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The housing of student veterans during the post-war period : a social survey of the temporary residences at the University of British Columbia Fawcett, Evelyn Anne


After the Second World War had ended, the University of British Columbia, faced with thousands of returning veterans and a general shortage of accommodation in the Vancouver area, first accepted the responsibility of providing housing facilities for students. For this purpose, five former army camps were altered and expanded; Little Mountain, Lulu Island, and Wesbrook Camps to house married students, Fort Camp to house single men exclusively, while Acadia Camp accommodated single men, single women, and families. The development of these temporary residences from 19445 to 1949, when they housed approximately 775 single students and 550 families, is traced, with emphasis on the administration of the camps by the University. Student Government within the Camps is also discussed, with particular attention being given to the Little Mountain, Acadia, and Fort Camp Councils. By means of questionnaires, student opinions of certain features of the camps for single students was sought, both among the residents of these camps, and among the general student body of the University. An analysis and discussion of the answers obtained is included, and will, it is hoped, be of assistance in the planning of permanent residences. A preference for living in a residence, rather than boarding in a private home is indicated, and the location of the residences for men and women students in the same general area, with common dining and recreational facilities, is favoured.

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