrid Laurier to throw the C. P. R. and  Mackenzie & Mann, and, if necessary,  their friends in the govei'iiinoiifc to the  winds and stand up for tire people Avho  made him what? he is, president Shaughnessy and the senate, Avhieh did his bidding, Avould be beaten to a pulp at the  polls. The government of sir Wilfrid  Laurier has truckled aAvay a great part  of its capital of public confidence in playing., into the hands of the C. P. R. -j3ir  Wilfrid has reason to pray for nothing  so much, as a chance to exhibit himself in  tlio act of standing ���-up for the public  against the . demads .of the Canadian  Pacific railway. President Shaughnessy  and the seriate Avill bo badly advised if  thoy seize upon, the Drummoncl county  scheme as a pretext forgiving sir Wilfrid the chance he needs.  An Incident.  The GlasgOAV (Kentucky) Times relates  this incident of the recent visit to that  town of William 3. Bryan: "Air. and  Mrs.-Bryan "and children arrived in Glasgow Wednesday about 11 o'clock, utterly  worn out. After partaking of an excellent dinner, the family repaired to the  THOMSON'S  A Special Line of  Cloth Bound  IN ATTRACTIVE BINDINGS  AI.I> F0P17_.AR AUTHORS  OFFEKEB AT  Thomson Stationery Do., ]&  ,_sr3s__.aO'��iri. b. c  Influenced  court-house, where Mr. Bryan began  speaking at 1 o'clock. Worn out by the  fatigues of travelling, the good Avife of  the next president of the United States  fell asleep and slumbered soundly in her  chair. Ruth, the little daughter of the  Bryan household perceived the condition  of affairs, and was on thorns. Finally,  after fidgeting around and easting anxious glances hi the direction of the sleeping better half of the Bryan household,  she seized the maternal arm, shook it  soundly, and exclaimed in an audible  Avhispor: 'Wake up, ma! 'Wake up!  Pa's making a real good speech.' "  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  YUM ���  YUM  FRESH  CANDY  JUST  IN  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  Brick aqdl Lime  Lime 70 Ceqfs per 100 pounds.  "Will deliver in ton lots  Brrck $12 per thousand.  At yaulor on scows at government wharf.  SPECIAL SALE OF  ffl  ffl  Hose and Sunshades  "X*  | A complete line of the above g'oods, whieli J!  tf which we are selling- at prices that will make b  ffl B  fit worth your while to buy. g  Shirt Waists  ffl We have a very ehoiee variety in all shades of colors  ffl  ffl ; ; ;   I Gents Ffats, SVteq's Ladies' aqd Children's Shoes  B  B  B  ffl  vine & Co  ' aaici?o_si_5_ ���block:-;, b.a.:ec:e_r.;street, nsr els oust, *_3_ c.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Wanager  Gentlemen  , If you want a natty, sf ylish suit of clothes for  spring and summer, 1 havo over 500 dilier-  ent patterns Bt Scotch and Knglish tweeds,  which I v ill make to your order at the low  price of  , ,. $25  Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear at...;  ������ ��21  Black serge suits in .sack or morning coat.. S21  A  heavy  Scotch tweed,  nice  patterns  for  business suit  -S18  Trouseis at equally low prices. Kit and finish  no better in Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring ft  hpecialty.   Clement block, llaker street.  Stevens, Tl|e Tailor  Oo You Want One?  B.  Charles L Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BEAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  SPECIAL ATTENTION  The supply Is'limliad, so call onrly and oxamiim-this Mock.  JIavo_.iii.st, received a consignment o__rlliirr_.*ho_��o  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBB, Baker St. Selson  H. D. Ashcroft  ��� If you want n .stylish perfect lilting suit, made of tho  best cloth ever imported to Nelson, leave your order  with me.  Six hundred dollars worth of hew goods now wait'  lug youi' inspection.   I guftranteC satisfaction or no sale.  FIRST DOOR WKST BANK B. O. BUILDING.  Lots for Sale  5500 will pm_ha��e a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  $2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  ��100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty.  S2000 will purchase two nice lots and cottage,  *..*1000 will purchase four nice loU and residence.  Buy Fairmont, elm res for a rise.   ���,*)i)OirUtiea~at i cents.  ALEX STEWART  Tunicr & Boeekh block, Nglson, B- Q.  SUITS $25  .Nelson's, iip-to-diltc '.Jailor, next 'Kootenay Coffee Co,  Wo have a flue assortment of woolens always  on hand. Uoods made up at the sliort<_st possible notice. As isverytliing is kept and nmdo  ou the premises, satisfaccion is iissured.  By price alone in your drufc- buying. Looking  well to quality moans satisfactory results���means  scouring the remedy that best fulfills the purpose  for which you intended it, Purity,'quality, satisfaction, arc lirst considered here, but always a  price that nlakos the purchase an economical one.  A price that means something to you. One package of our  Celery  Herb  Tea  will mako one quart of the best spring tonic on  the market, and is unequalled for all blood, liver,  stomach and kidney troubles, and the price is  25 CENTS  .. JL VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  S ffl fiJSTAUBAIT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a /li^t-olass  wheelwright.  Special atlenlion given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SI]op:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  GrWrWest&Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE  Ol" SAW_MIt.lv, ETC.. BV PUUUC AUCTION".  