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The Abbotsford Post Aug 20, 1915

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 ���������^t'  \.s  ���������V   . >  \  *tf  With which is incorporated; "Tte4 Huntingdon Star"  VOL; X., No. 19.  4BB0TSF0#D, B, C., EfrlDAY,   AUGUST 20, 1915  $1.00per Year,,  =SS3  Abbotsford machine gun  subscription list  The following is a list of the subscriptions handed in toxlate by the  ��������� various working committees. Seine  of the committees have.not yet han-  ded-in their lists. The full list will  probably be completed about the end  of. the month, "when the full report  will appear In this paper. The follow-  are the.names handed in to this paper by,Mr. J.'A. McGowan:  .J. A. McLean $  J. A. McGowan  ,   Scotsvold    McEwen .*"  A. Chapman    E,  J.  E.  It.  C.  G.  R.  F.  J.  W.  W.  W.  W.  25.00  25.00  25.00  25.00  10.00  A. J. Anderson    Rev.  Campbell     A.   McCalhim,  ,  Wallace   Copping   13. de la Giroday  Nelson   Cobley     W. Kickbush   Porter   C.  D.  E.  B.  G.  F.  W.  10.00  10.00  5.00  2.00  5.00  1.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  30.00  Malcolm JMcGillivray   /....,'���������  1.00  Shortreed,, Jr ...........  ._ 10.00  R.   Davison  E. Hay    Steiss    Broad  -.  D. Clarke ....  L. Hillier ..  P. Taylor ....  Laheny    MeClanahan  H.  E.  D.  F.  H  C.  L  T.  E.  N.  ;w:  T.  ,-*j>������ ���������*������***.* ������������������"������������������-���������������������������r"  J. Carl  :.-..'..  D." McEwen    Gordon ".   10. Rix .*..:..  Higginson ..,  Chester    U. Pateman ..  Grimley    Wooler ..."   Trethewey ..  ���������Jackson >..:'..:..  - Copperberg  Witohell   ....  'Currie~   -J: Holley-   .Mc.Clamihan.  Ma^idibnko  ..  .. J..;Calqrwell .....:~  !" J-.-- Godson    R".\ Powell   W.   Jeffs  .:-.......,..  J. Gillen :..:...:...'...  D. Lovedar .';'.'.....  W. F. Wilson   T.  Caul  ....  Moret  ���������:..  Mahoney   Anderson    Higginson   Mains     Lackmance ....  Gosling  ...  Grimley.   Binns    Dolby    Blair..-.   Blair   Duncan   Schluter    Duncan    JapS        49.00  Sikhs  :       14.00  Chinamen   .'.       13.00  Total        346'.00  The following were handed in by  Mr. Hulton-Harrop:  J. J. Sparrow       25.00  J.  J.  R.  M.  A.  N.  A.  H.  B.  A.  G.  D.  J.  E.  R.  10.00  10.00  5.00  fa'.OO  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  o'.OO  5.00  4.00  U.00  3.1.0  3.^0  , 3.00  'z'.aio  3.00  "3.00  -2.00  -2'. 00  2.00  ./2.00  "2,oa  2.0a  2.00  "2.0tf  ' 2.00  .2.00  2.00  "2.00  2.00  2.00  .2.00  2.00  2.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  W. Fraser, Jr.  G. Clark ...'.   W. H., Lines    A. H.' Manley- .....  F.'C. Wiggins .....  D. iMcCrimmpn^...  F. Munroe ':.'.\:\:...:  H. H. Logan    T. Ushaw" 1;   Sutherby  Bros ...  E. Ruthig ...:....���������.  A.'McGarva   W. Everett   "Hi E. .: ���������.:.:-..;.  J..-J. Bannerman  T. Waddell .........  G. T. Phalen    T. DeLair   R. .Shortreed ..:....  s: J. Bates .:.   10  5'  2  1  5,  1.  10.  00  00  00  00  00  00  00  J. Caldwell-..'..'.:'.:::'.,  ���������v?r  oi^na  5.00  Total    :....:..A��������� $   119.00  Collected by J. A. McGowan.  o  2  .5  5.00  2.00  5.00  ,00  .50  00  10.00  10.00  5.00  5.00  1.00  5.00  5.00  R.  W  T.  G.  J.  A.- Trethewey  '. $  .Ross    Tebbutt i ." =.....  Reith :....   Tene ��������� ->  774.25  100.00  5  3  2  *2  00  00  50  .00  886.75  . List-of Contributors to Gun Fund i  ,W.:;' J;' Liversage - :..'. $  A,vFi-^Brbwn , '  A. E. Barker    H. Hill    R Fillipino   '  -ti. Jtv6ctCl ._..................,,_,.. .  Turchett,   Tusenjo   Tomasso    -> Gillespie      Jas. Shearer    Geo.   Fox     J. J. .Plomm'er  ;.  G. Copley l   Mathieson  :   B... Miller     100  L. Miller (Rev.)     Duncan. , (Miss)      A. Cooper  :   Fred Seldon    D. Seldon (Mrs.)    Marion ''Seldon    Shirley Seldon   R. H,. Port, (Dr.)    L. Brown (Miss)     Matt Bergen    W. Brookes    R. Roncato    A. Zanni -.-   , Mt.  Lehman '  E.  W.  King  j.....'!:.   W. P. Smith  /,:....'   W. P. McCormick -.' ;-  Mrs. McCormick  :...!.,.'.!.  S. Farrington ' '.'.���������:'.......  R. H. H. Farrington -...'.   William   Kipp \   Joe   Kipp    :,.'   Isaac Newton L.l:   Albert Patterson ...'...-ji..-...-.-...  John- Patterson  or.........  W. J. Marsh  .'.-   Rodney Marsh ....i,   G. L.' Marsh-:. ?.'..:   W. Marsh  '-...-.   McTavish  j,'.l!'....���������"---"  F. McTavish ��������� '......^:::'.'..  -A.. Boyle.1...,  -Satehell     L.  Bates   Leslie Ferguson ...i������......  V. T. Atkins ..    ..^r.   A. Nicholson  .....   James Gibson  M .'.'. ���������-  E. C.  Fenton  ...   F. Ccghlan   ...r :...:< '  E. C. Farbu (Red,,.Cross) ....  Jesse  Lehman   :;..'.'.....,.A._..r...  G. H. Loachi....'..~...-....v,^:.'..'.'.-.  E. White, -sn'r., ���������....''.1..-������.,:,:.."..1'  J. ���������      W ���������     jk^fr,    -....,...������J;............. i'  L. A. Co'ghlan  .A'....4:;..:.  John Hennah  '.' ."!���������...  Jno.  Taplin., ���������.,......;.   J..���������A.* Morrison "....j:S..   V ���������" t     k   r* "*���������      *" " "      ' "   -  C.  A.  G.  H,  C.  P,  J.  J.  M.  R.  T.  E.  00  00  00  00  00  5.00  1.00  1.00  2.00  2.00  -.25  1.00  10.00  1.00  1.00  00  5.00  1.00  10.00  7.00  2.00  1.00  1.00  3.00  1.00  2.00  5.00  2.00  .1.00  C.  F.  J.  G.  G.  A.  T  VB"  1.00  1.00  .1.50  1.50  1.00*  1:00  'l'.'OO  1.00'  1.00'  1.00'  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  vi.oo  -2:00  2.00  1-.00  vl'.OO  .HoV  ���������"l.'tfo  .50  '    .50  5". 00  1.00  1.00  1:00  '.50  HOLDING  CONFERENCE     "   .  AT  CHILLIWACK  TO-DAY  .00  .00  .00  .06  .50  .00  John. Croy  John Denniston-  J. W. Stephens  G.  H.  Taylor .  Mrs.' A.^ Taylor  Gas/ Schroader  Alex'  Gililb   ....  Tho's.   Oswajld.