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Revelstoke Herald Jul 8, 1898

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 IST"*5^ IT35*'  f  u  -C~^Z-.iZZ   -������  -ISSTTIEID   _CVv^IOE-^_.-TATEEIC ������������������VT'EEnsrEBIDA.YS    -Z^I-TjD   S___.-_-!T7;E^:Dj6_"X"S-  ^  Vol. II..   No.  49.  REVELSTOKE, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY  3, 189S.  $2.00 a Year in.Advance.  A Vote for White fleans the Opening up of the Country to the Miner and Prospector;  _:zr������gfc_  l~~~~~������  A\ J ���������      (>l  Facts  Facts  r  Nothing but facts, are "what  ~we place before you. No  rhetorical bombard _iee_ccl  to ~ell our goods.  Hen's Furnishings  Men's B-ilbriggan unclcr-  ivear, we've the best value  in the city at $1,_.5 per suit.  Hen's Socks  A special line of ser.n~.less  foot cashmere socks:. well  ���������vve used to think them  "cheap at 40 cents,-but 3-011  can have them now for 25  cents. .      " .     -. ���������  Men's Neglige Shirts  V j* v.       1  Several of bur fine lines at  ' S2.00 marked down to ������1-50  encfi to make an , unusually  fine line This -week for  ������1.50- Other prices also  will brnig special value.  Hen's Neckties  We always lead in this  department, See our 35  ~J^eTil~IiTre'"���������iir^BdwsT^Derby-  and Chib", a grand range of  patterns and shapes, at 35  cents.    ���������.  You Look Better  in arIInt that1 becomes 3-011  than in one that does not.  "- , It makes a greater difference  than any other article of  apparel can. Itis therefore  important that, you should  -patronize a Hatter who can  show 3*011 the largest possible  variety of seasonable shapes  The Right Kind of Hat  _     for  this  season  is perhaps  what you are looking for.  We Have It  *_-  ' give  us  a call, we can suit  n  you.  IIAVI: ll~~Cl~~Vl~n SEVICKAL  CAIU,OA1)-_01~  Staple Groceries,  Hour and Feed,    ���������' .  Anil nre in a position to quote  PRICES   ' that are  bound lo sell.  Full Lines of Hardware  Full Lines of Crockery  Prospectors S   Miners i  _. C'01-.ie nml sen \vllP.t we've i:ol m your  line. We niiike 11 spuvinltynf tins unite,  und cun lit jou out ijiiii'Iely nntl nl light  lirices. ��������� *  ���������pSSy-Agciit) tor "  Wi: hnve fit onr mnirayines nt Itevelstoke nml  Thomson's I.iiuilui^, n template stork of cn-  olosne-. cajis mnl fuse, for hide nt \. holesnlt-  niiel let'iul.  THE GIANT .PPWDER CO.,  Victoria, B. C.  C. B. Hume & Co.,  sole   jlgcnts,   Iteiclsloko   Station, nii-I Trout  l.nke Cily, U. 0.  House Furnishings  Jiibt re-'clretl tlirect from Seotlanel.  II you vi ill coinc ami look nt onr..  BRUSSELS...  ii.*i.������*?s,i-ijT .; .'.     /-, ,  :::::::���������TOr:::":: CaipetS   maoim  JAPaXUSK KUGS A2CD PCiUAKK-.  WOOL SQUAWKS '      ">  ri.ooit uuc.P  COCOAXUT MATS  You vvill lie plcr.sctl.   And don't forget thnt no  have a  Ful) Range of Linoleums  Also L _C_ CURTAINS, AP.T MUSLIN'S,-  TOWELS anel TOV. ELI.il _.~G, BLEACHED  and UNBLEACHED TjIBLE LINES,  lit... life.      --  Dry Goods  A fine assortment  BGotsand Shoes  IHrkcit nnel bet assortment in tlie to-ii  Ami roi.icmber to ask to foe onr lines ot  Straw and Felt Hats  We villi hell at rock liottom prices Mid will  try to plcn _e you.  C. B. Hume & Co.  Kevelstoke Station, Revelstoke and  Trout Lake City, B.C.  WHICH IS IT TO BE ?  IClerloi- ol' Revelstoke: Tliu decision  will l'.ive to lie mado" by you on S.ilur-  d.iy ns to.tlie in.m you wish to lopre-  si'iit you tit Viet tii i.t during the next  fiv.lr years. On the'lesult of Unit -decision a groat deal depends, wliich  effects youi" inleiesls nieisl materially.  Tin-only re.tl issue ol' nny imjioi f iincc  is ti sli'ielly ui.itei-.il one. Il, is (.imply  this: In the luuiels of which of llie two  opposing parlies nve (lie progress .-mil  elovelopincut of this province most,  likely to lie advanced? The opposition  littl-u never clitrecl lo hint th.it under  Sh: Turner's ndiuinislv.ilion iintuense  progress has not heen ninile. The  pi osporit y of the provine e i.s advancing  by leaps .mil hounds hel'ore our veiy  eye������i Tho exports of British Culunilii.i.  to cite only inst.uiee out of uniny. hnve  .ictu.illy doubled during; the life of the  last legislature, lis p'npiil.ition is in-  ci casing with n r.ipidity Unit taxes the  u'l inoSjt onde.ivors of the ijovci-nineiit  to Ueop p.ite with il in furnishing the  iiei'cssni'y tii.iehinery for the administration of tho laws, llie. eclneatinir of  tin-(liiltliun .ircl means of cuiiiinnni-  c.ilinnin tho new disti ic-ts which every  year nre being opened up. Villages  nro becoming t-on.sidei.ible towns, unci  placet) of gieat i in pen-la nee aft business  cenlter. aie spiinging up-like magic,  where pievionsly the niilii~-~.il wildoi-  ne-s alone existed.' No tliey cannot  accuse lhe government cm the ground  lh.it the province has not prospered  under their 'ulmiuisliMtioi-.  Hut they do hiin;.; a charge of waste  nnel extravagance. They complain of it  p.iltiy debl of (i .-o miliums, every  penny of which hns been spent on tho  development of llie - country. Tliey  reiinpl.iiii lhat tho govei iiinent cannot  iiinl.e two ends inoi-l. -Th.;'. the expen-  ilituio exceeds tl.e revenue.  Flee lors of Konlenay: You cannot  at. all events be doe ei veil by this oulcry.  'J'hi-Conditions, which "govern,'lho c.'e-_  vi'lopnieiit ol the n .igm-ieont resources  of the toutilryv aie ton .immediate-Iv  before your eves.' You know, right "well  thnt there mast ben Krge expenditure  to'open up these resourt-es" imd ynn  know right well tint ib'mii&iJiu made  foi'ii considerable time beforeiI begins  tobiingui any relurns. You know  th it money must be spent on tinils  befote lhe lie-best kinel of prospects  ate o! any tiooat all and on ro.ids befoie a disli let with the inor.l ui.ipriiili-  cenl sin face shovviiuis e-.in have tlio'.e  showings converted into mines. You  kneivv that.railways ai e necessary before mines fan become io_,ul,ir shippers* and Unit, if Iheir coust 1 uction is  put oil' until the development warrants  il. Ihey will never bo built al'all. Tho  railways uu:-t be built at. lirst for development, niiel ihe tr.illie which will  iiuike them pay vvill follow. But for  tlie fiist tew-ye-ns Ihey do not, will  nol and _i".ui:i_ot. be, expected to p.iy.  -Money has lo be spe"~TI~o~~r"tiJesTTirie.iii'f  of communication on tmst that the. returns will come afler.  Von do not expect n mine lo begin  to pay until e lot of money has been  put inlo it. How do you expect, then  the ttove'i-nincnt to make this tnininji  district ]iay without putting ii lot ot  money into it? You consider it sound  business to go on pulliiifj-tiine tuul  1 ibor nnd money into n- mine 'expi _���������!,-  injjr to i cap the returns Inter on. Why  is it. not then sound business for the  ft'iverninont lo ceo expending money  on this inii'ing district, in the hope 'e.f  ini-reiisinjx it-s levenue fiom it. later on.  Hope! Il is not a hope.il. is ii dead sine  llmi};, as thei enormous increase in the  revenue of the province, mostly in  Kootenny, cluriiu; the past few 'years  hus proved. You cannot iiia~.e tin  omelette without brciikinir eggs nnd a  government cannot overcome the  enormous difficult ies. facinij it in opening up this dillieult mountainous  c oinitry on the policy of never pull in^  out a dollar unless it sees nnolhe _��������� eiol-  1.ir coming rifjlit in, anil that when it  is boiled down, is the policy of the opposition, who intend to cut down expenditure till both ends meet, and  whom.a paltry debt of live million  dollars slagaors in a province, whose  annual revenue will soon exceed that  sum under a progiessive ..dm'uiistr.i-  - tion. such ns on llieie very own contention the opposition is iieitvar.d tlif  government distinctly is. Electors of  Revelstoke. you know very well what  you want in-this liding. You have  perhaps the richest mineral district in  the whole of Kootenay.- Yon want it,  developed. The individual prosperity  of each one of you depends upon ils  development. Yon are casting this  vote for youi selves and your families.  Will you cast it for the opposition,who  iiro Re.ing.about the country preaching  blue ruin, lamenting the dreadful debt  and pi-iiiiistng to cut dovvn expendituie? Or will yon castit for the government, which has tit its back men. who  are not afiaid to spend a Ihousand  dollars, to get back an annual income  in a few years of elonble or ti eblc Unit  amount, who consider Ui.it an invesl-  nient that is sound business for the individual, must be sonntl business for  the government nnel who are pledned  in the future to tho policy, which they  liave consistently c.irri.'d out in the  past, a policy of wise expenditure, of  prouress. development and piosperity?  Which vvill you do? It. is not meiely  i the foi tune*- of the government thai  j are iu your linn "Is. It i.s lliefoitune of  i lhe clialiici of Xorth Koolenay, eif the  j tov.ti of Revelsteike nnd of your own  J iiulivklu.il selves. ,,  TIIE  BALLOT   TOMORROW  Tt seems to the Hkkami lh.it. the  exact amount of intorei. whiih I'.u-h  candidate has in Hevelsltike should be  n distinct Lie lor I'or Uie cooler headed  portion of the eleclnrale! in making  thoir decision how they will nulik  their ballots tomorrow. ll is unquestionable that the gi eater a mail's own  material prosperity, depends, on the  progress of llie place ho ropio-,ciit*-,!ho  harder ho is likely to fight for il. Kow,  as everybody knows,. Mr. White is in  the enjoyment of .1 largo and lucrative  priie lire in lhis place. His Ihimiioss  oapaeilv_and professional ability have  secured him practically lho whole  field and hit* practice alone li'ilri'sOnts  really a very eonsideiablo stake in this  lown and constituency. On llio other  hand Mr. Kellie pursues no apparent  trad'., occupation, prolession or1 tmsi-  ness in (his town at all. There is  nothing to pi event his packing np his  valise, handing tho key of his room to  lho worthy propi.etoi." oi" lho  Oential iind leaving llevelsloke  at a moment's notice for ever, lie  owns nothing heie. dees iioliiing here  and indeed except ddving election is  mainly conspicuous in this community  by his alr-eiite elsewhere. The Iil~t:-  AI.I3 is not blaming _tr. Kellie for this.  If he does not have lo follow any ociu-  palior. here r.r elswhere, llio Ui_.hai.~j  only wishes it could eatc-h on lo the  saiuocotiibitintion. IT he does not consider HevelnloUe i'e._l. estate a p,n-  ticulafly juditions investment, he is  epiile right to ptithis money elsewhere.  But the point that he is a in.in without  any maleiial interest in the place  bluniid (.CTtainlj- be coii-idoied by the  eletHois befoie they market heir ballots  toiiToirovv. ' ..'.  For it, must bo reniemiieri'd  lhat  in  the past his inlerest  in Ihe question--.  which have ail'ecled tho community  -      **  here .ind sliu't'd-il   up sometimes   to  boiling point, has boon   very lame,and  lukewarm." The nuttier .if "the $l!."i0>C  dny '..'age... on tht mat trussing^ in   1S03  provoked the most sleu my agitation in  the hisloiy ci'the-town; but left   Mr.  Kellie quite i_ncon("<_7iiod drawing his  salary at Victoria. -The working men  might raves  lint election day  was a  long- way  olf   and' why should   Mr.  Kellie bother hiiiv~_.f about theni.  In tlie'maUei' ot protection ol the  liver bank. Mr. Koll'ieiilwiiys held thnt  lho Domini6-i. should tie. the work.  The hoard of tTii'do plied him with letter" on letli'i". telegram oirjtelegr.iiii.  urging and ei.ti'C'.'.ling hiin lo exert  himself lo save lho lowus'ilo' without  extracting so much as an intimation  that liejiail even ever received their,  coinnuitiic-alions? They linally_lTael"'to"  appeal lolbe premier over his" lu~.id  befoie Ihey could get any attention  paid Lo tho matter at all. His interest,  in the liver bank question never leally  awaUened at nil until he flopped over  lo lhe opposition and thought ho saw  a chance for a slap at, the government,  who, as ������nnn as he no longer held tlieir  ear. began to do the vv oi k. .  One of the most important demands  made by this town on the governmont  the last.session was for a grant for the  construction of a waggon load up the  Columbia lo the head of the Canyon.  The houre! of Ir.ule fought hard for  this grant, and Iheir representatives  backed by those of the prominent supporters of the administration here  achieved the desired result. Bul. in  the li-if. of expenditure which Mr.  Kellie laid befoie lhc department of  public works as desirable in this riding  this waggon road vvas not even mentioned at all.  These instances suffice to show that.  Mr. Kellie's interest in Revelsloke is  quite naturally for a man without any  stake in the) place, very sluggish,  except just about election time. Then,  of course, it is away up above boiling  point. And the electors will only be  consulting their own interests in considering this point nnel in coming to  the conclusion that it will he a good  thing lei"elect him tomorrow to stay at  home.  ALBERTJAMYOH  Notes of Mining and   Political  Interest  ������������������The Effect of Ilia Herald's Exposures  of Kellie's Career as Member.  AIjIjukt Canyon-. July 0.���������-Tins government sunpnrli'i-s of tliis lively place  held a inei'ling last, nighl. and thoroughly discussed lho iirliclon which  appeared in the Hkhai.I) iu connection  with the "Ijiirdean" deal ami "river  bank wages." The citizens of lhis  place reel that Mr. Kellie is in duty  bound to elis.pi ovo these articles if he  can. . Fiom the Ititest, reports ol Rev-  elstoke moet.lnti;s lie has been wholly  unable to roi'uLe.' anv portion of the  articles mentioned above'. We, however, hope that when he icnnes lo  this town, if he does come,- thai he  will eonio out like a man nud defend  hillisolf iis lie vvill be epic'sl'miied i-.bonL  this mat ter. After a careful canvass  of the town lieie and Ihe^Wnveilev  vyaggon road (Kellie's gre.il stttiiighuli!)  there is nut a doubt but that While  will hold this pi ice clown, and if a lull  explanation ol the "Ij.irile.iu" deal is  not forthcoming immediately, some'  residents of the picket lenees mound  here vvill be tumbling into lite, government back yard.  Ben Gieen has' three men busily  engaged clearing biu__.li oil' bis propel ty hero.  .Tko'Monre of this place has located  some good property ith tlie North  Fori:, tiear the second bride", on the  Waverley wagg, n io:i'l. Hubert Mc-  Culcheun is with him.  Kveryone hero fiom "the" hot. linen  lo tho section boss are White men.  A great many oT U'.e lllecillovvai't,  vnteis have also turned their coals  right side oul since llio nighl of tlio  Premier's visit to Kevelstoke.  About, the only genuine Kelliu ���������uip-  pinlci. al Albert C.iuvoii is ox-Uin-  BlableWm. Page.  Ask Kellie whal, Billy Kichols-ou.  the eii-rineer, told him when ho asked  fi.r liis support.  How comes it. llml Fred Fi-isor. a  resident of Revelstoke, had llio..honor  of being a delegate from Albert.Ciu_-  yon lo lhe Kellie convention?  .People .around'" here want to see  While, bnt sny Ihey don'l. want lo ������oe  Kollie as he has been soon too olten  here. - - , ~j   ���������--      '-     .. --j    -���������-".-  ���������   Bert Lane cune up from Revelsloke  vosteidiiy nccoiup .nied bv .T. A. F.tllis.  