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The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-06-06

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i���, * t^lligen^^of; the murder of Mr. J. P- B. Pgil-
;..���. ['%#,/Gaston! Hous&officer at 13$&; ���6<tf^\yb6
"'."'���"��� ��� ���wits Bhot:-by--ah Indian .^yniskoy ;seUer .named
11 '=>-^.Aiftteine-!:Lucan6g & I :UThe:'assassin (had .been
.^arwBt^^bySfir^Ogiivy aiid, sent; on bparcl a
:    .schooner a��!'a pnsbrier-foi'/^NeWj Wesfniihster;
y^xAft9t^ihP ;^^��slv-w^:utfaw%ay'Wr:. Ogilvy
���;.:.. ieftina canoe with Mr.;MQS.s, Mr.: Smith and
'yAli 'itIndians, to overhaul her/arid see-wKtlier
fi   Antoinfe- was on board; J, lie ^came; up,, with
p   : her^abbat 10 o'clock, py m;f vneti the captain
:: aasiired him. that Autoine was not iii /thfe ��� ves J
; fel;^a)^^t iv^ seen hinvsinee; bfe
wentlSm^/shoretj on-the night of his arrival.
; Mr. Qgilvy,- accompanied by Moss arid Smithy j
A _.;v ihejij:went- do\vnfeinto.: -the cabin, Jwfierr Ihej
'w '' c tip tain ^oftered A them. ^ sometbing,'/.- to j eat^-; and
xi & *fti<fc &�� would go^ and- JligM;a^&0 ahdinake
;  , ^aojne Jea..r:.Mi?.?-Ogil^ klm,
jg��, and tte^ the
f-:*:��� -'..iiore was' kept- The captainV^al lighting a
ki ::flre and^fr'Ogttyysifting?'b^tiejstpye.when'.
��� > htei|r^.Bft^ iwidovas secreted iw
liya iojrt^bifc^^ vessel;.
I*'I Mn j Moss and; -ijrJ Smith4 ?"whol were in the
���.*?:��� 'j^^^oSiearmg -^e/rep opt ^immediately ran
.w on deck,' and /me t-Mr^ Ogilry ��� coming up the
gladder.* AHe told -them that "Antoine had shot
iy: him, and that^be!was*mortally*:wounded; then'
s. ^ying &own: pKdecki asked for some water.
The captain had by this time come up on deck
y* jn-.a fearful state of excitement, and tiid^not
fi^ippear to^kriowi^athy,w>wixlbihg.   Mr. Moss
creek /at present 4s good, arid I haye no doubt-
that a moderately warm scaspri and plenty/bf
} ���'dusfcV will,Jkeeg:bbtli feody and mind: healthy.
'"    *���;   ��... ��� Iam, Sir, /.   t'/ .      ��� -: ,     *.;
iHi ���/���' l/i', ��� i. Ypife obediently fi;' yy Ay ��� f f
'; A)/' a y /A A A A'-. A A ��� t A, Ap John; Ce&piv -' ]/���
'Aj/i-AAy ���/'s ���% ���Physiemn}'VV':<C;Hospital.;^-
Barkerville; June 3rd, 1865;/ "  \ ���       -A
'wf^AlAi XXX Xx'MtmArr^wixi,
Stages and Saddle
-x   '
OTOC^BARKERyiLj^E,:Wiping C��e��k, CAnijsbo*
tyt^A ^Subse^tibn^^i/i^^weefc;--;^;^ '**'?��� J
(Including cost off delivery,); Papablo to the Carrier;
well as tho most comfortablo niodo; of travel to the
lower co nhtry Is by this lino, i - ( -- ; ;
, SADDLE TRAIN Jeavi-s Richfleld oh Mondavs and
Tnon^OAYa^at NOON, in time, to catch tho fcTAGE at
Cottonwood for Quesnol Mouth nnd the Rtiami'rfor
Soda Crwik. ; BARNARD'S STAGES Lavo Soda Cr.ok
every,. Mo.vp^v and Tuursdat at 8 a. fo. Tbo Tbur^-
/diiy'^S.ttigovwill lay over.at Biair's, HI mile post, aud
at Custom for rest j tfie ilonday 's Stago at Clx.nto.v
b-VLV; both arriving-at valu In lime to catch tho sioam-
ere tor^ow: Wos'tiTijhstcrv ��� .  '. ;*������:��:���
Hf^��Tlirough Tickets may be obtained at the Office
.ih'iKiclifielrt..:.      -.-���  sw . '
ri ch ei eld;-
v ;       ;proprieto&-; \
aaked Mai1;f6sJL&nterai;.to go down and- seize
.; Antosne./huthe saidith^re waa iione|on board.
He was then told/ * tp p^fe Jtbe| acbponej| ab out
;snd; run;back lio/Bella i&o^^utibtjdbing so
lea^lteg/Ijfr/Smith toi attend ��.to;'Mr. ��� Ogilvy.
Immeosatelyijfterwardi- ^ntoine' tttsbed sud-
4fe#ly pa^eck, a^'stebbed;Mr./Smith with a
;S$|fe in,tpCplacbi,/! He then made a blow
a^Sfc Ofilvyi with his- gun, whpj ^however,
eau^Mtold of it; and wr^ncbed ttputipf his
Antpine ai oace ran below, and Mr.
*wo sbpts .at him as he w^a going
Movfajbut missed hiini'   Mr: Moss, who was
alt at the time; ^ had seen'. Antoine come I on
14eekt OtM levelled his nistol to snoot him,
w^n J*e wasvknocked^ overboard Xbe'thinks)
':'P 7: $** typty A A .The r Indians^bh;5 bearing the
pistol: Slot.., juinped into tbe canoe and paddled o^ bnt on Mr. Moss calling "to them they
i^mebackand picked/bim up.   "The captain,
and bis aaahGhin assisted Mr. Ogilvy and Mr.
i^Smith below, and while employed in dressing
Hbeir/wbundft, a; npiso Was beard on deck; tbe,
captain -oo going up'., perceived,Antoine Luca-
ftpg�� tbrbw'the small boat in the water,, jump
intorheiyahfl jjulloffif /He then called-.to Mr.
Mpss, who was/away in the canoe, but rebeiy-
ed"no reply, as Mr. Moss was,by ..tbis-time too
far off to, hear biifi.    About; noon th^ next
daylthe^canoe: r^urnedi with. Mr; Smith: arid
MK Browne, and a fresh crew of Indians^ and
in about an hour after Mr. Ogilvy breathed
his last after, fifteen hours of intense suffering.
Mn Ogilvy leaves a wife and two children to
mourn bis untimely fate*       ,. ��
The undersigned will keep constantly oh barid
.:./   -a full, assortment of:AXs.fA'AlA-. if
:y      %   consisting of :     '  -!.
y        Bolts,&c.;,&c.;....    i . . , ;���-���    . ���. ,
SAW FILES,, all saes, ,(;Sn^R;&?JAcxsoK^);
FORKS;    '- a - 11      fi'J[ /
best quality| '-,. ;     ��������� ; ;>   '���:?
CAST ���S^JE^tCaturfas" ^.Cfat"^} SI^GES,-ail
���: ai��e3jV ""���"'"/ '     ��� ��� *�����.. "��� '/
---.-''FUSE-;   - -    yy'wpww
NAILS���Cot.:& Wapucrofeww^ Ccppssb, all
sizes; /:��� /' -."?/.",:./ /~i\"','.'"
RIVETS-Jron &, CPp^br, all size��;
MANILLA ROPE, all sizes;
GOLD; Si&lLISS; 32 and: 64 pzs., &&> &e. &
: fPHE RATKS FOR/FREIGHT by tho. Stage from Yale
^ito^i^e^^fU.t^;   ,.-��������� :^
^���^.;^'tb'2o:lb.a.///^e--U^^/r     '   ������   '  $1:00 ^ ft:..'���
r:25APi 100 Jfca v p A^sW .    .,.. 00 ^ ^
Ax,ever^lQO^lfea.��� - xAXXy.... . ���������.=; ��� ���     -?5 $ ft '
Ar.i--Xl ".:tTKaOCGli^y - T2K-- PATS.   '���
���:   '���'���������     V. -J. -BARNARD.. .
i; p;f. Ai-XAiy'iS'A'-'iA / -And .<.-'.:
|3Ir(in^|iii;g - Iiibrary!
fSfcTfiMfS .;6fc^SufcRIPTION have been'reduccd to
, ?j|2, per*month; above, 100 volomos of Now Works
Wave^ beehVcnl/latviyadavd to the circulating Lib wry.1
^rti^s are'solicited'to snhffcribo ���
MAlAX   XX A'XX'A ���-' A -'JOHN H0WR0N; Librarian.
Apv:-������. .' '-;...'., !0"iiim ������������"'
This "Saloon is fitted up in FIRST CLAf$
; {      STYLE, with
PhelanV Billiard Tables!
pg~ The BAR is supplied with the FINEST
LIQUORS which can be procured.
Bakery,    Cofiee    Saloon"!
\:    ^ BarkerviJle, B. C.,. .
.A. KELLY, PRpreiKTOii.
Everything la done in connection with this ostabliijh
nu4n t to givo aitiafactjon to tbo enstomers.
ffiHEA(^MM0t^6^ which this House affords to
Asp travelers cannot be snrpussef 1; the Table is well
Applied, with tbo best ihe mursrot afTurdn, and the Bar
15-Stockod .with/thei Purest: Liquors ; Buds, iStabling,
%^lpp^AC^^AXXXAix\Aiii% ���-;./';������ l": : -      '   s
w-f- y ;rigHfielK^/ :\: y
THIS HOTEL-contains 18 Bed Rooma, which an
fitted ap in the beet stylo lor the coutfoit ami <foi>-
veni/nco oi'goe?ts. ......  ���.   :, ;���'    '-���' A-
The Bar is supplisa with IUQUORS and BSSARS c"?
the best and choicest descriptions.
Bakery,    Cofie��    J3aloXsn:!
������-y, BooKSi-allsisjes,^ ..,-./��� .^.,-
"���:-'rCAP*APERf-^;-.- -:;/-���;
:: PERi^.;:\;-;:'":i:'rL: ' " r"
WEEKLY TIME'BOOKS,;,.,::-;'.//.. A"'
VIOLIN strings; SONG BOOKS, &c.
//WALTERS BROS.. .���:
; tjon ot'travoleia; the Table Is well kept and the
Liquors cinnot besurpasae��i; the Beds are clean and
comfortable; Stabling^for Horse* ;  Hay ��nd Oats.at
Eaoiierate rates. .    :: :���:. -.'������-     ������'���"
-4.'>.-..44BLAIR:.BROS., Proprietors.
4 1PJ^KBO*nfort <*1',.travelers; the Table Is'supplied
^ith the beet of every thing that can bo bad, and the
cfokingls not inferior"to the beet hotel in the low<r
coahtry; Bedrooms for families: Stahling, Hay, and
0^1^. The St&Re stops at the 111 Mile Rouse over night
on its way down country. s
^8&* Meals Ready at all hoars.
AP. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,
Meals at all: hours): and Cooking of the beat
/pAi-XA. 'description. b
f^m/o ^P\ Editor: of ths^" Cariboo SentinIcl.^
ap a   8tRt~}^�� haa jjeeQ ga|^ agajngt thelcli-
A i  mate on tb^eek, that it ia unhealthvM the
.; summer andf all but uninhabitable on account
lim of the E^yere cold:ia wiater.   The'cMef sup-
,T po^t of the firsUtatement is based on that of
T vC cidv,atl0n ��f ,tbe country, but looking at
y.j  iU effects on the.human economy Ihave failed
Ife *�� me tovk a residence among theae^Ha is as
m   4amtiging to the constitution as isSnerallv
m   Relieved.   In the summer of '63 there wag an
gj   endemic fever with typhoid' symptoms which
ji    proved fatal to several,: and although confined
m   to Williams Creek, I believe "it was not the
tH   climate 4jut the amount of'vegetable matter
w.hiclk;'-falling from the clumps of trees, lay
in partially ,cleared plaeefe, iihtil decay let
I'lofise.gie poisonous mia��ma?^ this being con-
ilned between the hills was the exciting, cause.
five*y season sees the timber being cleared
from our .neighborhood, and: the mimer in his
caljin.ahid the merchant in bis store will find
this makes the climate more healthy.    As to
j tftevseverity of the winte? this has been great-
iy exaggerated.   During the past season frost
Mtes and. scurvy were entirely banished: bet-
ter cabins and a plentiful supply of vegetables having expelled these evils;   The cold,
though often intense, was unaccompanied by
the piercing wind so frequent In o&er countries.    During the winter months only three
P^e^ were, received into the Hospital: I
with, diseased lungs, l case of rheumatism   1
teiag an ae^deat   The genera* health of ihe
Mutton alway& kept da hand and supplied
ri itinera and Hotels at reason able pries.
0d6d Beds; Restaurant:; Bilffart
��� Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats..
nished throughoat in the Best modern E^**
for comfort.    Tbe Bodrooi^8;are dsaB OjBftd weU k* yt.
is supplied with AU tho delicacies of ths season, a&d
the BAR ia stocked witiT^a_..;.
