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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 25, 1909

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Array ���mmii  mm  mmwm  ���m;tfM$Mmm^:$Y  ������mmmwmiimk  ,m  "&%&*  ^^  .i5*ife'��.:  AND   BOUNDARY   MINING JOURNAL.  PHOENIX, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY. PECEMIJER ��s.  1909'  No. 5  CHRISTMAS SHOPPING  _-  AT ������ ���   Big Store  n  You can make your Xmas Shopping easy, and save your  self endless worry by allowing us to assist you in selecting your  wants from our large stock of Xmas goods, they are money savers  Ladies' Neckwear  "    Belts  Leather Bags  Felt and Wool Slippers  Furs  Kid Gloves  Mocha Gloves  Silk and Wool Scarfs  Iced. Wool Shawls  Fancy Handkerchief Boxes  Silk and Embroidered Hdkfs.  Drawn Linen Sideboard Covers  Drawn Linen Tea Cloths  Drawn Linen Centre Pieces  Cushion Tops  Men's Fancy Sox  Silk Suspenders  Silk and Wool Mufflers      Ties  Silk Lined Gloves  Mocha Gauntlets Slippers  Handkerchiefs Boxes  Plain and Fancy^ Silk Handkerch'fs  Initialed Silk Handkerchiefs  Fancy Vests  New Negligee Shirts  Make Your -Selection Early  SLIGHT CUT ON HEAD ;  RESULTS IN DEATH  Sudden Gall to a   Miner on  Thursday  Mike Mulkovitch, an Austrian, was  the victim of a fatal accident at ihe  Granby mine on Thursday. About  11 a.m, he was hit on the head by a  piece of rock, the wound only ap.  pearing a slight one, and he walked to  Dr. Dickson's office and had it dressed.  He then went to his room at the  Granby hotel, and at 2 p.m. the doctor  was summoned and found Mulkovitch  in a ciitical condition. The unfortunate man was immediately removed  to the hospital, where he expired hal'  an hour later.  CENTRAL CAMP  WILL BOOM  No.  7 Mine To Have  Concentrator  DILIGENT PUPILS  RECEIVE PROMOTION  Mill Will Be Connected With  Mine by Aerial Tram  ii  *t'  <<  u  ((  ��  ((  .��������'  u  The coming year promises to be an  active one in Central camp, south  of Phoenix.. As'stated in the Pioneer  last week, the Consolidated Mining  and Smelting company have acquired  the No. 7 group, of mineral claims,  the British Columbia Copper company  and the Giant Powder company having  previously held large interests  The new owners are planning extensive development work for next  summer, which will do much to bring  the rich mineral zone south of Phoenix  to the notice of the public. The City  of Paris and Majestic are* other impor  tant groups in that camp which have  been lying idle on account of remoteness from transportation.  Tne Consolidated company have decided on the erection of a concentrator  two and a half miles  from  the No.   7  mine, the site having already been secured under option, and  the ore will  be conveyed to the mill   by an  aerial  tram line.    The mill  will be of a type  thoroughly adopted for   the concentration of the class of ore found  in the  ledges of the No." 7  group, and this  will no doubt give other  properties in  the district, carrying the same character of ore, the long-desired opportunity  of having their ore tested and  of finding oul   if the ore can  be profitably  treated  without going to the  expense  of building concentrators of their own.  The acquisition ofthe group by the  Consolidated  company''is largely  an  ���11 . j _  Phoenix Hockey Stars  For the benefit of those who are  not acquainted with hockey material  now located in Phoenix, the following  list of suspects with pedigrees is given  the P.oneer, and from which no doubt  a winning septette will be selected for  New Year's night.  Jack McCreary will lea') the tribe as  captain ��� he has continental fame in the  hockey world and is said to have as  many medals as Napoleon. His position is in front of the net where he  plays a role similar 10 a stone wall.,  At. McQueen will be on the forward line. Ab is a graduate of the  Hariiston Hustlers, and first came into  prominence bv winning ,the King's  Plate on the memorable occasion when  the Hustlers played before Royalty.  Roy Clothier was the star defence  man oh the Moyie team when they  challenged for the Stanley cup and  has come to try and catch a place with  fast company.  Herb Neil was the foremost  rough-  rider of the Nelson team in the nine  ties.    He plays  wing and its a case of  "the bird hath flown" when a check is  I after him. ,  Lome McKelvey is the Irish hockey  wonder.    When he goes after the puck 1��������� -     -  it is akin to Pat  after "somethin"' he experiment, and the outcome will de   ��� **!���-������ I'~*.ir\ ~ nn  hi hpinp;'���able to niine anc  old Phoenix  in n r 1 vm ni  We Offer You the Fouxwimg Suogestions-  A Piece of Out Glass  :  A Carving Set  A Piece of Silverware  1A Carpet Sweeper  An Electric Iron  Half-a-Dozen China Plates  Set of Dessert Knives  Set of Spoons;rSilver Tea Pot  Silver Coffee Pot .  Or Your Wife might like a Sewing Machine  .    Let us ask you to,isit our Store  and  take a  ^^��  HARDWARE DEPARTMENT, we  think  you  will nnci  matter to select a Gift.  W& ARE READY  FOB. YOUR CHRISTMAS  GROCERY  ORDER  Raisins, Currants, G^Peps'  Nutsi Oranges, Pigs, Dates  Celery,  Lettuce   Ba^hS  Apples, Pears, Cucumbers  Let us have your order early, but before placing it look around-  we know .hat you will decide to place ,t ��jM��. emmnds.  Our Big Bright Grocery Stock and our Staff await your  gets itTv ''"' ���'"''" "���'"'   ���'  __Gje.orEe.Train.er..Js....an   youth, who has been starring among  the big college teams of the east, and  now returns to seek fame with the  copper camp line up  Roy Clark captained the Sheep's  Head team, when they landed considerable silverware years ago, and  came into prominence by falling oft a  whaling vessel in a  struggle  for  the  Noith goal.  Lee Simms is the fastest graduate of  Antogonish county and was one of the  main guys in winning  the pennant of  ���67.  Then there is Claude McAstocker.  Claude has seen so many Stanley cup  games that there is no doubt he would  know how to land the mug if on the  local line-up.  The wires have been kept busy trying  peiid7 on  its' being "able to mine and  handle the ore at low cost, and at the  to secure G. Euripides  referee. He is now located in New  Ontario and is said to be the highest  sa'aried man on the job. Hisrefereeing  of hockey in the Boundary was among  the feats of modem times.  Souvenir tra)S  ol   Phoenix, view  of  Granby mints in relief, 25c. at Black's  Same irinc be able-^o-nM>V-o-��--V��4-sh~Te  covery of the values in the ore, as it  is not what might be considered of  high grade. The concentrates will be  shipped to the-Trail smelter via Boundary Falls.  The No. 7 group consists of eight  claims and fractions, aggregating 300  acres. ~ Tne ore is quartz, mineralized  with gold, silver, lead and zinc, aud  is of good concentrating type. The  ledges vary in width up to seven feet  and are very persistent, About- 3000  feet of development work has been  done, including a shaft of 300 feet and  drifts along the main ledge.  