Tliey vveiifon up the Not lh Fori.-:  - The iie-v/Varehouse of the Wavoi-ley  heie is almost completed.  The C.P.R. ste.iin sliovol is at work  here vviilenin^ the " Y" and extending  it. About 23 men are engaged at the  work.  The C.P.R.. has a gang of men cut-  ling out. a right-of-way for iheir pipe  line up Moose Cieek. This line is lo  feed the water lank.  The C.P.R. In idgo gang is at work  here.        .  Machinery for the Waverley lias  been arriving here dining llio last two  days.  Ben Green came down Ti-om his  property on the North Fork on Sunday, and leports a snow f.'II of six  j nches. a nd, says lh e. snow has Jfi.frn  "going off very slow since J nut.  AV. Deinpsey is down hero from his  property on the North Fork, lie says  he has gieat faith in' the hil.itro for  Albert Can von. and this must bo sons he hails from Spokane.  'None of the men woi king tm the  waggon road hei-e nie going I.o vote  for Kellie-. They say Ihey are dead on  to him.   .  -      KELUE^S RECORD  As   Member   for    This   Dislhct iz     a  Distinct Issue  in This District  The ell'ect   of  lhe  exposiues  of the  H_~!~.\.i.i_    of    Mr.   Kelliti's   ret oid  as  member for this riding has boon very  iu irked. Not it single one of lho  charges madu in them hit-* been  answered. The opposition candidate  himself wan dumb on the publi<- pl.a-  foi in ami bis organ is icdiitocl to a  fi'.'ble al tempt'nt criticism of Iho  11 i_it.-.!.i~-~. woi ding of its iiLi.u k. The  ri'.iMin in clear. These ehaiges aio  on a solid lock of fuels. Thay .ue  unanswerable and consequently caiiiml  be answered. For thai ro'ison .Mr.  Kellie's ftienils object lo (heir publication. ������������������ I know Ihey are all true." said  one of them, -'but the Heuai.d has no  business to print lliein." Tlieir vv eu-  .sliip ol llieii tin god Kellie has reached  such a point, that m iheir opinion hi.  public career is abovehiunaii criticism.  The I1i-~uaIjD dues uot siMlv j,, this  exulted opinion ol Mr. Kollie. It con-  s'lli'i-s lhal Ids aclions ns a public man  hnve a distinct bearing on tne question whether or noL il, is tli'sir.ilik- to  see him .������������������cling .-is our repi esentativial Victen in for the next lour years. If  he has so handled himselt during the  past that, his private business c.iune.l  by nny menus be kept clear of his  public- career, thai is noi the Ilni: vi.u'.s  fault. It is his nun. He h.t*. leslod  for the las; lour years under th'e imputation of having con-lrucLed the  waggon mads across the head of .the  Ai in and up Fish ,Cieek for the purpose of com eiili.-ilimr lhe Initio of the  dislrict at "1_ .iile.ui," and he has never  been" able to explain t:i anybody'-,  satisfaction .what other coiu'eival'ile  object these roads eoulel have. It' Mr.  Kellie deliberately e hose In expend  I'iiO,."!.-,!) ol public money in this wav, is  the llisit.vi.li to blame lor it? Ia"the  IIkkai.ii exceeding its tintv in-calling  attention lo the I net? 'Tin- olhei  charges lhe iIllliAU) has made deal  solely vvitii his conduct as ^n public  mnn. lines lie mean lo say'lhuy are  not. true? The evidence is so 'ove-r-  whelmitigly ..gain.-,!, him thai it is  impossible for him lei adopt lhat  com so. Why then are his actions on  thi'ae part ii ular occasions not to be  criticized? Is he so great and good as  Mi, lie ..above -criticism"-, lie iind bis  'friends ,-ipiienr lo think so. It is an  .iiii.i"/.ing thing lo see a p.uty whc.se  own Inc. (ies of disliir!i.iiie-e mid. howling at publif: me.'lings hnvo disgusted  many or I !-.e electors \_Irri were' ns all  iiiuliiied, to support their candidate,  whining ,-it a fair and open attack cm  Iheir Minn's public career. Il is a most  am.izing thing to see.n -p.-u ty whose  own organ never publishc.. im issue  free fiom some sneaking insinuation,  some stab in the back, complaining at  a straight and honest criticism in the  llniiAfjii of their man's iinblic actions  criticism too. which is ������������>t nieielv  (o the  hilt.  cajiabls 'vf prool, right up (o the hilt.  hhl of vv hich lhe pi oof is right to tlu.  luind of anyone who chooses to look  alter il,. Tlie fact ol the matter is they  thought Lo rush Mr. Kellie in on the  working man's fi iend racket. Th-  Ukrald hns knocked Mr. Kellie's pretensions to bo a winking man or a  working man's fiiend into a cocked  -hn,t_*-lTis"-_i lends dcpt-ndcil-on���������i!::s-h:l  of humbug lo cany him thiough.  They see his chances daily meliiag  away before, their e.yes and" they  naturally soio with the 11KP. A lit)  conli ibuting to their result.  a re  lor  COMAPLIX  Mr. Kollie held a meeting at Comaplix in (he Holel Barde.-iu last night,  Mr. J. A. Magcc in the chair. His  speech was much the same iw usual  except tb.it it vvas interspersed with a  good deal of abuse of lhe Herald. He  claimed that the "l.udean" waggon  road was absolnli'lv necessary to the  development of Fish Creek and weie  being used eveiy dny. Ho was followed by Mr. W. M. Brown, vvho refuted  his statements in a short speech. The  meeting bioke up with three cheers  for White, thiee for Kellie and a vote,  r.f thanks lo the chair. ��������� -tmiaplix will  go-about _ ven. ���������  Hobsoii Released  Oil" .liif.igna, July 0, evening, by (he  Associated Prpss Despatch Boat  Wanday to Port, Antonio, .lam.. July  T.���������Nav.-il ConsUur ior Richmond  P. Ilobson, flagship New York, and  seven seamen who com posed the crew-  of (he Mcrrimae which was sunk by  Hobsoii and his companions in" the  chain'.t'l of Ihehiubur of Marrtiago de  Cul-.-.l' on June lid last. \vu~V surrendered  by the Spanish'military authoi'ilios,to-  ,ifily in exchange for prisoners captured  by the Ameiiciin forces, Hobsoii and  his men were, escoi led thiough the  American lines by Capl'iin Chadvvick  of the New York, vvho was awaiting  them. Eveiy step of their join ney  was marked by the wildest deinon-  siialions on the p.ut of the American  soldiers vvho threw aside all semblance  of orelcr, scrambled out of tlieir enli eitcliinenls, knocked over tents nnd  other paraphernalia in thoir eagerness  to see the roLuvning heroes and set up  cheer after chper for the mon who hnd  passed safely thiough the jawsof d'eath  lu servo their count! y. The same  scene of enthusiasm vvas n-pcitcd oil  the iii_iv;tt of the men at the hospital  .station' an>T our base at Jur.igtiii.  Hobson. vVlYo l'e.-iclied therein advance  ol his companions was taken on board  the Nevv York imbicdiatoly. The flagship's, deck vVere lined vvith officers and  as Hobson clambered' up-the side and  stepped on board hi-; vv-sel, the harbor  laug with U'.e shout*- and e heers of his  e;oini_~des vv liifch weie le-ecolied by the  dozen tr.ii'sporl ships lying near by.  Hobson had little to say legaitling his  exper;euce,( except that ho ami his  companions had been well lie.ited by  the Spaniaids -md wei call in exc-ellenl  health.-  Notcs of Interest  Mr. While's e hiiuceo for election to-  moi row .ire excelienl.  Vote for progress and pt-i*=petity by  m.-irking your ballot for Whitj.  A change of member for the Revelstoke i ieling   is what  the people want.  Be at the polls eatlv tomorrow ..nil  cast a vote for Mr. While, ant! the  govei nmenl.  The defeat of Cerveia will i-.ol, heir,  it with lbe ilere.-tt of the opposition at  the polls toinoriow.  Remember thai, the polls cfos-e :.t i  ii'i-l.itk. Workinginen,- get in ymu-  voles culy.  A vote fi _��������� Mr. White fomoi-r.ivv is  for lhe opening up of lhe country to  the niiner .tuet prospector.  "Pot Hole" Kellie will have' more  t ban he e������n do next S.Uuniav to keep  White- oXM ot the "pot."���������V'.ineo'ivei  World.  '  The miner must have trails, loads  ��������� nnel bridges to be able-to develope his  pioperty. Vote for Whiti; and you  will have them.  The Ti'.ides aiid Labor Council of  Vancouver is siippoitii'\f the gove> i,-  ment ion mnn.- Vole for the govei n-  tiii;ut fry mm king vi.ur b iiiul for  White. '  II Dean is not elecled in Kamloops  theie vvill be woe-phi}!; an.l w.iiling and  gnashing t>f teeth in a certain"Mongolian  employing   establishment .not  far d-.-s-lnnl fiom Nanaimo.  o  To the pteselit hour not a single  chtirge of tiiism.-in'izt-miMit in wiuni;-  cVning has been j.ioved against the  Tmnei" government. That they w:l!  bo it'turtii.'d to pun e-r is as e-ei ta'.n as  nny thing fut uie cn ii be.  Thiee of the strongest men of the  late opposition are not candidates for  ie-e'.ei-lion���������Williams, of Vancouver,  Swoiel. of Dewdney. and Kennedy, of  _S*evv Westminster. Several others ;ue  likely to lit- defeated. Woulel it be safe  to entrust' the government of th'.s  piovince. .it oneof the most crit-ca!  periods e-f its history, to a lot of untried men? If vou Ui'mk uot, vote ior  .-.v.'White.  PR0BABLE_RESULT3  Government's  Chances Are- Good ���������The  Colonist's  Forecast.   . i  Afler a careful  review  of "'tlie field-  the   Colonij-L   gives   2T,  perfectly" safi'"  seals In lho government, in which' the'  opposition   has   not   even  a   fighting  chance, and conehidcs tint soiueof the' '  others   may go   that   way.   Victoria'  will go solid  ror the government.*- In  Vancouver Mayor Gniilner  will  head''  lhe poll with  Dr. Carroll nn   the. munu"  lic.ke-1 ns htsenllegiie.    McPherson. the  labor candidate vvill   socuiu llio  third"  seat.    The opposition is  badlv- split, up"  and itjiss.u,l  that, Cotton and Tise'all '  are likely lo bu- Mi at home, as a"most'  determined effort is being  made to secure the font-lli p!,,re for'Joi-eplf Mm".'' -  Lui.    In   Hscjiiiiiiault.    the   opposition.  will   surely   \n-e their    deposits.    In"  South   N.inutmri tho   V.me-ouvei' Co.d'  ciiinpiiiiiv has set. up a" _c .ge' of terror in."  tavor of   the "ppn.iUnn. but   il   is ex-'  pected lhat a laige quid, vote vvill save ,  thai ceiiistuuonev le. |])e   government.  i" <'������wichan  l.obprb-nn   is   ._ar,.   ,in,l-  Miitl will leiaiii his old seal-in Alberni   "  In Nannimo   Citv   A.  McGregor,   lhe"  government   candidate, has   been dis- ~  uiissed   by the  Vi.uci.uvei   Coal  coin-  p-iny for the! offence of i uiiiiing.-igiiinst'  their candi.I.iie. Dr. -McKeehnTe. a pro- '  cc'i'ding which h.is m.-itei inllv increased ''*  his chances of ropresenting^he cjtv as "   --  member.   '1 he e-h.-inco-s of t he govb.-n-:  nieiit are crood in all fom- of tho West- "  minster ridtners.    Chas.   Semlin     vvill "  carry \\ est ^ ale.    1��������� Xorth arid-East '  _ ale the   light   ,s .v v  hoL  and   the '  chantps nnc-ei-tnii-..    Tn Rust, Vnle both '  men  are  ..Id  l e-sidenU. .-.nd  (lm-light * -  is  revolving  itself   pretty  ni'nch   inlo"     -  one between \ ernon and the .Knderbv "  and Armstrong .li-t,k*i ..     There "has '  been a bifr turn over in Kamloops,  'out "  the' opnosition   candidate  is going to  jioll n big vote (hroughotit. this ridinc  .���������.til    vve expect to .-ee G. B.  Martin '  hold oti to the sent.   I��������� thy Hovel.stoke  l-.ding Kellie  is  prae tically .a. beaten''  '"���������"' ;~-lrc-.-dy.      In   Hos-sland '..James  ..laitin t.ieopposition standard bearer "--  tsapopu.ar  resident   .uuV vvill  poll a"'  largo vote, but   Trail   is solid, for  the '  government.    In the Slocan,Httallnck  '   '���������  is putting up in, exc. .lenrfiglnngainst  Green and the issue  is, still  doubtful. r  -hough tlicgnvfi'iiiiipm. candidate has" "  pioved himseU by l.u- the most capable man on   the  platform  of (he two  "  and.his.eli-mcos-of  success have   in-  '  creased with e-.-eiv meeting.    Heports'.  from   nni'thc.ist.   Kootenav   are   verv  ,  coti.bctmg.    If is always e'it h'cr a deail '   '  sure   thing   fm- Neilson   or  iv  moral"' -  c ei tainly for .Veils. So thar- totn'ot-ro'w  s-ni-ely ha.s .i sm ,������������������;SG ;��������� li ,)re tol. SOnie- ~z  body.    Nobody here reallv knows bow  ���������  it is coing in southeast Kootenav. W. "  W. Baillie. the opposi(i.in..'c.ind"idate.- "'  is a c-leyer hut not  pai tic-ularlv  ponn-"-  Iar individual and Col. Baker is qnitu ��������� '  capable of holding 'his   own  against     ,  him.       - _. -  Taking the whole field inlo consider- "i.  alion there can be  no doubt lhat tln~     J  government vvill bc~ returned hy.agootl ��������� .  working  majorily^of at  lensh t,welvp  "~  it   is adisti-.ch  point   fu-   Kootenav""-  electois to consider, whether'they'pre- ���������"  a-r to have their repre-.pnU.livo warm- *'  '  ___-___."'__������".__.������������ I'u- forlorn oppositiem ..~  minoriFy. orwlieTher thev woiilernot  rat ner have one in full  sympathv.nnd" "  toiieli wth the .-ldininistra'tion. whii-Ji __!  vvitl for thenexl four yeu'rs continue to *  ^lnllc��������� their province along the rood of ~  proiri-e.-s a nd m osnoril v.   Every riding"'  in Koolenay has iL������-pa'rLicnlar renuirt." *  nients.    It seems to the H__T_A__l.   th.tl.' "  Itiesecan   best be ptpsented to the at- "  teniion. of the goveu-mnent bv a mem- .-  ber who  bus'their ear aiiel who is in  .lCer.ie. wilh   lho govei nme'nt.policy of"  1'xpendit.iie.    The     position     of    an   '  opposition   member,   who. i-e  liowling  **  on  the  f'tori- ���������f   (he ho.ise to get  the   "  exnendiimeor the piov-iiice"cut clown   '  and iL the. same, time demanding nu    '  lncm-iserl gr.ini Tor his own efi-triet. i_ *  sblilitlv incoiisisU'iit. to1 "sav-the least   -  or it. and open to a too obvious retort  to eriye his demands much .influence.   '  f)n Ins own show ing he is out. or court-    "  Hops  ajivbr.dy  think  that it.u-i.ll  be   '  paitieuiiiilv 'idv.lntiigciHiKtn ailistrii-t   _!'  to have as t hei,. delegate at Victoria, a   '  pei--on of Ihissi..,,,,,*?   Whereas it sun-"   .~  noi ter of the policy nf the"mliiiinistt'ii-  ''  turn. :i poluy ������,f jnilicinns and Jilieral -'  eMiendituru  on  developiiient. will   bo   '  nblat.iexeif. a legitimate'influence in    '  ���������;-  r "~,a  . *r       '^l  showing how th.t policy can"!~est be   \  can ted nut in detail  in  his own  par-'  tictil.irdisli ict.'   Every ballot"marked -'  for   tlie   government' .-.  (he progress of Kootenay,  liiarkcel   for  The Loyal Orange Lodge  At tlio meeting of the*' Or.ngp lodge   "  last nig.it an angemeiils were ,made to  attend the e-elcbiatie.il'-'of  the 12th  of    '  ���������Julv at Salmon   Aim.     The   rale is' "  SS-O") return, so  up   in   the   ninrning,  leaving at 7:."~0 and return  the"s/i"mu   "  evening.    Tliere will be boating on the   .  .ii in of the Pliusvwip ]j,ke nn(] ;l |VKUi,i,. .  old fashioned picnic "on. the~ beautifnl   :  shore of   the   lake   nt.   Salmon   Arm.  Dinner will be served hv tfieladies of  the Salmon Arm Methodist and Presbyterian churches. " - ���������    ."  The lodge parades to "the Methodist   '  church next Sunday eve'ning'lie.-i.li-d    ���������  by the   band.   Bro. S. J." Tlioinpson.    '  p.-.-*torof the Methodist church,  will  pi etch the spi mon.  The lodge shows the  veiy" satisfactory int-i ease nf fiom 50 to 'lo  rneni-  hei-s dm ing   ihe   past   vear,  and   its  "  financi.il st.meiling i.s excellent.- ,-- * -  AH-ingemeiits have iie'd'n ui.-tde' to  have the stores in Revelsfok'e clti-seel  on the 121 b so th'nC.' _-Vrvb__V'riui  take iidvant.ige of the "exctirsion.  