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Twenty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
Oct. 21
UAX. TKMP.    MIN.TKMP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
510 42.0     80.235     .03
The Daily
VOL. II,  NO. 241
nSSdn ^V PO" sol'TH
cdtfruy^Bunday 9 a.. m
l'l-iiui'jfteorge... Monday, 8 a.m.
Mil TOR North
1   Pclnceu My,.. Monday, Pot 28
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, October 21, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Final Figures are Now Obtainable���In the Two Districts
North of the Skeena, Duncan Ross Was the Man
���The Three Districts South of the Skeena
Gave Majorities for Clements
Final figures regarding the election in Comox-Allin have been
summarised by Returning Officer
I'. (j. Dawson as the following
statement shows. It will bo seen
from the figures that Atlin antl
Skeena districts both gave a majority for Duncan Ross, Ross's
main gain being in the city of
Prince Rupert itself where his
majority oyer Clements of 171 is
less than a score of votes below
Clements' majority of 188 for
the whole constituency. Some
may see evil omen for Ross in
the figures showing his Atlin ma
jority of 23���the hodoo or skiiloo
number���but superstition aside,
neither Atlin nor Skoena district
has anything to hang the heat
about in the fight for tht* Libera
Cause for Comox-Atlin. Following
is the official summary:
September 21st, 1911.
Atlin District
Clements  50    .
Ross  73       Majority for Ross  23
Alberni District
Clements 341
Ross 242       Majority for Clements.. 09
Comox District
 345       Majority for Clements. .229
Richmond District
   17       Majority for Clements.. 22
Skeena District
Clements 8(Hi
Ross 945       Majority for Ross..
District Majorities for Clements total 350
District Majorities for Ross total 102
. 139
Total Majority for Clements	
Spoiled Ballots, 47.
Rejected Ballots, 18.
Discovered That the Urn  a  Kingston  Family  Were
Burying, Waa Labelled With the Name of Another Person   Funeral Was Called Off
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Kingston,  Out.,  Oct.   21st.���A
painful sensation has boon caused
here by what is believed to be
an   undertaker's  blunder.    Just
prior to the burial of the cremated
remains of the late Davitl \V.
Trotter of Long Beach, Cat., at
iho local cemetery, it was dis-
covered thai the casket containing
the ashes bore the label  of  Mrs.
Ophelia Parringion, aged 82.
It is believed lhat the caskets
of two different persons became
mixed, each going lo wrong destinations. The obsequies were
���topped until ilu* Long Beach
undertaker can be communicated
Hosiery specials on Saturday at
Wallace's. 2��
The Presbyterian Club Will
Start up Again on Wednesday
Rev. Mr. Kerr will preach in
the theatre on Sunday evening
a, 7.30 on "Is Not This the
Carpenter.1 '      Morning     service
Presbyterian   Church    Hall   on
Fourth avenue, near McBride, at
11 a.m.
The opening meeting of lho club
will be held on Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Subject: "Govern-
ment by Commission," will bo
discussed by several prominent
Everyone is cordially Invoted i<>
this, tho opening meeting of the
club, and an interesting evening '**
This  Concerns   You
Local 326, I. W. W. invites the
working men of Prince Rupert
lo attend a public mooting t<> l>*'
held in their hall on Third avenue
and Eighth street, on Saturday
evening at   8 o'clcok,  to discuss
the reduction in wages in the city.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
C. P. R- Vessel is Now on Her
Way to Vancouver for Repairs.
(Canadian PfWI Despatch)
Victoria, Oct. 21. The C. P. R.
steamer Princess Beatrice was
floated at high tide this morning
and is now en route for Vancouver
where she should arrive tonight.
Temporary repairs will be made
to the hull after which she will go
to Esquimalt lo be dry docked.
Hon. Robert Rogers Leave* for
West to Interview the Coal
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, Oct. 21���Hon. Robert Rogers, the new Minister for
the Interior, leaves here lo try
and settle the coal strike of Alberta antl British Columbia.
Canadian Coinage This Year is
Short of the Ancient Phrase���
The Mint's Error.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct. '21.���A great ileal
of comment has been created by
the disappearance of the words
"Dei Gratia" from the Canadian
coinage this year. This applies
to the silver ones only. N xt
year's coin will have the stalely
antl ancient*moi to restored.
The fault for lho omission lies
with the Briiish mint authorities.
The tlies were prepared in England
and there the misiak   was made.
Because of the urgent need for
tlios they were accepted. Thc
1912 coins will revert to the ancient
Early  Snowfall  Will   Interfere
With Threshing Operations
(Canadian Pre*.* Despatch)
Winnipeg,  Oct.  21.���Snow  fell
today   throughout   a   portion   of
the province.   It will have a very
bail effect on threshing operations,
Single Tax the Issue
Winnipeg, Oct. 21.���(Specia)���
Next month's civic election lure
is to bo fought on the single tax
Ishi, the Port Essington Jap,
and .lobes, the New Westminster Wife Murderer, to
Die on December 5th.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Ocl. 21.���Kor having
shot his wife at New Westminster
some months ago, Henry Jobes
was today found guilty of murder
and sentenced to hang on December 5th. On. the same dato Ishi,
iho Port Essington Jap who was
sentenced t-<> death, will be* executed.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Frank Manley, George De Lion and Two Hundred Other Well
Known Yukoners Going Out for the Winter���A Merry
Scene on the Wharf This Morning
Foreigner Attacked Him With a Double Pitted Axe at
Skagway and He May Die as a  Result���Robbery the Motive-Posse Now in Hot
Pursuit of the Miscreant
To the many old time Klondike!) in Prince Ruperl today,
the passenger list of tlie C. P. R.
Princess Royal this morning wns
of particular interest. Lining the
steamer's side as she lay at the
wharf wore hundreds of passengers
leaving lhe Yukon fur lhe season,
ami   amongst   them   old   timers
here counted many familiar facet.
Millionaire Frank
One conspicuous figure on board
wu. that of Frank Manley, tinman who ran the Manley Hot
Springs Hotel al Fairbanks during
the gold days, and one of the liest
known of the men north now.
He has the reputation of being
worth millions. He reached the
Yukon from Mexico where he
had cleared himself effectually of
a charge of murder laid against
him. lie is as well known in
Mexico as in lhe Yukon.
A Good Loser
Running the Hoi Springs looked
to be a profitable business, Inn
Frank lost $2(10,(1110 on thai  ven
ture. However, he grew a garden
of vegetables and llowers there
that was the envy of the whole
North. Ho had a lay-out of
lavish luxury with swimming pools,
and every appurtenance in keeping,
After leaving Fairbanks he weni
to the Iditarod, and has jusi
pulled OUt from there with the
reputation of having made "a
not of money." Frank hailed
his friends hero with warm good
cheer today. Peter Black of tin-
Central Hotel, Jarvis McLeod of
the Customs Department, Max
Hcilbroncr, J. H. Rogers of the
Steamship Agency, were hailed
by him.
Real Old Timers"
Other prominent old lime mining
men on the Royal were Bill Scouse,
once partner with Pete Black on
"15 Eldorado," an unassuming
many now wonh many thousands
of dollars. His brother Tom w.'s
there too, also a miner of '1)7.
Doc. Rainier was then- from Fairbanks, antl Charlie Bun-liter, "the
sunbeam purser" of lhe Northern
Navigation Company, Mollis Loon-
ey, Bill Harding, Nick Torolla,
Pilot Schafcr of the White Pass
Company, Robert Milvano of the
Russell King Outfit, Milvano and
Mcl.arcn, Commodore Barker of
the Northern Navigation Company
Mrs. Charlie Vifquin, oh her way
to New York, Horace McKay,
Fishery Inspector, and amongst
many others last mentioned but
not least George Do Lion, famous
in the days of the Villa De Lion
across the Yukon where lhe "Mar-
jorie" took her crowds of passengers.
Every Berth Full
To the true old timer every I
name has its associations and i
then* were many, many more.]
This is the Royal's second lasi
trip for the season, the water in
the Yukon being freer than usual
of ice just now. livery available
lierth w;is booked ihore being
altogether some 220 passengers
from Skagway southbound.
News was brought south by
the Princess Royal this morning
that jusi as she was pulling out
of Skagway discovery had boon
made of a brutal attempted murder
and robbery there. The victim
is Charlie Gupiill, purser of tho
Alaska Steamship Company, and
the motive for the crime was
evidently robbery as the purser
was believed lo have upwards of
18000 on him, the amount represented by bookings for the steam-
I or Dolphin belonging to his company.
At the  lime  the  Royal  pulled
lout, all that was known was that
la foreigner had attacked Guptill
with a double-bitted axe doing
him dreadful injury, and the lirsi
j news was that he had died within
a few minutes. Later information
obtained through enquiry made
at Juneau where the news* had
been wired was to the effect that
the purser wa.s still alive, and lhat j
hopes wore held out for his recovery. The money wa.s believed
to be all in the hands of the
miscreant who escaped, but was1
being closely pursued, and had
probably been captured by the
time the Royal reached hen*.
No further news of the matter
had reached Rupert by wire up
to the lime of writing.
The injured man, Charlie I'.
Guptill, is a very well known
in the present day north, though
he Wiis not an old timer of the
Klondike days. He is very well
spoken of all around, and the
attack  on   him  is  arousing  con
siderable feeling amongst those
who have had to do with him in
travelling myth.
Only a Little Over $2000 Represented This Week
Building permits representing
buildings to the value of $2475
were isuued by Building Inspector
Mclnnis for the week ending 20th
October.   The mosi considerable
building projected is ii dwelling
on Fifth avenue for J. T. Moore
Costing 11000. The other permits
range from 8100 to 8300, and
represent small buildings, additions and repairs to houses on
Ninth, Fourth and Fifth avenues,
Biggar Place and Summit avenue.
Baptist Song Service
Lovers of music and song will
have an opportunity t<> gratify
their taste at Mclntyre Hall Sunday night at 7.30 p.m. as the
Baptist Church will have a song
service instead of ii sermon, Cray's
full orchestra will attend. John
E. Davey, organist.
Business  Trip
Mr. C. II. Handasyde, Jr., will
leave by the Prince George on
Monday morning fo" a week's
trip south on business.
BOY    WANTED.   To    work
steadily or before and after school.
���Wallace's. 2t
Mr. H. S. Clements Given an Enthusiastic Reception at the Conservative Smoker Last Night���Optimistic Prophecies
Were Made About Canada's Future
First   Decisive Victory Either Way Will Have a Far
Reaching Moral Effect on Chinese People���Big
Battle is Expected at Any Minute
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pokin,  Oct.   21.-The   fate  of
the Chinese Empire is now trembling in  the balance awaiting the
result 0  B decisive victory for one
side or the oilier.
Ii is now apparent that the
Imperial Government knew of tin-
now victory of the rebels at
Hankow twenty-four hours before
it   became  public    The   Imperial
Seattle Man Shoots in an Effort
to Avoid Arrest
Siv'elle, Oct. 21.���While running
awav and endeavoring tO avoid
arrest, Waller Standbridge. aged
28, shot and killed instantly Detective Bianchi. The bullet took
effect in the head.
Wiih the Mclntyre Hall about
two-thirds full of staunch Coa-
sorvalivos  and  other  citizen-  in-
terestcd Alderman Clayton opened
the   smoker   hold   last   night   to
welcome Mr. Clements, the ntwly
elected member for Coniox-Allin.
"It   was  desirable   that   before
he went io Ottawa Mr. Clementa
should get to know the faces of
his sup|xirters antl bo able also
call them each antl all by name,"
said the Chairman amid applause.
"Therefore this smoker."
The speaker went on terms of
flowery eloquence to describe the
resources of Prince Rupert particularly touching on the "hardy
fisherman   who  after  casting  his
net under the shimmering starlight draws forth in the daytime
the glittering, silver-sided spoil
of the mighty deep." (Cheers).
Clements Can Cook
Mayor Manson opened his address with amusing references to
the launch trip taken  by himself
and Mr. Clement! t<> Bella Coola
when Mr. Clements had proved
able "to cook for the bunch.''
The Mayor had greatly enjoyed
many meals cooked thus by Mr.
Clements, though he had to wash
the dishes afterwards. (I-aughtcr).
Protection Plan
Referring to the recent COntOSl
lhe Mayor remarked thai the
victory achieved under Mr. Borden was a most significant one.
It brought Canada in line with
the plans of the great leader in
Britain���Joseph     Chamberlain *
(Cheers.)   It would lead to Canada
and the British colonies coming
in lino with a s\ -lem of protection.
(Cheersl. The uld country would
appreciate the advantage of the
gnat scheme, and it would soon
be realised,    (Cheers).
A pianoforte selection followed
Mr.    Manson's    address    during
which refreshment! wen- served.
"Mr. Speaker's" Brother
Mr. Sproule, brother of the
newly appointed Speaker of the
House, was present ami on the
call of the chairman took the
platform. He expressed Ilis pleasure ill addressing an audience in
the greal constituency of Cotnox-
Atlin. Hc had seen much of tin-
district while travelling with the
new member, ami "the estimable
gentleman whom the citizens had
selected to rule lhe coming city
of Prince Rupert."
"Salt of the Earth"
He toltl how thc hearts of the
Conservatives down lielow had
been cheered by the results coming
in from the far away tlistricts
of Comox-Atlin���surely the sail
of the earth was there, (Cheers
from the grains of said salt in lhc
Bee in His Bonnet
An amusing oomic song and1 thing of th
recitation followed by Mr. Martin
and then the chairman called on
Dr. Traynor, of Kitselas, to take
the platform, lie congratulated
Mr.   Clement    on   this   victory
saying thai he never should forget
how he felt when ho heard the
results at Kitselas.
Farmyard Interlude
Mr.  J.  G.   Weston   gave  soine
farmyard imitation! including how
the Conservatives crowed on Election Day and after the results
were out. Mr. Weston's Imitation
of catching a bee was exceptionally
good.     He  caughl   the  insect   in
Alderman Clayton1! bonnet.
Several amusing soigs followed,
by Mr. Martifl and other popular
singers, then after a prelude in
the shape of a selection on the
bagpipes Mr. Clements was introduced by the chairman.
The New M. P.
Mr. Clement! who wai received
with enthusiasm said he was pleased to see all, both Liberal and
Conservative. He was proud as
a Canadian that not a single
elector In- had met in Comox-
Atlin had been desirous to sell
his franchise.
Didn't   Like   Rupert  Once
He admitted that when he first
came   to   Prince   Rupert   in   linearly days he looked at  the rock
ai'd   timber   .'bout   and   did   not I
see how a city ever could be made
here.     Now   having   seen   soilie-i
Interior resource! of]
the dlitrict, he was assured of1
Prince Rupert's prosperity. Prince
Rupert must become B very great
city indeed, and during his term
at  Ottawa  he  would  while  not
neglecting every other portion of
Comox-Atlin���make a point always of advancing the interests
of Prince Rupert.    He did  nol
feel sore at the adverse vote he
nut in Prince Ruperl but realised
thai his workers here had found
force! against them that they
had not anticipated.
Referring   to   Premier    R.    L.
Commander in chief is now within
one hundred miles of Hankow,
and it is expected that another
and more decisive encounter between the opposing force will
take place in ilu* near future.
Tho climax and success of the.
revolutionists seems to hingo on
the result of the first big encounter, as the moral effect will
be far reaching.
World's Baseball Series at a
Standstill Need Some Rupert Weather There.
(Canadian Pros- Despatch)
Philadelphia, Oct. 21. -Rain hoi
again  earned   the  poitponement
Borden,  he  said:    "There  is no of the New York-Philadelphia base-
ore man more capable of leading
the party in power in the Dominion of Canada than R. L. Borden." He would ever have tIn-
best interests of the Dominion
at heart. Without wishing to
say anything to offend any Liberal
he did not see how any Liberal
COUld possible have supported the
reciprocity pact. He thought any
Liberals supporting that pact must
have voted simply for party reasons.
Wants the Liberals
If Liberals would now line up
with the party in power they
would find Canada better governed than it had been for fifteen
Gov't, and G. T. P.
He   belittled   the   Libera
ernmeni saying that the GrandI
Trunk Pacific was the only groat I
enterprise ever entered on by the
Liberal Government in the interests of Canada,   The fortunes
of  Prince  Rupert  depended  Upon
the Ge T, P. and the Conservative
party were nol  opposed to thc
(Continut-il on pig! 6.)
ill match. It i-* still raining today
antl it looks like another |K>st-
Debate   Wednesday   Night   in
Pref. byterinn Church Hall on
(Thia Important Question.
"Municipal    Government    by
Council or Commission," is the
question to b ��� thrashed out by
the young men of the Presbyterian
(liurch on Wednesday night in
the new hall on Fourth avenue.
Some of Princ   Rupert's strongest
speaker! are to take part, and it is
understood that (). H. Nelson will
I lead   the  battle  against   Commit*
Guv-lslon Government.
Over to Porcher
Mayor Manson left this morning
with Mr. Clements antl the City
Assessor and Collector Mr. J. C.
McLennan Ot) a visit to Porcher
Island to ascertain the needs ol
that important portion ol the
constituency. Tho party will return on Monday, THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Saturday. Oct. 21
Local  Improvement Notice
Tftkl DOtlM that tlit> council o[ the Municipal
Corporation of tht City ot Print*.1 Kuptrt intends
to miikc tin- followinK local improvcmciitB:
A ten-loot plunk ttidowulk on botfl Hides of
Fourth atm-i, between north Hide of Second
meruit* und south side of Third uv.'iuie will)
ftroi't croiwlnipi ut Second avenue and Third
avenue, and to IH6M the tinul cost thereof upon
tho propwty fronting or tbuttlni on or to h
bononttM thereby, and that u Htatement und
diagram ihowing the lunda to he mo apeciallv
IlKWinil tor the said improvement**! or work, in
now on Hit' In the oflice nf the City t'lerk, and
is open for inspection ilunm; office bourn.
The estimated cost of the work i*. 9881*00-) and
is to be paitl for in one yeur.
I tilted at i'rince Kupert thi*-. -1st duv of October,
City Clerk,
William Mahlon Davis,
City Kmrineer.
Local  Improvement Notice
Take notice that the council of the Municipal
Corporal inn of the City of Prince Rupert intends
to make the folio*int: local  improvements:
A leu-foot plank sidewalk on earn side of Third ! WlUTC
slnvt betWten tOUth Hide ��>( Slile* place und miuth
side of Third avenue and on the west side of Third
I strtet, batwoan north itdo of Second tvanua and
1 WUth side of Thiid avenue   with Mreet  ORMltui
[ ut  S.i-oiid and Third u venue*, and to assess the
tina!   CO*t   thefOOl   on   the   properly   front inn   or
! abut t inn  i hereon  or  to  bt  hem-fitted   thereby,
and that  ,i statement   and diagram showing the
| lands   tO   -"'   so   specially   HHHN   for   the   said
Improvwntntt or works Is now  tiled  in  the olHce
of the City Clerk and is opet for inspection during
office hour*.
The cttlmtttd Nti ol the work is gUM.OQ ami
is io bf paid for in one year.
Dated at I'rince Kupert this 21st duv of October,
1IU1. ,__
City Clerk.
William Mahlon Davi**,
City Engineer.
