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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 24, 1906

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 The   Ladysmith Ledq
VOL., 3
SATURDAY, NOV. 24, 1900
Local Aerie Entertain Many of
Their Friends in Lodge Room
Wednesday  Evening
Pleasant Evening of CardPlaying
Singing, Music, Etc, Spent by
Guests of the Aerie
when lie ilirl
On Wednesday evening, in response J witli
to ominus looking blue papers,   en-, bringing too many
cased in the oflicinl-Ioofcinj; blur: envelope, commanding tlic recipient
to be present anil show cause why
be should not proceed to enjoy liiin-
lell in the aerie rooms a large number of Eagles anil their friends assembled in tlie lodge rooms above
tbe opera house, and proceeded to
oujoy themselves most royally, while.
attentive Eagles hovered about various card tables intent upon suppling anything in their power In further advance the entrrtiaiiinioiit of
the evncning. Card tables were provided (or those who wished to piny,
present himsell,
changes against
the hard-working Mrcthcrn present.
In this case President Kay thought
that a fine of $1.50 would be none
too larflc, and it wns accordingly
paid. Unfortunately for the Worthy
President, he handed his gavel to
.Mi. McMuitiie whilst he responded
to a message sent in Irom the nntc-
room. nnd upon' his reappearance in
flic hull, found tint he, too, was
charged with a serious offence. Ono
oi tlic blrclliei'ii started that during
tiie afternoon it donkey, cart and
donkey had been stolen, and he was
prepared to prove thut the   Worthy
and there were many tlienr who did, I President liad been implicated in the
while those not partlcipaUns, wcro tbofl. Acting Chairman McMurtrio
engaged in wattohing bho various j needed no further prof! than the hro-
giuues, and listening to the excel-, thri s slaleiiicnt and a dollar ol
lent concert programme prepared hy | Mr. Kay's good money went to en-
bagles and their friends. During the! large the amount  of the fines   paid
intervals between the various imiii-
Ibcis ou toe protguainiric, glare charg
es against nearly every member oi
the aerie present were presented by
some lUrotrlier, and the case was
dealt witb in a sutuiiiary manner by
Worthy President 11. Kay. A s an
initauce ol tlie seriousness ul some
ol the charges that against Mr. J.
iilair, might be cited. In tins case
Worthy Past President Moilurtrlo,
charged tliat the brother had heen
guilty ol playing cauls with unsuspecting young ladies, and iu doing
•0 bad, used lour aces which did not
belong to the deck in use. To substantiate bis charge -Mr. Molturtrle
bad tbe accused brought forward aud
soarcbod, and in one of his cch.1 poos'
acts was lound the four aces, a
band which could only If beaten by
the straight flush which appeared
in Mr. biair's lace when confronted
witb evidence of guilt, 'llie Hush
beat tlie aces, aud was taken as an
evidence ol his guilt,, the accused
being lined Vie sum of lifty cents
and given a warning. Mr, ,1. Adam
was thoroughly enjoying the joke on
bis associate ol tin- business world,
when be too, was brought belore the
president and fined lifty cents for
laughing at a brother Eagle's misfortune.
Mr. Geo. Ilepple was charged fifty
cents for enticing brother Eagles
away from thoir duty and treating
them to ice-cream during tlic intervals ol the conceit. Brother Rowland* donated lifty cents for being
talkative, whilst)another unfortunate
was found guilty ol having too llttli Song
lining (lie evening. In all, there ws„
about $30.00 paid ior lines, and nl-
ilror r,0r lire money itself was no nie-
ment, the Worthy IVesiilent was in
hopes that the wholesome lessons
triui.it the various brethem during
the evening would he remembered in
future, and like offences obilitoatod
fioin their future conduct.
At the conclusion oi the concert
proj rainiiie, and alter substantial
refreshments, had liecn served, Worthy
President Kay announced that, a
gmr Ing competition would lie held,
lie llien explained the nature ol tae
colli st, whicli was as follows! A
barn ranni'littie,clock, which was hell!
up for Inspection, bail heen wound
up at one o'clock the ilay previous
to Hie social, and it was thouigVt tor
run aibmil thirty hours. After being
wound up, the clock hud bjjen tightly
soahd, anil the hands moved back
anil forth until no one could possibly .lell where they stood. '1%' lady
v. lm guessed niurcsl the time whon
(he clock slopped would Ir- eutitlod
to same. Tickets were sold at ten
cenis each, innl the icsult was a tie
between .Mrs. J..E. .Smith ami Miss
J. Conliii, both of their guesses being 13:20, wliilu the clock; was lound
to have Stopped at 12:131. In order
to sotllo Un' ownership of the clock,
lots were drawn, and Miss Conlin
pinned t-hc lucky one.
During  iiii' evening  the   following
priigi'a'iiiinc was  rendered,  Mr.   Ash- i
ton acted    as accompanist  Ini    his '
usual able munnerr [
fi KNOT Of
Coroner Davis, of Nanaimo, held
an injqtiest at tire AbiiDtstord hotel
on Thursday morning to Inquiro Into the death of a Chinaman named
CMiu Young, who was struck by the
engine of tho south-bound passenger
train at Extension Junction on Wednesday morning and almost instantly killed.
During the course of the inquest
it was shown tliat the deceased had
deliberately walked in front of the
engine, which was running at the
speed ol twenty miles per hour, ami
had been struck Uy Hie fender and
thrown sonic thirty feet to one side.
Section foreman Thomas, who was
sworn, slated tliat he first saw thc
train when it was a^iout ojic 'hundred'
yards off, and lie warned his thvoj
men to get out of the way. They did
so; and witness turned to watch the
train approach. Just as the engine
was imsshig him, lie heard it givo 3
short whistles, indiicarliiiig danger,
and be looked around jusl in time
to see the deceased struck. The hitter had retired from the track, and
evidently hud absent-mindedly gom
back Wore the train passed.
Engineer T. Servini's evidence cor
rolnratcd that of the foreman, he
stating that the Chinaman began t
advance to the track when the or
ginc was Within n couple nf rnil-
Iriii'Jths away, and the man had brent
over the rnrils as if lie were alArut to
continue his work. He could see nn
wrench or anything which had been
left on the track, and could nol understand why tlur man bail returned
to the same. Deceased .liad not looked toward tbe train a' nil, Inn must
have heard it approach, ns the foreman'testified that his hearing was
perfectly  good.
The jury brought in tin- following
"We, flic undersigned .fury- empan-
nelled to tlK||iirc into the cause     nf
the death     of one Chu Young,  find
that the deceased came lo his death
through his own negligence by being
struck by a locomotive. '.'..• aim finr!
that every precaution was taken by
the section foreman anil the engineer
in charge ol the loconiolivc. and mi
blame could be attached to tbein.
(Signed)  II.  Macklin,  foremh.li,
Jas. Cbristenson,
J. J. Bland,
E. Rowlands,
(leo. Robinson,
P. I.. Roynolds,
il PBiSQN 10
BOWERY IrtD Willi. Ti FOB 1
11.1 (OP
to say. Worthy Past President
McMurtrie was found guilty ol the
worst offence ol tbe evening,
and was fined accordingly, lie was
charged with absenting himself from
mtay meetings ol the Bugles , ami
Piano Solo 	
Instrumental Duel
Trie cvenillr
brought  to ii
.J. Sanderson.
... J. Hughes.
.... L, Ingham.
. Miss Cobum.
Misses Hunter
entertainment was
lose nt  12:311 by   the
siiiring of find Save the King.
justices Matheson and  Stewart  Found
Insufficient Evidence to Send the
Man up for Trial
On Wednesday evening, in the provincial court bouse, thc trial of Wm.
Carson, ol Cedar district, was relumed belore Justices ol the Peace
Matheson and Stewart, Mr. Hussell
Simpson representing Mr. Carson,
while Mr. F. Peters, K. C, ol Vic
toria was in tvUcuilaiice lor the pros.
erution. After the taking ui evi-
dencc, which consumed some three
hours, Unison, wlio was accused of
haviog; stolen tlic sum of $250 Bonn
Altiandcr llogtguii, proprietor of the
Portland Hotel, on .Saturday mom
Ing last, was acquitted, the justices
holding that there wns not enough
evidence to send thc accused up Ini
trill, Hoggnn's evidence, which
practically covered thc wholuvlmiigc,
If gives below ln full. ■
t\ Hoa*n,   sworn, said: "1 am
proprietor ol the J'oi tlrnnd Hotel.
Saw prisoner llrst ou Thursday n%bt
15l!i, when lie slept at my bouse. Ho
war. drinking that nigrlit. Was sorter
win n he came, hut went to bed pretty well ginned up. He had money
with hlui.niul paid for his drinks.
Ile cruiie ngiilii on I'riduy night at
8.80, lie stayed until 20 minutes tu
13. Between 0 and 10 Friday night
he come In and got a drink. Between'
10 and 11 he lr.nl another. He
changed a (li bill, paying lor lour
drinks. Drink cost 35c. I gave
him change out ot'my cash box, not
out ol Ibe register. Next I went out
side, in a separate building to. attend to tbe wash-house fire.. I lelt
the bar nml went nut by the kitchen
door.   There Is a side door out    ol
(CotttauM oa Pag* rant)
Fire Chief Smith and his al|le committee are meeting with gratifying
success in their canvas for prizes to
be donated on thc occasion of their
annual masxprcrade ball, which takes
place ob tlle 30th. of next month
this year on thc 20th. next month.
