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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Feb 6, 1909

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-   Tenth Year.
rora Freezing
special prices
on Men's Heavy
Men's Mackinaw Coats '
$5.00 COAT FOR $4.00
$6.00 COAT FOR $5.00
$7.00 COAT FOR $6.00
$1.50 SWEATER.for $1.00
$1.75 SWEATER " $1.35
Hen's Black  Worsted Socks
SPECIAL--3 Pairs tor $100
Men's Wool-Lined Gloves and Mitts, at
75c, $1.00 and $1.25
Men's Fur-Lined Caps, from 75c. up
A Special Value in Hen's Underwear at $i.oo
a Garment
*        - -
These reductions in prices should   prove attractive
'   during zero weather.
Hunter-Kchdrick Co. Ltd
— of —
Our Watcli stock is much larger thau it should be
at this time of the year, and to reduce it we are
going to offer, for a short time, extra special
values    in    LADIES'    AND    GENTLEMEN'S
We have them   iu   Gold,   Gold   Filled  and
Nickle Cases. Heie  are a few samples  of  the
values we are giving :
17 m mm. w-Proot to..$10.00
7-im 11111Dust-Proof ta...$5.50
Others too numerous to mention.     Watch
our window.    .    /  .      It will pay you
Bad Trio Arrested at Oroville,
Wash., on Sunday.        i
After eluding the diligent search of
police on both sides of the boundary
line for several weeks, Ben Hart,
Cleve and Bill Newman, the Brides-
ville bandits, were run down at Oroville, Wash., last Sunday, the capture
being made by Chief Constable Bun-
bury of Greenwood, Constable Dock-
steader of Phoenix, and the deputy
sheriff of Okanagan county, Washing
ton,:;-  '.:' • .■   ■'. ;;-v:. r
The Canadian police rounded the
men up at Oroville, Wash., but were
unable to make an arrest on American
territory; By a clever ruse, however,
they got Hart fleeing toward the boundary. When the line, was crossed
the officers closed in on their man,
but Hart defied them with a revolver,
stating that he was still on American
soil... The arrest was effected, hoWr
ever, and Hart brought to Greenwood
jail, the Newmans being taken by the
Okanagnn county deputy sheriff, each
being armed< with;;a revolver at the
time. ■'....-. -. :;'; .<
At Greenwood, Hart confessed to
Constables Bunbury and Docksteader,
his guilt.of the Uiidesville holdup and
implicated the Newman brothers. Constable Docksteader left for Oroville
Monday evening to arrange- for {the
extradition of the Newmans.
One of the Newmans is an ex-convict of Idaho state penitentiary and
Hart has a bad record on the Caria
dian side. The trio gave every indica
tion of being a desperate gang, and as
they answer the description of the
Midway highwaymen, ..who murdered
Chasi '1'homet on the night of Aug.
25th last, the police believe they have
behind the-bars* the men who are
responsible for the several holdups
along the boundary line west of here
during the past year.
Chas. Thomet, the murdered man,
was a former prqvincial.constable along,
the boundary line and no person knew
Hart's bad record so well as he, and
it is thought that: Hart took Thomet's
life in order that he might continue
his desperate warfare.
Much credit is due Constables Buii-
bury and Docksteader for landing
such dangerous characters in prison
and also for eliciting a confession from
Hart, thereby saving' the police much
unnecessary delay and expense.' If
the prisoners turn out to be the Midway bandits, Constables Bunbury and
Docksteader have not only brought
honor to themselves, but credit to the
country's protection of which Canada
boasts. '■""■;
Gross Value of Ore Amounted
to $5,044,198.
The production of the Snowshoe
mine at Phoenix, Centre Star at Rossland and St. Eugene at Moyie, and
the Trail smelter, control of which is
owned by the Consoiodated Mining
and Smelting company, during the
year 1908 had a  gross   value   of  $5,-
. ..The metal production -Ju detail
follows: "
Quantity      Gross value
Gold, oz ... "6.3'4...,$'.»383.'327
Silver, oz..... 2,100,457 1,1:02,846
Copper, lbs..v 3,753."39 5o6.4°c
Lead, lbs 35,999,145       1,050,455
Total      $5,044,199
The smelter.output follows:
In lead furnaces    5 1,022
In copper furnaces 267,384
Total   ..' 318,406
. The company was formed three
years ago and has $4,833,800 capital
Boundary Mining Notes
The New Republic has shipped: a
car of ore to the Granby smelter which
was worth $2,800. \
Indications for a good mine continue
to improve as development work progresses on the Athelstan Fraction in
Wellington camp. '"'" ':.'*'.''•" \r
The British Columbia Copper ,com
pany's production for the calendar, year
1908 amounted to 6,731,351 pounds.
This is for the last Seven months of
the year only, as the mines were closed
down during; the i first five monthsof
the year.        , ; .;   . 7 ;
"Granby Consolidated is one of the
cheapest copper stocks on the market.
I have discussed this company's affairs
extensively of late, however, and will
only add now that the stock should
be bought, both for1 investment and
speculation."—Geo. L. Walker, Boston
Commercial. .. V-
The Daly Reduction company of
Hedley informs the.,Pioneer,that items
which have recently appeared in Can
adian and Washington papers, to the
effect that Frank?. A.1 Ross, managing
director of the company, had resigned,
are baseless, and'that'some one is "circulating these for "reasons unknown.
Mr. Ross has no intention, of leaving
the company. The Nickel Plate mm
and mills will resume'operations" as
soon as power conditions permit.   '
Rumor lias been very persistent^ in
the Boundary during the past teiidays
to the effect that the;Canada*Consolidated Mining and.';Smelting comp|uy
would shortly take over.. the operation'
of the Dominion,-(Copper properties^
but to the Pioneer Manager P.' FJ<
Robsa states the report is' without
foundation. If is a fact, however, that
the Consolidated company's engineers
have recently made'an inspection of
Dominion properties in this camp, and
as the Canadian Pacific railway handles
all ore from Dominion Copper properties and is largely interested in the
Consolidated company, an; operating
arrangement similar7,to their lease of
the Snowshoe, which adjoins the Dominion's Rawhide," 'does hot appear
Hookey Special Next Friday.
Arrangements are practically completed for the running ol a special
train to Grand Forks next Friday
evening on the occasion of the Boundary league hockey match in the
Gateway City. The Phoenix hockey
team have chartered the train and it
only remains for the weatherman to
supply ice. Good ice is rather a
doubtful quantity at Grand Forks at
this time of the season, however, but
if arrangements work out as expected
a special Great Northern coach, leaving Phoenix at 7 p.m. will cairy the
local team and a hundred supporters
to the scene of battle on Feb. 12th.
If the Phoenix team wins this game
they will be champions of the Boun
dary league for another year. Secure
your tickets for the baggage coach
ahead and see a good game of hockey.
No Dividend In Crow's Nesi Coal.
Secretary Young of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal company has announced
that no dividend will be paid the share
holders on the last half of 1908 In
an official circular states that the matter
has been, carefully considered by the
directors, but in view of the heavy
losses of the company in the Fernie
fire of August last, as well as the
general depression, it has been decided
that the profits did not warrant a
Big Contract at Prince Rupert.
: Sol Cameron,'president of-thevWest?.
home Lumber Company, arrived in
Prince Rupert last week. His company has the contract for planking
streets and laying sidewalks in Prince
Rupert, a contract that will cause an
expenditure of close on to $160,000.
As the work is to be completed by
Apn', it will mean that between 200
and 300 men_ will be employed. Work
has already commenced, and teams are
hauling logs to be planked, the logs to
be used as mudsills. As the ground
is frozen hard and covered with six to
eight inches of snow, v Mr. Cameron
considers he is'playing in great luck
Asked as to wages and boarding-
house accommodation, Mr. Cameron
said: "I intend to pay $3 a day or 30
cents an hour for common labor, and
the ruling rates in Prince Rupert for
skilled labor. A boarding house will
be erected, so as to keep the men together; but any man who has a.- home
of his own will have the privilege of
boarding at home. Men will not be
brought in, unless there should be a
shortage, which I do not expect. I
am surprised, agreeably so, to find here
so fine a class of laboring men."—
Prince Rupert Empire.
Vein Is Five Wide—Phoenix Mlnlne, Smelting
and Development Co's Annas! Meeting
Advices from the Woodburn property, where the tunnel has been driven
by the Phoenix Mining, Smelting and
Development company, state that the
operators have crosscut through a five-
foot ledge of copper ore. The ledge
has been inspected by Messrs. J.
Swanson and Fraser, who report very
favorably on the find, samples of which
have been taken for assaying.
The first annual meeting of shareholders of the Phoenix Mining, Smelting and Development' company was
held on Jan. 29th. The financial
statement of the company was read
and showed the company to be in a
healthy financial shape. The tunnel
has now reached a distance of 450
feet giving excellent promise, and the
company has no creditors. The following directors, which include some
of the leading Boundary mining experts, were appointed: Julius Carson,
John Swanson, Steve Swanson, Robert
Fiaser, T. K. W. Tliompsm, W.
Delahy, James Summers, N,J. Carson,
Angeilo Schulli. The directors elected
officers as follows: President, Juluis
Carson,; vice-president, John Swanson:
treasurer, W. Delahay; secretary, N. J.
Carson; man.-director, Root.' Fraser.
A Good Stand to Take.
A meeting is to be held in the near
future of men employed at Prince
Rupert who are compelled to pay
monthly hospital fees. The intend to
have some say as to whom the fees
shall be paid, and they are determined
that not a dollar of their money shall
go to any doctor employing Asiatics.
Officials of Mining Company
Discuss Needs of B. C.
J. A Thomson, managing diiector
of the Golden Eagle Mining & Development Co., Ltd., together with 'R.
MacPhail, vice-president of the same
company, gave the Vancouver Province
some inteiesting facts respecting the
recent devel jpment of the mine owned
by the company situated on Volcanic
mountain on the North Fotk of the
Kettle valley.
In prefacing his remarks Mr. Thomson, who is an expert mining man and
is naturally much interested in mining
matters generally, stated: "Not a
great number of our Canadians have
had the opportunity ot embracing a
mining education, thus retarding development in mining. More often than
not the mining people of Canada have
had tp lie brought in from the outside
tb"a large extent, and 1 venture to
fairly claim that not enough attention 13
being paid to this bianch ol education
for our young Canadians by the various
governments and educational authori-
iiesr1- yVe'boast of a great' province in
raw material which we certainly do
possess, but it's up to us to develop
such magnificent resources beyond the
.prospective point. I woulJ like to see
more local interest in our vast re
sources using local capital, and thereby retaining the prosperity of the province within our own borders. Experts who Recently 1 visited Vancouver
stated that no better returns for the
.amount of development could be more
strikingly demonstrated anywhere in
the world.
%-,i Messrs.  Thomson
stated   the  syndicate
property; under   bond
months ago and   have
out several cars; of ore
Boundary Side Lights
and    McPhail
took   over   the
now   over   18
already   taken
as a test ship-;
ment, which gave results that justified
them in planning devtlopment work
on a larger .scale. "We determined
to drive a tunnel to tap below the
working shafts, giving a gravitation
system to the output of the mine.