lO-Iloohi House, centrally located, #2��00.  O-Boidii Cn*fcl;ii_�� aiid. 2 Lots on Cat'boiVtto  street, $1,400, easy tMins.  y-Booii)   liouse on   Stanley street), $5100.  The only restaurant in the city  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Charles  D. J. Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  Canada Drug and Book Go.,  "'.     "..I_I_VCI_?_EX_) .  Corner of Haker and Stanley Streets. Nolson  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS  IXTST_TK__-_SrC__!  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LFiT���Several houses of .different sizes.,  FOR SALIC���Heal estate in nil ]iartn of tlio city.  j. L VANSTOKE,      R. H, WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mihimr Stocks Customs Broker  RKAL KSTATHi. A Nil QISNKRAL AGKNTS  FOB   B-A-ILE.  Two lots with two-story IiOukc Oh Latimer  si reel, near Josephine StSOO  Terms:   ��1200 cash, balance on morlgnuo..  Sixtv-acru ranch, nine miles from city on lake  Slioie ��1000  One-hrtlf cash, balance on mortgage.  _L.0__.3srs  Ou loan conditions arc the cheapest and best  oll'ered, You can repay at any time without,  bonus.  _A.a-__!_sr-rs fob  British Columbia Formanctit Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loon Co., Toronto,  i_r>rsxj_R__-_src_ii  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.  AGENTS Ji-Oll  The Imperial Oil Go.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick an.d Lirqe Co.  The H. W. (VjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Ar*|tl*|i-a-  eite Coal (Hard)  Dealers In  R. RBSTERER & GO.  BHl-n-i'EliS ANB UOTTLEKS OF  Ale and Forter  O AiVlBUE ��S_ O'REIL.!-, V, Agts  Haker Street West, Nelson, B. C,  ���W- X3- -E2,0-BI_CsTSO_Csl~  (Ifix-Shoriir of South Kootenuy)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Postoflico Box 572 Nelson, 11. C.  SQUIRE^ RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 aores of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For'further  .   particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C  Prod'Slv2_^^Ude1_  Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Iron Works  MA-NIJVACTUHEIiS OK .  ENGINES, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVER"-" DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  BOARD AND ROOM  Kirst-class board aiid room. Todd's old stand, comer  Ward Iniid-Carbonate streets, in renr of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��1, room and board $.*>  ind$5.50.-.  A..collection.of line Belgium Canaries for sale.  J V. O'LAUGHLIN.  NTo(ice is horchy given that wo will sell by public auction in front of the court liouse, in the City of Nelson, U.  Con Monday, Ihe 10th day of July, A. 1). MM, at the  hour of cloven o'clock in ihe forenoon, the following  goods and chattels:  (1). The sawmill building and buildings, used in connection therewith, situate at, Salmo, JI. C, and known as  the property of Frank Ijttvin.  (2). All sawmill, planingmill, and sliiiiglomiil machinery and plant therein situate, including boiler and engine,  about.'15 hor.se power, with pump ancl nil tool.-- and supplies and all carpi nter and bhicksiiiith tools, appliances  and supplies, and tramway and tram car.s for currving  lumber, all situate in and around the .said sawmill building. Also a logger's outfit, consisting of sleds trucks,  tram Chains axes and other tools and supplies.  .:).. Also two .spans of grey hoi-nus, used at the sawmill.  Also the two <;��ts of double team harness used with tho  said teams.  All the above goods and chattels have been seized and  taken_j)Osses_,i()ii_otLb3--JIarvey-_W.-lJanlhOiii-formi_;rly of-  UnlUrtl, in the .slide of Washington, now or Salmo, li. C,  under two conditional bills of sale, one dated I lie KJUi day  of .January, A. U. 1S!X>, lo secure $l372.!fiS, given to ono  Auniilv. Paulson and assigned lo HarvevIM. Paulson, the  other dated the .'lull, day of May, A. I). 18!��, to secure  $(i��1.25, and aNo under absolute bill of sale given as  security to Alma iv. P.Sulson and transferred to the said  Harvey M. Paiilson. Upon which t>vb conditional bills of  sale there rtijnrtiiis a balance duo of Si7_.<|.|:2, and the said  goods n nd. chrttHils will be sold to satisfy Hie said balance,  and .'ill costs, cliargos, expenses and disbursements of  said sci'/ilire, possessioit aiid s >lo.,  A full. inventory of'nll ai'tiqlos will hk produced Jtttlie  time O'f'suilo.  Terms (StuM-i  l**of tin-Mie." particulai'S tipijly to Trty."0r Si. Hamiiligton,  berdeoh liloek. Nelson, ii. (.;.. solicitors for niortgnfee,  MO    Cf-TAS. A. WATJ'lliMAX & CO., AnctioiieersT  I ii(ted 27t;h il;iy of Jlliu;;A. U". 1��!)II.     "  Abe  or  NELSOlf   LICENSE   PIS^RlGT.  Notice in hereby |i:i\ ch that this iindorinelitiojied persons have inliilcupplic-tion under Ihe provisions of the  "LiqUor J-iccnso Act, lS/!l."forhot,el licenses at the places  set. Opiiositc to their respeetivo HamCs:  Kbbort Wood at Thistlo Hotel, UvG miles soutliwcst  from Nelson.  William Buuur at Say ward,  A meeting of ilio Boni'd of License Coininissioiioi-s of  the Ncl-soli Jjieense District will be held to Consider such  applications at the eoUrt house at thecity of Nelson on  Saturdav, the flRceiifclv day of July, ISili), at tlie hour of  eleven o clock in the forenoon.  WM. II. UUI_L0C,K-*VVKBSTKn.  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Police Olllce, Nelson, 11. C, 1st July, IS!)