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Constitution and by-laws of the Native Sons of British Columbia as amended and adopted by the Grand Post,… Native Sons of British Columbia 1902

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•aim JSoi)s
British Columbia*
As Amended and Adopted by the Grand Post June 21, 1902
Nanaimo Free Press,
Nanaimo, B. C.  COlSTSTXTTJTIOlsr
NativeSodsts op DBi^XTis^a: Oox,xr3ycBi^_
This Society shall be known as the Grand Post of the
Native Sons of British Columbia, and shall consist of delegates elected from the various sub-posts under its jurisdiction. It shall have for its object the regulation of laws and
secret work of the order.
1. The Grand Post shall consist of the Officers, Standing
Committees, Delegates and Past Chief Factors from the
various sub-posts under its jurisdiction. The delegates
shall be elected at the 1st meeting in January of the Sub-
Posts to represent their interest and act in their behalf.
2. The representatives shall bring credentials signed by
the Chief Factor and Recording Secretary certifying that
they have been elected bv and empowered to act for their
respective Sub-Posts, and all Sub-Posts shall be clear on the
books of tne Grand Post before their representatives can
take their seats.
3. The titles of the officers of the Grand Post shall be as
follows :—
Grand Factor.
Deputy Grand Factor.
Grand Treasurer.
Grand Secretary. .-/
The functions of the Grand Post, shall be:
(A) To make regulations and rules for its own Government and the election of its officers.
(B) To enact a code of general laws for the government
of Sub-Posts.
(C) To adopt a system of final arbitration for the settlement of any disputes which may arise among the Sub-Posts
and members thereof.
(D) To provide and furnish dispensations, emblems of
uniform designs, certificates and paraphernalia required by
the Sub-Posts,
(E) To provide for the distribution of pass words and the
establishment of sub-posts- throughout the Province of
British Columbia where the same have not been instituted,
To provide a revenue to meet the current expenses by
means of a per capita tax upon each Sub-Post within its
1. The officers of the Grand Post for the time being shall
constitute the Committee of Management, and shall be
known as the Grand Lodge Executive, whose duty it shall
be to enforce the lawTs and resolutions adopted at the Annual Grand Meeting, and shall have authority to suspend
from the Order any Sub-Post that may wilfully violate or
refuse compliance with such laws and regulations made
and adopted at the Annual Grand Meeting, but the accused
shall in all cases have a hearing in their cause why such
Sub-Post should not be suspended, receiving thirty one
days notice of the time and place of such hearing by registered letter.
2. Suspensions from the Order shall take place for such
a length of time as they refuse to comply with the said law s
and regulations and decisions.
3. The Grand Post shall supply such goods as are required
by the Sub-Posts, and the profit on such goods shall not \
__ (5)
exceed 20 per cent of their cost price, provided each Sub-
Post shall be at liberty to purhase such goods as it may
require up to an amount not exceeding $10 in any month.
1. The Grand Post officers shall be elected at each session
a majority of all votes being necessary to a choice. In case
of a tie, the voting shall continue until a choice is made,
the name of a brother receiving the lowest number of votes
at each balloting shall be withdrawm.
2. The Grand Factor must be a Chief or Past Chief Factor of a Sub-Post. The Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer shall he elected and continue in office during the
pleasure of the Grand Post.
The meetings of the Grand Post shall be held in such
place, and at such time as shall be decided upon at the
session of the Grand Post.
1. Each Sub-Post shall be allowed one representative by
virtue of its Charter, and one additional representative for
every fifty members thereafter or fraction thereof.
2. Representatives and their alternates shall be elected
from among the membership of each Post until such time
as sufficient Past Officers shall be eligible for the Office of
3. Each Officer and Representative upon attendance at
the Annual Grand Meeting shall receive actual travelling
expenses in going to and from such meeting by the shortest
possible route, and in addition thereto shall receive the
sum of $3.00 per day for attendance thereon. Any officer
or delegate absenting himself before the close of the Annual Grand Meeting without leave of the Grand Factor
shall forfeit his mileage and per diem.