4^" SEGAKS of tho finest brands en hand. * V       ��
Baker and General Store Keeper.
$2- The host Stabling for Horses to bo fonn4 on the
Creek j :H>iy and pats always^on hand.
IS* too .wssb to sis. coiusd of disoases of every klnrf,
withont the aft/1 of fM renxr, call on Dr.'':Si'lri��ll,
eittior at Ma office. Camerontoni or'his rcsidenco. Harys-
villo, Williams Crock.       ..'..-.
Importers and Dealers in CHINESE GOODS, Rico, Su*
gar, TI'M. IVovisions.
QU E"3NE L   M OU|H.   . s
This Establishment is now opsa for cuitorc-
ers��.    Thft Tablo is supplied with the best ss4 chok;v*of,
delicacies.   Coffee and Pks cos' be had at all houm.
/e��^. The Bar contains the Finuat Liquors on4he Cslt k
.  . """in im wii i mm'.ioiin.aim .mj* mi ami
Boots, Shoes, Tinware, Etc.
Storage and Forwarding!
:>.:\:   ..-   -    YALE, B. C.   v..
Parties Shipping by the Tale-Lytton Botite
An* advtaoS that KIMBALL & GLADWIN haye
erected extensive Storehouse ana Dock at yule, B.C.,
and aru prepared to R c^ivo,-'Stern and Forward Goods..
The c;ip.city of t,he buil '.ing is about 400 tons, and-Jtia
pcrl'ecily *s(*ited( offering security from flro seldom
mot with in xnieriar Towns. Goods R packed and
Freights'engaged at Lowcist rates. Parties shipping
goods .through m will ut'arfc to tbo C!��re of
life       ,..'.. KIMBALL & GLADWIN, vale.
Art'30 dbai^ks is   ..
Provisions, Kaydwaro. Laquors of the Best
'Quality, snu GunUA Seeds suited lor this climate.
4J����The.CHEAPEST STORE on WtilUaia Creek. -��
Btohfi^V U. C. t June 1st, IS$6. s
LENEVUE &   w,
GooU SfcabJic^
Kay ajad G-rain at Rawest R-wa ;
Govt�� to pi^rtiod tnjlaia: y*vi.
Situate in Cameronton, Willlnms Croek, which ia w.H
fitted up and in full working order.    Apply to
,v  . ~        MHS. 8. EDWkR:*].
kinds of Agency Business "attended U-f
Office opposite the Paris and London Hotel.
Tiie   Original   Pieman.
HOT PIES ��f the b*st description supplied to p -r-
tSes at their own residences at
y:       New Westminster, British Columbia,
M&S8R9. Gkblley BRoraRRS,      -      -'   ��� Propric!
Kelley/jS-e Laae,. Proprietors,
GOOD BEDS, Goi'd AcccnunodaUon and the Be:
Licjuon at tho Bar; Stabling for Huraos, &c.
Stoa-affO, &ro.*-Terms aoflt Kodosat?'
Wmml . Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel."  Van TOnM*.     '���������      * *'.'    A '     Barnard's Express  r./jl iUthfof.-..QuesnfelJ -/ '������������������ IX ������������������ ��������� J  A A A- :��������� I- ��������� Auio' 'A- A  ��������� Cunnih^amV:An"tlfcr> ^[thley^Ste-. t i ! AA As'  Ai  . HA&hAy Grouse, pat d nil other out-.  . -... AAA A ���������.  v   -     lyinsrCrseks, i    . ' -      -j'-    Spoorier's'Rxpress  ,5V-sgoii:;Eoadi?&"':. i-   A ���������$?��������� -".������������������������������������j*-' JUrriard'SjExpreES  ,-h Clinton City,5-'; - -/ -;"-  H-- ���������. .-��������� -��������� :: -: '���������' A ��������� '.do     ��������� >.,/  ..-;,-��������� Yale,// ���������' ; - ���������  v.   *<:Mv. ^Evans, Barnard's ExpfeislOlficc  y/.Lilfcjoet,-; '���������;'.,. r-.:-;-.'.-..F. \V���������F^stery ��������� .do���������'������������������-v.���������'������';/;-���������; do ; :,-.-  -r.K~jw Westminster,--' - "-���������; ���������'- --''" Clarkson & Co,  ,;, Victoria,     .1    -      .  -,l.,p yy   Thomas J/Burhes  NQTIGE^  Cariboo Sen-  the United  y i.Miners:anH others wishingto send f "ThelC  ������ * nviJV...'to their(rioh/ds in danada," England,  - States, sdr^'lse^'here^ can have it inaibid; by 'leaving  addresses atHbe 'publicotloh office;    Fricq, -ifournuso  pOBtago, $!._  'TEE 1CAMB00 ;BEKT1KEL  fi*. ..'.^" -'���������' "'. "1 il"'W' ���������''.'  ... . *... ���������.T-y--  BARKERV1LLE, tUESSlAY, .TONE 6.' 1865.  -,,   -������������������   --��������� -      _���������      \ :. -���������:   .-ip- 'i ���������;.-<���������   fl- -r ������.i-t ���������������������������.*" y   >'���������:������������������. '���������;   -.'ii*. '''..-���������'���������������������������'-��������� -. ���������  ���������-���������-    _    .        ���������'" I      -    ������������������"     ��������� - ��������� -���������     p- ��������� ��������� "���������' ' ��������� ��������� ������������������     .....        . .' ��������� ��������������������������� I ��������� "~~*  iZ   A ��������� SlBB'GAMBOOr ?/vi>  ���������&������,  nnd; Italian* nil of whom are desirable colonists, and  ha ve ��������� done much for th e cou n t iy, la xed. with m ining  . li censes,  recording foes,  Ac, and: the thou sa nds of  Chinese miners who are now swarm log-on 'every bar  a n tl bench of our ri vers -.exempt"?   .Tho answer >*, be-"  cause'-Britons,   Americans, ^enclimeiv and (Italian  miners'a re iong-sufferiug, patient?" an<l submissive subjects ���������   Tliey are mow alive" hqivevefc; to the injustice  that has been practiced .upon them, 'and wedemand iu  their name, aud at their bidding', equality of taxation.  The subject of Union of" these. Colonies Is one of the  . h ighc* t; a nd noblest tha t can emjago our utten tion;  r We-rejoice to think,that'we .can -approach it and dis-'  cussltjr^e froin every taint of prejudice, or bias or  personal iuterest, ,/We hold no town lots in Victoria or  New.':��������� Westminister.; to;;prop ��������� up: in value iby currying  Union':.- Or opposing it| :���������'.������nd our. opinions have, been  fbrmod, nOJ/hastily/ljutafter tlie most mature" reflection , on grounds, which '��������� every<;' y's experiencedonly  serves.to profoundly impress lis with''��������� their soundhess'.  We had, intended1 deferring any declaration on this1  subject.until, our next ..issue,, but :it might look, like  pusti ia nlmityor fear, and knowing the anxie>y.'itliat  exists in regard to tho views which w,ehold;pn'the'Sub-}  jcct*;.wo therefore hesita'te^ not to:state thai-we are.Jin  , fayor of ..annexing Vancouver. Island Ap. British Columbia,* under a free cons ti tu t'lohy wil ft ������������������ jropulqjion as 4ne  basis. ibrvreferti'Sf'ntatioh lir,theuhUc$J^riiiuiient; \ Our.  space forbids us to dwell longer or glveany fuller expnsi-.  ticjn of our views and principles in -tills Jj?sue., We  shall have time and opportunity enough; .-In t future-  numbee'e to s>elaborato ���������. our opinions; and: give pur  view's on all question affecting the publicf welfare. * We  should much ratherho wcver.be/judged-.by pur actsSs  we/ prQceed.;. on our ���������career; 'than" by > a ny professions  which-we xnayJoffi-T.In the' nrs^;issue,;. :AU measures-  calc^ulated to.ih^neflt the co'untrjVaW in its' Settlement.,  or to develop its vast.resources in -J mineral; w|nfdtb, will  reCfd\:e.Q.ur w est -cordial supports Ourcolunjn.fj wit! be  Steanier :iyi Enterprise,"  ������������������  Leaves SODA CREEK for QUESNEL  MONDAY AA8I>i THURSDAY MOHNINGS,  A    ;/'-V.:'^/.-r'-AT]:r)AYLI&HTv������-  w       ������������������.. ..,  /Loaves QUESNKLibT SODA CREIsiK,  Tm^ESDAYS & SATURDAYS Ir 4A.M.  ^THE BANK:OM  . The undersigned is preparod ttf V.  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  AA -.yy '..;,j;gANJS[INGS,;..;;::;;      . fi/y  On Commission,;or will purchase any quantity^on the  ' ��������� Ai.' a     pp' Most' LiBERAi'TERMa,' at the !������������������  .Reading Booni, Cameronton; .������������������'-.  Subscriber is how well known'on Winiami8Cri*k,'snd  from the confidence reposed in- him last.| Fall in ths.  abovo;buRiness, he hopes to receive the patronage of  the. Mining Community the ensuing se*a'snn.':  '   i������x \yfyy'PlA'.AA/ ,-'    JOHK SOWRQK./ .  ,..;:.,;.qfiEAX,-:'  . Evsnr Evsnt.vq at thb :  ;^oorporated by Royal C^a^ ",  $1,250,0  -AAiypy  IN 12,500 SHAft^S, ^ OF $100 EACfl^/  With Power^ to Jncreas������.    '  lylt;  Wi-- AK  ii  iln presenting ^e firafritfnmber of^  p. r^vpgJrfp the^pnblic V^ Ky e^tab^  ���������   / Jifi^ed ^ujitola 4o ^^^theiciwmsJwhici1' we  A/yt^^Ayr0<:ep  K/f 1 ;^lp^mstaneje3 Jcjompel ^us*tof^^ ^^^ *������' * - *���������  v"/;/ihesametimeawe hbpo;tbe-']  i/Z$ty^'0l;^^ find :as;ri>acy.'admis^ion4iuto.-fite "cofumas ss eha rich  Ji,?;fo&:^ placed'iii doubt|  -/' We $011!^^  -��������� C9Hn^3^ce|^^  '' V^ijii^a^ ^^ie^^  ^n"iii|i;j^^ thel  ^rfty^^iglhe^^ -will-not ��������� ���������. -yXi  BARKER VILL&  ��������� tW^V:  It-hftsllongibeen:>wlt;-and: by no/;^a^^ore</  ."   than the mmin^cp^mmum onlJ:^et  mah^s 'card AX T,et all who approve bur prlncipies and  desire to perpetuate the services of an. honest,'fearless  an d indeperi dent journal lend.a helping han i to ma in-  fain; the "Sentinel^ in 'doing, its work of reform elO-  ciently.* ������������������' .        /".    /.   .-,: !. 'IX :, .. yW   '���������?���������<->   -.,  ������������������''Oteir^NG^CREEKS.  ���������'* :LL THEXQVERS OFFUN ARE INVITED to CALL  ^..A.nd,VhJoy; themselves, when % hearty welcome.will  becxtended.  ;.. *"/,..',":'.'; .'���������"...'.'.': ^.������������������..-..r*,v ' '^'"' ''���������''���������''  ,1. %^Z~-)!i^ [A iipwA  ,; Billiards, Excellent Refreshments .'arid,the  hest^of order;ohserv;ed.'-f  f'\ -.'Vv ������������������ i  ���������''.'������������������:��������� ���������������������������'.'  ;;  ;*/ --'f -._:'������������������' ���������-'-"-������������������-,   .'.'--v MAItTIK^Cor/'  ������������������:''." NO ��������� :M:Q N OyBO'L^\ZA  li'KA  NELSON.  .CREEK.  1 a  '^oait present appearances ther/e^vil 1 be a good  'dealyielded in iretura Ibtthb liiborexpended  this '^eari ; U.g to; the present pnl^-three com-  v, Cam^oktox;, ' mi^^ ^beek:^ * B, C.  tbentic^^burcfes;;  tu r^tft-;|spjikit#fS>fl,.^il: .aid other ��������� Jc'duri-  tries ^miglife^^^tteir opinions ; and \ fbrxsi'  {:8 ji^rejiolder^^ and fltai|aQ01^sha^h6ldcrs.  ���������!Th\e ia^.iianie^^eii ^a^hing^out from 6 to g  fimlpprhayj:thei.pthiem!|ad only-gottoAvork.  