The  No.' 7   mine   was  located  in  October,   1901, and  up to   1897 had  been opened up to the 130 foot  level-  kept busy trying The No.   7   Mining   Company, Ltd.,  Cole for official  w��s formed in New York in 1900, and  a year later development was resumed  at the mine in   charge of S.   C.   Hol-  man     A considerable amount of work  was done and some   1100  tons  were  teamed to  the  smelter  at   Boundary  Kails     The  cost  of  haulage  to   the  smelter   was   so   great,  however,   that  work was discontinued.  Results   of    Examination    in  Phoenix Schools  Following are the results of examinations on the various subjects held in  Phoenix public schools during the past  few weeks. The marks obtained by  those in the three senior, classes are  given, while the names and marks of  those receiving promotion in the intermediate classes, and those receiving  promotion   in   the  junior   grades   are  given:  Senior IV.���Possible 1300: Gtorue  Biner, 1030; Frank Tinetti, 962; Sam  Pyper, 846; Elizabeth Nelson, 785;  Albert Elmgreen, 728; Anna Bell, 640  Junior IV.���Possible 1 ?oo: John  Craig, 799; Rose Stone, 762; Eml>n  Pierce, 705; Bessie Heidman, 696;  Edna Swanson, 665; Laurel Pickard,  648; Ed. Swanson, 618; Annie McKeown, 610; Jessie Pierce, 542;  Arthur Walters, 526. <  Senior III.���Possible 800:   Joseph  Millar, 670; Mauvey Bateman, 54';  Clotilde Vezzetti,.S37; Wilson Pyper,  528; Umberto Mussatto, 412; Ethel  Davis, 318. j  PROMOTION LIST ',  Junior III. to Senior III��� First-  Class Honors, over 75%: Sydney  Brangham, 541; Alden McKinnon,  534; Blanch Brangham, 486. Second-  Class Honors, over 60%: Mary  Brangham, 466; Richard Elmgreen,  447; May Boyce, 435J George Stone,  426; Florence Swanson, 420; Alex.  Mikkila, 4r.<;. Pass Standing���Flossie  Graham, 364; Elma Geddis, 350;  Harold Bell, 348.  Junior II. to Senior IL���First Class  Honors, over 75%: Fred Tupper,  503; Marjorie Elkins, 500; Tom Craig,  470. Over 50% Pass���Kathleen  Draisey, 359; Johnny Vezzetti, 357;  Sherman Carson, 353; Natlin Tinetti,  339.  From and Primer to ist Reader.���  Peter Millar, Annie Hendrickson, Fred  Walters, Lillie Wilson, ^Irene B���rang-  hamT Henry Sampson. George Neuge  bauer, Kathleen Carson.   ^Froin-^A--PTimer^o-xnd-Prrnicr��*-  Martin Vizzetti, William Craig, Edward Hoopes, Teddie Hoopes, Karl  McKillar, John Rowlands, Edward  Wilson, Robert Wilson, Hedrick  Strawn, Effie Larson, Mary McKinnon,  Carl Haliday.  From B. Class to ist Primer-  Clinton Haliday, Myrtle Swanson,  Mary Millar, Willie Utilla, Stewart  Brown, Em's Oppresim, Owens Row  lands, Francis Flanigan, Maggie Susie.  HOCKEY SEASON  IN BOUNDARY  League   Games    and  Rules Drafted  Jan.  First Game in Phoenix on Mew  Year's Night  ~*rt?l~VtoM$n <Biprtotm�� Vbmn  5.30 to 7.30 p.m.  Strutzel-KIng Orclieitra  ESTAI3USHED  Established 1899  (LEAVE YOUR NAME FOR A CALENDAR)  Ulna Points on  Half Shell with Quartered Uuiou  Russian  Caviar on  Canapes  Consomme a la Dutches��      Red Turtle  Boiled Chicken, Halibut, Meitre d'Holel Sauce      Fried Kokannc Trout  Salted  Almonds      Stulled Olives      Saratoga Chips  Pickled Walnuts      While Onions  i'resh Lettuce       Sliced Tomntoex  Rudishes      Sliced Cucumber      Heart of Celery  Koast l'riins Hlbs of Beef      Yorkshire I'udding  Itotiot Ktult'ed Youiik Turkey      Cranberry Sauce  Haunch of Venison      Red Currant Jelly       Domestic Uooho       Apple Sauce  Boiled Spring Chicken Sauce Supreme  Boiled  Ox Tongue     Ifinanciero Sauce  Shrimp Salad Mayonnaise, Fruit Salad, French Dressing  U)bster  l'atticx     Braized Fillet of Veal wilh Mushrooms  Pineapple  Fritters,  Cherry   Sauce,  Punch  a  la   Cardinal  Mashed and Steamed  Potatoes, Com on the Cob  Caulillowor      ��� rawn Butter Sauce     French Peas  Italian Artichokes      Drawn Butler Sauce       Baked Sweet Potatoes  .    1 hrlstmas Plum Pudding, Cognac Sauce  Hot Minco Pie, Hoop Apple  Pie, Whipped Croam  Vanilla Jelly with Whipped Cream      Strawberry Tart Orange Massadonia  Charlotte  Kussc      Neapolitan Ico Cream  Angel Cako Macaioues Cream  Wafers  Christmas Fruit Cake  Mixed Nuts      Cluster Raisins  Palestine Flit*      Oranges       Bananas      Apples  Malaga drapes      Caudles,  Roquefort Cheese McClaren's Imperial Cheese  Cafp a Tait      Cocoa      Tea     Milk  Heavy Damages Awarded  Mr. Justice Martin has handed down  judgment in the case of  Dimmick vs.  the British   Columbia  Copper   Company, Limited,   heard   at  the  assizes  held   in   May. last, giving the   plaintiff and  his wife damages which will  total in the neighborhood of  $9,000,  although   the   exact   amount   is   not  certain at present.    The case attracted  considerable attention at the time by  reason  of   the   amount   of   damages  asked, some $14,500   in  all, and also  because   of the  circumstances   under  which the action was brought.  The action arose from an accident  which occurred at the Mother Lode  mine at Greenwood on Aug. 17, 1908,!  The plaintiff was residing near the  mine with his wife and two children,  employed as a cook. A large boring  was made in the workings of the defendants and shots put in, 22 of five to  nine sticks of dynamite each. No pre  caution was taken except the three  customary whistles for warning. The  result in the Dimmick home was the  death of one child and the injury for  life of Mrs. Dimmick, an arm and both  legs being broken.  The Great Northern Service  Phoenix   does   not  ask   the   Great  Northern to run a palace parlor car to  this city ; local multi-millionaires prefer  to travel without aristocratic airs.     But  when the  Great Northern accepts fare  for a first-class trip out of Phoenix we  demand there should be some effort to  give reasonable service.    A coach and  smoker are pulled into Phoenix daily,  and might be all right if kept clean ���  but when tlie smoker becomes such as  to force smoking  in the so-called first  class coach, and that���say  nothing  of  the cinder topped seals���in turn forces  ladies to the rear  platform, the accom  modation becomes sheer contempt en  the part of the railway company.  That the Boundary people will have  an opportunity of witnessing some fast  hockey this season is now a foregone  conclusion.    Each of the three pioneer  cities  will   be represented  by  teams  that promise to outclass those of for  mer years.    Phoenix has a particularly  likely bunch of hockey colts now get  ting in shape, while Grand Forks has  an aggregation  upon  which  they   pin  confidence   to   hold    the    Boundary  championship   silverware   which   was  gathered in by that city's last season's  team.    And Greenwood" is not to  be  outdone : it has a good bunch of sports  and even if they have not an all-star  septette they are always game enough  to take a chance for any honors that  are being passed around.  Representatives of each of the three  teams met as an executive of the' Boundary Hockey League at the Phoenix  Club on Wednesday evening, those pre  sent   being   Roy   Curran   of   Grand  Forks:    Howard   Cameron   and   H.  Goodeve of Greenwood, and J.  Mc  Creary   and   C' J.   