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The Miner Sep 24, 1898

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)aily Edition No. i iS.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday Morning, September 24, 189.S.
Ninth Year
The first of October we move  into  the   Beer
Block, next to Jacob Dover, the Jeweller and
for the balance of September we will offer our
stock of
|3oots and Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
So for your pocketbook's sake don't miss this sale.
Bargains that give you a " Glad I went there " feeling.
Loss of the Victoria Steamer
|ver Clarke Wallace's Visit
to Quebec.
1") feet of water may now enter and
come to the wharves. Lieutenant J.
T. Myers, of tho marine eorps, is in
charge of all prizes.
fhe Action of tlieOanadianJM&iiufacturers'
Association Called Into Question
at  the   East'
Ottawa,    fcjept.   28.���The   aiinounec-
eiit that Clarke Wallaoe has been delated by the Canadian Manufacturers'
kssooiation  to  represent  their views
leforn   the     Quebec   conference    has
f.iused no little surprise to puhlie men
���ipiainted   with     the   orthodox   pro-
l.-dui'i)   of   international negotiations.
Wallace really represents  the nianu-
lieturers,   his   selection   for   such   a
lission reflects littlo erc:lit upon their
lidgment.    It is   inconceivable    that
lie   Canadian    manufacturers    eould
lave been guilty of such discourtesy as !
li send to Quebec a politician who has
r lost an  opportunity of declaring
lis hostility to the  government repre-1
Tinted by   the   Canadian oommission- j
and   whose   mission   here   is   re-
ttrded as   little,   short of   an insult to ,
limn.    It has   not escaped the   nol ice
politicians that there is   a distinct j
Iilitical significance   attached   to  his 1
pip to Quebec.    People   are   asking if
was necessary for the manufacturers
1 be represented by   a prominent con- j
irvativo nnd   a champion   of Ihe   na-
Tonal    policy,    why    wero   Tupper,
���owell and Foster  passed  over?   The
linion prevails that in furtherance; of
Js   apirations to become   leader, Wal-
Ice volunteered his  services  and in -
Jted  credentials  authorizing   him to
leak for some manufacturers   belong-
Tg to tho association.
An Important Transaction by   the   B.
C. Electric Co.
Vancouver, Sept. 2:1.���Real estate
deals are being made daily. An important transaction was put through
yesterday which placed the British
Columbia Electric, railway company in
possession of property formerly owned
by the Canadian Pacific railway company, on the southeast corner of Hastings and Carrol streets. Mr. Buntzen,
manager of the British Columbia Electric company, says it is tlm intention
of tho company to erect a line brick
and stone two story building ou tho
property. The building will be used
at the western terminus of the New
Westminister line and will also contain the general offices of the compauy. The priee paid for the property
was about $10,000.
Montreal. Sept. 38.���W. Gillespie, a
Peiietanguishene merchant, was found
guilty of furnishing false statements
of accounts. He was arrested at the
instance of Tliibnudeau Eros. The
jury strongly reoommended hhu to
Oollingwood, Sept. 28.���A jockey
named Bellwood fell from his horse
during the races at   the  exhibition on
Wednesday and received a blow on the
head causing concussion of the brain,
with probably fatal results.
There i3 P.ooni for 50,000 Miners and the
Eegion Now Kivals the Famous Klondike.
health wonld not permit her to accompany her husband to India, it is asserted today that she is iu excellent
health and will go with Mr. Curzon
when ho starts for his new iield of
The Dreyfus Case Causes Another Tragedy-
Picquart is Kept a Close Prisoner
i     and Cannot be Seen.
| reams   Turned    to   Torrent*
Fresh Water Out to Sea.
(Vancouver, Sept. 23.��� The fall rains
Yve been  unusually  heavy.    Captain
liliams of   the steamer Dreaduaught,
i has just como down from Granite
s, where the  city   stone quarry is
fcablishod, reports that  in connection
tho recent heavy rains there havo
on several cloudbursts. Indian river,
Iiieh Hows   iuto   the   north  arm  of
firrard  Inlet, was   transformed   into
awe inspiring torrent which carried
boforo   it   and   rushing  into the
li it made a path  for  itself  through
li salty   watres, becoming a  river of
Ish water flowing over a  bod of salt
liter.    Capt. Williams made a number
\tests and found that the fresh water
ended for   10   miles down from the
luith of Indian river, which will give
tno idea  of   the velocity of tho cur-
Jit.    All the  othor  water courses in
vicinity   have overflowed.    At the
[arry at Granite Falls on Sunday last
could have   run the whole   stream
{���oiigh a barrel, but now  that stream
become   a roaring, plunging  river
rly 100 feet wide.
Have Removed the
Manila Bay.
licricnu   Ollicers
Wrecks from
Ian Francisco, Sept. 23. ��� An Asso-
Itod Press corespondent, writing
|m Manila says:
Che work of setting the wheels of
siness iu tho harbor of Manila in
ation has been entrusted to Captain
Jury Clans,of the United States ship
larleston. Ono of his first duties
pi be that of taking an inventory of
[shipping that has fallen into Ad-
fal Dewey's  hands.    This   includes
���vthing, oither on tho bay or river,
|ich means a  radius of 40 miles and
raluo about $1,500,000.
JJnsign   Moffatt has been busy with
|i cotton and   dynamite blowing up
wrecks sunk in the Pasig river
. outer harbor and of the 20 or 30
bcks in   the   river, nearly all   hnvo
Paris, Sept. 23.���Madame Piiulmier,
wife of M. Charles Paulmier, member of the chamber of deputies, from
tho deportment of Calvados, has added
another tragedy to the bewildering intricacies of the Dreyfus affair. Madame Paulmier today entered the office
of La Lanterue and asked to see M.
Millerand. M. Milleraud was absent,
M. Ollivea who was present stepped
forward to receivo the lady, who without waiting ior nny explanation,
whipped out a revolver and fired twice.
M. Ollivea fell to the floor wounded.
Ho was taken to a hospital. Madame
Paulmier was taken into custody and
whmi questioned, coolly announced "I
wished to kill M. Millerand.'' She
explained that La Laiiterno bad slandered herself and her husband because
her husband had written a letter to |
General Chanoine, the minister of i
wnr, with reference to putting a stop
to tho attacks upon the army provoked
by the Dreyfus affair.
The military authorities have accomplished their plan of stifling Colonel Picquart by placing bim au
secret. Colonel Picquart's friends have
been denied admission to tbe prison.
His counsel, Matiere Laborrio, has
twice applied at the oftiec of the clerk
of tho court martial and asked for
permission to see his client. On both
occasions he was informed that Picquart had been placed in secret and
could only be seen on an order from
the authorities, wliich order M. La-
bolio has been unable to secure.
La Liberta predicts important action
by the council of Tuesday, which may
result in the convoking of the chambers.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Sept. 23.���Colonel
W. F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill." is very
ill and has been removed from his private car to St. Joseph's hospital. He
is suffering from typhoid fever and his
physicians say bis condition is serious.    He has been ailing for 10 days.
Victoria, Sept. 23.���News came on
tho steamer Princess Louise, arriving
here this morning, of tho wreck of tbe
Victoria steamer Barbara Boscowitz,
in northern waters. She was driven on
a rock four miles above Kitkatlah,
about noon on Friday last, white on
her way northward, by the swift current, and is a total loss. At high tide
she is all but coverod. Tlie passengers,
crew and most of the freight were
taken ashore in Indian canoes, the
salvage party being still aboard when
the Boscowitz keeled over and sank,
until she rested ou the rocks with only
her upper works visible. The Boscowitz was built here in 1883 and was
120 feet long, 23 feci beam, and 10 feet
hold. She was built by Capt J. D.