A^^4ef|jia^i!een granted |o one of 'tiie com-  c^inenced^ :/^  to jiaeKin their^owh grub;as'the si&^istoo  "^ack animals  AND/ /RE TAIL;  '.xi .^.-in vancou^r Island,  ^PSJ^g^h of British Columbia;  NAKAIMO^Bank of; British Columbia ���������  :apZa IN BRITISH OOLUMBLL  NEW^STMmSTE^Bank^of BritishColumbiai  YALir-Iiank of British Columbia*       -.-��������������������������� ���������  MOimf QUESNEL^Bank of British Columbia���������  A^r/AIB THE VNJ^'&rMm< Z  ^^IT^NCISC^���������Banlc of Britisho>iumbia-  ���������;���������.:",;,���������.-;;'../i8.iCAN.0kZ/;,..��������� ���������. j  /; BANK   OF;lM-$'w&&'TJi   i  BRANCHES & AGENCIES j/  ;^    ;  Jloatreal, Toronto, Quebec, Harnlltca;, London 5'  . atori; Cobourg,s Bcll������ville, Brantrord, Br6ei.^!  '������������������a vJlle,Wbitbyj Peterboro, Ottawa: Guelph. -Al  s. -A- y Ay v,Oederje% Stratford, Re 'ton; Perth,       1  :. . Siincoc ��������� St.: Catherine"; ?��������� "'���������'     .. "ii  .,..,.',; :'i/IN",ENGLAND,'" ���������/:--, ... -,]  tOKl)OK---Ban)r of- Britiah" Columbia-^ Lombard  ���������,A.S '���������  :l;  ��������� CUBQENT; ACCOUNTS oppned for/ any-anibunt |  less than- Ohe"Bundred/Dollars, ^y....;������-^ ; > -  R  f BilLj' Discounted" and "Coll ectedj and. Bills <>f iE^cbsf  on IGreat���������; Bri tain;' Sm Francisco 'aiid New york %  cJiased. - -. n ���������;; - ��������� ���������������.- ���������'r- *'��������� -.' ��������� yl 1':4A^ ��������� 'XX..��������� ��������� -������ - ��������� , v-  / Drafts, issupd, on al^the.Branches^ana Agencl^s.j  Qoverriment' hh4 other SecurHies/-received :forari  ���������custody; Interests and" Dividends^'collected.; b  ...Stfcei yed' on'.- Dep*felt^ ��������� ^Jr- Atfy ^nces *ma4������ Jupbii.ia������fp  - '��������� ���������; Cameronton^WUIHms;XJreeic/^'; *&'"'  ^3  GROCERIES^ ; Z'A/A' -'"'" ��������� ^ "'"',:' -  TIlbYIsioNS, ���������:'���������''  //J^u^/^.  i---,.'.'' '���������:��������� --- ASyy2.S-SW>l-.:.wWj. 1.0  m  The Oldest Establisbed Hotel .on Willia^  -.y^e&yAXX'ZiiAw -.   |  ;*i--.  ,, vi;r,-F^^TOB^O^/-.'/^';  ���������*r:"' "��������� -1 '���������'��������� "a ::.^5t"^ hardware;-  :���������<-  , xJpng looko^^ not  * inaiiy month's^ siiice^ and we lost no tiitie. in  carrying >oj|i������,&olu1io3: ihiS cfiect,fl Our>jOb?,  iect at i5i*st, and,Aupi.^o a very recent -pe^iod������  3 tgp^ish^^o^um  is tor a  ."Rjid n^)fe^ensi^^ we proposed to  our^l^^afcfirgtg^^ie^nM abuses wiiich  tioJi:^of;tfe:Q1Olo.ny,���������;and,ine,6hameful -wa,9te of.  1 he re^enjiqgii^e^i^ng 5Up|a^i;arKling army  of officialWb^ country,  Ux& of cvery*other coflsideration.  Our efforts  j> hail t^er������efore be directed ��������� 'ip,-the; eradication  : ��������������������������� ;������3< ip'over^McialJab.us^b^^  r��������� .JrAowJcra^aSj^Stfd%iiili^.ltfie-':awakened eite^-  ���������v^ieS^if^e^ taxa-  ..,..--Aiion '��������� .foriiuBlance that: monsiirous and iniquitous Gold Export iJTax ^Bill, passed to drive  <3tfiners out;of the^olony, shall.be held up iby  ui to. the ���������stabile' o^ium^'bJcn'sUch^a-reckless disregard  ., id' p*,������mmon justwO;; dqmands;ati our hands/ 'Had the  i'fl'icials .of.'tbe colony aided'andxabutted by the r^prn-  ..- *������>irtailyes:'6t.iC������riboo Uistand West, passed an Income  /^^ix^Biii tbat would- buve��������� allVcted .'-their" own incu'mes  A'. quii lly wi th the; re6t) of thM commimi ty, instead of  ��������������� inkling put/'a class for^ouptional- tax'ilion- who arc  not only the bone arid sin^v of the**c<inniry, but from  v/bemtho maJisrpartsSOhe-taxation bad been pr.;vi-  ��������� Usly.raised,, tiwse seryants,o,f .the 'i>ubiic; would have  >:hown at1 leastrtf .desire to-^rict justlyl ^ Until this Act  :���������. st {t now; |tah ds is rubbed out or the Statu tes of; th 0  ''-*��������� dlonywo(^ball hOt "coasd'*-to''feall for-iIs npea.i.    ��������� Re-  i r m'chment In evoiy :dep,sjrtmeht.b'fI the puijlicsenioe  * j; hot only demanded but will be forced upon the Gov-  ;;rnrapnt by; the state of. tboipublic fin{snc?8.:  $250,000  .ny.'ar for the officiaU of a;col6ny in: which there is not  :  white population in the aggregate of -6000 persons  ~:n ah.'expenuiture which the most servile minions'of the  ���������c;ov>rnmm( cannot, dare not off.ir a^y justific:itibri"of.  L:t thei-lnrfplo unite with /us in /dcmsn.'iing a speedy  ���������vad- tb.orougb  purgation, of the - public senicecand  >. c'sriotny" en the p irt of the Adminlsiratian. A. .We-������jutll'  j; ..vacate'the abolition of thoKbad Tolls throughout the  4 olony, believing as we do that tbcj^arenQtonly part  yi the unsqual;taxation1 which; oppresses a portion of  ' 100 p-idple,. tijtf, they operate aa ojjarrl -:r to tho freedom ���������  : n:l progress which should be cstfiblished..: At present  in. r3 and traders are the only class in this commiini-  it.fa.ll, west of  j^yfi^pepb-'j  . Disc6yery?'  Gohi^iyrbf % men^ar^^;tworfc, ^ii^nre ra--  tter reticent, as to? their prospects/ ^^ ^ /.  yPy.r..:- A-Ay -y ba-sfokd :"cbeek."'"^- **A; p  A A  i������wtaitnmS|fit.mflsffi^Hetersbnerecki The-  prp^ecM^nich ,were obtaahe3|i|utye induced  Jfc^; -rjX>iscp ^ery;^ company itou taK^iu^ ;gi*ound  Jaiid set So -ptbspecting.-������?" '��������� They^l^at prbsent  ^engaged ii^sinldiig^ff ipbMfA /l^^ppd' corn-  n^riy Have^ Ipjqalfed^ grouiioV ori^ tlie /creek* con-  i^gp^mi^i, \t$eiJDiseove ry conipan j *s cjairri/  '   [������������������'��������� /.' t , COAIi: CREKK;.>>{ w^ ZxAl ^*������  - : Noi: farr'irpm'Ne1snnV;7a^^air '$X$?-& ^hich  Ii^J^OhuTnaniea/ba^ to ^ield^  good prospe^ts^ . ^hly^ one company so! ^tr  haSrtaiven/i^^ A0   A:  CROGKERY,-// . A.,wA/lp' v  ;;; - ^^mi^'^u^siiS^;.,,.;^  ,.,.' /i STATIONeR^-^r/  At wZZZiii^MimfrA.  /AAA A-f/JAi/ //BQOtS i&^QESi  ^" &06ds 1>in^Iii/aJCniy^St^re/ will be deli vered FREE OiKteiRRIAiGK  #;Wiiliaffiseree������;"^ A^y^A**. '������������������"���������' /Ay ���������;  S^ELSASSBR,;-/  1f R3i CAMEBdN;jbegfs,vtb inUmate*that;sne hag opn  Ml.":��������� ed theijxosmp ELpTRtifr:Caxherbntdn/:which iV  ^noatl^llUed ;%��������� wi th^yerir .comfort; fth'^ Bed? are cieat  andwell1 -kept*^utid(?r4' nor' own ^up'erintendance:1V  BarisiweU'stOckediwith the; flnes^LIQ^OKS; and \k  . Restaurant^ili ;be supplied wi th ever^>^dclicacy ��������� h  efflc^n'^Cddi^gaged.^ / & % \ a- s. : -?iMhixmiM.  ���������^'-Frotri the'long,experfesce Mrs?. jCamoron^has hadj  HoteJ.'keeping on" WilHams. Croelc,-and;theMai^e'patr? k'-" ?M  .age/foruierly.. bestowed iupon"- lier': Hbusjj',- 'sri^>-ni le^W'^-i^  nothingTwantlng- in hpri new Hotcl^^'eri^re't-hes^JS^  pbrtana^paVrcnagedf hcrold friendft.|||sri:^ -"'������������������ W*M!B*  '  '#&���������-.Hot and Cold^Siippnrs to.be^imd:at^ll hours  ���������wy  eer v  BAKKEKVILLE,  ;QIL^lvLUERi/&T ^MGO^^BpPiWETowl  THE JBJBE.R is pronounced;;byrtM best; Judges to M  ���������oh the Fin est; Quality w. it is sold ^^.itbo,- followinf  rates:: Per gallon,' ������4;; half gallon, $2;^<iuar V $1 ���������'  -A   ...M"  w  A  y,  '*J^.<s  NEWroAD"ViEllTIfcJEaiENTS,  j^,?^|S FROI'pSED m"GIVEU  .--'.:��������� vvf-.-r*������ 'ip'1 A"':'AT''TUli  P^LOR SALOON, Barkerville^ / \  on WEnxEsnAYKvEvixG'Next, the 7th instant, for the  benefit of the...cUil.irm of the, late Mrs. Winnard;:tbe  prweedswill -be applied towards sending the chiMr<iK  to a proper schoolat Victoria.   Prograuimes will be li-  sued without delay. ...     . ......     ../!  /^���������teruis of .admission $1.,   Tickets may be had  from any member of tho Committee, or at tho door.. -.������  -FOIl-  JK. SUBSCIUBERS,4wni;,constantly? keep^ for sale(  Itlirough'out ih^sea'son it choice >issortmen t*of 0en-  eral^ Merchandize/������oife$stiog of  GaOCERIES  ...:J.,  SUPERIOR CLgipiSG,'' \      /  BOOTS AND SH0BS,r; MlNINW^D ;OTHBR TOOIS,'  ,Paists, Oils, VARNisiiBtf, Brushes &d ,  '^*The above motto will be our guide in every particular. WA-X f 'i-fi   , A ��������� J. H. TODD & CO.  ; IlaHtTVine; B/p., June 1st, 1806.  ;'; N.' B. ��������� In a'-fdihr. u ays' o*ur Spring. Goods will arrive,  when ws'shsll 'Have���������' a" full"''"assorurieiir of Gum Boots  istuX Coats, Soulwesten Hotel's Cotton Xbicfci Blasting  Powdpr, Oregon Mams, and No. 1 Scotch Oatmeal.  j, m; scoTt;  Has on hand a FULL and COMPLETE, ASSORT-  ������������������-'������������������-"���������������������������-- -  "MEKToT ' ' '',".'  /.. ;;;:\,;f/y^pRVlLLB, *;// Aw* *'  "ii, ������-������������������-Tjferies^Medicines, Drugs, Etc.;, *'     '  A Eyer^artic^Md; at; the very-Jpwjeakrates. ���������  ��������� f-pSSj;  w  I'^B^fitifesltVmy /FriendB and ac^naintattcesJ  -to recbnect/'tnatl have always ^?eeni,and am stllii  ���������opposed'to. Monopoly. '��������� I tbank thcm; for^th.eir p^-  li bcral patronage and solici t a con tin uance of it/  .V)iiiHr\CftBf always prepared *o' sell CHEAPER 'tb&i>  anybody else:   .      ' * "'. '      ,        , s<-, Xs-  sA ��������� '���������   :-  ���������"'I :   ' II. EDWARDS,,  A-   y> k'V* ; J^EUClSA^Ti.iBprkeMr^  ENGLISH &i VANVACKENBURgT  jar  m  y^  ������  Bichfield,; Barkerville and Camerpnton-  ^cr^ A large supply of the best Meat always on hand at the severa*! stores bf the firm bri Wil-  liimsCraek. - /  LILLOOET AND YALEr  ...   :CO..VNECTIKO -WITU  tDPTZ,&vNELSON?S ;FOR ?VICTQRIA, ;  Will arrive at Riehflald oh WKimsnA.vs and RATt'RnATS  and close on Mondays and Thcksoays at; NOON, coin-  veying'Trcasur.% Letters .an d:Valua.bles for ALL PARTS  OF THE WOULD. -  F.J. BARNARD.  Keighboring Creeks and Quiches.  JOSEPH C. SPdONER will run an Express  Regularly, in ^connection .with I^arnard's Express,  frein Williams'Creek to. Cunnirighaui, 'Antler, "<Srousf,  Keithiey r a nd Stevens Creeks ; tl ni Beggs Gulch  x iLetters, &c, to be left at Express Gibce,: Richfield,  or John Buie's; Barken'ille. ���������   -  enerai Merciianaise,  w'hicl^ he" is prepared, tov8.eliiy^ffw'.  