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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 25, 1913

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 Kettl e Va Hey Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
United States Senator   Chamberlain, speaking on the   Paname   tolls
! difficulty, demands the abrogation of
the   Hay-Paunoefote    and   Clayton
Bulwer treaties.
Moat.Important. Evcpts at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week'
Seeding is general in the western
, provinces, with good weather.
The doctors' bulletin-, on the pope's
.. condition are most optimistic.
French authorities dismiss and
■ transfer officers ' at Nancy to keep
. Germany quiet.
-   The number of strikers in  Belgium
have been greatly augmented.   The
, railroads are badly cvippled.
A Dominion lacrosse association is
-formed at Ottawa, with the object ef
. preserving the national game.    -   -
Qeorge J. Bury,  vice-president of
. the Cahadian Pacific railway,  denies
. the report that he is to be transferred
to Montreal as senior vice president, to
. succeed David McNicoll.-
The opposition at Ottawa support
- the principle but criticise the details
. ,of the bill providing for grants to the
provinces.    Dr. Clark says tha* real
. burden on the country  is protection.
The banking and commerce com-
. mittee practically closed ita hearing
. of »itiernes at Ottawa today. Mr.
Ducharme says the west drains the
. east of money needed, to develop the
. older provinces
B-ipe Pius ia planning to resume
i his regular routine duties.
-   Police protection saves the suffra
gettes from an angry mob in London.
Evelyn Felly and Capt. F. H.
, Rivers Bulkeley are married in Lou-
. don.
Two dollars buys a cystnrama can-
. vas of the Chicavo flic;  it once .out a
Australian women with' voti s are
. opposing the militancy of their  British sisters.
A street pistol duel in   Frauklin,
Ky,  ends in two deaths, and three
. others wounded.
Belgian industries are being para*
lyzed by the universal strike, Halt
a million men are now estimated to
be in the ranks of the strikem.
Sir Charles. Rose, Canadien born
. member of the British house, exp.r-s
suddenly in his motor car ou his way
., home after taking his flrst ride in an
Farmers near Mouse Jaw are battling with prairie (ires for home and
life.   The worst outbreak  in  southern Saskatchewan threatens a  wide
. area of country.
Vancouver's sixth horse show opens
• today.
The pope's cough still troubles him,
but every evening   shows improve-
. Many lives are . reported to have
.been lost in the big prairie Are in
Both aides in the big Belgium strike
are marking time. Soldiers desert
potlt and shoot pursuers; cheer strikers.
The opposition at Ottawa objects to
the government retaining .control of
money voted by the house in the
highway bill. *.'
Naturalised Canadians, returning
to Russia, And that amnesty does not
apply to 'military affairs, and must
serve fuH term in the army.
-*-. A larfce number of homesteaders
are In Golden taking advantage of the
throwing open tit the Dominion gov-
. ernment lands in the railway of British Columbia, „,
Prairie fires do much damage in
North Dakota.
A Loudou judge advices the suffragettes to stick, tb the needle.
. The king and Queen yesterday began another tour among the industrial classes of their people.
The olosure debate occupied the
house at Ottawa until midnight to
night. A number of really brilliant
-speeches were made.
A woman robs the first lord of the
admiralty. She takos money aud a
pocketbook containing naval secrets;
is believed to be a political spy.
. Tbe allies are drifting toward war.
The Bulgarian and Oreek armies are
feeing each other. A desperate effort
is being made to capture Scutari. An
Austro-Hungarian attache is stoned
and insulted by the Montegrins.
Leave to appeal was granted today
by the privy council m the case of
British Columbia attorney general vs.
the Dominium attorney general, regarding the provincial power to grant
flshing rights, the Canadian si
court having ruled that the
were incapable of granting sw
Another Quarterly Dividend
of $224,000 Payable
in Jime
The directors of the Granby company, nt a meeting held in New
York last week, declared a quarterly
dividend of 11.50 per share, payable to the shareholders on June '__.
The total disbursement nt the' dividend will amount to f 224,000, simi
Iar to that paid last month, and
makes a total of $448,00(1 for the
current year. When the June payment is made Granby will have paid
back to its shareholders a total of
14,449,622 since dividends were in
Gag role is adopted by the house at
Calgary ratepayers vote $12,000
for publicity work.
Fierce electrical storm passes over
London, Ont. Cattle are killed and
barns burned.
A mounted policeman is shot hy
desperadoes at Grass lake, Alberta.
The murderers have been turrouded
Tbe railway commission at Ottawa
cuts the express rates io the west 20
percent. The rates in the east re
main unaltered.
Sir Richard W. Scott, the Nestor
of LibeJaliim, author of the Scott Aot,
legislator, parliamentarian and administrator, dies at Ottawa.
One hundred miner* lose their live*
in a terrific explosion in the Cincin
nati mine of the Mononuahela Dial &
Coke company at Finlayson, Pa
Six hundred men will start work
tomorrow on the Baaaano Swift Current cutoff, which shortens the dis
tance between Calgary and Winnipeg
sixty miles.
Scutari surrenders to the Monte-
neuritis ttfter heroic resistance Final
■Msault well planned. Ottoman soldier* forced from positions at the
point of the bayonet.
. The  flood   situation at Brandon,
Man , is becoming serious.
Thirty-Bve bodies are taken from
the Cincinnati mine at Finlayson, Pa.
The agricultural and good roads
bills are advanced in the house at Ot
A cordon of police surround the
murderers nf the mounted policeman
near Edmonton.
Histoiic strike in Belgium is now
at an end. The Socialist Labor
party votes to resume work.
Austria issues' an ultimatum, and
calls on powers to take immediate notion; Montenegro uiust.be turned out
Will aot alone.il the powers hesitate.
Tbe bulk nf the shipments have
now been made trom tbe Riverside
Nurseries. Tbe management reports
heavier sale* tbis eeaaon than in any
previous year.
The board of works m et in Mc
Intyre A Smith's store on Tuesday
i-vening for the purpose of consider
ing the tenders for the construction
cement sidewalks. Tenders were
ived from two contractors, but
tbe Board considered them too higb
and decided to re-advertise for bid*.
Tbe new tenders will be opened at
the meeting of the City Council next
Monday evening. The walks which
tbe council proposes to build are*. A
12-foot walk on tbe north side of
Bridge street, from First street to
Second street, and on the west side
of First street along lot 1, block 5,
plan 23, from Bridge street to. Ibe
alleyway; a 12-foot walk en first
street along tbe west side of tbe Yale
botel, and on Bridge atreet along
north aide of tbe Yale botel; an 8-
foot walk on Winnipeg avenue along
the north side of the Winnipeg
botel; a 4 toot walk along the southwest side of Observation to the alley
running southwest from tbe end of
Bridge street.
Three Greaf Northern bridge carpenters are in the Cottage hospital
as tbe result ot ao accident on the
line near Danville,-Wash., on Wed.
nesday morning. They are John
Snattb, skull fractured; Jas. Elsdon
jilis broken; and Otto Buchanan,
badlv bruised. Two sand cars were
pulling out of Dansville, the one a
little ahead of tbe other, and when a
short distance from Grand Forks
and on a down grade, the first car
jumped the track, spilling the men
and before the second car could be
slopped it had run down ilie first
car, causing the injuries. Buchanan
was unconscious wben brought to
the hospital, and was thought to be
seriously injured, but is not as Imilly
hurt ue thought. •
While E. C. Henniger was endeavoring to master the mechanical
intricacies of his new automobile in
front of bis plsce of business on
Tuesday, the engine of the car waB
seized with a sudden attack of
whooping cough, and Mr. Henniger
made an involuntary but exceedingly polite bow to the public.
Wenatehee Fruit association, and
during the past two years has sold
half a million dollars' worth ot
American fruit in tbe prairrie provinces. '
Louis Miller, an old smelter employee, this week sold his house
and furniture to M. Frankovitch, of
the Grand Forks hotel. Mr. Miller
will leave on Monday for Spokane,
he where wilt visit with hie brother
for a month, and then proceed to Hidden Creek, where he
will be employed at the Granby's
new smelter. Mr Miller's family is
at present visiting in the old country. " '   ,       .
The marriage of Frederick De
muth, of Grand Forks, superintendent of tbe Kettla Valley line, and
Miss Caroline Lelitia Bank, ot Vancouver, took place at tbe home of
tbe bride's mother, Mra. Letitia
Bach, in tbe latter city on Thursday, April 17.
In the first basketball game of
the sea.on, in Laurier hall last night,
the city team won from the smelter
team by a score of 14 to 24. It was
a good exhibition ol the game, and
those who attended enjoyed the
sport. An effort is now being made
to secure a match with Nelson.
Tbrough steamers en tbe Arroi
Lakes was resumed on Thursday.
The. Sun in future will go to press
every Friday noon. Tbis will give
the merchants an opportunity to
advertise tbeir Saturday specials.
Granby Consolidated stockholders
beld a special meeting recently in
New York.city to ratify action taken
a month ago, when they authorized
an issue of. $5,000,00i. 6 per cent
convertibly bonds aud an. increase
in capital stock from $15,1100,000 to
$20,000,000. The meeting was held
in compliance with Canadian laws
under wbicb the company operates.
Ol the new bonds $1,500,000 will be
offered shortly- at par to stockholders
for subscription. The proceeds will
be used in carrying out development
and construction programme already
started an the Hidden cheek property. Tbere bas -been spent to
date in this work $1,325,000, and
tbe current year's work in this direction bave beeu estimated at $1,-
620,000. Spejrer & Co., of New
York, have underwritten the bonds
ul 90 so thai net tu tie received from
bonds offered will tie $1,440,000.
J. A. Bennett, of Penticton, is
visiting friends in town.
Mrs. J. A. Coryell has returned
to Ontario.
In the Greenwood riding eighty-
five men are working on the wagon
Board of Trade Held Important Meeting-100 Visitors Coming. *. ,*-
The Conservatives of tbis city \yill
bold a pow-woiv tomorrow night.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
Irom the Boundtry mines during
the past week, .iranby. mine, 22,-
581; Mother Lode, 6,026; Rawhide,
6,756; Napoleon, 826; Victoria, 561."
Smelter treatments: Grsnhy, 24,-
201 tons; Greenwood, 12,926.
A. T. Davis, a prominent fruit
grower nl Mirror Lake, B.C., was a
visitor in. the city on Wednesday.
Mr. Davis has taken an active part
this spring in endeavoring to organize'a co-operative fruit growers association comprising the Boundary
and Kootenay districts. He repre
tents the Canadian interests ot tbe
The following is the minimum
and mnxin-mm temperature for each
day- during tbe past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max
Friday,  18th  32 76
Saturday, 19th  43 54
Sunday,*20th  22 65
Monday, 21st  41 63
Tuesday, 22nd    37 51
Wednesday, 23rd  28 52
Thursday, 24lb  27 6*2
Rainfall  0.07
A regular meeting of the Grand
Forks Board of Trade was held in
tbe Council Chambers on Thursday
evening, President Clark in the chair
and about twenty five of tbe members being present. The minutes of
the last meeting were read by the
secretary and adopted.    .
A communication wss read from
tbe Provincial Information Bureau
asking for information about Grand
Forks and it wu moved, seconded
and carried tbat a monthly letter be
sent and a copy kept on file. -
i The Board added five names to
tbe roll through the efforts of the
membership committee.
Publicity committee roported progress and promised to have tbe folders ready by Monday. In answer
to F. DeCrew's quiry secretary
stated tbat there waB a balance on
band ol I133.M) for publicity work.
R Campbell suggested getting in
more money as he did not approve
going into debt and he thought it
was easier to get money before tbe
work was done than afterwards.
President asked committee to get
things in shape so as to know what
money could be counted on by next.
F. DeCew read a letter from tbe
Nelson Daily News regarding tbe
Pow Wow in Spokane al wbicb a
Princess from the boundary and
Kootenay districts will be represented. A float advertising tbe district
would be erected and the Princess
will be the guest of tbe city of Spokane. Tbe appointing ef the Princess will he by popular vote, each
vote costing one cent the proceeds ol
wbich will go towards building a
suitable float to be used ut tbe Powwow. The daily results of the contests will be published in the Nelson
Daily News, Spokane Chronicle aud
local papers. Voting starts about
May 1 and ends June 1. A strong
committee has been appointed lo
carry the Princess contest to a suc-
cenaful issue. Soon Grand Forks
and district will be iu lhe throes of
the electioo of a Princess
L. A. Campbell, M P.P. will be in
the cily on Saturday and waited
by several members of the Board.
A resolution was passed thanking
those who so kindly gave use of
Iheir sutos during lbe visit ol the
G.N K officials.
About June 1 an excursion Irom
Calgary of over 100 will visit (irand
Forks for a few days. A enterter
ment committee will be appointed
in the near future to see tbat these
visitors are favorably impressed
with th* wonderful possibilities ol
Grand Forks.
A tour-line local in last week's
Suh sold a house and (urnishings.
Carl Wolfram, tbe well known
Granby smelter mechanic, has purchased John Hoebeck's half interest
in tbe Qrand Forks brewery. Mr.
Wolfram's partner, Joseph Wibner. -
is one ot the best brewers in the
Boundary, /
Some Costly Experiments Mads by the
Producers of Picture Plays
Few patrons of picture plays have
any Idea of the trouble and" expense
Involved In producing the various battle pieces, now so popular.
