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 IV*'*      ,J|l^i % I||*V      £W*V%1%#V*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ithe upbuilding of a lown which they
rime From the Gre&t Un- hope to make the distributing point
XT     th   TpIIs  of Ifor  tbe    wuule  -*,t,acc    river   section
jveloped   MOltli ^ ^      during the development of.the north-
' 1- ■ 1  Portion  Ot  DPitiShiern valleys,   and   thereafter   an   units PlOlieerS.   l'ortant city in that territory.  Hud-
Company With Ample   Capital
Will Commence Operations
Early Next Spring.
Columbia and
■ Stl
months  of  travel
sountry, there ar-
,s week Mr. W. J. Mac-
.   ,...,     who  knows   the
.,   valleys  and  the  vast
. DE  "back o' beyond"
are given to know it.
mnell is |l    cruiser and
.i,,,,   of  late  years  has
rj   largely in the i'eaee
Tbe trip from  which
returned   was to  point
acta of land which he lo-
• ,..,r,  to   the   surveyors,
..-,. it neatly on the map
I    Crown   lands.    These
it   present    hundreds    of
any centre of  habitation
Mr.   MacDounell   has
ited the resources of
il  has such  faith   in
to  himself  and  his
iture  development  of
ace  river  section  of
a Columbia holds great prom-
*:.   the  present  trend  of
i  mmence actively with-
v Bhort Bpace of time
Iministered and assisted
■   ment.
ni 11 w*t into the I'eaee
s   way  of  Hazelton, at
... en the snow was still on
travelling Into the val-
. ■  • •   range, to the west, and
Finlay  river ns far as
:  the  [ngenika river.  He
the Omineca,   MeBil-
linka rivers, which lie to
..,!  of  the  Peace  river  at  its
In  making his way  out
river  section,   on   his
en    Mi. Macdonnell follow-
■  p    river    to   its  head-
,   .   portaged over the low
• thn igh a short pass to the
river,    a  small    stream    which
• i    the   north fork    of  the
rives  above the canyon.
the   headwaters of the  Peace,
thc    Finlay   and  the   Parsnip
• rerge nnd form thc greater
there are several settlers now.
Peterson, well known here in
irlj     days,  has a  pre-emption
ai d a small store. Bill Fox,
-ii in charge of Fort Grahame
ie Hudson's 11ay Company, has
fi mu the fur trade post and
il settled down nt the mouth
■ Parsnip to wait developments,
several other far-seeing settlers
have located at . the meeting
of the three big northern water-
are waiting for the develop-
of the point into another such
ai   Fort George.
Herald believes that some day
cry far In the future  years, tbe
ot  the  settlers    at  the  head-
!   the   Pence     river  will   be
iid.  The  extension   of  tlic
1  tlreat Kastern into tbe Peace
foregone  conclusion,  and  other
;"1    must also  follow   the  val-
md water routes into tue north-
These    roads must inevitably
11,111 h of the base of Mount Sel-
liuund easl. into Alberta,  which
i inli  roads  through  the junc-
Point,     and    likewise    roads
ig a rnut.Pi to Alaska or the far
1  will  certainly  follow  the  val-
Finlay, making for Sifton
Pine    Itiver Pass,  which
°>'theast of the thrcle river junc-
cannot   be compared   with the
Hiver    itself    as a railroad
through  thc Rocky Mountains
■'th, lt must be remembered
tne Peace    River canyon  offers
nh   water route    through  the
s from Mexico to the pole.  In
»nyon   the Peace river breaks
11,1 the rockies,
a's Hope, Mr. MacDon-
there is a large activity
''•'■■•lopmcnt. There a number of
'ouver and Victoria men have
"optou land, and are only walt-
lr    grants to   commence
'son's Hope is on the border of the
'"Peace river block",  an area of 3,-
! 500,000 acres   granted   by   the   province to the Federal  government for
[ railway subsidy purposes years ago.
! The    Dominion   government has surveyed  the    whole  block    into town-
i ships,    and    information     upon  this
magnificient    section    of    tlie  Peace
i river territory  is  supplied   in  detail
i by the Department of the Interior at
Ottawa, This land  is open [or home-
It appears to us that the time has
' arrived    for    the   provincial govern-
jraent    to  take    up   aggressively  thc
[work of opening up a route of travel
j into the Peace river.  With the passing of the  G.T.P.  steel  by  the  unopened doorway into  that territory,
our province will  suffer, through neglect of a  great  opportunity,  a deplorable loss to her trade. The only
route  Into    the  Peace  river  section
today is by way of Edson, into tbe
Grand Prairie section and into Dun-
veg-in. On the British Columbia side
of the line, however, there is no
route to the Peace. The traveller
to these realms must climb over a
saw-tooth range on a rabbit-trail, or
must drift down the unimproved and
half-choked tortuous streams from
Summit Lake into the Parsnip river,
and the big water arteries beyond.
This Summit Lake route, or the
opening up of a road from some accessible point on the Salmon river to
the headwaters of the Parsnip, would
if they were properly provided for,
or if the former were improved, afford the natural common-sense route
into the great northern valleys. Why
the government of this province hesitates to increase the development of
the northern interior about fifty per
cent by neglecting its duty in this
matter, we have always failed to see:
The public bodies of these communities have also neglected their opportunity in this matter too long. The
future Fort George will undoubtedly
be the distributing point for the
whole Peace rivcr country, and there
is no reason why a great share of
the prosperity now enjoyed by Edmonton In the northern trade, should
not be reproduced here if the Peace
river route were made an issue in the
north and in Victoria. There is an
opportunity here for our members of
the provincial parliament to distinguish themselves by accomplishing
something big and worth while.
The Herald has advocated tbis
matter (rom time to time for years
past. We realize that in the Peacc
river, where the latent mineral resources are of so vast and unknown
a quantity that their development
will some day astonish the civilized
world; where coal and timber are
prolific, and the land is good to live
upon, thc slow development of the
Fort George and Nechaco sections
will be duplicated in the next few
years, with, however, the impetus of
realization to hasten the work. The
government must be expected to do
its share.
We have received an interesting
communication from a syndicate of
capitalists at Jefferson, Iowa, relative
to the incorporation of a company for
the manufacture of brick and allied
clay products here. The gentlemen
behind the company were visitors here
last spring, coming down the river on
the first boat, and the company's main
stockholders and officers are as follows:
President and general manager, H. ]).
