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An integrator for a pulse-position-modulation analogue computer. Larsen, Raymond Sverre


This thesis discusses the design of the basic circuits for an integrator for a pulse-position-modulation analogue computer. The computer operates on a time-sequential principle, utilizing a magnetic drum memory. In the integrator, pulse information from the drum is translated into a voltage by a sweep circuit. The information is integrated using pulse techniques and put back into pulse form to be rewritten on the magnetic drum. In the prototype integrator, the method of integration is a simple straight-line projection of the first derivative according to the equation y = (dy/dt)Δt. The integration will therefore have rather poor accuracy, but theoretically any desired accuracy can be achieved by simply extending the circuits developed in this thesis to include higher-order derivatives. Recommendations for the construction of a final prototype integrator are made at the end of the report. The circuits used are an ac-coupled sweep amplifier, an accurate voltage comparator, and standard flip-flops and gating circuits. Tests were performed which indicate the reliability of these circuits for accurate integration.

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