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The Prospector Sep 3, 1910

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Array totifsfy uf L«|   AH.
We are pleased to announce the arrival
of the Fall and Winter Samples of HOBBER-
The House of Hobberlin
Is the largest individual tailoring* house in
Canada. By their progressive system they have
made it possible for men everywhere to have the
most fashionable garments made from the most
popular fabrics, to individual measures, at
moderate cost.
that you may loa : bo spared   t
citizens af Cana- a
The Premier, in reply said: "Thnt
it was u matter oi regret to him mul
his party, dial their stay in Cran
brook was limited, Thoy had been
touring the Weltern provinces, and
had been troatei with great kindness
at every place whore they had stopped, Thftt they hail found Canada
was much nn,ti i'i than they had
ullil lhat Ilritish Co-
largest province in
Thnt be and his
iKcd tn make hie
lllnlli'llt    It
iniiiliia was the n
thr Dominion,
friends would hav
Two  Thousand   Nun-Partisan
Citizens Give Welcome to
Premier of Canada
lt ol I'n
Cltj   ol
Fine   Range   Of   Fall   Fabrics
Now Showing
Comprising over 400 different varieties to
choose from, including the new color effects in
Fancy Worsteds, and Real Scotch Cheviots,
also the Plain Twills and quiet designs in English Worsteds and Imported Serges.
The House of Hobberlin employ the most
capable designers and cutters procurable. A
scientific measuring system so accurate that
they positively guarantee to fit you perfectly
or refund every dollar. The tailoring, the
linings and trimmings are thoroughly reliable
in every respect,
You will save a tidy sum, and secure a
Stylishly Cut and Well Made Suit or
Overcoat by leaving your order with us.
We cordially invite you to call and inspect the most complete line of Clothing
Samples ever shown in Cranbrook.
m know you will be well pleased
idewnlks    crowded
I'4Ht«^t»«*li«yW.^#^a*'«£».t.iJB.«ti '-Til
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, I'renu
nadu wan the guest nf the
Crnnhrook Tuesday afternoon.
Sir Wilfrid's special train was
scheduled to arrive at Crnnhrook at
;{:2."i, and was mi time. About one
[thousand citizen*) wore at the depot
to meet and welcome ilu- Premier;
land along tho route tu the big Skat-
ing Blnk, business houses wore decorated with Hags and bunting,
greens, and the
wiih peoplo.
Upon the arrival of tne Premier,
his train wan boarded hy a commit.
tee of the City Council and Board
of Trade. As the Premier
stepped nn tbc platform l(f tiis cur
he was greeted witb loud and pro
longed cheering, and when this ceased
Mayor Kink tendered Sir Wilfrid and
his party the freedom of the city and
I hen read the following address:--
To tbe Right Honorable Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, K. C. M.O.,   I'. C:
Ulght Honorable Sir:
It affords mt! great pleasure on behalf of tne citi/en*. of Crniiijrook and
the surrounding district to extend tu
you greetings and a cordial welcome
to onr city.
We regret, that owing to the brcv-
ty of your visit, you will not he aide
to acquaint yourself fully with the
marvelous progress made by the dis
trict of South Kast Kootonay In the
Inst twelve years. We recall with
pleasure that one of the lirst acts of
your government was the opening up
of this district to development by
facilitntiog the construe, ion of the
(.'row's Nest Pass rnilwny. Not only
does the city of Cranbrook, with its
population of 4,000 people, owe its
existence to your policy in tnis con
oectlon, hut in addition there has
been as a result vast development in
the lumber.ns, agricultural and mining industries of tne entire district.
We also note with ei|iiai ploasure
that in further pursuance ot your
policy of development of tbc Kootonay Central railway, giving access to
tho fertile valleys o, the Kootenay
and Columbia valleys, continuing
thousands of acres of good agricul
tural lands, now under construction
Vou will pardon mc, if in tbis connection we drnw your attention to
tbe fact that these valleys at the
present time, although being rapidly
settled, bavo at present only a weekly mail service by stage, and we
Would respectfully urge tbe necessity
on your government, on behalf of the
settlers there loeuted of providing
them at once witb a triweekly service.
Twelve years ago. sir, there waa no
city of Cranbrook. Indeed it Is only
live years since the city was incorporated. Today we have a thriving
community, uossissitig municipal education institutions, and business establishment* excelled by few cities of
the west of equal ago. One thing
however, is lacking and that is a
suitable post, office building. We are
pleased to know that an appropriation for this purpose has been made
and we wouUl respectfully urge on
your government tbe speedy erection
of tho building, to meet the Immediate needs of the   community.
We congratulate you. sir, irrespective of party, on thc great work to
which you have devoted your talents
and with such success as leader ol
the government during the past 14
years, in building up under tho Brit
ish Crown a strong vigorous Caua
tl inn nationality, with its diversified
races living together in harmony and
all united in a desire to advance the
welfare of thu one common country.
We have observed with pleasure find
approval also the prominent part you
have taken in tin- councils ol the
We trust that it may lie granted
you to see to the full the retili'/ut 10a
of the high ideals which have been
tho aim of your groat life work   and
stay in beautiful Craubrook much
, longer, but it wus Impossible, as
meetings has hem arranged for othei'
places, and in conclusion said. Let
me offer you the gratitude of myself
and friends for tills, >uiir most cor
dial welcome.*'
The Craubrook City Band then
played the Canadian and national
Sir Wilfrid, aud his party were
convoyed to the Skating rink by an
automobile procession of ten cars.
Upon reaching the rink, Sir Wilfrid
was greeted by at least a thousand
people, and this big crowd was increased by another thousand, who
were on tho streets and ut the depot
lo welcome bim.
Dr. .1. H. Kmu, ex-M. V. V.. was
chairman, and very appropriately
expressed, the appreciation of the
peoplo of Crauliiook at having the
opportunity of meeting ami grot ting
tbu Premier of Canada. H« thou introduced Hon. Wm, Tomplomnu, Minister of Mines. Mr. Templeman said
that ho was pleased to Imve tho opportunity of addressing the largest
afternoon audience that tbe Premier,
uud his party bad addressed since
leaving Ottawa. Me then launched
into political matters, and spoke of
his purty's doings and undoings ia
this province.
Mr. Halph Smith, M. P., of Nan.U
mo, was the next speaker, who also
dropped into matters political, and
clglmcd for .Sir Wilfrid and his party
that "Better Terms" f,,r British Columbia, was a dead issue, that a
paltry thousand or two thousand
dollars, a total of $100,000 which
was granted, and would be paid ia
yearly installments, covering a period
of ten years, was sufficient to ro\er
all British Columbia's claim for better terms. That the Liberal party
were In favor of a "White British
Columbia" that by the action of the
Liberal party in the House of Commons, no Orientals were working on
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway. Ho
also said that the Conservative members in the Housi had better practice
what tbey preached, und not employ
Orientals. The sum total of his remarks was the extravagant claim,
tbat every move made iu British
Columbia for its development and
progress, and the protection of white
labor, was done by Ihe Liberal party
Mr. Smith evidently forgot, or Intended to deieive bis heurers, for he
and every one present knew that tho
McBride government, hy its agio*-
ment with the (1. T. P. were tho
only government thut prevented the
northern part of this province being
over run by the yellow men. Mr.
Smith, also forgot the time when
"Jap" cook und Chinese assistants
were employed  in  his own  household.
Indian Agent. It. L. T. Oalbralth,
of Fort Steele, presented Chief Finn
cis, and sub chief P. L.. who wanted
to "Wa Wa" with Sir Wilfrid. As
tbe conversation was in French, we
cannot give to our readers tho sub
Jpct of their remarks.
Sir VVil.rid Laurier, was tne next
speaker, His remarks was prefaced
with thc "Old GHt and Tory story"
which has done its duty among political campaigner!, during the past
past fourteen ycursf
He expressed his appreciation of
the cordial recaption tendered* him by
the people of Craubrook, nnd regret
ed the short time he wus to slay in
the city. He then sailed into politics
Baying that If honest methods had
been employed in the lust election, a
different return would have resulted
That Canadians   ure governed  under
the British Constitution which Is the
best In the world, and which called
for party government. He snid that
in     the      Inst      election   it    had   been
stated  that should he tie returned to
power, a yellow instead ol a white
British Columbia would result. Since
then orientals cnmiog to tins province had boon decreasing, and pine
('rally none     had come ia lins year.
Great Britnn, and it wuuKl not he
luu  to pa**     legislation to prevent
them   eULeling       Uu-   Dominion.     Aud
tbat the Japanese go vein ment would
see that not more tbun lour hundred
.lupaiie.se, each year would eatei tue
He thm said thut he had heard M.
A. Macdonald, the defeated Lioeral
candidate at the last provincial elec
tion speak at Nelson, und thought
Ilie people of Clanblook could not .lo
better than to 801 Oct hnu lor their
next candidate, not at the provincial
but at the Dominion eleiti«.n. Mr,
Macdonald is the stamp ol a man
wanted) at Ottawa and it would give
bim, Sn Wilfrid, pleasure to huve
him in the House. He trusted siuce
they hud done him the honor uf receiving him and listen.ng to bim
they would also do him the honor of
following bis advice ,u this regard.
Respecting the district ho staled thut
live cities on the Crow's Nest line
hud been constructed, in 18% there
was nothing, hut since the iiuilding ot
jthe Crow's Nest branch Cranbrook,
I Nelson, Kernie, and Fort Steele had
sprung up, all healthy cities.