In order to 111m: The Siege ot Pe'.-
eir.burg, for Instance, the Khan Company built a bridge across an arm of
tho Mississippi, and set Are to It. The
structure cost several thousand
dollars, and took many weeks to construct, yet it was destroyed, for the
purposes of the play, ln a few minutes.
'Ilie fort thnt Is mined and blown
up In the same piece was built by contract In Just under one week, but then
the contractor had over eight hundred
workmen employed at the job day und
right. Nearly a quarter of a ton of
dynamite wes usc-l In the explosion
which destroyed it.
Besides the dynamite, considerable
quantities of gunpowder were usrd In
the preliminary bombardment, and
this waB kept stored ln barrels till
wanted. One day, during the rehearsal, a super was discovered seated
upon u "barrel, puffing contentedly at
his pipe!
Put out your pipe, Bill! somebody
.-.lioule.l.   You'll blow us all up.
Bill gflnned, and to everyone's horror, slowly knocked the ashes from his
pipe on to the top of the barrel.
It's all right! he aaid cheerfully. It's
a cask of beer!
Fifteen hundred supers, of whom
oue thousand»were Indians, took part
In that popular film: The Massacre,
and Tbe American Blograph Company,
which produced it, had to give each of
the redskins a horse apiece In order to
retain their servioes during the long
scries of preliminary rehearsals.
They thoroughly enjoyed their work
—so much so, Indeed, Uiat of those
who Were told off to die early In the
play, the majority preferred to stay
alive and tire off their blank cartridges, so that the flrst rehearsal only
resulted in three fatalities, Instead of
about three hundred.
In another film ot the kind, the principal scene was the destruction of a
settlement of whites by a band of Indian raiders and so that the sacking
of ihe houses might lack nqthlng In
realism, a small frontier town containing some sixty dwellings ot the
usual Western wooden-frame type, was
purchased and flred.
ln 'War's Havoc,' another famous
Kalem Dim, two locomotive engines
meet in a spectacular collision on a
high bridge, both being reduced to
scrap-iron. That one episode cost the
company over 120,000, yet it. occupies
less than tour minutes in the show
Perhaps, however, the most realistic
thing ever done In the way of battle
scenes was recently undertaken on tbe
spur ot lhe moment by Mr. Wilbert
Melville, managing director of one of
lhe Lubin Film Company's travelling
This gentleman was with his company near El Paso, Texas, when a
band of revolutionists, several hundreds strong, suddenly appeared on
the Mexican side of the Hlo Grande.
Ths opportunity was thought too good
to be missed. Mr. Melville hurried
across the liver, and bargained for a
fight—iv sham one—to take place then
and there.
The Mexican army, nothing loth,
promptly got to work, while the members of the Lubin stock company, who
had been hurried to the Held of action
enacted__the part of a federal patrol.
Hut lhe revolutionists, in their excitement, started firing off ball ammunition, and several bullets fell
amongst the spectators ou the United
.States side of the river.
As a result Ihe Chief of Police at
hi Paso hail the Lubin people arrest-
i il directly they recrosscd the river,
at the same time despatching a mes-
_.- nger with explanations and apologies to the neighboring Mexican town
of Juarez, where the authorities and
lhe populace alike had been greatly
perturbed by the heavy firing, which
tliey look to herald a determined attack upon ihem on Ihe part of one of
Ilie many large guerilla bauds known
to lie In tlie neighborhood..
The show folk were afterwards ar
•a'xneil before lhe Mayor of Bl Paso.
Why, it might have led to Interna-
llonal complications, you know! he ex-
.-luliueil, when Melville put forward
In* plr i thai he did not think he was
lolng nny harm.
Eventually a fine of len shillings
.ml ecu s was Imposed upon eacb
in mliei- of tiie company.
Anil cheap at tit? price, too, chucked lho enterprising director us ho
landed over lhe money.
London.—There Is now being sung
.ith success by the Palladium Mins-
ruls, a song entitled 'Sleep,' written
ly Harry Pepper, who Is only 14 years
if age. lie hus composed several
tongs, uml recently wrote three songs
villi words and music within twenty.
[pur hours.
Beeauae He Took Gl N PILLS
Ilr. II. A. Jukes of Winnipeg writes:
"I have bcen asufferer from Lumbago
for some years past. I met yonr Mr.
Hill and be advised me to Uks GIN
PILLS. I hsve been taking tbem at
intervals during (he early part ol the
present winter, and up-to-date bave hsd
no return of my old trouble—In fact I
feel belter than I have (or years, sud
think that my old enemy has vanished
lor good and all."
50c. a box, 6 for f 1.50. Sample free if
you write National Drug snd Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.    130
Men and Women Cured
of the Drink Habit
There is no longer any excuse for any man or woman being a slave
to the drink habit. Whether you drink in moderation or to excess, it
Impairs your vitality and your self-control until you are completely
under Its Influence and cannot stop without, medical treatment.
The Neal Three Day Treatment Is tt pronounced success, lt removes all alcoholic poison from the system and restores nerves and
mind to normal healthy condition.
The Neal Treatment Is a purely vegetable compound taken Internally.
Onr Drug Habit Treatment Is equally as safe, sure and effective as
our Treatment for the Drink Habit.    Write for full Information.
405 Broadway,
2244 Smith  Street,
820 Thirteenth Ave., W.
The Jam of Absolute
Can be had from your
Packed in Gold Lined
The Unexpected Happened
Mrs. Mulligatawny needed a change
of air. The doctor was emphatic on
this point. Her husband, however,
being unable to go with her, she went
alone, retiring as usual to her favorite
holiday haunt.
On the morning after her arrival
she suddenly discovered that she had
come away without her watch. Thinking, therefore, that she must have
dropped it on the thick carpet in the
dlnlng-rooin, she forthwith wired to
the maid at home:
Let mc know If you And anything
on the carpet In the dining-room.
In due course she received a letter
In reply:
Dear Madam,—I was to let you
know If I found anything on the dining-room carpet. This ls what I
found this morning—three champagne
corks, eighteen cigar ends, live cigarette ends, thlrty-slx burnt matches,
But Mrs. Mulligatawny did not read
further. And when her husband returned home from the office that evening he found his faithful spouse awaiting him. :
Business Posts for Men From British
London, England.—A bureau of
brains, or, as it is formerally styled a
'Business Appointments Bureau,' ls
now being formed to conduct a campaign in favor of a more bracing and
vigorous life on the part of our educated young men.
H. B. Morgan, of Messrs. W. II.
Smith & Son, whose article on The
Dignity of Business; was recently
quoted In the Daily Mall, supports the
scheme In an article ln the Review of
Reviews. The bureau, he points-out,
will bring home to educated young
meu the specific place In business that
they are fitted to fill; it will convince
business men of the necessity for
fresh brains as well as fresh methods;
and It will act In co-operation with existing appointments, boards and aim-
Iar organizations to bring qualified applicants for business posts Into toucb
wltb suitable business bouses.
The bureau, contends Mr. Morgan,
should have command of all the talent
available from public schools and universities.
A Matter of Tact
Gloom prevailed In the domestic
circle—a gloom horrible and depressing. Mr. Brown, in fnct, was In a
bad temper, and as Mrs; Brown knew,
there was ouly jone way of curing lt—
to rouse *hlm thoroughly, for whon
miserable himself, he always accused
other people ot being miserable. He
did on this occasion.
Jane, he grumped at last, you're as
dull as an old owl! Sulking, 1 suppose
becnuse 1 refused to buy you that new
No, sighed his wife; I wasn't think-
Ing about It. As a matter of fact, 1
have been turning out some old lettera
and—oh, It's nothing of Importance.
Onlv a fit. of the blues.
What letters?
Some I wrote to you, 1 suppose.
No, said his wife calmly. Some I
received before 1 met you. It's of no
consequence. None at all. How Is
your cold?
Relative of High Prussian Official In
Sers Trouble
Berlin, Germany. — The Berliner
Tageblatt confirms a report that a
Prussian officer, a relative of one of
the highest officers in the Prussian
army, has been arrested on suspicion
of high treason, presumably In the
form of espionage.
He was arrested on February 3 at
the Instance of the imperial department of public prosecutions at Leipzig. He was imprisoned tn Berlin,
but released on Friday on ball, said
to amount to seven hundred- thousand
marks. During hts five days of arrest the prisoner was allowed to receive his wife dally. The utmost secrecy is observed with regard to the
nature of tbe charge.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
for Croup;, fouud nothing equal to It;
sure cure.
Hawkshaw, N.B., Sept. 1st, 1905.
Girls seldom go   to   the   kitchen
wben tbey want to kill time.
Many a well-rounded phrase isn't on
thc level.
Irene Flew ths Track
Irene Is a highly valued cook In a
uorth side family. She is not excitable nor given lo hysterics. She impresses one as being calm and serene.
But on her way to work she momentarily lost all such qualities.
Suddenly she rushed Into the middle of the street screaming ' and
shrieking. She throw her coat from
her and continued to scream.
She must be crazy!  exclaimed a
womau who came out of her bouse,
to see wtiat tho trouble was.
She's having a fit, said another.
But neither was right. Tbo cause
of the commotion was a mouse which
had crawled Into Irene's coat pocket
for a little snooze.
Clergyman Found Star; Awarded
London.—The Rev. 0*. II.  Espin,
ol Tow Law, Durham, Is to <^ awarded the JacV^i-owilt  medal  of   the
'.'•iyai Agronomical Society   for  ills
I discovery of a new star in Lacerta In
11911 and bis spectroscopic work.
Wlthsut Overloading ths Stomach
The business man, especially, needs
food in the morning that will not overload the stomach but give mental
vigor for the day.
Muoh depends on tbe start a man
gets each day, as to how he may expect to accomplish the work on band.
He can't be alert, with a heavy,
fi-led-meat-and-polntoes breakfast requiring a lot ot vital energy in digesting it.
A Western business man tried to
find some food combination that would
not overload the stomach In tbe morning, but that would produce energy.
He writes:
"For years I was unable to find a
breakfast food that had nutrition
enough to sustain a business man
without' over-loading bla stomach,
causing indigestion and kindred ailments.
"Being a very busy and also a very
nervous man, I decided to give up
breakfast altogether. But luckily I
was Induced to try Grape Nuts.
"Since that morning I have been a
new man;'can*work without tiring, my
head Is clear and my nerves strong
and quiet."
I find four teaspoonfuls of Grape-
Nuts with one of sugar and a small
quantity of cold milk, ts delicious as
the cereal part ot the morning meal,
and Invigorates me for the day's business." Name given by Canadian
Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Read
Ihe little book, "Tbe Road to Well-
VillS," iu p'-tg**..
"There's a Reason."
^ Ever read the abpv«  !»»fr?     A
new 6Ht ippiiri from time to time
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Intsrtst.
Sherlocking   ,.
Mr. Holmes—I notice that you have
a new kitcheumald.
Mrs. Borden-Lodge—I have. But I
think it's perfectly wonderful how you
can make such accurate deductions.
Mr. Holmes—Quite simple, ma'am
I've lieen comparing the thumb-prints
on the plates.
Striking Father
Why this hush In the house, tbls
elaborate tiptoeing about.
SstiT Mother Is getting ready to ask
father for a little extra money.
Praises this Asthma Remedy.—A
grateful user ot Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy finds It the only remedy tbat will give relief, though for
thirteen years he had sought other
help. Years of needless suffering
may he prevented by using, this wonderful remedy at the first warning of
trouble. Its use is simple, Its cost
Is Blight and it can be purchased almost anywhere.
Son—Well, I've married her, dad,
and that's all there ls to it!
-Father—You mean that Is the beginning of all there ls te -it! .
. Forbidden Knowledge
Little Jack, aged live, had accent,
panted bis mother on a trip to the
City. They made tbs journey by
Presently the conductor came round
to collect the fares and on approaching little Jack, of course asked the usual question:
How old is the boy?
The mother Informed him; then he
passed on to the next passenger. But
the lad who was the subject ot the
inquiry, sat quite still apparently pondering over something, until at last,
concluding that full Information bad
not been given, he called loudly to
the conductor, now at the other end
ot the car:
. And mother's thirty-five.
A sailor who had landed after a
long voyage, and having been paid off,
called a cab, threw his luggage inside
and Jumped on top himself,   m
Beg pardon, sir, said the astonished
cabman, but you sbould get Inside and
put your boxes on'top.
Steer the craft ahead, Jarvey. Passengers always go on deck and luggage in the hold, was the reply from
ths top.. , -
: Ith El
HA.onu-oa.  m.
03 ET.
!3 R
Prepare Yourself
For Winter's.Wont.
. Don't wall till you have
caught ons el those nasty eolds—fortifyyoursell
again;! them by taking a course <l
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
This "bullder-up" Is rich in ths medicinal
and . nutrilive properties of the  best
Norwegian Cod Liver OU—without Iha
disagreeable taste.    It also Contains
Extract el Mall. Extract ot Wild Cherry
snd valuable Hypophosphltes. which
tons up Ihe whole system and parti*
cularly strengthen the Lungs, Throat
and Bronchial Tubes.
In EOe. and $1.00 bottles, at
your druggist's. lot
Prejudiced Source
Won't you marry me, dear, pleaded the actor, after his fourth divorce.
Why, I kind ot like you, Billy, aaid.
the actress, but I've heard so much
about you, I teel—
My dear, harshly Interrupted tbe
actor, you must not believe all those
old wives' tales.