!..  AINSWOETH   LICENSE   DISTKICT.  Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons havo iliade application under tho provisions of the  "Liquor License Act, 18_KI," for   hotel licenses at tho  placos set opposite to their respective namos:  Swan Pete-son at Argenta.  Chcino & Stubbs at Duncan City.  JI. A. McDonald at Lardo River.  A meeting of the board of license commissioners of t he  Ainsworth license district will be held l.o consider such  applications at the courthouse at the city of Kaslo on  Monday, Hi-K��_vculoui_tli day of July, I Si)!), at the hour  of S o'clock in the afternoon.  WM. II. BULLOCK-WKUSTKK,  Chief License .Inspector.  Provincial Police Olllce. Nelson, 11. v., 1st July, 18!)!).  FOR SALE.  A building and lot on First Avenue in the town of-  Ymir. Itents for ��20 per month. Will bo sold cheap for  cash. Kor further particulars: apply to John A. lvirk-  pal.riek, Nelson,. B. O. . - THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, JULY i, 1899.  o  ���)  Bank ofIontreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  tip,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATIICONA AND  MT   UOYAL, Prosident  Hon. GKO. A. DUUMMOND Vice-President  F,   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  "CTELSON*   _B_R_A._N*0:__:  fi. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, YuKoq District.        IIRANOUKS  IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW  YORK,   CHICAGO  mid iu tlio principal cities iu Canada.  Huy and soil Sterling  Exchange and Cablo Transfers  OKANT COMMICKCIAI. AND TKA VKUiKKS' CRKDl'l'S,  available in any part, of the world,  DRAKTS 1SHUKD    COLLKCTIONS MADE.  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT BATE OF INTEREST PAID  EEBUILDIKTG   KHARTOUM.  many more as  they require.    Scarcely a  hundred of them are now in operation.  The Eastern Soudan has been rescued  from the darkness and terrorism of a  fanatical regime. The blessings and opportunities of civilization are within its  grasp, and tlie aim of its new rulers is to  secure an enduring welfare. In tho next  quarter of a century wc may expect the  Soudan to attain a degree of development ���commensurate., with its resources  and the-character of its inhabitants.  One of the great cities of Africa, laid  in ruins by the Khalifa Abdullah in 18SG,  is being rebuilt as fast as hundreds of  artisans can advance the work.. Before  tlie Mahdist revolt all the commercial exchanges of Europe and Egypt with the  regions ofthe Upper Nile took place in  this city. It was the center from which  military expeditions issued and the starting point of commercial and scientific  parties bound for Central Africa. It is  doubtful if the Mahdi -would have destroyed .Khartoum, for its site, on the  Blue Nile, is a far better situation for a  large city than that of Oindurman, a few  miles to the west, on the White Nile.  Mohammed Aii had chosen wisely Avheii  he said Khartoum Avas the most favor-  able position for the capital of his vast  possessions in the Soudau, and ten years  after he built his barracks and arsenal  Khartoum Avas the first city iu the Nile  basin south of Cairo.  The Aveakest aud most pitiful reasons,  says, the" New Fork Suu, dictated the  destruction of Khartoum, Avith its strong  .stone; buildings, forts and Avails. The  Khalifa Abdullah was jealous of the deceased Mahdi's; family, who was very  popular 'and used the relationship that  had lifted them out of obscurity to ad-;  vance their -private fortunes.    They had  Ji,.3$|apsfedM  yy,a\vdigimipxisyo  . *V'V',B'-D^ -�� ffmD- o fl.flip,.*-..a�� o ��amft-  ^Abd-irHalSjdpBltt red  -Mm-  itlxki  ���auu_ljWti.i;<yt:  ::Au.gli.s;t*5  ,he��0ouict li6#"s" prop^H^slil^eB^sje-jtiiQ  3"��th  [V^t^ikjki-liiB^  "" ������-���������-* ���--"-��� ���     -  ----- -^.p  t-llle'"#  The Duke's Reply.  The old duke of York, Avhose effigy in  Roman robes looks clown from the top of  the column that bears his name upon'the  Mall in  St. James's  park, avus once commander-in-chief,  and   being   of   nature  hospitable,   frequently   entertained  the  officers   under   his  comand.    The   duke  could   empty his   two  or  three bottles  Avith the greatest ease on  festive occasions, and the military of the period were  no  laggards in this respect,  either.    On  one occasion, the empty bottles had accumulated inconveniently, and tlie duke  called to a servant: �� "Take aAvay these  marines!"    Now a distinguished officer of  tlie marines Avas  present, and it must be  owned  that to be   likened, as   to one's  corps, to an empty bottle is by no means  pleasant.    "May  I ask. your royal highness for an explanation of that phrase?"  said the undaunted representative ofthe  "sailors -and   soldiers,   too."    Now,* the  duke, it   Avas Avell knoAvn, Avas the last  man  in the world to take refuge behind  his-dignity as-royal highness, oreAreu his  exalted  rank in .the serA'ice.    "I wear a  blue  coat, and you. know where to find  me," he had .written   to colonel  Lennox,  Avhen there.AAras a quarrel between them,  and he had "gone out" with the colonel  as if he had been only  plain major Dobbin.    But, on this occasion a readiness of  wit which was not usual with him, saved  Satan." A bicycle attached to a, ribbon  is the "wheels of Chance." And so, Avith  Mudie's catalogue, oue could go on indefinitely. Tliere are two prizes���one  for the guest who guesses most and one  for the guest Avhose badge has been most  difficult to interpret. Much tea and some  time are consumed, and men and Avomen  show themselves to be children of a  larger growth.   Texas Had a Storm.  Calvert, Texas, July 2.--The most  disastrous storm for years in this district occurred last night. The streams  and river have overflowed banks and  much property was destroyed by the  floods.  Entertaining Canadian Soldiers.  Burlington,   Vermont, July 2.��� The  Royal   Canadian  Artillery  company  of  FULL LINE OF  Montreal are in this city and Avill remain  here until tomorrow afternoon. The entire command Avas entertained by the  United States soldiers.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds.  If what yoii want is not in stock we will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. G. Gordon, Silverton  J. IL Hall, Butte  G. 1<\ Johnston, Toronto  S. "McKauhorn, lvaslo  W. G, Scott and wife, New  Denver  .S. Hutchinson, Vancouver  J,   11.   Colloni,   Wollosloy.  Mass.  A. A. Mackenzie, Rossland  W. !���'. Duliois, Slocan City  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.     ��� .  HUME.  James Shields Montana  P. McIj. Koi-in. Rossland  G. R. Micklo, Toronto  I'orcy Dickinson, New York  J. I'', Uurton, Spokane  I). W. Moore, Trail  T. K. Plewiniin. Iiossland  M. Flaherty and wife, Rossland  Miss M. S. Howard,  Rowland  S-^._B-Si  B  B  ".ir5* _-*=3____5".___s_ _^__-^l_s^__Sl_^is^__^__^__S*s ___?. -^.  1'zJ-e3'C3'C3'c=3'c3'&'}3\  The Largest Assortment of Corsets  IN THE KOOTENAYS  PIIAUt.  IO. C. Shipinun, Hamilton  (,'. H. Carpenter, Rossland  G.W. IIutiles. Alamo  Al-s.   I'ltnridKo    and   two  daughters, Vancoti ver  AI. II. Gilllum, Krio  Eugene Croteau, Ymir  Charles Montgomery, Winnipeg  QUKEN'S  T. S. Wynii", Victoria  W. II. I'liijlan. Toronln  Llnnul Kentish, Now York  A. II. Buchanan aud wife,  Montreal  Louis Blue, Rossland  M.   IT.   Cowan   and   wife.  Creston  F. J. Smyth, Moyie  .). Snyder, I luntsvillo  Thomas Goldie.  Huutsvillc  1). Moran, Macleod  TREMONT.  T. Glenc oss, Ymir  Fi. Lanneau, Rossland  Charlos llollin, Salmo  N, 1). Stewart, Rover Creek  GRAND  Robert Cooper, Slocan City  G.   C  City  Miss McC'artin, Micleod  J. K. R'ia-1, Krio  .1. L. Kaiio, Krio  W. Irwin, Kaslo  Martin,     Rover  Fred  G.   Carlisle,   Slocan  D. A. Lovoll, A'mir  Samuel Millor, A'mir  Josepli Cainpboll, Krio  Douglass Taylor, Erio  Mrs. Iveefe, Ymir  SILVER  John Croop, Ainsworth  Nels Swanson, Brooklyn  Thomas Olson, Brooklyn  J.   C.    Kelly,    Athabasca  mine  Duncan  Crock  M. Sheridan, Cranbrook  F. Sinclair, Silverton'  CENTRAL.  A, L. Johnson, Nakiisp  W. Campbell, Fernie  Henry    Mellcr,    Bonner's  Ferry  J. Henderson, Nakusp  M. Roso, B Jiuior's Kerry  AV.   C.    Genzol,   Bonner's  Ferry  KING. .  B   For this  B  received another  B  B  Since opening our store some few months ngo our lady customers have said many kind words of the satisfaction obtained  from wearing any of the standard made corsets sold by us.  reason we take pleasure in stating that we have just  shipment direct from the cast, which places us  n a position to   state   that wc   now have   beyond a doubt   the  found  anywhere in  the  Kootenays.     We  at   prices   ranging   from   $i   to   $2;   the  -   cents up;   the  "B &   C Athletic" for  "Thomson's   Glove   Fitting" at   $2.50  W  ffl  ffl  ffl  best assortment to be  handle the  "D & A"  the "B.  & C" from   75  $1.50,  ancl   the   famous  and $3.     If you want   corsets   come   to us.     If you  think you  want: corsets come to us.     If you   think you know of a friend  that wants corsets bring her to us.  ffl  W.   B.   Slier.',  mine  W. B. Hudson,  mine  M. Nordj Ainswort.li  Athabasca  Athabasca  fll.  ��_ >n   "  .Lpnd^oji!s^��Latest,":r.ad.  ���*-S.o���i/d$h''"^^  .>$.*��i)^  I s-ffek-n"*}"Mdria'pM ^_feali|e*^c*"_unft#.^" tw<i>  sy*eivi:sD tfliey ltad: helped" CtOiYIou* and" the  ^i^ySt*^^!"^^^!^,. S*^S a^iTfst^^iii'" -"as"-;.  P��l|llft3"^^^^  pS^HlMiiiu^-iiS''"--*u^  %oi'-��>wXtJii*u b^  tf_y*"^fe*tiitf6jinv;i^ hf iheOapitai of:  tlie Soudaii:   Tlie f Ouipii*tloii Avails of the-  "iloliannuedaTi liijfverstty,  "_0r AvlioSe sup-  )pdft the j5Mlaii|r6pjsfe "of Gl'eat' Bi^ititin  Haye made attiple proyisioli, ai'fe already  .eonlpletect.     Th'0   Site?  of   tlie- rai'h-oad'.  Lstatiftii >\diere^raiiiSi_from^Cairo_._AvilL  leave tlieir passengers lias beeu selected;  and plains have Been approA'ed, for a large:  hotel) to he erefated near the Station?  Thoti.failds of cartloads" of rlibbiSli art;  liein|j .removed.  1 Anew street plan to re*olace the littr-  _6av tlioroiighfares in Avhieh Arab, Greek,  li)gy|)tii��i and .Indian nlerchaiit.s xyere  AA'ont to niiiigle Will be carried into effect, giving tlie eity commodious Streets.  The piilace is to be repaired and other  govei'liilient build iligs will* be reared  arouifd* it.   The city is to eovor more  I ground tlian formerly, and the greatest  in novation will be the renioval <if tlie  best part of the residence quartei' to 'tho  hills ihiit are shown on, all the good maps  of Khartonui, soiitli of the old city.   