This has been completed. Not only
this, but we have built a tramway from
the mouth of the tunnel down the hill
to the railway siding, 2500 feet. As
evidence of the confidence in the property we have du:ing- a season when
mining companies" had closed down or
"curtailed' 'expenditure,'" we : have ■ from
our private means put up all cost
of tunneling, track, tramway, machinery equipment, etc., and it speaks well
for the mine and th^se in charge that
we, have accepted stock in the company for every dollar put up, and that
we have phced these shares 'in trust,'
thus preventing any vendors' stock
from appearing on the market in opposition to the treasury stock. That
bane of so many corporations and companies, viz., promoters charges' being
avoided. Plans for a lower tunnel are
to be taken up. A depth of ever 900
feet below present levels remains to be
opened up before the level of the railway is reached, and in all three ore
bodies the ledges show good and strong
at the lowest levels. In development
the first 150 feet of depth from the
surface exposed eight feet of solid ore
—this is only a sample of three ore
bodies so far encountered.
Granby Consolidated.
The production of the Granby Consolidated during the calender year 1908
was 23,639,984 pounds, as compared
with but 15,514,000 pounds during
1907 and 21,126,926 pounds for the
fiscal year ended June 30th last.
Production by calender years for
the last four years compare as follows :
Year. Production in pounds,
1908' 23.639.9S4
1907 15,514,000 •
1906 19.779.OOO
I9°5 I7.843.390
The 1908 production was 8,125,000
pounds or 52% greater than in 1907
and is the largest output in any 12
months' period in the history of the
Granby officials estimate an increase
in copper output during 1909 of 25 to
30%. The enlargement of the furnaces will be finished by June and will
give a smelting capacity of from 4500
to 5000 tons per day, against 3200
tons at present.
Washout On Great Northern
-A bad washout occurred on Tuesday on the Great Northern, four miles
south of Oroville, necessitating the
transferring of passengers at that point
for some days this week. Some thirty
feet of track was washed out several
feet in depth. A gang have been at
work repairing the washout, and the
track is again in shape for traffic.
Eh.ilt Meadows Change Hands.
That piece of desirable property
consisting of 320 acres, adjoining
Eholt, and known as Eholt meadows,
changed hands this week. Messrs.
Floyd & Cox, dairymen, of Greenwood,
are the new owners. The consideration has not been made public, but it
is generally understood that the former
owners, M. D. Hall, and I. R. Jacobs,
received in the neighborhood qf eight
thousand dollars. The place has a
house, with stables, stock, etc., on it
C. P. R. Agent Richardson of Far-
-ron, a small station near Cascade,
died suddenly last week.      r ,
The Kettle Valley Lines station at
Grand Forks, which was considerably
damaged by fire last summer has been
, jj -v      ,    " ■
The British Columbia Telephone
company has plans completed for the
enction of a new office building at
Graii'l Forks.
William Wilmhurst, of 'Anaconda,
has been appointed a commissioner
for taking affidavits for Greenwood
electoral district.
Sydney Cuilan, alias Alex. Jackson,
was arrested at Eholt on Saturday/
He was taken to Fernie where he was
wanted on a charge of forgery.
The Porcupine bridge, situated four
miles east of Farrow, is to undergo
considerable repairs. This work will
take most past of a year to complete,
and will give employment to a large
number of men. ...;
F. J. Langworth of, Greenwood and
Frank E. Lathe of Grand Forks have
received certificates of efficiehy as a
result of the examination of the
assayers which, took place on.'.- Decern-
7th last at Victoria..      ,     ; ;.   ,
John Harrigan, a Grand Forks man,
was committed to the asylum..for the
insane, by a magistrate of that place
last week.!.', Harrigan suffered from the
delusion of constant dread of someone
endeavoring to kill him.   " ■'■; -
H. A.'Drury; Dominion inspector of
railways, has. made an inspection of the
North Fork branch of the Spokane and
British Columbia railway. It is probable a regular bi-weekly, service will
be established up the1 Kettle valley
early this springl
-." The following have been appointed
commissioners for taking -affidavits
under the elections' act -for Grand
Forks electoral district:-John Appleby
and W. A. Pickard, of Phoenix; T. J
Benninger and T.. L. Crossen, of
Grand Forks. : ' -
The annual carnival given by the
Knights of Pythias and Oddfellows
lodges at Grand Forks on Monday
evening -was "a great success, .$280
being-realized.";,Ther proceeds -have
been donated to the Tranquille sani
torium at Karriloops.
Wm. Alexander, U. S. immigration
officer who has been stationed at Grand
Forks for some months, has been
transferred to Detroit, Mich. His
place is being temporarilly filled by
Mr. Anderson, who has been in F. B.
McKeekan's office at Marcus.
Wm. H. Jones, while employed in
the substation at the Granby smelter
in Grand Forks, had the misfortune to
haye his face and hands badly burned
by electricity, due to a short circuit
which caused a flame to burst out
around him His injuries will lay him
up for some months.
The officers of the Kettle Valley
Farmer's Institute for 1909 were elect-
at the annual meeting in Grand Forks
last week as follows: President, A. D.
Morrison; Vice-president, Scott Galloway; Sec.-treas., Fred Clark; Directors,
Jas. Rooke, J. D. Honsberger, C. A.
Atwood,   Thos. Powers,   L. Vaughan.
Latest Prices in Memls
New Yokk—Copper, electrolytic, $13-
25 & $13 50, laite. $13 75 @ $14.'00.
Bar Silver, 52>£
Lead. $4 57J£ @ *4.62.
Spelter. *5 02 O $5 07 ;
GreenwoodJ, - Defeats    Grand
Forks, Last Tuesday.
Greenwood hockey- team sprung a
surprise in Boundary league circles last
Tuesday; evening when they took a
fall out of the Grand Forks aggregation, the score being 3 goals to 4.
, The game was played at Greenwood
and although the home team had not
previously won any matches this season
they led the visitors a merry chase on
the soft ice; and finally -drew the big
end of the score after ten minutes over
time play. , Russell ,won .the game for
Greenwood with one of his sensational
"lifjs," when^the(piickj,falls into the
nets without anyone seeing it, and also
had the credit of scoring two of the
other goals. Dill at point also put up
a splendid game for the winners. At
half time the score was 3-1 in-favor of
Greenwood. Grand Forks septette
had gone .to Greenwood,; with the^ expectation of securing another 'easy victory,, having .already, .defeated,.- Greenwood on three occasions this season,
and are still wondering bow it happened. ^ • ' : ■
As a result of Tuebday's game Phoenix team are >gain^ at the head of
Boundary league "and their chances
for the championship materially increased. Phoenix has three more
games to play—one with- Greenwood
and two with Grand Forks—and by
winning two of the matches will have
thev league. silverware cinched... The
standing of the teams'are as follows:
^,Ji:'. PLAYED     WON     LOST
Phoenix...;      5 41
Grand: Forks      6 4        2
Greenwood      6 1        5
T«a Mirks' Shows.
Tom Marks and his show troupe beld
the boards at the local theatre for three
nights this week, with a matinee on
Wednesday. No show has ever received larger or more appreciative
audiences here than those which
greeted this company—and no Phoenix
audiences have been better satisfied
with entertainments. Tom Marks heads
a company of fourteen, each of whom
are specially adapted for Marks' repertoire ; there jare nbj waits during the
programs—there's something happening all the time. Tom i Marks,(. in an
"Irish Emigrant" on Monday evening,
was .;the"."'source"- of mirth-provoking
situations which fairly caused the
building to shake with laughter. He
offered a prize for a big "murphy" and
at Wednesday's nialinee had a collection of spuds donated him that would
make Pat Murphy   green   with  envy.
Tom is entertaining Gieehwood
people for the rest of the week—rabo
a few Phoenicians who did not see
enough of the comedian while here.
.     Ptther-LelMr Cap CarllBf
The following is the result of curling
to date in the local Pither Leiser. cup
Skip                               Won     tost To Pl»y
Campbell.. ......   7         1 3
Sherbino    6         2 3
George    6         3 2
Brown    4         4 3
Strachan........   4         4 3
Capt. Smith.......  4         5 2
Strutzel.   3        4 4
McNicol    3         4 4
O. B. Smith   3        4 4
Gardner     3         5 3
Reeves    2         5 4
Marshall    1         5 5
The Boundary cigar is   made from
long, clear Havana fillers.
Reorganization of
Dominion Copper Co.
Committee     of    Leading     Bondholders
Formulate  a   Plan
A special despatch to the Pioneer
from the Boston News. Bureau on
Wednesday says :
The reorganization committee for
the Dominion Copper Co, has been
formed by the leading bondholders
composed of Charles Hayden, of Hay-
den, Stone & Co , chairman ; W. W.
Foster, John .A. Sleicher, Warren Curtis, ChanningStebbins, James Williamson and Henry H. Melville.
The Dominion Copper Co., now in
the hands of the court, has outstanding
$Soo,ooo of bonds, with $28,000 of
unpaid interest thereon, $100,000 of
floating debt and 500,000 shares of
stock par $10.
The committee has formulated the
following plan of reorganization: The
committee to purchase the property at
foreclosure sale and transfer it to the
New Dominion Copper Co., which
shall issue the following securities:
$500,000 of 6% 1 o-year income bonds
convertible into stock at par, $5 per
share; 250,000 shares of common
stock of a par value c f $5 per share.
Present bondholders will take new
stock for their bonds on the basis of
210 shares of new stock for each
$1,000 bond. This will absorb 168,-
000 shares of the new stock. Creditors will receive 20,000 shares of new
stock in the proportion  of   20  shares
for each $100. Present stockholders
upon turning in their present stock and
subscribing at par for the new bonds
on the basis of 100 of bonds for each
$100 of present shares will receive in
addition to tne bonds subscribed for
10 shares of new stock for each 100
shares of present stock, this calling for
50,000 shares. Underwriters will receive 12,000 shares of the new stock
which will account for the entire 250,-
Bond and stockholders are requested to deposit their securities with the
Hungarian-American Bank, 32 Broadway, New York, by February 25th.
The new bonds are to be paid for in
four installments begining February
25th, and ending May 15th, 25%
monthly. The cash requirements of
the plan have been underwritten.
The plan will be sent to all securities
holders. It is announced by the
committee that having regard to the
large amount of additional capitr.l to
be raised to develop the properties
and construct a property smelter and
to the low grade ore and narrow margin of profit under the most advantageous conditions of management, it
may be considered advisable tosell the
property rather than continue it, in
which case the committee has authority
so to do for not less than $&oo,ooo.
m w
' s ,1 JwSferrE f
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•jirf-rr £.*':
!J    " IB
1   :
('if: *l]v ic?tti?w   promort'ir ;ix*
Sanest:GfcrtwSd. U*u, -"« *»c )-"x'-        .     ' <- „<„ .„,„,
' .uiij&nu. oil. t. r .uri     -  .»"«■ j
$ti pffl& f*i*& tesw&> ludfepenaafcle for
"for* &*%&& fo tii«*.
ir-nlr: cstivi-in>«-niat> s<ndttn««
Wiiua    C   er<ic:<-.t   .h»*»
'rfl*«ueri««n«i 3.n»r MidHntj pJanUj »'«>'«*■
«t Gerfe!*   mis*'*' c-'HH***' *** PTO'. yfi'
da- &<• -rtsl   w rJ'l" '«   &'"'■   ^
•jtar <wr,tiisr   .1" firti?un<j   '«n«|
prj'-ji-m      E'U   tii««a*
snit   i»»Miiti«t'enf
:iasu    3K»w *'*
.^niV<Jftum »s ...li.uaim.-' «p«afflenOtovn«sn mim«d«.«3l     Tn   0
Ew' irct Be in£jsb^':6» ac^F aimisiliisig else ct F^^;
cfaO^fEIIL.     „:  : :.,''' ■-   '".
BOVKHL .»:.eMca£y mBat 50a a^£ to  ^CTKi2e
■■tGU*.B&taBK *tf« or e» caw ^r\tir i*aw: ycui'
T;'»ni»f(flj     Kit'ons!; jiji-m
o«- r'"',;!
», ■■'■PHA-'-'jfrx-
;,-£»'" /?r"w£-- -;/ &$/&'<&&£ Seazv ,-.',.-^.;„„'
I&r!*  (fotufoy  mwrtrnq;   S*r,  ftnb   -"^"«<*™*S » ^,«_Lw*
rtr.i««r„- sv tite- 3alr S-ifi* aflBae* *w ,Tr" w***on"*i* ni*  e-i»«M,r ' ^
Ww*"        iiScdrsiprfwCtlie- p»anr Uarftamerf-MicP*i
;&mu«i Sfo»h«w»n-lu* .-inaruJia^ iiadier,
■ill' J"
m 11"."
■TV?-* '*i:f,r^iI^°r:itrr^'i:i5  JAMES MARSHALU Prop. P^ix. B.C.
'rJteCrlsshtf^irtiirft'flrtKiftni^tSuKiawile'*1 ,
\mgm»ffeaA  **& &<*»&*> P*m*m** SS*toe&i.    tor, %vm'cuw^ Ss* Smr-1 W"i-ft'    «,        1-n c thn*s iwsn^dl!
'^^«fMa6^««Mf^^wMC I
fMSAivevio* &m»mim
"wwi'i^* {t«kfij«»r* <sf sJ3feer;!«ttdJtSv*rfe?- ^^ sjfem^S' durVsune or rH* 5^ttfi- jfrsv-
!«Frfts&r a»&««<* wiknisae-^aitjatifctfoB^ \atoh <*&&& 'ne tew **rvih«5 etoief?' Sw
\e$* *&» 'bamtowg, 2*6>xm& &>& && $&g& rmuifti elf ftw eTmex- « ts«j&-
,ar«i^<Jpp«*«D«rii(W«*«6^ tSsemi&j    -Tatf«ea«tf«B«rAo5j»lii»wr 6rtww;    jg^^arfrf^«cafwaJ 6» r£e «4
j^mii: stuelbss-/' 33»*£ Sfe.  %a^jaxsseiik
-.■™ ?fw Mr*
#m**«v***i* ******** ItimOmS* fa■■* #««sfoi^i<l £USS ^Ssa^^atui: ow« iii! ««_ ri5ia^ was?',
,*^- wiHWSi^.v^^^*-^^^^**^^.^^*^--^ ^l^- e&as ISir^^ jftes^isr s«a&wJ ftv1i*K2> ft\^ciiamece& metSat &«• ©iaii pe&-
j' <
—   '    tint kvc> ixfkuhv gtoyio-«*rs<M»v »>■ ««>^i
^Atswfesw <*«'&*'* Imbv* rfi^ cr>rH^v ** fei fi^wS ft» «S« s*ss^bw5r)a> « fe{ffl*ear
| *«-----——— Ifa&itGfUisd DMcmef c* tjaa&a%Mstiet
I Wh^UtM&totoxriti*' \&j$Q&l&1hemQd& fad teen t»tsse
2*8^ feftfifes; fcife»»fe^ itiSiVifsaiS &» * U^is*«r*f?cffe5ie«;wa« «k> fart&sr rgoes
" «**«*;«*3*» for i^vtfrttferBestt «s &»
, "Mbtfafa C(fois#3fa* *ay*&$% try i($ Lg axe&g&eg?.
**«*    . KKf*.
S««/%mC' f ##*/ WW, "fw
*  -   *     ^     4
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f    '#     ^    fff ' if
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, ' K
14 -^   ^   /;   /*
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-It 1**1    ''*S   i9$   <*4     *$
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-'';} &;& >, ^/
■'flierOWy KrscCJiww.'awiJ E%»T«'-:'
Efertf  gfbntf!   rru  Plin«n£-e-   iSfew
fmmv e«li«r- a* rtiiJI..    Biist' Siiiu/e;
ijSortin*i'i» thit- 3iiun«5irw^ (D'opomte
tf5-^, BJ»rg.it. S'SstlUrn: Siufiroams;
•■'■' jKfesiJ. WSfMtf ;.4hiifiCjac.''r5ja«Ki!TCf.
5f Bank Block, Pfaoencx, B C
JEii/.V:. -•      ; •-•     ''     L'
;■■':■ ':.JMK&'.'''.'iBATHKO<3'M.
Paro«»fj„ sj. c.
tmnmoi Cripper «mip«n»  *C Plirw^us).
rtfotr 5 eS'i atftt wane ««&« 6v ^wJ'1 to^f.
cSant cajcatfew caaxTMWiCii&r, sates
m»**A# 0**mu>*f* 0***0-
nmm&tnmmm w,
**mmM,** fv* wmc*o» **»***»*„ ™* *°~~~ | -me a &«> ^^ <»za* ***** ***** ^v^&a *<& of cattwiHg anrf asaeas E
tSfoMi fu» «t«rfteir w«ofiS h**cSfer- fea44
» p:   '■ . : IOWEB.:} .TOW5.
Ok I FOR   A3?   EAST 'SHE&.TE
3:-*-'THS    IK
PHOE5I5'   f,O.0GE
^ Greenwood   Liquor  Co> l)s,x til l f^ wi. n.
■tf»» &9 #sfe««? iresik&i, tegfwfi&g wft&| g^fe^. smeftw f* * gs*s<J stK&sea^, a»d
i^ «**&*** ^IS«£«r <&««*!»«» «s4 eooAufatfai #r«fest se*?> ferwswrJ as ^i#
I    "¥/&*& €tfo4$&f vie tdtssX. %>i#( m\ zwiertt •#&$& fes* ever •mt&&&td>   I
fitted, fa *  64*!tiy#iti&tify UGW ^^xt»-xiffiieig, WW tt* Ufa} fazftoprxm*
!«ste«r of it# tf&t&fzi &%*/&$, twef\*rtf$tts%to>v6t!eUfos (tin so tsrscertaws
tsoas asv2 «jnsfre6«awwns fSacJay erer
sca&rEai&as &? t&« CsKsa^Jiaa; Gs*p&&-
B*eaft at «sjt fitpoats&Ms, Ir* €&e eaS»-
fcfe partfeafasr atfieaeaia » gjweta to t%x?
#3g*zaiC&c3$- festxsccsb ed S&e cctes^sy,
!a«S(5 fcrjds Bsrasafe 0>&aElr*a. a3ad Eassf-
f» a<&£«Ka« to titer extesbfc. c£ t&s
GaraseimK CkwigzstaeHt t&e €itosE<ims
.Facs&s fJawfwsy w*8S 6at«r a SsuBfefasg
aa«$ eriuSxt at the: ezgo&ikxi,
A* B?fee& Cote»fee» s$ ^rrectfy »«?-
££eest to t&e" erxgos&iea tfe« eudwfcetj
frota *fo» Jtecsiws of C*tt&$& -*i$l fvf-'.
tmhtheftsxf^r. y&ri&m c£ One. ei&3$M
The oshzeoA iesksarcts of 'KrfSwfo C&5-
«fwfe» wiS fc« fe%" expSe&&r! and
theee *$l be e&itm (A tvtxy 1aunm
ssmeext kutsad m thh section.
&tsz&f» basfcBag, at the expct&twn
mtt fee feadjr to ztzctxa e&nt&s bf
3i*y «*t-
]tmfaglMdihe fata <&(U &£$■ fea#
9.Item >*te/*n in to fmxiy hmtxicm
mtip£,   Tlte pfwtoee fa po*fag **&
mum OUTF0T OF     „    -
,      rw^* *?.^ rifirt Artrt I   "^ *M fer«%» feftrf*/ Bfrt«*» C^-
(%w <^ U>« flfMt imtmuaa *ti\vMU!ti %m& itm> any of tte r«*t o#
jnterefitty 4*twta**M **&*** <"&\t%tm, Vteufoienitoo *cti m the
4me6Uomuto* t^ttmnum 6rt^<«jprips*ffetM tbe.etmt* of iba V&
^rtbtel^tyfailWMtdliteto.tfe.Urgrfr Afnerkm minets,
4A im% id»$p% ut wayi m'mitig enmr-
jpfim m th& wMwtry up utitof end of
' *ih« ymt it)eit 'totttrteri.ft?' romantic
'hue§ by itw thriiUttft more of mm
of ttnf tsvmu 'm Quw4'i't> »*/«% In**
iory, 'Vhs Mutinied putt of ttm r&
^UOft.phom, fa ititutgytefpt*, ^mtmtd
production for *\\ C*«Nid* v*l««J*t
g*jtoP%*$1 ^ Myf*wefM$™&>Or»0O
* "fwffl$ y$M&*$, vf»" iM pMM' A
rfw report 6«voUs4 to ifie Yukm, U is
+.rm*ktV *Ht&Uit4 tktol inedwtitm * of
yold if) (rial \4stf\Uny.4tom Hfa/toUt
iwi Wi£uxttj$ifocQ,■TteUntitistm
, tptoMttAtiiks o( Hm tfo*J ibeufhfi «ras6
- «it( Mbtitte muI %tt§UttkibimH< tint nrp
'•'*»r^ upotif md It I* rxrfhitfed our ih«t
"ili# ^fefi«iV# HtfitHfNt ot tttttmd cow
iditi&im,under tyyund tno^&ted try
,Jhm, WfMtir*l\my,.mtftpfm\4f# wm
ifmoh'to >* gfwf Imetoa fa th6
* pwdumiM'bt vUstim coal
Twenty year* nyo the t<Ml vMjwe of
- 4)|tf tti»i«ml pmtiluelitm' o< f^rifSdrt m»
'itttOl''tmnti  (lr«M   $I&,O&0,O60   H   ymt. ' willlt'
CotuMiA»f fipfcft (torn wnifigf *fe tito
vety Mtmkf to tlu? ttddUx our own
Pucifk ami r»#<? Uj goWe"°pttrifeotefty
<#hm it ajtma to the exdmiott of foreign i*t>of"~tbe oriental iypti of Mx#,
admhuidtQ ins dmor*Mn% to my
tts&Wft, «mJ imfHrtsitfte Uf ntinw%
"'tin £0PiWt the province h \mum\t\%
Mote md more itnprjtixot, with picttly
of ettpiud ft*«itiii# the owwiunhy to
find Mtivhy in the mmc* and in the
teduetion w)tk*-**wtd the wotUi m»r
Yet looking toward conditions in (he
red mct*\ a* outlined Ury^v in Norih
"TU& ptovUtee h niso becoming »
(mux in yellow "'fital putduction, md
while* mme of the hrittnb inmrn^on*
tnr wileim it in output, (he surrj con*
tiiinned by the chm^ of HritisU CoU
umbib fa o( «ons«|OflMce*
"U h noted that nothing in common
Hppeitn heimm the district of Cobalt
And «ho eamftt of the erml province,
very »i(/cli  in common emt»
.   oetwccfj   our   W<;»t«rri   district* and
«O0,/Midf« IficrmlNft /apidly.  .Tlw {\um  ixmm  x\w  Under,   north.of
,#fWth ffl,.ftf(MlMetion h atwdy «nd  w„»|,(„#»»,   Our iirfweM, ttmrafttro,
>is»ffM^w»wi»ww^ta<i>^nwl.l»i....w..M.iu.,>»w^^ ,„ |j)t( fJ(,r(|,«fii fiirinpu is always fu,%h,
aitd w« holicvd l'fl» pfo^r<:«(ti of mining
in Uiirifeii   Columhin   will matertally
'awiftt ofarratiufif* i'r» our oven nortlitrr)
Vou owe it to your own community
to hiiyv"'*' goods from youi home
iiicrchnrit and *tarid hy J'huonJx l>M«i
fioflrt infill, Vou can n\w&yn find the
aniiotuicements of ruprcwntutivo husi
Of*a Men in thefto cohimne ^mtJii who
hill feland bwt'M of every etatcincnt and
ptkfa tliriy malsH,
"tirmk for * st<}«?(Wi* •*&«. rfii* sco
c««* ttx&m, 'tfofc>&$soat itm> ctmntfy
iw<& the vortd wet art hawked* <4
copper imrte* m far dtststst frost the
mkcr^d» that &r« iat&a% ii oat (A trie
qm^orh '¥b& t%eefcm of * %itx&ltf
to erpft fro&$ $f&s/s<5i0 tr.* '$300,000, *
^hnt^eo*r/ptkxted md (eqoMon eis
petmve f/i&'/Aittrgtgts to rtm % ws».&at
ofthe(ptem>a. With tfce Frnkprcr
cess,» i$e-ton ffaM can be erected at
£ ecu (A $te,6Go, Better copper cap
\>e pft/doced by the handting cf the
ttiateffaU jmt once, mod at it ttemend
o*t<Ay ftwatl crtt in comparison. lAmrtt*
power will be required in th« Yittk
plant in the proportion of ^5 to 250 in
the old #tyle uf tmetter, and a mere
tithe of the namtter of men empUtyed
will be ntptmd. In my opinion it will
treble the production of copper of the
wurid. It in t\te first ttitmncc ever in-
vented which will make both copper
matte md Oliver copper. It is a trifle
early, jutt now to «ay much about the
futurv, Im« wc are &nng to or^nite a
big company which will have a capital'
ization of between $50,000,000 and
$100,000,000, nnd we will bring the
J'ink urneltcf to each and every mine
owner the world oyer."
When Mr. Fink was oeen by the
Tribune .Sunday morntng, he said;
"The production of blister copper
merely bcar# out my deeply rooted
conviction that 1 have the ri^bt pro-
Or .Any Ottier Favorite
Food Without fear of
an Upset Stomach
.Y©» ca*» eat a«ythfog your stomach
erases,m&oet fear of a cas« of Indi-
patiryn or ftytpep&i, or that jont tor d
wilt notst vr ferment on your stomach
if foawift occasionaJly take a iiule
Xmpepsm after eating.
Your meals will taste go*d, and
*frfthing yoxt eat will be digested;
nothing can ferment ot torn into acid
or poi&on or ttomach gas, which causes
Uelchtng, iJimnesa, a feeling of full-
neas, after eating, Nausea. Indigestion
pike a lump of lead in stomach), Bil-
toumess, Heartburn, water brash, pain
in stomach and intestine* or other
Headache* from the stomach are
absolutely unknown where this effec
tive remedy is used. Diapepsfn really
doe* all the work, of a healthy stomach,
It digests your meals when your storn
ach can't. Each triangule will diges'
all the foid you can eat and leave
nothing to ferment or sour.
Get a large 50-cent case of Paper's
Uiapepsin from your druggist and
start taking today and by tomorrow
you will actually brag about your
healthy, strong: Stomach, for then you
can eat anything and everything you
want without the .slightest discomfort
or tnitery, and every particle of impurity and Qa* that is in your stomach
and intestines is going to be carried
away without the use of laxatives or
any other assistance.
What Ails You}
tht you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent head*
A<sfi»*, coatad1 tongue, bitter or bad facte in moraine;,
"hwt-huta," beteiiini oi tin, eeid rhiafp in throat after
caiUit, •tospeeh jnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells,
poor ur variable appetite, nausea et times and kindred
symptoms P
If you have *n? eonetderebl* number ot (fee
•tmv tymppom* you *** suffering Iron bilkmc
n««»« torpffl Ure? with indication, ot dyttpmptla.
Or. Pieroe'e Golden Medieaf fQlaoorarr ie made
up ol tba most valuable ntedlelnol prinoiplee
known to madieal Mtienoe lor the permanent
cure ol suofi dbaormol ooodklose. ; It ie a most
efHuittnt liver {nvftforator* atomeob trralo, bowel
rejluletor and nerve etrentft&ener.
The "Golden Medical Dlsaovory" is not • patent medicine or aeoret noitrufii.
a full lint of Ste ingredients helnrf printed on if* bottle-wrapper and atlciCed
under onKli. A (fjanoo at these will show that It contain* no ulcohol, or harmful habit •forming drue>. It fo a ^uld extract made with pare, triple-refined
tjlyoerlne, ot proper atrendth, front tSie root* of native American medical,
forest nj«ttt«.   World'* 8>koa»«ary Medical Association, Prop*., Jtafiaku H. Y»
"''"       -i 1        ""i      ■*' '"' ■'■• -t^-*—«.—~~—~...., IM.  ,     r .      11 i~b
f; ■■
.'••'Efee C&owasaa- fegornxi.'aKasjl.'6>o«B«b^c.:;'.:..':
5, Liquors and Ggars
ri'^:^'ii^< c^,raai*e:5feir
1;; r:
1;" ■:*■■
■'.:::•'•;-:•: ''SESES^OOB^, !£■&.'
Seanrfactrnca; EaJZ. Old Xmn*:iiir» ,i7f 5 --r
Tam»3r &«£&»«» eBtrfaffy weScams.
.'■'; J_ O..JO-H3Kro«„ JIa.. Sevj
fffSBOaSESF. ^■■iSt^X §F ft^LS
Hocsesi'. .FuB':-IJcwBrjr'';. - Eqospmeai,'
fiaje.taken:-:Over.;ifaeV LasBber: Yard .
t^a^'a^wflil/caarrjr^a-:! ifbH.:'stpdLi;;.,;f.;.-.
Kin^EdVard Lodge, No.3 c
. ■■■ A- F.ausl A.M.
gBae-gasit uutxxiMVt ascaOef dtucss
.•.■B*S*SScHaSeSBoefc-   '
8*. M.SBOnrBEJ'CO.":
».■ r-;?'.. ■ '•■; .S ■'%'■ •^--■•'-r".--'-'    •" ?   '--?K:-.:-;: ■■.>i-*..,.V--i.■;■ 5
■■-:'■-•'-""•.." jtwBS*. ■JUaea«iB«-.la> ''o«tfer» '.'.
. at aay ■ fccm- .of <fi»T «» ■*■**-: ■:\.
Pboejiix, B. C      \
tei<(ef «*tel ef laasS'err'a U«eia|
■iti«f Csn»
CentntHsr toe«*l,
0004 Barapl* Booau.
Comer Kaob H1U. Are., and Writ Sl^.
■'    pHOKMir; JB..civ' ;'..- '■* .'
";' J, •' BjeMaSfER
■ ; «l|-  .. PropTietor.-
L O. O. F.
afeeta jpwgy.-.TBofiirfajt gggaiag;' »£;3*Jffle»" ila"
traaaram fe7ttte«i.'ootiE»ECT infaef.'
■''.■''Vv.".»H'r-:."V .V^.K-:B%sca*r,':.S«CBnS.' See*.
|A.VING just added a large number,of fonts of
the Latest Type and appointments, the Pioneer
is now better than ever equipped to turn out
uUp-to-the-Minute" Printing. Our, increased facilities for fine commercial printing, catalogue and book
work enables us tq produce a quality of. printing-'npt:
excelled by city print g^ops. ; ;, : : :
The PioneeT- has: the only electrically operated
Presses in the Bouudary, iand is prepared to execute
all orders with neatness and despatch. No job too
big,,none too small.        I(.        »        .        .    .   .        .j
PHOEXIX   AERIE  >'0- 15*
«£jray« «ntS- cure
J   UTU*. W. P.
:W. See
K.ofP.LOD(,E,i\o. 28 y
—PHOEXIX, B.C    ^
I "«'
- ■ '\
Sojoaraing Brotfarts Ctrdta 1}    I -.»,
- • • {J
Sleets every Tcxspav
EraxixG at 7 30   :
c of a. s.
Adniinistrator'3   Notice.
InlieConnty Conrt of Yilt Holdin it Gr«i I
'Forks. .■:
-... —EC PJIOBATE—'.
• KOTICE IS KEHEBy GIVEN.that on the ji*i
f!ar of/January-, 1909, it; was ordered by U«
Hon. Jiadge Broira. that A C Sattoa. OSriil
Administrator be a4minUlrator of the ettmlet!
ChaiUs Johnson. late ofPhoeiitx, B.O., decem--'
intestate.. .   '       .  .
Erery person indebted to the said deceased's *
qiired to make payment forthwith to the audci-
»igt>ed,pnl every person having iin poajessio'
eflect* belonging to deceased is repaired to no'.if;
the andersigned.':
Every creditor or other person having •« f;?K^
daitn upon or intemt in the distributton of u«l I.'v*^-
estae ia required, before the 37th dny of J«»- f; «j*
u »ry, 1908, to send by registered letter address^ 1 »^|?
to the undersigned, bis name and address "n1! T^-'*
full particnlars of his claim or interest. »"J» !;,";%
sUteraeut of his account and the nature f the \/<&
security (ifany) held by hint, all veiifirJ bv i^l
stalutory de-laratiou. Alter the aaid »7lh Jay cf jlff^
February, 1909, tl.e adtninistratot wiIt'proce'«l f'J-St
with the destribnti. 11 of the estate, having rcs«'d (.r..'^
to those claims only or which he shall the" have f (..^
had notice. fc"V£|!
Dated at Grand Folks. B.C., fi\':j§
, 22nd January, 190c. * ('"'A
-•.-"■■    A. C. strrroN. j^sjj
Official Admiui»tr»l0r
Grand Forks. B.C.
iAcfa^stratrbr's   Notice.
In the- County Court of Yale Holden at Oran*
■'-'Forka: ;.'■'■        '■ ':;   : t"TM
—IN PKOBATB—    , £jSj!
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that on the"" j^jjjj
day of Johuary, 1909, It was ordered by H'» , r j?
^IOnprJoageBrown, that A.C   8utton, Oftiei*' | ,Jf
Admliitatrator be admLilralor of the estate if |    rf,
John Anderron late ol Phoenix, B.C.,   deccascii -^s
intera'ate.                      ~                                   ' K^
Every person indebted to said doeonseil !• «f.^
required to make payment forthwith  to we l**;^
midorsicrne'l,   and   every  person   having »n "y
IiOdscsslon effects balonging to deceased Is rC j     "■
ciulred to notify the undersigned. f   '/>
Every creditor or other person havInK BD* t;')
claim upon or Interest in th<> destributlo:! 01 {;. _^
the estate of the deceased is required before in«   ^ '• j
27th day of.veb'y, 1909, to send by rei,'i»tereo ^
lei ter, addressed to the undersigned, h'" ""'"     '     \
nnd addreis and full particulars of his elnim 0
interest, and a Btatemeut of hia account, '«"
the naturo of the security (if any) held by ni»
all verlflpdby statutory declaration.