-  Geo. H. Grey '. ,-- 10.00  Norton -Carter    ��������� -15.00  R. Keay        . 1-00  Merryfield Bros  ." 1.      "15.00  1  1  1  ��������� 2  ' 2  1  1.00  i^lo.o:  ' 1:00  i.oo  1.00  xS.OO"  5.00'  -1.00  -3.00  ".50  The annual conference of the Lower Mainland Women's . Institutes is  being' held in;Chilliwack today-and to  morrow-,' and "delegates .will be present from all parts of the Lov/er Fraser Valley. '       '"  Interesting subjcets in connection  with institute work will be discussed.  The delegates form -Hatzic are Mrs.  "WV J. -Manson," Miss B:'A. Richie,  who will read a paper on "Suggestions for. Winter Work for Institutes"  ,and Mrs. Ferguson.  ��������� Mrom Mission City, Mrs. Deagle/.  who reads a.paper on "Opportunities  for4*W6men in' the Twentieth' Century", -Mrs.. E. Osborne will talk on  "'Co-operation between Producer and  Consumer", Mrs. Solloway, Mrs. Reid  and Miss/French. '  - Mrs. ^Fadde'n of Upper Sunias-will  give a paper en "How an Institute  may start Clas$^e in Domestic Science  among the School Girls."  ���������Mrs. Skinner will also(atten'd the  conference from Huntingdon.   ���������  ��������� MARRIED���������At tb>3 manse on the  6'tli of August by .Rev. J. L. Campbell  Harry Francis Everall of Cloverdale  and Miss Melissa Jean Douglas of  the same place. '.  ACKNOWLEDGES MONEY  FOR MACHINE GUN  Mr. Taylor informs us that .hennas.-  ���������rceived a..letter" from Mr.'Loutf^eeji,  Wednesday, August 11   -was-   the:  date of the Matsqui Women's Insti-' '  tuce annual  Power show whk-h was  held in Matsqui Hall    there-, be'ing:  a .large number,of exhibitors,and' vis--.'  itors present from all parts of,the district,  including Mission  City.  The flower show was opened by  President Mrs. Beharrell, who in a .  brief spech , introduced 'Rev,. Mr.  Hughes, .the. speaker of the day.. Mr.  Hughes.spoke in the work.of the women's institutes for home and country, and praised the work of the wo-  fen who are maintaining the- ideals  of beauty in the nation.  In the.evening the young people of-  men who .are maintaining the ideala  and the flowers were sold at auction.  No money prizes were given except"  to   those   who   took  the   most  prize  cards in each" class, and, to, the' children who exhibited.  The following are the prize winners , --,'.���������������������������,  Class A. Dahlias���������1st, Miss Purver  nd Mrs." Solloway 3rd" Miss-- 'G. "C.,  Cruickshank.   _        , -,' .    ���������'  -Class B.-.V Sweet ���������;.-peas���������1st Mir.  Dwyef; 2nd, Mrs. Millar; 3rd Mrs.  Hargitt.  Class. C. Display (this included  .prlze-'.cards for*most of the common  "annuals' and - perennials1)'*   "* "* s **"���������"  -1st s Mrs:  Total    $  100.50  Collected by Wm. Merryfield.  forwarded-to'the 7tli .-lattah'on a: the  front' as soon as guns are -received  from" manufacturer.  He' thanks district for their gene^o'slty. ,���������-.     - AiBno���������  . It is understood the' mon'ey :fo the ' ������fj?fft dv^?acy  second gun.has gone forward.         .     ���������T���������������*J1faJy  / The sacrament of Baptism will be  administered in the Presbyterian  church on Sabbath the 29th and the  Sacirament of the Supper on Sabbath  September the 5th   ���������  R. W. Houghton  M. W. Copeland  J.- R. Thornton ....  Starr Bros   Spencer    &   Hill  5.00  10.00  25.00  10.00  25.00  5.00  ..25  5.00  50.00  25.00  5.00  10.00  5.00  10.00  20.00  10.00  5.00  D.   Nelson  '.  J.    McNeill   ..  J. Downie    T. Williams :...  C.  Hilltout ....  A. M. King ....  A,   Johnson   ..  A. C. Salt ......  James Ross ....  P.  R.  Peele;-..  S. A. Morley ..  J.   Vanetta  ....  J. G. Copping  25.00  A. Lee          ^5.00  F.   Fooks    ...'.       50.00  W. Fooks         5.00  W.  Hill-tout  -      10.00  J. Higginson  -...������������������        5-������0  S.   Kravoski   *         5.00  B. B.   Smith   '.       20..00  P.   McCullock            5.00  J. K. McMenemy       10.00  J.  W  w  G.  E.  Barr     , Fraser, snr  .  Fraser sr.  F. Zeigler ..  A. Barrett  Wm.  Taylor ..  Rodger Bros  T.  A. Knox    T. F. York, Snr  B. T. Malcolm .  S. Vanderhoof ...  00  1.00  . (.00  5.00  5.00  50.00  5.00  Firlotte        10.00  10.00  5.00  5.00  15.00  $177.25  The following additional subscriptions were handed in to the Post this  week by Mr. S. A. Morley.  Gifforcl, B. C.  William Elliott   5.00  Patrick Conroy  " 1.00  E. G. Phillips   1.00  H. Fowles   1.00  Angus McDougald  1.00  Collected  by'H.  Fowles  P.  H.  T.  H.  H.  R.  F.-  C.  J.  C.  s.  Abbotsford  W. Blatchford  5.00  Angus Campbell  ���������       35.00  Mrs. Marshall .  Fadden & Sons  O. Zeigler    H. Eby    W. Roberts    o.OO  30.00  2.00  5.00  xCOSS    ..................  Jackson   F.  York,  snr.  ....  Hayton   Todd   Gillespie   W. Beharrel  ...  T. Purver ............  Majoney   B. Hill-Tout .........  D. Trethewey   C|ayburn ".. ������   yW..,D. Ferris   R.ey. J. L.'Campbell  A: Anderson    J. Walker   Mrs: Pankhurst ........  Mrs.  Johncdx  ..........  P., Sutherby   C. Wooler -..- ,   J. Mahony   H.- Alanson  '...,...���������...  J.   Gibson .....  R.   Trethewey   Taylor .-.   Caul   9.00  30.00  10.00  8.00  5.00  2.00  1,  "5,  10,  2.  2,  00  00  00  00  00'  Q.  T.  2.50!W. Higginson  10.00  1.00  .50  2.00  1.00  1.00  ;50:  .50  .50  2.00  2.00  10.00  1-.00  1.00  1.00  2.00  3.00  ��������� < "' Peardonvilie,' -  G. Parker   -  Baines and Llewellyn ...-.:.  F. Wooler"    ,   Buchanan    Williams'    Ball     Campbell     Z. Melander  -.-.  Butler     Taylor   Campbell     L. Kipworth .... ���������   P. Welch   Gephart     Gephart    Bryan    E. Roderick-   , T. Roderick   Evans-    .Peardon      H. Williams    D.  J.  J.  S.  M.  R.  G.  J.  H  \.  L.  .1.  J.  A.  W,  L  R.  R'.  10.00  10.00  o.OO  5.00  .  