Thus far they lmvo in llie neighborhood ol thirty substantial prlr.es
promised, and they are liy uo moans
through wilh their canvas. A meeting will be held shortly lo unuiigc
ansl classify the prlr.es, when a lull
list will be published, and posters,
etc., prepared announcing the event.
A preliminary meeting was held
Thursday evening, and a portion of
events. Another mooting is rotuiirod,
the prizes assigned for the different
however, before this Work will lie
completed. The list of prizes oHtain-
cd up lo the present is as follows:
Tlie list ot prizes obtained up to
the present is as follows:
11. Forclninicr, special prize.
Mrs. Hied, cash $2..in,
Blair s\r Adam, special prize.
Miss Smith, 1st. Ave. store, case
pipes, lvalue $5.00
Oilman's Barber shop, prize lor
best Weary Willie, one dozen shaves
and buttle ol herpieide, value $2.76,
Ladysmith Pharmacy, 1 Art vase.
Simon Lciser sS Co., special prize
value $5.00.
It. Simpson, special prize.
Eurii|H' Hotel, special prize.
D. Matheson, pants length, value
Knight's book store, fountain [ion,
value (3.00
Peterson's furniture store, special
D. T. Johnson, I load wood, valuo
John Thomas, hat value $3.00,
T. Lewis, High street, I dozen
shaves nnd bottle herpieide, raliii
II.   Wolnro-bc,  special  pilze,    value
V. flenonl, lollies' ring, value   |8<
.!. Stewart, special prize.
VI. Morrison, goods to value ol
T. Waskett, cash $2.50.
Lndysinlth Lodger, I year's subscription, value (5.00
John Iliokle. I pair shoes, value
The S.S. Crusader, which roadbed
port on Saturday lust for bunker
coal, furnished considerable work for
the local police force and Justices
of the Peace Matheson and Stewart
dining tlie forepart of tho week. On
the first day of arrival the captain
of the ship bad three men arrested,
charged with having refused duty
while ou tho high sons. They were
lound guilty and sentenced to thirty
days' imprisonment with hard labor.
This sentence evidently Inokisl good
to other members of the crew,as on
the following Monday five more sailors refused duty, and were duly arrested and brought up lor bearing.
They consisted of four negroes and a
white man, and werc employed as
firemen aboard the ship.
Upon the charge being read to them
which was one ol continued' discipdi-
once of orders received on hoard the
ship, the men nll pleaded guilty. The
captain was sworn and proceeded In
give evidence relating toj the ease,
liefore tire oath bad been administered, however, and while tlio captain
was" iu the act of kissing thc Ilible,
one of the sailors, by the name of
Frrber, Interrupted—the proceedings
in rr manner which was not Circulated to soothe tire feeling of trite
As the latter was in the act     of
kissing tlie 'hook,   Kaiier called
in an excited lone, "There that's no '
good,  they's   mi use you kissing a
Ilible ni anything else, you couldn't
lell the truth i! you had to." ij
ii   was explained     to the sailor,
rather fot'cHiJc, tliat be was.speaking,
before bis turn, and with an "Ayr, [
aye. sir," be relapsed into     silence '
until il came his turn to nsk. questions.
After the caipliaifi Imr*) told how Una.'
men hnd,     alter being told to     do
Uicir work, refused to comply,   and I
lr.nl produced the loir book slowing i     ^.      ...
,, ,.        ,   ii .. •js-*""^ i nothHK- to- oboosi
tin- eirtiv ol the case,     Fri'lrer was,    ,.
„,,.,, ...       . tralrus and Bowerv. team
asked if lie wanted to put any i|tues- "
lions to tbe captain.
"Yes, I want to put a IT— of a
lot o! questions tn him," excitedly,
began the sailor.
lustier' Stewart reminded him tbe
above language was nol permissible
iu a court room.
"All right, sir," replied Fafior,
"rbiit I can't help it, you Iknow. It
will slip out."
Sonic nice little points ol sen law
were then brought up between the
captain and the sailor, the latter
o! whom seemed lo be a sea-Irrwyer
f a sort, ami intended to stick up
foi_ bis rights to tbe. last.
Amongst other charges laid ogainsf
Ihe captain, Fdbor stated that llie
siillors led the life of a dog
on board the ship, and tbat tire captain had broken the rules ' lie fa
When lie bad sold bottles of ,in In
tlie men at three shillings per iot-
tle while at sen.
Tbe capcain replied to the latter
olxirge by stating (Jut the onlyy instance where Ibis had occiirod was
alien one of the men came to Die
steward, and pleading birthday,
askerl permission lo purchase a M-
tle of gin. Tbe steward had consulted the captain, audi tlm lattei
had given bis permission.
The sailor was asked front tbe
bench why he li.nl not lelt the ship
at other ports, anil he replied tbat
lie bail, at mre place, but bad been
Liken back by the police.
Tbe e.ipl.iin in explanation ol tills,
sl.ilerl that it hart bivn Impossible
lor him to allow the men to go In
foreign ports, unless he made a dr1
posit nl tin with V*" aotilmrlties.
which would be iisi.il to semi the
sailors Ironrc if tlicy were to hsTonie
destitute In that port.
Seeing tint an answer was ready
fin1 all bis accusations, the sailor
relapsed Into silence, dosjgodly maintaining, however, tbat be would no
to jail before rejoining Hie ship, and
in this decision be was liackcd up
by Ibe oilier men.
The comt   adjourned for an bout,
j while Uicir Worships discussed    the
case,  and upon  resumption,  ainiunc-
' oil tbol Ihey bad drcldivl io send lire
men  tu  tire  Victoria  jail  for      the
term of sixty rl.iys, with hard Inilsor.
While last Sunday's football match
between tbe Conlralia and the and
Bowery teams is a thing of the past,
still, the results stand just as tlioy
did just' alter the match, and Bowery,
and Centralias arc tied in their race
lor the Wassiiii Oliallongo Cup. During the first innl nf the game the
Ociilialias luul tilings pretty much
Uicir own way, rind Aihinis scored
their only goal before tbe close of
the first half, while tbe Bowery men
failed to register. After the first
half, however, thc Bow-cry men
checked up a great ileal closer, and
a special detachment looked alter
Mr. Adami pretty closely. In lact
they took better care of him than
they did of the ball, with the result
that be. liad no time to score, al-
thoi.gli upon one occasion he very
nearly accomplished the latter act.
On a whole, though, the Bowery ineiil
put up a stronger game during the
last half, and not only tied the score
but aildiil one to the good, A. Morrison being responsible in each case
Had the Ostrtifilfui nut luul n p0.¥
keeper, whose name is fi. Greaves,
jusl where be was wanted several
times, the score would have been a
groat de.il more favorable to file
Bowery, team. As it was, "Bolrliy"
saved time and a&iin when it looked
as if tbo sphere was bound to go
through. It will he another two
weeks yet liefore these two teams
meet again, but when they do, there
. j will surely be something doing, both
by the platers and the supporters
The latter have money to bet tbat
their team can win, and although
the Bowery men gol the money this
week, the Ceiitialia backers will lis'
there with the necessary when ncxl
the two twiJiis meet.
The sLimliiig of the ilu;
is as follows:
1'       W
Cerilrulin.s I        3
Bowery I       3       1       ti
Shamrocks I       0       -I       0
According lo llie above Ibcrc is
between tlie Cer.-
pid a iHither susiri'ch into their records for tin;
season l|ut confirms bills nniin-i. Luring the games played tlicy have each
scored eight a)oal8 und each bavojiiud
live .scored against them.
The match tomorrow will be lie-
twri'ii tbe Shamrocks and tbe Bowery tennis, and the former have added considerably to their strength,
with the ho|>cs of landing their Iirst
victory. They arc all game to the
Inst, and ii it is .it all possible v ill
send the Bowery bunch down defeat tomorrow.
Ilu- following poetry has bjoenhand
en in to  The Ledger lor publication
descriptive ol last, Siiiidny's n/iteli.
"Oh, lor! what's that'!" the Lady
"A  hurst pneumatic—What?"
"Tut, tut!" the Gentleman replied
"What ruin ideas you've g.i!
llrey collared Bdgar Morgan,    and
they've brought  him to the ground
And now they're piled upon him in a
sort nf human mound,
Which c.vusod his l.fcith lo loavi' bin,
with thai same explosive sound—
A rather common incident in footli^'.
"I    heard   acraokl" the Lady
"Tins timber's sound,  1 hope?"
"With you," the Geiitlciiinn      declared,
• lis warranted to cope.
They'll have to call the anihjjilaiicc
for the 'big fellow,' poor chap,
A centre forward In the way ls sure
of a mishap;
This time, I'm very much afraid, he
will get a compound snap—
A i.iibei common incident In foot
hall' "
"It seems to   me." the    Lady
Tho Zoo's lot loose. Just hear!"
"You're  wrong,"  Ibe Gentleman
"It isn't wild beasts, dear.
They're kicking up n shindy wilh the
silly referee;
Opinions    will    differ    upon    many
points, you see;
A rather common incident    in football."
