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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-07-23

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 f[ ���!"���}  SATURDAY,   JULY   23,1898  ::&p^  *  .uS     ��  .-  ourttaf  f i  9  '9 'we  ��� i.  ?; J  fl  i'l  'i'.i  0    ���  t.j:  ft"  fl.  pi  11.  MANUFACTURERS  OF  ihh  Concentrators, Smelters, Steam  Water iWheels,  etc,  rrwrLl;-.,^i;':r",f.'  SAW,  PLANING AND SHINGLE  High - Speed  ngmes.  Sf iS X  ii f >/  Works i  &  @  fBranch Offices  innon Building,  JS 'J. ^j^-scb." rag uaammmmMua^siz; t^J^r^Z-C  m  i' /**���  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ^wawy^fymffWBWgw  can rely on ;0is/;thatnQ. firm in the district gives  less money than we do;    Our stock is  the most complete* and all orders are filled promptly,  * --i  Receive special attention,    Everything in their line is  carried by us,    Some first-class Windows and Doors in  stock, "  atuwzuxm. uibw ���  Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Granite and Tinware, Carpenters' and Miners'  Ore Cars and Rails, Powder and Steel, Paints and Oils, Sashes and  Water Pipes and Fixtures. All kinds of Tinsmithing, Plumbing, and Furnace  GREENWOOD,     B. C     ,  sasrerRSHawaB  Remember !    We are headquarters for Boots and Shoes and have a  fine line of Men's, Women's and Children's,  of both  American and Canadian manufacture.  White  Shirts.  Fancy Colored Shirts.  Neglige Shirts.  Outing- Shirts.  Summer Underwear.  Collars and Cuffs.  Summer  Hose.  Ties (beautiful line).  Gloves.  Handkerchiefs.  Towels.  &c, &c, &c.c  IvAT^ST   STYLES   IN    SPRING   HATS.  The most complete stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries in the city.  . . . . . TENTS,   All Sizes. . . .  ccn>wai��mi'��i��w6Mt  '��� "i  I*  B&  Barrett Block,  Copper Street,  ���       i*       f>       s  ��� L<. ii  I i  n  ���ii    h  Si  f: to  A Weekly Paper published in tlic interests ot the'-'Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, IV.  GREENWOOD, B,C��� SATURDAY, JULY 23,1898.  98 -N6.-20  f  �����  (J  f   f  I   '1:  H  i  ���ii  II  s: !  Two   Big   Mining  Properties  in   Greenwood  Camp   That   are   Being   Extensively  Developed/  The Owners Are Making an Organized Effort  to Place the Mines on a Shipping  ' Basis, -'.'������  THE) illimitable mineral resources, the boundless possibilities, the undeveloped wealth, the potentialites and the  many other hifalutin phrases that do duty in almost every  "write up" of new mining-districts, are no strangers to Bound  ary Creek. They did duty when the district was in an undeveloped condition and occasionally they are heard to-day.  These phrases sound well btit they did not and do not bring  the district a large population of happy contented people.  After all that is what the district requires. It will become  an ideal '.mining-, district when the hills are teeming-with  contented miners each doing- his share of the work of producing- wealth and when the valley is the scene of a larg-e  commercial centre, progressive and prosperous because  adjacent and tributary thereto are many mines which are=  producing- sufficient wealth to pay men's wages and return  * their owners handsome profits. The development of the  mining- properties and the construction of railways, while  they bring a temporary prosperity are simply agents forming the backbone of every mining district���regular and permanent shipping mines.  Individual mine owners and incorporated companies are  now making strong efforts towards placing their properties  on shipping bases. At the present time probably the most  extensive preparations are being made by the Old Ironsides  Company, lytd. This company and its sister company (if  this term is permissable) the Knob Hill Gold Mining Company, are the product of the genius of Mr. Jay P. Graves of  Spokane one of the shrewd mining operators of that city,  famous in the Northwest for its successful mining men.  Mr. Graves acquired control of the Old Ironsides and  Knob Hill properties. He was fully convinced that he had  secured properties which could be made paying mines and  believing this it was not a difficut matter for him to make  others agree with his view. The result was the organization of strong financial men, into two mining- companies.  The Old Ironsides Company was incorporated with a capital  of $1,000,000. Mr. S. E- Rig-gs, a prominent Spokane druggist,'is'the president; Mr. Jay P. Graves, Vice-president  and Managing-director, and Geo.-,W. Wooster, cashier of the  Exchange National Bank, secretary-treasurer.  The Knob Hill Gold Mining Company has a capital of  $1,500,000. Mr. S. H."C. Miner of the famous Granby Rubber Company is president; Jay P. Graves vice-president and  managing-director and A. E. White of Montreal? secretary-  treasurer. Mr. Miner owns a larg-e number of shares in  both companies.  The companies' properties are situated in Greenwood  camp about six miles from the city of Greenwood. There  is a good wag-on road to both. They were located when the  eld mineral Act was in force and consequently are 600 feet  by 1500 feet.    Both are crown granted.  It will, take some time to postively   determine  the   min  eral formation of the claims. Either the hill on which they  are situated is one solid mass of ore Or contains a series of  wide parallel ledges. In all probability the latter is the  correct assumption and both claims contain more than one  of those enormous ore bodies which are striking characteristics of Boundary Greek mining properties.  East September a plant was installed on the Old Ironsides mine. It consists of a 50-horse power boiler, a steam  ; hoist, a Cameron pump and two Rand drills. With this  plant good work was done on the Old Ironsides but for the  purpose of developing the Knob Hill and also carrying on  more aggressive work on the Old Ironsides the plant lias  been increased. E. M. Aldrich of Rossland is now placing  in position a ten-drill compressor recently purchased from  the Canadian Rand Drill Co. This compressor will be at'  work next week. The air will be forced through pipes from  the Old Ironsides to, the Knob Hill a distance of about 1000  feet to work the'drills on the latter property.  On the Old Ironsides a shaft has been sunk a 170 feet.  The first 80 feet is through ore and the balance in the foot-  wall. At 100 feet a drift of 108 feet crosscuts what is supposed to be the main ledge. For 80 feet this drift runs  through solid ore. Up to the present time but little work  has been done on the Knob Hill outside of surface work  such as open cuts. A tunnel is now being run in at the  north end of the claim to cross cut the main ledge at a depth  of 150 feet. The tunnel is in 100 feet, every foot being in  ore of fair value.  .The intentions of the Old Ironsides Company is to sink  = to the 200 foot level and drift eastward to the -'main ledge.  As soon as this is done the. company will stope for shipping  ore. The ore from both properties is excellent smelting ore  carrying its own fluxes. The- surf ace values from the Old  Ironsides run from $9 to $12 and from $12 to $30 at 100 feet.  The Knob Hill ore will probably yield similar values. Were  there any facilities for shipping the Old Ironsides could be  placed in a position for steady shipping within sixty days.  It will be seen that both companies intend utilizing the  one plant for the development of their properties. The  buildings are located on the Old Ironsides.    They consist of  a shaft house and compressor room, office, sleeping and  boarding houses and superintendent's residence.    Owing to  a larger number of men now employed, a large boarding-  house will be erected convenient to the workings on both  properties. An excellent water supply is secured through  pipes from an underground stream on   the   Victoria   claim.  In addition to a good water supply, both properties are  heavily timbered insuring plenty of fuel for several  years.  The companies   are  fortunate   in securing good men to  locally manage their properties.    W. Y.   Williams, the superintendent, has had a long-   and   successful   experience in  the management of mines.    For several years   he  was superintendent of one of the big- mines of the Cour d' Alene district.    Mr. J. F. Hemenway, the agent for both   companies,  is an experienced business man who will   successful!}'' look  after the increasing   business   in   connection with the employment of so.many-men.    There are now 28 men employed.    The pay roll will amount to   nearly  $3,000 per   month.  The force will be slightly increased as soon as the compressor plant is installed.  The Phoenix, .ZEtna, Fourth of July and Victoria, adjoining claims are owned by shareholders in the companies.  Some development work is being done on   these properties.  The Old Ironsides and Knob Hill companies have plenty  of working capital. The shareholders are some of the prominent moneyed men of the country. They own two of the  most promising properties in the district. They are making- every preparation to make their mines shippers. With  transportation facilities and chtap treatment, they are  sure to materially assist in making Boundary Creek an  ideal mining district by employing a large number of men,  by producing- wealth and by securing- for themselves handsome dividends on the capital invested.  ������** m*i  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  PUNISHMENT   FOR   SELFISHNESS.  The business men of the British Columbia Coast cities  are now beginning  to  realize   that   they   made  a serious  error in opposing- the  Corbin  charter.  The Crow's, Nest railway  is  nearing  completion  to    Kootenay   Eake.    Already   the  C. P.   R.   Co.,   has  booked  freight in   carload   lots   from   eastern  points to this route.    Active construction   is 'being pushed on   the railway  from Robson to  Boundary Creek.    