Complete in itself, "Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
tbe assistance of any other medicine
to make lt effective. It does not fall
to do Hi work.
Bobby was saying bis prayers In a
very low voice.
I can't hear you dear, his mother
whispered.    -
I wasn't talking to you, replied Bobby, (Irmly.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
It's a good plan to bcllovc only balf
you bear—nnd forget two thirds of
A mother's greatest care ls the
health of ber baby—the prevention oi
constipation, colds, worms aud other
childhood ailments and the keeping
of ber baby happy and strong. Baby'a
Own Tablets are tbe mother's best
friend tn Caring for the baby. Thejr
are absolutely tbe best medicine In tb*
world for little ones. Concerning
Ihem Mrs. Joe. Pollras, Mont Louis,
Que., says: "I am well satisfied wltk
Baby's Own Tablets having used then
for my baby with great beneflt. Tber
are the beat medicine In ihe world
for little ones." The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mat
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Wit,
Hams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.,
Guarding a Treasure
We have a Jewel of a cook.
That's line.
Yes. Only we bave to eat nt a ret<
-taurant three times a week to keep
her from complaining ot overwork.
The Stomach
Is the Target
Aim to make that strong-and digestion good—and yoa
will keep welll  No chain is stronger than ita weakest      "
link.    No man ia atranger than hia stomach.    With
atomach disordered a train ot diseases fallow.
prPteree'' Golden Medical Discover?
m..ct Hit .toiueh ln.lu.ir. th. llvar Mttra sad Uw Meed nr*.
1    forwt root., .nee (Uncus without tb. in* <f alcohol. Sou bt _.
liquid format SI.OO *m bottl. for over <0 yesn, stvtoa esaersl Ml
UreaP»««r tablets •• aBedU* J br B. f. Pierce,M.D.. then earn tea
ted etandlitosdialsrser trial beabr-ss-l—rsssspteggeel-istea-ei bh
cannot properly masticate solid
foods and digestion is often
*ips*t—they do not receive the
needed nourishment to make
Strength and preserve health, but
ft aged people everywhere could
only realize the »lrang tA-*a*>
taMig nourithmtnt Iri Sestt'e
fimiWon they would take it after
eveijy meal.  .
It'possesses the nourishing elements of cod liver oil, the vital
powirs of the hypophosphites of
lime and soda and tbe curative
qusjtiesofglyi^rine, all so perfectly
conipined that nature immediately
appropriates them to create
etrettth—noarsth (As organ* soul
xnx**1th*b»dy. It relieves rheumatism; *nd ailments due to declining
ytats.   It adds to the span of life.
mates lueetJtatm tor SCOTTS,
Script & Bowne, Toronto, OnUrlo    IMS
Richard Butler Glaonzer, New York,
essayist and critic, said at tbe Players'  club:
Poetry is delightful. But poets are
so very poorly paid. I know a millionaire who hae a beautiful, golden
haired .stenographer. The girl said
to her employee, the other day:
I am going to get married, air. And
I am going' to marry a poet.
Dear me, said the millionaire..Then
you will have to leave us, eh?
No, sir, she replied, I shall not leave
you.   -But I shall need more pay.
Wanted—Agents for Hall and Wind*
worm Insurance. Apply Ths Canada
h'eathe* Insurance Company, (Dominion License). Winnipeg, Man.
Wepnly handle property of sterling
merit,: oil wnich wt are prepared to
fu&nihtee profits.
and "I>EKR LODGE" properties are
food nveatmenU. We want a good
agent to represent ui in every town.
For terms apply,
Sterling Bank Building, Winnipeg
"Don't waste time writing If you
do not-, mean business."
All Out of Town
. Full ..of hope and energy, the young
rewrfer" was' eentvto the sin-hurts
to write an account of a fire that was
alleged to Xtts raging ^there.
;'Ab « matter of fact the fire was so
small that It liad been put out ln three
and a quarter minutes, and the fire
brigade tad gone home long ago. -
',. Still, the reporter was as persevering as he was inexperienced, so he approached the 'house cheerily and
knocked upon the door.
Mr. Yalghta in? he asked hopefully
ot the handmaiden who answered his
No, came tbe reply; he's out.
Mrs. Yalghts?
No, she's out also.
Well, eald the cub reporter, we were
Informed that you have a fire here, and
I've come to report—
Oh, that's out tool snapped tbe
maiden, as she gently closed the door.
'Tis a Marvellous Thing.—When the
cures effected by Or. Thomas' Electric
Oil are considered, the speedy and
permanent relief It has brought to
the suffering wherever It has been
used, It must be regarded as a marvellous thing that so potent a medicine should result from the six Ingredients which enter Into its composition. A trial will convince the most
skeptical of its healing virtues.
I've got a sen attachment for the
family piano, said Mr. Grumbler, and
It's wonderful.
What Is lt?
A lock and key.
The -Soul of a Piano is the
action.   Insist on the (
*'OTTO   HIGEi:'
.     Piano Action
> Mai. Wi snow's Bool-lime. Sreor hn beea
medlaremec SIXTY VBARSbv MILLIONS of
k, the bMt remedy lor IMARRIKEA. It it absolutely lurralm. Be tare **i uk lor "Mrs.
**■!»•_>»'. soothiog Syrup." ud lake ao other
Mad. Twcaty-ImceaUa battle;   _    .      .
vrila ferny FRCtt book, ths most instiuctiv*
SIT. Il^r*.*, I _.ro.M,ow» ..!•«,, WIMw.
/W-l-..l,PSSt. N»'l_-to>-,'u...,u.i. p, __<-_i.o
DON'T waste jour time figuring
oat wby a black hen lays a
white egg. Get busy and Jump
into your LEATHER LABEl
OVKH-HAUL8 and get tbe egg.
■ THB--
Leather Label
Mlah Grade American Over-Hauls,
Tear thi* eut and nail It ts us with
■ear name amS .Mr... ana we will sens'
Wane at aar o.lekrat.d CORN COB
*aWa  FMli
Xourdetlnr't name...
your di-inreis. will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case ot Itch-
Ins. Blind, Bleodlnc or Protruding Piles
ln 6 to 14 days.   60c..
Do you tWnk lt rlgbt to rob Peter
to pay Paul.
If I happen to be Paul I do.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
In the sixth grade at Irving school
Ae teacher was questioning a boy
ubeutTJapoleon's disastrous Invasion
of Russia and the subsequent retreat
from Moscow.
What did the French do then? she
They ran away, said the boy.
' Yes, tbat le what they did, said the
teacher, but ran away ls hardly the
correct phrase to use.    What should
you have Bald.
They beat lt! he exclaimed, proudly. 	
W.N.U.   Ml
Quebec Man Tells How They Helped
Him and Cured His   Nephew   ef
Kidney Disease.
South Ham, Wolfe Co.,.Que. (Special).—There ls fresh proof every day
that as a family medicine Dodd's Kidney Pills are growing In favor with
the people of Quebec. Just to quote
an example, Amable Plnard of this
place says, ln an interview:
"Dodd's Kidney Pills helped my
rheumatism, backache, gravel, and
heart disease, from which I suffered
for twenty years.
"They bave not yet cured me com-
pltely, but they did completely cure
my nephew, who suffered from__bldney
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
kidney .disease. They .will complete
Amable Ptnard'a cure, because all the
diseases mentioned are the results of
kidney disease. They cured Che
young man's kidney disease quickly,
because it waa taken tn Its early
stages. Amable Plnard's troubles are
of twenty years' standing and take a
longer treatment.
The moral is, that lf you cure your
kidney disease early with Dodd's Kidney Pills, you will never be troubled
with rheumatism, gravel, and o'ther
diseases.that are caused by sick kidneys falling to do tbeir work.
Money Talks.
Isn't lt time yours had something
to ssy?
Warts will render the prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear the excrescences away by using Holloway's Corn
Cure, which acts thoroughly and painlessly.
Then He Tills You     -
When one meets   a friend   these
days one does not say: How do you
do? But, How Is your cold?—and al
a rule, one gets away wltb tt.  *'•
No matter how soiled they are.
Grease, Ink and all otber stains
come off with Snag. leaves the
hands soft and wblte. 'Antiseptic.
uu cearur. ukites.   !
Is the most delicate fabric ln the
world. You may cause it permanent
harm by using poisonous mineral ointments for the little rashes and eruptions that every baby suffers from
occasionally. Don't take any
chances. Use Zani'Buk, the baby's
best balm.
Zam-Buk s made from fine herbal
extracts, and ts free trom any harmful poisonous coloring matter. Like!
the grasses and the flowers, nature has
colored lt green. It Ib nature's own \
Most ointments and salves have, as
their foundation, various animal oils
and fats. Zam-Buk does not contain
one atom of animal substance. Most
ointments and salves .are too coar.se
to be absorbed by the tender delicate
ekln of a baby, and remain on the
skin an Irritating mass. Just put a
little Zam-Buk on baby's skin, and see
bow soon lt Is absorbed, showing conclusively that the pores of the skin
are greedy for It.
Use nothing but Zam-Buk for baby's
skin troubles and wash with Zam-
Buk Soap.
Zam-Buk should also be used for
cuts, burns, scalds, eczema, piles, ulcers, etc. All druggists and storec
sell at 60c. box, or post free from
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse harmful substitutes and imitations.
Influenza, pink eye, epizootic distemper, and all nose and
throat diseases cured, and all others, no matter how "exposed," kept from having any of these diseases with
doses often cure a case. One bottle 8*uarnnteed to do so.
Best thine for brood mares. Acts on the blood. 60c. and
$1 a bottle. .6 and 111 a dozen bottles. Druggists and
harness shops. Distributors—ALL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists, Goshen,' Indiana. U.S.A.
Tom—Did Miss Roxley entertain
your proposal? .
Jack—On the contrary, my proposal
seemed to entertain ber.
Reduced in Flesh
Sleepless Nights
Kidney OIsmm and Graval Causad
Keensst ■uffering—Ourad by
Br. Ghaaa'a KldneyUvar
Ur. W. Smith.
That diseases of tha kidneys causa
the greatest suffering ls well known,
and when stone or gravel Is formed
In the bladder the torture .is almost
beyond hunian endurance.
The disease should never be allowed to reach tbls dangerous stage.
Fains In the small of the back, pain
or smarting when passing water, frequent urination, loss, of flesh and
welgbt tell of the need of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills to regulate and Invigorate the kidneys and restore these
organs to health.
•Mr. W. Smith, Port Dalhouste, Ont,
writes:—"For some years I was afflicted with kidney disease and gravel
In Its most severe form, having often
a stoppage ot water, accompanied by
the most dreadful agony. As the disease wore on me I became reduced In
flesh and passed sleepless nights. No
doctor was able to do much for me,
and I used many medicines without
obtaining more than temporary relief.
My attention was directed to Dr.
Chase'e Kidney-Liver Pills, and by
using this treatment the disease was
eradicated from my system tn less
than six months. I have gained tn
weight, aleep well, and feel better
than I have for twenty years."
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, one
pill a dose, 2Bc< a box, all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates * Co., Limited, Toronto.
The average  free show  ls  worth
just about that much.
Only fools are certain, Tommy. Wise
men hesitate.
Are you sure, uncle?
Yes, certain of lt!
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Ete.
Up te Date
Of course you know the story of the
Irishman who was painting a fence
and wbo worked for all be was worth
In order that he might get his Job finished before the paint gave out.
It was one of those jokes our grandmothers laughed at before our grandfathers bought razors.
The hero again, ls an Irishman, but
thia time not a painter. Oh, no,
a chauffeur driving Ue master borne
from the country late one evening.
' The nearer the isr approached the
town the taster lt went until, wben
about ten miles out, It-was travelling
at something like fifty miles an bour.
Steady, man, steady 1 cried the
master to his servant. If you go on
Uke this we shall get held up by the
But tbe Irishman set bis lips firmly, made the car go faster still, then
We're Mill nine miles from home,
sir. and I've only enough petrol tor
tbi.ee. If we hurry we asq Just do
it. *
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tubs si low the water to retain heat longer
and never rust. Being made In one seamless plsce eannot splinter
and so the danger of snagged, fingers and. torn clothes Is ellmlnatsd.
Used In conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday Loses Half Its Terrors
There ara ao vegetables Jssl like year
•wa trowinj.   Provide for a iood table,
sat vegetables, aad throw away medietas.
Wa aol only aapply yoa wllb tke Fiaast Tested
Seeds far Ibis Coaatry, bat we also show yea
Told la oar booklets. 153 pafee (copyrighted).
Tbe Ural of Iha kind priated ia Caaada.    Tkay
contain Ibe  best Western ozporiesco ol expert
Market Gardeners.   Souad, practical aad sensible—
{nst what yoa waal to know ia prapariag tha seed
bod, manorial, star liaf taa seed, traaaplaatiai, forciaf,
ripeaiag, sioriaf, deslroyiai  -assets, ete.     Tbo price
Is 10 ce.lt par booklet (f LOO lor the fall eat of 11,
iadadtag vegetable nad spaelal field crepe), bat FREE to
purchasers oi oar seeds.      Saa oar catalogue, pafe 2.
Harvester Oil
A hsovy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
■■•__'. /   -
Clings to the bearings and insures the least
possible friction and wear. Moisture and
changes of temperature do not affect it
The choice of the most successful farmers.