A������ CHEAP as anyjfiousp on WUliams Creek.  Cameronton, 'Juno.2nd, 1865.       " " g  T  O MUSTERS-.  .;.   MekCIU.STS.A*X> DSAtERS IS  OvisionSj    Liquors,  And every other.'description of Goods required by the Mi a ing com mu ni ty.    Moderate Terms.  SELLING OFF AT  F. V. LEE,..:  Auctioneer, Mining Agent,  and  .'/'���������"*���������'������������������' ' -' -     '"���������������������������' ���������"-' RICHFIKLD; /lPA  f$3T All Agency Business a tt- a>M io*  ctor,  The Subscribers have made a VAST REDUCTION in-tho. price of ewry article in their store in  ���������. order to close out business.'  PROYISIONS, CLOTHING,;&c.   '"'/A  .������������������;a.i^AT^rSBO.f:  ..    2t    .    ..-������������������ ; Cameronton;-Willi urns CV������^efe.  rRAGER  BROTHERS,;  ���������". ':..:;: .'��������� CAMERONTON,"  GROCERIES!   PROVISIONS!   LIQUORS!  .....   , AND-.SKGARS.   .  4^TvER:M:S   LOW.^  __^  Mosesf/Hair Invigo|atar^  To prevent Baldness, Restore Hair/ thai, haa  ' fallun off or become, thin, and to cure effefcttiaUy *  Scurf or Dandruff..��������� '"  '.  'GOARAKTBES TUB RfiSTOBATION OF MAI?- 13 OrnS'WfeeX.  si  prep ired by the proprietor. ;>'First* saturate the b*e>������i  witb the Iuvigorator^rub welltwitb a hard, brush; .then  oil.' it will also relieve the headache, aud gke the hair  a darker glossy color; andrthe"free" use of it will fc<*l>  both tbe skin and hair4a a healfby s^ate.: -XidioB will  find the Invigbrator a..great addition. W toilet' both ia  cbnsl deration of. its' dell cate a n d ngree ab le 'p m tfine an^i  the groafc facility It affords in dressing the hair, which  when moist with it can be dressed in any required  form so as to-, preserve its place, whether plain or in  curls. Wh en u sed on ch U J ren's|hoad6,11 lays the foundation for a good boad of hair.  '       . ������������������  />..       ... :;   .'.Prepared only by   * / .  ���������if-      A     ��������� -At.    ������������������������ ���������'  ;<���������  ;W.  ������. MOSES, ;  B.irJk'^Tvil 1 r. n^xt door to Mid mm n*ntiix$a ^  "Xwy  'Ah  ��������������������������� ���������.>[.!>���������! I: 'I  ��������� %%*  ���������'������������������- ������������������!".,-������i  A A:  ���������' I Ay  .-������������������::���������  M'JV*!MlMtW.J!IIUUIULIl LS.iJI'I'MMI  " U  ffil,'B98?BWf3������.;  SS599SB3 THE  BARKERVILLE,; TUESDAY; JUNE 6;; 18G5,  zca:  ^CARIBQO M^pJTS y %  Aw., yyy A^'dafj'Gt& Jimfyl86^\;  ���������.������ ; At ho former^peripd on^illianis Preek lias;  there been larger stocks of goods than at prer  * sent. Trains. have, begun to;arrive andfdeal-  ��������� era stores are now fried/to repletions Prices  arccoming down and goods hang; heavily on  "Merchants hands. AMi. Da^is, with 40 animals,  ��������� arrived in Barkerville on the 1st iJuner and  "Mr. Black and'Mr. Holloway's trains; numbering 70 animalsarrived on the; 2nd in; Gamer-;  onton, with bver2^0Q0 lbs: of goods fop Mn  Eisasser; t ^Tbe following quotations will be  ;iound correct;' viz: -A-y p. '������������������������������������ -j. ���������*/"  wi   ..   ~w'.\     Wholesale.'A.fA.Af  ���������  .y*A.*wtitiQ-y.&iy yy  AIM .  Fieur,  Butttrtv  Bacon*  ������otfss,;  y'40-  U*  sO  60/  'foiill. ���������  p������ to $������Q  /-..-���������'���������1>W .  :P:.v&?:  l^itaifraRi6no.r^A^ joung ma^ who had  /;bee^a-resident^ j for'^fie/  Ulniowas lately obliged to'enter ii3e|Hospital;  .labouring undervdisease?ofithe chea't :f After  ^partially* reco vering;he\ wa&>econimende#; py  the surgeon of ffie/in  ^a^h^ge/ptair^ lBeing>^outkean8;he;  was/ unable to = adopt thK/DbctbrJs ^advice?  IWhen- the fact;^as md^;&/OTO"'tb*:MrB..Cam-  / eron and "Mws "JanetJ SorHs," of Cameronton,  they * both ��������� imniediateijr setT out on a pntlan-'  thropic -mission; v anct" in a s8aprt; time"coUeq������  ������d from the'Ih^hanteimd. MinersM Barkerville/ anUtOamefontbn^  /was handed to fh^  /after on bis/jour^y^  much largersuni could Have been easily rais-  l ed iad? jt tbeen d^med*necesiary^ py thejag  /���������dies/ extending /their ;} journey// to!; ^RtehfielcU  1 Sm^genpr^it^ ondihe,������&&<?������/the fienizehs  1 rk WiiiamaOrj^viao^erving ofHhehijghest  ���������MTLLIAMS,CREEK;  :&$  ' w\  X-s.  M  ry  m$w$''  W;S>.~.-  ;; iftg the sickcann^'failicto command the wa������m-  >5feat thanksof all who /admire*; pWlanthiopjc/  -   labors. - -"Ay A' i'AA''wZlA'ZZZZr Z\ //Ai*/'  i/iJ/AAxxpio^ -it  ^-severe accident which befel/the active fore-  ,>*man.of' the:= 'Forest Rose^Company, Mr.. Don-  ^iaid Rankin,fpu Thursdayv:l^^//The .water  ������^|(eel' IpicL: the Jclaini/^ehtioneds had: been* stop -j  /Zgpd foriike purpose^of getting1 the'axie greasf  :-e~ii-andsMh Ranking;;brotherWUljarniwas  ': ;^g^Se^Ah Ijthe^ operation A when ine * wheel  ' ��������� "j epm mehced /to /re y oly;e with -the, rhan;hoiding.  sv;on^to iit ^{Donald Rankin ��������� seeing-the wheelirei.  -Avqlyin^^  ������������������"! iovstbpv its5 progress nis arm was/ caught; in the  .. machinery and. a fracture}pf b p th bpnesl ab out  A/iwo iiicjues^aboyej/^b^ result.  ', ;Thie ^heeliiwiwever ^wasi stopped- in tmie to  A/aayei 'IWin.- Rankin, who^mn^ularly ^enough, j  .'tUescaped- from ^]s ^perilbW^bsW  :; ���������receiving any'injury,,'althp%h at/is, said^tlie  ii.wheel, made two revolutions with; him ;on"it..  ii iUnder.^cttarp^ to  ' titate that^MrV Donald", Rankin/^s progressing  : faVorablyV' Bpi*sons engaged aboutf claiihs  ..should be careful: in; shutting off the} wafer  , eecurely; before\veiiturjing^"pit^>,wheela,^as wei  ^are/in/lpited'lKa^ i want^bf this pre-  ^ajatiPn ^he/unfortunate������accident occurred to  //winch we now give publksity.^ ; Z/iAZ    ���������*' A a  Aa.  uy  A-  yy:  A:'A  :������������������'. Vi-p  ;/���������RBSio^Ep.^PQlice Constable Re������(igravpi of  //Williams Creek, an���������; active ^and experienced  '   officer has resigned ;hisi appointment in cotfs^  ;qfencei;6f the Government having reduced  hissalary to $4 per day.   Has the Executive  ^^rg^tep..the memorable data which- Mr! 0'-  Reilly,brought forward  in ihe   Legislative  ;��������� Council regarding the expense of living in  Cariboo when that official was getting his own  large ^allowance voted?./. /We- fancy net^ ;but  there is a wide difference between Mr.O?Rcilly/  a member of the Council who is permitted to*  put his hand into the Excheque^iind i humble ppjice constable who must either starve  /on a miserable pittance or resign.   Wnen will  ���������thero be a change in such shameful partiality-  towards favouritos?   It cannot cpme too soon/  ��������� A H������iiDi0vm---We have been obliged I to  hold, over ibe following origmal articles! un-?  !tt pux next number, .viz:. 1st "The Govern-  / mefif Exploring Expeditions.^ 2nd. "OfBdial  .Vrecrastination with refcronce to theebntrict  for road from/Richfield/to Cameroaioa not  being given.out.^/. 3rd. 'Vine new Postal  Contract; only one service a week." 4th. **An  Unconstitutional and /paagerbus Precedent  set "by the GbVernmcat.,); 5th. "Aaimadver-  fiions on Mr. Walkem'sParliamentaiy Career/1  /^e/minirig season has op en ed bri th is; creek  under most- fayorable circjiimst-h-ii ces, aiid-there  nfp, very few indbed,wlig dp not look forward  with foighi iiojpes/tb avproBperous and golden  fiay vest as Jthe result of this yearM lab or.-; On  the 1st inst., the expiration./of rthe[0me claims  were laid/oyer toy;every/company on; the  creek as for dowto  MeadpWs/were all^  then in; nearly every^instarice-operations have  been commenced/ and arc .carried on; vigor:  pusl^/Sbme claims are paying largely/ others  maldngvonly j expenses;^ and pAahy not even  doing :tnat / However cpn|jdenceZis uniyersaln  ly expressed that;a^iyast.bUmber of Ihe/claims  will;yield handsbmely' during/the season, and;  the gold/ will be more ^generally; / difiused  imbng the minera than heretofore has been  the case; ^ At present we believe there fa Ami  morethan1400 or 1500 men;cbngregated;on  the������omk, aridwhenj we consider that the,Jm-  mense flat Impwuas, the Meadows' which^waa  .occupied iii:f63 and '64 by hundreds /pf pr/6s^  pectora, for a/idtywei ^if9^ ^ ?^9aW^%  has-beeri'entirely"abaridbned,.we can cpine to  no other cbpclusipnx,thian that for the present  ther������aye sufficient' men here tb work;, all the  ground ihat has been:;taken/up^^ Iii fermerl  years & at^this^ pjeriod, Cafibop/i /wa? bwnr^hig;  with ldle^n,/whpse means wpulb5 n^^able  tbeniJtbl proipect,! and whose -necessitie^/^erej  ja heaviiy tax upoh'theif friendsiV; Thw ;sta|e of;  things led ,to{ ttib; reacMbii': h^^bx^riencedy  and which wrffeel^era^  in uhmixejd: gpbd / to ihe countryi7^ Thi^year  few^aQ3?w^DO^un  ^et a tehanco/^/inaK/  :theobuntry wlt^erefbrp  are not without? ho^es ?  yances; arid men";re^lize/3a /lUUe;nipife^theyr  will expend a /portion-l;of .;iti,4n' prospecting  and^bperiing Up thevhi(BenJ^asurbs; of? this;  still undcyeloped/������ineMii^on.| {On pur  ^isittp the several claimsivvp haye|metwith  ifielgreatest courtesy fand ���������kindrie|^^b^ tlie?  foremen/ and wiimbntasin^eexce  infbrmatidn^in^their/]^^  ^ndetiecl,^and/the^utmost anxiety��������� manifested  to place us in ^bssesMon^ of ifab^Awhi0ijbMi  books/of tbe^^a^y^coulff  fo^^l^imri)ose;ofsmibstantiitjngj JFhpJe^ags  derated andf:untruthful* repqrts^rpgar^  /King:Cb Jy: ;havfi;B; men'at/wbrk^! making'^v  ,������������������-��������� ���������*���������' *��������� l~' * v w. A .*' ?.'. '."H1 * ������������ ".yi *>/ p * \ *-"-������������������* *������ri 'A ���������?���������' ���������������������������'������������������ ���������'���������  > ^Tbe Adams' ;Cp;y; liave/ 6^.jUst vresuuied-  work-fpr tte^aspht/| Mr. ^bertlfbreman. /.-;  '������������������   ^ForqntinOpp'y/ti ^in^ at ,swprk; sluioihg^  good prospects feye/l^hbbtained.    