Hon, (J. I'. Graham, eongratulat-d
the west on its schools and eduea
tlonal system. Education is the
main thing in the growth and government of a new country such as
this. Regarding the Oriental ques
tion he drew attention to the fact
that much had hem said regurd.ng
the employment of oriental labor on
the Grand Tn.uk Pnclllc railway, hut
pointed out tho fact that none had
i been employed. That this was in
tact ouo of the terms of the contract,
| As Sir Wilfrid's time wus now up,
the chairman. Dr. King, called lor
three cheers for Sir Wilfrid l*aurier,
Premier of Canada. This was hour
jtily responded to by the audu-nce.
i Sir Wilfrid, anh his paity were
taken to the depot, and bis train
left for Fernie at 4;.'i"..
j Due credit must be glvon to the
committee who had charge of the reception, and decorations, for the perfect manner ,n which they were ear
lied out, and not a siuf*,ie incident
jol a serious nature marred tho ertorts
made by them.
That tin- ('hiiii-si'
Hovcrnmont  did not
inre  if  legislation
was  made   aga.nsl
Chinese coming  In
re,     hence     every
Chinese umigrnnts
pgld  „   la-ad   tax
of $fi0D.     Thai  ih
■ Japanese govern1
ment   wanted In In
treated ns a civil
isiod country, hone
uu  agreement hud
heen  entered  Into
ui then' linos,   lu
stead   of  class  lei;
xation       He  also
bald  that      Japan
war,     friendly    to
F. C. Douglas and J. O. lunulas,
of Wardner, were in town Tuesday
attending the Laurier reception.
J. H. Doyle, of Marysville, iu the
city tor several days this ween on
E. L. McKee, of Elko, wasa Cran
brook vis.tor Wednesday.
M. Campbell and F. Johnson, ot
! Moyie, wore m the city Tuesday ami
I Wednesday on hdsinesb.
! Mrs. LeClalr and Miss Ouilette, ai
Marysville, Were in the city Tuesday
I ior the Luurier reception.
j Miss Hazel Clute, of Lethbridge, lv
visiting her parents, Mr. aud Mrs.
VV. ('line.
] J. C. McCallum, returned on Saturday last, from a trip to the coast.
I Mrs. A. English and sons left on
j Sunday last for a visit with friends
at Wiunipeg.
Coiistuhle Stinson has been eoutia-
ed to the bouse tor several duys with
a had cold.
T. T. McVlttle and Joseph Walsh,
of Fort Steele, were in the city
; Monday ou business,
| W. H. Wilson uud wife returned
trom Spokane  Sunday last,
Bogor Moore, o. Fort Steele, wu*
in tht* city Tuesday attending the
Laurier reception. Mr. Moore Is an
old timer in tins district baviug cum*
hero in  the early    sixties.
B.  L. T. Galbraith, Indian Agent,
an I Dr. II. Watt, of Fort Steele,
were in the city Tuesday atreuh.ng
the   big   reception.
I A. lire'/, Win. Myers, B Worden,
Wm. Doell, and D. Griffith, of Fort
Steele, were In tne city Tuesday us
sisting to wolcome the Premier to
Cranbrook nnd  Kootenuy.
! That Sir Wilfrid will have Iota of
news to toll his tint friends In far
east about his tour of the WCfltl and
thai "Better Tonus" ami Oriental
exclusion" ,., what Bit ish Columbia
wants,  and  will  have.
The political heavy weights put u
number of  automobiles out   of com
mission, perhaps they were m opposition, or then  owners were.
As a passing political show it waa
a grand success, but like all other
shows,  he forgotten     now that   the
cheers  have died  away.
| The Tones are sleeping tbe sleep
it." tho just, and the Qrltl have been
called t., arms
Senator Hewitt P..stock, of Ducks,
came in Tuesday with the Laurier
purt>. and went to Forme with them
during the evening, reluming Wednesday, then visiting Fort Steele tho
same   day.     accompanied   by E.  H.
Small   and  M    A    .Macdonald.
Captain Taylor, in charge of the
local corps uf the Salvation Army,
has completed arrangements for
bringinu; the s A. Band from Vevme
on the 17th aud 08th of this month.
Hon Wm. Templeman and Ralph
Smith wiin uccompaniexl the Laurier
party as far as Fernie returned on
313 Wednesday, and were the guests
of Dr. King a meeting of the local
Liberals was held Wednesday afternoon.
The Agricultural Association and
the Poultry Association joins In asking everyone who has good poultry
to help them oat in presenting as
fine an exhibition in this class as
possible Tii,' provincial government
is giving the poultry interests ot the
province valuable assistnnce and we
feel tbut we should show thut it is
The base ball nine met a severe he-
feat at tbe hands of the White Flab
nine on Monday aud Tuesday of tins
On Monday the score was 4-0 in
favor of the visitors. Thut evening a
dunce wus given by the Cranbrook
club at the Opera House at which the
Montana hoys wore guests of the
local team. The dance was well attended und all piesoot spent u very
enjoyable evening.
*0» Tuesduv the teams met again
when the local nine went down to
the tune of 7-0.
Business Changes Hands
Tune creates changes and one by
one the old timers are leaving uh.
Hugh Stewart, the children's friend,
baa disposed of his business (,u Armstrong avenue und his real estate
holdings lu this city to Messrs. W. J.
Atchison and C. J. Little, and leaves
in a few days fur Burlington, out.,
to enjoy a well earned rest. Mr.
Stewart left the A uid Land some- 27
years ago, and for the punt seven
years has la-en a familiar figure in
tbis city. He has by unremitting attention built up a very substantial
business, and hy keen business principals made a fuir competence for
hrmsek and Mrs. Stewart to enjoy.
We are sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs.
Stewart and trusts that tbey long be
spared to enjoy the fruits of their
labor. After an extended visit iu
the east, tbey intend to return anh
take up their residence in Vancouver,
Tuesday evening the Uurt-Impson
: Stock Company presented "The Gambler und Girl." This is a breezy western play with u nice intermingling
jof romance, comedy and villiuny, and
j the purts were all well taken. Each
' player seemed perfectly at home in
'his or her part. The vuuheville
nkMcbes between the acts were very
Igoob. Especial mention must he
i made of It. St. Clair, the boy so-
jprano We are sure that tbis company will receive a hearty welcome
Ion their return to Cranbrook.
I Wednesday evening Wm. P. Cul-
llen preseoted the Burgomaster"
with Gus o. Weinburg play;ng the
'title role. This comuany was greet
ed by u bumper house and Served
it. From the rise of the curtain in
ithe prologue to the drop of it in the
j last uct, there was not a dull moment and there was no loilg waits
between sets. To go into detail on
thlsplay would he Impossible, and
■ it was put on In the very best man-
ner possible, and every player was
;perfect (:us i'. Weinberg as the
"Kurgomnster" und Wm. Gpnley as
Doodb- Von Kali wore especially good
and the singing of the Lockhart sis.
ters wns a treat to uii music lovers.
I Mr. Fraser is to be congratulated oo
securing tins company for Cranbrook
and we are Informed that the company will play here again on their
return from tho roast. The next
attraction will he Harold Nelson und
associate players In Sir Gilbert Parker's rotnnuee of Western Canada,
"Pierre of the Plains," 0n Wednesday
September 7th. ©lie iiroepectot*.
Subscription    -      -      J-
Per Year
Advertising rates   made
knowu   on
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
:If It's Paint and Painting!
We ore here >vitH the Goods       f
>+**♦♦•»•»♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦     To RBNT.     Bachelors apartments,
W   Apply  to HKATTY.
n. w   Drew, ol  Kimberley, was in
the cut J Thursday on business,
Choice     blue   bellies   at       Stewart':
|If It's  Wall   Paper   and!
! Paper Hanging
Cucumbers,   tomatoes,    peached  und
plums ut  Stewart's today
I mli i' ikt-r,
I nili..  ■!-,
I'n,:. i.i.   h ■.
E. K, P. & P. House
Wo liniiilli- l-'limr. Feed, 1 Inv mul Oral
mli: ol iill kinds; I'd iiinii, Hnilie-w, Tni
• uuiii.     Your patronago boUc I.
Duller,   Kiu-K,    Ciiiini-d
ml   t'oitcc,     uur   in-leea
East Kootenay Produces Provision House
A writer in tne Western Clarion hah
tbe following to .say about Owen
Sound, Ontario, a local option town
"Owen Sound is a nice place. Its
principal amusement is Local option,
a pastime, I found, that provides the
moral saviours ol our race witb a
feeling of having done then duty to
mankind, und also the police force
and magistrate are plentifully sup
uiied with coses ol drunks, dives and
other accompaniments ol prohibition,
Of course, 1 did not leave there he j
cause ol Local Option. They say the
unexpected always happens, and il
they imagined they were tjotnir to
mgl» the town dry. well the unex
pected did happen. The whole th.ng
is a farce, you have drunks at breakfast, dinner and tea. If you are
around one of tne hotels, you get
plagued with confidential inquiries as
to whether the bartender ia around,
Is there any chance, have they got
anything. Perhaps luck favors them
and they get a drink of whiskey, or
rather something in a whiskey glass
which neems to beat a remarkable resemblance to turpentine or wood al
rlhol colored. Loral option bas
)uat driven tlie drinking behind closed
doors, but the drunks go about un
blushingly. They are not drunk;
they are doped. They look like a
crosa between a lunatic and a fellow-
half stupefied through some drug
Still I guess that's enough about it
As a Grit political meeting it was
a grand success.
As a non partisan meeting, arranged to do honor to the Premlei
of Canada, it. did not give aatlsfac
tion to everybody.
From the talk of the speakers one j
would be lead to believe that an i
election  was  not far distant.