McAstocker   of  Phoenix.    Plans for the   1909-10 season were fully discussed, the  schedule  of games and dates drawn up, and bylaws drafted.    It was arranged to have  twelve games, four in each city and  each team plays in eight games.  The following rules to govern games  in the Boundary Hockey League were  adopted :  1. Executive to consist of two rep-  semalives "from each 'club-^-Phoenix,  Grand Forks and Greenwood. In the  event of~onIy"one Tcprrcw5ntative_being_  present from any town he shall"be entitled to two votes.  2. The series of games for 1909-  10 to consist of two games in each  city by each opposing team.  3. Cup to be played for in competition and held by winning team for  one year.  4. Visiting team to be notified of  official referee three days previous to  game. If said referee be not acceptable, neutral executive shall appoint  referee and visiting team pay his expenses.  5. Visiting  teams shall  pay their  own expenses.  6. In event of default or failure of  visiting team to put in appearance at  any of the games constituting the series,  said visiting team to be liable for all  expenses incurred by the home team.  7. Dates may be changed, if satisfactory to both teams interested.  j     8.    Players must be residents of city  they represent at least'-fifteen "days before taking part in any game of series,  after fust game of series, has been  played ,- *  The  following  schedule-of'games  and dates was drawn up :  Greenwood at Phoenix: *  ���Jrand Forks at-Greenwood-  Phoenix at Grand Forks  Grand Forks at Phoenix  Phoenix at Greenwood  Greenwood at Grand" Forks  Greenwood at Phoenix,   \  Grand Forks at Greenwood <^���*'  Phoenix at Grand Forks '  Grand Forks at" Phoenix ;  Phoenix at Greenwood  Greenwood at Grand Forks  r  -.-���-..   5  "    11.  "    19  "    24  - ��~ 28  Feb.    2  7  11  ,8  *5  28  Hockey at (Iraad Forki   , t .  An   enthusiatic   meeting   of,'those  interested in  hockey   took   place  in  Grand Forks last week when organization for the coming season  was perfected    with   the   following   officers:  Hon. president, W. A. Williams;Hon.  vice president, Ernest Miller, M.P.r ���  president, George Chappie; vice-president, T. S. Watts; secretary-treasurer,  H. M. Mann; manager, Walter Mills;  team committee, R. Curran, F. Haverty,  T S. Watts, W. Miljs, and the captain,  the,latter to be -chosen ,by the team.  Roy Curran was appointed a delegate  to go to Phoenix to  meet representatives from the Greenwood and Phoenix  teams, who will draw up a schedule of  games to be played .during the season.  The Grand Forks team were the winners of the Boundary Hockey League  cup last season, and as there are a. few  new players in  the field this year, it is  anticipated they will endeavor to, retain the championship. (  <r\ Dec 24, '09    SJ  BOUNDARY ORE TONNAGE. la  The follotrlnt: table Rives the ore shipments of Boundary mines ior   tqoc  ���903, 1904,  1905,   1906,   1907, 1908 and 1909, as reported to tbe Phoenix Pioneer ���  MiMB.           1901        1901       t90j        190J        1905 I906 *~"        '<**!��  Granby Mines... 131,763 309,858 393,718   S49.7��3 653.889   801.404  '��� �����������������    ��Sm   7t.au        S,4��6  1901   roOJ,  Snowshoe...-   Phoenix Amal���  B. C. Copper Co.  Mother Lode....  B C Mine......  Kmma   Oro Denoro....  3onnle Belle   Dom. Cop. Co....  Br'klyn-Stem-  Idaho-   Rawhide   Sunset-   Mouutu Rose-  Athelstan   Morrison -  R. Bell   Senator   Brey Fogle   No. 37   Reliance   Sulphur King-  Winnipeg ���  Golden Crown...  King Solomon...  3ig Copper   No. 7 Mine   City of Paris   Jewel -   Riverside   Cartni   Sally -   Rambler ���  Butcher Boy....  Duncan   providence   Bighorn   Slrathmoie   Golden Kagle...  I preston   ! Prince Henry....  Skylurk   Last Chance   K. P. D. Mine-  Bay    Mavis -   Don Pedro   Crescent   Bruce   Republic   Miscellaneous  1.73'    *>,8o��   7L"1  !9��7  M3.S37  i35-o<"  iocS> 1909    Week I  ioaS,747 i.045.'78 29,485 I  48,^36 178,040     3,930 j  245  99.034 m.J��6 .38.079   '74.29* M7.576   *��5.900  47.405 14.8H iQ.3��5  650 8.530 33,937   _..    15.537  37.900  16,400  9.485  3.007  1.48S  11 804  3.<77  208,321    32I.8j9   340,305  1.712         u'.^Sl      66,630      8,253  803  "550  7.455    15.731  .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'   "5.046  3.339  363  3^.35��   55.731  3,070   25,108  3,250     3,056  1,040  '"875  150  560  785  6��S  1.,-59  4.536  3.450  232  364  33  4,747  140,685  3.960  26,032  48,390  3.555  43.*95  12.353  64.173  3L-170  31.-158  649  5 78o  10,740  3.802  53��  120  2,435   ������  1,833  33  150  5S6  66s  482 .   �� ���     3,000  .*���������....  .........  .........  ������������(��������  350  3,060        ' "  890 ���  79   30  145   30  I06  76  .~.~.           ,!  993  726  7.0  1140  400  3^5  '50  30  mo  90  "65  40  700  108  146  330  '3.536      S*i  167  500  SO  3*>  60  730  S35  68<;  "73  20  40  90  500  30  15  589  234  30  45  33  3"  B.C.CopperCo.   ujfiu ��*^'~��/���>^   30.930   81,059     ��8.*"     '5^-439     ".fe6fi   ^rtLl.   3^4^����^^^^87"7,',7,-430,',J3,Oi:I'',590&D nj  Qrecawood Elect Officers  The Greenwood hockey > club reorganized tor the season last Friday with  the following officers: Honorary president, J. R. Jackson, M.P.P.; president,  Dr. McLean; secretary-treasurer, A. E.  Braithwaite; manager, J. H. Goodeve;  captain, C. Russell; executive,,' E.  Clei(cA--Jaynes, J. Cropley and J. J.  Rouchon.  SKATINGTCA"RNIVAL *  CHRISTMAS NIGHT  Prizes   for   Fancy   Costumes  and Races  The management of Phoenix skating  rink ha\ e arranged for a grand opening  carvival on Christmas night. A list of  prizes has been hung up for fancy costumes, races, etc., and are now on exhibition in  tbe  store  window of Mc**  Rae Bros.  Werner's band has been engaged to  supply music for the occasion, and a  large attendance of skaters is looked  for. The rink will be open at 7.30  and masks are to be raised at 9  p.m.  Train Service to Princeton  The Great Northern railway inaugurated a regular train service over the  V.V. & E. to Princeton on Thursday  of this week.  :Mj  4mmi  ;*jJwWw*ss  M0mm  jfg�����  YS&y^m  YB0mm  y>!Yi%&m  :j:*Yy<0k}  ���y!y��$lmM  mmmm  ���\i'^sYY$'h  ������Mmmm  YY:0Mm  YX;YtiYX&X$%#Ji$  j$yWMm  Mm  mi ~r��c���  jaojwa> *cw ��***�����*** ** *��������  ���mmmmimrimmrmmwv^  r*&* psoas*******.*******-  A0B  T, ��.TOCO:''lJpyC. 'MM**?**-;  . i/JUHG*.  ;watmn must* ^> ...���  i*-*��itt***����t t "c; iHfjUiii: *&- tm  1/ tbe for��k�� of: tSbai';*pc��t'r' fejpob,. ��  *bi0?attj,*r necfcwaxy to * oorthero d**--  trict, * gr^'i)c��r!*Mj^tsf'lwbk* t*'oe*  even pro��*icd with ob��^ ��re to bepr&-  ���served, ab ��|Jj��OipmtMW ��affid��ri to  patrol i����iS/;t�� jj^  mvcfottfmt^ Oat.     *, , r���~    ��� ���  exfmdhtueJYifi^^ ordered thai thiongb&m ihe pnodpal  by R�� f��: _r _ ��� _    ,   ,  _,,,,..,....���..,..,.,, , --    -  of Fore^��'in;n^ not be observed,  "it being a xmrtfaJ  ��f��teb'c��Teo*ti^ cnaausn/  In'  order  to rotator peojsSc  Bay'and theH6dti��and ebrth of tbe ^g^ Cathstmas, he enacted thai all  **iT    * t  Y m     _->_-���'_ T_        *J      -**-   -  --       m^m-C-      *^f     ft**-*.