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  2.00  2.0D  2.00  1 00  1.0"  1.00  f (-0  1.00  . "10  .50  .~0  5.'j.������  1.00  The Abbotsford Quartette are gaining renown Their well known seats  earning considerable" lpcal'^att'ention,  although whether favorable or .not it  is" somewhat hard to determine at  ���������this date:���������Communicated.  Did you notice the earth quake on  Wednesday? Yes, if not a night hawk  the night before  to  Total  $  Collected by F. Wooler.  Abbotsford  W. J. Ware    H.   Alanson      T.  Roncato   ' ....  W. Towlan   Abbotsford Hotel ......  Patriot   ......���������...-. ....  A.   Everett   ......... .......  W.  Jackson   J.   McLean   ................  C. W. Wallace ..........  W. Porter   Dr. and Mrs. Swift..  R. A. Baynes ..............  R...T. Shortreed���������:'.......*..  J. A. Hargitt ........  L. H; Delasselle ..........  Rev. J. C. Alder ....  R. Beaton -  Authie^-   Bros ...  68.50  25.00  25.00  2.00  5.00  10.00  5.00  5.00  3.00  5.00  2.00  10.00  25.00  5.00  .50  .10.00  10.00  3.00  .   5.00  10.00  Total ���������.........:.. ..:.-.       $  165.50  Collected by A. H. Harirop.  Kilgae-d;  C.  C.  P.  A.  T.  D.'  W.  Kobogia    Beebe -   D. McLagan  H. Barber ...  B. Straiton  Mathers ��������� '...  Richmond  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  'l.,i)0  2.00  NOTICE   .  The Red Coss Society has arranged  have the Musical Eckardts appear  in Abbotsford.under their, auspices  on Wednesday, August 25th at the  Alexandria-Hall  The Eckardts have ' added three  new members to their" company since  playing here two years ago, and promise an entire change of" programme.  A very substantial share of .the  gross proceeds goes to the Red' Cross  Society, and as the price of .admission  is reasonable (Adults 35������ and Children under 12, lot*) a large crowd is  expected.  . Don't miss this opportunity  your little bit to help the Red  -to do  Cross.  Mrs/Richmond  H.   Illsley     A. McKinnon ...  W. Harris.........  D.  Stewart  ......  2.00  1.00  2.00  ;.2.00  b.00  Total... .....:.....$  36.00  Collected by F. Gordon.  Bradner District  Bradner Supply Co., .'..'   5.00  J. Olsen  ; -  .2.50  R. K. Nichol  .....:.........  ' 5.00  T.  Fatkin ���������..   5.00  A.  Lomas '...���������'.  5.00  N. Auburn  \.  1.00  G. F. Pratt, jnr. ,..  1.50  Total   I..- ,........$  25.00  Collected by Geo. F. Pratt.  Further subscriptions v/ill be acknowledged in next week's issue.  (Any corrections to be made will  be cheerfully made.���������Ed.)  Recent events demonstrates that  there Ls more money around Abbots-  than many another town in the leaser Valley, and the merchants of the  town are missing an opportunity jn  not placing their goods before the  J readers of this paper.  ���������^tftirig ^Minister-- of * Militia,^-^ek������aww-: sSoUowayi ,^2n4. Mi^s 'G^.., C. ��������������������������� Cmlck.^  hedging -the' t>'eceip"t;ofothe.-cHe-aue^ foV slfenfi:.';. 3rd:_Mrs.:L.' Sntltftf^ ���������   ^-  $1000.00~"for-warded for';th;e^first'gun  and 'stating i.'that -.this gun-would be  Class.D. House Plants���������-1', Mrs".X.  Smith: .2nd,. Mrs^ Hargitt.  Class    E.,  Children���������Display; ��������� of  flowers:by boy-under 10 yearsf Cyril  'Smith; display of-flowers by girl un-  j der 10 years, Alice Wright and Eileen  of flowers by boy un-  Fred Baner;   display  of .flo.wers  by  girl under   16, Alma  Hayton;' ^  Class F. Specials   P.ansies���������A basket ��������� donated by  Myhre & Gilbertson", won by" Mrs.  Millar; Gladioli bulbs donated By Mrr-  T. Lehman, won by Mrs. Smith.  Asters���������Cut glass salad bo\$ donated' by Cooper & Seldon, won by  Miss Purver; Narcissi bulbs donated  by Mr! Purver;' won by Mrs. Wright.  . Gladoli���������Japanese -panel from t^he  Seldon store,'' won by Mrs. Hargitt;  picture shingle by Miss. Purver, won,  by Miss G. C. Cruickshank.-,     ���������:  Display cf Perennials���������1st; Mrs.  Millar;  2nd, Miss Wright.  Display of annuals���������1st, Mrs: Hargitt; 2nd, -Mrs.- Cooper.'  ' Bouquet in W. I.' Colors���������Dahlia"  roots, 1 doz. giyen ,by Mrs. Hayton  .and won by Mrs. Solloway; half.'doz.  Dahlia roots, given by Mrs. Hayton  and won by Mrs.- Cooper.^  Table Bouquet of Nasturtium bulbs  won by Mrs. Millar; Crocus' bulbs,  won by Mrs. WrigM.  ,Table Bouquec of " Nasturtiums,  Mr. R. Crist, won by Miss '&. E.  Cruickshank.  Bouquet in National Colors���������$2  given by- Mrs. J. B. Millar, won by  Mrs. Hougen; $1 given by. Mr. i-J. A.  Hargitt, won by Miss G. C. Cruickshank.    .  Hanging Basket���������One dozen Daffodil bulbs, won by Mrs. L. Smith.  School Exhibit���������Picture f-om Miss  Shaw, won by Ridgedale. ���������  Flowers grown and arranged by  bachelor���������Humphrey   Benson..'-'  Flowers grown by boy between 1 G  and 6 0���������Home-made Kisses, given by  Mrs. Ham, won by Mr. Alex. Purver.  Specimens! of bark 'named)���������$1  given by Miss Page, won by Miss I.  Kelligher.  Collection of classified specimens  of plants below the seed-bearing  plants such a3 Fungi, Mosses and  Ferns���������-$1 given by Mrs. Wright,  won by Miss Esther Carlson, and Miss  Rachel Lancaster.  Mrs. Stocker deserves credit . for  the arrangements, and was ably assisted by Mrs. Hayton, Mrs. Cooper  Mrs. Wright, Miss Cruickshank 'and  Miss Machel 'secretary-treasurer).  t 1  \ . . 1  '���������HF^i 'V'i' *  <*������J������J  ���������>>- THE ABBOTSFORD POST, ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST.  Published Every Friday by The Post Publishing Company  weekly Journal devoted to the interests of Abbotsford. and district  Advertising  rates  made  known  on  application  Our   Shibboleth���������Neither  for   nor   agin'   tho  Government  J. A^ BATES,  Editor and Proprietor  FRIDAY. AUG.  20,  1915  Tire question of who should, and  who should not. go t'o 'the front to  c help the Empire win its battles is at  present an important one with us all.  