Chamberlain; vice-president and super-'
intendent of manufacture, A. W. Barker; and Major W. E. Sommers, treasurer, all of Chamberlain, South Dakota, and Fred Warner, secretary and
sales manager, Davenport, Iowa. All
four gentlemen will move to South
Fort George with their families early
in April of next year.
The company is being incorporated
under the laws of this province for the
sum of $10,000, and the intention of the
incorporators is to li3\e the plant in
operation by June 1st, 1914.
The plant will have a capacity for
the manufacture of 50,000 brick a day.
The company have purchased ten acres
of the Evans "Egan tract'' across the
Fraser river opposite the east end of
Prince George townsite. They claim
that a very fine brick clay bank is
found on the property referred to, and
that it is so situated that a gravity
system can be used to handle the raw
material, which will lessen the cost
of production considerably.
Dr. E. L. Evans, our correspondent
states, was instrumental in locating
this company here, and credit is due
him for the coming of the large enterprise. The production of cheap brick
here will assist materially towards the j
development of the city, and when the i
industry has well advanced, we may
look for the growth of the building
trades in the more permanent and substantial class of building which may be
expected here with the advent of brick,
steel and cement.
First Passengers Arrive at Dome
Creok Yesterday   Rapid
Construction, .
Another epoch in
gross   was  reached
the first passenger v
to Mile 141 on the G
The end-of-steel h:
construction pro-
yesterday, when
as carried through
T.P. east of here.
S, for some weeks
Sales to be Held at Vancouver and Edmonton on Sept.
17th and 24th—Auctioneer
Now on the Ground.
The Grand Trunk Pacilic Railway
Company have announced the sale of
the Prince George townsite to tbe
public. The townsite will be sold al
auction in Vancouver and Edmonton.
The dates set for the sale are in
Vancouver on September 7th., nnd
in Edmonton, Alberta, on September 24th. There are about. 5000 lots
in thn townsite, one quarter of which
will be owned by the government,
and it is possible that if the government thought there would be a large
demand for lots, they might find tbis
a propitious time to sell ail their
holdings in the different townsites
here today.
Mr. Frank A. Ellis, of Prince Rupert, who has been appointed official
auctioneer for the G.T.P. in the sale
arrived here yesterday,
stating that and is looking over tbe situation
anded at 141 thoroughly in order that he may
have  actual  knowledge  of  the  field.
past been at Mile 129, but tbe speed
with which construction work has been
rushed lately, and the pressing need of
freight delivery further down the Fraser river has enabled the G.T.P. to arrange for the carrying of through
freight and passengers to Mile 141.
This point is at Dome Creek, about
half way between this place and Tete
Jaune Cache, where the steel started
from this spring. By river Dome Creek
is 156 miles from this point.
Manager West, of the B. C. Express
Company, received a wire from  A. K.
Bourchier,   general   freight  agent for  ot these lots
the  company, yesterday
the first passenger  had
from a regular train.
At the present rate of progress the Spuaking to The Herald, Mr. Ellis
line should reach here early in April of stated that he had received the ap-
next year, although many of the rail-1 pointment as auctioneer some time
way engineers and contractors affirm ago, and that he had left to look
that steel will be here earlier in the over the ground here before he was
new year than the date we consider: notified of the decision of the com
probable. pany  to sell  on  the  dates  specified.
The contractors   are   working large The matter had come up rather sud
forces, and at this  end  steam  shovels  ocnly   llp jntimabvl. ns the sale was
are being brought in and installed
i wherever there is an opportunity of
i working them to any reasonable advan-
| tage.
B.   C.   Express  Company  Will
Have   Greatly   Augmented
Winter Service.
'■y uf th.
'»•■    Tin
■Ut 0
I  till
"K fur
Thc Royal Commission on Labor will
sit in South Fort George on or about
the twelfth of September, coming* here
from Tete Jaune Cache, where they
are holding a session on September the
The object of the commission is to
take evidence On matters concerning
labor conditions in British Columbia.
The meeting here will beheld in a public
hall, and every interested person is invited to attend and give evidence. H.
G. Parson is chairman of the commission and P. R. McNamara is secretary.
Manager W. J. West, of the British
Columbia Express Company, arrival
here yesterday from Ashcroft, the
southern terminus of the stage and
steamboat company's 550 mile route
between Tete Jaune and the C.P.R.,
in connection with the work which
the company have in hand of providing an adequate stage service for the j
winter of 1913-14.
explosives which will be fired simultaneously from the dynamo. Very little noise will be heard, and tbe blast is
planned in such a manner that the ma-
, terial will not be thrown far into the
„,,      mmMRMaJR   ., • „•   air, bul the force of thc  explosion has
The company has recently expended  beQn ,.„,,,.,„■„, t0 throw tn(,  „.,.,. anil
in equipment, said Mr. West to The gravel out from the bank, part of
Herald, the large, sum of $75,000, 0flwhichit torms liml 'eaves a roughly
which $20,000 was paid for horses in
Alberta. A large equipment of mail
and passenger sleighs have been provided, and the route is being looked
after in anticipation of the lnrge
winter traffic. All the expenditure on
equipment is of course additional to
the large winter outfit which the
company is augmenting to contend
with the busy season they expect,
The Express company are also
providing for the accommodation of
their passengers at Blackwater, the
stop-over point between this place
and Quesnel, to accommodate the
winter passengers.
Regarding thc company's steamboats, Manager West stated that he
had now taken the steamer B. C.
Express oil the upper river run, and
would operate both thc B. X. and
the B. O, Express on the route between this    place and 3oda    Creek
not  generally expected  until  later  in
the year.
The upset prices of the lots, Mr
Ellis states, are reasonable, and the
terms will be one quarter cash and
the balance one, two and three years
with interest at 6 per cent.
lt is probable that the land affected by the location of the depot,
which matter is under appeal by the
G.T.P. from the decision of the rail
way commission, will not be placed
on the market until after the matter
is finally decided. This cannot be until some time towards the close of
the year.
The British Columbia government
have not yet approved the plans for
registration, but the matter is now
in the hands of the government, and
Mr. G. U. Ryley, land commissioner
for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
is now on his way to Victoria to
decide  the   matter.   The  selection  of
B. X. last night, witb an equipment to I lots by the British Columbia govern-
fire the blast, which  includes a com- ment has already been made.
plete electrical installation of  gasoline >    According to a telegram we recel-
engine and dynamo.   1 twill take about ved this morning
two   weeks   to   load the huge  coyote
holes, and to wire   the  great  mass of
Mammoth Blast Now Being Prepared for Kock Cut Near
Willow River.