That a reforming or redistribution
ot the districts will  he made   In    the
near   future, and     that     Southeaat j
Kootenay will be a new riding.
That M. A. Macdonald, will be the
Liberal stnndnr benrcr in the next
Dominion election for the new riding j
Ol   Southeast   Kooteuay-
That Sir Wilfrid aid his friend:;
realize the Importance ami the grow
ing prosperity ol British Columbln,
that It is a white man's country.
and are trying to steal McDririe'H
A good many of the terms used to
eipress various characteristics ol
people aro somewhat bard to ileline.
The Hossland Miner has solved tbe
difficulty in regard to the word
"knocker" ami given the following
Ingredients for that class. "Ono half
ignorance tha balance self-rlghteoneas
and self-importance If you wish to
know your standing just try an anal
yaia and see if tbe Ingredients form
the solution.
District   of   YiHtii Kooteuay
Take notice that William W Rich
ni'ind, of Traverse City, Mich., occupation Lumberman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the lol
lowing described lands Commencing
at a post planted twenty chains west
and eighty chains south of Mile posi
No. 3 on the 50th parallel, said post
being the southwest corner of Timber
Licence No. 10843, thence west 10
chains, thence south 20 chains, tnence
west 20 chains, thence nortb BG chains
thence east 60 chain.--, thence south
40 chains to the place ol commence
ment. containing 280 acres, more ot
Dated  July 2Sth, 1910 35 t:i
We cwn't be beat
Tbe partnership heretolore existing
between Y   A   Russell nnd R n   Ben
edict   has  been     dissolved   tn mutual
consent,     Y   w   Ituesell will continue
«£  the business and will rolled aud pay j [g
tall accounts due ol
*-*»■*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦*    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
^|iiniiti(iiiiiniiiti<)titMiitiriitiit<iit»..ai>,      if 4}
iKock) M..II..I.HI11 iu..!... t Georo*e   K.   Leask  & Cn. ♦
: nu   i-.   ii   ,\. m if
Ul   lln' Int.'
♦ Painter   and   Decorator:
: ♦
• • , s ................ . ,v«-,. ».
I $
|{ llll-llll-l'lll
illl)     ii   mu-	
,,,- k
V     \    111        I'M
.1 ill, i
i uiii|ifiii
II VK\ KY,    \M  \\i'\ KK
■vm-    M \( 1K)N M I),
Ban-isU'i-s uml Nnl'ii-ilm i.
ll      II   .'HI,HIT. Hi-rll
o 4 X
''.. ii, ,„,,, it.,, ill......,.,, i..,.,.,I...,\V
W.  l\ i.i Uli
**********************  *
* f
WE HAVE rO LAUGH   j Itun-islni-,   s	
.i   oil
when ri;„-i    time buyera tti tin*
markei  tt-1     .      cul ..il n vary
una]    ; .nn'It)     becftuaa   ili«u ,$
en an     iui'b    until niwi f   I i.   II      IHOMI'SON
oaten        Por    we know   onoa i
thej       HSU :;n;,!>    lliri   Wlll -|
that i ouiptaint £
aga Pry us w ,i :i .a   r-Uw ^
,i . atbtl    pa)    lui |   CRANUROOK
meal   tban       .   :..<v..ln>'
I    McVrn'lH & I'AKKKK
Huri-isliT, S
Nollll-N    I'lllll
lli-lil Ilu
r. c
♦ Tonsorial   Art X
w. Cline
|''i,.i i lus.   VVnt-U   iii
lMw^m0^W\   *
{fWMMmSm^ an-.*-*-..-.-.,™ :
l»^wfi     wT,MATm    :
.'ilit-iELh^i^t-WfsP-. FlIPHiSKED CN APPLICATION ♦
.,'"f&-i*'-iJ..a*K'-''"-•.:■ ' ;,":':;;,; J
o, in i.\ mil X
*    *+****!>************************************?
,      li
P. BURNS «r CO.f
! Phn'M   10
*■   *,*'   *,    *      *.*-•   ■*
IM, s  ,v c K.
\\ i- Deal in livery I
:i Needle ton Lo
ill;- l-r.iii
v o Bvi s    I fi: VNBROOK,
. **<***<lr**9*********************
r, i-
1   Hunting
1       Season
1 7 fi
[       Is now open.     We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
Ilui Jvva
D.   McBride
e                               Cranbrook, B. C.
Mining Knuiiii'i'i' mul
l; I'   j.miil   Sui-viiyoi-,
IMI     11,1V   »M. I'lllllll!  •-
Joseph 11. McLean
l'i'.M.i:i; IN
.ill kimls nl' Si-i-iiiiil llnnil (Intuit
l-'iin,iiiiiv  il   SIKi'l \|.TY
IH'YI.K'  Ul'   I-UK'S
CRANUROOK; B.C.  S.ige's Olil   Slmnl,  Biinson Avi
I'lii.lin LT.I
J Dr. E. W. Connolly | D.J.JOHKSOK
Physician anh si-um:
iilVu't-: Ai'iiirtlriiny Av
II.    W.   DKEW,   Prnjirl'
I HOTEL ii:nc,:brook'
■2 tn 4 p.m.      I.i
I'lllllll! Olllco    105.
M.M.V..   V.S..
OrailiiHte of ontnrin Veterinary
college, Tiirontu in 1S98. Gradate and niFilalist ol McKIUIp
Veterinary college, Clliii-aijo, 111.
in 190(1. ftecistered memlier ol
Hritish Columbia aBBOciation.
Fur   Knln or Hint, at Reasonable
Olrice& Workshop- Lewis St
ul)oi«. No. IX.
F. E. Orrison
Bund MaBter City Bund.
Teacher of 8ti i<ij> ttuil Stitnd-
ard      Imttruiiteiits. Choir
trainur.    Ort-htsutru t'iiriiit«liuil
l'hune 153.
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires  Applicil
To Bllguy WbeolH
K'rpnii'iin;  :i   Spi-cialtv.
l'bone  i.11      •   •   •       P. ii.   Ilo'x   21'i
Is a lar«e and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine ol superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  no  to
The   Wentworth !
J. H. McDONALD Proprietor    X
* "
CKAMtkOOK, li. C.
, ■'•-■•>■'
■'■   i;-;p-
The  Leatliiig-  Fruit Store.
Honored by Women
■tVlien r w om un speaks uf ber
:-nt    secret    siirterirnt    the
■ lists you.    Miliums have be-
tuwed   tliis   murk   ol   cooti*
nee  on   Dr. H. V.   Pierce,
I   HiiHulo,   N. V.      Every.
.'lure   there ure women who
r,ir  v\itiiL*ss   to   the wonder-
t'urking, curiiis-P'»wer oi Ur.
I'ierce's Favorite Prescription
which su\c* the iitfffrins tts
t.i   pain,   nnd    successfully
les with soman's weak-
ncasei utiJ \lubburn   ills.
No woman*! appeal was ever miidirected or hor oob«
Ti    in -    mitplaoed   wlien   the  wrote  for  advice,  to
I1--*. World's  DisrHNSAur  Mbdicai. AssiicivTion, Dr.
It   V. Pieroo, Preiident. Buffalo, N. Y.
mt !'■ -i rs lettuce mild natural bawal aaevtmaat mm a day.
y^7  "
,r jt-uuk Lodif'), No, 34, A. I'. A. M
l!i...'iillir n tliiL-- mi
lln.   Ihinl   Tlllliwlll)
Vi.'.ililii;   lilvlhlvn
ivi-lrol I.
w. f. ATTitinni.:, w. M.
K. w. CONNOLLY, Scci-etnry
Cllllll'l- CHANHIIOOK, H!ll:l
MeetB in dunm-D'a Hull -nil und  Ilii
Tburaday of i-mrli in,,nth nt 8 i> in
A.   McOoWnB,  I'blel   HhOKi-i
<:. A. Alibolt, Srcietary.
Vlaltlne Hn-thii-n imidn w«Ii,,iiih.
Choice Oranges. Lemons
Bananas   Figs    Dates
Sweet Potatoes
Hot House Lettuce
Rhubarb     Cranberries
Stewart's Hnn i 'hncnliilRH
T     Arnisinitii \vn Phono --'
Fa    O.    E.
Moot t'Vi-rv Krida.v iti M |i,m
♦  ♦   Wl (%LL Ul vJUxi.   ♦!   W. B. Johnson, actlni
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦»      tf   ^ -      J
♦   "        --------
&    SALE
Roi li >' hv '■ anil IJolili
Drivni-s, for nil |mi-t^
nf il». ilislrici, Cinriil
Saililln ll-ii-i- (lnnil
TiirnoiitH,     ET11 lo ilali
* *
♦ # .
X oppiniii- Royal llnti-l Phone oi *   *
♦ lini'iisi  ;< llc.iiiiii. Proprietors x J
♦ 1.1. Deacon, Mannoer      ♦ t
Wa unk yon to rail noil try
mn n*-w ('uttnlifniiiAnt uf new
and Up to <Jnt.« nea Un
VViuVn    nnd   Hiimmor,    .luat
received Topitlr and   [lellahle
Ho raw    nt    yniu     'liHpi.mtl
Olvo    thftni    a    trial itnd  he
IMiona 47 Oranhrnnk, it 0.
citing president.