No  bona fide effort is being made  to construct   the    Penticton   railway.    The  business men of the Coast cities worked  to defeat the Corbin   charter   because  they were afraid the railway when constructed  would  carry   goods   not purchased   from   themselves.    They  now  find that they   were  playing  into   the  hands of the eastern  merchants.    The  eastern merchants will soon have direct  connection with   the  rich   mining regions of   Southern   British    Columbia.  The Coast merchants made every effort  to kill the  only railway  which  would  give them direct connection.    Had Mr.  Corbin been allowed  to build, the road  would be-now  almost completed.    Victoria and  Vancouver  merchants could  ship  goods direct   to Boundary   Creek  via Spokane.  From all appearance the Robson  railway will be constructed before the  Penticton road is properly begun. The  eastern wholesaler will have the advantage. The selfish Coaster has  blindly worked against.his own interest. Under the circumstances he can  scarcely expect sympathy from Boundary Creek.  The people of Victoria are handicapped by the moneyed mossbacks. They  see no merit in any scheme that does  not benefit Victoria to the exclusion of  every other portion of the province.  Their selfishness isolates their city  and antagonizes those who would like  to be their business friends.  Men Are Scarce.  A dispatch from Brooklyn says that  the construction work is going on  smoothly. The contract for the 3,700-  f obt tunnel has been let, and operations  on it will commence as soon as  machinery can be got on the ground.  The tote road is completed to the summit, and there is considerable travel  from here to Grand Forks, Cascade  and Midway over the trail. The tote  road will be pushed through to Cascade  City with all possible haste. Men are  scarce. There is work for 1,500 more  than are here at present.  Unregistered Voters.  All residents of the district, properly  qualified, whose names do not appear  on the provincial voters' list, should  register at once. The uncertainty of  the last election may result in another  general election within a short time.  There are over one hundred men resident in Boundary Creek who have so  far neglected to register. They should  lose no time in doing so.  Geo.   Miller   returned     on   Monday  from a trip to the West Fork.  m  pi  'SSCS  wc'f>  IS  We can quite understand it, but there  one thing' of more importance to the  people jiving in the Boundary Creek  district than  =?i?S'  '=B��5  And that is where yo can get the  common necessaries of life. The White  Front Store, Greenwood, carries a full  stock of A 1 quality in Groceries, Hams,  Bacon, Butter, Eggs, Etc., the Best Money-  Can Buy, Goods for Camps and Prospectors delivered free. Hotels and boarding  houses should get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.  Be sure you call at the right place  White Front Store, Government street,��next door to  the Drug  Store, Greenwood.  The  siS  SiS  SiS  SiS  m  sis  sis  sts  m  ,sis  sis  SiS  m.  sis  m  SiS  ii  SAS  SiS  m  SiS  m-  SiS  m  SiS  88  SiS  m  SiS  SiS  sis  m  sis  SiS  sis  m  SiS  m  sis  m  sis  m-  sis  m.  sis  sis  Ivouis Blue.  A. Fisher.  MILLS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    %    Anaconda, B,G  Manufacturers of Roug-h and Dressed  Shingles* Lathi Mouldings*- Sash and Doors.  iV*-    *v*   ^  ���lis?      -��rS     ���>is!  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER.  Lumber delivered to any,place in the City or lo  Mining Camps  ig^TO��fcAiaigp��w��Mf^wgafliiA6aaa��TMfl[HnB  aSKB3gMBllU4tiUfcMUWgJU*IJ��M  o you Want a Sewing Machine ?  If you do, Never Forget that we have placed in  stock with our other lines of Household Furnishings-  some FIRST-GLASS MACHINES. We buy  them direct from the manufacturers and are prepared  .to sell at prices to suit the times.  We call your special attention to our new  Which  can  be  seen   at  our  St  COPPFR STRFFT, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  KETTLE   RIVER   MINING   DIVISION.  it  "i.  .if  f  ?f  f   f;  Record  of Mineral  Locations for  the   Week  Ending July 19th, 1898.  ��� July 12 ���   '   .  Coronation, near Midway^, A. J. Flett.  Independence, Eong- Eake camp, H. Drang-hon.  ;   "July 14. ,  Old Bird, Eong-Eake camp, W. E. C, Gordon.  July 16.     "���;,:;  Gideon, Randolph, Ellen and Berkeley,  Cedar  creek, D. H. Biddle and G. G. Gerow. _.'.'.  Mountain  Boome,  Canyon  creek, F. C. Boone  \    and G. C. Gerow.  J Nellie gS   (fractional),  Deadwood ,camp,  S.   S.  Edwards and J. W. Powell.  Gloucester, Welliug-ton camp, J. Mullig-an.  Commander   (fractional),   Copper   camp, I. H.  Hallett.  Falcon, Central camp, Thos. Hog-an.  General  Shafter, White's  camp, Thos. Hog-an.  ,   Philadelphia, White's camp, E. Kelly.  Blue Bird, Boundary mountain,  E.  Cody and  T. Stephenson.  L E, Skylark camp, G. Beardsley.  John Gilpin and Balaclava, Canyon creek, J.R.  Reilieand H. A. Haj^wood.  Hiland Mary, Cedar creek, J. R. Reilie and J.  Josephine, Main Kettle river, E- Onelette.  July 19.  Albion, Providence camp, T. Dobie.  Dublin, Wallace creek,  John Gillan.  Victoria, Wallace creek, J. P. O'Rourke.  Black Hawk, West Copper camp, J. P.O'Rourke  and J. Gillau.  Oxford    (fi-actional),   Eong-   Eake   camp,   Ed.  Myers.'  Eong- Eake (fractional), Eong- Eake camp, J. A.  Cameron.  Triangle    (fractional),   Greenwood    camp,   C.  Scott Gallowa}^  Certificates of Work.  <       July 13    ���-''  Starlig-ht, F. K. McMaun  Don Julio, F. Keffer  Barrow and Keystone, J. B. Desrosiers et al  Constellation, H. E-Drang-han  Phillipsburg-, F. C. Inues.   '  Smug-g-ler, Joker and Apex, J. P. Dermody et al  Crocker Jack, Harry Nash ,.  Blue Jay, G. W. Ruiuberg-er.  July 13  Ruthy Bell. W. T. Smith et al.  July 14.  Hackla, C. Newman, et ri  Nickle Plate^ C. Peterson et al  July 15.  Spring-dale," E. C. Wickwire and E. C. Cargill  Manchester (fractional), F. W. McEaine and R.  H. Berg-man  July 16  Falcon, Mary Garland et al  Gold Bug-, J. R. Kelly.  July 18.  Mai-3^ K, P. J. O'Eoug-hlin.  No. 3, John Doug-las.  Transfers.  July 13  Mother Eode, all interest,  F. Keffer to B.  C.  Copper Co, limited.  Offspring-, fractional, all interest, F. Keffer  to  B. C. Copper company  Primrose, all interest, J. Schofield and Wm. G.  McM3m.11 to the B. C. Copper compau}^.  .Nellie and May, % interest, N. Tholl and J. R.  Greden to D. D. McEaren and "W. McMynu  July 13  Welling-ton No. 1,1-15 interest, N. J. Harris to  J. A. McDonald.  July i4  Nickle   Plate, %   interest,   J.   Peterson   to   C.  Newman.  Maine,   %   interest,  W.  W. Dresser   to   N. E.  Peterson.  ���Offspring-, all interest, Eewis Hind to F. Kaffer  Cemetry   Site.  The site selected for the cemetry adjoins the D. A. mineral claim. It contains about 27 acres of level land. The  situation is verv picturesque and with  small expense can be made into a very  beautiful cemetery. The distance  from Greenwood is less than a mile.  The land is unoccupied and in all probability the government will donate it  to the city for cemetry purposes. The  Oddfellows intend acquiring a portion  as in the old cemetry and as soon as  the title is secured will at once proceed  to make necessary improvements.  ������  Is prepared to supply the trade with first-class Bottled Beer  manufactured  by   the   "Lion   Brewery   Company,   I/td.,''  of Rossland.    The beer is shipped in.   bulk,   and  bottled by  '  steam   in   Greenwood.    Manufacturers   of  Soda   Water   and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks.  -iBisasaB  I^eave your order with  Columbian Steam Bottling Works, near the Saw Mill, Greenwood  gflE *&* Jk* Wg<* tM* J&* ��&�� J&�� ��&�� JR* t&�� J&�� fc&6 JjL tM* ft*ft* ��&�� t&�� 6&4 fc&* t&* &&����&�� vjR* JfU J^  A  Wholseale and Retail Dealers in".  FRESH   AND   SAETED   MEATS ���  ���    '';     HAMS,   BACON,   EARD,    Etc. : : : V  GREENWOOD, GRAND PORKS. & MIDWAY.  wi!*aHMgwpawaw^iiTCa.TpGqag5  (^wwb ,����� 11 j|H||i f, t r*mm  Boilers,  Pumps,  Cars,  Wheels,  Electric  Batteries  and Fuse,  Stamp Mills;  Compressors,  Drills,  Hose,  Oils & Waste,  Pipe & Fittings  Gongs, &c,  STOCK     OIM      H[/\lSrE>     J\T     ROSSLAND.  o  ��     ��  o     o  F.   R.   MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  MiHimnwir/fU'T ���������"���"���'"����"���  , KETTLE  iEz i \ .  FlRST-CEASS  ACCOMMODATION.     GOOD   STABEING.      STOPPING PEACE  FOR STAGES.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors, ��  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Mr. Arthur Mowat has taken an  office in the new Barrett block.  Mrs. G. R. Naden left last Sunday  oh a visit to friends in Rossland.  A convention of the opposition party  was held in Vancouver on Wednesday  -last.-  '��� .��� ���, .  The Masons of the city have" held  several meeting's recently, preparatory  to organizing a local lodge.   ,  The Misses Nelson, of Nelson, Wash.,  and Miss McL,aren, of Carson, B. C,  paid Greenwood a visit last week.  F. W. Matthews <ofNelson, representing- Dunn's financial agency, paid  Greenwood a business visit  this week.  Martin McMartin who made a trip to  Greenwood last year is again in the  district. Mr. McMartin will probably  reside here.  Jas. McGregor, ex-M. P. P. for  Nanaimo, has been appointed provincial inspector of mines. Mr. Mc-���  Gregor is an experienced mining man.  Mayor Wood and Aid. Galloway left  on Tuesday for the West Fork, where  they will look after their mining interests. They expect to be away two  weeks.  Ivord and Lady Aberdeen visited  Rossland this week and were accorded  a royal reception by the citizens. They  are making a farewell trip through  the country.  The provincial government has just  refunded to the Corporation of the City  of Greenwood $77 being the final payment on account of the refund of taxes  for the year 1897. '���''."'  