Gas Engine.09
Used and recommended by the lead*,
ing engine builders all over the country.'
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
. £1 Dora_fo Castsr Mactdst OH
Cssitol Cylinder Oil
tirtshtr UsriOil
Sifctr Star Esgise Kmwat
Imperial Motor Caroline
Mica Axis Gttstt
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., -write any agency.
Main Office.
Regina, Moose Jaw, b<*. -toon,
Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbrio.**,
/      Wall Put
Mrs. Stuyresant Flsb at one of ber
beautiful dinners ln New York, eald
of a woman wbose daughters bad all
married well:
A woman like that hates to lose
her daughters—oad yet—well, I suppose her feelings are pretty well expressed by the homely, story of tbe
washer-woman. ,
A washerwoman whose five girls
bad married well waa left all alone
with her old husband, but sbe said
philosophically about tbe girls' lose:
I misses 'em and I wants 'em; but
golly, I misses *bm more'n I wants
London.—A chimney abaft a hundred teet high has been erected In
Farkhouse-street, Camberwell, by a
laundry company, and when only owe*
brick remained to be plaoed In Uie top,
Mlsa Murdock, daughter of th.i managing director, climbed up tbe Inside ot
tbe shaft and teed lt.
London, England.—Sudbury, (Suffolk) town council has approved of a
site on Market bill for a memorial to
Thomas Gainsborough, tbe famous
artist, a native of tho town. The memorial bas been subscribed tor chiefly
by London artists.
Dr. Morae'a
Indian Root Pilla ,
are made accordlat to a formula la
use neesly a century age among the
Indians, and leaned Rom them by
Dr." Morse. Though repeated at-
Spts have been made, by physl- •
s and chemists, ll haa been found
Msible to Improve the formula of.
the pills.  Dr. Morse's Indian Root'
Pills are a household wn.«J. y throughout the world lor Constipatloaand
■  all Kidney and Uver troubles. 1W^
act promptly aad eascttYtly, and
Claanaa tha Jrataai THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Ine Year »}J0
'In. tear (In advenes)  1.00
One Year, tn United States  1.60
Addreft aU communication, to
Thb Bvisiso Sua,
Phorb B?« QbabdFohh. B.C
FRIDAY, APRIL   25,  1915
A N. Mowat, late publisher of the
Nanaimo Daily Heral'd, has been
atltleiJ to the staff of The Sun, In
future Mr Mowat will have a great
deal to do with the editorial work
and business management of thtvpaper,
and all contracts made by him on be
half of The Sun will be faithfully
carried out by the proprietor. It is
the intention of the publisher to improve the paper until it becomes an
indispensable visitor in every home Iri
the city and valley.
G A Bvans; Pu'ilwhor. '.
the provincial government is im
porting expensive American motor
cars for its road superintendents.
Apparently the danger of annexation
from having trade or truck with the
with tbe Yankees is not as great
now as it was during the late general elections. Is it possible that Pre
mier McBride.no longer believes that
it would be in the interest *of true
imperialism to give Canadian manu
fncturers the preference?
Victoria disp-tfohes infirm ut that
the McBride government has appointed a commission to investigate
'the high cost of living If the people ol the province should set to
work to investigate the high cost of
McBride's commissions the probability is that they would arrive at a
true solution of the question.
There is something lacking in the
dispatch from I-ondon imparling the
information that the first lord or the
admiralty h"aa been robbed hy a
woman. The crime bas not been
traced to thc door of the ni Ktant
When partisanship has arr ved nt
such an acute stage so that a lawyer'a
client can not patronize the newspaper he wishes tn, it is time the
local Liberals gut to work to induce
a Lilieial barrister to locate here.
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier has received
scores of messages from all over the
Kmpire expressing the indignation
of the senders at the cowardly
treatment accorded to him on the
floor of parliament a few days ago.
Several of these were cablegrams
from England, in wbich amazement
was expressed that one who. ia universally regarded as the most distinguished of the overseas statesman
was denied tbe courtesy, tJbnsidera
tion and fair play he .himself bas
always been ready to accord to his
opponents. Two were from prominent Ontario Conservatives and one
from a Conservative in British Columbia, wbo assured bim that the
attitude of Mr. Borden and his lol-
lowers do not represent the respect
in wbich be is beld by his political
opponents throughout Canada. At
Ottawa great astonishment is felt
tbat Mr. Borden sbould have besmirched bis reputation by loul tactics at the instigation of the notoriously and, unscrupulous influences
represented by Bob lingers, with
whose nialodoroufli political can-i r
be was-quite familiar. Even Mr.
Borden's best friends admit lhal the
premier bas placed himself in a most
unenviablejiglitf and that nothing
but political ruin can ultjmutely be
his fate.
protection, like the'Indian or Malay.
This is Mr. Borden's, confession of
faith.—London Advertiser.
It is hardly a pleasant augury fnr
the promotion of Imperial unity
when the first result of the proposed
contribution is to provoke a domestic crisis of the most acute description. It ia clear the more it is dis
Siissfd the more tlie advantages of
Laurier's alternative are approved
in Canada. It avoids constitutional
problems both here and in the Dominion Borden's plan weaken*, the
already imperfect control of tbe Bri
tish parliament of armaments and
withdrawsjrom Canadians the man
agement of tbeir own ships. Obvi
ously there is no element of permanence here, but rather an ample
promise of future opportunities for
friction which all wise statesmanship
will seek to avoid.—London Daily
Canadians, Mr. Borden takes it,
and has persuaded Mr. Churchill,
are about on a par with their brown
fellow subjects around Singapore.
Two years ago Mr. Borden and his
friends argued that the Yankee was
a superior race, much too sharp for
Brother Canuck to risk any dealings
with hiin, and able to l»-al thf Ca> ■
adian farmer out' of his own lioiiii-
market. We are not compei-m to
have a navy, much less to build one.
We are not fit to govern ouraelves.
An inferior raee, we need sonieln di V
•we've car "WHAT VOU
A Discovery in Wheat.
After months,of careful experimenting, Charles E. Saunders, Dominion cerealist, has succeeded in
producing a new kind of wheat,
wbich il is believed, will be worth
many millions of dollars to Canada.
Tbe new variety which is known as
"Prelude" was obtained by crom
fertilization of the most hardy grsdis
ami will not only grow in the northern districts of Canada,.but will r-
pen from eight to ten days enrliir
thnn any rf the others. By producing a grain that will stand llm i:ool< r
climate of the rorlh, Mr. SiUnder-'
success will make il poFS'ihle logro-.v
wheat in millions of acres wbere the
land has been previously undevc
oped, iicciiuse no wheat lands could
stand the cooliiess.       .
B. T. Lowery, publisher of Ihe
Gieenwood Ledge paid The Sun a
fraternal call on Thursday.
P. C. MacWha, the well known
hookey player; is renewing acquain
tances in the city. Mac. says there
is no place like Grand Forks aod is
going to have a try out al base ball.
N. L Mclnnes & Co, J.'Doi«a'd-
son and Jas. West received new refrigerators this week. They were
placed by Miller & Gaidnee.
The Western Pine Lumber Co
began sawing this week. The company has on hand 9,000,000 feet of
Tbe Sun joh office is the best
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
Miller & Gardner are' unloading
two carloads of furniture this week.
For Sale—New Peerless Incubator
and Brooder; 220 egg. Robert Clark.
The general balance sheet of tbe
British Columbia Copper company
as of Dec. 31, 1912, shows sutplua
eaeh assets ol 1158,437, of wbich
$83,601 was in cash. In his annual
re|iort Newman Erb, president snys.
"In the Princeton camp. tndiculioi'B
are that ih>* company will develope
a mine nl considerable importance.
Work is still in progress tn establish
the extent of the ore bodies and (he
hest method of treatment. It appears
that the ore from these mines can
be profitably concentrated and transported to tbe company's smelter for
further treatment. The company
added tn its holdings of New Do
minion securities during the yenr
S237.A7!. in par value at the cost of
$12,2-19 Operations for the year
were encouraging and sulisf iclnry.
With the opening ol new mines and
the completion of plans fiir supplementing ihe ore reserves, which
appear to bi. assured, it is believed
that stnl ilii.y will Im given lu the
emu pany's future."
Don't forget'that The Sun has tbe
be-*t joh printing depari-iiienl inlhe
Boundary country.
Don't he misled hy false statements ol competitors. Advertise in
The 8un, because itis read hv more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
C. A. ABBOSW, Amjmt,*.
■     -   -leWVi "
Our wagons won't work your horses to death.   They
run light. ,', .
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
* stand the Toughest wear.,
- If y'6u buy ft. wagon from^s and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store ■ and see if we don't
make good. .
,. ■•  •
. <• Aim St., N
DaarSin 1
REACH Sfcggj
■''"-- -■    •.'•'is*      .* .■ ■*■    k   *
Used in the West exclusively, beiftg highest i$ ]
qnaiity. See our new 8tock-of..vGloves, Balls' _ etc;, s
Reach Balls. ,..... ..... .$1.25 each
Woodland C& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
The Sun job office is overstocked
with some sizes of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
Chantfe of Program
Each Week
NOTICE 'S Hr.RI.BY MVr-N tha* „n the 13th
tl»y ot Marob. A. D. Mia, probate of
ihe will nf ...hn Abraham Coryell, duty teel,
lute ol the 'It' ol OlHtid Vo.ru BC ,wm
n, anted out of the Supreme •out of Britlah
(t'liimbla, al Qrand Pork., B C, l • Kit rna
Fen-nam, Coryell and Frank O orire ro'yell
executrix and executor therein named,
both of Grand PorlU.tl.C_
-.vary uarro-i Indebted tp aaid tatata ia
required to make payment lorthw.th to the
•aid executrix aud exeeutor. and every Der*
■on having In poaaeaal'm ejMjtll won'lnf
to eitate li required forthwith to deliver
■am. ov r to «alo exeeulr'x and exeeutor.
Every creditor or uthor i»raou I'evlri any
claim iiii'ui or Inlereat In the dlatrlhntio.il of
the mlnte of the deceaaed la required before
 \nrll. A.D.IWI. to eend br
addrmaed to the under
ii.e -Sth day of April. A.D. IHU. to aetrfby
rcg-latered fetter.     "' "*	
and   lull
alcued hla name and adoreaa
nartlrulara ol hla elalm or latere*!, and a
•tatement -if hit account. verlnw by natatory declaration, and the nature of the aeonr-
ity (if anv) ln-ld by him.
After'he aaldltthri-y cf April lthe axeen-
Ix and exeentr will Proceed with the ad;
.. having  renard
f which they ahall
Mix aad exeent- r will pi
mlnlairation   of ihe e.tn e
lo thole clalma  only
then have notice.. ....  ....
Dated thia 19th day of March, A.D  MIS.
-    EMMA P. CORVKI.1-. Bxeentrlx.
.•BANK u. cnitYELL. Executor,
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Description
All Work Fally Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Promoter Wan
Morn capital minimi in a growing
business returning 12,110 mi every
$1.U0 invtwiwl Incorporated
for * I,HOI 1,000.110(1,1)00 youra if
you mi* tlie right man. liefer-
envm required. A|i|'ly A. B B.,
this office.
.. . oek City.
have known fnr over ae_ftataeft-ar
aetaofWiWaHaafl-dv [WI_aM*a PlIiaiaalM
mrxre ill with laof trouble,   Y,,sM*m»»S\mm
map) Iva and my family phyaictaaloM aar wMa
ka tCuihtlnaM nrntrweeer.   Mfatlaal-aa)
waa directed to tha Wltaoa Seme*,, waldt I aaal
vritk aplaodid .tret.   I hava bee. on m, leaf** a»
wm**M*n*»sxue*-e.  Youatnly,
tmm U. I.Chaith, Unaier, (UvaaaaCo.,) M.T.
,Hr. Safari
Oa Dat t, t«n, Mr.(t|ar mate Mt,
"My health It avry
wilt write Mr. Abbott he
If yon
information yon
•trill g'ladlyfurni.h vou any further
■ dj^^^
The ayu, al
whether at'hom
the ont whoae
to antact
Our paper.go
of homat ahd u
thtfadiily: Tli
rtiultt obtain',
titttifcrl Wan
i Head
Ihe head of ahairt.
! or in butineth it
attention you with
n into Iha bm clau
read by the bead J
a acceunlt iar tht
d fiy tht um of -
THE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added a
Barber Shop
to its already i well eqnippe'd
Pompeian and Electric .
Massage given.
Razors  sharpened  by
an expert.
rop au puivoks
Something   That. Yoa
Ne?er Seen Nor
Heard Of
it i* uaed tl.is •/rar an a little
KkHter preflwiit, or rather a mark
uf uiurtHay In frirnila and r«la-
' tivtm. liivnluuaM a token littt
murt) in I In- nutvi irle» than in Hit*
pricHnf lliHai-iii-Itt It ia ai ran jHirl
ao that it can lis wnt, juat like a
puatc-anl, for » cent or two, ut
any placu in Canada tar the Uni-
ted 8laU». Tho endpaTtng idea
•hout lt.li Ihit embedded I.DHIN-
ovb Cnosa, whioh will ahine all
ni|(ht lonu (or in anv dark room)
in • OuoiimuH, Mvuio Hloc
Lkiiit, after yon have nad it ex- /
puaed Ui daviiifht for a fow min-
utea The prion ia ao low that
anyone ia enabled to he convinced of ita real nature. It ia
iiilt-ed air article which ia held- ..
in hiRh eateem by any Christian
family or peraun. The ahining
i-rniia ia made of a atone "which ia
found only near Jerusalem, and
of which already the Bible apcaka
•a the -_.uni-K>im8TO.«_s in picturing Solomon's Temple.