4. Delegates shall appear in regalia and shall present proper
credentials in accordance with Art. IL, Sec. 2, or be fined (6) __^^
the sum of $5.00. Any delegate absent on first call of the
Roll shall be fined the sum of $1.50, illness or urgent business excepted, when a written excuse shall be sent the
Grand Factor, A like fine shall go\ern the adjourned
meeting of the Grand Post.
5. All fines for late or absent officers or delegates shall
be charged the Post to which they belong. Every delegate
is required to vote, or will be counted in the affirmative.
6. Any Past Chief Factor who is not a delegate may have
a seat in the Grand Post but shall not be entitled to vote,
Should any Post become suspended for violation of Rules,
Laws or Regulations, for non-compliance with the decision
of final Arbitration Committee, it shall during such suspension, forfeit any rights or privileges of the Order. In
the event of a suspended Post desiring to be re-instated, it
shall first comply with the Rules, laws and regulations, or
decisions for which it was suspended, and furrher shall pay
all back levies and assessments due from the date of its
The Grand Factor shall appoint the following Committees
at each Grand Session ;—
(1) Committee on Credentials.
(2) " •'   Mileage and per diem.
(3) " "   Arbitration and Appeal,
(4) Standing Committee on Laws.
(5) Committee on Printing.
(6) " "   State of the Order.
(7) Finance Committee.
Each Committee shall consist of three members, with the
exception of the Arbitration and Appeal Committee, which
shall consist of seven members.
Any vacan cy occuring in a committee through death
suspension, expulsion or absence from the Province shall
be filled up by the Grand Factor. __  ___ (7)
The GrandFactor or in his absence the Deputy Gran'^
Factor shall preside over all meetings of the Arbitralio11
and Appeal Committee and Grand Secretary shall attend
and take the Minutes thereof, they shall have no vote, th '
casting vote of the Grand Factor, when necessarv, excepted-
Should the Grand Factor or Deputy Grand Factor be interested in any case on Arbitration or Appeal or belong to
the Post appealing or Appealed against, the Committee
shall appoint others from among themselves who are not
interested in the case; the Chairman so appointed shall
have a casting vote only when necessary.
No case can be adjudicated unless a quorum of five members are present, nor unless thirty one clear days notice in
writing of the time and hearing has been served through
the Recording Secretary of the Sub-Post. Such notice
shall be by registered letter.
A Dispensation to open a Post of Native Sons shall on the
application of 15 male persons or more be granted upon
payment of the sum of Ten dollars.
Applicants must be of good moral character, and born
within the Province of British Columbia or whose birth is
registered therein, and of the full age of 18 years. The
cost of Rituals necessary is included with the dispensation.
The Finance Committee appointed at the Annual Meet*
ing shall audit and report at the next meeting of the Grand
Post upon the books of the Grand Secretary and Grand
All proposed amendments to the Constitutions, By-laws
or Rules of the Grand Post, must be passed in a Sub-Post (8)
and signed by the Chief Factor and Recording Secretary
and transmitted to the Grand Secretary two months before
the meeting of the Grand Post. No such amendments
shall be considered, unless notice as above has been given
and the sub-Posts notified of such changes or amendments.
The Grand Factor shall preside over all meetings, appoint a District Deputy Grand Factor for each Distric , act
impartially on all occasions, enforce all fines for infraction
of laws, sign all cheques and open new Sub-Posts, or appoint a qualified substitute. He shall have a casting vote
when the meeting is evenly divided. The decisions of the
Grand Factor on all doubtful questions that may arise a ad
on questions not clearly defined shall stand until reversed
by the Annual Grand Meeting or the Arbitration Committee, The Grand Factor shall visit each Post at least
once a year, the actual travelling expenses by shortest
route together with salary of $3.00 per diem shall be paid
by the Grand Post while on business connected with the
The Deputy Grand Factor shall assist the Grand Factor
in preserving order, and in his absence preside in his stead.