W. V, O. Carter, acting s«c.
Aerie Pliyslciun,   P.   0,   Max 2H.
ttirpt*  fftfery  inCOIIrl nnd  fourtl)     X
Wednesday   nl   new   Fralarnlly    4
M"il    So|ourlncJ   Rebeko'
illnllV Ittvllit'l
Phone 141
Is the Plnce to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Beat "Work
^  J
On Baker street, one door west
of Messrs. Hill i^ Co., the only
plan- in town llial can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
I'hey last a lifetime and rosl ■ *
M-ry little more than throwi   *
X PHONE _,     I
X     N.ll. MIhh Iv .IiiIiphiiiii *
♦        Hue. MlM I. llllll 'I'lllllll,    f
i-^'i'llier, catchpenny, i heni
maeliincs. Sold on small
uiiuillilv pay men is hv
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Al'iiml.niili.'  Avi-niio.
I'honn l.r.V. i'niiilii..,,k. II r
►'Oil MAI.Ii!   OH10AI' AND TO
Gold Standard I
Teas and Coffee |
Our whole time is devoted to   your  wants   in   the ♦
v Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
j   article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers lo advise us if at an
<>  time goods an- received that are not No. i quality.
Staple and Fancy Grocers       ♦
********************************************* LICENSE TO AN EXTRA-
(July ut, mm.,
Province of British Columbia.
Nu. 4A-1W0.
JollN    L.     CASrillA      CuMPAaV
(Limited)  ii  mdb-.ii««.l  and ltcsubed
tu   cany   un   business    withm   the
PrQVini:e ol UrltiSU Columbia, mul iu
curry out ui eitett ul, ui  «u>  oi the
objects ot tue Couipau)  tu which tne
legisiutuu  authority  ui  the    Lesislu
Ure ui British Columbia extends.
The lieail utiles ul ihc Company is
situate ut the Citj oi Montreal, in
tin1 Province nf lajuehec,
The head oltice uf tlie Company In
thia Province iii situate at (Jranbrook
uud W. Y. Guru), liurrisier-ul law of
Craubrook aforesaid, whose address
is Ciaiibrouu, aforesaid, is ths attor-
uey iur tho Company,
'Ihe aiuuuut uf the capital of the
Company i* Five Hundred Thuusuud
dollars divided lato Five thuimuuii
UiV'EN  under my  hand uud Seal
ui onice ut Victoria, Province
ul Urltisb Columbia this sixth
day uf    July,    une     thousand
iL.S.) urns  hundred  aud  ten.
**J. I*. McLh.01)"
Acting   Registrar uf
Joint* Stuck   i.'uiujmuie.'i.
The objects (or which this Coin-
puny has been estuolisned and
licensed are:—
The manufacturing, selling aud
dealing iu wholesale aud retail all
kind* ui eartlieuware, crockery, cbiuu,
glass-ware, silverware, lump goods,
cutlery niul fancy goods generally,
To purchase, take uver and lease,
ur otherwise acquire auy iuuds, nm-
chlnery, wurk« or property that may
he uselul for lho purposes of the
Tu erect ami construct buildings,
Works uud machinery in connection
with the purposes ol the company.
To purchase or otherwise acquire
any other properties, rights und in
tercets for any of the purposes aforesaid;
To acquire any trade marks, Industrial desigus, patents, puteut rights,
licenses, privileges or authorities lor
or in respect of any Invention which
may he useful to the company;
To mortgage, pledge, sell, let or dispose of any ui ihe lunds, works, trade
marks, industrial designs, patents,
patent rights or othei properties oi
the company;
To bout and own shares und securities in other companies carry iug on
uny business ol u like nature, und to
sell or otherwise ileal with the same;
To take and acquire ami hold he
cunty uf auy nature ur kind, real or
personal for debts, liabilities or on
ligations to the company, Incurred or
to he Incurred, lu respect of the purposes uud objects ot  the company,
Tu do uny undi ull matters ami
things necessary, lit or proper iu and
ahuut the purchase, sale, Importation and mauulacture ot goods, wares
ami merchandise, ami generally to
curry on tlie husiuess of wholesale
aud retail dealers in all kind.-, ul
earthenware, crockery, china, glassware, silverwaie, lamp goods, cutlery aud fancy goods generally;
To emer Into partnership or into
any arrangement for sharing prollts,
mm in ot interests, co-operation,
joint adventure, reciprocal concession
ur otherwise with uny person, linu
or company carrying un or engaged
in or ahout to curry on ur engage in
any business or transaction which
tins cumpany is authorised to carry
on or engage in, or any business or
transaction capable of being conducted so as to directly or indirectly
benefit this company aud to lend
money or credit to, uud to aid by
guarantee, endorsement or otherwise
any such person, firm ur company,
and tu take or otherwise acquire
shares aud securities uf any such
company und tu sell, hold, reissue,
with or without guarantee or otherwise deal with the same.
NOTIOB is hereby given that thirty
(80) days niter the llrst publication
oi thus notice, t intend to appiy to
the chlel Commissioner ol Lands and
Works and the Asalsiaut Commission
er oi hands and Worku for tne district oi Eust Kootenay, fur u license
to pruspect for coal and pi.troamra
upon lauds described as fol'ows, to
oimated uu Akiminu creek, near
the .South Kootenay t'ass Trail
block 469a, Southeastern portion ui
UUlish Columbia anh being tne same
ciaun upon which mining license Nu.
i.i.i was issued iu favor ul Frank
Alenefce uml particularly described us
Commencing nl a post plunted near
thu Bouth Kootenay Fuss Tuil,
Ubout two miles irom the bead ol
Vvunlna Creek, aod marked II. J,
Emerson's northwest corner post;
tbence cast Su chains, tbence south
Ml chains, thence west SU chuiiis,
thence north 80 chains to the place
oi beginning, containing 040 ncres,
mose or less.
II.  .1. EMERSON, Locator,
Allied  llrown  Agent.
Hated this IGth dnv of July, 1910.37
WATER     ACT   1*09.
TAKB NOTICE thut Earnest H.
Arnott, of Port Steele, li. c,Ranch -
,er, will apply to the Water Commissioner at Cranbrook uii Tuesday, tbe
4th day of October at eleven
.o'clock iu the forenoon, for a license
to divert i cubic feet of water per
second from Lust Creek which sinks
•on or near Lot 311. The said water
will he used to irrigate subdivision
15 of Lot 312, Group 1, Kootenuy
District, the property of the appll
iVHIlt, and will be conveyed by Humes
and ditches over subdivision 1 of
Lut 311 unit subdivision 15 of Lot
312, all tbc pro lie ity of ttie applicant
Nu Grown Lnnds will lie used uud no
riparian proprietors ut- licensees will
be aiTei ted by the works.
This notice was posted on the
■ilay of 1910.
NOTICE is hereby given tbut ou
-the 20th duy of July, 1910. It wus
iiirdi'ied by IV I-:. Wilson, Esquire,
Judge ot the County Court of Hast
Kooteuay tbat James Ferguson Arm
strong, Olllclul Administrator lor
that portion of the County of Koo
tcuny included- in the Electoral Districts ot Crunbrook and Fernie. to
be Administrator of nil nnd singular
tbe estate of Cyril Janes deevaaed
Rpery person Indebted to tbe said
deceased is required to make pay
ment forthwith  to the  undersigned.
Bvery person having in possession
•fleets belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify tbe undersigned.
ICvery creditor or other persan having any claim upon or Interest lu the
distribution of the estate of the said
deceased is required to send before
the 3iith September next by regis
tered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and the
full particulars of his claim or Inter
est, and a statement of bis account
anil the nature of tbe security, (if
any i held by bim.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the iWstt'lbut lun or the estate having
eg uid to those claims only of which
he shall Imve hml notice
Duted at Crnnbrook, this Sth day
of August,  1910.
Ufflcud Aduininrator.
NOTICH is hereby given that thirty
(30j days niter tlie llrst pi Vocation
oi this notice, 1 Intend to apply to
the chief Commissioner of Lands una)
Works and the Assistunt Commissioner of Lands and Works for tne district of East Kuutenay, for a license
to prospect (or coal ami petroleum
upon lands described as lollows, to
Situated on Akimlnn Creek, near
the South Kootenay Pass Trail,
block 4693, Hon tii Eastern portion of
Hritish Columbia und being the same
claim upon which mining license No.
752 was issued to Nathan Whealdon
ami being particularly described as
follows: Commencing at u post plan
ted nenr the South Kootenay l'uss
Trail, being the initial pust of Ber-
nice Moorehead's claim and marked
Beroico Moorelwnd's southwest corner post, thence north Ku chains,
tbence east SO chains, thence south
50 chuins, thence west su chams to
the place ul beginning containing 640
acres, more or less.
Alfred llrown  Agent.
Located  July  Mlth, 1910. 33-87
NOTICE IS hereby given that 3D
days alter date 1 intend lo apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands for a license to prospect for
coin and petroleum over the follow
ing lands, situate in the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, iu Lot 4593:
Commencing at. a post planted ut
the 20 mile post on C. I'. B. survey
lino, which is the western boundgry
of Lot 4593, uud being the .Southwest corner post of Katherlne Butt's
claim', tbence north eighty (MM cbuins
thence east eighty Ht) chains, thence
south eighty mi chains, tbence west
eighty HU chains to the point of com
mencement, making 040 acres, mure
or less.
Euthen W. Butts,   Agent.
Balph  L.   Burlingham,  Witness.      27
Located  this 25th dny of  July   1910.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt 30
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
tbe Honorable Chief Commissioner uf
Lands tor a license tu prospect for
cual ami petroleum over the follow
ing lands, situate in the district of
Southeast Koutenay, British Columbia,  in  Lot 4f.93:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near one mile due east of the 27
mile post on C. P. It. survey line,
which is the western boundary of Lot
4593, and being the southeast coiner
post of Anna K. Paulson's c'.ami,
thence north eigbty (8ti) chains,thence
west eighty tHOi chains, tbence suutu
eighty ISO) cuains, thence east eighty
(80^ chains to tbe point of commencement, containing 040 acres, more
or less.