PRICES ARE-™ cent, each, 2
for ihe, 5 for 50c, and 12 for $1:
(Sole Agent for Canada and U.S )
Electric Restorer for Men
vla> aad vitalKr. VHCatura dacar and all aaaaai
waakaan CrarM at aaca.   Paaaflwal .vill fl
Presbyterian Library Fund
Entertainment Scores a
Thi concert given in tbe  Opera
House on Wednesday night itt'aid
of tbe Presbyterian Library Fund
was -well attended witb an appreciative and*enthusiastic audience, every
reserved seat being sold long before
tbe rise of tbe curtain, and those
who   were, unfortunate  enough to
miss tbis pleasing entertainment certainly misted tbe treat of their lives
for every Dumber on tbe programme!
was of the highest order _m*_l~ excep
tionally well rendered,   Tbe Valley
Male Quartette gave several splendid
selections every-number  of which
was heartily encored and without
doubt this quartette could .compete
witb any in the larger^iities throughout Canada.   The trio is also deserving   of   high   praise especially
there ''Gipsy Laughing Song" which
literally took down tbe bouse.   The
violin solos by * Miss Marjorie Ker
man was a trsat only heard once in
a long time and ber artistic playing
is of such a nature tbat ber audience
is held spell bound until the last
notes fade away.   Jno Hay possesses
a well trained and cultivated  voice
and bis song of tbe Toreador from
Carmen certainly deserved the encore
it received.   Special mention should
be made of E. Harrison's song "The
Football  Match"  wbich  sent  tbe
house into roan of laughter and io
encore "Tbe Last Hair" be proved
himself a comedian of no mean repute.   Mrs. Hay a l sted as accompanist in a very  proficient manner.
Part II of the programme was of an
entirely different character it being
an one act  comedy entitled "The
Dress Rehearsal."   This play kept
tbe audience in   roars  of laughter
from start to finish, all tbe characters being'portrayed to  perfection.
Altogether tbe concert will ever remain green in our minds  and Tbe
. Dun hopes that many more will be
given during the next few  months
for  Urand   Forks  possesses talent
hard to find   in   more pretentious
cities.    The  Presbyterian  Library
coipmittee is to be congratulated on
the success  of the concert the pro
ceedfcof which amounted about 1220.
After all bas been said and done a
library is the people's opportunity.
Properly equipped our libraries will
feed and foster the exceptional apti
tudes which are ton often ill iwed to
' r in waste in our country, which is
wholly dependent upon   the brr.ins
of its children.   So a library is a
power of good when devoid to the
educat'on and   enlighlni"iit   of the
Below we give the programme
every number ot whicb was enthusiastically encored.
Valley Male Quartette
John Hay • Solo
Miss Marjorie Kermm Violin
Hay, Ewing and Harrison  Trio
Miss Alice LeQuime* Piano
Valley Male Quhrtette
Hay, Ewing and Harrison  Trio
Miss Marjorie Kennan Vjolui
E, Harrison Sols
. ,,| "The Dress Rehearsal"
Nancy Blythe...Miss Marjor'e Mann
Acnes Middleman......Miss J. Bailie
Miss Cavendish   (Aunt  Sophronia)
Mrs. John Hay
•    Lucy  Mrs. C. A S. Atwood
Tom* Travers .., 0. M. Lee,
.Dick Dunder fi Harrison
'   Harold Huntington... Never AppeSrsil
HaveYou Seen the New
Ref rigerators at
Miller& Gardner's
If not, do not delay. Call and
inspect the stock. We have
nothing but the most economical ice users and neatest appearing Refrigerators inanu-
Oil Stoves and Ovens
Electric Irons and
Hotpoint Electric Appliances
Milter & Qardner
Hardware Home Furnishing
Best Newspaper
;ain in
The Boundary
Sip (&vmb Jfarka $itn
and the Montreal
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusian*.
Silver Spangled Hamburg*.
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks.
Columbia  Poultry
Dr. Sun. Yat 8en, the first presi
dent nf the Chinese republic, tells
this story of the way iu which China
punished a young man who killed
bis father. The young iiihii himself
was put to death, his uncle suffered
the same .penalty, tod tbe school
mister and the six nearest neighbors
were exiled to places more than a
thousand miles from the village in
wbich the crime occurred. It is the
Chinese theory that not only tbe
parents of a boy, but al.o bis other
relatives, bis teacher and bis neighbors, are in some degree accountable
for his character and bis conduct.
Behind all this lies a fundamental
truth tbal we too often ignore—a
truth that stimulates the eeuse of '.Single Comb Rhode Island Reds.Single
responsibility, both in tbe family and Comb White Leghorns, Houdans.
in tbe community, I E8«8/°r ""le. »» »"d »•*> 'or 15. Win-
■m.   _",__• . u l.   ji    ner of 1st cock and 2nd hen in   single
Tbe Chinese system could hardly „„_l p^.  .... D    .   . .z.      ,#_
....       „■        .'■ ., •   comb Keds at the Provincial Show; 10
be applied to America, yet lf teach- oup8. over 70 1st prizes and other
era tried to know something more of' specials in 1912. Our birds are tested
1 boys tban tbay can learn in tbe ,a}'er9»» "•" as winners' in the show
school, and if, in general, men had toom' A ,e*' BOod cockerels for sale.
more of tbe elder brother spirit,
there wuuld be iewer problems to be
solved by tbe judge, tbe probation Box 292
officer and the reformatory.   There ,    ,
are teachers and neighbors who meet *-, . unaaipA
with honor this delicate test, hut too I   h U Ul M L V   ®' *-v E R
many are indifferent,  or afraid   of U till 11 lllLlI    golden
being misunderstood. I
Parents, of course, are priuitiriiy Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
responsible, hut not tbey alone. Our
T. Bowen
Grand Forts, B. G.
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
human society is so interrelated that
we are all responsible, in greater or
Ici-s degree for one another.—Youth's
Companion. /
Plymouth Rocks
'   and Rose Co*b
Rhode Island Reds
EggS IdtlhiSaa"^!^" 2UC
a.  d. Morrison
Placing the Blame.
Who is to blame when 4 boy goes j       ,. ^ HCJcAuUM, Pi
wroWg?   I» the boy himself the only- a^Faifa,
person who is responsible!      ,   , .  Matak lad, 1911.
Eggs (or Sale
Buff Orpingtons arc now
abend iu the heavy-weight
varieties in the second
International Egg-laying
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
1500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed    lear, (875 Cah,
Balance Term
For Further Particulurs Apply
The    Sun    O ffi ce
If you read The Sun yon get the
news of Ihe city, the- province and
tbe .world. Il is possible fnr a Hun
re der lo keep abreast of the times
w bout the aid of the daily papers.
Newspaper Law ' ■     3. Any person who takes a paper
, . .    , lout of the post otlice, whether directed
1. A postmaster is required to give ,„ ,,ilt ,mnin „,. mU „r w|iether |le hlU)
notice hy letter (returning-the paper Hu()8crihed or   not) K   reiiponl.ible for
does not answer tin; law; when a Huh .,
scriber doea not tnke Inn paper out of
the [kiptoH.ce. and state the reason for 4. If a Hubsci-iber orders his  paper
its not being taken.    Anv nenlect to stopped find the publisher continues to
do so makes the postmaster reHponsi- *pna '*. 'he >ubserlber ia  bourid ito
bin to the publisher for payments. pay   for.   it   if lie takes it out of flic
2. If any per-nn orders his paper l*mt °*«i' l*M*» proceeds upon (he
discontinued he must pay all arrear- ground that, a mail must pay for *ftul
iiljes, or the publishers   ijay continue J'e nsea.
to send   it until   payments are made,       6. The courts have decided that.re
and collect the whole amount whether tuning to take newspapers or   pejriodi-
the pH|H.r'is taken from   the otlice  or cals from the post office or   lonnivitur,
not.    There can be no  legal   discon- leaving   them   uncalled Ior, is prima
tinuanue until payment is made. facie evidence of intentional fraud. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
That Fellow Feeling
Outside a busy fishmonger's stood
a large Ice cart. Tbe driver was Inside the shop, but -on a Mock ot Ice
■at a small boy, with comfort writ
large upou hla face.
'Ere gitoutofi't! yelled he man, all
In one word, as he suddenly appeared
trom the shop. /
Then the small boy lilted hts face,
now charged with sadness.
Was you ever a boy? lie asked ungrammatically .
Of course I was, came the reply,
And did you ever atop away from
And when you got home did yer
farver ever get. lilt belt and—
Tben It dawned on the big and burly Ice-man.
You stop Just where you aro, my
little man, he said genially. I quite
With eojthorough a preparation at
hand as Miller's Worm Powders the
mother who allows her children to
suffer trom the ravage's ot worms ls
unwise and culpably careless. A
child subjected to the attacks, ot
worms is always unhealthy and will be
stunted ln Its growth. It Is a merciful aot to rid Jt of these destructive
parasites, especially when lt cau be
done without difficulty.
The Tempter
IF you will marry me, said the ardent suitor, you shall have your owu
How dare you! she hissed. You
know I am advocating votes tor women, and Insist on walking.
the best
your   ,
'-  money -
Maypole Soap
SM operation, giving rematkabty
cleat, brijhl, lad
colon. Dyeicottoa,
wool, tiik ot all*
Una. 24 colon,
will lira aay -Had*.
Colon 10c, black
let "How lo Oyt'
«™»  F. L. BENEDICT ft CO. Montreal
Waller—Have you tried our turtle
soup, (ilr?
Ulner—Yes, I have tried It and my
dccltflloii Is that ilie turtle proved an
Wh a box er alx tents iar AIM,
al ell dealers, er Tbe Oedde M«d|.
•let Company, Limits*,   Terente,
W.N.U.   Ml
 1—! 1 !	
** tweet, refreshes the farmer who
builds a
Concrete Well or Tank
'"PHE FARMER, above all others, appreciates good water. He drink*
x more water than the city man. The city-dweller is dependent upon
the public water-supply for the purity of his water, while the farmer can
have his own private source of water, and thus be sure that it is pure
and healthful. r . --
TV/TAN hasn't found a better drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.   But in .order to keep
x" water fresh .and pure, a tank or well casing that will keep out every possible impurity must be used,
IT h abiolutely water-tight, protecting your water from jeepjge of all
kinda.   It cannot rot or crumble.   It it eatily cleaned inside.    Time
and water, imtead of causing it to decay, actually mate it ttronger.
f\tJR F*rmirsr Information V*.
*~ aarlmint will help yoa to decide '
how I* battel anything; from aporch-
,tep to a tlio. Thi net-Wee it frit—
yo* don't evm havl to aromisl I,
baltd. When In doubt ask the Inform.       .    . 506.
alios Dipcrtmmt. , 609*
T^H EHE are tcorei of other utei f or concrete on your farm—on every farm. It
* you would like to know of them, write for our book, "What the Farmer Can
Do With Concrete."   The book it abiolutely bee.
Addraaa Publicity Manager
Canada Cement Company
"XiTHeXNyon go to buy elmint
" be rare lhat thi* label Is ,*
.very tor and barrel. The*
yoa know yo* ara telling Ih.
cement that th. farmer, of
Canada hav. found to bt Ih*
Victor and Vanquished
Past stall after stall went the rich
merchant, followed by a footman ln
email livery. • It was the annual village bazaar, and the rich man had been
roped In by force of circumstances.
Ah, Mr. Fltzbrendon, said a really
sweet and charming lady at ono of
the stalls, nnd what are you going to
buy? Dear old auntie and I are running this table, and we have homemade cakes, aprons, penwipers, and—
Yes, said F; and I'll buy Just one of
each. But do you sell kisses at your
Oh, certainly! came the ready reply.
One guinea eaeh.
Right! replied the autocrat. Then
I'll take'a couple—and good measure
Aunt, remarked the fair and dainty
damsel, forward, please. Two kisses
for this gentleman!
For a moment the man of means
end money waB nonplussed, but only
for a moment. Then he turned to
his servitor:
James, he said coolly, just take this
purchase, please.
A Medical Need Supplied.—When a
medicine ls found thai, not only acts
upon the stomach, but la so composed
that certain Ingredients of it pass unaltered through,the stomaoh to And
action in tbe bowels, then there ls
available a purgative and a cleanser
of great effectiveness. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are of tfltla character
and are the best of all pills. During
the years that they have been in use
they bave established themselves as
no other pill has done.
Tbe case had reached a critical stage
and even the judge seemed to awaken to a live interest ln the proceedings, for the most Important witness
was about to be cross-examined.
So you are the lady's maid"; began
the relentless barrister.
Yes. sir.
And where were you at 7 o'clock
on the evening In Question?
I was In my lady's room, sir.
For what purpose?     .    ■
I was dressing my lady's hair, sir.
The barrister leaned forward and
spoke very slowly and Impressively.
Now think, he said. I want yon to
be very careful In answering this question: Was or was not your mistress
in the room at the time?
Look for tho algnature of tl. W, GROVE,
Curea a Cold In Ona Day.   Curea Crip
in Two Daya.    -6c.