Warren, her present owner, although
she has not been iu his possession ever
since, having been sold about 12 years
ago to Capt. .1. S. Williams, for $20, -
000. He cleared $22,000 ou her the
flrst season. She has been a money
maker ever since she was launched.
The steamer Amur arrived from
Skagway and Lynn canal ports this
morning with 105 passeugers, mostly
from Dawson, who came up the rivet-
on the steamer Columbian and Canadian.' The passengers report that
Dawson has a complete modern fire
fighting apparatus, especially adapted
to the climatic, changes existing there.
Tho engine is one of the latest models
and ean bo operated in the coldest
weather. Tho hose cart and other
paraphanalia are all of tho best aud,
together with its well organized fire,
department, gives Dawson better protection than many older towns.
The gold bearing country is very
much larger than was supposed. Late
prospecting showed up the fact. It
is now known that it extends from below discovery on Pine river up to
Surprise lake, and covers much of the
territory embraced in tho different
streams" flowing into that magnificent
body of water. Surprise lake is estimated to be 75 miles long, and many
steamers enter it on oither side, all of
whioh so far as prospected, show up
rich iu gold. In the district so far
known to be gold bearing there is
room for 50,000 miners, and many old
miners lately arriving hero for supplies state that the diggings will rival
tho Klondike and will hold the attention of the world next year as tho
Klondike did the. past season.
News reached Wrangel, shortly before tho Amur sailed, of the death by
suicide of Gardner E. Richardson, of
Battle Creek, Mich., at Telegraph
creek. The suicide was tho direct rosult of hardships and privations due
to an attempt to reach the land of gold
over tho Ashcroft trail.
Among tho passengers trom thc interior is Major Talbot, paymaster of
tho Yukon force, who is going to
Quebec, where his wife is dangerously
ill. The last of the troops reached Fort
Selkirk a few days before he left. Colonel Evans has had to call for tenders
for food supplies to replace those
stranded on the way in the American
steamers to which the Canadian government awarded the transportation
Seattle, Sept. 23.���The steamer Humboldt arrived here today, 11 days from
St. Michaels with 230 passengers from
Dawson City. The majority of them
wero "cheehari'cs, " glad to get back to
civilization. Thero were only a few
who bad gold dust. Purser Twigg estimated the total treasure brought
down tm the steamer at $100,000.
Troops were taken up from San
Francisco on the Humboldt, and they
left St. Michaels on September 0 for
Rampart City.
Many   Miners   Entombed   and   Great
Loss of Life is Feared.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 23.���Au explosion occurred nt tho Umpire Coal
mines, near Brownsville, Pa., thi.-,
morning at a.m., caused by an accumulation of gas.
There were 130 at work at the time
and but 50 escaped without injury.
Fivo men aro believed to havo been
killed and a large number entombed.
x\s soon as possible after the explosion
roscuing parties were organized and
ure now trying to reach the unfortunate meu. There is great excitement
and hundreds of women and children
surround tho mouth of the nit. The
mine is owned by the Umpire Coal
At 10:80 p. m., 27 of tbo entombed
miners returned to town, having escaped by traversing a mile aud a half
of underground passages, coming out at
the opening near Lyon ou the Bed
stone branch of the Pennsylvania railroad. This point is four miles from tbe
opening on Monogaliola river. Another body that of Robert Davies, has
been recovered, making eight dead.
Nineteen miners are unaccounted for.
Nearly all who escaped are injured or
burned, either slightly or seriously.
The dead aro unrecognizable, being
burned and mutilated. Explosion is
said to have beeu caused by the loosening of a large block of coal, which
opened a pocket of gas. Tho entry
where the explosion occurred is located
a mile and a half from the pit mouth.
to w, mum fie
Is the Wish of the Insurgent
Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 23.���Governor
Bradley, upon receiving a telegram
conveying the rumor thnt arrangements are being made to bave the
Corbett-McOoy light in that state near
Cincinnati, issued a proclamation today warning all persons not to attend
tlie same and directing the peace ollicers of the state to take steps to suppress the fight if attempted iu Kentucky.	
The Insurgents fend a Message  of Goal
Wil] and Grat!tude to the President
of the United States.
London, Sept. 23.���At Manchester
today the new Barnes selliug handicap
of 150 sovereigns, for three year olds
and upwards, was won by Queen of
Manila, Sept. 33.���A careful investigation of the attempt to poison Aguinaldo shows the cook is not dead, as reported, and that no priests are implicated, as alleged by the insurgent-.
Several Spanish cazadores were allowed to remain at liberty at Malolos
and two of them were employed iu
Aguiualdo's household. One of these
put a packet of oxalite of potash
powder in the soup and the cook detected it immediately, but nobody was
injured. A packet was found in thc
cazadore's pocket. There is no reason
to believe he had any accomplices.
The Filipino government proposed
to send a long despatch to President
McKinley, protesting against certain
alleged Spanish misstatements being
calculated to "undermine tne friendship betweeu the Filipinos and the
Americans. But, instead of doing so,
they simply sent a despatch tendering
to the American government and tlie
American people, through President
McKinley, an expression of "high esteem and unity of sentiment towards
the champions and protectors of
oppressed peoples, and sentiments of
liberty and independence."
On Thursday, the Filipinos intended
to have a grand festival at Malolos in
celebration of their independence.
The Filipinos Nat in",')1 assembly has
decided to request ihu Amtiricaus first
to recognize tho independence of the
island ; second, to establish a protectorate over their external affairs, and
to induce the powers to recognize their
independence; third, to appoint a joint
commission of Americans and Filli-
pinos for the arrangement ot details to
'' reciprocate the American services.''
The Railway Kate War is Ended and the
Old Figures Restored on Through
Passenger Business-
A Minor reporter yesterday interviewed the representatives of the Canadian Pacific and tho Great Northern
railways regarding the report that* the
old passenger rates, prevailing prior to
the rate war, which was commenced
last February, would bo restored on
Sunday the 25th inst.
Mr. W. F. Anderson, travelling passenger agent of the C. P. R., stated
that he bad received instructions from
headquarters that ou aud after September 25, the old rato is to be
charged. Tho rates over tho C. P. R.
as restored are as follows : From coast
points to Toronto, $05 and $55; to
Montreal $(19.10 and $58.05; to Halifax,
$85.00 and $08.55.
Tho rates from Kootenay points to
the cast have not yet been agreed upon
but pending a meeting of all tbe lines
interested the old rates will hold.
These are as follows : From Nelson to
Toronto, $00.05 and $60.05 ; to Montreal, $72.55 and $05.35; to Halifax,
$87.90 and $70.15. The rate given by
thed C. P. R., to eastern points ou the
late cut were : $-17.80 and $37. SO. Al
though the above, rates will be iu force
on and after Soptcmber 25, the Canadian company will give the lowest
rate allowed by anv American line.
The differential of $7.50 and $5.50
formerly allowed the C. P. R. on
through trafflo has been done away
with and the Canadian compnay has
been placed ou an equal basis with its
American rivals in the competition for
passengers trafflo. West bound rates
have also been restored to former
The Great Northern agent also received instruction yesterday that all
rates, east and west will be restored to
their former figures on and after Sunday September 25. These aro prao-
tically the same as those quoted abovo
over ihe O. P. R. Hue.
In destroyed, so that   ships drawing [honor.
London, Sept. 23.���At a meeting of
the common council of London at tho
Guildhall, it was resolved to confer
the freedom of the city upon' Major
General Sir Herbert Kitchener, and
also to present him with   a   sword   of
London, Sept. 23.���It is officially announced hero that Hon. George Curzon, until recently, parliamentary sec-
rotary of the foreign office, who is to
succeed the Earl of Elgin as viceroy of
India, has been elevated to ihe peerage as Baron Curzon, of Kedleston.