Messrs.   Smailes   and   Naden  drove  out   to   Penticton   on   Sunday.      Mr.  Naden   went   to   Vernon,   while    Mr.  "Smailes went to the  coast  to   buy extensively for his firm.  W. S. Fletcher has gone to the West  Fork to carry out some improvements  on his pre-emption there. Mr. Fletcher  has a group of 17 claims in that vicinity,  from which he has received some high  assays, some running $135 in gold.  Frederick R. Marvin, one of Spokane's brightest newspaper writers, visited Greenwood and surrounding mining- camps this week. He is securing  data for a series of magazine ai tides.  Mr. Marvin left Greenwood for Republic and expects to return here in a few  weeks.  The volunteer fire department held a  meeting' on Saturday evening, when  Iy. B. Pearse was chosen fire chief.  Mr. Pearse has also been chosen night  watchman. He has had considerable  experience as a member of the Seattle  fire department and also as a member  of the Seattle police force.  The current issue of the .Gazette  contains a notice of registration of the  City of Paris Gold Mining- company.  The head office is in Spokane, and the  capital of the company is $1,200,000.  The company take over the City of  Paris mine, and Henry White of  White's camp is the attorney.  The provincial government should  lose no time in awarding the contract  for the new school building. The  present building is too small for the  number of school children in the city.  Unless the contra.ct is awarded at once,  there will be scarcely time to properly  construct the building before the vacation comes to a close.  A large number of freighters came  in this week with goods  from Marcus.  P. F. Richardson, a well known  coast drummer, was in Greenwood this  week.  Geo. Seymour of the Windsor hotel  has returned frpm a business trip to  Rossland.  C. A. Carman a Vancouver commercial man paid Greenwood a business  visit this week.  ���D..-R. Campbell, J. Cameron and M.  Mclvain have returned from a prospecting trip to Bull Creek.  The new saw mill, at IQholt Creek is  now in position and will begin turning  out lumber in a few days.  The Great Northern will probably  take over the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway about August 1.  Messrs. Snodgrass & Sons have now  a four horse stage running daily between Greenwood and,Grand Forks.,  W. R. Robbins has just received  some stylish driving Steams and rigs  from Spokane ; also some good saddle  horses.  A ball for the benefit of the R. C.  church was given in Barrett's hall on  Friday evening. There was a good  attendance.  President Corbin of the Spokane  Falls & Northern Railway gives a farewell picnic to all his employes at L/Oon  Ivake to-morrow.  J. P. Flood, manager of the Kettle  River Dressed Beef & Provision Co.,  returned on Wednesday from a business trip to Spokane.  Rev. T. C. Guy who was reported ill  at Vancouver, is again about. He is  occupying the pulpit of Mt. Pleasant  Church fona few Sundays.  One of the big boilers for the Mother  Ivode was taken to the niine this week.  Twelve horses were required to haul it.  The boiler is the largest ever brought  into the district! ;  Rev. Father Palmer will conduct  services in the Catholic church to-morrow, as follows: High mass and sermon at 10:30 a. m.; evening devotions  and sermon at 7:30 p. m.  The Greenwood hospital will be  closed after next week. Dr. R. W.  Jakes will have his office in the hospital building, while Dr. Foster's office  will be above Miller Bro's. drug  store.  Sydney M. Johnson, M. E}., P. Iv. S., <-  left-on Tuesday for the X/ardeau  country where he will expert a mining property for eastern  people.    Ronald Harris, M. E}., went to Rossland with him.  Walter J. Francis and wife left  Greenwood last week for Cascade City  where Mr. Francis intends engaging  in business. G. B. I^eyson has purchased his interest in the Gem Cigar  Store.  Messrs. Campbell & Cropley's flour  and feed store is now completed. They  : expect their stock in next week. Ivarge  weighing scales have been placed near  the building and will be a great convenience to those selling produce.  G. Arthur Rendell left Newfoundland on the 15th inst, and is expected  home about the end of the month.  Charles Rendell will not return until  fall. He has gone prospecting on the  northern end of Newfoundland where  some rich mineral discoveries have  recently been made.  The second boiler for the Mother  lyode mine reached Greenwood yesterday.  ��� ..  E). M. E}. Munns left yesterday for  Rossland, where he will spend several  weeks.  Mr.   England, the C. P. R. engineer,  and his men have arrived  at  Cascade  " City.''  C. M. Shaw, C. E}., has surveyed the  claims recently purchased by Messrs.  Cargill and Wick wire.  J. W. Nelson of the Pioneer hotel is  running a pipe from the waterworks  into his hotel building.  Tax Collector Taylor collected most  of the licenses for the current half  year during the past week.  J. R. Seatle and W. R. Seatle, Lyon-  don, Eyng., are visiting Greenwood and  surrounding mining camps.  C. Kingsley Milbourne, Nelson, arid  W. P. Dickson, Kaslo, were among the-  arrivals in the city this week.  T.   P.   Mclntyre traveler  for J. H.  Ashdown of Winnipeg, the well known  hardware man, paid Greenwood a business visit this week.  All cheques and legal documents  coming from the American side now  bear a neat stamp, a contribution to  the war tax of the country.  Real estate at Cascade City is advancing in price. Half a lot opposite  Rocheseri's   store   sold  lately for $300  cash,  lot.  A  hotel  will be erected on this  Over $8,000 worth of work is to be  done on the Algonquin group on Cascade mountain, near Cascade City, in  order to get the crown grants for  seventeen claims.  J. E}. Boss has several men at work  on the Brooklyn and Stem winder. Mr.  Boss has fitted up an assay office near  the Brooklyn hotel and is carefully  sampling the ore as the work progresses-  The telephone line is now running  to Grand Forks, The poles are,strung  along the road on this side of Grand  Forks, and the line will soon be. in  Greenwood. The company is under  contract to have it completed to Green*-  wood by August 15.  '���        .   ���  6"' '  There is a 2 per cent, discount on  Canadian money in Spokane now.  The change was brought about by the  Spokane banks. The reason for the  change is not given. It may be that  the bankers took this way to show their  appreciation of the Anglo-American  alliance.  A. M. Mcintosh, of Nelson, arrived  in the city this week and intends remaining here. He is a well-known  contractor who has invested heavily in  Nelson real estate. Mr. Mcintosh is  very favorably impressed with Greenwood and will probably make investments here.  By the time all the streets of Greenwood are macadamized after the style  opposite the Russell Hardware Company's store house, it will be necessary  to build overhead roadways for the  traffic. Huge rocks from excavations  for building purposes make streets of a.  permanent character, but we are afraid  they do not add to their utility. Until  the present we were under the impression that the streets were reserved for  traffic. It appears however that they  are to be used as convenient  dumping  grounds. I.I  fcv  k  /  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Placer Gold.  A veteran placer man arrived from  EJock Creek this week with some coarse  .gold. He had worked with several  men who have tapped the old Victoria  flume for sluicing purposes. They are  meeting with good success and are  likely to make quite a clean up this  summer. Before leaving for Greenwood, the Miner panned for two days  jand succeeded in* securing over $14  'worth of coarse gold which was sold to  D. McEylmon, the jeweler. He reports  that considerable work is being done  on Baker Greek where discoveries have  recently been made.  GREENWOOD   AND   DISTRICT.  Parties have been using dynamite to  kill fish in Christina lake.  T. R. E/lla, traveler for ' Mct/ary  stoves, arrived by Friday's Penticton stage.  A. K. Stuart, Collector of Inland  Revenue, returned yesterday from  Christina Ivake. ���.���������'     ,  Mr. Graham of Evdwards' ferry has  bought T. Townsend's interest in the  Grand Forks brewery;  Mr. Rochesen is erecting a store at  Evnglish Point Bay, Christina I^ake, on  the Trail between Brooklyn and Cas-  cede.  The wagon road from Brooklyn is  now within two miles east of the summit. Sixty men are at work on this  road. , r ������.,.���  The C. P. R. have made an arrangement with the Cascade City townsite  people regarding lots and station  grounds.  A trail is needed very badly from  Iyavalley's to EJnglish Point. Some of  the promised road work has been done  around Christina I^ake.  J.P.Harlan has decided to go to  Manilla instead of Cuba. He left Spokane last week for San Francisco  where he intends to enlist.  Peter Genelle got the contract for all  the bridge timber and trestle work near  Cascade City. A great deal of trestle  work is required in this district.  Mr. W. D. Glaze of Midway has  secured the contract for twelve miles  of wagon road in Kootenay. The contract was awarded by the provincial  government.  Another effort will be made to secure  the charter for the Kettle River Valley  Railway.    Messrs.   Bodwell   & Irving,  solicitors for the company are advertising the usual notice.  There is a great rush of men into the  Burnt Basin district. Work is being  done on the EJdison group, Solid Gold  and other claims. Several sales have  recently been made of Burnt Basin  claims.  Nominations were held in Cassiar on  July 15th and polling will take place  on August 6th. Captain Irving and  W. D. Clifford are the government candidates. D. MacTavish is running- for  the opposition.  ' J. Dorsey has applied to C..A. R.  I^ambly for a license for the new hotel  which is being erected on Wm. Forrest's pre-emption at the bend of Mc-  Rae creek which is close to the Burnt  Basin mining camp and on the railway  route. The Forrest ranch is being  turned into a townsite.  