He shall act in conjunction with the Grand Sentinel in admitting members.
The Grand Secretary shall keep true and faithful accounts
of the proceedings of each meeting, attend to all communications and answer the same, keeping a copy of all letters
sent by him. In his possession shall remain the various
saleable properties of the Grand Post. He shall produce a
Balance Sheet annually or be fined $5.00. The salary of
the Grand Secretary shall be as determined by the Grand
The Grand Treasurer shall attend all meetings, receive
and pay all moneys on receipt of an order signed by the
Grand Factor and Secretary.    He shall balance his cash (_9_)	
accounts quarterly and supply the Secretary with a duplicate thereof, stating the balance he has on hand. He shall,
when required by the Grand Factor, assign and deliver all
books, papers or property of or belonging to the Grand
Post in his hands or custody.
A sentinel shall be appointed at the commencement of
each session of the Grand Post by the Grand Factor from
the members of the Post of the place of meeting. He shall
have charge of the outer door and see that no unprivileged
person gains access to the meetings. The said Sentinel
shall be paid at the rate of $3.00 per diem during the session of the Grand Post.
1. Opening Ceremony.
2. Appointment of Committee on Credentials.
3. Committee's Report on Credentials.
4. Reading Minutes of last meeting.
5. Report of Grand Factor,
6. Appointment of Committee on Distribution.
7. Committee's Report on Distribution.
8. Appointment of Sub-Committees.
9. Report of Sub Committees.
10. Grand Treasurer's Report.
11. Grand Secretary's Report.
12. Reports of other Committees.
13. Deferred Business.
14. New Business.
15. Nomination of Officers.
16. Election of Officers.
17. Installation of Officers.
18. Good of the Order.
19. Closing Ceremony. BXTLES
Arbio?ratio]m   OoiycnycxTTE^.
Committee shall meet at the call of the Grand
Factor or by c< the  Grand Secretary whenever any
question may come up for its consideration.
2. Whenever any complaint shall be received by the
Grand Secretary he shall furnish each of the Committee
with a copy of same within 5 days of the date of receipt
3. Within 10 days after the posting of such copies of
complaint the meeting of Committee shall be held.
4. Within 48 hours of the receipt of a complaint from
any member or sub-post the Grand Secretary shall make a
copy of same for the member or Post complained against
and forward same to him or it.
5. The complaint shall be taken up at the meeting of the
Committee which shall be called by the Grand Factor or
Grand Secretary at a time and place to be appointed by
either of them and the member or post lodging, such complaint shall then himself or through his or its representative furnish all evidence he or it may have in support of
such complaint and the member or post complained against
shall be allowed to put in evidence in defence; the complaining party shall be at liberty to reply and the Committee after hearing such evidence shall give its decision
which shall be duly communicated by the Grand Secretary
to the members or posts interested. OODSTSTITTJTIOlSr
IST-A^EnrsriE! Sons odf Beitish Columbia
1. The name of this Society shall be "The Native Sons
of British Columbia."
2, The objects are mutual benefit, mental improvement,
and social intercourse; to perpetuate and cherish in the
minds of all native sons the memories of "The Pioneers,"
To unite all worthy sons af British Columbia in one harmonious body, to improve the condition of its members by
encouragement in business and otherwise aiding them Obtaining employment.
Every male person over eighteen years of age, born, or
whose birth is registered in that portion of Canada now
known as British Columbia, shall be eligible as a member
of this Society.
The affairs of the Society shall be managed by the officers of the Society, consisting of a Chief Factor, two Vice-
Factors, an Honorary Treasurer, a Secretary-Treasurer, a
Recording Secretary, an Inside Sentinel, an Outside Sentinel an Auditor and a Committee comprising of three or
more ordinary members. All of the Officers and Committee shall be elected annually by ballot, as provided by the
by-laws of the Society.