**- * * -       * 3    ��_  _      *. '. 1T J        ' _      *1L _      _ ���1_  J" f  1!  ft  SaAitcbewaiJ ��*d form part of, Ms  coolntiu^oti to the report of the De-  ptttmeni of the Interior, lately JaaS  befijre' Parliament. Tbe dame* ex  fe^salxxti'Tcco miles east' or west,  by'ixwie 30�� to 6��o mile* (averaging  Vfioe raile*) north aod tooth, and is all  more or fait forested,  StSepVhxtre a!re*Jy been, take�� for  fW patrol of part of tbfe re��^ tango*  r��-Hngr'in i^rff; been kef* oo tbe  'Atbibarita, Lewer SJare, Feace and  Great Slarerirert, io tbe -regkw* north  of Tbe Pa*, <Sal*:); and *n th* cotx��  try north of Prince Albert, Sasfc,, ��t-  dudiriythel^la Ronge district, fbe  ���ceneoftb^tBiningexcjteaient Some  of the ��o*t important points and  route* of travel, however, remain an-  protected, such, as tbe whole district  surrounding and north of Lake Winni--  peg is fair as Hudson Bay,, tbe wboIe  ���alley of the Churchill ri-rer and a  great part of tbe Peace and- McKenzie  'river districts.  M***-"*^v������^w��i}te, cotices have be��o_pnnted^J��.  - CrUWd^Tpewyah' iofdistnimtioa  tif the'north aiid a. copy of one of these  is appended to the report.  w^ special^ patrol was maintained  along tbe route of the G.'t.V., With  the encouraging result that no serious  lireY ' occurred. Similar precantfons  mcfl' to be observed on tbe many  other railway lines projected"in tbe  northern country.  , Trie importance attached to' this  branch' of the work by'tbe Forestry  Branch is shown by the increase in  Cite number oi die fire rangers from 47  in j'907'td 8��"in 1908; these rangers  patrol llieir respective districts; discover and extinguish fires antf warn  travellers and* residents ofthe danger  of setting or neglecting fires. Few  serious firm occurred on Dominion  fanoVin spite of the dryness'of the  season and the consequent risk. The  most sertons fires were at Salmon Arm,  Man-son Cr��ek and White Lake, in  British Columbia; and in the valley of  tbe Spray river in Alberta.  For the B C. fires squattess on  t'mber berths were chiefly responsible  and in one case carelessness on the  part of a lumber company was a pattia'  - cause; for the Spray valley fire tbe  ca-ckssnees of tourists is lesponsible.  By the B.C. fires -200,000 feet, boasd  measure, of timber were destroyed and  so,ooo,ooo feet damaged; the Spray  valley fire hurried about 3,000,000  tick.   Subscribe for the Pioneer  and get  be latest Boundary news.  ��� ..Of & tib-reebsEXSfsaS aoS anaay-^we  days ��s esdb jear, sa jbo''*oo*;e�� tiaeaB  is(aotmotSo. ka&pmen co&osz&n&��&. as  m ihst'.��<:OarKrt8BB��.. FaarBsls aird  -awe vs^&thn^j^'hj tits.,ex-  tf.;',fe3om- isaaS.;���amppej'- 8��  'tbe yoea^;;and t&e :z*&mex_[-tsi.  t��areiesl:af���Vasoine.-.-.'sailoe to tixsa thtn  "isfc*ce tbe 'iiamdiaBi'i-itBS ';go8d'.' and "saSrar  ffeey :��� haw ���eapwdedfiB p!��cuiraE^ iiaem.  Jl 'iifc;^B^'''<w^oiB,aiM�� .-isf ���; ��&!"��� or  'riix^,w^cam^;|^^!^^ .tJaese  .���nasijfed ;yeaM"aaS3,;-:fecaB ���.. ��*&'������'��� jifteas-  Owatoias?.''-  '���': "'So'.will-it be.roow, a^  sko" to ge��es3si5a��'#'-';'; :Tfe��',nsal ^w3 a��d  itbe.: ..erteoded. \'ialBtyBa^'.^;yibia^'[^tf  'to'��� tfce'ycKBJjg;' yrt, :txasf^wJi. 'presams. ;to  naeaKBre.: :;ln a. 'refiow^g^senss siaej-  are' more dtB3b4e and iar exceed their  price to salver a��d jgoW- ���".���!���  ;/ ������':;������*;,-.;;  It is .not.'\]0Bvb*Rt' 'kirxwro,, that  'ClOTU<n��s ;att crae'tiitte; was regbded "as  a::sopaiMam:^^B^.��^.^''^^^''^  Ba&kd'bj'' the"' strong band or .'the  taw. TfeeboBy and isostfeaoe boogfa  were ordered to be destroyed, roots  and branch, as "plants of the Evil  It was Oliver CromwelJ w&o  Til�� oven door  of the EZootenay  drops down and  provides a snelf  ttpon wbich to  rest tHe pans  drarwii^i^^  ^oven;;^v';'.'���;/���.';������:���.'.':  JrUe d6b r is  strongly Draoed  ���'      THs �� tte.'Ursi ^ S*����. Hold-U* dty, b��^��i by  W ��r ��d'-��dl f^rsisS^ Sbrc^out,for' the am^modauon  ���od" i2s�� paJaSs  j ^    sermed 2�� a2  *���>**" ���   ' ���' ,  G-afrraSy Locared  DRAYINQ  Tjantfcr.   Ca,Wo! ������,iSl?��  JAHES G. flcKEOWN  i-  E-tt-ryil-BDe S*��t, 'Oeaa aisd Up-to Date.    Meals  Luis, specM -HBBtioo' bang ghw ��bi.. Diningroom.  rf^ RriAre: Pdtb Strerf, Phoenix.  d    .STE&M_SSA.TSSX  S-LSCTSUCyCHTBSC..  TPi.gPHQyE  -��s     -^  uswmmtJ^coaniryCbrmn^-sshonM FOR SALE BY THE HUNTER-KENDRICK CO.  _     4         .1 ' . ��� ���\ ��d+       &-.*���,��� **       jh.        ���w->1t.a <sTVj^ _.  ������-���^^^**M��*^^������***'*MS��'*��*��*����'��*'����sW������������W  #**  HOUSB CLEANINO  lastesd of being; �� mono-  toooutf drudgery becomes a  atesiastfsrwheu sunlight help a  vom- Remember ��� Sunlight  \, SSaiU ttt�� work, at half the  ��M�� and in baM the  ,tirnc>f other Soaps.  Follow directions  markets sbbuld be beSd on the 25th  of December. U -*as hardly to be expected that the peopSe woo!d qnksiy  sobmit to so, *sxtrao7dinar3' a rule, nor  did they. Daring the HJnessof Henry  VIIL in the first year of bis reign ii  was decided thai the Omkxma &sx&d  be a silent one. There were no hefts,  carols or ixserry-nsaking.  There is a. chasm in Chiistmas. We  have all read of the old mi��er Scrooge,  who was carried by three spirits on  Christmas D*y,,as on tbe wic*^ of the  wind, and in all the strange transit tbe  influence of the day was seen aod  heard. Not only on ibe streets of  pomp and pride, but in the narrow  buis on bleak'moors, up and dovn \ in  the mean, o��d tenement booses, there  was a glow and a heart of soog.-  Among men digging and delving in tbe  pit, to force from old mother earth her  riches, men transformed into tbe active  pick, axe and sj^e^w-is a-bt-wbreatb-  irjgra-OayaTthe days "of otttcr - iwu.-  On shipboard, as tbe bark sped on  the black and heaving sea, a Christmas  tone was hummed, and every man on  board, good or bad, bad a kinder word  and a lynder look for bis fellows  And even in a solitary lighthouse,  "built upon a dismal reef of sunken  rocks, some leagues or so from shore,  on 'which ' the' waters chafed and  dashed' the "wild yen- through* tbe  solitary watcher's, joining' their horny  hands"over the rough table, wished  each other a merry Christinas.  _ ���  The yule clog or log���the great  slick of timber placed in olden' times  upon tne Christmas fires���was derived  from the Saxon feast of Jul or Yul, at  which a similar .piece of timter gave  the |rin*-ipal .fire c.and the princip 1  light. The yule clog and the superstitions connected' with it are ameng  the most venerable of Christmas associations,  0  Far behind we "are leaving the bsre  unbrightened Christmas of Puritanism,  are making this holiday our great*s?  one. Of comparatively recent date,  it this change, of decidedly recent"dau%  the general cus'oro in America of the  lavish use of special decorations1 in  honor of Christmas.  