ITEMS  OF . . j
Local  Irnprovsmisht  Notice
'1";,1.,* tmtit*.- lliat  !he ,-,',,���,-i! ol Um Municipal
Corporal ion of the City of Princ.1 Kui.e-rl iiitt*nils
. !��� iiiiiki- lhc followim* locul iniprovi-nu'tils:
\  s.-\.'liti*e>ll-1oeit   (ilunk sie]e*wulk on  bolh side**,
j of  Sei-oiirl   stn-s'l.   l>.'lv.iH.n   south   sielc   e,f   Kirsl
av.-iuie- ami soulh sielc of Thir,l avenue*. i.ii,l sln*e*l
cr���s��intrs ar Second  anil Thir.l Avenue-,  anil  lo
-i-.-1-as the linal  cost  ttVre.tf upon  tin- property
! Ironlini! or ulmtlitiK thereon or to tte l>cnollttee1
thereby and lhat a statement unel diagram showing
hi '
���^...^..a-sa.. >*��..������-.s|"��a��
Cart'ful exanilnaiion of the performances of major league pitchers
lor the last ten years is not needed
to show that Christopher Matluw-
son is the greatesi pitcher of the
H   M   M
President Bob Brown, of the
Vancouver   Baseball   Club,   will
shortlv   for   San   Antonio.
he will attend the mutual
meeting of the National Association
of Minor Leagues,
X   M   ��
Chit-ago won the toss from
Detroit in the clini,', for the scene
of the opening game of the 1908
world's series and won the cham-
pionship; Pittsburg won the toss
from Detroit in 1000 and likewise
the series. Philadelphia outlucked
Chicago in the same department
In 1010 and you know who holds
the title at the present time;
New York won tlu* toss this year.
���  MM
One of the greatest upsets of the
season   among  two-year-olds  occurred at   Xewtn
J. B. Jod's 7 to
rkel  when  Mr.
1 shot, the Ab-
Ii is mil io In- expected that any political leader selecting a Cabinei
can please all his follower!. But Sir. Borden in his effort! to secure
a ministry of all the talents seems tn have been more than ordinarily
unfortunate. Tory Toronto, the headquarters of Conservatism in
Canada, seems to be very much torn over his Cabinet selections.
The selection of Mr. W. T. White���probably the ablest and strongest i��     >        ,-.;���,,        ....        ���, - ...,������,.. ,...   ., ���        \i,,],n, *,-,i
nl   ill ilii> iii-w iuit.isii.r<   is l.e-inir iiii.l.- tliA snl.i,.e*t nf l.iu.-r nmtsutc inipmvwn-rnis or work is now Hied in ilu* odlce   5Jf"****J   *-*>"���  ��������-���    '��   w*tuuiBUOi��
01 B1LJ*1"Jr**^**^*fr*sisoemgmaae tnesuojectot utterprotests.    ;���,>������-.,,.,.,���rl.-nci N���.,���,,.,r,���,p���r,ill���jurlnj p|ate   wort], Sr)im0   at sjx fur.
I In* 1 iironin 1 elegram, whose Ultra violent t onservatism is almos; oit;n- hours.
���   _____   _l   l t l   !_  _  tj_    ._L-   A-a.J_       The e-atiniute'el cosl of the work Is IS.OS1.00 and
a byword lias come out in open attack and is asking the Ontario is to i�� paid for in o�� yw.
Conservatives to defeat Hon. \V. T. White and Hon. Frank Cochrane v,\';M"lM ���"��-������� Bsp-Bttusitotdsirotot*****,
at the forthcoming by-elections.    The introduction of the French brnest a. woods,
Nationalist and clerical representatives into the Cabinei is the ground wuuim UiUoad>v_, Uirk'
of the Telegram's bitterest ire.    In an editorial entitled "The First j city Engineer.	
Great Betrayal" ii says: I   _.    ****** jmt/*itmtm& Notice,
"If Hon. R. I.. Borden and the Borden Government liavi
any real friends in Ontario, these friends will set to work am
longs.    The winner of this race
often supplies the favorite in winter
betting for the Derby.
��� x ���
The same owner's White Star,
full brother to this year's Derby
defeat  Hon.  Frank Cochrane and  Hon. W.  T. White in any
constituency to which they may appeal in this Province.
"The question for Ontario Conservatives to decide is whether
they will strangle the advisers who have subordinated the 1*5- L.
Borden Premiership to clericalism and corporationism on the
occasion of the first betrayal of the people.
"Or will the true friends of the Borden Premiership hesitate
to strangle the worst enemies of that Premiership and give these
enemies lime to strangle the whole Conservative party and
deprive Canada of the fruits of as noble a victory as a free people
ever won?
"The defeat of Hon. Frank Cochrane and Hon. W. T. White
in Ontario constituencies would bring Hon. R. I.. Borden face
to face with the quality of the folly which he has accepted as
wisdom, and teach Mr. Borden that the voice bf Ontario does
not necessarily speak in the accents of Sir William Mackenzie
and J. W. Flavelle & Company."
Of course the Telegram's attitude is ureasonable.   The Telegram
Take nolice thai the council of the Municipal Winner, llcavilv bucket! at 0 to 4,
Corporation ei' the City of Prince Rupert intends t i    i i    ._ t .1 ��� . 1    .i.���
ID make _W follow-ini! local improvcm-Mits: Could do HO  better  ill.Ill   lllllll,  till*
A  ion-foot plank   sidewalk  on  lioth   side.,  of |...,|  ., .jr ]���.;���,. m,|ii   |,\- lhe   \llliT-
Virst street from the south aid- of Kir.i  n.enue J"*1  ]''*���" ,",���**  *~*   '*   * -    *
ican tired colt, Sweeper II., owned
by H. B. Duryea, and which
started second favorite at 2 to 1.
The winner is by Sundridge- Absurdity, ;ird though he has won
some good races had been tried
out inferior to White Star, his
brother. He is trained by Morton.
The result was far from popular.
Because  the eighteenth annual
Tnke notice thai Ihe council ol lhe- Municipal    I \ ,,.._     _-,_-.     e ._.     l_:_.,,^i:__���     !-_._.
Corporation of the City of Prince Kui.e-rl intends    I'lll'lop     MCI'     lol     1)10} I'll!
lo make the followln-r local baprovaBMBtl!
A ye-venleen-fool plunk si.lew-alk on the west
side of Mcllride streit from south of First avenue
to south sode of Third avenue-, with stre-el cros-tinRs >   | r     ,
ind is ><��s. ih,   ileeiiletl   lo  divide   lhe  iVert   lliio
to the soulh side of Third avenue, wil't crossings
on Second anel Tnirel avenues, and lo assess the
final cost thereof upon the property fronting or
ahulting thereon, or to bi lienelllled thereby,
and that a statement and diagram showing the
lands !o lie so esiie-eially tta-sesseei for said improve-
menls or work Is now filed in lhe nn.ee of the
l'n> i'!.-rk and is open feir inspection during
otlice hours. The eslimnled cost of the work
,- tl,S0O.O0 and is lo he pui-l in one year.
Mates] at Prince Kupert this 21s! eli. - eif Octoher.
City Clerk.
William Mahlon Davis,
City Kngin.H-r.
Local  ln.provsn-.ernt  Nolle*
been   transferred  from  the roaii
to the track this war it has been
The shield, which
!��� I e  ��� \i        ..."        ... , c     ,     ���      I i ! lands  lo be  so especially   assessed   for  the  said    ,'     .   ��� .   _1_      _.   _. j    __.���      ...Ill   l
dill not object to Mr. Burden obtaining the assistance Of clerical and  Wpro-namti at work is now filed in ihe omce  hrst in the road  race will be pu
at Second and Third avenu.a*. _.
final cm! Ihereol upon the propertv trontlng or. iu-ii *is  tr,|l,,\\_*
abutting   thereon   or   to   he   benefit led   thereby. I , '    , '
nd ihul  a statement  and diagram showing the   torillcrly Weill to lhe if.'.Ill lU'lslling
corporation iillies in its hydra-headed campaign
object  to either lhe clerical  parly or the corporations securing rep*
reseiuation now victory is obtained?
It is an Interesting speculation as to how the Telegram���which
is the unofficial mouthpiece for the Orangemen of Ontario���will take
the proposed elevation of Dr. Sproule to the Speakership, Will it
take ii with praise and thanks as a recognition of the Orange party,
or will it condemn it with bitterness as a Machiavellian scheme to
Wl*.-.*    a:1,,...Irt    it    n'  **e elty  Clerk,  and   is  open   lor   inspection
win   snouia u ,lurin_ _,���_,. ,,our_
The estimated cosl nf Ihe work is JSS7.00, and
is lo be paid for in one year.
llated at I'rince Itupert this 21,t day of tlctolier,
Cily Clerk.
William Mahlon Davis.
Cily Kngineor
up as a prize for a team of l"i
miles, four men to a team. There
will be individual prizes for the
first five men finishing as well as
medals for the winning team. The
Dunlop trophy will be contested
for as foljows: A 10-mile repechage
will be put on with the usual
handicap heats! The winners , ,|
these heats will go into the final
against  the scratch men and ihe
me-eoy.   an>l   that   a   statement   and   diagram I ,      ",  * , ,     ,.J . ,      ,       .
showing lhe landa to be ao especially asvsred for   be tilt' Usual  lntllVlilil.il prizes.
ll,-     Imiil     i,, ii         ..���     .....'       I-    __���__     .,t._J    I_ 1
Local  Improvement  Notlc*
Take notice that the council of the Municipal
rob the Orange party oi its ablest mouthpiece in the Commons, inl��__^toita!S'��M
preparation for die time when the Manitoba school question will ���^��_1^p_g^_?___1*,3Si *ofn*i
be rc-opencd 111 till- House l)V tilt- Clericals. | avenue  and  stuth  side of  Third  avenue,  with
The Telegram's attitude will give the cue to Ontario OrixvxrCUm.i''2Z.���$"^ of the event will lake th
It is at a moment like this that the opinion of a newspaper, giving ,'^ii"? ".r_",bu.',!'1,** 'h*'m'.n nr to ���"��� t��-".**''<si  irophv for one year.    There will
.-_,-��� ��� ,s *        , ,..*,* r�� c.   thereby,   and   that    a   statement    and   diagram   .      ',  J ,  .
the direction to public opinion, means much to a political pany.
The iniquitous state .,|" law administration in the Chileotin country
i- a direct result of putting the Attorney General's department and
the license administration into politics. Even if we cannot attain high
political ideals tlie administration of justice should at least be kept
out of the swill-tub of party spoils.
Mr. George H. Perley, the late chief Conservative Whip antl now
a member Of Mr. Borden's Cabinet, is the first native born American
to hold Cabinet rank in the Dominion Government. He was born
in \tw Hampshire in  1837.
the .laid improvements or work is now filed
Ihe olllco of Ihe City Clerk and Is cpen lor Inspection during office hours.
The estimated coat ol the work Is *1,200 and
Is to be paid lor In one year.
Dated al I'rince Itupert, this 21st day of October,
City Clerk
William Mahlon Davis
City Krginee-T.
Lccal Improvement Notica
Pantorium Fioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Take nolice lhat Ihe council of the Municipal
Corporation of the City nl Prince Rupert, intends
to make the following local improvements
A so
of   Sev
street  crossings  at   Second   nnd  Thirel  uvent.es
and   to  asse-Bi  the  final   cost   thereof  upon   thi
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate Offerings:
Mr. W. |. Bryan, the champion "also ran" of the l'nited States
poliiics. in .. recent religious address spoke strongly against gambllng:|^^hjyj3BaM^0i&i.
"During tlu   thru* campaigns when  I  ran for the presidency I     Jhl; R"i7!",od ~��** *} *��������" ""-"������ ** "
, ,    *       . .   ���        ,       ' , ' I* lo be paid for in one year.
always advised ray friends not to bet.
"Ani." In* added, amid a shout of laughter from the audience,
"they always appreciated tin* advice after tin* election."
The News regret- it did mu prjni this itory early in September.
vente-en toot plank sidewalk on both side. | 1 lot in section 1, 84 feet frontage with
enth   strct,   lietween   ��,uth   siele   of   Firs! ���       new    four-TOOtll     H0U8O      for      $.1200
and   south   side   or   Thirel   avenue,   with        T     _       - _,,_���� ,      , _, ���     ,_,
Terms of $1000 cash,  balance 6,   12
anil 1> months,
property fronting or "liutiing thereon, or to be  g   |ots   on   f)l|,   Avenue,   section 6,  for
I, n- ini.-1   thereby,   and   that   a   statement   and '      -.,,,,,, #i,A    ���;_.
diagram   showing  the  landa  lo  Im  so  especially1      ���a.liiu llic pair.
-,.- - ,-.l for Ihe said Improvement, or' work u   1 lot on tith Avenue,   with   house, four
,        i.l.d  ���i the offlce of the Cily Clerk and ix j      room9   Bml   bnth.    Tor   $2400.      $1000
9C6.oo and  . CBsh. good terms on balance,
Date.) at Prince Kupert this 21st day e,f October.
Cily Clerk.
William Mah'on Davis,
City Engineer.
Lots 15 anil lti, block 4, section 5,   for,
$1260 each.   Good terms.
Lot H. block 9. section 6. for $1150.
Double Corner on 8th Avenue,  section I
5, for $1500.    Half cash.
2 line harbor view lots on   Borden St.
for $11150 pair.   Good terms,
The Williams Stuck Company present the beautiful comedy-drama
'Master and Man'
Local Improvement Notica
Take notlc. lhal the council of the Municipal Lot 9, block  17, Section 5, $1800.       Half
< or .oration of the I nv of Prince*   tupe't, intends .���_i,   i_���i-,_,-���    ���-���   ,-._���.
to make the following f.H-al Improvement.: '���Cnr'' bH*ance *-''�����>'    terms.
A ten foot  i.lank sidewalk on Ihe wesl side of Double t orner Oll 9th   AvellUC,   section
Sixlh sir.*, i.  I,.i.,.-n  lhe aouth side of  Wayne 5   f���r $l:|.1ll.     Kasy terms.
place and soulb -id.-nl Third avenue and nn lhe p,,_��� ,_. |���, ���.,   u,i,    I������������     .,-,:-.-,   t*
,:i-t .id- ���' suts at,���t i���.tw,e-, the north side Corner lot on  Ktli  Avenue,   section  6.
..f Staronel avenue.and soulh side of Third avenue for $975.
��uh slr.,.1 crowlngs at Second and Third avenues,    Lots 15 Illltl Hi, block   12,  Section ti,   for
anil loass.-.aa the llnnl costs thr-r.-'if on Ihe property .,,.,.       -
Iftinting or abutting .hereon, or tn be bcnelltled        enxixni |,uir.
thertby,   and   that   a   statement   and    diagram   Two lots tin 7th Avenue, lifty feet from
.lie.wing the lands to be   .. .-peclally as~s��~] lor        Mcllride St.     $1400 each.
the sm,I  improvements  or  work    s now  n ed  in - ,    ,    .,.,     , 1   _,.    , _,. ->     *      ..��-
ihe offln of ihe CHy Cl.-rk and I. open for In- ; '-ot   ��������   WOW   I.   section   1,   for $.>80.
.|,i.eii.,n during olllce hours. $:13<) cash, balance gootl terms.
The- .*..imai.*.! ce���i ���f the work la 11,07.'..no   Lots   14  and  15,   block   12,   section 7,
anel is !ei 1,1- paid for vetlhin one-vear. -;���*.. e     a     _ ,-al    *. *       msn.r,
nulceliil Princ* lliip.-ri ihi. 2i.t day of October.       WXtJf feet on dtll Ave.,  for $1200   pr.
i��H. (Lots   40   nnd   41,   block  6,   section 7,
KHNKST A. woods $1100 pair.
William Mahlon Davis, " Ut ill block 40, section 7, for $400.
1 11 >��� Kngin.-cr. j Lot 5, block 2.'*l, suction 7, for $550.
i.";.rTmP;o;^.n"rN";i7c7        Lo^,r2�� ���* &��� *>l��* ��. *<**��� i* <��*
Take notie that the council ol the Municipal   _**,110 eacn,
Ci,r|,oration of the I'iiv of Prince Rupen, intend. ( Double Corner 011 11 tii Avenue roadway
for $800.   Good terms.
Io make Ihe following focal Improvements:
v   ten-fool   (dank   sidewalk   on   both   side,  of
IflU ��� Kiflh stn-el, between north sido of Second avenue
iWrj.    **n''   M,u,1i   "I'le   of   Third
vpnup, with utrnpt
rofwlttKH nt .SpcohiI and Thlnl avonuc*., and to
IMM  tlio final  rout   thrroof  upon   the  prnpprty
'���' \. (^rr(,">'- iin'' '',;|' :1 ���'���i'*'*'i*'fi| anrj ���
[qPi im' the land to b<> no ������ p'-ci i!K a.<t
, n   1   .ii-' i m prove mon tn or work In nov
In connection with tlio production of 'Master and Man'
the following
fronting or aliuttinK thereon, or  tn M bent-fitted
iliaKrum nhow-
IMMd for the
ntiw tiled In  the
itfire of the City Clerk and in open for inspection
at Hny time during office hour*.
The entimated cout of the work ia /KI 1.00 and
Ia to he paid for in one year.
Uated thiB 21nt day of October, 1*111, at Prince
City Clerk.
William M.ihlot, 0*\vUt
CHy Engineer.
UR UAVE WILLIAMS in his Great Hubc Character Specialty
~~���~m*~~~ " Cousin Joe   	
Prices: 50c, 75c, $1.00    CURTAIN AT 8.15 SHARP
Read The Daily News
Double Corner in sections, for $50 cash
ond $30 per month.
Six-room House on 4th Avenue, section
ti, for $25 per month.
Three-room flat with bath in Washington Block.
Three stores on Third Avenue.
Leon Kctchel, brother of the
I.'.;c StRnlcy Ketchcl, i> the latest
aspirant for honors In the boxing
world. He weighs 134 pounds and
is si'.iil to have i-i' excellent chance
ip the lightweight division, Since
In* began training here he lies had
r.M-i i> lights .".s ii* amateur and
lwo professional bouts, losh n only
or.e of ibe iwci-iy-twi, a d thai
oi- ;���. foul. IL* ii s.'.id io hr.ve
the old tlmo shift tlui mr.de his
I brother (amous and can hit hard.
We offer for sale on easy terms land
in the Ootsa Lake country in small
blocks of from 120 to 3C0 acres at $7.00
per acre. At this price this land is an
attractive proposition to the small investor, as it is less than the land can be
staked nnd bought from the Government since the raise in price of Crpwn
Lands. Surveyor's field notes and full
reports on all lands furnished on application.
We offer several quarter sections of
lands in the Lakelse Valley from $8.00
per acre up.
Ten acre blocks adjoining Terrace
townsite, within one mile of station,
at $50 per acre. Terms of one-third
cash, balance in 12 and 18 months.
McCaffery & Gibbons
i SI! a
Great Story
The News has received so many letters
of appreciation from its readers for its
enterprise and judgment in securing
the serial rights of Captain Clive Wol-
ley's great story, "The Tenderfoot's
Wooing," that it has gone still further.
News has  secured  the  serial
Tracy's  Great New Story
"The Pillar
of Light"
and   will   start   the   story   very shortly
Louis Tracy is the greatest writer of fascinating adventure stories in England.���His plots are vigorous.���His
characters are lifelike. There is not a dull paragraph.
His stories are models  of good   English
What The Pillar of Light Js
The "Pillar of Light" is a sea story of
love and adventure. As you may guess
the "Pillar of Light" is a lighthouse.
The story concerns the romance of
Stephen Brand the lighthouse keeper
and man of mystery. It is a story of
heroic deeds in many lands. It will
hold you to the very last word and delight you all the time. In the end you
will see the greater meaning of the
title "The Pillar of Light.    :    :    :
This story is exclusive in British Columbia to the Daily News and
its readers. See that you get the story from the start by having
entered on the Daily News books as a subscriber.
your name
50c a Month
$5.00 a Year
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n lti
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��� ������
��� ������
+ ���*
��� ������
��� ������
��� 9*
��� S��
��� ������
\ Procurable }%,**? Absolutely pur***
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Excellent Cafe. .Moderate Prices,
1142 Pender Street West
Phone 8500.