Contradicting the report circulated
yesterday  that Mrs. Curzon's delicate
Philadelphia, Sept. 23.���A threo
day's match between P. F. Warner's
team of English crieketeers and the
Philadelphia colts was begun on tho
Marion Cricket olub ground at Haver-
ford today. When stumps were drawn
this afternoon, the local team, which
consists of iS young players selected
from the various Philadelphia cricket
clubs, had made 77 runs for tlieir first,
innings,and the Englishmen 73 for the
loss of three wickets.
Tho Chinese   Potentate  Fears  an Attempt Upon  His Lifo.
London, Sept. 23 ���According to
special despatches from Pekin members of the European community there
believo the life of the emperor of
China is iu danger. It is added that
the dowager empress desires to place
Prince Kung's grandson ou the throne.
The emperor, it* is added, realizes the
strength of the conspiracy against him
and has ordered the guards at the palace to bo strengthened.
A despatch to the Central News from
Shanghai says that the report of the
death of the Emperor of China is not
confirmed. It seems however that his
life has been endangered, Tbe Latoi
governor of Shanghai offered a reward
of ��200 for tho capture of Kung Ku,
Jr., the leader of the reform party,
who is accused of being the leader of a
plot to murder the emperor, but
whether there was an actual attempt
to kill him is not known. Tho authorities nre now searching vessels arriving
from the north in the hope of arresting Kung and his confederates. A
Pekin advice received iu Shanghai
says the city gates are closed to prevent the escape of Kung. Search is
being made for him throughout the
city but without success.
The Attitude of  England a Barrier to
the European Concert.
Berlin, Sept. 23.���Tho Cologuo Gazette publishes an article commenting
upon a letter addresed by Vice Admiral Canovaro, formerly commanding
the Italian warships in Cretan waters
to all the powers, iu which be is understood to recommend the re-establishment of the European concert in
Crete. All tho powers .tho Gazette
says, 'Would gladly put au end to the
Cretan disturbances and all the powers
aro of ono accord that the rights of
Mohammedans should be respected
equally with tho Christians. Europe,
consequently, would have to decide to
subdue the Christian insurgents by
forco of arms. As certain powers are
not disposed to take this measure, there
is no valid reason why Germany and
Austria should again allow themselves
to be drawn into the trouble.
New York, Sept..23.���Bar silver, 01;
Mexican dollars, 11%.
('upper, quiet; brokers' i-u'ieo. $12.
Lead, domestic, $3.95 to $1; exchange, $4.82U to $4.87.1.,'.
Tin, easier; Straits, $10,10 to $10.15;
plates, steady. THE MINER, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1898
f tthe iftintr.
Published Daily except Sundny.
Tuk  MINER  Printing   &  POBLiSillSti  Co.,
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to tho Editor must
bo accompanied by tlio namo and addross
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good, faith.
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The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
It has always been a strong argument by those who contend that railway fares are altogether too high and
should be fixed on a niillage basis by
the government, that low rates' induce travel and that, what tl.e companies might lose between tho high
fire and the low would be offset by
the increased volume of business. Tho
r3cent rate war between the Canadian
Pacific and the American trans-continental lines, or rather the different
lines that make up United States
trans-continental systems, has been
an impressive object lesson for the
railway companies of the valuo to
them of low fares. The Canadian Pacific railway never carried so great a
number of passengers by many thousands as is did daily during tlio rate
war, and although the Amerioan lines
may not bavo secured so large a sharo
of tho business, yet the season was a
profitable one to them.
This is evidence enough to support
the contention that while low rales of
travel are advantageous to the public,
they are also beneficial to the companies. The American roads bavo had
this conviction forced upon tbem, but
they aro all antagonistic to the Canadian Pacific and in order to prevent
that line securing tho bulk of tbe
trans-continental trade, tbey invoked
the powers of the Interstate Commerce
commission to compel the Canadian
line to restore rates, which bad been
reduced by the C. P. It. line becnuse
of unfair methods resorted to bv tho
American lilies. Constrained by ilie
decision of that commission tho Canadian Pacific decided to restore rates
to what they were before the cutting
began. Had the O. P. R. refused to
accept the decision of the commission
serious complication might* have ensued, as the Amerioan railway managers bad raised the cry that the Canadian line was intent, upon wrecking
tho United States railways and were
calling upon congress for protection
from the encroachments of tho alien
We do not think that tho increase
rates will last, tthe immediate effect of
restoration will bo to decrease travel
and as the railways have to run their
trains they wiil uot be satisfied with
the reduced receipts which must ensue. It is hoped, for the benefit of tbe
country, that tbere will be a speedy return to lower rates.
this is useful in  two ways  to  an
' editor. Tho statement he complacently
utters as a convincing truth today he
ran soberly correct as ail unverified re>
port tomorrow. Thus ho has two
items  of  so-eallod "news" and gotB a
1 name for vigilance and deep penetra-
linn.    But this sort of "news" gather-
I ing brings its punishment with it, inasmuch   as   it   discredits   the   trust'
i worthiness of the journal that engages
in it* and renders even its truthful
statements doubtful.
Mr. T. G. Shaughnessy wus in this
oity in June last. Ou June !), in The
Miner, appeared au interview with
him which closed as follows:
Mr. Shaughnessy further said that
it was most certainly his fixed determination   to   bring  the   Crow's Nest
! Pass railway into Nelson, thus there is
nothing to fear from the reports so
industriously circulated from time to
time in Kossland that it was intended
j to divert the road from the route originally laid down.
It is safer to depend on the utterances of Mr. Shaughnessy than upon
ihe irresponsible deductions of the
Rossland Miner which are evolved out
of vacuity.
Last Saturday evening, just* one
week after the disastrous tire which
I devastated the, city of New Westminster
land destroyed nearly the whole business portion of the city, tbe Columbian
resumed publication. This is tbe second time during the past nine years
that the Columbian plant and offices
were swept out of existence, tbe
former occasion being ou the night of
December 27, 1889. As the Columbian,
nine years ago roso from its ashes,
with renewed vigor after passing
through tho fiery ordeal, so will it*
again rise to brighter aud more prosperous future. Iu its affliction tbo Columbian has the sincere sympathy of the
newspaper fraternity of the province.
Its first number is very creditable one
under the circumstances and is an evidence of tbe energy of the publishers.
A company bearing tho abovo title
has been incorporated and registered
with a capital of ��200,000. This company is a subsidary company of the
London and British Columbia Gold
Fields, and has been formed to acquire
aud work tho woll known Ymir Mines
at Ymir.
The stock of the new company is
not, however, being offered to tho
public, and the mauagemout of the
mine remains unchanged.
The Hon. TrAb^nT Daly, Q. C,
i who left for Rossland ou yesterday
evening's traiii atter spending a day
in tlie city, stated to a Miner reporter
', tbat there were no very recent developments in the Le Roi litigation. The
mine is again under the old management, and is shipping 200 tons a day.
Mr. Daly expected that the appeal
from Mr. Justice Irving's decision,
as to Judge Spinks' jurisdiction iu his
order which appointed Mr. Carlye receiver, will lo heard in November.
Sept. 23.���At Wasiiingtou���First
game���Washington 3, Cincinnati 1.
Second game���Washington 4, Cincinnati 10.
At. Philadelphia���Philadelphia 5,
Cleveland 1.
At Brooklyn���Brooklyn 4, St. Louis
At Boston���Boston 2, Pittsburg 1.
At Baltimore���Baltimore 0, Chicago
At New York���New York 3, Louisville 0.	
The. Rossland Miner comes out periodically with a statement to the effect
that the Canadian Pacific railway company is surveying or about to survey a
new location for tho Crow's Nest railway via Salmo and Trail, this abandoning the route by way of Nelson,
The Rossland journal seems to dwell
with deep satisfaction on th:'a
thought and to take delight in frequent* expression of it in order to ticklo
the vain expectations of those who
share its fallacy. But tho thought is
vain and the expression of it culpably
misleading. Tlie Rossland Miner
knows that what it says is untrue.
