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Reception procedures in a juvenile correctional institution : a study of the reception procedure used in the Saskatchewan Boys' School McDonald, John Merril


This study describes and analyses the reception procedures currently used in the Saskatchewan Boys' School. This School is financed and administered by the Department of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation for the confinement, study and treatment of juveniles legally committed to it by the Juvenile Court of Saskatchewan. From the considered written opinions of leading authorities on delinquency and corrections, a model reception programme for a juvenile correctional institution has been developed. This standard is then used as a basis for describing and evaluating the intake procedures used in the Saskatchewan Boys’ School. The information about the School reception programme was gathered from the writer's personal experience in the service of the Department of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation and through interviews with the Superintendent of the School. The study accepts the premise that intake begins at the time of the delinquent's apprehension and includes the boy's contact with the police, the probation officer, the juvenile court judge and the staff of the School. The intake process is divided into two stages: the pre-institutional procedures, which include the boy's contacts with the police, social worker and judge; and the institutional procedures, commonly known as the reception programme. In this study the pre-institutional procedures are only briefly described. However, the reception programme is described in detail. The evaluation of the Boys' School Reception Programme is facilitated by the analysis of the reception programme into its component parts. This analysis indicates clearly what is involved in an adequate reception programme. The influence of staff members, physical facilities and a dynamic activities programme upon a good reception programme is also discussed. The study also indicates the importance of the reception programme in initiating the newly committed delinquent to the rehabilitation programme of the School.

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