One of the biggest blasts in the history of construction west of the Rockies on the G.T.P. will shortly be fired
near the mouth of the Willow river,
when twenty-seven car loads of powder, nearly 300 tons, will be exploded
at once to remove an enormous mass of
material ahead of the grade. The wiring expert who will perform the task
of firing the huge blast arrived on  the
formed grade in its train.
Local Fire Department Will be
Better Able to Cope With Consuming Element,
this morning from Toronto the
sale has brt*n announced by the railway officials   ill over CHindu.
Tho British Columbia government
nre now the largest individual property holders in this section, owning
one quarter of all the townsites
hereabouts. It rests entirely with
the government whether their property, or nny part thereof, shall be
sold. It is hardly likely that they
will sell lots in some townsites here
and not in others, therefore it may
ibe anticipated that in the event of
them announcing a sale of lots in
the G.T.P. townsite that a sale In
(other properties may be expected.
We believe that wc can state without fear of contradiction that tucre
are more automobiles in South Fort
Qeorge, for its size, than in any
other city ln the world,
South Fort George is now equipped with modern lire lighting appliances which will add greatly to the
safety of the town from an ever-
present danger. The lornl fire department receive this week the first of
its fire lighting equipment, all ot
which is now on the way in from
Ashcroft. Thia equipment consists of
three mounted chemical extinguishers, having    a combined capacity of
 ^^^^^^^^^^ 120 gallons, and 45 hand extinguish-
tintil the freeze-up. This arrangement j ers. This equipment will be placed at
he stated, would allow the company I certain central places in the city,
to handle the freight coming up the j Fire Chief Campbell stated that
Cariboo road with greater ease dur- i he proposed to locate the sixty gating the season of low water, and , Ion extinguisher in the fire hall. This
would assure a reliable and pro- I machine has 100 feet of J-inch hose,
longed navigable season this year,    j Two 30 gallon machines are to be lo
cated one on Second Street and the
other on Hamilton Avenue, near the
Northern Hotel.
The fire danger will be largely min-
imU.ed hy the completion of the installation of the electric light system
here, now being put in by private
capital. No provision has yet been
made for any water system here,
and this important matter will have
to remain unprovided for until the
matter of municipal incorporation is
finally settled.
There has only been one serious
fire here since the inception of the
town, and in that instance, when the
lirst Northern Hotel wns burned to
the ground in a few hours, the woeful lack of flre-tlghting appliances
resulted in a serious loss to the owners and to the city. PAGE   TWO
Published by the Northern interior Printing Company, Limited
J. B. Daniell, President.
Devoted  to  the  Interests  of the  Fort George  District  and  the  Northern
Interior of British Columbia.
Subscription $100 a Year in /Uvaira
Advertising Raits on Application
TT has been announced that the Grand Trunk Pacilic
Railway Company's townsite of Prince George wiU be
sold next month at auction. This announcement, coming
as it does at an inopportune time, and under circumstances which leave the Prince George townsite still in
the gloom of the early dawn, owing to the unsettled question of the station location and the effects which this decision must have upon the future of the place, causes
amongst other sensations of surprise, incredibility and
anxiety, a certain amount of consternation.
Why the Grand Trunk Pacilic Railway Company should
choose a time when every loose dollar in Canada is coveted by business men to keep their establishments from
falling by the roadside, we cannot see. The tenacity
with which money is being withheld from speculation
recently would indicate that the great loaning corporations are beginning to realize that Canada is recovering
from a real estate "jag" and that the root of the evil is,
as always, the cause, the effect and the solution of the
The townsite of Prince George will doubtless draw the
tightly-held cash of the diminished class of people, who,
in these lean years of the money famine, are fortunate
enough to be " well enough fixed " to be able to purchase
property for speculation, but it must be borne in mind
that the speculator alone cannot by any manner of means
assist in maintaining the values to be expected in the
Prince George townsite. There are in Europe, that we
know of, syndicates of men that have profited exceedingly by such exterprises as the sale of Prince George town-
site, who are waiting for the announcement of its sale.
The shortness of the time, however, precludes the possibility of their participating in the sale unless through
some agent.
Many business men and concerns who would wish to
locate upon the townsite in its early days will undoubtedly be unable to do so during the present time. The whole
proceedings leads one to search for cause why the town-
site should be sold at this time.
It can hardly be presumed that the railway concern can
'' need the money " to be derived from the sale, for, when
the matter is fairly considered, the profits which they
will derive from this townsite will not under any circumstances be so exceedingly large. Considering that the
Government of British Columbia owns a one-quarter interest, and that an astute gentleman in Toronto owns
another quarter, there does not appear to be much left
for the railway.
We consider the sale altogether inopportune, and we
believe that, as a business proposition, it will not realize
such a large success as it would attain in better times
and under more satisfactory circumstances.
t-TON. Frank Oliver, ex-Minister of the Interior for the
Dominion of Canada, was recently a visitor here.
Whilst here the Honorable Frank had an opportunity to
size up the Fort George situation very accurately, and
through the medium of his paper, the Edmonton Bulletin, to enlighten the people of Edmonton upon the town-
site situation here, if he wished to touch upon that rather
involved question. The visit of the ex-minister here was
somewhat of a mystery to us, but a recent edition of his
paper, the Bulletin, carrying with it a "Fort George Supplement," would appear to have some relation to the
pleasure of his company, for which we were recently indebted. Whilst the Fort George Supplement of our Edmonton contemporary is undoubtedly intended to boost
this section of the country, it appears to us to devolve
itself into a real estate operator's supplement, giving out
much mixed-up and carefully prepared matter apparently calculated to enhance the value of the advertising
space which takes up half of the issue. The issue con-
contains many misleading advertisements, and the paper
is ill-advised enough to openly play the game of certain
townsite promoters by allowing them to make their own
statements, in some cases at the expense of the G.T.P.
Our opinion of Hon. Frank Oliver and his Bulletin has
undergone a radical change since the publication of the
Fort George supplement to the Edmonton Bulletin.
The arrangement reached between the Dominion and
Provincial governments relative to the administration of
wafer rights in the railway belt will give general satisfaction.
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parts of the city.
Kennedy, Blair
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Established 1909.