Some single men are given to understand by the-coroporatlbn that employs them that 'their country needs  them' therefore the conclusion arrived at is that the corporation can get  along without them. Why single out  , the single men? Why single, out any  man at all?  This is a free democratic country  where we are all supposed to be free  to" think'and act for ourselves  and  still ho good patriotic citizens so long  as we keep-~within tlie law of the land  British subjects are taught to honor  the  king-and-the  flag and  to  obey  laws Of ���������the land, without having the  matter pressed home to them forcibly  We do. nof beiieve that any citizen or  corporation has a right to say to another, citizen that it is he who'should  go- to the waif and fight.    Under British rule and British frcodom no man  v. has .control oyer.another man to such  an-:extent that he should be told to go  - to. the. front and fight.    We-.believe  .  that apy Corporation or employer who  ..does'thalt is. carrying on his'business  .    .oh. .a-scale similar .to that-which the  Britisr are .now. fighting to rid Ger-  .. many, and,the. word; of���������force.  . .���������-The-hint, to a .man that -his- country-, heeds him "from an 'employer*, is  ���������just-as mfuch out of place-as telling  - a man to go that his country ��������� needs  ������������������'-him.      . -. -    -. -    .  During wfir times many things are  of uour&e excusable, but moment it is  brought home forcibly" to. a man-that"  -he Is"-not required at any -partieu.ur  ... job, but to go and fight his' country's  battle that man's freedom is taken a-  way from him."  For;the government to ask a man  to go and--fight "for his country is an  altogether- different -thmg-^then it is  thoritative source, he state being first  coming to the individual from an atf-  '   and the individual second.':'  Why should a .corporation or an  employer take the"'law in his or its  own hands?      '   ���������    ,.  The home government' has not decided upon  conscription. as' yet and  hardly will so" long as the strong ap-  ' peal will get the desired number of  men...  Force .has been the curse of Ger-  ���������tafiany from the;EmpefoE.down-to the  ��������� smallest" official-with any power, oyer,  another man���������beginning- with- the  moment a. child enters school until  he dies as a citizen, of Germany���������one  >vast machine, with one object in view  vast machine."  very, little movement .iri this front for  another two months as the understanding" is to try and push the Dardanelles business to a finish if possible  by that time. Under those circumstances we shall be here for another  winter for sure.  I hardy think the. .poorer class of  French, people.are very ^patriotic as  there is a good.deal 76i spying,-some  of'them-will.do anything for money:  Just near to us lastr billet there'was  a captive balloon used by the French  as an observation station. It was only  three miles from ���������'the," iGerhlan- trench-'  es  and   everyone  wondered   how   it  was  they  never shelled it. as shells  were, falling on each' side of it,    the  answ.er came one day that they had  caught a French officer transmitting  the  British   movements' to  the  Germans  by an ��������� ingeniously  made telephone along the bottom of a canal.  Of course he was'-promptly shot and  when the balloon went up next'day  It was shelled but they could not hit  it. '������������������  ur present billet is just over the  border in Belgium and the other evening I went into a small town that  has been periodically shelled everyday for some.' months.' What a desolation, with two or three exceptions  every house ' had been shelled, the  roofs off- the- majority of them, the  fronts "out of--others, great holes in  'the streets and churchyard with the  bones'-' exposed. There was Just one  little .store left anil obtained a little  souvenir' for you.-  . .1 .have.just.been watching an aeroplane- fight between a German and"  English machine. It- was. so close  oire could-watch it without glasses, i:  was very exciting.to ^see them get a-  bove each ^-oilier and eventually the  English Mnachiho-ftot- the upper hand  and started- firms 3nd then the Germans cqmmen,e?d coining down, hit  in some-vital part I expect, but it was  then too far' away to ascertain the  damage.  Your, friend,  F.  GEOFFREY'LIDDLE.  ���������iac  aa,  DUTY AND DESIRE ARE ONE  What  a- Great    American    Weekly  Thinks of Canadian Government's  Wnr Measures and Methods  HE  WHO DID NOT GO���������  A TALE WITH A MORAJL  Civil War Story That Has a Modern  :        Application���������"I Took No  -     Pai-t at All"  ' The fruit  season for this district  is drawing to a close, all the small  fruits,- having  been marketed,  there  remaining only.the tree fruits to market,1, and these being all that can be  ;  desired  as  regards the  quality  and j  '..  ������!ie quantity.     *-s to crop the season  '���������  has been-a successful one.  But the great and the main part of  the- business is  how has the "money  '   come   in ..for  the   fruit,   and  is   the  grower fully repaid for the season's  work' and 'planning?    The answer is  probably that.under the present system, of  marketing  the   product  the  "growers   have' had   more   this   year'  than any" year., yet. -  ������ ������������������:.; But is the .present method of-marketing -the  fruit  of this rich  district  -   the very ideal.of.what a good fruit-  .... growing district like Mission should  have? . Lf-not where is.the remedy?  -.-.Can the present, be-improved upon?  If so, how?    These are questions it  ..is about time that the growers should  take up earnestly and attempt to have  sovle.d for themselves to the very best  ;:. advantage to the man who has de-  ��������� cided to make fruit growing a business for a living.  