ANNA  K.  PAULSON,  Local >r.
William  E.  Bulls,  ,■ t nt.
ltalph L.  Burlingham, Witness.     37
Located this 13th day of June. 1110.
NOTICE Is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 Intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands tor n license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the follow
ing binds, situute 111 the district of
Southenst Koutenay, British Colum
bin, in Lot 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near oue mile due east ol the 27
mile post ou i'. P. B. survey line,
which is tbe weslein boundary oi
Lut 4.".9;i, and being lb.- southwest
corner post of Olnru A. Miisou'h
da,in, theuce north eighty (Xiiichams
thence eust eighty (80) chains, thence
south eighty 188) chains, thence west
eighty Ofib chains to the point of
commencement, mnking mo acres,
mure or less.
CLARA   A.   MASON,   Locator.
William   E.   Butts,   Agent.
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness.    37
Loculed  tbis  IStll day of  June,   1910.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt 30
dnys alter date 1 intend to upply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands for a license to prospect, for
coal nml petroleum over the following lands, situate iu the district uf
Southeast Kootenny, Ilritish Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post plnntcd at
or near one mile due east of th;! 27
mile post on C. P. It, survey line,
which Is the western boundnry of Lot
4.7.13, and being the nol I h.-Ust col*
ner post of Walter J. Abbs' nlnlm.
thence west eighty (MB chuius,Ihenee
south eighty (KO) chains, Ihenee east
eighty tkoi chains, ihenee north
eighty iSOi chaina to the point or
commencement, mnking 040 ncres,
inure or less.
WALTER ,T, AHUM, Locator,
William K   Butts, Agent.
Ralph L   Burllngham, Witness.     37
Located this 16th day of   June, 191U.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat 30
days alter date i intend to apply to
tho Honorable chief Commissioner o(
Lands for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following lauds, situate In the district uf
Sunt beast Kooteuay, ilritish Columbia, iu Lut 4593;
Couiii.euc.ng at a pust planted at
or uear one utile due east uf the 37
mile post uu the C. P. P. survey lint
which is tht western buundary of
bluck 4693, aud being the northwest
corner post ul Paul a. Paulson's ciaim
thence south eigbty (80) chams,theuce
eust eighty i8'-i chaius, theuce north
eighty iSHj chuius, thence west
eighty (HOi cha.ns to the point oi
commencement, making 040 acres,
more or less.
Willium E. Butts, Afcent.
Ralph  ],,  Burlingham,  Witness.     3V
Located this loth day of June,  191«.
NOTICE is hereby giveu that 30
days altei date I intend to appiy to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner uf
Lands for a license to pruspect for
coal and petroleum over the following lunds, situate iu the distiict of
Southeast Kootenuy, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing ut a post planted at
or near one mile due east of tbe 39
mile post on 0. P. It. survey Hue
winch is the western buundary ol
block 4693, and being the southeast
corner post of Anna K. Webb's claim
tbence west eighty i,Hl» chains.thence
north eigbty i.moi chuins, thence eaat
eighty (80) chains, theuce south
uighty 180) chaius to the point or
commencement, making 040 acres,
inure or less.
ANNA  K.  WEBB, Locator.
Eathen W. Butts,   Agent.
Ralph L.  Rorliugham,  witness.     37
located this  lfith day of July,mo.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands fur a license to pruspect for
coal aud petroleum over the following lauds, situate iu the district uf
Southeast Koutenay, British Columbia, iu Lot 4593;
Commencing at a post planted at
r near one mile due east of the 29
iile pust ou C, P. R. survey line,
which is the western boundary of
oik 4593, aud beiug tne souihweMt
rner pusi ot Samuel P, Wilson's
claim, theuce east eighty (30) chains,
tlieuce north eigbty (HO) chains,
thence west eighty tHO) chaius, theuce
south eighty 80 cbains to the point of
commencement, making 040 acres,
or less.
SAMUEL P.  WILSON,  Locator.
Eathen W. Butts,   Agent.
Located this lfith day of July, 1910.
NOTICE us hereby given tbat 30
days alter date I iuivnd to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands iur a license tu prospect fur
coal and petroleum over the follow
ing lauds, taituute iu the district of
Southeast Kuotenay, lintisb Columbia, iu Lot 4593:
(.'ommencing ut a post plauted at
ur uear one mile due east of the 2t
mile post on C. P. R. survey line.
whali is the western houndary of Lot
4593, audi being the northwest corner post of I*-'. Charles Bassett's,
cluim, thence east eighty (80) chains,
thence soutli eighty (80) chains fthence
west eigbty (SO) chains, thence north
eighty (kO) egnins to the point of
commencement, making 040 acres,
mure or less.
Y.  OHAitLKS  BASSETT.Lucutor.
Eathen W.  Butts,   Ageut.
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness.     37
Located this 15th daj of July,  PJ10.
Take notice that John Joseph Fen-
nessy of Cranlirook, locomotive engineer, will apply lo the Water Commissioner ut Crunbiook, uu the Uth
day of Sept., 1910, at eleven o'clock
iu the forenoon for a license to divert one cubic foot of water per second from streams rising on northwest quarter ol Lot 5249, Croup 1
Kooteuay Distiict. The said water
will he used for domestic purposes ou
said Lut 5249, held by the applicant
under a crown grant, will be conduct-
ed by Itume ami pipes over said Lot
6249 only,
No crown lands will he affected aud
no riparian proprietors   or    licensees
will  be uH?cted  by  tbe suid  works,
notice was posted ou the 4th .day of
August,  1910.
August,  5th,   1910.
NOTICK is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 Intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands lor a license to prospect for
cual und petruleum uver the following lunds, situate in the district uf
Southeast Kooteuay, Hi itis>h Columbia, iu Lot 4593:
Cotninenciug at a   post planted   at
or neur eleteo nines due east uf the
34 uuie post on C. P. R. syrvey line,
which is tbe western boundary of Lot
4693, and being tbe uoitheast coiner
' ost of   Euthen    W.     Uutts1   claim,
hence     suuth   eighty    i ho <     ihains,
tbence west eighty t.iU) chains, tnence
north eighty  isd) chains, theuce east
ighty (30J chaius    tu the     point   of
ommencement,     making t>4u    acres,
: note or less.
EATHEN W.    BUTTS, Locator,
William E. Uutts, Agent.
Ralph L. Burhugham, Wilness.     37
.ucated this llth day of June, PRO.
NOTICE ia hereby given tbat 30
days alter date 1 intend to apply tu
the Honorahle Chief Commissioner Of
Lands for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over tbe following lauds, situate in tbe district of
Southeust Kooteuay, British Columbia, in Ltit 4693:
('ommencing at a post planted at
or near two miles due east ul tbe 2li
mile pust on 0. P. R. survey line,
which is the westeru boundary of Lot
4693, and being the northwest corner
post of William J. Baugherty's claim
theuce east eighty itsUi chains, theuce
south eighty O»0) chains, thence west
eighty 180» cbains, theuce north
eighty (80) chains to the point of
commencement, making Mil acres,
more ur less.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent,
ltalph L. Burlingham, Witness. 37
Located tbis 16th duy of July, 1910.
Works antl the  Assi^i oal   Commis
ci uf Lands und    Mollis foi the
net uf East Koote] t... for a ,i<
to prospect     loi cn
upon lands describi
Situated ou Aklui
one half mite east
said creek and j.
block 4j9:j, East K
Commencing  at   a
he aoiith Kuuiriifa
uarked i'aul  m, ,
uiuei   poat;   thcnCi
ben«£ east ou Liiui
u cl .ins, thence
he piace      ui      be.
-tu acres, mule ur
pall W. i il..mm.s, Locator,
Abie i brown Agt.ni.
Rated thiH Uth daj ut •■uiy, uao 37
NtiTli E
NOTIOE is hereh) given thai Unity
(it), duys aitei the uibt, puulicatioll
im this notice, 1 luieua t,, appiy tu
the chiet CommiSSjuUci oi Lauds and
Works and the AbSibiuui Comnussiou
er of Lauds ami Uufhs lor the uis
rict of blast KooUnay, for a license
tu pruspect      for CO.il     Ild    li.lt-jlu-iiil
upon lauds described us    ' olio .vs. to
1    Situated  uu     Akuiuiia   Creek,   block
4593 Soiitbe.i-i Kootenay
British Colli III bia an 1 being the same
ciai upon which iiuii.ng license No.
1144 was issued tu the Soutneattt
Ilritish Columbia Land & uii Co.,
Ltd. aud particularly il escribed u^
Commencing at u post piauud near
Akimina Creek about lui juiUt.ii.,ith
of tbe Suuth Kouleiiuy I'ass Trull
und ahout ij nines southeast ul
where Akimina creek jutua K.bb-e
neh-na creek, being Anna l(. Pent
laud's northwest coiner, tbence south
80 chuius, theirtC eusl »u chains
thence north 80 ohalns, tbence west
88 chains to the place ol begiuumg,
Containing t,4U acres, more or less
Alfred Brown Ageut.
Bated this tilth day of July, pjlu Ji
f  ffl   Each grate bar h
jSI   three sides-long wear
& M TC— J \v!len on|_v 0>u. si(je o[ a LT,ate baf js
continually next to the lire all the wear is
Ci ncentrou-d on thai one side. The lite of
the grate bar is thus naturally just one-
"' ' ' ■- long a- «hen the wear is distil ..:.J .,11 thru sides.