The lino will como to Nelson and beforo many months bave passed this
city will havo all rail connection with
the east. The, route was definitely
settled long ago. It cannot be changed
without the consent of the minister of
railways and the government. Such
consent could not easily be secured.
Besides such a chango would violate
the agreement and upon that agreement depends the payment of the subsidy.
The Rossland Miner, while n good
and reputable paper in many respects,
has Hie defect so often met with in
western ipers, and probably attribut
able to too close connection with the
reckless press of the western states, of
publishing so-called information without   making   any  effort   to verify it.
Queens town, Sept. 23.���Tho Cunard
line steamei Campania from New
York, Sept. 17, with tho United States
peaco commissioners ou board, arrived
hero about 2 o'clock this afternoon,
after an uneventful voyage, with all
well on board excepting Senator Gray,
who has been stiffening from uue-
ralgia for two days.
London, Sept. 23.���In response to
tho appeals to Her Majesty, the Queen
has granted permission for the burial
of tbe body of   Sir   George Grey, for-
| merly governor of Now Zealand and
also governor and commander-in-chief
I of   the   Cape   of   Good   Hope, in   St.
1 Paul's cathedral, and bo will receive a
public funeral. The obsequies will
take placo on Monday.
Rome, Sept. 23.���Tho Italian government has called the attention of the
government of the United Stntes to
the incorrect attitude of the government of Colombia and  demanded   that
j the latter  respect*   its   treaties, other-
; wise Italy reserves to herself the
right to adopt the  energetic   measures
: toward Colombia which wero recently
abandoned in deference to   the United
' States government.
Vancouver, Sept. 23.���Premier Sem-
liu was tendered a reception in tho
town hall at Ashcroft the other evening. A congratulatory address was
read by D. Murphy. The premier
mnde a happy reply to the address.
Montreal, Sept. 23.���Tho will of the
lato Sir J. Adolphe Chapleau has been
probated at $225,000.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Money to Loan.
Rents Collected.
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security %
g and Savings Co. 3
fc   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and -^
^z tt years by monthly instalments. ^
Are Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Hills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Our Prices
Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 21.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
p. burns & co.
Wholesale 'and Retail Meat Merchants
Repaired, Altered, ('l--11n1.1l, Piessed
Mnl Iiyi-ii by 'In; Nkw I'hooebs nt
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS,  The Tailor.
Room 9. Hu.i.veu JIi.k.,  NELSCN.
P. S.���Ladles Wool Dress Goods Sponged
before Milking Up.
IAIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall)
Opposite 1'llH    Hotel.
P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in chile und German
South Africa. Assays mul analysis of ores.
Hoports nnd valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine pinna kept
up by contract.
)iiim:i to loi ft.
I'lllV 111: AMI COMPAMY ilMis
Viil liable Bat ei- Street nnd  other excellent property for sale,
onii'i' lm in r itm 1 uii lllock. Nelson. K. 4'.
Official Directory.
Branch Mai kets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson. Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any brunch will bave careful and prompt attention.
To those who are purchasers of Groceries nml Provlslous
we would remind you that we figure quite prominently in
catering to that class of trade, Our customers are many
and if you are not one of them why ymi cannot become
ono nny too soon.
We are ahout to vacate our present promises at tlif rod
of this month, after which you will lind usonedoor fui'ther
east, where the facilities will lie such ns to greatly nssist
us in handling our Increasing trade,
To the people-we would say thai if thry should notice
that oui' place of business is dosed a'. 7 p. m , not lo suppose! as did a friend of ours who came into town to sec us
last week, that wo were in financial difficulties. On being
asked his reasons loi his suppositions, he said it looked like
it on the face of things, nnd he wus convinced tlint it was
a dead sure thing if we sold goods to everyone ns cheap ns
we did to him. He evidently forgot our motto "Fairness
to everyone and
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber atregulai
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling-, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson nnd Vinir.
���*��������***>������> ������-���������������
Victoria Street = NELSON, B.
8.011 11.111
8.30 11.111
1.00 p.m
6.00 p.m.
United States, Ontario, Quo
���nnd Kaatorn Provinces
Points on N. Sc Y. s. Une.
Viotoria and Rossland.
^ow Denver, Sandon nnd
Slocan Lake Poinls.
Ivaslo and Kooienay Luke
Hossland. Trail, Nnkusp.
Itobson. poinls on main line
0. P. H.. Vanoouver and
6,16 p.m.
2.31) p.ni.
7.15 a.m.
7.1X1 a.m.
Lobby opened froni 7 n.m. lo 10 p.m.; Ocnoral
Delivery.8 a.m. lo 8 p.m.;  Registration, 8.90
n.ni. lo 7 p.m.; Money Orders nnd Savings Hank
(In.in. to 1 p.m.; Sunday I hour(10 lo 11 a.ml.
J. A. GILKER, Post master.
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner O. G. Dennis
Mining Rocnrdor-Tax Col - RF Tolmie
Collector of Customs - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Courl Judgo ��� J A Forin
Registrar F T 11 SImpklns
Inspector of Schools - William Hums
Ciiuhcii of England���Matin II n.m.; Kvcn
Souk'. 7.Ml p m. every Sundny. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in Ihe monlh aftor
M.uins; on '.'nd and Ith Sundays, al 8 ii.in
Sunday School at 2.80 p,m. Uev II. s. Ake
burst, Heeler.   Cor Ward and .Silica streets.
PREBBYTKKIAN Ciii'iicit���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 pin. Sundny School at 2.30 p.in.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndcavoi' Society meets every Mondny evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. K. Frew.
Mktiioiiist Ciii'Hch-Corner Silica ani
Josephine Streets, Services at 11 a m. and 7,31
p. in. ; Sabbath .School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League O. K��� Tuesday at 8a.m. Hev. John
Robson, Pnstor.
Catholic Ciiuhcii���Mass at Nelson, first
nnd third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; llencdic-
tion al7 3U to 8 p.m. Hev. Father Ferland,
BHaitist Ciiuhcii ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 n.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening nt 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in the school house. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Hev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Ahmy���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria sireet.
Adjutant Millncr in chargo.
NELSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. ScA.
M. meats second Wednesday in oach
month.   Visiting brethron invited.
G. L. Lbnnox, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
No. lli, meets every Monday night,
at  their  Hall,  Kootonay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
A. H. Clements, N, G.       Fred J Squires, Secy
��� NKLSON   LODGE   No. 25, K. of  P.,
/S-HtY-Vneets in Castlo hall, McDonald block
'f/^^-HCvery second and fourth Tuesday oven-
"Jing at 8 o'clock.   All visiting knights
cordially invited,
R. G. Joy, CC.
(820) Geo. Ross K. of lt. and S.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O. G. T.      Meets in
Castlo Hall, McDonald Hlock, overy Monday
evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor
dially invited, John Tklkord,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobson   Sec'y
SONS     OF     ENGLAND,   meets
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald Block,   cor. Vernon   and
Josephine streets.   Visiting breth
rn cordially invited.        Ehnkst Kino,
Chas. H. Farrow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 moets
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tho
K of P Hull. F W Swanell. C. D. S. C. R.; J R
Green, C.R.: J. Furkiss, Secy.
NELSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet
every Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hall. G C
Williams. M.W.: W S Smith, Reo.-Soc; J. J.
Driscoll. Financier F. J Squire. Receiver and
P. M. W.	
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1092 meets in the McDonald block every Thursday evsning at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invitod.
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.S. THE MINER, SATURDAY.  SEPTEMBER 24, 1898.
iBMiBM, local nn
ott a little time buck, nnd another the
other" day, aa thoy had reached Nelson !
nnd consequently completed their tusk, j
Thero is ono party still out, who are cm- '
ployed in revision, checking the calculations and quantities of their  predecessors.