A- Quiet Week.  Real estate was quiet last week and  but few transfers were reported. A  few lots exchanged hands at good  prices but the sales were not so extensive as the week previous. Several  prospective buyers; are in the city however and it is quite probable that some  big sales will be made next week.  There is also a temporary lull in the  building- boom.. No new contracts  were let during the week but the architects are preparing plans for some  large buildings that are to be erected  shortly. Good progress is being made  with the many buildings in course of  construction.  *       a  m       b  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  -AND-  The Best Canadian.  SOLE AGKNTS  R. P. Rithet & Co. Ltd.  victoria'    B.C.  *> * /  GREENWOOD  y V V  I!.  I* ft t*  PRACTICAL  ^   f*   X  TINSMITHS AND PLUMBERS  All   Kinds    of    Jobt    Work,  Roofing,   Etc,  Workshop one door north  of Furniture Stor e  Copper Street.  Financial and Insurance Agent  VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT  FOR  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Ro3ral Insurance Co.-  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Compan}" of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building- & Loan Association.  APPRAISER FOR  The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  FOURTH OF JULY mineral claim, asituate  in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district.    Where located: Greenwood   camp.  TAKE notice that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  ag-ent for Jay P. Graves, freeminer's certi  ficate No. 95494, intend, sixt.y days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining- a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of June, 1898. 92  Trade Mark  VERNON,    B. C.  HUNGARIAN -��� -  Bondsl   TrlREE   STAR  ^     STRONG BAKERS'  SUPERFINE  All made b}'the celebrated Hungarian Plansifter system. Try some,  niad.e''by. the only Plansifter Mill in  the Province.        .  Whole Wheat Plour a specialty  Bran, Shorts, Chop. etc.  Established .1802. '  ^^KSKVvvw  Manufacturers of Furni^  lure/Upholstery,: etc, J^  Importers of Crockeiwlf Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paj)er, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throug-hout.- All orders, no  matter how larg-e, promptly filled, as we have  the'        ���....-,-....'.���'-������.."������..-:'  Lfiffinwiiirafii  J^  Ate  J!c  J.V4  'SIP *SW       ������IIP  Write us for Catalog-ue and Price List.  .ilfe    ^'i.    j>'i.      ���  -'ip  iip  ftp  VICTORIA,   B.C.  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  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KOTICE is hereby g-iven that, sixty days  after date, I in'iond to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and "Works for permission to purchase the following- described tract  of land, situated in tlie Osoyoos division of  Yale, district : 'Commencing- at a stake planted  in the Eholt Pass, about two thoosand feel west  of the summit and. about half a mile south of  Eholt creek, thence north one mile, thence east  one mile, thence south one mile, thence west  one mile to the place of beginning, containing-  6*0 acres. H. T. WILGRESS. "  Greenwood, B. C. June 21, 1898. 94-8  ���T  Boundary Valley   Lodge,  No'; 38, I.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  .     a    Evening    at   8.00   in  their lodge room at Greeuwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning- brethren. W. M. Law, N.G.  D. C. McRae, Rec. Sec.  Court Boundary, No, 3576, I.O.F.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  on the last Thursday evening- of every  mouth. "Visiting- Members are cordially welcomed.  GEORGE F. MILLER,  G. A. Guess,       ''���'. Recording-Secretary.  Chief Rangrer. 45  BBl ^sr^tiJi#Wtr.-st( Tj i��*u  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  a ���������������'.-'��� ��� T1  5  ��� >-��4��>>Mt��iHe>-e^eMM��>^<c>'��-<��wHa��'��4e>'(HiiHM��j  EDWARDS'        ;  Copper Street, Greenwood.  I  A  3  All kinds of -Photographic Work at  Moderate, Prices.  -    Everjr Photo g-uaran teed ��� to g"ive  __ Satisfaction.  i  a  T  1  e  v  a  r  e  A  a  T  ���*ip  'E. J." EDWARDS,  Greenwood,   BiC.  T  }  A  Y  a  A  a  Y  ?  o  Y  a  A  a  v  e  A  0  Y  a  A  a  Y  a  Y  a.  A  o  Y  1  e  v  a  A  a  Y  a .  A.  n  Y  a  A  e  Y  ?  ������o-<o>��e<��>-��-����>-��-4 b ��������*��������-'< sMM����^��M^��MW��^����>*<iM-<  PU33LISHED  BY  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross .....1..  W. J. Harber...:........!   : ...Editor.  ........Manag-er.  Advertising-Rates are  One  Dollar per inch  per month.   Leg-al notices, 10c. and Sc. per line.  No "quack" or  remedy  ads.  inserted at any  price.   Subscriptions are due in advance ; other,  accounts paj'able monthly.  Addi-ess all communications to  ,   ' The Times,  ; Greenwood, B.C.  Subscription, $2.00, per Year, in Advance.  SATURDAY, JULY 23, 1898.  ������e-��ei>-���>-<e>o-<G>-e-<��>-e-<ja>'��-��eO!-e-4��^e->)93>o-<!G>-��<!<��-e-<a><-��-<GY  J A blue pencil mark in this space indi- ��� ��  f cates that your Subscription is due....; f  T^a��&>-Q<c>o^*^GHa>-oMe>>B-<o0O��-a-<&>-e'4e>>-<9-<8>-f��-<ici>-��>-4eF>-o-<<co  TURNER.  SHOULD   RESIGN.  The British North America Act furnishes no machinery by which a defeated  government can immediately be forced  ' to resig-n. If Hon. Mr. Turner, disregards practice and precedent he may  retain office until the legislature is called and he is defeated by the members  there. It is true that the JUieutenant-  governor may carry into effect the  wishes of the- people expressed at the  polls and dismiss his advisers. Such,  was the course practically adopted by  Ivord Aberdeen when the conservative  administration attempted to cling to  office after its defeat at the last federal  election. To do so is likely to engender bitter, feeling and is scarcely in  accordance with the popular conception  of representative .government. Unless  Mr. Turner wishes to be kicked out of  office he should gracefullv resign at  once. He has been defeated honorably  and he should acknowledge'his- defeat  by'making'-way for the victors. An  attempt,to bolster up a lost cause by  clinging to office and using every expedient and artifice to secure a majority for himself is anything- but dig-nifi-  ed and we are greatly mistaken if it  will be tolerated by the L/ieutenant-  ���governor.  The popular vote is strongly against  Mr. Turner. A reference to the total  vote polled will show that a large majority of the people were against the  administration but owing to the unfair  redistribution bill the . majorit_v of the  people are not equitably represented in  the house and consequent^ the number, of   opposition   members   is not   as  , large as could be desired. As soon as  the opposition are in power a fair redistribution should be passed immediately. An election fought under such a  measure will not give the Turner party  half a dozen members in the house.  RAILWAY   NOTES.  W. T. Tye, Chief engineer; of the C.  P. R. and J. K. Stevens, Chief engineer for the contractors arrived in  . Greenwood last Saturday coming over  the surveyors' trail from Brooklyn.  Mr. Stevens stated that tip to that time  but slow progress had been made on  the wagon road owing to the absence  of men. Arrangements had been  made,however,whereby men were coming, in faster and he expected the road  . to be completed to Cascade City within 30 days. The contractors were getting men from all-over the continent,  many returning from the Teslin I^ake  country.  Mr. Stevens also stated that until  the contractors could have some assurance that the supply of men could be  incresed no effort would be made to  scatter the work but that it would be  concentrated on the worst portions of  the road during the good weather. He  expected to , have about 2000 men at  work at the summit near the North  Fork early in August and possibly at  other points on this side of the divide.  Mr. Stevens was one of the Chief engineers for the Great Northern Railway  but resigned his position to accept that  of Chief engineer for the contractors.  It is stated that Mr. Tye has definite-  ly announced that the station in Greenwood will be across Boundary Creek  on the level bench there. This meets  the wishes of all the people and calms  those who feared that their property  would be ruined by the railway run-,  ning on this side of Boundary Creek.  Two sub-contracts have been let  along Christina L,ake, one for three  miles and one for five miles. It is- reported that a large trestle is to be  erected across Kettle  river  at Cascade  The contract for widening to stand- :  ard gauge the Columbia & Western  railway between Rossland and Trail  has been awarded to Winters, Parsons  & Boomer, The work is to be completed bv October 20.  Bxgntxw^ncaaczs^asKsaafJi^sa^u  :ic^r��Q2i~nvr==Kiar��s^3itc^;'^--- --*:iz.xxx!zx��  Highest  Awarded  KZDTS  s  Fair,  Fair.  A Pure Crape Cream of  40 YEARS THE  Powder,  H.   HALLETT,  (Xttisitt, Moixcxiott  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,.  Jtofnnctdf JL&nb |iutt>ego?  AND  CIVIL ENGINEER,   .  Qtofar^ (pXlfiUC ��� MIDWAY,    B.C.  JOHN   A.  CORYELL,  a.m., B.C.A.       j/]7v",  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrig-atiou Projects, Engineering- and Survey  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining-Division.  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office:���Camp McKinney.  N'B.���Some   valuable;  Mining-    Properties   in  Camp McKinney and -vicinity for disposal.  G.  A.   GUESS, M;A.  H.  A.  GUESS,  M.A.  Assayers & Chemists.  Thorougiily familiar with Boundar3r Creek  and Pairvievv mining- districts. Properties  examined, assa3rs and analj^ses of ores, fuels,,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  QUARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  <S)ominton anb  (pwbinciat ficmo ��3urEe��or.  GREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  SUCCESSOR  TO  d..   P.   HARLAN,  GREENWOOD  B.C.  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The flour is made from wheat grown by the shareholders in the mill, and is made by the latest improved machinery.  Okanagan  Flour  Mill   Go.'s  Flour  is  THE  BEST !  .   IMPROVED   POSTAL   SERVICE.  Since the reference to the mail service published elsewhere, was written,  the welcome news has been received  from Mr. Hewitt Bostock, M. P., that  in response to his application for a  daily mail service between Greenwood  arid Grand Forks, the postoffice department at Ottawa has agreed to inaugurate, the service at the rate of $25 per  month. This will probably remove the  many inconveniences to which the people have been subjected during- the  past few months and it is hoped that  in the future a regular service will be  maintained.  Mr. Bostock has also succeeded in  securing a postoffice for Greenwood  Camp and Thos. Roderick has been  appointed postmaster. This will be a  great convenience to the large number  of men employed in the vicinity. The  post office will be located in Wynkop &  Stevens' store.  The people in the district greatly ap  preciate Mr. Bostock's services in  securing an improved service. Mr.  Bostock's popularity as a representative of the people is principally due to  the fact that he is always ready to listen to the wishes of his contstituents  and never neglects to interest himself  in their behalf.  SALE   OF    LIQUOR    ON    ELECTION   DAY.  of the Colonial hotel appeared to defend himself. In both cases the magistrate stated that the advice they had  received was wrong and that they had  broken the law, and fined them $10  and costs."  csKKST.Tra mma&Tr:  Several in the city appeared to be in  doubt as to whether bar-rooms should  have been kept closed the entire day  of election. The following from New  Westminster will throw considerable  light upon the subject :  " In the police court yesterday morning two test cases were tried with  reference to the Election Act. The  Guichon and the Colonial hotels, after  having legal advice in the matter,  opened their doors after 4 o'clock on  the day of July 9th, provincial election  day, for which they were summoned by  the police. Mr. W. H. Kdmonds represented the Colonial, and  the  manager  ^i^0^m^i*  n  /r,    SITTING of  the County  Court of  Yale  X\L     will be lioldeu at ,  Midway   on:   Monday  the 10th day  of October,  1898.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  WM.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office, d.k.c.c.  Midway, 14th July, 1.898. 97-4  Dissolution of Partnership,  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby g-iven that the  partnership heretofore subsisting- between  the undersig-ned, as carpenters and contractors,  at Greenwood, B. C, under the iirm name of  Desrosiers & Bourk, is this dav dissolved bv  mutual consent. J. B. DiCSROSIERS."  A. BOURK.  Greenwood, B. C. Julv 15th, 1898. 97-4  .-!��� Vtc*WSfa:i.> riikiU/iJ^fln .S.<u��*V *!���*����  mi.^as ���=tu*eKMM��w.s��  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  ^jmjaaaai cTjjaua .  ^\^T��^r^t'^^ivsjs^,:iV!r^^srxvrzr:  A   CHANGE   OF   FRONT.  The   Rossland  Miner   is  politically  almost as fickle  as  the   Grand  Forks  Miner.    Previous   to  the  election, the  Miner told the people that James Martin had no ability, .that  he  could not  properly   represent   the    people,    and  that he was  lacking- in many'qualities,,  necessary   in    a   successful   member.  After the   election   it  seriously   urges  that James Martin be. made minister of  mines, because he  could  fill  the position better than any  other man in the  "house.    Mr. Martin is  now  a  man of  ability and a credit to  the  District of  Rossland.    Now, Mr.   Martin   has not  improved very much in   the two short  weeks   which   have  passed  since  the "  election.    In fact  there  was  scarcely  room  for  improvement.    The  change  for the better is in the Rossland Miner.  It belongs to that class of newspapers  that have no  political  principles, that  fight for the party in  power in  order  to secure  government  patronage, and  is  willing*  to  change just as soon  as  that  government  is  defeated.    There  are   several   of   those   papers   in   the  province ; the Rossland Miner is about  the   worst.    We   hope   that   the   new,  government   will   allow  it to  fast for  some time before feeding it on government pap. ������.'"���..,'    ' '   '���  POLITICAL   CRISIS.  The opposition caucus to be held at  Vancouver on the 21st may clear the  air somewhat. Doubtless some definite line of policy will be agreed on for  the purpose of ousting the govenrn-  ment from power. The sooner the opposition can force a. fresh appeal to the  people the more certain we are of a  strong government. And the country  needs a strong government. The present condition of.affairs though a neces-  , sary transition period from one regime  to another cannot be prolonged without grave injury to the business interests of the province. If the opposition  could pass a redistribution bill before  appealing- to the people it would be  very desirable, but if that is not practicable a areneral election would give  the opposition plenty of backing to  organise a strong- progressive government.���Rossland Eeader.  Strathmore   Ore.  The shipment of ore from the Strathmore to the Tacoma smelter has turned  out   anything' but   satisfactory.    Mr.  McVicar who had charge  of  the work  sampled  the  ore   very   carefully  and  . never got a less result than $160 to the  ton.    The  smelter   only   gave   a little  over $60 to the ton   which   would leave  but    little    .profit ' after   mining   and  freighting   to  Marcus.    Mr.   C.   Scott  Galloway   is   now   in   correspondence  with   the  smelter  endeavoring- to find  out   the   reason   for the  low   smelter  values.    The Strathmore ore   has been  sampled     many     times    by   different  parties,  and   the  values received were  never as low  as   those   given   by   the  smelter.  Otto Dillier has returned from a  prospecting trip to the south half of  the reservation.  Delicious  Toothsome  TOBAOOOS...  WILLS' Famous "Navy Cut," "Traveller,"  and other lines of Tobaccos.  IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS.  /  i��'i_-i��' i  r~i / \/ ^.i j j a,  Hamill Block Copper Street.  TVTOTICE"is hereb3- given that thirt\r days  J. 3L after date, we intend to apply, to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special  license to cut timber on the following- described  piece of land, situate on Cranberry creek, a  tributary ef the West Pork of Kettle river, in  the District of Yale, B. C.: Commencing- at a  stake on the west side of Crauber^- creek, 60  chains from the mouth of said creek, thence  west 120 chains, thence south i20 chains, thence  west 120 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence  east 120 chains, thence north 20 chains, thence  east 120 chains, thence north 40 chains to place  of commencement, containing- %0 acres.  Dated 22nd June, 1898. RALPH SMAILES.  95-4 W. B. PATON.  Corporation of the City of  Greenwood,  BY-LAW   NO.  Tl.  A By-Law to Divide the City of Greenwood  into Wards and to Define Their Boundaries.  WHERKAS under and by virtue of  section 24 of the "Municipal Clauses  Act, 1896," it is enacted that " The  Council of Every Municipality shall  divide the same into Wards, so as to  allow the different portions to be  equally represented in the Council, as  near as may be on the basis of the assessed value as shown on the last revised assessment roll:"  Be it therefore enacted by the Municipal Council of the City of Greenwood  as follows :  1. The Municipality of the City of  Greenwood -shall be divided into two  wards, namely : North ward and South  Ward.    .  2. The said North ward shall, consist of all that portion of laud lying  within the said municipality, north-of  the following defined boundary : Commencing at a point where the center  line of'Greenwood street produced intersects the eastern boundary of the said  Municipality,thence westerly, following  the center line of Greenwood street to  thei ntersection of the center line of  Coppepstreet, thence north along center  line of copper street to the intersection  of the center line of Deadwood street,  thence west along the center line of  Deadwood street produced to the  western boundarj^.of said Municipality.  3. The said South ward shall consist  of all that portion of land lying within  the said municipality lying to the  south of the boundary, heretofore  described in clause 2.  This by-law may be cited as the  Ward By-LVaw, 1898.  Passed the Municipal Council July  4th,1898.  Reconsidered, adopted and finally  passed the Council this 18th day of  July, 1898.  [rv.s.] ROBERT WOOD,  Duncan Ross, Mayor.  City Clerk.  THE above is a true cop3r of a b37-law passed  by the municipal council of the corporation of the Cit\r of Greenwood on the 18th da}-  of Jury, A.D. 1898, and all persons are hereby'  required to take notice that anyone desirous of  appl3riug- to haA-e such b3*-law or any part  thereof quashed, must make his application for  that purpose to the Supreme C,ourt within one  month next after the publication of this b3r-law  in the British Columbia Gazette, or he will be  too late to be heard in that behalf.  m  DUNCAN  ROSS,  City Clerk.  %J      hi  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. oh Tuesda3^s, Thurs-  days, and Saturday's for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Forces.  