Thai explains why Sunshine grates have three lives Each
ol the loin jj.aie bars has ;/„-,v sides, k.,,-1, time the ashes
•'"' ""k"1 (low" '"" shaking with Sunshine) the side
next to the hie can be changed. 1 bus the life of the grates
im greatly prolonged.
Winn desired, the heavy
bull iluji teeth ..ii the grates
will -.-..•!■ hold of clinkers,
grind ihem iiu, and dro| ihe  V
l'.nt:. li- int.i the asll-puil,
Huy    the    Sunshine -the
durable, convenient, ec m-
ical furnace, giuirauiefil hy
largest furnace makers in
Uritisb limpire, „
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30; days aftn tbe llrst publication
of this notice, I intend to apply tu
the Chief Commissioner ot Lunds and
Works and the Asalstaut Commissioner of Lunda aud Works for the district of East Kooteuay, for a Ui.finse
to prospect fur coal uml petroleum
upon lands described as 'ol!o-vs, to
Situated ou Akiuiia Creek west of
and adjoining the claim located by
Nathan WheuJdoii to whom original
motmg license No. 752 was Issued iu
block 459:1, East Kootenuy district:
Commencing at a poat planted near
the trait aud at the southwest corner of said Nut bun Whealdon's
claim, said point being the south
east corner of Sfibe Gunning's claim;
theuce west 80 chains, tbence north
80 chains, thence eust 80 chuins,
tbence south su chains to the place
on beginning, containing o;in acres,
more or less.
S50K GUNNING, Locator.
Alfred Brown Ageut.
Dated tbis  ltilli day of July,  1910.37
District of East    Kootenay.
Take notice that I Johu Angus
Fergusson, of Cranbrook. occupation
Merchant,        intend        to       apply
I for permission     to purchase tbe following described    lands:     Commenc-
| lng at r  post planted about 00 feet
J distant and in a northerly direction
'from monument 213 on interna
tional Boundary, thence west 20
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbence
east 20 chains, thence south 80 chains
I to place of    commencement, contain
, ing ltio acres, more or less.
I     John Angus Fergusson, Locator,
John Robertson, Agent.
Dated July Kith, 1900. :t:j-37
NiiTR'E is hereby given that 30
dnys alter date I Intentl to apply to
tbe Honorahle Chief Commissioner of
Lands ior a license to prospect for
conl and petroleum over the following lnnds, situate iu the district of
HoilLheust Kootenuy, British Columbia, iu Lot 4W2:
Commencing at a post planted at
or neur eleven miles due east of the
iM mile post on C. P. R. survey liue,
which Is tbe western houndary of Lot
i.ri9:l, and heing tbe southeast coiner
post of Charles E. Webb's claim,
tbence north eigbty (KO) chains,
tbence west eighty ism chains.thence
south eigbty 180) chains, thence east
oighty 1801 chains to the point of
commencement, mnking Mo acres,
more or less.
CHARLES  K.  WEBB, Locator.
Eathen W.  Rutts,   Agent.
Ralph L.  Burlingham, Witness.     37
Located this llth day of June,  1910,
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after the first publication
of this notice,   I Intend tu apply   to
ithe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
l Works and the Assistant Commissioner of Lands uud Works for tbe district of East Kooteuay, for a license
ito prospect for coal and ,:ctrolsuni
upon lands described -as follows, to
[ Situated on Aklminn Creek aud
joining 011 tha east the claim located
by the Southeast British Columbia
Land and Oil Company, and for
which license No. 1144 was Issued aud
I described as: Commencing .at a corner post planted near the wagon road
laud ahout i mile north of said creek
■ aud oue mile east from the east line
of said claim No. 1144, being the
northeast corner of lv(l J. Moorehead's location; thence south 90
chuins, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenee east 80 clialus
to the place of beginning, containing
640 acres, more or less.
1VA J.  MOOREHEAD, Locator,
Alfred Brown Agent,
Dated this lsth duy  of July,  1910. 37
NOTICE is herehy given that thirty
; 3uj duys after the llrst puulu'ciMou
: 1 this notice, I Intend to appl) i.u
, he Chief Commissioner of Lauds uud
forks and the Assistant 'omuitssiou
1 1 of Lands and Wurks for the dis
trict of East Kuotenay, for u license
i 0 prospect for cual and pcttohtum
I pou Units described as lollows Lu
I Situated ou Akimina Creek in
. Hock 4093 East Kuutenay district
ml adjoining tbe claim of Content
Elton, tu whom milling license 1222
wus issued: Commendug at a p.-st
planted ut tint northwest cornet 01
I Content Eltonju claim, being Mabel
C. Maiiefee's not theast cornei' post,
; hence SoUth Su cha.ns, theuce west
j 0 chuins, thence north su thains,
hence east su chains tu the place ol
! eglnn.ng, couta.uillg tiiu ueres. mure
or less.
MABEL  0. MENEKKK. Locntor,
Alfred Brown Act a,
-Bated tllis  Kith duy „f  July,  l'Jlu   37
NOTICE  is  hereby    given   that    30
days ulter dute 1  intend  lo apply   to
the Honourable   t 'liief   Commlss.oner
of Lands tor a    license   tu    proapect
for coal ami petruleum over the fol
lowing  lands,  sit uuie  iu  tbe district
of Southeast Kootenuy, iu Lot 4ii93:
Commencing at a   post   plnnted at
or near 11 miles due East of   the   32
mile pust on C. P.    R.   ttuney   hue,
hich is the Western houndary of Lot
593 and being tbc N rthwest   corner
post of Anna K.  Wehi.'s claim
theme S. uth eiguty     8u)   cbaina;
tbence East   eighty    (801   chains;
I   tbence North eighty   (,0)   chains;
j    theuce   West   eigbiy   (.80j   chains;
Ito the point of commencement,   making 040 acres more or less.
Located tbis Uth day of May,  191m.
ANNA  K.  WEBB,   Locator.
Eaihen W. Bills, Agent
William E. B.tts,   Ralph   L    Bur-
j liujjhum. Witnesses 29 33
Patmore Bros.
The affairs of the Company having
been fully wound up and tbe liquidator having made an account showing
ithe manner in which the said winding
up waa conducted, which account ls
attached hereto, and tbe property of
. be Company having been disposed
of, notice la   hereby     given     tbat a
.general meeting of   the   shareholders
I of the Company will be held at tbe
[Company's office at Cranbrook, Brit
lib Columbia,   at   the   hour   of   live
^o'clock in tbe afternoon 11 the Sth
day of August, 1910, for the purpose
of considering the said account and
any explanation that may be glveu
by the Llqldator.
:    Dated this oth dm  of   Inly, 1910
: T-30 Solicitor for Liquidator.
being   tbe    itiitigl      post     nosthwest
coruer, tlieuce ho chains south, thence
80 chains     east,    tb. nn-     su chuius
north,     thenee 80     chains     west to
point ur commence  ent, uml containing o4i) acres, more or less.
Loeuted tbe 7th day of  July,  1910.
T.  ii.  PUuCTiiR, Locator,
S2-30 James Fisher,  Ageut.
District of ISast   Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, Joseph Walsh,
Constable, of Fort Steele, intend to
pply iur permission to purchase tbu
following described lands coiumeuu
iug at. a post planted ut tbe north
line uf Carlln's timber lease running
20 chains north, thence 40 chains
eust, theuce 20 cbains Bouth, t leuce
40 chaius west to tbe place ot com
mencement, couiuiuiug &u :icre* more
or less.
Bated June 18, 1910 27-35
District   of   East  Koutenay
I    NOTICE is    hereby   given   that 30
days from data     hereol I  micnd   tu
apply to ibe   Clue! Commissioner of
j Lands   and the     Assistant Commis
sinner of Lunds for   tho    District uf
East Kootenay lor a license to prospect for    cuul and petroleum on   the
following  described  lunds situate on
|KlHb E.nehiM Creek  in  Bluck 4593.
I    Commonclng at    a    pusi      planted
(about  one mile     east  ol  tbe eastern
boundary  of    coal      licence   No.   132h
j being initial  post south east  curner;
Ithence  su  chains     north,   tbence     80
j chains west,  tin ace «0 chains south,
ithence so     chains cast     to  point of
commencement    and containing    C40
acres, mute or less.
Located the 7tb ilay of July. 1910.
T. G.  PROCTOR,  Locator.
'12 30 James Fisher,  Agent.
District   of   Kast Kootonny
I, F. D. Mrrcer of Toronto, Ont.,
occupation lumberman, intend to apply to the Commissioner of Land*
and Works for permission to purchase forty acres more or less, hound
"(I as follows: Commencing at a pnst
ua tbe north bank of the Moyle river
theuce 30 cbains north along the east
Mirvey line of Tipper P. K., thence 20
chains east more or less to the ban;
of Ibe Moyie river tbence southwesterly along tbe bank of the Moyle
fiver to  the place of commenting.
Located  July 4, 1910.
0. A. Uukall. Ag*;-t 90-V9
NOTICK is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after the llrst publication
of this uotice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works and the Assistant Commissioner of Lauds and Works for the district of East Kootenay, for a 1.cense
to prospect for coal and p't'i lu.m
upon lauds described as full *ws, to
Situated on Akimina Creek east of
and adjoining lva J. Moorehead's
locgtion in block 4!7.t3 East Kootenay
district; commencing at a post plan
ted on the east line of said lva J.
