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French Canadian settlement in British Columbia Stewart, John Ray


This thesis begins with a review of early French Canadian activity in the Pacific Northwest and undertakes principally to discover what motives attracted thousands of French-Canadians to British Columbia from Quebec or other areas east of the Rockies, It arose from the writer’s curiosity about the relation between the development of lumbering in British Columbia in the early twentieth century and the influx of French-Canadians, famous as lumberjacks. In the course of his Investigations the writer discovered a definite relation between the lumber industry and French Canadian immigration but found also that many Canadiens came in connection with mining and other Industrial activity. Because written source material on the French-Canadian in the British Columbia of the past is almost entirely lacking he hopes that his gleanings will in some measure supply a need, the thesis attempts also to survey the pattern of recent French-Canadian settlement. It indicates the problems endangering the survival of French-Canadian culture and describes current efforts being made to preserve French-Canadian nationalism.

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