Bazaar Held Under the Auspices
of the Ladies' Guild is
Well Patronized
Concert of the Evening Much
Appreciated by Large
Audience Present
The bazaar held in the opera house I Interval.
on Tuesday afternoon und evenins ol [ Lelection   City   Band.
this week under the auspices ol thc'*«»L'  (oucored)   Thos.     Lewis.
Ladles' Guild of the Church of Eng- \ violi"    'So,°  Miss lk'rl,u"'
lanli, was a success   both linacially ] Su"S    (encored)   Mrs.    Drysdnlc.
A. Sr
Smith, Ladysniilh bolel. I box
Wallets sVr   Akcllbeail,  special  prize.
II. Ward, spcebil prize.
Win   Fraser, special prize.
II   Ice .V Co., lake, valun (9.90,
Dr. W.issnnl special prize.
E,  Pannell,  meat, value $2.30.
Howe's iiutcbei shop, moat, value
.1. E. Smith, 0 rolls ol wall paper
and border, value $2.50.
and socially, rind the ladies of tbe
Guild ItoVc reason for con>|atul;i|ti,ig'
themselves upon having ndded yet
another success to their already long
list of entertainments.
During the afternoon those ladies
who had ohurg,' of tbe various
booths and refreshment stands were
kept busy supplying ihe demands nf
customers, while in one corner ul
the building tbe little folks were
clustered  busily engagicd  in fishing.
and drawing mysterious packages' seitJ^^^^^^^^^^^^^K
rom Uie pond in which ' every 1,llss Butler followed with a, oliaim-
cast of the line was rewarded with ' "lUe MJU' -SU"S detailing Uic
new treasures to arid to the alrcadj Ul '•'""■' "' a Clunamafl wooing a
huge variety owned by many of the Jupuneso girl.
children. Tea tables scattered about' ;'i.-,.s Ingham, who w.is down ior
the hall were well patronized liy the ''" "u'i recitation oi the evening,
elders after their inspection and pur displayed a rare gill oi elocuiiuuaiy
chases at the various booths     had ' I >'ll S '"''' lluUl the cuiuiiiciiierneui
Song    (encored)   J.  Sanderson.
St'k'riiiiu   City   Band.
'i'he city baud,who wcro called upon at various times iluring the evening, rendered suiuc good music ami
then selections ior the progrumnni
I acre much appreciated. Kcv. .Ur.
liowen, whose naiue was lust on thu
list ui singers, prepared tbe*audienco
... the exocllout programme which
ivas .o loiiuw and brought loilli the
applause oi bis audience by Uic nolq
iii.Li.nci  in which he acquilleu   i.im-
becn completed. In the smaller loom
of the opera house, those ladles who
had charge of tbe refreshments tor
the evening, were busily engaged from
early morning preparing for tbe hungry ones of the ovcniiipr,'. .u^fisa.'icii
efforts did not gm un.'|iprcekited by
tlloSe who 1'Mlsn'l. of thc lllriiilvKlindt
tilings set before tbein at the con- !
elusion of the comvil prirgr.inrrmc.
... be] recitation, il needed no liu
stretoh ol imagjihlvttou on mc part
cr re: audiejioc io have the piotup* bl
ire: story bsroughl vmiily boioro
them, aud upon conclusion she was
tin icciuicul oi a well uiciiled bursi
of applause:
.ms.    lliysiiale,  \lbo  Was  hy      no
moans a stranger, fo many ot   tho
rs of goosl singing present, uecd-
At eight o'clock in thc evening tbe I ml nu introduction tu tlrose lo whoial
musical programme commenced, and ' »hc "as a stronger io impart in
was listened to throughout by a ' them a knowledge that she is a goon
large and appreciative audience,   the singer,  and upon  lhc conclusion   of
tbe ball being well »ii~<   —>  I
piece   on  the
filled, ami ovory | iter snug, the    applause would not
programme circling  abate until she had again taken thu
platform and responded with a scc-
ond scleotion,
.\li~s Herman,  who dining the evening twice entertained with a violin
solo   was appreciated greatly, as is
shov rr by  the   lact that upon each
ion of her playing, the audience
rl upon aii encore.
hearty applause, which, iu many
cases, subsided only when the performer bad returned to the Btag, nn
tlie second time ami taken his or hei
Kcv.  .Mi.  Bowcn,  in    aoiuMuiclng
tho prolamine of the evening, stated'ocn
tbat ho was sorry lo inform     I lieu	
audience lhat two nl the mimjbcrs | 'lire Misses Pannell, alter a piuuo-
adevcrtiscd would have tn be omitted lone duet, wcro shown the appreciate
from Uie. original programme, in one nm witb which their efforts met by
case owing to sickness, and in nimth- ! an insistent call fur encoie,     which
Ihey gracefully responded to.
Thc Lodger Is lu receipt ol tbe municipal voter's list, which is to lie
printed shortly in readiness tin the
city elections. Nominations lm tlie
mayoralty and iildciiiinnic positions
lake place on tbe second Monday In
January, trom 12 noon until I ; in.,
and polling will take place on     tbe
Tlmisit.iy following, fin-.r » . ll	
til I p.m.
cl owing lo lack ol sufficient lime
tor preparation, However, he belle!
cd he was justified in promising n
most satisfactory list ot songs, re
citations, etc., but before announcing
Iiic first number be wished to thank
Ihe many present for the aid they
bail rendered to thc ladies of tbe
liuild by theii pal.ion.ige of ilr ,,t
tension, and their attendance i. thc
cveuiiJip. As wns known to niam pie
sent, Ihe hu&r.u was being held foi
tile purpOM of aiding to liifiiid..te a
certain debt ol the church, ami the
speaker was very pleased Ihdoed '
witness the help which Ibe Guild was
receiving from the public lie there
fore, on ilrlclult ol Uic ladles and himself, thanked those present, and linn '
Introduced the first number on tbe
pnviiamiiic, which w-as carried out
in tbe following order:
Selection .....      . Citj    Band
Song  llev   Unwell, j
Song   Miss Butler '
Recitation Hiss Ingham.'
Song (encored) ——Mis. Drysdnlc. j
Violin Solo (onoorod)  Miss Hcinuii
I'i.inotorle Duct (oiicoied)Misscs Pan-
Ann .nr Interval of Ave mil ntcs,
Ihe band gave what was, pea ans,
Uicir most charming selection oi tho
evening, and received unstinted ap-
plausc al  Us conclusion.
Ir T. Lewis proved Ins ability as
■  in rlu'    entire   atisfaetlon
oi the audience, and it war, not until
rrllei   Ire     had ,ip|KMl'ed iot the SCO-
olid lime rlr.it In1 was allowed to rc-
Mr. .1. Sanderson contributed the
; comic songs     of Uic i veiling,      arid
brought down the luuisc both at Ibe
..rr ot bis- first rendition ami
,iirt,   ins response     In (be    encore
which every person in the house Insisted upon.
Ubton acted as a most cap-
I .mipaliist   Ihl'iuitshout       tho
.liter another selection by the band
Ihe programme was brought lo a
conclusion, and the audience nd-
I iniiined Iii thi' supper room, whero
a', mentioned previously, a most}
Hiiinpllous ropast bad boon provided,
at: I which was done lull Justice by
those partaking,
The Seattle 1'. I says The coal
shortage is still lelt by steamship
miners, .mil ninny vessels nre ns yet
unable to secure enongli of the fuel
to allow going to sen. A number nf
vessels nre now ln port waiting lo
receive a supply of luel before leaving on their voyages, anfd the local
bunkers have then   rlnek space Oiled
S.in Krainiscn. The sle-anship Pu-
eblsi is now waiting for cisil, and
il sire can be supplied, will sail to-
■ l.iv nn i ,ili(,riiiiri ports. She will
Ir followed at the bunkers by the
AI-KI and the Cottage City, both
ol which will lie behind their sched-
rrli line before they are able to seem.' the fuel fill   the trip.
While the coal supply K tali better
thiin il has bii'ii for sorni> days past
wilh steamships, niaiuy of which havd mid many more ships nre being tur-
Tbc S.S. Sheila Is in pint nml wir|
lake on u r.ua}. ot siv IrhOuMlnd tonsV
o! coal for San l'raiiclsoo, |   T
 »s>s»  V.
S.S. Twickenham wns In port yes-  s,i
tenlay lor hunker coal. She Is bound ing for some
for Australia. supply to
ly been delayed on their trips
i number o! days.
• steamship Montmra, of the
He Coast Steamship Company,
il ycslorilny morning alter wall '
time for a sufficient
last her on   thc trip to j
i.ishisl wilh fuel, eruditions are still
congested, ninl it will require nn
enormous smounl of coal delivered
In a remarkably short space nl time
In get the ves.eis to sea again cud
tunning on theii regular schedules. THE'.WEEKLY LEDGER
r Year (ln advance)  _ (2.00
SATURDAY, NOV. 24, 1900
Seattle P.    I.—That tho his Riuuo
ln i"the province ol British Columbia
is an important asset is the opinion
ol Mr. A. B. Williams, game warden,
He slated that his experience of the
last few months had convinced    him
that,    witb a proper system o! pro-
tection and advertisement, the hunl-
Ing to be obtained in this porl Ion ol
Western   Canada    would attract so
many disciples   ot Nlmrod that their
expenditure in Obftalnlng licenses, in
outfitting nnd other heavy expenses.
would make     them one of thc country's   most    valuable   assets.    Thc
I state of Maine, Mr. Williams remnrk-
, practically existed upon the hiin-
| ters is attracted to it's    preserves.