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  and every day except Sunda3r for Greenwood  and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tues-  da3^s, Thursda3rs and Saturdavs at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  ���flSSr" Will sell  through Tickets  to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice.  PHCENIX Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice that'we, C. E. Gault, free  miner's certificate No. 351 A; Robert  Denzler, free miner's certificate No. 14025 A;  Thos. Tig-he, free 'miner's certificate No. 14024  A; Franklin Farrell, free miner's certificate No. 50 A, and W. T. Smith, free  miner's certificate, No. 14046 A ; intend,  sixt3^ da3'S from the date hereof;, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 9th day of June, 1898. 92-9  MINERAL,   ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  ' NOTICE.  G. A. R.,.J. A. C, S. F��� D. A., C. S. & H., Big  Eedg-e, E. C. B., Prospective, O". B., P. H.. S.  H. B., Fred D. and Spokane mineral claims,  situate in the Kettle River 'Mining- Division  of Yale District. Where Located : Deadwood  and Providence camps.  TAKE Notice that we, the Boundary Creek  Mining and Milling- Compai^, (limited  Eiabilit3r), free miner's certificate, No. 72 A,  intend, sixty da3rs from the datehereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown  Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section. 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 27th clay of May, 1898. 908  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  C. O. D. Mineral, Claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located: Deadwood camp, north of the  Sunset Mineral claim.  TAKE Notice that I, Robert Donag-in, free  miners's certificate No. 14074a,���intend, sixtj^  days from the date hereof, to appry to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a crown grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, undei  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 18th day of June, 1898. . 95-8  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE  CIMERON Mineral claim, situate in the Kettle  River mining- division of Yale district.  ��� Where located : In Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice that I, Georgr W. Rumberg-er,  free miner's. certificate, No. 83A, intend, sixty da3rs from the date hereof, to apply  ���to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  a crown   grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 9th day of June, 1898. 93-9  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  GEM (fractional) mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining- division of Yale district ���  Where located : Deadwood camp.  TAKE notice that we, John Dunn, free  miner's certificate No. 25866; E.A. Bielen  berg-, free miner's certificate No. 29,867, and  Mary Garland, free miner's certificate No.  14117 A1; intend, sixt?' days from the date hereof,  to appl3r to the Mining-Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose-of ob  tainiug- a Crown grant, of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 3rd dav of June, 1898. 92-9 ���yiiS5Ma!ma*m>�����m,,,^,���  p**^?  1  T H E   BOUNDARY   C R E E K   TIME S  gBBazgjgraegsrg^sgigar^gafBajgyys^y^  KLONDYKE   BOOM.  ^  The opening of navigation on the  Yukon river and the return of a few  Klondyke miners to civilization has  furnished the transportation companies  and the coast outfitters with an excuse  for resorting to the tactics of last year.  Everyone who has so far returned  from the northern gold regions ,is a  millionaire. Column after column is  given by the coast. papers in describing how easily prospectors have washed wealth out of the banks of the tributaries to the Yukon.  While such,.. a course may induce a  few to venture northwards the cruel  experiences of the inexperienced gold  seekers have become generally known  and the rush will not be great this  year. Even the San Francisco Examiner has given up the work of booming  the Klondyke. East year this paper  took the lead in publishing fake stories  concerning the Yukon gold fields. It  Has now come to the conclusion that it  is not a poor man's country and only  those with plenty of money should venture into the inhospitable regions.  In all probability but little will be  heard regarding the Yukon gold fields  after this season. Attention which  was temporarily diverted will be again  turned towards the more permanent  gold fields of Southern British Columbia. Capital will pour in and the  quartz mines will be developed. Boundary Creek is rapidly becoming known  in the money .'market' and this district  is sure to get a fair share of mining  investments.  INSPECT   THE   MINES.  A provincial mine inspector having  been appointed, he should lose no time  in visiting this district. We do not  profess to be mining engineers but we  do know that the opinion is prevalent  that some of the mines now being operated in the district are not as safe for  the employes as they ought to be. The  opinion is not confined to Boundary  Creek proper but to Camp,, McKinney  and Fair view as well.  In every new mining camp where  the mines are in an experimental  stage their operators generally show :a  greater anxiety for the discovery of  ore bodies than for the safety of the  men. The mine inspector should teach  them that the men's lives are to be  properly safeguarded-  East week a miner met his death in a  mine in this district. The coroner's  jury exonerated every one from blame.  We know that accidents are sometimes  unavoidable but it is surprising to  ordinary people if the genius of mining men is not sufficient after so many  years' experience, to invent some method whereby a miner working at the  bottom of a shaft is not running the  risk of having his brains knocked out  ;by the heavy bucket used in the mine.  The visit of the mine inspector ought  to be productive of much good. Those  who are now engaged in the work of  developing mines ought to receive  every encouragement; at the same  time  they  ought  to  be forced  to use  every possible contrivance necessary  to properly safeguard the lives of the  men.  TIMBER   MEN.  J. Poupore and P. Genelle* the timber contractors for the Canadian Pacific Railway company, spent a few  days in Greenwood this week. Their  object was to look over the country  with a view to seeing whether they  could secure a sufficient amount of  timber for the rather heavy work on  this side of the North Fork. They  visited the North Fork district^ and in  all probability will start a camp in  that vicinity. Messrs. Poupore &  Genelle have been connected with the  C. P. R. for several years. Their  present headquarters are at Nakusp.  They have already supplied several  million feet at Brooklyn, rafting it  down the Arrow lake.  FIRE   0FE1CERS.  A meeting of the fire department  was held on Wednesday evening, last,,  when officers for the department were  elected. Harry Donogh was elected assistant chief ; Thos. Gulley captain of  hook and ladder company ; J. G. Gou-  pil, assistant captain ; J. W. Nelson,  captain of the hose company, and A.  Hallett assistant captain.  Chief Pearse, J. W. Nelson, W. M.  Eaw, R. M. McEntire, D. C. McRae  and W. S. Keith were appointed a  committee< to urge upon the council the  necessity for more fire apparatus and a  building for the use of the department.  The Grand Forks City Council has  accepted the water and electric light  plant after several changes ordered by  the expert, who had examined them,  had been made.  R^IL^WAY. "  NELSON S FORT SHEPPRRD.  The only  All  Rail Route,   without  Change of Cars, between  Also between Rossland and Nelson.  DALEY, EXCEPT SUNDAY.  Going North DfWtfDilDf1   Going South  12.49 p.m.      DUOODUKU      lO.sVa.m.  Train leaving Bossburg at 10:51 a. m. makes  clofe connections at Spokane with trains for all  PACIFIC   COAST   POINTS,  tip    ?ip  ���7IP"  Close connections  at Nelson   with  Steamers  for Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake points.  Passeng-ers for Kettle River and Boundar\-  Creek connect at Bossburg with daily stage.  GREENWOOD HOSPITAL.  VA*  AFTER AUGUST 1st, 1898, the Greenwood  Hospital will, be closed. Subscribers  having-3rearl3r tickets will have their money refunded after that date.  R.. W. JAKES,  M.D., CM  GRAND SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEL  ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOEAN     TO     OOEAN  Without change of Gars, via  And SOO PACIFIC LINE  consisting of palace  dining- cars, elegant  tourist cars and free  Solid vestibule trains,  sleeping-cars,  luxurious  da3* coaches, magnificent  colonist sleepers.  The only line running- through tourist  from the coast  (      WINNIPEG,  ���.'���!'���     MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  WITHOUT    CHANGE!  TO  ^sd%?rto EMOPE  Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in ever3- respect superior to an3' ships that have 3'et sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via an3' other Trans-Patiiic line.  >V4  ->ip    iip  Canadian-Australian Steamer Eine  .,.''��� ���TO���. ..      ��. '  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carr3r an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on even' vo\-age.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING,  Agent,  PENTICTON.  J.   COYLE,  Dist. Pass. Agent,  ,    VANCOUVER.  ���C^s^9   Subscription, 50c. per Month.  ALL    THE    BEST    NOVELS.  Greenwood Book Store,  9      government ST.  NOTICE is hereby given that the Map or  Plan and Book of Reference of the Columbia and Western Railway between Robson  and Midwa3', has been deposited in the Registry  Office at Victoria, as required b3r Sub-Section  2, Section 10, of the British Columbia Railwa3"  Act, and Section 125 of the Railway- Act of  Canada. W. F.   TYE,  Chief Engineer of Construction.  Trail, B. C, July 1st, 1898. 