All proposed amendments to the Constitution, By-Laws
or Rules must be passed in a Sub-Post and signed by the
Chief Factor and Recording Secretary and transmitted to
the Grand Secretary two months before the meeting of the
Grand Post. No such amendments shall be considered unless notice as above has been given and the Sub-Posts notified of such changes or amendments. btt-:i1lA."W"s
SxJBOi^nDiiT^.TE   Posts.
1. The name of this Society shall be " The Native Sons
of British Columbia, Post No "
2. The objects of the Society are mutual benefit, mental
improvement and social intercourse; to perpetuate and
cherish in the minds of all native sons the memories of
"The Pioneers;" to unite all worthy sons of British Columbia in one harmonious body; to improve the condition
of its members by encouragement in business and otherwise aiding them obtaining employment.
1. The membership of the Society shall be confined to
male persons over the age of eighteen years, born, or whose
birth is registered in that part of Canada now known as
the Province of British Columbia.
2. All the applicants for membership must be of good
moral character and industrious habits, having some respectable means of support, and believing in the existence
of a Supreme Being.
3. Application for membership must be made in writing,
signed by the applicant, stating date and place of 'birth,
occupation and place of residence, and the applicant must
be recommended by twro members of the Society in good
4. All applications shall be read at a regular meeting of
the Society entered on the minutes and referred to a Committee of Investigation to be appointed by the presiding
officer at such meeting, who shall enquire into and report
at the next regular meeting of the Society as to the character and fitness of the applicant to become a member. If
the report be unfavorable the applicant shall be declared (_13J	
rejected; if the report be favorable a ballot shall be taken
and three black balls shall be sufficient to reject, when rejected a, new application cannot again be considered for a
period of six months.
5. No ballot shall be taken until all information supplied
the committee shall have been investigated.
6. No applicatiou can be withdrawn afer the report of
the committee.
7. On good cause the election of a candidate may be rescinded before initiation.
8. If any person fails (except for good cause) to appear
for initiation within six months after his election such
election shall be null and void.
9. All members present and entitled to vote must vote
on the election of candidates to membership unless excused
by the presiding officer.
1. The regular meetings of the Society shall be held on
the i of every month at the
rooms of the Society. Five members in good standing shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
2. Special meetings may be called by the Chief Factor at
his discretion, and must be called upon the written request
of any five members in good standing, and the Recording
Secretary shall notify the members thereof in time to render their presence possible.
3. No business shall be transacted at a special meeting
other than that for which it may have been called.
4. The meetings of the Society shall be presided over by
the Chief Factor, and in his absence by either of the Vice-
Factors, and in their absence by the Senior Past Chief Factor present, and in his absence any member in good standing may be called upon to preside by a majority of those
X. The officers of the Society shall be a Chief Factor, two
Vice-Factors and Honorary Treasurer, a Secretary-Treasurer, a Recording Secretary, an Inside Sentinel, an Outside A,
_ K14) , _
Sentinel, an Auditor and a Committee of three or more
members in good standing. All officers shall be elected annually at the regular annual meeting and hold office for
one year or rmtil their successors are elected.
2. At the expiration of the Chief Factor's term of office
he shall be duly installed as a Pa3t Chief Factor (except on
the first election of officers when he shall be elected). He
shall administer the installation service for the officers
elected for each term and instruct the members in the
secret work of the Society.
3. After the first election of officers no member shall be
eligible to the office of Chief Factor unless he has served an
unexpired term as Chief Factor, or as Vice-Factor; provided, if any member qualified to serve declines, any member in good standing is entitled to be elected.
1. Nominations for officers shall be made at the meeting
immediately preceding that of the regular election and on
election night by consent of a majority of the members
2. When an officer or officers are to be elected the Chief
Factor shall appoint three tellers to conduct the election.
The ballot box shall be placed in front of the Chief Factor
and as the roll is called by the Recording Secretary each
member entitled to vote shall respond as his name is called
and then deposit his ballot. In cases where there is no
opposition the presiding officer may instruct the Recording
Secretary to call the ballot for that Office.