Vancouver, B.C.
Crown Favorite Cooking Stove
rice from $45 to $58. Other Stoves from $16.
.Second Avsnui'
Plant Peanuts Instead of Pott-
toes and Put Pence in Your
U. S. A��� he.E
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Rifles, Ammunition and
Sporting Goods
for the Hunting season
���AT THE-
Prince Rupert Hardware and Supply Company
��� ���
A farmer named Cleveland Roberts of Feeding Hill,
raisul a rim-Ik''I ill
ruts durii g the pr.st stv.son that
proved profitab
Interesting experiment
spring he invested in a pint of
unroasted peanuts���60 peanuts in
all, court 'tin- ;t out- of the
local stores, ani planted them on
his farm, with such success that lie
sold his crop of four bushels to
Henry J. Pcrkii-s at a price that
shows that native-grown peanuts
are as profitable a.s potatoes,
The pint of peanuts was planted
in a light soil in the same manner
that one plants potatoes, one
peanut being placed in each hill.
The crop was cultivated in the
same Way as potatoes, several
hoeings being given to keep down
the weeds. When harvest lime
came Mr. Roberts was surprised
not orly by the size of the crop,
but i'.lso by the size of the peanuts.
Many of the shells contained six
large, perfectly-formed peanuts and
there were large quantities of lhe
liumped-back, double-jointed variety.
Mr. Roberts kept the largest
peanuts and will exhibit them at
thc Suffield fair. Hc is convinced
that profitable crops of peanuts
can be raised in Feeding Hills as
well as in Virgii ia, antl will plant
a larger amount next season.
Big New Vessels Building to
Have Oil Engines Installed in
Them-To Supersede Steam
Royal Bank of Canada
Hkad Office: MONTREAL. Estam.iuiikd 1869.
Capital, $6,200,000
Surplus, $7,200,000
Total Aiseli, $100,000,000
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an IMOOOt
"inches throURliout Canada and Banking Connections with all parU of the
United States.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON. Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
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Exchange : Grill
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.-~-_..-���.-...->_..-..--..-���      S ,-,������- e,tahlishcd standard
MILNER * BOWNESS    ���   �����^_#
Predictions are now being made
by the heads of many of the
greal shipbuilding firms throughout
the worltl thai this jtv.r will show
a ver)' great r.dvarce in the use
of oil engines as the motive power
for ocean-going vessels. So rapidly
has been ihe progress made lhat
many Ik'Ucvc that within two or
three years ships without funnels
or boilers will Ik* making the
trans-Pacific ami trans-Atlantic pat
sages. With this method of propulsion the speed of the vessel
can lie increased and a far smaller
amount of room taken up by the
machinery than with ihe boiler*
and engines of ihe ships of today.
The Continent, ar.d rot Greal
Britain, has taken the initiative
thus far in this Important matter.
Only ore vessel of size lo Im- tqupi-
ped with oil engines is ;*t present
ln-ii g built for registration under
the British flag, although il is
-,. ml that a London firm of
ship owners is about to pil Ci Ml
order for a vessel of . bout 11,000
Two vessels lo Im- fii.til wiih oil
engines are Uing built for tin*
Danish   Bail   Asiatic  Company,
while a  8,000-Mn  motor  boat   i-
nearirg completion for ihe II.- in-
biigh-American line, aril two oil
linen are under cm trad for the
Brazil   service  of   the   ll.iiiluirg-
Soinli   American   Company.    A
fivi-masled bark of 3,272 Ions
burden is builtling Bl Bordeaux,
which will be provided wiih it tcr-
nal combustion engines.
The desirability of the employment of such engines for the
propulsion of large vessels was the
subject of discussion not long ago
at a meeting of the British Institute   of   Naval   Architects   in
London,   On* speaker mid thit
he knew of 250 ships which were
fitted or to be fittetl with Diesel
1836 1911
The Bank of
British Norlh America
75 Vein In Business.
Capital and  Reserve Over $7,300,000
Business Men's Banking
Money advanced to finance your
Local and foreign Drafts bought
nnd sold.
Notes discounted. Collections
promptly made.
Letters of Credit, Money Orders
and Telegraph Transfers issued,
payable in all the leading Cities
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Prince Rupert Branch-
Fa S. LONG, Manager.
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
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Dining room and
restaurant     :      :
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General Machine Shop and Ship*?
Carpentering. Also agents for Fair-
banks -Monte and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in stock.
U_M-Ni��l Boato for Hit*   N.E. and of Wharf
Skeena Land Diatrict��� District of gueen Churlotte
Tuko notico Lhat Au.stin M, Ilrown of I'rlnce
ltupi-rt, occupution Huthllur, Intendi to apuly to
the Chief (.oniminaioni-r ut Lunda and Works
(or n licenco to proHpuct for coal ami oil und petroleum on und under tho fulttiwItiK doscrilied landa
on thu West Coust of Gruhum liland 1
Conimuncinu at u pust pluntud Oiruo milus eust
of thu southwest cornur of C. I_. No. 4477 thenco
mi chuins eust, thunce mi chains north, thenco bt)
chuins west, thonco 80 chuinH south to point of
Dato of Location, -Jlm July lull.
I'uh. Aug. 17.
Skeenu Land District���District of Queon Cliarlotto
Tuko notice thut Auatin M. Hrown of I'rince
Kupert, occupation suddler, inteudu to apply to
the Chiuf Commixsionur of Lunds and Works for u
licenco to proHpect for coal, oil and petroleum on und
under thu following i lone ri bed landa on tho Wost
Coast of Graham lulund:
Commencing at a post planted three milea cast
of the southeust corner o IC. L. No. 4472 thonce
north mi chains, thence, wit HU chuins, thenco aouth
HU chains, thence west HU chains to puint of commencement.
Located August Im, l.Ul.
Tub. Auk. l'J.
Skeenu Lund DUtrict���District of Queen Charlotto
'lake noticu tnui thirty duya from dalu, 1, C. E
Uuinter of I'rinco Itupert, it. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to upply to tho Chlof Commiasioner uf Lunds for u licence to prospect for
coul und petroleum ou und under old ucrea of
lund 'un -iruhuin Islund described ua follows:
Commencing ut u post planted livu milea eaat
of Coul Luuau No. 4407, marked C. E. H. Coal
Lease No. 1, N. B. corner, thencu wutit mi chains,
thunco south bU chaini*., ihence cast HU chuins,
thencu north HU chums to pluce of commencement.
Duted Sept. II, 11)11 C. ti, BAINTBR, Locutor
Tub. Sept 23.
Skeena Land District���District uf Queen Charlotte
Take notico thut thirty duys from dute, 1, C. E
Uuinter uf I'rince Itupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com
miasiuner of Lund.* fur u licence tu pruspect fur
cuul und petruleum on und under mu acrua ol
land un Graham I innl described us follows:
Commencing ut u poat plunu-d i.... miles eaat
uf Cuul Leaae No. 1107, murked C. I., ii. N. W.
corner No. 2. thence aoulh HU chum.., thencu eust
HU chaina, thencu nurth HU chains, thencu west
HU chaina to place ol commencement.
Duted Sept. 11, ll.il. C. E. H.U.. I'l-.K, Locutor
I'ub. Sept, 23.
Skeena Und DUlrict���District of Queen Charlotte
'luko notice that thirty duya frum dute, 1, C. I-
Uainter of Princu itupert, ti. C, by uccupatiun
bookkeeper, intend lo upply to thu Chief Com
missioner uf Lands (or a licence to prospect for
cuul and petroleum oa and under 04U acrea ol
land on Gruhum lalund deacribed as (ollows:
Commencing at a posl planled uve miles eust
of Coai Lease No. 4470, marked 0, 1. 11. S. \\.
corner of Coal Lease No. 3, thence eual HU chuins,
thenco north HU chains, thence west BU chains,
ihence aouth HU chaiiu to place uf commencement.
Dated SepL 11, l'JU. C. E. UAlNTl.lt. Localur
I'ub. Sept, _.;.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that thirty daya from date, 1, C. E. I ESPttEaT1
Hainter of I'rinco Huport, U. C, by occupation   **"*��� **W%* -3,
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands fur a Itccncu lo prospect for
coal and  petroleum on  and under 04U  acrea ol
land on Uraham lalund deacribed as follows:
Commencing at a pust planled live milea east
of Coal Leaao No. 447G, marked C. 1- U. S. I.
corner Coal Leaao No. 4, thencu weat >���> chains,
ihence north HU chains, ihence east HU chains, i
thence south HU chaina lo place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, r.-l 1. C. E. H A I.N U.K. Locutor
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeenu Lund DUtriet -Distnct cf Queen Churlotte
Tuku notice that thirty duys from date, I, C. E.
Hainter of I'rince Kupert, H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo upply tu the Chief Cum-
minioner of Land? for u licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum ou and under (ill) acree of
lund on (Iridium Island descrilied us follows:
Commanding st a post plsntod ono mllo north
of C. I'i. U. Coul Uuo No. Ui, marked C. 13. H.
Coul Lease No. 16, thence north HU chuinH, thencu
wost 80 chuinH, thencu south HU chains, tlience
puat HO chuins to pluce of communcenu'iit.
Datod Sept. 11, l'JU. C. E, BAINTBR, Locator
I'uh. Sepl. __.
Skeena Lund District -District ol Queun Charlott
Tuke notice that thirty duys from date, 1, C. v..
Hainter of Prince Rupert, H. 0.. bv occupution
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chief (' un-
misaloner of Landi for a licence lo prospect lor
coul und petroleum on und under 010 acres of
land on Gruhum lalund described as follows:
Commencing nt a post piunted two milea nurlb
of C. B. II. Coal Loom No. 10, marked N. B.
corner C. K. It. Coal Lease No. lti, ihence aouth
HO chains, thence weat HO chuinH, thence north
HO chuina, thence eust HO -.haiiiH to pluce of commencement.
Dated Sept. u, WU.    C. B. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sept, 23.
Skeenu Land District -District of Queen Charlotte
Tuke notice thut thirty dava from date, 1, C. K.
Uainter of Prince Kupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend ta apply to the chief CommUaioner of Lunda for u licence to prospect for
coul and peUoleum on and under OH) ucres of
land on Graham Islund described as fullowa:
Conunendnfl il a post planted two miles north
of C. K. II. Cuul Lease No. 14, marked N. E.
corner ('. E. B. Coul LeSBS No 17, ihence south
80 chuins, thenoe west HO chuins, ihenco north BO
chains, thence eaat HO chuina tu pluce of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 11*11.     C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 88,
Skeona Lend District���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty days from date, I, C. E.
Uuinter uf Hrince Hupert, H. C, hy occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend to upply to tho Chief Com-
ndaslonei of Lands for a Licenco to prospect for
coal and petroleum 00 ami under 010 acres of
land on Gruhum Island described Bl follows:
Skeena Land District���DUtrlct ot Caasiar
Tuke milieu thut K. 11. Stewurt uf Vancouver,
H.   C,   occuputlon   truckman,   intends   tu   apply
for j-it m Union to purclm i- the following described
Commencing at u post pluntcil 40 chuina aouth
of Prs*ewntton No, B97 and ��.2 chuips euat from
the Naas River <S. W. C.), thencu 40 chaina oust,
thence 10 chnins north, thencu 40 chuina west,
thenco *1U chains south to the point of commencement to contain Kit) ucrea more ur lean.
Dated Aug, 11)11. Jamil Ti niUerton, Agont
Pub. Sept. 88.
Skeenu Lund DUlrict  -DUtrict of Coast Hungo 5
Tuko notice  thut   Harold   K.  Smith  of  Merely,
Alia., ooeupetton itatlon -Mtent. Intendi to upply
lor iu rmiaa.on to purcha-ie the following described
Commencing ut a post piunted ut the aouthwest corner 10U chaina easl uml 20 chuina north
fron N. B. vomer of Lot 1110, lUrvey'f Sur\ey
CoOll District Range 6, thence 40 chaina east,
thenre HI) chaini nt.rlh, thence -III chaina west,
ihenco HU cliaina aouth to post of commencement
Contuining B80 ucrea, more or leas.
DatedSept. IH, 11)11. HAROLD B. SMITH
i'ub. Sept. 88. Kred W. Holder, Agen
Skeena Lund DUlrict���DUtrict of Coaat Rungu V
Tuku nutice thut Jeaao M. Tallmun uf Cedar
Itupids, Iowa, occupation lawyer, intenda to
apply for permiasion to purchuau the fullowlng
deacrihed lunda:
Commencing ut a poat piunted on the aoutherly
shore of Kutzymuluen Inlet on thu right bank
of u smull nt remn (lowing into aaid Inlet juat oast
of Crow Lake. Thence aouth 20 chains, thencu
west 20 chuim more or !������ - - lo the ahore lino of
Crow Lake, ihenco northerly und easterly following the shore lines of Crow Lake, thu Inlet
to Crow Uke and Kutteyrnuti-en Inlet to the
placu of commencement, conUining forty acrea
moro nr leas. Located August 7, l.'ll.
Datod Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
I'ub. Aug. 12.
Rketna Lund District-District of Caasiar
Take notice that 1, ThontSI Curler, of Prince
Unpen, occupution carpenter,  intend  to apply
for Demission lo purchase the following doacribed land.
Commencing nt a post  !������ *������������' i ���������'��� ��� ���*   ���������<��� milo
Commencing ut a post piunted two miles north Loouth from the mouth of Fulls creek ani) about
Nu.  12, marked N.  W. i LAO feet back from tin
of C.  E.   H.  Coul  Uuse
corner C. E. H. Coal Leaae No. 18, thence aouth
80 chaina, thence eaat HO chaina, thenco north 80
chaina, thence wust 80 chuina to placu of commencement.
Datod Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty days after dute, 1, C. E.
Uainter of I'rince Hupert, H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend tu apply to tho Chief Cum-
miaaioner of Lands fur a licenco to prospect fur
cuul and petruleum on and under 040 acrea uf
land on Uraham Island described aa folluwa:
Commencing ut a post planted two milea north
of C. E.  U. Coal Leaae No.  18. marked S. W.   _,
corner C. E. 1). Coal Leaao No. 19, thence north | 0f j,^ jn ��� n���rtherly direction to poinl uf com-
H0 chaina, thenco eaat 80 chuina, thence aoulh Hi)   mencement;   containing :12U acrea, more or Inon.
chaina,  thenco weat 80 chuina to pluce of cum-    Dated Sept. 5, 1911.      THOMAS McCLYMONT
C. a UAINTEH. Locitor | Pub- ***** ����� *''"'-* Co"- A��*nt
Skeena Und DUtrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range 8
Tuke nutlcv that E. II. G. Miller of Falmouth
beaoh, thence |0 chaina
norlh, Ihence 40 chaina weal, thence Nl chuina
south, thence eaat 4<i chaina to point of ei>mmcnco-
mi.'t, ciititaining 320 acrea more or leaa.
Dated July 7th. 1911.     Charles Webster Culhourr,
Pub. Aon. 6th. Agent.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat IUnge 6
Tako nollco that 1, Thomas McClymont of
I'rince Kupert, U. C, occupatiun real estate
broker, intend to apply for permi-uion lo purchaao
the following described lands:
Commonclng at a paot planted at the S. W.
corner of pre-omptlon record 412, ihence east mi
chains, thenco soulb 40 chaina, thence weat 80
chaina to shore of  lake,  thunco fulluwing ihore
Skeena Und District -DUlrict of Queon Charlotte
Tako nolice thai thirty days from dale, I, C. E
Ilainler of  I'rinco Kupert,  H.  C, by occupation
bookkeeper,  intend  to  apply   to  the  Chief  Com-
Kng.. occupation aurveyor, intends to apply fo
normUaiion lo purchase tha following doacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the N   W. Cor-
miaaionor of Unda lor a licence to proapeel tor j nerof |,ot 4i0o .ihenco weat BUchians, ihenca south
Skwna Land DUlrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
'lake 1.1.im* thai thirly duya Irom date, 1, C. E.
Hainter uf Prmco Kupert. li. C., by occupation
buukki- i *:, Intend lo apply to lho Chief Com-
missioner uf Unds for a licence lu proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under OIU acroa of
land on Uraham laland deacribed as lullows:
Commencing at a pual plantud two miloa noirh
uf stake markod C. E. 11. Coal Lease Nu. I, marked
N. E. corner C. E. I- Coal Leaae No. o, ihence
���outh 80 cbaina, ihence woat bu chaina, iiiencw
north 80 cbaina, thence oaat 80 chains to place ol
coi omen cement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    C. E. It MM l.i;. Locatoi
Pub. Sept. 2'ti.
coal and petrol*um nn and under 040 acros of land
on Graham laland deacribed aa foUowa:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
of C. E. 11. Coal Leaao No. 14. marked S. W.
corner C. E. II. Coal Ixaae No. 20, thenco north
HO chains, thence went 80 chains, thenn* south 80
chaina, thenco east 80 chaina to placu of commencement.
DatedSept. 11.1911.     C. E. HAINTEK. Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtricl -DUtrlct of Queer! Charlotto
Tako notice that thirly dava after date. I, C. E.
Hainter uf Prince Hupert. ft. C, by occupation
iMtokkecpcr, Intend to apply to thu Chiuf Commissioner of Unds for a licence tu protpect for
10 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 20
chains lo the point of commencemenl containing
100 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Aurut 15, 1911. E. II. G. MI1.LEK
Pub. Aug. go. P. M. Miller. Atent
Skeena Und DUtrict ���DUtrlct of Coaat Itange 6
Tako notice that K. F. Miller of Tipton. England, occupation farmer, nienda to apply for
permtasion to purchaae lho following dtacrtb-od
Commencing at a pusl planted about GO chaina
weat from tho N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, thenca
north 4U cbaina, Ihenco weal 20 chaini, thonce
south  40  chains,  thence eaat 20 chaina  lo tbe
coal  ..,. I  iH-miWum on and  un,!**r 610 acre, ol   ***** "< ~1t11n.11wm.nl conuinmt ��l|hly
Skerna Und District -DUtrict of Coast Range 8
Take nollee that Lrltoy V. Gram of Prince
Hupert, ll. 0 * occupilion civil englneei. Intend*
io apply for permUalon to purchase the fullowlng
.!.��/-f,!-o.t Unda:
Commercing at a [*<���*��� nlinierf about 8 1-2 milea
In a northerly direction from the northeast corner
past of tot l.'ii**'. Kange *, Coart DMrkt, thenee
eaat 30 chaina, thence n.-nh 80 chaint, tlmre
���mat to bank of rivar, thence aouth fotloalng
bank of rivar to point ot commencement: eontalnini l* o acree, more or leaa.
Dated Sept. ���, 1911. LEROY   P.   UllANT
I'd   Oct. '. i. Gordon C. Emmeraon, Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict-DUlrict of roast Itange 8
Take notice that I, Christopher Jamea (iraham
of  Princ**-  Hup rt,  ll. C, occupation locnmntlve
ineer. Intend to anpl> for MM to purchase
the foi.f)*ing dreenhed land*:
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouthweat corner of 1^ No. \",*% vicinity of Lake
Lahetoo end marked Chriatopher J. Uraham
N. V Corner, thence weal 40 chaint, thence south
SO chaina, tbenee eut 40 chain*, thence north SO
rhaina to poet of commpneetnent; containing
��� ���_" tc���. mote ��� r ban.