Track laying is progressing rapidly,
the steel being down as far as Goat
river canon. Mr. Brophy leaves for
Kuskonook on this morning's boat.
l-ii'l'      MCHtloU      or     Happenings    III    Hie
IMsliicI During llie I'nsl
IV w Days.
Provincial Constable Forrester is in
ie city.
Born.���To the wife of P.   Emerson,
The "inesss" have rented the Hon.
Fred Hume's house.
D. W. Moore of Trail, registered
t'sterdiiy at the Hume.
Dr. Morrison is convalescent after
is attaok of typhoid fever.
His Honor Judge Forin held a sitting
the countv court at  Vancouver this
A. Campbell, G. .7. Morse and R. K,
eill of Spokane, have retained to
iwn Irom a trip in the hills.
P. J. Russcl  left yesterday  evening
a business trip to Brooklyn.    He. ex-
eots to be absent ahout two or three
Miss McDougald, who has been vising Mrs. ,T. S. ('lute of Rossland, folio past few weeks litis returned to hei
line in Nelson.
Attention is drawn to Y. Hoshi's
lange of advertisement, in which ho
liiouiiccs a grand Sunday dinner at
���0 Nelson Cafe. *
Among    those    registered   at    the
neen's   are  A.   McPherson,    Kusko-
ook ;   Miss McLennan, Ymir,   and J.
McLean,  Brooklyn.
T. B. Gore, P. L. S., of tho tinn of
ore, Burnet &.Oo., has gone out to
Nelson-Poormnn mine and will re-
ini to the city on Tuesday next.
Among those registered at the. Phair
J. V,. Jackson, Spokane; Mr. and
rs. F. T. Cox, Toronto; H. Alleu-
;m, Spokane, and A. E Osier, Tor-
J. Morley Hoag, of the Dominion
itn company, leaves this evening for
iron to where he will take a four
'ars' course in Medicine at Toronto
John L. Retidluck has bonded the
ocan Boy to the London and British
ilumbia Goldfields. A substantial
in was paid down, but the exact lig-
es have not been made public.
lAmqug those registered at the Hume
fe J. 0. Oonlin   and J. W. Heyword,
liotoria;   Mr. and Mrs.  Deluhay   and
Vi.   McArthur, Ymir;   S.   Mayall,
liscade, aud D. D. Twoky, Brooklyn.
lAniong tho new advertisements in
lis issue, is that of Theo. Madson,
|hicli will repay perusal. His sto'ck
niackintoshcs should meet wilh
lady sale, as the rainy season has com-
t>re is no Doubt   That the C. N. P.
Railway Will Come to Nelson.
I/.  B. Brophy, resident   engineer  in
]arge of   the western   portion of   Hie
iw's Nest   Pass  railway, came into
livu last night ou   his   wav   hack   to
liskonook, and was interviewed by a
liner reporter with respect to  a story
liich appeared in the last issue of the
pssland Miner, about   a survey party
Moh was  about " to  locate the route
[the western extension of the Crow's
st railway, via Salmo and Trail. "
|rlr. Brophy attached   no credence to
report.    Ho   had   hoard    nothing
Inny such survey.    So far as he was
"aro,the 0. P. R. intended to adhere
tlio   intention   expressed   by    Mr.
|iuglinessy when   he was in Nelson.
cly to bring tho Crow's Nest Pass
Jlway into this city.
Lir. Brophy   added   that  thero   had
|n threo  surveying   parties  out  all
summer  locating the   routo from
Iskonook   to  Nelson.    Ouo was laid
Inality counts for more in this class
Hardware then in any other line
1 life of a building depends on it.
in- stock is lirst cltr-ss. It has been
liercd from manufacturers noted
Tthe excellence of their product.
I there is entire absence of "cheap"
lis in the collection.
Tices are not higher than you often
I for poorly made goods.
importers of
juts, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Some   More    Applications    on   Civil
Cases  Dealt With.
At 10 o'clock yesterday morning Mr.
Justice Irving sat in chambers for the
purpose of hearing various applications.
The first, on tho list was iu tho
case of Pendor vs. The War Eagle company, iu which W. A. Galliher applied
on behalf of the plaintiff for a change
of venuue to Rossland. The application was opposed by E. C. Senkler.
After some argument the case was
adjourned until Monday.
In the caso of Kelly vs. Hall Mines
Co., E. 0. Senkler applied on behalf
of the defendants for an extension of
timo for the return of a commission to
England. Tho extention was granted
on terms, John Elliot, appearing for
tho plaintiff.
In the case of Hunter et al vs. McMartin et ids, a suit, to which Bruce
Whiste was a third party. A. M. Johnson on behalf of Bruce White made
application for an order fixing the
security for costs in connection with
a contemplated appeal from a judgment delivered by his honor, j. A.
Forin. Tho application was adjourned.
John Elliot appeared on the other side.
Another    Varied   Programme���Fresh
Songs, Fresh Dresses and Pictures.
Last night the Cosgrove company
gavo their second and last performance
at* the Rink, under the auspices of the
Nelson baseball club, and with the exception of one or two most, attractive
items there was a complete change of
Miss Ada Cosgrove repeated her hit
of thc night before of "The Masher up
to date," giving as an encore "On the
Broadway." Later on as a little girl,
dainty and cspiegle as ever, Miss Ada
Collins delighted the audience with
"What a wicked young man,'' and received an encore. Her graceful dancing, too, both alone in the Highland
fling, and in company with Miss Lillian Cosgrove in the Gypsy dance was
one of the features of the entertainment.
Mr. Harry Fay confirmed the popularity ho hod acquired the night before
by his inimitable rendering of several
comic songs. Mr. Pay is a first class
low comedian and gained a well deserved encore in each case. The "Shop
walker" and "I can't change it,"
were perhaps his best efforts.
Space forbids a detailed notice of all
the turns, hut Miss Lillian's dancing
in the gypsy dance must not be forgotten, nor her performance on the
guitar and with tlie musical glasses
and the bells.
Jliss Evelyn Mackie gave fresh evidence of her skill as an elocutionist,
the pathetic story of "An incidental
a railway station, " being most artistically delivered.
Mr. J. Cosgrove showed great skill on
the mandolin and banjo, tin encore of
a solo on the latter being insisted on
by the audience.
The kinetoscope views were new
and as good as ever, though it is impossible to dotail theni here. The
stereopticon was used most effectively
in illustrating Miss Ada Cosgrovo's
well rendered song "Better than
gold," Mr. R. Cosgrove accompanying
this and all the other songs with taste
and accuracy.
Tho performance closed with the
vivd presentation of naval scenes from
tho Spanish-American war.
Miss Buckley requests the ladies of
Nelson to attend her millinery opening on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27 and 2H. All tho latest novelties in trimmings.
Broken Hill Block, corner Baker
and Ward streets. *
A Splendid Collection of Ores Irom This
District Sent to the New Westminster Exhibition-
The samples of ore from thc mines
in the Nelson district collected by tho
South Kootenay Board of Trade, for
the New Westminster exhibition were
shipped yesterday, via the C. P. R. by
the secretary of tho board, John A.
Turner. Tho exhibit weighed about
1200 pounds and tho prepaid freight
charges were $11.75, the company having refused to ship tho oro until the
freight was paid.
Tlie following ore the names of the
claims from wliich samples were secured, name of owner, width of ledge,
depth at which samples were taken
and assay value of samples -.
Fern mine, Fern Mining Co., 4 to H
feet in width, 200 feet in depth, assay
valuc, 5 to 20 ounces in gold.
Empress of India, McLean, ii feet,
15 feet, $0 gold, 11 ounces silver, 2(1
per cent copper.