And anyone, be added, knew that flu*
| state mentioned could be placed   on
Vancouver    Island and scarcely noticed.        This Ireing the case, and   it
I being   acknowledged    that   British
Columbia's    fastnesses    teem    with
game of all varieties, lie was of   tlic
belief   that ultimately the hi: game
would prove a source of revenue  equal almost to the timber anil mining
Referring to the results of the past
season, Mr. Williams said that there
had been a noticeable improvement
even In that short space of time.
Last year the revenue derived from
licenses Issued tn those non-residents
desiring to shoot hig game bad reach
ed the total of $2,S(10. This season
the figures were 3,500, an increase ol
i$700. Tills wns not a huge sum,
but lt showed that tire trend was in
the right direction.
Referring to tbe results of the summer's   shooting In the Casslar country, Mr. Williams reported that    at
tho beginning of the year all leaving
the   country    with lungs ot    game s
should be searched    nnd   a complete
record.kept of their achievements. He,
lias   received     a statement showing
that twenty-one people went into the
Casslar.     All were wealthy and en
1 thuslasttc nlmrods, and It Is estlmat
1 wl that they each expended In outfitting and travelling nn less than $1,-
I 400.   This    is n   conservative total,
and does not include the Innumerable
I small outlays which arc always necessary.     Some ol these     gentlemen
I never shot before,    while others, nr
1 course, were veterans in stalking and
"'Ming    the stalwart denizens of the
forest primeval.     The net resii'ts nf
Itlir hunting    ofthe entire part;
given     as follows:    Thirteen  moose
twenty-nine carltyni, large .nnl handsome, seventeen black hear, six grb>
zley    bear, one black fox, one cross
fox,    several red     foxes and timber
wolves.      All    these, Mr. Williams
says, were shot during a period   nol
longer than Hires weeks,    lie thinks
Hiere could    be no   licltor or more
priotlc.il  way o!   Illustrating     tin
} plentiful!'-    ol    nll kinds ol name lu
the Canadian west than by referring
to the official report.
The Greatest
Premium Offer
Ever Made to the Readers of
 ^iU present every Reader dTHBpier. who places   an order of our   CELEBRATED
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isfied with STYLE, FIT and QUAI.HV    \\ c are t>
tWs vast Pinion from Haiifa* to Vancouver.   OUR RECORDS SHOW IT.
Our Motto-NO FIT,   NO PAY
Be in the Swim. Send Today
dealing with people
all over
Don't Delay.
The Mail-Fit Clothing Company
"Money Back" Tailors
if eil, Cm
Mount Royal Avenue
Ladysrnlth Ledger
Pattei n Dapt. flaunt Royal Avenue,
Dear Sirs-Kindly send me patterns of your High   Grade  Suitihgs, Sty^
plates, etc., which I need not return to you.
Jt is understood tint this ilous not]   'a any way    bind mo  to plai'u an
urrlcr with you.
tress ol the house. She wanted to
view apartments of tlio fifth Hour
which woro vacant. Mrs Otlott ralM
hi r luishtiiul, who escorted tho woman to the rooms. She srurl she
would tsike tlicin. "It's the usunl
thing hero to nsk for 11 deposit,'
s "I tin' janitor. "Oh, that's alright," answered tho visitor. Then
." nrdlng lo the janitor, she addod,
■ v. alii you mind letting mc go to
Another room ami get tin- money?"
n ■ iiinii murmured an acquiescence,
Ihr stranger wenl Into Hie next
11 "in ami i-1«ihsk1 tin- door tightly hb-
IiIihI her. Nnl a sound wars heard try
tr .nit. Hi' waited, When live minuter!
Ir. 1 passed In* became worried, lie
You get the very finest tea the world
produce.-, fresh from the gardens, in
the Sealed Lead Packets—
Kathbone Sisters, meets In the Odd
fellows' Hall ever; 2nd and 4th
Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.
M. ol K. & C.
PoUirttar, Etc.
Honay  to   Loan
Now York.— Holding 1111 uinlirell,
I overhead, a young    woman  hurled
jlii'iscll Irom the flftli storey Window
1«if a house in east 54th. street, it
j ei'irtiy. Jii'fini' sho bad fallen 20 feu
j lire umbrella turned Insld   out. Hci
: lic.nl slrni'k a  railing and sho Wa
flushed to death. The police    hare
liirii unable to identify  thc woin.ni.
Mini is about  'III veins ol ago,   and
1 V'uie good Clothing ami  jewels.   .-Irr'
lliiil hclorc thr eyes ol seines     ol
|ieo|ilc While Hillside nf the door of
Ihe room from which she had leaped
j 11 man was waiting lor her.       Thc
I 11'lit belore lier deal]] lire     woman
I *od on Mis.  Kinma Otlett.    irini-
r to enter the "'"'"■ fHBHn^L^L^LB^L^L^L^L^H
,„,,, „„ M,s. 11. ReniU,    who "•^"'llt'-
,,,,,,. the hall.   Mrs.  Henltz His Inther's yearly Income In ono
I the 1,nun empty. <in U10 "">"- million dollars, which will douUo It-
ilccp lay a woman's hat    ond .1 Sl,|( j„ $f jTafs au,i bo greatly   In-
,.   contalnlmt only 7I1''-      "J™ ,.,,..,,,,,1, |,.v tt„. timo he gets tho lor-
1   '""' ' m* VVT,';''l,,l„r  lune. Ile will    have line- spl lid
r,„ down sirrrrs.  riiey oncoutt ^
1 „ policeman, who had come up      '   , „n#k 	
, „i i,.mped Irom thc tilth storey
I Union-made Cnpit.il & Nugget Cigars
t.   »v»nin
WMl H !
t.■i-sH-M'l ■!■ ♦■!■♦ ■!■»■!■ ♦ -I'sH-O^H. ****^****4r*1r****
% Any patties after this notice found selling or buying bottles bo
7 loirgiag to the U. B. Co., will be prosecuted to the lull extent ot
A reward of Ten Dojllars ($10) will be paid to any person giving Information that will lead to the conviction of persons guilty
ol the offence
Union Brewing  Co
lli::"ird'a I.inlmnit  run"- IVii-litlierla.
t;.*cuV(M  iln» ill oil I ity ol .. woman
. t, I, ill-oil.
rndon.—-Kilwflrd Gcorgo HurJi
': riit.i i*s tlic name *»f Uic rich-
e iV. in \\w world und ho recent"
h iclrtiratrtl ins second birthday.
is Hit' linr ol Hif si'foml Duke
'estrotnister and    King Rdward
I   v ^jdlHOier ,  It la  Sfltc, to .lK-
Inat compared with tins baby's
■ ■ tivo wealth, tin' lottune ol
tie John Niciidikas Drown, "iJie
diest baby In America," is   hiut  a
niv.er 30,000 acres, and 000 acre
morc in London. His home in
London will bf Uroswuor House, as
iliis has long (been the onccatrnl
I Ilible. It is ono of the most splendid
ileuses in liondon and is wonderlully
ijmcIoub, decocatod handsomcty ami
eniMlislu'd with rare objecta of arl.
hrotnjht from many pails of the
world. This house has a great ballroom, where the Kin^. Qucon, and
tlie groalOSt lords and ladies of Kn^
land are  entertained  frequently.
Just now this third Duke of West,
minster is a    healthy, happy bfflb'y
Ask for
with gfoldon hair and blue eyes. Ilu
is perfectly iineoiiseions of his great
c.lie.sts filled with enough line clothes
and baby outfits to clotlio a dozon
infants and smiles ipiite as contentedly wlien his Kiiglisli nurse forgets
tin* gold beads and baby pins irt in
diamonds and other precious btonos,
Tlie Duke's little sister is *. w
years older than he, and is i.ini
capable of appreciating the splendor
she enjoys. Little l.ady Ursula Mary
Olivia Grosvenor is a quaint little
girl, and for four years, until th?
stork brought to her parents an
heir nnd to her a h;il»y hrother, the
iuIinI the house alone. She is fond t»f
him and does not feel that the ;m-
I rival of ahoy and heir dethioii.'il
her from tto queenship that WttS hars
1 as the iirst baby.
—Dealers in—
Lime, Plaster Tarls,   Brick,
Kire Mi'leli and Vancouver island eeinenl.
3 Pandora St. Victoria B.C.
B.C. *
 The Cream of Scotch Whiskies
Sole AgentB for B, C.
The Secretof Success
is Real Merit
That's the toundation of the
popularity of
Moffet's Best
RE.ST is much imitated, but good bakers
readily recogui/.e the origiual aud inferior-
Imitations, Moffet'l Best" makes Bake
Day a dclifilit and results a certainty.
Columbia Flouring Mills, Co. Ltd
18 Government St., Victoria, B.C.
General  A^ncy for all   Atlantic Steamship Lines
For rate   tkets dates of tailings ai tl all infoimation
Apply to
Cor, Fort and (lovt. Sli, Victor! a
District Pnsst-iiKor Agent
, n. a,
■»%%%%»» %»«««1,»«j»«n«s>s>»si%s>s>»s>sn>s>«s>snnn>a,««j»
Wc aro justly proud ol this
Boot. The greatest praise lias
heen heaped upon it since its
L 100 Mens 10 in.
