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Position of the Southeast Asian communist parties in the Sino-Soviet dispute Hentschel, Klaus Gunther


The purpose of this study is to examine the variables responsible for the fact that Southeast Asian Communist parties sided with Peking In the latter’s ideological dispute with Moscow. The analysis is to a large extent based upon a comparison of Communist journals, the most important being the Peking Review and the World Marxist Review. I have assumed that the latter, controlled by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, will print only those items reflecting its interpretation in the dispute. And the former, published by the Communist Party of China, will do likewise. In addition, the author has relied heavily on Western sources which specialize in translating Communist material relating to Sino-Sovlet polemics. The assumption of this paper has been that Southeast Asian Communists would realistically assess which protagonist in the dispute offered the best advice on the question of how to gain power and, consequently, would confer their loyalty to that side. However, after an analysis of differing Chinese and Russian opinions of the best way to obtain power and an examination of the domestic position of the individual Communist parties the above assumption had to be qualified. It was found that although all parties examined opted for the Chinese side, this was not so much a consequence of the greater utility of Chinese- advocated strategy but more a factor of domestic necessity for and Chinese organizational control of the Southeast Asian Communist parties.

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