v   /    ���������  ! Cu ii nnigh^vCpmp.a about Tesuming  6 pe rati oils. ;i'" ��������� j'..-    ;J../ j, , / .*���������-,' 'i , , I - '< * ���������.l  a San ^Fraribiscb 7c(>inpanyj /& imeri at; work,  conimenccd\Jslnicingip-y'   ��������� ��������� , ���������:/ r', ;��������� a.u: ir,;i..  /;: j Jf lack /Jalck\ and^Surnes ��������� "Tnrinel J c pmpany^  10 men employed setting sluice boxes ;to com-  nience: Washing; ^Mr; E. John^feromani- /���������  I v^anaepmpan^piaajdinihg        above, are  about,toiresume bperatibiis;' -���������>' j......���������,.���������.��������������������������� ���������.= ft yA J  ./���������, 'Tho^dl)ixls;c6njpan^v4;in0a sioklag^  'new. shaft/,,,. y/X/vi-r-./T.,/*-'/^/^.^'-^ flifA  '���������/  ���������'; <>rpehanicfc oompsny, S, men at work ofc';a8wshafti  :-Tlie Summit Company/Sdjoinlng.the old Diller claim,  ihave^e men at wdrfe,;'/a'ad- have got lnt������ good looking  .gravel,',7> '������������������v-///^ %i. iijyyy 'A ;i'.:' ���������/������������������.;'-.: .;���������:;;..,- .. rs  Dlllercoinpany-rMr/Hard; Curry i has 4 menatlvorlb  oh' a hew sh&ft.and*is"getting,a.litU.tf gold, - V -:.; ������* '���������' ���������' ���������''  "/The Canadian company, have laid over ihfilr claim,. i  /'iThe Cbippsicompoay' Iiav������ had' thedr claim laid over  untii.tho hed;rock'drain re^cheaithpir ground^ ,.--.- 1-. ...  ���������" ~'I?oste^Campbffoll cbmpanjr'g clalmlflldpver wist July  ��������� Barker company have/8 men at work; p. new^8i*ait  baa lately been sunk iii ttie upper part of the;ground'  ������������������r-j&a fair prospeoU obtained^Uney'aire at preaeat get  struck fliie prosv-cts ,ia  tbeir  ,< -Aj W*-lch -jpiirfepsny  cl-t]m; oh Thursday:Ustv  ���������;'^'/ceinpan>^at'.t1ift?io>el of the gulcb, have obtained  good pro.s]iecis in tli eir ah a ft... A:   :.......  IIZ-XXX A'rl'ii: p    c6iKiiy'GVi0mr'A , A. .  A-iffb6 SawjllllI company liava^beeri taking out from 50  ;to. 60 ounc.?a p?r day-for the past'; week"��������� 19 meu5 wora-  'inj.;;:;'M,;.I^nnl<)remnUi/ './���������::-,���������.Xywyi. /���������'   ���������"..-  : ��������� Tli e Ericcsbn/cpin paiiv ha ve Purtlc a up.w si i n ft, s ? ruck  bed rock ���������;, last week- aud ; tr*bk':.outI above 100 ounce*;  :Mr. Nelsbn'Tdrfeirisn.'yr:.-- fl Asp AA ���������-���������'��������� .-^'.." .'*'<������������������������������������'  A Tiiq,R>4ii;co!qp.tny^ar.o=runnin^^ to,:cut ofT.  /thewSur". wluclf- ht?as:pf.latodmpeded tlie suocoi^Iul  :working^of/the.,cl;umv/'-/// ���������/, y -,/:(t%' r. /,.'���������/  ,r::S������v������TaI com pa hi es \ ba ye -/}u st 'cOmmehced work h ighr  \..cr( up .tbe crack j' we; shall < spsciaily4eftr to. them hi -ro������  ai|er..ff,v=/--j; 'yAyy.XA>AA'i /'/"���������'���������-'" . '��������� "p.  A A": 'A A '^ /-���������' = \f ��������� /^VitTflOBa:? oriiiiA ���������.. 'f- '.'*.-,��������� ^  ;^ii Thera are'five' cuih^tinies 'at/\v,ork en this gulch.  Taa  Artesiiirii 'company' have" commehced: Binklng & asw  aUaft^uader the suparintend ence of ^/.Osroru.  if/ /f. \?.."/;//xowbee cke������K./-/-/���������������������������'���������:-���������'  Abont',160 roea are at wprfeoa^hia;creek. Tjo fci-  lo-vyifig:comp^nK*������,Jabovo;:the'c?ndri,- are employed ttia-  .er ground siuicmg or hy ilrauli'cm^'namftly; Plumb^g');  Vaucbsa, McLellrtii,7 Moorehoftd^ Miller. Chittenden,  Wash burn, Brown an d^ K*lly >. X( Beiow the canon, th*;  First Chance;cotrJpany/;.who} have, struck a rich prju-  pecty.nndthe-F^iiy comptmy are/at .,>vorfe. T/ie o>ra"-  paniua'; have ���������' Wl commenced' -to' wash up yet on MA*  cre,^.'.,:. .-,^Vn A jo i k& '   /^nsii* A'a>: /���������.../-;  W--SH-.  -r^iiw:  a new  ^.! sx\yy  out enough gold ito paly^"expeiasey;- ������r."AV Low o foreman  a ^Tbe ,Eagle:cpmpan3} a relsinkihg' a new Shaft..  ' The Welch coiripanko men atxwoi^i:sinking  'shaYt*-.. MrfP;: ��������� Sini th loreman^, ^v i: ��������� X) *t y ��������������������������� I ���������"v:' ���������  ���������' ^Hib^rhlaii. eBmpany-^tiis' claim/ls-;;in \ Barkerville  townv^uhld: is^ompart^of' the old Pocahontas grouhd ;rthe  co'rhpany:a're sinking a. shaft; Mr^ JIcRa'rland .loremaaj.  TheNewtAustralian^company���������This claim ia/alsoijsf.  part of the'Pocahofi^is/ground j,-* a -new(8hafVha3 ** oeeh-  suhki Wd;ropk?struc^ls.t-3S Y lo ounces of goli  vta^n:o^^aaitt^et?^tte ^mr^|^^was^*Mi^W,tor  ^prospect,; /the ^companylareisaoguine^O^succeisJ and  to.c4tt<ntiices ^e^a^yJeiae I'ibrc* foremfca. :>  as cj)mpanyi.are>sinl������ing^n^^^/', />,,,.,  j iin Jake comnanv have;sunlct.a new shaft  out from 30  ./���������/j������9Cahpntas'^   ���������  ',!]The'Wa^e up",Iak9 company hay^e;sunlcta new shaft  and''commenced tb dril*t/i4^/r xAirl ..Aw,x r&f :&.'fm'}  A ^ekurbW^bmpan^������20^ri'a^ ^rorkf 2 shifts/; tthis/  coixipiny resume^ioper4ti<>!iS'ih'tBeir tunnel: tlwoweeks.  iincet^and^ haye b^enidriftingjon'thigh Jb'edf roclCyOnl^:,r.  ^yiPld^of ���������Jclajms;*ih^ Cari b;b o; ,^hich/have.fre-;  ujiiehtly %mitt ^helr^^^ haye;^eeni  a,source.of great annojance/tw^  .and* foremenlot /minin^^t^panjjes, |ani5it: jis  -creditable- ali^ \claipS:  thlatfthcyIphlyI desir^ actiial^facts and ttuthtul  ^ta^raenta tb/go������;fbrfli ^to^the^ public. We  would ?just give one jllustr^tion/of ib������.,ievvil  and inconyemence which] exa^ggerated^ repprts;  pfthe^leld^ of claim^lbail to; i ^uringV^he;  pist winter a /company---on \Williain;s | Creek  were, atiwork aiid; t^injg^^/sq^jgpld^r^  at;an expense1 wjnch/ iite; Jup^the ?whble /pr^  ceedSj.,., ThiCclaim- was - represen ted; in * the  ^icjpria paperseas,^ most ^ prjofitebiej one,:in  fact as'dafly yielding itsj fifty; /arid: sixfy^o^zs.  -Not a*��������� word ;^w^ aaid pif ^the -, expense which;  ^h^^ben incu^S^iplprospecting the claim,  ^^uiig ^h/li^etoria^whowhad'ptf  a portion of -an- interest last yearfiprtheMajm^  set put when ihe^.hea^bf^^ej;fbrj|juiat^ fetri}^:  arid came: xvp *herc' ^^djfei^ jifeS^ tho;ughty'  a large sum in dividbiida /. qur/lfeaders; mfe  and;on ^ndfiiy/morn'in^ 225:<iunce,s;-making a to^lj oij  sjounces,'or $7,502; jM.^KiHon loreman^l/ i-'^j .>fcJu.  *'/"WatgSn^conipa.ny^Thii^claini,-:has^ejiajlaid over fcr  ralsfdrt tiraeiri'c'oiVs'eq^ su'it%itn-  iho/iAurora^^workwiit* pfobab ly Jb������ rasua^^/^orsJthe*  en4^>to^monthi^U 3%&������iH\ti& ���������W't#Mit*������ > '���������}#&&������  ." ^eii^an/c^p^ny-ars' drifting^ ^b&iw {M^ A a.^ .,-���������-���������.  'J ijivlk GQpypznyl/iih:.^tHe1..hiU?aboye^tho MotsonfArtS  sinking aYnew^fcart Jh wliich good' prospects have.b"e6tf'  ���������oo.tainedi'.%mm;-A&Ay^ As-a '���������   ', A AAfy j xy-yzi  The MoroingSt^r.company;03men at"wOrlcona-now.  shaft; Oaptein^eyry ^or������rnan.       .  -.'    '     '"'\ l/^'ii  i Toe Cariboo/cbm^any," /I.mcn^.at.icWorkj^conjmpnced  jumping bfit1fhcr Wer;; the' cbmpanyr'iiay^rerectedi  splendi^^nbwwlieeliahd^rel^  2ohh Pernn;forem?DiH mhH'l^.4*    ��������� ������" - "Vs * i y:fr V  Liliooet/ZcomDa^rt-^Oi^-.men -a$j^prkpvths'bed.'rock  in the miner's  Wl:  z  A'  S\n,  wordbv merchants,^ fthV ^Antler Bedrock  Flume/' 8th. Williams Bedrock Hume.,? .--A  large, supplement will bp issued with ihe next  number* ���������;  ^Law Rbpobi^���������The ca^es bomiag  ibo Gold: Commiflsiouer's Coiart will be r^-  ���������pori^d io this journal lh future. ' i  judge of his surprise/^  bill-by"��������� the;^abc^tary/ of/ the/compai|y' for assessments which he was duc;the"c0nlpany, the  proceeds-of/the claim haying';fSil<?d io meef  ^e;exrjen^f ;up;;tpithe/^ ! Tlie  young: man: bf ^purse lost his time in coming  up, has no thing here to do; and will hav|e ;to:  return to Victoria, ��������� secretly if not openly anathematizing newspapers and newspaper correspondents, /^nia is one of many practical  evils arising put'of the exaggerated/and un-J  founded reports to which '/we? nave -referred  which eamc unier our own ndtice during the  'past week./, Nothing can justify or^efeud the  publication of unfounded reporte-of the^eld  of iu ining claims, and so~ far as the conduct of  this journal is concerned the most scrupulous  care and pajaa will be taken to ascertain the  jtrjith, and tallow nothing to go forth through  ^these columns "Unit/will tend to mislead our  readers.     .���������.���������/.= -/���������.���������-';  : ;v--v.-:- ';;���������-;;  Above thb town of RichSeld on Williams  Creek very little w,prk,<compared with former  'years,.is going on-- xi '/*.��������� ���������"���������'. <":--p A "'  The Wilson Co'y is ground sluicing, with  favorable prospects.   . -:  /The. Cornish Co'y, opposite Richfieldrhave  had their claim laid over* to the 1st of Sept.  next, in expectation of the Bed Bock Flume  being finished up to their ground.  viThe Hyaek Co'y, in the Ml,, have A men at  work preparing to ground sluice/  The California Co'y, known better as the  old; Steel claim, have % men at work for the  past two weeks ground sluicing. Mr. Italph  Borthwick is the foreman of the company.  TbeTomt"C6Jy.havo just comm.cnccd work.  The Abbot Co'y have 5 men at work, and  during the past week washed out 12 ozs. JUr.  Welch te foreman.  "i"\i"w ^;H;,CTOKINQHAV.|qnE]EK:v.:;- ,'���������:,���������-<-  : 'This-creek is likely^tb/attract a,, consider able number  of poKons'this season ;;At;prase'nt" there sro from 60  to 100 miners on it, 'The'Se'rgeant*company last wwJc  .washed 60 .ouncos, of <gold ?ln^%ys;out or '.'tlieir chlm.  Four, companius are bringing (in a ditch- by which thny  will be enableB'to*"g0t 'water^ to' work-.thetr claims to  better; advantage, ^'^gfoat/^nurablr: 'of ..claims tuivs  beep 8tAkea^off^by, parties-from-iWHilams Creek. Tht>r*  is a httlavtown^risiug.atth^new Riggings, *'���������-������������������  "���������''.-.!< *'';?;',': Cl  '^e^WMij;^Cfti  ���������'������������������'.' A '.