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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

In Search of Nursing’s History : Collections and Research Services Miller, Katherine 2018-03-08

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In Search of Nursing’s History: Collections and Research ServicesKatherine Miller, MLISNursing Librarian and Faculty of Land and Food Systems Librarian Woodward LibraryLibrarians and archivists partner with faculty, students and other scholars on nursing history scholarship and research. Some of the activities include digitization of unique materials; acquiring and preserving information in print and online; and providing one-on-one consultations and classroom instruction to nursing researchers. • print and online books• access to journals and journal articles• open collections (grey literature such as Nursing theses & dissertations, graduate student projects/posters, recordings of lectures)• print ephemera: pamphlets• artifacts such as the infant feeders• indexes: CINAHL - Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (2700+ journals)• And more:  [Unknown]. (1859). Florence Nightingale [P]. doi:  Craven, Dacre, Mrs. (1878, March 20). [Letter, Florence Lees to Miss Majendie, March 20, 1878] [C]. doi: Joseph P. UBC_20170327_8593.jpg. [photo], 2017.3. Joseph, P. (2017). Information Desk. [photo]. Woodward Library, UBC.4. [Unknown]. (2017). [Journal Cover]. Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, 34(2). [Unknown]. (1899). [Nursing bottle] [Photo]. doi: Dee, M. (2017). Memorial Room. [photo] Woodward Library, UBC.7. UBC Library Informatics for Nursing. Retrieved from: to the LiteratureCollectionsReferences3454In today’s complex information ecosystem, information professionals help you navigate the complex process of finding and managing the literature for advanced literature reviews, scoping and systematic reviews. 12Inspiring research and study spaces close to collections and library reference expertise.SpacesInformation literacy workshops and classroom instruction are offered to the UBC Community and general public in-person and online. Topics include: • Using various indexes and software to find the literature. Adapting search strategies to various search engines• Evidence based practice• Managing your search results with bibliographic citation management toolsOnline instruction is one of the ways librarians and archivists provide instruction. Some examples:• CINAHL:• UBC Library Informatics of For Nurses warmly invite your questions!katherine.miller@ubc.caResearch Consultations Instruction67


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