After the said a-th day of Fob'y, 1909, 'h° *'
mimstrator will proceed with the destributw
of tho q.»tate having rogard to those claims onl)
of which he s)iall then fiaye l}ad notlcp.
Datod atQrand Forks, B.C.,
23nd January, 19o8'.
_r Admipistf'K"'1
Orand Forjfe, B.C-
f ^i BB9B
.   I*
|r. .-a
^ -if L,
i      TJfc-il'*
•wrcsr k oi<t xi tf srorrvr s*hj
A vast amount of liutnnn misery
is endured by thousands of men
and women, who arenever really
well. HcUiiBcljCj-siickiieSSj iicf-
votis ('vprc-s-iion, dislilce of food,
sinking sensations, with distressing dizziness and weakness',
make life a daily misery to such
sufferers. And the-envtse is'in-
digestion — a stomach that
starves the body, because it cannot digestsuffkient food to keep
it well, and leaves the mind
weak, irritable, depressed. To
such unhappy ones Mother
'Seijjel's Syrup brings a message
of hope, brings the ready help
to health, 'brings, tlie quiet,
strong sense c-f confidence whii'h
only health can give — health
re-made and regained, through
sound digestion. Take it daily
after meals.
Price (I0c. a botllel Sold everywhere.
A. J. White * Co. I<td., Montreal.
'■ »
y 51
< 1 4,u*
Abandonmant of Queen Victoria
The feature of greatest interest'" in
tii; mining situation just now is the
ibandonment of the Queen Victoria a
fc v> days ago by a syndicate represented
lit F. A. Erlund, and the reversion of
1I1 i property to the owner, J. P. Swed-
1'iirg. The throwing up of the Queen
\ ictoria has caused a lot of comment
.111 ong mining men, and considerable
di-appoiritment is expressed at the
turn of events, ■:-}. The reason   assigned
I r the abandonment vis that, whil*-
th re is a great deal of ore in the mint*,
II is not, in the opinion of ihe synd:-
1 I'e's experts, a big enough proposition
lor the people behind Mr. Erlund. A
l«it of money, at least $60,000, -has
I) •n spent On the property. It is
understood, however, that a few weeks
»i' see the Queen Victoria working
aKiin. ■-,.
Buster's Philosophy.—LVIII.
Ilesolved, these poems and songs of
tititle are good things,,they remind us
el 'hose awful times when men fought
ami killed each other for some trifle,
.mil it makes us happy to think such
.iwl'ul thing* are past. Many thousands
uf innocent and harmless people have
In n murdered in war. Gee! it's as
lnii'as the law business. Never go to
law, boys. It is a dangerous game unless you know you are in the wrong:
for then you are apt to win. But if
you are right don't go to law for then
they'll prove you are a thief and soak
you lor the expenses, and you'll know
that if "a man lakes your cloak give
him your coat also." Easiest way lout,
and tl}e kindest and quickest.
Household Furniture for Sale ,
For sale, the following household
furniture: Sideboard, extension table,
writing desk, bedroom sets, rugs, carpets, couch, parlor -tables, rockers,
chairs, heaters, range, cooking utensils,
dishes, wash tubs, ringer, spray for
chicken coop, etc. Apply to Mrs. J.
H. Wray, Ironsides"avenue.
From St. John, N.B.       From Liverpool
Feb.   6 Lake Champhiin Ian  20
Feb. 12 Empress of Ireland Tan.-SO
Feb. 2G.....Eiiipre«B »f Britain. ...Feb...1.2
Mar.   6...... Lake Erie. Feb. 17
Mar. 12,."...Vinpress of Ireland Feb. 2tl
Mar. 20 Lake Manitoba Mar.   3
Mar. L'G Emprtus of Britain ...Mar, 12
April  8 Lake Champlain Mar.-17
April 0... Empress of Ireland....Mar. 26
April 23... Empress of Britain....Mar. 31
For further information regarding
rates, dates of sailing, etc . apply
W. H. DEACON, C.P.A., Nelson, B.C.
G.McL BROVVN,G.P.A.,MontreaI,P.Q.
Founded 1892—Incorporated 1893.
Provides a Christian home tor stud
etita of both Hexes at moderate rales
Has a preparatory class for junior students, doing grade public school work
Does high school work, confers all high
school privileges, and prepares for teachers' examinations. Teaches all branchee
of a Practical Business Course and giver
Diplomas. Gives a liberal education in
its Collegiato Course and in the Ladies'
Course for M.E.L. and M.L.A. In University work, can take students through
the complete Arts Course, and the degree of B.A. can be obtained from Tor-
auto University, which £he cqllege is in
lut affiliation.
For fuller information and terme write
Rev. W. J. Sipperell, B.A..B.D ,Prinni-
fraljoir Rev. J. P. Bowall, Sonar.
New Westminster is to have a mail
delivery system.
The Molson's bank will erect new
quarters at Revelstoke,
The Imperial government will hand
Esquimalt over to the Dominion.
\yilliam Coates, motor driver, was
killed in a N'anaimo mine last week.
Add berg & Zislman's jewelry store
at Hosmcr was burglarized recently.
The Hotel Allan   company,'''limited,
Kiivs'imd has   >een granted   incorpora
t on. ■■'■•..
Fraser brothers have disposed of the
Salmon Arm Observer to G. W. Armstrong of Vernon.
.'I he C. P. R. will buiid barges on
Kootenay and Okanagan lakes for
Iruit transportation.
Joseph Nicholson is dead at Victoria. He came from Ireland via the
Panama isthmus about half a century
ago.    _ ,,:
Revelstoke is getting ambitious.
I'hey will ask the Dominion government to grant the Dominion fair for
that city in 1911.
Fire at Penticton last week destroyed
the Lee block, including Lake's grocery
store and photographic studio, also the
residence of Malcolm Campbell.     \
Work on a large scale will soon be
done on Powell river, the sight of a
nig paper and pulp mill, to be erected
by the Canadian Industrial Co.
Penticton had its first municipal
election last week. The following are
the new, councillors: A. H. Wade
(reeve), H. Murk, John Power, L C.
Barnes and S. W. Hatch.
Three thousand acres of timber
land in the ,E. & N. land grant has
been purchased by Messrs: Cone and
Blaine of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for
$100,000, from the E. & N. .'■■■■
Within the next month the first
standard gauge locomotive, passenger,
coaches and freight cars to be used on
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway ;in
British Columbia will be shipped
north from New Westminster.
Harry Hooper, one of the best
known chaffeurs in Vancouver, is one
of the happiest men in existence, as he
was notified the other day that he had
become the heir to an estate in Kingston, Ont., valued atbetween $75,000
and $100,000.
The eleventh annual meeting of the
associated boards of trade of' eastern
Biitish Columbia concluded at Trail,
Jan. 29th. The former executive was
elected as follows: President, G. O
Buchanan, Kaslo; vice-president, F. A.
Starkey, Nelson; secretary, A. B. Mac[
kenzie, Rossland.
The latest addition to the press of
the Kootenays is the Gateway International. Gateway is practically a
customs station on the Crow's Nest
Southern Railway, which runs from
Elko to Spokane. It is edited by Miss
Joule, formerly of Victoria, and managed by L. McLeod.Gould. The first
issue consists of nine typewritten pages
and contains a Christmas poem, a Kipling acrostic a Christmas story, ruminations, editorial, a social and personal coiumn, and an interesting account
of a wedding.
Trill Smelter New*
The shipments from the mines of
Rossland for the past week were small
owing to the recent closedown of the
Consolidated Co.'s smelter at Tiail and
a shortage of fuel. The Centre Star,
for, instance, did , not ship a single
pound of ore to Trail during the past
week, because,the bins there were full.
During the recent cold snap owing to
the power being shut off suddenly the
copper furnaces had to be drawn, and
a pot of the matte so drawn exploded
and set fire to the matte building, destroying it. This caused the closing
down of the ihree copper furnaces for
a period of about two weeks. During
this time the ore bins were filled by Incoming shipments to the limit of their
capacity. The three copper furnaces
are a^ain in operation, and the surplus
on hand will Won be got rid of.-—
Trail News.
Canadian Mining Institute.
The annual general meeting of the
Canadian Mining Institute will be held
thjs year at the Windsor hotel, Mont-
real, on Wtdnesdayt Thursday and
Friday,.March 3rd, 4th and 5th next.
The secretary anticipates that the
attendance will he exceptionally large,
while a most interesting program of
papers has been promised. It is expected, that among those who will
attend the meeting will be a number
of distinguished mining engineers and
geologists from the United States.
Sblpaeala aaa Saelfer Receipt* Per Year to
Ore shipments from the various
mines of Boundary and Kootenay, and
the receipts of ore at the smelters of
Southeastern British Columbia for last
week and for 1909 to ,date are as
If you are needing anything in the_
line of furniture, cither in the medium
or better lines, call and see us before
buying elsewhere—At N. liinns' old
stand—C. F. Edwards.
In the matter of the Land Registry
Act and in the Matter of the Title to Lot
B, Block 1. Old Ironsides subdivision,
Town of Phoenix.
Whereas the Certificate of Title of
William J. Porter being certificate of
Title No. 10658a to the above heredita
inentH has been destroyed and apn'icn-
tion has been made to me for a duplicate
thereof: 1
Notice is hereby given that a duplicate certificate of Title to the above
lieiediiaments will be'issued at the ex
pirat-ion of one month from the first
publicatiod hereof unless in the meantime valid objection to the contrary is
made to me in writing.
District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Kamloopp, B. C, Dec. 28th, 1908.
I Church Services Tomorrow
O •«v^'%^^B^1»/%^^%^^aV%<a^a^C
Methodist—Service every Sunday
evening at 7.30; Sunday School at 2.30
p.m.; choir practice Friday evening
7.30J Geo E. Strachan.
St. Andrews'  Presbyterian Church
Preaching      Service      tomorrow    at
7:30  p. m. Sunday school and Bible
class at 2:3c p.m.    A cordial welcome
to all.    Rev.   Samuel   Lundie, Pastor
Catholic—Church of Our Lady 01
the Good Counsel.—Divine Service
every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each
month. Holy Mass, 10 a.m. Sunday
School, 2:30 p.m. Vespers and Bene
diction 7:30 p.m. Father J
Redaid, G.M.I. Pastor.
SHIPMENTS.             WEEK.
Boundary ......... .34,985
Rossland   .. . ... ..    2,985
East Columbia River   3,752
Total..'...... 40,976
Granby....... .... .32,100
B.C. Copper Co...   ,8,106
Trail.-'.;.:.'.:....'"..   5,409
Northport (LeRoi)..  10,4 2
Total  ...    36,064
The Slocan district produced lasi
year 953,000 ounces of silver.:
A recent assay of ore from the Independence claim, Mother Lode group,
near Nelson, ran $295 to the ton.
The McGillivray Creek Coal and
Coke company will install a $2op,ooc
plant on its property, which lies direc
north of Coleman, Alberta.
For the purpose of taking over the;
Kootenay Chief and Comfort, mining
claims, near Kootenay Lake,i f. A.
Whittier and Louis Pratt have organized the Kootenay Chief Mines, Ltd:,
with a capital stock of $500,000 shares
at $5 par value. The head office -of
the company is at Kaslo.'