which is not intended exclusively fnv '-  Oi-.ingenien. but JLo which evervbod-r  v-ill be welcoiiie. " ~ Revelstoke  Herald  Published in intorosts of  Rsvelstoko, Lardeau, Bice Bend, Trout Lake  Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  Pass and Eaglo Pas, Districts.  . JOHNSON Proprietor.  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To Oorre-pondenta: Wo inv correspondence on any subject of Interest 'to tho general  public, and desire a reliabl' regular corrca*  pondent in everv- local]' i-iirroitnilliiR  RevelBtoke. In all cisob tho bona lido namo  of the writer mustiiccompany manuscript, but  notnece-'sarlly forpublicatlos.  Address all communications  REVELSTOKE HERALD  Revelstoke. ct. C.  The Montana wool season bas  opened with a big crop of prediction, ai; to what prices will or  should rule in tho markets during  the next few weeks. Mr. Paris  Gibson, who is generally an  excellent authority in such  matters, Rives it out as his opinion  that the situation justifies the expectation of .prices ranging from  13 to 20 ceuts. Other wool market  prophets venture the prediction  that 1(1 cents will bo an average  price, the poorer clips selling at a  little under that fignt'i.'. whilo tlio  LOCAL AND GENERAL  best will command  than that price.  a little better  Santiago   Summoned   to  render b-y  Shatter  Suiv  NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS.  1. All correspondence must bo legibly  v. rlttou on one sido of the papor only.  2. Correspondence containing personal  matter must beBiitned with tl.s pr per name  of the writer.  3. I'orrcspondenco vvith reference to nny  thins that has appeared ln another paper  muBt first bo offered for publication to lhat  paper beforo lt can appear in Tiik 1Ieii.vi.ii.  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  SATURDAY,  J ULY    'J.  1808.  Mr. M. C. Ciuneroii, Q. C, M. T.  for. West Huron, the now  Lieutenant Governor of the North  .Vest Territories, was born in  Perth, Ontario, on \piil 12th, 1S:32.  lie was educated at Knox College,  Toronto. Ho has Tilled several  public olllces, sach as town  councillor, reeve anil mayor of  Goderich. In 1800 he was called lo  the bar of Upper Canadn, and in  March, 1S70, was appointed a Q. G.  by the Ontario government-. He  married in May 1855, Jessin 11,,  daughter of Dr. John McLean,  formerly in the Royal Navy. He  held a seat in the Commons for  South Huron from 1S07 until 1SS2,  when he ran for .Vest Huron and  was elected. In 1SS7 hi was  defeated. II. was re-elected in  1S91, but was unseated in 1S'.)2, aud  vvas defeated at the bye-election  held that year. He was re elected  at a bye-election in 181)0 and also tit  the general election the same year.  Ill 10SS IR 11  The  Manila   Expedition  Arrived  Has  LADR0NE ISLANDS CAPTURED  SAMPSON'S COUP  The    one-sided battle     at    the  moutli   ot    Santiago   harbor,   iu  which the fine squadron of  warships and torpedo boats commanded by Admiral   Cervera   suffered  the same iate as the Spanish ileet  at Manila,   has furnished tlio decisive   stroke  in    the   war.   The  Spaniards   have   conducted    this  campaign with their characteristic  bravery and their  peculiar ideas  of  honor and   dignity,   and   also  with characteristic lack   of  businesslike organization and management.   The same incapacity   and  lack  of  foresight   that   sent  the  'great Armada to its  destruction  on the west coast of Ireland, after  England's superior guns and more  practical brains, aided  by the untoward  elements,   had   torced  it  around the Scottish coast, reasserted themselves    in    the    causes  which led to   the  annihilation of  Montejo's   and Cervera's lleets   in  the  present war.   It   was brains  and      superior      marksmanship,  rather   than   better    ships    and  braver crews, that enabled Samp-  sou and Dewey to win their easy  victories.     Naval   warfare is   not  what it was a hundred years ago.  Just as surely as the old   wooden  chree-deckers have disappeared in,  favor of the modern ironclad, have  blind, bull-headed pluck and hand-  to-hand      fighting    given    place  to    cool    calculation,      strategy  aud   cold   blooded   skilled   mark-  manship.     The  old time_������_battle-  ship could fight for hours and evpn  days with hundreds of shot holes  in her sides,- but the ship of today  may be blown to pieces by a single  shell.    A   sea   fight  which   took  many hours to decide in Nelson's  day is now   settled in   as   many  minutes.  The end of the war canuot be  , very distant.     It   is   true   Spain  might prolong    the   struggle  ou  __land,_but she would gain nothing,  and the "Americans havo only to  send a fleet to bombard her cities  to bring about peace on any terms  they  may   dictate.      The    ouly  danger is now that iu the flush of  victory   they   may  demand   conditions    which     the      European  powers may resist, in which case  the last stage of the war may be  worse than the first.  Sir Ed ward Grey is mentioned as  the future leader of the Liberal  party iu Great Britain. He is a  young parliamentarian who has  attracted attention. . It is truo  that no man in England is deemed  competent of taking Gladstone's  place. There is John Morley and  there is Professor I.eeky, "out,  neither of these is considered good  material for a leader. Sir Charles  Dilke has a past, and on this  account chiefly he if not the man  to bear the standard of the  Liberals. Aud . so young Sir  Edward Grey is regarded "favorably. The opposition calls him  the future priniie minister. His  great-grandfather was Sir George  Grey, several times homo secretary. ' His grand lather was Earl  Grey of reiortu bill fame. His  father was pqucrry to the Prince  of Wales. He entered parliament  at 23 yeaisof age, and was Gladstone's undersecretary'for foreign  affairs at 30. Just at present; he is  the only prospective leader tho  Liberal party'  DESTRUCTION  OF SPANISH FLEET  Details lot the Fight���������Gallant Conduct  of. the [Spanish Commander���������Cervera a Prisoner���������Fire. Wreck and  Ruin   ol   all   the   Spanish Vessels  Washington, July 5.��������� General  Shutter .hus delayed tho commencement of bombardment of Sun lingo  until noon today so as to allow time  for non-combatants to leave the city.  The eastern papers are commenting on the large number of  Liberal M.P.'s who are applicants  for government jobs.  Lady Henry Somerset is coming  in for some hard knocks from the  prohibition papers. It i_ a question as to whether it's worse to be  a saloon keeper or Lady Somerset.  If the bankers of the United  States had foreseen how heavily  they would be taxed to meet the  costs of the war, they would have  made a far more strenuous effort  to avert it by diplomacy. The  proposal is to impose the following  taxation on bank=: A quarter  of one per cent on their profits;  the same impost on the amount of  their deposits, and two per cent on  their capital, in addition to one  per cent placed on their circulation. "VVe may judge of the extent  of this financial phlebotomizing  by noting what it would draw,  say from the Bank of Montreal, if  applied to our largest bank. The  *tax on profits would be S30.000, on  deposits $95,000, on capital $210,000,  on circulation $35,000, making a  total taxation of $210,000. This  would be equal to a charge of  three and a half per cent on the  paid up capital. All other trading  corporations are proposed to be  taxed also two per cent on their  capital, whicli would involve the  loss of a large part of the  mercantile resources ot trade fo  the extent of one-fiflieth. XVe  believe the patriotism of the  American people will inspire them  with courage aud patience to  submit to the necessary taxation  for carrying on the war, bat if the  struggle is prolonged there will be  very serious questioning as to  whether they are not paying too  dearly for their war whistle.  '-1113 NAVAL BATTLE  Via Pout Antonio, ,I.iiiiaic.-,..7uly  o.���������(Special Associated Press despatch  ten miles west of entrance to Santiago  harbor. 5 a, in.) Admiral Cervera  made as gallant a dash for liberty and  the preservation of his ships this  morning ns has ever occurred in the  history of naval warfare. In the face  of-ovrtrvvliolming��������� odels-iincl-with-noth-  ing facing him bnt inevitable destruction or ignominious eurieuder if  he longer remained in the trap in  whicli llio United States (leet held  him. he made a bold da. h out of the  harbor, selecting a lime when such nn  attempt was least likely to be anticipated by the United States Adnmal,  iind desperately fightinp. overy inch of  his way endeavored gallantly to escape the doom which was plainly  written on the mu-._7.le of everv American gun turned upon him; and even  when his ships were ablaze nnet_sinking he siill persUtnd. The United  States war. htps were awake to the  enemy's movements and the moment,  the fleet left thrf harbor commenced  the work of destruction. I'or an hour  or two they followed the Hying  Spaniards in a westerly direction  along tho shore line, sending shot  after -shot into thoir black hulls-, t.'iir-  mg great holes in their steel _ ieie:s and  -stievving their decks with the bodies-,  of the. killed and wounded. The  Spanish courage never. wavered and  at no time did thev show any indication ot surrender, but fought gallantly on to the veiy last, and when  lheir*ves~-f'l. were on tho point of sinking thev themselves completed their  destruction by benching theni and  only then surrendered themselves to  the" Americans,-, vvho protected them  from the murderous bunds of Cubans  who wore hiding in the bush awaking  their opportunity. In two hours time  froin the commencement of the fight  three Spanish cruisers and two torpedo boat destroyers wero on shore.on  lire.and pounding themselves to pieces  on the rocks. Admiral Cervera sur-  ,rendered to Lieut, llort.on. The Admiral had received a wound on the  arm, .and he wns taken on botrd the  Gloucester and received by C.nn iriitntl  er Wain-Wright, who, gripping his  hand, said. "You, Sir, have made as  gallant a light us was ever witnessed  on sea."  ATTACK*  ON  M.V.VI1.A  V.'ashinoton, Julv T,.- Admiral  Dewey has made all necessary arrangements to open the attack on  Manila on July 4th.  General pando bus broken through  the American linos and nrrived nt  Santiago wilh a reinforcement ol  3,000 men.  The cruiser Cristobal was the vessel  which escaped destruction by Sampson's fleet.  The Spanish fleet Io������t in killed  450 men, ICO wounded mid tho number of priseiners captured by the  Americans is 1000.  General   Shatter   Demands   Mote Surgeons���������General Pandos Army  at Palma.  Washington, July I.���������Genei.il  Panclos army litis reached Palma.  SUItCllCONS WANTED  ��������� (ionei'iil Slinfto-'s Army is reported  lo have a very inadequate number ot  surgeons attached to it.  SI'ANISU I.OSSKS  ll, is cstimalod thai lhe Spanish  loss m soldiers ill the Santiago light is  one Ihovsiind mon killed and wouneled.  IjADHONE  ISLANDS CAPTUHEI)      .  The lirst Manila expedition arrived  on July 1st. having captured Uie  Ij'idrono islands.  CISVEHA'S  l-'I.lSET DESTROYED  Washington, .1 uly :j.���������It is reported on what appears lo be the most  reliable authority lhat Sampson's lleet  engaged Cevoras duet with the result  that il wtis entirely destroyed.  CONFIRMATION  Ol' THE  HEL'OltT  Wasuini-.ton,.Tii1\- 1 ���������The following  ilospatch h.is been received bv the war  depart men t: Plaga del lisle, July 'X���������  Siboney oH'Ccrs conlirm lho statement  that tlie whole of the Spanish lleet'  vvith the'exception of one warsliiphave  been destroyed and the wreckage is  now lying on lhe bench. Tlie engagement was witnessed by C.ipt.iin Smith  who dictated the ' report to t.he  operators. There is no doubt of the  authenticity of this information.  Signed, Alien, signal ollicer.  SANTIAGO TO  SUKUENDEIl  The following statement was given  out at thn While House." S tin I tei' has  telegraphed from I'laga del ___t_. July  Hi'd: "lOnrly this morning I sent a  demand for tho immediate surrender  of Santiago, threatening to bombard  lho city unless immediate compliance  Wii-'given lo my demand and I believe  the place will be surrendered." This  contradicts lbe report lhat General  Shatter had fall, n back.  VUIITIIEK CONt'lllMATION  Washington, J uly;',!.��������� The folio wine  cable despatch has been given out :it  the white house: 1-Iiiya del i~ste, "The  destruction of Cevcra's l.leet is fully  confirmed."   Signed, Allen.  Washington. July 8.���������Thefollowing  dispatch bus been received Troiii General Slnifter todav and ui.itle publio in  lbe White House���������"Pinva del T-Ste,  July Urd: To the Secretiny of War,  at, Washington. Camp near Sevilla  Cuba, July "rd. Have town well invested on lhe north and east sides,  but with very thin lines, on a closer  approach it" is evident that the defenses are nt' auch a character and of  such strength thafcit vvill be impossible  to carry it by storm vvith th. forces at  present at our command. Our losses  np to dale will aggregate one thousand men. but the list of killed and  "weKi~nd(~'d"iiTi-ve_nT7_ryiFL_Tit.-i*ii-n..ul6���������o.i_f=  There is very little sickness out.ide of  the exhaustion from the intense heat  "and the. oseriion of the bnt'le of the  day before yesterday, an almost continuous n're is kept up from the  trenches. The waggon rond to the  rear is kept open, but it is accomplished with considerable difficulty on  account of tho rains, but for the present vve .shall be able to oonlinue its  use. General Wh'j.ler is seriously ill,  will in all probabilily have to be con-  v-eyc-d to the rear." Te;d.iy General  Young is also vei v ill and conlined lo  his hud. General Hawkins was slightly  wounded in tbe- fuel, dining .'i "Oriie  ninde by the enemy..-ist nighl. which  was however ropul's.-el in a most handsome manner, li.e behaviour of the  troops wns iiingiiifioi'.'iit.  ..l.-mwn,   .J.uly    ". ,.IJl-ii_o    admits  The strike at the Kockliind mills is  over, Mr. Edwards lias conceded the  men len hours "per day, and vvill pay  fortnightly instead of monthly.  Mrs. Kruger, of Transvaal fame,  mindful that "water was made for  man and beast, and not, for man  alone," has requested that the proposed lifesi'/e statue of hor famous  husband bo atloi nod with his customary stovepipe hat, and furthermore  that the crown of the hat should bo  mado concave, so as to preserve rainwater for the refreshment of tho birds  of the air.  Tho Society of Friends of Pence, at  Barcelona, consisting of uieinbers of  tho lending commercial and economic  industries, have unanimously adopted  an urgent resolution urging upon the  govei nment to negotiate ponce. During a warm discussion, sovoralof those  present advocated ponce al an 7 pi ice,  lint the majority thought lhe war  should bo prosecuted until the Spaniards gained a victory "which would  lessen tho severity ol the terms."  The Board of Trade returns of Great  'Britain lately published show an increasing importation from Canada.  