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Fort George Trading
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■ale and [retail
BUM  blUUM*.      llivm
Pessimistic Coal Miner Hands Out Roast
on Agricultural Resources of District
Representations  Far  From  the  Truth.
terpriaing   real-estate-evil j and returned to Fernie about two weeks
!' of lb(. City of Fernie would! ago.
reio**"1 campaifrn against wild-     8. We walked to Port George from
'"'"'  ,"dboomstera with as large a dis- Quesnelle and found from a persona]
Wt •"" as the valor they display and examination that the various townsites
°n g-v they are putting into their at Fort Oeorge are being boomed en-
'^7   spurt 'into the arena of wild- tirely too much.   1  consider that out-
thev would undoubtedly  ga:.n a aiders who are buying these lots would
" -jnition  and a more general' do well to make a personal examination
1 before  they  make  any purchases  or
' trouble with the few organs further payments on prosenl purchases.
n their crusades against the     4. We walked all over the country
sharks in their local waters  south and west of  Fort George und 1
in the fart that in many , say thai it is absolutely unsuitable for
source of information upon ' garden  or   agricultural  purposes.     1
'^all-important matters with which I never  saw a  garden in the neighbor-
i obtained from unreliable \ hood  of Fort George   and found ice
real estate
ippears t<
they deal are
and i"*,);i
of little knowledge of constructive \ al
or else unable to grasp and appre
• L a reasonable conception  of  the , gravel and white clay.
"facts which the ultimate development j    5. 1 have today received by mail cer-
w country will have upon legiti-  tain    advertising    matter   from    the
•lerienced persons, possessed I there in .lune during my visit. The
'. soil throughout this part of the coun-
; try is composed of a mixture of sand,
•  K3
in any ((tiantity.
I am  Specializing  in this Line
Warehouse on Hudson's Bay Property near the Bridge
top!   Leek!   Listen!
TRERS OF Ice Crpain, Soda Water and all Classes
of High Grade Confectionery. WE ALSO CAPR1! \
Our prices are very reasonable and our motto will always b :
0f i raw-
Northern Development Company, Limited, of Vpncouver, setting forth the
merits of East Fort George Gardens,
being a subdivision of the East Half of
mate values.
The Fort George Herald feels that it
■nay speak with some authority upon
campaigns against the realty evil
s-hich is sactl a deplorable adjunct of j District Lot 629, which is being offered
Western Canadian development. This ! to the public for market garden pur-
nape, tarried on a campaign against I poses. The photographs of vegetables
theevii which may be cited as the most and the statements therein contained
expensive and exhaustive campaign as to the soil are absolutely misleading.
ever encaged in by a western weekly The Fort George district is very exten-
artinBt real estate interests. In the sive, and there is good land there and
courts we lost our case, but the tech- doubtless fine vegetables maybe grown
nicality which excluded the most im- in many portions of the said district,
portant evidence submitted by the and in the river bottoms, but to my
Herald in support of its contentions  personal knowledge vegetables cannot
vented effectually any other  result be grown within nineteen miles of Fort
We await George except in theriver bottoms
under the circumstances.
Mr. B. A. Laselle, President nnd Managing Director ol the   Northern Development Company Ltd.
the coming of future events to prove
more conclusively than all the courts
in the land the fact that the Herald
was playing the game in the interests
of the investing public.
The Fernie Free Press, following out
the policy of the Board of Trade of its
city, has given some publicity to different misrepresented properties in the
hope of preventing ill-advised investment, presumably on tho part of the
miners working in that section. Doubt-
less 'he matters denlt with by the Free
1 ress are in some cases carefully considered and well calculated to have the
desired effect, yet, in an instance which
has been brought to our attention, the
snorts of our contemporary appear to
he over-ambitious and altogether ar-
fontous. We refer to the following
affidavit, made by a coal miner who did
not like the Fort George seation, published in the Free Press on August 8:
In the Matter of the Country Surrounding Fort George and the
Townsite of Fort George
union of Canada, Province of British Columbia, County of Kootenay,
To Wit:
. *•lonn Loxton, of the City of Ferine,
"j the Province of British Columbia,
M'ner, do solemnly declare
0f y have been a resident of the Cily
fernie for the  past ten years and
,m by trade a eoal miner.
• Having purchased property in Fort
j™er townsite last year I went up in
Aib!rtT.!hi'yearin tho com,,anyof
IDerl Therton, of Fernie, B.C., J. It.
arldO ' °f Co,umbia ™>». Montana,
W*..k-U"taV Amundsen, of Bellingham,
"■"nington, to look over tho country,
6. I have not personally examined
Lot G29, but from my examination of
the country at Fort GeoJge itself and
to the south and west thereof, 1 am
satisfied that this land that is being
ogered for market garden purposes is
of a similar nature to tho country south
and west, and is not worth the money
asked for it.
7. I consider that land in the neighborhood of Fort George is perhaps
worth from Five to Ten Dollars an acre
for speculative purposes, and no more,
but 1 would not purchase at that price
for any purpose.
8. Attached horcto nnd marked as
"Exhibit A" to this my declaration is
a folder advertising Fast FortGeorge
Gardens. Audi make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to
be true and knowing that it is of the
Rame force and effect as if made under
oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act.
Declared  before me   at the City of
Fernie in the Province of British Columbia, this 26th day of July, A.D. 1913.
A Notary Public in and for the
Province of British Columlia
In the first place, the miner, John
Loxton, made a bad start when ho essayed the walk from Quesnel to Fort
George. There is a section of land
travorsed by the rond between Black-
water, the half-way point, and Fort
George, on the Quesnel road, which is
probably the most unproductive stretch
of land in this section. The road follows the high gravel jack pine ridges,
hard by the original trails which traversed the same section. The Indians
were not agriculturists, and their trail
followed the high lands where the fur-
bearing animals were found.
When the miner says he saw ice here
in June, and that he never saw a garden in the neighborhood of Fort George
we hazard a guess that the ice must
have been in his glass and that the
liquid refreshment which called for this
ice probably formed the reason d'etre
which rendered the gardens invisible.
When this pessimistic miner says that
garden produce cannot be raised within
nineteen miles of Fort George except
in the river bottoms the man simply
demonstrates the fact that he has taken
solemn oath upon a matter which he
should not be allowed to pass even a
cursory opinion upon, so absolutely at
variance is his affidavit with the facts.
The man of the affidavit takes exception to the advertising literature exploiting a property called East Fort
George gardens, a promotion of the
Northern Development Company, Ltd.,
of Vancouver. We have examined the
advertising literature referred to and
we cannot find anything wrong with it.
Thc Northern Development Company
have promoted several of Ibe most legitimate propositions in this district,
the investors in which appear to be a
very well-satisfied people. Chief
amongst, the properties marketed by
the Northern Development Company
murt be mentioned the townsite of
South Fort George, the acknowledged
business and commercial centre of this
district today.