Monarch, Coulter & Co., 7 feet, 20
feet, $5 gold, 11 ounces silver, 15 per
cent copper.
Golden Gate, Beaton Bros, 0 feet, 26
feet, i}i2 gold, l'i per cent coppor,
Imperial, Burke & Co., 12 feet, 90
feet, $10 to $00 gold.
Copeland, Mitchell & Co., 2 feet 10
feet. $10 to $10 gold.
Flying Dutchman, Lester & Co., 9
feet,' 100 feet, $80 gold.
Minnie, Hank & Pearce, 2}S, feet, 00
feet, $42 gold.
Enterprise, Doyle & Co., SI feet, io
feet, $14 gold, 2 ounces silver, 5 per
cent copper.
Belle Canadian. Mrs. Collins, 8
inches, 25 feet, $117 gold.
Elise, Lerwick Mining Co., 2,K feet, i
���10 feet, $75 gold,    75   ounces silver.   2
per (tent copper.
Dundee, Dundee Mining Co., 19
feet, 250 feet, $90 gold.
Great Eastern, J. Farrer, 1 foot, $12
gold and copper.
Leadville, J.Chesnut, 4 feet, 10 feot,
|8 gold.
Carry, A. Chisholm, 4 feet, 20 feet,
$4 to $25 gold.
lone. Price, & Co.. 4 feet, 20 feet, .ft!
gold. $7 silver. H per cent lead.
Tamarac Kenneth Mining Co., 4
feet. 180 feet, $io gold, average,
Ymir, Ymir Mines Co., (I feet, 200
feet, $20 gold, 11 (unices silver, -IN per
cent lead.
Flosie R., li feet, KO feet, $20 gold.
Free Silver. Burke. & Co., 7 feet, 14
feet $5.50 gold. 2.S ounces silver, -IK per
cent lead.
Ruby, Bourke & Co., 5 feet, 10 feet.
$10 gold, iiO ounces silver, 2 per cent
Big Horn, Todd & Co., 12 feet, 4
feet, $22.00 gold, 2b, per cent copper.
Wilcox, P. White, %% feet, 1110
feet, $45 gold, 15 ounces silver.
Eldorado, Borough &Co., K feet, 8
feot, $25 gold, $5 silver, 20 per cent
Good Hope, J. Dewar & Co., 2)S
feet, $20 gold.
Union Jack, D. Cameron, 7 feet, 40
feet, $14 gold.
Queen, D. Cameron, 20 feet, 24 feet,
0 gold, 8 ounces silver, 2 per cent
Meadow Lark, McKenzie, (i feet, 10
feot, $40 gold.
Big Four, Peel & Co., !!0 feet, 12
feet, $10 gold, $18 silver.
Silver Lake, A. J. Hughes, 5 feet,
40 feet, $(i gold, $12 silver.
Dumas, E. Croteau, S}4 feet, surface, $40 gold, $12 silver, 14 per cent,
Tennessee, Hamilton and Rossland
Gold Mining company, 5 feet, 40 feet,
$40 gold.
Olga, J. Philbert, 8 feet, 10 feet, $5
to $20 gold.
PortoJRiQO, Canadian Pacific Exploration Co., 2 feet, 580 feet, $75 to $500
gold, 2 per cent copper.
Arlington, 4J.; feet, 100 feot, $40
North Fork, Gilliam & Co , 20
inches, 15 feet, $5 gold, 40 ounces silver, 7 per cent copper.
Hexahedron, J.' Beuu, 2 feet, surface, $0 gold.
Eva, O. K. Beuu, 12 feet, $5 gold, 4
per cent copper.
Belle, Goyetle & Quinlan, 00 feet,
50 feet, $1 gold, (i ounces silver, (i per
cent copper.
Rosa, Goyette & Quinlan, 00 feet, 50
feet, $2 gold, 10 ounci s silver, 22 per
cent copper.
Second Relief, Relief Mining Co.,
2,'o feet, 100 feet, $70 gold.
Big Bump, Relief Mining Co., 2}$
fete, 100 feet. $50 gold.
Jubilee, McCormack &Co., 4 feet,
10 feet, $2.50 gold, HO ounces silver.
J. Dawson, Dawson & Co., 11 feet,
$8 gold.
Maud S. North Fork Mining Co. 10
feet, 14 feet. $12 gold, 80 ounces silver, 2 per (tent copper.
Twin. Pick & Co., II feet, 14 feet. $5
gold, 14 per cent copper.
Last Chance, 2}., feet, 8 feet, $0
gold, 50 ounces silver, 9 per cont copper.
Control fraction, Kane Bros., 4 feot,
.2 feet, $7 gold, 12 ounces silver, 5 per
cent* copper.
Armstrong, Feeney & Co., '$% feet,
5 feet, 200 of silver, 40 per cent lead.
Fisher, E. Lapointe, 50 feet, 125
feet, $5 gold, 41 ounces silver, 05 per
cent lead, 4 per cent copper.
Ophir, J. B. Baxter, $150 gold.
���   May Blossom,   J. Harbottle,   4 feet,
$4 gold, 25  ounces  silvor, 2   per  cent
Storm King, J. Fred Hume, $5 gold,
iiO ounces silver, 12 per cent copper.
Anthracite, H. B. Thomson, 0 feet,
32 per cont copper.
Mollio Gibson, Bruco White, 481
ounces silver, 54.8 por cent lead.
Window Shades, Shade Cloths, Cornice Poles
and Trimmings, Brass Rods, (Extension and
Banner), a lot of Sundries, Curtain Stretchers
Step Ladders, Etc., Hearth, Counter, Floor
Brushes, Etc. Fifty different styles of the
Latest and Finest Shades to choose from.
The Largest and Finest Stock ever Brought
to Kootenay.
In addition to our present well assorted stock
of Fine Furniture and  Covering's,   we  have
now on the way
3 Big Palace Oars of Furniture
of all hinds to arrive next week, the whole of
which will be
Sold at Popular Prices
All welcome.    Come and see the Stock and ask for prices.
All new goods.    No old   stock.    Remember  the   address.
The New Furniture House.
Applewhaite Block Oor. Baker and Kootenay St.
The Nelson Furniture Co.
Having purchased a large job lot of Mackintoshes
and Waterproof Coats, cheap for cash, I will for
the next 30 days sell them off below wholesale
Prices. This is a rare opportunity to secure goods
at the
A large block of
Al Mining Stock
in the . . .
Dundee Gold Mining Company
Address P. T, /.., Miner Oflice.
ruiMiaiii   lo  "Creditors Deeds Act" ami
Amcmlliu Acta.
Thomas VV. Gray, of Nelson, British Col-
unibiii, mill owner, hns, hy deed bearing dnto
the Kith dny of September, A. D., I8si8, us-
signed nil his personal estate, credits and ef-
feels which may be seized nnd sold under execution, und all ids real estate, to Thomas Mar-
1 i iidiili- Ward, of the snid city of Nelson, agen I,
in trust, for the purpose of paying ratably nnd
proportionately and without preference or
priority, the creditors of the said Thomas XV.
Gray, iheir just debts,
The snid deed was executed by tho snid
Thomas W. Gray, the assignor, and
the said Tliomas Martindale Ward,the trustee,
on the Kith day of September, A. D. 1898, nnd
the said trustee has undertaken the trusts
created by the said deed.
All porsons having claims ngainst the said
Thomas W. Gray are required on or before the
lith dny of October, A. 1��. 18U8, to deliver to the
! said trustee full particulars of tho same, duly
verified by Statutory Declaration, together
with the particulars of tho security, if any,
held by them, and nil persons indebted to the
snid Thomas XV. Gray, ure required to pny the
nmounts due by thein to the said trustee forthwith.