In Organization there is strength,  and  a good/organization  is  a  very  hard thing to butt up against.no matter who dt is. or when it is?    During  . the winter months this paper will be  pleased to have this matter of organization for marketing the fruit to the  best advantage to the grower discussed, if the growers deem it advisable  . Perhaps there.is some:system that all  the growers can come >in under and  perfect .that system so that through  time it would become-the ideal system for marketing ���������alb the fruit that  can be, grown'in this district.  FROM   SOMEWHERE IN   FRANCE  :. ���������. (From. the' Fraiser -Valley Record)  "���������   Dr.  LIddl'e wVites"interestingly to  *a-frfe"nd"-fn -Mission Gity as follows.  "I am" getting -a little more excite-  :-.- m.ent -being, -at. the front than at the  r-base;-.thouigh..occasionally one would  ���������Jt'hink- there-.was no war" at- all,  for  ���������..usomeldiiyis: hardy a' gun goes off. 1  : understand' row  that there  wiU be  The following- tale appeared in .the  Youth's Companion of Boston, Mass.  He had. the bearing of a veteran  and was. of the proper age. Instinctively the younger man had thought of  him as .one who had fought on one  side ^or the other in the Civil War.  The younger man was a keen student  of American history, and .never neglected ' an opportunity to get firsthand information from a veteran.  Under his guidance,, the conversation came round to the Peftinsular  campaign. The tactics of the generals and their, personalities were discussed. At first the older man merely answered questions, but.later' he  took the lead in the conversation him  self. The knowledge of the.history  of the war that he showed .was remarkable. He quoted from the memoirs of the'commanders. He criticized the conclusions:, of historians.  He could speak with knowledge of  every campaign, and almost every  battle. ,  - Finally he looked at his watch. "I  can. spare you only a- few. moments  longer," he said. "I have an engagement, arid.I make it "a rule, not to be  late.     ���������'  The younger man . expressed his  gratitude for the brilliant talk he  had listened to. .Then he said:  '|You have not told me of. your  own part in the war. What was your  regiment. What rank did you'hold?  What battles did you see?  He regretted the questions the instant they were out of his mouth, for  the older man's face grew suddenly  sad. He answered almost in a whisper:  "I took no part in it at all.    It has  been my grief for fifty years.-1 ought  to have gone.    I was of an age to go  Men about, me went, but I���������I stayed  away.    I was not a coward; it was  because they said 1 was too rich to go  I had money arid have it still. I was  an heir and I was told that it wo.s my  duty to stay and look after the .property.    Curse  the property!   It was  an awful thing to waste my chance to  be a man, for the sake of the proper  ty.    1 have had other chances that I  hope I have not wasted, but that was  the great chance of my youth, anl I  wasted that.     You   are   young, and  most of your chances are-before you.  I hope you will-never see your country in real war.-but -there are wars  of peace.    Get into one of them.    A  man, is most a manVwhen -he is flght-  ing'H'br what he believes.    Find a war  and fight in it,"  The Canadian   .,Government    war  policy appears to .have found apprecr  iation from CpllelT's Weekly, which  has never been1 very friendly towards  Canada but it now .is forced to pay  tribute to the excellent work of the  Conservative leader and his government.    In  a recent issue it makes  the.', following    comment    regarding  Canada's  wonderful--, part    in    the  world's great struggle':        %  , "So,.Canada has���������more than 100,-  000 men under arms. Whatever else  this war brings to. England, one gain  ia sure.    It- means a tightening    of  the. bonds uniting    her   ..dominions.  That   bloody -day  "on   which   C'OOO  Canadians gave" up: their lives, outnumbered but standing off the Germans at a crucial point near Ypres  brought daughter and mother coun^  try closer together for all time. Perhaps what counts most is not the fact  that the Canadians are marching con  tiugent after." contingent of fresh  troops abroad the transports, but the  spirit which-.prompts this sacrifice.  Canada is. ;not. as a nation,' ardently,  impulsive:. .This very fact may make  her all the more consequential factor  in a long-fought war. ,. One evidence  of this is .the deadly "seriousness with  which she' ia living down tho public  scandal that attended the spending of  her first "war appropriation of $50,-  .00.0,000.-   Neither sellers, middlemen  nor Government could boast of entirely clean  hands  in this transaction���������-but what war   in what country  /f?.s ever fought without commercial  smirch?    Graft, then, is not the, issue  only the spirit, in which the.would-be  grafters are.'..'p'ut down;    In Canada,  Premier Bor.deri himself, on the last  day of the late session of. the Parliament, rose from his seat in the House  of Commons and read out of his party  without  sparing  names,-two  fellow  Conservatives.    Mr.  Borden's action  is typical of Canada's whole attitude  toward this, great war.    It is a safe  guess that.the.commission delepated  to expend theTinew appropriation '%������  ?iodv0PO,pjl)pi:"?fIll live up to Canada's  best, ideals.. ITo-day our neighbor is  not-contributing mere rhetoric to her  Mother Country;  she is'giving    her.  own money and her own blood; she  is doing- her duty, and- duty and desire are, with Canada, one.,  "Never in the history of Canada  ha9 another Prime Minister taken so  vigorous a stand for the maintenance  of public morality. His reading two  of his own supporters out of his  party, merely because suspicious of  wrong-doing were -justly attached to  them,"will go further towards elevating the tone of Canadian politics  than anything that has heretofore  been done.;by a Canadian political  leader. ' So wholesome, .in. fact, has  been Sir Robert's example that English newspapers have urged Premier.  