His Opinion of Them
An heirloom, explained tlie farmer,
Is something that bas been   banded
down from father to son aid In some
cases Is greatly prized.
I'd prize these heirlooms I'm wear
Ing, remarked the youngster, a good
deal more If tbey wasn't so long In
tho logs.
Minard's Liniment for sals everywhere.
Waiting for an Answer
We asked some months ago whether
paper collars are still worn.   No one
vouchsafed to answsr.    It ls.our impression that the celluloid drove out
the paper.     Wa well remember the
paper collar and the paper dicky.
Cool Burgess used to sing ot Hllde-
brand Montrose:
He parts-tils hair with extreme cars
And chalk* bis paper collars.
But the* paper collar, ones worn,
was an accomplished faot, something
to be forgotten; while the celluloid
like the enamelled steel collar ot tbe
civil war period ean be cleansed.
The steel collar was et regular Intervals refreshed by use   ot   s   tooth
It keeps your "White Clothea" looking
Just Ilka flew.
It does not Spot or Streak tlio clothes
as there Is no settllng.-
It Is the -Handiest Kind" to use.
It Is Guaranteed to give Perfect Satisfaction or money Cheerfully Refunded.
LISTEN!    ™Y,T\,
aad Prove It
"J-R Blue la machbetter lor Youraell.
than any other."      Mlaa Aiecentpack.
Thomson, Belmont, Mau. ,„. |„ts about
"J-R Blue la an Excellent 6 months, aalt
Blue, Superior   to other blues x% Good
Bluet."      Mra. Frank J. Size Waahlura
Moore, Conn, Ont. MeaarectatsS bv
•J-R Blue  ls tha best Tli.-oheaon-
Blue 1 ever used." Mrs. W. Wggjj™ Oo*
Swltier, Brandon, Mau. \SS%, c.„.
An Inspiring Model
Little Johnnie, having In his possession a couple ot bantam hens,
which laid very small eggs, suddenly
hit on a plan. Doing the next morning to the fowl-run, Johnnie's father
was surprised to find an ostrich egg
tied to one end of the beams, and
above'tt a card, with tlie words: Keep
your eye on this and do your best.
It's Always   •   -
A Good Thing
To bave a
Clear Horizon
at both ends ot tbe day.
A dlsb ot
for breakfast and again at the evening meal opens and closes the day
with a dash of sunshine.
Toasties are bits ot hard, white
Indian Corn, flrst carefully cooked,
then rolled thin and crinkly, ana
toasted to a delicate, appetizing
Not a hand touches the food In
manufacture, and It Is ready to
serve direct from the package—to
be eaten with cream or milk—end
sugar, lf desired.
Post Toasties taste dellclously
good and are richly nourishing.
Made by Pure Pood Factories of
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
m.  \
The Blood Must bc Kept Rich and
Pure, and the Nerves Properly Nourished.
Every parent of a growing girl and
every young woman Who looks after
herself, should be constantly on the
watch for symptoms of Impoverished
blood. Girls in their teens should
not be pale, languid and constantly
fatigued. Nature Intended them to
be bright, energetic and active. Tbe
happiness ot a lifetime depends upon
glylng the blood the help lt needs at
this time, when girls are too frequently allowed to overstudy, overwork or
suffer from lock of exercise.
Tho symptoms of impoverished
blood are unmistakable. They are
languidness, pale, sallow complexion,
shortness of breath, violent palpitation of the heart, particularly on going
up stairs, poor appetite, dizziness and
headaches, and a tendency to taint,
These symptoms of course are not all
found in every case, but tbe mi
the victim has ot them the greater
progress has the trouble made and the
more. imperative ls the necessity to
at once begin to check It, through the
use ot Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs, which
bring bac ktlie glo wot health and energy to every part of the body. The
case ot Miss Jcanle Fraser, Hamilton,
Ont., offers proof of this. Bbe .says:
"For about eighteen months" I was
In a very bad state of health and
thoroughly run down. I had no appetite and suffered from most of the
symptoms ot anaemia. I went to A
local doctor and received treatment
from him tor three months, and although I took bottle after bottle of
medicine I was steadily growing worse,
and I got so down-hearted aad de.
pressed that I felt I would never get
better. At this time I read the case
of a young lady whose symptoms were
similar to my own, who had been cured by Dr. Williams* Pink Pills,.and I
decided to try them. By the time
I had used three boxes my appetite
had improved and I was feeling mere
encouraged. I continued the use of
the Pills tor a time longer and my
health waa fully restored."
These Pills are sold by all medicine dealers or may be had by mall
at BO cents a box or six boxes tor
12.50 from Tlio Dr. Williams* Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
«-_■ i        i
Good friend, It fate should but bestow
Upon, we'll say, a man like you,
Tbe problems I have mentioned, oh!
Wbat would you dot What would
you dot
We offer Ona Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case ot Catarrh that cannot bs
cured by Hall'a Catarrh Cure.
F.  J.  CHENET * CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, hava known F.
J. Cheney for tha laat IS yeara, and believe him perfectly honeat ln all business
tranaactlona and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by hla Arm.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure la taken Internally,
acting directly upon th. blood and mucous surfaces of the ayatem. Testimonials
Sent free. Price IS casta per bottla.
Bold by all druggist*.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
The Agent—Tben" well consider
that settled
The Actor—But—er—what about
the contract!
ml,-, »»».»_.
*..- — •--»*-— —.   -_
verbal contract will do.
The Aotoi—Uddle, listen. Ths
last time I had a verbal costreot I
drew a verbal celery.
Below Is given a copy of a letter
from a prominent Winnipeg Druggist.
Thia Is but typical of tho many wo receive*, advising ot tho great demand
for SANOI- and SANOL'S ANTI-DIABETES, and tha many - curea theae
sterling remedies effect.
Tho Sanol Manufacturing Co.,
Dear 8lrs_r-
In regard to the aalo of SANOI. and
say I have been handling the goods
for about three montha, I waa
obliged to put in SANOL'S ANTI-
DIABETES to supply one of my customers, who now Is completely cured
and whom, I believe, haa aent a testimonial to your office. Another customer ordered SANOL and I wai
obliged to stock it. Thia gentleman
waa ao well satisfied that- he haa aent
bottles to hla friends. Up to
this time I had never really taken
much Interest In the preparations, but
when customer after customer would
como In and tell us about what SANOL had done for them I came to the
conclusion tt would be worth my
while getting behind SANOL and recommending Jt to my customers.
Thia I have done, and I have heard
nothing but words ot praise for SANOL and recommending It to my customers. Thia I have done, and I
have heard nothing but words of
praise for SANOL and SANOL'S
Tours truly,
Austin's Drug Store,
F. I. Hamlyn.Mgr.
The original of  this letter,  with
many others of like nature, may be
aeen upon our Filea at any time.
tor aall Stones, Kidney Trouble, Kidney Htonca, Bladder Stones, Gravel,
Lumbago and all diseases arising
from Urlo Acid.   Price 11.60.
only remedy which has a record of
complete   curea  of  Diabetes.    Price
For sale at all Leading Druggists.
Send for Free Literature.
.    ntr&weU/sU
ititn ftiblstif**/
Wa lkaCLIANSST,Sntn.IST,aa4ntTHOin
DYS, aaa caa BaT~Wky yaa Sm*I avaa Save t*
Iuu>.t what XIND.I Cl«k roaeOeoSe ara aaaSa
-t.-S. Mla_al.ee an laasiiH.il
Saai lae tee* Colee Cari, Kerr SaaMat. aad
SeeUatgMageeaalla al P| ila« ai m a-Sir teleas,
Bananas they sM se gently (ee
purglng ei griping) yet se j
i thoroughly
ana ta.l I** xX.--*-fS--zL j-.'.'...
, m.. ....... M,ww„„_M«nasweuss
' Ihe grown-ups,   So. a box al
your druggist's.
Btaassl SsfMMssMls.lt ttasia,U_M
I a
Pilgrim Joe, Striving to Do Good,
,  .   Is Unappreciated.
And Is Escorted From the Town ef
Oat Away flulck by the Hilarious
Populace—The Shew Is s Frest, and
Nels Out »«0.   '       .   .  0>   .
■y.M. QUAD,
ICopyrlsht, IU* by Associated Literary
LISTEN (or my band on tbe highways,
s    Look (or ity gayly painted
Oome oot to the gate to see me.   ' •'■
. Bave yoar money ready.
"'Ask (or medical advice It yon think
you need it -^
' There Is but one Pilgrim Joe.
<-'As I abided in the town of Last
Chance (or a few dsys while suffering
the affliction ot a carbuncle on my neck
I received a letter from the mayor of
the town ot Get Away Quick, asking
me to come over there as soon as able
and show my show of moving pictures
and bring along a large stock of Pilgrim pain alleviator. Tbe aforesaid
ellevlstor has now been before tbe
public for many years, and Its certain
ed taking down a peg or two.
He Starts Something.
As the shades of evening gathered
ever tbe rooftroes and.tumbled down
Into the streets I went (orth from the
tavern, and I set np my stand tn tbe
public square and announced the virtues o( my Pilgrim pain alleviator.
Tbere wasn't a man tn the crowd wbo
could uy that I was not honest and
sincere, and I stood resdy to produce
Meresnat Is Only One snd a Quartos
-   *     Square Miles In Extant
The smallest state tn Europe, the
autonomous republic ot Horesnct, ls on
the boundary between Germany and
Moresnet has an area ef barely one
and a quarter square miles and a pop-
any "number of certificatee, but it wis  Nation ot 3,500, It owes its existence
no nse.  I never struck a town where , to a boundary controversy for the con-
no nse,
they needed the alleviator worse, but
aet a tottle would they 'buy. Among
ether things I assured them:
That lf a man hadn't been left hang*
log too long the alleviator would replete htm to life.
That heart disease gave way before
trol of a,once important zinc mine. A
Isle ef Jersey Seea te It That the Bread
Is Kept Absolutely Pure. I
Undoubtedly the little island of .Ier- ;
sey bus been enriched by the profit ot
Its cows.   In moderu days potato mis- j
log and fruit culture hare helped, but
It Is the solid, continual profit of the,
cattle tbat bas mnde the island rich.     |
80 carefully do they tend tbem there
snd so frugal sre tbey ot waste In
trodden pastures, says Our Dumb Ant
XtSSl  VS.   a,VU._   .-U.fUtlUUt   UIH.    ____-Jflfl.      __h    .    -------   , .   ■■-..  - |,U_<i UUII..     .UW,     WtltV     VSKtX    ,11      nnnai.
boundary commission settling tbe fron-   mals, thnt they actually Ictbcr their   ;n the middle ages and especially by
Secret et a Great War-like Invention
st the Middle Ages.
*** The composition oi the Greek fire
used by the ancients has been a subject of much controversy and while it
has been pretty generally settled as to
what constituted it, yet there is still
a discussed question as to all the ingredients contained.
The name Greek fire was applied to
the inflammable and destructive compositions that were used in warfare
tiers ot Holland and Prussia after the
fall of Napoleon ln 1814 was unable to
agree upon tbe ownersbip o( tbls tiny
plsce of land, wltb its valuable mining
rights, snd Dually left tbe question for
It, and consumption took to Bight as|*»'ure settlement. Neither power was
soon ss It ssw the yaller label,
That there never wss a divorce case
In t family using lt'
Tbat It had five times tho enthusiasm of brandy at one-fifth the cost.
That a whole barrel of whisky don't
contain the wsrwhoops of a single bottle. " .
. But talk wss useless, snd wben I
found it'aa I asked th* crowd to follow me te the hall where I was to exhibit my moving pictures. Deslilng
to let them understand that I was not
to occupy lt, snd It was administered
Jointly by tbe two states.
In practice lho Joint' administration
soon resulted ln an administration by
neither state, snd the community became autonomous under the protection
and tutelage of Prussia and Holland
and later of Prussia and Belgium. In
1841 tbe two guaranteeing countries
regularized tbis and formally gave tbs
district its own Independent administration. It has no courts, bnt lltlgauts
con choose Jefween the Belgium and
animals, and the children or Indoor
servants shift them at morn, noon and
nlgbt , !
Gentleness is their cue In handling
the calf, which, after s dose of moth- ,
er's milk, has to bs content with skim-
milk, or sklllegalce. She ts haltered
and fed by hand aud becomes docile
and gentle and when two yenrs eld
yields Indoors or out ber bountiful
bucketful ot frothy, rich milk to tbe
quiet women folk who milk ber. i
Tbe Jersey breed Is kept pure by
stringent laws against the Importation
of foreign stock. The summer pnstur-
1 age Is very rich, and cattle remain out
from May till October, but during tbs
winter tbey are alwaya comfortably
ln the business for gain and thereby J Prussian tribunals ln beginning litiga-
rebuke tbem, I announced that ths , tion, which ts subject to ttre laws nel-
show would be free to all, Including' tber of Germany nor of Belgium, but
cross eyed men. This put some life of the ancient Code Na.ioleon.-Chl-
Into them, and they tagged on behind.' cogo Inter Ocean.
I opened the show by exhibiting a pic
ture ot the beef trust raising the price
of liver 400 per cent Wherever else
this picture has been exhibited lt bas
been greeted with dismal groans, as
showing the feelings of the masses.