-., ; " .. ,.i!."_*'iv������'J;i.> ' if.  iW  ;/-. (7^e/followtoff^ from  Kcptetiay^^mja.geflUeaaaniUpda wh(������Q<roliabilUy w*  canplacfc implicitconfidencbi.-;^^^^*,A f ���������''  {tpn,-o^fesoouiii ratha^sa^ bohes^5JoFWbich we pay 60  .cents ^er.lb.v : ab^e/pjeople������wcrftrXort^n^ enough tu  get'some;^ the;ipan and then  'ground in"a:-cpfft'e-.,miUr;.A: w.bman here^otlered S100 for "'  =10 lbs/ ot/flou'r, and^cduld'^riOt^t'"rt at������thaV price    Of'  aU^Itearan^jcdffeer-Weha've' ^a^mllstippiy.    Ther>s  , has, been no,topacco,;for weeks, .at^tfih"e;-J.and when it  i!  ������.���������������  --.     ..  lace or to  ^itbout a  $18.000, expepsesi$23; 000; JJm eAi'a re:> at -work;  ,^tj^/ft^:^^i'..Hri*';i*T-cr*i:iS Ap $\4& 'W I  ;i:;CaieHonia^��������� 8 mtihjk t; wbrfe running;a? prospect drift;  .��������� Jeh*ri-^*rri^ foreman... "^* ' / Af A 'f-AA *," A fiP-AAw.  y^y^^r.^nne\i<^g^ men employed: $hls,  compaii^.h^ve struck good?prbspectsi '.William Tuueece,  KOigpP^lgrosp^ctsjof coawe^ gold* in.-, tbeir ^shaftJ;rMr.  William���������JH^r^^rj3maa.j/.r.!j   /^  'A-y^^Psl-u*X  AfLasC^jlVance company, 12 men /working two shifts j  ���������taking'du't 3/to ^/.6unces/'pcr da^j expect:soon: to be  nukingexpenses}'Jonn'BalUrlgtOn foreman, .v '.,, f   '/���������;  Cauieron company, 20vmen at work ;"\������&W$fi large  prospect lately.; near the; lines pf the Forrest Rose" and'  ^i.stf.db'a/nce compahiea |u;.aa; upper;fstreak," found;it  was bul^ spotted j tyavo taken paiAQ ounces, p^r; day.  on; an -average 'for the past' two! 'weeks j/ Mr v Jamos  Cu turnings foreman:;' ��������� '������������������'-- ������������������     -'������������������'      l ��������� ��������� ���������      '  { -!**  The Korrvst Ky������e '��������� company, 12 men working;!this  --'*-*-��������� '  -'-'-"* ^  ��������� perday;to4  shaft as Weil  better than/at  present; Wil%mvlt;mkin;f6remam,J  Dead Broke, .company.-^. wfen working; there sbas  been? a: 1 'irge outlay ,on, tui,������i claim iately, \ybich is* being:  gradually met' by the auu'unt now coming out; on ?the  1st of Jiihe 3S ouuecs were washed up, and' (in the 2nd  25 ounces; w ork in a second shaft will soon be going  on:.Thomas Hiu-ycyi;forcman. '. ' ? !|  Raby company, about.20men working 2 shifts; we  believe tins claiiu is doiug well,.but the foreman being  absent'when we called we were disappointed in obtaining exact information.        :.'       ������ . =  lJrince,of Wales company, 10. men- at work; pasing  ratber triore than wages; Mr. John Sanderson foreiain.  Kankiu company, commencing work. j ,  13race company, commencing also. |  /Below tliif! last, uaineil company there, are several  thataav^Ju^commoncid fwork^. .��������� / -  . haye all been,.sold^oufe. wSdme'^wenV^iit^shing and  ^hooting! during tbe^inter tp^majfee> rfiivihi#^and often  ^people baV^ha^to.'Uve ,on.(a..haroXorfooii.fo������!sometlmo.  -rhever^waht-* to'isoeMthe* ^ke'agair^in.Si  ..be>8hntup dU'the'^lwln'i^r-^-^wo hav&'������^  -supr^^f^toP^^v^^ -:^-^tC3 ^m^Js^: ^  T'r\y* pn a^uuaol Jast^suhlme^imto* tbethill 200 feet,  and;ihtc^d .ttf puslitit'M(lier ia tbisr summer; Nea rl v  rail, the 'brrs Jhelo'w the'b ill pay as w/eli as ihe creek, b ut  ;ther.e^ar^SQme; ���������whKM,-Ayleld^y';m? spdSsfonly. We  have goCprospeqtSrin [the,tunhel>.^dii^^eccs v nlus  ;ibr ajdblla r., ,/Tw o of-fjfcr. par iy wen tyoftMtoitho rjoi am*  jbia'to prospect' whereat.^as./r^pprte^good������diggings  had ftfeofi found l-1 lia vo/nVt yei lie?frd/fro'm'them." ""'  ii-May/Sthf!-l'885^A'S:maliaot dPpotafoel* havlarrivert.  w^ich.aro-gelling^$l per^b^aA^littlo^our^hks also  comejn wbich was^eagerly; .bought up at$lj25 per Ib, ,  :TbS'Exprass'only^tip'^dnyA ^here/isstilf a great  scare! ty "orflonrj yeryfaW havrtgbt a ny, of wb/at: a.p'i vod,  The qatstare.fall,consumed^ CTeh^ead^br^alitle arrived  torday ;;in^ery. poprj .condi ttim>m ThQ^sno^Ms all d is-  'erork ground sluicing.  .. GULCHES: EMmiNG INTO WILUAMS CTIEE������.; ���������  ���������'������������������ .-,..;-,       pi. //-BTOttTS GUUTIt'/  Golden Hope or High low Jack ^company,   > men  working: making wages,, .. ���������'������������������������������������ '.    '������  , Tbe Z-'ioaecr, compiny are making wages; 6 men  working. ���������:.'��������� :,       '"/.'/'  ^Jloyd Tunnel company have just Cflmojenod taking  out gold'; the flrstr day (Saturday Uat) wushod up!8  ounces; S men eiv?a^ed, A^..     ,.   ,;���������;���������..  ..-w *    ....    * ,     .-     ^��������� ,    "Thi AHnx-as convey ;iy������6 "ffe^tof atunnsl-hs* tern  Lo y, nil) claim, nave * moil at | ���������jn iyi y>y am wntpirsy aa-i Oi*y arj un- shpjwJsrf tn  ;'be at ij7ee5isne?i,.  ; we could, have w.brkeflfor AAnMih pas^ but Ih^n'-osn*.  /^���������ijl^.rfe;uaiw;^������r3,av^Piri������itbiiiS mtidtirj ^incs. I  ��������� begatt'this letter. tb e'tunhej^OQinpau v'belo Wi.have struck  ^ay^irt'pr^spectingyrom 0 feUs ip,$2.to ?tlie/pan.  S-tAw];A5f0 :dRDE^4^th^ the  }prgp.t population^ ^composed &6f ^p'eraons  Mi pearly !Hevery:: \ nationality;/gathered. jn to  . ffiosdisteiqfc of Ga.rib6o, yet it'is Aa -noticeable  ^hdrat the same/tiniei-rabsfe creditable fact  .thai n.ot/;a; single/case of-.criminal misconduct  ;has ,cqn|evfbeibre -the - v^vprthy> :* niagistnite / pn.;  ^illiamsx Greek for: nearlyitweiye'mpnthspa^t r'  * AP0L0OY.^-We must' asf fthe/ft'rbearance of  our readera for the;irntitiy^Impferfte.tipds and  errors .which have una voidabLy;^r.ept into'the  first issue.of i-heV'Seutitiel''iffour lia/ste to get  it?published early;   / ,;       iAAi/'Z'-"'.  TELEonAPnic pRO,dREss,r--Wc expect [ that  for the third weekly number of this journal  we will have telegraphic news'-three -^a/ys in  advance of the lo wer coiin try papers!^ ���������:  To ADVfifiTisBRS;r^We have been uiidei* the  necessity of .holding, over a number of advertisements reeeived^oo late for this issue;  The Surveyor GeneraV J. >\V:Tnitch. Esq.,  and Mrs,Truteh havo arrived at New Westminster from England. '  ���������* -J^T AU who desire GOOD COFFEE and Fine Spices  can have both by always asking for FELL & CO'S. which  can be had. from allxespcctable Store keepers;. .Be sura  you. get it with our trade label on each package.:*  BIBTH;^-At Loclilomond House, on;the 19th ult,,  the wife of Sargeant McMurpby, of a son.   :  D^TH^-r-On/.WiUiams Creek, on tho 13th ult.,  John G. Friser, C, 'E., late of Ca nada. /.  ' ..-'  ���������"���������  VAU WINKLE, CARIBOO WEST.  THE above splendid Hotel is now open for tbe public,  the proprietor having taken great pains 'through tbe  winter to nvtke it tbe inoet superior Uouse in Cariboo.  Good accommodations, with suits of rooms for ladios  or private parties.   Attached to this Hotel is a  / JTntsr Cuss UzBTix^AKr & Bab,  where cia he obtained this naest'enc^cfe brinde of Wrbes,  JJqusrs. Cijjurs, &o.  K L. McCsTrrr.7, Fr^ri-Jtcr, :^0>  Z^GEysm^x^ss^^^  is������$ Crepki which in 1862 was a formidable  . >i vaI ip Williams, is now almost abandoned ;  }iiiti:evidetw$.oTt.tn^'.vji]}t mining enterprises  ���������-'carriedion/in/tiat year are abundant aiid  ./strikiagv--iramenfie wheels; extensive flumes/  //; j^n$-'pa^l^Iy:jQ.led'cip shafts; as well as o^eii  A: !f junncia arc .observable everywhere for miles  along the creek, and it is matter ibr deep re-  A'':.;^,ret-..'*hiitTn almost/every case/the; labor; skill  and indomitable perseverance of the hardy  /; iainer were;nil/in vain* A/That/Lightning  ;/ C^ekis/ricii.M^/the/precious metal is fully  Ait denieastrated;; by; the fact * of ;^ several ��������� claims  -. '&?,?&������yielded most fruitfullyi buf thoporous  ^ nature:"of{ the^ J^^nd .aid .flie; eea of water  /'which' prevails J>e^  i^barrier to tlio ^development of what is beliey-;  ���������*,*��������� '$������ to be ono-of tho richest mining ereek^- in  Cariboo. '���������'.' Ilia-time may xpm^perhaps, Aand,  :;*::"t&at^^  //.ia^J'imgrpyeds -^aehinorypmoy: other ^rn cans:  I:% jhixL\ that/ nithettb * adopted^ -ittie^ abandoned;  rrpund' will - be -thoroughly^/^bspectedjand  ed fry theAn^rjo'Saxon ^ba^armli^ TJohnee  liaving neither paid: Mining License nor  Recording /Fee had ;tb bottle, up his wrath,  take a last 'sad look at the /golden spot; of  eartfi, turn hia. eyes up to: the moon, and doT  part with hisi tail rolled round-his head/  , With the eseejj^ta-ef-so work  ing on the bars.of the/creek, and making good  wages, wi thou t contriou ting a een t to; the p ab ?  lie Exchequer in return for the pfojtectiQnfthey  receive, we'believe we/.'iaye'npt bmitted any  mining comg  .Oreeki ���������; "������������������/' yy ,?>-V .., A n . -,.     y a t .������.   .;   '  TEIBUTAEIKJi)GE; LIGHTNING CREEK:  aaP wiA. A.i .-van winkle creek:*1 ; /-���������/ ���������' ifff''  iy Tnis; ci^ek;ijoin8; Lightning at the town^oi  ���������Van Winkle, and has been--worked in-previous  is at present^only one^pinpany^t jwofkpcall-'  'e&tfee^Kcl^ "since they sunk  i-s^f|a^e/;6aserbf thev.hill^|3; fee\cleep]  from the bottom of which a tunnel -hag- been  NOTICE ;Xp MERCHANTS, iF^^^/ /THB :<B&NIE Cm  TIMS is Mbx2r,^aad?if you wcuM save boih sbip T^TnH<aih "'^i&'k^lt^'"' A -.  your Qoour hy the Yale - Lytton������������������. Route: &���������* 4Wto*fc JW Ql/Xil. ������������������ AlHOPlG  A. BARLOW., Commx3?ioh/and ������������������Fcwtarsh^gv Aox-vt,  Jtyrfc vaUy British.CJolumhia^.begs-to iniorrn' Shippers  ahd the public in general", that he is how prepared to  Forward Oobds-tb the Mines on tbe'most reasonable,  t������.'nnsf iand/Witbout delay.- 'AU goods consigned to. the  a hove Will; be promptly; attended to .^aud stored: in1 a  fireproof ^.warehouse..: - - ������������������ /.Jj, syy,: hyi ���������.... -; :-Zm, s-  P  //XrA*F$^v0M^JBtiity"B&y���������'���������^mfoarko ih^the-ii������F  i3cftaking'c    In. our remarks -concerning.4)M  run ^24 feet, and/^e"are grlad !'