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Electromagnetic waves within non-uniform boundaries and in inhomogeneous isotropic media James, Christopher Robert


Field restrictions on E- and H-waves are examined for an inhomogeneous isotropic medium. Restrictions on E-and H-waves are, also, discussed for wave-guides of varying cross section, such as for example a circular-section waveguide having an axially dependent radius For an axially symmetric periodic structure with a slowly varying radius, an approximate wave equation is derived which is separable. The field problem is then reduced to finding the solution to Hill's equation. A treatment of electromagnetic waves in media with characteristics possessing finite discontinuities in the direction of propagation is developed. The development avoids the use of explicit boundary conditions. To illustrate the method, three examples are given. This method is extended to include media with characteristics possessing finite discontinuities in, and transverse to, the direction of propagation. Two examples are given. In the first an E-wave solution is found for a cylindrical waveguide loaded periodically with dielectric disc, the disc radius being smaller than the cavity radius. Two methods of solution are offered: one is a first mode approximation and the other is an approximate series solution. A short comparison is made between experimental measurements made on dielectric loaded periodic structures of the forementioned type and theoretical predictions based on the first mode approximation.

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