It is  ' probable also that some of tlie business  Streets will occupy the slopes of these  .hills, which offer, it is asserted, the most  salubrious situation iii the uppei' Nile  valley. Another advantage Avill be the  railroad, caravan aud foot passenger  bridge across the Blue Nile. For the  iiijst time the land Commerce Avith Egypt  and the caravan trade Avith Abyssinia,  Kassala and the Red sea may enter and  leaAre the city Avithout the iiicom'eiiience  of ferriage oArer the river.  The goA**ernor-general, lord Kitchener  of Khartoum, has invited the. chiefs of  the sui'ronnding tribes to settle in the  neighborhood. Fertile lands Avill be assigned to those who'embrace the opportunity. It is desired to make the surrounding region the center of a dense  population that will supply all the food  required by a large city. Every effort is  made to encourage the tribes, from the  Atbara river to Khartoum, to return to  tlie fertile hinds ou both banks of the  Nile they had abandoned. Tliey haA'e  been told tliat they may reconstruct the  irrigation ditches, over 3000 in number,  .from the Nile to their fields which Avere  in use before  the Mahdist revolt, and as  2(mi^a$m^&a^MM&^^^ed}y^  liumbercbfs gue^si^ll^^'-e&flalilfe"  ;"fesfSteH^i-e'.:a^  Da���tfd';ert'chf*l���s.tJ^���tA���Jfea_l^'lC���  f"bSpk.; "p"@'1S|",f' "bppii': is?. "Jii^fe" ^I^e.Ss|!i*ily:.':.b^  -"tioy elj t*tliQvigihxtth"i3''"_i,A"fi^��iS -oif' iJ0$%i^$?'igk  ,iiyhpcess-^fily-ay "modptAiyi5o"p^;}.yM^  -tlieseVar-i';iiibife?gpuerall"|f "-"seledted.;" .^IfP>  %ad^"e",^j_hl^^^  ^���_tifeof;the".pi^,? "^^iruiktS^afee,  ti;eufe6SMd:","'|suppl.yiiigJ.a:ii'^  p^yn.deGQratignsjjinq eaeh"lias^tosguess  the title of cilitlie ^othe^s.1" Some "peoMe  !- -r   .���.."*���   ������ .y^y-i,-,".:M',.y--pfl,pp~y-T,.:va- ���f��-yS,, .  lire A'ery stxipid at ity   some A^ei-y quick.  And t|i.ere?ali skiliJ",too,/;E6fe^nI*y^fn:':g!iess7  ingtne titlleSjB bnt *in"inf|kiifg�� ttljtfe orfters.:  T\vo little Avoodeii shoes*; fpr instaiaee,ailf  Fiipi'i*uce themselye"s>; "A.pair-_o�� vgr-j^sluali  wpodeii do|ls -are tjie, '''HeayeniAf _|wfus." [  Aliitje"brpti^e de\dl,��Avitli eiystai'di/dps.;  in Ms eyfisj is (or are) the  "Soi-rowS of  A A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON ���  MADDEN.  J.'W. AVilson, Calais, Me.  Miss Erskine, Winnipeg  S. J. Erskine, Winnipeg.  Thomas    Sattersby,  ltoss  land  Thomas McLean, lvaslo  G. Hammill, New Arork  S. Thompson, Nakusp  David Eraser, Greenwood  Frank Pearce, Fernie  D. Peterson, Three Forks  John Potter, Three Forks  *he Tremont Hotel  NIALOJIE & TRECILLUS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  %  BANK  OP  E. O.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  T_u__*a_v_:s cash  ���&.���&.���&,��� (=*'.^..(^.(=>.C=2.e3.(=>.e3.c=>.tS>.l2>.c3. (S?.  .ffl  P. Burns c�� Co.  AVnOLESALU   AND    RETAIL  Nel  son.  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  CHARLES HILLYER,  l'KESIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SECKKTAJiy  ^  j_i_vri_?_3_D.  SMANUFACtUBEUaT;Q*JSAND��  > ;.*"_���?. _ "t%).EAL*EKS3 IN" *,JSs' >W-  -". ".'F^iE|^��^c^S3i!^ii-^_���^s;  "_r��nri_>��-��''f*."!��" ""' 'i*_*_<iX "p.sy ,flr��Yy:'l..ys.:fl,i,ti^ ,  - ��� ��� "OjEftd^-aM^^o-r^lfif^i^  "  ,   ���   " FACTOSY" AV;d.RK d8NK' ^6��OJlDKlViI  �������"-'      . '"   "���     'suM a^". "���". "5"'"" "���'��� ���  'Sci^Il:^aw.ingf%2 :\-;y -pyy��:y:'  ���      .       - n iN^STOCK "���-"."���  6Ia;sS Df all Sfees-afld Kiiids  THE BEST BRANDS OF  One m,^tiftei^estpatod ^m.pst".po,p-'���;  )tiyycr?.. .   OTjlfU  - JJftn u��. n      iP      '   n��^iu,     i*   jjO       all u  u    .-[an- " a   Pn     u    & *p   an'^-   ' o.     *      nn  V^*J>8��-a      CH,       |i       ��*',    I**.   .HI-,,?.���.,!.,   SaD��.   .V^y-^YW    ���_     ^n^B'ir,"    " �� :   ^ Pun^'H  *-r^^ula^'liotels��n^elsoiK^ ^  EELEESCDWE  35  liver ice Jit private residences  alid business liouse�� daily in any  desired quantity ah- easonrablo  prices.  DRAYING and  .Mevehatidise haillcd to and from, depots; bus  meets all trains and boats. SpeciiVl attention  given to the transfer of, bafc��ago_ Otllco artd  stables on VoruOn street, opposite Tho Ti'ibivno.  MB STYLISH MILLIMBHY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET. NELSON  George Holbrook  City Scavenger and  Chimney Sweep  Prompt attention given lo all orders left at M. DesBrisay & Co's, Baker street, Nelson.  Strictly first-class. Hate's, S.'l per week and up.  MRS. WALTER B. MUIR  ..-.'"' ;���'?;..   ;V;SPOKAN_3.   \'r.y y  2 : FURN1S1IK11'-ItOOMS, SINGLE EN SUIT!  Hot and,cold water, baths, electric light, elevator and  telephone. Housekeeping rooms. Thoroughly equipped  with exits.and tiro escapes. 5th llloor Marion block, cor-.,  nor Riverside and Steveim streets.  .Sawmill on Government ivfiarf.-     _  Kactory and oflicc, corner Hitll street and C.PiR. track  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at fJelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES  AT  Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  pRKiyFomirARDED Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS QF JFREjSH AND SALTED MEATS  i%$^$^WfiMMi^ AND RETAIL  ��� .    ���   '  %^Sri^^ IN SEASON^    .     ^  ���'^ ��'"nlJLJ iip"'" .��L   .- ui'   u   n  ���� L��-D:fli'      ' ii   i1       V      D j_l��i**'   ���if ^    y    nD| K  !   Largo eVinfprtitbte  bedrooms and- Mrs��-class dihing  Tdpni:". ^ajtiple fpoms ;for c8hlm;ercial nieii.i  _R__i-_E__!��3" :_B"_S   _?a_3JR;." ��Z$��jA2X:'  liigg^^lilC^ TRAVES, Manager:  ';' "-yn" I    ��^;"����$ftpj^ PROMPT AlTENTION.  BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD;v0p$]|_:E^j_ONDON)   ENGLAND.  * n,w���r*ji-rirli a��n -  relating  fo Brjifsh^-Jpolurribia business to be addressed'to P. O.-.Drawer  " 605y"Nelso��n_ British Columbia  Lale of thd Royftl Hotel, Calgary.  "WaDLTDO^WJQItfTTO-  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of first-class dry material on hand,, also  a full line of rfash, doors, mouldings; turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Tciophoup,,���<&   Johii fiae^ Agent  PETER GISELLE &  Headquarters ��or  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo mako a specialty of  Shjplap an,d Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Ofllce aiid yard near C.P.ft. depot   K. G. BKER, Agont.  BAlCIClt AND WARD STUK1SXS, NBl^ON  AND  Ice Gream  (HAZLEWOOD)  Ice Gream Soda  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT STQI|E  Kresh FrniL received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Oo.    Tetephono 1)3. HUMIJ11HKY8 fc P1TTOCK  COAfilVER LUMBER  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sines of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order,, and shipped tp Nelson in carload low  Writ^J for prices.1  Tho only hotel iii Nelson that has remained under one  management since ?800.  The bed'room.8  are  well furnished  and   lighted by  oleotrieity.  Tho dining-room is not second to any in KootQisHy.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS aiADDKN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable raids Sample rooms  Klcctric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B, C.  \i& F?CDiVi'i_feRJ;g��iyi:; /MMir^Eh-gineer f  NELbUlM,   B.C.  W. h. THUIRWIAN  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  is a full line of  ^0#AL SEA^^_^^OOTENA^_^BE_LI_E-CI*&_VRS   And ail other brands of the  Kooteiiay Cigar Manufacturing Company  OIP   OSr-SLSOISr,   B-O.  Nelsoii Tent and Awning Maniifectoif  ,__.__!_ __i_<rDS���'���(_>;?���]  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS  PANCy STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  Frco bus meets all trains  Hourly street oar to station  Night Grill Room ill connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE7  COFKEE    ROASTERS   AND    DEALERS  AND   COl-'KEK.  IN   'HOA  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Madia, per pound  S   10  Java and Mocha Mend, .'1 pounds....  .......   1 no  Fine Santos, I pounds ������   I tX)  Santos HlOnd, 5 pounds  1 OO  Our Special Ulend, 0. pounds.,..'; ..: ......���.:.....;.  I,"'1.  Our Rio Roast, C pounds;���:���::.���:.���.:'..���.-...v.;-j...-.;'.;.'..:.���/. l.-d*1'  A trial oi'dci'-soliciteil.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of . Otldfollows   BlocH,   West  Baker Staeot  NELSON, B. C.  ALL SIXES Oif TENTS IN STOCK  liaklir street, opposite pOstoflleC, Nelson  THEO.  MAOSOS"  W. P. D10ESON  B. H. H. AFPIiEWfiAITB  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Su  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Btectrlc Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines,  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephone-, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box SOfl. Josephine Street, Nelson, B.  Towns  Vienna  Restaurant  Haker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  11AKKRV IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND   1'ASTRY COOKING   A   SPKCIALTV  ...     ONLY WHITE 11KLP KMI'LOVKi)     .  -R-../':.3H:T_r3=;,JR*_r,    i?_?tO-?-=tX-5-?o_^  ���'   MINERS WANTED.  FOB  EElvrT  ROOMS AND  J  OFFICES  _.1TI.Y  LAINO STOCKS, Secneti^  cllloo of tho Duncan Mines. Limited..  BOATS! BOATJ31  VOn SALE OR HIRK  1  "The Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, _rett.vlir.is  six nood minors.   Wages $3 pel-day; HhafI.sinking, $i-M  W. J. ASTL.I3Y & CO.  Boats 'built to order.   Ropairinu and fitting A spec-  Sfails inade and rigged.   Fishing rods and tackle  ialty  inuiidcd.  At GOvOrnmctit whftrf, Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, JULY _-,  1899.  Cool and Refreshing  When tired and heated there is nothing so  refreshing as a drink of Soda Water.  We have all flavors and our fountain is the  best in Nelson.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  CORNER RAKER AND JOSKPHINK STREETS. NELSON  July ist is nearly here  How can you celebrate unless properly dressed ?  See l]ow Gilker can, fix you up for a few dollars.  P. 0. Store  J, A.  GILKER  Remember the Name  EMPORIUM  It will be to your _idv_i_.ifci.ge to see our largo  and .complete slock of Boots' and Shoes. We  carry the following lines: .3. &. T. Bell, 3.  D. King & Co., North Star Shoo Co., Foots,  Schultz <fc Co., Stratford _ Shoe Co., Ames, Holden it Co., and other leading makers.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  ' 26 AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON  DINING ROOM  J��_T  Corner llaker alid Ward Streets  NELSdN,   B. C.  DRAWING  ROOM  _MI--^.T_PI_lNrGr-  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  The Efficacy of Prayer.  The Aveather during the celebration  could not have been finer, and it i.s now  said that it wis all because of the prayers  of two of our leading citizens. On  Wednesday evening the manager of tlie  celebration was on nettles. Bain was  coining down in torrents and hail was  piled up in ridges alongside the shady  side of the fences. Tlio manager once  before had taken great interest in getting  up a children's iloat,and all his work had  been spoiled by rain. JIe was deploring  his luck to David McBeath. JIe was  asked how many children would be disappointed, and replied that forty of the  prettiest little girls in the province and  their mothers would never forgive him  if things went wrong. Dave said, "Leave  that to me and everything will be all  right. 1 will go and get ���'Skinner" Hodgson, one of the best drivers in Nelson  and dress him out in a suit of Gilker's  purest Avhite, shoes and all, so that he  will be presentable when guiding the  four-horse outfit that is to lead the procession; then I will.go out anil hunt tip a  friend of mine that is said to be the  biggest* sinner in Nelson, and if J. find  him we together will offer up'a prayer  for good weather. Our prayers will be  answered, for neither of us has offered  up one iu the-last forty years." The  prayers must have been hoard.  NELSON.  The directors of the hospital have accepted the proposition of 111. C. Shipnian,  manager of the Lyceum Theatrical Company to give a benefit performance on  Saturday niglit next in aid of the hospital  building fund. The ladies present agreed  to assist till in their power to insure a  good attendance. The play will be  "June," a popular New York comedy,  and will be followed by two scenes from  Hamlet. Tickets for the performance  may be obtained from any of the directors.  Born in Nelsoii on Sunday, the 2nd instant, to the wife of Joseph C. J3radshaw,  a son.  A special meeting of the city council  has been called for this afternoon tit 2:30  to consider the tenders for the laying of  a steel pipe from Cottonwood creek to  the reservoir, and also for tenders for tlie  purchase of the city debentures.  The city clerk is asking for tenders for  the construction of the flume, for the  erection oLa fire station oh. Observatory  "street, and; also for applicants" for ' the  position of -cemetery caretaker.* Tlio ap-  ��� plications, and tenders must ,be in" 'by*  Thursday.  .���"-Mrs. "D." Q. Lewis, wife of the -resident  C. P. IX. engineer,^ left yesterday for tlie  east. .: ."*,."  A drunk was fined, the usual $5 yesterday at tho police court,,' He was.the only  , num arrested fpr disorderly conduct during the celebration days, "which is a remarkable testimony to the good order  which prevailed.  Mrs. N. Cummins and family loft  yesterday on a visit to the old country.  The examination- for teachers' certificates began yesterday at the schoolhouse  'under the superintendence of school inspector Burns. The subjects in the  morning were British History aud grammar, and iu the afternoon education and  geography. Tliere arc nearly twenty  candidates and the examination will last  all tlie week.  Ji)elph_us Peitre, up Italian, was tried  he��oi"6 stipendiary magistrate Crease"  yesterday up0n the charge of stealing  Some bjattkets from a lita-n at Lardo City.  I*I��ej3leaded_suilty_aiidAvaiSJseutCnced.J-Jo-  two 'months' inlprisomneilt, Tlie prisonef  was   brought   to   Nelson  by  provincia]  for the month totalled $(52,012. This was  made up of $30,835 worth of lead bullion  from the Hall Mines smelter; $1S,9S7  worth of gold bullion from the Athabasca  and Ymir mines and $(il90 worth of coke  ���from the coke ovens at J'Yirnie.  Quite ji commotion was created Sunday  evening by the story that a man had  been drowned from a sail boat tit a point  opposite to the C. I'. li. .shipyard. The  first word of the accident was received  from Dr. Hall, who said tliat in watching  the lake with a pair of glasses lie saw a  man go overboard from a sail boat in a  squall. The supposed accident was also  witnessed by some one at the Hume hotel  and word being passed to (Jeorge Hale's  boat house several would-be rescuers put  out for the scene of the supposed accident.  They fought their way down as far as  Grolunau creek, in the face of a sniall-  si/.ed gale but-found no trace of the  alleged victims. Ic afterwards turned  out that the scare was occasioned by the  carrying away of the sail of a boat of a  vegetable Chinaman who ^afterwards  made Nelson in safety.  ���Joseph Rodda, Thomas White, John  Merri field and W. H. Tregear, who were  in a boat on ^Thursday afternoon when  AVilliam Beard was drowned, wish it understood that they were 500 yards away  from the boat in which Beard was when  hc eapsi/.ed. They had to turn their  boat and row back, aud were within  three feet of Beard when he stink. The  statement in the Miner that they made  no effort to save ids life is untrue.  The annual church parade of the members of Nelson lodge number 23, A. K. iVt  A. M./ was held on Sunday forenoon. The  brethren to the number of thirty-six  gathered at the lodge room and. attired  in regalia, marched to the Presbyterian  church, where a special sermon was  preached by Rev. Iv. I<Yew, chaplain of  the lodge.  George S. Beer, manager of the Nelson  Hardware Company, leaves today I'or a  business trip through the.Koundary Creek  district.  wanted!  WANTKD���A position as choir muster, l.uc sjIo bass,  SI. Johns, Liverpool, Kngland, and director I-'orl  Rouge, Al. C. Winnipeg. Address Allien, Hull, l'0-.l.  Ollice.  LOST.  T OST���A lady's gold pin. with diamond selling.  J-1 or will lie suitably rewarded on reluming si  the Tribune ollice,  Kind-  line lo  CO  oo  CO  V3  ___  en  09  C9  __!  CO  IfflO  CO  CD  OO  CO  A Ring of Beauty  is a Joy to Both  Giver and Receiver  ,    STANDARD QUALITY  NEWEST STYLES  BEST FINISH  constable Young.  