But In this Instance a man itood up
and swung his hst and shouted:
"Hurrah for the beef trust! Long
may lt wavel Let's have another 400
per cent raise!" .
He .was cheered for Ave minutes,
during which several products of tbe
vegetable kingdom were thrown my
way. I tben followed with a picture
of Washington crossing tbe Delaware.
When this spirited picture was exhibited in the town of Come Oft over 100
(lee American citizens sprang to their ! Csuslly saying it once makes the. wo-
teet and cheered until five lengths ot' man behave, and Its repetition is not
stovepipe fell clattering to the floor. , necessary.
During the excitement that followed The "evil eye*' superstition Is com-
some one picked my pocket of $7, but mon, and the-first injunction given *a
I did not lay lt up sgalnst him. I visiting foreigner by experienced Ara*
long sgo discovered that when an burn travelers Is tbat he mint not point
American citizen's patriotism ls an- -, at animals or persons In Arab settle-
pealed to he'll do most anything" to   nients.
Desert Peepla Still Hava the Customs
of Abraham's Time.
*   In tbe wild deserts Arab tifs Is ss
1 primitive as In Abraham's time. Sbeep
' are still slain to seal a vow.   The sail
or bread covenant Is observed, and
i wben a man dies bis tent Is torn down,;
snd destroyed.
I Old names such as- Joseph, Moses
j snd Alexander are still in common'use
among Arabs, tbough pronounced
j "Yusuf," "Muss" and "Sknndar."
I To divorce bis wifo a man may repent tbe formula Ent tclek three times.
Tbe milk ls used almost exclusively
In making butter. A good Jersey will
make an average of a pound of butter
tfvery flay ln the year. The Jersey ts
beautiful in form, nnd ber abounding
dairy products make her a favorite
witb the household, an ornament to
any farm or estate aud a source of
great profit to ber owner.
the Byzantine Greeks at the sieges ot
What distinguished Greek fire from
the other fires used at this period was
the presence of quicklime, which was
well known to give rise to a large
development of heat when brought into contact wilh water. The mixture
was composed of such materials as
sulphur and naphtha with quicklime
an.d took tire spontaneously when
mqistened—whence the name oi wet
lire or sta fire.
From this mixture, which produced
a thick smoke and a loud explosion,1
proceeded a fierce and obstinate
flame. Instead of being extinguished
it was nourished and quickened by
the element of water; and sand or,
vinegar were the only remedies that
Dancing Girls Ara Married to Idols
Representing Gods.
Parrots are taught in India to spend
a large portion of their time in repeating tbe names ot gods, and such a
spokesman brings a great price, espo-
J could check the fury of this powerful
Hfcut. It was poured from the ramparts of a besieged town in large boilers or launched in red-hot balls ot
-lone and iron, or darted in arrows
and javelins, twisted round with flax
and tow, which had deeply imbibed
the inflammable oil. Some times it
was deposited in fireships and was
most commonly emited through long
tubes of copper, which -*ere planted
on'the prow of galley, and fancifully,
shaped into the mouths of savage
monsters that seemed to - vomit a
stream of liquid and consuming fire.' |,
The important secret of compounding and directing this artificial flams
was imparted in the latter part of the
seventh century to the Greeks, or
Byzantines, at Constantinople, in Syria, who deserted from tbe service ol
the caliph to that of the emperor?
The skill of a' chemist and engineer,
clally among business men, wbo Imagine that by owning such n parrot j _^ equivalent "to" the" s^r^oi'The
tbelr spiritual treasures are uccumu*   fleeta and irmiee,'and this discovery
luting while tbey attend to tbelr usual
Many ot the dancing girls la India
belonging to tbe temples are called the
wives of tbe gods. At an early age
tbey are united In wedlock to the images worshiped ln the temples. Tbls
strange matrimonial connection Is
formed ln compliance wltb the wishes
or improvement of.the military'art
was fortunately "reserved for the distressful period when the degenerate
Romans ol the east were incapable ot
contending with the warlike enthusiasm and youthful vigor oi the Sera-
"at sin 1 was A fbaud."   _ _;
and marvelous virtues are known to
all,'but I cannot let this opportunity.
pass without saying tbat: _,...
- • It Is a remedy for despondency. Ti jjjjj
Two doses cure the earache.
It acts like magic on disappointed
love. 1
One bottle will assusge the deepest
i K yeur wife hu eloped the alleviator will make you glad ot it
1 It cures Ingrowing too nails and palpitation of the heart    -
/Thousands of people who were stand-
log on tbe verge ot tbe grave hare
been yanked back and come to weigh
SOO pounds by Investing In a single
bottle.    , *St*rWxatr
Ths Jsy Returns. "WT ~
* Whenever and wherever you lind s
druggist selling my alleviator you need
ask uo further references. He Is respectable and honest and can be trusted wltb the Fourth of July contributions. '■*■**
'-•Tbe csrbuncle having busted and a
song ef Joy come back to my heart I
aet out tor the town mentioned, and
■(ter a long day's drive I reached the
aame. On the jrsy and without any
seeming*cause (or It the song wu
hushed on my lips, iuy Joyous soul
clouded over, aud I found myself taking a despondent view of life. I wrsij-
tied with the feeling (or a time and
finally succeeded in throwing It off, but
later on .1 came to understand that It
,was a waning thst I would have done
.well to heed. I had skeerce entered
the town o( Get Awny Quick when I
was struck by a certain air ot general
levity and recklessness. Tbe msyor
eame forward to shake hands wltb me,
and wh|le doing ts he whlgpsred ia
- asyesr:
> "Old top, I've got It all fixed (er yon
•nd me to be pards la a game of poker
•nd clean up the town.','
I replied that I never indulged ia
poker except whan I felt tbat tbe
heathen ot Africa'were short o( small
change, bnd the mayor seemed te
freeze up on me. He hsd sksercely left
. me wben an alderman suggested that
1 go In with him on a horse race and
■coop tbe town. I gave htm a discouraging reply, and he left ma with a
threat on bis lips. Then a third citizen
approached me. Ho was s deputy sheriff, «nd be wanted me to ring la a
tooth paste with my alleviator and
beat tbe public and whack up with
him. When I referred him te my spot-
lew reputation for honesty ho shook
Us list under my note nnd said I wna
sn old "hypocrite and a fraud. The
landlord qf tho tavern Inquired it I
bad brought along any leaded dice,
and wtin I replied that I never dealt \
b, unib tblngs tit also called me names
and hinted Uml I wns a cuss who need-
show his desire to die (or bis country.
He Is a Frest,
In tbls instance the picture did not
Arabs say a man 'gifted wltb this
malign power can look at a bird flying
In tbe sir and thst It will drop dead;
receive ono single cheer, though 1 kept 1 «»t it be chooses to cast his wicked
It ln front o( tbe sudleuce (or live min-  »f«» •» « ™"*c_* "•"•f «° ,"m1011or/
utes.   Wben .my looks expressed tbe   <■■■■■" »e selected will be struck blind.
..tonl.bu.ent I felt the msyor got up     None of the lower cls.s can read or
and Said* write, but tbe Arab Is noted (or his
"Move' blm .long!   G. Wash. Is s   ■"?<">* wtt and his bablt of speaking In
back number!   Give us something up , allegory-Christian Herald.
to date!"  ~
I did. I gave them the picture of tbe I The Human Brain,
congressman found guilty on two trials I   >» estimating the size of the human
of stealing government lend not 100  brain In comparison with lhe brain of
cens. '
The important art was confined
about 400 years to the Romans of the
_._.,,, __..„__. east. It was at length either discov-
of the parents, who believe it to be ; er(xj or stolen by tho Mohammedans
a highly meritorious act to present a j an(f in tbe j,0iy war^ 0j gyrja snj
beautiful daughter in marrUge to a
senseless Idol.
The only foreigner who ever saw tbs
miles from tbelr town, and was about.
to deliver a brief lecture on tbe enor-.
mlty ef bis offense, when the crowd ,
rose up and began to cbeer and burrab. ,
Tbey ssld tbe congressman was a bully .
boy, wllb' a glass eye, and that they ,
would sign a petition fer bis pardon. ,
I choked off my remarks and exhibited .
a picture of an orphan girl starring on
Ibe streets ot New Xork. Net one sym- [
ether animals we must figure od not
only the positive size,' but tho relative.
Were this not tbe case man would
stand below tbe elephant and whale,
ss the brains of tbose creatures fur exceed men's In positive size, while ss ;
regsrds relative size Ihey stand so far
below blm that, wbile Ihe brain ot tbs
elephant amounts to about tbe five- |
hundredth ond that of the whole to ,
throe-thousandth   part of  the  bodily
Inside of the great Temple ot Juggernaut wns an English officer, who succeeded in gaining admission by painting and dressing himself like a native.
When the Brahmins discovered tbat
their holy placo bad been thus defiled
they became so enraged tbat all tbe
English residing at tbe station were
obliged to flee for tbelr lives.
Suspecting tbelr pursuers to be more
desirous of gratifying tbelr avarice
than tbelr revenue, tbey strewed silver
money by tho way, and wbile the na-
Kgypt they retorted an invention, contrived} against themselves, on the
heads of the.Christians. The use ot
the Greek,- or,' ae it might now be
called, the Saracen fire, was continued
to thc middle of the 14th century.      ,
*>"!.• Origin ef the-"Meet.
It is said that thc heels now worn
on shoes had their origin in Persia.1
where they;, took the form of flat wood]
on sandals to raise the feet and protect tliem from the hot sand. It was
many years afterward that this fashion was ■ introduced into Venice, but
the resson'tor its adoption in
.    _ _   ease is'said, to have been qnite dif-
lives stopped to pick it up they gained , ferent.7; Here.thn originators of' the
time and succeeded In reaching a place ; fashion were jealous husbands who
ot safety—Philadelphia Inquirer.*
on the sidewalks', snd several persons
broke into laughter,
I showed ber entering the gates ot heaven after her
trials here on earth, and tbe mayor
rose up snd said: 1
'This 'sre show seems to be a good
deal ef a fraud, snd If lt don't Improve
I shall treat lt u a fraud!"
- He Laavas Town.
I then exhibited a picture of a trust
buying up all the butter, eggs snd vegetable! In tbe country and holding them
(or a rise, wbile workingmen snd their
wlrsa and children were eating burdocks to. keep life In tbem. Wherever
last picture bss been exhibited It bss I "'cl
been received with wildest enthusiasm, 1 tl),
and hi two cases men hsve gone out of'
Ihe halls with shotguns to pepper members of the trust, snd here It wss a
dead (Sllure. Nobody cheered and nobody groaned. After a painful period
of silence a red headed man rose snd
said he had a duty to perform. It wns
s duty be owed to himself, to his town
and to bis country at large.
While I wss wondering whet he wss
-getting at he came over and bit me n
awit on tbe jaw tbst rendered me unconscious. Wben I recovered I was being escorted out ot town by n band of
hilarious citizens, and beforo turning
I have never doubted tbe fact that
winter was really st heart a jolly good j
fellow, brusque, but sincere.   His bark 1
Is worse Ibsn bis bite.   If yon expect j
smooth phrases or flatteries from bis :
lips you will be disappointed." His lan- j
gunge Is vigorous, direct and effective. '
His reign ss "ruler et the Inverted yeai"'
ls absolute. His qualities sre distinctly
masculine.   We tblnk of spring as a j
shy maiden coquetting with tbe breezes, <
,. ,d   . -   . summer as tbe perfect flower of gra-
.     „  ." T    ._?"i-S!-.«. i.... <*>»» womanhood. Autumn reminds us
L2&TL £.    ,..,*10° rTe. .',    st a widow, to whom beranv.ment has
tbe brain of mnn varies from ono-tblr-
ty-flfth to one-tblrty-seventh of bis entire welgbt Tbls shows tbe Immense
superiority of tbe human brain as com-
i pared wltb the brains of tbe lower anl-
' mals—New Tqrk American.
succeeded In capturing several crab
hunting snd qrsb eating dogs In Brazil.
The dogs are-bnlf (ox, but tbey do not
seem te care very much for poultry.
Tbey hsve been known to turn up tbelr
noses st nice, fat pullets and go fishing
(er crabs Instead. Tbe dogs bunt In
along tbe banks ot tbs rivers In
blazon valley, snd ths crawfish
snd land crabs o( tbat region sre their
especlsl prey. Tbe crafts often put up
a vigorous fight, but tbs dogs bsve •
way ot turning them over and biting
tbem In a vital spot just ss tbe thoroughbred terrier polishes off a rut-
New Xork Herald,
Unfair Advantage.
'A school Inspector, examining a class
la Bible history, asked, "Csn suy boy
tell me wbst bird Noab let out of tbe
srk?"  Tbere wss • long silence, and
then the smallest boy In tbe class put
up his band and snswered, "Please,
back they msde lt plain that lf I ever  (lr> t 0OT(|» m, inspector expressed
entered the town ot Get Away Quick   m ^-rn^Ma that only tbe smallest boy
again I mlgbt loss my valuable life.     to lh# c)lH kmw the snswer to tbe
Upon casting up the damages I found  question "But, please, sir," replied one
they hsd injured me to the extebt et  of ^ x^j. evidently touched by this
to ssy nothing ot Ihe humiliation  reprotch,  "hla father beeps a bird
brought a chastened melancholy. Bui
winter Is tbe vigorous gentleman with
tbe wisdom snd judgment of age,
strong snd unyielding wbere great Issues are st stake, yet wltbal revealing st times a winning beneficence in
botb   looks   snd   actions—Suburban
Life.   .,
..... ___-__-—_-»_-_-_---___-_.
