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 HE STOKE :OF PLENTY  A FEW OF OUR>mCES FOR JULY:  Purity Flour, the b<*at in the market  Parlt&J3oued~Oat , 8-pdund aajc     ,  J30��tfbank Butter, 1-pound bricka,   '  .Chilliwack Butter,' 1-pound bricks  Sugar, 20-pound sax..  Sugar, 100 pound sax   .. .  f/omatoes, 3 cans for  Peas, 2 cans lo. .  Corn, 2 cans for. _ \  Beans, 2 cad* for  >;7er��ey Cream, family size, 2 for..  'Jersey Cream, 20 ounce size, 3 for'  Nabob Tea, 1-pouud package  Bulk Tea, Black, 35c. pound, 3 for .-..;.  $2.00  40c  40c  40c  $140  6 75  50c  2Sn  25c  25c  25o  50c  40c  ..$1.00  Fresh Fruit at lowest market price.  Russell-Law-Caulfield Co.,Ltd.  IES,     CROCKERY,     HARDWARE,  GENTS'   FURNISHINGS.  :f��p  OF CANADA  Can't be beaten. <JjS.gents for >  y  Ostermoor, Florida Felt and Health Mattresses  Severarcheaper grUd^B always in stock.   : ^ ; ,-i -         Everythingy^ the Furnit^e Line.  t  Fotty^ffiiR years ago Canada came  .intobem��f^|feafl��_of inharmonious  communities, w.itn^litJ3.C*:Corjrirnpn  and many bones of contem^;-"1 On  tario celebrated the occasion joyously.  Quebec was Tion-coniinici.u The  Maritime provinces were almost rebellious. Many of their newspapers  were published with mourning borders on Canada's first natal day.  Forty-three years ago the Canadian  west was an almost unknown wilderness inhabited by fur traders, Indian*  and buffaloes.. At that time there was  no means of communication between  eastern and western Canada except  through the United States. Canada  was a struggling, discordant series of  settlements stretching from the Great  Lakes to the Atlantic.  TocT-sy t-We^'a  growing   youruc  :;anLjJJB4#K   the   nations.   "With a  GREENWOOD  city coif!  |HARD.10T OF  -CELEBRATION?    EASTERN LABOR  g^Cpuncil  met in rcy-larl'   Favored with'beauritul   wither  in  Monday evening,  Jr��. -i tnoniin^ b-      --1   unfcu-   u^lj  SlUJ^Pa�� McKee, Craif and Buck-  ing the afternoon,   ;i   large  inriux  of  i - _���-. t-,f fc .   ���. ���  . .     .  .  average  MJW 1t,\MS+a* .��  IM  JvWfr^BjSE FURNISHERS -  Gulley & Co.  JPEboe 27  MERs  w>^.  anltol Cream  Pofhpeian Cream^  rH6^4|* witch  Talcum Powders, Toi  amsdell's tr  eed Cream  Cream  ixora Cream  '3k  >��REAM  I  'ers,  Ifomas Dr^OTllsiCo.  second and third transcontinental rail-  gjffi ways Hearing complelion, with her  trerr.c'l^a^is areas of wheat land which  thoi o\ barely begun to be tilled, have  ahv >,' ��� aised Canada to the fifth place  amoi.- the wheat producing countries  of the world; with great busy cities  springing up all over the map; with  the old towns now swarming hives of  industry; with commerce growing in  leaps and bounds, population pouring  '.- from Britain, Northern Europe and  > -' United States, Canada is now the  v (I'j&in-e of the eyes of the'world.  Ti:.- dreams of Macdonald, Tupper, Cartier, Brown and all- the other  fathers of.", confederation'' of the  future of Canada, are even now being  n; -i';/:: ii. And every year sees a giant  stride of progress.. Canada is becoming the . home of a contented and  happy people, under the most liberal  , forra of government in the world, a  land where personal liberty is sacred,  where the laws areas just as human  men can make them and where they  are enforced.   X  Canada enters upon her forty-fourth  year in high hope, earnest in purpose,  optimistic of the future. Surely we'  are a people blessed by Providence  with the privilege of living in this the  most glorious country in all the world.  No other land looks so good to the  people who Jive in Canada. With  her thoesand leagues from sea" to sea  and every kind of land between, from  British Columbia's grand old mountains, across the waving prairie, down  to old Ontario, land of the maple  leaf; Quebec with her quaint, old-  fashioned home life, and on down to  the Atlantic; every province with a  charm of its own, all united into one  splendid Dominion, Canada is a  country of which to be proud; it is a  glory to have been born in it, a privilege to live in it arid a joy to work for  it.���Saturday Sunset.  less ji��ih�� p rest hi.  Mu'ved by Alderman Dixon, seconded by Alderman fiaig, that the  minutes of the previous meeting be  adopted as read.    Passed.  An estimate of the cost of repairing the South End bridge, amounting  to $269, was received from Kenneth  McKen/icv      ;  The quarterly report of receipts and  expenditures was read and ordered  filed.  Committee on fire, water and light  reported that the $20 ordered was  paid to the B. C. Copper Co. for  repairs to the South End bridge.  Moved by Alderman Craig, seconded by Alderman Buckless, that  Kenneth McKenzie's estimate be  handed to the Street committee, and  the matter of repairing the South End  bridge be left entirely with the committee.    Carried.  Moved by Alderman Dixon, seconded by Alderman McKee, that the  Health committee have the gate at the  cemetery repaired and to interview  T. M. Gulley & Co. in regard to the  lots.    Carried. ^  The Finance committee reported  the following accounts as correct:  C. Gauvereau, #3; City Water  Works, $123.25; E. W. Bishop,  S43.75; Kinney 8s McDonald, $6.50;  M. Craigie, $100.50; Russell-Law  Co., $13.20; J- W. McNeil, $26;  C. J. McArthur, $6.75.  Moved by Alderman Sutherland,  seconded by Alderman Buckless, that  the report be received and the accounts paid. Carried.  Alderman, Dixon in the abscence  of Alderman Sater, asked leave to  introduce Bylaw No. 5, 1910, an  amendment to the Revenue bylaw.  Moved by Alderman Buckless, seconded by Alderman Sutherland, that  leave be granted.    Carried.  Moved by Alderman Dixon, seconded by. Alderman Craig, that Bylaw  No. 5, 1910, be read a first and second time.    Carried.  Moved by Alderman Sutherland,  seconded by Alderman Buckless, that  the council go into a committee of the  whole to consider Bylaw No. 5,1910.  Carried.  ^ The committee rose  and  reported  progress and asked leave to sit again.  Moved  to   adjourn   until 8 p. m.  Monday, July 11th.    Carried.  RIFLE ASSOCIATION  The following scores were made  at the last shoot of the Greenwood Rifle Corps and the Mother  Lode contingent:  200  Austin Logan  33  Bert I/Ofja n.......  28  500  30  27  23  24  27  A. F. H. Meyers... 25  J. D. idacLean..... 24  R, A. Chester.;.... 20  MOTHER ;-I,ODE.  220     500  H. J. Jones.;....... 26  ���E. Hibbert..........! 16  C, Hammaxstadt.. 23  A. J. Morrison....." 17  J, J. JohiiB  18  W. R. Brissenderi 22  P. W.. Hover.",  C. T. Bailey ..  6. Prideaux....  P. Smith-   T.  Lyons   A, Davidson...  A. Dumas   1��  10  13  18  13  9  7  21  26  2e  25  19  21  15  16  11  10  12  21  10  600 Tot,  32  95  26 81  22  70  27 65  16  63  600 Tot.  29  76  visitorf from our surrounding towns  had a most encouraging effect, and  gave our sporting events lively enthusiasm. The following sports were  carried out:  The football match between Phoenix and Mother lode teams was well  contested and the play was very closi*  Phoenix winning by 3 !>(���/.. to i. It  is understood that the Mother I,ode  team has challenged for a return game.  In the baseball tournament Grand  Forks won the bye. Phoenix and  Greenwood playing first at 2 p. m.  Rain partly spoiled this game. The  home team .took an early lead and  won,  7, to 3.    Strut/.cl   tor-  Phoenix  and   Brown   for    Greenwood   both  .  ..  pitched good ball, and Phoenix could  not hit with men on bases.  The second game between Grand  Forks and the home team was a very  pretty and exciting game, going 11  innings. Greenwood lost the game  in the last half of the ninth. With  the score 4 to 4, two out and two on  bases, Brown hit a long fly which  Lamb failed to hold, and stupid base  running by the home team lost the  chance to score , and the game, as  Brown showed the effects of pitching  18 innings, and the Forks scored on  two hits and two infield errors. Score  8 to 4.  Wright for. Grand Forks pitched a  good game, and was-well supported  by Lang, Reid and Haverty.  Brown, Thompson and Russell  played good ball for Greenwood.  Thomas made a pretty one-handed  catch bf a fly in-short right field.  All the teams were pleased with the  treatment received here, and want to  come again.  Bert deWeile refereed the football  match and showed an intimate knowledge of the rules of the game.  Jake Sanders and Bill Fleming umpired the ball games to their own,satisfaction. Both had a few friends  before the games and none after.  "The position of the  u- .'' ingman in the New England  '.ifes' today is one of almost serhi-  ���itarvation; a bare living,-a sordid existence, this is the lot of the great  mass of the workers in the Land of  the Pilgrims."  In this manner spoke Mr. W. G.  Walker, of the old-established firm of  the Confectioners' Machinery and  Manufacturing Co., Springfield,  Mass., to .i V... -fiver World reporter recently. ;.  "Indeed," continued Mr.Walker,  if some change doc i\c,\ ��� ���' fake  place it looks as if a revolution will be  the only result which can grow out of  such a state of affairs. The men  have tried strikes, but fhe fact is the  average New England Workman cannot keen the wolf from his door long  enough to make his effort effectual,  and therefore his endeavors in this respect but render his condition the  more difficult.  "The cost of living has risen rapidly in the United States during the  last few years, add still continues to  rise, while the wage scfle remains  practically where it was a decade ago.  The consequence is that the laborer  ���the man who really needs substantial food, is forced to exist on a'shamefully low grade diet."  TOO FEW  MAIL CURE  few mail  "��s or the  Canadian,  si,   British  jettj  Because there arc tog  clerks  handling  the  buci  government mail  cars  Pacific  trains  in  the   W  Columbia people are just  a poor  service  in   portioj  Eastern Canadian, Am  country mail. y^  A  train  which  arrived recently in  Vancouver brought 100 jsacks of n>ail'!  destined for various places   i ���   '*������'  ���-*�����'  Columbia from Field west, and which  siKA: ' have been handled east of the  British Columbia boimfotv line.    1 ,ie  railway   mail  clerk  supposed to  DOGS POISONED  Another slaughter of the can-  nines has been effected by the  brute in human shape, who has  added half a dozen more to the  list of poisoned dogs   this   week.  He will have a hot time when  caught, and they are hard on his  trail now.  King George has pardoned  all  deserters from the British  army.  handle all mail destined for this prov-  ince before the train reaches Field.  Thus a package for that place is put  off as the train comes through. But  on this occasion, as on several others  recently, all the mail is sent to Vancouver in bulk and there sorted. A  letter destined for Field gets back  there about three days late.  THE PRIZE FIGHT  The issue of our paper being  many days after the contest,  makes it uuecessary to give the  performance in detail. The remarkable publicy given this event  is now familiar to all.  Johnson appears to have been  "It" from the start or drop of  the hats and to the large percentage of the onlookers, the decided  failure of Jeffries to make good,  was a bitter disappointment to a  vast multitude of present as well  as absent partisians. Every dog  must have his day. Jeff has had  his, and his retirement now for  good is in order, and he had better do so and cry quits.  A great strike is threatened on  the Pennsylvania railroad.  CLOSING EXERCISES  24  12  11  12  4  11  12  13  6  7  2  7  ,66  56  53  49  47  39  38  37  34  32  32  24  A hatpin penetrated the brain  of an Iowa, woman when she was  I thrown from a buggy.  The closiug exercises of the  public schools were held on the  morning of June 30th. The  school trustees and many visitors  were present. The regular classes were conducted and their work  observed. The manual work on  exhibition in Divisions II and III  was much admired by the visitors. Honor rolls for proficiency,  deportment, punctuality and regularity were distributed in each  of the divisions,  Miss MacKenzie, who is leaving to take a position in the Nelson public schools, was the recipient i;f several prere* ts from  her class. Much regre was expressed at the loss of such an  efficient teacher.  Five pupils from Greenwood  public school, Mar-. * McArthur,  Gertrude Mclntyi., Giadys Pickard, Franees Eo<ve and T^ottie  Sutton are iu Grand Forks this  week writing- on preliminary examination of the high school  courses.  tr  7 ���  TEN YEARS AGO  (From HmiiMlarv Creek Times of July 8, 1900)  Colonel   Lindsa}', .of" Spokane,  is at the Armstrong..  Foreigners were  left  to  their  fate at Peking, China.  Sixty persons were killed in a  street car accident at Tacoma,  The meeting of the Board of  Trade takes place tonight at city  hall.    The Greenwood hose team returned from Nelson. They did  not carry off any prize, but came  within an ace of so doing.  D. A. and Mrs. Cameron leave  tomorrow for Seattle, where Mr.  Cameron assume charge of the  of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.  A fine assortment of ores from  the different mines, collected by  Mr. E. Jacobs, is being boxed up  /or the display at Winnipeg exhibition.  CHAF "i OF LAND LAWS  Don . >: m Lauds Railway Belt British Co u ibia.' The date for the <x*.n  ing"icir force of the new regulations  has hi i changed, and a new date will  be sot later. Until further notice no  entrie.' to be granted in the New Westminister district aud east of range  thirteen west of sixth meridian incl-js-  ive.         The Zeppelin party sail'd  north to arrange preliminaries of  i a balloon trip to the pole.  C- F. STORK  A, FULL LINE OF  Dry Goods, Boys, Girls and Ladies'  Shoes, Millinery, Ladies' Furnishings,  Laces, Silks, and everything" for the  woman or child to wear.  We are getting In the largest stock of  goods this fall ever brought to Greenwood,   Mail orders attended to.    -     $  GREENWOOD, B.  O.  r>J  FRUIT JARS  Genuine "BALL" Jars, Mason's Patent,  1 Pint      ,75 per doz  1 Quart     ,90 per doz  1'2 Qallon  $L20 per doz  WHILE THEY LA��T  " i. : .���-�� > '���  The Hunter-Kendriet Co.,  ^  ��*���  ��  LIMITED  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  PHONE 9  ^'W'W'WW'WW'W ' THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES  *$:  ^5\  ��2  <p+  CP*  <p*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*\  ..Bank of Montreal..  ESTABLISHED 1817.  Capital, all paid np, $14,400,000.       Rest  .$12,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  Hon. President:   Lord Strathcona and Mount Koyal, G. C M. G.  President:    Sik Gkoroe A. Drummond.K.C M. G. '  Vice-President and Geueral Manager:    Sir E. S. Clocston, Bart  Branches in London, Eng. {Cu"e.T V^SL , New forK, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchaug-e and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  avellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world.  SAYINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  Traveller  **��  >��=5  ^ffifflffi^fflffl��fflfflBfflfflffiHJJOT  THE BANK OF  1910  ���  America  74 Years In Business. Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  Money Earning  Money  Small weekly or  monthly deposits  i 11 a Savings  Account   soon  count up���Interest compounded at highest  current rates.  Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received  Greenwood Branch^R. A. CHESTER, Manager.  g;arj and Vancouver has only'brie  line running' through it. Of  course, I understand that the  Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern Kail way are  pushing their lines- to the coast  as rapidiv as possible, but as yet  that vast country is only con  nected by one line.  "In conclusion." said Mr. Bul-  len, "I would like to Correct the  impression of the old country  which is so prevalent in Can?d;i  today and which vulgarly is:  ' The old country is no good except to borrow money from.'  Canadians must not judge the old  country by the remittance mar  or the Cockney immigrant. In  England the spirit of trust in  Canada and a belief in the future  of the country is growing. This  is shown by the amount of capital  that Englishmen are putting into  Canadian industries and Canadian  railways."  load.    Carpenters draw $5 and $6  a day, aud board is ��8 50 a week.  Within two weeks from June  27 the ins'allation of Railway.  telephones in all Great Northern  stations between Seattle and St.  Paul, a great task begun two  years ago almost to a day, will  be completed and the old Morse  telegraph key and the telegraph  system of handling trains and  iraiu orders will disappear forever  ���rotn the Hill system.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Hakkistkr, SoucrniK,  NOTAh'V  I'THI.K.'.  Cable Address:       " H.w.lkt 1."  1 lledford M'Neill's  Codks J M.neini; .V Ne.il'��  I T.eilier's  GRr.i-Nwcinn, H. C  JOHN D. SPENCE.  .    BakRISTKI;  AND Kni.liJITnK.  kVnd.-'l   P.!r.i-I<,  Gh��i.��wood, S. C.  C. AE. SHAW.  Dominion   and  Provincial  l.A.S'l)   Sl'HVKVDK,  Greenwood, Es. O.  I'. <). I!ox 57. I'liinu:  WILLIAM FLEMING,  TRANSFER DRAYING  Furniture Moving a Scecialty.  Leave orders at Matthews' Cigar Store.  H. W. FARMER 0% CO.,  REAL ESTATE AGENTS,  Kock Ckkkic, 15. C.  then* was any other method by  which this large diminution of  our rilVs sinews nf war could be  brought forward which would allay any apprehension 011 the part  of our tax pavers of a big increase of taxes that will make  good this shortage. It is one of  the 1'eaiuiTS of any town like  Greenwood that the income from  liquor licenses is almost a vital  necessity to keep up its maintenance, and it is not by any means  a creditable channel through  which funds must flow, but it is  either that or to lay it on heavier  with taxes, and we all feel tliat  at present they are about all we  can stard.  CENTRE OF THE EMPIRE  ^Spf^'i-  BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  " -%wv?^ No. 3 8.1. 0. 0. P.  Meets every   Tuesday   Evening at 3 (Kl  in   '.lie  I. O. O. F. Hall.    A. cordial nivl tation is ex  tended to all sojourning bretherii.  FRED i;. HOLMES. 1\ K.UROttW,  N. (*.. V. G.  AL1IERT LOUAN, Kef. Sec.  Gbe  Boundary CreeR Times  Issued Cvcrv Tridav  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Peb Ykak     2 00  Six Months   125  To Fokrion Countries.  2 SO  OUTLINES OF  CURRENT EVENTS  The Pope lias declined to accept the resignation of Cardinal  Merry Dal Val.  Theodore Roosevelt will take  part in the New York political  campaign in the fall.  Dr. Hyde, who murdered Col.  Rwope, the Kansas millionaire,  has been sentenced to imprisonment for life.  Bush fires at "Moyie have done  considerable damage. One item  is 200 cords of wood which was  ready for shipment.  Neuralgia Promptly Relieved  You will almost at  once  dispei  any  ieuralf,'ic pain, whether in head,  teeth  >r back, by taking a "Mathieu's Nerv-  ne Powder."    This remedy  which  is  also the best for   any   headache   will  quickly relieve any attack of neuralgia  Sold by dealers in boxes of 18  for 25c.  If you   have  trouble  securing-them,  send 25c.  for box  direct  to manufactures.   J. L��. Mathieu Co., Prop , Sher-  brooke, P. Q..  THE EASIEST WAY  TROUBLE SETTLED  Little drops of water poured  into the milk give the milkman's  daughters lovely gowns of silk.  Little grains of sugar mingled  with the sand make the grocer's  assets swell to beat the band.  Little bowls of custard, humble  though they seem, help enrich  tbe fellow selling pure ice cream.  Little rocks and boulders, little  chunks of slate, make the coal  man's fortune something fierce  and great. Little ads, well written, printed nice and neat, give  the joyful merchant homes on  easy street.���Walt Mason.  The commercial world' will .note  with relief that there is no probability  of any disturbance in the telegraph  business for a  long  time to  come-  The  announcement  was   made   re-:  '..'������'.        .���>>>-,"��  cently that the wage dispute, between  the Canadian Pacific railway telegra'^  phers und the company has-been settled. The company made aJpbffer pf  an all round increase of S5i;a month  per man, to go into effect at once.  This was by way of a compromise,  and was accgptidt'B^"-the representatives of the, men who have already  returned to their homes. The increase amounts to about 7 per cent,  and will effect several thousand men.  DThe dispute between the commercial telegraphers and the company is  still under negotiation. The men  want a schedule similar to that in the  States, with a maximum of $95 a  month shading down according to  work and capacity to $75, while they  claim that now their best men are  getting 280 a month. Their officials  said that the negotiations are friendly  and they look for an amicable settle-  ment-in the near future.  Chamberlain's Stomach and Liyer  Tablets gently stimulate the liver and  bowels to expel poisonous matter,  cleanse the system, cure constipation  and sick headache. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  ENGLAND VS. GERMANY  FRIDAY, JULY'S, Win.  GREENWOOD  Criticism of the management  of our town's affairs by our city  council is very generally indulged  in at present by those affected by  recent license laws and by their  friends who sympathize with  them. The Hituation of our  mayor and his councillors in their  efforts to effect the greatest benefits to our town in passing measures which they, after mature  consideration, deem most expedient, is not by any means an enviable one, to try to please all parties.  The cutting down of the hotel  licenses from twelve to five means  a terrible shrinkage of revenue  to the city's finances, but wbo to  hit and who to allow to go on, is  a most vexed and mighty hard to  determine matter. It seems unfortunate for our city that this is  Frank T. Bulleu, the noted  English writer of seafaring  stories, visited Edmonton recently  on his return from Vancouver.  Mr. Bullen was very enthusiastic as to the brilliant luture of  the Canadian West.  "The first and most striking  impression that I received of  Canada," said Mr. Bullen, "was  the vaslness and great extent of  the country. For the last 20  years I have been traveling over  the different parts of the empire,  but never before have I been so  I impressed with the great extent  of country teeming with mineral  wealth, covered with forest and  as yet practically unexplored as  iu this Canadian  West  of yours.  " What, this country will be in  20 years it is hard to say, but it  does not require a prophet to predict that it will be the centre of  Canadian and perhaps British  affairs in time to come.  " Tlia marvelous fertility of the  land, coupled with the progressive nature of you Canadians, has  made this country what it is today.  " Things are accomplished here  in a year that the average "old  country man would sit down and  think about 20 years before attempting. It is our conservative  nature in the old land that"makes  us averse to any rapid changes.  The customs of centuries hold us  back, but here iu this new land  of yours you are not bound by  any old customs or traditions.  The couutry is new, the people  are new. in fact, everything is  new.  " What this progressive young  country needs," said Mr. Bullen,  "'is railroads, and plenty of them.  The lack of railroads is keeping  the country back, and   this is due  Jack Griffiths, of Phoenix, who  was recently shot in the head  while hunting in the Boundary,  is improving and will soon leave  for Wales.  Vancouver stands a full chance  of having the dry docks there,  which, when completed, will afford facilities for docking of the  Dreadnaughts.  A bull and cow moose were  seen swimming the river at Fort  George the other day, but they  were not molested, not even by  the real estate agents.  After all, the touring of the  country by the University site  commissioners, it looks like a  foregone conclusion that Victoria  was to have the university.  The False Creek bylaw which  was passed at Vancouver by a  large majority, gives assent to  the agreement between the city  and the V., V. & i��. railroad.  sprung upon  us  at a time when | to   Canadians    themselves  not  we are up against so much that is  r*---.    detrimental to our business   pursuits.    It should be borne   with a  ">re    placid    acquiescence.      If  standing behind the railroads in  the proper way. Why, only to  think   that  the  magnificent and  Italy demands the extradition  of Charlton from the United  States to face trial in Italy for  the murder of his wife at Lake  Cotuo. The indications are that  this is going to cause strained relations between the two countries.  The conference between the  government and the opponents on  the veto question of the house of  lords has apparently proved a  failure, which will necessitate an  autumn session to deal with these  relations between the two houses.  A uew cot at the Cha.ring Cross  hospital, London, Eng., which  was dedicated recently, will be  supported by Boy Scouts. The  necessary amount has been guaranteed by W. G. Whitby, chief  scout commissioner, but the boys  themselves will raise the money.  