Dated Sept. 22. UIL IIll A M.-Witneeaed T. f)
Pub. Sept. 10.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtricl of Queun Chralotte
Tako notice that ttiirty daya (rum dale, 1. C )���.
Ilainler of Princu Hupurt, ll. C, by occupation '
: ' > ��� .* ���, ���.-. intend to apply lo lho Chief CommUaioner of Landa for a licence to proapect (or ,
coal end petroleum oo and under 040 acroa of
land on Uraham laland doscribod aa fullowa:
Commencing at a post planted twu miloa north
of C. E. I". Cual I."... <��� No. 3. markod C. E. Uainter
N. W. corner Coal Loose No. 0, thrnce ouulfc HU
chaini, thenco eaal 80 chains, thence north 80
cbaina, thence weal 80 chains lo place u( commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C. E. UAINTER .Locator
i'ub. S��tii. 23
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
lake notice thai thirty dayi from date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
i i "�� ki- i-i r, intend to apply to thu Chief Com-
nu >i mn r of Landa for a li-.nee to proapect fur
coal and pviruteum oo and under otu acroa ul
land on Uraham Island dmcrtbed a* fullowa:
I ommancmg at a port planled two mile- north
of C. E. tl. Coal L<-ue Nu. I, make S. VV. corner
Coal Laaae No. 7, thence north no chain*, thencu
aaat 80 chaina, thenca NUth BU chMna, thencu
west 80 chaint to place o( cum men Cement.
Daled Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. HAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 21
land on (iraham Island deacril>ed aa followa:
, Commonclng at a post planted two milea north
1 of C. E. Ii. Coal Imm Nl. 1... marked S. B.
corner C. E. H. Coal Lease Nu. 21, thence north
80 chaina, thence weat 80 chains, thenco aouth M
, chaina, thenco east 80 chaina U> placo of commencemenl.
DaledSepLll.1911.    C. E. HAINTER. locator
! more or leaa.
Dated Auguat 19  1911.
Pub. Aug. 26.
P. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict ���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirly dayi (rom date, I. ('. K
Hainter of Prince Rupert,  It. C, by occupallon
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chiel Com-   ,
mUaiuncr of Unda (or a licence to prospect tor   .���,n"rVU *"��,.m"
coal  and petroleum  on  and  under o'lO acrea o(    !, J   ��AU*_f5* |a
Skeena Und DUtrlct-DUtrict of Coaat Range 5
Tako notice thai Frank S. Miller of Undon,
Eng., occupation cntl engineer. Intends to apply
for permUoiun lo purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. E.
Cornur of Lot 28, thence north 2u chaina, thenca
weat 20 chaint, thence aouth 20 chains, lh��nce
east 2u chains to poinl of commencement, cot.-
oland on Uraham Island doacrilK.'d aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two ml'ea north
of C. i. II. Coal Loom No. 16. marked N. E.
comer C. E. II. Cosl Leaao No. 22, thence south
80 chains, thence weat SO chaina, thenco north 80
chaina, thrnce east SO cbaina tu placo ot commencement.
Dated Sept. 12,1911.     C. E. BAINTER. Ucator
Pub. Aug. 26.
��� 1911.
P. M. Millar. Agent
Skeena Und DUUict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notico that Ihirty days fmm date, 1. 0* E.
Hainter of  prince Ruport,  H. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
ni'��� r nl Undi for a licence to prospect tor
coel end petroleum on and under otu acrea of
Und on Uraham Island deacribed as folloara:
Commencing at a |>oot planted two mi.--, north
of C. E. M. Coal Leaae Nu. 4, marked S. E. corner
C. >. It. Coal Leaae No. 8. thence north 80 chain.*,
tbence woat 80 chaini, tnence south 80 chains,
thence east Ml chtint to place of commencement
DatedSept. 11, 1911.
pub. Sept. -i
Skeeni Und DUtrlct -DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nolice that thirty dava from date, 1. C. i.
corner   lUinter of Prineo Rupert, II   C, by    occupation
"*"   laiokkeepir, intend to apply to tbo Chief Commiaaioner of Undi for a licenco ��.* proatieci for
coal and  petroleum on and  un-ler 010 carea of
land on Uraham Island denrribod aa followi:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
of C.  K.  It. Coat  Leaae No  1"
corner C. I.   II. Coal Leaae No.
mi chaina,  thence weat BO chains,  thenfo north
mj chains, thence eaal 80 chaina to place ol com-
Dated Sept. 12.1911.    C. E. HAINTER, Locator
Pub. SepL 23.
Skwna Und DUtrict -DUtrict ot Coast Range i
Teka notice thai Herbert J. Mackie ot Pembroke, (int., occupation lumlterman, inlenda to
apply fur permission to purcbaae the following
deaenbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the left bank
of the /.yni.ximiti or /im-a-got-iit Rivrr, at aoulh-
woat corner or Ut 17Uf>, ihence nort herty, following
the woaterty  boundary ot Ut  1706,  80 chaina
moro or leaa, to the norlhwost corner of aaid Ut
1706.   thance   weaterly   and   aoutherly,   following
tho left mink oChaid river, SO chaina more or laaa to
point   of   eommencement   containing   160   acraa
more or l��aa.
.     .    am i     Locatod Ajguat 19, 1911.
j*!!"?-1..'..?.-    J>-**d Auguti 21, 11J |.    HERHKRT J. MACKIE
h    Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S Clementa. Agrnt
Application for Charter for a
Mi *-*-rs. Ptarson A Gcinl eho
r.rc ii'lcrrslnl ir llir bl '< k HU il
ili-|n)sit�� i't Capt Fife ;irc in tOWT..
They   r.rr   g'>iiK   over   ln   ihrir
iliKRii'tss "n Saturday,
Rather ftwer pOOMTigtri than
iimii'I left for Ihe wmlh liy the
Kll|K-rl yetttrday, the exodus
of citizens who prefer to itiis**
Kupi-rt's liright frosty ili-ys. In-ing
at an ei-tl for this time.
application will be miule to thc 1'nrliu-
iii. i.t   ol   i���nun,In  at  the  next aemion
thereof,   for  an   Act  incorporating   a
Hallway Company uniler the name of
"The Pacific, Tran��-C��nsiil�� and llutlaon
Bay  Railway Compan}-," with  |rawer
to lay out, construct and operate a line
of railway from a point in the Province
of Alberta, at or near the Cily of Edmonton, thence northerly by the most
feasible route to, at, or near Athabasca
Landing;   thence northwesterly northeaat of Lesser Slave Lake to \Vnl,i��kn
or Loon River;  thence northerly to a
point at or near the junction of the
Loon River with Ihe Peace River, or
at  a point  near the junction of the
Red River with thc Peace River, below-
Port Vermillion  on  the   Peace  River:
thence northerly lo Fort Smith on the
Slave River:   Prom a j-.-uit on the said
railroad near its crossing of the Wabiska
River or the Loon  River easterly to
Port    Mr Murray    on    the    Athabasca
River;  thence easterly alonjj the Clear,
water river and Churchill River through
the Province of Saskatchewan lo Port
Churchill or Port Nelson on the Hudson
Bay:   Prom  a  point on aaid  railroad
near  its  crossing  of  lhc   Wabiska  or
Loon  River,  westerly lo  Peace  River
crossing on  the  Peace  River;   thenre
westerly on the north side of the river
through Laurier Pass lo I'rince Hu|ierl
or Portland Canal on the Pacifir Coa-it
in   British   Columbia;    with   power  to
construct   and   operate   telegraph   and
telephone  and  cable  liins  lor  general
public purpose*; to carry on, construct,
maintain and operate boats and ferries
for  the  purposes  of  the  railway   and
other purposes;   to acquire and  make
use of lands, waterlots, wharves, docks,
dock-yards, sli|��s, warehouses, elevators
and   other   convenienr. I;    and   with
power to enter into  Agreements with
other Companies,
Solicitors for the Applicants
Dated  at Ottawa this  l'Jih day of
September, A. D., 1911. 6w
Ski****!!. I_nel District ���Dislrict ol guron Charlotte
T-Utep notlc*. thai t! irt*- el.vs from elate, 1, C. I.
Ilsint.-r o( I'rlne. Itupert, il. C, l.y occup.tion
lKM.lele.s*|*s.r, Inlt-n.l to apply lo tho Chief I'om-
C b "l'l,Yi\ .'"..il*'i>*cator missioner ol Lanels for . licence lo |,r,-|,eet for
e-osl an.l petroleum on anel unel.-r bill acros ol
lanel on liraham Isalnel elc-e-crllied as followai
l'���i<>'!���-,-.e-i,.t* .1 . post planlcst Iwu miles north
ol C. K. II. I'oal lr*m No. Is, markesl N. W.
corner t*. I.. II. fe.sl lacaae No. 21, thenee soulh
Ml chains, thence eul SO chains, thence ne,rlh
SO chains, thence west 60 chains lo place of com-
Dai.al Sepl. 12, lull.     C. i:   HAINTKU, Locator
I'uh. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Dlslriet��� District ol tjiwen Charlott.
T.k. nolle, thai ihirty ���!��>. Irom data, I, C. K.
Ilaii.l.r ol I'rinco Hupsrt. II. C, by occupsllon
bookkeeper. Intend lo apply !������ lhe Chlel torn
misaioner ol Lauds lor a licence lo prospect lot
osl .nd |.-lroleui.. on >nd under .tu acres ul
land on liraham lslsnd described as followa:
I ,.r,,������ Ming at a po.1 planl.sl nt mil*-, esul
et tool l.u* No. 1171, marked C. K. Ualnler'e
N. K comer Coal lr*m- No. II, thence aooth Nl
chains, thenc. wwsl r**l chains, thenn. nortii Ml
chains, ihenco eul to chains to plan ol com-
D.i.-I Em. II, .-i 1.    C. a ii list i;n. Ucator
I'ub. wm*, 2:1. ,
l-kes-tia Unel |i,.in.1 -District nl t|u.s*n Charlotte
Take ne.tiee lhal thirty days Irom dale. I, C. K.
Ilainler ol 1'rinrv Itupert. ll. C., by occupatiun
boukk.sper, ,mii.l lo apply lo lh. CiW Com-
miseuonrr of Unds lor a licence lu pros|MCt for   chains,  thenee west Ml chaina to place uf cum
ra.sl and lHHruleum on and  under 1,40 acrus ol   mencment.
Uad on liraham Island daacribed M follows: A. T.  IIKOllllltlCK,  locator
CommendnK at a |ioat planted one mile north   Datesl Sep!. 12, 11/11. C. Yl. Ilainler, Agent
ol C.  K  H. foal  I ��� . ������  No.  V, marked  N.   W.   I'ub. Sep!. 2.1.
comer t*. I    II- N<>- lb. Ihence aouth SO chains,
Ihence wert Ml chaina, thence nurth no chaina, skeena U,,,l In-lriel Dislrict nt Qeieen Charlertt.
Ihence eut Ml chain, to place ol ciimiiieneement. | Tak- ������,,-,, lh,, ,hWy j.,., Inim d.,-f |_ A T
Dai.al Sept II, mil. t. fc. UAIN1 hit, Ucator |ir._i-,rlrk ���| fm���, K.prr,, II. C, |,y occupation
I'ub. Sepl. 23. |������|, manager, intend lo apply lo tho Chiel Com-
misaioner us l~*���ls lor a licence lo pros)aecl lor
e.n   and   under  i-lo  care, of
de.rrel-e.1 aa follows
Skeana Unel District Dislrict ul Que*a*n Charlott
Take i,���u,-, thai Ihiny days Irom date, I, A. T
llroderick of I'rinw Hubert, II. C, l.y occupallon
iisnk raana.er, Inlend lu apply lo lhe Chiel Cm-
mi��.loner of Unds lur a licence tu pni*|iecl lor
coal anel i,,-'r,,l,-n���i nn and under tilt! acre* of
land on liraham Island d��-��,*rilr,s| u lotlowa:
loinin, ,,r,, _ al a post i-I.,'. I two mil., north
ol C. K. II. Coal I.-UK- No IT. rnarknl S. Vi.
corner A. T. II. Cod l-easo So IL thence north
Ml rhsiii-. Ilie-liee eut  Ml ehains. thenee south SO
Hk^n. UM MMt -Dlalrict of Queen Charlotte   jSTB \iuTom un
lake noiieril.at thirty daya Ifonm dale. I.L. M* i Uml ��n (iraham laland t
('ommrnring at a poat plnateH two mllea nurth
of C. E. II. Coal 14W Nu. 20, marknl S. E.
curner A. T. It. (oal l*>a*e No. 26, thenee north
HO rhaina, tlience Meat Ml chaina, thence eoulh
MO chaina, thence eaal 00 chaina to place of commencement.
A. T. UltOUKIUCK, Locator
ltai.-l:.pT   i.', I'll. Ot I    Uainter, Agent
Hella Coola Land Dutnct -DUlrict of Coatt Itano
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupauon gentleman, Inipmla to apply
for iM'rmiwiun lo leaae the fullowing deaenbed
Commencing at a poat planted on the ahore
of Nfrlr-c-tarunnay lti\er aliout 10 chaina waai
of Indian Ketoet.e Line -thence w***.. HO chaina
following the channel of Neclecuconnay Itlvrr.
thence ttiuth HO chaina more or leea to channel
uf i id I a Coola Kim., thrnce (ulloamg channel
ol lt.lla CiH��l�� lli\rr ����� *��ti r!> mi chaina, north
mi rhaina more or laaa lo |>otnt of cummencemenl;
containing 4MJ acrea, more or haa.
Dated August 2H, 1911. II.   M.  CLIFF
ruh.Srpt.au William XlcNatr, Agent
Hella Coola Und Dittrict    Dutrtct ot Coaat Itange
Take notln- that It. M Chit uf Dundalk, Irv
land, occupation grntlrman, it<t��ni|a to apply
fur i-'-ntiuwiun to leate lhe follu-aing dtatcnl>ed
Commrnclng at a |kmI planlnl m the N. W
nirner of J��t ^".j, Imm aouth 10 rhaina more
ur U**m lu nrrthrrn boundary <*f U**v*** Nu. I applied
for ny II. M i hit. thence fulkming aaid Iw.undary
r*a*��t !u ehai'.-. Ibrnn- nurth lu cSama, thence
ar-t M chair,* to poinl of nimmrneement; containing "il MM tin re or leaa.
Kami Augu.i 2*. 1 -11. II.   M.   CLIFF
l*uh. s.*pi  .'10. William McNair. Agent
MbCOOla Und Dntnc:     Dlotrlc* of Coaat Itange
Take rutice lhat II M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ire*
land, occupation grnth-man, Inlenda to apply
for pt-rmioaion to ieaM> the following deacrilied
Commencing at a putt plant-id at the S. V.
mriiT uf I ��������� Ull thrnce oruth 10 chaln.1 more
ur  I"**  io northern  boundary  of  I**?****** No.   1
aiplinl fur by  It.  M- CUT, Ihenrr nut 20 chain*
ong   aaid   boundary,   Ihence   north   40   chaina,
tin '.rr aeat 20 chaint lo point nl ronimrnnnnent;
mnlaining t*o acrre, mnre or leaa.
Ditnl AuguM 2H. 1911. ll.   M.   CLIFF
I'uh. Sept. :iu. William McNair, Agent
Uainter of I'rtnn�� Kuiiert, H. C, tfccupaiiun lunik
keetter, intend to npply to the Chief l ommiaaioner
of Iji.'U (ur a licence to proapect for coal and
petroleum on and under Nd acroa of land on
liraham liland deecribed aa followa:
Commencing at a pott planted t��o milea norlh
of C. K  II. Coal Leaon No tt, marked N. K. n>rner
of C. E. U. Coal Leaec No. II, Ihence aoulh ��0
chaina,   thence  w-nat  Ml  chaint,   thonco  north   ���**���**   |.ul, j^.,,' .',
chaint,  Ihence eatt 80 chaina lo place ot com* '^^ *
DlJJd sSIl 11, 1911.     C. L. HAINTKU, Ucaior ) ***\tm I���nrl Dittrict -Dittrict of Queen CteHotM
p���h m*m\tl   -1 I     Take notice that thirty daya from dale, I, A. T.
I uo. ********* | DfoMJ ���f Prince llu(��ert. H. C.. by uccupatiun
Skeena Und Diatrict -Dlatrlcl uf Queen Charlotte j hank manager, intend to apply lo the ChM COOP
Take notice that thirty dava Imm dale. I. C.B I gfSJ <U$g* U" l2ftS_?ff__5LlS   ***** OMtpiUoi grntlrman, Intendt to apply for
Uainter of Frince Itupert, ft. C, by occypatlon   gS ^j. 2&*&J?4* -__-!--!-!���-?t3B"m oi   pwrntSonS leaae thr following MM  anda:
lK��okkeeper. Intend lo apply to the CI.W CoP- M.lW|wO>^I^^ .._,    '  Commencing  at   a  pS  planted  at   the  ahore
mia-iuner  of  Und  for  .   hn-nce  lo  BN-MM   fur       Pommenclng al a pott bUMM tWBM nurth    ^ (|)_ jj _" ��� ���*���* [J N(p   -,   (,(_,nr(, mpA
coal   and   petroleum  on  and   under  1.10  acrea  of , J < ���   *>���   J   V    it    <^1   i���   ?^o    y-    .hi.nn.    10 ehalna. thenn- weat  Wl chaint more or
land on (irahem laland deacribed aa followa: CornifM?f ,A', T' .1*'  * oml  Lftn IV. .    ' It
Commencing at a pott ntanled two milea north . weal   m  chain-   thence  north   HO   ehalna,  thenn*
of C.  K.  It. Coal !*_*.> No.  7, marked C.  K.   H.    p"'   w��  f,,aint,  thence toulh  HC  chaint  to plan
��� nf cummencemenl.
A. T. mtODKIUCK, 1/H-alur
Daled Sept. 12, 1911. C. *% Hainter, Agent.
Fub. Sept. 23.
Coal I>eaoe No. 12, thence aoulh Ht' ehalna, Ihence
nat  80 chaint,  ihence  north  HO chaina,  thence
treat HO chaina lo place ot commencement.
DatedSept 11, 1911.     C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
Pub. 8ept. 23.
Skeena Und Dlitrict -DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from date. I, <     L.
Hainter  of   I'rince   I: i(-. ���'.   ll.  ('.,  by  occupation
NOUMptt,  intend  lo  apply  to tho Chiel   Cum
Hella Coola Und DUlrict    Dittrict of Coatt Kange
Take notice that  If   M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ire-
eaat Iwundary of cannery leaae, thence following
the tald eaat l*oundary aouth in chaint more or
leaa to ahore line, thence following aaid ahor*
line eaaterly 80 chaina more or leaa to poinl of
commence ment;    mnlaining  320  acrea,  mora or
ottt******. Und DUlrlcl ���DUtricl of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya from date, I, C. K.
Hainter of I'rince Hupert, It. (.'., by ocrupaMun
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to tho Chief Com-
ml���-������ionet of Landt for a licence to protpect tor
rn!*>ioner of Undi for a l<cenn> to proapect tot   coal and  petroleum  nn  and  under  ' ;*i  acrea of
Datnl Augutt 31, I'M).
Tub. Sept. 80.
William McNair, Agent
land on liraham Hand deacribH aa follow*
Commencing at a pott planlel at Ihe oouthwnl ,
Corner of Cot! l����e No. 4tfiH marked C. K 11.