97-4  NOTICE is hereb3r given that, sixt3^ da3rs  after date, I intend to apply- to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described  land, situated in the Osoyoos division of Yale  district. B. C.: Commencing- at a stake t\ven.t3\  chains north of the north-west corner of section  twenty-five, township nft\--three, thence 40  chains cast, thence 80 chains south, thence  40 chains west, thence SO chains north to place  of commencement, containing 320 acres.  CH'AS. M. SHAW.  Dated 24th day of June, 1S98. 96-8.  MUNICIPAL TAXES,  N  OTICE is hercbv given that on and after  _^ _JS_ July 2nd the City Collector will be in the  office, of W. B. Paton, Government street, from  10 a.m. to noon, and from 1 p. m. to 4 p. m.  daily (except Sunday), for the purpose of receiving municipal taxes for the current year. 95 H  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  BcaasHiEosaQEjr  ficS^nX'^Z��&ZX^^~SK30*3*'ILZZ3i��EBLy& '*����Ii��&T��.*'.,&Jl&  INDEED   WONDERFUL!  The Grand Forks Miner is to be congratulated upon its fertile imagination.  The excitement of an  election   contest  spurs  this  remarkable journal to descriptions that excel anything  given to  the    world   by    Baron    Munchausen.  East  week   it   published a   wonderful  table   showing   that Boundary  Greek  district can ship to reduction   works at  Grand Forks,5.4S0  tons  of  ore  daily!  To insure a   sufficient   supply   for the  works the Miner also points to the fact  that the mines   "just over the line but  tribuatary to a smelter at Grand Porks  could ship 475 tons daily !    The Miner  is  altogether  too  modest.    A smelter  that would do justice to the importance  of Grand Forks could easily treat more  than 5000 tons of ore daily.    In its pal-  ���   dilation it does   the Volcanic an injustice.    Two  hundred   tons   daily is too  small   a  quantity   from   this   famous  property.    The   Volcanic   could easily  be  placed   at the head of the shipping  list with   sa.j   1,000  tons   per day   and  then there would   be   sufficient   ore in  sight to run a Grand Forks smelter.  The  Miner  very properly points out  that Grand Forks has a down hill pull  on the smelter question  and  that " no  mine owner with   the least particle   of  common sense is going to haul his ore  up hill to a  smelter."    We   hope   that  Mr. Keffer of   the   Mother   Eode  will  carefully study the article in the Miner.  His mine is very  generously placed at  the head of the list with 250 tons daily  /and as a slig-ht  return   for this   boom  for the property he should   at the  risk  of  being  called   foolish   make   every  effort   to   haul   his   ore   to the Grand  Forks  smelter.    The  good   people   of  Greenwood   would   then   see   the   ore  hauled past their fair city, hauled past  a magnificent water  supply, past   the  best   of   lime   quarries, and would see  the   iron   horse   tugging   it   over two  ranges of mountains to that argosy at  Grand   Forks.    But   then   the Mother  Eode   is   tributary   to   Grand   Forks.  The Miner says so and it must be so.  5    Mr. Macfarlane of the Sunset should  also be   a   ha'pp3'   man.    It is true that  his property can onl}'"  ship the modest  sum of 50 tons daily while the Big- Copper, a property on which no   work   has  been   done  for  years  can turn out 100  tons daily.    But when   it is considered  that   those   50 tons   are to  be   hauled  over the mountains   to the   smelter   at  Grand   Forks,   the  only cause of complaint   the   Sunset   owners   can have  against   the   Miner   is that their daily  output was not reduced to say one ton.  The Greenwood camp mines are also  tributary to Grand Forks   and are going to pour their hundreds of tons daily  into that city.    The Monarch can only  give 25 tons daily while the Stemwind-  er will give 150 tons and the Gold Drop  150 while the Rawhide will yield only  25 tons.  We are anxious to know why these  and other invidious distinctions are  made. It is scarcely fair to the owners that their properties should be damaged by being reduced to a 25 ton basis  while less promising properties are  posted at 200 tons.  The Miner is too modest in securing  ore for the Grand Forks smelter.  Since it secures 50 tons from the BrUce  on the other, side of Midway, it could  easily have gone a few miles farther  and dickered for Camp McKinney ores.  It might also go to Fairview and on to  the Similkameen district. There is  nothing- like having a variety of ore to  secure the best results from a smelter.  There are hundreds of other claims  nearer home which might have been  rescued from obscurity and placed in  the Miner's list. In the interests of  the district we hope the Miner will  again revise its list at an early date.  The capacity of the smelter can be  easily increased and by running in a  few " wild cats," the daily output could  be made 10,000 tons. Those round  numbers sound better.  We hasten to congratulate the Miner  upon its careful summing up of the  smelter situation. We think however  that the Miner's modesty has restrained it from completing the glowing,  panorama. In order to get the best  results, the Ee Roi and"War Eagle and  Columbia and Kootenay, yea; even the  Silver King and Hall mine ores should  be carried by the C. P. R. through Mc-  Rae pass that they may be mixed with  the ores from Boundary Creek. Grand  Forks is an ideal smelting point but we  fear that tall stack which is a necessary adjunct of every large smelter  will be blown down unless the Miner,  restrains its marked peculiar ity..  :-.rsa^ra^rTUTfy^g^f^?y^^j-g^g6CT*gFsa�� k**sw*s����j tiFWVi>^#amMLMmttHSa^tt98Emtss��&r,i  1  *3>?  Palm Leaf Fans,  CSij  *r  sses*  '* *,ren's  rons*  Children's' G arts*  Base Balls, Etc,  Books, Stationery, Wall. Paper,  Fancy CSoods and  Notions,  GREENWOOD  :    B. C.  gjBaoagggssssaTHBra..-  ;<#  <s%  MISS   O.   MEDILL,  Dressmaking and Millinery Parlors.  Sample Hats, in the latest styles, will  arrive in a few da3rs.  COPPER STREET,   GREENWOOD.  ir  NOTICE  TVTOTICE is hereby given that, sixt>- days  JlSL from the date hereof, I intend to appl3'  to the Chief Commissioner of Dands and Works  for permission to purchase the following described land, situate in the Oso3roos Division  of Yale District, B. C, viz.: Commencing at  the south east corner of Frederick Haussener's  pre-emption on Boundai\y creek, thence east 40  chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 40  chains, thence south 40 chains to the place of  commencement, containing 160 acres more or  less. FREDERIC HAUSSENER.  Dated at Greenwood  B. C. June 2, 1898.     92  SlLVERSW*  *3 ^^S  JR.  '��&  The Pioneer Jewelers,  GREENWOOD.  A. 1 Cedar Shingles,  in  any quantity,  for sale by ,  Boundary Creek Milling & Lumber Co,,  Greenwood, B.C.  ��� W   _\\     '      Tiw.w.;iatw \ f  mess  A Typewriter is a Necessity.  It pa3rs to bti3r the Best.  HE  99  Has many- points of superiority  And is fully GUARANTEED.  THE    PRICE    IS    SSQ    CASH.  ���jfe    -j��f.  iVs-  For circulars and testimonials address  ���THOMSON  STATIONERY  CO.:  Agents for British Columbia,  VANCOUVER  AND   NELSON,   B.C.  ���?&���     .  ���flP  The EMPIRE is manufactured by  THE WILLIAMS IMOF'G CO., Ltd.,  MONTREAL,    P. Q.'  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Joseph, Martin, who has  been returned to the ^Legislature of  British Columbia as one of the leaders  of the opposition and who will certainly hold a prominent portfolio in the  Administration should the Turner government be relieved of office, has-some-  ���',.. thing of a record as a  fighter   against,  those entrenched   in power.    Mr. Margin was born at Milton, Ontario, in 18-  -52, and is, therefore,, only ,46 years of  age. He began life as a teacher, passed through the Toronto Normal, taught  in Ottawa, and in 1882, after a law  course, was admitted to, the Manitoba  bar on his removal to that province.  His power as a debater at once brought  him into prominence, and to his reputation as a speaker was quickly added  that of a man tenacious in the extreme  in whatever he undertook. He entered  the   legislature  of  Manitoba   in  1883,  , helped Mr.'"'Green way'��� to xxmnd the  .Harrison Ministry���the survival of the  old Norquay regime���to pieces, and in  1888 on the formation of the Greenway  government took office as Attorney-  General. This position Mr. Martin  held till April, 1891, when he withdrew  from the government. It was Mr. Martin who introduced and carried through  the Manitoba house the famous national school law, which abolished the  dual school system, and afterwards,  because of the efforts of the late Dominion government to coerce Manitoba into restoring that system, set the whole  Dominion aflame. In 1891 Mr. Martin  was an unsuccessful candidate tor the  Dominion parliament against Mr. T.  M. Daly in Selkirk, and in 1893 he carried Winnipeg in a bye-election, coming to Ottawa as the first liberal ever  elected from that city. He was beaten  in the general election by Mr. Hugh  John Macdonald. Mr. Martin went to  British Columbia a year ago with a  firm belief in the great future of that  province. In shaping that future he  will doubtless play a prominent part.  ���Globe.  WAGON   ROADS.  It is hoped that Boundary Creek district will get its fair share of appropriations for wagon roads this year.  Heretofore the Townsite company and  the business men paid the money for  the construction of roads which ought  to have been paid by the provincial  government. The district is entitled  to an amount of money proportionate  to the amount received by the provincial government from it. Nearly  all the wagon roads are in need of improvements, and there are also roads  required to mining camps where development work is now being carried  on. No time should be lost in carrying  out the work, because in past seasons  the work was delayed until fall, when  ���:$],\road construction costs about twice as  ^i/ much as it would in the summer.  