The kaiser and kaiserina are  said to be planning to marry their  only daughter to the Prince of  Wales, A marriage with the  future king of England would  suggest political advantages of  far-reaching proportions. Close  dynastic ties between Great Britain and Germany have, of course,  not been able to prevent strained  relations aad bad blood between  the two countries, but it is believed in Germany that if the  kaiser's daughter should become  Great Britain's future king's consort, the danger of Anglo-German hostilities would become remote to the vanishing point.  King George ranks in England  as a first-class Germanophobe,  and grave doubt is expressed as  to whether he could ever be persuaded to consider a union between his heir and the kaiser's  daughter.  A sugar refinery may  be  built  at Prince Rupert.  WELL KNOWN  ACTRESS  At Stewart, on Portland canal,  there are about 1,000 people in  the camp, but only about ��00 actually working. Miners draw $4 a  day, aud the wage for a man and  team is $12 a day.    Hay is $28 a  Joan Sawyer, a clever handsome  actress, has this to say of Parisian  Sage:  "To whom it may concern: Have  tried most every hair tonic available,  and at last Parisian Sage was recommended to me, and, as a last recourse,  used it to entire my satisfaction. My  hair has stopped falling, dandruff  stopped, and my hair has grown two  inches in the last seven months. It  is the best and only cure for thin and  short hair I know."���Joan Sawyer, 59  East 96th St., New York.  Parisian Sage is the scientific hair  restorer that has created such a sensation since its introduction into  America about two year ago. It is  such a quick-acting prescription that  every ageat who sells it will guarantee  it to cure dandruff, stop falling hair,  splitting hair, and itching scalp in  two weeks, or money back.  It is the most delightful hair dressing in the world, and is highly praised  by' society women and actress who  have luxuriant and glorious hair.  It will turn harsh, lusteiless hair  isto soft, silky and luxurant hair in a  few days. Do not comfound Parisian  Sage with other preparations of similiar name. The girl with the Auburn  hair is on every package.   .  J. h. White is the agent for Parisian  Sage in Greenwood and he sells it for  50 cents a large bottle. Mail orders  filled al same price, charges prepaid,  by the Canadian makers, Giroux Mfg.  Stomach Blood and  IJv^W^^s  Much aickness :t.u'ls -, ith weak atoniecb, uid consequcat  .poor, impoverished blood.   Neryou�� ttnd p��le-pepplol��ck  good, rich, red blood.   Their stomachs need inyiioratini  for, after ell, a man can be ho stronger than hi��ftomiich.  .���  A*remfedy that makes the stomach strong and the liver ^|  active, makes rich red blood and overooffies ��nd. drives V  out disease-producing bacteria and cure* a Whole multi-  ���"   tude of diseases. ������v7.''''':::y-77^7yy '*���'. '������-.' .  Get rid or your Stomach Wealeaess aad  .Liver Laziness by faWatf M,:>o��*Sse i��f.  Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery  ���the jtreat Utomach Restorative, Liver  Invliorator and Blood 91emnser.  You can't afford to accept any medicine of unknown  estsposMoH as a substitute for "Golden Medical Discovery," which is a medicine of known.composition, having  ��� complete list of ingredients in plain English on it* bot- '  tie-wrapper, sarrie being attested as'correct under oath.  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NOTICE is hereby given that an application  will be made under Part V. of the "Water  Act, 1909," to obtain a license in the Sluillka-  meen Water Division ot Yale District.  a.���Tbe name, address and occupation of the  applicant. Wallace McKeudry, of Anaconda,  in Yale District, rancher and smelterraau.  ���b.���The name of the lake, stream or source,  is a small creek called Porter creek, running  westerly through a part of tbe applicant's  lauds, and Pinking thereon.  c. The point of diversion. About 75 yards  easterly from the applicant's house on the north  half of the southeast quarter of Section 29.  d.���The quantity of water applied for, in cubic  feet per second.   Three,  e.���The character of the proposed works. A  dam with di tenet aud pipes leading therefrom.  f.���The premises on which the water Is to be  used (d scribe same). Those portions of Lot  1015 and the north half of the southeast quarter  of Seetiun 29, iu Township 10, lying east of  Boundary creek, aud the southeast portion of  the northeast quarter of section 39 aforesaid,  held by tbe applicant under, an agreement for  purchase from Robert Wood.  g.���The purposes for which the water Is to be  used.   Irrigation.  Ii.���If for irrigation deRcrtbe the land Intended to tie irrigated, giving acreage. The  lands mentioned In paragraph (f) hereof, con-  tainintr 60 acres, more or less.  i.���Area of Crown land lutended to be occupied by the proposed works.   Not any.  j.���TIiIk notice was posted ou tbe I8th day of  May, 1910. and application will lie made tothe  Commissioner on the 28th day of June,-1910.  k.-fiive the names and addresses of any rl-  pariau proprietors or licensees who or whose  lands are likely to be affected by tbe proposed  works, either above or below tbe outlet. Not  any.  WALLACE McKEMDRY.  Oreenwood, B. C.  I. Q. Hallett, solicitor for applicant.  ���0��  Hotel  Grikg & MoitiuspN, Prop.  ..The Pacific, is thc-i!^��dqiiarter.s  i&r (Baairnercial ancu5"fiin#^eu-���������  Is steam-heated, electwjfi: li.rluerl;  the rooms' are large aiiil crWylv  fc.-  The Best Cuisine between  Winnipeg'and the Coast.  4"l�� 4"!�� *f�� ^+*& 4*  mam  Soynopsis oi Canadian NortQ-Wesi  HOMESTEAD PECULATIONS  oooooooooooooooooooooooooo-  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer in  all   kinds   of  Rough and Dressed  Lumber,  Mouldings,  Windows, Doors,  Shingles,  Bricks,  Cement, Etc;  ESTIMATES FURNISHED^  GREENWOOD,  - B.C.  ooooo4��ooe��ooooooooo��^p^pod  r  GREENWOOD  �����"  L,eaves  Greenwood at 7 a.m. to  connect with Spokane train; and  at 2 p.m.  with Keremeos train. 7M&ev6Bi  -T. McDonell.        ��WV?w<t  ANY available dominion T.ands within ihe  Railway Belt In British Columbia, m,��jgbe  homesteaded by any person who la the sole head  of "a'faniily, >r auy male over 18 years o]f age,  to t h>- extent of one-qnarter section of 160 acres,  more or" l<sj|3|ft'V|^.'   ���'"       .���'.'������.'.���'������'. 'V^i^.-ii  Entry must biftade personally at .thel^oc'fi  laud office for the dis^t lo whU;h 4hj|ljad3lp  situate." Entry   by^^o^y^^f^i^^it,1^'-  tnadeou certain co'nllnitafi^jr' the   fathWr  mother, son, daughter; brother or sister, bfau  intending homesteader.    '  . The homesteader is required to preform the ^  conditions connected there with nnder one- of  the following plans; j  1) At least six mouths' residence upon and I  cultivation of the land in each year for three ,  years. . ,V  (2) If the father (or mother, If the father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm i  in the vicinity of the land entered for,  the re ^  quirementB as to residence may be satisfied by  "such person residing with the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence!  pon farming land owned by him ia the Vicia  ity bf his homestead,-the requirements as to res ��  idence may be satisfied by residence upon the  said lani|t  Six   niifiitbs' notice In wrltlngshould be given |  to the Coihmlsiioner of Dominion Lands at Ot  taw4 of Intention to apply for patent. -  "Coal.���Coal mining rights may be leased fora '  period of twenty-one years at an annual rental  of $1. per acre. Not more than 2��60 acres ��ti��l!  be leased to one IndivMulrfor company. A roy-  ality at the rate of flff;cents per ton shall be  collected o4jU^merchantable coal raluedt  niiniil) ni Mm ViiiliiliiljiilijjeTiiliiiliii  N. B.���Unauthorized publicatlOTtfSr^ttU advertisement will not be paid for.  sH-J  COPPER HANBflOOX  Vol. VIII., issued May, 1909, coatttafrl  1,500 pages, with neariyvSOp��r ce|i| F  more matter than the prcc(jdiiB^e>ditio��ii; j  Tb& chapters with.. mine? dwcriptlc^ f  and % statistics hare been caref till j-  revised kjtjgd the ,bulk of the matter  thereinjarTJtoi. "��~ ' ' "  ���''  ENTmELYNl  There are 25 <  OVER 66 YEARS'  1 EXPERIENCE  MENIS  Thuds.Marks  DEifONS  ' Copyrights 4c.  Anyone fending a gketeta and description may  qnlekly ueertaln our opinion "free whether an  Invention If probably patentable...Comranntcn-  tlons strictly conndentfal." KtKSBOOK on Patent*  ���entires. Oldest agency foraeeurnwpatent!.  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STEVENS 1  36, ^HEtDON SUIEJHNG,  ^77- y--*foin; MICH., U.S.Av  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE  f mm  m  I  (  r- aaatai  [f**����������4ift��*��������*��*������W����  'fflNES AND MIINGi  Eight car loads of machinery were  jiceived at the Hedley gold mines reentry.' * *,,    .v  -J**>  V$k total of 1,384 'tons of zinc was  Rurjjljd last week from the Kaslo  Hines.  -  , J. B. Tierney, a railroad wcontract-  f, has organized the Portland  Canal  Nelson Mining company.  of the mine is now utider~construc-  tion. The new ten-drill compressor  was put in operation last week, and  mine development will now be actively carried.on. There are about 50  men employed, and within a short  time the property.will  be   producing.  ii^iifiii  ��tE&MQUS PEOPLE,  SIGNALS OF DISTRESS  &  BY FANNIE M LOTHROP  ;Tlie ^Brooklyn, a property of the  ^��G. dppper Coi, is being un-  latered with a view tp; diamond drill  'cpioration of the ground.  Harry Johns is superintendent of  fie Rawhide mine, at Phoenix.    This  ��ine" will  sffon be shipping   1,000  i>ns  of ore daily >ro the  smelter at  eireenwood^      77_^_   -r*  Of the mammoth'gold reef find at  jtewarr,. it is said ..that a thousand  famps could be Vised for a hundred  treats.    It -is many miles in extent and  bver 200; feetjjfjdfe;  The, first annual. meeting of the  lew Dominion CopperCo. was held  h,Ne$"'York oh June 6th.    A resort covering the fiscal year showed a  bilance^bf $307,502 on hand.  fhe- famous Higland mine at Ains-  . .'->"��� '.'.���������-... .   ������ -y0*i-  vorth, at one time the largest shipper  ..Canada,' has been acquJxeJ^KyJ^'  [ootenajr 'Sif v^����tf&? fv$Bs Lini-  Jted, a  new>; cdrnpanyi that has been  icorporated  with a  capital stock of  p2,000,d00 by leading capitalists of  Vancouver.  An' occasional ore strike has recently been made in the vicinity of  Camp McKinney. A short time ago  W.;Younkin, when digging a well on  hjs1 pre-emption ran on a nice vein of j  quartz and galena ore ��,'���������!���"���;���'-!--  values, and a similar exp-  pened Ed. Hollingeanu j ti C\ . . ..  on the Lulu claim. A fine seai..u of'  country lies between McKinney an  the forks of Rock creek, which a few  years ago was covered with mineral  claims, but since the old camp was  deserted and capital could not be  coaxed to look at likely prospects on  the outskirts some of the old guard  who would not desert them,, have  turned the ground covered by the  mineral claims into pre-emptions. Ity  the irony of fate the fickle goddes-s of  Fortune, which was ever ready to  flout them when they sought her offe.-  ings by means nf (he prospecting  pick, is now ready to guide their".blind  footsteps on to ore ledges, when, like  other backwoods ranchers,-they got to  dig a well.���Hedj|py:<3azette.  hould Know How  r.nv  signals of I  PbOtO, hr flllfcHlf1 & ftnw.   J^wi^n,  f,;-T$uity thousand dollars' worth of  jrel-' was   stolen  recently   from   the  LT//ucky Godfrey mine,   at  Cobalt, by};  efrjployees.    The ore   was stripped  Mom the vein matter and refuse .and  placed in bags. The theft was dis-  closed upon the arrival of a shipment  at ^smelter. ,  \^.  The: four mile aerial tram- at the  No. 7 mine^ii^afouti completed and  the  Im^berSieeh the tunnels  When tl.r sl|jiii|Sh ' fails tn jnelYrm  ils fund ions, Ttfil* IhiwcIs bt-ejjMti' fJV-  !���;���; ,,��������!*. the liyer ami til: ki^ieys con-  Uf.ste'd^c'aiisiiig immeroiis diseases.  The Stomach and. - Liver must be re  stored to ..a health} con��liiv->��i . ami  ChatnberlaLijL.'s-.S��toniar.j^ and Liver  Tablets cafir*be depended' upon to do it  Eaaj^t fjrl<e. and most effective. Sold  by airWigRists and dealers.  Teacher���Bobby, you were not  at school yesterday. Bobby���  Nope, I was pared wit' Skimpy  Jones.���Chicago Tribune,  Soreness oi tho muscles, whether induced by violent exercise or' injury, is  quickly relieved by the free application  of Chamberlain's Liniment. This lini  intent is equally valuable for muscular  rheumatism, and always affords quick  relief. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  Over 60 Greeks are working on  the railway near Orient.  Atiiiii  ^mr-  !?���  17.  IN THE  EARL  GREY  Canada's New Oovernor-QeReral  Earl Grey, the brother of Lady Mlnto, does not come to Canada as ���  stranger, for he has been a frequentl visitor at Ottawa during Lord Minto's  regime. He was born in 1851 of an old Northumberland family living at  Howick since the Blxteenth century. His grandfather, the second Earl Grey,  was the Whig Prime Minister who carried through tbe Reform Bill in 1831.  Alfred Henry George Grey, the new Governor-General, does not need to  fall! back upon a family tree for a record, as be has made his own name  secure. He was educated at Harrow, Trinity College and Cambridge, taking  high degrees in history and law, and at an early age entered politics, being  lor six years a member drParliament. In 1894, while he was making an extensive tour of Sou^h Africa, word came to him of the death of his uncle, to  whose title and estates he succeeded.  Earl Grey was a.close friend of Cecil Rhodes, and was the one man who  knew how to managefmm; and on more than one occasion when the Colossus  of South Africa threatened tc cut loose from the mother country and make  Rhodesia an independent republic, the gentle firmness and Influence of Earl  Grey made the threat, fade into thin air. He is one of the executors of  Rhodes', wi'i, and has ^n influential voice in the Rhodes scholarships.  After the Jameson raid in 1896, he succeeded to the administration of  RhodeBta,.anr! her* his strength of mind and purpose, his knowledge of men  and methods, his tact, diplomacy and personal magnetism enabled him to  r!cV bravely over many obstacles. He has the courage to take the initiative  TVLitnovf.r it seems right to branch out into new lines of effort,.and is a strong  lover ot humanity. On his large estates he has successfully carried out his  Ideas of cooperative partnership; be is the organizer of the Public. House  Triist Company; which takes over and manages the saloons of England im  the public interest. At a labor meeting in Scotland a few years ago he stated!  his belief tbat the gigantic trusts of the United States could be checked only,  by a cooperative plan, limiting the interest to five per cent, and prohibiting  the sale of shares in the epea market  I Earl Grey has clear-cut'features; dark eyes, a slight natch of hair, making an oasis in the desert ef his baldness, a military bearing and a quick, energetic, decisive manner. His -family consists of his wife, his sob, Viscount  Howick, and his three daughters. Lady. Victoria Grenfell, Lady Sybil Grey,  and Lady Evelyn Alice Grey.  i - ��� -  > taUnd uxordlnr to Act of th* rutluant of Cuy^, laijktjtax IM, by W. 0. VKk, at tie Daputment of^rfcaltai*.  ARE GOOD DETEGTIVES  AND  \rn~-.  i^^a%r  LIMITED.  P7  ���**,  yi&M  2$$&bnilLv'&: Share  The   Mounted   police   of   the  west have a well established reputation for tracing' criminals and  bringing them to justice.   A notable case was that of the Skag-  way   murderer,   whose   capture,  trial and conviction cost $150,000.  It was worth the money as a notification to the criminally disposed"  that the chance of escape will for  them'-be worth very little.    Recently they have, after a similarly  persistent but' less   difficult   inquiry, brought home the crime of  murder to a man  who murdered  his   comrade   in   the  wilderness  north of Edmonton. By skilful detective methods, the chain of circumstantial evidence was wound  about him till the time came for  his arrest. He has been sentenced  to death by hanging at Port Saskatchewan. Evidently the Mounted   Police   cannot   be dispensed  with for some time to come.    It  pays the country in the long run  to make   the   administration  of  justice certain.  DIVISION AT PENTICTON  Greenwood Peopr  ��� to Read and He<i Yrtim  Si;k kidnev     c  distress.  The'secra^oiis a v   dark., ���>.��� u' i ��� u    i  sed; me.nl.  PaSsaires are frequent, scanty, painful. ���  Backache is constant day aud night.  Headaches and dizzy spells  are  frequent. \ ���  The  weakened   kidneys  need  quick  .'jjielrf. .. .''���'."-'���  Don't delaj !   Use-a  special  kidney  reniedy.  Booth's Kidneys Pills euro sick kidneys, backache and urinary (li/nul. ; .,.  .vtrs. M IC'.farr. ni 2o2 .T,,lin sue. i,  Steelton. Oiit , s:iy=,:  "I have'fnuiid   iiij'o  actual   ���<   , its  after usiny II null's Kidneys I'll i  I did iro n jmy u'lit-r fijie-ly sv: usi'il.  I had s ii Ho r d for si vitjI yc.irs witl)  kidney :in'l biiidilir troulili; .iml afior a  short course of uv.iIiiiimii wiiii this  medicine I lure liocn cund. Miser  ���1 le pains across my link which \v..iiild-  e .'end ii|rihv spint.':iutl iiilo Hie hack  of tny lie;nl, fr ipent ht-ailuclics and  dizzyiniiss and kidney seiTi-ti.ns that  were siMiiiy and onlaiiiod a heavy  sediment had uu; a.l inn <i<>wn. Those  trou'dtw hav��! all le-ft nio and I am  p'ejseil in j.'iv<' I'o Hi's Kuliicy I 'ills  my b.:l wis,:.,.^ for succors ;iud my  lieni'y fin'.i.r i niriit l'\,r s ,i ] ,��� iu  Cre.-nwiMi:l liy J    L   W hil��.'.  S. Id 1��\ d<- hr>. Price 50  Ihe K T. It loth f��.. L'd . I'or  Out.    Sole Oanndiaii Alrouts.  ������   ntf '2RAL ACT  C��riiflc;it  .1    ��� '!!U   itil'"IV  .'. is ht ��� -.���)   t ;���������.���.!  jlotv T iatei .' ,i) a.  ��Y Improvenieiits.  Noncr.  Nightingale Fj-actioiial " Mineral CIii:m,8ttn-  ate-intlie Greenw ' rt jVtirilng" DiTislon of  Yale District. Wli.-.e Uxated: I�� Skylark  Camp."  TAKE  NOTICE that i,  Edmund T. Wicks' ire, Free Mlner'8 certificate No. B26386,  ii^  ���<t0 sixty days from  date hereof, to apply  toe!   I ���.fining'Recorder fora Certificate of Improvements,  for  the  purpose of obtaining" a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action nndersec-  ; tion 37, m ust be commenced before the Issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 25th dav of April, A. D. 1910. , '  �� EDMUND T. WICKWIRE.  tue Chifl!''Cyittiii<SKi<<.if.". f i.,i..< !,, f...ra !ic<->  to proipfcet fov 'i o!^!, ;n;i. pen i:i.aiu ou the- I..  lowlugr desc-'ibeo :ii?.U, situ^tt :i: t::e Sim ilk".-  meeu land Jivit.lf.ii'o? Yale Di.siri'ci: Com-  raencidg-at a post at the southeast ci.-ner of Ivot  687, belac also tue sontbwest corner of Lot  1456s, thence west 80 chains, thence south SO  Chains, thence east 80 chains, thence norili  chains to place of commencement, and enntaij  iljfiT 640 acres.  Dated this IStu day of May, 1910.. (W_  ' SPENCER iBENERMA^^   ��� _������ . ^5  Application for Liquor License.  ,     Tal-e nut ice that I, Lewis E. Salter, of Spo-  k.:'ie   Urin-l,   Midway, intend   tn apply tothe  r^upi-rinti-mli'iH of Police at the expiration of  '  .ni-   niniiili   from   Uiei date hereof,  lor the re-  in- vnl of n ri'tcil liquor li'eitse forthe Spokane  1   'i-l, ���.' mtii-<l at Midway. B. C.  DutL-il ili.s Ifili d.u of May. 1910.  41 ' U. E   SALTER.  NOTir'K, is hereby (.'iven. that thirty days  aiii-nlate, 1 in lend to apply to the Hon.  Chief I '. ii mi-..inner of Lands (or a license to  l-i'i->|ici- l.u <i>al ami peiroleum on the following ilesi-rJlH-il lan.ls. situate ill the- Similkameen  ili-tiiil: C'HiiMH-iu-iili.' at a iin^t al tile Hitutli-  w> ^l t-i riu-r ��if I.ot 2.3.17, pre emotion, thence  e.'-t eiirlitv i-'iaiiis, ilioiu-e noiili eighty cliaius.  th' iu'. -' i-ielitv .-lining, theti��:e south eighty  i'li< ii^ i . |.l.i. .-.,1 i iiiiiiiu'iioeiiieiit, and coutaiu-  ill^- l��4!l ,I.-M^  I-ale I lliis lllli dn\ ol  May. 1'Hl).  ���     li. A. MacIioNAI.U, Locator.  11. Itiimin^. Afeut.  l^TOTICE is hereby  given  that tlilm daf.  la   after date I intend  to apply  to the Hon. -  the Chief Commissioner of Lauds, fora license  to prospect for coal and petro emu on the f.il-  lowlbg- descrlhed lands, situate in the Similkameen land division of the District of Vale:  Commencintr at a post at the soulheasi corner  of Lot 687, being also the southwest corner of  Lot 145^8, thence east 80 chains, thence south "S>  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north Si)  chains to the place of commencement, and containing 643 acr* ���.  |     Dated this 18th day of May, 1910.  GEORGE W.RfT.MHERC.KR.  I Spencer I'eiii-nn.iii, A(��eiil.  Ci-nt��  CURES ^CATARRH, ASTHMA,  Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, or  money back.   Sold and guarantod by  J. L. WHITE,  Druggist  AFTER A WHILE  w  ��"-,'���' -'  - ��� ���-'������*��t:J-  ������^���ipxM.':,.  ���������     a-;.  Gap^rStpck $i25|0CXV Divided into  Shares ai 25c Each.  ^TMifri**.  ���Mr  ^#  A *��<MERS0NM< LIAB1UTY  "'^1^5*3  y**.  Now running a' tunnel (in 3Q0 feet)>  ���/.:��� "\^   ,..    .-*���'''  claims adjoinitig  Townsite on ^  Penticton is to become the principal division point of the Kettle  Valley railroad, according to an  announcement made at Vernon by  James J. Warren, the president of  the company. Mr, Warren stated  that he was ready to put in gang  of men ou construction work at  Penticton as soon as^ he could  make arrangements for lake shore  frontage and right of way. Mr.  Warren's proposal is thought to  be a very liberal one. He asks  for a deed to about 1,100 feet of  lake shore for the depot. He will  purchase the right of way through  the town and also the necessary  ground for a round house and  yard. A. wharf will vbe built 900  feefe in length at a cost of $50,000.  Mr. Warren stated that the Penticton pay roll would probably  amount to $60,000.  Teething children have more or less  diarrhoea, which can be controlled by  giving Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Reniedy. All .that is  necessary is to give the prescribed dose  after each operation of the bowels  more than natural and then castor oil  to cleasne the system. It is safe and  sure. Sold by all drug'gists and dealers.  In Winnipeg the other day 300  people arrived in that city, who  are looking for homesteads with  $300,000 in money.  Canadian Bear grease is in Bearine,  with other valuable agents, making it  the best pomade.   50c. a jar.  *    AT THE CHURCHES  under valuabi  Greenwo  Skylari  OLA LOFSTAD,  Preside*  Methodist ��� Rey. I. B. Hibbert  will conduct servioeB in the Methodist  Church every Sunday. Morning, 11  a. m,; Sunday School, 3 p. m. Evening.  7:30,  You need a good salve in thej house.  Davis' Menthol Salve is the best. It  cures sunburn, mosquito and insect  bites and stings, piles, old sores, skin  dseases, etc.    25c. per tin.  CANADA YEAR BOOK  Our thanks are due the statistical department at Ottawa tor  the receipt of the Canadian Year  Book for 1909. This most excellent work is really one that  fills an every day want with information pertaining to every de-  partment of Dominion affairs.  The   mother,   tired,   with   aching  head, from sweeping floors  and baking bread,   called  to  her  daughter:  "Susan,   dear, I wish  you'd help a  little here."    Fair  Susan, in the parlor  dim,   was  playing  o'er a tender  hymn; methinks it was "The Maiden's Prayer"���a melody beyond compare. ��� She cried,   while  playing on,  in  style:     "I'll  help  you in a little  while."    Her lover blew in unawares  ���a fine young man with princely airs.  His heart was free from sordid strains;  his head was full of high-class brains;  most any girl would give her  eyes to  gather  in  so big a prize.    He  heard  the mother's weary cry; he heard the  damsel's flip reply.  His bosom swelled  with   noble   ire!     His   tawny   eyes  flashed  streaks  of fire!    He cried:  "Miss Susan Sarah Brown, it's up to  me to turn you down!   While ground  hogs live and comets  shine, you'll be  no  blushing  bride  of   mine!     The  healthy girl who doesn' t jump, and on  her system  get  a  hump,  when her  mother  calls,   I  do not want; so get  thee hence!    Aroint!    Avaunt!    I'll  hunt me up a damsel fair  who passes  up 'The Maiden's Prayer' when she  has got a chance to chase the troubles  from   her   mother's    face!"���Walt  Mason.  Does Your Back Ache?���Can't experiment with imitations but get the genuine, "The D. & L. Mentnol Plaster.  It cures. Davis & E,awrence Co.,  makers.  AH Old peODle suffer from attacks of  sudden exhaustion, weak heart action  and prostration. The best aid in such  cases is Ferrovim. the invigorating  tonic which is prepared from fresh  lean beet, Citrate of Iron and pUre  old Spanish Sherry Wine. It stimulates the digestion and strengthens the  whole body.   SI.00 a bottle.  ountam,  %. S.JBLACK,  7"J:   Secretary.  Presbyterian���St. Columba. Services will be conducted morning and  evening, 1J a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday SchooL 2.30 p. m. Rev. J. A.  Petrie, minister.  Cathouc.���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, thirdand  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benedic  tion at 7:30 p'. m.; Sunday school a*.  