Ths Vatican's Precious Manuscripts. ,
Tbe,Vatican library Is probably the
most sumptuously boused In the world.
Tbls, of course, Is only ss It should be,
for the collection contains soms of tba
most precious manuscripts In existence,
Including tbe Biblical "Codex Votlcn-
nus" of the fourth century, tbe fifth
easoned that their ladies thus equipped would not venture far .outside the
precincts oi their dwelling. Those)
heels.were'called "clogs," and in order to,"satisfy.the vanity of the.wearers'and'(perhaps to sweeten,the pill r
it at is, the'discomfort of appearing in
them—thcyVurere elaborately, adorned,
sometimes being inernsted with gold
and silver. The height of the olo.es
detemin'ed the rank of the wearer. .
■'■'«  **-
Mlchelsngsle. **■"•
Michelangelo while painting   "The
Last Judgment" fell.from his*scaffold and received a painful injury in
the leg. I He shut himself  up   ondj
would not see any one.    Bacio Ron<
! tini. a celebrated phyneiaD,- eame by,
\ accident to see' him.    Ha;found, alt
I the,doors closed;  No one responding,1
: he went into tlie ocllar.and came up,
►lairs.' He found Miphe-tyigclo in his
I room, resolved to die.   His iriend Uin
physician would not leave him. ■■ Hi\
i brought   him   out   of   the.; peculiar
1 Iranm of mind into which be   v--*
I (alien, xtfkw* •*. •*•     is%■■-*t.'l*\
Cook two pounds of sugar, one cup.
snd a fourth ot water snd ooe-foortl.
tesspoonful of cream ef tarter to 34*
degrees F,; remove frem tbe lire, sddJ
half a cupful (one-fourth pound o( butter cut Into smsll pieces, ene-tourtW
-...»   -. .am .a „-...,. .... ..... , tesspoonful e( ult and half a H
century Vergil snd lbs palimpsest "De ; spoonful -*■•*»£"&£* ™S
of Cicero.    Tbe printed ! well, but wltb as little stirring ss poet
■Ibis.   Pour on to su oiled plsttcr oei
books Include over 2,500 fifteenth cen*
tury editions, msny ot tbem vellum
copies. Ths total library bas been estimated to comprise over 220,000 volumes and 30,000 manuscripts, but II
bss never been adequately catalogued.
-Fall Mall Gazette-
shoDl"-London Telegraph.
"Is lira. Prettyface ln mourning fer
te my feelings.   I was cast down for
tn hour or two, but Anally charged It
up to profit and loss, and tbe songs ot
gladness came back to my soul again.;
A pilgrim is one of tbo fellers who her husband?"
can'*, i"-— on tbe gross long. |   "Cen*t uy.  Only now sbs's In blsck
',._.,, , , *. for hlm."-BaltImore American.
! The KxmT\r*j ot sot being Tt5M
mlssrsblt ii not to expect to U Ten
Learning, like money, may be of so
base a coin u to be utterly void ol
use or, if sterling, may require good
management to make it serve the purpose of sense and happiness.—Shea-
it U| difficult to rest If you are doing
S-ltblBg—Bemsn I'rovsrtt) ■
j   "I suppose you and your wile esn
.' remember your first quarrel,"  ssld
the meddlesome person.
I   "Remember Itl" returned Mr, Grow.
cher.   "I sbould £}' ual It isn't over
fat"      '<"'"
msrble, spread evenly wltb a pslette,
knife and mark or cut wltb a knlfaj
Into squsres ot about one Inch and •
bait ,
Th- Artist and the Girl.
Into hla sludlo she floats
To sta hla masterpieces. ~
And as sho vlev.s them ona by one
Her Interest Increases. j     ■
Then suddsnty she cones across '.
A frame turned to tba walk
She treks Willi curiosity
The meaning of ll all.
"Tha picture thot you've hidden here*
A aweetbtart, 1 suppose,
•Which, were It real, 1 have no doubt, %
To her you would propose."
"1 would," quolh he. "I'll turn lt rottaajf
Now, weh't you please step nearest*
The light I. very poor today.
9.SU Sttt, It't SHI* *r<r*-*m THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Give your Harness a
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing at
one .operation. Quart
and pint tins'.
Golden Crown
Per quart. 60c
Bennet's Metal Polish
Per quart.
Per pint..
Harness Dressing
in .pint tins. For giving
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
Per pint 35c
Harness Soap
Per cake, 35c
A siilliciimt niinilier nf new
BUtoiilobilt'S nrrivcil in town tliis
week to start another- ciiv the nizn
of (irand Porks. The Sun can not
give a census of all the new owners
until British Columbia geta a Liberal
government so tha it cnn get access
to the records of the license holders '
For Sale—Strawberry, Rhubarb
and White Mmnini.th Asparagus
planls. James X. Suffuid, Ruckle
' The hall given in the'0|ieni house
Monday evening under the aiispices;
of the (irand Pork-i Baseball club
was very largely attended and it
was a social and flnmiyial success.
The exchequer of the club was aug
mented by the addition of about
$100 in consequence of the affair.   ■
For Sale—One lot and 5-room log
house on First street.hill; also household furniture and sewing machine.
Must be sold hefore first of month,'
us owner is leaving city. Terms
cash.    Apply Louis Miller.
A F.- Michener, who has heen at
Halcyon Hot Springs during the
past month receiving treatment for
inflammatory rheumatism, returned
home on Tuesday. He is much improved in health.
Wanted — Situation   ns   slenngra.
pher   or   bookkeeper;   1   year's ex
peritmce.    Apply   H.   B, P., Su.n
John MiKie, proprietor of the
Boundary Iron Works, returned on
Tuesday from Vancouver, to which
place he had accompanied the re
mains nf his late mother.
For Sale—A good tenm; weight
About 2500 lbs.    Apply Sun   i fiice
H A. -Sheads is raising his build-
ings on Bridge street tn the new
grade. A cement sidewalk will he
built from the Davis block to the
Royal hunk.
Bricklaying-.nn H C Herman's
new block on Bridge street was com-
uieiieid this week.
Alfalfa Proverbs.
Alfalfa enriches the ground.
Alfnlfn is n drought re«ister
Alfalfa is the best soil doctor.
Alfalfa adds hlijii.ns to the soil.
Alfalfa increases the milk flow.
Alfalfa is high in feeding value.
Alfalfa balances Ihe corn ration.
Grow your protein—dont buy it.
Alfalfa snd grow- larger com crops
Alfalfa is the greatest of all   siib-'
Alfalfa hHB no equal a» a hog pas-
I u re.
. Alfalfa keeps stock- in   good con-
• A.lfalfa should be grown on every
An alfalfa field is a hog's idea  of
Fox tail is the greatest enemy of
Growing alfalfa, is  good   business
Alfalfa means more money and
better homes.
Raise what yon feed and feed wbat
you raise..
Alfalfa does things and never
loafs on the job
Alfalfa with a fair chance always
makes good.
Alfalfa fills the hay mow and pays
for the privilege.
Alfalfa is the cheapest and best
feed for beef cattle. *
Alfalfa insures larger yields from
the crops that follow.
Alfalfa contains more protein per
ton ih-in clover or corn.
Alfalfa is the agricultural wonder
+if.the twentieth century. „
Alfalfa yields from two to three
limes as much as clover or timothy
and is more*-valuable hav.
Alfalfa is being successfully grown
in every iigrii-niliniil county in New-
York, and oii.al least one farm in
nearly ev.-rv township, It is 'possible
to grow it on some part of praciicully
every hum in tbe stale.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
First sireet
Orrics, uw
irricitNT in
If You
Wear  v
You are
Ten   Minorca RnoRU»n», »nn yj»r.j
old,    for  Pftlfl     Apply   Pick Mnliii, ;
Ruckle adiiition.N
Colin CnnipltcM, who lint* been
spending « few weeka at Hulcyon,
arrived home on Monday.
From a Minister iu New Tork:   "I wm
"Bevercly 111 with lung trouble.   My ntten-
"tlon wus directed to tbe Wilson Remedy ■
"whicli I uaed witli splendid effect."
From a lndy In Michigan: "I used yonr
"medicine first 4*. or 44 years ago und It
"saved me from ending my dnys wltb con- I
"sumption. Tliere wonld be no use of so
"many people dying with consumption If
"tliey could be persuaded to try Wilson's
Tf you nre suffering from ANT lung or
tlirgnt troublo It Is your duty to investigate. Send for free full Information to,
Wilson's Remedy, Westwood, N, JU
(1-ulillnlieil Annually)
KnuI'leH trnilers tli.oiu.hout the world tu
uuinnuiiilfntotlireot with Utiglletti
Inenohclt-wo. icooilfl-. Up.ldeH Imliiir o com-
nli-te conimc'cml uilld- to London mul Its
.tilturh.. the directory contain* lluti* of
with the Hoods Ihey >__}__., Und the I'olonlnl
innl l**or'-i|..i Markets they mipiily:
t__-7a.llr_.il under the IMrUtn v»hi.l> limy sail,
and indication tlu-nri.i-oxlnmte MIPiigiM
I ol len'lliili Munnluolnrers, Merchdn'ti, ole, in
I the orinclpai oi-ovlncial towns and Induitrlul
O-'utrot, of the (Jutted Kingdom.
I a copv ol the current edition will he forwarded, f relirht paid, on receipt of 1'ostal
I Order for 20s.
Healers seeking  AgenclDs   ran . advertise
1 iheir node curds for «, or Inl-ger udverllse-
meuis from £3.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived -thai they .even endeavor to believe tbat tbey can reach
the consumers of tbis district witb
out advertisingin The Sun.
Grand Forks Transfer
' Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
•25. Abohuwih Liinii, London, E.C.
r,u..i.te.i in the -'(ton trul part-of tho oity
of 2jJH«(m, off.'rn event facility f«v a
solid .'.iuutitioii iu English, cumniRrtrial
and niumc branched. Embroidery,pluin
and tancy neetjlework and singing are
given speoial uUen.tii-.n- ihe u.ituiljer*
ciat rour-« includes stenography-, type-
wi'itin'irt l)ookl<wpirig* ajiii; uontijJferHal
■"practice. Puptls-jiiopuri'd for exaniiua-
tion** of rtio Ahstwiated Hoards of the
Loudon Roy at Acndfiiiv itmt /Koyal
College of Music.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY. «ZU Columbia P.O. &
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial   Printing T Downey's Cigar Store
On.the shortest notice and in
the  most up-to-date style
Wn have the most modern jobbing plant "
in tin* Boundary Country, employ  coin
potent workmen,^nd carry  a  complete
line of Stationery.
SuitS   tO   Order   M8   Upwards
f We are agents for.some of tlie leading tailoring establishments in the east. When' you ordor from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction. ■
Ei Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Billhead*! nml Statements,
l_fll.erlje.ida mid Envelope.*,
Busters, Dntcf mul Dodgers,       s
Business mill Visiting Curds,
Lodge C-.iiotltutinn* nml Uy laws
KhippiliK'Tngil, Wrcttlni-K and l'lm-nids,
Bills  nf   Pure  nml   Menu   Cnnls,
AiiiiiiiiiHTiiit'iilM   mid  (-iiiuiter
I'mls.   Wedding  Stationery,
Everything turned oui in mi
Up-to-date Printery.
Furniture  Made to Order..
Also Repairing uf ull Kinds.
Upholstering Neutly Done.
\, tiMri v.,,-. atntta t,v
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kr.*hl, i^iiiiiifiriimi'iit ol
l_..,..|...,l \Vc,ll V.
PdHtoWice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
in I'l.ti'iiir»!■
Ki»*»n (•'iti'iiirnSimriitSj'
ClUUD "KIIMlINb    al', advcrtiKenient, mid   i
cii-dei-will convince you that, mn-stook myj workman-
sliip are of tlie hest. I-ft iiKpstiinnte on vour ordor.
We guarantee nnt,isfne.t.ion.
Q,\)t iuu f tint &hop
P. A. Z.  PARE, Proprietor
1k-i- Dooii Soii-rii ok (liusiiv  Hotki..
I'lllHT .SrllKKT.
, ovtti eo vc;.:.^*
Tradc Mark*
fAnvoiio emstnt a nkelch Hid deterlntlm eat,
inloiiir aicuruiin citir oi-lnlon-frofl wlui.,_r in
nf eiiika H _>roC«lfl[TP7W.lnflfll»C..mmD'.l.^l.
iioniMriciirroimdontlul, HANDBOm"nl"*icuu
•cnt tre*. iMoxi aimer firf «""ffiW*2-5___.
wtcKUwUet, waiumtabwn, intft
$«Hic Hmericatt
itMlr Ulu«lr«to_lweokl». Lent-* ott-
of »ny nclonUllo jonrtml. 'fenni lol
|:lMli7Hi,|wsU8il prepdd.   BoMW
Dr. de Van's Female Pill
A tellthlt FMP-1* •—•,',«'inet-n, Inilj.   Tin
•ITcheap ImlUlloiu. Dr. «• T««*» are sow
lit box; or Ihrco Inr 110, Malloil lo nny ndilre
T___-.Ioilflf.il Drag Co., 8t. OtbarinM, Ol


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