Coal Leaae No. 2H, thence north HO chaint, thenn-
weal Htl chaint, thence aouth HO chatna, thence
eaat HO chaina to (mint ol commencement mvering
all fnrmhor* Tlahn Point.
Daii-I Bint. 12, Ull* C.  E.  UA1NTKU
Pub. (let 7.
coal and petroleum on and  under 'ill) acrea of
land on Uraham laland dotcril>ed at followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two milea north
of C. K. II. Coal Leaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C. K. II. Coal Ideate No. 13, LMM_ north N
chaina, thenee eaal HO chaina, thence aoulh HO
rhaina, thence wett 80 chaini lo place of commencement.
DatedSept. II, 1911.     C. K. HAINTKU, Ucator
I'uii. Sept. 23.
Skerna Und DUtrict -DUlrict of Queen Charlotte   sker-.a Land DUtrlct    DUtrict nt Queen CharloMe
Take notice that thirty dnvt (mm dale, I, C. K.
ItalnUf of Prince Hupert, II. C, liy ocnpatiuti
bookkrapar, intend to apply to Ihe Chief Com-
ml-wiuner of Lnm'a fur n licence to DfOtfl et (or
ctml and pe'roleum n:> an-l under fiiO acrea ol
land on I'rnham laland de��cri*-ed n- foltowa:
ComnwnHm at a pott ulan'e.. Iwo -idle* north
TWin IWtthaWl -ntmi Coil I,��n-e IK.r, marked
C. B, U. Co.' {**��** No. 2'i. *'.rnc- toulh m chatna,
���hence *f*ym HO chaint, tl*.'tice Mirth HO rhaina
l1-'nt mm M1 fthniM l.i potnt ti* r.mmettccmenl;
containing C��Ml aerea more or leat,
BwaCom Land Dialrict Dia'rict t.f Coftat IUnge
Take notice that II. M. (lift of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intenda tu apply
fur jiermitaion to b-a�� lhe following deacribed
Commencing at a pott planted at the N. E.
mrn.r of Ui tt, Ihence north 20 chaina, thence
woat 40 chain*, thence aouth 20 chaifrn more ot
\****m to ihore lin-*\ ihencp following the thore line
eatt 40 chaini more or leaa to poinl nt commence*
menl; nihlalning HU carew, more or leaa.
Datnl Augutt 31,1911. 11.   M.  CLIFF
Puh. Sepl 30. William McNair, Agent
Take nutice that Ihirty dayt Irom date, 1, C K.
Painter of Prinn> Pupert. It. i , hy ncc.ipatlon
liookkeeper. Intend to apply lu the Chief Curn-
nWOM of Umlt fur a licence to protpect for
coal and petroleum on antl umler MO acres of
land nn (iraham laland di^crilml aa (ollnwt:
Commencing at a pott planted two mllea t.rrth
of C. K. II. Cual LiM No. H, merknl S. E. rorne
C. K. II. Coal Uaae Mn, H, thenn- north N
chaint, Ihence weat HO chaint, thrnce aouth HO
chaina, Ihence taat 80 chaina to tdace cl commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1911.     C. E. HAINTKU, Ucator | Dated Sept. II 1911
l��ub. Sept. 1% Pub. Ocl, 7
Ib'i'.a CfK.lt Und Dutrict Diatrict ot Coaat Range
Take notico tbat II. M. Cliff of Dundalk. Ire-
Ian.'., occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
for pormiiwion to leaae the following deacrilied
Commeneing at a poat planted at the N. W.
WMI n| Ui Nn 4, Ihence north 40 chaina, thence
eual 40 chaint, thence aouth 40 rhaina more or
lean lo ahore line, thence following ahore line
. weaterly 10 chaina mofe or leea to point ot eom-
i mencement; containing 80 acrea, mot�� nr lens.
E.  UAINTEH   Dated Auguat 2H, 19U. II    M.  CLIFF
\ Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Age*' THE DAILY -NEWS
Dominion Fish  Market
Dealers lit Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game In
season. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter and
Eggs    ....
P.O. HOX. 100
Some Day a Network of Them Will Overspread Our Own Country
���p**>t(^aa^attiaNaaMNayi>^ M^*ea**^*MNtiMi��^<XNMi��^aa)>a
rhough deferred by the failure each Bide, the proglem of hai dlji 11
rgreement  to the surplus water bell g overcome
of drop.loga
it! sliiii-i
i of Hooded Ir.i tl
isirj. of tlie water
i >iO-f;. head has
ol  the reciprocity agreement  to
obtain ratification, the time will
yet   come   when   the   Northern
British Columbia will become -
great   pulp   and   paper   making
country. Many thousand! of square provided .1 boomir.g-grourd for
miles our hills are covered with,tlu- storage of .'.II the business of
ttnilu-r growths suitable for on - ilu* river, which as a number of
version into wood pulp. Indeed other companies an* operating,
.1 pulp mill would lie a boon to is quite extensive. The plani
settlement, making it possible for | under construction will utilize 12,-
$00 h.p. sir.il  the electriccal de
b\ |<he use
gates,   Thc are
created h> the n
at the dam to
Second Avenue, near McBride
Write   us
the value of your
Prince Rupert property.   We will be pleas-
08 to conditions here.
the Bet tier to spend the first
season and subsequent winters ir
clearing his lands at considerable
profit to himself.
A Big New Mill
In Northern Ontario which has
.1 considerable ph> sical rest mblance
to Northern British Columbia,
several large pulp mills have been
erected recently to cope with the
demand for news print in Canada,
which grows by approximately
40,000 tons each year.
One of lhe largest of these is
. I Spanish River, the entire town
egarding '' Espanola being peopled with
employees of the company. Ks-
panola is quite an up t" date town,
with electric light, water plant
and sewerage system.   The pulp
of  140
ed to keep you posted miu has a daily capacity
0. M. Helgerson, Ltd.
Real Estate and Rentals
Office,: Helgrrion Block
From YincMW or Seattle
Through Tickets and all information about your trip
Roger's Sleamsfiip Agency
tons, drawing its pulp
from a 1 area of 0,000 square
miles which was granted to it
as a concession by the Ontario
Government. By husbanding the
pulp area, the company .vill be
guaranteed a practically continuous supply of pulp wood for ages
to come.
Developing Water Power
A correspondent of the Toronto
Globe who recently visited thc
town says ho was struck by thc
excellent adaptation of the mill
io i-.s natural advantages. One
of thc most striking physical fe.v in Ortr.rio, .id the Par mir Carr.l
aire of ihe place is tho rock!brings Briiish C. Umibi. closer t<>
formation which supplies nature's!Niw York than Ontario is now,
velopment amply provides fur this
and leaves a surplus of between
2,000 and 3,000 h.p.
Economic Operation
The buildings have been carefully designed in order t" secure
the minimum ratio of operatii g
cost. Similarly the plans of every
building have bun drawn with a
view to economical expansion
In the futuri. Mai \ of the
operations fn in the handling of
the rough timUr to thc dispatch
of the finished product present
labor antl usl savi: ;.-.- ili\icis
which are unique.
The slashing department, with
its simplicity of design, has reduced the cost of taking timber
from the water, sawing it into
two-foot lengths and -tnrii g, to
tii teen cents per ci nl, includii g all
machinery maintenance charges.
Profitable Business
With .'. practical!) unlimited
market for paper, with the prospect that "something has goi i<
be done" despite ell promises
ai tl theories to alii w the Ami ria r
consumer ... purchase **x\r pulp,
with great pulp limber areas .it!
unlimited water powers, Canadi
���-niiis 'ikily tt, il, min te thc pulp
business in years i<> come.   After
tl-i pulp development has ceased
inspires confidence.    To be well-dressed is not to be overdressed, but to be attired in suitable clothing.
This is where we specialize. We are practical tailormen,
who have given years of study to the question of men's
clothes. That is why our business is so large today. We
make friends and customers; this ts not very difficult, but
- ���   il,. even more���we keep them.
SUIT or OVERCOAT to Measure $8.60.
tOarrtag. and   Duty  Paid).
TsUloreKt Ui t-lt-.r Loudon or N.w York Styles.
Our Clothing to Measure has gained for us a worldwide reputation. This is not altogether surprising, because
the value is marvellous. Every garment produced bj us is an
embodiment of grace. Our garments are really tailored.
Apart from the question of quality of fabric, the " ( urzen "
tailoring alone imparts an air of distinction to a man's clothes.
It is something to be " CURZON " CLAD.
tsad Po.t Card for rr*. Patt.ras.
If you have not seen our materials we invite you to send us a post card at
once for free patterns, when by return you will receive a collection, which,
for beauty and variety, are unequalled by any selection in any tailor's shop
or store throughout the world. These patterns are sent carnage paid, free
of cost. Together with patterns you will receive Latest Fashion-Plates and an interesting
bookie: explaining our methods of business. Included in this booklet is a self-measurement
form cleverly arranged, whereby you may take your own measurements in your own home with
a certitude of accuracy. We will also send you a testimonial booklet incorporaiaig letters of
appreciation frum clients all over the world.
OUR GUARANTEE.���If garments made to your own measures fail to give al =o!ute and
unqualified satisfaction we undertake hereby to refund money in full.   That is cur guarantee.
Carriage and Duty Paid, from -?8.60.
Address for Pi-'torn. I
���UaZON BROS.. coThaClaOUOHER SYNDICATE lx*.: 449 Spadin-.Av.nu..TORONTO.ONTARIO.
Tho   World's
Measure Tailors*
60/62 City Rd., alee Pembroke Houie, 133 & 135 Oxford St.. LONDON, ENGLAND.
Please mention this p.tper.
"British Empire"
Here's the worlds
bestoun-a Greener nammerleii���
at a price within
the reach of ull
sportsmen; its got
all the Greener
feat tires, hunl
hitting, fur shooting, lasting wear;
there's no-
thing bet- (_��Q
ter;   price ��pO*J
4 '
Catalog n',
63*65 Btiw Hill Hill
in*, m. >\
-ble piers for the tx mpany'
The  flam, which  i-
the pulp industry will  probabl)
to K- one of the gret tes
built: prove
in an arched position, rests upor jwea'ih ard prcspcrity makers it
immense rocks which project from ; the last best West.
, **-	
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European pin,
Excellently fumiihed, with
steam heat, electric light, and ill
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every r, i| act
The appointments and tenia
are equal to any lioti*l on tht
Rates: $l lo $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Bas^>����%��sM%^aa^aas>>|^��%^^|WWa0M> i��^^.i^<����
:nJA>r     H.*
Pfion-f US
,    Mr. Thos. Deasy, One of ibe Real OU l_am. Tells sf tbt Days sf (be OU CaUav
f^>^��^M����>N*a.^Mii>��Nsai^aa^��^^iai^��a^*i^ai^%*<i^>��^M-^^i^>l ]
Whenever  a  man,  --till  in  the nothing   more.     The   wonderful
wnultl come ashore, making things1 town grow, out of the bush. We
lively in thc towns of EsquimaltIlived in British Columbia when
ard Victoria. flour was worth  fifty dollars a
Exit the Old Colony ->*fk.     Where   palatial   steamers
Confederation, and "Carnarvon now P->'- we tm*v* considered a
Terni>." were introduced .ind car- rowboat, or a canoe, sufficient to
rietl to a final settlement in 1871.' travel up the rivers and along the
The en*-true tion of a railway andlcooat.
the   building   up   of   Vancouver j Gold Was  Plentiful
followed. New Westminster bum- When the golden liars were
nl. nd afterwards rebuilt. Nanai* lieing brought to the only two
mo. with its ooal mines, attracted towns, people thought little of
attention .anil commenced shipping the   sixpence,   and   small   change
The new steel Psssengei --*'��� IBM
were lavish with thc money they
took from the ground and expended
so freely.
We   have   traveled   up   along
the Fraser River; seen the towns
and cities cpring up along thc line
of railway; watched the few of
thc old pioneers pas away, year
by year, and the thousands of
new settlers take their places.
Still on the Frontier p^.. R        . ^
During the past two years we j     _t   g   .^ fo_ V.\n-,,uw
" Camostin
have  again   taken
of "pioneering."   In
ing city, where the
i  man,  still  in  tne nothing   morc
prime of life, has thc opportunity' change, from the vast forest, to
to  look  back  over  the  vista  of. the   large   and   thriving   city   of
half a century spe&t in tha Province Vancouver, can only be realized
of British Columbia, many scenes by one who has seen the magic
pass   through   "memory's   store- city grow, apparently in a night.
- ,"   some   s.id.   while  others During the same year, the soldiers
appear as in the land of dreams, were  disbanded,   and   many   left
tillul as they are with recollections for "Merry Engl.ind," embarking
**************   of    happy    days    'mid    laughing on    the   old   man-of-war,   "Cha-
throngs,   many   of   whom   have meleon."  We remained, and when
crossed    "the   great   divide."   ard
will Ih* seen no mire on earth.
w. j. McCutcheon j
Cm-M ���Mrnplrt* st-ar'-e   ' O- .,-.     Spr-ctal X
atlrr:,,-  1 a I   *. -c I :�����.-*-; t. -r.t. 2
Theatre Block ha ss s * a Second Are. X
to outside ports.   The whole coun-. that  would always  find  its wayl
try commenced to settle up and into   the   pockets,   or   the   iron
the colony days were at an end.      banks of ihe children.   The "thil-l bring in its thousands and thou-
It   is   very   seldom   that   the ling,"   and   the   "florin"   would "nd*-**. there art springing up com-
j residents of British Columbia row} be used to purchase small com- nuwities, with the latest appliances
have   the   opportunity   t<>   hear modities  and   nothing   less  was\**A conveniences. Over in the ad-
Reminiscei ct - from the Old Guard, accepted over the counters. Cari-
the men who have remained and Iwo was pouring its wealth into
an* now waiting "till the shadows Victoria and New Westminster.
are a little longer grown." Some We thought the mines would never
of us have seen  every dty and I be   exhausted,   and   the   miners
jacent islands, we have viewed the
natural resources that will Ih-
opened up. It may be our gootl
fortune to travel from Wist to
El Bt   op   the   greatest   of   tr.'.i s-
the seat of government was re-
moved to Victoria, in ISO'.*, went
there on the government steamer
"Sir James Douglas." Few are
lit:, who made that trip, and the
steamer has gone to the "bone-
In  Old   Victoria
Victoria was a sma'l citv. with
The Mem   K-
Back in   59
Imagine a number of families.
wives and children of Crimean
veterans, breasting the Fraser River s long back as 1859. The
old Hudson Bay steamer Otter
�� - then , mstdered "a fast and
BESNER, Proprietors commodious passenger l>oat." and few substantial buildings, and our
9       . run-wi th. Oman   ��v  r. ,ni[Ktl .along  the dock, after   tii--; home was in the old pagoda-
..    All th*. 1-st���1 M-si.rn ,    , .,. r   B
Boos Mi UP   i six months  voyage on a sailing h���e  brick  structures,  where  the
PIRST AVENUE. PRINCE RUPERT  v "*''���   *,w Westminster was our pt'adal  Provincial Government
  ,_,   th-tination;    but  it  was decided  buildings row stand.   In the early
U/L-*        D     I     J   T *** an0ther  ,p0t on  the  Fras<,r  days,   before   Confederation,   the
...WlllteS   lOrtland   lemeilt...  River shourd  be our first camp.  whole   country   was   ruled   from
and we were taken to a piece of
prairie land called "Derby."
Shortly after, tht* government decided to move thc soldiers, and
���htir families, to the ground now
occupied   by   the  penitentiary,   a
I The Paper    THE I
Your Home!
Phoae 125       Naden Block       Second W
Windsor Hotel
N.wljr   F urni.hrel  .nd
Stram M-strd Room,
A  HOOT    ,1  tSS  WAR    AM>   MMNC.
room ;n i QKNtCTION
baths ran to oooon
W. H. Wrighl. Prop        ro rot j:
country was
"Downing Street." We had representatives���some appointed by
the government and some elected.
Red tape and sealing wax were
affixed to documents, as they still
have things in England.
It gives you all the news of your own city and district as well as the principal happenings
in all parts of the world. The news is well edited, its news columns are clean and whole-
some. It is a paper you need in your home. The advertising columns of the News bring
you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money. :      :      :       :
the  work
pother urow-; .
" Win For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday |
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesday-* at 9 jun.
Steerage Fare     -     $6001
The "Camosun" i- I " ���*���""���
on the run having BteMight .mile
heads and douK :��� .-���������* '"
Miring safety of ; uengeil IB en*-*** |
of collision or wr, ,*..
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent..
OXfflOOOOtKHXXXXX ���: xxxxxxxxxo I
New Diamond and
Pearl Goods
re just ree*
ment of Rings, i;
Pins. etc.. of
latest design
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T-P. Offici.1   Watch   InipMtor.
Cor. 6th St. ami Set       *'��� ������'*1''
phone 82
limn iiiiii ii inrmnnnr--^
icy still ijf
Electric  -K
short distance above New West- lights, telephones and other in-
minster, and the work of clearing ventions. we knew nothing of.
Commenced. In a short time a It was quite a treat to see gaslight
large barracks, officers' quarters, in Victoria���the only place that
storehouses, soldier's homes, and could afford a gas plant
other conveniences were construe- Waterworks on Wheels
ted, .ill of which have gone, today,
like many of those who occupied,
the place at that time.
Only Two are Left
Water was brought into Victori..
'Iin   barrels,  on   two   wheels,   and
ili--��nscd at the rate of leti cents
per   bucket.     A   brick   building
Bffl Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forma
Commercial Cards
In   CoaunercUl  Printing
wc haer*. . Urge .lock of
..,,.:,..,..-    i
Wc handle- Blank Ledger
Form,   for    Loose
Leaf Syrtem
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
i it  .,\:r  |   ssengei
���  r   Otter,   but
Advertise in
The Daily News
li-;   on   the ve,,.*   then   considered   something
two   of   the unusual   to   construct.     The  old
officers and crew; men and women uaamer, Beaver, wa* then
remain.    Fathers, mothers, sixers, the   hOf-OTS  and   bays
brothers���all gone on another jour- ,ni.
my.   never   to   return.     In   1804,
we,   the  Sunday   school   children, men-of-war
and utys surveying
ic  waters.     Esquimalt   was  the
Stopping    place    for    the    Briti-h
thc  coast, and   it
For society printing, we ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the  "News Job "       :      :      :       :
taken   on   an   excursion   to was  not   unusual   to   see   several
Moody.    At that time there jot   the   wooden   ships  at   anchor
one   mill   operating   there���I there.     Hundreds   of   bluejackets
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Third Ave
PHONE   98
D continental railways. Wl
elation  to  those whi
on the dog team ai > ���
How the faces of th< '
thousands we ore.  I.
appear to us. betinv --
recollections of ever -
passed   down   to   his
ranks are thinning i
work of  the pioneers
Columbia  can   be -
of the now out-of-thi -'
that   will   soon   be
Their "footprints will
but, like the Roni." h-
ihey stood by the coul
adoption. In heat and i
through tri.-ls and
until the few tow let i
"blazed   trail"  of  loi -
thousands of the residci
climes to r. lard when
11 enjoy both contentmei i
|l perity.
. hm
:��� slcdl
��� rt��l
o well
': brira
, - ihd
mw V
,-cd m
, i nil
��� the |
v ni"
j    j ST
j  I     General Merchandise
Largest Slock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
(NOTARV  I'l'lll.li*)
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Princess
Princess Royal
Friday, October 20th, at 9 ��.m.