2:30 p.m. Rbv, J. A. BBDard, O. M. I  pastor.  VETO ON BRIDGE  WHIST  REFUSES RECOGNITION  Representative de Rouen of the  Louisiana lower house has given  notice of a bill for "the absolute  suppression of the playing of  bridge whist.'.'  "I am introducing this measure," declared Mr. de Rouen, "for  the benefit of the children of my  state, who rarely have an opportunity to know their bridge playing mothers It also is tor the  benefit of husbands who hardly  have a speaking acquaintance."  Continuing bis argument for  tne United States before The  Hague tribunal,- former Senator  Turner pointed out that only  Bolwering, Von Liszt and Jell-  iiick had combatted the doctrine  of international servitude, while  the vast majority of authorities  and the practice of nations confirmed the theory. The territorial sovereignity of England,  he continued had been limited so  far as its jurisdiction over fisheries was concerned, for the exercise of American fishing could  not be hindered or hampered by  English fishing laws.  UNBURN.  Everybody  comfort.  Blilt  m  t  *>**��5?  V  ���^>  ���w.��_:?.,!^'*"rte*  OTICE Is  herein-  iriveii   t";u  iliiilv <lav.s  after date I intrii'l to :ii>|ilv  to   ill..-  II,.11  tbe Cbief Commissioner of Lands, for n licence  to pronpect for coal  and  i>ctr��li>um mi   .'.'ful-  lowiujr described lands silii.it.- in   Ihe Siniilka -  rueeii   land   division   of   Vkl.-   Di- iir.'    Com  raeiiclnif at   a post at  tin- south ���'M corner of  I<ol 687. being alco tlie southwest   comer uf I.ot  1456m, llience east  hli chains,  thence north  Wi  cliainK, thence west WI cllains.  thence south    0  chains to the place of commencement and toil'  laitiiflir b��0 acres,  Datel Ihil lMti .la v of Mav. mil.  WILLIAM K. WILLIAMS  Spencer ISt-nerntan. Aifent.  Advertise in THE TIMES  THE  Boundary  Creek  times  -IS THE-  PIONEER WEEKLY  -OF THEJ-  I  lie  Send for the paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do  >  & '  v~**%3^ THE  B0UHD7^Y~CREEKTIMES  i  B*-wv  ,4  : : .-    iyfi  The'greai: Baking Powder  country-'  usea in millions  -never  TO WN TOPICS  -OI  WIHIXUM  WHITE  AND-  8  IS!  Save Money  \\Y  JKIV  H  S5  toclc at the ri^lit prices.  ���  u  A  B  D. R. Ackerrnan, of Phoenix,  was a visitor to our %v >,y.  S. H. Stockmaa, of Spokane,  was a  visitor  to town this week.  P. Penticost, (<>' Rock Creek,  guardian of peace, w.\s in town  Monday. .  Andy. Sater, of the Norden  hotel, is at present at Kendrick,  Idaho, on a visit.  'Duncan Campbell and John  Mclnnis, of fche "No 7 mine are  stopping at the Pacific.  E. E. Gibson, of the Kootenay  Power Co., Grand Forks, is registered at the Windsor.  J. A. Tuzo, resident engineer  of the K. V. lines, Midway, was  booked at the  Imperial   Monday.  Archdeacon Beer, of Kaslo parish, conducted Episcopal services  at St. Juda's church last Sunday,  Miss Alice McMynn, daughter  of \V. G. McMynn, has returned  from Toronto, to spend her vacation.  S. Dahl, of Nicholson creek,  also Edwin Hall, of Farron, were  both registered at the Norden this  week.  Mrs. Roy, of Midway, who lias  beeu ailing for some time was removed   to   the   Sisters   hospital |  Tuesday.        ^ j  Leonard    Vaughan,    a    fruit i  in this department of surgery,  We trust it will prove a perfect  cure. Leo is wanted by his chums  for his good work with the baseball intermediates this fall.  Our town looked on the - 1st as  we hope it may at an early date,  look the same daily. A fine lot  of fellows, their beBt girls, matrons and babies from Phoenix,  Forks,   Mother Lode and other  the  invita-  suburbs, r*sjE��onded to  tipn^tfc^Bjpl^^^^^  antt7.#etf��r-mfl<jbj  ;^pav with us,  to add  spective homes.  HALL-BRINE  The Furniture and Stove Man  Phone 16 Greenwood, B. C.  T  t  LADIES  Do you want Wlh lEnijli&h initial note f  paper and envelopes to write your \  letters on?    If you do  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE  Prices moderate ;  FOK  TRY THE  BOUNDARY CREEK  TIMES  Form y.  LAND ACT.  !'.iiiiill,-:inii-i.|i  I.riinl   liisti-ici.   District  of Vale.  TAKi: Nii'l'ICI' Hint JaiiK.-s I'mr^i,-ji rireeu-  i.uu.l.     lirili-.li     i.'ultiitibia,     occuuatiuii  I in r-  illilliT. Iilli'inls Im ri j.j.I v for   permission   1  Hki-,. tin- f.iii.iu iutr ,|,...,-i'il.eil land;  i 'oiiiiii,.iu'ii!i!';u a |K.st ]ilaut>-il :ii Ilie nni'tli-*  itim .���iinii-r.if f.r.i i.fi. Siiiiil|<rini,'eii .formerly  <i'ii\.��,-. hivisioti i,f V.-ilc District: thence  nnrtli t.niy chains, iiiciiv or less, to tlie smitU-  ��� il'. limit ..i tin' fnliiiiiliia and \W-.icrn Kail-  w:i\ l'iniiii:iiiy-< riix II I of way; llicilcv siilltll-  >u--i.'i'l> ii.Ki.uiiiir ii,,. s;,i(| sntiiltcrly limit  furl \- chain-, unnv ,,r |i-is, to the L-astorly limit  "' T.oi 211': tlii'iiou smith ten chains, more or  :���'--. to the iiorili,.|iy limit of saiil I.ot 6-vi;  tin-in��������� i-asi ivvi-utv cuaitiv, ,|-���n-i. ,������ loss, tn the  jiiiint of commencement. ;lllcl cnnuiiuiin.'*ixt\  acri'-. more or lot-. JAMES l*m;i;i."  D.il'il li,th June, l'lln. in  TENTS!    TENTSi  New shipment just received. See  The line. The O. I.' C. store, A. L.  White, proprietor.  Job Department ��  fore you take your departure trom  .-iiwood   subscribe   for  your   home  SI for six iiionl.'vs or ��2 a yeai.  Vou will lind it fit 11 of interest  to you  wlterevi. r you are.  GOOD WORK  FAIR PRICES  KO.'V K'1''JS'T���-A 2-room liou.se, ueat  .nti'l niiejy j'ttrsi islicd, suitable for  ��� ii:i('.-hif^', located -side of J. II. Mc  '��� .-.'eil's rcbid^nce. Other furuitlied  ihou-cs for rent. Ses the Furniture  : u;id Stoye man, A. L. V'hitc,  .'.!.:!:: your wants known through a  i want :>.d.    Three iirtc ad. for 25c.  .-> ] i spoke  well of tbeir treatment and they  had au enjoyable day ot it.  An enthusiastic rally of the  Greenwood Liberal association  took place last Thursday evening  June 30th. The attendance was  moat satisfactory. The business  of the meeting was principally  to elect officers nf the association  and incidentally to take stock of  matters of importance and to  place affairs iu shape and to be  ready for any emergency. The  following officers were elected:  Sir Wilfrid Laurier, honorary  presidenl; J D. Spence iSsq.,  president; D. A. MacDonald Esq.,  vice-president; Dan MacDonald  Rsq., secy-treasurer.  Married���At St. John, New  Brunswick on June 27th, in St.  John's (Stone) church, Alexander Basil Hall of Nelson, B. C,  to Miss Laura Amelia Brine pf.  Truro, N. S. The ceremony was  preformed by Rev. G. A. Kuh-  ring, the rector. Mr. Sail is ; a  nephew of ^s. C. S,' Fair-  weather pf St: John; acetone tp  St.. John to meet' hiajferide.:/VF.  R, Fair weather, supported the  groom and MisB^Aifce Fair-  weather was bridesmaid.; Mr.t  and Mrs. Hall will reside at Nelson. He is a son of Mr. Hall of  the B. C.Times, Greenwood-, B, C.  Howard���When Dr. Incision  operated on me he left a pair of  surgical scissorB in my anatomy.  Can I sue bim for damages? Lawyer���Better just send him a large  bill for storage.���Life.  ass  A Summer Pleasure  is good beer.   That's our kind.  u  w  il  I  f  I  I  \i  I  i  It is ezhilerating and invigorating.  Mages perfect sleep .possible  aud good health is asra^d^f^  Our  beer   is poptila  tjoth the laaieaa^Uf^^��ea:  It is well made aad^efrctfred.  and will prove a plcuure-^si  are very careful to see* tWaM*^'  nothing injurious enters itit6;^J  ���its'brew IbgiV. %.' '":'-?^#f  77-yr^A.:'^ASS:y  of ottrrPaibat;-beer"will put  new; lift; into ao^bnei;. It corea,  the thirsty feeling' a"ld..'^ike��-jgj  :you' feelliig|rt;:aWiga^5^^^  IMPORTBRS  GJRRENWOOD  :3S*SM&&&&&5^^  SCHOOL REPORT  Fnllowinof is the school   report  for June:  DIVISION 1���J. L.  WATSON.  Pupils actually attending        16  rancher,    formerly    of    Q r a n d ! Average daily attendance  14 27  Forks,   has  bought  tbe   Metcalf ; Percentage of regularity .89,00  Pupils present every  session���  place at Hammond, B. C.  Miss D 0. Coldwell, of Cranbrook, sister of Mrs. Bert Taylor,  is visiting and taking in the  beautiful climate of Greenwood.  Thos. Morley, representing  Mason & Risen piano house Vancouver, paid his regular business  trip to Greenwood on Saturday  last.  | jT.be Rev. Mr, Hilton, who will  assume the position as rector of  St. Jude's parish, succeeding Rev.'  