The shipments of butler are exceptionally llattering to Canadians, In May,  1S!)7, the year's imports amounted to  X'.)T>1. and in May, 1SSJ3, it had reached  ilDMdl. The record for the lirst live  months of 1S0S show*, an increase iu  business done in the items of wheat,  flour, bacon, hams, butter cheese and  eggs, of i!30S,OSO, or about 12 per cent.  The feelitig of. resentment of the.  Boston Irishman to the ptoposed  Anglo American Alliance is shown by  lho following resolution being passed  al a meeting of the Ancient Order of  Hibernians in South Boston on June  22:��������� "Resolved that we indignantly  resent the false assumption that the  Anglo-Saxon blood or influence predominates in tho Uniled Stalcs,_ and  wo strenuously expect all Americana  of Celtic extraction to contest this  fallacy which meets loo often with  supine acceptance."  The freight rale on cattle from  Alontreal to Liverpool is now lower  and thoro is a likelihood that it vvill  still farther decrease. Theie has b. en  a decline of fully 5 shillings in the  Liverpool rate, lt is stilted that one  of the lines offered space lo the above  port at 35s, bul. the ruling rates arc  :17s Od to 10s. London freight is also  easier, and offering freely iit :30.i. The  Bristol 1 ate .is steady atU.">", while for  Manchester -10s has been bid. The  Glngovv freight rate being controlled  by A. combine, is of course firmly held  at 50s.  Allreel Dillion, of Berlin, Germany,  i.s visiting Winnipeg with the object  of ascertaining what can be done to  promote Germanic eunnigration to the  Ninth West. He intends visiting  Edmonton. Prince Albert and some  points in British Columbia, -He'stlites  that those whom he intends bringing  out iis settlers are of the middle class  of farmers, and peasants who arc accustomed- to farm work. The Canadian government."ind the C. P. K. are  placing every facility at his disposal  to enable liini to arrive at the information required.  The intelligence of the snd death of  Nelson Bebo reaches us from Council  Blulf-, Iowa. The information obtainable is but scant. ' lt appears that he  was taken ill on the train and died at  Council Bluffs, where his wife and  children were residing. A little later  the wife also died, leaving the three  children destitute, the eldest of whom  was only eight years old. Nelson  Bebo was well known in this district  and vvas some timp. ago engaged in  mining' at Rossland, but his health  failing be removed to California hoping lo benefit by the change. Death  is believed to be due to consamntion.  METHODIST      CHURCH -  l-ovolatoko.  Proaolilng Bcr.icoa nt 11 nan. nnd 7:30  p.m. Class lnootini. at tho oluao ot tho  morninp; norvico. __ibbnth Heihoeil und Biblo  OIiibu nt 'i:30 p.m. Wcokly prnyor meeting  ovory Wednesday ovonlng nt 7:S0 p.m. Tlio  publio nro cordially invited.   Beits freo.  HEV. S. J. THOMPSON, Pa.tor.  CHURCH    OB-  Kuvebtoko          dally     Sundays and Fust I  prayer  ENObAND-St. -"otor'B,  Iluiirdof si.rvloe.: Evening  fl'o'clock. Fridays nt   7:30  IvalB:      TOE .MINING "EXCJiHJ-GH  FRONT STREET, REVJELSTOKE  Holy Communion at    morning prnvor nt  11.   Sunday Sohool  and Bllilo Clime nt 2:30, ovoainn prnyer at 7:30.  Klrst Sundny in tho mouth Holy Communion  nt morning uerv-lccu.  FRANK A. FORD, Vicar.  Best $1.00 a day house in town.  Tho bar is supplied with the hest brands of Wines,  Liquors   and   Cigars.  PUESil'YTEIUA.N CIIUROH-Royolotoko.  aervlco every Sunday ut 1111.111. aud 7:30  p.m. Blb'o Clma nt 2iH0 p.m., to which  ull aro vvnlcomo. Prayer mooting at b pan,  ovory Wednesday.  HEV. P. D. MUIR, Pontor.  UOMAN   CATHOT.IU   CHURCH ���������Rovcl*  *���������������   Btoko.    Minis  llrst nnd third BiimiuyB in  month at 10:30 a.m.   REV. Fj.TIIKR THAYER.  SALVATION AltMY-McolinRS every night  in tho'.r hull on Front Stroel.  Free Bus Meets Till Trains.  filDS LU_ND Proprietor  F. JWeCJIRTY  Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 1G53.  ItOKUlai- mootinga aro held in lho  Odd fellows' Hall on tho second and  fourth Wednesdays of each month  at 7:30 p.m. Visiting brethren  cordially invited.  ..Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in   .PRIME BEEF, PORK,  MUTTON JUiD SJ11DSJK5E  Dr. T. Iefl-������, "W. M.  W.G. Birney, Fin.  ; T.  Seo.  J. Grahumn, Rcc. Boo.  i  lt. S. Wilson, TrottB.  Court  Mt.  Begbie,  I.O.F.,No.346i.  Meets in tho Odd-  fellovva' Hall on tho  _nd and _lh Friday- of  encli month. Visiting  brolhron invited to  attend.  .T. B. Scott, C. R.  J. L. Smilli, It. S.  Dp, ,Malloe_2  Physician uod Burgoon, McKonzio  Avonua, Rcvclstoho Station, B. C  Fish   and   Game   in    Season.       Markets   at   .llevelstoke,  llevelstoke Station, Nakusp, Trout Lake City, and Ferguson.  Grogan & Co,  - wi- I,      General Agents  (Successors to J. D. Sibbald). Ineurauco.  Heal Estato.   Mining.   Loans.  Olllco: First Street, next to W. B. Pease &  Co.   Ci.do .Yloreir g and Nell.  lhat I he Spanish lous������_ aie heavy iis  they had only had lwo thousand troops  to oppose seventeen thorn-and American--. _  . THE PRICE OF WOOL  Droverr*' Journal: Wool has reacheel  Inc. in Texas. Wool growers have  been holding out for ibis fit?-,!!-.'- for  some 1'iTie nnd finailv obtained it. Xow  il is said they want 20e. and many are  not incline-el tei sell until thev get it.  This'advance in wool has made a big  difl'eience to the sheep men of Texa_.  and will give them encouragement to  tackle lho business with renewed  energy.  Yellowstone Journal: Following  closely on an open sale of wool at I Uc.  at Billing?, comes a report thnt 15c.  had be. 11 off-.'ied and refused by Wool-  folk to Richardson for a clip that is  still on the sheep's backs. 'J his lonks  ns if the going price, would soon be 1.V-.  plus lhe the'additional lipure to be  iitrre.-d upon by buyer nnd .seller on  the shady side of the wool warehouse  after much whii ling of snftpine sticks.  It is reported that lhe Rocky ..I-iun-  t ii in locusts have maele their appearance in southwestern Manitoba. Tbey  are the: snm" as the hopper.- that overran the country in 1S71 5. The insects  tne doing great diim-igei in the D.ikolns  nnel it is f",ir."l lbe- plntcuc! will be;  genejral n"xt year. Tl-o _ lilt" eiiloimi*  logist. of Minni'.--otn. has is.siu-el wiirn-  inns to f.irni"is aller mnkiptr an inspection of ib" Dakolas at. the .solicitation of lhe Noitii.'rn Pacini: railway  oflici.ils. to iid'ipl e.ve-iy incniis nf destroying Llie eggs the.t'will b.' deposited this year, by ploughing their laud  deep, fire, etc.  - Ihe Hamilton Spectator says of the  Ualician immigrants:���������" The Laurier  goveriinient-senr. n lot of their hangers-  on to Europe to drum up immigrants  for this country, ar.d the result is de-  -prorsljl Br-" O frfiu-tren���������thousaud-imni i~  jzraius who came to Canada this year,  half were (ialicians. a most undesirable lot. Thev are poverty stricken,  filthy and ignorant. ft will'take  many years to make good citizens of  them. If the third generation turns  ou. to be semi respectable, it vvill not  be as bad as we liiink. it vvill. Better  leave the Xorth West lands ~*ac.ant  than give theni to Galicians. If decent  people won't come to Canada now, let  ns keep our vacant lands until they  will come. To llll the country with  objectionable foreigners is tei mnke a  tremendous lot of trouble for future  Canada."-  The death roll amongst lhc American troops engatted in (he Spanish-  A.'netican troops i.s already assuming  large; proportions, nnel this will cause  the American people to realize the  horrors of lhe wnr on which they  entered ,*.:i lightly. Hitherto the losse-s  of American troops have been insignificant. The naval operations in tho  West Indies wero cat ried out with the  loss of only a few rnen. The Spanish  fleet in SI inila vvas exterminated without Ihe los-vof a single life on board  American ships and the mortality returns have been to small thot the war  hn-j seemed hardly real. But the  trouble has now assumed a much  graver aspect and if Spain succeeds in  her resilience for a little longer period,  thp effects of the climate will tell upon  the troops, unseasoned as they are,  ;ind the scourge of yellow fever will be  more destructive* than tbe shots and  shells of the enemy.  The M-dfii! correspondent of the:  Times say.*.:" Spain's refusal to exchange Lieutenant Hobson and his  coinp-tniori _ of the Mei-imac is easily  e;xpliiiiii'd and justified. Without any  intention of acting as spies l'ne;y mu.it.  have seen mmy things in anel around  Santiago about which the Amcrie..in  navnl ,-ir.d military authentic!" woulel  gladly have information. Tri reply lo  a ej-i".ry, British Consul Itainsilen  tables from H mlingo: "Hobson is in  11 spacinu. front room on the; ground  Hi-Hit" of the liarrnrks, in which is 11  large window. The food supplied him  is good anel is not limited to rcgiil.i-  t iein nitidis, Hudson is allowed wine.  lldh.-iiii ii'p'v.1 edly expressed fo mc  his siitisf.iction at the treatment ac-  coided him. Nobody here prevents  him sending a message, but bis rule's  of service l'orbiil. His men are in n  room on the same floor. The food is  better tliuii given to tbe Spanish  soldiers, but lln- dearth of supplies  causes it limited choice. 1 visit them  freejuently."  IC  you   want   employ ment,. or  looking for a houso to rent when -  you reach Vancouver apply to  The Vancouver Employment  and House  Renting Agency  .  ' 331,    Hastings   8treet.    WCBt.        ,. .  REVELSTOKE  rierchant's Hotel  Illecillewaet, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Good accommodation.   Best  Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the liar.  W. J. Lappan, Proprietor.  Columbia House  The   largest hotel   in   town.  Choice . Wines,-  Liquors   and  Best    accommodation.  Brown & Pool, Proprietors  REVELSTOKE  Centrally    located  Cigars  Kates    $1     per.    day  Blaoksmithinar- JolVbine  Plumbing.. Pipe Fitting  Tinsmithins  -  Sheet Iron Work  Mad-inei-y Repaired  Miniqg Work a Specialty ������_____  ROBT. GORDON  Revelstoke Stn.  CHOICEST  CISJ-R.S   '  TOBACCOS*  CI&HRETTES  SOFT DRUMS  ICE CREJ1JW SODJIS  ICE CR.EJIJW  TAL HOTEL  Large light hed rooms.-    llates  /  T11 hie furnished with  the choicest the market  affords.<_ Best -AVines  I_.iqiior.-~ and - Cigars  $1.00 a .day. Mont lily race.-  J. "ALBERT STONE. Proprietor.  THE PIONEER LIVERY  Feed and Sale Stable of tbe Lardeau and Trout Lake District  Saddle    and     Pack    Horses  always for hire.  Freighting'  specialty.  :ind .Teaming   a  Daily StaRO leaves Thomson's Landing every morning at 7 o'clock  for Trotit Lake City.   For particulars write ;,    .  OltAIG to HILL-IAN, Thomson's Landing.  Bicycles   Repaired and  For Hiro.  R. JA. SJWYT.HE  mlf.-t������  THIRD STKEBT CENTUM.  To.  Fortune  Seekers  It you try your luck prospecting  in tho J.arilcnn District, elon't  pnsn I. M.- CITltON'S general  utoro at Thomson's Ijinding, v hen  you can buy the cheapest nnd  best mlncrd' eupplloa in llio district.  I. M. CITRON  ml-lf  THOMSON'S LANDING.  If You Want.  PORE  C0W:S eMlLK,  Guaranteed Unadulterated.  So to T.HE EUROPE DJHR.Y  MliS-. V. JULIAN.  Wendell Maclean  "Wholesale  and Betail  Druggist, Calgary  Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.  f-2-t-  A  GOOD  CHANCE  -To'secure one of tlioso desirable lots  CHEAP on the C. & K. Steam Navigation Company's site.  "��������� Dont ' wait till tho boom comes  our wav, but BUY NOW.  HAIG & CRAGE  Sole Agents.  Roberta  Samson  "WoodDealer  and Drayman  ��������� .  DriiyinR and delivery work a specialty.  Teams always on hand nt shortest notico.  Contracts for jobbing taken.'  Agent   for tho    Standard   Oil   Company,  cJotjri  E. Wood  J-Pefrteet  and Builder  Eelimatcs, plans and specifications furnished  on application. Shop and rotiuir work  promptly attended to. Wood oarvi>-K a  specialty.      Work    -hop   on  Front Street.  The Revelstoke  P_2Qto Company  Revelstoke, B.  STUDIO: DOUGLASSTHKET.  J. R. Hull  & Company  Butchers    and   Wholesale   and  Ketail Dealers in Beef, Fork, etc  KAMLOOPS and REVELSTOKE  A11 orders in  filled   onr line promptly  w  UOYOU^f  Want in Shoes  ?  If you want  1). Jenkins.  n stood -lincrj' Shoo como to  Icyouwunta i_eol Proesiectors' Shoe como  to I). Jenkins.  If you want a fi no or strong Cork Soled Shoo  come to I). Jenkins.  If you want a  Jenkins.  Lone los Boot como toD.  ShooBand Hnrnoas repiirod on tho ahortost..  notico.     All linos   of   work  kept ln stock  nt prices lo Buit all.  D. JENKINS  First Street, ono hlork from tho Imporinl  Bank ot C'anuda,  Itovulsloko Station, B. O.  Wood! Vv ood!  Guaranteed Full  Cord Measure.  The undersigned has a large supply  of Hemlock, Spruce. Fir and Fine,  Wood for sale. Any person requiring ���������  wood will -kindly leave their orders  with Mr. W. -M. Lawrence, Reqelstoke  Station, or with H, N. Coursier,  Front Street, Kevelstoke.  17ntf  FRANK JULIAN.  G. B. JHaeleah  ARCHITECT.  and BUILDER  Ketltrmtcs furnished.   Plans and apecl-  - IIcations made. Am also prepared to do  shop and job   work  on  iho  ehorte-t  - notice.     Satisfaction   guaranteed   ia  every caso.   Oall or write for tennn.  Main Street      ���������      Revelstoke  Sam Needham  Clothes  Cleaned  Altered  Repaired  In Good Style st Lowest Prices.  Douglas Street ��������� Revelstoke  __��������� Dt'  "��������� (  /0&  SUMMER SILKS.  L'. They Superaoele Thin, Tailor Mailo Woolen  Costumes.  k-V    Tailor nintlo gowns, although thoy will  '/novor "go out"���������thoy nro too nent, sorv-  l'?loctiblo nnd convenient to bo nliiuidonoil���������  \  oro not so uiilvorsiilly worn ns thoy woro���������  |; that Ik, thoy nro moro strictly conllnctl to  ordinary use, not npponrinK so frequently-  y. on formal  occlusions.    Thore wns n timo  \ wlion tailor iniiilo gowns  npponrcil overy-  \.  wliero oxuopt nt n   bull.    Now tho mora  il fcnilnlno  silk  nttlro, with   Its  frills nntl  ',' furbelows, Is profi'i'rod fur rtills, afternoon  |,"  receptions tuul slinllnr occasions.  Tlioto nm ninny very pretty closlgns In  L foiilnnla, Indln silks iinel tiitr_tn._ for fhiii-  J nicr wear, uiiiiiiiK tlium Konio oluirmlng  II pltilils unci stripes, to sny nol hing of tins  f,\ lino cirli'iitnl iintlcrns, closo. iiilricnto nnil  of hiiriiionloiih culciriiit!, wlilnh nro old,  \, lint still iicui'pliihle. 'J'ho lnlust novolty  |l' Is iiurlnips the t-hndciw silk.., which hnvo n  gluoo ulleot  lu  coniblnution with shaded  ' GIIU.'S COSTUME.,  tints, thewholo being subdued nnil pleasing in nspect. Tlio shailing is in the form  J* of wiilo stripes, which run Icnpthwiso or  IT orosswisc of tlio _-ooils, but stripes seems  \ too liard n word for tlio prtiiluiitetl bands  J' of color, which hnvo no ilofnieil limits, but  I', melt imperceptibly from light io dark nnd  bock ngnin. ~"  ���������    The picture shows n  frock for a girl of  |^ 10 years.    It is of  pink und whito striped  HiiiTctti, three bands of narrow black velvet  ribbon beiiiK run in around the fool of tho  I''skirt, finishing with rosettes  nt  the sido.  Tho blouse-bodice  litis a yoke of  gtiipuro  . over pink  silk  nntl  a  bertha  of  tnffcta  . trimmed with   blnck velvet ribbon.    Tho  tntTola   sleeves   nre  nlso   decorated   with  blnok velvet bunds  nnel rosettes, nnel the  k,bodice is Incecl in front with- blnck velvet.  