The loutb has long followed t^e  customs of Met lie England in [the  matter of bringing in from wood jand  field the beautiful Christmas greens  with which to give home and church  festival air; but from the pine lands ol  Maine to the mistletoe haunts of California, from the creeping ground pines  of northern Wisconsin to the high  parasite greens- down in Hawaii; we  have all learned how to keep Christmas. Poor indeed is the house: that  does not show Christmas wreath in tl e  window, h4iig holly oyer the picture of  some beloved absent one,  I heard the bells on Christmas day  Their old, familiar carols play,  And wild and sweet  The words repeat  Of peace on earth,  good will to rnen I  ���Longfellow.  The advertisements you read in the  Pioneer are put there by men who are  after your business, who will go out of  their way to give you satisfaction,  whose success and prosperity will  benefit the town and you.  B��cCIJMuu  - A C&eistM** fsem  ���By Miss R- EL McCoSi,  fonsiferiy of Phoexnx.  Bnghily gleaming zxzistleids, youth and  love, and Saoghser,  Chnsttnzs   chimes   wild-ringiog   in  lhe frosty winter's night!  "Kerer herd the whistling  wind, the  ���gfxsa tfea; may come aftes^  (far sbe varld st Christmas iid�� let  .every heart be light.  Silver iadatis reaching from ihe tnsih  la *,\2x-%��tam��d sky,  SLooQi'ight gkaxnsDg on the Tiastes  of newly fallen snow,  Away,  nvaj. with sgblng,  let  cartas  what will come after���  -  Tnb Christroasisde may God's good  will and peace be with vs 2II'  Yir   tress   steading   sentineJ  .   deepest shado��3 He,  -   Ymces wbLsperina, hcigho, beneath  me mistleaoe.  Youth and love> and laugbier, measures grave and gay,  - D-inces   slow   and - sprightly,   Hfe-  ���rhytbrni ail hearts know,  An, ihat youth  mi*d>t linger, as love  and laughter may���  ���mrerr-rJjtr flaaiiig-fa  onsts of Jong ago!  Heigho f����r the mistletoe, youth and  lo*t* and laughter'  Mistletoe may wither, youth  go he-  -   yorsd recall,  A Ouittma* Sat Wife wk(��  When too nwdte z. present oi a. periodical to a- frasca or family yoa a��s nfealSr  iekeiisz s o>n3j-aiak>B to ioSaeoce sbera  for good or ill dsring a whole year. If  tcbe aejjsasntamces of joor soss aiw5  liaagiafcera wtre to talk to tfeeta Klond as  ��ozoe pejiodicrals talk to them xileatly,  htrv <|acfe1��" ynn Toald ?orf>5<! tiie coax-  p^fiUrOsiiip'. Iu tlie ons ease as in tbt  oilntr, tfae b*st ��wirse is tosap'plsnd the  5a|ar-k��*Viib abmething eqaaily attrac-  tire end at ttje Esune time "wortb whila"  A f*>--<l ran 1* urbolfeeo-CTe and utterly  where disxastfzinl. Beading can be made so,  too. Bait The Yontb'* Companion n��t  only Doori*?bes the nxind, bat delights it,  jost like that ideal associate whom yon  >ro��ild choose. Tbe Yontin's CompaDion  Si Is that place now in more thsn half 2  zailbbn iwcaee. Can you not thfnk of  another family In which it is not now  known Where it woakl be foyfnlly  welcomed?  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We shall not particularize here as to tbe symptom* oi  those peculiar affections incident to women, but those  wanting full information as to their symptoms and  means of posifire core are referred to tbe People'* Common Sense Medical Adviser���1003 pages, newly revised  end up-to-date Edition, sent /r�� on receipt of 31 onr-  eent stamps to cover cott of mailing only; or, in cloth  binding for 50 stamp*.  Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Uuffdo. N. Y.   ,  Household Laundry Work  .r-f multitude of household worries are overcome by having your  Lattndrying done at the Reco Laundry.   . . , . ........  ALL WORK  GUARANTEED  HtUoS  A 10  Reco Laundrv  Baas Loa K5*      f       1  CANADIAN HOLIDAY  EXCURSIONS  Low first class r��>und trip rates to Ontario, Quebec  and Maritime JPrbvinces.  From Phoenix to���  Toroiato 389.95  Montreal ^94-95  St. Jofc'-Ajs $1O0.45  Halifax $ 13.50  Tickets on sale Dec. ist to Dec. 31st. inclusive, final  return limits, 3 months from date of sale.  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Stuart Henderson, counsel for the  two Quesnel murderers, has received  word that a reprieve has been granted  until February 20th. The execution  was set for December 20th.  Five hundred French Canadians  brought out from the east by the  Fraser River Sawmill Company of New  Westminster, are reported as being well  satisfied with their new homes.  J. A. Macdonald, chief justice of  the court of appeal, was tendered a  farewell dinner by Iriends at Rossland  on Tuesday prior to his leaving that  city to take up residence at Victoria.  List week's issue of the British; Columbia Gazette gives notice of the incorporation of the Sheep Creek Bonanza Mining company, Limited, with  a capital of $500,000.  It is stated that next summer the  steamer Nechaco, which has been run  ning";on the upper Fraser, will attempt  to give a regular service from Fountain,  about eight miles above Lillooet, rnn-  ning as far up stream as navigation will  permit.  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The latter concern has an issued capital of $13,500,-  000 and has paid $3 778,630 in dividends to date, including a < isburse-  ment of $270,000 this month. ' The  company's principal mines are at Phoe  "nix, and its smelter at Grand; Eorks.  It is gratifying to remember that the  credit for creating this great institution,  the industrial backbone of the Boundary district, is due to three Spokane  citizens���J. P. Graves, A. L. White  and W. Y. Williams���who still head  its executive and directs its .policies'  and destiny.  Some of the great Biitish Columbia  producers whose relations to Spokane  were al one time even more intimate  t^an are the Granby's today, were the  St. Eugene mine at Moyie, the Payne,  Washington, Reco, Rambler-Cariboo,  Enterprise and many others in the  Slocan district, the Le Roi No. 2 at  Rossland, and the Cariboo mine at  Camp McKinney. The smaller properties which were in the same category  embraced, with one or two notable ex-  cep'.ions, ever.y. producing mine from  the Rockies to the Okanagan river.  Lumping them altogether big and  little, they brought, through profits of  operation and sale, over $20,000,000  to Spokane citizens.���Inland Observer.  Firswell to Paster  Rev. F. W. Auvache and family left  Grand Forks on Thursday for Penticton. Mr. Auvache has been pastor of  the Baptist church in that city for a  number of years, and on Monday  evening a large number of friends gathered at his residnece to bid farewell  to the minister and his wife, and also  took this oppostunity of showing the  esteem in which he was held in that  city by presenting him with a purse of  money. Mr. Auvache will become  pastor of the Baptist congration at  Penticton. Miss Auvache, who had  rilled the position of organist in the  church, was. presented with a set,of.  furs by the congregation.  D. Jl Matheson  I'lDKl.llY     IIO.NUM.  Snsurancc Hocnt  FIRK.       I.IFK  ANI>  ACC1DBNT.  |>LATK    CSI..VM8  <;<��*.f ms-uove-tt   rot*   taking   akfioavits  .PHOENIX,   B.C.  Bttt Invite Yotty Inspection  of out Prices and Quality  of Goods Before Buying  Qents PtMfftishings Elsewhere  Our stock of Suits, Overcoats, Underwear, Shirts,  Collars and Ties, Boots and Shoes, etc., etc., is all  new and up-to-date���no ancient, shopworn or shoddy  goods which would be expensive at any price.  