The returns of the port of Nelson for  the month ending June 30th show tliat  during the month the A'alue of the dutiable goods imported: was $85,495.- The  ���val'tte of the free goods entered was  $1,1.687. Collections for the mouth  totalled ,$10,i)S3.3f3.    Tlie mineral exports  BUSINESS AN�� UKSIPMNTIAJ,  PRORtiRTt  TJioy filwo.ysS sell where anything, will, aiid cost, no  more-Ulan those of (Ipii.btfnl repukifibn.  When you want; diiiifionflS, Vvri-tc lo JacQlS Dover.  When j'qhi want wAtehes, send tojaeobllovcr.  =?=W4ie_->--M^vdn1>=gold=nnd='iflvcp=ioignQtto^eUfti,M��r-felf  for Jacob Dow.  When you- want Sterling .silver novelties, genii to Jacob  Dover.  Wlien you want llodgor Uf-o's 1SI7 knives- and forks;  send to Jivcob Ddver;  When yoy want a hieolainp, ask for Jacob Dover.  When you want the Jvarii piano, send for eaUilogtio 10  Jacob Dover.  Wlioh yolt want  lli'st-elass  goods,, buy  froni  JuCob  Dpveiv  .   Wlien yon want watches repaired, send ilium to Jacob  Dover.  When y0il want Jewelry manufactured or repaired,  -<t-on.ci it.i.o ,l��cob Dover.  When yon wantio sec a complete lino: of gooi.Isasaboyc  mentioned. en'1.1 at  Grove  Hotel  Beer  Garden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  .���-���.;__Nr_EX_SO_I^^\'-;;'.  '(0 by 120, Bakor street, between Josephine and  Ward streets. �� .,.. ���.....  .SSOofl,  flO'Iiy 1_0_, HlVker street, between Jost, jilimeand Hall  streets ,.,     1500  5�� by 120, Haker street, between Josephine and Hall  sireew, cornel"  ,    80 by 120, lOist Baker .street ,    800  25 by 120 with improvements, south side ot Vernon  street  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vornoii  street......  (MOO  Z lots and large house beautifully furnished (snap).. 1000  2ilots with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  street     '. 3500  Hot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street  2500  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per month, Stanley  street  ....._    3000  6 lots in block ill), all cleared and fenced in  2500  fl-ro'oni house and 10 lots set. out in orchard,  1100  2 lots and Improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  waKons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch  5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  ���\V-A���_H_0 BBOS-  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  TROPICAL FRUIT DEPOT  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  DOVE  JEWELRY STORE, NELSON  Fr u It  Syrups  I\.cpt by all grocers and fruit store dealers,  Lime Juice Cordial, Raspberry, Strawberry,  Pineapple. Lemon, Vanilla, Sarsaparilla, Chocolate, Coilee, Orange, Orange Phosphate.  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  NKLSON'  Thorpe & Go.,  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Railsj^  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf  ?f.  Refrigerators  PRICES RANGING FROM $9.50 TO $30  Lawrenee Hardware Co.  _isr___x_,so_sr, b. o.  A Volley oi Economy that Carries 'Conviction into Every Home In Nelson  3n spite  of tlio howling success oi Inst weeks big'stock reduction sale, soino  lines scuttercd through tlie crockery department escaped the manager's pruning knife, or the customer's attention. Those, with a score of lucky purchases in other lines, arc your fruit for this week. This sale would not be necessary  hod the warm weather come" two or three weeks curlier, but it is our rule in business to lower the stock befoie our semi-annual inventory, "We take our medicine  philosophically and will greet you pleasantly wlien you come lo help us empty  shclves to the ijuick-stcp time of .stock-taking prices.  our  WE ARE THE EXCLUSIVE .AGENTS -for many pi the best lines of  groceries, and always have a fresh, --wholesome, stock on hand.  Telephone 10,  K & W.  Baker street Westj Nelsoii  MONEY SAVED BY BUYING YOXJE  ETC.,   FROM   XJS  We cii'i-y tlio Impost slock  Can filhyoilr orders for any qnniiUty  M. DesBrisay & Co.  I.1MITKI).  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE.  RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  For Strawberries and  oilier fruils in senson.   l_euvc  your order.   Prompt delivery.  Hazlewood Ice Cream      ;  Ice Cream Soda and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks  MILLS &L-OTT  Agouta to  jr.-u-luwoo'I Ice Cream.  . NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTOES OF LAND.  . Notice is hoi-eliy. Riven 1,1ml, all pi-e-eniptors .or purchasers of Crown lands from whom i.lic purchase money  rcitiainiiiK unpaid on such lands-is overdue, are raiuii'cd  to make full payment of sucli balance, together with  interest, thereon, if any is. due, within twelve lrionths  from'Die dale of this notice, failing which their records  or agreements concoruing'siieh lands are liable to cancellation, as provided by section MS of the " Land Act."  F. OAliTKINCOTTONY  Chief (.'ommissioiier of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Vicloria, It. (J., -_iind .lunu, IS!)!).  FRUIT JARS I    FRUIT JARS!  Direct   From the manufacturer in pints, quarts,  and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour, in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  llaker .Street West, Nolson, 11. C;  Strachan   Bros.  _?i__,xjiva:_B__i!ns, etc;  OPEEA   _E3IOXJS__!   BLOCK


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