3. All elections for officers shall be by ballot, a majority
of all votes cast being necessary for a choice.
4. Vacancies may be filled by nominations at any regular
meeting and election at the next succeeding meeting.
5. After the first election of officers all officers shall be
elected at the first regular meeting in January and shall be
installed at the next regular meeting. The installation
may be public or private as the Society may determine.
The Past Chief Factor shall act as installing officer. \
1. The Chief Factor shall preside at the meetings of the
Society, preserve order, countersign all cheques drawn by
the Honorary Treasurer for payment of audited accounts
and sign all other papers ordered by the Society ; have general supervising power over the Society; see that officers
perform their duty; enforce the constitution, by-laws and
rules of the Society; appoint all committees not otherwise
provided for; give the casting vote in case of a tie ; examine
and announce the result of all balloting and other votes;
direct the Recording Secretary to call special meetings
when applied for in writing by five members. He shall
not make or second any motion, nor take part in any debate while in the chair. At the regular meeting after his
installation he shall appoint all necessary standing committees.
2. Either of the Vice-Factors shall perform the duties of
the Chief Factor in his absence or inability.
3. The Recording Secretary shall keep a correct account
of the proceedings of the Society in a book to be kept for
that purpose. He shall record a brief synopsis of all bonds
executed by officers of the Society. He shall furnish the
members of Investigating Committees with copies of all
applications. He shall keep a correct record of votes cast
at all elections. He shall notify candidates for membership in writing of their election or rejection, and members
of their suspension, expulsion or acceptance of resignation.
He shall report to the Secretary-Treasurer immediately the
reinstatement names of all rejected candidates, and the
suspension of a member. He shall be the custodian of and
keep all papers and documents of the Society ready for inspection at any time, other than the Bonds which shall be
in the custody of the Past Chief Factor; notify the members of, special meetings when ordered by the Chief Factor
and within one week after his term expires deliver to his
successor all books and papers together with all other property of the society in his possession.
4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record book
showing the names of members, when admitted, when and [__] ___„_	
where born or where birth is registered, their place of residence, collect their dues and all other monies .due the
Society ; keep a regular account thereof and at each meeting pay the same to the Honorary Treasurer, take his receipts and retain them as vouchers in settlement; notify
all members when in arrears for four months and on the
night of election furnish the presiding officer with the list
of members not entitled to vote. At the end of his term
he shall make a report showing the number of members
elected, re-elected, initiated, suspended, reinstated, withdrawn, resigned, expelled and deceased, with dates and
occupation, the number of contributing members, the
amount of receipts, amount expended and the amount on
hand, and within one week after his term expires deliver
to his successor all books and papers, together with all
other property of the Society in his possession.
5. The Honorary Treasurer shall receive, receipt for and
disburse all moneys belonging to the Society and keep a
regular account thereof. He shall deposit the money in
such chartered bank as the Society may determine. He
shall draw all cheques in payment of moneys due by the
Society and the said cheques shall be countersigned by the
Chief Factor and the Secretary-Treasurer. He shall keep
an account of all properties, investments and funds of the
Society, which shall at all times be open for inspection and
at the end of his term make a report and furnish the Recording Secretary with all the information necessary to enable him to prepare his report. Prior to his installation
he shall give a joint and several bond, payable to the Chief
Factor and Vice-Factors, in trust for the Society, in such
sums as the Society may require, with two good and sufficient sureties, or in lieu thereof the bond of some guarantee society approved by the officers. At the end of his
term and at each monthly meeting he shall make a report
showing his receipts, disbursements, and the amount on
hand and deliver his books, papers and money to his successor in office within one week after the expiration of his
6. The Committee of management shall make and call in
loans of the Society's funds when so directed and shall fix
the>emuneration of the paid officers; shall insure and el?:
' keep insured against fire all the property of the Society,
and shall, with the Chief Factor, exercise a general supervision over all the affairs of the Society.