Follojving is.the report of the josie
mine, of the Le JRoi Two Co., Ross
land, for December which was cabled
to the London office by the mine man-
ager, Paul S. Cpunlrey: Shipped 2,140
tons. The receipts from the smelter
are $24,759 065'IO5). being payment
for 1,995 tons shipped, and $744
(£lS3) being payment for 73 tons
concentrates shipped.    In all $25,503
It is reported that William M, Williams, a pioneer prospector, has discovered   valuable   veins  of platinin»'
bearing ort-, associated with gold In-.-
ing   rock,   about   60   miles   south
Hope.   The discovery was made in th
PB~%u±jm: is BFFicimm
Home-Made, Though Effective Medicine for
Kidney Trouble'
Here is a simple home-made mixture as given by an eminent authority
on Kidney diseases, who makes the
statement that it will.. relieve almost
any case of kidney trouble if taken
before the stage of Bright's disease.
He stitts that such symptoms as lame
back, pain in the side, frequent desire
to urinate, especially at night; painful
and discolored urination, are readily
overcome. Here is the recipe. Try
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce j Compound Ka'rgon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sasparilla, three
ounces. Take a teaspoonful after each
meal and at bedtime.
These ingredients are all harmless
and easily mixed at home by shaking
well in a bottle. This mixture has a
peculiar healing and soothing effect
upon the entire Kidney and Urinary
structure, and often overcomes the
worst forms of Rheumatism in just a
little while. This mixture is said to
remove all blood disorders and cure
Rheumatism by forcing the Kidneys to
filter and «train from the blood and
system all uric acid and foul, decomposed waste matter, which cause these
afflictions. Try it if you aren't well.
Save the prescription.
CATARRH of the respiratory organs
is a common ailment in Canada for
at least two-thirds of the year.
This condition la no doubt caused by
the long,'severe winters experienced in
tola part of the continent.
  !. Therefore, when'Pernna was diacov-
Teagus group, in "which Williams is a   ered by Canadian people to be a reliable
partner,   and   which   was  located: bv remedy tot these catarrhal diseases, it
at once became a popular medicine, not
only among individuals and in families,
but in the great hospitals, where it was
used as a preventive and relief in hundreds'of cases.
These institutions do not hesitate to
give their endorsement of the remedy
which has been bo helpful in the treatment of their poor and sick.
.- Among these institutions,is that of
the Sisters of Good Shepherd, who gave
the following.endorsement:
The Peruna Company,
Columbus, Ohio,
Haying used Pertiha for the past few
months, for our sick and poor, we are
pappy to say that It has given us great
satisfaction. . ":'C
The Sisters of the Good Shepherd,
August 20, 1903.
After a continued use of the remedy,
this In-iuuiiori hr.a found no reason to
Chans'' i*.«'"'ebbd opinion of the remedy
and f lpr-j-ef its satisfaction in the tq\-
Now loan
William U'eague, for  many years g< '•
crnment agent at Yale.   If the accou
given   by   Williams  turns  out   to   1
founded on  fact it is  likely .that  th
discovery will  be  a   marvel   in B. C
mining.      .-;■'■   ,'..   ■.;.;,-
Pkoealx Railway Timetable.
'•'■•     C. 'P.    K.  ••.■■• ■"':
Leaves for Eholt and Nelson, 2.20 \>.<
Arrives     .. ..'■'.       ..     5 00'p ■■'■
leaves for Grand Forks and
Spokane .. ..     8.55 a.m
Arrives     .. .. ..     6.30 p.m.
If you are thinking of building or
require building material of,.any kind
-—lumber, shingles,; lime, brick—call
on me for figures. Phone A 44. C.
A. Ross.
Montreal, Nov. 7,1903.
We found Peruna a relief In several
cases. ■
' We can say It Is a good tonic and we
are very thanktut.    	
.Slstera of the Good Shepherd.
When catarrh once fastens itself upon
the system it becomes an obstinate disease to eradicate. i"".--y"'::'V
A syatemib remedy—one that reaehea
every internal organ of the body—is an
absolute necessity.     ""      •"'" """
Peruna, is just such a remedy. It
searches ont the cause of the disease,
healing and strengthening the muebng
membranes, and thus giving Nature an
opportunity to perform her part of ihe
restorative process.
One of the many hospitals which have
found Peruna of valne in treating old'and
obstinate cases of catarrh is the Hospital
St. John, who write as follows s..
"We aire happy to tell you that your
Peruna has given us satisfaction. Three
patients have tried It, one 68 years old.
Renoj^ DupuisVafflicted with caiUrrh, is
much relieved, more than"he has been
for a number of years.
. . "A young girl, IS years old, bad an
obstinate cough, which half a bottle of
Peruna caused to disappear.
^As to myself, two bottios, hare oonj
vinced me that Peruna is magnificent
as a tonic. ""
'   "Before   the   treatment  I  could   not
walk for a quarter of an hour without
experiencing much fatigue.
walk a mile easily.   ; ■■"
"Through these, three cases we dealre
to make known' to"ttie 'puDlic tbe ef-
ncieney of your remedy."---—:->-—"-'--
^--HospitaJ.St. John,of St. Johna.
;.-..;;..'VCi :!^:'-XSIOPrbvii^e!of^Q^bec.
A later letter received from the aama
institution reads aaffbilpwaC |      *vl
"Three weeks ^ago I "wrote to tell
you how -^ satisfactory - we. found
Peruna: "We'recommend It highly for
cplds, coughs, catarrh and neuralgia.
"I have used itinyseW as a tonic with
the best results; taken a* directed, half
a teaspoonful every half hour."    fi\
Mrs. Etta Booker, Dundurn, Sask^
ST. W. T., Canada, writes: "|Hf-
- f'I snffered with internal catarrh until
I wrote to'Dr"Hartman*, and after taking treatment as he advised, I can say
I am now cured of thla most trying
affliction, for which I *m truly thank-
full I think Peruna the beat medielne
for catarrh. Inever felt better^n my
l^'thanl^o^tgreion'fcjj:'""---   . ■£$-;..'
Peruna not only promptly relieTea
congha and colda in their flrst stages,
but is equally .prompt, and efficient for
catarrhal diseaaea in the chronie iitage.
Of course, it la only reaaonabie to
auppoaa that a great deal less medicine
will he necessary to cure a alight attack
6r"catarrh~than~would" b*~*equlred to
relieve the ailment after it bad been al«
lowed to become chronic.
.Ask your Druggist for a Free reruha Almanac for 1909
^7     BUILDER  AND 'j
-       -       -       -       -           'PHONE  56
'S  DANNY DEANE, Proprietor. -^—j:
Eastern Canada
Low Round Trip Kates to
Tickets     issued   in    connection   with
Steamship Business will be on sale from
Nov.  21, and   limited  to  five  mouths
from date of Issue.
2 Through Express Trains Daily
^aves Winnipeg daily nt 22.10, making
connections at  Toronto for all '.points
east and west thereof.
"■•   Apply to nearest 0. P. R. Agent for full
■[■■■-''■<■>■  - .       . information.
Dominion Ave., Near City Hal
*ww* PHOENIX, B. C ««••
Carriages and Other Rigs, Horses and Saddles
For Any Part of the Boundary. Express and
Baggage Transfer Given Prompt Attention.
Dry Wood Delivered to Any Part of the City.
D. J. McDonald, Prop.
A Share or tin Public P»t»on»g« Solids
BSTA.BI.ISHKD     IN     180«.
PAPER   IN   THE    WORLD. <gr j£?
It gives all the Important Mining News, and every issue contains valuable
Special Articles, well illustrated, on subjects of real practical interest to
the everyday mining man.    ,::::: '•■        '■
Published every Saturday at Los Angeles. California.
[Th& Pioneer for FitnS Commercial Priralrmg
fc; This is the Largest and Newest Hotel in the city, heated {by f ^}
S^ hot water and well furnished throughout for the accommodation   ^m
»=  9—-    - ^
^- of the public.    Everything   Neat,  Clean and Up-to-Date.    Meals   ^»
SZ served at all hours, special  attention being given  the  Diningroom.   ^
^: Centrally  Locabed on  t"he Bridge,  Fifth  Street,  Phoenix.           ^X
fcj ~=         ""~ .                                                     j.:         .               ''     "'^
EI STEAM   HEATED.                  ELECTRIC   LIGHTING.                   TELEPHONE   48.    -^
Phoenix  B^e^r
Pure and wholesome.    Cold and as bracing in its
coolness as a breeze from the North in Summer.
Is Recognized
by  all   as the
WHY ?   Because  its  manufacturers employ  all of their energy to  the
turning out of a perfect Beer from  the best materials obtainable.
oenix   Brewing   Co.
Protect your health by protecting your feet—our
Shoes are corn and bunion doctors. Let us make
your shoes to measure, and you will have com-
forfort in wearing shoes.    Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Large Stock of fine  BOOTS  AND SHOES,
RUBBERS, etc., to select from	
^- __A. T. TURANO,    ropwetor.
' (B.C. Copper Co.—copper	
J ICarlboo-McKinney—gold	
'conaol. U. ft S.—gold-copper.
Granby Consolidated—copper,
j [Providence—«ilver
300,000 I
3I,ooo| $5
to Date
Sept. 1907
546,8371 Feb. 1904
Nov. 1907.
Dec. 1908
Sept. 1906
A tilt
1. as
gfoftfl^sftPsftfeft&gfrgqRfeft^^ l th e ■ psroinrnc p-ioseiie.
p«ft.'* "ws
1:1 UK
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BS'-'VAtiMiMtast.' "
ffi£ JBLSfeOt—.
- jBjJtW. -■■■' »■:"■■■. .1..—-:.. '*•**'  »9B&*,*i'" «Ma*' ,
rfr-^W    Z43K£    Mfcrffe   ' ...  ,..■.■■..'  y       i ..     ' ZJltt        h.**3*        •"'
vjUggS--- a**»*. jw*y     ;S«    »«e ..««>'
■      £«
,. \Kaj«Es:'Bcc5c^''tsaBaSiiffls.'»' <5edi£-!!
Local aroi
,i*. ik
''£»s' raiiaikia; .Sx 'BtauaftBTl
Mrs. j«te is
■':":;"--• ^;:wa^i«Esp«cSi:22- sec a*"'.?3
■';.■  •:,'    If
■'J{ *v   %
R'^y    ;'
r,-... *' ■ sty '. ■•
lit  f::   J.   •'-
8.-1 ';S'yy
1'tf !■'•■■;-"'•■"•-:'--
?tr ■ * ■'■
IS-t J-;'i€.-.-;-' .'■
y:} <,t ' fr*-.-:. y
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Sf.| fey
;*■• ?j«■ ":■
i*ys| yv-y-y-
l*t/..ir;'   ^' .;.
h'.SSS '; yM
k f. :Trr,itzLhi&>r
Mcc^, fcrf •b.tt^ aS.«iR. F-fianiBir.
'. tgi:'^* "Cassia* cfc?  '^^ ®* ^^^^hx teK^ixMsri.- ' f     ?*'^««*<i ^m* v^-asurj aoG_stncae!; Kc:art.
Winces*;—cosi'occi*    as   cocit'   an^;; . J.'Afld? F
Scesawva&a:hcXid.[yics^ Evtwis
"«aari m-i;*
'n      ■'■ '     -      ""axt-'&arae *^?'S^-^sC«i fe^ ^^- '    \ - N- Lirso=r.T ae G«aa»'ccd i«*:
h Sup ia ua»e »a5 •*a?—&om *!'