Yie'trrrin. V.ncouver .nd Settle
J. G. McNab ��� .General Aganl
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
ss. Prince John sails for Port Simp-
Bon, Naas River, and Stewart, Wednesdays, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Nuden Hurbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
For Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc.,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Sum lays at 4  p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
roast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Boston, New York and Phila-
Atlantic Steamship bookings
via all lines. Full informs-
ticketa   obtained  from   the
tion  and
DfflM of
Prince Rupert Lodge, L0.0.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to Visit the lodge.
P. CADE. N. G.
UntM Land District-District ol Queon Charlotte
��� W�� nolle, that thirty days Iron, d.to.1C E.
lain it o( i'rinco Hupurt, II. I'., by occiMialion
bookkeeper, Intond to apply t��� th. Chiel t'om-
im-iMei.ier ol Unda lor a licence to prospect lor
coal anel polroleum on and under 1140 acres o!
land on Craham Island descrilied us lollowa:
Commoncii.ii at a post plantod one mil. nortii
ol O. _, U. Coal Lease No. 10, mnrkod 0. E. 11.
Z,~i ****** HS' ' .1 '*"""" nor-h m **mt, thonce
SSTs-i. ,i .""".' ******** *** ehains, thence
east mi chuins to place 0I commencement.
Btetf,,,n c-K uAiN�����.^*<��
Skeonu Land District-District ol Quoon Charlott
Take notice that thirty days from dale, 1��" ".
Ilainler ol I'rinco Hupert, II. Q~ by occupation
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply lo the Chiol Com-
missioner o! Unds I.r a licence lo nroapect lor
coal and potreilemm on und uneler CIO acre, ol
land on Graham Islund dnacrlhoet as followa*
Commencini* ii! a peat planteel iwo miles north
ol C. fc. II. I oal I ,-.,,,. No. 10, markod N. E.
corner I. h 11. I oal Uu��o No. 1(1, t|,������M aouth
JO ehalna, thence weat 110 chaina, thence north
80 chaina, thenco east SO .halns to placo ol commencement.
DatodSopt  11, 11)11.    c. E. UAINTER. Lector
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeana Und District-District ol Quoon Charlotte
Take nolice lhal thirty days Irom date, 1, C. E.
Ilainler ol I'rince lluperl,  II. C, by occupalinn
bookkeeper, Intond to apply lo iho Chiel Com-
I miaaioner ol Unda lor u licence to prospect lor
I coal mid petroleum on and under 610 acrea ol
l*ii,l on t.raham lslsnd deacrilied aa lollowa*
CommencinB at a post planted two mllea north
ol (,. L.  II. Coa   Uaao No.  14,  marked  N. E.
cornur C. E. 11. Coal Uaae No 17, thence aoulh
I 80 chaina. thonc. weat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, th.nce eul 80 chaina to plan ol commencement.
D.led ?*pt. 11, UU,    C. E. BAINTEH, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoona Und DUtrlct -Dislrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya Irom d.te, I, C. E.
 ,11. C    "
Comfortable 4 roomed house on
Ambrose Ave., with fine
view of harbor
$15.00 a month
Good 4 roomed house on Hay's
Cove Ave., in block 35
$15.00 a month
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Praia and  Fifth St.
The only hotel In town
with hot nnd cold water In rooms. BoBt furnlahed house north or
Vancouver. Rooms 50c
up. Phone 37. P.O.
Box 129.       :       :       I
Prudhomme & Fiiher
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Coaat Range 5
Take notice that I, Gordon C. Emmenon of
Prince Rupert, H. C, occupation roal estate
broker, Intend to apply for permiasion to purchase the following deactlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 2 3-4
mllea In a northerly direction from the northeast
corner post of Lot 138!), Range 5, Coast It timet.
thence north 40 chains, thence weat to river
bank, thence aouth following river bank to point
nl commencement;  containing 160 acros, more or
Dated Sept. 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. Oct. 14.
Skeena Land District   -DUtrict or Coast Rango V
Take notice that I, Bonjamln A. Flah of Towner,
N.   It.,   occupation   merchant.   Intend   to  apply
for Dormiselon to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a poet planted on tba east
boundary and about five cbains from the aoulh-
east corner of Lot 4484, tbanoe nortb 60 chaina,
thence eaat 30 chains, thenoa aouth 60 ehains,
thence weet 30 chains to point of commenoement.
Dated June 24, Ull. BENJAMIN A. FISH
Pub. July 25. Kred E. Cowall, Agent
Skeona Land District���District of Coast Ranga 6
Take notice lhat Miriam Roy McTavUh of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation barriatar, Intenda
lo apply for permission to purchase the following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the southwest
corner 40 chains oast and 40 chaina north from
N. E. corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey Coaat
DUlrict Ranga 6, thenco 60 chaina east, thence
60 chalfia north, thenee 60 chains weet, ihence 60
chaina south to post of commencement containing
310 acres more or leaa.
DatedSept. 16, 1911 HIRIAM ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Bohlor, Agant
Skeena Land DUtrlct    1 n-trirt of Coast Range :.
Tako notico that Lottie MnTaylab of Vancouver,
occupation married woman. Inlands lo apply
for permiaalon to purchase tbo following d wcnl ted
Commencing at a poet planled at tho northweat corner 100 chains east and 20 chaina north
from N. K. corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey
Coast DUlrict Itange 5, thonce 20 ehains aouth,
thence 80 chains easl, thane* 80 chains north,
thence 40 chaina wast, Ihence 60 ehains aouth,
thenco 40 chains weat to poet of commencement
dontalnlng 400 acres more or laaa.
Dated Sept. 18. 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Uohler, Agent
Bainter of Princu Kupert,
by occupstion
Skeen. Und District���District ol Queen Charlott
Tako nolle, that Auatin M. Brown ol Princ.
Kupert, laibllrr. Intends to .pply to lh. Chiel
Cimimiaaleinrr ol Unda and Works for . licnc.
to prospect lor cosl, oil .nd prtr,,!,-���,t, on and
under the lollowln. deacrihed lands on the Weal
Cout of Uraham laland:
I'omrm-nrillR at . post planled three milaa eut
ol the northeut corner of C. 1. No. 446a tlience
aoulh 80 ctia-dne, thanoa 80 chains weal, tbence 80
chsins north, thence 80 chains eut to point o(
Ucated Aufust Iat. 1911.
Pub, Auf. III.
bookkeeper. Intend lo apply to th. Chief Commlaaioner of Unda for a Licence lo proapoct for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acre, of
Und on tlrnham Island duscrlbed u (ollows:
Commonclng at a posl planted two mile, north
of C. E. U. Coal U-ase No. 12, marked N. W.
cornor C. E. B. Coal Uaao No. Id, thonce aoulh
80 chaina, thence eut bo chains, thonce north mi
chains, thence WMt Ml cliaina to plac ot commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Ucator
Pub. Sept. '11.
Skena Und Dislrict���District ol Queen Charlotte
Tak. notlc that thirty days alter date, I, C. E.
Ilainler ol Princ Itupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to .pply to lh. One! Commissioner ol Unds lor . licnc to proapect lor
cai and petroleum on .nd undor 640 acne ol
land on lirslism Island deecribed u loUowa:
Commeneing at . p���.i planted two milea north
ol C. E. U. Coal Uue No. 1*1, marked S. W.
erner C. E. 11. Coal Uu. No. ID, thenc north
HO chaina, lhanc cut 80 chaina, thenc Kuth 80
ehalna, thenc weat 80 chaina lo placo ot commencment.
Daled Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Ucator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skene Und Dlalrlct���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Tail, notlc thai thirty dava Irom date, I, C. E.
lUlnur ol Princ Kupert, B. C, by occupation
hiKtkk.a-per. Intend to apply to th. Chiel Commiaaioner of Unda (or . licnc to proap-Kt for
coal and pelroleum on Mid under 640 .ere. of land
on Uraham laland deecrtti-ed u follows:
Commpnctni: .1 . post plant**,! two mllea north
���( C. E. B. Coal Uu. No. 14. merkixl S. W.
erner C. K. ll. Co*l Uu. No. 20, thenc north
80 chaina, thenc wut 80 chains, ihenc soulh 80
chains, thenc Mat 80 chsina to plae-o ot com*
Daled Sept. II. 1*11.    C. E. BAINTER, Ucator
fub. Sein. 23.
Skeena Und Dislrict-District ol Quen Charlotta
Take notlc thai thirty dava alter dat*. I, C. E.
Uainter of Princ Kupert. ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Unda lor a Itcne lo prospect (or
coal am! petroleum on end under 640 .ere. ol
Und on Craham laland doacrittcd u lollowa:
Commencing si . pool planled two mile, north
���l C. E. B. Coal Uue No. 16. marl.,.! s. E.
erner C. K. B. in-,! Uue No. 21, thenc north
80 chains, thenc weet 80 chaina, Ihenc smith 80
ch.ina, itx-nce cut 80 chaina. lo place ol emmencment.
Dated Sent. 11, I'Jll.    C. E. BAINTER. Ucator
Skeena Und District��� District ol Queen CharloUe
Take nolic that thirty dava (rom d.te, I. C. E.
Uainter ol Princ Kupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Inbsnd to apply to the t In, I Commissioner o( l-an,l. tor . licenc to proapect for
<*>>sl Mid j���-u.r|eun, on .nd ,,n,l,*r 640 -una of
oland on Graham laland descrlb-ad u followa:
Cnmmcncini* at . put pUnted two miloa north
,'l C. E. IL Coal Uu. No. 16, marked N. K.
corner C. E. B. r..al Uue No. 22, thenc aoutb
80 chains, thenc weat 80 chaina. tbenos north 80
chaina, th.nc eoal 80 chain, lo plac of com-
Daled Sepl. 12.1911.     C. K. BAINTER. Ucator
m *��a..s^..s-..as-.���aaaa-��_raaw�� a-s_a -Wra^-^--^-^.^^-_..->_.���_^_rw.���a.
This is a little section ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects ol special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope ib expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Hi- lii-il ���.*. prophylactic bent,
Ai il led :>. Bterilc life,
Had hygienic children end
A unitary wife.
Lived in a ftimigr.ted house
Aril wore aseptic suits,
Ale germicidal food and smoked
Deniimined cheroots.
His milk was always pasteurized.
He drank denatured water;
He ne'er forgot lo swat the flies,
Mosquitoes hi* would slaughter,
He screened his doors ai >l windows
His office disinfected;
Against microbes of every kii il
He fell himself protected.
He exercised; he slept by rule
And times his every breath;
His health was excellent ard
Defied disease and death.
His plan was admirable, no doubt,
But darn the mea*l) luck!
lit- well and gol run over by
A ten-ion power truck'
���Chicago News
Mayor Has Returned
Mayor Manson returned in the
"Rover" yesterday from Boll!.
C'otila where he has been wiih U.S.
Clements, the new member for
Comox-Atlin, who is studying the
needs of lhe ridirg before going
to Ottawa.
Black Devil' Back
The black BUtO alxmt which
Alderman Newton used t<> "ful-
mirate thunder" is back in Rupert,
but the Hazelton trails seem to
have worketl havoc with iis gear,
11 is being repaired al the Rupert
Marine Depot.
Boat Note Due
official nd\ ice
to which
another launch sent oul at midnight found the launch all right,
but delayed by threatened fog,
Both launches gol back at twoa.m,
When Oil Burners are Fitted to
G. T. P. Flyers Schedule May
Give Them a Ten a.m. Start
from Rupert.
In   passing
made of the probi
the ('<��� T.  P. In
boats wi
at ten ������
r.s al
mention   may  bt*
'lilily that wlii'i
its return  i"-xi
fi.tul  with  oil  burners
of  coal   fuel,   the  time
will be sn gn-,
be able to le
a.m. ii siei'.il of
present!   The t
vt that the
ve Rupert
be welcomed mosi by everybody
who lik> s brer.kfr.8t at home before
sii'.rtii g on a journey,
Mark   Spence's   Lost
Strews   Beach  with
Interest Salvage.
Salvage   operations   ne
scene of the wreck of lhe
Mary resulted yesterday in.
discovery of a photograph
rice lonkii g  Indian  mother
five  little  ones  presumably
family of Mark Spence, lhc
of the lost  grapes and orna
Another   scrrowful   little   bit
r   the
in  the
i .f  a
jetsam is ;*. ii. y p.-ir of baby boots
with neat little red uppers which
Mark w..s taking to a tii y toi at
Masset. There is a pretty silk
handkerchief, too, but r.o gr. i��-s
or ora- ga's were discovered. Several c. sis i f ge.soli i* hi ve drifted
ashore, bui r.ot by r.i > means
������.II thai drifted awry. There was
a dace given at Metlakatla h'.st
night, a*-ti rumor hath it that
Mark Sper.ce was there himself,
Skena Und Diatrict���DUtrlct ot Queen Charlott. I
Tak.- nolle that thirty daya from dale, I, C. E.
Ilainler of Princ Kui-cr i. B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to the Chief Commiasioner ot Unda tor a licnc lo pi-v*ct (or :
cral .nd pertroleum on Mid under 640 cares o( J
Und on Graham Island deaerib-ed u followa:
Commencing at . poat planted two milea north
of C E. B. Coal Uu. No 17, marked N. E.
,      ,,.,���.,,..,,, ...    ,   .     corner C. E. U. Coal Uus No. 2.1   thenc south
Skeen. Und D_trictTp*slrlct ol Quun Ch.rlolU l ���- Xgj.   ���,____ ___  ^ -,,-,_-, th.-��� ---,,,
Tak�� notie* lhat Austin M. Brawn of Princ*
Kupert, ll. C. occupation aaddlor, InUniia to
���pply to th* t hid (.ommiaslonrr ol Landa and
Worki for ft licence to proaptct for cotl, oll nnd
petroleum on and under tbo following described
Undi on the Wast Cout of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat plantad thre* milea eaat
of the northaaat corner of C. 1- No. 4478 thenc*
80 chaina aouth, thenoa 80 chalu aaal, lhanc* 80
chaina north, thenc* 80 chaina waat to point of
DaU of Location Slit July. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtricl - DUtrict of Qu**n Charlottt
Take notlea that Auatin M. Brown of Princ*
Hupert, occupation aaddler. Inleoda to apply to
the Chief CuminUaloner of Landa and Worka for
��� licence to proapect for coal, oil and patrolaum on
and under the following d*ocrib*d landa on the
Weat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat olanted l.ree milaa aaat
of tha northeaat cornar of C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chaina w*at, thence 80 chaina north, thence ��u
chaina eaat, thenca 80 cbaina aoutb to point of
emmencment.   ^^ ^ mQy/N   ^^
baud August 1st, I'Jll.
Pub. Aug. IV
Skeena Und Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ot Quun ChwlotU
Taka notlc that Auatin M. Brown of Princ
llupert, occupation uddler, InUnda tn .PPl/ to
the Chlet Commiaaioner ot Unda .nd Worka for .
licnc to prospect lor eel, oll .nd petroleum on
and under the follownlg ducribed Unda on th.
West Cose* of Graham laland:
Commanclng ��t a poat planted thru mllea east
ol the aoutheut erner ol C. u. No. 4470 thenc
north HO chaina, thenc eut 80 chaina, thence
wuih 80 chains, thenc wut 80 ch.ina lo point ol
emm.nem.nt.   Aug_|N ..  BK0WN   ^^
Ucated August let, 1*11.
Pub. Aug. 19.
80 chains, thane eut 80 chslna to plac ot em*
Dated Sept. 1!. 1911.     C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. _ !
Sken. Und DUlrict���District ot Quen Charlotu
Take nolle lhat thirty dava from date, I, C. E
Uainter ol I'rlne lluperl. B. C. by occupation j
berakkecper, Intend lo apply to the Chut Com-,
missioner ot Unds lor . Heme to nroep-Ki for
roal and petruleum on and under 640 .craa of
land on Graham Isalnd deecribed u followa: i
Commencing at a poal planled two mile north , "
of C. E. B. Coal laaue No. 18, marked N. W. I
erner C. E. B. Coal Uu. No. 14, thene south '
80 chaina, thenc eut 80 chaina, thine north ���
80 chaina, Ihenc west 80 ch.ina to place ol em- I
mencment. . ___ -
Date.) Se|,i 12, I'.ui.    C. E. BAINTEH, Uealor   ���
Pub. Sepl. 13.
Sken. Und Dlslriet -DUlrict ol Quen Charlott
Tske nolle that thirty days Irom daU, I, A. T
llrrr.l, ri,*k ol Prlne Kupert, 11. C, by occupallon (j
bask manager. Intend to apply lo the Chiel Commissioner ol Unds lor a liene lo Prospect for
cai  and petroleum  on  and  uneler 640 acraa of
lanel on Graham laland ,l.��.vil,,-l u leille.wa:
Commencing at a poat planted two mile north
ol  C   E.   II.   CoeJ   laa..    No.   17,   niarUI   S.   W.
erner A. T. B. Co_ Ui-ee No. 18, Ihene north
HU chains, ihene eul 80 chains, Ihenc euth no
chaina, thene wut 80 ehalna lo plac ol emmencment.
A. T. HlttilH.lilt'K. Ucator
Dated Sepl. 12, llll. C. E. Ilainler. Agenl
Pub. Sept. 23.
Shows  an  attractive variety in
Wedding Gift Lines
in Sterlinif Silver, Silver Plate,
Cut Glass and many other line
lineB. Our catalogue contains
illustrations antl concise descriptions. The prices are moderate
and fair.
Henry Birl^s & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
(1. T
P. flyer will lay off firM for
season is i<> hand ye< at Mr.
stcr's office,  but   Mr.   Mr-
I Skena Und DUtrlct���DUlrict ot quun Charlotu
Tak. nolle lh.t thirty d.ya Irom date, I, A. T.   \t;*slCT   is  informed   thai   I lie  (late
] llroderick of Prine llupert, II. C, by oeupation
| b.nk manager, Intend to apply to the Chiel Com- |
miaaioner of Unda for . llcne to prospect for
ooal and  petroleum on and under 640 caroa of
Utfd on Graham laland dracrlbesd u lollowa:
Commencing at . post plnalcl two milu north ;
ol C. E. II. Coal Uu. No. 20, marked S. E.
-Church Services
Servlcee every 8unday In the
Empreaa Theatre, 11 a.m. and
7 30 p.m.    Sunday School and
Bible Claaa at ..SO p. m.
REV. F. W. KERR. M.A.. Pastor
Servlcea every Sunday at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.     Sunday
School   2.30   p. m.        Baraca
Bible Claaa 2.30 p.m.
REV. W. H. McLEOD B.A D.D.   Pastor
Servlcea every Sunday at  11
a.m.  and 7.30 p.m.    Sunday
School at 2.30 p.m.
REV. C. R. SING, B.D. Pastor
Sunday Servlcea ll
a. m., 3 p. m., 8 !>.">���
Sunday School 130 p.
m. Public Servlcea
Monday, Wednesday.
Thursday. Saturday tl
8 p.m. Everybody welcome.
ENSIGN JOHNSTONE, C'h'd'o officer
Read The Daily News
for the ilngle ���teamer icrvicc to
commence K November 1st.
corner A. T. B. Coal Leaae No. 26, thence north
80 chaina, lhance weat 80 chaina, thence aouth
80 chaina, thenoe eaat 80 chaina to placo of commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
Datod Sept. 12,1911. C. E. Bainter, Agent
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und Diatrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty daya from dato. I, A. T.
Broderick of Prince Rupert, II. 0- by occupation
bank manager, Inlend to apply to lho Chief Commlaaioner of Landa for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two mllea norlh
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 21, marked S. E
comer ot A. T. B. Coal Leaae No. 27, thence
weat 80 chaina, thenoa north 80 chaina, Ihence
J eaat 80 chaina, thenoa aouth 80 chaina to placa
of commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
DatedSept. 12, 1911. C. E. Balntor, Agent.