Logging Boots
French Call throughout, with
extra No. I. heavy hemlock
oles; nave outside counters,
are pegRCd and have standard
•crew reinforcing all around
tae sole.
' ' ■
Manufactured bf
mm nt i.e.
J. W. COBURN, Managing Director.
Telcpbane 4-t.
Ihe Ladysmith Lumber Co. Ltd
Shingle^ a Specialty
Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers
Smoke Big B Cigars.
Minard's Liniment Co. LimlM.
(tenlk'liK'ii,—I Imve useilL M1N-
nnd In my lomlly tor years, mid tin
every day ills and accidents ol Iiic
I consider lt has no equal.
I would not start on a voyage
without It, II coat a dollar a hottlc.
ISchr.    "Storks,"    St Andre,  Kum-
I ouraaka.
The question ot lmw to cure a cold
without unnecessary loss ol time li
ono in which wo arc all morc or leu
lntcrcstod,lor tho quicker a cold Is
gotten rid of thc less the danger* el
pneumonia and other serious diseases Mr. II. W. I. Jlall, ol Waucrly,
Va., has used Uliamhcrlsln'a I'oog^
Remedy lor years, ami lays: "1 firmly believe Chamberlain's Cough Rem
•dy to'be absolutely the best preparation on thc market for colds. I
have recommended It to my trlendi
and they all agree with me." Pot
•ale at tl» Udysmith Phtrnaiey, THE  WEEKLY   LEDGER
The Utmost Confidence In Pet una.
'"■is*' •,,,,
Hon,0. 0. Brooks, Mayor of Sunbllry, Olrlo, also At-',
ittahj tot Farmers' B»nk and Sunbury Building st'
L*U Co., writes:
'<</ htvt the utmost confidence In the virtue of Peruna.
"It It ajreat medicine.
"I htvt used It and I have known many of my friends',
KM htvt Obtained beneficial results from its use.
"I cannot praise Peruna too highly.'
...  ssssssassssss
, , , , i r i , ,.
CsMs In Head, Throat and Chest.
Mm.Lucy Hoejr, 674lith Ave, Brooklyn, K.T,,wrltoai
"I am thoroughly convinced that
FirttM U everything that lt ls said
"II eared me of a cold which hung on
tor 0T*r two months and which had me
greatly worried. Peruna, though, acted
Ilk* magic and I earnestly recommend
Health Restored
By Pe-ru-na,
Miss Dells
Stroobo,710 Richmond street, Apple ton, Wis.,
"For several
years I was ln a
run-down condition, and I could
find no relief
from doctors and
"I could not
enjoy my meals
and eould not
sleep at night.
"Iliri.l heavy dark circles about the
eyes.  My friends were much alarmed.
"I was advised to glvo Peruna a trial
and to my joy 1 began to Improve with
the first bottle,
"After taking six bottles I felt complete!} eured,
"I e.innotsay too much for Pernna as
a medl 'lm, for women ln a run-down
Pe-ru-na f" General Debility.
Mrs. M. W. Seffel, 213 Matagorda St.,
San Antonio, Tox., writes:
"I have used Peruna for general debility tnd htvt found It very beneficial."
Mr. William B. Switzer, 825 E. 33d
•troet, New York City, writes:
"I was tronbled with catarrh of the
throat particularly and suffered considerably as a result thereof for a period of
abont fire years, and my general health
was affected.
"Three years ago I was forced to give
np business, and took up my residence
ln the Western country, looking for relief tn a change of climate as welt as a
change ln tha mothod of treatment for
my ailment.
"I had known of Peruna bofore, but
my belief seemed to lie tn private treatment.
"After mneh expense, both fiere ond
tn the West, I was Induced by a friend
in Chicago to try Peruna.
"I began the nso of sumo whilst there
and eontlnued It for about fire weeks,
at the ond of which time 1 returned to
New York, both well and happy.
Pe-ru-na Recommended For Coughs and Colds.
longer   tafr
Pernna, ha
Ilia nooes
should    nf
arise, I she!
"Furthermore, I
shall always be
pleased to speak
a word ln favor
of this excellent
Miss Theresa A. Lnnd, Sec'y Alpha
Lodge, No. 1103, M. B. A., Marinette,
"Vis., writes:
'•I havo used your Pernna for catarrh
an.l have found lt lo be all that you
claim for It. I oheorfutly recommend
Pernna to any, one suffering from ca-
tnrrli, us I bclive that, as tn my oase, lt
will prove a sure cure."
Gives Pe-ru-na Credit.
Mr. James D. King. Alamo Hotel,
Colorado Springs, Coi., member You-
mans of America, writes:
"I had to como here on account of
Minn,,,,, ,,
Prince Jonah Kolantanaole, 1522 K street, N. W., Washington, D. 0., Dologato in Congross from Hawaii, writes:
"I eta cheerfully recommend your Peruna it t very
effective remedy forcoughs.colds andcatarrhal trouble."
 - t, iMiiiiinni
lung tronblc and found that my recovery was very slow,
"A friend suggested thr" I try Pernna
and I did so. I began to Improve very
rapidly and I kept right on using ft. In
four months my lungs wero all healed
and my cough all gouo.
"I feel that much of the credit ls due
to Peruna and 1 am pleased to endorse it."
For free medical advico, address Dr.
S. H. Ilartniaii, President of the Bart-
man Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
Neglected Catarrh Becomes
THERE are some th lugs whicli are as
sure as fale. aud can be relied ou to
occur to at leoBt one-half of the human
family unless means are taken to prevent.
First colds no. promptly cured aro
sure to cause catarrh.
Socond, catarrh improperly treated is
sure to make life short and miserable.
The Destructive Power of Catarrh.
Jatarrh spares no organ or function of
the body.
It is capable of destroying Bight, taste,
•moll, hearing, digestion, secretion, assimilation and exoretion.
It pervades ivory part of the human
body, head, throat, stomach, bowels,
bronchial tubes, lungs, llvor, kidneys.
bladder and other pelvic organs.
Thc Curative Power or Pe-ru-na.
There is no faet tn popular medical
science bettor established than tliat a
teaspoonful of Peruna before each meat
will surely lessen the danger of catching cold.
Now, since this is truj, and experjenco
bears It out mor t forcefully, thousands
of Uvea would bo saved, aud lens of
thousand of cases of chronic catarrh
prevented by tbie simple precaution
within reach of every one.
Pernna ia not simply a palliative to
relievo some of th* distressing symptoms. It brlngs]permanent relief,
Gained Fifty Pound.' In Weight.
Mr John 0. Russell, 810 C-unty St.
Portsmouth, Vs., writes, regarding his
wife's case, as follows *
"I thought 1 would bo doini. bu justice to your great medicine to tell yon
what lt has done for my wife.
"Two year,, ago tlio doctor callou at
our house oa an average of three times
a week In atlondon■•« upon my wife who
was suffering from scute Indigestion.
"While on a visit to some frionds she
had an attack and I prepared to go for
tho doctor when our friend proposed
"1 gave her a dose, repeating I', tn a
half hour and her pains passed away.
Since that time my wife has gained
thirty pounds.
"We aro never ont of Pernna. When
the children or I have a cold iru take
some of mamma's Peruna.
"I find that lt has cut my doctor bills
down to almost nothing."
Thousands of Testimonials.
Wo have on file thousands of testimonials liko the ones given hore.
Wo can giro our readers only a slight
glimpse of the vast array of unsolicited
endorsements we are receiving every
Probably no other physician In the
world has received suoh a volume of enthusiastic letters of thanks as Dr.
Uartuuu for Peruna.
la Your leisure Tfawft
If you could itartftt onto in a WBr>
ness which would add a good round
turn to your present earnin^i—with-
you do it?
Well, we are witling' to start you In
a profitable business and wa don't aik
you to put up any kind of atdollar.
Cur proposition is this t We will
ship you the Chatham Incubator and
Brooder, freight prepaid, and
You Pay No Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays.
Pfiopsrt who tell yet* Hut there Is no
money in raising***-'- -say have tried
to make money in triem^iness by using
setting* hens as hatchers, and they
mij^ht ni well have tried lo locate a
gold mine in the cabbage patch. The
Dullness of a hen is—to lay eggs. As
a hatcher and brooder sho is out-
classed, That's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
they do 't perfectly and successfully.
The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far bolter than any other
business for the amount of time and
money invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and tbe
United States—have proved to their
satisfaction thi) t it is proiitable to raise
chicks with the
Steel Ranjr*
prates are made
_. extra heavy«idstray
London- Toronto "Montreal
*Winmp«f ~V4ncouvtr-SUohn N.B.
'MOUN'r sicker mines.
The following interview witli Mr.
