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An analysis of growth opportunities of pre-fabricated housing in Vietnam Tam, Robert


This paper is an analysis of the pre-fabricated housing industry in Canada, and potential opportunities for market expansion into the South East Asian country of Vietnam. Vietnam is a rapidly growing country which has undergone tremendous economic growth in recent years. Consequently, there is a rapidly rising middle class that will undoubtedly create a large demand for housing. The pre-fabricated housing concept would be well poised to capitalize on this demand due to the numerous advantages it offers over traditional housing. The first part of this paper will describe the Canadian pre-fabricated home industry and the pre-fabricated home concept. The latter part will be a market analysis aimed to educate readers on the potential opportunities that may lie in Vietnam for expanding the Canadian pre-fabricated home industry. Based on a preliminary analysis, it appears that market conditions in the short term would likely be too risky for Canadian pre-fabricated homes to enter into the market. Vietnam is currently experiencing a housing slump and may be years away from recovery. However in the long term, growth prospects are highly favourable due to rising incomes and anticipated increases in real housing demand. Vietnam is well positioned to become a developed country in the next 20 years, and could provide an excellent opportunity for the Canadian pre-fabricated home industry.

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