Mr Venables, will leave England for Greenwood about the  11th of August,  The following were registered  at the Imperial hotel this week:  A. C. McCorkie. of Vancouver;  L. Kulyser, of New York; Fred  ECnight,^of Grand Forks; A. H.  Noves, of Greenwood.  Greenwood Lodge of Free and  Accepted Masons will attend divine service at St. Col uroba church,  on Sunday morning, Bro. Rev.  J. A. Petrieofficiating. A cordial  invitation is given to all sojourning brothers to take part.  Miss Cunningham, one of our  popular cify school teachers, left  on Saturday last for a long hike  to her Nova Scotia home. The  change of diet from meat to fish  will we trust make good, thr  strain upon her brain capabilities  while pursuing her education of  tender shpots at School.  There is on view and for sale  at Russell-Law-Caulfield Co.,  store, a very beautiful black bear  skin, mounted by Scott McRae, of  Deadwood, and it is an excellent  piece of work. It measures from  tip of nose to tail 7 Feet and 4>4  feet across. Take a look at it.  It in well worth inspection.  Much regret is felt at the necessity of Mrs. Wm. Barnett to  take her son Leo to the coast for  treatment to his arm, which although broken some three years  ago, appears not to have recovered its usefulness, but rather the  reverse, as to render it quiet useless to him. They will consult  the most eminent doctors at Vancouver and Victoria specialists in  Maudte Eiles, Charlie McArthur,  Gertrude Mclutyre, . Frances  Rowe, Sutherland Smith, Lottie  Sutton, Ward Storer.  Roll     of    Honor���Punctuality  and regularity, Ward Storer; deportment, Hazel Redpath; proficiency, to be given the pupil  passing highest at the recent  high school entrance examination.  DIVISION II���J. I.  MACKENZIE.  Pupils actually  attending 28  Average daily attendance  27,00  Percentage of regularity  96 00  Pupils present every session���  Leo Barnett, Beatrice Calhoun.  Fred Craig, Waldo Jordan, Anna  MacKenzie, Celia Mcintosh, Donald McAllister, Ted Proctor,  Grace Redpath, Lucille Smith,  Ruby Smith, Robert Smith, Winnie Skelton, Tom Taylor, Dick  Taylor.  Roll of Honor���Punctuality  and regularity, Leo Barnett; de-.  portment, Lucille Smith; proficiency, Dick Taylor.  DIVISION  III���F. M.   CUNNINGHAM.  Pupils actually attending     - 34  Average daily' attendance....  Percentage of regularity..;...  Pupils present every session���  Jean Coles, Ida Grace, Francis  Jordan, Sadie Jordau, Harold  McKenzie, Murial Redpath, Arthur Rees, Catherine Rees.  Roll of Honor���For regularity  and punctuality, Jean Coles;, proficiency, Harold McKenzie; deportment, Muriel Redpath.  30.45  89.00  FOR SALE AT GRAND FORKS  A bcaiiiifully situated home, new  building in perfect order, with water  and e'ectric light, with one and one-  half acres surrounding, planted with  all varieties of fruit trees and small  shrubs, grapes, etc., all in bearing.  Will sell en bloc or without furniture  if desired. Will sell at a sacrifice price  to enable owner to locate at coast immediately. .Apply at B. C. Times  office, Greenwood.  LOST  A gold cuff link engraved  with in  itials S.  T.  H.    Finder rewarded by  leaving same at Times office.  Make use of the want ad. column.  It will do the work for you at less cost  and be more effectual. .  Even people who are usually  healthy occasionally require  some kind of a food tonic. Ferrovim, that excellent combination of beef, iron and sherry  wine, if taken when the system is run-down from overwork or a^ slight cold, will  prevent a more serious illness  Ferrovim gives strengthtocou-  valescents and all thirirblooded  people.   $1.00 a bottlefc  K PIASTER  CURES every tort of Muscular pain,  such as Sciatica, Stitches. Cricks, Tic,  Twichinc of the Muscles, Lumbsgo  and Headache. Don't throw away  money for worthless imitations, by unscrupulous makers.   Get the genuine.  Bach plaster 25c. in an air-tirht tin  box. 1 yard roll 51-00. Mailed upon  receipt of price, or sample for 5c  WE CUARANTR tLat they will relieve  pain quicker than any other plaster.  DAVIS & LAWRENCE CO., Montreal.  f. jM^imm  :.,-*fW>  COPPER STREEfHiR)EENf  GOLD COflf-vHt,,  456.  PER  POUND. ~  ��w-v,l^vJ3''S'S  Something extra choice.  ANNUAL MEETING  THE Annual General meeting of  the Greenwood City Water Works Co.  will be held in the Company's office at  Greenwood on Wednesday, the 20th day  of July, 1910, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, for the transaction of the general business of the Company and the  election of a Board of Director*.  Ei <5. Warren, Secretary.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements.  NOTICE.  .    ^>  " Albion " Mineral Claim, situate in tbe Greenwood   Mining   Division of Tale District.  Where located:   On  James  creek,  Kettle  river. -,  TAKE NOTICB tbat I, Jobn Goodlngr.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B14H6, Intend, sixty davs from date hereof, to apply to  tbe Mining Recorder fora Certificate of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice tbat action, under  Section 37,  must be commenced  before   the  issuance of such Certificate ot Improvements.  Dated this 11th day of May, A. D. 1910.  JOHN GOODING.  Application lor Liquor License  Take notice that I, S. T. Larsen, of Rock  Creek, B. C, Intend to apply to the Superintendent of Police, at the expiration oi one  month from the date hereof, for tbe renewal of  a retail liquor license for the Riverside Hotel,  Bock Creek, B C.  Dated this 7th day of May, 1910.  SAMDBL T. LARSEN,  43 Rock Creek, B. C,  THE  Club Cigar Store  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes,  Candies, Fruits, Nuts  Phoenix and Midway.Stage Office.  Agent for Reco Laundry, Phoenix.  L.  L. MATTHEWS,  PHONE A-45.  MINERAL ACT.  FOR SALE���At Fort George, l%~  acre lots 3325 00 to $450.00, adjoining  25-foot lots sold as high as $650.00.  Foster & Fisher, 310 Hastings street,  Vancouver, B. C. >  For .Sewing Machine Needles and  Oil see A. L,. White, the Stove and  Furniture man.    Phone 16.  Certificate of improvements.  NOTICE.  "Black Jack," "55," "66," "77," "Caberfae  Fractional" and "Hit Me Fractional"  mineral claims, situate in the Greenwood  Mininir Division of Yale district. Where  located:   In Central Camp.  TAKE NOTRE That 1. Isaac II. Hallett  as ag-ent for The Consolidated Mining-  aud Sineliintr company of Canada, Limited,  Free Miner's Certilicale No. IS24042. intend,  6l*tv daya from the date hereof, to apply to the  Min.'uif Recoider for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtai.-injr Crown  Grants of .the above claims.  And  fuilher take notice that aetjn. under  section 37, must be commenced before the issue-  aiice of such Certificate of Irasrovcuieuts.  Dated th'urZ'Jth dav of April, A. D. 1910.    '  �� I. H. HALLETT.  #50 Roim&  ���yM7&mm  June 2,17and 24; July5 and 22  August 3;   Sept. 8, 1910  This low rate is via the Great Northern Railway from Seattle, Tacoma,;  Portland, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster,  Wenatchee, Spokane and niany:;other points in Washington, Oregon and  British Columbia to  J56o.co to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Superior, and Kansas City.  portionate fares to New York, PhiIadelphia,'.Washington, D. C, and   eastern points.   Stop-over anywhere on  the Great Northern Raiiway'.-  Name your train���tell the agent you want to go on the Oriental ������-  tied, Fast Mail or Great .Yurthern .Express.    Better still���write me for-  full   information   and our "East Over inifcMouKTAiN'N folder;-  Describes the routes past the .new Giaciepfllatipnal Park to St.  Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chitago^ar^^v-''���"      ''-'ite   ���  points east. =    ���������j-��.    <-  V. KISTL/ER,  D. F. & P. A., Grand Forks, B.C.  " \:Agent, iaMysM&&7: "  Pit>?  other  Fresh Milk and Cream  BOTTLED MILK A SPECIAJKY  r'-Tf^i ���:  K  IV  J! J* J��J�� J* Jl ol Jt jt j*'ji j�� j�� jt jajfc  fc FIRST;b;jhp,e <&*  N  laAY  AND  B^^^^^t^^lbaigBt-i  t JtJ*J*M#J*jSjtj��JtJ��J*J*M* J* jC .JM JK^J��J�� .* Jl J��JS'JIJIJIJJjijI,  - "*^i T" -"TTWrnarnTr  Fancy Cane Baskets for  Picnics and Outings  A Fine Variety  FISHING TACKLE  The dependable kind that delivers the goods.    RODS, REELS,  FLIES, LINES, LEADERS, BASKETS, SPOONS, LANDING  NETS, Etc.   A complete stock at reasonable prices.  BOOKS A8D STATIONERY, KOM^II) SP^lSi  .^  ^ggg^'^iS^fei^Kj^'a^'  \  ��CT����cjBt.ar-v".  r**.  il>:  tils"


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