U;   pr^ect   »^g   rousd  ^ Pb*»«
h&r. fcireb?  dsalfecge
Rr   m, ■rocada  fe>f
■*? '"
'^■mt^'cnfTitei^r^^!^^.'^- ^^ bcoc&^'tcji!:: ■*■{» KiafflT«s as Cc«s-|'Sij
I    Irakis—N>   Mr-  By«*
baa ruoc
H=- TSxzr-tLj (halter-
w-il   ^se' reMnI*
'SSa^eessk*'' «S« sk^-.S*^*6*',.0* SK^i'2aje'F-
;jjgs»K<c&^', Ws^V;|^^, ^1    a.:I-::DasrsaJih c/ Riik Cradfc ^^pra&r^««e£
|c;Jtn McDvczM rc- 'tfe
[omit Thompson
& Coffipany
fca;»   alrrfcy  uie.n   n-s|
It P.. Gracu: »23 Jtaiss-.ott (/ay ^ t£ie
fi-^--.. ._' :J.-f?rtrri* Vr-rirt.'hr:rk/^t: idfl&e
UM&;nsaexx nssra K^,5^®Kaa«.s5cfee|
"ffieo!& '»' ticxad |to&s prcp--Cthe ctr.-i^r^osr.
"^'' ^o^' &««£"■ ^s*:*^ ■ a*»;" ^ni«;;tJBsir.;' aec &&\ ¥.ex',W. V. Taa^.ws raiser |*'*_ ^j»r   •*-.'
r^:eJ"*2ar**OTaife^ •'■•-, -
mifc&^-^ i •'"!     Low—yidtiT-ciaed watefe -rEdJ ccara
•^■'dfcj^^:6i»fi^«^:^j*««5««7[ ^   Sceasast ^ KcxA Pais!■ ^\*xt*ci*£-r av.^ •»» ^ 'sobbeW^ re- ^
^ffjSt S&*&" h^ u» taker*  ^ ^u^  a»M» «t u^r ta«^.*» D«eil».
' ■• S'cr tfi* ixoeSs. e£ ovs vss&x* »ei»&kfe » 5e prc»ir«.i- no aair ctj. ■ i     i,^-^. j. f_ Maxtws »' tnSpok»c<t t&a
Sfe^rit&'V« a lac ,«  f^iwsrs so; j     ^ ^£ wafi., .^ C(^ ^^^^^' ^  »«ic. atzeaaiifig tfae gpdradw «f M^
  ^icfeettt-;SacafTi&OT »att ^c 3Saa^^ ja&afe ev«j com job go ^^v'   Jf »j.*£a«sB ».c&e &^».scw»8_bb t±as ciy.
Gr«sk new 'ifc«raii « fi«i:-~<:*r ^
Plsccniciiris  &f  trw.  sancrisMWicc*
 pe&aogse.   irasrcsy  «i3   *fc«KtfT
coccitadc Cnap. 27. L CofC*)"**"^;
le s stated. Chnrch xaihonut-i mV~
Gtaos the new ctopotr, which' w*£S
ai cear hs thtute ren*cC rtnicx>s. .
D«a*iC :o -'a-/,
rf p. 1 ■ f i F ■ ■ 11111 jjjlUlijj f I f II J.J J.U^ y f » M,/rf AfACTBjg
Ifte T«y fc«s9< 1>c«Sa *n<5 rxSwr aauSag "-Jsj* fiesi "*—-j«s as-
'"' IA Wc*<& wti&etq ca% za& l&Jc &nx ass tgects^y se&ztefr
' <*.< Mcopy&&tsJf   Be«&S» sa» wa&ecaUe- f&ss&ei 8® Sauas*
' '* " fee*** pfeSssa&y', k&/*fe&& 1st pw*x* foe 2&xrnasta& *s£ r&*~
na&t2ine& and Newspapers
We teetxie a% QOpci&s txu&taTt** aasd tte*<i&zz*z* se%xteefy~
CMtoS'ha^atr/AztcGX seSecoooi % ** fe«« cot gsC £fee
icrsmvi EK-
Awsraa.,   is «3r&S5^or.»'t? f    j;  p, a.   c<<adTSS«r«r  Merr^s-   aa«5
ifrs. Bo«35<i i£&ot« ir«<i i*o chiSd-
p^eedya^a^fceancfc&aaac:. X K^-s   ?ar>fxt    r£  HAsvx,   -rere  vtt\r-si   <A   GtotaxcoC^   -»no   has   b=en
|t    <j, E>p%r<ifei£ Cofe fia* «ass£»&&<si ^jjPteosyjr 'fbcsriiaj c<v a: &s«jr of
!* fci tfsc 4ESC; ra a?  saats «.f siair?*,. vz£s\
a>'«=»ascg   aer  as^ociscs: Mrs-, Rkaarda,
r r-rfzrecC fvjasc tins wfcdt.
aari ;a &S: c>-ywiiiSoi5 ; wesayis
j, 3*«nrt ScraraaS feas&ea -~* 2a_ns«t
ot WwsBsscea,. a«d waa- tfe* pci«:%»
A  fergs wcsBSXoeA at   EtoastocJ    Tbt x=cr«ar?  of the Bncsfa Cof-
,?t£A »feKfce»j»^a r«us«d ac Ae BeooWjc * oaHa ccrsng assocaii&o has seat ocu
w'*^!—-Jew* Uccr^" *OBd   K«aceiiwf =cric« ancc«nang; ifax: me Ixwapte*
assc "?ji»a& SeccV *3 atased Aaasi-F" Rosa&cd »tS open era Feb, cfh.
\csa w&aiieE. |     a arewdS scc^l will be gfveo Mr,
-*&<yi!i rfed^ «r St   p3s£ iax*oe&i£C\    Tta* Hed% Ga*iOeaad K»«aaes[atK: Mrs. Ksgh SUaaJ tn  the_ MssiKV
C& fi* facciffr *c*K-    At 5 J«*-"« dlTtrassaa. are «ifS uusnied »itL fcdb«r|di3C cfcsrcb ca Tisnraday es«aang-     A
FSrnaaa't Daace.
Phoenix Stesaea «iFJ gi*e a-" dance
ra Mincw' Union  oaH  oa  Tfeun*Jav
eTrtjicg, Feb. 1 ith.•■;,Tbe_ Royil' oc-
c&esira have betn engaged to.;, render
srnaic for the cceasEon and the &«-
ac.«o will spare no pa»ns to asafce all j
who atiend ecjoy tfaensscjT.ss.
Get the hibtJ—ask
csgar; Hjtvana 6Ued-
for   Boondar)
iLUMS  '■ v
pot op in heavy, synip,. by a :.idv
"J.ip" PlSoen»iJ'! ^"r|;- "y
''"WeoB^'these.to yixsjih scakn
Uttt! liatcc Sw«fc O«0tJl?«3».
j agis fee wa* cccsasres: £3>ce £=e peas-
^n-   J&- t-,^^t
1*  T
Uo^fegw  a
«ftfc&   Gszhti  it
it *asy fix fc* «so!t<i^&wn depoefrxi
to open wx&mtts and baaisact
fcy   oftaj}   wish   aar/ c/ J«*
"~r" MMnr/uu» mftoutiruKt rwmnm ojt nm^xr:
oegzzs ccM ez&s&rt Ux   the s-katmg\^ pfjeemx,
risi &r, open.    A  few inches of scow
feJI go WejJbesijy, tomSsg to"^T ittght
' Tans*«u"k-<-3sessp,e»3re
Sbm©.    WeSs&i t^y, 8g? J4- f&oa* 3^ ^045 desrees is Jriso^mardcr-ijjjyjjjj^^  ^   Messrs.   Ozwford   andpoBiTza Bos»d«. ..
Tmi*. Ajra=MO«feyti»«>te«»af?jB^_tfc«  gaac weds,  resnldr^ i»  few| ifcCara of Greenwood and Mr. TurneriJL*^*^^^^—^;
*s  cSd  ^ajfer, act « 2  gficd aaci
fcarrfife ; fj£ » ass eapest at ^&&tis§,
I&csej wzmx&x cS the: zpg-zag s?jo«, e^~
^Tbwsswit #4 yfiErc psst asr-^ ■«*■»*«
s fo,2&&-        . -
Hssbest  Spesoar Csjt£?3b » she ;
j*K.s55WJ?i«4s'.<«f si?e teass asd^ &erse^ cf;
ilierta Co»I and Coie
EX- Copper	
Oosjns. Copper ,,
Cbariea Dtrfcetta	
Coca. Foielters,	
Cooper Kraz	
,,         „rt \mtsu&s***\xaug r^detopcttl^l1,?^^^*1^-*1---
&ims»cc «9» p-aj ; »^ **<%, c^-|    ^ & ^^ teasae& T&i-j**eMBg\cuZesi on alxwt the  »6?n.    A good ^SL'Co^.. ,1!
Ocua Pan! ,. „
Pashasdle S<seit«r—
»!.* «*-- i s. --.jher,    Crf cocsse we do no* I ccrdiai rsTritacoo searetdtd to aR.
Steady -iccfer starrer w AsasEa; fc» ass-ao to   naaaaase   that   ihe  pacers?     Wai_ ga^ fc^ accepted the chal-
% j frwsc afcesaSs? the asnTsra!  Corev-Tva | czMbitkxi. ts pfcvzsised as both men are
Tl«r^ "^P*- *xd ^5 ?' ^ meenmmioo is Vsewa. Mr- Hoodfn t&, «nk of condition-
w        *       Mrs- Mesrays dass  hi   vcscal  and
astramental   mesic, wirscfa wili give a
faw. W^» Pa«, we Jawo pTOt ?f^^^ "^^       .fek£i -ce 5^,, ^
eject j»» eag>t; occies o« a tgr£txg.\     - * recital sa Phoenix opera boose 00 Feb.
*asssry, ae^ wiS £e sa the g*£se tsH thef    The therasoasefar has teen rangfng| 22n<^ ^gj   •«, ajjSs!^   hi  the TOcai
Snowsfcoe .
rcibran .
tooret pfcinxC so a nicetT ; f£*T* wh.?
s«d » a sjer^ a gsc-wEJ-e ycecfe arid
{jSts t« foeaas at a seadred.
Jas. iJewejryK Pserie ts&rrjsd ike
gaase t» 0?a"»"'jsw>5ii'e, Wales; is
*Ec*vi«i.ij' 5E»rt-«S s©>2 isTreysthe Wekh
issjgsa^j with a Jew jJAts &£ the
itser tie &<#e* 60 pot. the regtslar s "hex %
% ce txxx&At"
H-  PsscaJ PSaisance, iytraet «wsg
c&a» rf sf^; Hjjsgry Ssrei?, a Sean.
\i&k$i rjeref '&ifizze& defeat; Mr, P»af-
1 '
7 Wi^JL WjSSsscm *tS *"%afes£ it a
■f£5o6sy^ ]&sin»/r'aiinra(saTy diouer
Si SpoiaaSe on " Jssiearj' 251k.    "Re-
The jwr*ofchj£ fiaSxt it not *«ch a (xad habit Jf ycwi smoke p|j
"Tucketl's (^h'&ftccia$"' the eJgar worth wiw5ev   A b% two    ^
„ .J, ,.,i»l* worth at hrifttiejmimef. , We keep many other choke
'^ / '_,; brands, alstt| finest ,Yine* oi curette*, tcfo&ccfse, ptpe$t euz,
Oar h'/s* </f Stationery wa* «ever rrifxe cornp&eie.    We have:
a select stocJr of papeJeries, fiotns a^od wores, 2Jso a corrt'
.       pfet* h'ne of paper m padf, ruled' or ohan, any qmikf and
^jsrice,   (ktf J^xii jAJnis^ Pern, Peocite, Motcelage, Blank
'.,^^y^,f"U'^io,,(^tAeie..^. . . ' ..,,,,-.;" ,
y;*;;-;y v,*1 :y . >.>::;'V ::'«"*:    ■■'■ .'.yy v;',:".'■'- ■'■'~-:---^.. .■r/-':''  ' ■■:'
tower Town
Leave Hioenj*, tippet town, g.$o o.m.