And notico is hereby given that after the
said 6th day of October, A. I). 181)8. the trustee
will proceed to distribute tlie assets among tho
parties entitled thereto, having regard only
lo the claims of whieh he shall then have had
A meeting of th'o creditors of tho said
Thomas Gray will be held at the olllco of Wnrd
Uros. on liakcr street, Nelson, B. O.. on Thursday, tho lith day of October, A. D. 1808, at the
hour of 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon.
Solicitors for the Trustee.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this Kith day of Seo
tember, A. D., 181)8.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an extraordinary meeting of the Shareholders
of the " Exchequer Gold Mining Company,
Limited Liability," will bo held at its head office, on Baker street, in the city of Nelson, B.C.,
on the 20th day of September. A. II.. 181)8 al the
hour of eight o'clock in llie afternoon for the
purpose of
11) Considering propositions for the working and further dcvclopenicnt of tlie mines.
12) Ratifying a certain agreement of the oth
September, A. I).. 1898.
(31  Appointing Trustees and Offloers for lhe
Steamship Lines
From Montrenl or Quebec
Beaver Line- Lake Huron...
Beaver Line-Lake Superior.
Dominion Line���Vancouver...
Dominion Lino���Scotsman....
Allan Line���Califoi'nian	
Allan Line���Numidiun	
..Oct. 5
..Oct. 12
.Sept 17
..Sept 10
..Sept 22
..Oct.   1
From New York
White'Stur lino���Teutonic Sept 28
White Star Line���Britannic Oct, J
Cunard Line���Luennia Oct.   1
Cunard Line��� Ktrurla Ott.  8
Allan Slate Line���State of Nebraska Oct, 21
Allan Stale Line���Mongolian ..Oct.   7
Anchor Linc-Furnessia Sept 21
Anchor Line���Anchoria Oct. 22
Cabin, $15.00, 830. *M>, $70 S80 and upwards.
Intermediate, ?:i4.(X) and upwards
Steerage. 822.311 und npw arils,
Passengers ticketed through to all points l'i
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of the European conl i lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all points
Apply to GEO.  S. BEER,   O.P.R.  I eke.
Agent, Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STITT
554)   General Agent, CP.lt. Offices. Winnipeg.
ir You Have a Hobby for some particular
Medicine or Drug and dont like lo be ottered a
substitute, come hero when you need u new
supply. We are pretty sure to have it. Everything thnt a well stocked Drug Store usually
carries, and a Great Many Tilings Besides,
cnn bc found on our shelves.
The purity of the Drugs sold liy us and the
accuracy of our prescription depart ment insures to our customers just " What tho Doctor
Canada Drug & Book Co.
said Company and to transact such further
and ennui
inosK as may come before the said
Dated   this  10th day of September, A. ]��.,
II.I.DI'IIOM. JiO. til.
Manufacturers of
Hull-yon Hot Springs  Wilier Aerated and
mi milled to llie Trade.
Experienced Tic Makers can get steady work
nt Nakusp,   Apply Immediately to
Nakusp, 11. C.
FOUND.���A small key. National Cash Register.   Apply "Miner" olilce.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W, .1. Asllcy, Robson street,
two doors west of Stanley.   1'. O. Rox 180.
FOR SALE���Hamilton  Cash   Register. Apply to DON TON RESTAURANT.
Bilker Sti'cut.
Wnntod���1 Woodchoppers,
12 Mon, $^.'J5 per day.
���I Mon for unloading wi
���   l
Notes From the Kootenav
Mining Gamps.
P'lir!      MTMTiU'*n   whose murder  he had confessed to
iH}'       III I l'i Hn ' his  fellow prisoners  lie had been im
1 UU      iUU!jj.J  piioatea.  he   refused
leged   confession,   sr
nothing   of   the decoi
however, titter a few .
ati'.iti   returned   a  verdiot of  murder
against Pcrras and the two men he had
Iin   his   confession  named   as accomplices.
1898      PROVINCIAL      1898
lie had been im-
ill Exhibition
8  - %
Where no consiieration in named in transfers
the nominal sini of Si  in to he understood.
  Sept.  88.���
Katie II.
In Every Section of tbe Country and De- nolly, ���,.
'   ' ,       ,      ,,, , I    Johannesburg,    Transvaal���ti.
velopment Disclosing More lucn        ; Billings to Vi. Donaldson
John  Horton   to W. Con-
Bodies of  Ore
-W. Donaldson   to  H. M.
under Iho
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
New Westminster
in conjuction with tho
Citizens'Grand Yearly Celebration
W. Vi Warner of Sandon, has com
pleted his contract on the Treasure
Vault, of a l->5 ft. up raise collecting
No. 2 drift with No. 1 and a winze of
50 feet. A further contract was als:i
let to Mr. Warner to continue the No.
2 drift llii feet to the Last Chance line
which will give stoping ground of ore
800 feet; also to drift 50 feot in the
same direction from  the bottom ol' the
of onr Clothing i* geiiornlly sufficient to   ���
make a lifo long cnstonuT,
We 0 n't oiler ourROOda below cot,
heciiu^u we have no desire to lose
money. We poll ut prices whieh nre
MilH<ii;nt to j uy for j^ood material uiul
good workmanship, 'lhe size and variety of onr stoek enables us to please a
customer both as to style and fit. Indeed we arc particular on these points.
Wc rather lose a sale than permit un-
satisfactory pirnients to leave the
These values eannot be -surpassed.
= = J. A. GILKER--
Tho Premium List is tlie Largest
ever offered Wesl nf Toronto.
A second shipment of -10 tons of high
grade ore was mado this week from
the Bosun mine betwoen Silverton
and New Denver.
The Washington mine in the Blocan
is expected to resume operations in a
lew days.
Ten men are employed on tho Grey
Copper claim by the Goodenough company doing development work.
Six hundred and twenty tons of
ore wero shipped last week from Sandon mines of whieh the Payne shipped
400 tons, the Ruth 1(10'tons, Last
Ohanoe 00 tons and the Sloean Star (10
Work on the new concentrator at the
Comstock mine on Pour Mile creek
near Silverton was commenced on
Wednesday last.
K. Anderson lias   been doing considerable work on the Good Enough claim
which adjoins the Anaconda on  Wild
Horse creek, near Ymir.
A force of men   tire  at
York claim which adjoin
A very fine display   of
were shipped   from Ymir
Westminster exhibition.
Tho Dundee Mining Co., has commenced to ship ore and will make
regular shipments from now on.
A quarter   interest   in   the Phoenix
mineral claim in llie Greenwood eamp
in the Boundary eountry has been sold I
for $5000.
Peter Larsen of   tho   firm of   Mann, j
Foley Bros.. and Larsen, has   taken
bond on the Rawhide mineral claim in
work on the
s thc Dundee
ore  samples
to the New
At tbe Queen Bess, 70 men are employed and shipments of 10 cars of ore
per month aro being made. The work
of tho past year has shown up a large
amount of ore of good grade.
The Cariboo-Rambler ships one, car
per week and employs 20 men.
The AntoiiiP, near McGuigan siding, employs 20 men and is shipping
four cars per month.
At the Surprise, six men are working and rich ore is being shipped.
The Dardannelles will resume operations shortly when the now pump for
which the pipe is now being hauled is
The Ivanhoe. owned by the Minnesota Silver company, employs 20 lien,
blocking out ore and in development
On the Canadian group, eight men
are employed iu general development
Otber properties in the Sandon district on which forces of men are engaged in development work, and some
of which make shipments of ore at* intervals aro the Charleston, Adams
croup, Wonderful group, Military,
Jackson mines iu Jackson Basin,Great
Western aud Blue Bird.
Besides the mines mentioned above,
there are numerous properties in tho
vicinity in various stages of development which will doubtless prove
equally as rich ns the large mines of
the district.