C. Livingstone, of the Tyre Copper
Company, .ipp«ii€rl in n recent issue
of thc Victoria Colonist:
"Thc recent developments sit the
Tyce mine .ire as follows: The niriiii-
slmfl lisis now reached ,i depth     nf
the Ladysmith Hardware Co. Sole Agents
MONKEY!) AND COLORS which Indicated Mtter tasting   sub-
It. <*W to prove ils power oldls- i1!!*'"*8'  . ,'""' llt °"C(! S"M "<>m
erluaisatioi between colors Uie sclc,   " , B "''  Iefttwl swwt»- V»T-
tilt     Mil mad* some     i,,,,,,,,,,, "'"'•   '"'^Hi'miieiils sulllcicnlly    he
tuts upon a monkey.     Me colored i ,""'  "'' "' ,llkc>' '""""twitted
some sweets with aeertain colored '       Jlforent colors roadllr, sav
ijt and some'Utter substances with
that ol another color.  Alter a   lo*
attempts tbe monkey learned in
leave without even tasting those
article* ot food colored with the dyo
WeUblgton Grove, No. 4, U.A.0.11.
■Ml In tht I.O.O.F. Hall, Lady-
nslth, tbe Second and Fourth Wcil-
Msdars ol each month, commencing
WstlSSrlaT, 18th, 1005.
Visiting Druids are Invited to  at
tan).   By Order
WM. RAFTER, Rcc. Sec.
inly il.ul; blue.  Many savage tribes
cannot    illallnfluish dark blue from
black ami even children   distinguish
this color Inter than all others.
(,'uinsy, Sprains and .Swelling?, Cures]
"In November, JOtil, I caught cold
nnd bail the quinsy. My throat was
swollen so 1 eould hardly breathe, I
applied Chamberlain's I'.vtn liiiin
nml it- gave me reliel In a short time,
sn two days I wns nll right," says
Mrs. I,. Cousins, Ottcrbiini, Mich.
Chnmlini Iain's Pain Dnlm Is * linl-
menl nml is rs|itclullv valuable  'nr
«=[,!rtii.rn  slid  HK'HUl ' '     Fl I   r.rlle     by
♦♦♦+++++++++++++++H-1"l-i-I-i-r<»M»i"l"H H44"H4'HI*»*»1'**H*
Smelting Works at
Duncans station.
Vancouver Island, B, G,
++++•++•1 If I I I li •!•«■+
General Managir. ]
j.aso leet, At tlio 1,150-foot lovela
erosscul has been run to the south,
ami Uie same low igrailc ore has been
located that    lud previously    Irrtron
liiiinil in llie erosscul in lire     sojno
direction   Irom the 1,000-foot level.
Allhoush, nt these two points ol intersection, the ore wns ol low gi.nle.
n carries Uie various   minerals! associated With llie ore body that has
been successfully' worked in Uie upper levels ol tbii mine, and so leads
us In be hopeful     thai H »:,,,- |n-
croaso    in value   as still    Ri-oatei
; depths are attained.     The erosscul
(mm lhc 1,280-foot    level will sunn
lie eominonood to prospect tho ground
below whore this ore bus been lound
"Huskies this work .it, the   Tyco,
heavy dowlopmcnl work Is proceeding at lire X.I.. claim, which is also
the properly of lire Tyce company.
The shy), tilt the X.I,s. is now iKwn
550 feet, whicli Is onuitialoiil to about
Uic 1,1 -lool level ol the Tree, and
lite formation is looking exceedingly
"The diamond drills aru , iso al
work upon the Tyee Company's property, so that evcitbing is being
done to prove tiie existence ol other
bodies ol ore on Mount Sicker."
This claim is being vigorously developed nml not without eneoui.iging
results. At present Important v/ork
is being done at the 300-foot level, j the meal [,iskI supply and thus   tin
Tho crosscut Is   now in tto oro ol I physical    standard ol living   which
shipping value,  anil thc indications I
almost prove that the famous     ore
fi1, P, MET
& Co., Ltd.
Victoria, B. C.
i tb.il HO days alter date, I intond lo
apply io thu Chief Commissioner ol
I I.anils and Works for permission In
cut and early away tinsjsei (Pom thc
■ following described lands:
I .No. i. Commencing at a stake
planted ut the Soiilh-Wesi cornoi nl
| Lot a, near Port Neville, thence 80
chains west; Uioncc 80 chains Soulli,
thence Nll chains Kast; thence 80
chains North to point ol commence
No, i. Commencing at the North-
wesl corner ol No. 1; thence West
80 chains; theme   south 80 chains;
I hence Kast 811 chains; thenee North
811 cluuns to point ol coniiiieiieenienl
.No. .'I. Commencing al lire slake
planted nt the head ot Little lllink-
iuson bay; thence 10 drains North;
thence 100 chains West, thence South
to shore 40 chains more or less;
thence Hast along shore to point nf
No. ■!. Commencing nt a stake
placed al Uic South-west angle ol
Lot 111, Thurlow Island; thence
West,   riiniig   Southerly   line ol a
Lease Lot 111 lo Snulliwcsl comer
sonic in chains; thence North along
West side „f Lease Lot III ill
Chains; thence West 811 eluilns, llienee
South to shore ID chains mole or
less, Uren Kast nliiug shorn to West
shore em net' ol leased lot 111;
thenee North slong the West side of
same Ini to point ol commencement.
E. S. Mclntyre.
Lailysmith, Nov. 17, 1006.
louses ol the Tyee continue through
llie Richard. Some months ago tho
shares ni this company were sold at
a low figure, bul recent development
has materially increased the same in
value, ninl nunc are now being olfeied
lor sale. II Is reported .ial the
iiiaii.iirji'incnl will be ready to nuke
regular shipments More the close
ni ihe yenr.
Copt. W.issnn, tlio chicl nwnsr     d
general manager    ol this promlsrig
claim, which lies lo llie west .il the
I ■'.   "ill continue    d,vH ip nont
Work shortly after Ihe New Year.
While prospecting    with md
riiili, iii.' formation was crossml . i
Uic   curious  levels    and    ,.. is
obtained wore sn satisfactory th.il
lire shareholders have decided to op
en ihe property upon a large seal.'
A good trunk can be saved many
a hard knock, or ratter many a bad
searsi'.ii. when going on a longr journey by covering with ordinary ooatso
canvass. Sew il securely with twine,
leaving only the handles ol tto trunk)
out.—Philadelphia Press.
standard ol living
counts lor so much in International
competition. .
The third groat (actor, in 'American irade prosperity is the cotton
crop. No part ol the world lifrs any'
thing like ibe monopoly whicli tho
soiitihwm portriofl of Uic illnlitad
Slates enjoys in this fiber. The exports ol the cotton determine Uic
balance ol tbe truilc in favor of the
United Slates almost wholly .mil
alone. No other part ol llie world
can grow cotton so economically
nor expand lire volume ol production
sn readily as Uie Sottorn states Industrially as well as agriculturally
and commercially, the entire nation
enjoys a'peculiar hoMacelP over other
nations on account ol Its cotton
do. 1- 60 Iffis
Do. 8-120 m*
Ilo. 8-MB Egg*
"Yours Is lira first lncubntorl hnvo
use,1., uud 1 svlslr lo .! '" 1 had ti
chiclrs out of 62 crtcs. Tins was mjr
first lot; truly a IDO I'er tirnt. lists It.
lam svtill [ileiusirl svirlinry incubator
(ind brooilrr. Tllou MotrMUOHTOH,
ChilliKKk, B.O."
,ly,y first hatch conic nlT. I pot
170 trim cliicks from lrlt) e^irs. ^ lio
can boat tliat for Iho Ur..t tii'it. anil
so early Irr tho stirlrifr. 1 run we'd
pieasM with hicubator, rrul if I
tronlil ont feet another moneycoula
not Imy it from mo. Every fanner
HlionMliavca. Xo. 3 CJiallsriUi lrnir-
b:itnr.-F. W. lUrs,S»r, Llllirrivillo,
"Tlio Inrrrbator yon fsunlahed mfl
worksp\ci'i'ilinrrly well, ll Isoaallr
optrratsril, anil (inly »-*ils isbnut 10
minutes orientioir evny (lay. R.
Ml.'UCKVlK, aiuosii Juv, ihirn."
TheChaiham Incubatorand Drooaer
ii« honestly constnrcled. There i.s no
humbug about it. Every inchs.f material
Is thoroughly tested, llie machine is
built on right principles, the insulation
is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
tbe workmanship the best.
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is simple as well as scientific in construction—a woman or erirl can operate
tire machine in their leisure moments,
Vou pay us no cash until after 1906
Send us your name and address on
■ post card to-day.
W.s can surrnly you quickly from our
dhrilbrrtini; wiireliiniH'S at Culeiiry, Ilran.
don, Her;ii,a. Winnings, Nosv U'c.linlnster,
ll.fl.. Montreal. Hair 1.i\.('!i.uh:iui. Address
all crtcdpoodeuco to 1 r.irliarn. Sit
1" Manson Campbell Co., limited
cr, .'it's at Cu.rrriM, Ont,,and Detroit.
et us quote you prices
on a good Fannlnd Mill
cr good Farm Scale.
Try a Province Cigar.
I''t>lll OREAT AMKIilCAN ("S
Ths' innl great economic wants ol
tlm world   fuel,    food, clothing'
and light, and tto fnur basic com-
luiulilies roqulred to supply them are
coal, corn, oobton ami copper, in
each nf which the United, States
bolds drat rank.