7. The Inside Sentinel shall have charge of the inner
door and shall not allow any one to enter or retire during
the opening, closing or initiatory ceremony unless directed
by the Chief Factor.
8. The Outside Sentinel shall have charge of the outside
doot and anteroom and shall not allow anvone to enter
without giving the password unless directed by the presiding officer.
9. The Auditor shall examine the books and vouchers of
the Society and present a written report as to the same to
the Society on or before the first meeting in February of
each and every year.
1. The initiation fee shall be $2.00, $1.00 of which to
accompany the application for membership and which sum
shall be forfeited to the Post if applicant does not present
himself for initiation within six months of election, and
the monthly dues shall be 25 cents, payable in advance
every four months.
2. Members one dollar in arrear for dues are not entitled
to the password or a vote in the Society, nor shall they be
eligible to office.
3. A member who becomes indebted to the Society in
the sum of three dollars shall be liable to suspension.
4. In suspending a member the following procedure
must be strictly observed :
(a). The member liable to suspension must be notified in
Writing by the Secretary-Treasurer of the amount due by
him to the Society, and of the fact that on a date named in
the notice he will be liable to suspension ; such notice mu^t
be served at least one month prior to the time of his suspension by the Society.
(b) Such notice must be served either by delivering same
to him personally, or by mailing it under registered cover
to his last known place of address. (c). The Secretary serving such notice shall use blank
notices from a book having a stub, on which he shall make
a record of the date and manner of service.
(d). At the next meeting after the date named in the
notice as the time of liability to suspension or at any subsequent meeting^ the Secretary shall announce that the
said member is liable to suspension, and such announcement shall be recorded in the minutes, together with the
fact that the member is still indebted to the Society in the
sum of three dollars or more.
(e). The presiding officer shall thereupon declare the
member suspended from membership and the member
shall stand suspended from membership.
5. A suspended member desiring to be reinstated shall
make a written application, which shall then be acted upon
as in the case of a new application, after payment of all demands against him, he may, upon the report of the Investigating Committee, be reinstated by a two-third vote of al1
members present and voting, which voting shall be taken
by ballot.
6. Members suspended for non-payment of dues shall not
be liable for dues, fines or assessments during their sus-
1. A member may resign upon paying all demands
against him.   His resignation must be in writing.
2. Withdrawal cards may be granted upon the payment
of fifty cents to Members who are clear on the books according to law by a majority vote, by ballot, of the members present when the application is made; such Withdrawal Card to be deposited within two months of date
thereof in another Post upon payment of fifty cents.
3. A member absenting himself from the city in which
his Post is located for twelve months or more shall pay the
dues at the rate of $1.50 per year during such absence, provided said member notifies the Secretary of his Post of the
date of leaving the city and of his return thereto. uin	
The Post shall at all times have power to add to, amend or
alter and rescind these by-laws or any part thereof at any
regular meeting on a two-third majority of votes of those
present, subject to the approval of the Committee on Laws
of Subordinates of the Grand Lodge; provided that no
addition, alteration or recision shall be discussed or made
unless one month's notice of the proposed change shall
have been given.
1. Opening ceremonies.
2. Roll call of officers.
3. Reading minutes of last meeting.
4. Communications read.
5. Accounts presented*
6. Applications for membership.
7. Report of Investigating Committees.
8. Balloting for Candidates.
9. Initiations.
10. Recess for congratulations and for collection of dues
and fines.
11. New business*
12. Reports of Committees*
13. Reports of Officers. *
14. Does any member know of employment for unemployed members.
15. Unfinished business.
16. Good and welfare.
17. Closing ceremonies. vv
  ( 20 )
1 Menbers absent from regular annual election may be
fined fifty cents unless a sufficient excuse is given either in
person or in writing within thirty days after said election.
2. Should any member disregard the authority of the
presiding officer by persisting in using improper language
or conducting himself in a disorderly manner the presiding
officer may fine such member, or the Society may inflict
such punishment as the nature of the offence may require.