JUDIC CHOLLET.  FLANNEL WAISTS.  How to Keep Them'Soft  .mil  Pretty In  |_?.- Spite of Wiislilnss.  ' Tho timo approaches when  for sonside  nnil mountain wear  anil  for tennis, row-  ^ ing nnd other nthlctio niiiusciiiuiits thin  flnnncl shirts nnd shirt waists will bo in  demand. Tlio laundering of thoso nrtiolos  Is often ei difficulty, however, as thoy ro-  ' quiro to bo washed frequently, nml if this  is not properly dono every . ucccsslvo washing  shrinks, hardens and  disfigures .tho  |-good_. Flannel with which cotton lu interwoven io by far tho best for shirts nnd  shirt waists, ns it shrinks much less and  in tho enso of n whito ground keeps whito  longer. -Tho llrst thing to bo guarded  nguinst in washing woolen ninterinl isrub-  bing it. This thickens it nt onco. Worm,  but not hot, water should bo used and  '"Bhould be mndo into suds with mild, whito  I': soap  before the.flannel is ptit.into_it,_tho  " soap not being rubbed-directly on the  goods. Tho ilnnnel should then be shaken,  stirred und squeezed in  tho hands until it  Lis olonn, but it.must not ho twisted.  Boniotimos tbo process requires  to bo ro*  MOItKXXO JACKET,  peated in fresh suds.    When tho goods nre  clean, the soap may bo rinsed out in wnrm  water, tho wntor iircssocl out nnd the flan-  nol hung whoro it will dry quickly.  Tho shirtwaist flannels scon this season  nro chiefly checked nnd plnldeel, tho blocks  being small nnd mingled with ninny whito  threads. There nro also French lliinncls  having a printed design, usually of tin oriental oharnoter, but thoso ilnmicls nre  rather thick for the purpose Scotch flnn-  ^els ln solid color.;, chiefly pnlo pink nnd  pnlo blue or ln lino stripes, also make very-  pretty waists.  Tbo morning Jackot illustrated is ol  straw silk with black lines. It lias n bolero yoke of Mack volvot, nnd tbo collm  and epnnleti oro of velvot nlso, nil being  bordered by n blnck satin rucho. The  t* cuffs of the shirt waist sleovca aro sltnlinr*  ly edged. lbe girdle Is of straw ribbon.  Junic Choujet.  FASHION'S CHANGES.  Variations of 6tyle to Be Observed Thla  Season by the Fair So...  Thoro is a gradual diminution in tho  exubcrniioo of trimming, flat effects being  moro mid moro used. Some of thu ncwost  nioclols show nu ontircly smooth sleovo, for  ezamplo, without oven tho slight fullness  at tho top or -ninll sleovo cup that hns  beon worn hitherto. Bod loos, nlso, which  have been io ovorlondod with trimming,  are in the new designs liiuoli loss olaborntoly iiilorneel and nro ovon in somo cases  qtilto pluin nntl tint, trimming taking tho  form of smooth iiiipllcntlons or" perhaps  boing absent altogether. TliebO tight,  plain corsages nro nilvanttigooim to full,  woll developed figures, but avo trying for  vory stout or very tliln women. As llioru  aro few perfect ilguros, tho trimmed nnd  draped bodice will nhvnys holel its own  nud will novor go out of fashion, although  tbo stylo of decoration will iiccossiirily  continually vary.  Tho boloro, utter having boon run Into  tho ground nnil pronounced el end nnd  burled, has suddenly oxp.ri.nacd u rcsur-  HOW HE MET HIS FATE  WHISTLIN JACK'S LAST JAUNT WITH  ALKALI   IKE.  TArrETA ao<vx.  rcction nnd is appearing in samo of the  bost nnd newest models. The most vnlliable service it romlers is given nuclei' tliu  tailor mado form, in which it uninpo*_s  tho nppor part of ii two pieco costuino to  bo worn with a silk or batiste shirt waist.  As nn .c-.iii-plo nf the smooth, plain  style of gown mny bo cited tho costuino  shown in the picturo. It is of lalTotn nntl  has a perfectly pluin skirt, tight around  tho hips. Tho closo bedieo fits without a  wrinkle and is fastened by hooks under  the loft arm. Tho decoration consists of  flat applications of embroidery. The tight  slcovcs have n very littlo fullness ut tlio  top nntl a small ombroiele-i-ud opaulet. Tho  hat, of the slipjiliei'dci*) slinpo, is triminoil  with blnck velvet, n jeweled bucklo and  an ostrich plume. .1 unic Chollet. "  CARE'OF THE  HAIR.  Whnt to Ilo In Order to Keep lt In Good'  Condition.  Tho caro of tlio hair is a matter which  interests ovory woman. As in most do-  partmo'iits of hygiene, precautions against  injury are rather nogntivo than positive  It i.s not snfo to cxporlmoiit with tlycs,  washes aud similar (_heini_.il composition.,  without n physician's nilvico, mid unless  thero is somo actual disease of tho sonlp it  is best not to doctor it. A flue tooth comb  is nn Instrument to bo nvoiilad, ns its uso  is apt to proeluco dandruff whero nono naturally exists nntl to make itworso when it  is really present. Ifc is bottor to brush the  hnlr thnn to comb it, but whoii a comb ia  used ltshoulil hnvo course^teeth through-  "oiifc- its" ]origtlrr~~-Tlio~~brusli"-liould"bo~a"  good onu���������large, with long, strong bristles  ���������but it should not bo Ubctl with violence  Tho hnlr ought to bo allowed to bung freo  upon tho shoulders for a littlo while ovory  dny, and If it is fair n sun bath will benefit it. Fow pins should bo einployoel in  ���������Hanging it, nnd hot, heavy hats are to be  AN EXPLODED IDEA.  THE MAGAZINE EDITOR AND HIS MYSTERIOUS VISITOR.  Being the Bemlnlicence of a Quiet Little  Timo Spent by tha Two Wortlilos In  Celebrating Their Reunion, Whereby a  Tragic Ending Was Brought About.  "That sorter reminds mo," begun Alkali Iko in n roniinlscont tone, "of tho  uiuniior In which Whistlln .Tuck went off  tho mnp.  "Ho'd been inlssin for n year or two  when ono dny���������ho���������ycro comes Whlstlin  Jack whlrlln in from the l.inliiimllo.  ���������Miclicr'l enough, Imvln formerly been ns  thick us Damon and Wliat's-his-iiuino, wo  i;ti-H surgin mound rattlln our horns together. I hnln't raonllin the exact details  of our relaxation, burcu/, after a bit our  .moko gits kinder thick unci tho air so  obhcuro Hint I halu'tnover since beon nblo  to ruoolleot much.  "Slobby it was 8_.o'clock in the ovunin  when ni-ound tho corner comes somuthlii  lly in along ln tho moonlight Hint wo  didn't know tho naturo of till wo hud  btopped lt by boiielln n gun ovor its head.  Thon it strikes mo thnt it looks considerable liko somo strnngor that hnd bocn tnrrod  and fenthcrccl, which opinion I imparts to  Jnuk.  "'Xaw,' says he. 'I reckon it is a  trained bear that hns got looso from soma  Indian, ami'���������  " 'Oh, gontlo'iuon,' snys our onptive  eiirne.stly.    'I tun not a boar.    I'���������  " 'Aw, you jest think you hain't,' says  Jack. 'Appearances nro prono to bo deceptive. You might git to tliinkin that  you wns tbo Into Henry Clay, but that  wouldn't innko you so.'  " 'Cut, good gontloinon'���������-_  " 'At present,' says Jack, 'we huin'fc  gooel gentlemen���������in fact, wo don't sorter  eeuiimciicu to bo. and us it hain't down on  tho records that hours is duo to tnlk nny I  reckon you'd hotter shut up. I'm sail-  gu'nio, too, that tho Roman you so basely  deserts is bowailin bis bereavement thi 1  minute). Sceh buin tho case, it's timo fot  us to hunt him up nnd return you to him.  Tli along tluir, 3~ollvur!'  "Sevoral things happened soon after  that, but owin to tho obscurity, which 1  nm before mciilioiiin, I don't rocnll 'cm  nil. But anyhow for tho next two' hour."  wo drives Unit thar pro torn, bear around  tbo settlement, and, not bein able to locate  his sorrowin owner, wo whirls .in and exhibits hint on our own brazen huok, n-givin  everybody the pleasure of witnesslii n  grunt mural'pcrformanco without cost.  ' "Thu way that thar bruin dnncod when  Jack iniliuiteel him with tho niuzzlo of.  his six shooter was shorely cute, and wns  unanimously enjoyed by-ovorybody who  witnessed it, incluellii n few tourists that  wo cornered and favored with a special  perfuriiiiinoo. Thoy'ponied kinder reluctant about Imposin on us nt first, but  whon Jack mailo oration to 'cm about tho  sin of Ingratitude, sorter puiictuatiii tho  sumo by spinnin his sbootin iron around  his finger, thoy burguii to seo whur be  was right.  "Watil,.incbby niornin would hnve found  us still in tho show business if it hadn't  been for an opisoelo thut upset our' plans.  Directly wo rounded up in front of the  hall whur tho 1-iiniinkaboo club wns bavin  a grand bull, and Jack gits tho idea that  thai- wns nothlii the matter with intcriopin  n novelty into tho fostivitics by interduoin  our jestly eclobrated dnncin bear. Ao-  cordln, in wo tracked, drnggin Bolivar.  ,\Vo hndn'tnioro than got insido when over  comes Plunk Pritohett and winks us off  to ono side.  "'You gents bavo jest coine,' snys ho,  'nnel I'm plumb woro out. Miss Birdie  .Slttdo expects me to danco this next waltz  with her, and, honost, I'm too tiroel. So  it will bo an ovcrlte-tln favor if ono of you  will take her off my hands this trip.'  " 'Sho's too heavy for mo,' snys Plunk.  'I don't know as Jack, yore, boin small,  can swing her, but you, Iko'���������      *~  " 'I hain't tho kind of a gent that can't  swing that tluir lndy myself I'snys Jack,  sortor bristlin up.  ".Tost thon some feller informed us tbat  our bear hnd got iriipntlont nnd loft.        ,  ^'"Let hiin  go!' says Jnok.    'Wo dono  "our best" to restoro hini-to-his ownorrand-  a kind intontion is nover lost.'  "Upon thut ho begins for to trip tho  light fantnstlo with Miss Birdio, and about  the second whiz around tho room ho slips  on a grease spot on tho floor, and that thar  hefty lady fell on him with a thud that  shook tbo bouse. Ills breast bono was  orusheel in, nnd poor Whistlln Jack diod  boioro niornin from internal injuries.  " 'But, anyhow, I swung her!' he gasped  jest boforo bis light went out."���������Now  York World.      ���������  Too True.  I Mrs. Str'uekoylo���������John, I've doolded to  tako Esmeralda to Europo for._a few  months in bopos that somo nobleman will  marry ber.  Struckoyle���������It's no use, Sarah. Tho  kind of noblemen who'd havo Esmeralda  don't stay in Europe���������thoy como to America.���������New York Truth.  A Demonstration of Statistics Showing the  l'onslblo Rhythmical Combination- Tlmt  Stunned the Sanctum's Inliabltanl���������Then  Somo Original Vemes That Ended lilm.  Ho bud drifted in so nolsolessly thnt ho  stood beforo tho editor somo seconds beforo  tlmt supposedly most untippronolinlile of  all uniipproaohablos rouli-ud that ho was  not nlono. lt wns growing lato, and tho  editor was busily ongagod in cramming  rejected ravings of the liuiso into Ills capacious wnsto pnpor buskots.  Tho editor Used his always before withering guzo upon the visitor, but in plnco  of withering^ ns per usual programme, ho  scumoil to swell Into magnified proportions.  .The visitor began:  "Don't move! Don't spook I Don't  brcatho hard! You oro in tho presonco  nf gonitis! You aro also in tho prosenco uf  something loss than half a ton of nitroglycerin., In each of my pookets���������I luivo  28 of thorn���������is a -lick of dynamite. I am  of nn oxtromely sensitivo naturo. Tlio explosive is nlso vory sonsitlve. The slightest jar is apt to causo the evaporation of  oTorything within a radius of half a milo  nf my point of oontaot with your oflico  tiling. Don't ovon do anything to jnr my  nerves ns tho sumo result is sure to follow.  "As I ontored I noticed that yon were  engugod in attempting to rid yourself of  those postlforous germs of thnt contagious  disoaso known as 'poetical insphntiou.'  Sir, I do not wondor nt fcho onroworn expression upon your fnco. I know with  whnt joy you would ball'the advent of  something really meritorious in tlio lino  of pootr'y, something absolutely original  ���������and unique. I know with what sorrowful hearts you nnd your brother editors  have been forced to publish tho sumo old  poems,, rehashed and resuasonecl, year after year, decade after docado, century -aftor  century. c,  "I know as well as you thut thoro ia  nothing now Under tho sun in tho line of  poetical thought. This terrible realization camo to mo years ago, and I was in  despair until suddonly it dawned upon me  that a remedy might be. found in new and  unused rhymes. I theu set about gathering a fow statistics. A thorough study of  ull the rhyming diotionarios, now in constant use by our rising and fulling poots,  brought the following facts to light:  "There are and have been sinco tho  muso first fell from her high place 9 trillion 099,90(1 billion 999,999 million 999,-  999 possible rhythmical combinations.  Sinco the muse llrst changed her boarding  place tbore have been supposed aud supposing poets aggregating a number of  suoh great magnitude that I will not even  mention it, as it is far boyoud tbo comprehension of oven thoso most subtle experts  on figures, tha,habitues of the front row  at tbe comlo o'pern. Ench of theso rhymesters has turned out���������and in tho majority  of cases had turned clown���������on nn average  of 999 poems averaging 99 lines each.  With tbeso figures at my command, I  found tbat tho * totul combinations of  rhymes wore exhausted some timo botween  tho years 99 and 9 B. C.  "Now, sir, having demonstrated my  point, 1 tako pleasure in bringing to your  notioe tbo result of years of arduous labor,  whioh, I am suro, will Hnd no one to dispute its originality.- Froparo yoursolf, sir,  and remember tbat nitroglycerin oxplodos  by oonousslon. _  1 'I and my muse meant  i - Thoso rhymes for amusoment,  I But oft my poor mnsio  Doth make my poor muse sick  And often doth cause her much morrimont.  (Pegasus, of course, is the maro I meant.)  As I'm not uverse to her,  I oft make a verso to hor.  You seo I've a penchant  For verse.   Mny my pen chant "  Sweot songs to the goddess of poetry I  I'm a branch of tho old Edgar Poo treo."  Tho cylinder of tho phonograph that  had boon kept continually rovolving in the  oelitor's sanctum, in over roadincss for his  dictation, was picked up among tho dobris  of tho ruined building.    It_wa*. tho only  thing not completely shattered by tho ter-  riblo explosion. that  wrcokod   the   onco  -mngnificont home of Scribbler's Mogazlno.-  Whon placed upon a porfoot machine, it  ground out this tale.  Whetbor tlio oditor in his joy forgot the  admonition of tho visitor and threw him-  solf upon bis neok or whether he found  thnt life bad at last becomo unbearable  and caused tbo visitor to fall upon bis own  nock I leaving to unprejudiced loaders ol  the ubove truo and pathetlo tale to decide.  ���������W. Oakley Stout in Up to Date.  SATIN TOILET,  avoided. Tbe hair should never be drawn  tight in doing ic up, and when it is wash-  od a flno, mild soap should bo used, and  the hnlr should .bo rlnsod nnd quickly  dried. Shell or composition hairpins are  to bo preferred to wire. Frequent wetting  of tho hair, especially with cold water, is  fo be avoided ns much ns possible.  Tho illustration given in today's issue  shows an elaborate toilet of black satin.  Tho skirt has n train of medium length  nnd is adorned with n deop V of blaok jut  passcmontorlo, which extends from tho top  of the skirt at the back to tbe foot In  front. The pointed bodice has a plastron  composed of littlo plaitings of blaok moussolino de sole, which also form epaulets  above tho tight sleeves. Points of black  jot pasieinonterlo fall over theso plaitings  in front, and similar points trim tbo plain  bock. Tho cravat Is of pink tulle and tbo  toquo of pink azaleas. *~  JUDIC CHOLLET.  