Moorehead's location aud about one
quarttfr mile south of the northeast
corner of said locution, being the
northwest corner of W. L. Wheuldoiis
locution, theme east 80 chaius,tbence
soutb 80 rbatiis, thence west 80 cbaina
tbence north 80 chuius to the place
of beginning, containing M0 acres,
nwre or less.
W.   L.   WHI1.ALDON,   Locator,
Alfred Brown Agent.
Bated this Uth day  of July,   1910.  37
NOTICK ih hereby  given thai thirty
(30) days after    the first publication
of this nut hi-,    1 Intend to apply   to
Ue .Chief Commisslooerof Lauds uui
The public uf British Columbia and
visitor* ure cordially Invited tu meet
the Right Hon Table Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, K. C M. C, P (!., premier
of Canada, ai a public reception to
be tendered) t,y the Premier mid Mem
hers of the "Executive Council uf
British Co lum hi a, in the Parliament
buildings, .Victoria, on Wednesday the
17th: Instant, at  9 p. ut.
Provincial  Sect^tiry
District   of   Moat Kootnnny
NOTICE is hereby given thnl 30
days from date hereol I intind tn
npplv tu Ou' Chief foiiuniHHii.um uf
Lands and lbe Assistant Commis
sioner uf Lands for Hie Hi brlrt ol
Kust Kootenny for " Been • tu pros
pect tut coal ami petroleuni nn the
rolluwine ileerrlbed i mils -Miotic un
Kish E neb lis Creek  in Block 4R03.
Cum menclng at a posl plnntcd
about one mile eaBt of tin- eastern
bgiuidury ol    coal     licence  No.   1328
Province ol  British Columbia,
Ni.. -old.
is authorised ami licensed tu carry on
business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out of
effect all or any of the objects of the
Ci .nipany t«» wim h the legislative
authority of the Legislature of Brit
i*h Culumbia extends.
The biiul oflice of the Company is
s.Luate at the City of Toronto, iu
tbe Province of Ontnrio.
' Tin* amount uf ibe capital of the
1 'ompnn) is Fort y nine thousand
nine hundred dollars, divided Into
four hundred ami ninety nine shares
of une hundred dollars each.
The bead oltice uf the Company In
this Province is situute at Cranbrook
nnd W, K. CumI, Bamster-at law.
whose address is (Jranbrook afore
said, is the attorney for the Com
GIVKN under my Hand and Seal
uf oflice ut. Victoria, Province of
British Columbia, this thirtieth duy
of June, une thousand nine hundred
and  ten. (L,   B.)
"J. P. McLeod"
Ait iug ItoglBtrat  id Joint
Stock Companies,
The objects [or which this Com
pany Ims heen cHiuhlishcd and licensed are
Tu entry k" tbe luminous ol manufacturer* <>i in.1 denlei iM linotype,
typecasting nnd composing muchloea;
Tu manufacture, buy, acquire, lease,
license, sell nnd otherwise diBpoae ol
uml deal 01 nnd with machinery, ap
pnrntua, articles nml supplies ueces
Bury "i convenient lot use in connection Willi the mt uf printing and.allied  arts,   trades and uccupatiuiis,
Tu catTJ on any other business
germane to the objects for winch it
is incorporated and which may seem
to   the      cumpany   capable    of    beiug
conveniently carried on in connection
wiih its business;
To apply ror, purchase or other-
wist- acquire, uu> patents, licenses,
concessions and the like, conterlng
uny exclusive or nun exclusive or
limited right to use, or uny secret
ot other information as to any iu
Vention which may seem capable of
being used for auy of tbe purposes ut
the cumpany, ui the acquisition uf
which may seem calculated to benefit
the the cumpHiiy, uini to Use, exercise, develop 01 giunt licenses lu respect uf, .ri otherwise turn tu account
the property, lights 01 Information
so acquired;
To take ui   otherwise acquire   andj
bold shales m uny other company
having objects similar tu ttiose ol the
company, subject to the provision**
of Section 44 ul the Companies Act,
'IV) enter Into any arrangement
with any authorities, municipal, lo
cnl or otherwise, that may seem conducive to the company's objects ur
uny of them, aud to obtain fioui any
such authority, uny rights, privileges
ami concessions which the dm.iuny
iiiuy think it desirable tu obtain, and
to carry out, exercise und comply
with any such arrangements, right-,
privileges ami concessions,
To purcngse, tukc on lease or lu
exchange, hire or otherwise acquire,
any personal property and any
rights or privileges which tbe company may think necessary ur convenient for the purposes of its business,
and particular any machinery, pluut,
I stock-in-trade;
j To construct, Improve, maintain,
work, manage, carry out or control
auy manufactories, warehouses, shops
si ores nnd other works a>ad conveniences which may seem calculated tu
advance the company's interests, and
to contribute to, subsidize or otherwise assist ur take part ',n the const met ton, Improvement, maintenance,
■working management, currying out
or control thereof;
To lend money to customers and
others having dealings with the cuiu-
puiiyi and to guarantee, the performance of uuy contracts by such person,
! To draw, make, accept, endorse,
discount, execute ami issue promissory notes, bills of exchunge, bills of
ad ing, warrants und other negotiable or transferable instruments;
To sell or dispose of the undertaking of the company or any part
thereof (01 such consideration as the
ompany may think Ut,
Tti adopt such means of making
known, the products 01 the company
as may seem expedient, and lu particular by advertising in Uie piess,
by circulars, by purchuse and exbibp
Hon .if works ol art ur interest, by
publication uf books and periodicals
sink by granting pi i/.es, rewards and
j Tn sell, improve, manage, develop,
exchange, lca*c, dispose of, turn to
account or otherwise deal with all 01'
■ii) part ol the property audi rights
:o( tlie company',
j To construct, maintain and alter
buildings or worjts necessary or convenient for the purpose of the corporal lull,
1 To acquire by purchase, lease or
other title, ami to hold, use, sell or
alienate nnd convey uny real estate
necessary for the carrying on of Ba
undertaking, uml tho corporation
•jhuli, under its Incorporation, become and be invested with all the
proporty and rights, n-al und personal, theretofore hold hy or foi it. un
der any true! agreement created with
a view to its Incorporation;
, To hold iIh meetings elsewhere than
tu the Dominion of Canada.
TO RENT, furnished rooms, all
conveniences, private borne, apply tu
The Pioeptctui ufflee. Fall Fair
The management ol the Fall Fair
would like tu get m communication
with those who have agricultural and
live stuck nt   for exhibition   at   the
Cranbrook Fair, and will consider it
a favi.r if the addresses ol such are
bauhed or sent in to thfl secretary.
Do you know ol any'/ it you uo,
please aelp the managemtnt to ihe
best of your ability.
District   uf   Ka.it Kootenay
Take notice that Austin W, Sudor d
of Cranbrook, occupation Tinner, In
tends to apply for permission to pur
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 44
feet northeast of the main lall.- ui
Brewery creek, thence north 50 chains,
theuce west i'i chains, thence suuth
50 chuius, thence east 10 chains to
the point ol commencement containing 200 acre:., more oi less,
Auutin "A.  Saflord.
Duted   August  2:.,* 1910, 36-44
Iron Range
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers
and Kootenay Ranges
*y.-j.-*-•*-4*-*r\ I——i I ■ WW I
Kianunations for th*' position ol
Iuspecti.r ui Steam Boilers and Ma
chinery, under the "Steam Butlers
Inspwuou Act. 1901," will be held at
the Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
commencing November ?th, 1910. Application and instruction tornifa cau
he had on application hi thi; undersigned, to whom the former must tn.1
returned correctly tilled in, not later
than October 2Cth, 1910. Salary
$130.00 per month, increasing at the
rate of $5.00 per month .-art* >ear t..
a maximum of $180.00
Chief Inspei'  r .if Machln
.John peck,
■lii-38. New Westminster, li. C,
NOTICE is hereby given that tbe
above named Charles Biesel did us
sign hy instrument dated t.tti August,
1910, to Nathaniel I. HarriBon, ol
Crunbrook, accountant, for the general benefit of his creditors, and nil
creditors of the said Charles Biesel
are required ou ur hefore the 16th
day of September, 1910, to send then
names and addresses and the pu-tic
utarn of their debts or clulmn a-com
panied by proof thereof, tu tin der
Higned solicitor fui   the Assignee.
AND TAKE NOTICE that, -he Assignee will on and after the salt) date
proceed to distribute the assets of the
said Charles Blcsel among the per
sons entitled thereto having tegard
only to the debts ,,r clnims to which
he shall then have had notice,
JB10, at Cranbi t| 11. c.
Bated   this    10th day    ol       Vtlgust,
W.  F,   CURD,
Kmk Utilldhig, Baker f-'t.,
Cranbrook, B. C,     Solicitor for   the
Assignee. 3C-39.
Every person having m possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith tu notifj the un
Every creditor ot other person ha\
iiu uny claim upon <>i interest In the
distribution of the estate ol tin- said
deceased ..- required to send before
the 30th September next, bj register
ed mail addrc . t :■■ the undersigned,
i.i-- name an 1 addn>- and tn.' lull
pal tb ilara ■ ■: lus cla in or interest,
and m statt ment ol his account and
the nature ol the ■■■ 111 it) til anj 1
held hy him
Aftei Mi- iid it an :.* ioned date
the   Administrator will procei 1 •
the di itrlbution o* ihe estate ha** ing
1 eg ud ti   thos ■ claims onlj  ol which
he shall have bad in
Dati ■ .; 26th   day
if August, ■    >
< iffli ia    \ It    .. ■: atoi
;■       .     .     1
e - -  -
riMUKll     '.   i
COAI Ml a   II   -
Kin 1       ■
\\ I I'BH     VV I',    llllll).
