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A study in developing a technique of method evaluation in the teaching of English as a second language to adults in multilingual classes Livesey, Adelia Frances


The promotion of a successful programme of second language learning requires that the best possible choice of method be made. Reason and argument should support choice of method. A technique of method evaluation is necessary to supply reason and argument and to assist in the promotion of a successful programme. The development and illustration of a technique of method evaluation is the purpose of this study. Three steps are outlined in the proposed technique: (1) A survey of the judgments of authorities in the fields of language teaching and linguistics is made to determine those characteristics stressed as necessary to a good method. The common characteristics of the judgments of the authorities become the yardstick for evaluating a method. (2) A structure of method analysis which will reveal the nature of the method is outlined. (3) The final step is examination of the analysis of the method to determine to what extent the common characteristics of a good method are present. The worth and validity of the survey of the judgments of authorities are dependent upon two factors: (1) the extent of the judgments reviewed; and (2) the recency of the judgments reviewed. The need to substitute fact for opinion, and to substitute objectivity for subjectivity in choice of method has prompted the study. The procedure recommended is able to supply reason and argument for choice of method. Method evaluation is a means to ensure choice of a good method, and therefore is a means to an improved language programme.

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