Boundary Creek is the most important mineral section of the Kast Yale  district, and is therefore entitled to  every consideration in the matter of  road building.  Rossland.  Greenwood.  Ll/niTED    LIABILITY.  Sf  0  (Redf Estate <xiti> (gtming QEtoftetB,  9  'Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.. NADEN.   Manager.  K^gPm^��i.l^JU;.JilWdtMUg��J^L.^rf*A^.MM**a��ft��^irtW<l^  E PIONEER  1     J Jk 1 ���   Jt  Greenwood City, Boundary Greek, B,C,  IIP- ...'    �����Jkc  -?'p~  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, L/iquors and Cigars   ���Livery Stable in connection.   :?& &i i?i��-  '���sjF ���9IP' "StP  J, W, NELSON  Proprietor.  WA TCHM A K E R,  Has Removed to New Store  Next Windsor Hotel Work  Promptly and Correctly Done,  Look for the Sign of the Watch;  line!  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  -..���-������.��� o^��^=d '  Best Brands ofoWines, Liquors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  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The City of Greenwood is now de-  vided into wards. The utility of wards  in a small city has never yet been discovered, but the Municipal Act says  that the city shall be devlded into  wards. The average city father has a  wholesome dread of the Municipal Act,  and consequently the1 city has been  dissected. : The Municipal Act only  recognizes the right of property ; men  don't count. So long as the city is  : equitably devided according- to the last  assessment roll, the law is strictly observed. The distribution of the electors is not to be taken into' consideration. The Municipal Act says so, and  the Municipal Act must be obeyed.  The Greenwood council struggled  with the ward question for several  weeks. Some aldermen dared to insinuate that in the closing days of the  nineteenth century men should be the  basis of representation, and not prop-  ertj'. A compromise was effected  whereby the citv was divided into two  wards, each having an equal amount  of property, without an extraordinary  in their voting population. The wards  are to. be known as North and South.  Greenwood street is the dividing line,  excepting that the block in which the  Imperial hotel stands goes in the South  ward. The by-law legalizing this  division was finally passed at the  regular meeting held Mouda3r evening;  at which Mayor Wood presided and  Aldermen Barrett, Galloway, Paton  and Phalen were,present. ,  The police commissioners informed  the council that they had been .pleased  to accept L,. B. Pearce's application  for the position of constable and that  if the council would arrang-e' for his  salary, the commissioners would .swear  him in. The council decided to g-ive .  $30 per month for constable, the business men to. subscribe the balance of  the salaiw, for night watchman and  fire chief.  Duncan Ross tendered his resignation as city clerk, to take effect - July  31st, or as soon thereafter as a successor is secured. Mr. Ross found that  the city work encroached too much  upon his o"rn business.. The resignation was accepted with regret,-and a  vote of thanks tendered to Mr. 'Roan for  his   services   in   the   past.    The   clerk  was also authorized to call for applications for the position.   .  The council discussed the Greenwood  hospital at considerable length, but  arrived at no conclusion. ��n.  Alderman Galloway reported that a<  suitable site for; a cemetery to the rear  of Scott McRae's property had been  suggested by C. M. Shaw, C. K. The  clerk   was instructed  to  write  to the  -    '. ���   c'   ��� '  chief commissioner of lands and works,  requesting that a crown grant be  issued to the city for the same.  CORONER'S   INQUEST.  At the request of Provincial Police  Officer W. G. McMynn an inquest was  held on Monday last to enquire into  the cause of death of Hugh O. Thomas,  the victim of the accident at the Snow-  shoe mine. The coroner's jury were  as follows: J. E). Boss (foreman), W.T.  Smith,F. M. K- Munns, C. N. Collins,  B. F. Mclllrby and J. Iyticy. The  coroner, Dr. Jakes, and jury went to  the cemetery to examine the body,  which had been exhumed, and then  visited the mine.  After 6 o'clock the evidence was  taken at the court house- John Mac-  aulay, the foreman, and other employees of the mine gave all the details, connected with the accident, describing the shaft and the system  adopted in hoisting and letting down  the bucket. From the evidence it appeared that the usual practice had been  followed the morning- of the accident.  The hook had become bent k in some  way and allowed the bale of the bucket  to slip out.��� Dr. Foster, told the jury  about the condition of the wounded  man when he arrived at the mine, and  also g-ave his professional opinion as  to the cause of death.  The taking- of the evidence lasted  until after. 12 o'clock, when the jury  decided that the accident was unavoidable and, as far as they could  judge from the evidence submitted, no  blame could be attached to any one.  HO   IMPROVEMENT.  The mail service between Grand  Forks and Greenwood shows no signs  of improvement.' Fach week' it appears to .vrow   worse  and less satisfac-  * (.5  tory.    The stage line takes   all that is  offered at the Grand   Forks   postoffice.  The driver even threatens to raid the  office, but his pleadings are of no avail.  The Grand Forks man has evidently  come to the conclusion that the surest  way to win favor with the postmaster-  general is to totally disregard the convenience of the public, distribute mails  with the greatest irregularity, and  generally do those things which  would not be tolerated in any well-  regulated or properly-conducted' department. The Grand Forks postmaster may be right. Indead the conviction is rapidly growing upon us  that he is right, and that he is simply  exasperating the public in order to win  favor wi.1h the postoffice department:  The irregularity in the mail service  is getting serious from a business point  of view. Mining men representing  outside capital maintain that it is impossible for them to do business in this  district if important cables and telegrams are to be pigeonholed at Grand  Forks for three or four days. This has  happened more than once where the  telegrams referred to mining deals involving thousands of dollars.  This week there was no  letter  mail  , on Sunday. On Tuesday no Rossland  or Grand Forks mail reached Greenwood. Not a day passes but something  is lacking.    The people   who   are thus  < forced to suffer loss and annoyance are  surely entitled to some explanation.  Louis Bosshart has returned from a  prospecting trip up' Bull creek, where  some rich discoveries have recently  been made.  "CT����t.,'.Wf��nwTOWi|iiiiiji iij^  CORPORATION OF  THE CITY OF GREENWOOD  APPLICATIONS for the position  of City  Clerk will be recei ved by the undersigned  until Mondav, August 1st, 1898.  DUNCAN ROSS, C. M. C.  Greenwood, July, 23, 1898. 98-2  MINFRAI/   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.  NOTICE.  VICTORIA   Mineral   Claim,    situate   in.   the  .Kettle River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : In "Greenwood camp. /'  n-^AKE NOTICE that I, John F. Hemenway,1,  X as agent for jay P. Graves, free miner's  certificate No. 14290 A, intend, sixty days,  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant  of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements..  Dated this 16th dav of July, 189S. 98  r*>  i'Jir  m  ���mi  uu\ ���  j ���;!  ���.    .    y   !   \  ���I'        ���!  5 '-j-'  m��i.i(Wwi��M^���^'M^��'�������"''*J"*'a"''J''1""*-' ;f \h-4 f/isaa-G-wv-'i.vi; \-iznzix��J!>w&*iavt&��&  ���.^�����qKg^ralSBHSaa3B��atBge��i^-1iiu^'i��'ga8��B'CT^  ufftWi<?r\BiiiimiiiBi  I  Ml  GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps. From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  .DEADWOOD  :���:)  MM  LONG   LAKE,  H  ;:V    f'  i-.'.    I  IS  SKYLARK,  HSTE  AND  AT WOOD,  'LL1NGTON   and   SMITH   OAMPS  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For< price  !fi|!  :     I   Si 1  Lots and other information, address  Wood of G S/ Galloway  Greenwood City, Boundary  V f.  Or  apply  to  the  Agents i  C.   F.   COSTERTON,  Sal (   VBS1  RT, Vancouver.  I Si!  f;    IT  N  -���   : '���'  i fli  > M  1 ���,-^^m-.JJ^r^TTtfwHM.MMBiffll  :.i��.S,fc<.V..;:v...:.-^  ii.  /' Is the news we are all daily expecting,, -This/of course* means  Death and. Destruction in many homes/.'; The business of war is  to destroy i ours* to build up, That we have succeeded beyond a  doubt is evidenced by the fact that we carry the largest selection of  e ottering some special bargains  e  ��"��  Prints* Capes* Costumes, etc.  iv n mwnwii wm ffa��a^y^OiWiatai����u^wlAe^^^j^M����i^ii-batto��jJMj'j.Bagi  PERFECT  ,SH1RT  Straw Hats* Icy Flannels, Negligee* Laundried  ���,  .;;  m  lid  ���Hi!!; , mwuttfcr.i in. 11, iihi a >, Mrf  $ ii  J  rJi^si?siinfarr''''j:"!-*����***wy*  ':.-kV    .1 ��� /"*  >, "  it-J  GREENWOOD CITY ..isj&e^xentral' town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  Mm  DEADWOOD  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  S   {':  iv i'  ELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMPS.  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  *���' i  V,  �����>��� s  1!  ���  fr   t.  For- price of Lots and other information, address  Robt Wood or G S, Galloway* .  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, f *  Or  apply  to  the Agents *  C.  F.  C0STERTON,  Vernon,  B,C  A.  K. STUART, Vancouver.  If  ii K  I  s  e news we are  o  Death  to de  and Destruction in many  \  ours* (to build up,  %    This*'of course* means  ,    The business of war  t we have succeeded beyond  doubt is evidenced by the fact that we carry the largest selection  e in the ^  is  a  of  jSaL'^  most extensive 1 ra  I^Wffj^ll^f^ll^gM^U.W.IMMJW'M.  ���-H <'.  ;! ;';i  }..  \m  I'll


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