Mr. B. A. Laselle, president of the
Northern Development Co.. Ltd., is a
man who was engaged in large business
enterprises in this district long before
theG.T.P. line was surveyed, and his
associates in the company are also men
well known in thc Cariboo.
Regarding   the   Kast   Fort  George
Gardens we have nothing to say, as we
are not holding a brief for any real estate firm, yet, in fairness to tho people
who are selling them, in consideration
of the misstatements of the Fernie in-j
vestigator, we   would state,  although!
this property is not situated in a river'
bottom,   but is  adjacent to the well-
known ranches of the Pinker Brothers,
and  the   Haggath  ranch,   and   other;
properties, all of  which  produce rich ]
crops of  grains nnd vegetables year
after year with unfailing regularity.
Wc only regret that a paper undertaking such a campaign as the FerriSe
Free Press has commenced should draw
its information upon a section which
has in it so many propositions of both
good, and bad qualities, from a man
who is evidently quite unfitted for the.
task reposed in him.
South Fort George House-Furnishing Store
80 cases Mission Furniture
(Quartered  Oak)   will arrive
in the next few days,     Also
Carload Chairs fr%°S,,So',ml
The Best Materials Obtainable Prices Lowest in tbe District
Burns Building. Phone 41.
South Fort George, B.C.
ale A Snap
Modern five-room house on Fourth
St. for sale. Three-ply of boards.
Warm winter house and cool in
the summer.   Price $1200.
Box "A" Herald
Fort George Electrical Construction & Supply Co.
■***■ ***#'.■        *uv4»V1^bbi _^_m^-^^_m-,m^matt^_^m *h>m^^^^^^m^bp..^bv        ■■.■*»      _-_-MOtmmm__imt      fWiB
Contract Work Promptly Attended to and Estimates Cheerfully Given.
If You have Work of anv Kind in Our Line Let Us Figure
With You.
Hra»fr 203
Labor Commission.
SITTINGS of the Provincial Labor
Commission will I"* held at Tete Jaune
Cache, September Oth; Furl George,
September l^ih; and nt the following
places between September I'1th nnd
25th, the exact dute.-! to lie announced
later: Barkerville, Quesnel, 150-Mile
House, Clinton, Lillooet and Ashcroft,
The Commission is empowered to inquire into all matters affecting the conditions of  labor  in   British  Columbia. |
All persons  interested  are  invited   to
attend and give evidence.
Little Nugget
Themost modern and best-appointed
eafe in Fort George.
Mrals        -        50 Cents
Short Orders n Specialty
Mas. F.C. Nahrwald, Proprietress
Cor. Hamilton and Third
South Fort George,
Apply Wesley's cottage,
Rear Close & Brown Co.
Own your own home! You
can Imild your future home
now at the minimum of expense.
Nn building is too large
or I oi smitli to receive
our careful attention.
Blue print-* and pluns furnished.
Gel our estimates.
Bronger & Flynn
Contractors and Builders
P"™"    ...vwv...  .....    —v.    ...........     ... ' m^M4^rA^4±»rA^r4^rJ*\rAv.j£r^.j£-m
end ami give evidence. r,»AA»m*m*a*aAA««jj. _
h. g. parson,  \f Do you contemplate ►< L. P. ECKSTEIN
R. McNamaka, Chairman.   'A «»T»» niKSCl f\ D       '«_       a 1
Secretary. J BUILDING? [( Barrister, Sol
Office and Store Fixtures.
Hamilton Ave.    South Fort George
Then Investigate* our workmanship nml
gel our QBtlwatea
}2  Contrite
m  und Uui
i *il       	
Hamilton una   a
First streets     m
Advertise in The Herald
J. A. Manahan & Co.
Signs and
Central Avenue      -      FortGeorge
ieitor, Etc.
Opp. Postoffice,
Fort George,      -     B.C.
P. A.l.ANDKV J.H, MoObeqob J. P. Temm.eton
T. A. Kelly, Timber Department
Gore & McGregor
British    Colnmbln    Innd    Surveyors
Land AiyeniM TlmberCCrulsera
Chancery Chambers, Lanilw Street, VICTORIA,
B.C., P.O. Box l6J, Phone 684.
McOrecoi* BulWlnjt. Tliinl Street SOUTII FOKT
GEOROE. B. C. Rich Minerals
Discoveries in
Peace River
Herds of Buffalo
Still Roam Lands
of North Country
Roused by recent discoveries
of rich undeveloped mineral,
asphalt, gas and oil resources in
various parts of the western
provinces, scores of prospectors
and experts known in many
camps throughout the United
States and Canada and Mexico
are making exhaustive searches
in the Peace Hiver country and
other northern districts. Central
and Southern Alberta are also being prospected as never before.
The dominion and provincial
governments have their experts
in the held, and even some of
the northern Indians and half-
breeds, who usually confine their
operations to trapping furs,
which i.i no mean industry when
it is recalled that pure black
fox whelps bring as high as
$10,000 a pair in this and outside
markets, are using the pick, pan
and drill to uncover wealth hidden in the hills, canyons and
river beds all over the west.
Several hundred thousand tons
of provisions and supplies, including mining, drilling and sawmill outfits, have been shipped
from Edmonton to the outposts
of civilization during the last 90
days and much more equipment
will go forward by river scows
and pack trains before the close
of the season. Seventeen parties i
are prospecting in the Canadian
Rockies, west of Edmonton, butj
most of the work at present is
being carried on in the north
William Gordon, a pioneer of
the Fort McMurray district, said
in Edmonton today that prominent English and American financial houses are backing several of the prospecting parties.
Remnants of the great herds
of Buffalo that once roamed the
western plains of the American
continent have been found in the
region of Great Slave Lake, near
the northern boundary of British
Columbia. An investigating
party sent out by the Forestry-
Branch of the Dominion government has just proved the existence of three herds, each numbering about 45 buffalo. A complete statement will soon be published in the annual report of
the Director of Forestry.
This is the first authentic information that buffalo in their
wild state still survive on this
continent.  Trappers and Indians1
have reported having seen these
bands in the north and it was to,
verify these rumors and to seek '.
to prevent the extinction of the |
herds that the government party
was sent out.
In appearance these remaining
buffalo are said to resemble very
closely the countless thousands
that at one time roamed the
western plains. They are, however, somewhat more agile and
fleet of foot. During the summer they are seen in groups of
two or three, but in winter they
collect in  herds for greater security against wolves.