By frequent buying and careful selection ol Stock  our Furnishings are always new, with the season's  distinctive styles, and bears the stamp of quality; our  prices are no higher than you will pay for inferior goods  elsewhere.  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given  that the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company (as Lessee of and exercising  the franchise of the Columbia and Western Railway) has this day deposited in  the iAiid Registry office in the City of  Kamloops 111 the Province of British  OominDlaV"~pIan"nP'r5'r]te-''a��,*l--'1��o'��t'---Qt  reference showing a proposed branch line  lo be constructed by the said Canadian  Pacific Railway Company from M. 5.5  of the Plioenix Branch of the ea*'d  Cciumliia ami Western Railway, to  Welling on Camp, and that thirty daj �����  after this not'n e or so soon thereafter ae  the application can be heard, the said  Canadian Pacific Railway Company intend* to apply to the Board of Railway  Commissioners for Canada for approval  of the said Branch.  Dated this First day of December, 1909  R. MARPOLE,  General F.xecutive Assistant,  Canadian Pacific Railway Conpany.  There's two things to consider in  printing���material and workmanship  ���get both and you get satisfaction in  the Pioneer.  CALLING FOR TEHOERS  For Construction of V. H.Jk E. Link To Con-  nect Boundary and Coast     ���,  Railway men take as an indication  that, no time will oe lost in starting  construction of the remaining sections  of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastein  short line lrom the Boundary tothe  coast the fact thai tenders are being  called by the,Great Northern for the  huilding of two links of the line between Princeton and the coast.  Tenders are being asked for the  construction of the section between  Abboltsford arid Hope, a distance of  78 miles. To the former place Great  .Northern'steel is now laid.  Aiother lender is asked for the  building of the 1ne from Princeton  west to Tulameen, a shorter mileage  than the first section. The gap between Tulameen and Hope contains  the area to be traversed "by the proposed eight-mile tnnnel. lenders for  this section have not yet been called for.  Several well known contractors are  in Vancouver arranging to figure on  the jobs. They include Mr. Charles  Lafollette of Guthrie & Co. of St.  Paul, large Great Northern contractors,  and Mr. J. A. Kellutt of P. Walsh &  Co., the American name of the Canadian firm of Foley, Welsh  & Stewart.  B. C. Curllotc Aitoclation     ,  The  British Columbia Curling association held, its annual.-meeting at  Rossland. , j  The most important matter was the  decision to hold a bonspiel in Nelson  on January 24, weather permitting.    It  ��as ascertained that a large number'of  rinks would be prepared to enter.  The following officers were elected :  H. P. McCraney, Rossland, patron.  J. G. Bunyan, Nelson, president.  VV.   G.   McMynn,  Greenwood,   ist  vice-president.  James Buchanan,   Trail,  2nd vice  president.  ' A. McCowan, Cranbrook,   3rd vice,  president! ���*. -'  Rev. F. H. Graham, Nelson, chaplain.  George A. Hunter, Nelson, secretary-treasurer.  Executive committee���C. D. Blackwood, D. Guthrie, F. A, Starkey,  Nelson; J. A..Hartley;'Phoenix-: J S.  C. Fraser, Rossland ; Judge Wilson,  Cranbrook.  Representatives were present from  Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Phoenix,  Greenwood and Cranbrook.  Backache  If every suffering -woman  would take Pe-  .rutin, they  would soon  know its value  and never be  without it."  MRS. JOSEPH IiAOEIXE, 12-niron-  son St., Ottawa East,/Ontario,  Canada, writes:  "I Buttered with backache, headache  and dragging puina for over ��� nine  months, and nothing relieved mu until  I took Peruna. This medicine is by far  better than any other medicine for these  troubles. A fewr bottles relieved me. of  my miserable half-dead, half-alive cone  dltion.  "I am now in good health, have neither  ���che nor pain, nor have I had any for  the past year.  "If every suffering womanvfonld take  Forana, they would soon know its value  and never be with out.it."  Dyspepsia and Indigestion.  Mde. Joseph Beaudoin, 59 Rue St.  Olivier, Quebec,i"^Can.; writes:::   ;���  "Peruna is wonderful for indigestion.  I eat whatever I want and no longer  feel any oppression.; Having had dyspepsia for m long time and having tried  various other remedies, I decided to try  Peruna and with the fourth bottle of it  1 was perfectly cured.  Headache  Internal Rains.  "ITor this reason I recommend It to  all those who aro suffefrin^ with tli.it  terrible malady, dsipepsl.t.. I hnpe  that all who are aflllcud In this way  wili take I'orunaund Maualiu un I did."  Chronic Nasal Catarrh.  Mr. Chas. H. Stevens, 122 Sixteenth  St., Detroit, Mich., writes: '*  "It affords mo great pleasure to testify to the merits of Peruna ah a remedy  for catarrh.  "I suffered for some ^time with  chronic nasal catarrh, but utter live  months treatment during which tltrie I  used seven , bottles of Peruna I, jam  pleased to say that I am entirely well,  there not living the Brightest trace of  catarrh left. '.," !   ~  "Poruna Is without a 'doubt, in my  mind, the greatest remedy known,for  catarrh."  Weak, Tired.Feellnl.  Miss Marie A.' Lesser, 928 W. 80th St*  Chicago, 111., Worthy Secretary I. O. Q.  T., writes:  "I am glad to give a good word for  Peruna, and I hope that all who see this'  'who are troubled with systemic catarrh  as X was for years, will profit by It.'  "I had tried many remedies, butnona  did more than give me temporary, relief, and some did not ovon do thatjf  "Itook Poruna at tho Buggestionjot a  friend, and was more than pleased and  surprised at the rosults.'  "I am now perfectlywell andstrong.  That weak, tired,feeling has left! ma,  and I fool like a different person; ���n---  tiroly."    ���      ' :   '; ���'������'-";        3  .   The Slavery of Disease.  It 1b wonderful liow many women ia  Canada and the United Suites have been  practically made new again by the'uaa  bfperuiia. "*  Not the victimsof any organic dlsaaaaj  but Just a half-dead and balf-alive/ooo*  dltion.  \. Miserable, dragging pains that keep a  woman ialway8_ from doing her' beat  work, fromi being her best self. CroM  and potulent, perhaps. Maybe even a  slattern in her household, just beoana*  her -health" is ^continually below Tpar.  She never,feels quite right. Shejgeta  the reputation of being sullen, or mor*  bid, or ill'tempered.   \  Her trouble is not a ;noral one at all,  it is simply a physical one. Make snoh  a woman well and she immediately b*a��  comes transformed'into a new bein*|  mentally.  This is exactly what Peruna ha��daa*ai  in a inullitiido of cases. ���*  Ask Your Druggist for a Free Peruna Almanac for 1910  Ths Pioneer for Fins Commercial Printjhg  and all kinds of Poster work.  