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Residential patterns of the Chinese in Vancouver, British Columbia Cho, George Chin Huat


This study examines the residential patterns of the Chinese within the city of Vancouver. The Chinese are the single largest Asian minority ethnic group in Vancouver arid have a uniquely concentrated pattern of distribution. The study first summarises the general history of Chinese immigration into Canada, particularly British Columbia, over the past 100 years, and also examines the growth of Vancouver's Chinatown. Using published and unpublished census data the changing patterns of Chinese settlement within the City of Vancouver are described. Next, drawing on census data and on material collected through a Sample. Survey of 125 Chinese families in 1969, some overall characteristics of the Vancouver Chinese community are described, in terms of such factors as age-sex structure, education, period of immigration, and residential patterns. It is hypothesised that there are basic differences between the Chinatown and suburban Chinese in Vancouver. This hypothesis was tested and it showed that there were significant differences between the Chinese living in these different locations in terms of demographic, economic, residential and social factors, in conclusion, the study suggests that inquiries of this nature could be profitably repeated with other ethnic groups within the city.

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