Asquith to follow it. Thus Canada  instead of being' looked  upon as a  nation afflicted with political bandits  and highwaymen, has been started on  a fair road to the.goal where it will  be regarded by other nations as a  modle of political decency."  FOREST FIRES  Forest" fires are unnecessary, are  nearly always the result of carelessness, and may wipe out in' an hour  what nature has taken hundreds of  years to create.  They destroy existing forests.  ,  They destroy the possibility of  future forests.     ������������������'.-���������       "      ;  They destroy .a great market for  labor. , * ���������  . They ��������� destroy homes. .  They destroy'prosperity.  They destroy lives.'  Don't start a forest fire.  E. O. Brandage  , Painter and Decorator  Dig your potatoes -in dry weather  and store in a-dry, cool, well-ventilated cellar kept at a' temperature of  from 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you want any artistic work in  Painting, Papeihangirig and Decorating give us a call.  Practical work at practical prices  Gladys Ave.  For the best job printing patronize the Abbotsforl Post. It is the on-,  ly paper published for Abbotsford.  D OF TRAD  ^  President, Chas. Hill-Tout   Secretary, S. A. Morley  of Abbotsford, B. C.   .  Meeting Held First Monday of Each Month  Write the secretary regarding manufacturing sites  with unexcelled shipping facilities and cheap power.  or information regarding the farm and fruit lands of  Ut'he district, and industries already established,  YOU ARE DELIGHTED  when you can get plenty^ of hot  water, but when the plumbing iB'  out of .ordor, that.'s a different  story.    It.is a good plan to have  'your .plumbing   looked  over   ev^'  . ery  now  and then,  to  see  that  .it is in proper condition. When  you  need  a plumber' again,   remember that we. do good plumbing, and our charges,   are    all  right.- ���������������������������'_.  WM. ROBERTS    ..  Plumbing Shop  Old Creamery B\&g ��������� Abbotsford  fc  S\  Your Photograph=  ^Nothing will  *"add more to  the pleasure of the friends and kinsfolk  at honie.       ' ' A /  THE NON-ADVERTISER  THE ROYAL STUDIO  ABBOTSFORD  A hen is not supposed to have  Much  common senBe or tact,  Yet every time she lays an egg  She cackles forth the fact.  The buay little uees they buzz;  Bulls bellow, and cows moo;  And watch-dogs bark, and    ganders  quack,  And pouter pigeons coo.  The peacock spreads his    tail   and  squaks;     *,  Pigs squeal-and robins sing;  And even serpents know enough ~  To hisa before they sting.  Yet,man,  the  greatest  masterpiece  That Nature could devise,  Will often stop and hesitate  Before  he'll. Advertise.  ���������From . Galloway Gazette.  iee me now about that Insurance  e  ������  e  J. H, JONES:  Funeral Director  Furnisher of Funeral Supplies  Phone Connection. Mission City  mmBBmmmmmmmmM&mmniti  I have a large arid splendid supply .'of  Raspberry Canes for sale" at low;, prices.  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C.  ^..mw,    <k-   . ^  Mr. Baines was the first subscriber  at the patriotic meeting at Peardonvilie some weeks ago.  WANTED���������Stove  Pipes fixed  and  carefully attended to by tlie hour, day  .or week, Phono X..}<lu.  ' It is understood the ISckardts will  fuirnlsh music for a dance after the  concert on Wednesday, Aug 2G, * if  desired to, do so.  One of our strongest critics in this  -pretty little burg is a man who does  not pay his dollar for a subscription  to'"' the paper.  The Pine Gove picnic was held on  Wedneslay of this week-and was well  a ttended. The children had a pleasant time.   " ' ���������>  -  A special sermon-to men next Sunday evening in the Presbyterian  church on: "Why not believe the .Bible ?"  Immigration Officer,C. A. Christie;  ���������who has been on the sick list for the  past month, is now able to be around  again, not quite his own self, but he  is rapidly becoming fit aiidready for  active duties.  (From tlie Fraseir Valley Record)  "Pastor" Russell,lost his suit! ;a-  gainst the Brooklyn.Eagle. The cohre  held that the Journal was telling-the  truth when it advertised him as a  "fraud".  .The anniversary services of , St.  Paul's church, Huntingdon will be  held onjSunday, September then l.th  When Rev. I. W. Williamson of Vancouver will preach at 3 and 7:30 p.  m. There will be an entertainment  on Monday evening following.  MISSION CITY MAN  AHEAD  ONCE  MORF  The.monthly report of-the Fourth  the next, '.Mr. Adams of Victoria,  has a total of 1038. Mr. Gibbard's  pen of six dandies, laid 111 for the  month,-while;that of Mr. Adams 102.  During,-the: month' Mr. E. D. Read  has to his credit'.-12'5.eggs,'Mr. Jones  Rant 112; Mr. A. 'EV Smith of Lux-  ton 12 4, all in the' j-'same 'class. But  Mr. Gihb'ard still leads../; >  International Egg-Laying Contest .for  .the month ending August 9th has a-  gain demonstrated that the hen's", of  Mr. D. Gibbard have outdistanced the.  hens in 'Weight and Non-Weight'.������������������varieties, the total number of eggs- a-  mouriting now to 1129.. and hte highest in the 'Non-Weight' varieties is  1122.    .  Mr. Gibbard's hens head the list .in  'Weight  varieties'  with   1129,   while  The flower show held at the Agricultural Hall yesterday demonstrates  more-than ever the fact that Mission  City and district, is tiie flower garden  of the Fraser Valley.  Two entries contained in tlie two  buildings and tastily displayed marked the flower show this year and the  Mission City Women's Institute can  well feel proud of- the splendid exhibit.  