^6yr^or^;a^pros^  pect/6f; $S.^ to: the1^pan/of xoarse ��������� .feoiau was  HICK'S HOTEL,::LyttoS/^oakb, Nsvr Wh^mixstsr,  B. C.f 'PsnftpiHxcKB, Proprietor ;. The .abovoifnv-:  orably known .house is now -open to ttie/public^-theBtfr  is/cohstanily siippliod ,with-the. choicest brands /of  ���������Liquorsiind���������Scgars/?v:'vf:,//-^i-i--.-v';v|;/y ��������� '��������� 'i::xfWm$..'1*  rTTENK^ ;HOLMbOk/"marnn I?orl  JJL^war/iing and;Conimlssi6h:*Mercbtint;- deah'ria Pro-,  ^iQss}iFeed, ..&������.-, /: Bond od^ sSOrage^ for j 1000. [tons of  tiboo's ih'gt^no/^i'reproQf, Warehouse.', .Gop<'s1 Forwafil.*  ed\pp cbuht^^and evorxKocbnimbda tion 'given to ves.'  sels loading or^dlschargitig L'hi the Liverpool{ot.Alpper.  wbarr^^^wpestffjfnstKr^B a  a,  Ksfa3izsHEnw xgs������.'  I.xcpayoEiTHn bt Botax.  Patd/np Capital^;  i  XTJidiTiaed.wet Profits,  $6'i00O,00fl  ; 000,000  fcjj  V*  i/V  Winkle^this.  niany;ot2jer;   v;.MQvTJOE.^=    .._  /ALL KINDS OF ORr/GOODiv CLOTH ING,; BOOTS  ix and Shoes, can^bo^bought ;chfeap(Ti(at tUostory of  tho Undersigned.vtHan at any; other ^"5e,������n tfie^colonv.  Every, article marked*In j^ih;flgur^V. ' tormarr-QASH.  N. Bv~0rder3.y'roin ithc/upper couritf^"recive prompt  '#mh?h>'kr, $*nti&i& ?, -AnTHUR^ULL#K,  "   ' "PPposUo Colonial Bestaurant/New Wos'tminster  ** /-.  A  ^^f^M^^grw^Wl^;Eon&?3mpany of;fbur/mH atpre^^t^en^  f ^^^Nk^^-^^ S^d in;drift%Jiit/ffie hMttiiofM^mi  iKMUrk" -^*.������4=;-^ trcV**^^ ^i^^i^^-i*^^"?*^  r^its'rsnf-  u|ir;i^he������e;  - ���������^d'would^'h&t^reS^ the  ^���������a^iUi^jmended^^a^f^^^^rkm^  aad1!  ie!frrewardedvrfor their:j6'eirsepenance,  E^/.Mi^,'mtehm  , .'* Yates .street,; yj'clbria//,y./-l. ^keeps' con-^  stlintlyvbh^h *'nd ��������� a=; supbribr '-m&J' -*-������������������������������������ "' ��������� '-  /^^���������pntl ;Jbwelry. ��������� ,AUrworte [wsrrautwl^/Orders  from the counti^''promptly attended, to. ,,;-,/ ".''' a' /' n  LAST CHANCS.  tnileib^o^'Ghish^  ������assssttiiE3e!!S^^  first ^^^iemustralian;r at ;^^n^ranc;e;bfj tn'e  ^re^^^t^i^ten^ed  i^e-/^^r^e/i'un^r^ma^ this  ;epmpanyAfiav^ Tittir in^a/ tuii^l^betweeg/ sii  ......-.������>,���������>... .. ^,r v-^??,���������������.,-��������� ��������� i,:-.,......,���������,-������.-'-;,-.s i,,..^ o'^x. and^seyen Mndred feet;./'irifii^e.'-o^ec1b-o'lT  ......... ,v ������������������-������������������-���������������:%.������������������ >p :-/b-.^ ^.ts .j.^-, ^i_ii. .L.ivi^  ^a������6|Lhav^ ..feeeau carnedopn^witho ut? Rixy-Zin^ ;^���������. -.^mj^ ^ i^/'i^^M ������iLi= :^^3*[������ i'������? j. L--^#ii-  Hsa������ Ofwob^ Ti^'HS.CMi-i>������^.x^fp<^  ss     './,';./   /ESTABLISHMENTS:  SA?rite& a/Sutberlaurf Air*,  Nxw YORK^Wyltor'Wat8ott,& James^mitb, -AgenS-  M^tlri^^���������"^lQil���������(jgce^,s.V "'v>'ifc*dil&-r:*.V-fc Hamilton-'  .,  Kingston;     Lon������^n,'C;W; Brantford;-- Halifax ?J.. I  . r < \. y !;. vst. J6hos^;I>rj^i Vtbtori^v. I-      '   h' |  */-;t^-/-v.^^/^ .���������iMA6JBOTS:--k...l^:  "  ?^dTULM>-~Kalt9nal Bank .of >'<jotIa n d: *.  Irs i Axn^ProvihcJal $;$������ of. Ireland V; //  ���������FaAK'GE���������Marcuard,.'Andre."&'Clb, parii*'   ������  ApdTRATJA-^TJninh Bunk- of- Australia v:'  l������dul, China.& JArAx���������Chartered ,��������� MercAsUle Bank of 1  India,. London and. China. /���������/ J  ?.^:^^  BiVI  CISCO  the brnncnes ot-,ine wationaiBuafeofagootljuid ami  Provincial Bank pf Ireland. >:^E "  Bills of Excliange and Gol^J&nrciased;- y/i  Interest on Special Deposits of Mbne^/allowsd at thj Zi������  rate of a quarter of one per een t. -pe'fitibn th/' ..:        ' jyl  PJ$&'Tlfy:&$&yG<^ Bars for *&*& . f  iceeping-iwittfout cliarge';" undert'akeia" tbo purchase an-WM' *'  ������atl������'il& 3^������* Hifae/'Colifectiont"ol'iBills ana t other raonMlfe  business in the United States and British-rrurinsea,  ^  ^'Ojciinl bbsf MeiteiJ/and^/Assayed,.and.,returns nad������  witliimSW*h\)urs iniJnin or 'Bars/^:���������/';'/.. ."i :���������-. '���������  :;.0reslof weryi^description carefully^Asbayed.  '., N-Bi^-Any^ instructions?ag;4o- the .'disposal of  ^^CHANir^i Wholesivle Dealers in GsocaKifia and Pad-  ,;y^s^s^Wharf jsireety- Yictorii?/^ ��������� 'p>s -&$$ .f  ^/3m  IVXf&R p'giXfEXWnTjnission- Merchants;"  j: W.bo!c?salei.'B^lhra in. CrBOcskfES "axb ; I'ROviaiosis/  JVjgrf^street,3 Yicforia/; Vjincouver Island^ *  )i  /A$pvr^^  t d^ipgOmt^^fc^Xwo shafta ^aye been Bunk?;  if']aa4p^wp1 tuanejs/ruaUnto the hill, andrtheJ  ;/ <sm|>i������iy.are���������aow engaged in drifting in ,Uje  A'r$jpp&'toaa������l:i''>Prospects oOhc'nibstencourT  i. ^% ikt^ [fcve ^  :i: mea-&av^fo^i^idr&ti^  -" ;jp^t^^iig^-w^i$^  ���������/������.^a^^6}uVthi-i ieS-rflofc; ijieing^nerallj^al^  ���������%jji%$^ could find  ^������������������'^i'e^gfpiac^^erein/;'! A$ppt^nionth since;  :^^^fem^^^vice M fffiiitock; about 70  I !������������������ :5igti of /^acte goldnwas^ ���������take������^out-,.inia.;fewr  //^^ft//4iaca;thBti elicevof; Jgpod lueki '^Sich;  /cea^ted-intense rexcjte^nt:atflie jimeandJJfe  -]i-j^|r^;:Hkhe ^p^iji^w^^ifli^ ��������� on]  ;^^|u^'*bad tjo'ferttthe^Rhd^affluence^ noti^l  ia? ������f anyt;moment has; bees obtained:   Cpnrt  ' ;?>is4oae^ .te;tho: -Mtu^hp^^eyliMa;.- nbiibated.  ��������� ^i^'^t^ted^oidSw^f^        will notp������Hf|  /'|r^ t^ni-uno^^  A erations have '^eefi^ cd^uc^d^^^  ���������^.'isittaSebiSBtte^  VgMi/iilperyisjbn/^ Wattie !y  .: ^rjE^ain-X- -V.-A J8bot^d|������t^^e Trpht' ibe '-'iA^rfsEiv^1  ,v:i^V-;in/-jbe-bed>'pif the creek,; is situated the  .}' Patefef^Company; which Yp^seye^l y cijrB past  v bos^yieiaed;large dividends to^fce'-iBSarehpld--  ���������;l'$ni^ijrtiie; glittering! pan of gold;������which^ w������  ,4aW a������ to������ Wtt&t of one day's^work^bc^ta^n  ���������''^-iny?crite������Otti: we ��������� believe'$M^re^eiat &ea-  ebn;Wiiib% no^ceeptioii//to the general1 rule.  GnUie highbank, t������utii; side pR the creek/the  ���������ilkceyery' and^^ 'Buteher,' Companies arc get:  iii^^e^y for,the resun&ptipn of bydraulicing.  ^e;first!n������imed company is expected to make  "iili'%. .>���������  themv  job^ih-e^suchjenc^   J$i&0tt&ey: :are/ide^ermihed^o  eon^uednui^  " '_ old^ w'ttiiii^n&ixtf  '^nd^eretjt^^  .ffiatHhp:'^>il;^wjlj:, fc^^riWhea^/and 4et us in-'  dulgo the hope that theclaudable effprtsof the  the indomitable"; ^ospe^tors^n^Jbe ciowned-  witli :th^/succe^/:.their//pepl^ranc^ entities  them^tO/L v The ^ond'e^pan^ have only  commenced operations/; &' y y/ y rt ��������� x: ;M: ���������<:  '. /.     ;. :pA^kyii^^hdAA '���������//..' \ yv.- ������������������ v  ^'������������������>No?t/.Jinn'ch1/, has- i.biy^^)ieaM.;pfi/:th������--^  Since 18(12, whea'ifcstt^  richly; / Ii empties into Lightning r short 'dis-  /tance furfiier do^n"^itream, than Last Ch^ce,  There fare5,jfo^f^pmpam^ amon^  fn'Atlli   fiiaintov  rTamfatn   H^orainaf TSTflklmtK-������������������? AOmOaiiV *  ^.^^���������Cp'hVnii^onAercMnts;  and Importers of ipaovisio^ GaociRiEg,'JVehcb  Wines, r��������� Liquors- Havana =��������� Cigars,1-: tfo.ru 1 Stores/1 Hope .:  iy instructions'; as to tuo disposal or toe pre-  ;^ecds pf/Qold' Dust/ forwarded ..to? tho orllcs in Victoria  ���������for'AssaywiU:be:'carefuil'y'attenTled to..,... '   .  ypPy.pyxiAyy.pwj  C.SHEPHERp, Manner.  ^/Tj^toria^y.X;;;4la5^1865^-.'j.^r--  ysi.A, :%$',   GLARKt"0N' :& CO/.'ns^KRs/iN.BooKB/'STATioxsur,  ^ustc>n^Miisical;^ Instruments;vNEWS AQBNTH,  &'c i Columbia Street,- ,Ne w WestnVihsteh* * v        a  ,.. A./MeGBEAi/iAuctioneef, yfKk������9 Stsebt,  ^;Vi-c^^;y^oi^r;jfelamk ���������.-.������������������.. Ill  DANIEL lSC(5TT &fCO^t���������?Auctioneers and  ^ .'Coiflatiflsioy MEncaANTa,,, ;City Auctiun; Rooma, ^ort  street,.VictbrlavCash'a^vanced.onMercbandlse, to any  ainounti,��������� consigned for 'sal?/^/���������'Bolerence-^Hoa. R. Fis.  latso.v, oil H/ B.*Co* aaEd Hoyd'������' AgenU   ; ' 1  ii  'APX>A -  iTi'V-.; St SIS'  the reeult of the latter/was not indulged in.  Alt Van Winkle a' email/company of; French-  '-' men are making rrbm/$8 to' $10 per day to the  ; Hand by /washing with eluiceal. About ihreej  hundred yijrds further down thp creek', a com-;  paayiOf fiveiineh are running: a tunnel into  the hill j where promising indicationaof gold  lia^re be*ea^^ found ^probably������-a";lew^ weeks fur-  iner on and we shall learn the result 'of their  ir^upus labors. In Poor Man's Gulch^ which  Sows into ZLigiitaing within a short distance of  the tunnel we have just rcftTred to, ^company of four men are preparing for ground  /sluicing.. Twenty milesfrom Van -Winkle; a  company of active young fellows, of considerable, ^mining /experience,  have taken up  * 'bench' diggings, wkiea have yielded most-  promising prospects of fine geldf we saw tbe  first gold taken on t, ampuntijjf5 tp; $^6,,^^ which.  was obtained in less tna^pne-d^  men: whose mining impliraents were^not of  tbe most improved descrijs'tiony the company  ' have recorded the: grouadi ari%v%one to the  plaee determined -to-pitch in rigorously, It  was reported that-some 'CiunameH.tooK out  iVom- $3000 ta $5000 ia^ year in/ground ad-;  jciaing taaf;^recorded by tho new company.  /ypfenV^^onisbment and evident phagrin waa;  nianifested by:fierce.mutteringa?and violent  /when he found; his roaervcinvad-  them biing Certain Evans  are engaged in^?sinking a;shnft/^nd"have  ^got down "^ottt^{fcl0.������.-;::'' ^Tfi^/irti^^rJBgiiri^  a/ (^byeel';.'#|y.dv%e jVifsiied thp/claimT?' S com^  pariy:haye^-ran a tunnel fromi the" mouth of  l&Jcreek; up the; hill - and; hope to yeiry soon  be able to proapectrthe clMfei^/phe company  near;the^ead^of /tlie* jcrejeltAiki iydraulicing/  and the fbnrt^ feave-jn'ii commenced opera>  '''/in!