RioTinto-Treadwefl Mine  COPPER  The New Edition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK  The Copper Handbook contains, in  this'new and greatly enlarged edition,  in this new and (iieaily enlarged edition,  nhout 60 per cent, more matter than the  Bible-thoutfh not necessaril**- a better  l>ook hfcanse of its Kieater balk. It if  filled with FACTS of vital un porn nee to  Vol VIII ip-iiod May, 19051, ������ontainj*  1VX) Ptvtfs, wih neirlv 50 per cent.  .Torematter than the pre.-e.li.nt edit.on  The rhnpters with minedesmplionp an.  on 8t��.iMi.*- have been carefully revue.l  nnd the hulk of the matter therein is  ENTIRELY  NEW  There ate 25 chapters.  Covering Copper History, ��twl.��y.  Geoeraphv. " Chemistry, Minarao��>.  Minimr, Milling L-aching, Sm��l in*.  RV&.   Brand,    (.rabies   ImiMin.^-  ports! Kxports, Finances. D.v.dends  elTI,e Corper Handbook is concededly  the  World's Standard Reference  Book On Copper.  THK INVESTOR  THB SPECULATOK  THKMKTALLUBGIST  THK CONSUMER  . THE MINER  TFRMS are the most liberal. Send  no monov hut order the book sent to  vonTXwVriagoohar^prepai.ono".;  Weck'B approval, to be  retnrned  ,. u  for yourself of its value-o you ?  I>HICE is !i*5 in buckram with (.'lit top,  or *7.60 in le"-!" full library ,�����rnc    ���  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher,  Horaee J. Stevens  LOCATION-Three and One-Half MUes  south  east from  Curlew,  Washington.  PROPERTY-Seven claims, RIO TINTO, MASCOTT, COLUMBIA,  MAMMOTH. MINT, TREADWELL and CALUMET.  VALUES���Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper.  LEDGES���The property has Four Distinct Ledges.   Giving the  remarkable opportunity of Four Chances to One, as against  the average property.  PROGRESS OF DEVELOPMENT���Tunnel No. 1 is now in about 170  feet.   It has been in Ledge No. 1 for more than 40 feet.    The  quality of the Ledge Filling is improving  with  every  foot  of  work.    It will require about 30 feet more to reach the  East  Wall, when the values will be better.  LEDGE No. 2-It Is planned to reach Ledge No. 2 by March.  to  oney  Stock is being offered at 5 Ceots per vShare���One-  Third Cash.    One-Third January lOth, and One-  Third February lOth.  sjj ��     JL~4<  VICE-PRESIDENT  ^ AND HANAGER  jjirgg^ii  ^aES^Si^^^^^-^  f^^lfi^fc^r*1;; .-^^f^:^--^t^'--v':^ -:--%fa;-Jui  ,.������ .      -   'fii 'ii-Th pr^  SHEIDEN   BU1LD.N0,    HOUGHTON  Mich., U.S.A.  DEC.   28  to JAN.  2nd   . ��� L    I  CO  imwm  .��'%*���.,  'M  -��'*    r*#m  3'*./%-. .�� Y'/M  c*       j ^ i     .**, *-f-FL ���v,a*jr��*��  6   r,    . Y>'^'m  | KX   ' 'Y J$ffl  "���V  y  fit  "��/*";���*.  ' ** t  ..,   /, j mi  ?\  ){i\^XM  ?yim\  "   ?Yiy$Fm  ,{*. ft* %��**>��  )l  \*$ffla  3 if  : /mm  Y'^i$E  ������",>3h  -yy  ' YYmi  -   t **>AI  ��� xmt  f/Ml  V>'<|  '������A  >'%  *���  i*>*  ���'i'' PHOEMIX PIONEER, PHOENIX   B n  -Mcl  RAE BROS., limited  IT  DOESN'T  NEED  ADVERTISING  THESE DAYS TO STIMULATE TRADE  i  Enough Christmas Goods are already here to supply a big demand,  and other shipments are on the way. In addition to the des-  tinctively Children'* things.such as toys and games, we're showing  a number of novelties in  Photo frames, Photo Albums, Post  Cord Albums, writing sets, Toilet  coses, Plush Goods, fancy Clocks,  Metal Novelties, Art calendars,  fane*! diha,' Christmas cards,  smokers9 Sets, son  Bon Boxes  that are full of Christmas spirit. The quicker you make selections.  now the better your chance of getting what you want. We never  have enough of everything to go around, and no store can figure  precisely just how much of each line to buy. We do the best we  possibly can to meet every requirement and urge shoppers in their  own interest to buy early.  *,'./  I'trU.  ,sl  McRAE BR0S.> limited  Merry Xmas  'M&fty:->y'y.i.'-;.  \.; ?��� ~%';A**i:*y  Prosperous  New Year  WATCHriAKER AND OPTICIAN  Lower Town, Phoenix  The Store where You get 100 Cents in Value  for Every Dollar.  Local and General.  The Pioneer wishes its many readers  a Merry Christmas  Dry wood in car lots.    Apply to  J.  Trombley,-Phoenix, B.C.  Before   buying your furniture elsewhere, call on R. J. Gardner.  W.  G.- Mackenzie left Tuesday on  a business trip to Winnipeg.  John Graham of Vancouver is spending Christmas at his home here.  Jos. Burby left on Tuesday for Calgary to accept a lucrative position.  Eric Jackson went to Vancouver on  Wednesday to have his eyes treated.  Fred Stitzel met with an unfortunate  accident at the Gold Drop on Monday.  The skating rinks at Greenwood and  Grand Forks were opened this week.  Greenwood Knights of Pythias hold  their annual ballon New Year'-s night.  A.    D.    Macfarlane,    formerly    of  Greenwood is studying law in   Prince  Rupert.  The residence of Arthur Dickson in  Grand Forks was destroyed by fire on  Tuesday."  lhe nuptials tu "��i"-��- ..��..��..���.-  and Miss Zdpha Oxley will be solemnized today.  Miss Jx>u Graham arrived home on  Thursday after spending some months  in Alberta.  Dr. MacLean of Greenwood was in  town on Thursday shaking hands with  old friends.  For cleaning and pressing try Wal  lace, the tailor ; goods called for and  delivered.  A. McLeod, formerly of Phoenix, is  repoited to have been killed in the  Coeur d'Alenes this week.  Miss Nellie Webster of the the tele-  "prTone~exchang~e~h"as   returned" Jro'rn"  pleasant holiday in Spokane  The marriage of D. A. Grant, principal of Phoenix public school, to Miss  Cora Graham takes place today.  W. X. Clatk and daughter, Mrs.  A. D. McKenzie, left on Thursday to  visit friends at Bellingham, Wash.  J. L. Martin, formerly of Phoenix,  will be at the Dominion hotel next  week, from Dec. 28th to Jan. 2nd.  Timothy Sullivan, formerly of Phoenix, was married to Eva J. Neill at  Well's River, Vermont on Dec. 5th.  Misses Bertha and Mabel Heidman  returned home on Monday after a two  months visit with fiiends in  Spokane.  While attempting to ascend a chute  when "rock was coming down John  Wynn had his nose broken a few days  ago.     . *  The Marie Biggar Concert company  which was booked for Phoenix opera  house Dec. 31st will not reach here  until a later date.  It was 10 below zero in Greenwood  on Wednesday. The zero point has  hot been reached by local thermometers this season as yet.  , Frank McDonald received word on  Tuesday of the accidental death in the  mines at Butte of his brother^ Rod  who formerly resided in Phoenix.  Curling is now in full swing in  Phoenix rink and it is expected the  schedule will be drawn up and competing rinks chosen in the course of a  few days.   ,  Y A joint installation of officers Midway,���'''Greenwood,-. Phoenix and Grand  Forks lodges, Knights of Pythias, will  take plaoe in Grand Forks on Jan.  nth next.  Martin McHale, the Granby blacksmith, received word on Wednesday  of the death of his father, Martin McHale, in the county of Mayo, Ireland,  at the ripe age of 84 years.  Roy Curran, the hockey enthusiast  of Grand Forks, was in town on Wednesday and claims his city will have a  stronger team than ever in quest of the  hockey championship this season.  While driving down the switchbacks  to Greenwood on Tuesday morning  W. A. Nicholson and Bert Dewille  were thrown from a cutter and their  team ran away. The cutter was badly  smashed, but'otherwise nothing serious  hagpend.  "  Tuesday was the shortest day of the  year.  VV. R. Williams of the King's  hotel  is in Nelson.  Try Wallace, the tailor, for cleaning  and pressing.  Grand   Forks  has been  threatened  wilh a coal famine.  Mayor G. W. Rumberger left oh  Tuesday for Regina.  All the Phoenix hotels have prepared  special dinners for today.  E. Spraggett was in town from  Grand Forks on - Tuesday.  Steve O' Hanley went to Nelson on  Thursday to spend Christmas.  Judge Hood is spending Christmas  with   his son in Grand Forks.  Misses Kate and Anna Bell are  spending the Christmas vacation with  friends in Spokane.  New lines of goods specially for the  holiday trade being received daily at  Love's drug store.  Claude J. McAstocker left on Friday  for Nelson to spend Christmas with  his parents in Nelson.  Souvenir trays of Plioenix, showing  foiir views in relief, only 75c. at Black'**  jewelry store.  Martin McHale left on Thursday  fur Seattle and coast cities to spend  ihe Christinas holidays.  If you are thinking of building or  require building material of any kind  ���lumber, shingles, lime, brick���call  on me for figures. Phone A 44. C.  A. Ross.  At the big raffle at the Royal Bil  hard Parlors on Monday evening the  following were the prize winners : Is!,  $20 set of pipes, G. Kay; 2nd, $5  calabash pipe, D. A Grant;'3rd, $2  prize, G   P. Rogers.  R. G. McNeillie, general passenger  agent of Jhe C.P.R. for this._distrjc1.  was in Tlie city "Wednesday. Mr. McNeillie is looking to the improvement  of the service to the Boundary and  will no doubt receive hearty encouragement from the travelling public.  Elsewhere in this issue will be found  the menu of the Hotel Brooklyn for  Christmas dinner. Few hotels of large  cities can boast of a more elaborate  menu. The Strutzel-King orchestra  has been engaged to supply music for  the occasion.  John H. Sampson, ex foreman of  the Dominion Copper mines, received  a choice Christmas box yesterday in  the shape of a telegram from T. R.  Drummond appointing Mr. Samson  foreman of a large mine at GJobe,  Arizona.  John Skugland had a narrow escape  last Saturday. He had a large amount  of dynamite ready to bulldoze a rock  and had just placed the cap, when a  flying rock struck the cap and precipitated the explosion. Skugland was  badly burned about the face, but otherwise uninjured. ,..   ,  J. McLaughlin and W. X: McDonald left on Saturday for Quebec to  visit the scenes of their youth. The  shiltboss will probably act as advance  for the silvery-tongued orator in a  Boundary publicity campaign of the  "peasoup" country. George Clothietl  who came in from Nevada . last week  accompanied them.  The Christmas trees and entertain  merits of the Presbyteriam and Metho  dist Sunday schools held on Tuesday  and Thursday evenings respectively,  passed off happily. The children were  much enthused with the Santa Claus  spirit and took their parts in a manner  pleasing to all. The feature of the  evening was the distributing of presents from the heavily-laden trees,  which sent the children  home happy.  The Great Northern passenger train  was two hours and forty minutes late  on Monday. The train from Spokane  arrived in "Grand Forks on time, and  the delay in getting to Phoenix appears to have been nothing short of  gross negligence in not having an engine ready to convey the train up the  hill, The locomotive which was finally located and commissioned was a  cripple which is past the hope of any  hospital. This sort.of service is becoming disgusting to a long suffering  public  There is nothing more acceptable than a  nice article of Jewelry, and you do not  need a large sum of money for your  Xmas Presents either. Many small  articles from our stock, costing ... . ��� ��� ���  Two Dollars to Font I>olla*s  make excellent presents/  For Her  CUFF LINKS, COLLAR. PINS, etc. - - - - 75c to $5.00  TOILET ARTICLES, separate pieces, 75cup  NECKLETS, LOCKETS. CHAINS, !��!��&* $250 to  $20  GOLD WATCHES ------  $10 to $50  For Him  WATCHES, CHAINS,   FOBS,   CUFF  LINKS, etc.  All Qualities and Prices  Also   the   New -GILLETTE"  SAFETY BAZOB-  .   at Five Dollars, fits in your vest pocket  BEAUTIFUL SOLID GOLD STICK PINS, at ,  Two Dollars to Five Dollars  LITTLE DIAMOND AND PEARL PINS, at  Seven Dollars to Ten Dollars  For the Little FolKs���  BIRTH STONE RINGS, SOCKETS AND CHAINS  BOYS' WATCHES - $3 50 to $5.00  GIRLS' WATCHES -       -      $6 50 to JO.OO  BABY PINS, 75c. and upwards.  BABY PINS,  large, with baby's name, only $4.00  BABY RINGS, $ J.OO and $*.25-Solid Gold  E. A. BLACK  |Ai,  It..-'  J',1 Mi'  if-/   'it"  IV / w  \\   -it  Wi  ���-YA  \\Y  K .*���' :  til  The Jeweler  CANADIAN  ANNUAL  Eastern Canada  EXCURSIONS  Law Round Trip Rates to  Ontario, Quebec and  Maritime Provinces  "Tickets on sale Dec. i to Dec. 31,  inclusive, good to return within three  months.  Tickets issued in counection Atlantic steamship business will be on sale  from Nov. 21 and limited to five  months from date of issue.  Finest equipment, standard first  class and tourist sleeping cars on all  through trains. Compartment-library-  observation cars on Imperial Lmiied  and Atlantic Express.  3-Through   Express   Trains  Daily��3  THE    TORONTO   EXPRESS  leaves Winnipeg daily at 22 40, making  connecton at  Toronto  for  all   points  east and west thereof.  The Imperial Limited leaves Winnipeg daily at 18.15'and-*-the ' Atlantic  Express at 8 daily, making connections  at Montreal for all points east  thereof.  Apply to the- nearest C.P.R. agent  for full information...-,.  AMERICAN LAUNDRY  Leave your name at the American  Hand Laundry, just across the street  froijs the Scandinavian Hall, and  Laundry will be called for and de  livered.  Mrs. F. J.  COWLES,- Proprietress,  Jay I'. Graves Very III  Jay   P.   Graves,  vice-president and  general manager of the Granby  Consolidated, is repoited seriously ill.    He  is at present in Los Angtles.  Christmas Goods  We  have   still a Large Stock for the  Christmas EVe shopper to select from  Leather Goods, Hand Bags, Hair Brushes  Combs, Glove and Handkerchief Boxes  Beautifully Designed China Pieces  Stationery. Perfumery,   Etc*  A Full Line of Chocolates  Love's D*tt�� Sto#e  WHEN YOU WANT PRINTING DONE, you  want it done properly. To do it properly you must  have experienced men. The Phoenix Pioneer  has the men, the material ancl the machinery to do  the work. Send us your next order for printing���  no order too big, none too small. We do everything in printing,  and will give  you   satisfaction.  WHEN YOU WANT  ail or in  Keep both eyes on the Rio Tinto-  Treadwell mine, near Curlew, Wash.  Buy Rio Tinto-Treadwell stock at 5  cents per share on the payment plan.  Only a few thousand shares left at fhis  price.���J. L. Martin, Phoenix, B. C.  Ask for oyster cocktails at the  Brooklyn.  COMB TO THE OLD RELIABLE  AND  ONLY  TAILOR IN PHOENIX  s 1  .SP$CIA.L./$45  OVERCOATS for $35  m?ffcj"*JT >w*w��i  l.'Vi*:  fWipal wtfraEKg?


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