The children's exhibits in which  there, were thirteen entries were far  superior this yeair and at last year's  show and^while the number of entries in all "classes were slightly less  than last year, this was more than,  made up by the improved quality  of the various exhibits.  Mr. Thornbeir of the Department  of Agriculture and Mr. Brown of  Brown Bros Nurseries had their work  cut out in judging the many exhibits in many cases the merits' of first  and second prize being hard to distinguish.  In the evening a patriotic concert  was held at which Professor Hill-  Tout of Abbotsford delivered an appropriate ��������� address on the present  European war, which was highly appreciated by an extremely patriotic  audience.  An ozcellent vocal and instrumental programme which" preceded the  dance was well received and highly  enjoyed. "': , ���������'" ���������  The money collected at the flower  show and at the concert will be turned over to the Missiori-Hatzic Ma-,  chine Gun Fund.  The following is the. prize list winners:  Class A. Collection of Cut Flowers  Dahlias������������������1st, Mrs. Solloway; . 2nd,  Mrs. Middleton.  Dahlias, cactus���������1st Mrs, Solloway  2nd Mrs.  Middleton.  Dahlias, any other variety���������1st  Mrs.' Sollway; 2nd, Mrs. E. Abbott.  Sweet Peas, ten stems each, wMte  ���������1st Mr. W. Dwyer; 2nd, Mrs. Middleton.  Sweet Peas, blue���������1st Mr. W. Dwyer;  2nd, Mrs. Portsmouth.  Sweet Peas, pink���������1st Mr. W.  Dwyer; 2nd, G. O. Buchanan.  Sweet Peas, red���������1st, W. Dwyer;  2nd. Mrs. Millar. ������&  Cclle ction of Pansies���������7st, ip|s.  Paton;  2nd, Mrs. Middleton. #  Collection of Zinnnias���������Is't, Mrs:  W. Abbott;  2nl, Mrs. A. E. Dann.'  BUTCHER  . KING  Pork, Mutton, Jteef, Veal, Pork Sausages,   Wieners  and Balogha always on hand.     Fish every Thursday  \m/ii^smsig^mm-^ss^!m!ss^ss^  S^>9  ABBOTSFORD, B.  C  Strictly first-class in every 'respect.:;::Trie^bar-is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,  $1.50 TO  $2.00  PER   DAY  A. J, HENDERSON 6c SONS  PROPRIETORS^  Collection of Carnations���������1st, Mr.  Coupe'r;   2nd, Mrs. W. Abbott.  Asters, three blooms, four varieties  ���������1st, Mrs. Middleton; 2nd, Mr. W.  Dwyer.  Roses���������1st, Mrs/Solloway; 2nd Mr  W. Dwyer.     . '   '"���������'   '  .  Gladioli, six' varieties, one stem  each���������1st Mr. Couper; 2nd, Mr. Gal-  liford.  Collection of cut flowers���������1st, Mrs.  Solloway; 2nd Mrs. Shea.  Class B. Display; Sweet Peas���������1st  Mr. W. Dwyer; 2nd, Mrs. Solloway.  Nasturtiums���������1st, Mrs. Dann; 2nd  Mrs.  Paton.  Asters���������1st Mr. W. Dwyer; 2nd,  Mrs. Millar.  .    <  Roses���������No first; 2nd Mrs./Aber-  crombie.  Marigolds���������1st Mrs. Ed. Osborne;  2nd, Mrs. Middleton.  Coreopsis���������1st, Mrs. Solloway; 2,  Mrs. Paton. "   ."  Poppies���������J.st, Mrs. Middleton; 2nd  Mrs. Solloway.  Phlox���������Perennial���������1st, Mrs Middleton;   2nd Mrs. Solloway.  Petunias���������1st Mrs. Middleton; 2nd  Mrs. A. E. Dann.  Stocks���������1st Mrs. Middleton; 2nd,  Mrs,%;Shea.    .' . , ,  Tiger Lilies���������Mirs., F. Tunbridge;  2nd, Mrs. A. E. Dann. -  Auratium Lilies���������1st, Mrs. Solloway;   2nd,  Mrs. Mtiddleton.  Lackspur���������1st Mrs. Middleton.  Verbena���������1st, Mrs. Paton; 2nd,  Mr. Couper.   ' "  ' . "  Pansies���������1st, Mrs. W. Abbott; 2nd  Mrs.  Paton. ��������� ,  Phlox, Annual���������Mrs. Paton;  Mrs. Solriway. '���������'        :  Class C. House,Plants," Best Geranium Plant���������1st Mrs. Shea!  Best display of'Geranium-Plants���������  1st, Mrs. Middleton; 2nd Mrs. Paton  Best Fuchsia Plant���������1st Mrs. Shea  2nd, Mrs. Portsmouth.  Best Begonia���������1st* Mirs. Shea; 2nd'  Mrs. Middleton.  Best Hydrangea���������1st,-, Mrs. Portsmouth; 2nd, Mrs. Middleton.-  Best display .of House Plants���������1st  Mrs. Shea; 2nd, Mrs. Middleton.  Any other House Plant' not mentioned���������1st Mrs. Shea;.2nd, Mrs. H.  Abercrbmbie/  Class D., Children, Display of  flowers by child.under 10-;���������Victor Osborne.        " , v ,     . ' '        .  Display of'.flowers by child under  16���������1st, Miss Etta Abbott; 2nd, Miss'  Connellan. -1,1.'.'-  Display of, wild flowers, pressed or  mounted-^lst^.Miss Ursula 'Winch;  2nd, Victor. Osborne.  Bouquet; of. wild flowers���������1st F.  Tunbridge; 2nd, Miss Ursula Winch.  Display, of native grasses���������1st, Victor Osborne. ���������;���������''  Class E. Specials. Best decorated  table���������1st Mrs.    Portsmouth;    .2nd,  POULTRY NOT PLENTIFUL  Anjinusually slim supply of whole  sale meats and a falling off in the  supply of live poultry'were the notice  able features of the m'ar.-ket on Friday last and regular visitors to the  square could not fail to notice the  long rows of empty hooks where the  meat carcases are wont to hang. In  other lines the market, was distinctly  up to standard and. trading was unusually brisk, considering the time  of year.  The  failure  of  the  Valley  stockmen to ship meat this week is ascribed partially to the harvesting operations  on  the  farms and  also  to  the warm weather.      These are the  dog days when butchers are averse  to hanging fresh meat, in the open  for any length of time and what little  meat   is   coming   in;   from   up-rivcf  points just now is hustlel to the re--  frige'rators at once.  .Bartlett pears from.Chilliwalk were  the  new  features  in  the  fruit lino  and the twenty-five boxes which  a-  dcirned the fruit section at nine o'clock had practically disappeared inside  of  an   hour  at. prices   ranging  from 60������ to 750.    There was a' plentiful supply of apples and plums and  in addition to the wholesale lots presided over by the market clerk, nearly every individual vendor    on    tho.  market had a few boxes of plum? or  apples to dispose of.  