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Composition of massive from massless bosons Von der Lin, Val Allen


Massive bosons a reconstructed from generalized biparticle states of massless scalar particles ("zerons") and of massless vector particles (photons). The self-coupling of the zeron field ϭ₀ is described by the Lagrangian density g₀º₀⁴. The self-coupling of the photon field is described by the duality in variant Misner-Wheeler Lagrangian density. Doublet mass spectra are generated if the coupling constants take the appropriate signs. Each such spectrum is fitted to that of an experimentally observed meson doublet having the correct spin and parity. The coupling constants and the cut-offs that are introduced are there by determined uniquely. The coupling constant and the cut-off ⋋ in the zeron model assume the values g₀ = -9.50 and ⋋ = 515 n.u. in the photon model, both scalar and pseudo scalar particles are constructed. The respective cut-offs and coupling constants are ⋋ ₍₊₎ = 729 n.u. , g₊ = 1.67 x 10⁻⁵ n.u. and ⋋ ₍₋₎ = 574 n.u., g₍₋₎ = 3.34 x 10⁻⁵ n.u.

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