They are said to travel through
the snow in single file, those
ahead breaking the trail by
packing down the snow, much in
the fashion of dog teams. The
buffalo is said to use his head
somewhat like a shovel in clearing the snow away so he can
reach the grass beneath.
Several     photographs    were
made of these animals by thej
party and Pierre Squirrel, the,
Indian chief who accompanied
the party and is best acquainted
with this region, estimates the j
buffalo there  will number 200.!
The worst enemy of the herds isj
the timber wolf and it is expected the bounty of these animals
will be increased in order to protect these last  survivors of the
American bison.
All persons are warned that
anyone caught dumping refuse
in the Fraser River will be prosecuted.
By Order,
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates Submitted.
But 275 Miles
Separate Rails
People around Smithers are
placing wagers on the date of j
completion of the Grand Trunk
Pacific, says a Bulkley Valley
report, Everyone is taking a
great interest in the linking up
of steel. Bets are being made |
that the first through train from
Winnipeg to Prince Rupert will
arrive at the Pacific coast terminus by September of next year.
In the old days the arrival of
the first steamer up the Skeena
river in the spring, the date the
ice would go out of the Bulkley,
and the exact time the river
packets would whistle on rounding the bend at Hazelton, were j
favorite subjects for many a
wager, but the date of comple-1
tion of the new transcontinental
is now the best betting proposition in the north.
The line is laid from Prince
Rupert eastward .to a few miles
beyond Smithers and the rails
are being pushed steadily ahead.
Grading has practically reached
Burns Lake.
Trains are running from Winnipeg westward to Tete Jaune
Cache. From the end of steel
beyond that point the grading
extends almost to Fort George,
and somewhat less than 100
miles of tracklaying will bring
the steel into that town.
Today but 275 miles separate
the two rail heads. The gap between is steadily closing. From
Smithers to Fort George is comparatively easy going. Somewhere between the latter point
and Burns Lake the golden spike
will be driven. The uncertainty
of the thing makes it a good
gamble, No man can say exactly when the two ends of steel
will meet but the best guess is
early next autumn,
Take You There and Back!
Write for Catalog Fg. 5000.
Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Co.
British Columbia
—it proves that other people
will read yours.
1 THE HERALD covers the Fort George
District from end to end.
1 Pre-emptors, Railwaymen and Business
Houses working or operating in the district
all read THE HERALD.
1 If you want to reach these people, advertise in THE HERALD.
1 We are out after a big circulation, and
are obtaining gratifying results week by
has just received a line of the latest tints
and weights in hot-pressed Old Hampshire
Bond paper-an acknowledged masterpiece
of the paper-maker's craft.
Tlie Fort George ie: Mr
one i
Robson I
tain McC
tute n
w w. Foster, Deputy
ter 0f Public Works, was
. three men of the large
that foregathered at Mount
n park ,-eceritly to success-
make the ascent of the
,' ,,;■ the Canadian Rock-
other two were Cap-
rthy, of Summit, New
,lM,l Mr. Conrad Kain,
uide to the Alpine Club,
i , ter arrived in Victoria
and modestly announced
act. He also spoke in
, *. ;*;ns of the wonderful
.,* government park,
is 1 icing laid out there,
n ssed the opinion that
tS not far distant when
.. s m, the highest peak
a.;.. would rival some of
■■, famous climbs of Swit-
, point of popularity.
ear," he said, "in ad-
. to having a large party of
the Alpine Club there we had a
number of scientists from the
Smithsonian Institute, and blend-
,.. • igi • ■ r, the company proved
•_„!,,, a most enjoyable one, as
well a? a most representative
members of the insti-
simply amazed at the
1 the park area, which
saj extends over 800
• iles, and 1 am convinced
*: n suit of their visit and
ai stinted appreciation of
■■ e country offers in the
■ alpine features, the park
he Rockies generally will
ch more widely advertised
sense that is most desir-
Dr, Walcott was in charge
stitute members, and he
' enthusiastic in his ex-
ms of praise for the coun-
Mr. Foster took the opportunity -:' going over the park and at
the same time meeting the prominent people. The Grand
Trunls Pacific Railway, which is
building a large hotel, sent in
representatives. This railway
company also intends spending a
lot of money in road building in
view of the tourist traffic, and it
is expected that the erection of
the hotel will encourage this
traffic. Next year the G.T.P. will
lie complete to Prince Rupert.
Mount Robson Park is eighteen
miies from Tete Jaune Cache
and possesses wonderful scenery,
Mr. Foster says there is a very
'air highway leading now from
Edmonton to Tete Jaune Cache,
ar*d the railway contractors have
built this road down the North
"pson to a specification pro-
by the government of
Columbia, with the ob-
adding one more link to
hway system of the pro-
Mr. Foster previously
ver most of the work and
n°W pronounces it admirable.
of 10,000 feertduripgJMgg|capture;
Why neglect your teeth and suffer all kinds of
digestive disorders ?
You have an opportunity now of having your
teeth fixed as good as you could in Vancouver,
by DR. KEELEY, the well known Vancouver
Dentist, at practically the same cost.
Gold Inlays.
Gold or Porcelain Crowns,
Plates that look natural, that
articulate properly and that fit,
Bridge work a specialty,
Gold or Porcelain fillings,
Come in and have your mouth
All work guaranteed.
ieel i
the hi
Robson, the highest peak in
'he   Canadian   Rockies,  which
,es -"'.Too feet above sea level,
will never be a playground for
foe inexperienced climber, acting to reports brought to
Mmonton by members of the
Radian Alpine Club on their
'"lini from a ten days' camp in
phe ,lu,{l|,t or the Jasper National
afK,    The apex was reached
•ce this season, five members
,'! tne party of 60 American,
r"gllsh iun! Canadian climbers,
'"''■'"upanied by Swiss and Aus-
;'u" guides, achieving their ob-
J'Z' lb'. Walcott, secretary of
"e Smithsonian Institute, found
'"^sting fossils,   and   Mary
muph i P'mladelPh*a gathered
• L." flata in measuring glaciers
"he district. The first white
"inL Vcale   the  heights of
S Ti H3on was Rev' G' C-
I (y, who was accompanied
Ronald Phillips. They made
Ascent the middle of August,
P. 0. BOX 87
Light and Heavy Horses for Sale and Hire.
Single and Double Driving Horses.
Saddle Horses.      Good Buggies and Lurry.
Draying, Freighting and Excavating Done.