Chickens were not as plentiful as  usual and the price stiffened in con-  soiiiicnce. Hens sold at 12 to K'.p  2nd. although for the past few. week*? thero  was practically no demand for ther.i  Roc-slurs and broilers were somowhat  scairce. '    .  -.   Eggs brought 350 retail-and butter  remaine'l  at the  usual  price  of  350.    There, was a keen demand for  butter in prints and crocks..  The following were the prices.  Poultry  Ducks  old  .live  weight  130   to  14 0  Ducks, young live weight 150 to 16 0  Chickens  .'  110 to 140  Broilers....; 150 to 180  MISSION  FERRY   SE.RVIOE ,  cross the Fraser River at Missi<  ���������Leave ���������  Leave  Mission  MatSqui  Week Days    ��������� '      ,  7:00 a. m.  7:20 a. m.  7:40 a. m.  8.00 a. m.  8:20 a. m.  8:40 a.'m.  9:00 a. m.  9:20 a. m.  . 9:40 a. m.  .   10:00 a ni.  I<h20 a. m".  10.40 a: m.  1U00 a.m.  11:20 a. m.  11:40 a. m.  11.45 a. m..  1:00 p.'m.  1:20 p. m.  ,1:40 p m.  2:00 p. in.  2:20 p. m.  2:40 p. m.  3:00 p. m.  3:20 p. m.  3:40 p. m.  4:00 p. m.  4:20 p. m.  .4:40 p. m.  5:00 p. m.  G.:20 p. m.  5:40 p. m.  5.45 p. m.  6:50 p. m.  7:00 p. in.  Sundays  8:00 a. in.  8:30 a. in.  9:00 a. m.  9:30 a. m.  10:30 a. m.  10.30 a. m.  11:00 a. m.  11:20 a. m.  11:40 a. m.  11:45 a. in.  1:00 p. m.  1:30 p. m.  2:00 p. in.  2:30 p. ni.  3:00 p. m.  3:30 p. in.,  4:00 p. in.'  4:30 p. m.  5:00 p. m.  5:20 p. m.  5:40 ]). in.  5.4 5 p. m.  G: 50 p. in..  7:00 p. m.  'ROUGH ON RATS" clears out Rata  Mice, etc. Don't Die In the House.  15c and 25c, at Drug and Country  Stores. *  Portsmouth; '2nd Mrs. F. Tunbridge  Table Bouquet���������1st. Mrs. Apps;  2nd, Mrs. W; Abbott.  Display of native ferns^���������Mrs. F.  Tunbridge;    :.'    :"-:  Best Hanging Basket���������1st. Mrs.  Middleton; 2nd, Mrs. Portsmouth.  . Best bouquet arranged' and grown  in show Toom by BacheloT���������Mr. W,  Couper;' 2nd, Mr. E. Osborne.  Best Bouquet by Benedict to be arranged, in .showroom���������1st. Mr. Ed,  Osborne..  Best Bouquet by. Bachelor Lady���������  Miss Mitchell; 2nd Miss Tunbridge. v  Best collection - of Annuals-���������Mrs.  Middleman..',;  Best'"Wreath���������1st, Mrs. Solloway;  2nd, Mrs. Parton.' '  Best Shower Bouquet���������1st. Mrs.  Millar; 2nd, Mrs. A. E..Dann.  Best collection of Hollyhocks���������1st  Mrs. W. Abbott; 2nd, Mrs. "Middleton  Best collection of Canterbury Bells  ���������Mrsi Reid; 2nd, Mrs. Osborne.  Best collection of , Dahlias���������1st,  Mrs. Middleton; 2nd Mrs. Solloway.  Person taking most prizes���������Mrs.  Middleton; 2nd, Mrs. Solloway.  Best -collection of Dianthus���������Mrs.  Middleton; 2nd, Mrs. Osborne:  Best collection of Snapdragons���������  1st, Mrs. Portsmouth; 2nd, Mrs. Millar. ...  Fruit  Blackberries  2-5   crate   ....$1.50  Blackberries  4-5  crate $2.00  Apples per box  650' to 950  Plums, per" 201b crate ....500 to 650  Red Currants, per. quart' : 150  White Currants, per quart  ."..'..150  Logan berries, per crate   $1.35  Vegetables  New Potatoes, per sack  .-...900  NewPotatoes per ton  $15.00  Green Peas, 8  lbs for  250  Celery, per bunch 50  Lettuce, 2 bunches for  >. 54  Onions, 3 bunches for 50  Radishes, 3 buches for  50  Cabbage,   head    5'0  Spinach, per h ���������- 40  New Beets, 3 bunches  50  Cucumbers "-".,.... 50  Eggs nad Butter  Eggs retail  350  Eggs,   wholesale .' 300  Butter, per lb  .' .7...... 350  Butter, wholesale -per lb  350  Wholesale Meat  Steer Beef, in carcass 11 1-20 to 120  Beef hindquarters.-.  130 to 13^0  Beef, forequarters  9^0  Pork, per lb  ,..100 to 110  Veal, No. 1, per lb  130 to 14^0  Veal, large, per lb  100 to 120  Mutton   120   to  140  Spring Lamb  150- to���������160  Young Pigs, each  $3 to $5  Fish  Sockeye salmon,'per lb  12^0  Spring Salmon,. 3   lbs  250  Herring,  3   lbs 250  Steelhead,   per ��������� 150  Smelts,  per  lb   .'. 100  Wlii'ting, per ib' : .' 100  Halibut, per lb  150  Codfish, -per Ih  ..: .:..12^0  Sturgeon,  per  lb    150  Crabs,  2  for  ,,...! 250  The St. Paul's Ladies Aid met -in  the church on Wednesday afternoon  \t^!s:0!tiM^fM^$^eBm  Siilliiiioliiii  iiliSiiiilll  -These are features in our  Vancouver offices; It will pay  you to have your dental work  done in Vancouver. All work  guaranteed for ten year.  EXAMINATIONS FREE  J  207 HASTINGS ST. W. COR. CAMBIE.  Robson Bros.  Poultry Tonic  ���������and���������  Lice Powder  Abbotsford Feed Store  CHARLEY'S POOL ROOM  AND BARBER SHOP  Huntingdon  Go  With  Tho  Bunch  Don't believe me but come any night  and see where the bunch is  2 New Tables Just Added  Laundry Agency in Connection  fe  Ice Cream,  Soda Drinks,   Sundaes  Everything in the Ice Cream line  Have you visited my new Ice Cream Parlor.     Fitted in first  class  style.    A cool retreat.  We carry a full line of ���������Groceries.    Get our prices  Fresh Fruits in Season  ALBERT LEE, GROCER AND BAKER  Abbotsford, B. C.  READ THE ADS. IN THIS PAPER  AND PURCHASE FROM THE MER-  CHANTS who BOOST THE HOME  GOODS by placing before tlie readers  the goods which they have to sell. If  there were a lhre bunch of merchants  in this town not so many people  would buy goods in a foreign country  Live mercants make a live paper, and  a Live paper can do a lot towads help*  ng out tiie merchants of a town. Rut  it is hard to boost wheinr there is no  money in it.  exan  ^a  General Blacksmith  And Herseshoer  ^  Carriage and Repair Work of  all Kinds  Automobils Repair Work  Satisfaction Guaranteed  Next to Alexandria Hotel  HUNTINGDON B. C.  Farmers' and Travelers  trade solicited.  Newly Furnished  Thoroughly. Modern  ->;-','  M.   MURPHY, PROPRIETOR  HUNTINGDON, B  C  ,   9  in  I  ill  i  4  i  m  I  1  4  i  in  m  m  li  ���������M


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