BC Historical Books

BC Historical Books

BC Historical Books combines the traditional tools of bibliography with the new tools of the digital world to transform our understanding of, and insight into, the history and life of British Columbia.

Bibliography is the science of describing published works, and the bibliography of British Columbia is located in traditional printed bibliographies. The goal of the BC Historical Books project is to build a single searchable database of the bibliography of British Columbia based on full-text searchable versions of the books contained therein. The result will allow scholars, students and the public unparalleled access to knowledge about our province.

The three bibliographies of British Columbia, published by the Social Sciences Research Center at the University of Victoria (B.C.) between the late 1960's and mid-1970's, provide the foundation for this project (digital versions may be found to the left of this text):

A related collection, the Northern BC Digital Collection, is available courtesy of the University of Northern British Columbia Northern BC Archives & Special Collections.

The 160 works which seeded this digital collection were contributed by: