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Open scholar awards at UBC : increase the impact of your research Colenbrander, Hilde; Kirchner, Joy; Stephens, Tara 2012-10-31

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Open Scholar Awards at UBC: Increase the Impact of Your Research  Hilde Colenbrander, cIRcle Coordinator Joy Kirchner, Scholarly Communications Coordinator Tara Stephens, cIRcle Librarian  Open UBC, October 31, 2012  • Introduction: Open Access at UBC via cIRcle • Need an incentive to make your work openly accessible? – GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award – Innovative Dissemination of Research Award – Increase the impact of your research    Today’s agenda • cIRcle, UBC’s digital repository – 42,300 items in cIRcle – UBC theses and dissertations since 1919 – Journal articles (pre and post prints) – Conference proceedings – Working papers, technical reports – Videos and podcasts of speeches, lectures, events   Open Access via cIRcle  • Collaboration between the Graduate Student Society and cIRcle • UBC Vancouver graduate students are eligible • Award is sponsored by –  the Graduate Student Society, UBC Vancouver –  cIRcle, UBC Library    GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award  • Purpose of Award: – To feature UBC as a leader in the open dissemination of exemplary non-thesis graduate coursework – to create an incentive for graduate students to populate cIRcle with material beyond theses and dissertations    GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award  • Lottery style award – Two awards twice a year, October and April – Randomly selected from submissions made to cIRcle during the previous 6 months – $500 per award • Students’ course instructors approve all submissions   GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award   • Award approved by UBC Senate; went live in July 2012 • September 30, 2012: – 29 submissions qualified for inclusion in lottery • First two awards presented: – on October 18, 2012 – by the Graduate Student Society    GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award    Examples of student projects    “This opportunity is exactly the kind of thing that I hoped for when I started out as a graduate student. It is an opportunity to be recognized by my peers outside of the normal networks. This is an important initiative both for the collegial spirit it promotes and the way it encourages us to collaborate more openly.”  Conny Lin, GSS President  • DSpace Reporting Suite Module – Views – Downloads  • Google Analytics – Geographic location – Referrals – Keyword searches     Measuring impact   The Effectiveness of Exercise Therapy in Reducing Pain and Improving Clinical Outcomes in Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy GSS Award Winner Is the Decrease in Maximal Voluntary Contraction Following Tibalis Anterior Tendon Vibration Accompanied by a Disruption in Excitation Contraction Coupling? Demographics of cIRcle users via Google Analytics View the video at • Questions, comments? – Please contact us any time – Follow us on Twitter and our News blog     Thank you for coming! Innovative Dissemination of Research Award  Joy Kirchner Scholarly Communications Coordinator, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office  October 31 – November 1, 2012 Innovative Dissemination of Research Award  • What it is • Why we initiated it • What we are learning from it   Innovative Dissemination of Research Award  Established by the Library in 2010, this Award focuses on new and innovative ways of communicating and disseminating knowledge. The Award honors UBC faculty, staff and students who are expanding the boundaries of research through the creative use of new tools and technologies that enhance the research findings being disseminated.   Innovative Dissemination of Research Award  • How is this format different from what has happened in your discipline in the past? • Does the dissemination model for the information significantly enhance the audience experience? • Does the dissemination model suggest new ways of applying the knowledge by the manner in which it is packaged? • Does the dissemination model for the information engage/attract a different audience in the use of material? • Does the vehicle merge forms of communication in new ways to give the recipient enhanced options? – video, text, images, software manipulations etc.  What we learned  • 2010-37; 2011–17; 2012-25 = 79 different innovative models • Most are open, have “open” features or are dependent on openly accessible information • Intention is to extend reach of research beyond traditional • Most have multimedia embedded • Large number have a community-driven aspect • Created to solve a particular gap • Many cross disciplinary • 1/10 used theatre   What we learned Sea Around Us wins 2012 UBC Library Innovative Dissemination of Research Award    Arash Tavakolie, Senior .NET Developer; Dirk Zeller, Senior Research Fellow; and Daniel Pauly, Principal Investigator What we learned Community based Extending the reach of research  Community based Theatrical application   Summary • Non-traditional scholarship containers • Supports & Sustainability variable • Community-based, knowledge translation • Open data used or created • Engagement with viewer/reader strongly considered (i.e. interactive, visual) • Looking at research differently 


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