Just Written.  Husband���������I'll drop you a note from the  oftlco if I am detained tonight, my dear.  Wifo (with flno scorn)���������Oh, you needn't  trouble to drop it from the oflico bocause  you'vo droppel it now from your pockot. I  hnvo just picked it np off tbo floor!���������  Comic Cuts.          ' Great Time Saving Scheme.  "Xo," ho said, "I don't care for poetry.  Knot is I haven't timo to read muoh of  anything."  "Why," sho sweetly asked, "don't you  try to learn to roll your cigarettes with  we hand?"���������St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  JJ.O  Ko Secret Whatever.  "I asked that dentist bis formula for  acquiring wealth."  "What did ho say?"  "Ho said all ho did was to plug at it  nnd keep on plugging at lt."���������Detroit  Free Press."   Tho Only Way.  Bacou���������How many mcnls a day would  I hnvo if I went to tho war?  Egbert���������Ob, you wouldn't calculate  your meals by tho dny, but by tho month.  ���������Yonkers Statesman.  Good Reason.  "Why does Clayton call his houso 'Tbo  Chustnutef' There aro no trees of that  species in tho garden."  "I know that, but ho draws for a fanny  paper."���������Ally Slopcr.  L_J  Can "Women Spell?  -Which of the sexes cares to dwell  Nearest to wisdom's fount t  Alas, the lady cannot gpell.  Xbtt husband does not count I  -Pick M* Uj.  "     " H  Analogy.  "A hennery is a place whoro ono gots  beans, is it not?"  "Tgucss so; you ought to know."  "Then Is a primary whoro a man goti  primed?"���������Cincinnati Enquirer.  Ho Folt Safe.  "You'ro not nfroid of work, my man, 3  hope?'* snid the farmer to tho tramp.  "No, boss; I'm not ufruld of anything 1  keeps so far nwny from as I doos from  work."���������Yonkors Stntosraun.  CANADIAN AND GENERAL  Champion     Boat    Race���������Three    Men  Drowned���������Policy re the Philippines,  Vancouvku, July -l.���������Jake G.-iiil.uir  won the boatrac-e heie on July 1st.  Johnson's boat struck a snag and was  broken, Gauduur however declined  the champion-hip under Mich inndi-  tions and offered to row I lie nice  again on Monday evening, which wus  agreed upon.  KjVTAMTIES  DOWN"   IIOJII3  WlNNll'lcci,   July. ���������!���������Three    young  men have been drowned at Hamilton  an^l two at Toronto.  Centrists will demand  uniciidmcnls  to lho German constitution.  TYl'tlOltAl'llli-AIj   S'l'ltlKIi  The stureotypets strike in Chicago  has stopped lhe publication of the  daily papers in that cily.  It is report ed lhat an agreement has  been arrived at, as to Russia, Germany  and France's policy in lhe Philippines.  Vancouver, July 5.���������Jake Gaudanr  won the sculling championship race  which was postponed owing to an  accident to Johnson's shell. He wen  easily by four lengths.  TIIK l'LHHISCITE  Ottvwa, July 5.���������The cleik to (lie  crown department in chancery is busy  preparing for lhe plebiscite, although  nothing has been decided as to lhe  date ot voting. Il is just possible  that it will lake place some time near  the end of October or early in November.  TUB  TOI'E'S   HEALTH  Winnipeg, Julv 0.���������It is rcperted  that tho mental lacullies ot His Holiness the Pope are giving away."  Many Yukon river steamers are  reported as being stranded.  Pneumonia, scurvy and typhoid  fever are raging iu Dawson City.  Colonel Hutton, A.D. C. to Her  Majesty,' is spoken ot as the probable  successor to General Gascoigne.   "  Ills View.  "Spenkln of 'Don't Worry clubs,' " sniel  tho largo fat policeman, "I tako notice  that after I soak 'em ono good nnd burel  wit'this ono they don't worry for awhllo."  ���������Indianapolis Journal.  Had to Keacb I'or Food.  First' Pugilist���������Wby didn't you whii  thnt follow?  Second Pugilist���������He had too long a  reach for ho; ho Hvod in a boarding house.  ���������Now York Journal.  Two Points of View.  Rector���������Bomomber, my young friend,  thero aro things in life bettor than money.  Young Friend���������Yos, I know that, bul  it takes money to buy tbeni.���������Tit-Bita.  t ^     ���������  I Not Spiritual Improvement.  '    "Is old man Worldly as  big a liar as  ever?" ,  "No; ho doesn't think quite as rapid!;  as ho used to."���������Detroit Free Press.  Personal Peril.  "Aro you opposed to war on humani  grounds, Miss Nancy?"  "No; I'm afraid it will brook up oul  whist club."���������Chicago Becord.  Plagiarism.  "Tho sweetest warbler" ho is called,  Tho moclcbird of our sylvan ways,  And yet he borrows all his'strains  From bird-i that few may pauso to praise  '      And many a song by masters sung,  Who������ strength and beauty we revere,  MASONIC CHARITY  IMPERIAL B/\NK  OF CANADA  Head Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital $2,000,000  Reserve     - _- -_-   1,200,000  Directors:  H. S. Howland, President  T.n.Merntt, Vice Pres., (St. Catharines)  William Kamsay, Robert Jaffray,  Hugh Ryan,   T.  Sutherland Stayner  Elias Rogers.  D. R. Wilkie. General Manager.  Branohea  North West and British Columbia  Brandon  Calgary  Edmonton  Portage la  Prairie  Prince Albert  Vnncouvei  Winnipeg  Revelstoke  The history of Freemasonry affords  few if any _ more remarkable  sights than that which was presented at the Alhci't Hall, London  England, on June 11th, when the heir  apparent to the throne H.R.H.' the  Prince of- Wales, Most Worshipful  Grand Master of the Older, presided  at tbe Centenary Festival of the Royal  Masonic institute lor Boys. Never has  the Albert Hull contained so manv  guests cr ever before witnesssed such  a display of color aud enthusiasm.  Masons in craft, clolbine; and ladies in  glorious attires that diuiirifcllhe&plnn-  dour of officers in aprons, collars,  gauntlets and jewels. Three thousand  eight hundred and eighty five masons  were present, yet, tliere was neither  crush nor confusion. The Stewards  were distinguished by bright red  aprons and collars and the jewel was a  silver gilt one, consisting of a serpent  with its tail in its mouth representing  a century. Tbe Piince.entered the  Hall at 8 o'clock amidst great applause.  Wor.-Bro. T,.Tenn actingas direct'ii|ot  ceremonies, and the procession following embraced some ol the highest  nobles in the . land.' Half an" hour  before dinner commenced the doors of  the hall were tyled and the Prince rose  to propose the toast "Queen and the  Craft," next the health of the Most  Worshipful Grand Master was drank  withgreatenthusiasmadmistwavingof  ^-ed programmes and white sevietles,  remarkable as was this outburst, oi  loyalty," it was surpassed when Wor.  Bro.J.M. McLeod,(itCanadian by birth)  secretary of the institution, handed to  His Royal Highness the amouul of  subscription,' _l_.13l.O0O���������at the announcement' of the unprecedented  figures a great shout burst from the  audience.  Tbe Prince in rising to respond to  the toast of his health, said:���������  -Brethren-lhad-the-honor-oE^presiding  28 years ago, at a festival of this institution when ������15,000 was obtained. I  shall be surprised if wc do not Ret ten  fold that amount tonight. During  the hundred years this institution has  been in existence, 2,500 sons of deceased or indigent masons have passed  through these schools und at the pres  ent moment 2S0 boys are within its  walls���������fed, clothed and receiving an  education which will-enable them to  earn their own liying. Good situations are found for them when they  leave our schools, as lo education, S5  boys under IT have passed the London  University matriculation. I will" not,  however, weary, yoa with statistics  but give you���������"Prosperity to tho  Royal Masonic Instution for Boys.  South Edmonton,  ONTARIO.  Essex Niagara Falls   St, 1 homos  Fergus        Port Colborne  Toronto  Gait Rat Portage      Welland  Ingersoll    Sault Sb. Marie Woodstock  St, Catharines  Montreal, Quebec.  AgentB   in   Great   Britain���������Lloyd's  Bank,  Ltd., 72 Lombard St., London,  with, whom money may be deposited  for Iransfer by. letter or cable to  of above branches.  Agents in the,United States���������New  fork, Bank of"' Montreal, .Bank of  America; Chicago, First National  Bank; St, Paul, Second National Bank  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of $1 and upwards received and  interest allowed.  -  Debentures ��������� Provincial,, Municipal  and other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United Slates, Europe,  India, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Gold  Purchased  This Bank Issues Special Receipts  which will be accounted fop at any of  tho Hudson's Bay Co's. Posts in tho  Yukon ank northern districts.  A. R. B. HEARN,  Manager Revelstoke Bpar.uh  THE MOLSONS BANK  Incorporated by Act of Parllemont, 1855  Paid up Capital.    ���������  Rest Fund   -    , -  Head Offlce-  $2,000,000  -    1,500,000  -Montreal  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  W .Molson Macpherson, President  S, H, Ewing, Vice-President  VV. M. Ramsay     ,      Henry Arch-aid  Samuel Finley   J. P. Cleghorn  H. Markland Molson  F. Wolferskin Thomas, Gen. Managm  A. D. Diirnford,  Inspector  H. Lockwood, Assistant Inspector  .The bank receives on _ favourable  termsthe accounts of individuals,firms,  bankers and municipal and other  corporations.  Interest  allowed    on    deposits    al  current rates.   -  .English and -American exchange  bought and.sold at lowest rates.'  .   ESASrOHES :  Aylmer, Ont.  Brockville, Ont.  Calgary, Alta.  Clinton, Ont.  Exeter, Ont."  Hamilton, Ont,  London, Ont.  Meaford, Out.  Montreal,-P. Q.  St. Catharine  St. Branch.  Morrisburg.Ont,  Norwi-h, Ont.  Simcoe, Ontario;  Victoria, B  Revelstoke Branch:  Ottawa, Ont.  Owen Sound, Ont.  Ridgetowu, Ont.  Smiths Falls, 0_.l  Sorel, P. Q.  St. Thomas, Ont,"  Toronto, Ont.  T .rontoJiinc'n.Ont'  Tcenton, Ont,  Waterloo, Ont  XV oodstock.Ont  Winnipeg, Man  Vancouver, B, C.  ,  Revelstoke, B. C."~  , C.     Quebec.  J. 1). Molson, Manager  L  "Tea gnt stjggeited hy soma bard  _%***'mtno. notes man failed to bf������r.  j-Chls-io Time.-fifti-i.  (SrrETRETTO"^  The Roman  o ' -  Sfyoe .Maker  Denier in    Hoots  and    Shoes. >��������� Mackenzie  Avenue, lwo doors sou ill Molson'd Bank-  Harness Repairing done.     "  Modoratc Prices.   Work guaranteed.  First Diner���������"Waiter, fried sole."  Second Diner���������"Waiter, fried sole;  frefh, mind." Waiter (shouting down  tube)���������"Two fried soles; one fresh."  The British Israelites wero not a bi  surprised at the Hon. Joseph Chamberlain's suggsslion of an Anglo American alliance. The members of this  association are widespread, and they  believe that this alliance was foretold  bv the piophets of old, as was also the  present war with Spain. This is said  to be the beginning of a great Euro-  penn war, which will bring about an  alliance between Russia and tho various Latin countries of Europe, and an  alliance between Great Britain and  the United States. The British Israelites declare that the Americans and  English are descended from ��������� the ten  lost tribes of Isiael, and that lhe war  will fulfill the prophecy, in Jeremiah,  that "the world shall be gathered together against Israel," This time is  referred to in the prophecies ns  "Jacob's Trouble," and in the books of  the adherents of this cult it i"~ cnllsd  also the great "war woe." They say  also that thsse wars and minors of  wars are some of the signs by which  Christ told his disciples that they were  to know that lhe second coming of the  Lord was near. The millennium i.~  expected by ilipin to arrive wilh Hie  close of tbete ivais, in about three and  one half years time.  ^eVelsioi^e Hospital  Maternity Room ia connection.  Vaccine   kept    ou   hand.  Drs.  McKechnie   and  Jeffs. Attendants  We Have a Good Supply of  Building  Material  Be Sure and register at tha  BJ1LM0OL J_0TEL  When you reach FERGUSON,  The table is provided with the best  the market aftords.     Rates from $2  '.   to $3 per day.  CUMMINGS BROS.,   ���������  Proprietors.  The  and Lumber  CUT PRICES FOR SPOT CASH  Call nnd see us. We can fix you  REVELSTOKE SAW MILLS  Kevelstoke Station, B. C.  JAS.   McMAHON  General  Blacksmith  AND WOOD WORKER.  Pioneep  Stores  , ^ Fepgu8on  and Ten .Mile  Cummins,& Co.  GENERAL-MERCHANTS  Dealer in Miners' Supplies, Hardware, 5,  Groceries, Dry Goods. '  Everything to be found In a general store.  Poat Oflice In connection.  At our TEN-MILE BRANCH Etoro  Powder, Caps. Fuse, Coal, Steel,  and all Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies are  kept on hand  Wagons, heavy and light, built to order or  repaired.   Horseshoeing a specialty.  Shop on Oouglis Street, East, Revelstoke.  S. McMahon, Manager. ,  Shop on First Street, iust vest of Union  Hotel, Revelstoke Station. Ja-t McMahon,  Manager. a_-t_  FRA NK B ARNABD  Brick and Stone Mason  Chimney building a specialty. Contracts  promptly attended to. Material furnished  when called for.      All   work   guaranteed.  First street,  Reveltsoke Station  Canadian  Pacific  Railway.  AND SC O PACIFIC LINE.  Shortest and  Quickest Route '���������.  To Yukon and Klondike Gold  Fields.  To Eastern and European points.  To Pacific Coast, China, Japan  and Australia.. :  ������  TOURIST  CARS  Run daily and are models of  comfort.  Magnificent-sleeping and dining  cars ou all trains. ' -  Tickets    issued    through _��������� and ,  baggage checked to destination. -  Daily Trains' I_eaye RevelBtoke  Ea'stbound. _'.  .7:40 a.m.  Westbound 5:20 p.m.   .  Southbound for all Kootenay  points. ? - *.- 8 a.m.  For -information,   time    cards,  maps and tickets apply to. - ~  T. W. BRADSHAW,.  -  Agent, Revelstoke.  W.   F.c' Anderson,  Travelling  Passenger Agent,-Nelson. '_-���������-'  E. J. Coyle, District Passenger  Agent, Vancouver.  TIME C/yRD  Subject to change without notioe.      '  Trains run on Paclflo Standard Time.  GOING WEST       , DAILY GOING BAST  8:00am Leave Kaslo Arrivo3_"Dpm  8:36am ...South Fork... 3:15pm  __~Cam       '    Sproule's....   "   , 3:15pm  _:Man_      "   ...Whitewater...   '���������      2:00 pm  10.03am      '    ....BoarLake...   "      I:18pm  10:18am,     '    ...McGuigan....   "      1.33pm.  10:33 am      "    Cody Junction    "     1:12 pm  10-W am Arrive... Sandon .... Loave l:C0p  ; CODY LIXE  Leavo 11:00 a m....Sandon....Arrivo 11:15 a m  Arrive 11:20a m ....Cody Loave 11:25am  ROBKRT. HIVING   | GEO.F.COPKLAND  Q. K. and P., A.        I       SuporinUn act  Tfee Vernon Soda  Water Works . .  M. J. O'BRIEN,   FROPRXETOR  Manufacturer of Soda Water. 31nger  Ale, SaraapriUa and all Soft Drinks.  A full suopl. kept ln otock at McCarty's Cold Storage, where orders  can Deleft.  ������20-sw-t_  L. JL FRETZ  Contpaetop and Buildep.  Shop opposite Imperial Bank.  \VorI_in___-hlp Guaranteed  ���������i       Tcrma Cash  J. K-ePFiagfyan  Carpenter  and Builder  OIEco and Workshop:   Opposite Court  lloose. Bo velstoke.  Plans, specifications and estimates given on  application. The largest stock of doors, sash,  brackets, turnings, mouldings, bass casinss,  kiln dried flooring, ceiling, and all inside  finish is now In stock and -will be offered at  ti rices never before quoted on this tide of  Vancouver. Any onn _~_q_i-i-ft any of the  above materials will be consulting tapir own  interests by getting my prices before ordering  elsewhere. a_7-tf  -";-'M-  ? J-. yf  ��������� '-'C'l  * * .