1'itiT    .Irii ;iii,  ,.1      Wn 11,      [iiniu'i.
Biv.-s  leu Uml  In- will UH'I)   I..1  n
..'II 10     1111.1,1      l'Ul-1      \      "(    lllll    Mil.I     Ut,
;,, .hi.mi  11 .jiiiui.i  nl mu' cubic (out
,.!    11 utoi   |...     iTiiuil Inuu    a small
11eum  11 ..nr  ..ii   I ...   11.174,    tin.up  I.
the 11.iiiin-   ol the aei-urltj    III um i
lu'l.i by lum.
After the Mini lusi mentioned date
tin- A.Itiiniistint.il will proceed with
il,,' distribution oi tin- estiite having
regard t.. those claims mil)  ul which
he ahull have had notice. S'utiva   is  heiebs   given     i Inul   K" '">   '" ""'    '"'   donuwllc  uur
Hated .it  Cranbrook,    Un-; 2uth   daj    Ittinga       tht     I'ltubi     m.i        estij    '   es ou    i I     I'lio point ol
■   v      ,1    run 16-38   Commit   lou     will b<   held    lu     tin  iliverslon   will i  snid     I...I  11674
Court Hou -    \ . I,.', i, i'i.      - ■•'"   »' !  '■'' "''"' 1>> moans
August  Kali     11. ,1    ,     thi    '■"..:   ul        » ""I"1', lo be laid aud constructed
!„ j,, u   ^ ,i,a 1..I     \,. 1 i. mi 1.imin 1,11.1 no
i.',.i, n   j   |., i v. s 1 u H . .11  priiinii-lot 1  ..1   llcen «ea will
NOTICK girt   in h» allccted bj  thc mild works
\ 11 torla   it   ' I Julj la notice was |i   led oil the 84lli
.i.n  ,.1  .tni,     lulu   .ml     application
., ::    aula to the   Watei Couunis
,,:    .'I ,,n   milk on   lu.'r.tiiv. the
tOtb    lav    ill    Ulgll   I .       1911),   111       t»0
.  111 ill.' alternuoit
.1    F    VRMSTHONG
.iiii..nl  Adinimstrnto
OFFH IU.   AUMINIS 1 1. i I",. ■    \    i
Nt I'i'Ii K .    lei ■ that     :.
24th       . ..     '     , It   .....
ordered b>  1    ..... Esq..
cat  J udge  ol    '..     -....-
British t oi       lames bi tg .
son  Armstroi liiuul     V Im 1       a
tor for tba-  portioi
Kootenay included .u     the  i.
Difltricta ol ' 1 inbro. k and Fernie, be
Administrator ... all and singular tbe
,-stai,' ol   Arthur  Ford di are.:  inte
Every person indebted to the „aul
deceased Is required to muk,- payment
forthwith to th.- uaderslgned.
Every person having In possession
i.tTi-it„ belonging to th.- deceased is
required forthwith to notily the un
Every credltoi .,1 other pets.,11 having any claim upon or interest In the
distribution ol the estate ol the said
deceased Is required to send betore
the 'luth September next, by register
ed mini addressed tn the undersigned,
lus name antl address and the full
particulars dI Ins claim or Interest,
and n stnl ont  ol his account   and
Nt' PICE  . ■ herebj   given thai   M.i.
Hop     ■  Cranbrook   B     C ,  haa Bold
.    ,        ■ .  anil interest In the
house lormerly  owned     aad occupied
by him in Slaterville. also to all the      All application
Mali Fond     ..1 Crnabrook       vl! pet    privileges
■  mil   re contained  in aaid house,  to | Cranbroolt
sons indebted to \i.-th     Hop, 01 lun    hands ..(     the   -
ins.' claims against the said Mali Hop,   than Thursdaj
a        ..,  ; he    -aiin'   and be paid   bj ■ .:.
MMl   FOND «
luglisl   ISth,    1918 '     ■ V    De\
Cranbrook i all I air
nui   i. 0
at       th
I   be  hi ih
1     not   late
S1000.00 IN PRIZES
ll..i.f  Racing,  Foot  Ha ...,;,   Baie-all,
Kuntttall, Irmiis rourmuaitt, Siim-aw
Iri.e-c   RacttS,   b(|UAW   llotia
Race., t-ti , Bt(
G. II. Boulton, President.
W. S, tilauley. Setrttaiy
It imii.. mix  I l\li   UlrJ'I'MOT
District   ..I   Bast Kooteuay
PAKE NOTICE     thai     David     Q.
1 ie 1.1. nt    siiaiinhaii ..1   iJpruguo,   Wash., occu    i ,
Btar)   pation student,  lutcnds to upply lor ' \   ppJjED       OGLE)
♦     TORONTO      1
X     A.IK. ""Ill lo S,.|il. l-.'ih     X
ImUO. 19
perpilaalon to purchase the lollowing   I
 -tlilTIIDf-i 1 1T--T-
Cranbrook Opera Hoi i se
One Night Only-WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 7th
C. ti.   i larrette pn - ■ :■■   Ciuiada's
l-'oremost Actoi
and associate players in
" Pierre of the Plains ''
Sir Gilbert Parker's Picturesque Play of
Western Canada
Scats nn Sale al ihe licultle-Mui-pliy Drug Sloi-e
I- MtU      UbiL t 1
************,  '''•'" "•'!'"    ,""","";''1"'i:   ul   »   C  AND  COLLECTING   AGENT ■•
.*u_s^ia*s»«.   p0S|  planted at tho   8. W, corner ol j >    ______________ )
h   Lot   i'H'     theuce     west     In   chains,    J   Furnltnse mid Gooils of nil  Kin.ls s,.l.l I
1 tbence north     40 chains, Uience   east   {   Prompt Sattlaaianu    Saiisbctlan Gn.i. i
I  u chains,  thence south iti .-ham, to   I  al" ;  *___.  \
C   point   ol  commencement.                            }   omca and Bala Room, on Haiuiai  A,., i
* David G.  Slmnalian       ^          CRANBROOK, B. C, "j
* U-tt'd  July, -Ttli, lyiu. 36-44      *-.>__w'w'w-^-'wa*.-.'W'W-'wa~'w-*
U'.l'llll,:.       *
l-ell-eahliiy. ♦
li ulial you'll -iiiy
It'-, „iiu|,l,t Inn
lii-idoM  all   that
Soda and other Soft       ♦
Drinks ♦
that   «.;   refer   in,      I'hey   are ♦
heallli^'   yi.itu-   nml   lnviy;ot'at. *
hi" on thesu hot duys.   They are ]£
best and  pui i  from our   but- *
tllllg works.    The best vet. ♦
sept. 4
X   Final Return Limit
jSs;pt,__3. I9I0
♦ Truiislont    iiinii   t.-n   days
X -"'li   .In..'iinii.       l-'nr   full
♦ i-i'.l utrenl or li
4> *
,♦ I,'. li. Mt NI'IJ.IK        ♦
X Uist. Puss. Agonl      J
X I'lilt'ttry. Alia, |
FOH SALB, A three roll mangle,
in guo'l condition, bund power. Apply at Prospector urtice.
ti In-ill.it s   upply   It) ut-ur
****************************************************************************************************************** -i********************
NOTICIfl is heroby given Uml cn
24th ilny it, Augum, I'Mii 11 wns
drderetl hy r. 111. Wilaou, l-mjuliij, lo
ml Judgu ol Lho Siii>ii'n»' court ol
Urltish Columbia thai ilutuob Kuigu
oiiii Armstrong, Olliclnl Administru
tor for that portion ol the Uouuty <»f
Kootenuy lucludctl in the Electoral
Districts ot Urunbrook and Ferule, be
Administrator oi nil nnd singular the
♦state uf Harry William .Meltmi,
deceased Intestate.
Kvery person Indebted to the Bald
d«cea.-»ed is required to make payment
forthwith to tbe undersigned.
Kvery person having iu possession
effects belonging to iln1 deceased ih
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Kvery creditor or other person having any claim upon or interest in the
distribution of the estate of tbe said
deceased is required to send before
tb« 30th Beptember next, hy registered mail addressed to tbe undersigned,
hi* name and address and the full
particulars of his claim or interest,
and a statement of bis account and
tbe nature of the security 'if any)
held by b.m.
After the said lasl raentl med date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution oi tbe estate having
regard t.j those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Lated at Cranbrook, this 26th day
of August,  1910, 36 3g,
Official  Administrator.
awenw.-.nf *v^fit.tav-mefi*ts^r,m
The Management are  Doing all  in Their
Power to Hake   it   a   Success  and  They
Need Your Assistance
NOTICB la herebj given thai on
2ith day nt Auguat, 1910. il waa
ordered by P. E Wllaon, Esquire, t o
cul Judge i,l the Supreme court ol
British Columbin thm  James  l-uru'ti
on  ArmstrniH-,  Olllelal    AtVrnlnist.ru
tor for that p"rii  the County ol
Kootsnay Included In th,- Electoral
TJlatrlcts of Cranbrook mul l-'crnic, In'
Administrator ..: nil nnd singular tho
Hrtat. of Donald llrooki Campbell,
deceased Intestate
Kvery  person Indebted to   the until
dereased is required to mako paymoni I
lurthwlth to tin, untlorslij I
-____e_*xfc'«r._ae _*:.-*«Ka
W. B. Bardgett, President
P. De Vere Hunt, Secretary
*************************** *********************************************** ******* ************^X


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