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The social worker in the school : an experimental study of the liaison and service functions of the social worker in a Vancouver elementary school Thomson, Mary


The accompanying thesis, written as part of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Social Work, and entitled "THE SOCIAL WORKER IN THE SCHOOL - An Experimental Study of the Liaison and Service Functions of the Social Worker in a Vancouver Elementary School", is primarily concerned to establish a case for the integration of the Social fork and Education professions through the appointment of School Social Workers. Based, for its practical aspects, on a ten-week experiment in a Vancouver Elementary School, it discusses the child problems encountered and the problems of relationship with other school personnel, with, parents, and with the other professions and community agencies involved. The theoretical aspects include an analysis of educational trends to indicate the extent to which the inclusion of social work principles and techniques are a logical, as well as a socially desirable, next step. It is also pointed out that the school occupies an unrivalled, strategic position for the early detection of emotional disturbances and social maladjustments. The role of the School Social Worker is described in its historical development and some attention given to the training and personal qualifications desirable for the efficient performance of this function. The administrative problem is also discussed, some practical proposals, applicable to the Vancouver situation, being offered.

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