-iBv'flhs'':-���������'ntertainiiim'68t:  HiBBE^ <te tJARSWEr*L"t Iinpbrtin^ SoSIe^  SELLERS; k) STATIONERS, constantly supplied and  Nrptf ying fromifeest aoUrces/;Scboc4; Standard,; and Mis-  ceilaneous Bool^,-,and Staple.-and FancyIStatfofiery-ta*  all its1 Branches-//'Cdra%,;tates/and ;Langley Htrecta.  ^yjctoriaj^ncouyerlsliand/ iJ'ZyxX^iwZ\^^Zi  X tBION;;IRQN, :^OBKSi/ ^ictoriai *iT^li,  XX Mnhuracture, :S.team Engines and;: Boilers, of; i all i  sises, Qiihrts mils;Mining Pumps,,Flouring Mills, Gang,'  Sasbj, Mulay; and Circular- SaW Mills, Irim/and-Brasa  Caetiags, and eyerytbihjr/. connected with"tbe tiusiaess/  yypPXAiA^yy. yw,   f.| .SfRAIT^/KRIEMLIJR/-/-  SCOTCHAfE&UiSmAA A; Mel^an> and Co;^  .^Hosiers An&iQm^mAt ODrrir^iM/ Klners and  others: will find,at- the Scotch House'a splendid stoctof  Cloibjng^Bwta sad/ Shoes, and, Dry, .Qoods of every des.  crip'tioh;; j������il of the, pMt.quiUity^ . and -^at very.moueraie  prices.:'Tort:street."-Victoria, VAX..-'��������� " ���������..", ..... i JS ������?'"'"  T: E.ADAyiKS, & CO;, ^ucs^ioiieera <5c Cojn-  vV'' ujsiiioxAMf&viLAsTli; Tire-v.'Prwof: Stone Building  Whartstreet Vic.Wfi'k^ViJjf" Libera!!Advances xaadi  .on ConKignmeatfl. ^  .:��������� Ai$m  "���������WWAa  in  AW    : -clc  Am *av  other Goods &bm Y������ctori'a,^re' hereby informed that wS  iVili purchase supplies at Auction, ami otherwise on tb*  b^'st-or/t������rmB/at:,lp/rpef 'cent. CoininissioB^includinf  chargesof ��������� shipmen t at Victoria',' where rcnoiitances a rs  required to be forwarded to our address.���������'Y'lircight contracted through) to Cariboo.at'.: %p& lowest -TOtes for cm-  toiners/.--,;CJariboo .references-rJanies Cumibiag;8|\*Ayr-  siijre'Lass' and *F������nce/bf Whales? claims, sad CSiarlaB  McHardy f *Sait Spring IslandJCo.* Grouse Creek.     1  urn s^S'  ;ff<f S:W.!A  I     P."  ,    /:-/  F/YOy^WANT.  BIOTSTER.'  GOOD^ALfil 'ENQUIKE AiOH  JI   L^HOTELIER, i Importer and Dealer in GKO  Abt. cssm;provisions, Winks aliquors,n������.  7 Wharf street; between Johnston and fates, VictoriaT ���������  Vancouver Isknd/ ':��������� ' '���������>���������  Wy->X. ������"������������������- ���������-���������'.������������������p*'. j   ^#.  MGOBHEAB and/CO., COMMlSSipN ttER.  <!:��������� /CHANTS'>nd Importers   of piiociRiEfl,'  Taci-  ^visioNfl,{.PRoig/ji' Ac.;/Wharf street,^Victoria^V[. I/, js  sanguine anticipations /regarding ^he success  which;Ja^ti^.theVprp3pec^     pfethis creek.}A"'  iV/y/^W^^ 'wy  A Aqy' icirie ^race took place on Beacon  iffill :^ourse:;bebweeai 'Maypr^^is^^horse'  ���������George1 :}aid. Liiejdfef Im^cMl^^^roiwi.��������� ���������Vhoiree<:  The/ ^a^gfi; ''riding/ ".Weighfer-ia ./.bis:/ Shirt,  'sleeves���������was 302 lbs,, land Ms, opponents  horse had to 'can^fSpu^le5 <^ /nialec up^/tho  reqttifed-w������lght-, yfb^MjajQfa^otie won- in;  gallant.style,,. - .   .��������� yy/ r^py?,, w. >���������. ��������� iTi  wages'during Hhe 'Season ;/ speculation: aa tp \i The/Queea% Birthday was celebrated; in  THOMAS ALl^SOP,-Land ^  X^^ wxxAVC(������an������iasioK,Aa^r, Government street; Vieto?  ^^.Vancduy^Is^^r.';.^/:/^    lujw: .vAAA ���������>:] Ap  -.;  /T6B^'f'WiL.'KiE' and ;c6.';',:'Herbhaati^ jWharf  fj /Street.-Victoria.-Vancouver2sland. i -Cu1'  Ri. Pd*vyEI,Iif i has Removed fhis": Office  __ and, Reslaenee ^cm ,Fort., street, to ;tho^ premises  lately'Oceupie<f by tlie Mayor on,Broad street, Victoria,.  Y* I. I Oiflco hours 9 a. 'in'.- io 12, and 8: p. hi:Jto 10.    s  3. SOUT^aATE and, C6.9 Vsios Wiurf,  ' Vie tori), y I., and Battery street. San Fr-ancisco,.  Yictoriawith great rejoicing. .Therewas an  entire cessation frbni business and enjoyment  wa6' the rule! There were horse races^ on  Beacon rSiil^ a grand jjarade of the Rifle  yplanfceers; a lanaterihg of,,Indians; canoe  races in' tap barber/ and'������������������pic-aic parties in  every direction.-.. Not a ain^le accident occurred to mar taegeneral: enjoy iaient.  i' Mining is goin^-pn' briskly; at;Leech River,  and several cl^ite/a^e spaying wag^s, some as  high.a������ $9 rer/dayi. $600 was offered for  Quick & Co.'s claim, between.Bacon Bar and  North^otk^, a^Tcftisei ..':���������.';���������,;  An: attempt Wag made to setfire to the hoiiao  of AmieGuiltefceaui onPisgar^street. The  incendiary, snppp'sed to be Wiiiiam Hillyard;  has been arrested. '...���������_ _ y ;aa:  The Bhark who so long preyed upon /many  an unfortunate/ victim, the skedaddling Cul-  verwell, is trying to wheedile some property"  alleged to belong to- his wife from his,creditors-by offering torreturn.,; A service "will be  done to Bociety ia. the ,cify by keeping the  fellow away. _./ .y ���������-;.,.;   /. -. ���������������������������-��������� w ���������.'��������� >.-"���������*%  ,iCaj6r Pone, Assistant Engineer 'of ��������� to Ool-  lina line of Telegraph, bad arnved at Victoria. ; He will beemploved in this "  ���������ASA-  ���������ffiywi /.= ���������'���������;"���������; Vxctokxa, February 24,1865.  THE UNDERSIGNED, having/purchased the goodwill  of the late,firm.������l QuiiJ>i DAVin &Co , will coniinue  the Wh6lofeIc(IVovisieh and. Commission Business, at.  ^the'stbrei ������!orri'>r of Bfiation and jWharf streets, .under  tbe firm of WEISSFNBURGER A- SCHL0ESSER: Mr  Jplrs David, wMl act as Manager of said' bnHhess. i lue,  buhihess. on !Gov,rnment. street'; will .he; carried on se  heretofore 4  / WEI35ENBtJRGKR&'SCflLOESSER    .  THOMAS SHOTBOLT, Dispensing Chemist  l^/Asp?D������tr6crsr, JohnsOh" itrc/st.J Victoria,-T L, re-  tpectitally solicits the attention of Miners and the pub*  lie in general'to bis.wellisssorted stock of pure English  Drugs, Chem icals, j andPerinmery;: also, to his Mixturs  for^Rheuhiatiim^.which is an in valuable remedy for  this distressing complaint; a     '       '" ~ i *    '    1-s  BEERS,' & ilQUORS of every description/,/ Goods fer-  .wardod to ihe Mining Districts J- i*  XlrfVStrtfCt. dealer.ia IKON &;ttARDWAKE./'AgehMw  the sale til' the. Bc*tcn7Bubber. B JhaX: fy ���������> -:r. iniWi ?>��������� i  EWIS LEWIS, CLOTHIER, YATsasTRB^ Vie-  j tpria, opposite;B.mteof British JCortU. America .8  OTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, Y. I., loss1  Bio.vs ids* PiERSK Ma.Sosev, -Proprietors.,. Tim Hes-  tanrant is supplied with all tbe delicjjciea the 'market  affords, ;!ln ths Bar will be i'otmd the chbicsat Lzqcoss.  Farniisbsd Rooms, kc. 1-s  QT. GrEOBGE HOTEL, View Street, Via-  O tonu1 Tbis Hotel, to which is attached a Bestaa-  rant.-. and f Bar Room, is:oaa of- the most comfortable  establisbments of the kind on the Pacific Coast. Wefl  foroished rooms for single persons and families. Th������  most important London, French, and California newspapers rt'cci?ed for tho nso of boarders. ��������� j l*s  r  i   i;  'i a  rP^et  'im  c<  F. HEISTEBMAr^, LANB AGWf/2B fy*.  ��������� crnm'jnt street^ two doors south of Fort street,  Victoria, Vancouver Island. A-lxL //" - -������������������������ '���������        I aI'b1''  aRELLEY & FITERRE, Victoria, V. L,  Solo Agents Jfor N-ipoleon's Cabinet vCbampagn*,  Pletrosson da St, An bin Champagne dry, Bouche dodryr  Jules Mumm Cbampigno, Eugene Clicquot ObampaBjje,  Bokers Bitters, Sainseveia's "California Wine and Bitters. Hostetter's Bitters, Bancroft Cider, tognjic Claret,  Gi Prellor Claret.: J A large stock of IBondod Wioee,  Brandiiis, Wbiskeys, and Liquors of every descriptloe  always on hand, GnstLvr At. Frrsniuf,  ii  a\ ... ������������������'.? y:������������������ i ���������   ��������� importpra and Wholesale Dealers,  1-8     ^   : Junction' Wharf nnd Johnson street  BEMOVAL.    J. AL. Jnngerin^an^, Watch-  it MAKER ������hd JEWELER, M* removed^to the rjro-  proof Brick BuiMihg;'' within one door of WeHs, F  <fe Co.fs Express Oflicc, *ates street, Victoria, V. I.  u  n  n  t  c  niCKSON. CAMPBELL <fc. COyCommis^  l) sVoTM^CB^^Cwhart^treet Vic^ria.^ancou-  m Wand ��������� H/N. Dicks^&Co- London; 'Dicbsox,  PBWoLy&Co.lSanFriincisco. ":. -      -    -     a  ^PHOMAS GOtyDEN, "''WanueaAui. wn Rktail  I DA'uarinWrMSSVBRANDIES, BEERS & LIQUORS  Of' ?V'.;ry. description, Corner df Fort and Wharf streets.  Vic tbria, Vancouver ;Is)antL;/ w :pyy--fA   /lm -' ���������"  ^TOHDTP'. COtTOH;YI^orier and Q-eneral  O COMMISSION;M������RGHAKrrCommercial.R6w, Wharf  street, Victori i;; Yancou' t: L5i<i'nd.v ������������������' ������������������' a{  GOLD3TONE and BKOTHER, Agents for  the Pionenr Pk;nr- Mills, .C--iMki8Sio.v;jfBnoHA^*8i::  I m port ens an 1' Wholosalo "fei fcis'. in-/pit Qtitijtissa,. JPito  .' . The Megraphi Company had? porcMsed -thei"7-w,^9,.- DawOo-'fts;'- Olo������b������wo, w.)(m^j>M^os8t%kp.t  'simmer'^  R Wriirht at $,V, ffca -'far i tUc   ^������*stiTy Fir-proof Building, .jfeH'mStokj: botwesfl  paten Doal ... .   1^^; victoria, 'J.   ��������� ���������"���������";,.// A-f.-.y  11 amtwSjrHexov Mbrchants, WbJirf BtWhS'TOtons,  V. 1 and; No, 17, Gracechurch-stroetj -Lbiidon.        s  r^rnSraAiNK, GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT  ���������li-.aad Ooi,tB���������TOB, Moore's Building, rates' street,  yictoria-, yuncduver Island.- ���������:������������������-���������    ;;    ���������;-      '     ?'   HtTY HUSTON, DBkrin in GUNS, riSTOLS, F&H-  .tjijN^'TAcfeo^^*������ia-jk Shot, rates street, yietons  ;TnJLlUS 'LOCTT:'A*'CO.,   iMPORTKBa   AMO  WROl^AlB  J ���������DiwT.Baavi^eritsfcirTJlton'&McFarhind Fire and  ilnrglar-S'roOi-Safesand Vaui^s, Victoria, V.I:        &  BuerrVT������ja< F������^Jon3,.&e> CTirmor.tnt street,-hs������we*ft  iBo vtrnmont ani ZtoufcUa struts, Vic torn, v *       ������  -/:j  m  ��������� ;JZw  '������������������'A-yX'A>;-  '. 'y.iftjyy,  "Xiyyyx  AplZw,  i:>m/  . Asa  ��������� ���������i..^?;,;.VJ  1      .���������������������������-'' .'J;  t '  I   .


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