WHITE & WESTOBY     -     -     Proprietors
Wc are opening a branch of our Vancouver contracting business at
tbis point. We have built several of the largest buildings in the city
of Vancouver.
Estimates rendered on all kinds of Contracting,
Building, Store Fronts, Counters, Etc.
Matheson & Gordon
Auction Sale Postponed
Owing to Unavoidable Delay the Big Auction
Sale of HORSES, which  was scheduled for
August 23rd, will not be held until
September 27th
Those who had Contemplated Buying Horses
at our Sale, Aug. 23rd, can buy from us at
Private Sale any number desired^at a bargain.
W. R. MILLS, Auctioneer.
We do a large mail order business
and guarantee satisfaction.
Our stock of general merchandise
is large and up-to-date, which enables us to fill all orders quickly.
^^> ^P* ^ws \^ y}W_- ^^ ^^ v^ ^-r/ ^PJ <^^ \^V V ^J* ^
Give us a trial
John Ao Fraser
Front Street
Quesnel, B. C.
British Columbia
The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company are
now disposing of the remaining portion of their
lots in the new town of Willow River at the confluence of the Fraser, Salmon and Willow rivers.
By those who are in close touch of the true conditions, this new town is considered to be one of
future importance in Central British Columbia.
In investing in Willow River property be sure
that your property comes to you direct from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company-make no
mistake in this. There is only one official and
original Grand Trunk Pacific Railway town of
Willow River at the confluence of the Fraser,
Salmon and Willow rivers. It is located on Lot
785. Station site was approved by Board of Railway Commissioners under date of March 26th,
1912, Order No. 16179. We have no interest in
outside subdivisions, For authentic Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway maps of Willow River and detailed
information call on
or address
Transcontinental Townsite Co. Ld.
Authorized Agents Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
v *
A Choice Acreage Subdivision
For Sale En Bloc
THE  best available subdivision  in the Fort George District is
offered for sale by the owners.   The property is located opposite
South Fort George townsite on deep water.    The very best of land.
The survey is complete and the land ready for marketing.    Price
on application.
HAMILTON AVE.      -       -      -      -      SOUTH FORT GEORGE
Corner Fourth and Hamilton        -       South Fort George, B. C.
Bright and comfortable  rooms  and
suites at the Empress.       :      :
Rates on Application.
Port Goorge, B.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. P. Bunion, MKr, P, C. Qrcon, Mgr.
Nelson, B.C., A. II. Green, Mt'r.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers, Dominion & B. C. Und Surveyors
Survey, of Lands, Mines, Townsites, Timber
Limits, Etc.
WANTED-Tnside business property in South'Fort George. H.
J. Haslett & Co., corner Third
and Laselle,
Doing It!
Doing what? Getting their clothes
French Dry Cleaned at the Wardrobe
Goods Called For and Delivered
on Short Notice.
A. D. Southern, - Prop.
Fourth St.'   -    South Fort George.
Phone 42. 0lX)GVl4)LSTkMCr 0
S3*s a*J«a#^'.
Edmonton. -That the ti. J. f. is g=i
ting within sight of completion is force
fully indicated by a glance at tin! ma]
Ul.   u I t-i ......	
lloh Comunion   Lst,3rd and 5lhSur,
days at s a.m.: 2nd and4th aftjrmorn
Construction    work   is now  active!
at  points    along  the  Car
after reading a  dispatch   from Tete  ■     pr8yer; also Thursday, Friday and
Jaune Cache saying that one contracting Saturday at 7:30,
1 Look at Some of Our Prices]
^ Snori-al nn Ralrlnn- n . '
Special on Baking Powder.
I firm has three thousand men employed     Morning Prayer   Every Sunday at 11
according to recent arrivals here, and I       ^  ^.^  beyQnd   ,,(ii.t   George   ^ ^  wRh sermon; a,so Thursday, Fri- U
at Kelly's Lake, near Clinton, a saw  ThMe ^ hflve nQt ntiu)ke& their Ly and Saturday at 7 a.m. 2     ,,*.,.,.     „     ,      ......
mill has been put in aud is now op-  recollections of British Columbia ge-     Evening  prayer   Kvery Sunday at fl     Pnee ■ Baking Powder, 51b $2.60 j Yeast Cakes (Royal) , fo
erating. I owanhv will be somewhat surprised to I, an „ m. with sermon; also Wednesday, S " "   2 l-2">   1.2B    AH kinds of spices     .
ography will be somewhat surprisedi to 730 p.m. with sermo
1 1 ,m.
Sunday School-At'i.IiO p.m.
We have just received as
fine a line of HAIR
BRUSHES as is carried
in anv store in any city.
Dr.   Richardson, chief  Burgeon for j note'that Fort George is nearly as far Th    d av anrj Fridays
Foley   Bins     Welch  &   Stewart,  on beyond Tete Jaune Cache as the latter |     ."'
their work from  Stony Plain, Alberta, jis f™» Edmonton
wesl to Fort   George, has severed  his |  ".	
connection with the firm and will take
up private practice in South Fort
George early in September.
Dr. D. B, Lazier left for the coast
ii uly in the week. The purpose of
doc's visit tn the coast is somewhat
of a deep mystery. The doctor built
a tine house here recently—almosl
too large a house for a bachelor—
but no one expects that Doctor Lazier
will remain a bachelor always, nl
course not. Congratulations.
Mrs.    W.   .1.   Matheson, of the  Art
Milliner;, is opening lar, er premises,
lu provide for the growth of her establishment, on  Hamilton  avenue.   Mrs.
Matheson  recently returned from  the
easl, wil h a personally  selected stuck of
fall ami winter bats and millinery. Mrs.
Matheson   bears   the    distinction    of
having    opened    lo    tbe   public     tbe
first emporium in the Fort George district where hubby can delight wifey by
the gift of an up-to-the-minute hat.
They are all there from the "Balkan
effect" to the latest "aeroplane"
styles, similar creations to those seen
in the motion pictuies of titled dolls of
Europe on the racecource, or at Cannes,
Nice or Monte Carlo.
A   runaway  which  occurred  whilst 1 f*
the spectators were leaving the base-)'
ball  park  last    Sunday,  resulted  in '
the  hurting     of  several     la-lies  and
gentlemen  wdio  were  visitors to the |
came  from   Fort  George.   The  high- j
spirited  horses,  unaccustomed to the !
noises nnd  bustle    of   a  great city,
ran away and struck a stump which i
upset the rig and precipitated the oc
cupants into the road. The principal
injuries  were  sustained  by   Mrs,   (iil   ''
lette,   Miss.   Cunningham,  and     Mr. ,
Gillette and Mr,   Johnson,
^ " " "     12 oz.