��������� *i i  i -.:  -_'* New  Just Arrived^  Hartimotfcs ���������  Musical  Instruments  Chinese  Lanterns  Purses  Footballs  Pipes  Tennis  Racquets  "Baseball Goods  Croquet Sets  Flags  Children's   '  Wagons  Wall Paper,  .   ..Etc., Etc.  C">_i__t_x-I_t!o ur Mlsr. Vv~illn.il. I  Mrs. Willmil told ns follow, tho Flory I  of lieriliiu.'.lilci" l'.'tii'.ce's' llrst invitation-to |  lier high ru*-!, In Nuithwc. tein uniM'i'sity: j  "That winter "wo ilkl nil our own woik, 1  nm, lii.i'iiii*c wo iwj-.ile! nut liino n i:iil. for  Kutu Inul no l:ix_; ol'. niuiicy, lint .lifter such  n tieiiKiieleii'.- out Iin; nr. tlioso two hud  li.'t'U lluoi'.gli ihey i-ci'iiicei to enjoy hugely  'tlio idea nt' hidi'ng nv. r.y nut ut tiplic mill  -..���������rpini: lieiuni lur tlii-'iiiS-lvi-._. I'r.i'.ik oc*  cupicd licrsrif chiully with lhe outdoor  jiait, rli'ippliu. l.iiiitling. In-iiiitiiiK in wood  mnl conl nml titling tl.o -t-otiglu'i" worl*^  whilo Kate unil; I ut tendril 'to' tliu ciulliRi'ry  nntl iiriiniiii'iiliil ili'paitiiiciils. O_io eluy  when l'~rnnk wns busy nulling 'down t.ho  stair enrput Mrs. Dr. Klililer, whuKo hns-  bond wild then lending professor In'the  Tliueileigletil Keininnry, emtio from her homn  across thu street,mill, taking n sent, on tin  Mm".-.-', mill: "l'ur.ik, I tun mnr./i'ii nt yen.  l.eic (jOine iir.o el-u ttiek down cuipi'ls nnil  do you Hike eliiuigu uf tlio now ceil lego.'  'Vi-iy well,' iiiis-i'icd Frank. 'I bliall tc  "glr.d tn elo so. 1 was only waiting to be  asktid.' "���������.Winiinn'H Journal.  ~nada Drug &.  Book: Co.,  Ltd.  Revelstoke Statibn~yB:?C..  L03AL  AND  GENEBM   HEWS  ���������Call a-, the VictoiiaatO:".!) for a sr.iulv.ii'li  Troii Tfcur .".ay-- n.\n.v 1Ii:i:.u.-.  li-jinr-niliar "' T_i udeaii."  Vote Cor Kellie- iinel Sl.oO u d.iy.  Vote fur White and prospentv.  Vote for Semlin .-in*! Chinese l.il-.eir.  Vole fur Kellie. the "I.U "dc un'' King.  "'- Children's bit) overnlls .-it lSourne'.-i.  * ._Jc:i\s   four-in-hand  wtishing tic*.-.,  ?, fur 21e. ;it Horn-lie Tiros.  -Perfectl-.- iiiilcp-iilci-.t lesliniony con-  "e e- ie-- F. ul  "Xi-.o Woman .."Villi Keel Hnlr.  Inst anil of boing dissatisfied with tlioll  lot,?women with , reel hair should study  how to use it liccoiiiiiigly unci' lio '.proud of  tlio distinction "of1 having it? Tliero np-  pours to bo an impressionrtiiiior.g woiusn  with rod: hair, snys an ; osclinngu, Ilint nl-  most ony.shndo of- bluo can be worn , by  thorn /because iis a;usual thing tliey: have'  fair aiid delie.^to-i:o:i!iilo_ioiis. .:��������� But, tisya  iiit-.tl-i' of fnot bluo is the onocolor abov-  cll; others, l-lint." they oiiglit;-to?avoid.���������.'.���������'���������The  'contrast..is toei vijileiit und?: tliQ:coiiibiunv  .tion is liotharmonious? 'J'ho shades ui.st.  taiitable?to lie wiii-ny with red -lialr?.iv~  brigtit, sv.iiny brov,-ii;aiiilhll: autiiiiiii.lea-i  tilits.' After tliese limy bo selecitetVpi'.lo.07  very diirl: 'green, but: nover a bright/green,  pnlo yollcny aiid black,.'iiniiiixecl.y,;ith ?iiiiy  other color, Mixed cciorsynrc not becoming to red: Iuiireel;peoplo, it's, tliey. nearly al-  ways.'givii.thuin': a mere qi-?1css clbwely.ap-  ��������� peariir.eo. In"; fiict,?i-ciT,,ilinir is usually so  .brilliant anel clooitiod. tliatyit must bo mot  oii its own . groijriil, and? no .vague, ,un���������e-  . cidccl sort of tliiiig.shquicl be .worn with it.  THE TAYLOR BLOCK  lute, .sling;   Description     of    This  IJewiy Completed StiucUtre���������A Credit  to R_vclsttfr_i_.  An  l.evckloKe is-urely, if mil lapitlly  i.oin,i_; .ihi".ul. It computes uuisl luminal.--'with iiny town in I lio Koolc'iuiy,  if tIii*-, ii'spci t, ilia) if mil ut any p.ir-  tii-ular lime liiiruniiiK. I hei'.' is a steady  business tlie' ye.-ii" iirnuiiil, while many  nf llii' apparently nun i> pi uspi'i mis  I owns supported solely by minesare  vi'i'j- i|iiii't I'eir nl, li'.-isi six month*, in  I lioye.-ir. Tho munlii'i" rif new buildings" envti'il this your i.s not fl'i**  Ureal ns iluriiifr 1S!)7. lint I hoerection  nl' llii' Taylor block .nu i\!i."Ki.i".".ie :iv-  ..iiui! has priivuil n" viilutililo adjunct, to  I lie' ne".v town, nml beyond ailim'tit 11._%-  ili-finili'ly eleeidi'd lhc ii'iii'sl.ieui as to  \\ lieu* l!ii> bn.il.i'bs piirlltin of tills  pan, ul' 1 he town vvill liiuilly.be. It. is,  -llnated on the widest street in Hovesl-  -luke, i~ eenteially loealed between  llie i.iilrii.ul st.-itioti nnd re^ieleiice  noi Iici:1. mnl very closely aeljoiii-. the  .",lcil.-ini.** bank buililiiifr. The iacl of  *ui-h- ii h.-indsoiiH'.: aiiil eeistly liuililinu  11.iv:11_r i't'L-n put up in such ,i eenlral  liiriilii'ii -.peaks well for the. fiiliue ol  Hevelt.ltike, anel pi pves tlie f.iet llial  tliL-ini'ii oi e .-ipiLil. i esiileiits of llie  pLicc, have I'.iith in its I'iitm c~. S'icli  en I crpi ise on Ihe part ol T. 15. Ij  '1'.-.ylor -should nol bo oveilii'.l.eil  by the ii'sidcnls ol' Hevel. leike, anil  et-pci Lilly I Iiii-e .it. lliu Jiipper or new  town, .io the election of tlie 'J'nylii'  bleic-k eei t.iinly enhances llu; value ol  real estate. If llevelstoke had a few  iimru such entei f>i-i.**iii.u; . |iii ils il ������eiulil  snnn take the le-iel 'anel Iiuloiiiu n  splendid inlerien- city.  The T.ivlur blnck is nol only ;i hand-  sonie sti ue! nre, but is a good one and  built lo *l.ty.  J'r. Koi n mlviu. who secured the  coiili.icl. feir building, Ins proved liini  -h'lf lo l-,o nn artisan second tei none in  his line. Tliu block will stand lhe  keenest inspect ion lioni roof to cellar,  and the workmanship will suit the  most r.'istidiiiiis.' The whole structure  is i.iiel m-.l in a I'a.-hinn caliulated to be  spaciou*-. .nul convenient. The Kromnl  Ilnor i onsets of lwo Milendid stoics,  each ~-~>sii<) At the back of each iti a  u'aichouso 2()x"~,~> i-einnecled willi the  stole*, by a covei eel iniss.iije. llpstaits  uie four larnc i oom-, with very hi(_;h  iciliiiK!",. well lighted and suiiplied wills  all inoilern eeinveiiieiices. most desirable and I'emil'iiilabli; rooms for  large olllces.  Kuril building has a ("urnoy Xew  Idea fiiriinee eif'ample capacil y to heat  the spacious rooms eliiring ���������tlio'ceililost  wenl her. Theso were put. in by \V.  M. Ijawrei-.ce's l.iiisinith. theexcellencv  of wlinse work in lhis respect is well  kiiwn. The pliiiiihim;; was sub let -by  Mr. Ivernauban iii I", "iliuaii, who bus  done splendid woik. The painting.  iii-iidi~.iip.il onl., is very well done and  does i red it to \V. Ci. Uirney, the popular painter.  .Messrs. ..hups Gill Sr Co.. of "The  Lending Slore," occupy tl'.e north side  ol l lie i;i omul floor, ami are condne-l-  mg a first-class busiiic-s in house and  mens' l'ui-ni_-,hin<>s.  !".ii-ties visilinp; llove'lslnke should  not, leave town wKhuiU visiling tlii*-  handsoiiie block.  Mu  ll-Ja  I?H���������_5.  o_____v������_______^r!SL____k__tee~~i___>~*-  ?DI_AI.,_r.IS" I3_<T,  Agent for tho  Blicliensderrer  Typewriter  Gents' Furnishings  Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps and  Tobaccos, Cigars, Toilet and  Etc.  Stationery  Fancy  Articles, Patent  Medicines  POST,  OFFICE   STORE,U-~~~~~V~EIjSTOKB ._~_3.-C3.  THOMSON'S LAHDIHG  Jlr. Kellie went down to the Landing ye_lerd.iy willi the avowed in-  lent ion or holding a meeting llieie.  Uoivovor.ns lie has only one stippoi lei-  in that place, .-ind would have had lo  put him in llie ili.iir, lie deeided that,  discretion was the helter part of valor  and did not hold his meoling ,il all.  The Ijandiiig-isstiliel lor White.  Candidates for Electoral Districts'iu'To-JYlorrow's Election  tlii to Price Ellison.  Don't "fursi't the mcoiing of Mr.  W:iit-'_ grfiie-.-al coinmiltee lonight.  * Men'-: ill wool tweed suits reg.ibii"  pi ice S10 .md Sl~J. now you;- choice tin  S7.GJ.     "jiiuiiie l_ros. ..  * :-������ p.iirj* of i.idio;.' OMforcl shoes and  i-in--. :v.".\i'5- -*li ipos usu.ii prii;e, $'2.i:>.  .$3.0). ���������������_���������.."-,, all reduced to H2.'2a. These  ,-u-e cn'.il bargain*- an 1 are being e_i~.il"  yA o.it lo make room for fall stock.  Oom,'   e.nly   and   get   your choice.���������  I"'.l-.lI'.I'-'   PiVlS.  Ou the firs I of the month the mill*  aniT pio.liic. bu-inoos of lhe Salmon  Ann Cor!~t"_.iliiui Society was taken  over by F. K. McGrewJ and liPiice-  forth will he tn.ii! iiri-ii in Ilevi .stoke  bv him.*- Mi". Mefuogor i-~ a young  niiin '.Vliii ail end;, sti'uily lo liusiiii'**s  and his,'ci>-toiiiei s in iy lelv on hi*-  pimctualily and koo.U delivered flesh  ���������vii'l in Hr������l class cn dor.  L-ist iiif;"nt Rev. lie -.lit. Moir/aes was  'intlticte.l f-s-pf-.'-tcu- of the lJro������byteii.in  e-ong-rc-gation Iiere by tbe eleigy of lhe  Presliyiui-y at Kamloops. The Pie-  liyterfan "chuich', whicli his been  newly pl-'.stered .-ind p.iinU'd. looks  v-i-ry'ne it atid alti.i-.'tiw. Tlie n-il-.  tin," have been renew eii u-ith ii good  *<*_Ie_t nn the genernl iippeaiam e.  XV. J. Se-ott retiiriietl Tioin his 1 nv  evaiuinatiotis at V'utoi-i illii. morning.  The iinpi-c-^ioii in Vancouver i- tli.it  ���������Mayor���������fhrrni-nir-oir��������� the���������c;.-ivei-ntr.:':i!-  .-*:,:b'-. .i;..l Mae phor.son. the labor candid t"o. are safe, with the chances  *-U _i:i:r.._ in f.ivtu- of the oilier two  M-ai-I-'itiu d-'������������������i!.".l bi't'.M'en tin* J.OV-  I'l'.iiii.'iit .iti-l oppn-itioii. J ti-. M.ntinV  pi-.i-pei'lo .ire vety slim.  To'l_;.-'s Local >'ev.-.  I. T. Ilrew-ler led fur the _.u_oli_iy  yestcrd.iy.  T_i"nt--Gov. Mi-lniosli ami f'ipt. D  .11. M-jPher.-(.1! .ire >it tl.e Halcyon II.it  ������������������Spri.ijr**.  Tit-'-i'ts ftv-s-i-u--5'!!! inSibi'.on Ann  Van be- proem ed ,it r"..P.It "tit U*-t niiin-  fl-UIII 7 IO 0  [1 IL.   llll     Ml'iu'l-V    I'M'l.'llL,'.  July lltli.  ��������� H'.'siilts of the- e-lertion in all   puts  ' of the pi ovine" will he   kjiown   at   lh-  Mining I."_cliaii_.'.' t.oinoi ro-.i   iri^hl by  'special }l:-i.iiiS"meiils.       -���������--.  ���������...:,?.' ????_���������? ;.-~lVcll':Sl!btl?-VelJnCT^y'::���������_y:y^y,yT:  ������������������ vln-a rcoont article ���������{]���������;.tlioiljoiiclpii"?Mail;  there:wns? iV;clover^ dosorjptipni by'.luliau  Kalpli, .on thei shprteoiiiiiigs'6f 'Sonio wpnYy  eii.^G;dre:KS??yy???i?y::_i'1'?;??yy?!y?yy???;???:?yUS  :y?" Thoy? ii every cnii .lie?c.p -peiryiiiinds^on  'tlio^ siibicctipf'.oleitlic-ylpiig enough.;tp;ro-v  inombeir thei r feeit:.?j>.e>-inn tterllio.y?siiiart-';  (ly ;dr____d blip; is'^in their?pceniliar fashion;  ?-f her p_ei"gy'aiid-ii:eiiioy-liot.tf Kiye'out;boy  ���������fbro':.t,hotshbea-ui'o\i_.uch.eci;"..::;;.:^  :?=-How? o"t_ii:yis';tliisyrei)rot_cii:?:_i.adp?tO;  'English; W-iiioii l?yAi_ei"icViiis?a-pyul--'riys  ?rio'atly?-slibd.-.;',?'Xli',d.I-ii'islbiiyq'^  'dainty, if:iipt'p-rtic.i-?larly Eer\4cpable,'b-iit  ?it-ia?in ^Sai'^iniiiVthatrthb feet pfywoiiieii;  ;tii*b;?''sin-'b'rUy';61uil,'it?so'riipu^  'to this piii'toty thp toilet'-.bciiig-.: cpiisiilered  ;;cf;:piii'uii:oiiiit'.iiiiipoi"iuiice,;o.oliamoiig:^  ,;pen_iiiifc;.>vonibii'iriff77fS7f;77f7f:7i:7ff-f77fff7:  >-yTlii!ii-?st6ckiiigs(iii-b?iiind6 ofiyllib?finest  :;vbbl, uinVthe eliiboratipiibfypFeiiwprk.eiiiil  ���������'eii]brolclo*i'y.ron?.".thc������  ', Bcriptiou.���������^:_j6iid6__-Exeliaiigo.; ���������;;)?$???.;?-.  I1IS1HI.CT.  Vicioihi   Victoria   Victoria   Victoria      North Vicloiia'...  South Vii tenia ..  A7'iineciiivi'r   Nov." West minster  lO.-ejiiim.r.l   _*,".in.-,iuio (I'.ty   " T-Tortli..  South. .  ^GbVE-XjIKNT.':'  , OPi'03iTio:*rsT.-;  Lieut. Col. Cregory  A.  L. Belvea   Kx-AUl Stowuit. ...  Albet-ni..  O.ir'.boe   Cassiar . ..  ChiUiwack  (jtiniii . . - - -  ('ll'.vil'll.li! .  Delta.. . .  i.'owilnev...  Richmond  lion. J. TT. Turner.  Hie ban i 11 nil   II. r>. Hobucken...  A. E. Mi-Phillips..". "   ���������l.P. I3ooth T. XV. Pntersoii'.  .Hon. D. M.lillieiU. I.S. Vates   ..I. F. Garden P. C-Cult on :  . Dr. C.u roll loseph Martin .-..  .VV. tf. Bowser C. 15. Tiselali   .Aid. McDonald   Uolil. _M*cPliersfin  . Alex. Heiidi'i.on .T. l.'.Pr.nvn   .Hon. C. 12. Puoluv. .D.W. Higgins"...  . V.'.P. Bulleii ". -. XX'. 11. llaywiud  .Arch ftlcGicgor Dr. uUTCechniu ..  ..1. Brvden...' Walter 1 lellior...  . Dr. Walkem Ilalpli \ymitli   ...A. XV. McNeill "  y-yyy.ixp-i'KNnKNT, y  Iioijer't'?-Be_.-vven'_"v  -ffiss  Keillor's   Dundee   Marmalade  in  i lb. Jars  and 4 lb. and  7 lb. Tins.  Crosse & Blackwell's Jam.      Maconochic's. Pickles.  Tetley's and Other Choice Teas.  -A Well Selected Stock of Dried Frtiits and Canned Goods.  Mother's  Mush, an Excellent  Preparation  for Porridge,  Especially Adapted for Kot Weather.  A 1 Large and Small Cheese. Freshly Made Butter.  .New Laid Eggs'. Hay, Oats, Bran, Chop, &c.      4  THE STAR BARBER SH0P]  ���������fi 'j_5 _:' -J "&  Candies and Cigars and  Confectionery.  ������7tj7jr(r-~:  Tobaccos.  S.ST  : Air;i;inds?of:..SliaviiiB  'IC cpt: i ny slodl-i inul' for.  :i.Trailei.'--."ll'.rIeo3!ri|_lil.'.'i.=,>.  ?-jin'teriiil  illei to tliu  Bath Room in Connection,���������Hoi or Cold.  - hop oppiir.ite   ,i Ciuiiiila Urns ���������!*��������� Hook Co.'s i,tore.  A. H. S12INN,   PR0PRIET0R.  .D. K. Harris..  .':  BeN'T READ THIS  d c  >.-:���������!-  >'.ill  Soul  East ...  Xe-.ilh .  \\ est -.  Ueu-timmoi. Couiiiir.cnts. r  A coiitliniuiit too littlo used here, but  which, like l'opu's "vice," noed-i but fn-  miliai-ity tei lead to it.-embrneo, is paprika,  or tlio Ilimgni ian red popper. .This pos  busses u"5iulcl, sweet flavor nntl is liir_!clj  -l-seel by tlio l~Lt_uni.ii.s-, tho Austrinns unci  'Hungarians the bi'.-t cooks in tlio world,  for season!, i. jdcklbj, sdticcs. pnlnds anel  mc.Us. lt is of n e'-eiep ori-ngo color anil is  said topos.c~.--~ nl! tliustiinulniin^cjiiiilitiet  of bluohol, with none uf its after eltects.  A smilli'.r aiiiclo, called pimento, is used  ���������by tho Ppaniiiids foi it.-, flavoring and col-  onu;; prcipeities Jt is a preparation oi  tcmiato and led peprsr. uiHile ltilo an oily  pnste. Cooks buy n few cents' v, orth ar, a  timo and use it sparingly, as u l.ii'go.itos.  phes only 1111 iinp_ea.-,.i__. tasto lo u dish.���������  New York Tribunei.  Kitchen Comfort*. j fvisf.  Seme one iiinki-s tlio admirable sugpes- 1 West  tion that ns In tbe otner ptirtnof the hou-c  littlo new-conveniences aro constantly lie-  -iii^-nildcdf-0'*���������tliejf-uro���������scon���������in-tko-f hops-  fiom  timo  to  tune, so tho kitchen com- i  fort _ should   be jjuno over  anil tc.ro taken ;  that llieir suppl;. keeps pacu ������ ill: tl.e inanj !  niocioru coiiM'iilcnce'S ir. that domain.   Of- i  ten this part of  l-.oiu-t'kccpiiiif  i-,  entirely |  ignoied,   and ni.iicl.-i   go on   overcoming j  Einr.ll  ht'.iiiiiciips   n:  tlieir  work   all vt.-ij I  ionjt, which   the   l-.ii-lre'ss   evoule!   bo-.ny ;  cjuick to remedy If her ntteiittuii was call' ii |  to tho matt...    Kintrsein'y niakivliiff. arc !  very  vuliinhle, ol   cour-o, at,  time's   when |  the oiiieTsreiii'y really exists, hur to hnmpct j  the general hou-i'v.ork -cirl in n city Kite!  unwlih  old  fc2-l1lu1.1_.il, unw lelely utciiil'.j- I'  In not wise.  . .  ir. a. Hull   .. S. A  Kngns    .'osepli lliiiitc..  .. .("aplain Irving...  ...C. W. Clill'md ...  . .Hon. .1. Tin-iiei" .  .. ..lames Dimsiuuii"  ._. .XV. R. lloliei Isnn  ... .Kichard Me-Bi ide  . .Mn". Gen. Kin hnnl.R   . .11. llclgesen; T   Undertaking c-hc! Embalming  ,V~!iit-;if:>ybifVde),y\ve.;witl.ftell?yoiiyof;;soiric:p  Kvorytliiii'. ������������������_-3ii;.-e;q  piiiiu'p riviii.-.?-;Ail''sorls'of eookiiig-utei^  Air?tlii! "irtte.strl*iti:iieii :?iip  revb'iv'In'g-ciik.e ei.tter_;-.'bt'e^^  l>irel-|;l-^e--?:?:;?fi3^dpo-_Sfpr? tliiS ^pspec  Xlniis, .f/.?iiiHes;iV-Kcyoiyor-jVj^  :l'iiiii Ui? ?;:bii;y Cl las^---Ete.?"?' *;;-?;^y ';'?'y ?'.?? s;'������-;?S';?! 'i ffffififfif J - 'j.y:j '  O-.OI  R.  HowDon   &.  Co.,  - Macki-.n-ie Ave.  Wholesale and Retail Dti-lcr in _-urliiturc.  .Charles Monro.  . .V. .l.Mc-AHan.  .W.Lli'iil   .Tlicis.*-Pfir.lt--.  . Whetham   .Tlioniiis Kidd.  nn ....  ���������Mukc  *l.-incl..  .'.a ���������.   .  li...  h...  XV. Whi  WEST KOOTENAV  V. Q.ci.  J. Fred llmne....  .fames SI. ���������JC-'liii'..  Jaiiii-. il. Mm tin -  Kobei l V  Gieen..  .1. U I.etall.u-1,  EA5T KOOTENAY   \V. C. \V.Ti  . ll. D. Benson,..  . .Aid. McQueen...  .A. S. Farwell.   ..  ..John Me Kane.  ..  .AV. G. Neilson  ..  Colonel i!a:*er  .Pi-ice T'".r'.s-nii..  .llvm. ft. 11. Ma  ..I. J. McKay ..  ...AVilli.tm Uhillie  YALE  ... Donald Ornliani  tiu.F. .1. Di'niii' . .* ���������.   C. A. Seniliii - -..  LILLOET  .1). A. HioiMait J. I). Prentice  .A. V,". Smith. Acclamation   j-.L.-i^iri r_j_  ~5X\\Yi-Z\}  rnn  Tliu  t'-jx,���������tne  Tiuwti-  -VJr.  HCVJ  > _. <.    5<t- Ij_   vj  H^S-  Trica Out Store  And" are new onr  Customers...... ���������  Gun tri' Fiii-iii slangs  Loots aiitl Shoes  Trcspc tors' Suvi'-li'-s  CiV.Ti~.'i"ig Outfits  if'ummer Underwctir  Hats and Caps  Shirts,"every description  Groceries,' all Ircsli  _ J  w><v_>;^*j  i���������><5_^;^%.--.������--j,__^  Headquarters For_  Clothing, Men's Furnishings, - Hats and*  ' Caps, Boots and Shoes, Kou se Furnish-  Etc  :cc    Curtains,   Tapestry-  Curtains, Etc.  Taylor 31ocI_, 7A.:c__csizie Ave -~*~r.-=rxzz^  'allies G'ill So Obmpany:  m  :. ll\-tli'_:.c-rle-id-  .'���������Vi'obels'fV'IW'vft'iJ-.':  :tlie?uest;IjR.ke>--f'll?e;  tal  _"li_;l;est on Ihejia-riiet^pitlierjjvliile  Sb.r.;ji'rpAyn.':;y!.^^  7.C6ni^ll^0U^f^^r^^UUi  ���������aiest'ytilues lit Keye_jiti.lve-???'';??a?.yj  A. ' N,  SMITH  WM.  WHITE, Q.C-,"  Barrister, Solicitor, Kolary Public,. Etc:.  Soliejilov for Iinperlnl J~i~.uk ot I'nuncln.  Front St., Raveratofce, B.C.    .    -,  A.,  ���������!���������  file  ..    .    , ,, i Will Soon He An Accomplished tr'act in  'iii.-il s   effoits-  lo  --ireiotb   over ��������� r  Ilia's eii*e-������infit<ii-i- at Tlieimsoti's i ,    Re'-clstoke.  r_,.i'*diiv   on    Weituesd tv.    are    veiv,  aiuiisini,      ' fese-pt ,i v������.ii������ ���������������i������i������?j- ,      v t ���������    Ul/1  v;uhvav  his iitterr.led mi ival <m   th" ree-eipt   nrl  vi llie b   he.   sn!itai-y   -Ji).porter  at  th_  s  p'rai loads of sand nit' now bp-  y.'nd   for  the  roiisti-ucliein   of   new   wru-ksliopi  and the irremnel ','��������� heing pre-pari'd for a  Lord Ir.ntl. T_ ulv   Abei-dee  tl  ie i  ���������'en  on  Inst visit to British Coluinbi i  ibu-injr  their term of nfln->>. will   |u_s I liimigli  -Ki-velstr.kc/iii.'.he 2liiiel in-t.  . Dr. Brett, accouip inieel by Mrs.  53i-ett anel his little lmv, went clown lo  'the; II ilcyon Hot  Spring-  this   innrn-  ing.    Thi-* i.s Mrs. Bivll's fi!���������___��������� t vi-.il  lo  the Kootenny.  The additions-  to  tl it.   Hotel   Be vel-  "l.ejvel-teike.which are f.ij-t approaching  e-e.nipl. tihn,   make-   a   gte.tl   iiupiovc-  'liieiit to the .'ippe.-ii-.iucer cf lliu exterior  -nf that building.  We would not say ;i ��������� word to.-, dis-  suaele ilr. Keillie in bis vain elToil-s to  nid Jlr. Grei'ii in his r.iii.p.ii^u. but  lie; einuhtj to knoiv that. Tie \vas;a irri'iit  disappoiiitiiient tn the Oppositionists  of New Denver. 31 r. Green's cause  suffered immensely at hi., hands.���������  New."Denver I-edge".  Mr. Dobie, of -Jl'jssland. was i'i  town yesterday:, to rerpiest. the gold  ;coinmissio"ner"trt c-leartbe fallen tiiiibc-r  off the IJiinc.-in Creek ti'ail so as to  permit "him to set supplies into his  claim, tlie Silver, -B.-lt. which is  located "not. far from th..' Silver Cup.  and on which he and liis partner. Dr.  Johnson, of Rossiand. intend lo elo  coiisrielerabli' work this season.  | CliU-r.-u _ml r_r_.ii ,lir.  A preat iliji'iin* I'lu-u ri'ii..'irk>'cl tl.Rt.inC  veniliatleiu ili'f. rn,- mure eliUeii"!! unci ih---  Et.-oy-- nunc hotilth than r.j-i-leiei:_,ji* j*!..jti:o  Iluliy . Iiould i.e'-ur ho put to tJi-ci., in !_,<���������!  or piTf'.i:.!iiilator with thn hi-:ul mult i  the iji-.li-lijt'.iltu;, to Inlirdi; tho nir tilreiicly  biintl.cd mnl turthcr i iiiiMiuii'i.t.-il l.j  lu! .ti-,i,* fru-.ii tl.u skin. " Vuu .'lro'ma.tli-  zz'.ag ll . life, cut of yulir i-lilld's liuit,s,"  ���������an iiii-clolis n.ctlier wiw toll! not. long ������{,"_  "How v.ould you like: fo ilrlnk tlio *entPT  yon w:i.*li inT Woll. when ynu ever ycu.r  baby's head tip, you forco l.iin to mc air  that is jUEt ns bail nml just us liiipiir.."  CO.,  lllflillir took fo lbe U'rw>lls (n   ^.-1    mst  of ihe way.      Vi'!i"ii .Mr.-K.;l!i<* ImiiiIwI  Illei.'  w.i-   not   even   a    -mil    to  i nine  liit"v inl .iml **i. miu.li .is ji,is.. ii,.> linn  ; 4������T 11.i;--.    So   Ml".   K.'llie  M.tiled   "17  in  , iir-uil of his  Inne- p.it tini and aft.-i- a  i |.i iiloli'^i-d -caie-h   tine.nl bed   him  j IjIikuzIiI    hint     llnwi'. Hi.l'. > vi r,   nil I  ' tei Ul ,:in^ and rtt:.|iii'.r t li-il il'.i lu'-etii-.g ;  . i%.is lieM, iii- only man would h,_vi> in I  , be imi in ��������� in' e i..'1'i" In- d'-i i'leil Ln epiil '  j a -put. ������������������������. uiu;r.it"ful for nil ilu-l>i i'laes .  I .ii.d v .> ^'.'nii in ills -.i:h w liicli  he li.i-s | Insurance. Real Estate, Mining, Leans.  ! -in iii'iirleel l; .nul e.iin" n w.i v witiuiiil ���������  ' | bi'lding a nn "liri__ al   .ill.     'lbe Ben,iii  -���������iy. Mr. Kellie f.ni-.d e vi vlniiii: m ry  i it i-fai toi-y at   t h-    f.aiiibn^.      If  mie  vnle nut   nf  ab'.ul   -evi-nlei'ti   ealiifi"S  lit ii* he must be easily pleased.  1 site hv i'.e.uirix eitr a tiuiiibei" of gjimll  { buiiiiin^s   -etn-'-s   the    <-out.li     bi.-iucli  y.ttafl:.    'J be no.v shops, so   Inngla'ilced  if. will s.-.oti 1."  an  aecomplislieil   fact  :u r^evi'lsi.ol..-.  GI.O&AM   <k  Cr-r.trnl Agents.  [.S|,,r...   r,t- V,  jjl). Mlllmlll.)  Floar       -    ���������  Teas and Coflees  Butter and Egps  Canned Goodt~  Vcgcl.'iljlsS  Miners nml |-re,>l|.i'i'tiu"s  rjiillitleiliiii.������liurl iiotieu  We Garry  Fpreif~;!i aid  Dcnicstic Soaps and  Perfumes.  sS_f5ininc^rToil_rRei:1i-Iisite-f  A complete assortment of Station-  ,   '   c'T*  Dru&3     and     Chemicals,    every  prcpai ation   being   frcsli   r.n  chemically, pure.  Ills] cii'lni: u special feature or our bur.iiii".",.  t^Chas. E. Reid & Co.  FALLIS BROS.,  'The I'oople'h -ten'-."  ')!-(  Did jou e'er suR'cr ten-ir.ent,from a slice  ti. lit ln cue ������|iot? Here Is a remedy for it:  ���������Apr-y sweet oil tn theFtcckin^ii where the  rub conic. It Is lietteir than applying lt  to the boot, becauso it .nftcns tin: inside of  the boot, where it is needed instead of the  outsido.  Boiline. water ought never to bo ponrael  over ten trays, japanned goods nnd the like,  in that it.criiaks tho varnish. Wash rather  with warm witter, a riift spoilt;, und a ve-iy  littlrj heap. Sweet oil Is (.;ood forjtiiking  .out marks .mndo hy licit tilings.  PARENTS 1  Tn a cle.-ielc-iliy eli-ejoinlvd adelre'ss la-,t  Wednc'-elay; eveniiiii _>lr. Kellie *=.iid  forth'4 opposition that the Slocan hail  never lie-t-n'-i-epie'Senteel by a government man. ~.fli" opposition man, i'or  government   levemie.   patronage     or,  :mythinjr else. ilr. )C"!l:e once mis-1 Vou all _ ish to frivi'-vo'ir lill le one*  represe-nteel t lii~* liding.-il Viclm-iii and | .'i lir.st-c-I.iss eilur-.ii inn. 'i'lie liii;-.i"i-i-:l  lit" niiirht to kue.iv. .An hoiii.it ton- l_fe- Assiir.ince ("iiiiij-aiiy will help  f'-s-ie n i- ttoi.cT i'en the suul,--2<ev.- ynu to do it. ("all on til'UC'AN to CO.  '>.'iivei" I.' ilm*. liiu'<K'.-l  ilu lieulai i. ,j2 ll-clw  A littlo ].ulve.ri/t"l "hi.ll; :i-iii_t."iie.ti with  Hi-n.einia aii'I i:;i| 1'.' ti with a Ir. u_.ii will  luiuo.i! the mnrk caused by (ho'ilrippin^  of n i,fa'.icot in a tn.nbli: lm-in. An oil',  toothbrush ir. a jjoei'tl thinii to usti for this  purposo.  A German scientist is of opinirin thnt'  woiVic-n will hr.ve bcnrila tmi.o tiiuu In lho  remote futuru.  To V- ho:n it M_7 -Couceirn  The Bmii":!iier group em Fish Cieek,  li'-lotljrilia" to Honrcliiel" and 1'nlkiier.  ail lh" claims of the (.'o:v*oii'i-il"d  'iv.iii.' Cu'ek Mining Co.. and the 1/me  ���������_t.li-cl.-iim euviK'd by Miigee-nii.l Dunn,  w-ei-e bondeel la*.I. week for a consielei-  a'lles-.im loan Bi glisb syiulieale.''  The iveinrliiK of ornmro "blossoms ns a  b-ieliil elccoralioii originated in iho days ot  the Crusaders.  White's Victory a Certainty  A supporter eif Mr. Kellie's ,lekuo'.v-  lodgoillon Ill-.tt'.'-U man today (bat.  bis totnmitlee! ee.iiee-eleet to Mr. V-Vhite*  .1 lii.ii'oi-ity in every potiir.^ pl.iJ'e KOtitb  of the main line. Jt'olhi'ng nm b_  more eel-tain tl'.in that, this coiii~lu.ie n  istoriecl. Pepnils e-nmin^ in 1-,-eiy  day, of which it. is impo-sibie lo doubt  lbe ae c nr.-ie-y, leiuli'i" it. certain. The  opposition ate telving on I?ig I.-nel  and I he- eastern polling pl-ices io o(V-  set. Mr. White's- majority in the .*o:il h  and on lievelstoki" to ri'lin-ii Iheir e.-iii-  did.ite. In the first pl.u e indie Hi:it-  Ai.ii'i. e-pinifiii then- are nm pri^s in  slnte I'm lhe opposition even,it points  in the eastern part of the riding, em  whii li thev aie placing iheir i-liief  reliance. Secondly, in Cl-.e town thev  ai e simply-j-oitig in their e-ale nlni inn-,  ��������� ai tliu shnuUiiir. Tbey admit, thai.  , they have un -such ev. __r:i!ii'/_::1ii>n ,i< tlie  i Kov'i'i-umi'iit pm ty unci w'tlhtnit nif;,-ii;i-  I /.ation it is iuipn-sih|o to form any reiil  e'-'.l.imaie <if thiri.itiiul ion. It is as eer-  .-iiii as aiiyHt.riK can be lh;it ilr. Kellie will he eleVniK very well, if he even  manages In hold his own in town. As*  a matter nf fact, ..I lie conl est is really  over ami 'While- liu-t Kellie cli-fentcd  ali-Ciidy.  .<-rt to  W. I'.. I'Vn-f ������t ("ei  "Injf hii'I J.'e-II.  "1. ami j.rc-piir'!.! to eircept  ������rle in Iiou*e.- mnl ritrrl--.-  .;. (Inly.tins t,.i������t ami pur-  ���������,.*....!, IVorlc jjiiiirnnte-'*.'!.  itrs ami in'_������'-!_rate charges  e UA'.lKK, Ifvcijtuki' J-t-tl'ui  mm  Painter a.nd  Decorator  First Street East. P.evclstoke Station  Gniinin.  , for  Ifo-e  t r.ti'.-vhiK, Jlnril Wc.fj'1 finl-eli-  f-jc!utilise ia nil  n.-iinehe-t,  ���������  tainting, e,]ie/inR, Ac.  Buy Ii'ruit  a.nd Groceries  'i ImI- nre rooiI. Wc pre.l.alily  liH.-e Ih. l***il v(e..|: in lov.n.  Onr fruit Misluc-M lids Ineroiue.l  ��������� to   s.ii'Ii     proiieirtltiti'i   thnt  M'c  iiiivi" It iirri.inic dully, I'ms l.u-  KlteiM lm; fn.-.!, itiiil wet ���������ipt-Muii'c'it's  i|ii.tlily. .CniK price's for quim-  litles��������� for e'niitiliiK purposes���������  are pnsitivoly the lo������e"t In tn.'  KonlMiiiiy. gJff~ jVeil eir.ter:e  l-ri'iuplly rilled.  Hutchison ik; Co.  -JTOTICB  Carpenter   Tools   and  For Sale  Boat  j.Tool niiftst nnd n complete on tilt of riu-pen-  te.r's tools; nisei ii How lKAt-ff-t-il.. Ior.sale ut  .-J.iirijuiii.   j\pply to  W. F REV/I NG,  <i Jy 17 Second Street.  il   ���������  *^'7:'fo;r.������"'~������~^s_/-i&~;2^  [udson's Bay  Company  [iseoi'.i *on.lTi:iilG7(~  Don't"Be a  Ready-Made Man  Ilnio jour icarinentH cut to your  einler. Ynu enn plneu your e.r.U-r with  us (or iu little ns "13, ?:oor ?2> for f~iiii������,  .iti'I Jt.-O, if.'., ?������-., ?7 fe.r TroiiKer.-i--v.-i th  the; prliiie-t;e. of nmkliiji; your selection  from - variety of nearly ���������'.0 dcipni.  Kiirh j.rices r-re indeed a tci.ip-  ''tntlon���������but when -backed up by our  Kiinrr-'ilce for nr.t-rln-i*: workman'-liii.,  triaiiiiliit; nnel fittint;���������you can hnnlly  iifford to overlor.l; llii. opportunity of  ilrcssiim well ut a noxninnl co^t.  flgfll  ������c  innkcyor.r cleitlie--.  they'll tit.   (Jive us a trial order.  Ii. S. Wilson,  lhe Kootenay Tailor.  The   Most   Up-tq-Date   Outfitters )������  in Western Canada. ~v  -        I  Intending Prospectors should write us B.  for one of our new Folders, -wliich fc  pontnini an excellent Map and an ft  climate ot the probable cost of a jjj  complete outfit for the Gold Fields, v  Hudson's Bay Stores,  Calgary.  auunr, Tel). 1, 1W5.  ?^^S55_^--?T>fi52^^S5^^  JAMES MURPHY, B.  ~3p.rri:_tcr, Solicitor. Etc:  onipe:   Co''.nn lilnek. ' P.O. Ilox IDS.'  Third St., Kev-ol-tol-e. B.C.  HARVEY & M-CARTER,  Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.  CRi.'ca:   -IoI.ons 3~n_- uroci-.  Third Street;, RavcUrtolia Station,   B. C."-.  -^-^E-LrtlSrarGROGAN       ���������   ���������  Insurance, Cctnmission and   Mining  Erclier-,  Cclgm?, Alta.  Aj--i':its for the Queen Firs- Insurnnce Co., ol/  jlinciii'H.  Itci'ii'tcnlC'l b>- W.JIor-.is, itovelstoke.  I.ol li, Mock Ifl.  Vernon,  For Sale,  i'i lee .loo.  j  .eliiMJB Ilox 0O,������.  Notice.  All pi'rioii- linvlns i-Inliiis .-.iminst Jlr. A.f?^  Jl, S|.rui;;-'e������, biirrlsler, Imp of Hevel������lol:c. are ���������  reepie _li'������l lo H'lie! lJiirili'i'lui'.i of lliefr clnltn-  In llu-   inidi'r-lipii'ii   In ear.' nl Molsons Haul.-, ,  Ite.elstoiiC Million, U.I'.  tsr.O.ft, :ieOAUTKIt,  jui:i If Hollclier for Mrs. HpriiBB"'.  Application "For Land.  Xntlce Is Ijeri'l.y pl\-. n Hint fiilelnj-s after dntc  1 "iitcml to niiply In the Chief CeiniinlsHleinerof  I.iinilii nnd Works for pcnnlM-ou tu pure'liaso  SJi)  ne-ri'i, in-ire  or  li'ii.nf uiiMirvi'yeil land,,  purl, uf which wnlfiirniC'rlyjircmiipieil but now  iilifiiiiloneil by j\rcl)lllel.evei;tpie nml sitmite -  on  Iliiwulc C.rccl-, IIIk liend district ami ilex���������  crllicil ni follo-.is:    e'oiiui-.eiii'liii; aln pasta.  X. I". corner of Ferguson's Iiuul, uiiirkcd N. E.,  llieiico north 80 t'litins, tlience west -10 chains,  tlioneu noil tli fit) chains, I hence, east 10 chains,,  coiititiiiin^ r,_!0 acres, more or less.  ���������   Gro. Laforhe.  Kevelstoke. B.C., .TiincG.lSDS.        _. daugO  Musical  Instruments  ,-yjiu are requested.te> look over-my  select *toi-k of   '... . VIOLINS. G TIT "IRS    MANDOLINS    IIOItNKK'S MOUTH ORGANS   -.THINGS* ami ACKSSOR fES....  An excellent stock at low prices.  Tf.t-.������.ccc������. C icar*,. '-oft I'.cfre-liing Prints,  Hlationery, Novel.*, .Tapaiicsq Curios, Etc  Chas. J". Aman  The F. 13. Piper Co. hnve now on hand  First Class lirick at rijlit prices.  Intending builders  would do well to  call and examine.  ilricl*. yard ju-f north of the Gun Club  ground,).  Mail orders promptly attended to.  Prices on application.  The'F. E. Piper Co.,  Revelstoke, B. C.  Haig.& Crage  Notaries Public,    ;  Sole Agents for  Heyeistoke-  ^^^ Townsite  MINING,  FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE  V


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