''       .f*       lower town, "iof 00a- m.
Leave Greenwood ,   -       3*Pp P-
Standard Time
prompt Attention to Express drid Fr^igbt
V'-.-.-Vy rtfot&txOrrwts, yfrm McHas fiom., KvmMux. AV**
'<M^iMy\'!XAH&'\^:Ai:l7.?*i*lw.   of
"Y0UB:'."0KJ>BK    WITH   US.    ■»> 4- +
WAkIrwU #n<J KtUii td*»t MttcbtnU
DisUn In U<ri ttioi** Poik Pffket*
ftfafattt *»U. C^ A«>««U *iut Yukon
'  2L0S
. .7«
porting- E&e&roceediogt tfeeSpokesaran
saya: "Jndge WtJEe Wil^nsa, w&o is
seres. Ssdf ta^a aod weighs 140 poonds,
atsde a hit w:ih' feris' character stories
acd ieais of i^gerdeasa,1* -
Greeawcod. aod Phoenix ccrBng
cf&'vi are fighiins oat a series of eight
iwvrce and hooxr games for the Boras
CKirfef tropfey; " Foot ^siuea: took pSaee
iaat i>loo&y evening ia;,wijtch Greenwood go* coosfdesaray the best of the
_      _       _    argoosesj-    'the balance of ebe ^nies
jmmwi foatifee bsnoi^of being'%het^pttA^^ ***** &*i*& this (Frid*jr>,e3reDing
ator e^ sne hockey theoresx, wiach tn
a Ktstiherri&ticat way  ranks witfe  the
       _ «ori dop-e fey Kcwsob and Pasca!.
|||^fBg|||jg| Wr, P- sryyteciatsriz the (act that Sfew-
"^ ion's law of party fea* done so* raccfe
for hi^ej ha* eritessed en lite idea
trot wfcaieyer goes op is sure to o&rce
down- Crow checks are reduced to a
r«tiHRct»» and as a resaJt of csrefol
diflerentialfon soch cons5ant»feaveva«-
jsfsed, dirty wfifi w iofimtismally so»a!J-
FZasssnce is zj years ofd and weighi
147 Ifos,
"Tri'rs I also hope to have J, Osiver
CromweJJ Chtttch pfay,*" said the.mao-
ager, *1bnt this is not certain; he Is
vay busy and rtay tkx. tie able to Ret
away," Everyone will reaierob£r hirn
as the (atotxa (Mtet point who played
on rh« Hoogry Sey n from i8g2 to
'oo^jtipnauxy.ioi,..the. ,.W«e i'pnn*
method of scoring- Mr, Church and
rnyself were the fijst to introdace this
{Aay'tn pabliii;." ..■•■«-..«.-.
''Have yo« no trainer" anlsed the
Pioneer, "Pardon the oversight" re-
pSiffd them na^r, "J-s. Themistociet
Morjfza is official irainer and rooter,
his dog Bob is mascot and everybody
k rows Kob'sfevotatmiff If B<A>'s,lock
ran't beat the regains, Jimmie recom-
incnds. Ellinjan's,,. j^^.brpi^i<^J;'.t;aod
"I have strings on sereral otber
player f and hope to show the people
of Phoenix tbat my boys are out to
win. I can' jpwrantee a firstchs%
exhibition «-f Jjoc ey; the match will
not be a 4«jrlc)M|«e but the r«B>J7tbing^
':- The 5gameS4is und^^auspicefe «ff
Photmix ,jto<l«ey cltili iunder gocfo
offiazh. Everybody tu n out ano help
swell the benefit fund, you will also
voice an appreciation of the.work done
l>y she 1'hoenJJf'hotkey team.''' •  -j•''■>'
kemembernthe;date~Tuesday next
at 8, j 5 p,m;?i: Setrerai races to be an-
nounced on hand bill* will be run off
at haif simc
bcrt are not firrisfeed at tiaje of gomg to
The regaJar qaarteriy official beard
reeeting of tbe, Methodist charcb was
held 00 -fast ^Tuesday eveninE- The
re$6rt&;(tCfn t tbe varioos -committees
show alt ^departments tojae in the most
heailby^aod fiotirishinjt-C««}ftion since
the opening of Ene-cfaarch/Jhere. A
anammoss tmrrtation was"extended 'to
the, present pastor, Jter, _G, E Strac-
ban, to remain another year-
Tbe city „bas men at work tlus
week clcaoipg oS^soaie aracie ,mseded
spots ori the sSSewalxs airoand"' camp.
Tbis "good-work- sbooid,"-cootintie as
there are some- dan&erfc«s spots wbscb
sntghE resak m injery-to^ pedesinacs,
if not'attended to. j '"
On Sccday evening fast, jReV. F- J.
Kntfeerford, of Greenwood, occupied
the polpit of the Methodis* cfacrch o»
tlrs city, preaching a very abJe sermon
on The Sacraaaeot and it's ileaniag-^
Next Sunday craning the pastor wi:i
speak on "Caiaphas, or the results of
The Grand Forks hockey team were
in cacnj on Tuesday night en route
home from Greenwood, after meeting
the hockey team of that city in the
scheduled match of she Boundary
league. Grand Forks' boys were suffering from a temporary depression of
spirits as the result of that evening's
The information has been given out
temj-officfiaUy that, there will shortly be
a general change in the Great Northern
railway timetaole-< ; As; a result of tb«-
change the Spokane train4 will' arrive
in Phoenix,about .4 p. m. instead of
6 35 p. tn. j It is' also understood to
be the intention of,the Great -Northern
company to iruri ./the»r Spokane-Oro-
ville irain thitongh to Keremeos the
same evening^ which -will be greatiy
welcomed by the Similkameen resi
detila. The change will probably take
place this month.
An interesting event takes place in
Phoenix at high nw/n today, when Gus
Johnfttff'afrd'.Mis* Tilly :Si*aoson will
he united in marriage, 'f he ceremony
will be performed by Rev, .Samuel,
f/iindie. Tfie contracting pariie« are'
««ipp!jrtcd by Mr, and. Mr», John
Antk-rson, To .celebrate the event
they will give a dance in the .Scandinavian hjsll tonight, and extend a
cordial invitation to all. Bfticr and
McKay watt furnish the bJossc^/'       f
Jaines Grier, the genial bistorian of
the. ;Grtenwood Ledge, purchased a
fine cottage in the smelter city this
week. It is most desirably situated
and will make a fine home for Mr.
Grier. In view of this purchase, and
the fact that there wire several marnage
Iio-nses issued in Greenwood this
week, Phoenicians.will join in wishing
Mr, Grier prosrwiiy.
After paying all expenses tn connection with the Greenwood performance of Phoenix Royal Minstrel*, the
fund for the purpose of aiding J. B
Carrijgan amounts to $30. It is the
intention to give another and com-
plefely'new performance"imhe- near
future in Phoenix, for the same object.
'■A^^^^^ff^"^ime:i:^d:^ song?,
$ij35j$i$!Jjj^ re-
Phoenix    hockey   team   took   the
Greenwood puckchasers into camp on
the local ice   Friday  evening  of  last
.week, the <final tally being 7-9.    The
Jo^J^^ven were considerably weakened
oy the absence of their star forward and
captain, A.     McQueen^ but   led   the
visirirfs i^ic«r|ng:thr^ghout the game, j
Ten^ln^tes'.p!y*e]rtimej.was required to!
deoae^^nia^w^.''tbe^.score   being   7'
all when lime was called.
First-Class Fir and Tarn-;
arac Wood, $5 per cord >
Pine Wood, $4.50 per cord;
Pine Wood, double cut,j
$6 00 per cord j
Wiod Mhtrii n Sfcart Notice.    \
'Pltose B32
Jonnson & Anderson
Winter Isn't Over Yet
Don't Catch Cold
Be Comfortable
Be Healthy
kur-lined gloves
fur-lined caps,
Genfs   furnishings
':l  f
Misj  Manhart,   who   had   been^
nurse in the Phoenix general hospital
for the past twei years, left on Wednesday for Vancouver, where she will reside; "A farewell dance was given in
her honor in the Miners'. Union hall
Tuesday evening at which a large nurri
ber of her friends  were  present,  the
Royal    Minstrel   orchestra supplying
music.    Phoenix social circles had no
more popular young Jady and  Misi
;Manhart's departuir&f ftltltef source <■(
generaf regret anibii^; hej fejlnyfriend*.
She was an' efficient and painstakin
nune artd will be much missed at the
ii    ■ ■ , . \ v    ''.' j ?;►•;•'
A  quiet   wedding   took   place'on
Tuesday evening/when Miss Blanche
Perry and'John Pipe  were  united in
marnage. Tne ceremony was perform
ed by the Rev. Samuel Lundie, pastor
of St Andrew's Presbyterian church in
the presence of immediate friends of
the contracting  partieu.     The  hride
was attended by Migis Florence Minnie
'Hart,.while E. E.'Campbell supported
the groom. "The happy young couple !<f   ,, ? WE al.eo ;look after .this line of buftineas prompt I vi and np-to
have many friends who wish them many IS' „" '"..wing'a graduate of the Canarlian Embalmsrn' CoHege, with 7
years   of happiness.      Mr.   and   Mrs.   S "experience. _ A'liice line'of'Caskets and Coffins always in atoi-k.'
Pipe have taken up residence on  O'd
Ironsides avenue.     A number of their
friends steamed up the local sererade
apparatus on Wednesday evening and
'marching to the reside/ice .of ahe  Mr.
Pipe, gave thera iiie royal saJate,
• We have everything in the line of NEW AND UP-TO-DATE
TABLES AND CHAIRS for the diningroom; also a full line for
;Parlor, Bedroom and, Kitchen. Call in and see our stock. No
trouble to,show goods. Our prices are right, and a liberal discount
always off for cash.
We offer this great bccal:^*.
fcod this -sreck, a: a frac:iors c:
the right price.
Fancy Pineapples, 35c
Fancy Oranges
50 Cents Doz
Fancy Pears
3 lbs 25 Cents
Fancy Apples
S2.00 Box
White Potatoes
$t 50 cw»
Cabbage. 5 cts  lb.
Onions, 5 cts. lb.
Beets and Parsnips,
5 cts. lb
Turnips and Carrot?,
4 cts. lb
U'c »i!3 have some  very ri"-
tjciiuce zv.ti Cdcn 'his e\en.:i
We have just received anotl cr
shipment of the FAMOLs
U'e give a ten year guarantee
with each machine, and *<•*&
them out on trial for ten d^'
The price is within the reach tt
Prices  run /ram  $JJ.oo
SjO.OO,/>arad/e $5.00 per nu.it
or /o% ofi/or cash in thirty .•''
If your are interested call -i""
have a look at these machuv.-s
Before placing your order f '
Feb.' 1st, we think it will be w
your advantage to call and i-Lt
Our pnees.
We are anxious to get y< ur
business, and will do everyti: "-
to please you.
y  Our aim  is to use  everyone
well, and everyone alike.


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