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Reclaiming the open learning environment Lamb, Brian; Festinger, Jon; Engle, Will 2013-10-23

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 Reclaiming The Open Learning Environment OPEN UBC WEEK October 23, 2013       Jon Festinger Q.C. Centre for Digital Media Festinger Law & Strategy  http://videogame.law.ubc.ca @gamebizlaw                 http://videogame.law.ubc.ca              Course Origins   ? 7th year being taught ? Originally a book; but a course outline before a book.. ? 2005/2006 UBC/UVic video experiment ? Last year ? started from scratch ? Began as iTunes U project ??? ? Begat ? blog-site ? This Year ? website http://videogame.law.ubc.ca  All thanks to UBC CTLT     Well actually?.the original concept?             Pedagogic Goals ? One word: ENGAGEMENT ? Two words: CREATING PERSPECTIVE ? Three words: APPRECIATING (LEGAL) COMPLEXITY        Meaning what exactly?? * ?Quest? = Great paper, great contributions * ?Open World? = Vast terrain to be explored and navigated in your own way & on your unique(non-linear) path  Can be played from a ?1st  or 3rd person? perspective * Provide tools for ?user generated content? ? Provide additional ?downloadable content? (DLC) ? Encourage ?multiplayer? engagement ? In other words Skyrim (if it had multiplayer..)   Why Course Content To The Web? 1. Engagement is interactivity  2. Metaphor: of Law 423B as the ?MMORPG? Game of            3. The native language of students is the web   4. Still can?t figure out Moodle  5. Perfect for the Law ? Openness is a fundamental principle of Justice & ?Ignorantia juris non excusat?  6. Course tends away from the biblical model of ?immaculate creation? and it?s attendant copyright consequences   7. So                     obvious choice                   Hits & Misses HITS: 1. The research on open teaching is correct?. (Teachers prepare MUCH harder) 2. Student engagement (& amazement) 3. ?Living? Syllabus 4. Persistent materials 5. Appreciation from ?everywhere? 6. Invitations 7. Easy to adopt and adapt  (YouTube, ?Paper Talk?) MISSES: 8. Part of evaluation? 9. Student filming idea              Biggest Hit Give a person a  fish and you  feed him for a  day. Teach a   person to fish and  you feed them for  a lifetime.                Evolutions          STUDENT CONNECTIVITY LAYER   Horizontal not vertical is the crucial on-line learning plane                       Why?   Because it?s the most crucial off-line learning plane       Why have we not figured this out? 1. Real time co-posting with text/audio/video background connection 2. Smart student Avatar/Surrogate  This Is?  EASY NOT HARD OPEN NOT CLOSED CONSISTENT WITH FURTHERING KNOWLEDGE (not limiting it) SCALEABLE INCLUSIVE INFINITELY MORE VISUALLY APPEALING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (by me?)      What I Really Learned ?             Always include a cat picture?    Our Academic Partners  


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