Pub. Sept. 23.
iKeena Und Dlatrict-Dfatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya from dale, I, C. E.
Balnter of Prince Rupert, H. Dm by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Unda for a licence lo proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under Mi) acrea of
land on (Iraham laland doacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted at the *outhw(��t
corner of ('oal Leaae No. 4468 marked C. K. M.
Coal Uaae No. 28. therice north 80 chaina, thence
wpat 80 chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina, thenco
eaat 80 chaina to point of commencemenl covering
���11 foreahore Tlahn Point. ��� ��� ������������������
Dated Sapt. lit, 1911. C.  E.  BAINTER
Tub. Oct 7.
Skeena Und Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya from date, I, C. h.
Huintor of Prlnco Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
miaaioner of Unda fur a licence to oroi-ipect for
coal and petroleum on and under 6*0 acroa of
Innd on Craham laland deacribed aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planted two ti.Im mirth
Tlahn north*e*t ioinr| Coal Uaae 4*166 marked
C. E. Bi Conl Uaao No. 29. teener aouth 80 chaina,
thenco weat 80 chaina, tnence north 80 chaini.
thi mt eait 80 chaina t.i point o! commencemenl:
containing 610 acrea more or leaa.
Kffi_3t.ll.THl C. E. BAINTER
Pub. OcL 7.
Trail   to  Woodworth
Eighl men are engaged building
a pack horse
Lake   today.
trail to woodworth
The original trail
was traversed mostly by surveyors
ard it was a rough trail. Many
more will row have cheopporamity
of seeing the beautiful waterfall
which is litURtcd rot far from
the outlet of Woodworth Lake.
greatly enjoying oranges thcorogin
of which is shroudi tl in mysetry.
Massage is Exclusively Done by
the Bl ind in Japan
Skeonu Lund Dislrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
I dilln(Is
Take notico thut Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupution Biuirik-r, Intenda to IpplV to
the Chief Comtnllllooer o( Lunda and Worki '
for a licence to proipBOt for coul und oil und petroleum on uml under the following described lundu
on tho Went Coaat of (iraham Inland:
Cominencinn ut u puat piunted throe milea Ult :
of tho lOUtDWMl corner of C. L. No. 4177 tlience
80 chuina eust, thence 80 chuina north, thence 80
ebuni went, thencu 80 chuina aouth to point ot
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Locutor ,
Dato of Locution,-Iat July I'Jll.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeenu Lund DUlrict���District ol Queen Charlotto
Tuke notice Unit Austin M. Hrown of I'rinco
Rupert, occupation suddler, Intenda lo apply to
the Chief CommlalOMf of Lunda und Works lur u
licence to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum un and
under the folIowtn| deacribed lands on thu Weal
Coust of (indium Island:
CoaUDtnolng ut u post piunted three miles east '
of ihe MUthwit corner Old L. No. 4172 Ihence
north mj chuins, ihence east 80 chuina, thence south
80 chuins, thence weat 80 chuina to point ol commence in en I.
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeenu Lund District���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotto
Tuke noticu thul thirty duys Irotn dute, 1, C. E
Huinter of I'rince Rupert, it, C., by occupatiun
bookkoopor, intend tu upply tu thu Chief Commissioner of Lunds for u licence tu proapeel fur
coul und petroleum un uml under tilO acres of
lund un in-ill,.un Islund described us fullowa:
Commencing ut u post pluntod live milea eoal
of Coal l.e,t -��� Nu. 4107, marked C. E. IL Coal!
Leuac No. 1, N. E. curner, thencu wusi 80 chuina, '
thencu auuth 80 chains, thuncu eaat 80 chuina, '
tlience nurth 80 chains to pluce uf commencemenl. ,
Duted Sept. 11, 11)11 C. B. HAINTER, Locator j
I'ub. Sepl 23.
Skeenu Lund Dislrict���DUtricl uf Queen CharloUe
Tuke nutico thut thirty duys (rum date, 1, C. E i
Humter ol I'rinco Kupert, U. <*',, by occupation j
bookkeeper, intend tu upply to tho Chief Com-1
mUsiuner of Unda for u licence in proapect fur
coul und petruleum un und under l>40 acre- ul I
land un tiruhum Islund described us followa:
Commencing ul a pusl plantod livu mllua euat |
of Cuul Lease Nu. 4107, murkud C. E. B. N. W.
corner No. -'. Ihence south 80 chaina, thunce uust
80 chuins, thence north 80 chuins, thencu WMt
80 chums lu placu of cummuncument.
DatedSept. ll, It'll. C. E. UAINTER, Locutur
Pub. Sept. 88.
Skoena Lund DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Taku notice thut thirly daya (rum date, 1, 0, E.
Hainter of Princu Itupert, Li. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lu apply to the Chief Commlaaioner o( Lands for u licence to proapoct for
coal and petroleum on and under 040 acrus of
land on Grabam ltdund dc-scribed oa fullowa:
Commencing ut a pust planted livu imlea eaat
uf Coal Leaae No. 4470, marked C. E. U. S. W.
corner o( Coul Uusu Nu. 3, thencu oust 80 chaina,
thonce north 80 cbaina, thence WMt 80 chuins,
thence south 80 chains tu place uf commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict o( Queen Charlotte
Take nutice thai thirty duya (rum dute, 1, C. E.
Huintor of Prince Kupert, tt. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend tu apply to lho Chief Cum-
mUsionur uf Landa fur a licence tu pruapect (ur
coal and petroloum un und under 040 acrea ol
land on Graham Island deacribed aa follows:
Commencing at a poal piunted live milea caai
of Coal Uaao No. 4476, marked C. E. U. S. E
corner Coal Leaae No. 4, thunce wesl 80 chaina,
thenco north 80 chuina, thence eaat no chains,
thence suuth 80 chains to plucu ol cummencemenl.
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C E. BAINTER, Ucator
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtricl of Queen Charlotte
Tuke nutice that thirty daya Irom dale, 1, ***** -*****������
Uainter of Princu Kupurt, it. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intund to apply to the Chlaf Com- 1
misnioner of Landa for a licence lu proapect (or !
coal and petroloum on and under 010 acroa ui
land on Graham lalund deacribed as lollowa:
Commencing al a pout planted two miloa notrh
o( stake marked C. E. U. Coal Uaae Nu. 4, markod
N. E. corner C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. h, thunce
aouth 80 chaina, thunco woat 80 chaina, thence
north 80 cbaina, thence oaat 80 chatna tu place ul
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locatoi
Pub, Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queun Chralotte
Take notice lhal thirty daya from dutu, I. C t*.
Ilainler of I'rince Kupert, U. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intund to apply to thu ChLd CommUaioner uf Unda fur a licence to proiprci (ur
coal and petroloum on and under 040 acrua ul
land an Graham laland duacribud aa folluwa:
Commencing al a poat planted two mtlua north ,
ot Ci E. B. Coal Uaae No. 3, marked C. E. Uainter ,
.V W. cornur Coal Uaae No. ti, thenco mum au
chains, thenco uaal 80 chain*, thenco north  nu
chaina,  tbence weal 80 chaina lo placu ol cummuncument.
Dated Supt. 11,1911.     C. E. BAINTER  Ucatur
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict of Quoen Charlotto
Take notice that ihirty days trom dale, 1, C. E.
Bainter of Prlnco Kupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to thu Chlof Com-
mioMonur of Unda for a lie, nco to proapect tor
coal and petroloum oo and undur 640 acrua of
land on Graham laland daacribod ��- followa:
Cummencing at a poat plantod two milea nortb
ot C* E. B. Coal Leaaa No. t. otako S. W. cornur
Coal Uaae No. 7, thence north 80 chaina, thence j
oaat 80 chaina, Ihenoe aouth 80 chaina, thenca
weat 80 cbaina to place of cummencemenl,
DatedSept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUtrict���Diatrict of Queon Charlotto ���
Take noticu lhal thirty daya from dato, 1. C. E.
Hainter of Princu Kupert,  U. C, by occupation
,_      bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com- j
��*��    mUsioner of Landa for a licenco to proapoct for |
(��> ! coal and  petroleum  on  and  under 040 acrea of i
t*i   land on Graham Island deacribed aa follotra:
(���j       Cummenelng at a poat planled two mnoa north
*,*���* t of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 4, marked S. E. corner
t*J ' C. E. H. Coal Uaso No. 8, thence north 80 chaina,
*,*Z I thencu weal  80 chaina,  ihence aouth 80  chaina,
thonce eaat 80 chiins to pluce of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911.     C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skoena Und DUlrict��� DUUict ot Queen Charlotta
Take notice that thirty days from data, I, C. E. |
Bainter of ���Prince Ru|H>rt, H. C, by occupatioo
boukkecper, intend to apply to the Chief Com- !
mtaoiunur of Unda for a licence to proapect for ,
coal and |H>troleum an and under 010 acraa of j
land on (iruham laland deacribed aa fullowa:
Commencing at a post plantod llvo mika eaal '
I of Coal Uaso No. 4474, markad C. E. Ualnlrr'a
I N. E. corner Cual Uaao Nu. 9, thencu aoulh 80
I chains, thenco went 80 chaina, thenco north 80
1 chaina, thetiru eut 80 chaina lo place of cotn-
. mencement.
I Dateil Sepl. 11.1911.     C E. UAINTER, Locator
; Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeenu Und District    DUtrict of Queon Charlotu
1     'lake noticu thut thirty daya from date, 1, C. E.
I Hainter of  Prinn' Kupert,  H. C, by occupation
I buukke* |"���;.   irilhd   tn   apply   lo   thu   Chief   ' mi,
n,i*   ...t.i i   af  Lands  for a  licence to  proapect  fur
cuul  and  petroleum  un and  under 040 acroa of
land on (iraham laland deacrilied oa follow*
Cummenelng at a puat planted one rnile north
of C. I. H. (oal I ���- . No. 9, marked N. W.
corner C. m* H- Nu. 10, ihuncu auuth 80 cbaina,
thene.- ������ ��� ; *<' chaina, thencu nurth 80 chaina,
thence eimt M) chants to pl    ���   jf Cummonci'inenl.
Datod s-pi. 11,1911-,    C. K. BAINTER, Ucatur
Pub. Sepl. 'ii.
Skwna Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
'lake notice that thirty daya frunm date, 1, ( K.
Huinter ol Prince Kutiert, H. C, occupation book,
keeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commiaaioner
of Lands fur a bounce lo prospect for cual and
petroleum un and under 640 acrea of land on
Graham Island deacrlbod aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poat ptanted two milea north
of C. E. H. Coal Uaae No 8, marked N. B. corner
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. II, Ihence south hO
chaina, thenco went 80 chaina, thrncn north 80
chains, thence eaM 80 chaina to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911.     C. E. BAINTER, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 'i'i.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Wsstanhavsr Bros*1 Office,
Stork Building, Second Avanue.
Law-Butler Building     Phone No. 880
I'rince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia
and Manltuba liars.
of B.C.. Ontariu, Sua-
km i'he wm   and Albert-it Hara.
Barristers, Notahiks, Etc.
Office- Exchanice block, ceirner Third avenue and
Sixth elri-i't. I'rlnce Uuiu-rl. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All ele-nutl iitierntlims skilfully ti.-nt-al. G.s .nd
locul anusthetirs lulminlstered for the painless extraction of tewth. Consultation free. Offices:
Ilelu-erson lilock. I'rince Ruoert. 11-12
Alex.M.Miinson H.A..     W.K Will,runs.n.a .!..!..!>
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Uupert, B.C
P. o. BOX 23
1*1*1*11. OF WM. I-OXON.  BQ* A.R.A.H.,  I >.N . KNO
Thirst Avenue also Wuter Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and I Ith St.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND AVB.
Hotel Central
Cor. First Aee.
and 7,1, Street
European and American plan, steam
hentcd. modern convenience. Kal*a*
tl.tu to K.50 tier day.        :        :
Plumbing, H
i-ating, Steamfltlingand
Sheet Me
tal Work
Office: .Irel Ave.
Phone 174
.*��� i Ave. bet. "lh and Nth SU.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupil.
Miss Vera Greenwood
I'llDil of Kl-IT Wllcsek. Pan. .nd ll-rlro.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstair.
=s=E.   EBY   to   Co.===
REAL ksia.'.'*:
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KITSUMKALUM ��� l<    C.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prln.*., Rupert L-.l���c. N> .IIS. Sons of
Kn-rland. meets the llrst and thlnl I ,.-. I.va |n
a-su-h month In the Sons ���f Envland Hall, sill Snd
Av.. st - p m.
F. V  CLARK. See..
--.,,,.., I' O �����_ Ot Prince Rupert
MINF.3T A. WOODS. 1'rr.ldenl. Ilox 23
Teacher of Plain*. Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave,
Between Tth & Hth Sts.
Prince Itupert
Warning to Gun-men
Chief Owens, of the Provincial
Pti.icu Force, ii posting
touV.y  that  all  r.-iitic
mi  Kaien  laland ore preserved,
nnd ihat pny one found shooting
���I'd  birds
them  will  be  prosecuted.
noiicc is published Ifl Englls
in Montenegrin.
Lunch was Late
fell last r.lghl when
Anxiety w
the Rupert
verinu delayed
from MetlakfltU
lieen assisting ������!
The   blind    in   Japan   have   a
monopoly of one employment, mav
saging. No person willi sight is
permitted to massage as a profession in Japan.
Tlu- profession of a masseur is a
very honorable one, and the polite
Japanese take care thai the greatest
courtesy is shown their afflicted
Although    the   blind   Japanese     , ,���,   ..,���,,,,
follow oilier means of livelihood,   ?.' **��� P- U-S��*}���HSC "���"���
,     . -   ,, , (.oal I ,,-.,,��� No. 12, thence s.
the great majority follow the
vocation whi h their kindly law
has marked out, hedged about
with consideration and made so
profitable for them.
Funeral   Director and   Emb.lmer
i*e to
launch Wol-
win ic  she  hr.d
die repair of the
Quean Mary.    A search patty ir
Reflections of a Bachelor
Girls only tell little fibs
iheir suitors so as not to li
tell bigger ones.
A i i e t ^me.nee'ir
woman   can   make   herself/gaud!
believe her husband's politeness is I '"''
devotion. /
Sometimes  a   man's   explaining
problems to the children doesnt1
muddle   ihem   very   much   more
about  ihem. 1
You might impress the Joys ol
heaven  on  children  by  making
them believe it's all school in the
other place.
SkeaVna Unel Dislrict -Dislrict of Queen Charlotu
Tkko notico that thirty days Irom dale, I, C, E.
Uainter ol Prince Kuperi,  II. ('., by occupation
iKKikkeepur,  intend to apply lo the Chiel Com-
I misaiener of l��nd for a  licence lo prosj-ect  lor
I coal  anil  pelrole-om  on  and  under 010 acrea ol
I land >������ (iraham Island describe*.! as follows:
Commenelns a! a post planled two inil'-a north
*o. 7, markod C. E. II.
south HO chains, thence
eut st) chains, tnence north 80 chslns, thence
west -li chains to place of commencement.
I 'i,,,-rl l-.-pi 11, Hill. C. E. HAIM III. Locator
Pub. Si-pi. 211.
Skeens) Land District���District of Quoon Charlotu.
Takt notice that thirty davs Irum date, I, C. E.
lljii,!*./, of I'rlnce Ituperl, II. C, l.y occupallon
beiokkl-opcr, Intend to apply In tho Chiel Com-
mlssieliifr of Lands for a licence lo prneliecl  lor
I'M'I  IU  \M  1. :  ASH  1   MM \I.M1K -
Funeral   Dfrcctura
3rd Ave. near nth St. PbOM No. M
eoal/ami  petroleum  on  and  untl<>r '.It* icrm of
| iiin'1 mi i.i ib.un i .inn.! d*mjribi
I aa fullowa:
OommenrinK Ht a poat ptintad two miW north |
I of C. K. U. Coal Leasti No. 7, marked S. \V, rorner
(7 E.   II.   Coal  lieane   No.   II,  thenee  north  HO)
I chaina,  thenee eaat  HU chaina,  thenn- wnilh  HU
/halna,  Ihenee weet HU chaina to place ol  comment.
Sept. II, 1911.    C. K. HAINTER, Ucator
Sept. 23.
Skeenn Land IHntrlct -Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notire that thirty daya Irom date, I, C K.
Ilninter of I'rince Kuperi, H. C., hy occupation '
hookkeeper, Intond to apply to the Chief Com-
mlaiioner m Landa lor a licenco to proapect for
cual and petroleum on und under (ill) acrea ol
land on (iralmm laland dcucrihed aa followa:
Ciifiimenrlng at a poal planted two nub * north i
of Oi Bi ll. Coal l/'ane No. H, marked S. E. come I
C. E. Bi Coal ii-tll Mo. 14, thenco north 1.0
chaina, thence wont HU chaina, thenco aouth HU
chaina, thenco taat HO chains to placu o( commencement.
Dated Sopt. 11,1911.    C. E. UAINTEH, locator
I Pub. Sept. ���_'(.
..Grand  Hotel..
Workingman's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
Phens 178 Iat Ave. and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. Proprl.lor
little's NEWS Agency
Miij-nzini>-. || t'eriodlcala It Newapaprrt
FRUITS ��� ��������������
(Continued from Page One)
construction of the G. T. P. but
rather to the method of its construction. They wore in favor
since the people were to own a
large share in the G. T. P. that
they should own and run it all
as a public concern without the
aid of any company.
Will Be Investigation
There would be investigation?
of the G. T. P. and of oilier concerns of the late Government.
Electors must remember thai Ihey
would have to exercise patience
before they could expect lo see
any results for Prince Rupert of
the return of the Conservatives.
Post  Office  Building
Mr. Clements realised the needs , ,
of   Rupert   and   pledged   himself t0 are close to Hazelton
to see that substantial post office!    Mr-  Wflght  is said  to
Mr. H. N. Wright, of Haielton,1
to Make a Trip to London���Is
Owner of Some Excellent
Hazelton, Oct. 20.���H. N.
Wright, manager of the local
branch of the Bank of Vancouver, !gg~~~~~;
will leave Hazelton, as soon as
the management at Vancouver
can send someone to take his
place, and will go direct to England. His mission will be to raise
funds for operations in which
himself and associates are interested. He will also take wiih
him options on some properties
to put before people in London.
All of ihcse propositions referred
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
���fcaSI**--.! *-***r* * "Hm* *~��"-*_f
and other public buildings fit to
serve the city for at least ten
years should be erected���Comox-
Atlin should have an appropriation
of at least three times that of
any eastern constituency.
Referring to the agricultural
possibilities of thc district he declared that not a cent's worth
of farm produce need be imported
from over the line.
Better Freight Service
He would endeavor to further
improvement of lhe freight service
by water so that the produce of
the farms at Bella Coola might
reach Rupert fresh from the soil.
Loves  Liberals
He invited Liberals lo come into
the Conservative held, telling them
that he felt convinced that they
would be well content by so doing.
He expressed the greatest confidence in Finance Minister
White���a former Liberal���and a
man of whose abilities Mr. Clements had the highest possible opinion. Mr. Clements concluded
by thanking his audience most
cordially for their reception of
him, and sat down amidst cheers���
and "He's a jolly good fellow"
sung by the audience standing.
In a few closing remarks Alderman Clayton suggested that a
central Conservative Association
at Prince Rupert would help the
whole constituency to help itself
and the Dominion.
A programme of songs followed.
X The Williams Co. Prom-
It ise  a  Grand   Farewell
K Performance Tonight.
��� ��� ��� M
be in-j
terested with P. J. Jennings in the
Hazelton Nine Mile Mining Company. Mr. Wright also recently
bought the Amargosa group of
claims on Rocher de Boule. This
was a cash deal aud Mr. Wright
is the sole owner. The group is
near the Trimble-Pemberton property, now bonded to John F.
Cowan, of Salt Lake City, for a
quarter of a million dollars.
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plato Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policial Prepared While You Wuit.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. ���Houaea and Rental i.
Our patrons will iileoae nute that all accounts
nitiiinsi the individuals of the tii,,,, the l'ony Ex-
press, will be kept separate from those of the
Company, datlns* from the Ist of October, ll��ll.
Airmen Like to Load up Their
Machine with Youngsters
There is a growing tendency
In Europe to load an areoplane
with children instead of grown-ups
when an attempt is made to establish a new passenger record.
Children do not weigh as much
nor take up as much room as
grown-ups, so of course more can
be taken.
On the other hand, should an
accident occur the children would
be sacrificed to the aeronaut's
desire to break the passenger
Children very often have less
fear than grown-ups and enjoy
ihe sport immensely.
London Coronation Police Had
Candy Given Them All Day
Every night this week the Williams Comedy Comapny at lhc
Empress Theatre have put on a
better play than on the previous
night. Tonight they intend to
exceed even the splendid and
convincing romance they offered
in "Dora Thome" last night.
They   have   selected   for   iheir
farewell perfomance the well known
comedy drama "Matter and Man,1
in which Mr. Dave Williams has
made ;i reputation by his masterly
performance of the old Irish servant Jerry. .Miss Pinkie Mullally who has made so many
admirers here by her charming
personality and talents will take
the soiibreiu- part of Chick.
Theatre goers will remember sonic
of the amusing passages between
Chick and Jerry.
A crowded house i**. expected for
tonight, the company having made
host*, nl good friends for tliein-
selve-s during their Stay in town.
"We iire all anxious to show our
gratitude to our Prince Rupert
friends by making tonight's performance a grcat success, and we
are hoping to return to you again
next year," said Mr. Dave Williams on behalf of his company
this morning
Waiter on Well Known Boat
Charged With Assaulting a
Little Girl.
Samuel Hogg, a waiter on board
the Prince John, is under arrest
by   the   Provincial   Police   today
charged  with  having  indecently
assaulted a little girl passenger
on board the boat near Masset.
The   Case    will    probably   go   to
Manet for preliminary hearing.
The huge squads of police detailed to guard thc coronation
parade in London Were given
sticks of pure chocolate and bags
of candy "drops" as the mainstay
of their rations.
Strange to say, this diet was
recommended by the chief of
police surgeons as the very best
for a hard day's work in the sultry
Safe it is to say that the little
English children for that day, at
least, wished devoutly to belong
lo the police force.
Most Marvellous Feat Ever Yet
Accomplished by a Plumber
11 may be that the feat attributed to the pumblej in the
subjoined anecdote is impossible
outside the realms of the imagination, but within them il is a
singularly pleasing achievement for
everyone but the family on whom
it was practised.
"You're wanted," said the small
"Who wants me?" demanded the
..-_.._____,__., i���,��__..__,,,._,,__.��
Received for any paper
or   magazine   published.
or Foreign
At  Publisher's Prices
By placing your orders
with us you save the
remitting charges, thc
trouble of ordering. . . .
Further, if your magazine does nol reach you
wc are at your service.
McRae Bros., Ltd.
I ��� I H WHIN,.   1 rue TUB eo I I, I
LFor Rent ��
Furnished rooma with bath.    Succliil ratoa by
tht, week.   Talbot Houae. l-.r.-tf
Neatly Furnlshetl rooms, MnUm.11 preferred.���
Apply Mra. Mullin, over Majestic Theatre,     tf
Nice FurnlaheBd Rooma, Mrs.
Block; Third Ave.
(Ircnwood, Alder
For Rent-Furnished rooms. lt���l mid cold w.tcr
with b��th. Dl.by Rejoins, tith Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent-Sona of England Hull. Ill '.'nd'Ave.. for
Dancea. Fraternal Societies. S.r--in!s, etc. Apply
Frank A Kiln.. Box Mill or phone lis. lst.-tf
For Sale
'. [
P. 0. Box S
.KKK) Savage Rifle, irood ns ntw.
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. - Storoy houae, household irooda. Near Hrlncf Ituiicrt. A map If
tukt-n at once.   Addreaa " .\ 368. tf
$2000 takei excellent view l��t with aubatantlal 4-
roomed cottaire, lot ft, block 2. aection 6. Borden
St.   Enquire on premlaei*. W P.O. Box 8.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
OUR Companies aro noted for prompt and just
aettlementa. We write every known claas of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
-n-ifc ^
! Wanted
^H'**l-Hl^all*~-..|-_.ll*��fcM*~-.lfll'**-��  ***** l*****x*x
Stenographer Wanted-Apply Box 1531 tf
Wanted���A good smart boy for provision store.
Apply at once Idea) Provltion House.        236-1 f
Wanted Nurstnjr. Obatectrlcs a specially.
Residence -*J:�� Third Ave.   Plume 2 i.l Red. tf
Wanted. ��� Cleaninjr and pressing, alterations
and repairing for men and women Dressmaking
������nliiii for and delivered. Mrs Charles Percher,
v" l Int.! Am     Phone294 Red. tf
Wanted irirl for iieneral housework. Small family. Apply to Mrs. N. K. llelmer, 6th Ave. and
McBride St.   Telephone 267. ��40-242
Wanted���All kinds of embroidery worked at moderate prices. Send your own pieces and have
them worked. Mra. W. B. Willlscroft, His Bay
P.O. .OJ-U240
���Two yoi
private hoarding I
at box S.s Dally N
house.   130 a month.    App
'-���*��. 241-tf
Scotch lady would like situation aa housekeeper
or any position of trust. Thorouirhly capable
Apply box I * . Daily News. 241-244
j       Lost and Found
We carry everything In the feed line, nlao garden seeds at the lowest market prices, at Collart's
olir Kt ed Store. Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or 301
FOUND   : Small Keys.   Inquire at News (Mice.
Loat- l_dle��' w.lch In bracelet.   Reward bv re-
turnini* to Newa ,-llie-c. tf
Kichana-rd hy mistake-" Currie1
ly similar bu
Re-.lch.it.. can be affect
('���as.  for on. exactly similar but with plumb
bob in the i-.s-w.-i.
ed .1 News Olllce.
Cor. 3rd At.
ai���l >lh St.
The James
Nicely furnished rooms. Good table board
Board 14.75 Room and Board 97.00
���^M*  A A i
Real Estate
a^ ..^ *a
I -.   r r a,  , r an.  ���
Will buy lot. in Princ. Rupert at Unrein price,
for cash. Aoply P.O. Bon S60 Haling location,
price, etc. .Ill
Business Chances
:es       j
-���a ��� -e-^- *-**ma 4}*
Skeena Land District -District o( Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from dale. I. �� E.
Balnter of Prince Rupert, B. C, by occrpetion
bookkeeper. Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landa for a llcenee to propped for
coal and pelroleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on Craham laland de-scribed as followa:
Commencini at a posl planted one mile north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 10, marked C. E. B.
Coal Leaae No. 15. thence north 80 chaina, thenc*
west 80 chains, Inenee eouth 80 chaina, Ihenee
emat 80 chaina to place of commencement
Dated Kept. 11, l'*l l. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
he moment Is opportune and lhe future assured.
Mainly cash, but if with capital to carry set tier,
till Sprinit In some cases, almost a monopoly of
a lame tributary territory can be secured. Best
corner lot f 160 to build, or store would be erected and rented. Poat office will b* secured. Address Immediately P.O. Box t, Prince Rupert.
241-247      ,
riiiM   *l
Skoens Und Diatrict -District of queen Charlott
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, C. ������
Balnter of Prince Itupert, ft. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of laands for a licence lo proapect for
i coal and twtmleum on and under 610 arm of
\iiinli. i   187��� tllC llOUSC yOU Ve   |��nd on Graham laland daecribntl as follows:
inut   mwma   tmtxwm " Commencing at a post planted fao m*iU- north
]Ult 00m     Hum. ,    cTB I Efi-9 *Sm No. 10, marked N. E.i
"Do    theV    think    I    GUI    Work ! corner C. E. II. Coal Lease No. 16, thenee eoulh I    aYiiTKMATK. merchants' ubuvuv brrvicr
n. , i       .������ .    i   **0 chslna, thenee weat 80 chains, thence north
11 "in ihe   (layr       retorted , (to chains, thenee east 80 chaios to place of com- , Barftatfe. Storase am! Forwarding Asente.
C T. P. Tr.n.f.r Af.nl.
Order, promptly f,ll#.l.   Pries*. rea.���nal,l��-.
OFFICE- H. R. Roehnur. Centre ML    Phon. ��
r.O. n..\ KM
***** I'li'inlHT. ,        iraSi. ii. mi.
Youd better come,    persisted Pub.s^it.23,
the  mall   boy   stoutly,   "or  it'll
be too late.    Ma's got hysterics,
and Jin's gone nearly mad, and���
"Look here, sonny," asked the
plumber, "what's up?"
"Well, I think you've connected
the wrong pipes
C. E. li MM Til. t_ootor
Skeena Und Diatrict Diatrict ol Queen Ch.rlolte
T.k. notice th.t thirty dava from date, I, C. E
llaln'er ol I'rlnce llupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner oi 1 j.,,,1. for . Hence to prospect for
co.1 and petroleum on and under 640 acre, of
l.nd nn (Iraham Island described u lollowa:
Commencing at a post planted two mile, north
ol C. E. H. Coal l-enae No. 14, marked N. E.
corner C. E. II. Co.l la-saw No   IT, thence eoulh
Rllts -.r Motor Cr day or ni.ht
1     - * 'I- Ave. .nd Fulton
Phone J01
On and alter October 27th  I  will again hav,
chs,go ot  the  Shoe   Rep.irin.  Shop  on  .'.-rin.i
avenue   between   Seventh   and    Eighth   streets,
occupinl  lor  some  time by  l.udwie sir,,Inr     I
,,,���.,,     ,    ,,   ,,,..,    ,  . ,,,,.,    .  ��� ,n i ��|H JJ pleMed to aee all my old cuslomen. .nd
or   something,      DO Ch^ni thenc. w��.t ��0 chains, thenee north SO ; ****** J" Si l"!W  ol"* lh"  ,wl  ** ,iv'1'**
"'r  r�����l,,a,   ,rr>-rir r   ws.
chaina,  thence -Mat
ch.ina to place ol com
C. E. DAINTER, Ucator
replied  the boy.    "Anyhow,   the,-_--_-,_���,.
chandelier in the parlor is spraying! o.uds-*>.. n, nil
like a fountain, and the bathroom S___*__T,
, _       1, Skeena Und District���District of Queen Charlotte
tap S  Oll   lire. T.k. nolle, th.t thirty d.ya from date, 1. C. E.
Fog delayed the I'rince George
somcwli.it  011  her run   ihis week,
and   she   was  not   due   to   arrive
till 3.80 this afternoon.   A wireless
message brought the information
that Sir William White, of London, is on board, making a irip to
visit the railway, in -which he is
heavily interested. He is accompanied by Captain  Nicholson.
Berl Maxwell, the Giants'South
em League recruit, has raised
nearly .?.'l,000 for "Scotty" Walker,
the Atlanta shortstop whom he
hit On the head with a pitched
ball this last season, putting Walker out of the game and necessitating
a serious operation, When Maxwell was a member of the Atlanta
Club he and "'alkcr were bosom
I friends and even after Bert went
to Birmingham, with which club
he was playing when the accident
i occurred,   they   remained   chums
whenever the two teams were in
the same town together.
A woman has done a big day's
shopping when she has spent a
tenth as much on it as on her
car fare and luncheon.
Tak. notlc. th.t thirty daya from date,
Hainter ol Prince Rupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chic! Commissioner of Unds for a Licence to prospect lor
coal and petroleum on and under '-m acree of
laid on Graham laland dtMcribed as lollowa:
Commencing si a poat planted two milea north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leu. No. 12, marked N. W.
corner C. E. II. Coal Uue No. 18, thence .outh
80 chains, thence eul 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to plac ol commencement.
DatedSept. 11, llll
I'ub. Sept. 23.
my work . trial
I will u in the put three and . half yesrs
have been in buaineaa in I'rince Rupert, try to
give satisfaction.
Nothing Itul the bert maleriale will he used and
reasonable price, charged.
Auction   Sale
NOTICE Is hereby given lhal Jame. Haggerly
hu   retaken   possession   ol   Ul   Seventeen   (17),
Illork Twenty-four (211. Scclion One (I), Townelle
of I'rince Ruperl, under .nd by virtue of power.
C. E. DAINTER Ucator I contained in leue from him to J.mea Donahue,
Arthur Murray and John Armstrong.
Skeen. Und DIstrlrt-Dielrlct ol Queen Ch.rlolte \**��* ***** Haggerly will sell bypubllc auction
Take nolle, th.t thirty dava alter d.te, I, C. E A***, buildings  eroded   by  lhe   l^wjee. upon  the
Ilainler ol  Prinoe Ruperl,  II. C, hy ���,a���p,t|on   "���W.PI'ml*^. Mid sale rol-e held al PrlnM Itupert.
Imokkecper. Intend to .pply to the Chiet Com-   "��� *h *,*$* ***** <[*>' ?' Nnvemb-*r, A. D�� 1911.
' -    . a       a. * *..' _-     .    _       sat   ll���nn ,.'-l._-L   In  iKn  .fliitnnnn   niinn   ilm  eBfora-ealil
missioner of Lands for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 64" acres of
land on Craham Island deacribed as followa:
Commencing at a poet planted two miles north
of C. E B. Coal Lease No.  IS, marked B.  W.
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 19, thence north
80 chains, thenee eaat 80 chains, thence south 80 '
chains, thenco weat 80 chsins to plsce of com- j
Dsted Sept. 11, 1911.    C, E. BAINTt.R, Locator |
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena I .and District -District of gueen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from date, I, 0* I
Hainter of Prince Huport, ll. ('., by occupation
book keeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commiasioner of I .mn!" for a licence to prospect for
cosl and petroleum on and tinder 040 acres of lsnd
on Uraham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
of C. E.  H.  Coal Lease Vi...   14, msrked 8.  W.
st three o'clock In the afternoon upon the sforesaid
SATURDAY SPECIAL.���La-1    Mins Keelfev wm I  DMMncrer vmJh *****__^__Qtg_i__mif�� *Q7ft��itioifi
.              , ,                 ___           ,,.        1        ",mn    mill7     VV,B    n     PWI K"    8fl chslna. thenee weat 80 chaina, thence aouth 80
dies   cashmere how   36c.���Wai-1 touth i>y tht* prm-Ce Ruprrt yes- SSlST-" *ot *�� ch*,n"    p,w* ol ����m'
lace's. 2t|ter,lay.                                                 |Wl��i1'J"1
C. E. DAINTER, Ucator
-General Hardware
Builder.1 Hardware
Valves & Pipe.      Oxford Stove.
Granitewar.       Tinware
1 lot, block 17, section  1,  First Ave.,
Price $2500,  $1000 cash,  balance 6,
l1-' and 18 months.
1 lot, block 9, section 6, Sixth Avenue.
Price $1626, half cash, balance 6,   12
und 18 months.
1 lot, block 14, section 6, Summit  Ave.
Extra large 32-foot front.      Price
$1250. $800 cash, terms.
LoU  10 nnd  11,   block 24,  sections,
Tth Ave.   Two fronts.   Make offer.
1 lot, block 16, section 7. Two fronts
Sixth Avenue and Hays Cove, with
house .12x20.   Price $2625.
2 lots, block 22, section 7, Sixth Ave.
Price $600 each, $300 cash, balance
$25 per month.
4 lots, block 11, section 8, Tenth Ave.
Price $300 each. $25 cash, balance $10
per month.
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, plastered, best harbor view in city. Price
$1837. $500 cash, balance $30 per
2 Houses, 6 rooms each, papered, plastered, painted, on 9th Avenue. $22.00
per month.
Stores on Second Avenue.
26 foot auxiliary, 5 h.p. power Palmer
engine, cabin with stove, al! complete, $400.
Fixtures, wall enscs, show cases complete. Price $300, or will rent for
$75 per month.
6 and 10 acres, Rurden trucking at
K,!*.*.*inl-;iliim. Price $66 per acre.
Half cash, bai. 1, 2 and 3 years.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking at Kitselas, $50 per acre; terms.
Three   lots,   Third   Avenve,   close in,
lev I, good Imm.
$10 down and $10 per month  buys a
lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, lid.
6-room  House on 8tb Ave., section 5.
Partly furnished, $22 a month
Lots 8 and 9,   block  34, sec. 8, $600.
Easy cash and terms
Lot 19, block 26, sec. 5.     Easy terms.
Lot 22, block 24, see. 5, $800.
Lot 17, block 49, sec. 7, $350.   $50 cash
and $25 per month.
Fire, life, Accident and Liability Insurance
Pattullo Block.
-���-���-���-��� - ���-���-
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
The snow is crawling down the mountains to remim] ua
of cold winter. We have opened five bales of comforters and have put them on sale at the low price of **\ 21,
and $2.00. We also have them from $1 to the $16 Elder-
down, also blankets and bedding in large quantities   ���   ���
Here Are Some of Our Wares:
Armchairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couches,   Davenports,  Bed Lounges ami
Rattan Goods; Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of Case Goods
Iron  and  Brass Beds,  Baby  Buggies.
Linoleums at all prices. Twenty-five patterns to choose from.
Carpets, Rugs, Portiers, Tapestry and Luce Curtains
and  all  kinds of Curtain  Materials.
For   the    Stoves,   Hotel  White, Granite and Vitrified Ware   IVa-
��� -..   , pots,    Beanpots,    Buttercrocks,    Jugs,    Filters  *m,|  .
Kitchen    complete line of Enamel  Ware.
Dining Room    Furniture of all  kinds.      Cutlery,   French and
English China in  Bets or by  the piece.
Miscellan- Bedding, Blanket.**!, Comforts, the famous Ostermoor
f.       , Maltreat, Framed Mirrors and Mirrorplate for frim
eoUS UOOOS ing, 36x48 down; Jardiniere, Vases, Bur Glasses ���f
every description, Lamps,   Lamp  Chimneys,   Baskets  of  nil  kiiils.
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
Phone 62
!*��*��kftk����fck*ft**R����k*kkkkft n ����� kkkkkkkkkk**>i-��>i-mN��
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
A ship load consigned by H. Williams
of Vancouver, to be sold on commission
$6.50 to $7.00
JMm**tna*m**Amtm.     ^.   C    UTILE
..Canlrc Slrr.l
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
HEAD OFFICE:   T.lttONTO rarrnnlK<t-   PBT_.8OKOD0l.0fl
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
Structural jtbh.m
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH ������<M'ta"'B��1;,1,
"****"*"���*"' ***** ���***"***"****a******>**>**t*
*^ ************* "**** **������ ���*"**i t******'^**y****t*m**MM ���* ****** ***m***m 1*****i ***������*-** * ~
For   Sweet-leas,    Permanency   and    Depth    of    Tone
,-a.iaa   .. . ._   ������      , -���_,_,, , __S,_SS_I -~-a
Q*tl_E**y   Paym.nt  Plan   Hjjgj   Buying   ConT.ni.nl
3rd A... .nd eth St.
PHONE 2(10
Read The Daily News


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