^ Cow Brand Soda
£ Silver Gloss Starch   -
A Celluloid Starch        -      -
A St. James' Tea, 1 lb -
<d Tetley's Tea, 1 lb and 3 lb
4 tins, per lb   -
'A Kippered Herring
50 Grape Nuts
.15 PostTosties
.15 j Buckwheat Flour, loll,
.15 1 Canned beans and p,,as
.40 i Van Houton's Cocoa
Brown Beans
45c Lima Beans
.25 Upton's Tea, half lb
.50 j Christie's Sodas (large)
1.15 '&
■25 'i
.30    j|
.11)      'A
% i
Si     'i
A This is Less than Cost.   Get
while they last
your Winter Sup
P. BURMS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Fresh  amid  Cuared,
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
Fort George and South Fort George. S. J. McDONALD,
Phone 36
Local Manager
<4 Laselle Avenue and Second Street
South Fort George i
The Lines
Dr. Jaeger's Woollen (bods,
W. G. & R., Regal, and Deacon Shirts,
We  CarrV    Leckie-   Beresford,   Floresheim,  Ames-Holden
nc -tail) . and McCready Shoes<
=3    Waterproof Tin Pants for Men.
Complete Lines of Sweater Coats, Sox, Mitt?, etc.
Arthur Sheridan, the well known
amateur lioxer, at one time amateur
champion of the L38fb class of the
United States, left here yesterday
after a stay uf over a year on Sam
Magoffin's contract. Sherry is bound
for his home in New York. He says
that he is sorry to leave, as he prefers the lights of South Fort George
to the glow of the Great White Way.
He told us that he would again enter the amateur ring against the. hest
that the Empire State can produce
this winter, and he promises to Keep
the Herald informed about, the wonderful pugilistic career we predict tor
him if lie follows the game to the
finish. Sheridan is a boxer of the
highest training; a clean, thoroughbred lighter who loves the game. In
the professional ring we believe be
would fight his way to a world
championship, hut the professional
ring holds forth no glamor to Sheridan. In a fight with a second rate
professional here last fall Sheridan
knocked his man out in the second
and donated his percentage of the
gate, amounting to several hundred
dollars, to a local charity.
Carefully selected land at reasonable
prices and on long terms. We own
every acre we offer for sale, and can
give guaranteed title.
R. R. WALKER. Resident Agent of the North
Coast Land Co,, Ltd.   .   South Fort George, B.C,
North Coas! Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices: 619 to G24 Metropolitan Kldg., Vancouver, B.C
London Office:    6 Old Jewry.
PAID-UP  CAPITAL, - - - $1,500,000.
Connecting Fort George
and Central B. C. with
the Railways.
The R.M.S. BX makes connection! at SODA CREEK with the Company's puisem
mail stages from Attheroft un the Canadian Pacific Railway.
The R.M.S. B. C. Express makes direct connections with the Grand Trun)  Pacific ; .   ..
Tete Jaune Cache.
Full particulars from our Lucal bkitU or by folder from hend office,
.      British Columbia Express Company, Auto, Stage and Steamboat Owners.
.1.  A. Carson    of the   ciiKinemnM;
department uf    the Great Northern
Railway company, anil J. S. William-
sun a trnllic expert from Denver,  arrived in   Edmonton   recently    on    a
tour of investigation which will take
them into the. north country,  lt is
understood   in    the Albertan capital
that the purpose of the visit is  to
undertake the traffic possibilities of
the Peace River     country,  which   ia
beini*; developed and settled hy farm- j
ers and  stock-growers from  various |
parts of the world;  Mr.  Carson  said !
that the. Great     Northorn   Railway
company had already  prepare!  plans
for tapping the coal   fields in  south
ern  Alberta, also that in his opinion
a     railway      into      the    read* river !
country  would  prove a  paying  111-ti
tlltion in a  few  years,  The Canadian
Northern and    Edmonton,   Dunvegan
and  Hi itisli Columbia Railway  com- ;
panics arc  building     line;  into    the ,
northern district. Tho bonds of both
lines arc guaranteed  1 y the provincial government     of  Alberta   to   the
extent of $30,000 a mllc,
Nechaco Valley
We have a number of choice tracts of Farming Land
in the rich Nechaco Valley that are worth careful attention by the Farmer or Investor.
Lot 842, located some 12 miles west of the Mud River
and having over one mile of water frontage on the Nechaco River. It adjoins property owned by the Grand
Trunk Pacific on which they are to build a station and
yards. This property is Crown Granted and can be purchased at $25.00 an acre on good terms,
Within one and one-half miles of the town of South Fort
George we have three five-acre tracts of Garden Land
which we can offer for a few days at from $125.00 an
acre on easy payments.   The soil is river bottom deposit.
Blocks of Land from 10,000 Acres Up for Colonization Purposes.   Particulars
and Information From.
The Northern Development
Company, Limited
403-404 Carter-Cotton Building   -   -   -   - Vancouver, B.C.
I  1836 I      Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars      t  1913
* Bank of British North America
Your money ls safer in the Bank than ln your house or in your
pocket. It is not tied up. You can get it out at any time without delay. NOTKS discounted. Local and Foreign Drnfts bought
Bnd sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders issued.
Capital Paid Up:
Cltal Authorized:
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869.
The Traders Bank of Canada
Head Office
Fori George Branch.
V. MURRAY, MannKer
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done.
Camp Stoves, Hot-air Furnaces, Etc
\ Sole Agents Nagel-Chase Celebrated Gasoline Lighting S    'Z^^,
We are lho owners of a Lama Tract of Farm Land In tho SALMON RIVEU VALLEY.
Thu lnnd i. foi sale In tracts from 10 lo 640 aero*, with special  Inducements to settlers.
South Fort George
WcrI o carry i Goneral Real Estate Buslnosa, Including all lines uf Insurance,  Fire,
Life, Accident, Pluli GlnsB, etc., Rental Collodions, nnd acting as agonts for properties,
 'specialty.   Established In South Fori Georgo In 1910,
E. L. WEIGHT, Resident Agent.
South Porl Georgo, B.C.
P. O. Box 47.
Phone 18.
("orner Hamilton & Third
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
H-jhI, of wini'H,
UqUOrB nnd citfiinj
Albert Johnson^


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