3. Any member who shall knowingly propose an unworthy candidate, or who shall be guilty of habitual drunkenness, or of wilfullv deceiving a member of the Society, or
who shall divulge (except to a member) any of the proceedings of the Society required of him to be kept private, or
the name of any person who opposes the admission of a
candidate, or who shall violate his obligation, shall be
lined, reprimanded, suspended, or expelled as a two-third's
majority of the members present at a special meeting of the
Society held for that purpose may determine.
4. Any member accepting appointment on a committee
and failing to attend to the duties of the same shall be
fined fifty cents, unless sufficient excuse is given.
5. Any officer absenting himself for three consecutive
regular meerings texcept in case of sickness or absence
from the city), or any officer for misconduct or neglect may
be removed from office by a two-third majority of the
members voting at the next meeting after a resolution to
that effect has been presented.
6. Initiatory officers absent from initiation shall be fined
one dollar, except in case of sickness or absence from the
city. ( 21 )  L
Rule 1. When the C. F. takes the chair, the officers and
members shall take their respective stations, and at the
sound of the gavel there shall be general silence, The Post
shall then proceed to open in due form.
Rule 2. The C. F. shall.preserve order, and pronounce
the decision of the post on all subjects; he shall decide all
questions of order without debate, subject to an appeal to
the post by any member, which appeal must be seconded,
when the question shall be: ''Shall the decision of the
chair stand as judgement of the .Post?" on which no
Brother shall speak more than once without special permission of the Post, which must be granted or withheld without debate. The question of appeal and all questions
which arise while it is pending shall be taken and announced or decided by the C F.
Rule 3. No question shall be stated unless moved and
seconded, nor be open for discussion until stated by the C.
F., and when a question is before the Post the only motions in order shall be: 1st, to lay on the table; 2nd, the
previous question ; 3rd, to definitely postpone; 4th, to indefinitely postpone; 5th, to recommit; 6th, to refer; 7th,
to amend ; and they shall take precedence in the order here
arranged, and the first two shall be decided without debate.
Rule 4. On the call of seven members for the previous
question, the C. F. shall put the question in this form :
"Shall the main question be now put?" If the motion be
carried the vote shall be upon all pending amendments,
after which the main question.
Rule 5. When the previous question has been moved
and seconded, it shall be put in this form: "Shall the
main question now be put? " and if decided in the affirmative the vote shall be taken on all incidental questions
in propr r order until the whole subject has been disposed of. V
Rule 6. No motion shall be made by one Brother while
another is speaking, and no motion shall be made or seconded without rising and addressing the C. F., and he shall
not recognize a motion or second made contrary to this rule.
Rule 7. No resolution shall be offered to the Post except
in writing and signed by the Brother offering the same;
and any brother making a motion shall reduce the same to
writing at the request of the C. F., or any member; and in
either case they shall not be before the Post until read
from the desk of the Recording Secretary.
Rule 8. When anv communication, petition or memorial is presented, a brief statement of its contents shall be
made before it is read, and after it has been read a brief
note of its purport be entered on the minutes.
Rule 9. When the reading of any paper is called for and,
an objection is made by any Brother, it shall be determined
by a vote of the Post.
Rule 10. No member shall be interrupted while speaking, except it be to call him to order, or for the purpose of
Rule 11. If a member while speaking be called to order,
he shall, at the request of the C F., take his seat until the
question of order is determined, when, if permitted, he
may again proceed.
Rule 12. No member shall speak without rising in his
proper place, respectfully address the C. F. by his title.
Brothers shall confine themselves to the question under debate, and avoid all personalities and indecorous language.
Rule 13. If two or more Brothers rise to speak at the
same time, the C. F. shall decide which is entitled to the
floor, and no Brother shall speak more than once on the
same subject or question until all who wish have spoken,
nor more than twice without permission of theC. F. Each
member, while speaking, shall designate the officer or
member spoken of by his proper rank or title according to
his standing in the Society. (23)	
Rule 14. When a blank is to be filled, the question shall
be first taken on the highest sum or number and the longest time proposed.