Last year tto coal output ol United States was BD!)P4,000 tons. The
world's production was '.I2!l,l)23,000,
ol  mole Ihaii .1 third of the world's
I Iiit'lion    occurred   in the United
Scares. Ne\l iu order stands Great
I'.iil.iin, with 139,889,000 tons, and
(Iermany ranks third, wlUr li3,efl.|,
OOP tons. The presence of this   largo
measure ol coal supply puts these 3
nations in tto front rank ol llie
world's greatosl industrial powers.
Corn iininncj our Staple crops In ths^
agricultural economy ol Uic United
States Is the mainstay ol Uie country's animal foot! supply. AsjVfoodr
for liuiniiin cimsiiniptiion it olttmi
served a pioneering purpose, lielore
wlicnt became goMral as a bread
lood; bul ils Importance lies rather
iu ils being Ihe Irnisls ol tbe animal
food supply of (he country. Ainerl-
caii itlgrlculluK without its corn crop,
would be In n little better position
iii.in iiik'.i other countries which
lack the ■ capacity to inoliitaln a
large supply ol live slock economy,
]jut Is lo n large rslent tho free
i working capllal ol the American
laiin ll Is the most universal Amcr
lean crop, In lis relation to animal
product ion and iitilntnifienco. It Is
this crop thai gives the United
States ton advantage ol nsulntatoiql
vast majority ol the people, bo copper ranks ranks first rniromr; those
apy-neies which are ncoossnry for the
diffusion of light   to the millions ni
Smoke Little ll Cigars,
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Fruit and Ornamental Trees
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No espense, loss or delay
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Headquarters for Pacific
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Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Wha'e Oil Soap, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers, Bulbs
For Fall Planting
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arc prepared to meet all
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Catalogue Free.
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Ink nnd Wmta iscaihcr. They will
ralrli cold. Do ynu know about Shiloh'.
Oiisumi lion Cuie, ihe Lung Tonic, and
what il lias done lot ,o many ? lt is said
tr. lie tlic only imlinblc irmedy for all
dasasu of the air naagu in children.
Ilu ali.olulely barml.-ss anil pleasant to
lake, ll j. ciiarantred lo cure or vou, money
i! rrturnid.   The price il 2ic.'pcr l>ollle.
I all dealer, in medicine tell
Jin, remedy should he in every household
' (Continued Irom Pago Two)
Smoke Illg 11 Cigars.
.mo Westminster Road
..' r-'
people gathered     in lire progressive
1 iiic     ' Hie world.
Co I coi a. cotton nnd copper suggest ihe enormous wealth ot ie-
siiiini' wiih which this nation is
oridowcd Ycl these should lie looked
upon risil solely ns iiialorrrrl menus
The lourih ureal advantage which I for Uic enriclimeiil ol ourselves, I ut
the United Stales has is in ils BUP-lalHo .1 Ihe means ol service wl -ir
ply ol copper. Aa com is Uie basis 1 Involved in the great task of in-
of the meal produolqg prc-cniinuiice ternalianal prosiierlty. All theso
of the United States, and ns cotton things arc not sn much the subject
is the source ol ibe clothing ol the   "i  boasting ns the instruments   Fur
the world-wide betterment ol which
U10 lies! endowed nations are .i«
responsible trustees.—Wall Strcot
Certain Cure for Croup—Used fdr
Ten Years Without a Failure.
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Remedy. His children have all been
sub.iccl     to Croup and be has used
this remedy for tlic past ten yours,
nnd     (hough they mucb feared tbo
croup,     bis wife anil lie always felt
safe upon retiring when a'bottle   ol
Chaniliieilaiii's    Cough Jicmcdy was
ill ihc  llnlise.    llin nlllest child    was
subject to severe attacks of rroup,
hut Mils remedy never (ailed to  effect     a speedy cure.   He lias rccom-
nieiiilcd     it (0 bis friends and neighbors    and nll who have iisim! it Isay
Unit it Ir uneipiriled for croup    and
whooping cough.   For sale by Tho
Ladysmith Pharmacy. TI-TK WEEKLY LEDGER
>mith, Fotos,
1 hat's All
Local Items
Ilr, a Capital or Nugget Cigars
Fresh Ooliclians
land Co. Ltd.
at .r.inuiii Lciscr
Yestowiay morning a slight airei-
Ji duut occurcd ou Uic short-line 'bo-
11ween this city and Extension. While
I Homing dowu with a tram oi coal
1 aud ouo or two passenger cats, the
I rtrain broke in two, and ibe passon-
I ger cars bumped into tllc coal train
rather vigorously. Mo oue was in-
I rjured be) uud a slight shaking up.
Eastern Oysters al Blair .v
On Monday evening a social dance
•was given in Uould's hall, about
twenty couples being present. A
pleasant evening was reported.
Word bus been received at tllc local
station thai llie first sailing of the
O.P.R. Atlantic S.S. from St. John
H.ii. will he tho impress oi Ireland,
Friday, Nov. 3U, ou arrival ol the
Canadian Pucilic Ry. train, .No. B,
which leaves Windsor street station,
Montreal, at 7:25 P.M., Thursday,
2!) Novemtar, All passengers should
go aboard at St. John as the ship
will only stop outside oi llalilas for
mails, which will be placed on board
by a tender.
'i'he collections in the Vril mines
for the Nanaimo Hospital, which
werc taken up last month, resulted
in a very substantial sum being held
back at the pay ollice this month.
The sum in nil amounted to t.405.25,
aud should help materially in meeting some of the financial demands ol
the hospital, Ladysmith has always
recognized the bcnelits to be derived
from an institution ol this kind, or I
has respondod accordingly to all
calls of financial nature made upon
Ur. lt. Simpson yesterday received
lurther instructions irom Paris   regarding tlie   registration   oi claims
cnniii'.niiii; the properties of the Y.u;
couvcr Island Development and Kr.
plortvblon company and otter mining
properties    in the vicinity,      Winn
Mr. Simpson   is not communicative,
regarding his dent's intentions,   he
intimaled that his instructions   are
to rush matters as much as possible
and it ls probable that those inter
ested in the    development of thi" '
properties   will arrive in the     cit)
Mr. D. Johnston    on    Wednesd
purchased the lot ami building      o
First Avenue   from Messrs    Sim.:
Ceiser ,\r Co. situated adjacent
tin1 Europe hotel.  It  is understo
Hurt lire price pairl was in the ner
borhood ol sixteen hundred dollar-.
Mr. Johnston     states  thai  he  wil
thortly convert bis new property In
to a first-class livery stable,   wb
ho will l..' prepared tn attend io
wants nf the pntrjllc when (hey il
to spend Surnlrir  afternoons drivir
some id tin' excellent  mails in li
section ut lire .Viand.
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Mr. Balattl, Ladysmith, B. 0.
Uor. Second Ave. and \Vfarrcii stroofc.l
Capital^ Nujcget Cigars-Union  Mode
There was no meeting of the City
council ou Monday evening, only
Mayor Nicholson, Aid. CampU'H und
iAid. Urou being present. Matters
were discussed Informally, however,
and His Worship explained thab. it
would now bo unnecessary to put in
the new piping talked of at thei, last
meeting tor Gould's canal until some
time next summer. His Worship had
interviewed Mr, Gould,, and had obtained permission to turn the water
back into its old channel until Juno
next, and thus tho present ditch will
not he used until that time. This
will leave the council aiboul $450.00
more tn spend on tho streets than
would havo been the case hud it
Wen (tally decided to go ahead
wiih    the work on the    ditch this
Boys' and CHrls' School Shoes at
Blair iV Adams.
(Continued froui Pago One.)
G od
ByoExpress Today!
'   requested to tic/me
Pliers Ior Ibeir Xinns
I'll rtolllel
enrly to le
Ladysmitli Bakery Company,
On tlie KNiilitiirrili1
she returned,
iii.in, .mil bet
drink nt the
not llskPd her
prisoner sunt anottie
sister, were lirn ling
War, hni prisoner bni
In have line.
Ire theft of $50.00 re
risn 1 became totally blind a .1 was
blind for sis years. My cyer wore
badly inflamed. Onc ol my nc .brbors
insisted upon my trying Or. tnber-
lir iii's Salve and gave me hall a
box ol It. To iny surprise it l.oalcd
my eves and my sight came back to
me.-P. 0. EAHI.S, Cynthianal Ky.
i'iirriribi'1'lain's Salve Is for sale by
Tbe Lailysmith Pharmacy.
^orled some lime previously, witness
staled tbat she haul settled it because ber nine-year-old liny v.rrrs irr.-
come in.
Skin,   Velvet, I:
Heated in it, .uul she dii
) have the mailer take
he lhouty.i1 her ktoy, i
'.til others, (ouild UlO 111
had Hoon hiddoti Uy Hw
iot want
tn eourl.
When You Feel
Run Down
   and genetallv ont 6f sorts, with
ZJI^Z no appetite lor food, and per- ZZl
mam  h&pi an uticomfoi-tti hie feeling ■
^mmrnrn  when you do cat, ynui'digestion m
^Mi ■ is out of order. ■
ness itlmiUrt] thai all
stob n Saturday was nr
Plush and Silk     !»«"»-",„,.,,,„
in all colors. B
We make a Spsciali;! of Baby-1
wear,  Our Stock Is larger jj
than over it was in Baby 9
Goats,   Cashtnere Dresses, 1
Muslin Dresses, etc, i
the billiard room. There is a sidewalk running Irom this door past-ibe
wa sir-house.. When I went to tlio
wrisli-lronst: from tbe bar, tbe pits- ^
oner was In the bar. -No one else
wns in lire bar at that time, l'ris- !
oner was sitiiirK on a chair near
iloiri id llie silting room."
Al   llris point  Ule c.ish-lisix      wars'
produced. The lid of tlic box
heen cul   open.   Continuing,  witness'
"There  was  S2."i0.n0     in   lire bos
Uie     hills     iir   llie     bottom     and
silver in the top, when I chanted Ilu
bill lor Carson. Fltty dollars ol ibe
money was in a purse inside lire box,
which belonged to my  iaihcr-inlaw. 1
I  was mil In  llie  wash-house   aWmt ,
lj minutes. While there 1 heard somo]
person cojno out prist the wash-housd
1 could not tell who it was.     This
.■as between    live and ten minutes
rider 1 bud lelt the bur. 1 then went
l..iek lu the bar-room and found the '
utie only rteeiipalil of tire l'uotll to ire
the prisoner."
"1 asked   him to have   a drink.
Ami be then treated. Then be went
out, This was 2d minutes to 12     I !
locked the lur up as usual, nc-lknou ;
ing an'ything was gone."
witness then explained inelliorl r.l
locking up, slating that at every
dour with one exception be placed
I chairs, Next morning he went in and
saw un sighs of a break-in. Continuing,  wilness said:
"1 eould nut Innl my Cush-itpx, 1
told llie police, and 1 afterwards
found the box under the stable. 'l|-o
, men weie with me when 1 iouml it.
"Prisoner euine down alone alter
' I" that attorndon and Constable
came afterward. The prisoner said
l.e never look il niter 1 hnd asked
him if he knew anything about it.
.Mr, Ciis.idv then wont oiiivanil loumi\
a footprint near tlic bain- He men
ruled this and then moasurod thu
prisoner's loot. Cassidy said it did
nut compare with the prlsouci -
innl. Then Calleudar measured nml
iuiinsl Ihe track was arblout J inch
shorter than the prisoner's bunt."
"When t.'alleiular (was measuring
the prisoner's foot, tlie latter said:
'There is no use in going;any further,
Ihe person who Uiok llie inonc) is
un the premises.1 "
Cross-examined, wilness said ho
keeps a cash register and rings up
all bis sales. Tho average day's sale
Was live dollars. He had left foul
dollars in the register on ihe nigh!
i,l Ibe robber;. "1 loll it there for
change, so 1 Would not have to early lire box down lor change. I used
in Imve il tip-stairs until iny father-
in-law gol sick, when I lelt it iu tlur
Wilness bad taken 150 out ui the
register that day, taking SSS.OO out
nt line lime and leaving 115.00 lor
Continuing tire cross-examination,
Mr. Simpson had the witness lather
contused, and in several instances he
contradicted himself, lie staled positively that Provincial Officer I'assi-
rly was the man who lound the receipts. Asken about other trouble
.it thc house recently, when one man
bad claimed to havo lost $50, witness snid he knew nothing ol the
matter. His wile bad settled it   by
paying $50.00.
Martin Qufiw gave evidence lo th''
effect lhat he was present when lhc
prisoner bought the drinks on Saturday night.
Provincial (Wirer Cassldy's rvl-
doncc w.r. In Ihe effect thai lie bad
leu in need of Babies' oi
ChHto1 Wear you cannot afford to pass us op,
I. He.Jim
nl   Irri'.ik-
fnr.i before sending Ior lire police.-
'I bis concluded Uie evidence for the
prosecution, rind alter Carson bird
been |nil nn ibe stand, and having
given an necouni of his actions r-ir
Ihe night in ujucstion, Ibeir Worships
decided llmt nol sufficient' evidence
bad Irsoen producod in send bho U'.us-
eil up Ior,trial, and be war. tCdl'dm'tr,
ly dismissed.
a course of  Mother  Selcel's
Syrup ; tlle result will astonish
you. Taken immediately after I
meals it bnnistics iialigestlon,
weakness and depression 1 res- I
tores good lirntlh
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Itttn's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
and tlic healthy condition ol the
body ami mind whicli they create
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fc a
I il CNIHll
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I! ML ll. I
—-—-   ^
|: A.  HUWB
W. Q. Fraser
Suits Made to order to Fit a.id to your Satisfaction,
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I Kni(iHrS BOOK STOPt j|
nol Ir.iiinl tin- rcccipta ninl Ir.riiir
book, ns stnti'il In llogann, Tin' litter had poblted them oul t" hinr, nni
lrrnl sniil: "Vim «ill liinl ('Vr'iylliinrr
iln'ii'," iiiiiiitiiri', in .i Ln papers: Ij -
iii^ umlcrnonlh the barn, and at ih"
Ir. rr, ol rlu' Winding.
Ollicer CnlloiKlar Ravi' ovldonoe re
latin in n,'' ropotting ol the roh
borj i pon i'uiss-i'\,iiiii!iaii,ni he
:,r.Mi',i timi in ills opinion Ur,' loot-
prints measured were not Uiosc «i
tin' iirisoncr.
c.iUn'iinc Stansburgl slater nl Mis
Uoggan, swori' ihrrt she was pres-
i.iit when prisoner bought a drink on
Friday nWit, and hml one wilh him.
Aller Hint she went to bed, llei
room was directly aibovo the linr.
Ten minutes aft it leaving lur she
hail heard Ilnflgun leave same hy
the kitchen door, and Carson shortly alter went out liy the side ilonr.
On crobs-cx.riiiiiirrtion liy Mr. Simp-
Bon witness admitted ilr.rt she <iiil
nut know who lelt the building, -i
she could not see either of the tire:
In frril, it might have been Carson
who wenl out hy the kitchen door,
She also admitted that she hail
lieen accused ol linvirre, stolen KriO.II'!
Irom n man staying at '.he Iioujo
some time previous to the eeeut
Air's. Hoggan R..ve evidence nl
considerable length. Sho tad en in
(he bar-room on Friday night," Inn
prisoner wan present. She had requested IlopKan to light the lire In
the wash-house, and had then left
to get a lump from thc kitchen. Wliril
Hlnard's Liniment.Cures Dandrud.
,\l»,nl  filty Lailys'irilli Masons will
|n n r \  i.i Victoria today, maki    a
|.'l.il.'l'l:.il   visil    In   III'   IrjllgO   nf   lll.rl
. ,i\'   'llri' train this ullierriioon   for
v i'i loavc al live o'clo, 1,. in-
r.le.nl cf finir o'clock, as usual, Ihis
r.> upplj lm today only.
The Ladysmith Hums (Tub hold .1
raootlnrg in the opera house on Tlnirs
day evening, whan ii was decided in
llsrlil a suit,I.er iiritlt't   the taUB])lccS "1
ihe elitli on the evening of si. Andrew's, Nov. Both. A concert programme is beiurj arranged lar tlic occasion.
Dcst accommodation Ior transient
ami permanent boarders and lodgers
This new Hotel hns been comtort-
rrlrly lurnished nnd the bar is up-to
dale. Itritcs SI.(10 a day and upwards.
E «I
Lot Jones, Prop,
Best Supplied Bar in Town
(Hall Hlot'V from Depot.)
QATACRE STREET-     Lailysmith
A largo assortment of Furs Just
an in il al Simon l.fiser s1, Co., Ltd,
make your selcchloii nqwand we will'
pul   it  aside     fur     y.iti until  Xtnas
M''l'i.!!'Ti:n v. IIII SORE
I have been afflicted with sore eyes
' Iliii'tv-Ihrec roars. Tliiilr'ori ycain
trntler New ManiiRmeni
Jus- R, KcKinnell, Prop,
Commercial Mens' headjinrters.
Modern and     Strictly Flrit Class.
1'Trc I'ruol    llulldlsr.
Mlnatd's Liiiiiiient cures colds .Vc.
-Utttrrn fi.ao >ud|i,50—
Friebustn nil slpanilioat landing* r.nrl
rflilwnv depots. Bieotrlo e.nrs ssvfrry five
uiiuiitisn t'i nl! jrarla of the cily. Itnr
and tal.Ie unsxoelletl,
F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,
This Hotel haa   i,ron completely renovated.
Hoard aid lodging 11.00 per day.
JOHN THA, Proprietor
liar Supplied with thc Rest   Wines, 1st Avenue :-r :-: •.■■■ LadyBmlU B.C.
I.innors and l.'lnars. B
J. X. Smith's Restaurant
In the City, Always on Hand
Buller Street, -     -    -   - L,ac1vwtT,.,:h, H. O
R. Williamson Prop
ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C
Dr. R. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All work guaranteed and at reasonable rules.
Gatacre St        Ladypmiili
Opts it ill hours.
Wedding   Ctkcf We  to Order
KINDS. |«jj
Fresh Bread Every Day
Prices   tie    Verj Rensoniihlc
Customers are Treated Alike, rfifl
I        AND
All yj
Full Stock
Nes'ly and Artistically Done
Orders Promptly F muted
fc*        HARDWARE
b. c.m?tmy^inm£its-s


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