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Marine magnetic survey in the Mackenzie Bay/Beaufort Sea area arctic Canada Goh, Rocque


This thesis presents an investigation of the variations in the magnetic field obtained in the Mackenzie Bay/Beaufort Sea area of the Canadian Arctic. It was found that the variations obtained at sea were strikingly correlated with those recorded at Point Atkinson, a fixed station on land, 150 miles from the survey area. In addition, it was found that the higher frequencies present in the marine records were severely attenuated with respect to the corresponding frequencies in the Point Atkinson recordings. It was concluded that the Mackenzie Bay/Beaufort Sea area is geomagnetically anomalous and that this situation is probably caused by higher electrical conductivity material underlying, the Mackenzie Bay/Beaufort Sea area, abutting lower conductivity material of the North American craton underlying Point Atkinson. This conclusion has important implications relating to the tectonic history of the Canadian Arctic.

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