The advantage of mining in the
Slocan is that it dees not require so
large au amount of money to develop
tlie property and make a mine as iu
other parts of the Kootenay. In many
cases pay ore has been struck as the
"grass roots" and tbe cost of development has been paid from shipments of
ore. The cost of in in ing is also very
low, the. rook in somo of the. properties
Pyro-Spectacular Bombardment ol  Santiugo
de Cuba and Blowing up ��l tho "Hainc."
Followed by un up-to-dato Flro Works Display,
which hns been specially Becurod for lour
Nights "t an enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle neet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
S?SS-5��S*S*����at��*S*-��*i����9SSS9 eSSSSSSS-SSSSeSSS-SSeS
Dog Show.
Open to tne World.
tho Province
The Finest Bands
will provide Music.
Special rntes over all  Railway
Steamboat Lilies.
No   entrance  fees charged for
Premium Lists, Entry Forms,
full information on application to
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
Milk Pitchers 1        *.,.     ���  .     ��� c.
,t    .,. I lea Pots all Sizes
n-1U    j r> a a-      rv i A        Butter Crocks    ,
Pie and Pudding Dishes. X
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of ....
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
li Fruit and Vegetables Every Morning.
Special attention to Mail orders.
Chairman Cel. Com.
Pres. R, A. & I. *?���
Secy. Cel. Coin,
Secy. 1!. A. & I. Soc.
Exhibit ion Conmils8lonor.
Kirkpatrick,,ul Wilson,
iker St.      Tel. io.
AAAA*AAA-*>AA*I i-*-A*l-**l-*t^^ ���������*������
| * NELSON CAFE  4 \
��� A
A First Class in every respect A
| GRAND ���
mon ."> TO s otlock
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
iso Good Value in Sponges.^
10,000. Five
been put up
the Greenwood camp for
per cent of the   bond   has
in casb.
C. M. Aeott, a South African minini*; man, is about to take a lease aud
bond on the Great Western, near Sandon. owned by the Two Friends company.
New workings bave been commenced
on the Enterprise mine on Ten Mile
creek,in the Sloean. No. 1 tunnel has
been started 116 feet below the No. 2
and near the end line of tbo claim.
Articles of incorporation liave been
issued to the Commander Oonsolidated
Mining and Smelting company, with
tho registered office in Kossland. Tho
���apital stock of tlie company is $1,000
! Veins; comparatively soft and reqnir-
I ing but little dynamite Tbe gradual
but continuous rise iu the prico of
silver during tbe past few weeks cannot fail to give, a great impetus to the
inining industry in tho Slocau and
where during the past 12 months the
eountry has suffered from severe
financial and commercial depression, a
new era of prosperity has dawned.
The mountains of the Slocan contain
the largest and richest silver-lead
bodies of oro known in tlie world today aud that district may bc expected
to go ahead in the next few years with
leaps and bounds.
Whitewater, Sept.   81. The town
of   Whitewater   is   situated    on    tin
Eastern  Oysters
received daily
~,      T,      ,,.     *>.���   ��� ,**,���,*���     I Kaslo & Slocan railway about half way
The   Republic   Mining   and Milling > -   * .. .... ., T/������i���   rm.�� I ,
"   " $80,000
Republic Mining
company declared a dividend o . .
last week. This is the first, dividend
ever declared by any mining company
in tbo state of Washington.
Tbe Mountain Chief group of claims
on Bull Dog mountain wero sold hist
week to eastern capitalists.
A ton of Slocan ore samples wtts recently shipped by the C. P. lt. to
Paris to form part of an exhibit,which
the railroad is maintaining in that
Work is progressing rapidly on tbe
construction of the new stamp mill at
the Porto Rico mine.
Tlie contract of sinking 100 feet on
the Iroquois mine on Hidden creek litis
heen awarded to Louis Herman of
Tbo final payment of $15,000 ,has
been made on the Pot Hook group of
claims near Kamloops by an English
Cooked Any Style.
���*��� v i
X t<
��� v    ii/iciii Drnnrlefor.  I
EETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Sept. ~��2-
tweeu Total
Union  Jack
A.   Jeffs,   on   Ridge   be-
mt and Ked   nit, between
Of   Hall   and   49 cks, adj
n w,
Sept. 28.���
Pueblo���W. Connolly, on u fork Salmon river, formerly Raven.
Annie R���Same, same formerly Iron
Black Eagle���E. Taylor, on n fork
of Sproule ck, 7,*.J mi from Kootenay
river aud adj Gray Kagle on s.
Gold Cup���J. Reid bet s fork of
Porcupine ck and Hidden ek, adj
Happy Thought on n.
Kelly���W. Peart, same, same adj
Sophie on n.
Montreal,    Sept.   ail.���Tho   city  attorney bas given his opinion  that   the
ions must be closed  on   the   day of
slebisoite. just as on  other voting
-When   the pris-
ought before   tho
give evidence
��� Giroux,
between Sandon and Kaslo. The town-
site was recently purchased by the R.
B. Brown syndicate, owners of the
Whitewater Dcop mine. The population tit the present time numbers about
-100 people, and every line of busiue'is
necessary is represented. Tho future
prosperity of tlie towu depends upou
the development and success of the two
mines iu tho immediate vicinity, tho
Whitewater mine, owned aud operated
by tho London aud B. O. Goldfields
and Ibe Whitewater Deep owned by
tho R. E. Browu syndicate.
At tho Whitewater mine about TO
men arc employed und theree car loads
of oro are being shipped per week. A
concentrator is being built and part* of
tho machinery has been installed.
The miue is luting developed by seven
tunnels running in on the lead one
below the other. Tlie highest tunnel
is now in about 8S0 feot, about 250
feet below the Apex of tho hill. The
other tuuuels arc in respectively (iOO,
600,480,860,820 and 1100 feet. They are
all connected by winzes.
The ore throughout is of that rich
character of shipping oro in the Slocan
tind is particularly amenable to concentration. Itis a galena oro but in
places grey copper is met with, which
materially euchauoes its value. Development work in sloping is being
actively prosecuted, work being done
in five of the tunnels.
At the Whitewater Deep 50 men are
being employed in development work,
and ii new concentrator and air compressor are being built, for which 10
carloads of machinery have beeu received. Handsome, and commodious
otliees Hilda beautiful residence for the
manager, Mr. F. Riffle, have been
erected in the town, about half a mile
from the mine.
The Canadian Paciiic railway company have had a party of engineers in
the field for the past couple of months,
locating a route for iho extension of
tlieir lino from Sandon to Whitewater
in order to secure a shnro of the output nf the two mines mentioned abovo
as well as that of other properties in
thc vicinity, which are expected shortly
to bo opened up. The O. P. R., extension will likely bo mado early next
year aud will assist greatly in the development of the mineral resources of
the district.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Instate and -General Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
Corner Lot on Vernon St., with Building. 12 Lots in Block
���I IF���Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine and Robson.
_ Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., gl2 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar St.,
$20 per month,    House and 2 Lots, Houston St.   $15 nii.utb.
and sec our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in '
have Two Claims o
Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Rover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,
B. C. i
A Large  Variety   below
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
LIMITED (1122)
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business!
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
1 1
I J. Roderick Rohertson,
General Manager
Fowler, K. M.,
Mining Engineer
#J. Harry NicKerson*
JEWELER ��� ��� A-A
Josephine St. Opposite ClarKe Hotel
nelson, B. c
es D. J. Christie
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and seo    us.
Agent for ....
The Dominion Permanent Loan Co.
No Stock to be subscribed for.
A definite contract given. Loan
on the installment plan from 5^
years up.
B. C.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    II.   E.   Mall and   is   pie-
pared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Broken Hill Block ��� Baker si. j
A Trial will convinc|
that the World's Leading
Beer loses none of its gooj
qualities by being bottlej
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd. _


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