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Instructional devices in adult education McGown, William Fell


This study discusses the nature of instructional devices in the adult education setting and presents a typology or classification scheme in which all such devices can be organized, classified, integrated or considered. It was important to carry out a fairly wide and deep review of all research that might possibly be pertinent, or even partially pertain, to the effectiveness of instructional devices, for they were regarded not just as audio-visual aids but rather as a means that could be used purposely to strengthen or enhance the effectiveness of the learning process, - whether a method or technique, and which could supplement either of these in the realization of the educational objective. This rather broad approach to instructional devices involved the author with some aspects of teaching supplements that are not usually found in a discussion of audio-visual aids, yet it was considered that such an item, for example, as "color" or "group size" should be regarded as a device that a teacher must consider, choose and try to use for the best instructional results. In summary it can be said that in this review of the research pertaining to the use of instructional devices in adult education it was found that their proper use can improve the effectiveness of most teaching situations.

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