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The Serbian foreign policy between 1900-1908. Milivojevic, Dragan Dennis


The period under consideration is divided into four chapters. I. The Serbian Situation During the Nineteenth Century. II. The Reign of Alexander Obrenovic. III. The Aftermath of the Revolution; and IV. Concluding Reflections. The chapters are interrelated topically and chronologically. Thus the first chapter starts in the year 1900 with a brief review of the events which preceded it. The topic connecting the chapters is the relations of Serbia with the major Powers with especially that of Russia and Austria. The interest of these two powers clashed, but nowhere was their conflict so apparent as in their desires for control of independent Serbia. That small country not only survived as a political and ethnic entity but gathered her kinsmen into a larger political unit--Yugoslavia. The success of Serbia in her struggle for political and economic emancipation was in the opinion of this writer due to two principal factors--Serbian nationalism and Russian opposition to Austrian schemes for Serbian subjugation. In the chapter: The Aftermath of the Revolution, particular emphasis was laid on the Serbian role as a unifying nucleus for South-Slavs. In the last chapter under the title Concluding Reflections, the feud between Imperial Austria-Hungary and Serbia is shown as a struggle not only between two different states, but of two different ideologies. The nationalist democratic spirit of Serbia as against the aristocratic and feudalistic thought of Austria-Hungary.

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