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Unamuno and the Quijote. Weinberg, Florence M.


This essay constitutes an attempt to trace the development of the Quijote theme in the writings of Unamuno from 1896 to 1905. In these nine years which were crucial in the evolution of Unamuno's philosophical and religious thought, the theme of the Quijote constantly recurs in his essays. Unamuno's articles on the Quijote theme represent only, a fraction of his total production during this period but they give vivid evidence of the rapidly changing concepts of their author. Moreover, this essay seeks to establish that La Vida de Don Quijote y Sancho, completed by Unamuno as early as 1905, already contains the full gamut of his major existential ideas as they repeat themselves in almost endless variations throughout his later work. These ideas are here examined along with their rapport with the problems they raise or imply. Finally, the allegorical meaning which each major character of Cervantes' Quijote gradually assumes in Unamuno's interpretation is given detailed consideration in this essay.

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