Rule 15. Before putting the question the C. F. shall ask :
"Is the Post ready for the question?" when, if no Brother
rises to speak, he shall rise and put the question ; and after
he has risen for that purpose no further discussions or
motions shall be entertained until the question has been
decided. When the C. F. is addressing the Post or putting
the question silence shall be observed in the room.
Rule 16. After any question, except one of indefinite
postponement, has been decided, any two Brothers who
voted in the majority, may, at the same time or next regular meeting, move for a reconsideration thereof, but no
discussion of the main question shall be allowed unless reconsidered ; but a motion to reconsider a vote cannot be entertained.
Rule 17. When a brother has been called to order for
the manifestation of temper or improper conduct, he shall
not be permitted to speak again at that meeting unless by
special permission of the C. F.
Rule 18. No Brother shall vote on any question in which
he is directly or indirectly interested.
Rule 19. Every member not in arrears shall vote, unless
excused, unless he be disqualified by some special by-law
or rule of order.
Rule 20. The C. F. shall not make or second any motion
or resolution, or take part in any debate while in the chair,
but may make suggestions or point out errors.
Rule 21. In speaking on points of order the C. F. shall
have precedence; but he cannot speak on any other subject,
unless to state facts within his own knowledge, without
previously vacating the chair and calling thereto some
qualified member. __ [_n .
Rule 22. No Brother shall retire without permission of
the C. F. During an intermission, opening, initiation, or
while a vote is being taken, the doors shall be closed.
Pule 23. No member shall be required to serve on a
committee if at the time of appointment he is a member of
two other committees. No member can be appointed on a
committee when absent from the Post.
Rule 24. The Brother first named on'a committee shall
be the chairman thereof, for the purpose of calling it to-
gether, and until another has been elected by the committee.
Rule 25. A motion to proceed to close is always in order
after the regular order of business has been disposed of,
which motion shall be decided without-debate.
Rule 26. No part of these Rules of Order shall be repealed, amended or annulled (except where specially provided) unless a proposition in writing, stating the change
proposed, be made at two regular meetings previous to the
time of its being acted upon, when, if two-thirds of the
legal votes cast be in favor of the proposition, it shall be
adopted; but any of them; or any part thereof, may be
suspended for the time being by a two-thirds vote of the
members present.
Rule 27. Cushing's Manual shall govern in all cases not
provided for in these rules.   wm $«$ of Mill Wiiia.
-POST NO.   1.
Victoria,  B. C,... .J. AN. .19. M3 ... 190..
Dear Sir and Brother :—
In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and
By-Laws of the above Society, I beg to notify you that you are
now indebted for month's dues @ 25 cents per
month ; $. W. , to w . . . . . . . .... 190. .
Article VII, Section 2, says: "Members one dollar in
arrears for dues are not entitled to the pass-word or a vote in the
Society, nor shall they be eligible to office."
I am directed to request payment of the above amount
I beg to remain Dear Sir and Brother,
Fraternally yours,
To Bro. /.If. /\. /XfVfci*/^^ .... Native Sons of British Columbia,
POST No. 1.
Victoria, B. C. January 15th,  1903.
Dkar Sir and Bro.:
Kindly take notice that the Regular Annual Election of
Officers takes place at the Regular Monthly Meeting, to be
held at K. of P. Hall, Corner Douglas and Pandora Streets,
at 8 p. m., Tuesday the 27th inst. You are hereby notified
to attend, and I am desired to call your attention to Clause 1
of Article XI of the By-laws which reads as follows :
lt Members absent from Regular Annual Election may be fined fifty,
cents unless a sufficient excuse  is given,  either in  person  or in  writing
within thirty days after said election."
Trusting you may find it convenient to attend,
I remain, yours fraternally,
S$&$mw H§P. ^^ay^ieSj


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